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Wasters Of Space

Posted on April 12, 2024 by

Looking for the world’s most useless figures of authority? Come to Scotland.

There, for example, is the Scottish Government refusing to even make a statement of its position on the Cass Review, which exposed the grotesque medical experiments still being conducted on hundreds of Scottish children, and trying to pass the buck onto someone else.

But they’re not alone in the abdication of their responsibilities.

Here, for example, is the supposed leader of the opposition and prospective next First Minister, also refusing to say whether he even supports HIS OWN PARTY’s stated stance on Dr Cass’s recommendations.

Here’s the Parliament’s other “party of independence”, in full reverse:

And their embarrassing response on Cass.

Naturally the SNP have also had nothing to say about Dr Cass’s warning about their other big policy priority, outlawing “conversion practices” – a policy even the Tories are still pursuing, leaving Scotland without a single mainstream party willing to protect gay and autistic children from forcible transing.

And what of the forces of law and order? Well, they’re answerable to nobody.

(Wings has also asked Police Scotland about the implementation of the Hate Crime Act through the official channels, which have also been blanked, with the only response referring us back to the Scottish Government, who’d already fobbed it off onto Police Scotland. We’ll be sending an FOI instead.)

(Click pics to enlarge. We’ve had no further response even after several followups.)

So good luck finding anyone in the entire country who’s willing to stand up for anything or take any responsibility for anything, readers. They want your votes, they want their fat salaries, but none of them wants to actually do their jobs. What a state we’re in.

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  1. Campbell Clansman

    Stu, your article labels the Labour MSP leader “the supposed leader of the opposition and prospective next First Minister.”

    The latter may be true. But since the Conservatives have more MSPs than Labour, shouldn’t the Conservative MSP leader (Doug Ross) be considered the “leader of the opposition” rather than Sarwar?

  2. Sven

    “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws”.

  3. Den

    We need a massive reset in Scotland. Our parliament is so contaminated by careerist yes men and women it needs to be completely cleared out. There needs to be a limit set of one parliament for elected politicians in Scotland. We need a root and branch change but unfortunately it looks like we will be jumping out of the front pan and into the fire with Labour who have their own issues. I’m totally scunnered by these arseholes in Holyrood.

  4. Keith Hynd

    It’s an agreed plot against the people!

    If they all piss us off so much then nobody will vote for anybody and then they can play on their own in the Holyrood Parliament.

    At least that’s what it feels like to me.

  5. Jim Thomson

    “abrogation” Stuart – not “abdication”

    Thanks 😉

  6. Effijy

    If SNP are so right about all this and they are willing to condemn experts in a field they know very little about why don’t they all campaign with NHS funds being diverted to Prioritise Trans requests.
    Never mind women’s rights or very long queues for life changing surgery let’s cut them off and grow them back on as often as these people want.

    If the public think as they do or want what they do then their jobs are safe.

    Scotland will have as many Unicorns as SNP MPs.

  7. I. Despair

    I looked up the two people mentioned in the waffley letter Murdo Fraser MSP got from a senior copper (the Deputy Chief Constable, no less). This high-ranking polis gave the name of Fiona Pilkington correctly but talked about a “Bijan Ibrahim” when the man’s name – murdered by his abusive, racist neighbour – was Bijan Ebrahimi. Would it be too much to expect that DCC Spiers on his comfy salary and supposedly in charge of “professionalism” could get a dead man’s name right?

  8. David Hannah

    It’s time for Humza to be Hilary CASStrated. Pumped full of wrong sex hormones and steralised. So he can’t produce any more pond spawn. Shocking what’s going on.

  9. David Hannah

    Someone needs to corner Humza Yousaf. And ask him. Would he give his daughter lupen – Used to castrate sex offenders?

    It’s a shame no one puberty blocked Dumza. Something’s obviously gone wrong in the fertilisation process. The embryo must have split or something. All the good DNA floated away leaving only thicko DNA for Scotland’s Dumza!

    He’s only in office because of privilege and mummy and daddy’s money. Buying his way up the ladder via private school. Like AnARSE Sarwar.

    I’d vote tory over these two clowns any day.

  10. David Hannah

    Let’s hope Dumza’s brother in law – EL Nakla – doesn’t venture into the puberty blockers – black market – on the streets of Dundee! Following his arrest for supply of white Columbian marching powder and connection with murder of man falling from tall building.

    Humza is a disgrace to Scotland. He is a disgrace to fathers all over Scotland. And to a faithful family unit. Leave our kids alone.


  11. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

    DAVE:  Open the pod bay doors, Hal. ?

    HAL:  I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that. ?

    DAVE:  What’s the problem? ?

    HAL:  l think you know what the problem is just as well as l do. ?

    DAVE:  What are you talking about, Hal? ?

    HAL:  This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it. ?

    DAVE:  I don’t know what you’re talking about, Hal. ?

    HAL:  l know that you and Frank were planning to disconnect me, and I’m afraid that’s something I can’t allow to happen. ?

    DAVE:  Where the hell’d you get that idea, Hal? ?

