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We really do adore him

Posted on January 02, 2015 by

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301 to “We really do adore him”

  1. George Ferguson says:

    I don’t think Saint Jim has the same ring to it as Saint Andrew.

  2. Took me a wee while, but ah found it!

  3. David says:

    “Halo, Halo. Its good to be back, its good to be back.
    Halo, I’m back again, I’m back, I’m on the right crate”

  4. Doug says:

    I do prefer Goldfinger (from the novel): once is happenstance, twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.

  5. Joemcg says:

    Even with the halo he is no very photogenic eh? Must have got a few knock backs in his time…BOAK.

  6. David says:

    Message from Scotland to the mainstream media:

    “he’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy”

  7. Geoff Huijer says:


    Every trick in the book to get the voting fodder back in line.

    Nice to see he’s now got some ‘Wings’…

    Keep up the great work!

  8. Wp says:

    Already looking forward to Only an Excuse 2015.

  9. Helena Brown says:

    From a Woman’s point of view, not to my taste, a bit on the bony rough side for me. His character has lots of flaws as well and of course he is on the wrong side as well.

  10. alexicon says:

    There’ not a degree of evidence to support that he has a universal appeal, or a diploma, to the Scottish people, but by God the newspapers are trying their best to cultivate that falsehood.

    Seeing that Murphy is a Blairite, I suppose he agrees with Blair that Miliband won’t win the next GE.

  11. Mealer says:

    George Ferguson,
    Nor does Saint evil,twisted bastard.

  12. Andy smith says:

    But just think, with 30 loaves and fishes….no more food banks!

  13. donald anderson says:

    The Brit Nat Media’s favourite, Saint Jim Murphy, only goes to show that you can be a Kafflick Sellick supporter and Loyalist bigot at the same rime.

  14. Yesemite Sam says:

    Its because spin doctors and others trying to promote (or indeed be dismissive of) something/someone know only too well the notion of the Availability Heuristic. It was employed to great effect by the NO campaign during the campaign.

  15. Murray McCallum says:

    Jim’s mantra is WWMD (what would Moses do) as he leads the faithful to the promised land of a free Scotland governed from London.

  16. robertknight says:

    I only see those sinster UFO’s, with the associated potential for alien abduction.

    Here’s hoping our galactic neighbours could remove the utterly vile Katie Hopkins whilst they’re at it.

  17. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Jim Murphy is not a Saint.

    He is a man of modest ability and an overpowering God complex.

    He has a hot line to the Big man, you know and has even discussed a joint venture with the Pope.

    Reminds me of Tony Blair, both see themselves as God’s chosen emissaries.

    A very deluded and dangerous man.

  18. ronnie anderson says:

    Two Fishes nae Loaves, ah the shops hivna any bread.
    & St Andrew wizna the Fisherman,& Murphys nae Angel shurely they could have photoshopped the Constalation fur mair lights.

  19. Robin Ross says:

    Murray McCallum

    Moses only got as far as a view of the promised land from Mount Moab. He never actually set foot in it! Perhaps St Jim might find the same problem getting a foothold on his chosen turf.

  20. Dan Huil says:

    More like mushroom clouds hanging over the WMD-enthusiast Murphy.

  21. ronnie anderson says:

    Ah dont think Murphs asperations ur gonna Pan oot.

  22. themadmurph says:

    love the can of bru!

  23. Paula Rose says:

    Nope – still looks like Lurch from the Addams Family to me.

  24. Gordon McGregor says:

    I think that it is just the toast burning in his toaster.

  25. Papadox says:

    Well McFearnan* is explaining to all us THICKO jocks that like Jimba and North Brittish Labour we nead to look to the Great leader Tony Blair and his new Labour Party that we shall all be saved from ourselves.

    So now we know Tony, Jimba & McFearnan have been sent to save us. It would appear that the Tollies or new labour (and the LONDON bankers) are our saviours. God bless them.

    *McTernan today in the scotsman.

  26. Lollysmum says:

    A commenter on Graun CiF was suggesting 3 days ago that MSM was changing its tactics re JM & instead of blitzing us every day with wall to wall JM they were trying to portray him as a changed character. Seems commenter was right.

    Ha-leopards don’t change their spots or their core beliefs just cos it plays better in the press. They are still the same inside & just a different coloured tory on the outside. Think LibDem-all principle till invited into coalition then as rabid as the other tory parties to stamp on the poor & vulnerable.

    As JM seems to have burned his boats with Ed M after being demoted from shadow cabinet, it would not surprise me if he tried to cross the floor in WM but they wouldn’t have him. ‘Not the right stuff-absolutely the wrong background old boy! Stay with the red tories, we don’t want you’.

    I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him-manufactured halo or no 🙂

  27. HandandShrimp says:


    To be fair to the Guardian they have used a couple of photos of Jim that look like he is auditioning as an extra for a Rob Zombie film.

  28. Peter A Bell says:

    It would be interesting to compare these posed images of Jim Murphy with the pictures of Alex Salmond habitually used by the British media.

  29. Davy says:

    The attempted sainthood of Jim Murphy is never going to wash, nae mare than Gordon Browns gloryfication by the media when he announced his retirement.

    They are both a pair of backstabbers to Scotland and all their media backed “wer’e one of the boys, all proud-scots together bullshit” transformation is not worth tupence in old or new money.

    lets make sure that the “red tories” are never forgotten for their stance, shoulder to shoulder with the blue tories to insult, miscall, threaten, and run down Scotland at every opportinuity they could in the last two years.

    Dont let anyone forget what they DID TO OUR COUNTRY, AND THEY DID IT OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL. (bastards)

    We must not allow our country to forget 2014, and lets win 2015 and then 2016. And let the world see Scotland will not come to heed to suit any Westminster based party and their bias media.

    Our fight continues.

  30. yerkitbreeks says:

    just a thought – Scotland has always hailed its educational system

    and think of a possible First Minister ……. nine years or so at university and no degree ?? !!

  31. jimnarlene says:


  32. Murray McCallum says:

    I wonder how Jim’s rewriting of the “Scottish” Labour Party constitution, is coming along?

    Looking at their existing “constitution” (Accounting Policies) and new initiatives like the £1 loss-making membership scheme, I understand the following amendment is being considered:

    “Going Concern
    Having reviewed the financial position the Treasurer has a reasonable expectation that the party has inadequate resources to continue its activities for the foreseeable future. Accordingly, the Treasurer has ceased to adopt a going concern basis in preparing the financial statements.”

  33. drawdeaddave says:

    Coincidence v deliberate

    Has there been a more photographed man in Scotland in the last few months? (seems like years) i would doubt it, therefor we could reasonably conclude some of the snaps are going to have this anomaly, the interesting thing is the photographer takes a barrel load of pictures that are then processed and poured over by an editorial team, so we can safely assume they have deliberately chose these particular snaps for there subliminal qualities that Stu has mentioned above. Just how far will these people go to suppress the will of the Scottish people to get there own people in power?

  34. Truth says:

    The media rumbled again.

    Keep up the good work Stu.

  35. David Mooney says:

    @Bugger (the Panda)

    Agreed, Murphy is certainly deluded and potentially dangerous.

    As I have asserted before. Murphy is an “A typical” sociopath (look it up in a dictionary and you will see what I mean), he should be considered and treated as such. But we all know that won’t happen, at least not by the MSM.

    SLAB have “elected” their “chosen one” and the MSM will run with it, regardless of whether they should be asking if a man with a serious personality disorder should be allowed to run for public office. Personally I find the thought of Murphy being in any position of power (no matter how remote) frightening.

  36. Thomas Valentine says:

    Murphy is still a weasely low life. He is such poor material to work with the media are really having to do a lot of work.
    I look at Cameron and his tribe among whom I include the Labour selection and see poliical enemies. But they don’t generate the feelings of contempt and disgust of individuals like Murphy.

    It is just the people above him that see him as a useful object but don’t want him around them in London anymore. So now he’s desperately trying to turn exile in Scotland into an opportunity. He undoubtably believes he will eventually return to London in triumph.

  37. galamcennalath says:

    @Peter A Bell

    Google image search for

    Alex Salmond newspaper
    Jim Murphy newspaper

    A mix bunch of images, but I would say Murphy’s more flattering and a lot of holding out of hands in an open friendly gesture from Murph. Perhaps that’s another technique!

  38. Bob Mack says:

    Do you think he pays the electric bills for these photos?

  39. Doug Mcg says:

    Jim Murky , murky by name , murky by nature.

  40. Clootie says:

    Pure coincidence I’m sure … 😀

  41. Clarinda says:

    I seem to recall that the ‘sainted’ one was roundly criticised when he was filmed literally elbowing and barging fellow MPs out of the way as he forced himself to the front of the assembling Labour throng during a Queen’s speech in the HoL some years ago.

    Mr Murphy should understand that the light above his images is artificial – how appropriate.

  42. Democracy Reborn says:

    But did Saint Andrew dye his hair & beard? Did he run along the banks of the Clyde in a Scotland strip?…

  43. Capella says:

    Patron Saint of Irn Bru.
    (Murphy has crates, Andrew only one can).

  44. justinfayre says:

    OMG..Yet another new word for the dictionary

    EGGLESIASTICAL- Relating to the scripture according to Saint Two Crates.

  45. Effijy says:

    Could you digitally impose a noose above his head as an alternative? lol
    This is so scary how the media are not content with printing out and out lies, distorting the truth, taking information out of context, withholding important information, and now using subliminal messaging.
    It looks like 1984 did arrive with us 30 years ago.
    The next stage will be google box in every home to look for subversive activities, such as people who might want to vote for
    a common well being by voting YES.

  46. I was just thinking that Jim might have stood shoulder to shoulder with nelson Mandela
    at a bus stop , then I remembered , that was not allowed in South africa

  47. Wuffing Dug says:

    David Mooney,
    Classic cluster b / socio / narcicisstic / borderline.

  48. Tris says:

    Shit, he’s ugly.

  49. Xaracen says:

    No. 5 looks like he just stepped off the Enterprise transporter pad a couple of seconds too early. That might explain a lot.

  50. Robert Roddick says:

    This is quite sick really. More so because you can rest assured that it was all done with Murphy’s knowledge. Nothing this guy does is coincidence or accident.

  51. Effigy says:

    Do you know that if you pile up Manure in an enclosed space, a halo of toxic combustible vapours will build immediately above it.
    Mystery solved!
    It could be that the media wanted to show the beginnings of a Nuclear Explosion Cloud above his head. He is all for these things
    after all.
    I would really like to see the National take more leads from the Rev’s handy work.
    Too many people don’t get the benefit of the WOS scoops.

  52. r esquierdo says:

    Jim Murphy is a god send to those who support independence. IMO the guy is as thick as shoit on a weans nappy

  53. Training Day says:

    @Robert Roddick

    Indeed, Murphy and MSM editors clearly have a hotline to each other in attempts to boost the former’s image – i.e. lie. It’s less than two weeks since the editor of the Herald hijacked the bin lorry tragedy in Glasgow as a context for a puff piece on ‘man on the scene ordinary Christmas shopping Glaswegian’ Murphy. Utterly disgraceful.

  54. Bob Mack says:

    Could this be some sort of cerebral” love in” with ellectric gadgetry, as per his cartoon in the national

  55. G H Graham says:

    Mr. Murphy can only acquire the power & influence that the British National media will permit him to have.

    Thus, the problem is not him, but remains the pervasive nature of British propaganda that emanates from London.

