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When you put your life in their hands

Posted on January 31, 2020 by

Well, here’s your New Britain. Here’s your “better deal”. Own it, you tossers.

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    1. 31 01 20 09:59

      When you put your life in their hands | speymouth

    34 to “When you put your life in their hands”

    1. Den Cairns says:

      Damn Tootin ya shower a muppets!!

    2. katherine hamilton says:

      Morning Rev,
      Yeah saw that on your Twitter feed. Better adjective there. I confess to feeling quite angry this morning. Crap start to the day. The appalling coverage on BBC Breakfast telly is wot done it.
      They are live from Sunderland, live from Brussels, live from Strabane in NI, live from Folkestone.

      Of us? Well obviously the obvious.

      Ms. Sturgeon better be on her game today. Duckbill platitudes won’t do anymore.

    3. Stoker says:

      Ditto @ katherine hamilton on 31 January, 2020 at 8:33 am.

    4. Kenny J says:

      Hell mend them. I hope they get a kicking.

    5. Auld Rock says:


    6. Al Hunter says:

      ”The 6am Special Edition” – that bit got me thinking – why are we always rushing ‘the count’ of something as seriously important as the votes of the people every time we have an election or a referendum? I for one would much prefer a nice leisurely and exact count of every vote cast.
      Time and again we see the media hyping up the race to see who has won what as soon as they can when they should actually be employed to monitor the fairness of the vote instead of taking the ‘fairness’ element for granted.

    7. Macart says:

      Pretty much.

      As for Scotland’s Chumpion? They really should take a bow. They helped put us in this position after all. 😡

    8. Gary45% says:

      Hi Troops, Anyone got any idea if Sturgeon speech is being broadcast live?

    9. Kenny J says:

      Just going to ask the same thing.

    10. Breeks says:

      Don’t see anything scheduled for 9:30 on Indy live. Is it live anywhere?

    11. Gerry says:

      Breeks /watch?v=bH07lqayCHI starts in 25m

    12. Papko says:

      Towards the end of the 90’s the British security forces had infiltrated the very highest echelons of the IRA, and the GFA soon followed.
      What if the same British state has infiltrated the SNP high Command? could there be Yoons among the very Senior MSPs and MP’s?.
      Might explain what Indyref2 is taking so long to get off the ground, they have been got at.

    13. mike cassidy says:


      For anybody needing cheered up today.

      Here’s the best tweet ever.

      And it might hold that title for a long time.

    14. Graeme says:

      The Daily Wreckers

      Wrecking Scotland on a daily basis

    15. R4 says:

      Nicola’s speech on BBC Parliament at 9.30

    16. John Jones says:

      When did we become citizens? I always thought we were subjects. Subjected to all the crap from London!

    17. dramfineday says:

      Own it? Aye, indeed.

    18. Dan says:

      Live feed of the first Minister’s speech from Youtube

    19. mike cassidy says:

      Goodbye, Europe!

      Hello, Coronavirus!

    20. Breeks says:

      Oh fuck off.

      Heard enough. Away back to work.

    21. Famous15 says:

      A declarator action in the Court of Session?

    22. Mountain shadow says:

      Disgraceful speech from the First Minister.

      New Wings party please.

    23. Famous15 says:

      Electoral Commission?


      I fear not in my lifetime.

    24. kapelmeister says:

      New Britain rhymes with shittin’. Appropriate

    25. robertknight says:

      Lost for words…

      If I’d wanted to hear that sort of potted history and statement of the blindingly f**king obvious I’d have rejoined the SNP and gone to conference.

      Here’s our grand plan – we’re going to talk a bit more and form a committee… so we can talk a bit more.

      Then we’ll ask Boris if he’s changed his mind.

      If he hasn’t, we might have to talk to a solicitor then talk a bit more.

      But be patient… The SNP has only been around for 80 years – not the 8 days it sounded like!!!

      That’s it.




    26. Colin Alexander says:

      As I expected.

      FM should have just put up a white flag and white feather and saved her voice.

    27. Gary45% says:

      Thanks for that.

    28. Normski says:

      Papko says:

      “What if the same British state has infiltrated the SNP high Command? could there be Yoons among the very Senior MSPs and MP’s?”

      They already have. Her name is Leslie Evans.

    29. Normski says:

      And p.s. Take your pick of the Wokes.

    30. McDuff says:

      It beggers belief at the sheer hypocrisy of this pathetic rag.

    31. Gary says:

      “The only way to ensure continued membership of the EU is to remain within the Union” Aye right!

    32. Almond Chutney says:

      Gary says:
      31 January, 2020 at 1:30 pm
      “The only way to ensure continued membership of the EU is to remain within the Union”

      True but Europe wasn’t really the issue of the day in 2014, I mean if the subject was so sore by the time the EU referendum result came out, then the 2017 general election wouldn’t have told us that support for the SNP dropped by 21 seats in WM, compared to the 56 seats they held from the 2015 general election.

      Further backed by the holyrood elections in 2016 when SNP lost a further 6 seat.

      Sure, support has creeped back up now, in 2019, but the issue on the result of the EU ref, around the time of the EU ref – defeats your argument.

    33. Mike d says:

      decided not to chuck my membership till the fat lady sings.

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