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The unacceptable face of politics

Posted on June 12, 2014 by

Is mine, of course. From last night’s Scotland Tonight, in case you missed it:

Particular kudos to STV for finding footage (it’s right at the start of this clip) of Clare Lally introducing and launching Johann Lamont’s Scottish Labour leadership bid in November 2011, even though the Daily Record said in August 2012 that she had “no previous political experience”. We expect someone will resign.

Susan Dalgety’s performance is as remarkable as it is hypocritical. From the first seconds, she dodges almost every question and embarks instead on a series of rants entirely tangential (at best) to the subject under discussion, raging against a whole series of straw men nobody else had raised, and then constantly trying to interrupt someone (ie me) who was at least trying to stay vaguely on-topic.

Weirdly, despite just having been on a TV show with me, in which both she and host Rona Dougall repeatedly referred to me as “Stuart” (reasonably, as that’s my name), she tweeted later the same evening that I was actually someone called Alan Barbour:



Despite repeated requests, she’s refused to forward the supposed email, hasn’t publicly retracted the allegation and won’t delete the tweet or elaborate any further on its contents. I fear, readers, that she may be a little crazy. (Which probably means that STV put me in the same category. C’est la vie.)

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    532 to “The unacceptable face of politics”

    1. john king says:

      What in Gods name is Jim Sillars playing at?

      Is he for real?
      its akin to berating the guy run over by a bus for being run over by a bus,
      all he’s doing here is playing in the unionists brass band,
      no scrub that he’s put down the Tuba and taken the conductors stick,

      Shut yer face Jim your only adding to their faux anger!
      for every one knuckle dragger from the yes side you can see a hundred on the no side protected by the complicity of the msm (yawn) but going off on one like that only feeds the trolls,

      Maybe you would have been better advised to look at Robin McAlpines post on Bella before you started painting us all with the pot of tar and the brush they gave you!

    2. heedtracker says:

      If we had a decent media here and not the jaw droppingly corrupt lot right now, there would have been at least one liberal progressive American politico backing Scottish democracy reported even on the rancid BBC.

      That there was none only shows how desperate and determined they all are to get a no win in September.

    3. R whittington says:

      @caz-m “Regarding the World Cup, we Scots are caught right in middle of a dilemma here. An England defeat brings us joy and happiness, an England win bring YES votes.” Then you have an unhealthy obsession with England. Try to move on.

    4. Votadini Jeannie says:

      Just thought I’d report the reaction to Lallygate of an ex-Labour diehard, now a Green (still hates the SNP). Knowing the never looked for news online, I asked for their take on what the MSM had reported.

      They didn’t fall for it at all. Just Labour up to their old tricks again of passing off their members as Joe Public. However they felt Campbell Gunn shouldn’t have got involved, as a spad v. a carer of a disabled child was only ever going to go one way. It didn’t change their decision to vote yes, but they reckon it might dissuade the undecideds from making the leap of faith.

    5. desimond says:

      In response to The Sun sendng every household in England a copy today, many households are posting “NO SUN HERE” notices in window and doors. There are reports of people also handing paper back to postman when attempting delivry.

      We should do this when Carmichaels Little Book of Steam tries to come through the door

    6. Melanie McKellar says:

      It is just a pity that BT didn’t introduce Ms.Lally as Ms Dalgety explained in the clip above
      “an extra-ordinary mum, who has taken it upon herself to represent carers not just to the Labour Party but I believe to the First Minister himself..”
      Had she been introduced this way there would have been no reason for backlash against the BT portrayal of ordinary ‘grassroot’ people taking part in their meet.
      Ms. Dalgety also pointed out a part if the required ‘code’ for special advisers [4m50s] which is very helpful to laypeople like myself, however a few nights ago I was dismayed at the scoffing attitude that Iain Gray, former special adviser of Alastair Darling, was regarding Alasdair Darling’s ‘Alex Salmond Kim Jong-il’ comment as being ‘a joke’… Does that mean that it is OK for Iain Gray to scoff at personal attacks on Alex Salmond by dismissing it as a ‘joke’ because he is now an MSP and not a special adviser?

