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Well, that didn’t take long

Posted on May 04, 2013 by


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    37 to “Well, that didn’t take long”

    1. DanTDog says:

      It’s amazing members of the “Coalition” can walk in a straight line at all, their knees are jerking so much…

    2. the tail wagging the dog – soon will be a bigger tail and a smaller dog. prospect of UKIP holding balance of power after next GE is a truly awful prospect. as we know, powers devolved are powers retained. Their policy of abolishing our Parliament and Wales, is just one of (All) of their policies so wrong.  Don’t want to be accused of scaremongering, but just need to point this out to anyone thinking of voting No.

    3. Luigi says:

      Voting no just got a whole lot scarier.

    4. HighlandMartin says:

      Never look a gift horse in the mouth when it is as large as that.  Bitter Together will be trying to distance themselves like crazy from these lot. Looking to Vote No? Well try our new improved No  and forget about your Devolution totally and say goodbye to the nice eastern European neighbours. Just need  the Orange Lodge’s input now and they will have a real campaign to be reckoned with. (No comedians were killed in the production of this satire).

    5. Marcia says:

      And if the landlord is not in the country legally?

    6. The Man in the Jar says:

      What a shining example of how to run a country.

    7. Ericmac says:

      @marcia  There should be legislation for tenants to check their landlords… and neighbours to check neighbours….  Then we are on the right track for 95% YES 🙂 

    8. bunter says:

      Just a matter of time before BBC  start to try make UKIP relevant to Scotland and ”normalise” their controversial policies. One nation and all that.

    9. AmadeusMinkowski says:

      In the context of the rise of UKIP, the parody on Nigel Farage that appeared in the Daily Mash on 27/11/2012 seems to be highly germane.

    10. Morag says:

      My lovely neighbours are Welsh.  How do you check?  (You can’t be too careful….)

    11. Davy says:

      Vote YES, it votes for Scotland and a prosperous & fair future.
      Vote NO, it votes for UKIP and extreme right wing tory policys.
      Thats your choice !!!!!

    12. Jiggsbro says:

      My lovely neighbours are Welsh.  How do you check? 
      Ask them to pronounce Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

    13. the rough bounds says:

      Ask so called Scots if they can pronounce ‘Achaglachgach’.
      Then ask them to tell you what it means.

    14. Boorach says:

      Democracy = government of the people, for the people by the people
      No = government of the Scots for the South Britons by the South Britons
      Yes = government of the Scots, for the Scots by the Scots
      Vote yes for self determination

    15. Boorach says:

      @ Rough Bounds
      I had to google that and am still none the wiser, only offered holiday lets of that name!

    16. Laura says:

      If there is a problem with ‘illegals’ in this country then Westminster and their quangos are all to blame. They didn’t all come out the back of a lorry. How many have UK Border agency (or whatever it’s now called) allowed to ‘slip through the net’ over the years in order to catch up with their paperwork. How many of these ‘illegals’ are employed en masse by large companies to do crappy jobs for peanuts and have to live in terrible conditions.
      If they are ‘illegal’ how the hell can they receive benefits, fact is they cannot.
      What are the stats on legal immigrants receiving benefits, in the real world I should think not very high.
      Brits have been working abroad illegally in droves for yonks before the EU, but that’s OK so long as they don’t come here eh – it’s just another divide and rule – scroungers, scum etc

    17. Roddy Macdonald says:

      Hopefully eugenics won’t appear in the Queen’s Speech, but nothing would surprise me now.

    18. the rough bounds says:

      It’s pronounced ‘ach-a-glach-cach’ and it means ‘The plain or field of the hollows/plain or field of narrow valleys.’
      The proper spelling is Achadhglacaiche
      (…and Boorach is from Burach meaning to dig or search about in the earth.
      But there is also the Gaelic word Buirich which means ‘roaring or bellowing as a bull or growling’.)
      But I suspect that as a very good Scot you will know that. More power to your elbow and keep on with the roaring at the enemy.

    19. Bobby Mckail says:

      This is beginning to get slightly sickening.  

    20. AmadeusMinkowski says:

      @Roddy MacDonald
      Why not Eugenics? The Windsors certainly need it! 🙂

    21. Boorach says:

      @ Rough Bounds
      Thanks, sad that the Gaelic was still frowned on in schools in Easter Ross when I was a lad.
      Doubt I’m up to bellowing like a bull anymore, just have to take a leaf from my jack russel’s book; growl and nip at heir ankles. 🙂

    22. AmadeusMinkowski says:

      Wonder if you would like to contribute to 
      The Call for Mnemonic Slogans supporting YES:
      AiM: To develop a cadre of catchy Mnemonic Slogans which either

      Support YES,


      Highlight the dangers of a NO vote; e.g., contribute to dismantling BitterTogether’s Myths and Distortions

      Hashtag forms can be particularly useful for twitter.
      The current list:
      Mnemonic Slogan List
      #UK[IP]OK. (Scottish Skier)
      #Vote_UKOK_Get_UKIP (AM)
      #UKOK=UKIP (AM)
      # BitterTogether, but not in Europe! (AM)

    23. Mosstrooper says:

      @ Boorach @ Rough Bounds
      See that Boorach? Bawls like a Bull!

