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Posted on February 17, 2016 by

Since the astonishing election of 56 SNP MPs to the UK Parliament last May, the Unionist media – suddenly deprived of a whole contacts book full of friendly Scottish Labour bench-warmers ready to feed it cosy stories over a boozy expenses lunch in Whitehall – has raked through every bin and gutter in the land looking for anything (however pathetic) that it can try to puff up, distort, and rope into service as “dirt” on each of the Nat members, in an attempt to discredit them and the party.

So let’s just have a little look in here and – YIKES!

This could take some time.


Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh

CHARGE: Was trustee of a charity.


VERDICT: Was indeed trustee of a charity, which has given thousands of pounds to worthy recipients. No wrongdoing of any sort took place, and both the Herald and the Daily Record subsequently published apologies for any implications to the contrary.


MP AT THE TIME OF INCIDENT? No. Resigned position the day after her election.



Richard Arkless

CHARGE: Sells lightbulbs for extra income.


VERDICT: Arkless does indeed hold shares in a business called LED Warehouse, owning 15% of the company. The Register Of Members’ Interests does not specify whether those shares have paid any dividends, so we don’t know whether Arkless has actually received any money from them.

The Mail has been obsessed with the “second jobs” of SNP MPs for months, repeating basically the same story about the same people at least FIVE times between September 2015 and January 2016 – all but one of them as the front-page lead –  and Arkless has always featured.

The sole justification is a comment made in February last year by SNP MP Pete Wishart, at a time when the SNP only held six Westminster seats, in which Wishart said of members’ earnings that “There should be no second jobs, no paid directorships, no outside interests with a financial return”.

That’s a line which has been used to batter Wishart’s colleagues ever since the election a few weeks later, but it appears to have been a purely personal opinion. There’s no evidence that it was ever official SNP policy – the only relevant statement ever published is that the party’s MPs should “treat their position as a full-time commitment, with an attendance and work-rate commensurate with that status”, which clearly doesn’t exclude holding shares in a company.

Accusing other MPs of “hypocrisy” because they don’t hold the same view as Pete Wishart about something is therefore a bit of a stretch. Certainly, it’s categorically not true to say – as the Mail does – that Richard Arkless “pledged not to” have a second source of income if elected as an MP. He said no such thing.

MP AT THE TIME OF INCIDENT? No. He’s still a director, but the company was formed long before his election. We don’t believe it’s compulsory to sell your shares if you become an MP.



Hannah Bardell

No reported scandals as yet. (The best the press has managed is pointing out that Bardell had to give her Commons oath twice after getting it wrong the first time. Frankly we’re a bit disappointed the Mail didn’t whip it up into “Mad Nat Disrespects Queen”.)


Mhairi Black

CHARGE: Is not really working class. Parents live in a nice area and everything.


VERDICT: Iain Martin of CapX, who is also from Black’s home town of Paisley, is absolutely obsessed with her class, writing at least three separate articles about it. But as the MP has never actually claimed to be working class, we’re not sure why.

Black was also attacked in the Daily Express for tweets she posted as a child.





Ian Blackford

CHARGE: Lets out holiday cottages for rent.


VERDICT: Another “second jobs” story. See Richard Arkless. Blackford does indeed part-own a couple of holiday cottages which bring in some money for his wife. According to the Register Of Members’ Interests he himself makes no money from the business and spends no time working for it.

The MP is also chair of the Golden Charter Trust, a job which earns him what the Mail unfailingly describes as “the equivalent of £777 an hour” in order to emphasise the amount of money while also concealing the fact that he only spends 37 minutes a week (or just over five minutes a day) on his work for the Trust.

We would hazard that anyone in “full-time” employment could find that amount of time in a week without it impacting on their ability to do their day job.



CHARGE 2: Has links to a business which makes direct-marketing calls.


VERDICT:  The company had received a single-figure number of complaints about “cold calling” – an issue Blackford has spoken against – and improved its practices to eliminate problems. It now has a green rating from the Information Commissioner’s Office, which oversees the industry. It was not censured and no penalties were imposed.


MP AT THE TIME OF INCIDENT? No. The business predates his election.



Kirsty Blackman

CHARGE: Expenses outrage.


VERDICT: A few weeks ago the Daily Star made Blackman the lead in a Westminster expenses story because she claimed the grand total of £17 for hot water and heating in her London accommodation. We know a lot of people think MPs have a pampered lifestyle, but we suspect even the harshest critic would accept they were entitled to heating and hot water.




Phil Boswell

CHARGE: Received legal tax-free loan from employer.


VERDICT: Boswell did indeed receive a tax-free loan of over £18,000 from his previous employer, who have not as yet requested it to be repaid. He subsequently highlighted in Parliament the loophole in the law which makes it possible to reduce tax liabilities with such loans. According to The Scotsman, “there is no suggestion Mr Boswell has done anything illegal”.

(The headline also implies that £18,000 is the amount of tax that has been avoided. In fact the maximum tax payable on the sum were it to have been paid as normal salary would be less than half that – 45%, or £8,100.)

MP AT THE TIME OF INCIDENT? No. The loan predated his election.


FOOTNOTE: The Scottish Mail On Sunday subsequently published an allegation from a defeated Liberal Democrat candidate in another constituency that Boswell and his wife had received illegal dividend payments of almost £125,000 from his company Boswell and Johnston Ltd. (The company has no website and we haven’t managed to determine the nature of its business.)

Curiously, despite the size of the sum involved no other newspapers picked up the story, and there have been no reports of any investigation into the claim.


Deidre Brock

No reported scandals as yet. (But was born in Australia and ISN’T EVEN SCOTTISH, the separatist hypocrite.)


Alan Brown

No reported scandals as yet. (But has worn a t-shirt over a normal shirt in the Great Hall at Westminster, which is definitely a fashion crime and possibly treason.)


Lisa Cameron

CHARGE: Owns property.


VERDICT: Despite repeated mentions of “former council homes”, Cameron bought the houses from private owners, not local authorities, and also inherited one from her own granny. To the best of our knowledge the SNP has no policy against MPs (or anyone else for that matter) owning property.




Douglas Chapman
Joanna Cherry
Ronnie Cowan
Angela Crawley
Martyn Day
Martin Docherty
Stuart Donaldson
Marion Fellows
Margaret Ferrier
Stephen Gethins

No reported scandals as yet. But Chapman supports Hibs, Cherry is possibly an alcoholic, Cowan’s father is anti-English, Crawley might be a lesbian, Day is openly ginger, Docherty wants to leave Britain defenceless against attack from space monsters, Donaldson was born in 1991 which is just ridiculous, Fellows may be a vampire, Ferrier still wants independence despite losing the referendum, and Gethins has links to arms dealers.


Patricia Gibson

CHARGE: Expenses outrage.


VERDICT: The Daily Record accused Gibson of a “spending spree” when she recorded higher expenses than any other MP in the first three-month declaration period of the new Parliament. It’s not until several paragraphs down the article that the reason is revealed – she paid her accommodation and office rent upfront for a year, SAVING taxpayers money by getting a discount for doing so.

(Gibson was also attacked in The Sun for claiming a £3.20 train ticket home after she’d spent the day taking part in a charity walk to raise money for a cervical cancer support group, the vile monster.)




Patrick Grady
Peter Grant

No reported scandals as yet. But Grady openly admits to having been indoctrinated as a child by Alex Salmond, and Grant says that London makes him sick, probably because he’s racist or something.


Neil Gray

CHARGE: Hired brother-in-law.


VERDICT: Several SNP MPs (also including Richard Arkless and Ian Blackford – see above) were named as employing family members in a single Times article by Hamish Macdonell last October, which mysteriously cited salaries of “up to” various oddly-precise figures such as £24,727.

There are no rules at Westminster against employing family members, nor does the SNP have any policy against it, and Gray’s brother-in-law – who serves as his office manager – isn’t even a blood relative.




Drew Hendry

CHARGE: Is honorary chairman of a company he formed.


VERDICT: The “second jobs” story again. See Richard Arkless.

Hendry only gets a passing mention in the piece, for what appears to be an advisory role in digital marketing firm Teclan, which Hendry founded in 1999. The Register Of Members’ Interests declares a shareholding, but no logged hours of work or income.

MP AT THE TIME OF INCIDENT? No. The company predates Hendry’s election.



Stewart Hosie

CHARGE: Knows someone who might or might not be Islamophobic.


VERDICT: Despite his having been an MP for 11 years, the press appear not to have been able to find even the weakest dirt on the SNP’s deputy Westminster leader, so instead have tried a guilt-by-association angle. Dundee councillor Craig Melville, an “assistant” to Hosie, is alleged to have made some abusive comments to a Muslim colleague and has been suspended by the party pending the outcome of an inquiry.

There’s no suggestion whatsoever that Stewart Hosie had any knowledge of the comments, and no reason for the Daily Record to use his name in the headline. No other reports of the story did so.


SCANDAL RATING: 0/5 (so far as Hosie is concerned).


George Kerevan

CHARGE: Employs wife.


VERDICT: Kerevan only takes £27,000 (the median Scottish wage) of his MP salary despite being entitled to £74,000. However he also employs his wife as an assistant for £20,000. This is entirely permissible under Westminster rules.

In other words, in Mr and Mrs Kerevan the taxpayer gets two full-time employees for £47,000 instead of £94,000 – ie, half price. Whatever your opinion of their politics, that seems like an indisputable bargain, saving the public purse almost quarter of a million pounds over the parliamentary term.




Calum Kerr

No reported scandals as yet. (But only got a majority of 328, so probably cheated.)


Chris Law

CHARGE: Owns shares in company.


VERDICT: Like Drew Hendry, Law gets a passing mention in the Daily Mail’s original “second jobs” piece from last September. His entry in the Register Of Members’ Interest records ownership of some shares in financial services company CMAL, but no logged hours of work or income for it.

Also like Hendry, the accusation is so feeble that the Mail didn’t bother to name Law again any of the three subsequent times it ran the same story, all in January 2016.

MP AT THE TIME OF INCIDENT? No. The company predates Law’s election.



Stewart McDonald
Stuart McDonald

No reported scandals as yet. (But have almost the same name, which is stupid.)


Callum McCaig

No reported scandals as yet. (But was too lazy to get a real job.)


Natalie McGarry

CHARGE: May or may not have fully accounted for an undetermined amount of money among sums donated to Women For Independence.


VERDICT: As far as we can establish, McGarry still hasn’t been questioned by police almost three months later. (Our FOI request was rejected by Police Scotland.) No money at all has as yet been definitively identified as having been “lost”, let alone as much as £30,000. However, McGarry did make a payment to WFI of £6,000, although it didn’t involve any admission of wrongdoing.

MP AT THE TIME OF INCIDENT? No. All events preceded McGarry’s election.

SCANDAL RATING: 1/5 (for the £6,000).


Anne McLaughlin

CHARGE: Hired boyfriend. See Neil Gray.


VERDICT: McLaughlin hired her partner to help local community groups two days a week. As the MP and her boyfriend aren’t married and don’t live together, under Westminster rules the matter doesn’t even have to be declared. McLaughlin declared it anyway and requested it be published on the members’ register, but Parliamentary authorities refused to because it wasn’t eligible.




John McNally

CHARGE: Does haircuts on Saturdays in his barber shop.


VERDICT: The Mail’s well-worn “second jobs” story. See Richard Arkless.

McNally’s second job is almost farcical, emanating from four hours’ work on Saturday mornings cutting hair in his barber shop in Denny. Even though the job involves interacting with constituents, the Mail apparently regards this as a serious impairment on his ability to perform his MP duties.

MP AT THE TIME OF INCIDENT? No. Barber job precedes election.



Angus MacNeil

CHARGE: Expenses outrage.


VERDICT: MacNeil was described by the Mirror as “shameless” and “pennypinching” for claiming £129 for computer repairs. We’re reasonably sure that fixing broken office equipment is one of the things MPs’ expenses are specifically meant for.




Carol Monaghan

No reported scandals as yet. But has been accused of “deplorable” behaviour in the Commons.


Paul Monaghan

CHARGE: Dislikes the Union Jack, is a republican.



VERDICT: Monaghan does seem to dislike the UK flag and the concept of monarchy. As far as we know neither of those opinions is illegal, nor even especially unpopular. The last time we polled on the subject 25% of Scots wanted the monarchy abolished and another 10% weren’t sure.

MP AT THE TIME OF INCIDENT? No. The tweets were from 2013.



Roger Mullin
Gavin Newlands

No reported scandals as yet. (But Mullin was described as a “yob” and a “McManiac” by the Daily Mail for leaning on a box and Newlands has infringed the intellectual property of JK Rowling.)



John Nicolson

CHARGE: Owns house in London that has increased in value.


VERDICT: The house has indeed increased in value, after decades of restoration work carried out by Nicolson himself, having bought it as a ruin while working in television. The MP lives in it when working in the capital, saving taxpayers money on second-home or hotel expenses.




Brendan O’Hara

CHARGE: Failed to declare dormant company on register of members’ interests.


VERDICT: O’Hara set up a TV production company in 2009, which never traded or earned any money and is now legally dormant, but under parliamentary rules still has to be declared. Westminster authorities accepted O’Hara had simply misunderstood the rules and took no action, but the Herald led page 2 with it anyway.




Kirsten Oswald

No reported scandals as yet. (But can’t even brainwash her own husband.)


Steven Paterson

CHARGE: Was once a student.


VERDICT: No misdeeds uncovered.




Angus Robertson

No reported scandals as yet. (But does have middle names “Struan Carolus”.)


Alex Salmond

CHARGE: Wrote book and newspaper columns.


VERDICT: Another character in the Mail’s “second jobs” crusade. Salmond, of course, DOES actually have a second job – he’s an MSP as well as an MP. But the dual role was obtained with the full advance knowledge of the electorate. The voters of Gordon were aware that Salmond was already MSP for the same area (now known at Holyrood as Aberdeenshire East) when he stood in May 2015, and elected him anyway.

Salmond will stand down as MSP at this May’s election, and already donates both his MSP salary and his First Minister’s pension to the Mary Salmond Trust, a charity set up in memory of his late mother.

