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This is how you lose

Posted on August 04, 2015 by


And they say it’s “lefties” who are more interested in slogans than useful policies.

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    1. 04 08 15 12:43

      This is how you lose | Speymouth

    75 to “This is how you lose”

    1. David says:

      Well they do say it is not winning that counts but taking part…..delusional to the end just like those who inhabit the Scottish Branch Office

    2. One_Scot says:

      They just say whatever shit they want now, just more meaningless unionist crap.

    3. Luigi says:

      Wot a load of shallow, meaningless, red tory shite.


    4. Kevin Evans says:

      Wow there’s now a new category to mairis speech – broken weathercock.

    5. Fergus Green says:

      Wow. Amazing and innovative set of values there, Liz. Well worthy of the £3 vote.

    6. heedtracker says:

      Why did Liz leave out world peace, cure cancer, ask Santa for a pony?

    7. Blind Squirrel says:

      Number one makes her a republican.

    8. Sandra says:

      Hasn’t she nicked them from the Edstone?

    9. liz says:

      Empty airhead nonsense. How is she going to do all of this – detailed plans please.

      Is there a plan B?

    10. Thepnr says:

      Well, that’s me convinced.

    11. Mosstrooper says:

      But what about apple pie and mother love?

    12. handclapping says:

      But how did she do in the swimsuit round?

    13. Dr Jim says:

      I’m losing so I’d better say some caring stuff

      They’ll believe me I know they will

      Won’t they?

    14. Bob Mack says:

      Amazing how written policy ends up nothing like they way they have been speaking on television.
      They really do have split personalities.

    15. BigSteveChisholm says:

      Wow – Carve it on a big slab of sandstone in a car park and I’m IN!

    16. Tinto Chiel says:

      5) Sharing power with people (unless they are stupid enough to vote for Jeremy Corbyn).

      Brings new levels of hypocrisy and vacuity to Labourspeak.

    17. Macart says:

      Still, no stone monoliths were harmed in the formation of this tweet and that’s the main thing.

      Where is Eds monolith these days?

    18. call me dave says:

      Aaah! It’s a bit fluffy and cuddly who couldn’t go for that?

      ‘San Francisco (be sure to wear flowers in your hair)’

      There that’s it all done…been there got the T-shirt etc.

      PS: spotted this.

    19. Dr Jim says:

      What was it that horrendous Nicola Sturgeon said again coz she won up there in the Northlands didn’t she?

      Get Me a wrecking ball to sit on while I say it
      Tartan Jacket, that might go down well
      Oh, here’s an idea, find me real people to talk to, not too bright mind,
      Some of those Scottish Nazi Party Cavemen Voters will do coz they’re just Extremist Insurgents with no thinking ability

      I’ll win, I know I will, as long as I keep channeling Tony,
      Tony, Tony……

    20. Lollysmum says:

      If that’s the best she can do then she’s no loss except to tories.Every ‘principle’ meaningless when compared with Labour’s stance during ConLib years and their current stance of abstaining on anything that might make a difference to people.

      That 4th place really says it all about Labour rank & file opinion!

      Thanks but no thanks from this confirmed ex Labour voter of 40+ years

    21. Dr Jim says:

      5 Causes,? 5 Clauses, Just noticed, how slow am I?

    22. Andrew Morton says:

      No. 6 was, “Er…”

    23. Ken500 says:

      Desperately seeking Blairite. Likes fake tans, plastic surgery. Insincere liars who abuse and kill starving children.

      Where’s the Chilcot Report?

      The illegal bombing continues

      Burnham can’t count

      If you can’t run a hospital you can’t run a country. Staffordshire.

      Nae chance.

    24. Ken500 says:

      She would nae share power with the SNP.

    25. Hughonabike says:

      Well done Duggie, that’s done it for me, I’m in. How can one argue with them apples. Now to make ’em Kosher, done carve them in granite……..It’s OK Nicla,not to worry, your future is assured and bright with opportunity.

    26. All we need now is for Labour to introduce a policy of motherhood and apple pie.

    27. Mark Rowantree says:

      Please tell me these were drawn on the back of a fag packet?

    28. Geoff Huijer says:

      Wonder what Sunny Hundal has to say about all that?

      Actually, I don’t.

    29. sensibledave says:

      One_Scot says: 11:59 am

      “They just say whatever shit they want now, just more meaningless unionist crap.”