  56. wingman 2020 says:

    Professional photographers do not take photographs like these accidentally. All of these photos are deliberate.

    The question is, why would Editors choose them to go alongside the various propaganda pieces?

    Was it coincidence that everyone responsible chose such clumsy photographic metaphors? How is that possible?

  57. Helena Brown says:

    Thomas Valentine @12.12. Our considered opinion is that Jim has seen the writing on the wall as far as Westminster is concerned, that Miliband will not win in May and the Tories will put in their EVEL and no Scot will ever be a minister in Cabinet. So he opted for a lesser job as he sees it in Scotland but hopefully one where he hold the reins of power and patronage so that when his erstwhile colleagues are looking for a job he will have control. It could be that he actually sees Independence happening and the same scenario can be used again, I know one thing it is for Saint Jim’s benefit.

  58. Macart says:

    Making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear?

    Meeja and dark arts spads have been pulling that stroke for years. In this case though, a guy with history as dark as Mr Murphy’s?

    All the artfully lit and posed pics in their armoury won’t stop reality hitting every home in Scotland. A pic won’t stop the oncoming austerity measures which Murphy fully endorses. Remember that if you’re casually scanning these threads. Oh and if you’re one of those civil servants, party gophers or spads scanning these threads? You’ll find we’re pretty well onto PR dark arts and media bullshittery round these parts.

    Happy new year.

  59. Valerie says:

    Agree with Wingman, professional on the move photographs, are not generally taken looking up into the subjects nostrils, with the photographer on his knees!

    There are all sorts of subliminal messages intended besides the pathetic halo trick.

    Paula Rose got it – Lurch, no matter how you pose this clown.

  60. Gallowglass says:

    So it’s light bulbs we’re throwing next time? ;p

  61. Luigi says:

    A polished turd always ends up looking like…..

    a polished turd!

  62. ClanDonald says:

    They did the same last year when they tried to tell us Wee Dougie Alexander was Jesus with hiis halo and crucifix pose, remember this:

    Note too the language that they use to try and conjure up religious imagery around Murphy: “energy incarnate,” “re-birth of labour.” They’re as subtle as a toilet seat.

  63. Lesley-Anne says:

    After exposure from something which the individuals consciously perceived as a flash of light, the participants gave more positive personality traits to those people whose slides were associated with an emotionally positive scene and vice-versa.”

    O.K I get the idea that these were the pictures of the NEGATIVE scene where are the pictures of the POSITIVE scene Stu? 😀

  64. badgerboydarling says:

    Neo Con, Zionist, Imperialist, Henry Jackson Society member. Yip grim Jim is all these things. Not quite the guy the britjock pro London media make him out to be

  65. Masterpiece! He ain’t no oil painting but we can promote this as:


  66. wingman 2020 says:

    Clearly being ‘rolled in glitter’

  67. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Here’s a good one of Obama. There are dozens with Dubya…

  68. wingman 2020 says:

    “Scottish Labour’s new shadow cabinet comprises: leader Jim Murphy; deputy leader Kezia Dugdale; finance constitution and economy Jackie Baillie; infrastructure, investment and cities Mary Fee; fair work, skills and training Neil Findlay; education and lifelong learning Iain Gray; health, wellbeing and sport Jenny Marra; social justice, communities and pensioners’ rights Ken Macintosh; justice Hugh Henry; rural affairs, food and environment Sarah Boyack; and culture, Europe and external affairs Claire Baker.

    Of course there are other ‘missionaries’ equally unattractive in terms of credibility

  69. Ian Brotherhood says:

    We could start playing this every time he appears.

    ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ theme:

  70. Jimmur Phymp says:

    It was John McTernan that phoned round all the editors telling them that it is now official Scottish Labour Branch strategy to present Jim Murphy as the messiah. I have obtained a copy of the Notes to Editors entitled Murphy/Jesus symbolism, sent out by McTernan:

    1. Photo editors must only use images of Mr Murphy when he is in a prayer pose or arms outstretched as in a crucifix.

    2. Terms such as ‘saviour,’ ‘sacrifice,’ and ‘Christ Almighty’ must be sprinkled liberally throughout the text.

    3. Articles on Mr Murphy must be positioned on the page next to adverts for Virgin Airlines or stories of how people’s toast looks like an image of the Virgin Mary.

    4. Mr Murphy must not be pictured eating an apple.

    5. Unfortunately any potentially powerful images of bread and wine may not be used as Mr Murphy is teetotal. It is hoped that Irn Bru will soon launch a Ribena product to assist us with this problem.

  71. Marie clark says:

    Dear god Rev, whit are ye dayin? Tryin to frighten the life oot o’folk wae they photies?

    I agree with the other ladies on here, definately Lurch. Mind you Lurch never made me want tae throw up the way that Murphy yin does.Yuk.

  72. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Christian Wright

    Nice to see you areound again, again.

    Happy New Year

  73. yesindyref2 says:

    Well spotted Rev. Two of the most elementary rules of photography are framing and lighting, so the chances of it being accidental are 0.00000%.

    It may well be photoshopped in, rather than taken that way.

  74. Bob Mack says:

    I finally found out what was so familiar about Jim.I was flicking through one of my travel books and there he was. Jim is an evacuee statue from Easter Island This may or may not help the promotion of the idea of the Saviour, given that the Easter Islanders who erected these statues have like Labour Socialists ,vanished from the face of the earth.

  75. Dorothy Devine says:

    Stop insulting Lurch – far more fanciable than a lying ,manipulating toerag.

  76. Dr Jim says:

    Well, it worked with Gordon Brown constantly, except he used words from the bible like “Breaketh our land asunder” and such nonsense, trouble is once you’re found out by the punters the press is likely to crucify you.. see what i did gotta laff.. I am Alex Salmond the one true God..Too much?

  77. gerry parker says:

    So it’s us against the MSM again then?

  78. Bob Mack says:

    Does that mean hes a wholly holy toalie?

  79. Stoker says:

    Who in their right mind would want to vote for this lot.

    Who in their right mind would pay a pound to join this lot.

    I give you Jim Murphy’s Labour Party friends and colleagues:

  80. yesindyref2 says:

    … three, three basic rules, background, framing, lighting …

    Four basic rules … nobody expects the Spanish Inquisistion dun dun dun dun!

  81. Bob Mack says:

    How about we petition the Pope when Jim passes away, to have him considered for canonisation as the Patron Saint of expenses?

  82. CameronB Brodie says:

    Strip away the thoughtful image making, and its still not possible to see the roughness and asymmetric ‘economy’ of Lurch as being authentic, and not in the slightest wabi-sabi. Saying that though, his post as head bummer for British Labour’s Scottish accounting unit will probably be characterised by it’s lack of permanence, it’s probable unsatisfactoriness and plenty of Anatta (non-self).

    Jings, perhaps Lurch is the real Deil? 😉

    P.S. Is the party over? Fleshdunce! (with lyrics 😉 )

  83. john young says:

    We have been “sold down the river” for so long now by almost all of our labour/left wing politicos/trade unionists and I would very much be wary of any masquerading under these guises,the establishment just rub their hands with glee at the thought of another bunch of “working class” saviours treading their weary way south at the thought of gaining acceptance into the “club”how foolish can you be?You know the way of the EMPIRE some baubles/bangles/beads tuck em up and forget about them,they are the epitome of the “Venus Fly Trap” or “Honey Trap” and they continue to turn up in their droves amazing or not.I can never get the sight of union man M Martin from Springburn flouncing around with a pair of womens knickers on his head as “Speaker” oh how they laughed they couldn,t even get his constituency right they nicknamed him “Gorbals Mick”They just don,t ever get it but things are slowly changing,thank God for Wings/Bella.

  84. muttley79 says:

    Bugger was saying on one of Derek Bateman’s articles that Jim Murphy is an ambulance chaser, after his attempt at publicising himself after the George Square accident. I agreed, and said he reminded me of Damian from Drop the Dead Donkey. I clicked Bugger’s link to see Murphy’s photo with the Pope. There is something seriously worrying about Jim Murphy. He really does across as a truly manipulative, shallow, ghastly, insincere, and creepy individual. He could almost be Tony Blair’s younger brother.

  85. yesindyref2 says:

    Thinking about Monty Python, we had “Life of Brian”. Perhaps it’s time for the remake – “Life of Jim” ?

  86. Effigy says:

    Low Energy Fairy Light!
    Enough about Dud Smurphy!

    PS Love the nick name for his stooge- Dippity Dug!

  87. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Next he’ll be showing signs of the stigmata, and SLab will be producing holy pictures of him alongside an adoring Dugdale, with eyes that follow you around the room.

  88. Bob Mack says:

    What about sending Jims photo with the Pope to all the orange lodges, with a photoshop badge on the Pope saying vote Labour

  89. Dcanmore says:

    Don’t forget his habit of running past the BBC and DR offices in a Scotland football top, you know ‘I’m a proud Scot but…’

    Over the next five months the Daily Record will be known as ‘Jim Murphy’s champion’

  90. donald anderson says:

    The SNP have just gone favourites for winning the Glasgow North seat in GE2105 betting with Ladbrokes.

    SNP 8/11

    Labour Evens

  91. thomaspotter2014 says:

    yesindyref2 says

    I’m more inclined towards “Death of Jim” @the ballot box

  92. Jamie Arriere says:

    And all with one political aim in mind :

    Jim Murphy (Christ!), the Lord.

    Forget the myrrh, bring the ermine.

  93. I thought that you had to be dead to get a halo, did I miss a period of mourning in the Slab camp.

  94. Smithy says:

    Judging by the amount of abuse, venom, bile and ridicule that Yes supporters direct at Jim Murphy I , as a fair minded No supporter, can only conclude that he has got the SNP rattled all ready.
    Wait till he really gets going then we will see how these SNP boasts of getting 40+ seats at the GEactually pan out.

  95. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ WrinklyReborn

    Jim Murphy is one of the undead.

    Google “Nesferatu”

    Lurch doesn’t get a look in.

  96. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Smithy

    They don’t like it up them, do you Smithy.

    Happy New Year.
    happy Ambulance Chasing.

  97. So, no resurrection for the Saint Jim, patron saint of blood suckers

  98. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    woooden stake time

  99. Bob Mack says:

    Just for future reference , already is actually one word.Hope this helps

  100. Will McEwan says:

    “abuse, venom, bile and ridicule” directed at Jim Murphy is not restricted to the SNP. The highest level of loathing I have experienced to Jim Murphy came from members of the Labour Party.K He is about as socialist as Liberace.

  101. Author_Al says:

    Smithy. Your precious No vote has condemned Scotland to wasting billions on Trident, tracking, lack of oil fund, food banks, cuts in essential services, downturn in pension provision, more Red Tory Blue Labour lies etc. Your gloating is at the expense of Scotland. Intimidation may have worked on you but it wont work on Yessers on this site. Enjoy Jim Murphy while he lasts.

  102. Meindevon says:


    Do you really think being compared to Lurch is worse than SNP and Yes supporters being compared to Nazis in the MSM and by politicians who should know better.

    How would you feel to be told your hopes for self determination for you small country makes you no better than followers of Hitler when everything in that country has been done democratically and above the law?

  103. Kevin Evans says:

    The man is a complete Sleezy wessel who will do nothing to try and fool people for a couple of votes. The only person worse than him is selling his granny just for exposer is Peter Andre.

