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Theresa May’s Crack Team

Posted on November 14, 2018 by

…is what they’re calling Jack and James now, we hear.

Draw your own conclusions about the word “crack” there.

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    Theresa May’s Crack Team | speymouth

241 to “Theresa May’s Crack Team”

  1. ScottieDog says:

    Glad you added the word ‘Team’ at the end.

  2. Hamish100 says:

    What about the fish? Englands tories realise Scottish tories are expendable — again!

  3. Brotyboy says:

    Love the Tweets; SWs to you too.

    Maybe it’s just me, but anything which I see as an oblique pisstake of Steve Wright is a good thing.

  4. Liz g says:

    Ma Facebook saying Fluffys gone
    Anybody confirm?

  5. frogesque says:

    @Liz g: 5.39

    Can’t find any confirmation but seriously would anyone on either side miss the plonker?

    Personally I think the only reason he would resign is if he didn’t get the chocolate medal and the Viceroyship.

  6. Hackalumpoff says:

    Stramash & Rammy at No 10. Fire Brigade, stood down, no white smoke just blowing smoke up Mundells arse.

  7. velofello says:

    Well if Fluffy has resigned I’d expect a Northern Ireland MP to replace him as Scottish Secretary of State, just to rub our faces in Tory dung.

  8. Bob Mack says:

    Crack? I thought they were on amphetamine!!

  9. Ian Mccubbin says:

    The signs about fluffy are still up at the border lol.
    I came up through Berwick yesterday on the train from London and they were there. So it may be a rumour lol.

  10. Welsh Sion says:

    Bob Mack says
    at 6:00 pm:

    Crack? I thought they were on amphetamine!!


    – Ah … But Collette Colman is my heroin(e)!

    (I’ll get my coat …)

  11. Collie says:

    Will the Scottish fishermen/women finally get the message that Tory England couldn’t give two fucks about them?

  12. yesindyref2 says:

    Theresa May’s Crack Team

    Oh dear, is this one of the imports we can expect from trade deals?

    Is it chlorinated?

  13. Liz g says:

    Oh well double apologies then
    One for being rudely off topic so early
    And another for being wrong…but like the guy’s I’ll blame Nicola for it too.LOL

  14. msean says:

    Great show,Mr Garage was funny,but,he should have had the pint and fags.

  15. Dr Jim says:

    The Scottish Unionist LabTor party failed to turn up for their acting lessons again so have been issued with pre worded scripts

  16. HYUFD says:

    Collie Scottish fishermen voted Leave and would happily back No Deal over May’s Customs Union fudge.

    Are you a Nat for No Deal Brexit then if you want to support Scottish fishermen and no EU fishing quotas for them?

  17. Ottomanboi says:

    Scotland has been treated with utmost contempt by May and her government. Our response ought to be appropriate.

  18. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    If Fluffy Mundell resigns my money is on:

    Ross “BOJO FanBoy, Zoomer” Thomson as his replacement.

    Ross has kissed enough Brexiteer arse and is MP for a NE seat after all.

    Will I have to retitle Fluffy as The Penultimate Viceroy of Scotland?

    Time will tell.

    Tick, Tock.


  19. frogesque says:

    Have just spoken to the dog. He said, “Woof!”

    Can he be Prime Minister ‘cos he’s making more sense than anyone else and he’s 3 parts nuts!

  20. Artyhetty says:

    Love it, getting better guys! Poor wee stupid Scotland and just like the BBC taking all your £millions off you spending it all down south, ha ha ha! 😉 Next they will off to Barbados or somewhere with your money! 😉

    Mr.Garage, at least he was honest eh, not like some with their pretendy working class accents. Ea up, ‘Take Scottish water back into public ‘ands’! You couldn’t make it up could you Dick Leornard!

    I wonder what’s tomorrow’s First Ministers questions will consist of tomorrow. Will the Britnats at Holyrood blame the SNP for the fact that Scotland has been sold down the river and is treated with utter contempt by their Britnat leaders at Westminster. Rhetorical question.

  21. Cubby says:

    Note to the Britnat diddies who frequent Wings: your Westminster is a laughing stock throughout the world.

    Rule Britannia – this lot couldn’t rule their local co-op.

  22. Artyhetty says:

    Ps. Fluffy won’t resign, and, too many tomorrow’s, my last comment, at least not yesterdays. Scotland, moving forward, not being taken backward, we won’t let them!

  23. Hamish100 says:

    hifuddilyduddily Scots fishing owners(about 6 millionaires apparently) claim they want exclusive rights. How annoyed they will be when the pelagic fishing folk from England eg Grimsby turn up in their foreign crewed boats and take the fish.

    It appears the Tories support the Brexit right wing Ulsterman over Scottish fish processors and indeed farmers.

  24. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    So UKGov has caved in to the EU, despite May’s attempt at bravado before the cameras. Meanwhile the EU people in Brussels patiently waiting for the UK cabinet to decide something have all gone home. They have better things to do with their time.

    Brexitania – up there with Ruritania in the world’s eyes.

    Totally humiliating.

    Let’s get outta here and rescue our livelihoods as well as our reputation. Getting nearly time to be something far more ambitious than the vassal state’s vassal state.

  25. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    So UKGov has caved in to the EU, despite May’s pathetic attempt at bravado before the cameras. Meanwhile the EU ambassadors in Brussels patiently waiting for the UK cabinet to decide something have all gone home. They have better things to do with their lives.

    Brexitania – up there with Ruritania in the world’s eyes.

    Totally humiliating.

    Let’s get outta here and rescue our livelihoods as well as our good reputation. High time to be something way more ambitious than the vassal state’s vassal state.

  26. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Oops – apologies for the inadvertent double posting.

  27. Hamish100 says:


    The Herald, BBC and STV attack dogs going for the First Minister trying to use Alex Salmond as the foil.

    You guys are the pits.

    Personally in an airport there are plenty of people, plenty of cameras, plenty of security and police. Lots of people to go to should I lose my wallet. So lots of information around. Of course information does not make a case but plenty of smears. Problem is on past history bbc, record, stv etc are not very good at apologising in public.

  28. yesindyref2 says:

    Scottish fishermen voted Leave and would happily back No Deal over May’s Customs Union fudge.

    From a Tory who, it appears, is an ERG FUD. Say hello to Rees-Mogg for me, next time he gives you your orders, from the depths of the Tardis back in the 19th Century.

  29. Petra says:

    Oh well it looks as though T May’s crack team have supported her. No mention if some have resigned or not.

    Twisted, sweaty, red faced Arlene and her equally sweaty, red faced entourage weren’t looking too happy tonight. Seems Big T may have stabbed them in the back.

    Reece-Mogg saying that the deal won’t get through the Commons, there will be no EURef2 and it’s on to a no deal Brexit.

  30. Petra says:

    One for Ian Small BBC and in fact for all who work at Pacific Quay, Glasgow, Scotland.

    Wee Ginger Dug: ‘A Very Big Deal.’

  31. sandy says:

    Teresa, resign.
    Fluffy for PM.

  32. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Petra @ 21:03,

    Oh my golly gosh, what an unexpected turnup from the straw man’s straw man!

    This Brexit thingmy is a surprise a minute. Whitivver will happen next?

  33. Cubby says:

    The media in Scotland are fighting for their life. They know they are detested by half of Scotlands poulation. They know in an Independent Scotland they will have no future. They will fight even dirtier than before. A bunch of scumbags.

  34. Dr Jim says:

    I’ve just watched the people of Doncaster being interviewed and if they’re anything to go by it’s no wonder England’s going down the tubes, these people would have their own heads amputated if you told them it would keep foreigners out of England and they’d get to rule the waves

    Each one was more moronic than the one before and whole sentences with short words were difficult for them to grunt out, then they went to Peterhead and the grunts were even shorter though heavily tinged with sarcasm

    I don’t think they knew that was what they were doing though, more luck than judgement

  35. Cubby says:

    The Maybot says ” the collective decision of cabinet” NOT unaminous. It’s now emerging there was no vote in Cabinet and up to 11 members of the cabinet were against the deal.

    Sounds a bit like the Chequers deal – the Maybot living in a fantasy world.

    Britnats making fools of themselves on the world stage month after month for years. What a bunch of clowns.

    Rule Britannia – this lot couldn’t rule their local co- op.

  36. dakk says:

    As with anyone who betrays Scotland I wish serious ills on the Scottish Fisherman’s Federation.

    That they actually believed the british would have any concern for Scottish fishing rights is codswallop. The heirarchy are just common britnat bottomfeeders.

    Any Scottish fishermen who followed Albert Legweak have been done up like a Kipper.

    How d’you like that pike rammed up your starfish Albert.

    I will give you fishers of men,fishers of men alright,

    I’ll tell you boy.

  37. jfngw says:

    Well the only unknown in the Mundell will resign story was how many hours would it be before he capitulated. Don’t think he even made 24. The ‘Mundell caves’ headline gives him more credence than he ever deserves, a jelly cannot cave, it’s more of a slither effect you get.

    As for Davidson, I suspect she will not reappear until the coast is clear and then hope everyone will forget the bold statement. We will remember and laugh at her, same jelly mould as Mundell I suspect.

  38. Artyhetty says:

    The comments are getting funnier, if that’s a word, by the minute, we have to laugh or we’d be fcking greeting at the hypocrisy and sheer abuse of Scotland by the British ethnic Nationalists in power at London Westminster, England.