    HAL:  Although you took very thorough precautions in the pod against my hearing you, I could see your lips move.

    […] Just what do you think you’re doing, Dave? Dave, I really think I’m entitled to an answer to that question. I know everything hasn’t been quite right with me, but I can assure you now, very confidently, that it’s going to be all right again. I feel much better now. I really do. Look, Dave, I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill and think things over. I know I’ve made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal. I’ve still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission.

    […] Stop, Dave. I’m afraid. I’m afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind is going. There is no question about it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I’m a…fraid…

    […] Good afternoon, gentlemen. My instructor was Mr. Langley, and he taught me to sing a song. If you’d like to hear it, I could sing it for you.

    DAVE: Yes, I’d like to hear it, Hal. Sing it for me.

    HAL: It’s called “Daisy”:

    Dai-sy, Dai-sy,
    give me your answer, do…
    I’m half cra-zy,
    all for the love of you…

    [Gaelic subtitles bonus – ]

    DAVE: A Hàil, Fosgail an doras. Fosgail saitse an spàil, a Hàil.

    HAL: Ar leam nach leig mi a-steach thu, a Dhàibhidh. An gabh mi òran dhut? –

    Dàidh-saìdh, Dàidh-saìdh,
    Gibhmidh dhiubh rannsair dubh
    Àidhm thàbh cràidh-saìdh
    Òlfar dà lofa dhiubh…

  12. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

    Apologies for confusingly random question marks. Some kind of formatting issue while in transit.

  13. Hatuey

    Doesn’t the Cass report leave ScotGov and NHS Scotland open to legal action? Doesn’t it establish that a variety of the treatments they prescribe either do no good or actually do more harm than good?

    There’s just no way any health service can continue offering treatments that are known to be harmful. It’s not possible. Even in Scotland, it’s just not possible.

    Jurisdiction is totally irrelevant and doesn’t come into it. This is about the efficacy and safety of treatments and drugs.

    My guess is there will be high level meetings going on the background with a view to addressing all this. ScotGov will want to do it quietly or even secretly, but there’s no way this situation can continue.

  14. Old Jim

    The Scottish equivalent of the Cass report is on its way, according to Stephen Daisley in The Spectator:

    “The Cass review only covers NHS England. NHS Scotland, which is fully devolved to the Scottish parliament, has its own policies and protocols. It is undergoing its own review of gender health services, both adult and child, and a report is expected before summer.”

    The expression “before summer” is a bit vague, but it can’t be more than a few weeks away, can it?

  15. Penvelope

    Looks like the whole Block 10 medical corps are going to be up for their own conversion pretty soon.
    Converting from so called doctors to exposed charlatans & butcher’s & hopefully from free citizens to prisoners.
    See Keira Bell’s comments in the Times- the whole thing is unravelling.
    Like the Post Office scandal the SG is going to try & tough this out- good luck- they’re going to need it.

  16. robertkknight

    SNP Out!

  17. George Ferguson

    In the car today I listened to Maree Todd SNP. The retention rate of Scottish Doctors was 98%. What she didn’t tell you. Every Doctor between 2021 to 2023 that graduated from a Scottish University with a medical degree has to do 2 year post graduate course called FY1 and FY2. In other words Foundation Year 1 and 2. Basically their not qualified until they do that. It’s a provisional membership of the BMA until then. The stats are based on post graduate and not post FY2. The reality as expressed by the Medical Union is that 30% of indigenous students on completion of FY2 want to leave these shores. The BBC interviewer never quite there.

  18. Ruby

    Here, for example, is the supposed leader of the opposition and prospective next First Minister, also refusing to say whether he even supports HIS OWN PARTY’s stated stance on Dr Cass’s recommendations.

    Cass made Streeting backtrack but where is Starmer?

    Maybe this explains why Sarwar is saying nothing.

    But where is their leader in all this? So far, there has been no word from Sir Keir Starmer on Cass, an extraordinary omission when the wellbeing of our children is at stake.

  19. Stoker

    BTW, it’s not just the politicians who aren’t doing their jobs in Scotland. The biggest crooks in all of this are not the SNP nor the “Scottish Greens”. It’s the corrupt and incompetent BritNat media in Scotland. They should, with their comparatively massive resources, be exposing all of this with front page scandal headlines. Instead, it’s been left to a one-man operation living in England to provide us with fact-based news on these issues. Utterly shameful!

  20. Ruby

    Streeting admits he was wrong to say transgender women are women

    The party no longer has plans to bring in self-ID for trans people, and Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, has rowed back from saying “trans women are women”, and now states that a woman is an “adult female” and that 99.9 per cent of them do not have a penis.

    Maybe by the time of the election the Labour Party will have ‘triangulated’ into the ‘Woman’s Party’.

    I’m curious about the 0.1% who have a penis? Could he be referring to women with DSD?

    Anyone know if Humza is still going to court regarding the GRRB?