      Unionist Crap?? No, just crap.

      and ….

      handclapping says:at 12:20 pm

      “But how did she do in the swimsuit round?”

      Only those of us of a certain age understand you! V Funny!

    30. ArtyHetty says:

      Inequality maybe of, errr, I dunno, the rabbits!

      I hope it doesn’t rain today. It will, because hope won’t have any whatsoever bearing on the matter!

      Labour, not the party of the young, sick, disabled, jobless, poor or anyone else who happens to have need of help from the state just to subsist.

      Not to be trusted, in any shape or form.

    31. katherine hamilton says:

      Someone – pal, partner, constituency chairperson – someone should tell her to just stop. If she believes this guff, really believes it, then she is a worry. Even if (when) she loses she’s laid down a marker. She’ll be in a Shadow Cabinet, for example, as a wee reward for standing Wasn’t she the one going to be tougher than the Tories on welfare cuts?

    32. galamcennalath says:

      Waffle, waffle, waffle … pass the chocolate sauce.

    33. Dandy Dons 1903 says:

      Blank,Blank,Vacant. Unionist Labour in a nutshell.

    34. DerekM says:

      Liz who ?

      talking to themselves again i see,watch out deadwood floating past muttering sound bites on its way over the waterfall.

    35. dakk says:

      Just what the champagne socialists who remain in Labour want to hear.

      Will make them feel all warm inside and full of virtue whilst they build their portfolios.

    36. I listened to Bob Thompson (labour guy) last night on Scotland2015. being interviewed by Sarah Smith (Unionist & Labour), he said that the UK leadership contest has been great as ”the debate is all about policies and not about personalities”. He went on that Labour should work with anyone if the policy was the same like austerity, Labour and the other parties could work together.

      Why didn’t Smith question him about why the Labour Party abstained the other week on the Welfare Bill vote.

      He also gave our Rev a mention saying he was from Bristol, meaning what had he to do with Scotland. At least he was answered on that.

    37. Will Podmore says:

      Yes, all the Labour leadership contenders are poor, not for personal reasons, but because the Labour party is just another social-democratic distraction, whose vacuous policies are so like the SNP’s.
      The SNP aims to help Scottish capitalism to become a centre for financial speculation and a tax haven for the world’s super-rich. That’s why billionaire Jim McColl of Clyde Blowers sits on the SNP’s Council of Economic Advisors.
      The SNP has given billions of pounds to private firms through corporate handouts, public service privatisation and lucrative infrastructure projects.
      Just this year, the SNP set aside £617 million in tax relief for businesses, while cutting £500 million from public services.
      40,000 public-sector jobs have been axed in recent years and pay frozen. 4,000 teaching posts have been cut from primary and secondary schools and more than 100,000 college student places have gone. Student debt tripled last year as university tuition grants were slashed. Social care has been privatised to levels comparable with England, and NHS Scotland has become dangerously overstretched through repeated rounds of ‘efficiency savings’.
      SNP finance minister John Swinney reiterates the SNP’s fundamental agreement with George Osborne stating, “The deficit needs to be reduced.”
      The SNP’s key goal is to get the power to slash corporation tax to further enrich its wealthy backers.
      The SNP’s living wage policy, the so-called ‘Scottish Business Pledge’, has the same aim. Presented in terms of ‘increased productivity’, a ‘distinctive Scottish approach to growth’, the derisory living wage will be a baseline for cutting public-sector wages, and firms will be able to gain accreditation by committing to pay a living wage ‘over time’.
      The SNP has hijacked the growing opposition to capitalism, and seeks to divert it into the cul-de-sac of nationalism.

    38. Johnny says:

      Blind Squirrel @ 12:13:

      Good point! Of course, she doesn’t really mean that. Not that any interviewer is going to ask her to clarify if that’s what she means, of course.

    39. donald anderson says:

      No policies or programmes. Just more meaninglass waffle and platitudes.

    40. dakk says:

      Sensibledave and OneScot

      I’d say the swimsuit round is her best chance actually 😉

    41. O/T IndyLive have Martyn Day MP #onthesofa this afternoon to share his impressions of Westminster and take questions from viewers from 1.30pm. Watch live at

    42. Calum Craigc says:

      What’s with the capitalisation of “low pay”?

    43. Thepnr says:

      @katherine hamilton

      Nah, katherine, that was Rachel Reeves, makes no difference though if any of the three Tories win the Labour leadership contest.

