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The snap election

Posted on April 29, 2017 by

Chris Cairns is on holiday. Yes, again.

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  1. 29 04 17 08:56

    The snap election | speymouth

186 to “The snap election”

  1. Macart says:

    Ayup. That’s about right. 🙂

  2. mogabee says:

    On so many levels this is perfect. I especially like the wooden May, as it is exactly how she comes across.

    Well said Lorna 😀

  3. Fergus Green says:

    Any more word on the ITV plan to ’empty chair’ May in the leaders’ debate?

    Or has someone in Downing Street had a quiet word with them?

  4. Marker Post says:

    I’ve often wondered how our SNP politicians can remain so calm in the face of the stuff that comes out of unionist politicians, especially the sound bites and mantras that get repeated ad nauseam. Every time Theresa May appears on my telly, I am reduced to swearing, I just can’t help it.

  5. Capella says:

    Good summing up Lorna. The brittle Mrs May is visiting today – somewhere secret, talking to a hand-picked audience.
    It took me a while to figure out why this cartoon was different! Good to have more cartoonists.

  6. Cactus says:


    He he, nice one Lorna.

    Masquerading May and her internal dialogue.

    Maybe we should prepare for emergency GE’s every 2 years now.


  7. X_Sticks says:

    Ah, so that slacker Cairns is off gallivanting again. Well done filling in for him Lorna, saved us from the Rev’s painful attempts at ‘tooning’

    It’s quite astonishing how the british establishment media have gone into full on propaganda mode. As much in what they don’t report as what they do.

    The Tory election fraud should be getting hammered in the press but is barely mentioned. Surely the electorate at least have a right to know who is under scrutiny before being asked to vote in 4 weeks time.

    Here in Scotland we had what can only be described as a politically motivated terror attack on the SNP. Barely gets a mention in the MSM. If it had been a similar attack on any of the unionist parties we’d never have heard the end of it.

    Having experienced the british media’s modus operandi first hand through the indyref we know how bad they can be, but now, they seem to have reached an all time high in lies, misdirection and smearing of anyone and anything they don’t like. I can’t wait to be rid of the whole british establishment machine.

  8. starlaw says:

    nice one Chris

    Theresa May in Aberdeen today, another prepared speech to another herded audience … Hope the seagulls get lucky

  9. manandboy says:

    To be honest, I much prefer Chris.
    The depiction of Nicola here is both untypical and very unflattering.

  10. starlaw says:

    Oops wrong cartoonist well done Lorna, mair power tae your elbow

  11. Stoker says:

    Cairns has got some real competition now. 🙂

    😀 Thank you Lorna! 😀

  12. Cactus says:

    In fact.. Gonna edit my last comment:

    Maybe England and Wales should prepare for emergency GE’s every 2 years now.

    Thistle be the last GE ‘snapper’ for Scotland.

    We’ve got our own business to be taking care of.

    Crackin’ toon.

  13. Smallaxe says:

    Snapped like a blunt pencil, 2b or not 2b?

    Thank you, Lorna.

    LINKS: They are on last Thread from the Lady lying on her Sunbed.

    Peace Always

  14. Breeks says:

    But, but, but…. Ruth Harrison is claiming in the Independent that Theresa May is more in touch with the people of Scotland than Nicola Sturgeon. Bwahahaha!

    No chance of Ruth snapping. Sit down! That’s not what I meant. I meant she doesn’t snap like a pencil, she just squidges herself into a new face and off she goes again like a bit of marzipan made with bitter almonds.

    Ruth couldn’t have taken a more revealing photo than posing like a gormless oaf (again) in a disability vehicle while her party TWOC’s the vehicles of the disabled. That’s just tasteless trolling by anybody’s standard, but with the added nasty streak of a thoughtless Tory. Has she no shame? Was the woman born without a shred of self awareness??? Answers on a postcard to the Right Honourable…

    Can you even imagine Nicola Sturgeon doing that? Or sitting on a buffalo? No, I can’t either. Too much class. Just like I can’t imagine Ruth Davidson ever standing up for Scotland. Too much of an embarrassment for the Right Honourable Imbecile.

    Roll on the General Election. Hopefully after that the BBC can have their Tory sock puppet back and we’ll never hear another lying trolloping word from Gauleiter Davidson again.

  15. Clydebuilt says:

    Good Toon Lorna…….. May is an intellectual pigmy compared to Nicola and she is brittle …… Nice one

  16. galamcennalath says:

    Wooden is right. No character, no substance, no heart, and certainly no idea what to do!

    TMay’s attitude to Scotland, if you haven’t already seen it ..

  17. Capella says:

    Once again the BBC website can not provide a timely newspaper review for Scotland although the “British” front pages have been available since before midnight yesterday. Still no sign of any at 9:15.

    Andrew Tickell (Lallands Peat Worrier) did an excellent newspaper review on GMS this morning. Unusual for them to invite him to comment. Unfortunately, most of GMS was taken up by Donald Trump.

    Here’s The National front page in the meantime:

  18. yesindyref2 says:

    Ouch! It certainly is a game of two halves.

  19. Simon Chadwick says:

    I don’t like the allegory of violence against individuals.

  20. Ian McCubbin says:

    History in the cartoon. Let’s hope Scotland makes the sensible choice to come out of this mess. As more emerges I think the propaganda machine of BBC and MSN will swing a number into voting Tory.
    Lets hope not.

  21. Croompenstein says:

    It just isnae Nicola’s style she is much too cool a customer for that..