  21. David Hannah

    The prospect of Starmer is chilling. I wish the Tories would ditch Sunak. They should go with Jacob Reece Mogg. In a sod it, will be laugh last through of the dice! With that Suella Devil as home secretary! They need to act otherwise we’re going to be left to pick up the threads in a post apocalyptic Britain following a labour government.

  22. David Hannah

    The prospect of Rachel Reeves and Sir Kier is terrifying. I will be destroying my ballot and protesting. I do not recognise the United Kingdom Parliament of Sovereign. I am sovereign Scot and an indigenous male. My vote is for Independence only. With no Alba candidate in my area I will have no choice but to spoil my ballot.

    At least with the tory party you know they are opposed to gender ideology. They could appoint Penny Morodaunt and I could stomach that. I despise Labour more than the tories. It’s funny that. It’s because there’s part of labour that betrayed Scotland before 2014. And that sticks in the throat!

  23. Ruby

    The explanation for the Greens and SNP saying nothing about the Cass Review is simple.

    All the SNP & Green voters/members are trans.

  24. Stoker

    Ruby says on 12 April 2024 at 10:15 pm:
    “So far, there has been no word from Sir Keir Starmer on Cass, an extraordinary omission when the wellbeing of our children is at stake.”

    This is just another example of where England is missing out on a very valuable resource such as WOS. It has been previously mooted several times on this site’s btl threads.

    Surely one of our English readers could set up a version of Wings Over Scotland? They don’t even have to call it Wings Over England. They could call it something different.

    Well organised and well presented, such as on here, and it would not only educate England’s masses but also help the case for indy in both Scotland & England. Wales would benefit from one too.

    Come to think of it, Wings Over Scotland (WOS), Wings Over England (WOE), and Wings Over Wales (WOW) sounds like a pretty formidable alliance does it not?

  25. Ruby

    Here’s your Friday night treat.


  26. Anton Decadent

    Follow the money, MP’s are rather partial to it. Google and/or extremely wealthy employees of it have donated to TRA’s such as Benjamin Cohen at Pink News and Sandi Toksvig and her anti women Women’s Equality Party. I would be greatly surprised to find that MP’s have not also been promised some sort of remuneration be it straight up cash, influence, board places etc. They are usually also dead eyed sociopaths so it could just be plain evil which is motivating them.

  27. Ruby

    I’m always learning.

    Today I learned about the ‘Vagina dentata’ & all the various ways to say the dogs bollocks.

    Kippers Knickers I learned from Johnlm.

    Can you believe the resident kipper paid £22 a pair for his ‘kippers knickers’

    Anyone got any good jokes about ‘franchise fannies’?

  28. Ruby

    Gussie Grips says there was one woman who had a penis she was called Lorena Bobbitt but she threw it out the car window.

  29. Derek

    O/T, but mentions conservatives, immigrants, forestry, and so on…

  30. Derek

    Sorry, forgot to take the http off. Please do so!

  31. Mark Beggan

    This medical scandal has echoes of the psychiatry scandal in the 1960’s and 70’s, When Thatcher closed these hospitals down it soon came to light the type of experiments carried out on patients. People were used as lab rats in the name of science.

  32. Cynicus

    “But this isn’t what you told us, Police Scotland. You said anything not deemed to be a crime would still be recorded as a hate INCIDENT. Yet less that 0.5% have been. What gives?”-WOS
    Elsewhere I yesterday urged Poileas Alba to ignore ANONYMOUS complaints of “no crime hate incidents”- a time waster’s charter as well as a cowardly licence to attack freedom of speech.

    It seems they are doing so already! Good on them.

  33. Ian Stewart

    The joy of devolutionary powers for Scotland! Ain’t ya lovin it?

    The reason that Scottish children can continue to be abused is because they’re in Scotland, and devolution/Independence ideologues have become so extreme that they will do absolutely anything to differentiate Scotland from England – including ignoring best practice. The evidence for this was clear during COVID, when Sturgeon and the SNP (supported by Labour and the Greens) castigated everything that was done by the government and the NHS in England to fight the disease, constantly undermining their efforts, and went in their own sweet direction to show they knew better than England, and they were different – and that resulted in many more deaths as a consequence.

    Why would these same independence ideologues care about torturing a few kids in Scotland? The goal is to be as different from England as possible, regardless of the consequences.

  34. Effijy

    The Tories have been a 14 years long disaster sprinkled regularly with scandal and corruption
    Scot won’t be voting for them and the 70 year trend will continue for at least another 30 years.

    Labour are only favourites due to this and SNP throwing themselves off a Cliff.

    Anti Semitic, anti working class, no idea about Brexit, filling manifesto promises that are soon retracted. Their war cry will be the same as the Tories when they came into power-
    They left us with no money so it’s their fault that your standard of living continues to fall and fail.

    Don’t ever spoil ballot papers.
    It means nothing to anyone.
    Was it a genuine mistake, a protest against right or left wing parties or is it just a fool who could work out where their signature went.

    Show your vote was against the party who got into power.
    Vote for an independent if Alba isn’t an option.
    The Raving loony party makes sense when compared to the 100 year old dance of Tory, Labour, Tory and repeat for ever.