The Mail also protests angrily that Salmond receives income from writing newspaper columns and a book, giving speeches (with the proceeds also going to charities) and hosting a weekly radio phone-in show on LBC. But all concern political issues, and are not unusual pursuits for MPs.

The ex-First Minister has spoken very frequently at Westminster since his re-election, but has been heard from little at Holyrood, not wishing to upstage his successor.


SCANDAL RATING: 1/5 (for Holyrood appearance levels).


Tommy Sheppard

CHARGE: Met person who may or may not be connected to Hamas.


VERDICT: Sheppard, along with Corri Wilson (see below) met a pro-Palestinian activist called Zaher Birawi who has been accused by one political organisation of being linked to the terrorist group Hamas.

Mr Birawi strongly denies the accusation. He has been a UK citizen since the 1990s and is not wanted by any anti-terrorist authorities.




Christopher Stephens
Alison Thewliss

No reported scandals as yet. (But Stephens may not signal a total break with past structures and Thewliss despises all the traditions that make Britain great.)


Michelle Thomson

CHARGE: Bought and sold some houses, made profit.


VERDICT: Thomson did indeed buy and sell some houses and make profits from selling them on, though some of the sellers have subsequently – having raised no protests at the time – complained that they would have liked to have been paid more for them.

Some irregularities around some of the purchases led to the striking-off of solicitor Christopher Hales, but as yet there’s nothing whatsoever to suggest Thomson was party to any wrongdoing. As far as we can establish (as with Natalie McGarry, Police Scotland refused our FOI request), the MP has still not been questioned by police in connection with the matter, four months after the “story” broke in the press.

MP AT THE TIME OF INCIDENT? No. The sales all predate Thomson’s election.

SCANDAL RATING: 1/5 (for Hales).


Owen Thompson

No reported scandals as yet. (But he reckons he’s harder than you.)


Mike Weir

CHARGE: Didn’t declare charitable donations quickly enough.


VERDICT: In fact Weir complied fully with the rules. The Herald’s article is based on bad arithmetic and a clumsy misunderstanding of changes which didn’t apply until last May’s general election. No apology has been published that we know of.




Eilidh Whiteford

No reported scandals as yet. (But she overthrew the First Minister of Scotland.)


Philippa Whitford

CHARGE: Covered for other NHS surgeons during her holidays.


VERDICT: Vile separatist saved lives of cancer patients – FOR MONEY!




Corri Wilson

CHARGE: Hired son as case worker. See Neil Gray.


VERDICT: As with Gray, no rules have been broken.




Pete Wishart

CHARGE: Earns royalties from Runrig records.


VERDICT: And so the story comes full circle. Wishart, source of the original “second jobs” quote the Scottish Daily Mail has somehow screwed numerous front-page lead stories out of, is the former keyboard player of teuchter-rock band Runrig, best known for their cover of traditional folk song “Loch Lomond” which was re-recorded and released for “Children In Need” in 2012.

Wishart remains an unpaid director of the band and still receives royalties from his time as a member, which was enough for the Mail to accuse him of falling foul of his own rule about “outside interests with a financial return”.


SCANDAL RATING: 1/5. Okay, it might only be 20 quid now and again and obviously not interfere with his Parliamentary duties in any way, but by having made such an unequivocal and un-nuanced original statement Wishart pretty much asked for it.


So let’s recap.




(Thomson, McGarry)

It’s not much of a strike rate. The press has thrown an entire Glastonbury of mud and so far hasn’t scored a single hit. But we’ll keep you posted, folks.

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    Maniacal laugh.

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    What an awesome sight is the colonial press in full apoplectic splendour.

    Good research and fun presentation. Pictorial and well illustrated. Sad it isn’t front page of the Sun.

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    Great piece debunking the bastids.

    Who own the papers involved and what was their scores?

  4. David Wardrope says:

    Great article here, the very essence of the phrase “read the news you’re not getting.”

    Also, noticeable how much the DM like to use the word “hypocrite”.

    And lastly, Angus’ roar is a fine example of how lion-pirates communicate!

  5. FiferJP says:

    What about all of them disgracefully clapping in the commons? A double crime seeing as they weren’t applauding a Hilary Benn war mongering speech.

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    Which proves that the MSM/Establishment are of the same moral standing as the Stasi.

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    Bravo, absolutely top work.

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    Making another coffee and going back in…This is wonderful.

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    Has Willie Rennie paid the £800,000 out-standing bill to Police Scotland yet?

    (Phrased differently that could have sounded quite scandalous! Wait a minute…)

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    Whenever the Media attack the SNP again….publish this article in its entirety.

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  12. mr thms says:

    Re “second jobs”

    It stems from a debate on a Labour motion on paid directorships and consultancies

    The BBC headline gives the impression that the debate was all about MPs second jobs.

    It was during this debate that Pete Wishart said in his speech

    “No SNP Member has a second job, a directorship or a place on a company. Our responsibilities here are our sole concern and our only responsibility. SNP Members serve our constituents and ensure that the agenda for the nation is progressed.”

    The Daily Mail (and others) never mention the rest of the sentence, or provide the context in which it was made.

  13. Eecoul says:

    Thank god we have you to wade through all that DROSS!!

    Thank you.

  14. AGM says:

    Meant to add, take the rest of the week off.

  15. Giving Goose says:

    The whole MSM has missed the one, completely obvious SNPBAAAD story.

    It’s unbelievable that they have missed it and calls into question the standards of investigative journalism possessed by the MSM.

    As a Yes supporter and an advocate of strong journalistic standards I am completely disappointed by the MSM’s lack of skill in spotting the obvious and I have to confess, that as a democrat, I am very concerned that they haven’t spotted it yet.

    The story that they have missed?

    The Big SNP BAD humdinger that SHOULD be published NOW?

    All the SNP MPs are Scottish!

    No! Really!

    It’s true and I have it on good authority!

  16. zorbathejock says:

    You should write an article on all the unionist MP’s with second jobs,income from their companies etc.

  17. Macart says:

    That’s a fair old shift you stuck in there Rev. Top work.

    Not even a year and its been week after week of assault. What has it gained the press and their chain tuggers? Pretty much our eternal contempt. Politics in the UK, a pastime for sociopathic mercenaries in suits more like.

    Westminster’s respect agenda in black and white.

    Are we done yet?

  18. Lollysmum says:

    Excellent stuff Stuart. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Debunking the lies & spin of the media 🙂

    Top notch Rev. Where would we be without your forensic skills in ripping apart MSM rubbish & clickbait?

  19. AllyPally says:

    Patricia Gibson was accused in the local paper of claiming the highest expenses of any MP. She paid (I think) 2 years’ rent in advance for her constituency office, thereby getting a discount and saving us all money.

  20. Dorothy Devine says:

    It has ever been my belief if there is a headline in print or broadcast which id found to be utterly incorrect , then a correspondingly sized apology and correction should be published.

    ” Large front page or I sue”

  21. Socrates MacSporran says:

    This if off-topic and about sport

    The Rev’s Twitter feed is having a go at the Record for a questionable, bad taste (and boy do I mean bad taste) back-page headline concerning Hibs’ cup win over Hearts.

    Can I say in their defence, the subs on the Record’s sports desk are to a man, either: devout, God-fearing Jesuit-educated Old Aloysians, or staunch, God-fearing Wee Frees, who lead unimpeachable lives of sobriety, propriety and clean living.

    They would not have a clue why you should never use the word “Cum” in a family newspaper.

    I laughed, and, if you believe what I have written above, you will believe anything.

  22. cearc says:

    Just imagine the resources that have gone into ‘digging up’ these ‘scandals’.

    No wonder the economy’s flat-lining!

  23. Steve cameron says:

    teuchter-rock band Runrig …. lol

  24. gordoz says:

    Now that’s what I call journalism ! ?
    Will the National or the S Herald utilize this ?

    They must surely or any doubts will only be confirmed
    Top notch work Mr Rev

  25. gordoz says:

    Now that’s what I call journalism ! ?
    Will the National or the S Herald utilize this ?

    They must surely or any doubts will only be confirmed
    Top notch work Mr Rev

  26. Weechid says:

    Personally I think the biggest scandal is Tasmina’s gong – but that’s just a personal opinion. I don’t believe anyone who wants out of this rotten “empire” should accept their accolades.

  27. drawdeaddave says:

    You omitted your own charge sheet rev, or the charge by Scottish Labour that the SNP are standing shoulder to shoulder with the Scottish Tories. There’s been a lot of mud slung since last May & i suspect that’s just the tip of the mudberg as the Holyrood elections loom..

  28. John Walsh says:

    Great piece . Rev
    Now you have neither the manpower or man hours to do a similar ” members interest of the corrupt “Tory Members” or the hypocritical ” Labour Party ” or even their Scottish branch.
    I seem to recall at the Indy ref many Slab MP’s being named and shamed by SM but the stories not making it to the MSM. Unfortunately it is ever thus.

  29. Sinky says:

    BBC Scottish Six etxc being discussed on Call Kaye.

    On about losing Bake Off etc if Federal BBC set up .

    RTE pays £20 million a year for the very best BBC programmes.

    Lets use the BBC 3 TV channel for a Scottish channel

    Being discussed on BBC Radio Scotland Morning Call at 9 a.m.
    Call 0500 92 95 00. Text 80295.

  30. galamcennalath says:

    Brilliant piece of work. SNPBAD – the definitive article!

    Grouse Beater says: “colonial press” 🙂

  31. Marcia says:

    Kirsty Blackman’s confession is just the tipping point. I must reconsider my membership of the SNP after 5 decades of being a member. Horrid. 🙂

  32. Almannysbunnet says:

    According to colonel blimp of Middlesurreysex their biggest crime is. “trying to break up our country, the magnificent, the one and only, You knighted kingdom.”
    I saw one of them being interviewed on the news last night. He was asked whether he was for in or out of Europe (as if the interviewer didn’t know.) “I’m 77 years old and fought in the second world war and am willing to take up arms again” the interviewer didn’t ask who he wanted to take up arms against but hey ho. His charming wife chimed in “I’m not against immigrants, we need nurses, doctors that sort of thing but not immigrants of the wrong sort”.
    Get us out of this!
    SNP x 2

  33. Roboscot says:

    Just imagine what the results would be for the unionist parties.

  34. De Valera says:

    On the subject of Richard Arkless, is it just me or is he being ignored by the local press in Dumfries and Galloway? Every utterance by Fluffy or Elaine Murray is reported in detail as was the unlamented Russell Brown.

  35. mealer says:

    Nice work,Stu.
    It’s really quite pathetic,isn’t it?

  36. Peter Mirtitsch says:

    There are a few that should really be MINUS numbers, like Mr Kerevan SAVING the taxpayer money, and so on.

    A wee aside, with regards to Michelle Thomson. As you rightly said, she has not actually been charged with anything, let alone even had any sort of actual allegations put to her other than vague unionist rumours that there was something wrong. As you rightly pointed out, she simply made a profit after purchasing a house from a private owner. You forgot to mention that the previous owner only made 100% profit on their purchase, and this was during a very slack time, where they couldn’t sell the house in the first place, and would otherwise have had to drop the price. Otherwise, brilliant article…lol

  37. Anagach says:

    Pretty relentless stuff.

    Excellent collection.

    Full time job just keeping track of the main ones far less the petty insane ones.

    SNP-Maybe-Just-A-Tiny-Bit-Bad-We-Hope, but the journalism is just so appalling.

  38. Peter Mirtitsch says:

    I also meant to say, didn’t oor Kezia berate them for second jobs too? She of the newspaper column.

  39. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

    Splendid piece of soil digging organic and showing nil BritNat WM style of “chemical” fertilization.

    Taranaich makes an interesting suggestion above about the MSP brigade.

    You are a busy chap and salver and saver of souls, however, and the burdens of your mission must entail spiritual triage choices given your burden. Thus, I hesitate with an additional suggestion…

    But do you fancy doing a bit of forensic analysis on these Unionist wannabe journos digging the dirt on our elected reps?

    An occasional series of investigative pieces to put the fear of their godless godheid in them?

    Just a passing thought as I pass by their pissoir and its throat-choking stench?

    Merely an Auld Testament kinda rambling maxim of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, slow news period sorta gig?

  40. Iian says:

    Since some of these stories are actually quite creditable for the subject, I think you’ll have to rejig the Scandal Rating scale to take negative numbers.

  41. cearc says:

    It really is pretty shocking that between them there is not a single multi-national directorship or offshore trust fund and as for a eminent surgeon doing the Xmas shift when she ought to be on holiday…

    It is clear that we failed to elect the ‘right sort’ of people for Westminster.

    PS. I hear that they also attend debates instead of propping up the subsidised bars all day! Scandalous!

  42. Nana says:

    You have been busy. Just imagining the fury if you did the same with other parties mps.

    Mind you where would you start, seeing so many of them have links to private companies, or sticky fingers re expenses claims.

    For anyone interested this morning’s off topic links on previous thread including latest Ponsonby post

  43. Fergus Green says:

    Outstanding investigative journalism Stuart. That’s why I love Wings over Scotland!

  44. Helena Brown says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this piece, say one thing for Wings, Stuart you do not miss and hit the wall. That will save them having to look up the other thirty one they have yet to denounce.
    Newspapers, (spit) would be better looking into the scandals which surround our forced on us corrupt government, but of course they are only there because of our forced on us corrupt government. Pity more had not been like Richard Arkliss who threatened legal action, it might have made them think again.

  45. Weechid says:

    De Valera says:

    17 February, 2016 at 9:29 am

    On the subject of Richard Arkless, is it just me or is he being ignored by the local press in Dumfries and Galloway? Every utterance by Fluffy or Elaine Murray is reported in detail as was the unlamented Russell Brown.

    No it’s not just you. I was thinking the same thing recently as I walked passed dithery Murray’s office and pictured, in my minds eye, the removal of her brass plate from the wall.

  46. Dan Huil says:

    britnat newspapers really really believe they are protecting their beloved united[!] kingdom by printing these SNPBaaaad stories. Ha ha ha

  47. Anagach says:

    Its articles like this that reach the places other sites/outlets don’t reach.

    When is your funding appeal Stu ?