  22. john young says:

    Are Scots the most subservient people on this planet?.In every corner of the world indigenous people fight for their rights,not so in Scotland where around 50% take all the s–t that Westminster can heap on them,shame on them.

  23. Richard MacKinnon says:

    Nicola Sturgeon has made a massive tactical error with this general election. She has decided not to make independence the sole issue and put it in the manifesto. She prefers instead to ‘play it safe’ and is quite rightly, recognised, especially amongst her strongest supporters as weak. Compared to T. May she is just not up to it. The media and the Tories are now mocking her and it will be relentless. Even Wings is having a dig.
    Whatever the outcome for the SNP, if its 20, 30 or 40 seats, what does it matter? They will look ever more ridiculous sitting on those green benches, asking their irrelevent stupid, pompous questions as they keep trying to convince nobody that they are standing up for Scotland. Being a part of the Westminster club makes the SNP the SUP.

  24. Famous15 says:

    Theresa May and Ruth Davidson are typical Tory chancers but I prefer laughing at them rather than anything more violent.

    Our FM is not like this.

  25. Bill McLean says:

    John Young – I feel your anger but remember people in Scotland, and around the world, have been fed British bullshit for hundreds of years. It’s difficult to ditch all your beliefs in a few years. It took me until my 40s. I’m in my 70s now so let’s get on with job. I want to see an independent Scotland away from the clowns at Westminster before I pop off. This must be the best time and i’d even favour a declaration of independence – after all they have broken the Treaty of Union many times and will continue to do so unless we get out!

  26. ronnie anderson says:

    You may have given rise to Angry Nicola meme . Lorna not a depiction of the FM i like more in line with the Anti SNP unionists & they dont need any help in demonising anything or anyone.

  27. dakk says:

    What’s with Nicola’s five o’clock shadow and big hairy shovel like hands?

    Are you a Yoon Laura 🙂

  28. Capella says:

    The National has a series on the Treaty of Union. It presents a view of the Treaty which is rarely taught in Schools. This is part 2.

  29. winifred mccartney says:

    Sorry this is not a good portrayal of NS – the inferred violence is not what the snp are about though heaven knows if you read their history and the way they have been treated by WM it is amazing.

    Labour have done everything with their dirty tricks to stop indy and now the conservatives will again play every dirty trick in the book and there are too many to count including the BBC, MSM and many of their MP’s and especially RD who has no moral compass at all. She is quite prepared to mislead the SP and anyone else she comes into contact with. What about these leaflets being pushed with no candidate name on them and talking about GE but which election is covering the costs. More tory election fraud being openly done under our noses.

  30. Dr Jim says:

    Our First Minister doesn’t get this kind of angry
    Our First Minister gets completely another kind of angry so this cartoonist don’t know the FM
    She may well snap the PM asunder but with a smiley determined anger

    In other news Mrs May as announced by Radio Scotland this AM will make a visit to a secret location in Scotland to canvass with Rape Clause Ruth where she will give a speech (which the BBC read out so what’s the bloody point) presumably to secret voters in that secret location

    I always thought canvassing was a public thing politicians did, is this a new trend by the Tories to canvass in secret so they don’t have to meet actual like undecided folk or maybe folk who might not agree with them in the hope of CANVASSING! their Feckin vote!

    Aye she’s really more popular than the FM in Scotland BBC
    This woman May is probably only borderline more popular than Satan in Scotland

    That’s why she’s canvassing in bloody secret ya BBC DONKS!

  31. frogesque says:

    Sorry, like some others I don’t like this portrayal of Nicola. This is simply not her style.

    No one is out to break May, her own party will do that for her in their own good time.

    All we want is oor ain wee Country, free of intereferance.

  32. Black Joan says:

    Conspicuous absence of details about where wooden Mrs Hate will be patronising Scots today.

    BBCUKOK news told us exactly where Sturgeon, Dugdale and Rennie would be campaigning but Mrs Hate’s imperial progress (with Ruthless Harrison dancing attendance), remained a closely guarded secret in the first bulletins and was only grudgingly later described as being in the NE.

    That would be for security reasons, then? Security from those rebellious Scots saboteurs to whom she relates so well?

  33. I find it an eye opener that one of the so called ‘gentler sex’ can produce such a hard hitting and on the money cartoon.
    Sisters are doing it for themselves.
    I declared ‘no more Mr and Mrs Nice Guy’ following the Brexit vote and the emergence of the Darling Duds of May, Johnson, Fox, and Davis (check out Davis’ ‘Fuck Off, Scotland’ response to Mike Russell)as the Hard Brexiteers.
    Great graphic comment, Lorna. That’ll teach Cairns for swanning off during these critical times, when Scotland is in crisis. Who does he think he is? Kezia Dugdale?
    Only joking, Mrs Chris. I know that he relies on you as his PPS to read this.
    On an aside, but relevant.
    I caught up on Any Questions from Blantyre on BBCi player.
    Professor WATP Two Jobs Adam Tomkins filled the Tory seat.
    He really is a boneheaded insensitive ultra fascist, isn’t he?
    4 men, and one woman, the excellent Jeane Freeman, discussing the Rape Clause. No sign of Liz Smith, or former check out girl, the Blue Tory ‘commoner’, Annie Wells, Tory shadow spokesperson for Welfare Reform
    (Destruction), putting their heads above the parapet, and giving a woman’s opinion on the two child/Rape Clause savage cuts to Child Tax Credits.
    Instead we get a bloated chancer, pocketing two full time wages for two part time jobs from the public purse, spewing vicious malicious Arch Right Blue Tory fascist social engineering dogma.
    In the coming weeks I hope that Adam WATP is never off our tellies, fills reams of newsprint in the Unionist Dead Tree Scrolls, and floods our airwaves.
    I used to think him a bone headed idiot. After Any Questions of BBC R4, I have had that rather jaundiced opinion confirmed.
    I can’t get enough of him now.