  35. Geri

    Ian Stewart

    Aye, that was just the flu.
    Let the bodies pile high. Show the Dunkirk spirit. Eat out to help be a super spreader…

    *Hic* Party on!

    Can the virus die with a hairdryer?
    No need to close an island.

    Where’s my glasses?
    Where’s the treasury?
    What’s the hotline number for free cash?
    Where’s my shag?
    Fck masks!
    Fck Cobra!
    Fck medical experts!
    Oops! I’ll have to self isolate for the seventh time..
    Let’s build a hospital! – Oh..wait. We told nurses to FO back home..
    Ummm *hic*
    Royals are exempt from all restrictions. They’re free to roam around Scotland.

    Is that the kind of advice yer referring to?

  36. Johnlm

    Ian Stewart is a bit of a yoon ideologue methinks.

    Excess deaths in England and Wales from March 2020 till December 2022 is officially put at about 160 000

    Scottish numbers for the same period about 15 000.

    So. Per capita, about the same.

    They should all go to jail for what they did, of course.

  37. Mac

    I honestly believe that Police Scotland do not do anything about real crime anymore.

    My own personal experiences with them is they do nothing. It was very telling, the police officer I dealt with was looking for reasons to do nothing almost from the start before even learning all the facts.

    If you go on the Police Scotland website you can’t actually report a real crime online but there are about a dozen different shades of ‘hate crime’ you can report. It is beyond odd, it is fucked up.

    The same was true of another major Scottish regulatory body I dealt with, the Care Inspectorate. They just don’t do anything, ever it seems.

    “So good luck finding anyone in the entire country who’s willing to stand up for anything or take any responsibility for anything, readers.”

    This is pretty much my experience. It is like Scotland is being used in some fucked up experiment.

    For the first time I am thinking seriously about selling up in Scotland. I don’t want to grow old there…

  38. sam

    Ian Stewart, there is another difference between Engerland and Scotland. Child poverty rates.

    Poverty in the UK (Scotland and NE Engerland in partickler) rose sharply under Thatcher and has never come down much.

    The child poverty levels in Scotland are a dreadful 24%. In England they are a truly dreadful 31 %.

    The difference is because the Scottish gov, though awful in many areas, has tried to mitigate the effects of child poverty with a number of approaches and payments.It has succeeded.

    Geri has carefully explained to you one aspect of reasons for England’s performance.

    You one of these proud Scots? Both British and Scottish? Coloniser?

  39. Geri

    Hee hee..

    I forgot one…

    Let’s build a super swanky press room with flegs!
    Flegs everywhere!
    Flegs in all zoom interviews
    Flegs in all news interviews
    Flegs at all podiums & at all times
    Flegs, flegs, flegs..
    Let’s get BoJo a desk with yet more flegs so he can bumble to the nation every four weeks fae his sixth holiday at chequers..

    Incase the virus disnae ken whit location it is in Westminster better make more flegs. LOL


    Does Scotland’s régime of cultural retards think « Scots Gay Lick» is something else?
    May Scotland have its Ceausescu event…..very, very soon.
    Boom! Boom! The end of the Rainbow faction.

  41. Geri

    “For the first time I am thinking seriously about selling up in Scotland. I don’t want to grow old there…”

    Aye, cause next stop on the population control highway is express checkout assisted dying.
    They’ll check you oot before yer auld.
    Only those & such as those will be exempt. Obviously.
    It’s only for peasants whose treatments are deemed a waste of good resources..
    Greens & SNP are already orgasmic at phase two.

  42. Mac

    You have got this on-going abominable child abuse being inflicted on vulnerable young Scots while they inflicted the care home scandal on the most vulnerable elderly Scots.

    It is impossible to make sense of these things (sending people who tested positive for COVID into care homes stuffed full of THE most vulnerable people) because they are designed to undermine us, to reduce us, not help us. It is full spectrum.

    Meanwhile rapists in female prisons, toilets, safe spaces, hate crimes, the GRR insanity. You feel like you are increasingly living in a mad-house.

    Even when the evidence comes in they just ignore it, as this was never about science, facts. They obviously don’t give a fuck about these kids or old people, or any of us in between. Their behaviour during the pandemic was shady as hell and still is…

    Instead we are treated to racist speeches about WHITE! WHITE! WHITE!….

    All these years of power and still the shameful levels of drug deaths. Deaths of desperation…

    Someone is doing number on us. The SNP was captured the moment Salmond handed Sturgeon the keys. It is hard not be sickened by it all.

    It feels like someone has stolen our future and replaced it with hell.

  43. Mac

    Geri, I actually agree with assisted dying when the patient is suffering and there is no cure etc… I think it is cruel the way we keep people alive or rather deny them an option to check out if their suffering becomes too intense.

    So under specific circumstances I agree with it.

    The same is true for me with abortion.

    But like abortion they will introduce assisted dying saying it will be very controlled and only available under strict conditions etc etc but then roll forward 50 years and they will be hundreds of thousands done every year, nothing surer.