  48. Steven Mitchell says:

    Patricia Gibson has been criticized in the Scottish S*n for claiming travel expenses for traveling to a charity event….they popped it onto page 2 a while back…not quite scandle-less !!

  49. Meindevon says:

    Ok, off to Bath. Thought dentists would also be a good place to look but beginning to think I sound like a weird stalker. But if I do happen to see you Rev I’ll be the one that bows and scrapes, shakes your hand with gratitude and walks on.

  50. dakk says:

    Once again Stuart demonstrating the great service you do for transparent democracy in this country.

    At the same time perfectly illustrating how the liars in the MSM connive to usurp Scottish democracy in favour of their London elite and agents in Scotland.

    ‘Marion Fellows may be a vampire’…

    Right enough she has been looking a wee bit peely wally recently… Mmmm ?

  51. Not Endless Psych says:

    Not mentioning the Daily Star and their expose of SNP expenses scandal (honest)

  52. Peter Gerard says:

    Even Private Eye has fallen into the trap of regurgitating the Mail articles in several editions including the current one. Good piece of work sir, but you do need to get more..

  53. heedtracker says:

    The UKOK gutter press. Are they making a difference though, is what the creep show must get asked by their filthy rich tax dodger bosses. Yoon culture does want to read and watch this kind of stuff and they do really enjoy BBC Scotland’s massive #SNPbad output.

    UKOK flip side’s their medieval grovelling to royals and tories. I still don’t know why Sturgeon had the whole far right news eds clown show over for Xmas drinks last year. Just send the goons cards next year, Oxfam do nice ones.

  54. unchillfiltered says:

    A quite brilliantly collated resource. Looking forward to showing our continued appreciation at your upcoming fundraiser. Best value for money throughout the whole year.

  55. Homeless Horse says:

    Now that’s what I call investigative journalism.

  56. Bill Hume says:

    Well, what have I learned today?
    1. I’m not paranoid……….they really are out to get us.

    2. The MSM will keep digging for dirt (but fail to find it).

    3. Eating grapes can keep you slim (and improve your sex life).

    I’m off to buy some grapes, but if the rest of the crap printed in these rags is anything to go by, I’m not overly optimistic.

  57. Petra says:

    Brilliant Stuart. What an embarrassment for them. They should be hanging their heads in shame.

    You do know however that the lazy beggars will probably use your checklist to target the others now. Just waiting!

    Oh I just remembered you didn’t mention ”Fartgate: New SNP MP Patricia Gibson flinched in disgust after one of her colleagues BROKE WIND.”

    Patricia Gibson had the brass neck to ‘flinch’ in the Commons. Not allowed to clap or flinch. You better get that one down.

    And by the way ‘one of her colleagues’ …. aye right … Farter McCarter …. was the LABOUR MP Richard Burgon.

    Isn’t it great how the Daily Record don’t even need wee birdies to tell them anything anymore. They can now detect foul smells from 350 miles away and actually identify who caused it.

    Instead of hounding SNP MSPs like a pack of blood thirsty wolves and making a meal of ‘nasty Cybernats’ it would actually suit them better to inform us all of the following (posted earlier by Nana).

    And ‘British nationalists warned against “illegal” intimidation of councillors.’

    ”The council intervened to warn nationalist campaigners after the personal addresses and mobile numbers of seven Labour and SNP councillors were posted online by British nationalists.

    Unionist group Regimental Blues launched a campaign of “targeting councillor surgeries and council offices as part of our street campaign”, warning councillors that it would monitor “every meeting you sit in, every vote you cast and every move you make” if they failed to back down over plans to commemorate the Irish Easter Rising of 1916.”

    ”In January an online football group ‘Bears Fight Back’ targeted journalists, and warned: “If you lose your business, your money, your home, your husband or wife, your children or your freedom, don’t say you weren’t warned!”

    ”Dozens of threats from loyalists were previously recorded by the National Union of Journalists in Scotland.”

  58. De Valera says:

    @ weechid
    Aye oor Elaine won’t be needing that office much longer.

    On the subject of Angus Struan Carolus Robertson, he was born in LONDON to a GERMAN mother. The Fail and others must be keeping this scandalous information for nearer to May.

  59. Capella says:

    Can’t the SNP do ANYTHING wrong? What an appalling litany of competence. They are not fit for Westminster.

  60. Molly says:


    Lordy that old colonel from Middlesexshire was gie young to have been messing about with arms.

    Still I suppose they were allowed to get ‘the message’ across.

  61. Morag says:

    I think you missed one on Calum Kerr.

    He has a holiday cottage, mainly for his own use and his family’s. However, he lets it out when the family aren’t using it. (He donated a week there as the star prize in the Yes Borders raffle in 2014.) According to one newspaper, this makes him a “landlord”.

    Calum, like the rest of the SNP MPs, didn’t vote on some proposal or other relating to making it mandatory that all rented properties are fit for human habitation, because the legislation was England-only. As a result he was pilloried in the press as an SNP “landlord” who wasn’t in favour of rental properties having to be fit for human habitation.

    The tone of the piece suggested that these MPs were slum landlords getting rich out of the misery of families squeezed into damp, insanitary tenement slums.

    I don’t know where this was published, but I heard Calum ruefully describing the coverage when he was at our Burns Supper last month.

  62. Paul says:

    Seems to me that setting photos and stories of English pride and Scottish disgust next to the S.N.P stories, is, in my opinion, attempting to arouse hatred towards Scots.

    I dont like or trust that at all, These people would forment hatred and cause hurt in a milisecond, then say we deserved it because we are basically base and deserving of anything they do to us.

  63. george says:



  64. Karmanaut says:

    Jeezo. That’s a lot of work. Really puts it in perspective when you see it all together. (And that’s *just* the SNPBad attacks on MPs, not even the party itself.)

    Given the endless deluge of SNPBadness they keep trying to push, you’d expect people to just tune it out and stop buying the papers.

    Which would mean you’d see:

    1 Unwavering SNP support.
    2 A constant decline in sales of unionist newspapers.
    3 Newspaper editors whining “Nobody is listening to us! You must all be a bunch of brainwashed Nats!”

    Hang on…

  65. Les Wilson says:

    A great piece Stu, but a comparison with what unionist MP’s are up too would be eye popping. That would take up too much of your time of course, but maybe a list of the worst would suffice nicely.

  66. Bob Mack says:

    The whole scenario is like a Salvador Dali painting. The elements are all there,but you have to interpret them correctly.

    Never,apart from a brief moment on 19th Sept 2014 in Freedom Sq,have I seen winners react in the way that the No voters are doing now.

    They are fighting with everyone on the Internet, threatening councillors with being monitored and watched,attacking the SNP at all levels of the organisation on a daily basis via their media and political party apparatus which are joined at the hip to the media.

    Why is this happening?? They won after all and should be assured that the majority would back the No vote again.

    There in lies the problem for them.They are not at all sure that the No side would win again,hence the outpouring of vitriol directed at anyone who would like another opportunity at testing the electorates commitment to the Union.I smell real fear.

    The victory they obtained was pyrrhic. In victory they destroyed themselves and continue to do so. Winners behaving as if they had been cheated in some way. They hold aloft a cup,filled with vinegar rather than champagne.The fruits of victory soured by their inability to vanquish permanently an opponent who rises to fight again.

    Rev, with all my heart I thank you. Many will chastise you and criticise you,but ultimately you do what you do for the good of all. (Doffs hat).

    The big issue is the “once in a generation” strap line.

  67. Training Day says:

    Definitive work exposing the contemptible state of the colonial ‘Scottish’ MSM. Excellent, Rev.

    P.S. Tom Gordon.. ‘unspun’. LOL.

  68. Eppy says:

    I am sure that Philippa Whitford’s score should count as at least -1. That attempt at a smear must have done far more damage to the credibility of the press.

    Also a bit harsh on Pete Wishart and Runrig. There are quite a few Runrig supporters out here.

  69. HaggisHunter says:

    Corrupt British establishment and their equally corrupt media.

    Now how’s the case going on the LabServativeDem paedophile ring, the MP’S expenses ‘scandal’ and how many criminals are MPs? What about Prince Andrew’s rape case, of an under age girl, seems to have gone awfully quiet

  70. Robert Peffers says:

    @Giving Goose says: 17 February, 2016 at 8:52 am:

    >i>”The whole MSM has missed the one, completely obvious SNPBAAAD story. … The story that they have missed?

    … All the SNP MPs are Scottish!

    … It’s true and I have it on good authority!

    Err! No! Giving Goose, some of them were actually not born in Scotland. I’m not sure just how many there are now but before the last election there were six elected SNP members born outside of Scotland. They are all, though, some of, “Legally Sovereign People of Scotland”.

    For example – Central Ayrshire – Philippa Whitford was born in Northern Ireland and is a consultant surgeon.

  71. frogesque says:

    Dissing the dirt. Well done as usual.

    That rubbish is all they have to fight with. We have passion commitment and truth on our side. We also have the numbers!

    SNP/SNP. . . well, you already know the rest.

  72. Luigi says:

    Rev, I would give some of those awful stories negative scores instead of zeros, because most of them are twisted fabrications, or downright lies (and have the opposite effect to that intended).

    Since the GE, the level of corporate media effort (Tory press + BBC Labour) directed towards (unsuccessfully) building and maintaining an SNP BAD narrative has been quite astounding. It looks like they are working their way down the list. And then? Start at the beginning again of course! We are dealing with not very nice people here. Not very nice at all. You could almost suspect them of having an anti-Scottish agenda. 🙂

  73. Flower of Scotland says:

    This is a great piece. Unbelievable, but not really. I don’t know how you do this. This constant #SNPbad stuff puts most people off reading newspapers. My Unionist members of the family don’t buy newspapers anymore and don’t seem to listen to any State news either! (They might even vote SNP in May!)

    I don’t know how you listen to anti Scottish rhetoric on radio and TV everyday. I can’t do it, so I’m so grateful to you for all you do for Scotland.

    My first check in the morning is Wings Twitter page, then Wings blog. We must have the best posters ever.

    Save your pennies folks for the next crowdfunder. “He,s worth it”

  74. galamcennalath says:

    Eppy says:

    “I am sure that Philippa Whitford’s score should count as at least -1. That attempt at a smear must have done far more damage to the credibility of the press.”

    Indeed! The Law of Unintended Consequences applies to most situations however I would have thought the colonial press ( Grouse Beater © 2016 ) would have figured out by now that they are not damaging the SNP but are having a negative effect on the standing of their Union!

    Regarding the Indy cause, Project SNPBad has unintentionally undone some of the damage of Project Fear!

  75. Jimbo says:

    I know Martyn Day MP has a cat called after a Scottish breakfast cereal – I suppose the Mail could construe that as anti English.

  76. Luigi says:


    Now that would make a great title for a wee booklet!

  77. mike cassidy says:

    That’s a lot of excrement to throw without gaining the desired effect.


  78. Inverclyder says:

    I’ve heard that Ronnie Cowan MP is a Greenock Morton Supporter and also supports the local Greenock Wanderers Rugby team.

    Surprised that this conflict of interests storm hasn’t been mentioned by the press. How dare he support two teams in two different sports!

    He also has a goatee type beard.

    I’m outraged.

  79. Clootie says:

    …it doesn’t matter if it is true…people will only remember the headline and the base SNPbad message. This was once true but our media have either forgotten or are ignoring the Internet.

    Perhaps if they reported news instead of promoting propaganda their sales would stop declining.

  80. Luigi says:

    This needs to be spread far and wide. Now if only the National could be interested in running a big centre-piece story and headlining with:


    on the front page, for all to see, it would be a big seller. Folk would see the headline in the shops and wonder what it was all about. I would like to see BBC Labour trashed as well and a list of the close relationships between the DR, the BBC and SLAB. If only they had the courage to run with it.

  81. Giving Goose says:

    Robert Peffers @ 10:52 am


    You mean some of them are Not Scottish, i.e. not born in Scotland?

    That is a scandal!

    Did the electorate know of this? It sound like the SNP haven’t been entirely honest with the people of Scotland.

    Fire! Pitchforks! Snowballs!

  82. heedtracker says:

    Despite the ongoing gutter press anti Scotland running Scotland smear campaign, its still Alex Salmond that’s taken most of their UKOK rules you so shut it stuff, with rancid The Graun right in there with the lowest of them

    Rancid’s actually even creepier than UKOK far right media creep out, in that that bizarre bunch of progressive liberal phoneys now pretend their Scotland region does not actually exist, except for the weather maybe and attracting all kinds of raging far right UKOK nutters, BBC staffers, btl.

    Might UKOK work but the Independent’s gone bust so…

  83. Sam Mitchell says:

    This has been ongoing for decades… I am so pleased you have given this some publicity.. if only Scotland had an Independently minded broadcaster who could show how pathetic these graduates of sycophantic cringe are… but … we don’t.. & the SNP seem to believe that a bbc 6pm Scottish news slot will somehow enlighten everyone… pathetic..

  84. Frazerio says:

    See the pic of Tommy Sheppard next to the ‘Hamas guy’, might be better illustrated by adding the famous ‘Maggie & Sir Jimmy’ or ‘Tony & Gadaffi’ to show some real scandal.

  85. Proud Cybernat says:

    Now that’s a keeper, Rev. Bravo!!

    Can’t wait until you start deconstructing/disentangling Eleanor Badford’s (aye, ‘Badford’) SNHS mince.

  86. Scott Borthwick says:

    Fantastic piece of work. However, the BUM have missed a glaring one: Owen Thompson’s beard is clearly a different colour from his hair which is deeply suspicious, frankly wrong and not close to the standards we expect of our elected officials.

  87. heedtracker says:

    Might UKOK work but the Independent’s gone bust so…

    BBC style UKOK propaganda wise, I thought it was interesting the way the Independent newspaper going bust was reported by the rest of the UKOK gutter press. like rancid The Graun, The Independent sold itself as a progressive liberal outfit because ofcourse was nothing like it, more purple tory than blue maybe but not quite red. And so it failed.