  34. manandboy says:

    There is a very limited time for the remainder of Scotland’s electorate to wake up.

    Theresa May describes ordinary people who want to exercise their democratic rights as extremists, separatists and saboteurs.

    When the smoke has cleared and the dust settled after the June General Election, the UK will not have a Prime Minister.

    It will have a Dictator.

    Then again……

  35. Robbo says:

    So that May is bringing her odd frame up to Aberdeen eh.TF it’s not doon here in Ayshire or I wid huv tae miss the game the day-as i wid be right in aboot(verbally) her way a big stick.

    As for that pug dog face Davidson these two are becoming more hated than “Thatcher” if that’s possible ever!

  36. yesindyref2 says:

    Yeah on second thoughts I agree, not an acceptable image of Sturgeon. She’s not like that at all.

  37. starlaw says:

    Ruth Davidson ….An utter chancer who has no idea of the damage she is doing, any photo opportunity will do her posing on disabled vehicle whilst real disabled people are having their only means of transport taken away. Look at me … Look at me Ruth, no problem to her, is this by best side ? have you got a tank ? a Buffalo ? what-ever I’m up for it .. Yeah I’m Look at me Ruth.

  38. Sinky says:

    In response to Richard MacKinnon at 9.52

    It was Angus Robertson that skewed Theresa May over her abandonment of the trip lock for pensioners.

    15 things your SNP MPs are fighting for at Westminster

    1. Opposing the Tories’ Hard Brexit plans.

    SNP MPs, led by the party’s Europe spokesperson Stephen Gethins MP, put forward a series of amendments to the Article 50 Bill, including requiring the UK government to consider the interests of devolved administrations and protect the rights of EU citizens in the UK. However, the unamended Bill was passed with Labour’s support, giving the Tories a blank cheque for their Hard Brexit plan.

    Here’s what you need to know about the Article 50 process, in just 200 words.

    2. Fighting for a fairer immigration policy.

    SNP MPs Ian Blackford MP and Alex Salmond MP, working alongside Kate Forbes MSP, have successfully lobbied on behalf of the Brain family for their right to live in Scotland.

    And we continue to argue for the reintroduction of the post-study work visa, to ensure we can attract and retain the skills and talent Scotland needs.

    3. Passing landmark legislation on ending violence against women.

    Eilidh Whiteford MP has become the first SNP MP to have a Private Member’s Bill pass at Westminster. The Bill requires the UK government to ratify the Istanbul Convention and take further action to finally eradicate domestic violence.

    4. Fighting to end the Tories’ draconian Rape Clause.

    Alison Thewliss MP has campaigned against Tory plans to make some women prove they have been raped in order to claim Child Tax Credits, forcing the UK government to back down and hold a public consultation on the issue.

    Read more on the campaign here.

    5. Fighting for pension justice for women born in the 1950s.

    Mhairi Black MP has worked with the women of the WASPI campaign and led calls at Westminster for women born in the 1950s to receive the pensions they are rightfully due.

    The SNP commissioned research showing that it would cost £8 billion to reverse the 2011 changes and give WASPI women more time to prepare – significantly less than the £30 billion suggested by the UK Government.

    Read more on our support for the WASPI campaign here.

    6. Fighting against the Tory tax on child support.

    The UK government charges victims of domestic violence for using the ‘Collect and Pay’ scheme in order to avoid having to face their abuser, with support collected instead by the government from former partners. Angela Crawley MP is campaigning to end this cruel and callous tax on child support.

    7. Campaigning for action on nuisance calls.

    Patricia Gibson MP proposed a new law at Westminster to ensure company bosses are held to account if they breach nuisance call regulations. The measures proposed have now been adopted by the UK government and company directors now face fines of up to £500,000 if found to be in breach of the law on nuisance calls.

    8. Pressing the Tory government to accept more unaccompanied child refugees.

    SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP and Joanna Cherry QC MP continue to press the UK government to accept a greater share of unaccompanied child refugees, and to reverse their disgrace dereliction of duty by ending the Dubs amendment scheme which allows unaccompanied child refugees into the UK.

    9. Securing fair compensation for veterans affected by asbestos-related mesothelioma.

    Kirsten Oswald MP, working with the Royal British Legion, successfully campaigned to force the UK government to ensure that veterans are entitled to the same compensation for asbestos-related mesothelioma as civilians who contracted the illness.

    10. Securing the best deal for Scotland on Heathrow expansion.

    Drew Hendry MP, working with the Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work, Keith Brown, has successfully campaigned to secure a deal on airport expansion that will create up to 16,000 jobs and over £200 million in construction-related spend here in Scotland.

    11. Calling for action on the use of Scottish Limited Partnerships for tax evasion.

    Roger Mullin MP has led calls for the UK government to take action on the use of the Scottish Limited Partnership business model to undertake illegal activities and evade tax. The UK Government has now committed to a review and consultation of such practices.