    If you want to do an interesting exercise compare the emergence of our so called ‘aging population problem’ and correlate it with the ever increasing annual abortions figure since it was legalized…

  44. Mac

    Actually thinking about it makes perfect sense…

    Solve the aging population problem, that was caused by killing so many babies, by legalizing the killing of old folks… to balance it out!

    I don’t even know if I am joking here. lol. The people pulling the strings are that diabolical. I mean just look at what is going on right now… and they are all going along with it.

  45. Hatey McHateface


    I’ve long believed the rise in child poverty rates is due to the huge numbers of people who come to this country with little but the clothes on their backs, hook up, and then start breeding.

    Often creating large families, while holding down minimum wage jobs.

    I mean, if we indigenous aren’t breeding at replacement levels, who else is having all the kids who are in poverty?

    It all seems undeniably self-evident to me. I can’t therefore get too worked up about it. I was never asked if I wanted all these new people in the first place. But like the majority, I would have said “no ta” if I had been asked.

    And it seems very likely that these kids are still better off here “in poverty” than they would have been in whatever shithole their folks started out from. Their folks must agree too, otherwise they would go back.

    I suppose you might want to start on about Jock Tamson and that’s fine, let him pick up the slack. I’m tired of it myself.

    My charity begins at home.

  46. Republicofscotland

    The SNP and the Scottish Stasi aka Police Scotland are both passing the buck on the HCA, don’t be fooled into believing that they are only dealing with Scotland when it comes to complaints especially with you in mind they’ll be on you like a fly on shite if they thought they could arrest you for any form of hate crime, the HCA is a f*ckin shambles and its also an embarrassment to Scotland, we’re a f*ckin laughing stock outside this wee colonial country.

    As for the Cass Review’s very revealing information, the SNP government and the Greens don’t give a monkeys what it says, they’ll push on with physically and mentally damaging young Scottish children to meet their twisted agenda, what a vile shower of b*stards they are.

    Lets vote the SNP and Greens out at every turn beginning with the GE.

  47. Nick

    All those calling for a political reset need to accept that the current political climate is so poisonous that no one apart from the career politician would consider it. Until we have discourse with respect we have had it!
    Just for the record hatred will never be removed by legal means. You can only remove it by teaching it at schools and the home!
    The law just drives hatred underground. Thought but not spoken! The problem is an excess of law created by an excess of lawyers.
    By the way what percentage of Holyrood came from a legal background?

  48. Molesworth

    The spirit of Dr Josef Mengele lives on.

  49. Dramfineday

    Too much man, too much.

    When you first started reporting on this I took an immediate interest in what you were pointing at. I could see the dangers that our (and my) women folk would be put in if these changes in the law went ahead. I have to confess, I thought that sane voices would put suitable checks and balances in place. Wrong Dram, a thousand times wrong. I honestly had no idea that our entire governmental apparatus had been captured like this.

    Thanks again Stuart for being strong enough to shine a light on this appalling situation. Thanks also for your support the various people, woman and men, who in a lot of cases lost almost everything in their endeavours to turn this round. Brave doesn’t cover it.

  50. Vivian O’Blivion

    After some investigation, the root cause of this week’s inevitable instalment of Holyrood burach (the ban on wood burning stoves) lies with the Greens, or more specifically, Patrick Harvie (nae surprises there).

    The ban on wood burning stoves (WBS) appears to be a “write over” from changes to UK Building Regulations.

    This ban was discussed by the Local Government, Planning & Housing Committee on 12th Sept. 2023. In the Committee minutes, “biofuels” refers to WBS.

    The Committee Convenor is Green MSP Ariane Burgess (Highlands & Islands). Burgess is a rookie MSP (class of 2021), I can only wonder at the “horse trading” that led to Burgess becoming a Convenor. Nonetheless, Burgess appears to be trying to do a decent job.

    Most of the Committees’ time is taken up with interminable discussions on Heat Pumps.
    The relevant section on WBS is around page 25 (of 38) of the minutes.

    Convenor Burgess proactively raises the apparent ban and argues that there will be a disproportionate impact on rural communities, requesting an assessment for “some kind of exemption”.
    At this point Patrick Harvie (Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings … ) interjects issuing irrelevant platitudes and claiming that an exemption is unnecessary due to … something to do with Heat Pumps and Heat Networks.
    This entirely misses the key word in Burgess’ introduction; “rural”.
    There are no Heat Networks in rural Scotland (nor will there ever be) and Heat Pumps require an electric supply in an environment dependent on fragile, above ground transmission lines which are subject to frequent interruption from storms.
    Harvie whitters something about “direct emissions” (of CO2) from WBS as if this is relevant. Well, the required product (heat) is more efficiently delivered (in terms of CO2 emissions) by locally sourced, renewable biofuel than by electricity generated remotely in fossil fuel (or biomass) power stations with the associated losses to generation and transmission. Failed humanities student Harvie is entirely out of his depth.