    7. Clootie says:

      @John King

      Enjoyed the newspaper story.

      A few to add. I had the great idea of using one of those plastic kitchen tool – simply fold the paper over it and push it through the letterbox. I was going great guns until I got to one door and found I no longer had my “slicer” . If you found a kitchen tool with your mail and are reading this your mystery is solved.
      On Saturday we were helping out in Peterhead when my colleague posted the route map through the letterbox with a newspaper.

      Another post a few days ago spoke of the floor level letterbox with the deadly bristles that seem to form a solid barrier.

      Flat conversions / no letterbox / locked gates / dogs hiding behind the door / letterbox flaps that come off in your hand / letter boxes taped up? / etc etc

      I think we all have a great deal more sympathy for our postie now.

    8. katsoft says:

      Just watched the clip. you did well considering Ms Dalgety interrupted you and consitantly answered any questions with statements which bore no relationship to them. It’s just a shame that all these “cybernat Trolls” cannot be found. Funnily enough I have copies of all my tweets including some to a BT supporter who tweeted me over a comment. Abusive, not really because I recognise the fact: If you put your head above the parapets, for whatever side, then expect someone to take a pot shot. If the trolls have been sending abusive, insulting etc tweets/messages on facebook then those receiving such abuse shouls contact the police. It is not too difficult to trace these posters, there again you need to have received abusive messages to complain to the police.

      I was banned and my comments removed from a BT site for disagreeing with statements made by them. I was contacted by another poster,BT supporter, about my comments. I pointed out to him they had been removed but the replies had been left onsite. He agreed with me that what had happened was shocking. I was not the only person who was banned. However to this day I receive e-mails from BT asking for support/donations even a job application, bet I’m down as a no voter in their polls.

    9. john king says:

      @Gerry Parker
      Thanks Gerry I’m sure your right, but like or not I WILL stick with it. 🙂

    10. MochaChoca says:

      BBC: “The Scottish government said it had received 60,000 requests for copies of its own Scotland’s Future booklet.”


    11. john king says:

      Anyone else lost almost all of the posts on this thread?

    12. john king says:

      Drama over, just as I posted that question I saw the “older comments” bit.

    13. ronnie anderson says:

      @John King, yup an thats after I did a full PC scan with Rootkit.

      Nice to see your getting more execise, I expect to a more slimline John K on the 4th July,an look at the benifits further, Irene’s gonna buy you new jeans/trousers,on the Genes front Primark do a nice line, less likely to meet JoLo
      there noo is that no added benifits.

    14. Jim Bo says:

      @ John King
      Loved your story. Hope your Missus lets you out again 😉

    15. jamboden says:

      I thought you did very well Rev. For a few seconds there we nearly got an “astonished” from your opponent.Got all your points across.

    16. Pin says:

      Some of the comments on here are awful. Calling Susan Dalgety a ‘condescending cow’?

      This type of thing does us no favours- read Jim Sillars open letter to the so-called cybernats. And when you do, engage brain before typing.

      Rev- the standard of spelling and grammar is excellent on this site, no doubt because of your early ground rules on the matter.

      May I respectfully request you do the same for the boorish on here.

      And I know some people complain we cannot control what’s said by the hard-of-thinking among us, but if the Tartan Army can self regulate its members then we can too.

    17. john king says:

      “Some of the comments on here are awful.”

      awa an bile yer heid.

    18. Mike Renwick says:

      I found myself in agreement with only on of Susan Dalgety’s points & that was the use of pejorative terminology where women are concerned.

      It is wrong & unacceptable that people should use such insulting words when describing an entire section of our society.

      I do not use twitter personally so have no idea what was said but I did find that instead of addressing the questions asked Ms. Dalgety kept on coming back to the twitter postings.

      I would have thought if these language used in these posts was “unacceptable” that the police should be able to take action against the perpetrators.

    19. T222Deracha says:

      It is rather curious that Lamont insists if the First Minister does not do as she says, then everyone should come to the same conclusion as her regarding “Lallygate”.