    12. Fighting against the UK government cruel and punitive sanctions regime.

    Mhairi Black MP has led the campaign in opposing the punitive and cruel benefit sanctions regime, and proposed a Private Member’s Bill to remove some unfairness from the system. Yet despite only seeking modest reform, the Tories used parliamentary tactics to talk out the Bill.

    13. Fighting for better protection for consumers through more effective ombudsmen.

    Richard Arkless MP, as Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Consumer Protection, will lead a new inquiry into the effectiveness of ombudsmen in the UK. As part of their inquiry, the APPG has commissioned a report on ombudsmen from Martin Lewis and MoneySavingExpert.

    14. Tightening up regulations around the marketing of baby formula milk.

    Alison Thewliss MP won unanimous backing from MPs for her Bill to prevent baby formula milk manufacturers making potentially misleading claims by ensuring all health claims are independently researched.

    15. Improving the oversight of aviation noise.

    Hannah Bardell MP has called for a new Independent Aviation Noise Authority to ensure that communities are fully engaged in decisions by airports to alter flight paths. The UK government has now announced a consultation on the creation of such a body.

    To re-elect a strong team of SNP MPs, that will ensure Scotland’s voice to be heard, louder than ever, Vote SNP on 8th June

  39. Grouse Beater says:

    I thought the style looked odd, darker, and with a crazy balloon! I hope Sturgeon – with voter support – can make the difference – the Tories are out to alter society for decades to come. It’s not too late to resist and protect!

    Your weekend reading:

    Auld enemies in battle:
    Car makers on fire:

  40. Robert Peffers says:

    Great ‘toon Lorna.

    Am I showing my age if I compare her as the matriarch of the 1950s puppet characters, “The Woodentops”?

    Where, though, would the other unionist leaders north & south of the borders be placed in, “The Woodentop”, family?

    The Woodentops was a children’s television series first shown on BBC Television in 1955. Created by Freda Lingstrom and Maria Bird, it featured on the Friday edition of Watch with Mother.

    The main characters are the members of a middle-class family living on a farm. The aim of the programme was to teach pre-school children about family life.

  41. cearc says:

    Hmmm, rather ugly allegory.

    I preferred Stu’s effort. At least it was funny.

  42. john young says:

    I agree with Richard McKinnon,we need to have much much more in our locker than the “softly softly approach” time to “grow a pair” for me it,s now or never.

  43. Dr Jim says:

    Don’t recognise this First Minister, must be some other FM

    Theresa May and the secret location

    Canvassing is something politicians do when they want your vote, so they go out into the constituencies and meet people to persuade them to lend them their vote for whatever policies the particular candidate proffers

    In the case of Mrs PM May there’s been a new development of that process
    Even though the Tories, who Mrs May purports to represent (I have other views on what she represents) claim she is more popular in Scotland than Nicola Sturgeon she has decided along with Rape Clause Ruth to meet the public secretly thereby foregoing the usual standard practice of meeting folk who might not agree with her or might be undecided or who might just be downright couldn’t care less folk

    The BBC are apparently OK with this as it means the throngs of ardent Tory supporters won’t get in the way of their huge team of reporter (yes singular) at this secret location of the inordinately popular Theresa May
    And so popular is she that all the banners and placards are brought to that secret location in order to avoid the swarms of Tory supporters carrying these weighty objects to worship the object of their affection

    I wonder if the BBC think some of us haven’t noticed this might mean that perhaps Theresa May is not as popular as the BBC and the Tories claim she is, or do the great powers that be in England and the BBC really think Scotland is full of DONKS!

  44. Smallaxe says:

    It’s a cartoon folk, I think Nicola is only portraying the Anger and Frustration felt by us all.

    Be Gentle Please.

    Links from The Lady on

    Peace Always All Ways

  45. Robert Peffers says:

    @Capella says: 29 April, 2017 at 8:15 am:

    “Good summing up Lorna. The brittle Mrs May is visiting today – somewhere secret, talking to a hand-picked audience.”

    It emphasis the great gulf between the two leaders. Can anyone visualise Mrs May walking down a High Street of an English town, being greeted by passers by with , “Hello Theresa and getting a selfie taken by the passer by?


    Me neither.

    In Scotland all the population, except perhaps a very small handful of the most bigoted of the Yoons, regard the leader of the Scottish Government as one of us.

    Not as a representative of some rich, elite and privileged group born and educated to rule over us.

  46. Smallaxe says:

    Robert Peffers:

    You are a Gentleman, sir. Thank you.

    Peace Always

  47. Took me a while to appreciate the cartoon when you are used to monochrome fine drawings of Chris,

    i think Lorna is alluding to `dollgate` where Nicola was savaged by the scum of Scottish media for breaking her wee sisters doll,

    like all good political cartoonist it should generate debate,

    well done Lorna.

  48. The Dog Philosopher says:

    @ John Young

    Have you read McKinnon’s post closely enough? I spy Yoon.

  49. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Has everybody seen the front page page today’s “Scottish” Daily Mail.

    We are into the realms of hysteric insanity with this. I think they know their spin and distortion is not working as they though it would.

  50. heedtracker says:

    Like it! The great wall of tory BBC bullshit protecting this whole tory fraud is enraging. May’s not even got the guts to TV debate and none of the tory BBC led media gimps make so much of squeak in protest.

    She’s looks medicated most of the time on camera anyway, and its probably not St John’s Wort. Pack of tory crooks.