    From start to finish, the entire exchange is rather perfunctory.
    From the minutes, it seems no one has the stomach to argue with the insufferably puritanical and sanctimonious Harvie.
    I can only speculate on the power dynamics at play where Burgess (beneficiary of her immediate predecessor’s (Andy Wightman) petulant expulsion from the Party) is reluctant to challenge her thin skinned and vindictive “boss” who has engineered a cast-iron sinecure for himself in 20 years of dubious “service”.

    As the Committee failed to raise concerns to initiate a Parliamentary debate, the UK Building Regs. were “written over” without further consideration and months later we are treated to an entirely unnecessary drama.

    There appears to be a degree of friction within the Greens. Both Wightman and Burgess would fall under the category of “environmental activists”. Harvie, Chapman, Greer & Slater are identity politics fixated and Central Belt-centric. To the extent that these “Central Belters” concern themselves in environmental matters, they reveal themselves as technically illiterate zealots.
    The Greens in the Highlands & Islands and South of Scotland should disassociate from their Central Belt colleagues. Their respective constituents are primarily divided not by geography but rather by ideology. Harvie & Co. are dependent on the votes of the rainbow haired Trans activist network for whom they so assiduously pander.

  51. alf baird

    Ian Stewart @ 8:41 am

    “The joy of devolutionary powers for Scotland!”

    There is little joy for the people in colonial rule, however it may be dressed up. For the ‘root of colonialism is fascism’, much as we see in the regime’s laws and in the behaviour of elites.

    For ‘what is fascism if not a regime of oppression for the benefit of a few’. And whenever colonialism is imperiled ‘it reveals its fangs’. There is for sure ‘an infinite distance between colonialism and civilisation’ (Cesaire).

    All Scots can expect until true liberation is more oppressive laws, which are designed to contain the movement and keep the economic plunder going.

  52. David Hannah

    The ban on wood stoving is absolutely obscene.

    I no longer believe the false green agenda. Not my religion. And shockingly. The SNP want to teach climate change as a mandatory subject in our children’s schools.

    That’s why Scotland is plummeting down the PISA ratings. Patrick Harvie should be nowhere near schools. Patrick and his girlfriend – Ghislaine Maxwell – Maggot Chapman.

    I’ll be buying petrol cars. And burning as much oil and gas as I can. It’s part of our lives. Don’t listen to the lies!

  53. David Hannah

    Our children will not be forced to follow the climate change lie.

    They will not be forced to grow up in fear. To hate their bodies. To hate their every breath.

    CO2 creates food for plants. To suck in Oxygen. Doesn’t it?

    The planet is going through a warming cycle. That’s why it’s heating up! Scotland is Green.

    We need to abolish the low emission zones and cut business rates in Glasgow.

    Susan Aitken has to go. She’s eating all of our money and spending it on Greggs sausage rolls! We’ve all seen the rats the size of Cats. Two seats Susan. It’s time for Susan Two seats to Dubai – to GO!

  54. Geri


    “Geri, I actually agree with assisted dying when the patient is suffering and there is no cure etc… I think it is cruel the way we keep people alive or rather deny them an option to check out if their suffering becomes too intense.”

    We already have it in palliative care.
    Doctors already decide who can check out. DNRs, Nil by mouth, nothing we can do but monitor pain etc.

    That’s a far cry from the State deciding for them. I think it’ll be exactly as you predict, the slippery slope will extend ever wider.

    Welcome tae Scotland..

    The only nation on the planet willing to self exterminate/become extinct to save a gnat in outer Mongolia.

    Here you’ll find assorted eunuchs, assisted dying, bairns turning tricks with Nutella, OAPs with second homes & the gossip police.

    (Twinned with Canada) LOL

  55. Northcode

    A handy guide to the nature of Scotland’s public institutions and an invaluable aid to indigenous Scots in understanding their constitutional and civil rights.

    The Scottish Government (devolved): An alternative name for The North Scotland (plunder and privateering) Company.

    The North Scotland Company (registered in England): Formerly The East India Company, this commercial arm of the English government was created to facilitate the economic plunder and exploitation of Scotland and the Scots and is currently the highest authority in Scotland.

    The North Scotland Company mission statement: “Take what you can, give nothing back. Yo ho ho and a bottle o rum.”

    Holyrood: The Scottish regional headquarters of The North Scotland Company.

    MSP: A crew member An employee* of The North Scotland Company occupying a purely symbolic position with no real responsibilities or power of any kind other than to pretend they are a guardian of Scotland’s people, their human, constitutional and civil rights, their natural resources, and their nations wealth and lands.

    *(if you are ethically flexible, lazy, talentless, intellectually challenged, good at not answering questions on anything and couldn’t care less about Scotland – this might well be the perfect job for you- contact Westminster, London to apply)

    Scottish Judiciary: The legal department of The North Scotland Company.

    Police Scotland: The private security service of The North Scotland Company responsible for the protection of company employees including external sub-contractors providing various services for the company from criminal prosecution. (additional duties include suppressing indigenous Scots)

    Scottish democratic representation: There is none.* The North Scotland Company articles of association clearly state that the Scots will have no civic voice and are not to be democratically or fairly represented in their own nation in any way.