    Adblock will makes sure they wont make any money online either but there’s clearly a demand for actual leftie stuff, look at Bernie Sanders in the US. None of the toryboys and girls in the great BBC led hard core Conservative UKOK media freak show can bring themselves to actually do what they lie to the rest of the world about, that they are a free quality press, not merely right wing royals grovelers and propaganda merchants. Maybe toryboys and girls merely hire toryboys and girls, generation after generation.

    Hopefully everyone at the Independent will now go out and get proper jobs, commensurate with their abilities. They’ll have to, the doles gone now and they’ll get sanctioned for not wearing a tie to sign on.

  88. Scott Borthwick says:

    Almannysbunnet says:
    17 February, 2016 at 9:25 am

    “I’m 77 years old and fought in the second world war and am willing to take up arms again”

    Surely that would mean he was born in 1939? Precocious.

  89. shug says:

    When is the next fund raiser you have earned every penny
    Hurry hurry the purse is open

  90. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I saw one of them being interviewed on the news last night. He was asked whether he was for in or out of Europe (as if the interviewer didn’t know.) “I’m 77 years old and fought in the second world war and am willing to take up arms again””

    Which show/channel/time?

  91. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “When is your funding appeal Stu ?”

    End of this month.

  92. Pat Grady is a baldy basturt.

    Anne McLaughlin’s partner is a rascally Rastafarian basturt that supports a Scottish Socialist Republic. The basturt is also a Campbell and wears a kilt with his Rastafarian bunnet. Basturt!

    Stuart Hosie knits stockings at the guillotine. Basturt!

    Brand O’Hara sinks submarines and is a luvvie closet. Basturt!

    As for the rest they’re aw separatist basturts. Basturts!

  93. Dr Ew says:

    Shocked. Hanging is too good for them.

    Long live our glorious free press.

  94. Marcia says:

    George said;


    Fangs for telling us that. Isn’t it shocking that politician are bleeding us dry. Front page for the Daily Hate Mail.

  95. Re Corri Wilson you might want to have a look here – most recent Scottish Review. The main argument is this
    “Mr Brodie’s payments to Caledonii Resources Ltd were a legitimate expense. But a business arrangement which is legitimate is not necessarily wise. Was it wise of Mr Brodie, an SNP MSP, to enter into an outsourcing contract with a company being run by someone who was an SNP activist, councillor and prospective parliamentary candidate and to expect the taxpayer to pick up the bill for this arrangement? It is a serious question given the party’s dominant position in Scottish politics and across vast swathes of civic life – and raises the more general question of whether contracts awarded by MSPs should be better regulated and monitored.”
    It does though take Mr Roy 1145 words to say it all, finding time to repeat the “she employs her son” charge, but also that she has spoken in “only 9 debates” “(‘well below average’ according to the parliamentary website, They Work For You)” he doesnt miss the opportunity to tell us.

  96. Nana says:

    Sorry to go off topic but thought you would like to see this

  97. Valerie says:

    Thank you for that hard work, Rev.

    Not easy sweeping nebulous shite into a tidy bundle.

  98. Bob Mack says:

    @Alistair Galloway,

    Seems we have an updated definition of “LEGITIMATE”.

  99. Hoss Mackintosh says:


    I just never realised the SNP were that Baaaaaad.

    I suppose it must be because I never buy or read any unionist newspapers – ever.

    On the bright side – I give the Scotsman and Herald two or three years before they go bust.

    Record to follow soon after – tick tick.

  100. Scott Borthwick says:

    This really is amazing work, but it strikes me that it’s possibly only ‘Volume 1’. For example,

    Nicola Sturgeon is the best paid is the best-paid politician who ever lived, and has a better coffee machine than you.

    The specific attacks on the SNP as a whole (NHS, Police Scotland, ‘privatising’ ferries, education, grudge, grievance etc. etc.) could take a lifetime to compile.

  101. garles says:

    De Valera says:
    17 February, 2016 at 9:29 am

    On the subject of Richard Arkless, is it just me or is he being ignored by the local press in Dumfries and Galloway?

    Aye I have noticed that as well, working down in Stuart’s neck of the woods just now andwife sends down the Annandale Herald.

    it’s all Fluffy Mk2 and hope he will fix all of D&G’s problems.

    God as much as I hate postal voting will have to do it this time.

  102. katherine hamilton says:

    Hi Rev
    Re the 77yr old fighting in the war, pretty sure it was Newsnight last night. (Tuesday)

  103. katherine hamilton says:

    Sorry Rev
    Checked I-Player. Not Newsnight.
    Only other one I watched was Channel 4 news,must’ve been it.

  104. Hoss Mackintosh says:


    cracking letter from Nicola to Cameron putting them in their place.

    Looks like Scotland Bill is on the rocks and a Brexit vote may be happening by the end of the week too.

    A Double whammy for DC.

    I feel indyref2 is getting closer every day.

  105. Macart says:

    @Nana 11.56am

    Telt. 🙂

  106. arthur thomson says:

    So much for freedom of the press. Freedom to smear and spin to undermine democracy. We have to keep faith that the people will increasingly reject the disgusting outpourings from these private newspapers. I am certain that just a few more lights go on each day, illuminating the darkness of our illegitimate press.

    Thanks for your hard work Stu. Let me know when the next fundraiser begins.

  107. call me dave says:

    Quite a long list when you see it in all it’s MSM splendour. 🙁

    Good link.

    Aye Cameron, Mundell, Osborne, Hunt and Hands all out the country so who’s in charge darn Sarf! … Ruthie intervenes.

  108. Ian Brotherhood says:

    If Alex Salmond endorses this article we could call it ‘Eck’s Files’


  109. wullie says:

    In my minds eye whenever I see any unionists, particularly the so called Scottish variety, I see them furiously waving their English flags at every opportunity. In any photo that is what I see.

    That is who they stand for. its where their allegiance is set in stone. Anybody any good at photoshop, just so I can get the picture out of my head.

  110. galamcennalath says:

    @Nana @Macart

    Tell? Aye. More like a kick up the arse.

    I assume the letter to Cameron was prompted by Hands buggering off!

    “Taking a holiday at this crucial time for Scotland’s future beggars belief”

    IMO Hands going away is a message to Swinney that negotiations are in fact over, “take it or leave it”.

  111. Shug Curtains says:

    “Jimbo says:
    17 February, 2016 at 11:03 am

    I know Martyn Day MP has a cat called after a Scottish breakfast cereal – I suppose the Mail could construe that as anti English.”

    Imagine cryin a cat Squerr Slice.

  112. Macart says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    Badoom – tish! 😀

  113. Christian Schmidt says:

    Do it for SLAB/SCUP/SLD too please. Come on, it shouldn’t take long after all…

  114. Macart says:


    He’s in for a rude shock. 🙂

  115. Scott Borthwick says:

    Shug Curtains says:
    17 February, 2016 at 12:33 pm

    “Jimbo says:
    17 February, 2016 at 11:03 am

    I know Martyn Day MP has a cat called after a Scottish breakfast cereal – I suppose the Mail could construe that as anti English.”

    Imagine cryin a cat Squerr Slice.

    I thought it was maybe ‘Big Baws’.

  116. Robert Peffers says:

    Listening to Call Kaye this morning and her chosen topic was about the SG’s claims formore Scottish content on BBC Scotland. She asked, “If you got more Scottish content then you would have to give up popular programmes so what would you choose to give up”?

    I nearly harmed my throat yelling loudly, “YOU KAYE”. (UK).

  117. Dinnatouch says:

    What a disreputable shower, it’s almost as if they have no respect for Westminster’s ancient traditions of patronage and profit.

  118. Camz says:

    Easier to go after half of SNP (28) for stories than half of Tories (165).

    “Lazy journalists make no scoop” – Shocker!

  119. Mik Johnstone says:

    brilliant, much ado about nothing to pinch a line from thon Wullie blokes book, the LabouraTory Press are totally desperate, and i agree with Taranaich’s Comment Msp’s should be done, don’t do Westminster Mp’s simply because we’d never hear from you again (via too much work to be done on the story OR (more than likely) you’d be bumped off by the establishment for shining a light at the CockWombles)

  120. DerekM says:

    Great work Rev who would have thought a bunch of politicians would be so clean,yes we do live in interesting times,i wonder if it is possible to do a comparison on other UK MP`s from different parties or would that be an impossibility due to it being a never ending chain of scandals.

    Though i am starting to regret having voted for John McNally but purely on personal reasons in that i can no longer find a descent barber ,the fools we were now we all have bad hair lol

  121. ewen says:

    77 and fought in Ww2?
    Bit of a Walt.

  122. That the unionist press with the help of Labour are digging so that they can dish the
    and show that the trying to find drtSNP MPs don’t aspire to the level of sleaze we have seen from the unionist parties

  123. K1 says:

    Let’s totally gub them in May, there is no other answer to this litany of defamation and abuse that our MP’s are having to suffer just because we elected them as our representatives. These papers are trying to tell us that we have made some awful mistake in voting for them, well they have picked a big fight wi the wrong country…they can go and fuck themselves. Watch this space come May 2016, you shower of bastards, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

  124. Jack Murphy says:

    OT kind of.
    This morning– BBC Radio 4 Today Programme discusses the Scottish Government’s proposals on the BBC Royal Charter Renewal.

    The reporter says many things eg:-
    “It has the potential to pull the BBC apart as a UK-wide institution” !!

    Link to BBC iPlayer:-
    Piece begins at 02:47:27 and lasts for 4 minutes.

  125. Richard Bruce says:

    @katherine hamilton at 12.10

    I think it was on BBC 6 o’clock news in a feature piece regarding Euro ref vote. It was a person from the leave campaign saying he’d fight to keep migrants out of England.

  126. Big Jock says:

    Apparently if they devolved broadcasting, Scotland would turn into North Korea.
    Well that was one Yoonies comments on call Kaye. So if news is filtered through London, it’s open and honest. Yet from Edinburgh or Glasgow, it would turn into a communist media outlet.

    Cause we all know how open and honest BBC London is folks!

    These people don’t deserve to call themselves Scottish.

  127. Why has police Scotland refused your F.O.I .requests surley we are entitled to know these things what have they got to hide ?

  128. David says:

    I wonder if the ones they replaced had the same time from the press or if they would have come out of it so well.

  129. Thepnr says:

    @Rev. Stuart Campbell

    I know how to end this SNPBAD narrative once and for all. It’s simple and there is still time for you to rattle a few cages.

    Get yourself on the list vote in any region in Scotland, become an MSP and stir things up a bit. FMQ’s would be a lot more entertaining. You could even shout abuse at other MSP’s expecting just a telling off.

    “Who ate all the Pies” screams the Daily Fail 🙂

    Think about it, there would be no room on the front pages anymore for SNPBAD. You would hog the medias attention. If you didn’t then guess I’d be disappointed 🙁

    Going O/T
    @Donald Anderson

    “Stuart Hosie knits stockings at the guillotine. Basturt!”

    That’s one of the funniest lines I’ve ever read on Wings. Cheers.

  130. liz says:

    Excellent Rev.

    I just wonder why it is taking so long to reach a conclusion with the McGarry/Thomson situations.

    @nana – we are so lucky to have Nicola and J.Swinney looking after our affairs.

    Had SLAB been involved they would have given away more power to WM

  131. Petra says:


    @ Nana says at 11:56 am …. ”Sorry to go off topic but thought you would like to see this.”

    What the Vows not been delivered yet? I thought that the Daily Record said that it had been … months ago.

    Nicola Sturgeon’s letter on the front page of the Daily Record tomorrow? On the News tonight?

  132. Andrew Wilson says:

    Fantastic Stu, it’s gotten to the stage where the only people who pay any attention to the mainstream press when it comes to SNP are the increasingly desperate Scottish Labour MSPs and the small number of brainwashed minions they can still attract.

  133. paul gerard mccormack says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    17 February, 2016 at 11:40 am
    “I saw one of them being interviewed on the news last night. He was asked whether he was for in or out of Europe (as if the interviewer didn’t know.) “I’m 77 years old and fought in the second world war and am willing to take up arms again””

    Which show/channel/time?

    I saw this. I am sure it was on the 10pm BBC news last night. I remember laughing at the time.

  134. thingy says:

    Forgot the bit about Mhairi living next to a golf course, Stu… in Scotland, where golf courses are a bit of a rarity.

    SNPbadiest x2

    P.S. I didn’t fight in the Crimean war so you bastards could break up my country. 🙂

  135. Thepnr says:

    @Rev. Stuart Campbell

    Apologies, forgot to say. Brilliant work and I appreciate it.

  136. The behaviour of the unionist media and the Labour party digging to try and find dirt on the SNP MPS shouldn’t come as any surprise.

    This is a strategy that is designed to undermine peoples trust in the Scottish Government and show everyone that the SNP in attacking sleaze, are hypocritical, because SNP politicians are also mired in sleaze themselves.

    Unfortunately for Labour and the media many of these stories can be debunked almost as soon as they are
    published thanks to the internet.

  137. Ian says:

    Outstanding. It’s a pity that the UK MSM fake attempted personal assassinations appear to be legal in the UK. Never mind. Tick tock.

  138. Macbeda says:

    @Robert Peffer 10:52

    Just because you were born in a stable doesn’t make you a horse.

  139. GusI says:

    Ronnie Cowan does not only support Greenock Wanderers but he actually used to PLAY for them! I don’t know if he still does!

  140. Nation Libre says:

    Quite excellent Stu, where do you find the time. What a very sad state the media are in

    I think the opposite is now quite true of people reading only the headline and not bothering to find the truth until near the bottom of an article. I simply think people don’t read them at all now

    I now suffer from Tourette Independentitus, blurting out the words ‘p*sh’ and f*ck off’ at the Great British MSM

  141. Graf Midgehunter says:

    And the corporate media bums spend day-in, day-out churning out the mud by the lorry load. The mud dries out quickly and folk just walk over it and away.

    The Unionists really, really do have massive stories of hypocrites, tax dodgers, second/third/fourth jobs etc, it’s endless.

    What I wouldn’t mind seeing would be a 3 article post of the “Top 20” Tory hypocrites – “Top 20” Labour hypocrites – “Top 20” LibDem hypocrites.

    Don’t turn the other cheek – attack them for the worthless bunch of t**** that they are. 🙂

  142. Graf Midgehunter says:

    “Just because you were born in a stable doesn’t make you a horse.”