      Very devious words here, insisting that the FM has the power and the resources to actually do such a thing. Secondly, telling everyone else what they should think, that Labour always tell the truth. Regardless of your opinion of Lamont, there has been a distinct change in the tone and delivery of her statements recently.

      The default position of the MSM is to portray all things UKOK in the best possible light but there appears to be some evidence of coaching of Lamont.

    20. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I found myself in agreement with only on of Susan Dalgety’s points & that was the use of pejorative terminology where women are concerned.

      It is wrong & unacceptable that people should use such insulting words when describing an entire section of our society.”

      I’m not sure it’s any more acceptable to call men names than women. But in any event as far as I know NOBODY used the c-word against Clare Lally.

    21. Helena Brown says:

      As a woman who has been commenting on the Referendum since 2011, from the start since the SNP won it’s majority and as a member of the Party. I have found that many of the abusive remarks have come from the other side. The language is choice and often very badly written, and spelled. I have taken it in my stride because I choose to comment. If people cannot stand the heat then get out of the kitchen as the saying goes. Who knows who actually anyone is here, could be some little bot programmed to catch comment on the web, could be some little boy with nothing to do but write insulting comments to all and sundry.
      One thing I would say I have not seen rude or insulting comments issued from the YES side and as a truthful person I would say if I had. Most dealt with the facts and often under a great deal of pressure. I would say I have been known to crack, but I try very hard never to swear and the c word should not be used whether it be cow or the other one.

    22. dramfineday says:

      Coming back from the toon on the 27 bus, it stopped, as usual on G4 Bridge opposite the top of the West Bow. Gazing out of the window, in the direction of the Bow, I spotted a party of people gathering around a chalk board and posing for a picture. Written on the chalk board?

      “J K Rowling didn’t write here”

      I did laugh – is that abusive?

    23. A Kenyon says:

      Much has been said about the abuse directed at Ms Lally, but what about some of the abuse that the Weirs have had to endure after donating some of their lottery winnings to the Yes campaign. They have never misrepresented themselves but their plight has been for the most part been ignored.

    24. Stevie says:

      One thing Rev, the black hair, black beard and black jumper is okay but perhaps a white shirt next time?

    25. Eddie Black says:

      Ms Dalgety is quite right in that women should not be subjected to the “C” word when in any type of debate, and I wont call her “The C word” but there’s nothing to stop me thinking that she is one…

    26. Derek B says:

      Ms Lally was happy to stand up and take the praise when she was addressing her Better Together friends.
      A different story of course when she’s exposed as a liar.
      Well done, Stuart for ‘sticking to your guns’ with this story.

    27. Cuilean says:

      Excellent viewing from the YES perspective on Wednesday nicht. Iain MacWhirter verbally eviscerated defamatory, delusional labour hack, John McTernan. AND touzie tyke yersel’ was the perfect foil to Ms Dalgety’s self-evidently rehearsed tinsel bluster.

    28. Rory says:

      lol what a couple of zoomers right there. You did very well Rev, The lines she putting forward sounded like scripted lines, she repeats them a few times but it sounds more like a random statement than answering the question so she did come across a but odd in her answers.

    29. Graham says:

      Has to be said, you conducted yourself well in spite of debating with an individual who seemed VERY unclear on both the questions and issues at hand!

    30. Bobby says:

      The beardy boy done well and was calm. The Susan woman was embarrassing
      the interview lady was also embarrassing
      the whole nature of the debate has now just become embarrassing
      it’s total playground stuff. I hope if yes wins that the standard of commentators improve.
      This debate is exposing just how parochial and retarded politics are in Scotland.

    31. A Kenyon says:

      Ms Dalgety is obviously a graduate of the Margeret Curran school of politics.

    32. Willie in Balloch says:

      Would you laugh if someone said that Hillary Clinton was an ordinary housewife……….

    33. What is this horrible C word? Is it Conservative?

    34. bugsbunny says:

      Claire Lally looks like a Pig in Knickers. No mention of Kim Jong Un, no mention of Blood and Soil Nationalists, and no mention of the Weir’s abuse. Now Pat Lally wants an apology. In the style of Chewing the Fat, “Awa an dinnae talk pish”.


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