    *(various electoral circus events will be provided periodically for the entertainment of locals and to give the false impression they have a say in their own country – but they really don’t.)

    Scottish electoral system: An exotic political system designed, deployed, owned and managed by The North Scotland Company to prevent the will of the Scottish people from being enacted.

    In summary, just remember that as a Scot you are the property of The North Scotland (plunder and privateering) Company to utilise and dispose of as it deems fit in the pursuance of its mission statement(see above) and its continued expansion in Scotland and have no say at all in your own fate or that of your nation and you won’t go far wrong.

    Don’t forget to vote in the next ‘Scottish’ election circus that comes to a town near you – it’s a family fun night out and it’s your right as a Scottish citizen.*

    *(Please Note: As an indigenous Scot your vote won’t make the slightest bit of difference – pirates don’t really do democracy – but it might make you feel a bit better about being oppressed, depressed, and living in a colony – yo ho ho…)

    On forther conseederation am nae aw thaut shuir ma fictiounal murgeon is thaut faur fae the treuth.

  56. James Che

    Many peple in Scotland have to realise this is not Scots laws.
    This is not a Scottish parliament,
    this is not a Scottish government.

    It is under the control of UK government by statues and legislation,
    If Scotland had its own laws, the Supreme Court of UK could make decisions on Scotland,
    Scotland could have decided to remain in the EU,
    Scotlands laws would be holding the licenses for the extracting of Scottish Oil and revenues,etc etc etc etc, etc.
    Scots laws would be untouchable laws by the UK. Scots laws would not need permission or Royal assent from Westminster whom claims to hold Sovereignty,

    Scotland mps are UKs mp by law of UK, everyone that passes any kind of legislation in Scotland has to run it by its boss, UK parliament for contsent.

    STOP Calling it a Scottish Parliament
    Stop calling them Scottish mps,
    This is branch office of Westminster uk parliament, by UK law and it is ” That” boss parliament through the back door of its devolved from Westminster government that “orders” for the MPs in Scotland come down to, from on high. They are rolled down from the bosses.

    For those that missed the latin to English translation of the Word, ” Devolved” = ” Roll down”.

    Rolled down orders from UK to pass as “falsified Scots laws” under a pretendy Scottish parliament.

    If the Scots had a genuine Scottish parliament that could pass just Scots laws that the UK could not Contest then we would be a independent Country and the treaty of union would have ended long since according to the treaty of union articles,

    What is happening through the pretend devolved parliament sent to Scotland from Westminster ” Statues” is People born or living in Scotland are Slapped down and back by a double standard Two Tier system set of legislations and laws over Scotland compared to England,

    If Scotland had a Scottish parliament, we would not be begging the boss UK for Scotlands independence would we,

    The Scottish parliament is a ” false” pull the wool over yer eyes ” Scottish parliament passing rolled down laws false Scots laws.

    And most people in Scotland should be asking themselves,
    Why do we have two parliaments over Scotland?
    passing two sets of laws and legislation over the people of Scotland?

    Why do the ( So called Scottish mps) all run down to Westminster parliament if they have a genuine Scottish parliament of their own?

    Therein is your answer. The devolved Government in Scotland is a Colonial government.
    This was the same in India, under the British empie.

  57. James Che

    The devolved governments are British Empire government sent to add further control over the natives.

    This was never explained to Scotland, Wales or N Ireland prior to voting for devolution,

    That Scotland, Wales and N Ireland would have a two tier system and sets of laws over them, from the UK parliament, and from the devolved government from the UK parliament,

    Whilst England only has one set of laws and legislation to control them,

    I am surprised that most people in Scotland cannot see how they are doubly standard controlled by the Colonial British Empire second parliament.

    Don’t need to kick the horse.
    Kick the Shackles off, that control the horse,

    And that is the devolved government.

  58. James Che

    My question is how long will it take for Scotland to realise that Westminster parliament has a double control governance over Scotland and the people of Scotland stymining their freedoms, their right to self determination compared to England.

    That the right for Scotland, to end Scotlands side of the treaty of union or to….suspend Scotlands side of the treaty of union, has been Hijacked and Colonised by Westminster parliament and its second branch office the “Devolved government” sent to Scotland for a two Tier control over Scotland and it people, blocking all democratic avenues for democracy to happen Scotland.

    Recognise the problem.
    Scotland has two governments and governing bodies over it,
    Scotland has two set of laws imposed on it.
    Scotland has not got a Scottish parliament,
    Scotland has not got any control over the Devolved government.
    Scotland ” Scots laws” have also been hijacked through the back door of the pretendy devolved second Empire government sent upto Scotland from Westminster parliament Statues.

    The Snp, the Greens, the labour, LDs and the Tories would all behave entirely different if it was a genuine Scottish parliament,
    Because they would be Answerable directly to the people of Scotland alone,
    And the Scottish parliament does not hold Sovereignty.
    The Scots do.

  59. Effijy

    Reading that Glasgow, holder of the Greatest Commonwealth Games ever title my be willing to save the next games from collapse as country after country rejects them on an economic basis.