    Neigh kidding….. 😉

  143. Dcanmore says:

    Just to think of all the real news that doesn’t get reported to make room for all this junk. But then again, they’re just parodies of real newspapers.

    Great work Stu.

  144. Alan Of Neilston says:

    In todays National Newspaper the heading is “Who will speak for England”? A wee look and analysis of the B.B.C’s Questiontime Programmes, I see that since the General Election in May 2015 there has been 28 Programmes up until 11th February 2016. 20 of the programmes have had no representative from the S.N.P. i.e 71% . Only 2 programmes have been based in Scotland , 1 from wales, 1 from N.I. Therefore 24 Programmes have been based in England ie 86%. England therefore gets the most coverage in terms of the U.K. Having 56 Scottish Nationalist M.P’S has not been reflected on the State Broadcaster when you consider that the programme in the past always had a Lib Dem rep on every programme being the 3rd largest party in the U.K.Parliament. That has not been continued and one has to conclude What is the Agenda and who is Directing it? But I see the programme is from Stratford upon Avon tomorrow night and guess what John Nicholson S.N.P M.P. is on the panel. Maybe a Start but I don’t think that will be the future format.

  145. Inverclyder says:

    Gusl @ 1:23pm

    Jimmy Cowan was his father who played for Morton and for Scotland.

    If Ronnie Cowan also played for Morton this will be an enormous hammer blow for the SNP.

  146. Valerie says:

    As if on cue –

    Courts have ruled against gagging info on a child fathered by Boris Johnston (hammer of the Scots).

    The court’s felt that such info is in the public interest, as it points to ‘recklessness’. There are allegedly two children conceived by Bojo in extra marital affairs?

    Not that I give a damn about these things, as I generally feel sorry for the poor children, used as a football.

    Just shows, though, they aren’t always untouchable.

  147. Effijy says:

    These SNP guys are So Bad that they
    Are GOOD. The best party and government
    That I have ever known in my long lifetime.

    English Westminster parties and theUK Mefis
    Are the most corrupt and anti democratic that
    I have known in my lifetime.
    (Thatcher’s Mob came close though)

  148. Sorry about the post @17 February, 2016 at 12:58 pm.
    I don’t know what happened, before I had time to complete the post I was typing.

    The computer screen went blank for a few seconds and when it returned me to the wings site the uncompleted post was gone.

  149. Valerie says:

    Sorry! Bono story was from 2013, bloody FB page, and I didn’t check the date.

  150. Valerie says:

    Sorry! Bojo story was from 2013, bloody FB page, and I didn’t check the date.

  151. One_Scot says:

    When you see it all laid out like that, it just makes you want to build a time machine so we can GTF out of this repressive shit union as quickly as possible.

  152. HandandShrimp says:

    The continued rise in the polls for the SNP and fall in Labour support really drives home how little credence people give to these political propaganda pieces. Papers like the Mail are preaching to the converted and their influence stretches not an inch beyond the twitching lace curtains of their declining demographic.

    Also compared to scandals like Chilcott, Iraq, Janner, IDS and the rise of welfare suicides and so on, totally overblown pieces about £3.20 rail tickets look exactly as they are…partisan nonsense

    Kudos to Stu for the stamina to pull all this tripe into one shooting gallery for us to practice on though 🙂

  153. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Only other one I watched was Channel 4 news,must’ve been it.”

    I just watched the whole 11-minute segment on the EU from last night’s C4 news and there were no vox pops.

  154. yesindyref2 says:

    Most excellent.

    The SNP on their not very good website should do similar.

    Tab “Our elected MPs, MSPs etc”. Maybe pull-down MP MSP MEP Councillor

    Small photo
    Constituency (council / ward)
    Short description
    and then the important bit:

    Disciplinary status: none – or a brief description of allegations, actions and status.

    The SNP have grown into a huge party and haven’t caught up with that, as the Monklands fiasco shows. They need to tackle big, while still keeping a cosy small party feel.

  155. David McKeen says:

    All the other MPs must love that the press is paying so much attention to the SNP. A Tory MP could have anal intercourse with an African sex slave, whilst knee deep in cocaine, on Parliament Green and it wouldn’t make the news because the press have found a ‘hypocritical’ SNP MP once had a job prior to being elected.

  156. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I am sure it was on the 10pm BBC news last night.”

    The BBC doesn’t put news bulletins on iPlayer, so it looks like it’s lost forever.

  157. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but have you all forgot about the stealing of Denis Skinner’s seat?

  158. broonpot says:

    Great article and as usual comprehensive. However if you had waited one day you might have picked up & included another smear / innuendo, albeit from a very small ‘publication’ with slightly less form than the Mail.

    This Scottish Review article (editorial?) seems to be mainly targeted at a list MSP but also casts aspersions on Corri Wilson MP and definitely warrants a scandal rating of 0/5.

    Roy’s latest article is a classic example of how this once informative, erudite & disciplined journal has sunk to being a cantankerous anti SNP /Independence online rag with its contributors masquerading as anti-establishment literati / cognoscenti or investigative (LOL) journalists.

  159. chris kilby says:


  160. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Oh wait – the BBC *does* put the 10 o’clock news on iPlayer, but not the six o’clock, which is weird. The 10pm one had vox pops, but nobody 77 saying they fought in the war. Closest was a 72-year-old saying he’d lay down his life now to keep immigrants out.

  161. Lochside says:

    ‘Petra’ makes mentions of ‘Regimental Blues’ and ‘Bears fight back’ from a Nana link……Interesting how these loyalist hate groups have emerged like poisonous boils since the Referendum.

    After driving two journalists out of the ‘Herald’ with threats against their livelihood, they’ve moved their attention on to opposing any ‘celebrations’ of the Easter rising of 1916.

    Where are the police in this regard? ….It was easily established that the 19th of Sept riot in Glasgow was an orchestrated ‘event’ designed to cow YES supporters, after the REF. Yet only ciphers were arrested. Yet organised loyalists are working against individuals and legitimate democratic organisations in the most threatening and insidious ways…ironically utilising the internet in the manner that we ‘cybernats’ are accused of (wrongly).

    Is it paranoia to see this low level, but effective, intimidation of our free speech as a part of a concerted British State operation? The papers and BBC ignored and have continued to ignore this phenomenon as well as ignoring Unionist politicians behaviour and utterances e.g ‘bayonetting the wounded’ etc.

    These groups are organised and funded and coalesce every other weekend at Ibrox with their pathetic slave symbolism of ‘Britishness’. Rangers football club in whatever stage of development it poses to be newco/oldco etc. had the opportunity to vanquish its ugly sectarian history when it dropped down the leagues. Instead, within its hierarchy a decision was made to continue to countenance the same old bigotry combined with its ugly, twin British imperialism.

    Unfortunately, this club…an old Scottish institution, is not alone: the Church of Scotland in its pathetic attempts to forge a British identity by allying itself with the Church of England is betraying, not only its creed, which I care nothing for, but the Scottish people who are members of it and its own history of resistance against Anglicanism with its implicit association with the English crown. Add in the Scottish legal system which has allowed the English to overlord it with the ‘Supreme Court’ and to permit English lords rule that Scotland was absorbed into a greater England at the point of Union…. And as for our education system…especially the teaching of our history…well in an independent Scotland a complete rebuild of our Institutions is required..starting with ‘our’ media.

  162. Almannysbunnet says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    17 February, 2016 at 11:40 am
    Sorry I can’t be precise. I was channel surfing after watching the PSG v Chelsea game. So sometime after 9.30. Probably a 10pm news item about in/out, bit of Farage, bit of Prince William then over to a pub I think somewhere in Sussex.

  163. One_Scot says:

    Having followed the events of the fiscal frame work, it looks to me and probably Nicola that the Yoons are not interested in agreeing a fair deal for Scotland.

    A paragraph from her latest letter to Cameron,

    ‘The Chief Secretary’s continued reluctance to entertain this proposal makes it hard to avoid the conclusion that your government is unwilling to agree the principle of ‘no detriment’ in the terms set out in my letter to you of 9 February. If that were the case it would mean, in my view, that you had failed to honour both your pre-referendum Vow and your commitment to implement in full the recommendations of the Smith Commission. I think that view would be widely shared in Scotland.’

    It does make you wonder what goes on in these Yoons heads.

  164. Petra says:

    @ Valerie says at 1:41 pm …. Sorry! Bojo story was from 2013, bloody FB page, and I didn’t check the date.”

    I did something similar this morning Valerie. Found what I thought was a piece of really interesting information, copied it, typed up a bit and then realised like you that it was 2 years old!

    @ David McKeen says at 1:59 pm …. ”All the other MPs must love that the press is paying so much attention to the SNP. A Tory MP could have anal intercourse with an African sex slave, whilst knee deep in cocaine, on Parliament Green and it wouldn’t make the news because the press have found a ‘hypocritical’ SNP MP once had a job prior to being elected.”

    Are you going to name this person or not David? Was it Osborne? Cameron?

    No seriously this is why their sales are plummeting. They’ve gone into overkill and no one (very few) is one bit interested in what they have to say anymore. I visit a number of elderly people (80’s / 90’s) and they’re telling ME what a load of old guff it is. In some cases they were prior No voters.

  165. Jack Murphy says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell said at 2:08 pm:-
    “Oh wait – the BBC *does* put the 10 o’clock news on iPlayer, but not the six o’clock, which is weird.”

    I had a look a few hours ago and the BBC Six News was on iPlayer—-now removed. 🙁

    Link to the 10pm News which will be removed at 6:30pm tonight.
    Seems there’s a time limit of about 18-20 hours and then DELETE!!!! 🙁

  166. gus1940 says:

    broonpot at 2.04

    I’ve just read this week’s Scottish Review and agree 100% with what you say.

    Ever since the Ref. Roy and his band of contributors have been becoming more and more anti-SNP – I think we can expect it to be ramped up in the build up to the election.

  167. Fred says:

    It wouldn’t be too difficult to set the press up in a wee sting operation eh!

  168. gus1940 says:

    I think we can expect Roy’s smear to be all over tomorrow’s blats.

  169. galamcennalath says:

    “Ruth Davidson has intervened to suggest that both governments should allow the Treasury option to be implemented but for a trial period over “a few years” with a guarantee.”

    Everyone but the Tories say Swinney’s plan matches Smith. Wait a minute, she’s that Tory tank commander lassie ……

  170. Scott Borthwick says:

    Lochside says:
    17 February, 2016 at 2:14 pm

    ‘Petra’ makes mentions of ‘Regimental Blues’ and ‘Bears fight back’ from a Nana link……Interesting how these loyalist hate groups have emerged like poisonous boils since the Referendum.

    It may not make a huge amount of difference to how they operate, but I’ve been in touch with the Lord Lyon and the PF about Regimental Blues. Their home-made coat of arms is not registered and is therefore being used without permission. Maybe they’ll have something more serious to think about soon.

    I’m aware that it’s not dissimilar to pursuing Capone for tax evasion, but it’s a start.

  171. Cuilean says:

    Ronnie Cowan MP for Inverclyde’s dad was Jimmy Cowan, a former Scotland international goalie, and also goalie for Greenock Morton & later Sunderland. Jimmy Cowan was Scottish goalie when Scotland beat England at Wembley in 1949 & 1951 & he is in the Scottish Football Hall of Fame.

  172. Dr Jim says:

    Aye ye say that, but there’s no fire without….eh,…there’s no smoke in the chimney…there’s fire…

    Aye but Aye but…

  173. Andrew Barr says:

    Very well said. Excellent write up. Probably a lot of work but any chance of a westminister one for the other parties in time before the EU vote?

  174. Janet says:

    Check out those dodgy PFI deals that Labour put through!

    Worrying complicity between the Labour governmental machine and its chums in big business!

    Why do you think that Sarah Boyack and friends won’t support an investigation into a controversial Edinburgh hospital? But Neil Findlay keeps banging on about the inability of health chiefs to recruit paediatric consultants, as if such people can be press ganged! A diversion by Labour if ever there was!

  175. Thepnr says:

    “Closest was a 72-year-old saying he’d lay down his life now to keep immigrants out.

    That’s reported on “the news”? Thank fuck I no longer have a licence.

  176. Shamur says:

    Great as always rev! What would we do without you?

  177. Proud Cybernat says:

    @ galamcennalath
    17 February, 2016 at 2:36 pm

    “Ruth Davidson has intervened to suggest that both governments should allow the Treasury option to be implemented but for a trial period over “a few years” with a guarantee.”

    ‘Guarantee’? Is that a synonym of ‘Vow’?

  178. yesindyref2 says:

    The Conservatives set their cap at Labour supporters and were succeeding. Labour dropping in the polls, Conservatives rising. This won’t do her party any good, and Dugdale comes out OK, so the trick is to steal those voters who finally cast off Labour from the Conservatives – to any pro-indy party.

    Fertile ground there, perhaps 5% of the electorate for the taking, and none of it previous SNP voters.

    Cat Boyd, Patrick Harvie – and Nicola Sturgeon, take note. Not to forget Sheridan!

  179. birnie says:

    Re George Kerevan: In the interests of accuracy, my understanding is that George does take the full MP salary from “public funds” but restricts himself to £27K for personal living expenses. The remainder is given to charity or to providing additional resources for his constituency administration. In consequence, of course, his claimed expenses may well be more modest than otherwise.

  180. thingy says:

    Mike @ 2:35

    Your links bring a number of things to mind, Mike. The Poles not being allowed to take part in VE celebrations, for instance. Use and discard.

    What immediately sprung to mind, though, was a chapter from Ernst Jünger’s “Storm of Steel” where he describes, with bemusement, the abject horror in the demeanor of Indian troops they had captured whilst on patrol. The British had told them that if they were taken alive they would be eaten.

    Just not cricket, old chap.

  181. Cuilean says:

    Tomorrow’s Mail Front Page:

    SNP MP, Ronnie Cowan spawn of Jimmy Cowan, Scotland goalie who killed England’s dreams at Wembley (twice). Confirms our fears that SNP MPs hate England, and are products of racial hatred going back generations. Who will save England?