  51. Robert Peffers says:

    @manandboy says: 29 April, 2017 at 8:23 am:

    “To be honest, I much prefer Chris.
    The depiction of Nicola here is both untypical and very unflatte”

    Perhaps so, manandboy, but perhaps you have not noted that over the past few weeks Nicola has indeed ramped up her defense mode where previously she was being criticised by some Wingers of not hitting back hard enough.

    It any case you cannot accuse Nicola of going on the attack for the very good reason she is not the one instigating the attack. Nicola is just defending herself, our government and the our SNP party.

    Note that I do not claim it is, “Her”, government or her party. It isn’t and Nicola would be the first one to say so.

    Not so the leaders of the unionist branch offices in Scotland or the unionist party leaders at Westminster.

    The mind-set of politics in the Kingdom of England is both legally and factually quite different.

    The Yoons see the Establishment as their elite masters while most of we Scots regard our royals and elected political persons as our servants.

    It is that much misunderstood Scottish attitude that goes, “Och” Him! Ah kent his faither”.

    It is not applied simply to derogate someone who has achieved something, (good or bad), but meant to bring that person back to the reality that they are probably only placed in a privileged position of trust by the public.

    That position of trust can vanish in the blink of an eye it they attempt to get above themselves. Yet in England the HOL is full and overflowing with those the voters have rejected while the SNP do not accept membership of that house of rejected political figures.

  52. Smallaxe says:

    Richard MacKinnon says:

    “Being a part of the Westminster club makes the SNP the SUP”.

    And that remark makes You an S. O. B.

    Peace Always
    Even for You!

  53. Dan Huil says:

    Good cartoon. Next time Lorna could show Nicola ripping up a bbc tax demand.

  54. Legerwood says:

    Some comments about the portrayal of Ms Sturgeon in the cartoon.

    Anyone ever heard of an attic? And portraits therein?

    Ms Sturgeon shows calm at all times and in the face of relentless provocation. She epitomises Hemingway’s ‘grace under pressure’.

    Therefore why criticise her via the cartoon portrayal if she very occasionally heads to the attic to vent her frustration?

    Last night there was a tweet from a CH4 presenter, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, about politicians not taking questions after speeches. I can think of one who always does – Ms Sturgeon. Maybe we should all contact Mr Guru- Murthy and let him know

  55. manandboy says:

    Richard MacKinnon 9.52am. UNIONIST TROLL .

    Lies and abuse underpinned by malicious intent.
    Straight from the 10 Downing St school of criminal government.

  56. heedtracker says:

    Legerwood says:
    29 April, 2017 at 11:16 am
    Some comments about the portrayal of Ms Sturgeon in the cartoon.

    Anyone ever heard of an attic? And portraits therein?”

    Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray and Scotland’s First Minister Nic Sturgeon, is one of your less appropo political analogies Leger, to say the least.

    It does work with a tory horror like Mayhem right enough.

    Even so, D-. See me after:D

  57. Muscleguy says:

    Just like as the song says, the devil has all the good music so Yes has all the good cartoonists.

    The National is now keeping two on the books and now we have two here. An embarrassment of riches.

  58. Robert Peffers says:

    @Simon Chadwick says: 29 April, 2017 at 9:25 am:

    “I don’t like the allegory of violence against individuals.”

    Aye! An individual wooden doll ya! gormless diddy.

  59. DerekM says:

    At first i thought the same about this cartoon but now i see that the artist Lorna has used Nicola`s image to portrait the feeling from the entire yes movement.

    Which lets be honest is pretty damn angry just now,nice one Lorna.

    As for you Richard MacKinnon we already have a mandate passed through the Scottish parliament we do not need another,but then i would not expect a brainless chump like you to understand since a tory mandate is just lies to get morons to vote for them and then after you do they tear it up and do what the hell they like.

    Nicola weak lol do not make me laugh the only reason you have May is because we put her there after conning the English into voting for brexit,we honestly thought you would get Boris but it turns out he does have a brain after all and figured out the next UK PM would be up shit creek without a paddle.

  60. Robert Peffers says:

    @Simon Chadwick says: 29 April, 2017 at 9:25 am:

    “I don’t like the allegory of violence against individuals”

    I did not see you abject to actual the serious terrorist attacks against the staff at SNP constituency offices. Nor did I note you objections to the actual terrorist attacks against SNP party members that closed down town centres in Scotland.

    Yet here you are objecting to the snapping of an obvious wooden figure in a cartoon.

  61. Orri says:

    As the SNP already have a mandate for another referendum then they don’t need another one.

    May has already said the issue is securing her majority in order to deliver her Brexit and given the possibility of her majority disappearing due to the outcome of electoral fraud investigations she has already some justification.

    The SNP have already gone on record as stating their plan B, Scotland remaining part of the EU even though the UK has mainly withdrawn. It’s almost Dugdale’s plan A.

    There’s no need for the SNP to go guns blazing in an election where those who might have a vote in an independence referendum will be disenfranchised. Especially not when it’s almost certain that they’d still win more than half the seats in Scotland but fewer than before and any share of the vote bellow 50% will be portrayed as a lack of support for independence.

    Let the UK wide parties categorically and unambiguously put in their own manifestos their opposition to Scottish independence. Let them portray a majority of seats in Westminster as somehow overusing the right to our self determination.

    If the Conservative and Unionist Party want to play those games then they either make the necessary manifesto commitment at a UK level where there’s no way we can win or at the Scottish level, which might not be possible, where they know they’ll get tubbed.

    There is no fucking need for the SNP to make this GE about independence and no way that the unionists can do so officially without providing the SNP an issue they can raise with the UN and other international bodies.