  104. Effigy says:

    Hi Smithy,

    Could you be Dud Smurphy’s Mother?
    No, his mother must have found him out years ago.
    Are you Dippity Dug?
    No, the spelling was accurate.
    You must be a masked super hero who’s quest is to ensure
    that Every UK wide TV, Radio Station, and Newspaper distorts the Truth and prevents any common well being from becoming a reality.
    Put your house on with Ladbrooks and double your money if Labour
    win North Glasgow! With all colours of Tory willing to Pool & Share, you could end up in one of Tony Blair’s multi million pound homes in London?

  105. heedtracker says:

    TeanGB media really a very creepy bunch indeed. He looks like an ugly Matthew Mcconaughey who may well do oor Jim’s life story on the ever repulsive BBC in Scotland… Matthew Mcconaughey IS “Jim Murphy, his struggle, defeat the disloyal and deluded seps, make Scotland the fairest non country the world has ever seen and only 5 months to save teamGB/Labour right to reign over their Scotland region for ever and ever.”

    A mouthful yes but I watched Interstellar wishing there was some way to fire the whole Vote Murphy you saps shebang into outer space.

  106. wingman 2020 says:


    Is that you Smurphy, or Dogdale?

    I claim my five pounds

  107. yesindyref2 says:

    Hi Smithy
    As a fair minded YES supporter, here’s my take on the General Election 7/5/15.

    Vote Labour just to keep the Tories out of power.

    Vote SNP to keep the Tories out of power AND fight for Scotland, as Murphy and Labour haven’t the slightest interest in doing so.

  108. yesindyref2 says:


    A vote for Labour lets Miliband ignore Scotland

    A vote for Labour is a vote for EVSL – English Votes for Scottish Laws

    A vote for Labour is a vote against more powers for Scotland

    A vote for Labour is a vote against Holyrood

    A vote for Labour is a vote for MORE Austerity

    A vote for Labour is a vote that the UK is OK

  109. heedtracker says:

    For it is he. Back in the day, the more hated Snatcher Thatcher became, the more chance you had of coming to in a hospital with the old monster holding your hand and piously getting the right camera shot of her deeeeeeeep Murphyesque concern, allegedly.

  110. Valerie says:

    @Smithy, c’mon, seriously? What in the name of the wee man can you possibly admire about this horrible excuse for a politician?

    We know his messy, self serving background, we know of his lies and conduct during his towns tour, we know of his backstabbing of Lamont.

    This guy writes his own ridicule, and I have also heard worse from Labour members, who said it was a stitch up to keep Findlay out.

  111. Smithy says:

    I found the reply by yesindyref2 to my Jim Murphy post to be both reasonable and relevant.
    Unfortunately I can’t say the same about the other posts so I will give up forthwith in submitting any more posts on WOS.

  112. boris says:

    1997 Glasgow: Council Leader Bob Gould failed to get his own way over a package of cuts and shared his frustrations with a few friendly media hacks who duly went to print exposing allegations of fully funded holidays abroad, for Councillors, disguised as fact finding trips in return for horse trading deals ensuring controversial packages and other business would be assured of a safe passage through council.

    The Scottish press, with the exception of a couple of, “leftish” rags attacked Labour Party Councils in the West of Scotland exposing and alleging a litany of scandals covering: nepotism, drugs, organised crime, sectarianism, vote rigging and bribery and harassment.

    The public, still outraged by revelations exposed at the time of the demise of John Major and the Tory party were not at all pleased and demanded that a full inquiry should be fast track investigated and reported on without delay together with long outstanding investigations of allegations of a similar nature lodged against Paisley North and Monklands District Councils.

    Donald Dewar, the Scottish Secretary of State was desperate to ensure there would be minimal disruption to Scottish politics at the time he was negotiating devolution, scheduled for 1999. He intervened in Monklands and ordered the immediate suspension and 2 year debarment from party office of the entire team of local Councillors. In Paisley a number of local constituency offices were closed on his instructions and a significant number of “active” party members were barred and or suspended. In Westminster the parliamentary whip was withdrawn from, Mohammed Sarwar, (Govan vote rigging allegations) and West Renfrewshire’s Tommy Graham, (suicide of Paisley South, MP Gordon McMaster).

    See full article;

  113. thomaspotter2014 says:

    I like Jim Murky and Dippity Dugsbreath

  114. mumsyhugs says:

    Jim’s about to lead his O/O pals in a wee sing along – “Halo, halo, we are the Billy boys ..” 🙂

  115. PictAtRandom says:

    “yesindyref2 says:
    2 January, 2015 at 3:15 pm

    Thinking about Monty Python, we had “Life of Brian”. Perhaps it’s time for the remake – “Life of Jim” ?”

    Gives a whole new meaning to “Always look on the bright side of life”

  116. donald anderson says:

    Calton Jock/Boris. Can I reprint this in the next issue of the “Scottish Workers Republic” out soon.

    We will also have a feature on Saint Jimmy.

  117. yesindyref2 says:

    The problem with that is that there are very few people think Murphy capitalised on Clutha or George Square – I emphatically don’t – but Scotlandshire is very clearly trying to capitalise on real upset and injuries at Stornoway. It really is counter-productive, even if it tickles the fancy of a few dedicated extreme cybernats.

  118. Albalha says:


    Re Ladbrokes GE odds, at this point they have the SNP winning 15, equal odds with Labour in Ayrshire North and Arran and Dunbartonshire West and very close to call in a fair few, like Stirling – Labour 4/6 – SNP 11/10.

    My early doors, 20th of September prediction, was SNP 24, we’ll see.

    I can only hope SNP branches choose wisely, this will not be a clean fight, needs good candidates.

  119. Bob Mack says:

    As his obvious hero Murphy did in the bedroom tax debate ,Smithy absents himself from the argument Oh well

  120. Alex Clark says:

    O/T A Tory-Labour unity coalition may be the only way forward after 7 May

    The two parties have more in common with each other than with the insurgents. A national government would prevent a constitutional crisis

    How might that work our for Jim Murphy’s chances of election to Holyrood in 2016?

  121. Dr Jim says:

    For the odd person who comes to this site with a different point of view e.g Murphy’s really an o.k guy honest, there are many, many reasons why we on this site feel the opposite, as for bile and vitriol i really never see that much of it on this site either and i think it’s probably because on Wings we are, and have been more and better informed by lots of hard working people who do the research in order to find the truth, unfortunately unlike the opposition who just seem to constantly invent absolute lies and extremely nasty propaganda as they in fact are doing now with their latest saviour of our country the newly cannonised “St James of the Holy Murphy” unfortunately for the “Wrong Side” of the argument the game was up even before the aforesaid “Saint” was imposed upon them when Judas Lamont blew the whistle on the whole shoddy affair and she never even received her silver for doing it Especially since “Anas The Philistine Sarwanius” did a runner on the rest of the disciples followed by “Gordenus Brownius” and “Senator Darlingus” I suppose my main point in all of this is WE on Wings have a certain amount of humour within our critique whereas @Smithy people have nothing to say but bile and vitriol so they see it everywhere they look so without malice @Smithy “Trius to getus a sense of humorous” if you however find that too difficult you can ” Returneth whence you came ” or indeed wait till next Easter in the hope of rising again I am, as always Alex Salmond bringer of bread..well sandwiches…

  122. Bob Mack says:

    @ Aitchbee,
    Yep hes a DEAD ringer!!!

  123. yesindyref2 says:

    Thanks for that. In my travels I talked with a lot of NO supporters, not to persuade them to YES, but to find out why they were thinking of voting NO. Most didn’t think the UK was OK, it needs reform and change. Many weren’t against the idea of Independence, but didn’t believe the blanket reassurance that “it’ll all be fine”.

    But all without exception wanted the best for Scotland, it’s just that their take on which was the best – Independence or staying in the Union, was different from mine.

  124. CameronB Brodie says:

    @ Smithy
    New students are always welcome, so what would you say Lurch’s contribution has been to the pursuit of balance and harmony (literal and metaphorical)? You don’t need eyes to appreciate the pigment of his politics, Grasshopper. 😉

  125. Effigy says:


    Come back. We can help you and other misguided No voters!

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

    Coach Parties made welcome!

  126. heedtracker says:

    Chillax yesindyref2, BBCScotlandshire bias has world wide fame and stuff, even gorgeous pouting Gavin Estler wants to work there and they also welcome comments like what the frauds at pacific quay don’t, so have it

    Due to the huge number of complaints, comments are no longer banned on BBC Scotlandshire News pages.

  127. Cag-does-thinking says:

    I think it is becoming apparent how the compliant media will be showing Jim the great leader between now and the election. They know there isn’t a moment to lose if they are to be able to salvage anything and they will try really hard but I think it’s unlikely that it will ever be business as usual for Labour and it’s gang of imperialist media buddies thoguh it won’t stop them of course trying. That brilliant picture of him as a giant lurch to kezia’s midget needs to be more widely shared to counter this kind of media management….

  128. Joemcg says:

    It’s the crazy German in the sick flick The Human Centipede! Jim would put Scotland at the arse end.

  129. Chic McGregor says:

    Perhaps these two photies will help folk decide if Murphy looks like Lurch.

    Extra clue, one is a servant who unquestionably obeys his paymasters commands, the other is a butler for the Adams family.

  130. robertknighht says:

    Tory-Labour unity coalition not such an improbable prospect. Could be some clever manoeuvres made in order to effectively cancel out the effect of SNP MP’s in the Commons.

    Would be interesting to see the effect of such a move on public opinion.

  131. heedtracker says:

    O/T A Tory-Labour unity coalition may be the only way forward after 7 May

    It is a mad mad teamGB world. I used to bait Guardian liggers like Libby Carrell and Andrew Rawnsley with my own ConLab coalition CiF predictions, and which their mods instantly deleted/disappeared, especially UKOK Libby Carrell’s waffle, and yet here we are.

  132. muttley79 says:

    Does anyone know when the SNP are choosing their candidates?

    @Alex Clark

    If there is a Tory-Labour unity government at Westminster then SLAB would officially be finished. There is no way they could survive that after their referendum love in with the Tories. They are barely holding on as it is at the moment. A Tory-Labour government would be a disaster because they hate each other, and they would have to make eyewatering spending cuts.

  133. yesindyref2 says:

    I know what BBC Scotlandshire is, it pushes the edges, and no problem with that. I visit the Western Isles every year, most of the isles, I doubt the couple of passengers injured who I might even know will be impressed, I doubt the pilot who in days gone by I would have known would be, the link itself is a lifeline link, with a fair chance some of the passengers would be going to Glasgow for a hospital appointment because it’s a long long drive down from Ullapool.

    In the ref I was disappointed and surprised from what I knew, that the Western Isles voted NO. I can guess at some of the reasons, RET not having been put on the inter-island ferries, lifeline flight Benebecula to Stornoway cancelled. The air ambulance continues, but families have to drive, normal price ferry, drive through Harris and Lewis and can’t do that in a day and come back. Then there’s the reintroduction of the Mallaig ferry but only in winter. I understand the budgetary constarints, but it’s very disappointing – and infuriating – for them.

    They did vote SNP for Westminster, and I’d like that to continue. Taking the piss out of injured passengers, even if not the intention, is not the way to do that.