  182. Socrates MacSporran says:


    Didn’t know about Ronnie Cowan being Jimmy Cowan’s son. That 1949 Wembley win has, ever since, been known as: “Jimmy Cowan’s Match”, since he more or less defied England single-handedly for the first half hour. Then Scotland broke away and scored, on their way to a 3-1 win.

    The late Sammy Cox of Rangers, who played left-back for Scotland that day, till the day he died, insisted Jimmy Cowan’s performance was the finest display of goal-keeping he ever saw.

    If the son can, in the arena of politics, deny England ws well as his father did at Wembley, we are home and hosed for Independence.

  183. Nana says:

    O/T Re fiscal framework

    Stewart Hosie responds to Ruth Davidson

  184. Thepnr says:

    Are we at war?

    A war between those that write the “news” and those they hope to sell their propaganda to?

    I think it is and I also think that the media is losing this war, look at their sales figures, look at the distrust the Scottish electorate have of the BBC.

    Doesn’t matter now how beautiful you tell us the Emperors new clothes are. We all see clearly that he is in fact naked.

    The fallout from the referendum and the resulting demise of BUM media in Scotland, for me at least is one of the greatest victories. You know why they are screeching and whining so much is because we are ridiculing them. Putting them “back in their box”.

    It wasn’t meant to be this way! Arrrgghhhh!

  185. Paul says:

    You’d struggle for a list of “Top 20 LibDem hypocrites”, Graf Midgehunter…
    There are only 8 left (unless you’re counting the Lords/Ladies)!

  186. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Didn’t know about Ronnie Cowan being Jimmy Cowan’s son.”


  187. Thepnr says:


    Timely link, sends a hug 🙂

  188. starlaw says:

    Don’t hold your breath for any action to be taken by either the lord lyon or the police, regarding Rangers or movements wearing their colours or that of the Orange Order. These are seen by the state to be defenders of the state and will have the protection of the state. Time will tell If I am right about this.

  189. carjamtic says:

    Thepnr @ 3:17

    Yes pnr not supposed to be this way 🙂

    Perhaps a central source of all this hogwash then distributes it to these ‘fantasy’ editors for publication/broadcast….Shirley Knot.

    Although not a football fan,became obsessed with Championship Manager for a while,I knew it wasn’t real…but still….gripping stuff.

    Addiction is a strange thing,this obsession with SNP bad has made them a laughing stock,I think they know it,but refuse to take their democratic medicine.

    The Rev’s laying out of this drivel,highlights how far they are ‘gone’ and looks like they’re beyond saving.

    I can make no case to rescue them,but don’t like to see them suffer,that would be inhumane,as someone famous once said,on seeing a competitor drowning,’I’d put a hose in their mouth’.

    A bit harsh,but sometimes youv’e got to be cruel to kind 🙂

    SNP x 2

  190. ahundredthidiot says:

    You’re completely missing the point Rev

    They’re all witches. Witches I tell you.

    Burn them all, burn them all I say.

    The pitchfork press will have their way, like the spoiled little brats that they are, but when they read your compilation (which I hope some of them do) even they must know deep down they are being pathetic (most of the time).

    Good work.

  191. yesindyref2 says:

    O/T Re fiscal framework
    I see in The National a negotiation expert criticising Hands for being away at a crucial time in negotiation because it wouldn’t heppen in business.

    But then says the two sides will have to be prepared to give ground. So it goes like this:

    UK: We’re going to rob you of £7.5 billion
    SG: No.
    UK: We’re going to rob you of £3 billion, look how nice we are
    SG: No
    UK: OK then, we’ll meet halfway
    SG: I’m calling the Police, now get out of my house

    Same guy says they should put it upstairs and Sturgeon talk to Osborne.

    No, Cameron is Sturgeon’s equivalent, not the petty cash accounts clerk.

  192. Almannysbunnet says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    17 February, 2016 at 11:40 am
    Which show/channel/time?

    Ok found it on iplayer. It was the 10 o-clock news last night on the BBC. Laura Kuenssberg bit about 5 minutes in. My memory must be playing tricks, he doesn’t mention the was but the old guy in the pub is wittering on about importing criminals (immigrants) and says he would willingly take up arms to “protect his country” etc etc.

  193. cearc says:


    ‘about in/out, bit of Farage, bit of Prince William then over to a pub I think somewhere in Sussex.’

    That’s why I haven’t had tv for a very long time.

  194. yesindyref2 says:

    A possible search engine tip considering your high visibility anyway.

    Put in the actual text of the newspaper headline in large print (H2 or H2 perhaps, technically), as anyone searching for e.g. “hypocritical SNP MPs” will see your page high up in the rankings. Maybe even higher than the rag itself!

  195. Neil Dyer says:

    I think the overall point is very well made. Perhaps it might be wise to accept that Phil Boswell’s £18,000 loan is within the letter of the law but pushing the spirit of the law well past breaking point.

  196. Thepnr says:


    I have to say I do have a soft spot for the brainwashed and find it easy to forgive them of their ignorance.

    Let’s face it, can’t be easy for a Daily Mail or Sun reader to have a heart or a brain.

    Maybe they have no organs at all as they donated them at birth LOL.

  197. William Wallace says:


    The people of Scotland owe you a drink (finest single malt at that). Thank you.

  198. yesindyref2 says:

    Cold fingers typing – that should have been h2 or h3 – i.e. a sub-heading. Short but relevant, steal their traffic legitimately.

  199. Ken MacColl says:

    Classic example of sound investigative journalism- something we see far too little of those days.How dare those people swan over the green benches of Westminster and speak out for their electors -and they clap! Do they know nothing? Bring back the “f****** useless” MPs who were unseated.
    I scan the headlines of the Red tops and the (once respected) broadsheets as I pick up my copy of the National from my newsagent. The anti SNP hostility of our printed media is almost beyond parody although the Rev does more than a fair job hwith this comprehensive expose.The lack of any substance behind the stories is revealing and exposes the lack of principle and rigour of the reporters. I understand that some of those titles are likely to follow The Independent-not that it believed in Independence – into well-deserved oblivion. Hasta la vista!

    Only last week the First Minister was miscalled by Neil Findlay in the Scottish Parliament. After a less than gracious retraction from the said buffoon, the incident was reported once only in a nine second item buried in the news from Pacific Quay and has not since been referred to. Can you imagine the reaction if this had been Kezia being similarly treated by an SNP backbencher?

  200. HandandShrimp says:

    Glastonbury of mud

    I shall be astealing this collective noun

  201. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Paul says:

    “You’d struggle for a list of “Top 20 LibDem hypocrites”, Graf Midgehunter…
    There are only 8 left (unless you’re counting the Lords/Ladies)!”

    🙂 You’re right, I’d forgotten about that.

    From May there’ll be even less to remember, hopefully.

  202. Thepnr says:

    @Rev. Stuart Campbell


    Rev, the number of links in this article might be too much for the majority to go through even in a single day. I read some, only those regarding people who have not been slandered by the media YET.

    I can therefore appreciate the effort and work involved in putting this article together. Stick with the links, they are your trademark as to the honesty and truthfulness of the core message.

    lang may yer lum reek.

  203. Edward says:

    Hi , anyone got a take on the story appearing in the Herald
    about in fighting at an SNP branch in North Lanarkshire?
    The Herald have been running at least 2 stories about this and I smell Herald BS

  204. Graf Midgehunter says:

    “Wings over Scotland”

    “Seeking the Truth. Providing the Facts”

    It’s the Rev’s blue links that make the difference between making an assertion and providing the back-up proof with facts.

  205. G H Graham says:

    “I saw one of them being interviewed on the news last night. He was asked whether he was for in or out of Europe (as if the interviewer didn’t know.) “I’m 77 years old and fought in the second world war and am willing to take up arms again”

    WW2 ended 2nd September 1945, almost 71 years ago. So the gentleman in question was only 2 years old when war broke out & was still only 6 years old when it ended.

    I’m curious to discover which force or regiment he served in & if he still has a medal to prove he wore a nappy.

  206. No no no...Yes says:

    Very good article which underlines the madness and desperation of the MSM. They are blinded by their loyalty to a failing union. Why don’t they have a wee look at some of the Unionist MPs activities I wonder?

    I also enjoyed CLICKING on all the links and have a better understanding of your zany humour!

  207. Bob Mack says:

    N Lanarkshire infighting I believe is as a result of former Labour activists joining the branch, with their own ideas of how things should operate. So my son tells me anyway. He stays in Airdrie.

  208. Petra says:


    @ mike cassidy says at 2:35 pm …. ”All these immigrants – coming over here – winning our wars

    Mike don’t you know that it was England and the US that won World War11?

    The word ‘World’ doesn’t ever seem to be taken into account. If we Scots think that we’ve been hard done by, by Westminster, you don’t have far to look to find millions of others that have been treated abysmally by them during War and peace time (the odd year here and there).

    One of the worst incidences was Churchills treatment of the Poles. As Thingy (3:13pm) pointed out the Poles weren’t allowed to march on VE Day. The ONLY country to be excluded. Their brave servicemen and woman, such as pilots, had to stand on the sidelines and look on. Disgraceful and absolutely heartbreaking. I also wonder what Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding had to say about Churchill’s (and Stalins) decision?

    The link that you posted re. the Poles includes a section on 303 Squadron said to have turned the tide of the war during the Battle of Britain, which we were losing. If we hadn’t won that battle, if it hadn’t been for the Poles, it would have been over and out for us. End of.

    They come here now to work (not skive) and have been found to be, through research, the most reliable and hardworking employees in the UK, but are scapegoated at every turn. Westminster has a lot to answer for.

    ”The Poles were keen to fight but the RAF would not at first let them fly operationally. This was because few of the exiles spoke English and there was concern about their morale. What the British did not yet realise was that many of the Poles were excellent pilots. Having come through the Polish and French Campaigns, they had more combat experience than most of their British comrades and they employed superior tactics.

    As the Battle of Britain wore on, and the shortage of trained pilots became critical, the exiles were accepted into RAF squadrons and two Polish fighter units, Nos. 302 and 303 Squadrons, were formed. Once committed to action, the Poles flew and fought superbly, shooting down 203 enemy aircraft for the loss of 29 pilots killed. No. 303 Squadron became the most successful Fighter Command unit in the Battle, shooting down 126 German machines in only 42 days. Czech Sergeant Josef Frantisek, also of ‘303’, was the top scoring pilot with 17 confirmed victories.

    Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding, who led Fighter Command, would later write:

    “Had it not been for the magnificent material contributed by the Polish squadrons and their unsurpassed gallantry, I hesitate to say that the outcome of the Battle would have been the same.”

  209. Capella says:

    The Media must be saving up Nicola Sturgeon’s secret love affair with Vladimir Putin and Alex Salmond’s love child, Kim Jong Un, till nearer the election.

  210. Alan Crerar says:

    Going O/T
    @Donald Anderson

    “Stuart Hosie knits stockings at the guillotine. Basturt!”

    Would that be ‘Hosiery’ then?

    Superb review Rev – I’m going to try a print out for certain non-digital nawbags of my acquaintance.

  211. Proud Cybernat says:

    And then there was this nonsense:

    Ponsonby nailing BBC SNPBAAD black propaganda. Their problem is that more and more people are having their eyes open to their dark arts and manipulation, in short, their keech.

  212. ScottishPsyche says:

    So much SNPbad noise and all the while Yoon MPs are getting away with anything they can. Lucy Allan, Geoffrey Cox and the rest. It will be interesting to see how Carmichael is dealt with by Parliament and how much coverage it gets.

    Did anyone see Dougie Henshall called out the media for their love in with Ruth Davidson? Why is she not called to account for her party’s disgusting policies? She is ex BBC, of course, and it seems that, as one of them, she gets a free pass.

    Also did you know the SNP membership is still rising, BUT NOT RISING AS MUCH AS IT SHOULD, according to Tom Gordon of the Herald.

    Sometimes you wonder if they can even see straight for the spin.

  213. yesindyref2 says:

    The other side is that it’s the old guard being a cabal and making false allegations against Julie McAnulty, and other misdoings, including Richard Lyle who supposedly filibustered a meeting on Monday to prevent a vote of no confidence in him being called.

    Opinions from pro-indy supporters are mixed, some on one side, some on another. Personally I think the Herald is covering it OK so far, and whoever’s in the right, it does need to get proerly sorted.

    There was an article in The National worth reading:

  214. call me dave says:

    Glasgow City Council in open warfare as underfire Labour boss McAveety removes spin chief

  215. michael diamond says:

    So the herald puts a big photo of paedo murderer black, beside the snp bad story on wed the12th, a wee bit of physcological brain tinkering there. Unionist scumbags.

  216. yesindyref2 says:

    Yes Rev, stick with the links. I reply to criticism of WOS at times, and my answer isn’t to defend WOS or the dreaded Campbell, but to say go look for yourself, there are opinions there, but everything is backed up with links so you can check out any quotes in context, and make your own mind up.


    Unoinist websites don’t, or rarely do, back up their articles with links.

    I wonder why.

  217. Proud Cybernat says:

    My guess on the McGarry and Thompson allegations. If there is nothing to the allegations then we will hear the outcome only AFTER the May elections. If there IS anything to the allegations then we will hear all about it approximately 10 days before the May election. Bets anyone?

    SNP x 2 = IndyRef 2

  218. Lochside says:

    Good Luck Scott @2.37pm, I hope the Lord Lyon takes your complaint seriously. These clowns might worship aristocracy but they’re just vermin without the ermine.

  219. Petra says:

    @ Edward says at 4:37 pm …. ”Hi, anyone got a take on the story appearing in the Herald about in fighting at an SNP branch in North Lanarkshire? The Herald have been running at least 2 stories about this and I smell Herald BS.”

    Edward there was a really good story in The National yesterday. Sorry I can’t post the link. There is a lot more going on than meets the eye such as jiggery pokery re. a contract worth millions … and Labour involvement.

  220. Capella says:

    Kaye Adams’ programme this morning was a cracker on Scottish broadcasting. Some excellent comments phoned in. Tom at 9:00 minutes in was good but the winner this week was Robert from Dumfries at 50:30. Kaye shouting at him, “You can’t can’t can’t” when he suggested Scotland could buy in programmes from Sky (52:20).