  62. TheStrach says:

    This is certainly a striking image but like some others here it is not to my particular taste.

    I can fully understand the frustration and anger at the arrogance and dictatorial attitude displayed by our chicken PM. She’s called this election because of weakness not strength. As such, we need to keep calm and hammer away at their appalling record in government.

    I also wanted the GE to be about independence but on calmer reflection I agree with the SNP that now is not the time. The Brexit debacle really needs to play out before a clear majority of Scots will back independence in a referendum.

  63. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    The SUP (Scottish Unionist Party) exists @Richard MacKinnon says at 9:52 am

    It is the Coalition of C*nts that are BLiS, BCUPS and The Fib Dems.

    Those who vote against anything positive for the Electorate of Scotland at Council, Holyrood and Westminster then scream SNP Baaaad.

    If they had the balls to stand as a single SUP Party they’d get humped and they know it.

    They all stand separately and lie through their teeth to try and split the vote from the less politically aware, aided and abetted by a compliant media.

    Also 1 SUP Party would mean less places at the trough for them.

  64. K1 says:

    Yer entitled tae yer opinion Richard Mackinon what your are not entitled to are broad ‘generalisations’ about Nicola’s ‘strongest supporter’s’ considering her ‘weak’, maybe you ‘read’ that somewhere? That’s straight out of the media’s propaganda playbook.

    There’s simply no comparison between Nicola and May Richard, and it’s precisely ‘the media and the Tories’ who are presenting this ‘narrative’ of Tories somehow playing a blinder here in Scotland, which is verifiable nonsense. You clearly are one of those very gullible types who fall for this narrative and regurgitate their propaganda with the ease of a man willingly taken in and one unable to have divested themselves of the ‘cringe’.

    You don’t like the SNP? Then don’t vote for them. The rest of your post is just plain opinion based on opinion pieces from rightwing press releases.


    Since the announcement of the GE, that Lorna is a portrait that conveys exactly how at least half of Scotland feels…visceral, muscular technicolor barely contained rage. Beautiful!

    Oh and we know exactly who and what tae aim that rage at! Tories.

  65. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Forgot to ask you @Richard MacKinnon says at 9:52 am are Rock and sensibledave both off for the May Bank Holiday weekend??

    The old 77th Barracks must be a lonely place this weekend.

    Are you hoping for a wee moral boosting visit from your pin up girl, the Honorary Colonel of 32 Signals Regiment???

    Anyway, I make that £13.70 in Better Together cash for that post.

    Are you boys still getting a bonus for making ‘Cybernats completely lose it’?

    Does Better together Blair have to declare your teams payments as electoral expenses now he is standing in the GE?

  66. Dr Jim says:

    How do you canvass for votes secretly?

    Asking for millions of voters

  67. Dr Jim says:

    The Tory supporters must be very weak of limb

    All the banners and placards are being brought in van

    Wee souls cannae carry them to the secret venue

  68. Grouse Beater says:

    Richard MacKinnon: “Nicola Sturgeon has made a massive tactical error

    That’s because she doesn’t have you to advise her. Write asking for a job as adviser – I dare you, Penis Breath.

  69. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

    Are Chadwick and MacKinnon the new substitute Unionist trolls for the weel kent ones here?

    A new team being blooded?

    PS Great cartoon!

  70. Liz Rannoch says:

    Well done Lorna.

    Who amongst us has not felt the emotions shown here? I have. Never in my life have I truly hated another person. I now know what it feels like. I usually go and clean the loo (I now have the sparkliest loo in Scotland!)

    Never having come across this lady before, I checked her out, from her twitter page I found a you tube film by Phantom Power. It has a really good bit about Lithuania and their independence. (Feart to do the link thingy cos when I click it, it seems to do the whole thing with the htpp bit and I don’t want any hammers!) 🙂

  71. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    They (Chadwick and MacKinnon) probably are @David MacGille-Mhuire at 12:03 pm

    They are to my mind the last dregs in the Unionist Barrel.

    Think of the photos of the last days of WWII Germany, young kids and old guys being sent to take on the Russians in the ruins of Berlin.

    That’s where the Unionists are now.

    The old and the naive pushed on by the bloated Party Members who now have to get into the trenches, like Blair McDougal ‘cos no one else is left.

    The 77th will be no different.

    Tick, Tock.

  72. K1 says:

    Just take out the http bit Liz, so that the link starts with: www. Mind the full stop after the three w’s. Gie it a go go on 😉

  73. Liz Rannoch says:

    @ K1

    If ah get hammered your for it! lol

  74. Liz Rannoch says:

    Oh kay that didn’t work. Try again Liz.

  75. Robert Peffers says:

    @Richard MacKinnon says: 29 April, 2017 at 9:52 am:
    “Nicola Sturgeon has made a massive tactical error with this general election. She has decided not to make independence the sole issue and put it in the manifesto.”

    Oh! For heaven’s sake! Get a grip upon reality, will you?

    You just said she decided not to make a General election into a referendum on holding a referendum that she has already had the Scottish Government at Holyrood agree to hold. Are you as thick as the Westminster Establishment party leaders?

    I’ll spell it out for you and your unionist friends.

    There will be an independence referendum, whither Westminster makes it a legally binding referendum or recognises it as advisory only. It has already been decided by a majority in the Holyrood Parliament that there will be a referendum.

    Westminster may regard it as advisory but Holyrood can or can not decide to take it as mandatory.