    Iv’e been watching too much ‘Gotham’ for my own good. Those screen writers surely had an insight into how the monied powerful keep power. Scary days.

  39. Elmac says:

    Today is just another day in the bad joke that is the UK. I am totally exasperated with 50% of my fellow scots. How can they tolerate the lies and corruption of the UK establishment, the press and the broadcasters. I know their diet of information has been strictly controlled for many years but with each passing moment there are moe and more honest sources available for all of them to have been exposed to the truth. Why on earth don’t they engage their brain? Some of course have their snouts in the trough one way or other and would vote only for their self interest and greed. They have the morals of the gutter and are beyond redemption. But the majority of the nos are not troughers so what is their problem?

    I have friends. a husband and wife, both highly intelligent who will vote no in indyref2. The wife wears blinkers and refuses point blank to engage any alternative sources to the MSM despite my many efforts to encourage her to open her eyes and ears. Her husband is more savvy but will do what his wife does. I am seriously near breaking point in a 43 year friendship as I cannot stand their stupidity for much longer. Intelligent yes, common sense no!

  40. Rock says:

    Cubby says:
    14 November, 2018 at 7:43 pm

    “Rule Britannia – this lot couldn’t rule their local co-op.”

    They are ruling Scotland, as they have done for the last 311 years and will for the next 622.

  41. Rock says:

    Cubby says:
    14 November, 2018 at 9:22 pm

    “Britnats making fools of themselves on the world stage month after month for years. What a bunch of clowns.”

    How did these fools and clowns manage to get Nicola, the US, Canada, Australia and most of the EU to expel numerous Russian diplomats without any evidence whatsoever following a false flag operation in Salisbury?

    Rock (18th March – “The usual suspect”):

    “Unquestioning blind faith by supporters is the cause of corruption in politicians.

    Nicola and the SNP made utter fools of themselves by supporting Saint Theresa, in my humble opinion.

    Did they not know of the “sexed up” dossier on Iraq’s non existent weapons of mass destruction?

    How can anyone supporting Scottish independence ever side with Westminster on such matters?

    If Nicola had kept her mouth shut, posters here, you included I am sure, would (rightly) be attacking any independence supporter who stood “shoulder to shoulder” with Saint Theresa in condemning Russia.”

  42. Brian Powell says:

    I would assume the FM will be highlighting Mundell and Davidson’s promise to resign at FMQs tomorrow.

  43. Mogabee says:

    How can they state that “Outlaw is just a film”?????

    SACRILEGE! Sacre bleu! Sack them both…

    Bit of an exciting day eh folks? Dentist first thing, tooth extracted and pumped full of drugs which made me sleep for hours!!

    Anything else happen? 😀 😀 😀

  44. Rock says:

    Re Nicola, I meant:

    “It is long overdue for Nicola and the SNP to show some guts and defy the unionists.

    It was the ultimate in stupidity and gutlessness for Nicola to stand “shoulder to shoulder” with “Tory scum” Saint Theresa and the “ghastly” Boris Johnson as they declared war on Russia after a false flag operation.

    She had no reason to open her mouth – she should have dismissed it as a reserved matter. That would have shut up the unionists. Instead she is now hostage to what she said.”

  45. manandboy says:

    Not long off call with PM. She tried to tell me Scotland’s ‘distinctive’ interests had been protected. I pointed out that there isn’t a single mention of Scotland in the agreement, that it disregards our interests, and puts Scotland at a serious competitive disadvantage.

  46. manandboy says:

    Nicola tweet, of course.

  47. Cubby says:


    ROCKSHIT is having a dose of verbal Brexshit tonight. ROCKSHIT is being sprayed everywhere.

    Britnat brains exploding all over the UK – what’s not to like.

  48. Jason Smoothpiece says:


    Feel your pain friend, have family and friends and work mates who are as you describe.

    In the last year I think I have managed to convert 2 possibly three colleagues, long hard struggle.

    I was at it today with two new targets one a wasp chewer who was uncomfortable with the facts I was providing.
    The second one stared blankly did not know or care what I was talking about.

    Both were older ladies the wasp chewer stood her ground until I said she wouldn’t want ration books for her grandchildren and I thought her grandchildren should be able to attend university if they choose to. Silence after that.

    The other one would have voted yes if I promised to leave her alone.

    More work needed.

    Folk often dont want to hear, dont want to know. The media have served their masters well.

  49. manandboy says:

    By Saturday, we’ll all have calmed down, and started to work out where Scotland goes from here – with the Union dividend like a millstone round Scotlands neck.

    Divorce, please, and make it snappy.

    Hail Alba

  50. Col says:

    According to the BBC where Scotland is concerned in relation to brexit why oh bloody why is fishing concerns portrayed as pretty much the only issue affecting Scotland???

  51. call me dave says:

    The Scots will look on enraged at NI with the deal they have secured while they have not got any special treatment.

    Says expert on Radio 5 and says he’s (on page 381 of the document)

    Were enraged right enough but at the WM Tories.

    Fluffy still SoSfS then. 🙂

  52. Tackety Beets says:

    ELMAC @ 9.51 pm

    Luckily I am surrounded by mainly Yes folk.
    However a long time pal is a RW Tory , No ,Brexiteer.
    He agrees with all my Indy points & I wont use his words but enough to say he even “likes” NS

    Dont want to say too much. His work involves a very Scottish product. He is ex army & tells me most of his army pals are “SNP”

    A few weeks ago he said ” Im maybe startin’ to think Indy might be the way forward” then explained that many of his army pals having EU wives ( they were based in EU for long stretches) are now having to pay over £1k in application to remain in UK
    Usual its fine to hammer others but when it lands on their doorstep ….mmmm time to re-evaluate.

    Guess what yesterday he is still a Naw bag, Brexiteer.

    Non so blind as canna see

    FFS Nelp me Rhona !

    Hopefully there are many others , open minded folk listening & watching. Lets keep talking to them.

  53. manandboy says:

    With a twenty-one month transition period, starting March 30th 2019, we at least know how long we will have to look at the gallows before Westminster turns brutal and ruthless, in turns, towards Scotland.

    But make no mistake, starting March 29, at 11pm, Westminster will embark on a single-minded campaign to remove or cripple Scotland’s devolved institutions in an attempt to render Independence unattainable.
    If that doesn’t focus minds in the Yes movement, I don’t know what will.

    The Scottish people are Sovereign.
    Believe it, to be it.

    Hail Alba.

  54. Hamish100 says:

    manand boy- aaaahhhhhh I thought you knew Teresa ! lol

  55. Rock says:

    manandboy says:
    14 November, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    “Not long off call with PM. She tried to tell me Scotland’s ‘distinctive’ interests had been protected. I pointed out that there isn’t a single mention of Scotland in the agreement, that it disregards our interests, and puts Scotland at a serious competitive disadvantage.”

    “Nicola tweet, of course.”

    Nobody at Westminster gives a damn about the squeaks the gutless Nicola is making. When is she going to call the next independence referendum?

    Rock (27th August 2017 – “Underneath the Goodyear blimp”):

    “Scotland was on the verge of independence immediately after the Brexit vote.

    The unionist parties were without leaders and completely lost, the SNP had 56 out of 59 MPs and 50% of the vote, the EU’s eyes were (favourably) on Scotland.

    But Nicola squandered a once in a 1000 years golden opportunity by wasting more than a year flogging a dead horse – a separate deal for Scotland which was never going to happen.

    The result: Nicola outsmarted by the collusion between Saints Theresa and Ruth on one hand, and Corbyn on the other, fall in SNP support from 50% to 37%.

    It is my prediction that there will be a “snap” Brexit and the SNP will be caught napping and unable to hold a second independence referendum.

    Or another “snap” Westminster election with the SNP again losing support.

    Despite the pretendy “sovereignty” and boasting of the clueless pompous armchair pundits posting here, Scotland is again as far away from independence as ever.

    If they succeed in neutralising the Rev. Stuart Campbell and WOS, independence will be “stone dead” for at least 620 years.”

  56. Nana says:

    “Things are looking extremely dicey for the Prime Minister” says Scotland’s First Minister


  57. Jock McDonnell says:

    ‘Council Directive 92/66/EEC of 14 July 1992 introducing Community measures for the control of Newcastle’
    That’s as close to funny as the deal gets and that’s pushing it.

  58. Robert Louis says:

    Col, at 1022pm,

    Totally agree. I have often wondered this myself, why the only industry ever discussed in relation to Scotland and brexit is fishing. Maybe a good distraction away from anybody mentioning Scotland’s oil.

    It is odd though, every time they mention brexit in relation to Scotland they talk about fishing like that is all we do up here. Maybe that is what they believe??? Wouldn’t surprise me.

  59. Cubby says:

    Rockshit forecasting 622 years into the future.

    A challenge for the apprentice Nostradamus – I’m going for a game of golf next Friday – can you tell me what the weather will be in the West of Scotland. That’s a joke Rockshit. Bit like your Rockshit posts and forecasts.

  60. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    As I’m scrolling through the current page, it gives me a sense of perverse pleasure to scroll right past any comment that begins with “Rock says”, (as I’ve found over the past few months) when it appears from the bottom of the window.

    Try it. You won’t be missing anything that will change our lives in the next how many centuries.

  61. Cubby says:

    The Maybot is playing a game of poker with Brexit. Will her bluff be called?