    Sample dialogue:
    Robert: Are you still there?
    Kaye: Yes of course, Robert
    Robert: I just wondered why you hadn’t butted in.

    Two “experts”, Steve Hewlett a media analyst at 10:50 and Mike Ward, TV critic with the Daily Star at 44:40. Both from England, both freely admitted they know nothing about it. Nobody seems to know the facts about the costs of BBC Scotland except they are massive and it would cost 2.6 Billion to recreate the network so you’re too poor Scotland.

  221. yesindyref2 says:

    For completeness about Phil Boswell, there was a problem that he hadn’t declared an interest in his own company which hadn’t traded for a couple of years and hadn’t issued dividends either. 1/5, it was a techincal wrongdoing, though I think it was down to a misunderstanding over amounts (greater than £300) and shareholding (can’t remember he details, but substantial. I read the guildeines and I thought it was an a AND b, it seems it was an a OR b. Badly worded, and had recently changed anyway. He has declared his interest now.

    Some people made a meal over it. Sigh.

  222. Bob Mack says:


    Yes but the nappies in those days were Terry towelling. You deserved a medal for wearing them.I still bear the “chap” marks to this day. Funny how you grew out of nappies only to have them replaced a few years later with woollen swimming shorts which when wet would have dragged the Titanic into the abyss.

  223. Dr Jim says:

    Tories selling Scotlands powers to English councils scandal

    That’s a good headline for the Herald and their pals
    We’re no buying the powers so they’re flogging them cheaper elsewhere

    Any advance on 3 Billion I’ll take 2.8 cash no VAT make it quick

  224. Edward says:

    Bob Mack , yesindyref2 & Petra

    Thanks for that re N Lanarkshire, appreciated

    I had a feeling that somewhere in the story there is Labour involvement, either through former unreformed members joining SNP or as an outside influence

  225. Henry McLaughlin says:

    It is no good re running the head lines for the news papers.You just help them by displaying there rubbish showing it to people that did not see them as now they are now in the one place .you have to think of the negative side and I know you are trying to do the best job you can but a lot of people did not see them and I think it’s best they never do. Regards Henry

  226. bjsalba says:

    @Rev. Stuart Campbell


    Please don’t stop.
    I do try to follow all the links but even though I’m retired and have plenty of time to do so, I have trouble remembering them all.
    Please don’t stop.

  227. geeo says:

    This article reminds me of the old scotch and wry classic when rangers sign the boy who scored 7 goals in the 1st half so he gets a 5 year contract without the manager knowing he is in fact a catholic..!

    “How many did you score in the 2nd half” ?

    “None, i had to get tae mass….”

    The things the stunned manager tried to get the contract cancelled was hilariously akin to our media as shown above…

    “Ever fouled anyone …”?

    “Ever felt like fouling someone” ?

    “Ever had the measles” ?

    “How aboot a plook” ???

    Talk about life imitating art…!!

  228. Orri says:

    Have to love the idea that the BBC, or more probably BBC Worlwide would be banned from selling programs to Scotland. Would all depend on just how desperately they needed the cover the license fee cash they’d have just lost.

  229. frogesque says:

    @ Petra 5.21.

    What’s the betting the Parliamentary Standards won’t report on Carmichael until after the GE 2020?

  230. Luigi says:

    michael diamond says:

    17 February, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    So the herald puts a big photo of paedo murderer black, beside the snp bad story on wed the12th, a wee bit of physcological brain tinkering there. Unionist scumbags.

    His face is not just beside the SNPBAD story, it is effectively embedded, under the headline to make it look like he is part of the SNPBAD story.

    It is deliberate and it is really bad. This is desperate, wicked stuff.

  231. Republicofscotland says:

    Rev you’ve clearly pointed out the bias of the insidious unionist press.

    Alas if you throw enough mud, some will stick, and that’s the game plan of those shit rags posing as newspapers.

  232. Ghillie says:

    Hello Morag! Good to see you again = )

    Henry @ 6.08pm, interesting thoughts, but in my experience with bullies and lies it’s best to call them out and clear up any ‘misunderstandings’.

    I do know that sometimes, for the sake of self-preservation, keeping yourself safe, a decision to just walk away is a legitimate course of action to take.

    But Rev Stu doesn’t do that. Wings hits bullies head on.

    As for the rags and relentless SNPBAD stories and misfiring mud-slinging, the more they try to fight us the more alert we remain.

    Another kind of shooting themselves in the feet.

  233. Kenlike says:

    Imagine if the media were replaced by a propaganda department or a Ministry of Truth/Information.

    How would it be any different?

  234. boris says:

    The standard of reporting by The Rev in the last 6 months is much improved. Articles have been incisive, factually perfect, pointed, and impossible to contradict. Well done!!

  235. Robert Peffers says:

    @katherine hamilton says: 17 February, 2016 at 12:01 pm:
    “Re the 77yr old fighting in the war, pretty sure it was Newsnight last night. (Tuesday)”

    Well he’s younger than I and I didn’t fight in that war – Korea though, but I prefer to forget that.

    Mind you I did come under fire in London, again at Bordon Military Camp and even when back in Scotland.

  236. Fireproofjim says:

    I think the expression is “damned with faint praise”.
    The Rev has been the gold standard of reporting for much longer than six months and It is difficult to see how it could be improved upon.
    However I agree with your heartfelt well done.

  237. C J Robertson says:

    You forgot all the snide pish that Private Eye have been rolling out since last May.
    The “Nats” are second only to Corbyn in their public schoolboy bashings.

  238. Ghillie says:

    Yesindyref2 @ 3.54pm

    I LOVE the way you have explained the Fiscal Framework!

    NOW I get it! =)

    Perhaps if the National were to print that simple wee verbal exchange on their front cover the rest of the last of the SNPBADERS might just get it too!

  239. michael diamond says:

    I agree luigi 5.14pm. And they should be brought to task over it .

  240. Petra says:


    @ frogesque says at 6:38 pm … ”Petra … What’s the betting the Parliamentary Standards won’t report on Carmichael until after the GE 2020?”

    And no doubt he’ll have been knighted by that time frogesque ………………….
    Sir Alistair Carmichael of Rotten-Bottom.

    (Apologies or rather condolences to those living in Moffat).

  241. NiallD says:

    Brilliant stuff Rev.I remember reading a lot of these articles originally and frothing at the mouth, incandescent with rage at the sheer barefaced horse-shittery of them.

    The real problem comes when, if there is a real issue that should be reported, nobody believes it as the Yoon press has cried wolf too often before.


  242. Sooz says:


    A stonkingly good read, Revstu. Pinning it to my “for use with frothing yoons” shelf.

  243. Thepnr says:

    After almost a year of SNPBAD that above is the best the UKOKs best journalists and newspapers could come up with?

    Hahahaha, they should hang their heads in shame.

    This one wee blog is as effective as 10 Daily Record front pages offering vows. How they must hate that. Long live Wings.

  244. caledonia says:

    we need to get this trending

  245. Fred says:

    It will be interesting to see of Carmichael pops up on the campaign trail beating the drum for Tavish & Rennie?

  246. Achnababan says:

    So confession time – please keep this to ourselves. We should be transparent if we want a better Scotland. So here goes…..

    I once had a paper round and I have met Alec Salmond

  247. Albaman says:

    Petra @ 20:16
    As an ex R.A.F. man,
    I’m well aware of the Polish squadron 303, and thier involvement in the “Battle of Britain ” , and the disgraceful treatment, by the Westminster’s establishment, forbidding them the right to participate in the victory march through London,
    As you maybe well aware there was/is a film regarding thier arrival and involvement in the Battle of Britain , I think I’ll still be available on “u” tube, and for anyone who has not seen it, I recommend that you do so,
    There are meny, meny sons and daughters, of these men who came over to fight for our, and thier freedom,in our communities today.
    I remember in the 1950s quite a number of Polish men who had served in the war, set down roots in and around Dunfermline, one I remember , was normally referred to as “the pole”, ( probably because his name would be unpronounceable to us Fifers!), who had a scrap yard, which went under the name “wax-wing”, I think Robert Peffers will remember him.

  248. yesindyref2 says:

    Good grief, there’s another trap in Sturgeon’s letter for the anti-frothers, and I see they’re already falling

    Don’t worry, I’m, keeping my mouth shut, for now.

  249. Macart says:


    A bridge of jewels. 🙂

  250. yesindyref2 says:

    She’s one clever lady [1], and I’m not even sure she knows she does it, I think it’s an instinct.

    [1] No, that’s not a sexist remark, it’s a higher accolade than “clever person”.

  251. Macart says:


    I think the lady has a natural talent, just like the fella that sat in the chair before her. 🙂

  252. Albaman says:

    Petra, sorry if I confused you, I was replying to your post of 4:56,
    And this one is in reply to you one of 8:48, which will keep me occupied for some time, as who knows whare they will lead me?.

  253. yesindyref2 says:

    Indeed. Very different style, both right for the job they were and are doing.

  254. DerekM says:

    @ Henry McLaughlin

    On the contrary Henry it is vital no imperative we break the link in peoples minds that the BUM means the truth,this essentially is our main stumbling block to independence and always has been.

    What the Rev does terrifies them as up until wings there was no scrutiny of these people,they could say what they wanted,they controlled the narrative and used it to push their agenda which is on no account should Scotland ever learn the truth.

    Well things change and by putting this all together shows quite clearly the level of animosity towards the SNP MP`s ,when it is drip fed out for public consumption people forget or fail to join the dots ,the Rev likes to remind us of that by putting all the unionist garbage together in a neat wee pile for us to use.

    And its not like the BUM have proved the SNP are just as bad as the others if this is all they can dig up after throwing a full scale assault on them,its all rather pathetic and even the wavering no voter must be thinking jeez maybe i was wrong and these guys are right.

    The more hysterical we make them the better for us but shhhh dont tell them that lol

  255. liz says:

    @indyref2 9.09 – I admit to being intrigued.

    I have read through the FM’s letter twice but have not picked up on your inference.

    However if it is a trap for WM, I will be delighted to wait for the outcome

  256. Politicians are honest, hard working truth seekers,

    Journalists are vessels of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth,

    the world is upside down.

  257. Daisy says:


    Really enjoy reading the posts on this website.

    I’m a seventeen year old who is really interested in politics and would really appreciate it if you could head on over to my blog and give it a read:

    My most recent post:

    Sorry to divert away from the premise of this blog, but I think it is of crucial importance that the voice of a young person growing up in Scotland is heard.


  258. yesindyref2 says:

    It’s a small one, but worthwhile. Not so much a trap for WM, I think it’s quite straight towards them – they’re in a trap anyway, she’s just keeping them fed.

  259. Craig Travers says:


    SNP lead increases 3% in list seats according to polls

    I know I really shouldn’t be posting stuff fae daily rancid

  260. call me dave says:

    Figures only no analysis yet at: 🙂

  261. Still Positive. says:

    Indyref2 & macart.

    Nicola is playing it by the book and they will become unstuck.

    Only posted on a small closed FB group (whose members I know personally) my real thoughts and I got a ‘like’ from a man I have respected for many years.

    This is, for me, the reason we won’t need another indyref. Gut feeling I have had for a long time.

    We will be free in my lifetime.

  262. galamcennalath says:


    Constituency ballot :
    SNP 53% (+1)
    Labour 22% (+1)
    Conservatives 16% (n/c)
    Liberal Democrats 6% (-1)

    Regional list ballot :
    SNP 45% (+3)
    Labour 18% (-1)
    Conservatives 15% (-2)
    Greens 9% (n/c)
    Liberal Democrats 6% (-2)
    UKIP 6% (+1)

    Great, but … WTF, UKIP!?

  263. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Completely O/T
    Does anybody know the name of this tune? It makes my hair stand on end

  264. yesindyref2 says:

    I missed this earlier, from herald:

    “ORTH Ports has unveiled plans for the largest investment in the history of the Port of Dundee, as it eyes offshore wind and North Sea decommissioning work.
    The ports company said today it would invest more than £10 million to create a new quayside with “an industry-leading heavy lift” capability”, coupled with a significant onshore operational area.
    Forth Ports declared this would position the Port of Dundee at the forefront of the North Sea oil and gas decommissioning and offshore wind sectors. “

    Great news for Dundee, and ready for more port activity after Independence. Strange we were talking about this a couple of weeks back (as well as the Hunterston super-hub).

  265. Marcia says:

    Re the Survation poll, UKIP won’t be getting 7 seats as that seat predictor does not take into account the Regional vote for each area. I’ll wait and see what James Kelly of Scot Goes Pop says once he has read the internals of the poll data.

  266. yesindyref2 says:

    @Still Positive
    Only way the SNP could play it, and keep those who wanted devo-max onside.

    Just taking the rough pre-ref campaign figure of 30% each Indy, more powers, status quo – 10% scrap or reduce Holyrood, that could make it 60% on its own even for a Ref.

    I think we’d still need a “confirmation” ref though.

    It’s win-win, was from the moment Smith was announced.

  267. James Anderson says:

    Had a lot of this stuff filed in my busy brain the past few months. I’ve found the Herald particularly disappointing but that’s based upon unfounded expectation as to Newsquest Scotland’s ‘true nature’. Thank you for corralling the pitiful propaganda war with humour and precision. One of my favourite articles of the last few months. If any of our hacks read this (we KNOW they do); at least they know that we know and that we can collectively stretch your sterling work further and wider than the reach of their rags combined 😉

  268. Still Positive. says:

    galamcennalath @ 11.12

    I was doing a ‘Yes’ street stall in Clydebank the Saturday before the Euro elections and so many people said they were voting ‘Yes’ and UKIP. They were worried about immigration which is not a problem here in Scotland, but they heard the scaremongering on the BBC and believed it did apply here.

    It was wall-to-wall UKIP on the BBC that got us that odious MEP.

    Just hope they (BBC) don’t promote UKIP for the Scottish Parliament elections. Better promoting Labour. Ha Ha.

  269. Chic McGregor says:

    Rev., I’m tempted to congratulate you on yet another tour de force but perhaps in the circumstances tour de farce might be more apropos.

  270. Still Positive. says:

    yesindyref2 @ 11.23.

