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They think we forget

Posted on July 12, 2015 by

The insulting thing is that they think it so soon.


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  1. 30 07 15 22:43

    There is no failure except in no longer trying | A Wilderness of Peace

55 to “They think we forget”

  1. Bill Fraser says:

    What a strange idea.You have to have an interest in your country or what is the point.Everyone to there own but I certainly don’t go along with this way of thinking

  2. McHaggis says:

    Has anyone in Labour been informed that the internet is an actual thing now?

  3. reverd says:

    Oh if only they could see that, for what it is.

  4. auldmack says:

    Oh, Andy you are awful, It’s the people that vote you silly boy. That’s what happens when you tried to rig elections the people will no longer support personality’s like yourself. So by my reckoning the Labour party are finished those standing against you for the top job are just like you full of yourself and “Focus Groups” who tell you what “You” want to hear, but Andy that not what the voters want to hear,

  5. IvMoz says:

    Politics based on borders?

    During the referendum, Labour stated:

    “All the research shows that if there is a material difference between the immigration policy adopted by an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK, then border controls would have to be introduced”

  6. heedtracker says:

    So we have to wait until independence being pushed around by this twerp. Great.

  7. Tom Platt says:

    How long will the Labour party persist in misconstruing and labelling SNP as “nationalists”?

    There is something seriously wrong with their courage in Opposition, an opposition for which they are, on current form, too well paid: they persist with this smearing against us rather than develop the nerve to agree with SNP on conventional economic thinking and oppose the Tories on Austerity in UK.

  8. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Burnham’s another Miliband – not quite as gormless-looking, but easily portrayed as a Scouse nyaff who will appear uncomfortable, thus embarrassing The Nation in any esteemed company. Not like Cameron, BJ, Osborne and all the other Bullingdon belters who feel right at home amongst the 1% scum holding real power.

  9. galamcennalath says:

    BritNat good, ScotNat bad. Somehow it makes sense to Unionists.

  10. Robert Peffers says:

    Oh! for the love of Pete: I just cannot stop laughing.

    “We have got to take nationalism on across the UK because it is an ugly political philosophy in the end”

    This from the party that prides itself upon morphing the former bipartite United Kingdom into a quadratic set-up of four countries and retaining one of them as the master race that has taken over the UK parliament as the unelected de facto parliament of the country of England.

    A parliament that is devolving England’s powers to the other three subservient countries and moaning like hell because the non-English members elected as UK parliamentarians are interfering in what the de facto parliament of England decides are English only matters.

    These numpties and not just on another planet, in the Solar System, they are from another galaxy altogether.

  11. Clootie says:

    We can’t change the right wing mindset celebrating greed and disregard for those in need.
    We can build a better society in Scotland.

    …Why should we remain dominated by our selfish neighbours instead of embracing change.

  12. thedogphilosopher says:

    They don’t half get lots of mileage out of that bloody word. An ‘ugly political philosophy’, says Burnam, alluding, of course, to the atrocities of the Nazis. So every SNP member/voter and supporter of Scottish self-determination must be likened to the Nazis based on a simplistic syllogism:

    The Nazis were nationalists.
    The SNP are nationalists.
    Ergo: The SNP must be Nazis.

    That one word insults and distorts the democratic and peaceful nature of the whole Independence movement.

  13. Capella says:

    They are essentially feudal. The concept of the nation state hasn’t perculated through to the average Westminster brain. They are still behaving like feudal overlords demanding subservience. The Battle of Bannockburn and Declaration of Arbroath never happened.

    Is Scotland a country? Yes. Should countries rule themselves? Yes.
    End of.

  14. Robert Peffers says:

    @galamcennalath says: 12 July, 2015 at 10:35 pm:

    “BritNat good, ScotNat bad. Somehow it makes sense to Unionists”

    I keep thinking of other hilarious aspects of this gormless gadgie and go into other fits of laughing.

    This from a political party in a UK just celebrating WWII and the commentating the Battle of Britain and that has also just celebrated victories at both Waterloo and Agincourt?

    What is the next idiocy these idiots are going to come up with?

    Here’s another thought from history – in all cases in the past when the very poorest in the land have been subjected to degrading treatment at the hands of their uncaring governments it has coincided with the ultra rich massively increasing their riches. It was this sort of treatment that saw the birth of the Trade Unions, The Co-op Stores and co-op bank and it gave birth to the Labour Party.

    Then the poor were living in company hovels, shopping at company stores and even drinking in company pubs. It coincided with all our major cities expanding with sumptuous stone built Town Houses and vast country estates and Manor houses of the rich merchants, mine & mill owners.