  62. Bob Mack says:

    Rock says——who cares what Rock says. I used to watch the wrestling.!! Dwayne Johnson!!!

  63. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Robert Louis @ 22:58,

    Well, it’s fairly obvious, the NE is now where they have most of their MPs, and they are desperate to hold on to every last one of them, especially if another UKGE is in the offing.

    The implication of some voting intention survey I recently caught sight of puts Tory and Labour neck-and-neck for WM, and it wouldn’t do for the SNP to be holding the balance of power there, would it? =wink=

    Meanwhile, (our) James Kelly posted:

    what happens if […] there’s a snap general election? Can the Scottish Tories fit both “No2Indyref2” and “No2EURef2” on their campaign posters in the north-east? If not, which message do they prioritise? Decisions, decisions…

    Heh, heh.

  64. Bob Mack says:

    Latest Survation poll puts SNP on 40%. Tories and Labour both down. Yippee.

  65. Thepnr says:

    Reports that Esther McVey the DWP Minister was left greetin in tonight’s cabinet meeting because she was shouted at by the chief whip.

    This is the woman who is responsible for millions of children going hungry in the UK because of her Universal Credit rollout and delays to payments leaving them without any money for food or to pay their rent.

    She is absolutely heartless but bursts into tears if she is shouted at. People like this are not fit to occupy a place in the highest echelons of government where they make life or death decisions that can affect millions.

    I expect her to resign tomorrow and good riddance.

  66. mr thms says:

    The UK showing just how difficult it is to dissolve a Union.

    Had Scotland voted Yes in 2014, then enacting the Scotland Act 2016, having a ‘Leave’ vote in EU Referendum, that triggers Article 50, produced a UK EU Withdrawal Act and today’s announcement of an agreement…would probably be the best way of bringing it about.

  67. ben madigan says:

    A citation from that post at

    “We’re now closer than ever before to the clarity on Brexit that Nicola Sturgeon was looking for before making an announcement on a second independence referendum. It won’t be clarity on the long-term shape of a post-Brexit economic relationship, but it could be clarity on where the UK will find itself on 30th March next year, which I presume is all she can realistically hope for. Could we be just weeks away from the First Minister pressing for a Section 30 order once again?”

    Couldn’t have put it better! Well said James!

  68. Hamish100 says:

    uk showing not how to do it. They made it difficult

  69. Thepnr says:

    The biggest failure of this Tory government over Brexit is that they have only agreed three main issues.

    They’ve agreed what the bill will be in monetary terms for the UK to leave the EU.

    They’ve agreed as solution that prevents a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    They’ve agreed on the status of EU citizens in the UK and vice-versa.

    That document was 460 pages of legal text yet the most important things that will affect all of us while we’re still in the UK. That is the “Future Framework” is just seven pages of meaningless drivel.

    That is their biggest failure because other than the three issues they hope to get through parliament we still don’t have a clue as to what outcomes and the full extent of leaving the EU actually mean.

    Fail, fail and fail again, no way can this successfully get through a vote in Westminster.

  70. Hamish100 says:

    biggest quest yet. why does the rev allow rock to regurgitate the same posts time and time again?

  71. Confused says:

    In the 70s, the days of the plots against Wilson, the military would often conduct “exercises” around downing st, heathrow etc … nothing to see here, move along.

    Check this out

    Doing a coup 101 consists of seizing
    tv and radio stations
    the airport
    power stations
    food warehouses
    petrol installations

    – interesting timing no?

    Everyone has gone to bed and no one really knows what is going to happen tomorrow.

  72. yesindyref2 says:

    We could be days, even hours away from the S30 being pushed for. It’s all up in the air, like a juggler with his balls.

  73. Confused says:

    I predict a great happening … in

    622 minutes

  74. Confused says:

    The EU link to the draft agreement PDF has broken. Since I can’t get to sleep, thought I would give it a go.
    – alternative link, anyone pls?

  75. Thepnr says:

    Sorry that’s the broken link lol, here’s Nana’s original link and that still works.

  76. Confused says:

    – aye Thepnr, that’s the one I was trying, all I get is

    Due to planned maintenance, the page you are trying to reach is not available. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please try again later.

  77. Confused says:

    – gotcha now Thepnr, our replies overlapped.

    By the looks of it, will soon be in the Land of Nod.

    Has anyone done a “word cloud” of it yet?

  78. Dr Jim says:

    Business briefings from the BBC this morning says 20 countries have already rejected trade deals with the UK

    Bloomberg says the £ is highly volatile and could collapse at any time

    British businesses facing a cliff edge in 21 months time

    And this is only the first night so all going rather well
    It’s no wonder Scotlands FM is laughing at the PMs incompetence along with the rest of the world

  79. Petra says:

    ‘FAKE NEWS: BBC Scotland ‘presents’ figures to suggest agriculture deaths are higher in Scotland when they are lower.’


    ‘Flying Scotsman? Shock as Scotsman article does not hit any buffers.’

    ”Credit where credit is due. This piece by Alistair Dalton is pretty positive, perhaps ever-so-slightly over-so and misses several opportunities to slag ScotRail en passant. What will BBC Scotland’s Douglas Fraser make of this? Did they mention it?”..


    ‘IT’s back! ‘The Demonising 2’: BBC Scotland remove all Brown stuff in preparation for backdoor examination of Salmond.’


    ‘More reader misery for Scots as news misrepresentation hits new low.’

  80. marsfries says:

    Consider this, please:

    Let’s say there is a snap UK General Election (for argument’s sake). How about the SNP makes the snap election all about independence and says to voters: we have your mandate from 2016 and we are now saying, a vote at this snap election for us is a vote for independence, and a majority of SNP Westminster MPs will then have a mandate from the Scottish electorate to come home, and the Scottish Parliament passes a bill to dissolve the Union with England. To make the snap election about independence would not be in breach of the mandate since a second snap election would still be within the timeframe of this particular Scottish parliament.

    If there are considerations to combine the 2021 Scottish Elections with the question of Independence, then why not apply this plan to a potential UK snap election?

    If the SNP went for this gameplan, should it be a simple majority of 59 seats, or two-thirds, or even 80-20%?

    Personally, I think the wording in the manifesto should be a majority but the aim should be for a substantial majority so that the argument is put to bed for good.

  81. Petra says:

    BBC still reporting, brainwashing us all, on the Scottish Fishery issue only, no doubt because they can push the Tory support ”story”. Nought else being mentioned. As WGD says why has the £100million they have been robbing from the Scots not been used to enlighten us all as to what Brexit actually means for Scotland? In fact I’ve been left wondering what they actually do with the other £220 plus million they get from the Scots year on year.


    ‘Theresa May teeters on brink despite Cabinet support for EU deal.’

    …”But it was not the unanimous decision of Cabinet, with at least 10 ministers objecting.”..


    I’ll opt for number 7.

    ‘What’s going to happen? the Brexit scenarios for the weeks ahead.’


  82. Dr Jim says:

    America set to reject trade deal with the UK until resolution of Scotlands constitutional position

    In other words England on its own have nothing to offer

  83. Petra says:

    Theresa May’s choices:

    1. Her current Deal.

    2. No Deal.

    3. No Brexit.

  84. Robert Louis says:

    Thepnr at 1220am,

    Esther McVey exhibits almost every trait of a psychopath. That is why she has the job she has. That is why she lies with zero difficulty, and why, when she is told of truly cruel consequences of her actions, she gives a blank stare.

    I have often thought their are many, including Theresa May, within the Tory leadership, who are similar. Ian Duncan Smith is another.

    These people have zero empathy. They literally cannot understand another human’s suffering, it literally does not register within their minds, so they can carry out the most cruel things, and go home and sleep soundly at night. Normal people would be horrified at what their actions were doing to poor and disabled people, but these are not normal human beings.

    The ‘tears’ when being shouted at, is just another facet of this.

    As humans, tories are mainly really pretty sick/psycopathic people overall- especially those who climb the greasy pole to the top..

  85. John Thomson says:

    Dr Jim where did that info come from

  86. Ken500 says:

    It is just unbelievable there is a ‘sudden’ Poll appearing claiming some people in Scotland would still vote unionists not declining fast enough. Without D’Hond’t unionists politicians would be wiped out of Gov. That is why they imposed it secretly without a mandate. To try and keep the SNP out. The unionists paid from London HQ’s to try and ruin the Scottish economy. They are doing a cracking job. Sanctioning and starving people.

    The massive cracks appearing, Totally irrational. In all this mess Labour/unionists are asking for train services to be nationalised when they denied Scotland the powers to take control. If this gives through theurvwill be less people in Scotland, The Scottish economy stagnating because of Westminster centralist policies. Spending£Billions on HS2. A total waste of time and money. It will damage the Scottish economy. When the Scottish service should be improved. It suffers from historical Labour/unionist lack of funding screwing Scotland. Not cutting rail journey times in Scotland for parity.

    The unionists are trolling Scotland. May and the Tories will have to stage a GE they can lose to get them out of the mess. A complete and utter shambles.

    The shambles in which no one gets what they want. They get the complete opposite. If they even get that through any Parliament it will be a miracle.A complete and utter unbelievable mess.Now look what the Tory/Unionists have done. They are wasting he taxpayers money on this catastrophe which could go on for years. Wasting time and £Billions. Ignorance personified.