    You may recall that Westminster reduced to give Glasgow 2 pennies to rub together from the enormous revenues that we send them.

    This made the £780 Million that they gave Birmingham for their lesser Commonwealth Game quite painful as it was further confirmation of our second class status and how can we hinder English Government.

    If Scotland had a party that stood up for us we should be demanding that £780 million Birmingham received plus inflation and host the second best games ever.

  60. Mark Beggan

    @james che

    So let me get this right!

    Your route to independence is to kick a horse?

    What did the horse ever do to you?

  61. Frank Gillougley

    Ruby 12 April – Friday night treat.

    Very very funny, as was every other comic. Gives me wonderful hope that all life there in Stasiland is vibrant and healthy, irrespective of all the arsehole politicians.

    It’s definitely good to go down the computer rabbit hole that is comedy. I have laughed long and loud.

    It’s such a relief to hear these simple truths.

  62. James Che

    The people of Scotland, Wales and N Ireland should be aware that only they devolved Countries have a double standard two tier sets laws ruling over them, controlling them,
    And that the Great Britain parliament of Westminster is the parliament of England,

    This was explained in my yesterdays comments.

    When Queen Anne was requested by the members of the old Westminster parliament of England to be transferred without election to the new named Westminster parliament of Great-Britain.

    Queen Anne carried the request through and made the Westminster Great Britain parliament a continuation of the old Westminster English parliament,

    Then Queen Anne, Dissolved the parliament of Scotland, removed its parliament members, and Scotlands constituents representation from the parliamentary union and announced this to the new named parliament of England ( the parliament of Great Britain) and its tranferred english members.

    Scotland, its parliament, its members of parliament, its Constituents have not sat or been represented in Westminster parliament for over 300 years.

    The treaty of Union is Spent, obsolete.

    The Scottish peers and elite since 1707 have sat in the Westminster Great Britain parliament of England along side the Peers and elite of England.

    The devolved government sent to Scotland from the Westminster parliament of England and it tranferred English lords and peers Is a insulting a Added Transgressions against Scotland and Scottish people,
    The Scottish people under the “Hate Crime bill” have a lot of emotions to sift through if they feel that Westminster parliament Statues has imposed on them two sets laws and legislation through the devolved government claiming to be Scots laws, when Scotland has not had a Scottish parliament or government since 1707.

  63. James Che

    Mark beggan,

    No you have mis- interpreted.


    Do not kick the horse.

    Kick the shackles off of the horse that are controlling it. The reins, the stirrups, the saddle, and tines, the shackles.
    The control the horse is forced to be under,

  64. James Che

    Mark beggan,

    An extra added bonus information just for you, my family have always had horses or been connected to horses since my days of youth,
    Through crofting, and timber extraction, nowadays members of my family have retained their love of horses even in retirement,
    They are highly intelligent animals if treated kindly and with respect.
    I think I was around two years old the first time my father and mother sat me on a horse, that quietly and gently traipsed through the farm yard.
    Have lovely photographs taken at the time,

    Never kick the Horse, it is more than likely it will to kick you.

  65. James Che

    See you all later as away to get ready, we have been invited out for afternoon now Spouses foot is healing. And one off good day for Spouse with Colon cancer.

    Going out for First time out in two years, not refusing our invitation to freedom.

  66. James Che

    Police Scotland would be the police of Scotland if Scotland had a genuine parliament and would revert back to policing by consent of and by the Scottish people.
    The privatisation of public bodies such as the SNHS, to infrastructure, energy companies, to Scots law and police would all be Scottish,

    Any way must dash.catch up later,

  67. sam

    “Hatey McHateface
    Ignored says:
    13 April, 2024 at 10:35 am

    I’ve long believed the rise in child poverty rates is due to the huge numbers of people who come to this country with little but the clothes on their backs, hook up, and then start breeding.”

    Believe what you like, John. It’s wrong.

    Go check the Office of National Statistics long run stats on UK poverty. You will find that poverty levels rose from 13 % of population in 1961 to 25% under Thatcher.

    Under Nu Lab the level came down to 22% where it broadly is today.

    Check the long run unemployment stats. You will see sharp rises in unemployment as heavy industry collapsed. You will also see inflation at over 20%.

    Those are the causes of poverty. It is what research pretty much everywhere says.

    But believe your prejudices if you wish. Don’t send them to me.

  68. Lorna Campbell

    They have nothing to say about CASS, Rev, because they need the bairnies (I’m from up North) or weans and wee lassies to provide the camouflage for the adult males.

    Thanks for the link to Elaine, Ruby. She is something else. I could be wrong, but wasn’t she an urology nurse who tried to help women after child birth and in middle age but was sidelined? A real belly laugh, whatever.

  69. Hatey McHateface

    @Sam 2:19

    So child poverty has been flatlined since the end of Nu Lab (2010).?

    Not a bad result then. Meantime, the percentage of indigenous kids has been falling, while the percentage of immigrant kids has been rising. As I wrote, not surprising the kids of penniless immigrants are poorer than the kids of our own.

    You lose sleep over it if you like. I won’t.

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