    Those were the town houses with below ground level kitchens and servants quarters and attic rooms for staff. It was when little boys were sent up chimneys to clean them and when regular epidemics, caused by poor sanitation and grinding poverty killed off millions. Not to mention almost never ending foreign wars – (Lions led by donkeys), and all that and not forgetting the press gangs to insure the Royal Navy was well supplied with cannon fodder.

  15. Alan McHarg says:

    Robert Peffers: Oh! for the love of Pete! I haven’t heard that for years. My grand parents used to use it…a lot, especially around me!! Thank you…it takes me back ( smiley thing)

  16. Mosstrooper says:

    What a strange mindset has Mr Burnham. I wonder what he imagines the politics the people within the borders of say, Denmark have? Do the peoples of Sweden and Norway not have politics determined by their own borders? What a silly man is Mr Burnham.

  17. Iain More says:

    Crikey another Labour would be leader that just doesn’t get it.

    Another nail of the Brit Nat Labour Party in Scotland. I am absolutely heartbroken about that not!

  18. Still Positive. says:

    @ Capella 11.30.

    When Winnie Ewing won Hamilton in 1967 I was a 17-year-old living in East Kilbride with a younger sister at Hamilton Academy. Up until then the SNP was portrayed as a party of ‘nutters’ reinforced by my pro-Labour father.

    But what I read of their aims in the following day’s papers convinced me: “Scotland is a country and should be independent.”

    I have never wavered from that view since. I have voted SNP at every election there has been a candidate standing since October 1974. (I voted for Jimmy Reid in February 1974 because the Catholic priests told us that Communism was not compatible with Catholicism and I decided that no-one was going to tell me how to vote!). Always been a Bolshie bitch.

    After 40 years of voting SNP in West Dunbartonshire (as it is now known) I have an SNP MP, and better still, I first met him in 1992 when he was elected the youngest Councillor in Scotland to the then Clydebank District Council at the same time as my late husband who stood as an Independent.

    I truly want to see independence in my lifetime and believe it will happen fairly soon. As my MSP said at the last branch meeting: ‘I am standing again because I am sure independence will happen during the course of the next Scottish parliament and I want to be part of it.’

    Couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. And with yours Capella.

    Sorry for long post – just needed to offload among friends!

  19. Taranaich says:

    It’s quite simple: nationalism isn’t bad when you already have sovereignty. It’s just normal.

    Britain is sovereign. Ergo, its concern over borders is normal.

    Scotland is not sovereign. Its concern over borders is not normal.

    By the by, this also applies to those unionists who don’t believe in the “Politics of nationalism”: it’s very easy to reject nationalism when the nation you identify with has sovereignty. Nobody’s going to say the UK’s only a region of a bigger, “real” country. Nobody’s going to question whether your nation exists or not. You have the luxury of rejecting it, because it exists. Scots don’t.

    It may seem minor, but I think it’s very important psychologically.

  20. Robert C says:

    ‘in the end’???

    And what sort of end is he implying? Fed up of these folk, who plainly just don’t get it, conflating what’s going on in Scotland right now with the darkness of the 1930s.

    ‘in the end’ – I mean FFS, what’ll happen when Scottish ‘nationalism’ runs its full course? Scotland will be a country governed from Scotland. Hardly an ‘ugly political philosophy in the end’.

  21. Peter Macbeastie says:

    I often wonder how the unionists would have been derisory about the SNP if, when the party formed from the joining of two parties, they had simply gone with Independent Scotland Party?

    Aside from gaining ISP as initials decades before that meant anything else, the unionist would have had to think of something more imaginative than labelling a party with National in the name as Nazis.

    That would have been massively amusing to watch. The average unionist does not appear to have a great imagination, indeed few talents of use at all; except the ability to swallow any old tripe.

  22. Mealer says:

    Fine to hear what Mr Burnham thinks but WE’LL decide how and by whom OUR country is governed.Like every normal country does.

  23. Stoker says:

    Well, if Andy Pandy Burnt-ham wants to tackle “nationalism” may i
    suggest he starts with having a wee chat with Dame Anne Begg.
    She has one or two friends in the BNP and National Front.

    Once he does that may i suggest he spends the rest of his time
    clearing up all the historical paedophile links to his Party and
    his filthy beloved Westminster.

    Until you achieve those tasks Mr.Burnt-ham, GTF and eat shit!