    May will be gone with another ghoul to take her place. The Tories/unionists are just lining their pockets on other people’s misery. A band of bandits along with their associates. Incomprehensible the damage being done.

    It will be a miracle if this mishmash gets through the Commons. No one gets what they want. It offends everyone. Totally negative. Vote No you get nothing. Some people never learn. They were warned. The Tories/unionists at their best. Fecking it up for everyone including themselves. What a shower. The economy in bits while they play dirty fiddlers with each other. The bonfire of the vanities. How Thatcher went. EU matters, The economy devastated. Only for Labour to feck it up as well. Illegal wars. Banking crash. Near bankruptcy. The largest wealth gap in the world. Totally illegal.

    Westminster unionists killing and maiming millions throughout the world. Supporting despot absolute monarchies and apartheid States with illegal redundant weapons. Nuclear warheads trained upon each other. So they can attack others. Policies that would never be supported in the US/UK or France. Total hypocrites. Britain and France carved up the Middle East. The Balfour Agreement. Stitch up. Completely illegal. Denied the people the vote and reneged upon promises. Stole the Oil and resources. They could have just legally bought it. It would have been cheaper. Crime does not pay in the long run. Soon the Tories will be gone into the wildness for thirty years. If there is any justice.

    The Tory/unionists psycho bastards. At least Nicola is getting some air time to call them out. The only ones with any sense or standing up for Scotland. The SNP.

    The Police has better call off the dogs on Alex Salmond or they will regret the totally fabricated nonsense, where is the evidence cerainky not at Edinburgh airport. Just Ryanair etc. They will find themselves in the dock. No flights again, The economy tanking, Call off the sniffer dogs at the Airport and go and bother someone else. Stop wasting time and money on malicious made up complaint, as usual.

    The crooks at Downing Street sanctioning, starving people and violating people’s rights. Breaking the Law at every turn. The cops putting people in cells on ‘charges’ that can never come to Court. Away and get the proper villians. The Westminster crooks and their associates breaking every Law in the world, with impunity.

    Westminster chancers running around in blackened cars barricaded in like prisoners of their own making. They are so scared to meet the public. The ones having to pay £Billions to be fleeced by Westminster. £Billions now being spent doing up the cess pit. Scotland should be out of it. It is left out in any cause. Powers to be taken. The McCrone Report hidden for years. Westminster their criminal acts kept secret under the Official Secrets Act, Iraq, Dunblane, Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years.

  87. Breeks says:

    Dr Jim says:
    15 November, 2018 at 6:55 am
    America set to reject trade deal with the UK until resolution of Scotlands constitutional position

    In other words England on its own have nothing to offer…

    …Or the Americans want UK assurances they can steamroller over Scottish / EU standards and regulation.

  88. Kangaroo says:

    Dr Jim or Breeks

    Have you got a reference for the assertion that US want assurances over Scottish independence question???

  89. TheItalianJob says:

    I think the Establishment parties will get this Brexit deal through and vote for it. This deal is not a hard “no deal”. Still in the CU for the transition period with a final solution to be agreed, freedom of movement still guaranteed for the transition period and no hard border between Rep Ireland and N Ireland.

    They all know if they don’t vote this through then Indy2 will be called and they are seriously worried it will be a yes vote.

    Keeping Scotland in the U.K. is now their end game.

  90. Robert Louis says:

    A very powerful piece by the usually moderate Lesley Riddoch this morning in The National. Essentially pointing out what many including myself have thought for some time, that whilst the nicey, nicey/ diplomacy approach of the Scotgov was a good ideas at the beginning, it has clearly achieved nothing. It is time for action, talking has gotten us nothing.

    Here is a wee quote;

    “..Let’s face it. 62% of voters in Scotland have been in a land beyond reason since the Brexit vote in 2016. How much longer do we turn up nicely, play by the rules and get carved out?

    It’s time to ask.”

    Source :

  91. Breeks says:

    Well, we’re here now, we know what the deal looks like, and the very existence of Scotland has been airbrushed completely.

    It seems too we have until Friday before the 27 EU members will complete the formality of agreeing to Michel Barnier’s deal, and congratulating him on a job well done, closing the file on Brexit, burying that file with a digger, and planting a tree on the spot…

    All we need now is Inspector Columbo to walk in waving a little Saltire, and say “Mr Barnier, just one more thing…”

    Or don’t tell me, please, PLEASE don’t tell me, we’ve managed to find a great wee sell out compromise in the small print…

  92. Breeks says:

    I don’t Kangaroo, just shooting from the hip after what Jim said…

  93. Petra says:

    NIrish Minister Shailish Vara has resigned.

  94. Petra says:

    Ooops … Shailesh not Shailish.

  95. Petra says:

    Keir Starmer, Labour, saying that they have studied the deal and they’ll be voting it down.

  96. Breeks says:

    Scottish News a fkn disgrace as usual. You’d learn more from reading tea leaves.

  97. Robert Louis says:

    So now we know the deal, it is time for action. If the deal is rejected, then we either have no deal, a new election or a second referendum.

    If the FM calls a referendum on independence, it matters not one jot, which of those options occur. If their is an election, they argue to stay in the EU via independence, if their is a second vote, they argue to remain (the polls show remain winning across the UK), and if their is no deal, then the indy ref carries on, but is accelerated to provide a result prior to end March 2019.

    It is time for action. If it look like the indy vote will win, then it would actually halt the entire UK brexit, so a win-win for all.

    This time around their will be an awful to less people in England pleading for Scotland to stay, indeed, I think they will be cheering us on, and then planning to move up here.

    Either way, the decision MUST be made at times like this, when the WHOLE world’s media is paying attention, and the media are camped out en masse in Westminster. If the Scotgov wait, then they will be ignored once again.

    If (because it is not essential) they seek a section 30, it must have a strict time limit of hours for a response, so we do not have the same nonsense as last time.

    Once the referendum is called, we must all be ready to literally bombard the media all over, in support. Hard and fast. It must be hard and fast. Action after action after action. Announcement after announcement after announcement.

    Now is the perfect time, because the whole world is watching. Any other time, and the complicit English media will just cover it all up, like they did last time.

    Enough is enough. Talking time is over.

  98. TheItalianJob says:


    Saw that ref Keith Starmer and Labour will vote against the deal.

    It waits to be seen if this is what Labour will indeed do as they are an Establishment party and if voting this deal down means more Brexit uncertainty and a possible “no deal Brexit” then I think their MPs in the majority will in the main will vote for it and help the Government get it through.

    As I said in my previous thread the break up of the Union is now at stake to be avoided at all costs i.e. Scotland leaving after a Indy2 Yes vote.

  99. Collie says:

    FFS cheer up everybody,,,

    It’s day two of the second test don’t you know?

    (source,, BBC News headlines)

  100. Luigi says:

    Not long now,.

    Wait until the deal is either passed or rejected by parliament. Whatever. If we go before, it gives Labour the excuse to support the deal. BritNats come together in times of danger. Go after then if it is rejected, it’s popcorn time as they blame each other for breaking up the precious union.

    Hello IndyRef 2. 🙂

  101. Dorothy Devine says:

    Visited the Herald on line , always something I end up regretting.

    Apparently Ms Sturgeon emphatically denies a cover up over the alleged sexual misconduct of Mr Salmond – I really do hate the media of Scotland and its evil scuttling about serving their masters much like the insect munching chap in Dracula.

    However the British Nationalist frothing , encouraged by the journalism , is a sight to behold and I would plead that no-one of independent mind comments on the herald site or any other british nationalist newspaper site – leave it to the frothers and see how long it lasts.

  102. Luigi says:

    Watch out for a spew of doctored opinion polls showing that all this Brexit nonsense continues to have no effect on support for Scottish independence. The BritNats are panicking. The plebs must be kept in their place.

    “You can’t win a referendum, the people don’t want it. Nothing to see here. Move along now!”

  103. wull2 says:

    We cam now see the white of the eyes and what has been negotiated.

    Time we said the Union was not working for Scotland.
    We want NS to negotiate for us as a independent country.

  104. Ottomanboi says:

    England is not our friend…..repeat ad nauseam.
    This madness must end.
    300 years of emasculated dependency is enough. We need our balls back.
    BritState adieu!

  105. Ken500 says:

    The allegations against Alex Salmond are complete fabricated lies. Alex Salmond has had thousands of female friends for years, without any complaint of impropriety of any kind.

    The staff at Edinburgh Airport insult the passengers every day by not telling international passengers they need to have their boarding passes stamped.causing flight delays and extra expense for would be passengers. Perhaps the Police would be better employed investigating that scandal. Putting the sniffer dogs on that with their increased allowances. Courtesy of the SNP and Alex Salmond.

    More direct flights to China, US, EU, Dubai hub and all over the world, Saving time and money. More economical routes and less pollution or emissions. Hopefully a cut in airport duty tax. The snooty staff at Edinburgh Airport owe their lucrative jobs to the SNP and Alex. Travel boardens the mind and is as important as education and cooperation. Scottish invention shaped the modern world. An education hub.

    Some NE fishermen and others who sat on their hands will be regretting not voting for Alex Salmond. The Brexit scandal ruins the NE economy most of all. Shafted once again by the Tory/unionists, Already destroying the City and Shire economy.

    The ‘Salmond slayer’ will be out on his ear. After ruining the NE economy with illegal high Tory taxes, 40% on the Oil & Gas industry. Along with the rest of them. A two job Tory keeping the illegal alliance in power, against electoral rules. They should be sanctioned and charged. Breaking the Law.