    “She prefers instead to ‘play it safe’ and is quite rightly, recognised, especially amongst her strongest supporters as weak.”

    Absolute balderdash and with absolutely nothing whatsoever to substantiate your idiotic claims. The Scottish Parliament has voted, (by a margin on 69 to 59), to hold a referendum.and a numptie like you thinks that is somehow, “Weak”.

    The facts are clear – there will be a referendum on Scottish independence as passed by the Holyrood Government.

    “Compared to T. May she is just not up to it.”

    Laughable in the extreme, Richard. Did you forget to add the proviso of, “In my bombastic opinion of course”?

    “The media and the Tories are now mocking her and it will be relentless.”

    Of that I have not the slightest doubt, but it will not make much difference as the majority of Scots these days are very aware that the BBC tells lies and a majority of Scots elected a majority of Scots MPs to Westminster, elected an SNP Scottish Government and will soon have the chance to sweep the unionist councillors out of our local authorities.

    “Whatever the outcome for the SNP, if its 20, 30 or 40 seats, what does it matter?”

    Utter Pish, Richard. It only matter which individual party has the most seats. You have just made the absolutely idiotic claim that the party winning most seats does not have a majority at Holyrood.

    Strange then that the party with the most seats will form the next Scottish Government. If the several unionist parties want to be the next Scottish government then they have only one way of doing so. They will have to all agree to either all join one of their existing Westminster unionist parties or amalgamate into one new anti-Scottish party in Scotland.

    As long as the SNP have more candidates elected than any other individual party the SNP will form the next Scottish Government. The losers can, as the always do, form an unofficial coalition of unionists to act against Scotland’s best interests but it only means the unionists have ganged up on the Scottish government to enforce Westminster rule upon Scots.

    That seems to have decidedly acted against the Unionist Labour, Tory and LibDem parties since the SNP began to gain strength.

    All three unionist parties have been losing members and voters over a considerable number of years. All evidence from opinion polls indicates that while the SNP and Green parties are gaining members the unionist party membership has unionist voters jumping ship from one unionist party to another in a crazy, futile, effort to tactically oppose independence.

    “They will look ever more ridiculous sitting on those green benches, asking their irrelevent stupid, pompous questions as they keep trying to convince nobody that they are standing up for Scotland. Being a part of the Westminster club makes the SNP the SUP.”

    In your, “irrelevent”, (sic), stupid, pompous, opinion, of Course, Richard.

    The fact remains that a local council election has only one purpose – to elect local councillors.

    A Scottish Government Election has only one purpose – to elect MSPs.

    A General Election has only one Purpose – to elect MPs to Westminster.

    And a referendum on independence can have two purposes. One is to seek the opinions of the people and the other is to give the people the right to decide if they want independence.

    Now, Richard, here’s a fact – no one needs the permission of Westminster to hold an advisory referendum on independence and when they do, and here is the laughable bit, if it is only an advisory referendum(a decision that Westminster can force by NOT granting permission), then being only advisory, that leaves Holyrood legally able to take the publics advice or reject it and do what the SG decides.

    Now am I alone in thinking Nicola may have cleverly set this up so as Theresa would NOT grant permission and thus the SG able to ignore a narrow advisory referendum decision by the voters to remain tied to Westminster?

  76. yesindyref2 says:

    Ah yes indeed, dear old Bawl-a-chewlish and Tigg-in-a-brooch.

  77. Artyhetty says:

    Given the terrorist attacks on the SNP this past week, ignored in the media, and tory election fraud being ignored in the media, this cartoon goes some way to expressing the frustration that the tories are acting as if their UK is a dicatorship.

    Is it a democracy, or is it a dictatorship. The media by and large, work for the tory government.
    That suggests the UKGov are operating in a non democratic fashion.

    The people must decide if they want a democracy on June 8th.

    Scotland is a democracy. The yoons hate that, hence their actual real anger!

  78. Legerwood says:

    heedtracker @ 11.22

    I made no such analogy. I said:
    “”Ms Sturgeon shows calm at all times and in the face of relentless provocation. She epitomises Hemingway’s ‘grace under pressure’.

    Therefore why criticise her via the cartoon portrayal if she very occasionally heads to the attic to vent her frustration?”

    The words ‘grace under pressure’ seems to have passed you by.

    Also ‘ very occasionally ‘

  79. heedtracker says:

    Its is enraging, being reigned over by tories. Just got my postal ballot paper for Aberdeen’s council elections next week. Top of the list, on the ballot paper Conservative Party, right at the top. So it goes in at No.8, no question but if you’re not sure, you’re rushing, you have beeb gimps merciless vote Tory, strong stable gov propaganda pounding away at your psych…

    It may be just alphabetical order, for ACC election but then why not random generate the list order of the STV vote list ballot paper?

    Evening Express candidate statements. BY ADELE MERSON, 27 APR 2017 12:41

    Name: Philip Bell

    Party: Scottish Conservative and Unionist

    Age: 59

    Home: Cults

    Job: Control and safety systems consultant, oil industry.

    Previous political experience: Highly experienced armchair politician!

    Key issue: Efficient use of council taxes.

    Best quality: Use all available information to make decisions.

    Worst quality: I don’t suffer fools!

    Name: Nir Oren

    Party: Scottish Green Party

    Age: Not relevant

    Home: Peterculter

    Job: Academic in the department of computing science at the University of Aberdeen.

    Previous political experience: Joined the Scottish Greens in 2014.