    24. I am always suspicious of right wing agendas and wonder (without saying the N*z* word) how many would welcome the blockade of the ports all of them to stop you landing without papers to prove who you are! Aye it smells like something experienced in the 30,s and 40,s around Europe,and that was why the EU was founded to stop it happening again!! Oh Boorach was also described as meaning messy to me.

    25. Bunter, the BBC are helpfully listing UKIPs policies here although they’ve forgotten to add the anti-devolution ones. On checking their web site, they certainly aren’t short of policies – the manifesto for Scotland the very last one of the three pages.  I couldnt bring myself to download it. I try to keep SPAM out of my computer.   They are all very populist and very short on detail.  Still it’s been enough to launch them into the limelight.  Just goes to show what television coverage can do.

    26. Boorach says:

      @ CPO
      That’s the definition I had. Perfect description of my life! 

    27. Jimbo says:

      Ask so called Scots if they can pronounce ‘Achaglachgach’.Then ask them to tell you what it means.
      My German daughter-in-law could pronounce, as could I, but I didn’t know what it meant. I guess that means I’m just a so-called Scot.

      Is the referendum to be inclusive, or just for so-called Scots?

    28. Taranaich says:

      Voting no just got a whole lot scarier.

      Aye, Luigi – and considering how terrifying it already was, that’s saying something. It’s only a matter of time before UKIP changes its name to Norsefire.

    29. Seasick Dave says:

      Shouldn’t that be UKOK Border Controls?

    30. Dal Riata says:

      @Rough Bounds
      Re: Achaglachgach….LOL! I live not too far from there-ish. Some people here us that word just for a bit of fun when when they’re trying to see what level of drunkenness they’re at! Must be in the genes or something, but the drunker some get, the better their pronunciation! As a Gaelic-speaker myself, all those ‘ach’s have never caused me any problems! There are some words in Gaelic that are really difficult for English-speakers to pronounce, especially those that have sounds that are not found in English – lots of fun can be had with them.

    31. Patrick Roden says:

      Just thinking about all the people in my area who say they intend voting Ukip from now on.
      Who’s to say that they wont win the next General Election !
      Believe me, the way people are speaking about imigration, all the extra money Scotland gets for free education etc etc, it is a distinct possibility.

    32. Jimbo says:

      There are some words in Gaelic that are really difficult for English-speakers to pronounce, especially those that have sounds that are not found in English – lots of fun can be had with them.
      Yea, LOL, LOL, LOL. Let’s introduce a Shibboleth test to identify the foreigners, or those who do not belong. There must be thousands of words we can use that will betray the outsiders. How about Auchenshuggle, or Auchtermuchty?
      As some-one who has spent a great many years trying to convince people that the SNP/independence movement is a broad church open to everyone and anyone, regardless of their ethnic origins, I thought Rough Bounds wee test for “so-called Scots”  plain stupid. Some may find it offensive.

    33. Mosstrooper says:

      @Jimbo 3.57
      IT’S A JOKE following on from the Welsh test. Ease up on the soor plooms FFS

    34. Alan Gerrish says:

      Thanks, UKIP! It sure puts devo-better promises by the Unionist lot in a new light doesn’t it? The Unionists are now scared witless by an even bigger elephant in the room and won’t know what to tackle first. If it’s the UKIP menace they focus on, they’ll give support to the YES side, and if it’s attacking Scottish independence they go for, they’ll lose out to UKIP. In short, they’re stuffed!  I might even buy Nigel a pint if we meet in the pub; then again…mibees naw.

    35. Dal Riata says:

      What’s the matter with you? Have you had a sense of humour bypass or something? Your reactions to what is a joke are getting more ridiculous each time. Take a chill pill, FFS.

    36. the rough bounds says:

      I have a friend in Skye who is English, is a nationalist, votes SNP, will be voting Yes, and she is becoming quite fluent in Gaelic.
      She is a lovely lady, has a great sense of humour and we have great crack with one another. You wouldn’t be welcome in our company.
      You really ought to lighten up buddy; you’re only hurting yourself.

    37. Luigi says:

      Alan Gerrish,
      They will focus on UKIP now because they have no choice. From a Westminster perspective, UKIP is by far the greater threat, and is too closer to home for comfort. Good news for the YES campaign.

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