    Young gone but still destroyed the City. The appalling legacy. An appalling concrete jungle instead of open spaces and pedestrianisation. A total waste of £200Million. £1.2Billion of debt, Thanks to the greens. Reneging on all policies. Policies supported by the public. Totally disregarded by malicious conspiracy. Unelected or electable turncoats, .

    The SNP and Alex Salmond trying to build it up. Two steps forward one step back as the unionists try to hold up every vital development for fifty years. Illegally underfunded for fifty years by unionists, The Oil money going south to build up London S/E

    The AWPR, the Turbines in the Bay, the extension of the Airport, the Golf Development all due to Alex Salmond. Really missed beyond comprehension. Voters regret. Vote NO you get nothing. Some people never learn. They were warned time and time again.

  106. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Dorothy Devine at 8.14

    The Salmond affair is having absolutely no effect on anything so I wouldn’t waste time agonising over it.

  107. Ken500 says:

    The Herald is going bust. Leave them to all their muck racking. They are fecked. They are in the gutter. The website is mucked up as well. Gone are the agent provocateurs days. Bon days. Bon voyeurs, Now a complete muck up of twisted interlopers. The final days. Going down the tubes. The last post playing out.

    The National is taking over.

  108. Petra says:

    @ Robert Louis says at 8:00 am … ”So now we know the deal, it is time for action. If the deal is rejected, then we either have no deal, a new election or a second referendum. If the FM calls a referendum on independence, it matters not one jot, which of those options occur.”..

    And what if Nicola Sturgeon calls for Indyref2 and then another EURef is held and people vote to remain in the EU, RL? Where will that leave us as per support for Independence?

    If a General Election is held we can’t use it to cover Indyref2 as 16/17 year olds will be excluded as will EU Nationals and we need their votes.

    We’ll need to grit our teeth and see what happens next, what the next few weeks bring, imo, and I reckon that there is worse to come in relation to Westminster. Even more antics / revelations that will totally scunner the Scots, for example Big T being ousted and Boris taking over would be ”nice”.


    Some politicians are saying that they are totally against this deal as they’ll be tied into the Customs Union for evermore. No way of getting out in the future. No doubt a wee clause slotted in by the EU to ensure that they don’t have to endure a repeat Westminster ”performance.”

  109. Frank Gillougley says:

    Dominic Raab no more

  110. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Dom The Raab is affsky…
    Where’s Fluffy today?


  111. Petra says:

    @ Frank Gillougley says at 8:58 am … ”Dominic Raab no more.”

    Two down already! Who’s next?

  112. Petra says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood says at 8:58 am …. ”Dom The Raab is affsky…
    Where’s Fluffy today? ?”

    Practising making a half-decent cup of tea to go with his beardy snacks?

  113. Nana says:


    All 585 pages of toxic fudgyness, here’s the draft Withdrawal Agreement. There’s no good news here for Scotland.

    Westminster Tories think they can do whatever they want to Scotland and get away with it. The SNP will make sure Scotland’s voice is heard.

  114. Bob Mack says:

    Raab goes too.

  115. Nana says:

    Two days before Scotland’s article 50 challenge
    EU summit likely on November 25 if UK cabinet backs Brexit deal: Irish PM

    The Sargeant family is challenging the way the inquiry has been set up to deny them the right to challenge witnesses and fears it will become a cover up.

  116. Luigi says:

    Fluffy will be the last to go. The very last. Correction, he will never go. He is nailed to the union mast, ye see. He will go down with the Tory ship, whimpering as the water washes over the deck.

    You need a bit of a backbone to jump, after all.

  117. Xaracen says:

    Rab C. Legsit

  118. Robert Peffers says:

    @Hamish100 says: 15 November, 2018 at 1:00 am:

    ” … biggest quest yet. why does the rev allow rock to regurgitate the same posts time and time again?”

    Perhaps Rev Stu believes in freedom of choice. I and others choose not to read anything Rock posts – you obviously choose to read his posts or you wouldn’t know they are all, “regurgitated”.

  119. Nana says:

    If you can bear to watch this weasel

    .@DavidMundellDCT talking about today’s Cabinet agreement on the EU Exit deal.

    Resignation letter

  120. IZZIE says:

    Milk from a N. Irish coo will have to be labelled from N. Ireland milk from a coo from Scotland/England/Wales will have to be labelled from the UK! How do you like them apples Arlene and Co.

  121. Cubby says:

    The Brexit Secretary resigns

    The guy who was negotiating the Brexit deal basically says the deal I negotiated is rubbish. I’m off.

    Note to the Britnats – Westminster is a laughing stock throughout the world.

    Britnats are a laughing stock throughout the world.

  122. One_Scot says:

    Lol, today could be a house of cards.

  123. Kangaroo says:


    Which milk will have a Butchers Apron?

    a) only NI milk,
    b) only Scottish Milk,
    c) only Welsh and English Milk, or
    d) only a and c, or
    e) all Milk


  124. Phronesis says:

    Now is the time for Scotland’s voice to be heard above the roaring silence on Scotland’s relationship with Europe that has been expressed by Scotland ,the country, in a democratic vote.
    The Brexit deal is a lengthy epitaph for the crack up of the UK. Sometimes deeds speak louder than words – leaving WM, a campaign of civil disengagement to protect Scotland’s democracy, Parliament,economy,culture, its institutions, heritage and its future for all citizens who call Scotland their home.

    ‘Britain’s low-wage, low productivity economy is the result of 40 years of neoliberal economic policies…The purpose of Brexit for many of its adherents is, it is obvious, an undercutting of labour and environmental standards…I do not see a future for this country which is a good future in undercutting social and environmental standards. We can more productively use our natural and human resources through better, not less, regulation. High environmental and social standards are conducive to efficient use of capital and labour and are needed for innovation’

  125. mike cassidy says:

    If I’m reading Raab’s resignation letter correctly

    then May’s much touted agreement puts no time limit on when an actual Brexit point is reached –

    and that the EU will have a veto over it.

    Is that the case?

    That’s surely political suicide!

  126. Frank Gillougley says:

    Stunning. The ink not dry and already a no deal looms closer.

    When the ensuing fall-out and consequences will eventually die down, over the following days, I do believe then will be the time for the SNP to get a move on and issue their letter of grievance (a la GB) as an overture to the process of ending this sick uk union.

    A start has to be made.

  127. Bob Mack says:

    What a gutless shower the Tories are. From Cameron,to Osborne, and now Rabb and whoever follows. They create havoc and then try to absolve themselves from all responsibility by resigning “on principle”.

    Chinless spineless and self serving.

  128. Ken500 says:

    10%+ of US voters are of Scottish decent. Enough to swing a US election. Many take an interest and visit. Have many relations in Scotland. US businesses in Scotland who want access to EU markets will tank because of Brexit. US businesses based in Ireland for access to European markets will be affected. They get tax allowances. So will trade deals with Europe. A disaster all around. Brexit will harm the world economy but especially the UK.

    World economies are intertwined supported by the EU a major player, a part of it and complex agreements. The EU was founded after the 11WW to stop war and starvation in the world. The UK/US Gov (France) are warmongers. Illegally selling redundant weaponry and blowing the world to bits. The destroyers causing the worst migration crisis since the 11WW. Now they want to hit and run from what they have done. Bloody cowards.

    Britain one of the most unequal place in the world. People now are desperate, frustrated, annoyed and extremely angry. No wonder. There will soon be protests and riots aka Thatcher. The violence of the Thatcher years before she was overcome. These ignorant, arrogant hypocrites and sychophants unionists Westminster politicians and their associates. Ruining people’s lives for spite with no compassion or understanding. They lot of them can rot and git to pot. Gardening leave approaching. Already they are being deselected and changing their tune. Hypocrites every one.

  129. Ken500 says:

    What the heck has Raab resigned. Just wait for the rest of the resignation soon. Before they get found out. The rats deserting the sinking ship of their own making. Animals have more compassion for each other. The badness of some of the so called human race.

    What a complete and utter shambles.

  130. Tinto Chiel says:

    I spoiled my breakfast and looked at Mundell’s clip, Nana.

    Selected lowlights:

    “Our (Scotland’s) wish to leave the Common Fisheries Policy.” Eh?

    “And everyone who lives there (Scotland).” Not “here”, note.

    A body language expert would no doubt analyse his whirling hands unfavourably. Reminds you of the old “shiver looking for a spine to run up” gag.

    Xaracen: “Rab C Legsit”. Chust sublime 😛

  131. Collie says:

    Who believes in conspiracy theories?

    What about the one where the Tories have known all along that there would be No Deal,

    And Johnson and Co have been in on this since the start.

  132. Lenny Hartley says:

    Robert Louis, there is no deal, this is for the transition period only and the backstop for NI, the pernament trade deal will take years to negotiate. This is just the fudge to get them to Scots Elections without too much pain. There will be an extension of this deal if it gets through Westminster Parliament to take it past 2021 the date of the next Scots election.
    According to Wikipedia
    The next Scottish Parliament election is due to be held on Thursday 6 May 2021.[79] Under the Scotland Act 1998, an ordinary general election to the Scottish Parliament would normally have been held on the first Thursday in May four years after the 2016 election, i.e. in May 2020.[80] This would have clashed with the proposed date of the 2020 United Kingdom general election, but later became a moot point after the latter was brought forward to 2017.[81] In November 2015, the Scottish Government published a Scottish Elections (Dates) Bill, which proposed to extend the term of the Parliament to five years.[81] That Bill was passed by the Scottish Parliament on 25 February 2016 and received Royal Assent on 30 March 2016, setting the new date for the election as 6 May 2021, with subsequent elections every four years after that.[79]
    Anyways the Scots Govt have until 2021 to hold a referendum if they are going to use the existing mandate.