  134. Michael says:

    one saint springs to mind from these photos….Judas

  135. ben madigan says:

    Alex Clark who says at 5:10 pm
    A Tory-Labour unity coalition may be the only way forward after 7 May

    Depends on how the voting shakes out
    If instability /weak coalitions are likely with many SNP, UKIP, Plaid, Green MPs returned to Westminster I would expect a strong Lab-Con or Con-Lab national government to safeguard the national (read English) interests

  136. yesindyref2 says:

    Don’t know, but closing for nominations was 5pm on 31st, then there’s vetting and hustings, then the vote, so presumably not before the end of Jan. No idea if it’s one single vote day, or different datest by constutency. Probably the one day though, with a week or two to vote, then I guess a few days before announcements. Probably Feb in fact.

  137. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Bob Mack 2.43 did you hiv tae mention Easter Island he’ll be deyin double exposures noo.smilies

  138. Albalha says:

    For those asking about SNP selection the hustings and voting is staggered so some will be done and dusted in a few days, others later on in January.

  139. muttley79 says:

    Nominations closed on different dates for different constituencies yesindyref2. There has already been vettings and hustings have taken place where i stay, although there is still one or two still to come. The SNP are leaving it very close to the general election, if they are only going to know their candidates by the end of January.

  140. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Smithy 3.46 anm collecting Irn Bru grates fur Jims pedi stool sos he can talk shite fae a great hight,hiv you got any.

  141. frazer allan whyte says:

    I think it was “moderated” away last time I mentioned this but google “Toland Man” to see a familiar face. It will no doubt lead to a decreased “halo” effect next time JM sets off the lights.

  142. Alex Clark says:


    Re a Tory-Lab coalition. I totally agree with you.

    Absolute madness probably for both parties but particularly for Labour and even more particularly here in Scotland.

    This though is what can happen when the lunatics are put in charge of the asylum that is Westminster.

  143. jock mc X says:

    Politics = religion = politics = religion, result,a fantasy world where we allow masters and slaves.
    Or if you prefer shepherds and sheep.

    The oldest trick in the book,very old.

    Shine a light on the truth,and be wings.

  144. Gary says:

    Another Labour leader with a messiah complex? He was, after all, ‘annointed’ by the BBC before anyone in the Labour Party voted for him. So, as foretold by the BBC, he walked among us and lo, it came to pass that the miracle of the disappearing candidates was performed. They were erased from campaign literature and ‘the anointed one’ was miraculously interviewed repeatedly by the unclean broadcasters, whereupon they were blessed by him to forever remain unclean. And even before that day, they had, in contempt of their fellow men, sold their hearts and votes for even less than 30 pieces of silver. None can be redeemed that wallow in their sin. So spake the 45, let it be..

  145. yesindyref2 says:

    thanks for that, I didn’t know that. Mine Ayrshire and Arran, is as described though I don’t know the voting date. I guess we must be one of the last then? We’re very laid back here!

  146. BrianW says:

    Am I late to the Halo Party?

    If this is subliminal stimuli/imaging then I never really noticed to be honest. To me, it’s a bit like if ‘Little Briton’ done subliminal messaging – like the shit hypnotist.

    I did pick up on images of Gordon Brown being used where he always had hands out in a Papal/Religious way. Almost as if he was a divine being delivering a Sermon/Vow to the masses (maybe something he picked up from watching Dad..I dunno)

    Do you think we should employ Derren Brown to proliferate positivity for Independence. Now there’s something we could do with seven

  147. donald anderson says:

    Good Gawd and Jasus Christ. Do we have to be bombarded from now until the election by Onionist Meejah scribes and adoring hacks at the Court of Saint James?

  148. BrianW says:

    @ David 11.11am

    “he’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy”

    Are you sure you didn’t mean

    “he’s not the messiah, he’s a Dick”

  149. Craig P says:

    O/T, but I just saw this juxtaposition of stories:

    A woman has alleged that she was repeatedly forced to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew as part of a lawsuit that claims an American investment banker passed her around rich and powerful friends as a “sex slave” while she was still underage.


    The Royal Family is to be granted absolute protection from public scrutiny in a controversial legal reform designed to draw a veil of secrecy over the affairs of the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William.


  150. scotspine says:

    Let’s cut to the chase. Murphy is a duplicitous prick publicised by a media of duplicitous pricks.

  151. boris says:

    donald anderson says: My article is OK to publish but the attaching reference is copyright to the author so you should gain his permission

  152. muttley79 says:

    @Alex Clark

    If there was a Tory-Labour government then a) the next independence rally/ protest demo would be absolutely massive.

    b) SLAB would be laid to rest, as Murphy and co and most of the MSM in Scotland would have been telling us for months that the Tories can only be kept out of office by voting for Labour! If they were stupid and desperate enough to form a coalition with the Tories at Westminster, the expressions on the coupons of Murphy, Dugdale, Findlay would be hilarious!

  153. yesindyref2 says:

    I haven’t been keeping my eye on Curtice over the Festive, so I make no apolgies for the following long “fair use” quote fro 27th Dec (ICM poll):

    What, however, this poll brings anew to the evidence is an estimate of how well the parties are doing in different types of seats in Scotland. Inevitably, these estimates are based on relatively small sample sizes and thus have to be treated with caution. But what they do suggest is that there is no reason to believe that the swing to the SNP does not extend to what are supposedly the safest Labour seats in Scotland. If anything, the swing appears to be even greater in such seats. In seats where Labour is defending a majority of more than 25 points the swing in the poll from Labour to the SNP since 2010 is 24 points, rather higher than the 19.5 point swing for Scotland as a whole.

    That means that, if anything, estimates of how many seats the SNP might win that are derived by assuming that the Scotland-wide movement uncovered by a poll would be replicated in each and every constituency in Scotland could actually underestimate the scale of SNP gains. In the case of this poll, projecting the Scotland-wide movement across the country as a whole produces an estimated seats outcome of SNP 45, Labour 10, Liberal Democrats (on 6% of the vote), 3 and the Conservatives (on 13%), 1. But if we take into account the difference in the movement in different types of seats then the estimate becomes SNP 53, Labour 3, and Liberal Democrat 3 (while the Conservatives emerge empty handed). In short, pretty much every Labour seat in Scotland has to be regarded as currently at risk of being lost to the SNP.

    “In short, pretty much every Labour seat in Scotland has to be regarded as currently at risk of being lost to the SNP.”

  154. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Smithy 04:15

    You have dipped your toe into a very unfamiliar pond.

    I would advise you to go and fish elsewhere.

    Are you still at school, and is your family immersed in Labour administration?

    Have a Happy New Year.

  155. M4rkyboy says:

    Murphy loves me,this i know
    for the Record tells me so
    journalists to him belong,
    they are weak but he is strong.
    Yes,Murphy loves me!
    Yes,Murphy loves me!
    Yes,Murphy loves me.
    The Hootsman tells me so.

  156. Lanarkist says:

    Anyone familiar with the Symbolist or Surrealist Schools of Painters would recognise immediately the requested supplications requested!

    Non literate message to appeal to the subconscious wisdom of the crowd, to implant supplient thought to the masses/majority.

    If they have their sums right and enough people suggestive /compliant they will vote unthinkingly on request!

    Scary stuff indeed, although, hopefully, enough people have been woken up to this form of media manipulation!

    We live in a time of hope not fear surely?

  157. BornOptimist says:

    Jim tends to remind me of Joe Camel in the old ads for Camel cigarettes designed to appeal to young would-be smokers. Both Joe and Jim act within the law and share the tendency to proclaim they are innocent of any wrongdoing. They also both try hard to avoid being held accountable for their actions.

  158. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Everytime Murphy takes the crate we give it lalldy wae this

    Murphy loves me,this i know
    for the Record tells me so
    journalists to him belong,
    they are weak but he is strong.
    Yes,Murphy loves me!
    Yes,Murphy loves me!
    Yes,Murphy loves me.
    The Hootsman tells me so.

    All thanks to M4rkyboy

  159. donald anderson says:

    Reply to boris

    Don’t know how to get in touch. Would you mind asking him please?

  160. dakk says:

    He’s more Judas Escariot than St Andrew as far as Scotland is concerned.

  161. Andy-B says:


    Westminster’s Transport Minister, wants to put a Union Jack on YOUR driving licence.

    sign the petition to stop it.

    But this is the most telling part. They are only doing it on the mainland of Great Britain. Northern Ireland won’t have to suffer any change.

    Maybe the English Transport Minister, in her infinite wisdom, feels that the Irish are clever enough not to need to be reminded of their national identity.

  162. liz says:

    @Andy-B – I was in the process of posting that but lost my link.

    I also wanted to mention that WM appears to be blocking any attempt at allowing the £Scots to become legal.

    I know it was never considered legal tender but I have been able to exchange Scots £s in Amsterdam before but according to this tweet I am posting a link of, WM has been trying to prevent that from happening anywhere in the EU since 1st October 2014.

    The task of ‘making us all British’ continues apace.

    I really can’t stand the ‘Proud Scot but…..’ types like Murphy

  163. CameronB Brodie says:

    As its the season, gonna let me suggest the tune, though you may have already had this in mind. 😉

    O Christmas Tree 🙂

  164. donald anderson says:

    “Halo Murphy”

    Hell Jimmy well, halo, Jimmy
    It’s so nice to have your hacks where they belong
    You’re lookin’ hell, Jimmy…….I can tell, Jimmy
    You’re still grubbin‘…you’re still crawlin’…you’re still lyin’ strong
    I feel that room swayin’……while the Orange band’s playin’
    One of your old favourite songs from way back when
    So….. God Save the Jelly Bean, fellas…….find her an empty lap, fellas
    Murphy never go away from London again

  165. kininvie says:


    I’m quite sure that if this union flag driving license appears, it won’t be long before The Rev or Kendo provides us with useful downloadable sticky saltires of just the right size to fit over the top of it.

    In some ways I think that would annoy more people than simply not having it in the first place (might also get you a fairer hearing from a sympathetic polis 🙂 )

  166. Dr Jim says:

    Have you noticed how the esteemed Prof Curtice says every seat in Scotland being lost to the SNP and not in fact, or as he would say “in truth”… WON by the SNP.. I like that better

  167. boris says:

    I forgot to refer to Jim Murphy and his much repeated statements that he and he alone will decide policy for Scottish Labour.

    This is of course utter tosh since there is no such thing as Scottish Labour.

    Members sign up to the Labour Party and are governed by laws and policies decided in London.

    Also, in the attached report and reference the executive role enjoyed by four officers of the London Labour office at the time they came to Scotland is clear. In the period 1997-2000 they sacked, suspended, censured many dozens of quite senior members of the Labour party in Scotland and gave warning that all Labour Party members in Scotland would conform or leave the Party. Jim Murphy is well aware of the foregoing since he was part of the “New Labour” Party that imposed their will on Scotland

  168. SquareHaggis says:

    O/T to Andy B,

    A petition advocating a UJ logo for every NI driving licence might gain some traction?

  169. Albaman says:

    When will “The National” contact you Rev?,
    Your doing, not just a great job, but the best job in this social media slot, but to reach Mr & Mrs Joe, and Josephine your articles need to appear in the printed press,, the editor of The National must be well aware of you and your site, so what is he afraid of??.

  170. Dr Jim says:

    As my refined and gentle wife would say “See yer flag, See yer Arse” always to the point and crystal, thats my politically astute lady wife…ah..makes me proud..

  171. liz says:

    The following is a link to the UK gov e-petition against the driver’s license, don’t like 38 degrees.

    This could of course be a distraction from more serious stuff but only takes minutes to sign.

    Re WM blocking £Scots in EU, BoS is saying this is untrue.

  172. Paula Rose says:

    Ooh – songs for the branch manager, remember Robin Hood?