      How can a Tory be tougher that the Tories? Beats me.

      “Labour will be tougher than the Tories when it comes to slashing the benefits bill, Rachel Reeves, the new shadow work and pensions secretary, has insisted”

    44. FiferJP says:

      Does Liz think birth causes inequality?

    45. Davy says:

      It’s Deputy Dugdales soulmate.

    46. robertknight says:


      The Labour MP for St Helens accused of assaulting a Yes campaigner at a polling station last year has had the case against her thrown out. Supposedly, someone from the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service forgot to insert the word “Glasgow” in the relevant paperwork.

      Given the problems which having an MP convicted of a criminal charge of assault would bring to the Labour Party, I smell shite! (But am sadly not surprised…)

    47. Legerwood says:

      How much longer do we have to put up with this leadership contest?

      The summer has been bad enough without this long drawn out affair.

      Labour are awfully good at suicide notes but crap at actually jumping.

    48. gordoz says:

      O/T The news the papers don’t want you to see !!

      Circulation in Scotland plummets since 2013/14 – I wonder why ??

    49. Thepnr says:

      Just to put Will Podmores statement in to some perspective:

      “Just this year, the SNP set aside £617 million in tax relief for businesses”/i>

      Rate relief for business has been available for small business since well before the SNP came into power and is set to match that of the rest of the UK in order that Scottish small businesses remain competitive.

      “Next year we are funding an estimated £617 million package of business rates reliefs. We have also legislated to maintain the SBBS for the lifetime of this Parliament, and remain committed to matching the poundage for business rates in England over this period.”

    50. Calgacus says:

      Kendall is a wonker just like Podmore

    51. Ken500 says:

      The Labour/Unionist were mean-testing student loans in Scotland. A sliding scale on households from £21,000 to £42,000. Working class students with straight ‘A’ could not get a full loan to got to University. The wealthy from elsewhere got non reciprocal subsidised places.

      Scottish students still have student debt. The only College places that were cancelled were three day courses for dental students which should never have been instituted in Colleges. Dental students have their own funded Institution which the SNP Gov funded.

      Westminster borrowed another £6Billion (with interest) to pay for increased loans in the rest of the UK. £3Billion which will never be recovered but students will be burdened with the loans.

      More tax revenues are raised in Scotland £54Billion. (Pro rata) £39Billion is raised in the rest of the UK. The Oil sector is taxed at 55% while (foreign) multi nationals making vast profits tax
      evade through the City of London. The Westminster Gov has secretly and illegally taken £Billions out of Scotland for years, and used the Official Secrets Act to cover their crime.

      The costs of illegal wars and fraud perpetuated by the Westminster Gov could have educated half the world. Scotland is more productive than the rest of the UK. manufacture, produces, sell and exports. The rest of the UK relies on banking (increasing the debt) and service industry. Increasing the UK trade deficit in the rest of the UK. Thatcher has 3million unemployed and interest rates at 15%. Brown/Blair destroyed the world economy, increasing the debt.

      The Scottish Gov has funded apprenticeship. Infrastructure projects like the new Forth Bridge, AWPR, Borders railway, and Edinburgh – Glasgow inter services will improve the Scottish economy and creates jobs. The Tories have cancelled £38Billion for the northern railways improvements but intend to fund HS2 £70Billion which will make rail travel throughout Britain take longer. The Tories have stopped wind turbines in England.

      The Westminster Tories have cut tax raised in the UK from £600Billion in 2010 to £466Billion raised in 2014, and cut the Scottish budget. Giving tax breaks to higher earners and £Millionaires. Westminster gives Scotland £10Billion of debt each year which is wasted on Trident/illegal wars, banking fraud and tax evasion.

    52. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      Corbyn’s support will be in free fall after that.

    53. Marcia says:

      Those empty phrases will cause a stampede… move aside while they rush off to vote for Corbyn.

    54. Stoker says:

      It really is something when you have to write that sort of stuff down, isn’t it! In any caring society you would assume that those “5 causes” were a given, wouldn’t you. Still, Labour continue to show us that they’re nothing but Champagne Socialists, fake as feck!

      O/T: I’ve just been watching a documentary on Al Jazeera called:-
      Goldman Sachs…The Bank That Rules The World

      It’s a very explosive and informative investigation into the role of one of the most influential banks in the world in the 2008 Stock Market crash and the Greece crisis.