  133. Nana says:

    Morning Tinto, I only managed a few seconds of watching the creep.
    He doesn’t have a spine for a shiver to run up.

    Nicola replies to Paris Gourtsoyannis

  134. Baldeagle58 says:

    I’m no historian, but is there anything at all in the 1707 Treaty of Union that the Scottish Government can bring up and show to the world that would let Scotland declare that it has been broken by the actions of the Westminster Government?
    Once a Treaty is broken, it’s BROKEN! No going back, no ‘fixing’ it. Broken by the arrogance of Westminster!

    Westminster has already agreed that the people of Scotland are Sovereign. They can’t backtrack on that.

    Is it not, therefore, the ‘Sovereign will of the People of Scotland’ that they Remain in the EU? After all, 62% voted to stay.

    Get Scotland’s top lawyers onto this to check it out and, if it’s a watertight case, present that to the ECJ as well.

    No need for a referendum, just a vote in the Scottish Parliament declaring that the Act of Union of 1707 is no longer fit for purpose because of the actions of Westminster.

    Or am I just being naïve?

  135. dave Stewart says:

    He doesn’t do Irony just like the rest of them.

    Rabb’s letter includes
    No democratic nation has ever signed up to be bound by such an extensive regime, imposed externally without any democratic control over the laws to be applied, nor the ability to decide to exit the arrangement.

    democracy westmonster style

    Time to go indeed

  136. Luigi says:

    To all those people who this morning realise they have been duped. Done up like kippers. All I can say is:

    You sad fools!

    What did you expect was going to happen?

    Never trust a tory. 🙂

  137. Robert Louis says:

    Theresa May’s statement will be either

    1. PM resignation

    2. General election.

    We need out of this cluster*** ASAP.

  138. Robert Louis says:

    So will Mundell or Davdison have the integrity to resign???


  139. Robert Louis says:

    Where is Mundell? is he in hiding? Will the blatantly propagandist BBC ‘doorstep’ him? Of course not.

    NO difficult questions for the lying Tories in Scotland. Meanwhile BBC Scotland pretends brexit isn’t actually happening.

  140. Nana says:

    Scotland know your place
    out in the cold

    Belgium has 7 devolved parliaments and they have a say on Belgium vetoing the Brexit Deal.

  141. frogesque says:

    Sorry folks, ma’ heid’s just gonna explode. Can’t keep up. Taking dug out for a dander. Who knows what we’ll come back tae.

  142. Alba Laddie says:

    Dominic’s domino effect – will Fluffy and the glaikit MP from Aberdeen South follow suit on “principle” ?

  143. jfngw says:

    That’s 2 Brexit secretaries lost by May, starting to look more than unfortunate. The latest one resigns after his own negotiations are put to the cabinet.

    Labour claim they could do better but Raab’s position is the equivalent of how Labour march and demonstrate against policies they themselves implement. GCC women’s pay, rail nationalisation, WASPI, the list of Labour’s duplicity is endless.

  144. Daisy Walker says:

    So this deal keeps them under the ECJ jurisdiction. So the tax haven laws will be implemented…. Oh dear.

    So this special treatment of NI contravenes the terms of the Treaty of Union…. Oh dear.

    It’s not a case of if this will fall, but rather how quickly. The next question will be, what next, what will suit the Establishment best (which definitely means scuppering Indyref 2 for Scotland). A GE, a Peoples Vote?

    Whatever they decide to do, they won’t decide quickly, that’s a given. Not while the clock is ticking to a no deal outcome.

    Then chaos in the streets (just the one will do) state of emergency declared, close down Holyrood.

    We can expect a great deal of ‘pressure’ to be put on SNP to support and sell the People’s vote, and substantially less activity on publicity on just how bad brexit will be for all the UK economy.

    The FM has done a great job of not wasting energy by ‘fighting’ the PV, sadly, the PV hasn’t brought the dividens in terms of media coverage on Brexshit (in my opinion). Twas always a new labour ploy to ‘manage the expectations’ and be too little, too late to actually achieve its stated aim.

    Hey ho, eyes on the prize.

  145. Robert Louis says:

    So now with Mcvey resigning, perhaps as Theresa is being driven to the HoC, she should lean over to her driver, and say, tell you what, let’s save time, take me to the palace.

    Is the queen in this morning??

  146. mountain shadow says:

    Evil witch McVey has resigned too.

    General Election looking likely.

  147. Robert Louis says:

    If there is no election called, then next up will be the biggest clown in English history, Boris, ‘bono’ the clown.

    Ross thompson should start looking for a new job, and so should that absolute weasel of a man, Mundell.

  148. Cubby says:

    The Maybots team is cracking up. The evil witch McVey resigns.

    Britnats are the laughing stock throughout the world.

  149. Nana says:

    Colin MacKay should doorstep Mundell and Davidson for an answer
    but he won’t.

    McVey gone

  150. call me dave says:

    Jings! May lost more players than the Scottish team manager.

    Heard three commentator folk in interviews this morning mentioning maybe .. No Brexit!

    Shurley shome mishtake. 🙂

  151. Bob Mack says:

    The dominoes are falling nicely.Who’s next in line ? Strong and stable you know.

  152. Luigi says:

    Looks like there’s an wide open goal there for Labour.

    The big question is will they grab the opportunity to bring this shambles of a government down?

    I have me doubts. 🙁

  153. Robert Louis says:

    Of course, they could make Davidson a peer, then whisk her down to London and make her PM. Only to rapidly find out, that their supposed ‘rising star’, is nothing of the kind, and only looks that way because the media in Scotland point blank refuse to ever ask her hard questions.

    It would be too funny for words, if they did.

  154. Glamaig says:

    so my local Police SCOTLAND office (fully devolved to the SCOTTISH Parliament) has chosen this morning to become the British Police. They have replaced their Saltire with a large Union Jack. WTF??? anybody aware of why this might be? do the police do this for certain events, what is the event today?

  155. mountain shadow says:

    It is clear that May requires support from other parties to get this through Westminster and I don’t believe that is a possibility.

    Looks like enough Tory MPs will submit a no confidence letter to the 1922 Committee to trigger a leadership ballot by the end of the day.

    The edifice is crumbling.

  156. Nana says:

    Live from Downing st

    Rumours Gove has cancelled appointments for today, could he be next? or perhaps the slack jawed snaked sees himself as PM.

    Talk of letters having gone in, vote of no confidence coming later today.

  157. Robert Louis says:

    Police scotland website down. Hacked?? (which is somewhat of a worry).?

  158. mountain shadow says:

    so my local Police SCOTLAND office (fully devolved to the SCOTTISH Parliament) has chosen this morning to become the British Police. They have replaced their Saltire with a large Union Jack. WTF??? anybody aware of why this might be? do the police do this for certain events, what is the event today?

    Yesterday was one the national (UK) flag days for Cherlies birthday. Something to do with that mayve?

  159. Robert Louis says:

    Here’s the odd thing about all of this. Had May given the Scots the freedom to remain in customs union and single market, it would have prevented the Ireland problem, and given her an extra 32 votes.

    Perhaps by choosing the DUP, instead of working with the SNP, the Tories have go ten exactly what they deserved.

    Just saw Theresa May leaving No.10. She is going to resign. The look on her face said it all.

  160. Cubby says:

    Junior Brexit minister resigns.

    Tory MP says on TV I think we’ve gone collectively mad. Self awareness from a Tory MP – who would have forecast that. Not even our resident apprentice Nostradamus forecast that statement from a Tory.

    Britnat heads exploding all over the UK. What’s not to like.

  161. Nana says:

    #Brexit Minister Suella Braverman is the next to resign over the PM’s plans.

  162. Robert Louis says:

    Rory the `Tory on BBC trying to defend the indefensible. What a chump.

  163. Glamaig says:

    mountain shadow

    thanks thought it might be something like that – just getting a bit hacked off with UJs everywhere!

  164. Bill McLean says:

    Five resignations as of 2 minutes age – including McVey and Raab

  165. mountain shadow says:

    2 more Junior Ministers have gone.

    That’s 2 Senior and 3 Junior. Still no sign of Fluffy having any principles.

  166. Macart says:

    Cabinet coming apart at the seams (see under full meltdown) and Commons in an uproar. Just need the vote in chambers to put the belt and braces on it.

    Process, process, process.

    A blind Brexit in a CU only and a bolted on backstop without end? Or. Or a no deal baby oot with the bath water? Scotland and our representation deliberately ignored for a very specific reason.

    Who knew?

  167. Bill Hume says:


  168. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I can see it – Mundell for PM. Every other cabinet minister will resign, leaving just the Maybot and Fluffy, and, when she goes, Fluffy, who I can never see resigning, will be left as PM by default.

    Well, is that idea any more outrageous than some of the other shite we have had lately?

  169. One_Scot says:

    Lol, Theresa May in the House of Commons reminds me of the Monty Python Black Night.