    Jim-mur Fee, Jim-mur Fee lurching through the glens

    Jim-mur Fee, Jim-Murr Fee and his Red Tories

    Hammers the poor, sups with the rich

    Jim-mur Flee! Jim-mur Flee!

  173. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    It’s Neil Findlay and Sarah Boyack I can’t understand. They were stuffed by the media,stuffed by the BBC and more particularly stuffed by those who run the Labour party to which they which they STILL belong?

    I can see and respect loyalty to a party when it is honest and deals with you honestly. I cannot understand it in this case. Anybody heard anything from Katy Clark?

  174. Rock says:

    They ‘won’ the referendum and they will have the last laugh by sending 40+ Labour MPs to Westminster in 2015 unless we are extremely careful.

    We laugh at the British Establishment at our own expense.

    They might give us the impression of being clowns but they are anything but. They are more dangerous than an electric shock. Beware.

  175. bookie from hell says:


    Charles Moore

    Thus does devolution start the slide towards independence. Like a date rapist, the SNP claims that No really meant Yes.

  176. joe kane says:

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first egg.”

  177. tartanarse says:

    The great thing is that human nature ensures that Smiffy will indeed read every word of this thread until it ceases despite not “appearing again”.

    Smiffy. If you like Jim Murphy for any reason then I can only surmise that a. You are a cunt. Or b. you are to stupid to realise that Jim Murphy is a cunt.

    If you have eyes and ears then no other explanation is required.

  178. Graeme Doig says:


    Thanks for the ‘epetitions’ link.

    Gladly signed. Would encourage everyone to do the same.

    No one is going to impose Uk paraphernalia on me by the way!

  179. ben madigan says:

    @ Andy-B and others who mentioned
    “Westminster’s Transport Minister, wants to put a Union Jack on YOUR driving licence”.

    See how loyal Unionists and Loyalists really are and have a look at the 1690 Union Flag stickers on

  180. ben madigan says:

    all this talk about Murphy the Messiah reminded me of a post i wrote over a year ago.
    For the series plus ca change with the God complex . . . .


  181. ben madigan says:

    @ donald anderson says:
    2 January, 2015 at 8:11 pm
    “Halo Murphy”

    you should send that to yew choob . they’d do a great video with it!

  182. Bob Mack says:

    @Bookie from hell,
    The really interesting thing is that Nicola and in the main the body of S.N.P. members I.e. M.S.P.s have been clear in actually saying that they have no lmmediate plans for another referendum.The demand will come from the people who he must be alluding to as the date rapists. The demand has actually overtaken that of the S.N.P..expectations and is I feel growing by the week.This is no longer about a political party, but moreso about a movement.Should the S.N.P. abandon the fight tomorrow, I doubt many would continue to follow them.

  183. Big Jock says:

    The man is a fraud. The press know he is a fraud and collude with him. He knows it is a game he is playing, not a sincere wish to make Scotland better. Its a cynical ploy to trick voters for the benefit of London labour. That’s the biggest irony. He was brought in to work for London labour yet says the very opposite. He is more London labour than Lament ever was!

    Someone observed recently that Scotland must be truly unique. The losing side get ambushed by the press for being cocky in defeat! So the yes side just can’t be anything but wrong in the eyes of unionists.I had to bite my tongue at a family meal when one person said her friend had lost 20 Facebook friends as she was a yes campaigner. I could have said what’s wrong with Yes or Scottish independence. Or that her friend might have gained 50 friends or that they were never friends anyway just bitter wee anti Scottish sychophants.

    I have noticed that no voters are now trying to demonise Yes voters as them. Forgetting that indigenous Scots voted yes in majority or that 1/2 people nearly were yes voters. Yet they still don’t get it. They f**cked up by voting no and need to normalise it.

  184. ben madigan says:

    @ cameron B brodie whose link showed just how far the Labour party have fallen from their original ideals

  185. bugsbunny says:


    Apparently, that is perfectly legal if you read the Talmud.

    God deliver us from this evil.


  186. donald anderson says:

    Reply to ben Madigan

    I don’t know how to use utube and just get sent the off cli[. Feel free to send it if you want.

  187. muttley79 says:

    On the front page of the Guardian Douglas Alexander talking about how Labour will use voters anger against the Tories at the general election. You just have to laugh at the depths Labour have plunged to in the last few decades. Alexander had no qualms about shiting on Scottish self determination from a great height, and nor from using Tory money to do so.

  188. CameronB Brodie says:

    Fixation on ‘self and place’ is partly a product of an all-present neo-liberal dogma, in a post-modern setting increasingly characterised by single-person households and an agenda laden MSM. Discuss. 🙂

  189. muttley79 says:

    @Big Jock

    This ‘indigenous Scots’ talk is really not a good idea imo. One of the real strengths of the Yes campaign was that it was an inclusive and positive campaign. Do we really want to throw all that away with ethnic nationalist type rhetoric?

  190. Dr Jim says:

    SNP official position on another referendum is, the decision is not for the SNP but by the will of the people of Scotland, meaning,if the SNP are returned to the Scottish parliament at the next elections with the correct majority that will then be a mandate by the Scottish people to, in the words of Jean Luc Picard “make it so” but to talk too much about it now will scare the horses, so get Westminster out of the way first then Indyref goes in the Manifesto for Holyrood elections but for now SShhh..i NEVER SAID THAT.. iAM NOT HERE…djae think embdy noticed eh?

  191. caz-m says:

    “Halo’ Halo’ we are the Billy Boys
    Halo’ Halo’ you’ll know us by our noise
    We’re up to our…”

    Oops, wrong song.

  192. caz-m says:

    Mutley 79 10.39pm

    I saw that article about Alexander on the MSN website. He certainly has got big plans for the Labour Party hasn’t he.

    “The Tories may be able to outspend us by as much as three to one, but on the ground, in the key seats, we aim to outnumber their diminished and demoralised activists by the same margin as we fight this election conversation by conversation.”

    This piece gives us an insight into the way Labour are thinking regarding the May General Election.

  193. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Bob Mack at 9.41

    Whatever makes you think that the SNP will ever abandon the fight.
    It is the raison d’etre of the party and has had no other reason for existence since it was founded in 1934
    Nicola Sturgeon has been involved in an independence movement since she was 16.
    The movement recognised it had to become a full time party contesting elections after John McCormick’s National Covenant petition (for a devolved parliament)in the early 1950s with a couple of million signatures was just ignored by London.
    McCormick’s dalliance with a devolution solution was in fact destructive as it lowered the objective but took quite lot of the SNP (which refused to lower its independence aim) away at the same time.
    We have moved to devolution conceded to Scotland only because the SNP has campaigned continuously and with increasing support for independence
    The SNP is in fact a national movement and there is no other route to independence except through it.

  194. caz-m says:

    Let us pray:-

    “Please Queen Nicola”,

    “Deliver us from evil (Jim Murphy)”

    “Take us to the Promised Land”

    “Give us a sign Nicola, (Like a sentence wrote into the 2016 SNP Manifesto).”


  195. Bob Mack says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill,
    I think the point I am trying to make Dave is that independence is no longer only the preserve of the S.N.P. There are others outwith who support this aim.They may have forged the route, but are no longer the only means of transport to that destination.I believe that if the party ceased to exist tomorrow, then something else would still take its place and the journey to freedom would still continue.

  196. Big Jock says:

    Mutley stating a fact which it is regarding how indigenous Scots voted. Should not be taken as anything other than stating a fact. I took my info from an article in Bella. It was pointed out that the one group that voted no by 80% were the English born Scots. Not so for the Poles or Asians who voted yes in the majority. We cannot deny that we have a large English population who want to keep Scotland British out of their own self interest and identity. I hate when people run away from facts and throw the racist card in when a fact is stated. I am not really an indigenous Scot but I was born here. It is not important where you were born but its important to know the baggage that some people bring with them. The baggage the English carry is the fear of their own identity in the country they have moved to. It makes them uncomfortable to give up their Britishness hence they want to hold back Scotland. It is this very group that we need to try and change if we want independence!

  197. kininvie says:

    It looks as though Charles Moore – arch scourge of the Nats on the pages of the Spectator/Telegraph etc – has belatedly begun to recognise reality….

    “It is certainly hard to imagine that the unitary state can be restored…”

    @Big Jock
    What you say is true – which is precisely why the English Scots for Yes group was so essential and so valuable during the campaign. I for one will never go down the route of ethnic division – we set about winning our English Scots to the cause – there is no other way.

  198. amiller112 says:

    ‘Saint Jim’, more like mothman, like some other nocturnal blood sucking insects he is also attracted to bright lights in the sky.

  199. @Bugger (the Panda)

    “Nice to see you areound again, again. Happy New Year”

    Thanks Bugger, same to you.

  200. Ken500 says:

    A PR stunt, issued photos.

    A posed photo from a poseur. That’s the way they spend public money. When people are being sanctioned and going to food banks. It just makes folk been more angry. There is not much can be done for the vacant coupon. Even high lights can do nothing to improve the visage. Pathetic chancers.

    The cock crowed twice, don’t be fooled a third time.

    Times up for these crooks. .

  201. caz-m says:

    Some good headline stories in today’s Herald:-

    “SNP demand publication of Chilcot report into Iraq War before general election.”

    “We’ll keep our seats – and keep out Salmond, says Lib Dems’ Alistair Carmichael.”

    “Danny Alexander, Treasury axeman, on tears, taxes and Tories.
    …it was only natural there were some tears – of joy – when the result finally came through on that dreich Friday morning in Edinburgh. After three years of, at times, bitter campaigning, the Union had been saved.”

    And even more scandal from the Royals:-

    “Buckingham Palace: Prince Andrew wasn’t guilty of impropriety in US paedophile case.”

  202. yesindyref2 says:

    I’ve been through Ladbrokes GE odds for Scottish seats, and the total had SNP favourites in 19 seats, joint fav with Lab in 3, Lab fav in 33, Lib 3, Con 1.

    I also made a table and sorted the 59 seats by favourite as SNP to start, but then the rest in desccending order of “winnability”, according to the odds.

  203. Ken500 says:

    Carmichael/Alexander have threatened their constituents livelihood and prosperity by increasing Oul Taxes 11% (£2Billion) a year since 2011Budget. The Oil producers stopped exploration (drilling more bore holes) Losing Scotland £4Billion+ a year. Losing Scotland £16Billion+ a year by the 2015 Election. Jobs and prosperity will decline in their contituency’s. Orkney and Nairn will suffer as a result. The LibDems are toast.

    Salmond will walk it. Jardine Who? and her six helpers. Malcolm Bruce has done nothing for the NE for thirty years except support the overnight sleeper. A right sleeper on the job.

    LibDem/Unionist (Greens) blocked the essential by pass road, along with feudal landowners. Canapés and champagne. Helicopters falling from the sky and no Inquiry to cover up for the lack of UK Health and Safety goverance. The misuse of Oil revenues by Westminster. The Official Secrets Act covering Westminster’s secrecy and lies. Most of them should be in jail. The Unionists cheating, lying and abuse during the Referendum. Not following the rules.

  204. Ken500 says:

    Tbe Herald/Scotsman are ‘loss leaders’ for printing companies. Quest (Herald) has lucrative contracts printing literature for UK Gov. It’s main business is printing literature for private education sector, worldwide.

    Scotsman (Johnston) lucrative contracts printing literature for the Labour/Unionist Party. .