  24. Almannysbunnet says:

    A cheap shot from the future leader of a party completely and utterly lost. The New Zealand’s National Party was formed “as an alternative to the socialist labour government. The name National was chosen as the new party (1936) sought to represent all parts of the community.” Something the British labour party are incapable of doing. They have been elected in a minority government since 2008. Does Burnham think the Kiwis are a bunch of rabid Nazis too? Now if UKIP would just change its name to rUKIP it really would put the wind up labour. Let’s start a rumour 🙂

  25. frankieboy says:

    ‘Nationalism’ is only good when wrapped in a Union Flag, apparently. But, then it’s not really nationalism,, is it? Its …erm…erm…British, cups of tea, Land of Hope and Glory, the Blitz, the Queen Mother (bless ‘er), 1966, Cliff Richard at Wimbledon(AWOL), Royal babies, strawberries and cream, Rumpole, Sherlock Holmes, Orange Order, BNP, EDL…

  26. john king says:

    Frankieboy @1.20

    I would get your brakes checked there frankieboy. 🙂

  27. donald anderson says:

    Does that mean that British Nationalists want to rule the world or be ruled by someone else?

  28. Ken500 says:

    Andy Burnham takes control? If you can’t run a hospital, you can’t run a country. Just another Toom (doomed) Tabard. Let the sound bites flow. Don’t ask too many difficult questions. Blankety blank. They couldn’t control the banks. Go and get a job (if you can find one) and get some experience.

    Hypocrite Harman Got her husband on the list. Discriminating against women. Now put on the job at the useless talking shop discriminating against Scotland. No democracy They could talk for England. They are not fit to make a cup of tea. They couldn’t boil a kettle of water. Lying hypocrites.

  29. Macart says:

    “We have got to take New, Nu, Noo Labour on all across Scotland, because it is an ugly political party in the end” I say.

    “Their politics is based on fear, lies, societal division, public manipulation, self and greed, instead of people.”

    Andy Burnham, living down to parliamentary Labour’s usual standard. We’re done with his kind of politics.

  30. Ken500 says:

    Scotland is half empty, depopulated by Westminster centralist policies to make Scotland a barren land. People in Scotland had to emigrate all over the world while Westminster secretly and illegally stole Scotland’s wealth. The migration in Europe is caused by Westminster foreign policy. Bombing innocent people indiscriminately and illegally. Westminster Unionists break all Laws with impunity and use the Official Secrets Act to cover up their crimes. There is no humanity.

    Where the Chilcot verdict?

  31. Socrates Mac Sporran says:

    Slightly off-topic, but, today’s Scotsman carries an obituary on former Daily Record Editor, Endell Laird.

    I urge fellow Wingers to read it and weep. I am sure, had Endell been editing the Record today, it would not be the rag, fit only for placing under a cat litter tray it is today.

  32. tombee says:

    How significant is it, that the hypocricy of that statement is emblazoned upon a red Tory mug ?.

  33. Craig P says:

    Frankieboy – talking of Cliff Richard at Wimbledon got me looking at a youtube video of the event. 1996! So much has changed since then. Nowadays we’ve got a Scottish Parliament and white people can dance. (OK, maybe not yet those at Wimbledon.)

    The one thing that hasn’t changed is Cliff still looks creepy as ever.

  34. desimond says:

    “One NHS…there’s only One NHS…”

    Andy..can we have a word..

  35. Kendo says:

    You people are daft. Controls on immigration are impoftant for the following reasons; security,human rights, economy, controlled amd sustained growth, health policy, social security and legal reasons
    Not to mention state sovereignty. Immigration controls and wanting immigration are not mutually exclusive. Do you people even think about what you write or say??

  36. Karmanaut says:

    The idea that a country should have democratic self-determination is now “an ugly political philosophy”.

    This is straight out of 1984.

  37. Terry says:

    Sometimes I wonder about the original naming of the SNP. I always use the term SNP but unionists nearly always say scottish NATIONAL party or NATIONALIST party Ie thus linking it in a sly way with nazis. If it had been named the Scottish self determination party then who knows? When told I’m a nationalist or nazi for wanting independence I just say I’m pro self determination as that is a normal situation for a sovereign state and enshrined by the U.N. also the same declaration says each country has the right to live at peace with its neighbours. Let’s face it we’ve been dragged into a few wars that as an independent nation we’d have had no truck with.

    For those that say we are too poor etc I just say – who respects a country that has so little self respect it leeches off another? None of us here swallow that argument but unionists don’t like this pointed out to them.

    A wise woman said to me during Indy ref , ” Yes says WE, No says ME”. I thought of friends and family and she was right – those that were community minded and saw society as us all being connected voted yes – those who saw it as a collection of individuals and adopted a “what about me?” approach to life were no voters. With perhaps the elderly a bit more mixed as they were still caught up in ww2 Brit nat propaganda and the creation of the NHS. I’m sick to death by the way of how the MSM media use ww2 in particular to build a sad sense of Britishness. It’s even more galling now as they rarely mention that greece was our ally and is now being punished by the very country we opposed 75 years ago.

  38. Stoker says:

    tombee wrote:
    “How significant is it, that the hypocrisy of that statement is emblazoned upon a red Tory mug?”

    Has wee Andy Pandy went and got himself a tattoo?