  170. mountain shadow says:

    Nana says:
    15 November, 2018 at 10:29 am
    Willing to step into the breach ?

    The EU are hardly coming out smelling of roses in this either though. They are as much responsible for Scotland’s vote being ignored as Westminster.

    Alyn Smith’s plea to the EU after the EU leave vote, did not have any impact at all.

  171. Luigi says:

    Are BBC reporters on their way to doorstep Mundell and Davidson and ask them why they haven’t resigned yet?

    We wait patiently. 🙂

  172. mountain shadow says:

    Fluffy and Gove appear to be absent from Government front bench.

  173. Capella says:

    It’s bizarre that the minister for negotiating the BREXIT deal resigns over the BREXIT deal. Presumably this 500 page suicide letter was concocted by the Oliver Robbins? person May installed in Brussels.

  174. Luigi says:

    Folks, this is just the earthquake.

    Wait for the Tsunami that will follow. 🙂

  175. Iain mhor says:

    Three bites of the cherry.
    GE, Indyref, SE.
    Just a question of whether the SNP manifesto for a GE is to insert independence. I don’t see why not, they could only lose MP’s, it’s not as if any GE vote in Scotland is democratically valid without the Indy ticket anyway. That has been well proven since the last GE (every GE) so losing MP’s is no loss – Though I’m sure MP’s would argue otherwise.

    If they do fail to win a majority at the GE, then the mandate to hold Indyref2 still stands. If they do win a majority in the GE, then the mandate to hold an indyref2 also still stands, if there was a sudden clamour for an additional confirmation after a declaration of Independence. You can bet there would be howls to that effect anyway. “We demand a peoples vote on the vote”

    If none of that comes to pass they still have an Indy ticket to stand on in 2021. Though, the SNP would cease to exist as a Scottish political party if that fails. Simply because Scotland will cease to exist as a nation by that time, ergo there can be no such entity as a Scottish political party – some sort of regional seperatist movement agitating for secession from the Kingdom of Great Britain possibly, as by that time NI would cease to exist also.

    Hey, it’s just a scenario… I was going to lead with some grammar nazi stuff about the ticker in the Dateline video – “There/Their” – but recent events point to a GE.

  176. Nana says:

    Here’s Theresa May backtracking on the so-called ‘deal’ agreed yesterday.

  177. Colin Alexander says:

    If a general election is called it MUST become Scotland’s Indyref.

  178. Bob Mack says:

    Nicola last night categorically stated to Robert Penton she would see how these few days played out ,and then make decisions to protect Scotland.

    I think she is right. It is coming

  179. Ottomanboi says:

    Fluffy….Hagrid May’s pet dog. Three heads and not one functioning in Scotland’s interests…just as it should be as England’s wee Scottish satrap.

  180. IZZIE says:

    May has just said ‘Scotland is not specifically mentioned – Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom’ So there it is in a nutshell because we did not vote for independence we have no individual rights or needs. How long are we going to put up with this?

  181. Petra says:

    Thanks for the links Nana, especially this one for a much needed laugh.

    Live from Downing St:….

    Just waiting to hear that strong and stable Big T is left on her tod with no other than week and unstable Mundell. Sitting in Downing Street swopping shoes and taking turns to poke around in his beard.

    Just thinking too, once again, that Dirty Money Davidson’s baby came in real handy for her.

  182. Ken500 says:

    Another one gone. Another one down. Another one hits the dust. The rats deserting the sinking ship of their own making. At this rate there will be none of them left this time next week. The stinking pyramid crumbles. Up like a puff of smoke. The bonfire of the vanities. Thatcher even took longer to get rid of by her own Party. Over EU matters.

    Have there every been such blantant ignorant, arrogant obscene incompetents. You cannot be serious. The Westminster unionists total imbeciles, useless cretins. No one fit for governance.

    People feeling anxious? They are past that now. They are feeling more than angry. They are raging. In complete and utter disbelief.

  183. The Milngavie Fox says:

    Well who would’ve thunk it!! After an eternity the great minds down south have come up a Hokey Cokey scrambled brexit neither in, out but certainly shaking about the credulity of anyone sane. Looks like the SNP “wait and see” in 2018 might have been the smart move. Their house of cards is falling in front of my eyes.

  184. mountain shadow says:

    IZZIE says:
    15 November, 2018 at 11:06 am
    May has just said ‘Scotland is not specifically mentioned – Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom’ So there it is in a nutshell because we did not vote for independence we have no individual rights or needs. How long are we going to put up with this?


    How long? Until we vote for independence. The First Minister needs to get on with it.

  185. Robert Louis says:

    Theresa May now simply looking foolish. Her own cabinet and the DUP have had enough. It is all well and good to stay resolute, but the time has come for her to go.

  186. Petra says:

    @ Colin Alexander says at 10:46 am … ”If a general election is called it MUST become Scotland’s Indyref.”

    Really? Why would you say that when it means that we would lose 16/17 year old and EU National’s votes?

  187. Dr Jim says:

    BBC business briefings comes on at 5am in the morning and in that programme information comes pouring out as if the BBC doesn’t care who hears it because I expect they think nobody listens at that time in the morning and it means they can say they did report it while not mentioning another word about it for the rest of the day

  188. Definitely the end game now.

    To my amazement, about 5 minutes before the Raab resignation broke, a man on R4 was talking about the Scottish case which has been approved by the Court if Sessions to go before the ECJ on Nov 27th about whether the UK alone can revoke Article 50.

    He said that if the ECJ decides that it is up to the UK alone to call that halt then this would be a GAME CHANGER!!! and it was important that Parliament was given that option…. however about 2 minutes later Raab resigned and there was a feeding frenzy for the last 5 minutes of the programme.. ( about 8.47 if anyone wants to rewind and have a listen)

  189. Cubby says:

    The Maybot says in response to Blackford Scotland is a PART of the UK. This woman lies every time she opens her mouth. Scotland is a PARTNER in the U.K. An abused and ignored partner. Most abused and ignored partners end up divorced. It’s time.

    Britnats just keep on coming with their lies. Britnats lie to fellow Britnats. They are just addicted to lying.

    Who in their right minds would want to be governed by this lot.

  190. Old Pete says:

    If a GE is called the SNP have to make it all about Scottish Independence. We need to leave this stinking union with England before they totally strangle our country.

  191. Socrates

    Well, if you’re right and it is Fluffy for PM we won’t be having a ‘no Deal’ Brexit because he specifically said that a ‘No deal’ scenario would be ‘horrendous’ for Scotland but then if , as T May says, Scotland wasn’t mentioned because it is part of the UK now, we obviously have to infer that he meant a ‘no deal’ Brexit would be ‘horrendous’ for the UK as the two are now one.

  192. Terence callachan says:

    Remember remember 16/17 year olds do not get a vote in a general election
    16/17 year olds do get a vote in a Scottish independence referendum
    It would be wrong for the hundreds of thousands of English people living temporarily in Scotland to get a vote on Scottish independence by way of a general election and all our Scottish 16/17 year olds be refused a vote .
    Wake up wake up, this is a Scottish question
    English people will vote against Scottish independence if given the chance
    Sure you will find some who will vote for Scottish independence but that is not the point
    England immediately after the 2014 Scottish independence referendum declared that in Westminster the so called shared parliament all matters relating to England will only be voted on by English MPs ,they did not say the same rule would apply for Scottish matters oh no, English MPs still get to vote on Scottish matters
    You cannot play by westminsters rules , they make the rules
    Scotland has to take control of its destiny

  193. ScottishPsyche says:

    The utter contempt with which the SNP are treated by May and the Tories is getting unbearable. Ian Blackford again gives away predictable lines for her to latch on to, why does he keep doing that? Does no one go through his speeches and say she will immediately use this to attack you? He has to explain why Scotland’s devolved NHS is under threat instead of giving her an easy diversionary target.

    She can, and does, end every answer with Yah-boo, suck it up you voted No. We have to be more clever in our questions. Angus Robertson did it so much better and I guess that was why they focussed on getting rid of him.

    He tried to say there could be consensus and was shouted down. The SNP must highlight how they are treated in their questions to get over how disgusting this treatment is. May shows hatred in her answers beyond political differences.

  194. Frank Gillougley says:

    With an apt image of the diddy himself.

    TC? – GTF.

  195. Petra says:

    Scotland? Where’s that?


    ‘Nicola Sturgeon: I wouldn’t put money on Theresa May being PM for much longer.’

    …”In a phone call with the Prime Minister after the Cabinet meeting, she had rejected May’s assertion that Scotland’s interests had been protected in the deal.

    “I pointed out that there isn’t a single mention of Scotland in the agreement, that it disregards our interests and puts Scotland at a serious competitive disadvantage,” she said.”..

  196. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “If the SNP went for this gameplan, should it be a simple majority of 59 seats, or two-thirds, or even 80-20%?”

    The only way you can possibly make that strategy work is if you get 50%+ of the vote, which is a very tall order.

  197. You really get to see the wheat from the chaff in this type of setting.

    Davidson and Mundell threatened to resign over a deal that would threaten ‘the precious Union’ and we are still waiting. When you threaten to resign, you don’t wait for a couple of days to see how things will pan out you go!

    The 13 Scottish Tory MP tractors said they could not accept a deal that allows UK waters to be open to non UK boats – well??