      It’s done in typical Al Jazeera style, ie; easy to follow with zero gobbledegook and perfect for all to understand, especially people like myself who have major shut-down-and-switch-off-itis when it comes to anything like this.

      I would thoroughly recommend this to everyone, not just those with an interest in the banking and financial sector, as it’s quite an eye opener.

      It might be repeated at other later dates but i know for a fact it will be repeated at 2am tomorrow (Wednesday) morning and again on Thursday (6th Aug) morning at 7am.

      Catch it if you can, thoroughly enjoyable and educational.
      You’ll not see anything like this on the BBC.

    55. Dr Jim says:

      Anybody ever noticed every time the Tories or the Labour lot are all over the news looking like the Arseholes they are

      The nitwit tolls immediately flood on to Wings to tell us all how wrong we are about anything and everything they can think of

      Wouldn’t be so bad but all their nonsense has been dealt with over and over but they still keep trying

      They need to get over it and move on
      And just one more thought if they don’t live in Scotland and don’t ever intend to live in Scotland

      Our country is none of their business

    56. I get the feeling that nobody on here gives Will Podmore a second thought. He seems to be treated as pet.

      When will he realise this.

    57. Fergus Green says:

      “1) Ending inequality from birth”

      Taken to its logical conclusion, this means no inherited wealth, no hereditary peers and no coronation for Charles when Brenda pops her clogs.

      Vote Liz!

    58. Jamie Arriere says:

      The one she missed out was “Hold hands and skip into the sunset” – however she’s created such a fog with all that guff, they won’t see the cliff edge….

    59. dakk says:

      Will Podmore

      The SNP govt has got just about the right balance between facilitating private enterprise and supporting public services as far as its minimal powers allow.

      All your spin such as’lucrative infrastructure projects, corporate handouts,and 4000 teaching posts cut’ are transparent when you know that Councils make these cuts and are subject to block grant slashing.

      Rates relief for small businesses have helped preserve what is left of our small shops in our high streets.

      The SNP are pro business as any successful government has to be,but with social justice at it’s core.

      We know we can’t survive on public sector jobs alone you know.

    60. Doug McG says:

      It’s Tony in drag , I knew he’d come back to save us!

    61. sensibledave says:

      Fergus Green 2:46 pm
      “1) Ending inequality from birth”

      You wrote: “Taken to its logical conclusion, this means no inherited wealth, no hereditary peers and no coronation for Charles when Brenda pops her clogs.”

      Doesn’t it also mean we have the same amount of money, live in the same size house, our parents have the same car as next door, we have the same clothes, etc, etc.

      Empty, vacuous, meaningless drivel.

    62. K1 says:

      O/T Stoker, I did go the BBC bias demo on Saturday, I left the house on ma wee bike, and the rain started, by the time I got there it was quite literally pissing down. I stood and gained no shelter whatsoever under a wee willow sapling and watched maybe a few dozen people wandering and clumped together in patches around outside the building. The cops were all standing at the top of the steps, and a few people wandered over to kinda shout a few things at the building.

      I think I saw caz-m there?

      I left after a half hour as by then I was completely drenched, and just as I got back into the west end, the rain stopped! So I don’t know who else made it, I thought perhaps people stayed in their cars or in the cinema bit? Anyway, sorry I missed everyone, I was in no state to show up at the Clutha after my soaking. The sun shone fur the rest of the afternoon, couldnae make it up!

      I’ll be at the next one though! I was reminded of the last time just before the vote, and how fantastic it was and now here we are 🙁

      On topic, more vacuous pish from Labour, covers it methinks.

    63. Will Podmore says:

      So thepnr’s argument is that the SNP is no better than the Cameron government.
      dakk writes, “The SNP are pro business as any successful government has to be, but with social justice at it’s core.
      We know we can’t survive on public sector jobs alone you know.”
      Yes, that’s classic Labour-land – we love the employer and beg for crumbs from the rich man’s table.

    64. Stoker says:

      @ K1.
      The demo was a wash-out but the pre demo “Under One Banner” march was reasonably well attended and a good time was had by all so i’m informed.

      Yes, caz-m was there, i got the chance to meet him and several other Wingers at The Clutha. Enjoyable and nice to now be able to put some faces to some of the names.

      I would recommend as many people as possible attempt to get out to at least one of these gatherings and get to meet other Wingers face to face. They don’t bite, honest!