    Totally agree. The ref will be for confirmation only and the devo-maxers will move to the ‘Yes’ side.

    WOO-HOO! We are on our way!

  271. yesindyref2 says:

    @Still Positive

    Incidentally, there’s nothing more likely to unite Holyrood than a few UKIP MSPs …

  272. Dr Jim says:

    Think the Yoons are frothing now?

    The FM hasn’t even started campaigning yet

  273. call me dave says:

    Tax talk: Hands and Swinney to meet Friday as blame game breaks out

  274. Still Positive. says:

    indyref2 @ 11.53.

    Agreed but I would still prefer them not to be there. The Yoons could use that against us.

    Dr Jim @ 12.02

    Yes. And wait until we get started.

    Are you campaigning for Rona Mackay? (sp?) Lovely woman.

  275. yesindyref2 says:

    Had a little romp around the media, and it seems to me that they’re now very wary of the idea of accusing the SNP of time-wasting over the fiscal framework. Perhaps they sense they’re backing a big loser trying that one on any more.

    Probably not though!

  276. ronnie anderson says:

    Never Never in the field of Political Hackism

    Have so Many attacked so Few,with so Much

    And came of Worse, in the Face of the Public Opinion.

    Keep your nose to the grindstone Stu exposing the Liers & Distorters of the Truth.

  277. Capella says:

    ‘Captured regulators, impunity behind HSBC’s decision to keep HQ in London’ – experts

    Financial crime capital of the world but you won’t hear about it on the BBC as they’ve captured that too.

    If we had our own media we might have real investigative journalism – plus Wings of course?

  278. Brian McHugh says:

    And as if the BBC were looking to confirm that it is not just SNPbad… but if Labour are bad, then Shhhh!!!

    West Dumbartonshire Council is controlled by Labour, but the BBC don’t think that worth including in the above article this morning.

  279. willie says:

    Great article pulling together the absolute torrent of Smear being made against SNP politicians. Make no mistake, this is coordinated and a total and utter attempt by the establishment to skew democracy. Bringing it out in the open, as this article from Wings does, helps people realise how extensive media manipulation is. As Johnny Rotten sang….”God Save the the Queen, a Fascist Regime”. And he wasn’t wrong!

  280. Tackety Beets says:

    Another great post Rev.

    On both FB & Twitter others like me will be amazed / astonished / aghast at the posts made by Yoons . Some of our posters here occasionally engage with them & I’m always horrified reading the Follow- on comments from the Yoons , clearly they have been majorly brainwashed or hoodwinked!

    Ref Angus B McNeil , sorry if Its been posted already.
    Was there not an attempt to stick a BAD label on him over his Own flat in London whereupon he was claiming a circa £200pcm towards Mortgage Interest ? The Yoons said he should be renting costing us £1000s Pcm ?
    Sorry but I never bother reading the article as “I don’t do newspapers”

    Maybe someone may have a link?

  281. Macart says:

    Heh, the FM is sticking to her guns and quite right too.

    Its not for the FM to negotiate anything only to scrutinise delivery of the the pledges made. If the powers delivered pose any form of detriment to the people of Scotland, it is the job of the Scottish Government to define the detriment and bring it to the notice of the Scottish electorate.

    So basically whatever you hear or see in the press urging or pressuring the FM to ‘deal’? Is pure bollox. This isn’t a deal it’s the delivery of a ‘VOW’ to the people of Scotland. Smith and the Commons were given all the time (rope) and power they required to win the aftermath of the referendum. 18K submissions from the public to Smith plus Scotland Bill debates in both houses.

    They chose to ignore the 18k submissions (unless they have a spectacular talent for speed reading) and used the Scotland bill debates to completely ignore the amendments put forward by Scotland’s benches in favour of putting uppity Scottish representation in its place to great mirth and celebration. I’ll not forget the aftermath of the vote on FFA anytime soon. Only (ironically) the Lords saw what was coming in terms of the fiscal framework and what the Scottish government could do when presented with the current bill.

    Well here is where the other shoe begins to drop.

  282. willie says:

    Project Fear and Smear together with the Vow may have swung the referendum but as the subsequent Westminster election showed the electorate showed exactly what they thought of the unionist parties. That the treachery of the Vow and the Scotland Bill is even more imprinted into the electorate’s consciousnesses this reinforces exactly why the establishment is going into overdrive to destroy the reputations of each and every SNP politician. SNP One and Two, is the way to go. Let’s give em the parliamentary mandate together with a majority of the popular vote to let them say with an unequivocal voice who speaks for Scotland.

  283. Capella says:

    Heard on RS this morning”
    “profits at British Gas – trading as Scottish Gas in Scotland”
    not on the UK site it isn’t:

    British Gas aka Centrica, CEO the aptly named Mr Conn.

  284. Capella says:

    @ Brian McHugh
    Listening to RS this morning, for once, I heard that item and wondered if it was an SNP authority but they didn’t say. Strange!

  285. Sinky says:

    The National reports Greens imploding in Aberdeen with three list candidates resigning from Party,including former Lib Dems Storr and Ford, who are accusing top list candidate Maggie Chapman of lying about her qualifications.

    Latest Survation #SP16 Constituency poll: SNP 53% (+1) LAB 22% (+1) CON 16% (-) LD 6% (-1) OTHERS 3% (-1)

    Latest Survation #SP16 Regional poll: SNP 45% (+3) LAB 18% (-1) CON 15% (-2) LD 6% (-2) GRN 9% (-) UKIP 6% (+1)
    Based on this, voting Rise on list will only help UKIP

  286. Nana says:


    Sorry I don’t have time to translate the entire article but the last passage ..

    Even the actors are mobilized. Actress Emma Thompson embarked on a passionate tirade in favor of Europe, vilifying Brexit supporters who want the UK becomes ” a kind of little corner of Europe , rainy and sealed by the clouds, […] an old gray stuffed island miserable . ” The irony of the situation will deceive no one. David Cameron also desperate Scots and the small separatist party SNP that has vigorously fought the campaign of the referendum on independence in 2014. Because the Scots are widely Europhile .

    And if the gap continues to narrow the difference which would keep the UK in the EU could be in the hands of 4 million Scottish voters

    Best deliver the vow Eh Davy boy.

  287. Valerie says:

    Interesting stramash with Scottish Greens.

    This election is making everyone jumpy, except Red Tories, who have an air of resignation 🙂

  288. call me dave says:

    Asda removes food bank donation points from UK stores

  289. JaMur says:

    Excellent work Rev. I tip my hat to you.

    Excuse my french but fuck the lot of them.

    Bit by bit we are taking back oor wee Alba.

    Bring on may for Phase 2.


  290. Nana says:

    Aye right

  291. I don’t think this kind of reporting will every stop. So far it’s done nothing but increase the SNP vote share. The corporate media are effectively a one trick unionist pony and that trick being attack. If they had any wit amongst them they would just report the facts while subtlety trolling the SNP but I fear that subtle is beyond them. So it’s attack, lie and smear for the foreseeable future.

  292. Capella says:

    @ Nana
    Interesting that the link to the Commonspace article on Humza Yousef being smeared by Glasgow’s only Tory councillor because of his support of BDS movement.

    The UK Govt has now moved to ban boycotts of Israel by local authorities, health services etc. The Financial Times has an article but paywall prevents archiving.:

    “The Cabinet Office will release guidance on Wednesday saying that locally imposed boycotts, including those targeting Israel, breach WTO rules on procurement.

    The move, which could benefit Israeli suppliers and other companies with operations in Israel, comes as the Israeli government seeks to fight back against the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.
    Israel’s political elite has been alarmed by the BDS movement’s recent gains among church groups, students and investors. Companies including security contractor G4S, machinery manufacturer JCB and SodaStream, maker of devices to create homemade carbonated drinks, have all been targeted by campaigners.

    Palestinian groups reacted angrily to the Cabinet Office proposals. “This is a bullet at the very heart of a peaceful resolution to the conflict in the Middle East and the very heart of democracy in Britain,” Husam Zomlot, a senior Palestinian official, told the Financial Times.

    The BDS campaign, which models itself on the fight against apartheid in South Africa, has urged companies and public institutions to boycott Israel until it ends its occupation of Palestinian lands.”

    See also Reuters

    So how can the UK justify sanctions on other countries while denying the right of locally elected bodies to boycott goods produced in illegally occupied Palestine?

  293. Proud Cybernat says:

    Keep UKIP out – SNP x 2.

  294. Scott Borthwick says:

    @Capella, @Nana.

    Let’s not forget Israel’s illegal occupation of the Golan Heights in Syria. Sadly I have little doubt that Israel are very happy with the chaos and terror in Syria.

  295. galamcennalath says:

    “Politics have no relation to morals.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

    Jeez, when it comes to Unionist politics, he was spot on!

    However, perhaps that’s the point. Many Scots aren’t so pessimistic and defeatist. We believe that there can be a future with morality in politics.

  296. Capella says:

    The Independent on the banning of boycotts story. Mentions Scottish Government’s principled stand now at odds with Westminster.

    “The policy effectively means public authorities cannot take ethical considerations into account when procuring goods and affects campaigns against the arms trade, fossil fuels, tobacco products and Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.
    A number of public bodies have ethical procurement policies that prevent them from buying or investing in certain kinds of products.

    Matthew Hancock is visiting Israel this week where he will discuss closer trade ties.

    In 2014 the Scottish Government published a contrasting procurement notice to Scottish Councils warning that it “strongly discourages trade and investment from illegal settlements” set up by Israel.”

  297. DerekM says:

    @ Nana

    Thanks for the links Nana and aye right was my thoughts as well after reading that.

    So if we all vote for a brexit then we might get more powers now where have i heard that one before.

    Yoons maybe if you delivered on your vow promises to the Scottish electorate we might believe you but until you do you are no more than a shower of liars and we will treat you with the contempt you deserve,oh and Smith and the Scotland bill are not delivering your promises they are not even close.

    vote remain in the EU and SNP x 2 to show these liars and crooks we mean business.

  298. Al Dossary says:

    How I wish the media would instead focus on the real criminal MP who are peddling the word of Israel. The 80% or so of those Tory MP that are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel and the 60 or so Labpur MP who are members of the Labour version.

    How the hell this organisation has been allowed to operate in this manner with so much influence in Westminster beggars belief. Can you imagine thebputcry id it wad Putin?

  299. galamcennalath says:

    Proud Cybernat says:

    “Keep UKIP out – SNP x 2.”

    I was rather shocked at UKIP on a par with Greens on the list vote. Puzzled even. It may be all the EU talk.

    If the EU referendum goes ahead 6 weeks after Holyrood May elections then the Lonon media are going to be wall to wall UKIP. They are going to get huge exposure during our campaigning.

    I don’t think this will effect the SNP voting, but all the EU debating and arguments may boost UKIP on the list sufficiently for them to pick up Holyrood seats.

    That thought naked me feel physically sick!

    You are right, SNP X 2 is best, but ANYTHING is better than UKIP.

  300. gordoz says:

    Cant get out today –

    Can anyone confirm if this excellent piece by Rev was picked up or mentioned by the National ?

    If not I hae ma doots aboot the direction of the paper.
    This deserved a good rattle around the close.

  301. Smallaxe says:

    @Al Dossary

    Can you imagine the outcry if it was Putin!

    Fixed that for you.:-)

  302. Socrates MacSporran says:

    gordoz @ 11.07am

    You wondered if The National has picked-up or mentioned this thread. I doubt it, haven’t been out to get my papers yet.

    I recall, when he was still High Heid Yin of The National, asking Richard Walker if he would be referring to what I thought was an excellent WoS thread – he told me they didn’t use stuff which had already appeared in a rival media outlet.

    This I can understand. As a callow young reporter I was told, you only pick-up and use a rival’s story, if you can add something to it and take it on a stage. That rule, to me still holds good. If the outlet which originally broke a story has done that story justice (and WoS nearly always does) – there is nothing to add.

    However, just read through so-many of the Old Firm stories in the BUM outlets, and note how often there is a wee foot note: “Wan Fittit was speaking to (insert name of club website)”.

    If that rule is good enough for the funnies pages at the back of the paper, stories such as this thread are surely good enough for the serious front part of the same paper.

  303. frogesque says:

    UKIP will appeal to to the whiter than right Tories and the OO baboons who previously supported the Red Tories.

    Anything that splits the Yoonery vote is to be applauded. If they gain a very minor presence in Holyrood so much the better, they will be shown up for the UJ waving, fiscally incompetent bigots that they are. The S D Fail will doubtless welcome them, a distraction, nothing more.

  304. crazycat says:

    @ Socrates

    I haven’t bought today’s National yet, but every day since they expanded the number of pages, they have had a section called “What others are saying…”, which has featured Wings in the past.

  305. Effijy says:

    EBC again devoid of journalistic skills.
    Head of English Gas defending 5% price drop
    While wholesale cost down by 40%.
    Toff Tory claims that they have only seen s 10%
    Drop in their own purchase price, which they
    Have passed on?

    Anyone else wishing someone could probe
    Where the other 30% has gone?
    Could we enquire why Electricity has fallen
    By 23% but no cuts are available for consumers

    Apparently it isn’t feed to see profits jump by
    31% while the public go cold due to fuel cost?

  306. Petra says:


    Journalist Eva Bartlett: “I’m Back From Syria. The Media Is Lying To You!”

    Such as the BBC – British Bullsh*t Corporation (her words) and Lyse Doucet BBC’s Chief International Correspondent; aid cover up for arms; lies and demonisation of Russia – Assad; human rights groups?, Saudi and Zionists.

    ”UK Government breaking the law supplying arms to Saudi Arabia, say leading lawyers – Amnesty International.’

    ‘Balance of Payments’

  307. Greannach says:

    A friend of mine is an SNP member and I bought her a cup oof coffee when I met her recently in Perth. The hypocritical scrounging separatist death-eater that she is.

  308. h_j says:

    You are a legend, Rev. Keep up the amazing work.

    I dunno if it is disconcerting or just hilarious that some sad sack ‘journo’ is phoning people up to see what dirt they can get on an MP.

    Who is instructing them to do that? i’d love to know and be a fly on the wall at their meetings.

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