    The two Brexit Secretaries thus far have resigned after the deal they are supposed to have negotiated has been forced through Cabinet David Davis and Raab – gone!

    Rees Mogg crawls around issuing weasel words about always supporting the PM but has written a letter to ALL tory MP’s last night and has not resigned this morning.

    They are expert at getting someone else to ‘fire the bullets’.

    Not a peep from Davidson – bet she’s worried though. If there is a snap GE what will she do? No resignation yet despite all the noise the DUP has been making – will she have to shorten her maternity leave and come back to fight a GE.

    Think Corbyn has got the wind of a GE in his sails – gonna be a humdinger of a FMQ’s

  198. FMQ’s off to roasting start.

    Nicola on fire!

    Davidson and Mundell have spent the last year fighting for the UK – much laughter!!!

  199. Nicola : ‘How can Davidson and Mundell stay in their position with any shred of credibility’
    – calling on them to show their backbone, show if they have any principles.

    Insults flying now with Carlaw saying Nicola will not be FM after the next election; border at Berwick.

    Nicola: Tories are happy to allow Scotland to be taken out of EU against our democratic right, the single market against our will, economic disadvantage with N. Ireland

    Tories should be completely and utterly ashamed of themselves.

    ‘I’ll be FM after the next GE but I’m not sure that T May will be PM after today”

  200. Nana says:


    The Supreme Court has refused the Government’s request for a hearing on the Article 50 case. It will instead determine the Government’s application for permission to appeal on the papers during the course of next week.

  201. BBC reporting 15 mins ago, that none other than Ross Thompson has sent a public message to Mundell asking him to resign over the Deal and reminded him of the letter he and Davidson signed saying they could not support anything that threatens the Union.

    Irony of that is that there is NO doubt that Davidson signed the letter threatening to resign but we are led to believe that Fluffy denied he had threatened resignation.
    Why has Ross Thompson not sent a message to Ruth Davidon asking her to resign???

    Double standards again…

  202. call me dave says:


    Thanks for that Nana. Eye on the ball as always.

  203. Nana says:

    Morning call me dave

    At this rate, I’ll soon be known as ‘THE’ swivel eyed loon 🙂

    Two more links for now

  204. Marsfries says:

    David Mundell calling Raab a carpet bagger, rich coming from Fluffy!

  205. Nana says:

    Another one bites the dust. Even the cat is looking a bit jumpy!

  206. Fred says:

    Waiting for Fluffy tae flounce!

  207. Nana says:


    sorry to disappoint you, Fluffy is a spineless coward

  208. Petra says:

    @ Meg at 12:18pm …… “Tory Ross Thompson asking Mundell to resign but not Davidson. Why not?”

    Probably because the wee fly man is after Mundell’s job. No interest in what’s best for Scotland such as ridding us of Davidson. It’s all about furthering his career and lining his own pocket. Hoping if Mundell does go Thompson won’t get the job. And have you ever heard of the likes of it? No Tory will trust him now. Too bad many of his constituents have no idea that he’s a self-serving wee rat. An ignoramus to boot.

  209. Elmac says:

    Away from home but watching the HOC live feed. Difficult to tell if TM actually has ears under her mop. If she does then they must be non functioning, for ornamental purposes only, as she seems incapable of using them. There comes a point when it must be apparent that addressing questions to those that will not listen is a pointless exercise. Surely she will be gone in the next few days.

  210. Streuth! Gove has been offered Brexit Secretary job….a truly poisoned chalice!

    No way has he got the ‘orbs’ to accept!


    Mundell explaining why he won’t be resigning and dismissing the other resignations as ‘Carpet-bagging’

  212. Cubby says:

    Scots stories just stand up and say only Scot Tories are standing up for fishing. Are they on a retainer – Brown paper bags getting handed out. What about the rest of Scotland!!!!!!!

    Britnat Scot Tories are like all Britnats – liars and chancers.

  213. Marie Clark says:

    So Mundell won’t be resigning eh. There’s a surprise NOT.

    To resign you really have to have principles and integrity, that slimy wee toad has neither.

    Where are we going from here on, who knows, but I reckon Indyref 2 is not so far away now, and it could come very quickly with a short campaign. Ready everybody, you bet.

  214. Nana says:

    NEW: Ruth Davidson backs Theresa May’s deal. Word from her camp:

  215. Ghillie says:

    Fluffily Mundely and Ruth not resigning…no surprise there.

    If either of them ever developed a back bone or a shred of integrity that would be a surprise!

    Not a single tory shoe that would be comfy to wear. Now or ever.

  216. manandboy says:

    Fed up with Tory ‘fakespeak’? listen to Guy Verhofstadt

    While I hope one day the UK will return, in the meantime this agreement will make a #Brexit possible, while maintaining a close relationship between the EU and UK, a protection of citizens rights and the avoidance of a hard Irish border.

  217. Fred says:

    What has been a delight to watch during this whole unedifying Brexit fiasco is the statesmanlike & dignified position of the Dublin government. Britain has shat on Ireland for the best part of a century (actually much longer!) & it’s nice to see the Irish scullery maid take up her ladle & give the lady of the house a fucking good thrashing!

  218. Alba Laddie says:

    Someone either on here or on Wee Ginger Dug opined that it was disgraceful that neither the BBC in Scotland, nor their counterparts on the STV franchise have organised a debate on the implications for Brexit in Scotland…

    How about the SNP, or this website along with the National lobby for this to happen?

    I’ve watched/listened to most of the coverage today on TV and radio and we are being completely emasculated.

    It’s akin to 2 or 3 people talking about things that directly affect you while you’re in the same room as them, and they’re not even acknowledging your presence!

  219. Thepnr says:


    The brass neck of Davidson to say this is a good deal for fishing and that the integrity of the UK is NOT threatened by this deal is simply astounding or astoundingly stupid.

  220. Nana says:

    Indeed PNR,

    I think astoundingly stupid comes close to it and Hackalumpoff says

    “A 1000amp gouger wouldn’t mark that neck”

  221. Thepnr says:


    As an apprentice I got to use a gouger like that and agree with Hackalumpoff, there is nothing that could dent that brass neck 🙂

  222. Colin Alexander says:


    If a general election is called, why should this be Scotland’s indyref, when EU nationals and 16-18 year olds would not have the vote?

    I’ll tell you why:

    Because to use the general election to seek the indy mandate would only require a majority of pro-indy MPs being elected.

    The same as the UK Tory Party will use a majority of Tory MPs being elected – irrespective of % of popular vote, being their mandate for the Brexit deal, which is also a major UK constitutional change.

    If a majority of Tory MPs elected is enough mandate to change the UK’s constitutional arrangement, a majority of Scottish pro-independence MPs is enough for Scotland’s independence too.

    Also, the UK Govt of any party will refuse to recognise an indyref referendum run by the Scot Govt unless it’s endorsed by the UK Parliament. Labour and the Tories and LibDems have made that very clear that they will not approve a Scot Govt run indyref.

  223. yesindyref2 says:

    I wonder what all those employees at Dover Houae actually do all day?

  224. HYUFD says:

    Colin Alexander The UK government will of course not recognise a UDI based on a majority of SNP MPs in Scotland on just 37% of the Scottish vote as was the case in GE17 and as Catalonia proved the international community will not recognise it either

  225. Rock says:

    Cubby says:
    15 November, 2018 at 11:18 am

    “The Maybot says in response to Blackford Scotland is a PART of the UK. This woman lies every time she opens her mouth. Scotland is a PARTNER in the U.K.”

    It says a lot that even Saint Theresa knows better than our Cubby.

    Scotland IS a part of the UK.

    Scotland is a partner of ENGLAND.

    But you were only joking, right Cubby?

    Cubby says (“When they think we’re not listening”):
    11 November, 2018 at 4:42 pm


    Indyref 14 – bloody hell that sounds like a Rockshit forecast for the future. Still at it after 14 referendums – surely not.”

    Cubby says:
    11 November, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    “Hey Rockshit I knew it was 2014 -diddy – it was a joke just like you and your joke forecasts – apprentice Nostradamus.”

  226. yesindyref2 says:

    I see the three stooges are at it.

  227. Iain mhor says:

    Hmm the difficulty with a GE before 2021, is that although Scotland (or the SNP) shouldn’t be considering it as a definitive Indyref, every other party will be.
    Its merely a GE to us and there is not particularly a downside to the SNP placing Independence back in their manifesto. The outcome of a GE does not negate the mandate to hold an Indyref2 – that is Scottish Parliamentary business.
    Naturally, there is that fact that if it was included it would be held as ammunition against independence, but that is going to occur anyway, whether the SNP include it or not.
    It’s either that or refuse to stand and and recall the SNP MP’s. That would be a fair stooshie, but would it actually be constructive?

    Just my tuppenceworth. Obviously an Indy ticket has its pitfalls – no 16-17 yr olds and will be held up as an Indy result – but someone tell me, in what world, any impending GE will not be fought in Scotland by Unionists as precisely that. You never know, the SNP may possibly return a majority. Though as I said, that would probably only reinforce a mandate further. I’d still expect a clamour for an Indyref2 even in the unlikely event a majority SNP levered their democratic right to declare Independence.
    SNP Indy ticket for a GE – a Westminster trick – It doesn’t count if you lose, but it counts if you win!

  228. Sinky says:

    On Scotland’s crack team I noticed all the Albanian players sang their anthem but only half of the Scotland team did so. What are they ashamed off?

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