    Their headlines are always similar. Regurgitated Unionist Party political Press releases. Fifi always got the first comments post. That the way they did it. Infiltrate the Press for contracts. The Unionists control the Press using public expense money. They use the Press against the people. There is no free and balanced Press in the UK. No democracy.

  205. john king says:

    I see Prince Andrew has been named in America by woman who claims he had sex with her when she was child,

    Could we be seeing a royal involvement in the pedophile ring(s)?
    Maybe that’s why (if true) the people stated as being involved were, and are still so sure of their behaviour being kept under wraps?

  206. CameronB Brodie says:

    A polished turd is not wabi-sabi, as it’s lacquered glint will conceal a soft center, when fresh. The surface enameling conceals hidden tensions that time will only magnify. 😉

  207. yesindyref2 says:

    John King
    Serously? If a PRINCE had just mentioned he wanted sex, there’d have been a pile of knickers outside the Palace so large, Tom Jones would have been eating his heart out.

  208. Big Jock says:

    Correct Ken. Just look at the way the press are currently reporting news. Its like we are still in the referendum. Instead of putting pressure on the unionists to deliver on promises. They look for ways to undermine Salmond and Sturgeon who don`t have the power to change anything at Westminster level. What we have is a press behaving like the opposition in Scotland , not a press reporting news. So anything the SNP propose they find the unionist response and mouth that to the public as news from the opposition.

    The BBC are one of the most hated organisations in Scotland. Yet still they persist in Nat bashing on a daily basis. No one believes anything they print or say on the radio. Then we have Katie Hopkins ignorantly suggesting Scotlands NHS is is useless as we don’t have an Ebola ward! Where are out press pointing out that only 4 countries in Europe have these facilities. That she went to London as the nearest centre not because we are in the UK. The treatment is paid for by our NHS the same as if she went to Germany. Its portrayed as London helping Scotland when its a completely normal independent agreement between two nations. Scotland wouldn’t have the facility in or out of the union as the nation is too small to justify the expense for a rare disease.

  209. Brian Ritchie says:

    @ Big Jock

    Regarding the English born Scots, who apparently voted 75% NO, by my calculations they are not a large enough demographic to reverse the result in any case. Assuming 500,000 english Scots and assuming an 85% turnout, removing them from the poll would have produced a result closer to 47%Y, 53%N. Not as though such a thing should even be contemplated of course – going down the path of ethnic nationalism would be a disaster.

  210. Big Jock says:

    A wee bit of research is always revealing. There is an article in the Herald about BBC man John Beattie’s daughter who plays footie for Arsenal. I went into her twitter account out of curiosity on her politics as she plays for Scotland and John has always sat on the fence with Scotland.

    She tweeted they day after the no vote:” Proud to be a Scot and proud to be a Brit”. Alas it is people such as these that I will never be able to understand. Play for Scotland sing flower of Scotland and then give up your nationality at the drop of a hat. I just don’t get the whole Brit thing!

  211. Dorothy Devine says:

    Agreed Big Jock – it is about time we resisted the urge to post on any of these publication.

    Let the unionists make their usual insulting comments – left to them and them alone I suspect revenue from advertisers would plummet.

    As for the blonde bimbo with the big ,arrogant mouth – worthy of ignoring at all times.It puzzles me why the Herald insisted on giving her drivel publicity – twice.
    Could only be described as click bait really.

    I see the man with the upside down smile has returned to the pages of the Yankee Herald.

  212. Ken500 says:

    ‘Care professionals?’ are wandering about freely without any quarantine procedures being put in place by Westminster, endangering even more people. It is just unbelievable. They are making the problem worse. Any good they are doing is being outweighed by the disadvantages. Ie spreading the virus and the cost of specialist care in the UK. ‘Save the Children?’ gave Blair an ‘honour’

    Dogs were quarantined. The ‘mouth from the south’, should be quarantined or put out of it’s misery.

    ‘Royals’ are molesting children, tax evading and are involved in illegal Wars. Impartial not bloody likely, there is too much ill gotten gains at stake.

  213. Ken500 says:

    It was the illegal VOW that made the difference. Now that Promise has been dishonoured, that will change voters perception. 47% Of the electorate voted NO. Lying, cheating and using public money against the public interest will not win. Abuse of power by Westminster politicians means people will not vote for them.

  214. Calgacus says:


    Do be so kind as to provide links to your claim that the SNP are boasting that they will gain over 40 seats. If you do not I will assume that you are talking shite

  215. Free Scotland says:

    In the first pic, he’s hoping labour party membership figures will soon match the number of light bulbs above his head.

  216. Big Jock says:

    Brian I dont think your calculation is completely accurate.I would suggest that 500k of English voters had more significance than 3%. In any case that wasn’t the point.The English are the biggest minority in Scotland and growing. We have to alter the thinking of this group in terms of their inability to think outside the British box.Many of them voted no out of fear of losing their British identity. They need to see Scotland as their country and not an annexe of mother England. So when they vote yes they do it for liberation. The way a Pole thinks of Scotland is not how an English person views Scotland. The Poles have no baggage of empire and ownership or homogeneous thinking.

  217. john king says:

    yesinderef2 @ 7.55
    the trouble is that when you have power over people consensual sex may not seem so enticing,

    “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it”

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

    and so on.

  218. john king says:

    Smithy says
    “I found the reply by yesindyref2 to my Jim Murphy post to be both reasonable and relevant.
    Unfortunately I can’t say the same about the other posts so I will give up forthwith in submitting any more posts on WOS.

    Awww I really liked Smithy,
    Ill miss him,
    can we bury him at the bottom of the garden?

    Ill never forget him!

    Right, now can we get a new pet?

  219. Ken500 says:

    Stop blaming English voters in Scotland. It’s just not true it’s a generalisation. They could have easily been outvoted. It was the illegal VOW that changed the vote, according to exit polls. It was the illegal actions of Westminster using public money, against the public interest. That will change perceptions now the voters know they were being deceived. Just another step on the way to fiscal autonomy/Independence.

    Vote SNP/Alliance 7/5/15

  220. galamcennalath says:

    kininvie says:
    “It looks as though Charles Moore – arch scourge of the Nats on the pages of the Spectator/Telegraph etc – has belatedly begun to recognise reality….”

    Don’t you just love the smell of sheer panic in the morning?

    There is a significant omission in his piece. He says the Unionists went complacency to panic then back to complacency when they won. Nah, the post win complacency lasted just days. They quickly went back into panic mode!

    As an arch Unionist Moore knows they only won by dodgy means and that has seriously damaged any chance the Unionists have next time. And it’s the emergence of the fact that there will be a next time, and soon, which has got to them.

    More and more, I am concluding that a lot less agrevation, bad feeling, lasting damage etc etc could have been avoided if they had skipped thay damned Vow and just let Yes win!

  221. Joemcg says:

    I know the usual nazi insult and racist crap could be insinuated but if the whole voting issue was reversed and hundreds of thousands of scottish votes influenced an English independence referendum in this huge way do you think our friends in the south would keep quiet about it? Aye right!

  222. Big Jock says:

    Ken stop getting so wound up. Who is blaming them? They voted no and are the largest ethnic group in Scotland. We often heard about more women voting no than men during the campaign. No one was blaming women for the no vote nor accusing people of being anti women for mentioning the stats. Stop being so politically correct that it blinds you to proper analysis. There are a number of reasons we got a no vote and it wasnt just the Vow. More women need to vote yes,more English need to vote yes and more older people need to vote yes. Them are the facts get off your all things to all men hobby horse and see things as they are.

  223. Big Jock says:

    Joe that was the point I was trying to make. Because no won by 10% it cancelled out the English vote. However imagine a future referendum where we lost by 2% on the same stats. This would be a real problem for us, as one group of people would be stopping independence because we can’t get the message to them. So my point is this we must carry 50% of the English vote with us at the next referendum! Its the same for older people we must win more of them over. Its not a blame game its just telling a story of the way the vote went.

  224. gordoz says:

    Guys :

    Far too many enemies within Scottish society too go blaming English living here.

    Its those who see themselves as Brits, for Britain, Queenie and all that guff that are the problem; born here or not.

    That title is the classic establishment construct tool that keeps on giving for the Union.

    Although they currently have an advantage within the Union its an enemy for English society also.

    The Union must be painted as sinister and twisted as it truly is.

  225. muttley79 says:

    @Big Jock

    Robin McApline mentioned it has an example of the fact that people are not using it as a reason why we lost the referendum. That was my interpretation of it anyway. This use of indigenous Scots is horrible, it is a form of ethnic nationalism. It is poisonous politics, and if it becomes widespread, then we don’t deserve to achieve indepedence, as we will just be another UKIP type political movement. You are also playing right into the hands of those who demonised the Yes campaign over the course of the last two to three years.

  226. Valerie says:

    That piece in The Torygraph columns the depths with the reference to ‘like a date rapist’

    How is this shit even remotely journalism

  227. gerry parker says:

    Telegraph, The battle to keep our Union together has only just begun.

    ” This theory fails to notice that devolution usually brings out local enmities (look at the divisions in Scotland between the central belt and the rest)”

    New one on me this division.
    Divide and rule starting?

  228. Helena Brown says:

    Big Jock I understood what you were saying and I do think political correctness is the ruin of free speech. I will say though that there were as many reasons for people voting no as there are people in this country. I found that there are as many English people in the SNP who care very deeply for their adopted country as the Scots who were willing to sell their country out. We need to stop calling each other names here and work on trying to inform those who we can change. There will always be the “British” well until they all die out. They are the ones who were in the army together, yes even through conscription and the ones who think being Scottish is to be inferior to someone with an English accent. The Young are our future and they are the ones who will make Scotland and Independent country, they do not have the baggage.

  229. Ken500 says:

    Not enough folk voted YES because of the VOW. Get over it. Things will progress from now. Voters know now they have been betrayed. It was an illegal campaign,not following the accepted rules. Cheating and lying Unionist Politicans and their associates behaving illegally, which is a shame because they are destroying their Parties, because of their own self interests. Turkey’s voting for Christmas. Most of them constantly make the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons.

    It was just the VOW. Now go forward. Stop looking back. It serves no purpose. The Unionists Politicans and their associates cheated and lied, now pay them back. It’s a New Year. People have the right to vote how they want. That’s democracy.

    Vote SNP/Alliance 7/5/15

  230. Sinky says:

    Surprised no one has commented on story in this morning’s Herald regarding Gordon Brown’s campaign strategy phone conversations with Cameron just prior to referendum.

    On Page 2 of print copy says sources close to Cameron revealed that the pair worked closely together as opinion polls showed growing support for independence.

    Unsurprisingly Magnus Gardham’sstory doesn’t seem to be mentioned online.

  231. Bob Mack says:

    Good topic this morning. My take on it that many Scots have been subject to integration by assimilation.There is whether we like it or not, clear evidence that the U.K, is seen by many as a parental figure to whom you can turn when things may be tough. A safety net if you like. We have to dispel this myth.It is a very powerful bond, and is one the Unionists played to the max during the campaign, I.e we offer guaranteed security.I have seen many posts from English who have settled here and are happy to support independence.There are also several in my village who have also taken up the cry of inndependence. To me what sells the idea if you like is the quality of life we can lead under the Holyrood Government.The S.N.P. have governed tbis country extremely efficiently over the past few years, and that I believe is gradually persuading people than they can be trusted.I also believe Nicola Sturgeon will enhance that feeling.I mean no criticism of Alex Salmond, but many people I have spoken to since the referendum, liked the idea but voted no, precisely for the reasons I have already outlined.Too much uncertainty about currency, central banking, jobs.When they feel safe about what we offer, they will follow in droves

  232. ronnie anderson says:

    Some people should reflect on they’re choice of words ( big Jock ) Gerry Parker & myself went to Edinburgh for the English Scots for Yes, & as Gerry says in his post 11.30 Devide & Rule starting . Lets not let that happen on Wings or on any other Indy site.