  39. nodrog says:

    Does Andy think that over 50% of the Scottish voters are not people. Can Andy spell the word DEMOCRACY and even if he can does he understand what it means. ROLL ON INDYREF2.

  40. Jimbo says:

    Doesn’t Burnham mean nationalism other than his preferred Brit Nat type?

    They keep using the armed forces for propaganda purposes (even using the murder of those poor folk in Tunisia as a military propaganda exercise).

    They want us to glorify their wars and and immortalize their past victories – even some that are hundreds of years in the past.

    The BBC broadcasts the governments propaganda and waves the butcher’s apron at every opportunity to remind us to be patriotically British. They want us to feel passionately that we’re patriotic British citizens.

    They don’t want immigrants coming here – They want to ensure the land within Britain’s borders is only for the British. Isn’t that an extreme, nasty kind of nationalism?

    Brit Nationalism = Good. Any other type = evil.

  41. ClanDonald says:

    Yes indeed. We are all allowed to govern countries next door because borders are bad, like.

  42. Fred says:

    Nationalism Bad! this from a party which conducted an illegal war and despatched countless thousands of Iraqis to kingdom-come. A century ago Britain was the first country to use aerial gassing of civilians, again on Iraq.

  43. Cymro says:

    Andy Burnham, Ashford, Kent, 24 June 2015. “More broadly, we have seen cuts to the UK Border Force and the government is wrong when there is public concern about immigration, you need a strong border. Right now, the government should stop the cuts to border force staff. My worry is that more cuts are to come in the next spending round.”

    Andy Burnham, July 2015 “We have got to take nationalism on across the UK..It is politics based on borders, not people.”

    This man seems to have completely lost the plot! Is this the best that the Labour Party can muster at this critical point in its history?

  44. nodrog says:

    Well I guess Harriet and Andy between them have answered the question , i.e. Is it a UK Labour leadership contest/?. ANSWER – No it is not it is a contest to decide who will be the Branch Manager of the UK Labour Branch of the Conservative Party!!

  45. So if as Andy Burnham claims that nationalism is based on borders and not people then why does Labour support immigration controls?

    Surely by Andy Burnham’s own logic that would mean there should be no borders and everyone who wants to come to the UK should be able to do so without any hinderance.

  46. donald anderson says:

    Can’t see anything in thew yellow meejah about their nationalist hero, Brian “Scotland Is British”, Wilson.

  47. gus1940 says:

    Briiliant observation from Robert Peffers.

    I also liked ‘YES says WE – No Says ME’. That is a slogan which should definitely be used in REF2.

  48. Proud Cybernat says:

    British Nationalist = Good, Scottish Nationalist = Bad.

  49. Chic McGregor says:

    Support for Scottish independence has been fuelled by a rise in the worst kind of nationalism – British Nationalism.

    By contrast Scottish ‘nationalism’ is anti imperialist whereas British Nationalism is anything but.

    It is about engaging positively with the rest of the World.

    If there ever is a restrictive Border between Scotland and England after independence people will only need to queue on the English side.

  50. ArtyHetty says:

    Almannysbunnet says:
    13 July, 2015 at 1:11 am
    “A cheap shot from the future leader of a party completely and utterly lost. The New Zealand’s National Party was formed “as an alternative to the socialist labour government. The name National was chosen as the new party (1936) sought to represent all parts of the community.” Something the British labour party are incapable of doing. They have been elected in a minority government since 2008. Does Burnham think the Kiwis are a bunch of rabid Nazis too? Now if UKIP would just change its name to rUKIP it really would put the wind up labour. Let’s start a rumour.”

    The thing is, in fact the NZ National party are exactly like the tories, it’s like a mirror image of ukok.

    I see the posts on FB about what they are up to, starving people, they show no mercy, they are keeping people poor, investing in dirty fuel and ruining the beautiful land etc. Really they are dreadful troughers ruining the country. National is seen as nationalism, when it suits. National in NZ means something else, they are just tories with a different name.

  51. nodrog says:

    “I also liked ‘YES says WE – No Says ME’. That is a slogan which should definitely be used in REF2”

    Perhaps I am being a little fussy here but I cannot agree that the above would be a good idea as it could be quickly pointed out that “independent” could be taken to mean ME in some quarters.

  52. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “You people are daft. Controls on immigration are impoftant for the following reasons”

    Who do you think was advocating uncontrolled immigration?

  53. Fred says:

    You can’t out-Tory the Tories!

  54. Sorry Stuart
    But when a politician uses careless language about nationalism being based on borders and not people I am aware is he not advocating uncontrolled mass immigration.

    But I suspect if an ordinary member of the public were asked about what that statement meant they may view it differently way and see it as advocated uncontrolled immigration.

    That is why I am appalled at some of the language we see coming from Labour politicians.

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