      BTW, as far as i know there is a Hope Over Fear gathering coming
      up on the 19th September for those of you who are interested.

    65. frogesque says:

      Candyfloss Kendall. Spun sugar with no substance or nutritional value.

      Pretty obvious she will be ‘encouraged’ to withdraw so her support can migrate to anyone other than Corbin.

    66. Thepnr says:

      @Will Podmore

      Don’t put words in my mouth you cheeky bastard.

      Your entire post was full of bullshit statistics which without being given the whole picture are meaningless.

      It is well noted by all here that you NEVER provide the links, lest people make up their own minds based on the evidence.

      Simple fact is that YOU are an irritating troll who is tolerated but no more than that.

    67. Macnakamura says:

      6. Up with this kind of thing.

    68. dakk says:

      Will Podmore

      So small shop sole traders struggling to pay rent and rates to fat cat Councils and landlords are rich men ?

      Many self employed/small businesses earn way below national average income and have no paid holidays,sick leave and other employment benefits that employees both private and public sector enjoy.

      I should know I’m one of them 🙁

    69. Vestas says:

      She’s not well liked amongst the Leicester CLPs – all of whom are pretty much red tory anyway.

      I think the consensus in Leicester is she should just cross the floor (ie actually be a tory) but there’s a good degree of racial/religious bias there because she’s a woman. Leicester politics are not progressive and in fact are more dubious by the year (I’ve lived here for 26 years BTW).

      She’d probably romp home in any of the Leicestershire seats as a tory IMHO. She’s reasonably photogenic & utterly facile.

    70. David says:

      Brigade 77 poker:
      “I see your Podmore…
      …and I raise you a Thepnr, a dakk, and a Ken500!”

      Pay attention trolls and unionists, the majority of commentators here have been absorbing facts and figures about UK politics and finances for the past few years.

      Any shite you try to spout on here will be fully answered, with facts and references. We refuse to allow your lies and fearmongering to go unchallenged.

      No more easy ride for unionists here – if you want that, go on Sarah Smith’s prog, or call Kaye with an E.

    71. EphemeralDeception says:

      Lets see – Long analysis. For short analysis, see last paragraph.

      All 5 of the values (or principals) are related to quality of life. More precisely she should look at the OECD ‘Better Life’ index :

      Essentially if she wants to achieve this she has to reform the UK to be Like Nordic countries or Australia, since they are far, far in front of the UK on most measures.

      As others have stated, it concretely means: No HoL, or feudal, privelege system, but could keep queen as HoS.
      No Trident.
      As social and work/life/tax model that is aligned to Nordic or Australian model.

      Low pay is meaningless because there is always a lowest threshold with a minimum wage.

      It also means, to make any sense, that she wants to implement, finally, a UK constitution with these 5 (really 4 + 1 add-on to make it 5) at its core.

      Short analysis is: PISH

    72. Coz says:

      This is great because now we know she has a solid and clearly defined policy of saying what her focus group results told her to say. There’s an air of mystery around Labour’s identity. At last we know they are a party who sometimes say things that sound good. Who knew.

    73. Flying Scotsman says:

      Sky news has just shown part of an interview with Corbyn where he seems to be in favour of putting Blair on trial for war crimes.
      I can see why he appeals to the rank and file,but the guys at the top will never allow him to lead the party.

    74. Betty Boop says:

      @James Caithness, 2:40pm

      I get the feeling that nobody on here gives Will Podmore a second thought. He seems to be treated as pet.

      When will he realise this.

      He’s the pet chameleon. Must be a problem remembering which name to use depending on the particular flavour of tripe.

      Anyway, back to the subject, Liz Rentaphrase Kendall. This particular right winger obviously couldn’t get into the Tory party by the front door. Vacuous like her two amigos, she doesn’t seem to realise that no one is listening.

      Folk seem to like the sound of Corbyn, unlike the others, probably because he can talk in more than soundbites and isn’t high profile enough to have a track record on BBC QT; most folk are unlikely to know much about him. Whether or not he is serious remains to be seen.

    75. kenneth mackinnon says:

      Germany described the banking cartel that controls England, as an anglo saxon capitalism.

      The English Gov bailed out the criminal Bankers hence austerity.

      Germany regulates Bankers hence they are the wealthiest Nation in Europe

      The Germans pay their workers decent wages.

      The Labour Party has no intention of challenging the Banking cartels

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