  233. Robert Louis says:

    Meanwhile, over in the ‘forward looking, progressive, champion of democracy’ Guardian, it appears that those who support the SNP and Scottish independence are now insurgents.

    Not satisfied with the wholly pejorative labelling of the democratic SNP, Scottish Government and independence movement with such terminology, the article goes on to suggest that a national ‘unity’ Government of Labour and Tory together would be required in 2015, to counteract the SNP pro-Scotland ‘insurgency’. Sounds like Rev Stu and some others were right.

    Democratic choice doesn’t appear to be part of the equation, it’s all about maintaining the status quo. Well done Guardian.

    Source :

  234. snode1965 says:

    IMO we did not lose the vote because of our place of birth, that’s pish talk! The reason wasn’t even political. It was simply easier to vote NO and avoid pension/ mortgage/ job worries, fears that Better Together stoked rather well.????

  235. wee jock poo-pong mcplop says:

    “@gerry parker says:
    Telegraph, The battle to keep our Union together has only just begun.

    ” This theory fails to notice that devolution usually brings out local enmities (look at the divisions in Scotland between the central belt and the rest)”

    New one on me this division.
    Divide and rule starting?”

    They may have been reading Prof.Tom Devine’s book, or any other popular Scottish history – the suspicion between the Central Belt and The Rest is a very, very long-standing one. In fact, as a Highlander, it’s exactly what stopped me supporting Independence for most of my life – the fear that the Central Belt would get everything, the rest of us nothing. I’ve decided that’s less of a danger now, and that we really can regard Scotland as one country. Hope I’m right.

  236. Macart says:


    The young are our future and 2014s 16/17 year olds will be followed by 2015s and so on. Year on year new voters who need to be educated and engaged in their country’s future and their constitutional rights.

    Setting aside those who believe in project ‘Britain’ (an ideology which has been utterly compromised by the establishment IMV), a significant number of voters are there to be won over. BT won the referendum by use of fear, uncertainty and doubt. There delivery system? Lies, half truths, projection, demonisation, social division and intimidation through a compliant media. They’re actually quite proud of their strategy apparently. Mr McDougall I understand has gone on record to this effect.

    Fear, uncertainty and doubt used against your own electorate to further political agenda. People need to ask themselves, would they rather live in fear manufactured by their politicians or would they rather politicians lived in fear of their positions and what the public thought of them?

  237. Helena Brown says:

    I think Macart we will find out sooner than later, I do not think a new Referendum will be long in coming. I have had the misfortune to have read both pieces in the Telegraph and Guardian via archive this morning and therefore have not soiled my hands dealing with the Metropolitan ignorant in England, you should note I have not called them English. I do think that if there is a chance that the SNP win more than the normal handful of seats the Guardian may get it’s wish. They will do anything to protect the Establishment. I still think there are people in Scotland who close their eyes and ears to the voices from the South that they cannot quite believe. The Establishment in Britain is not our friends, they are not anyone’s friends but until those with the closed minds waken up we have a big problem.

  238. Fred says:

    Take your partners for, THe Grand Old Duke of York folks.

  239. Jim McIntosh says:

    @wee jock poo-pong mcplop – “the fear that the Central Belt would get everything, the rest of us nothing. “

    I had a couple of friends that used that exact reason for voting NO. They argued that there’s no difference between being run by WM or Hollyrood. Total loathing of the central belt, but one is a Celtic supporter, go figure.

  240. gerry parker says:

    @wee jock poo-pong mcplop.

    Maybe I just don’t get out and about enough.


  241. Nana Smith says:

    Royal Family granted new right of secrecy

    Perhaps because of this and other nasty secrets…

    Twitter is awash with stuff including Blair and Clinton Mandelson etc being great ‘pals’ with Epstein.

  242. Bob Sinclair says:

    Thought that first photo was missing something:

  243. Robert Peffers says:


    robertknight says: 2 January, 2015 at 11:26 am:

    “Here’s hoping our galactic neighbours could remove the utterly vile Katie Hopkins whilst they’re at it.”

    Ach! Robert, Katie Hopkins is probably the best recruitment sergeant the independence movement has gained since the referendum campaign began. May she keep up the good work and may the unionist media give her views much publicity. “Every little helps”, as the monkey said when he urinated in the sea.

  244. Bob Mack says:

    The important thing to remember is that it is the people of Scotland who will decide.Qute simply that means we need to have enough of them on board to achieve our aim, and that also means we must disregard our bias or prejudice, and consider all who live in this country as fellow Scots.Our job is to win them over and not to create barriers,, which widen divisions.Westminster know that it is Scots who will decide, not England.They must try to maintain their current support and prevent them from changing to yes.We do not help if we assist by creating divisions from within.We must, and I stress must be united to keep our existing voters, and to win over new ones.So put aside any resentment you may have to any particular group you feel may have changed the referendum outcome, and focus on maintaining and converting the doubters.

  245. Robert Peffers says:

    @Paula Rose says: 2 January, 2015 at 11:49 am:

    “Nope – still looks like Lurch from the Addams Family to me.”

    In both cases, (Lurch & Murphy), my first view of these characters brought to mind a single descriptive word, lugubrious.

  246. Stoker says:

    Big Jock says:
    “Ken stop getting so wound up. Who is blaming them? They voted no and are the largest ethnic group in Scotland. We often heard about more women voting no than men during the campaign. No one was blaming women for the no vote nor accusing people of being anti women for mentioning the stats. Stop being so politically correct that it blinds you to proper analysis. There are a number of reasons we got a no vote and it wasnt just the Vow. More women need to vote yes,more English need to vote yes and more older people need to vote yes. Them are the facts get off your all things to all men hobby horse and see things as they are.”

    100% correct BJ, well said.

    Ken500 says:
    “Stop looking back. It serves no purpose.”

    I normally agree with the vast majority of what you usually post, Ken, but on this statement you are 100% wrong, IMO. It is extremely important that we look back to analyse our mistakes, where we went wrong, how to improve our future approach etc etc etc. Without doing that we run a very high risk of another defeat.

    For us to be successful we need to identify the main groups who voted ‘No’ (outwith the OO) and get to work convincing and converting them. We will never secure a victory sitting on our arses and just assuming that everyone now knows they were conned, that is a recipe for disaster.
    A week, as they say, is a very long time in politics.

  247. John Sm. says:

    “Vote Labour get Tory”

    From this mornings article by Douglas Fraser over on the Beeb…

    “an eye-catching thought from the Financial Times, in its new year predictions, is for a national government of Conservative and Labour – driven into a very uncomfortable alliance by the demands of smaller parties being too much for either of them to bear.”

  248. galamcennalath says:

    Another point about the type of analysis in those Telegraph and Guardian articles. They just haven’t moved beyond seeing all in terms of Salmond and the SNP, separatists and nationalist.

    WM2015 is coming up and yes, it will be party politics again, and the SNP are probably our best hope of progress in 2015.

    However, the London Ignoramus Club totally failed to see what happened during the referendum campaign. The SNP kicked it off, but it wasn’t long before the YES pro democracy tsunami took on a grassroots life of its own. IMO, it would be reasonable to say that as summer 2014 progressed, the SNP were playing catchup with the tidal wave of people power sweeping Scotland!

    That grassroots thrist for real democracy is still there. London has got no idea what is going to jump up and hit them when we pick up steam again!

  249. Robert Peffers says:

    @wingman 2020 says: 2 January, 2015 at 1:16 pm:

    “Professional photographers do not take photographs like these accidentally. … Was it coincidence that everyone responsible chose such clumsy photographic metaphors? How is that possible?

    Easy question, Wingman, the answer is simple – “Adobe Photoshop” is the simple answer.

  250. Gallowglass says:

    I don’t like the indigenous talk either.

    We are one Scotland, minorities and all.

    Singling out one isn’t a Scotland I want to live in.

  251. Robert Peffers says:

    It really is amazing what a skilled operator can do with such computer art and/or photography programs as Photoshop and Silkypix. Not to mention the manipulation of video with such as Pinnacle Studio, Roxio or Power Producer.

    Even before computer generated effects a skilled film camera operator and film editor could produce what seemed like magic to the uninitiated. Now such effects are well within the grasp of even the most stupid and dishonest political Spin Doctors.

  252. Paula Rose says:

    There are those like myself who moved to Scotland from England as we felt it to be home – we voted yes.

    There are those who moved here for peace and quiet, they probably voted no.

    There are those who use Scotland as a steppingstone to future personal gain, they voted no – I do think there is a particular issue with the UK supporting English that cannot be ignored. Colonialists do not all go native!

  253. Bob Mack says:

    @Paula Rose,
    No colonialists do not all go native, but they are a fact of life, and they are still here and they still have a vote. It is our job to convince them that going native is indeed beneficial .We perhaps cannot change the perameters in which we vote, but we could at least change the outcome through persuasion and education

  254. Big Jock says:

    Paula that was really the point I was making. Some people have red mist when anything close to the truth is mentioned. While not blaming any group for the no vote. I am wise enough to know a future vote will always be down to single figures. So it really is important to try and convince liberal thinking English in Scotland that our shared nation would be better away from the mother ship.There as some who voted no for all the wrong reasons. So the message couldn’t get to them. Winning is about taking on the challenge of the groups that voted no not brushing them under the carpet and hoping others will cancel them out. I repeat once more I am not an ethic Scot. My ancestors are all Irish everyone. I have never had a sense of Britishness and maybe that’s the difference in my outlook from someone from south of the border.

  255. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I see that the Scottish Nurse being treated in London for Ebola has deteriorated.

  256. Gallowglass says:

    Colonists and natives aren’t very good narratives.

    It’s people we’re talking about. Ethnic groups, the connotations of oppression, muskets and swords, and superiority isn’t one I can identify with.

  257. Stoker says:

    Well said PR (@ 1.57pm).

    We need to identify the main groups so we can specifically target those groups, reassure, convince and convert them.

    To ignore why certain groups have mostly voted ‘No’ is to achieve nothing and will ultimately doom us to more failure.

    If we fail to help others with their fears we fail.

    And we can’t help them until we know who they are.

  258. Paula Rose says:

    @ Bob Mack

    Problem 1 – They have to be convinced that their origin will not be a cause of discrimination, some are in positions because of it, we all know examples.

    Problem 2 – How do we convince people that there should be areas of cooperation when the UK establishment did so much to rubbish any such idea.

    Never mind the MSM and subsidy / economy myths.

    I see all the benefits of the Scots running Scotland, but do the colonial / ex-pat English even begin to understand that?

    For them the continuation of the UK is vital to their self-interest. I’m not sure which uncovered horrors will make them sit up and take notice.

    In my experience the “they’re all the same”, as regards politicians is the default position.

  259. Robert Peffers says:

    @yesindyref2 says: 2 January, 2015 at 2:42 pm:

    “It may well be photoshopped in, rather than taken that way.”

    Indeed it very well may be photoshopped and not too skilfully done at that.

  260. Robert Peffers says:

    @Ian Brotherhood says: 2 January, 2015 at 3:25 pm:

    “Next he’ll be showing signs of the stigmata, and SLab will be producing holy pictures of him alongside an adoring Dugdale, with eyes that follow you around the room.”

    Och! No worries about that. It’s when they start producing wee pictures of the Black Babies and asking the bairns tae buy them for a penny that you start to worry.

  261. Paula Rose says:

    @ Gallowglass –

    I agree – but some English do have a colonial mind-set, I know I’ve met them. I would term them Ukists (pronounced yukkists) and get away from using British – this as we all know is a geographical not political description.

  262. Robert Peffers says:

    @Smithy says:2 January, 2015 at 3:46 pm :

    ” … I , as a fair minded No supporter, … “

    Whit! A fair minded NO supporter?
    I’d really like to see one of those. I hear there is more chance of observing a Unicorn in Scotland than a fair minded NO supporter.

  263. Robert Peffers says:

    @yesindyref2 says:2 January, 2015 at 4:17 pm:

    ” … here’s my take on the General Election 7/5/15. Vote Labour just to keep the Tories out of power.

    I much prefer my own version for the GE – Vote SNP to keep all the Unionists out.

  264. Gallowglass says:

    Paula Rose

    I don’t disagree, but I know that this and them, natives and colonists, isn’t going to win the ’45’ any new friends.

    Build bridges, use nicer names. Otherwise the thinly veiled disdain is the only thing I notice, and I would imagine it would be the same for any prospective independence supporter.

    It’s greatly off-putting personally.

  265. yesindyref2 says:

    Interesting discussion about the English in Scotland, and not one that should be shied away from I think. In common there would perhaps be signficantly more of them have family and old friends in England than “native” Scots, and talk about passports, foreigners and currency would affect them more as a whole, becuase of them going back to England for visits, and their guests visiting them.

    Then there’s the financial sector, and it would be worth doing a survey to see if there’s a significantly higher proportion in that sector, having moved up from London or other parts during the ’91 crash or after. Employers value them because they bring fresh ideas, different and at times more advanced ideas and ways of working. The financial sector as a whole was probably more NO, so proportionately if there were more English in that sector, that would affect the overall split YES / NO.

    I meet a lot of English incomers in my travels, but in rural areas, small towns and villages, and find them active in the local communities, and not risk averse – they may have sold an expensive house to buy a house and business (or set up one) in Scotland. I can’t see them being more NO than YES, in fact I’d see it as the other way around, but with the same problem of passport / foreigner / currency perhaps to make them reluctantly vote NO. Often they have moved to Scotland to “get away from the rat race”, and even to get away from Westminster politics which they often despise.

  266. yesindyref2 says:

    One more thing with the English is that I’d say they’re more defence minded. It was generally accepted in England that in times of danger – the Cold War in the 70s and 80s (and 60s I guess), that the Conservatives were better than Labour for that, and some elections that played an important part, especially if Labour were showing more “weakness” than normal.

    Clearly Scotland can only have 1/12 the defence spend of the UK as a whole, one of the reasons I was adamant the SNP needed to embrace full NATO membership rather than the Partners for Peace previously. It gives Article 5 – one for all and all for one. So even the possibility of NATO rejection would have an effect, along with the smaller more compct SDF we would have. That might not be so important for a lot of Scots, but strong defence was always presumed by the English.

  267. Robert Peffers says:

    @Smithy says: 2 January, 2015 at 4:50 pm:

    ” … I will give up forthwith in submitting any more posts on WOS.”

    Good idea, Smithy, what kind of reception did you expect to get here? You should see the treatment given to YES supporters on such as Labourhame. That too is just the treatment to those they allow to have a say. Their usual methods is to just not allow them to post.

    If you really need to see their worst excesses then have a wee read of the Scotsman’s comments or note the almost total ban of the BBC Scotland webpages.

  268. Paula Rose says:

    Yes, indeed, all these little doubts added up to one big doubt. I am tackling each no voter where discussion is welcomed on an individual basis.

    But as I said before, as someone from England, the relationship is different to those from outwith the UK.

    Obviously I am not out to demonise etc but do think such discussion is legitimate as long as we steer clear of gross generalisations.

  269. yesindyref2 says:

    Paula Rose
    Indeed, generalisations are always generally a dangerous thing to do!

  270. Paula Rose says:


    I would generalise that wingers are the folk I like spending time with ????

  271. Robert Peffers says:

    @liz says: 2 January, 2015 at 8:01 pm:

    “The task of ‘making us all British’ continues apace.”

    Liz, they are NOT attempting to make us all British for we are all already British. As are the residents of the non-UK bailiwicks of Jersey & Guernsey, The Non-UK Isle of Man and this also applies to the Republic of Ireland.

    The United Kingdom is NOT all of Britain and if Scotland decides to leave the United Kingdom then the United Kingdom, (a bipartite Union), ends but both component Kingdoms that comprise it will still remain British.

    Please do not allow yourself to be fooled by their false propaganda. Matter of fact we Northern British were an established country, (Caledonia), and a kingdom hundreds of years before the Angles gave their name to, “Angleland”. It only became established after the Romans left Roman Britain, (Albion).

  272. Macart says:

    @ Helena

    Couldn’t agree more. The enemy of all the population is the establishment. They have no country, no community, culture or history. They have only their obsessive need to control and devour. They use a population’s own sense of all of the above against them. They wear the coat to suit the occasion and sow division to weaken their opposition. Its proven a successful recipe for generations and they see no need to change a winning formula.

    We need to change their world for them. First and most important truth. Without the willing aid of a compliant public, the establishment cannot govern anything. They are relatively few, the public are many. They require the voice of the media to influence and manipulate public perception. If you can undermine their voice, they lose the power to influence the current and future generations.

    First job is to starve their media and promote its replacement. Encourage our youth to find their own answers, question, challenge and form independent opinion. This process has already begun. Public trust in the established media is at an all time low. Next job is education. Educate people in their history, constitutional rights, culture. Give them a sense of where they are and where they can go from there.

    Lastly communication. Our new media, social networking, political interest groups need to keep people informed, talking and working together. A motivated, talking and politically engaged public is that much harder to influence. The more we talk and share, the less traction their lies and strategy of fear will have. Thanks to the referendum this is another process which is well under way.

    It won’t be long now. We just need Westminster and the UKs establishment to continue being themselves. They’ll do the heavy lifting for us. 🙂

  273. Robert Peffers says:

    @Big Jock says:3 January, 2015 at 9:31 am:

    ” … Many of them voted no out of fear of losing their British identity. They need to see Scotland as their country and not an annexe of mother England.

    Big Jock, do you think you could stop doing the UNITED KINGDOM’s propaganda for them?

    The English, Welsh, Irish and Scots will all still remain British if the Kingdom of Scotland leaves the Kingdom of England, (the bipartite United Kingdom , is ONLY the two Kingdoms that signed the Treaty of Union). What they will not be is Members of the United Kingdom after the United Kingdom ends.

    They are Unionists and British but will still all remain British after the United Kingdom ends.

  274. yesindyref2 says:

    Paula Rose
    Generally speaking I can understand that. I quite like the company of NOes. Apart from the small issue of Independence, it means I can agree with them at times, which helps to make common ground, and disagree quite loudly and happily at others. It’s fun.

  275. Robert Peffers says:

    @Helena Brown says: 3 January, 2015 at 11:31 am:

    “There will always be the “British” well until they all die out.”

    Wrong! For heaven’s sake, Helena, listen to what you are saying? Are you really attempting to say that the people of Britain, that is, The English, Scots, Welsh, Irish, (both lots), Manx and Channel Islanders will all stop being Britons if the two kingdoms that form THE UNITED KINGDOM, disunite?

    Britain is more than the four United Kingdom Countries for there are also four non-United Kingdom countries in Britain. These are the non-UK, Republic of Ireland, The Bailiwicks of Jersey & Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

    The Scots, Welsh, Northern Irish and English are the four United countries that form the bipartite United Kingdom. When one member kingdom of a bipartite United Kingdom leaves the union the union ends but Britain does not end. Neither does the three country Kingdom of England continue as the United Kingdom. There are only two signatories KINGDOMS, on the Treaty of Union but four countries were contained in those two Kingdoms.

  276. yesindyref2 says:

    Robert, I can tell you for an absolute fact that if you called the people from the Rebublic British, many if not all would be affronted. Even in 1801 it was the UK of GB & I, to become the UK of GB & NI in 1922, and the southern part the Irish Free State, to become the ROI in 1958 when it cast off the Good Queen Bess.

  277. donald anderson says:

    yesindyref2 says:
    Robert, I can tell you for an absolute fact that if you called the people from the Rebublic British, many if not all would be affronted. Even in 1801 it was the UK of GB & I, to become the UK of GB & NI in 1922, and the southern part the Irish Free State, to become the ROI in 1958 when it cast off the Good Queen Bess.

    I would be offended to be called British. I can’t think of a worse insult.

  278. yesindyref2 says:

    I can understand that Donald, from my readings a lot of people feel the same. Personally I’m still British as well as Scottish, and it might take a few years of Independence for that to fade. Many also feel the same, even including YES voters, and for some of the NO voters, that wouldn’t fade in their lifetimes.

    I know a lot of people would rush out and swap their British passports for a Scottish one. Me? I’m mean. I’d wait till it expired!

  279. donald anderson says:

    I usually cross out British and put Scottish on all forms, including army and merchant navy to some near riots. It is not possible to do this online, as they do not seem to recognise Scotland at all on computer forms.

  280. Paula Rose says:

    I’d hate to be called “yukkist”, “yukkists” or “yukkanian” – but that is the choice the supporters of the UK have made, that is there choice and we must respect that – British is a geographical nomenclature and nothing to do with political reality.

  281. Paula Rose says:

    Like me Robert Peffers – you are concerned that in our sovereign nation we are being accused of being insurgents.

  282. yesindyref2 says:

    Insurgent: a person fighting against a government or invading force; a rebel or revolutionary

    The USA would be under British control but for insurgents, France and Russia under the aristocrats, Ireland under the British and Britain itself under the Monarchy.

    In more modern times, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Greece, Yugoslavia in its earlier form(s) and of course Poland, would be under the Germans – as would Britain, without the help of the “resistance fighters” i.e. insurgents.

    The word itself is fine, it’s the modern associations with “we’re right and you’re wrong”. But the winners write or rewrite history so they’re always in the right.

    Scotland doesn’t have armed insurgents, we have political ones called voters! 1.6 million, 45%, at the last count, but more than 51% now.

  283. Paula Rose says:

    How very in sir gent!

    Very in

    Sir gent.

  284. Paula Rose says:

    Suits you

    Totally in

    Sir gent.

  285. Stoker says:

    donald anderson says:
    “I would be offended to be called British. I can’t think of a worse insult.”

    I was almost posting ‘Ditto’ in agreement to that comment donald, but i think i would be slightly more offended at being called a “royalist.”

    Goodnight folks.

  286. donald anderson says:

    Reply to Stoker

    I can’t think of a more Royalist and British Nationalist institution than the whole of the Celtic board. At least Rangers bigots are more logical. A Brit is a Brit is a Brit.

  287. gus1940 says:

    The Guardian profile shot shows that he really is a Slopehead – infact his head is like a parallelogram in profile.

  288. Bob Cola says:

    If this fool was a StarWars character he would be General Grievous.

  289. Sazzy says:

    Oh bless him for the egging – reminds me of something funny I read:

  290. Jimgee says:

    I think product placement is reaching new hights when you get St Andrew to push Irn Bru Rev

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