    Key issue: Pedestrian bridge over the AWPR for walkers, cyclists and horseriders on the Deeside Way and encouraging the development of similar paths across the city to reduce car dependency and air pollution.

    Best quality: Not relevant

    Worst quality: Not relevant


    They’ll be in charge of ACC debts of over £1.2bn and able to spend hundreds of millions.

  80. Capella says:

    Oh look – a picture of Crathes Hall – not even in a village – surrounded by trees. How ironic that this is where Jamie Ross says Theresa May is hiding away for her secret meeting.

  81. heedtracker says:

    Legerwood says:
    29 April, 2017 at 11:16 am
    Some comments about the portrayal of Ms Sturgeon in the cartoon.

    Anyone ever heard of an attic? And portraits therein?

    Therefore why criticise her via the cartoon portrayal if she very occasionally heads to the attic to vent her frustration?”

    Is what you said Leger. If you do think The Picture of Dorian Grey, or rather his portrait hidden in the attic was there to vent his frustration, your in a minority.

    Ofcourse, no one takes that book as a frustration venting metaphor Leger. But if you do, why not.

  82. Dr Jim says:

    If Theresa May is speechifying and canvassing in secret we won’t be seeing it all over the news will we, because if that’s the case and the media transmit that all over the telly won’t that just be a party political broadcast as opposed to what every other political party is doing which is canvassing publicly with the actual Feckin public

    Is that not why Mrs May won’t debate or answer questions of the media because they will do exactly as they’re told and transmit what they’re told without question

    That being the case there can be no doubt we live in a one party one state media dictatorship where only the leaders voice shall prevail unhindered and unencumbered by dissent or question

    The British media have a cheek complaining about North Korea, I would suggest they complain a bit closer to home

  83. Robert Peffers says:

    @ronnie anderson says: 29 April, 2017 at 10:05 am:

    “You may have given rise to Angry Nicola meme . Lorna not a depiction of the FM “

    You may have a little bit of truth there Ronnie, in that the cartoon depicts Nicola as angry but that is in truth as far as it goes. The truth is I have yet to see Nicola actually being angry.

    She has indeed become somewhat more aggressive in her defence against the many attacks of actually angry and very aggressive, concerted, unionist attacks but she does so while controlled, cool and collected.

    Which is why she can so effectively deflate their attacks. We see this as the cameras show the Yoons sitting down and yelling as Nicola makes her replies while their microphones are turned down.

    This is what you are taught at debating societies and lawyers are trained to do and Nicola is a very competent trained lawyer.

    If the cartoon has a fault it is in depicting Nicola as angry – tell me, ronnie, have you ever actually seen Nicola angry?

    First of all Nicola never really instigates an attack upon anyone personally but she does put up an, usually very effective defence, when attacked by others.

    However, she has indeed ramped up her defences when they attack her. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but have I not replied on many occasions when Wingers have expressed their views that the SNP should be getting more aggressive during TV, radio and press interviews?

    Yet now when a cartoon depicts Nicola as, “angry”, the same ones calling for more aggression are up in arms.

    First of all it is a cartoon, it isn’t real life.
    Secondly I imagine it is far more difficult for the cartoonist to depict a person calmly and coolly knocking back an attacker than it is to show the aggression the defender of the attack is deliberately controlling.

    I was always taught in debating societies that, anyone who lost their rag, had lost the debate.

    Furthermore that to attack the person instead of their POV would also lose the debate. However, a cartoon is limited in the things it can depict.

    I mean, how many times can Wile E. Coyote drop down the Grand Canyon and have the ledge he stood on crush him and still return to do the same again? Cartoon are not real life.

  84. Capella says:

    Crathes Hall is a few miles east of Banchory on the A93 Braemar to Aberdeen road. It has a small car park which will no doubt be blocked off. There are no nearby villages.

    The local landowner – Alexander Burnett (of Leys) MSP probably felt it would be unwise to host the event in one of his castles or stately homes.

    It’s a bit too remote for anyone to get along there with a placard so there won’t be any embarrassing demo.

    Is she lunching at Balmoral?

  85. heedtracker says:

    Just listening to my Slovene girlfriend on BBC r4 Any Questions. Its very odd listening to him desperately trying to shut down our fledgling democracy on the radio, let alone btl stinky old Graun. Horrible tory stuff.

    Adam Tomkins MSP?Verified account @ProfTomkins Apr 27

    Theresa May firmly on the side of most Scots; Nicola Sturgeon leads a declining minority

  86. Dr Jim says:

    The United Nations statutes support every Nations right to Self Determination
    In the last week the United Nations have condemned Theresa May and her governments policy of the Rape Clause by naming it “Inhumane” and a civil rights violation

    When the First Minister decides the time is right for Scotland to hold a referendum at the time of Scotlands elected representatives choosing I think we can say quite safely Mrs Mays brittle tone and objections to it will crumble to dust, followed by her backbone

  87. Capella says:

    May won’t be meeting the riff raff here. She will probably be meeting the Aberdeenshire West and Kincardine vote riggers to arrange that the Tories unseat Stuart Donaldson SNP.

    Like Moray – where they are targeting Angus Robertson’s seat, there is a handy Forces population which could supply many proxy votes.

    In the 2016 Holyrood election, which unseated Dennis Robertson SNP and installed Alexander Burnett (of Leys) CON, an extra 40,000 CON voters came out of the woods.

  88. Fred says:

    Anybody know the Tory position on Prescription Charges, Tuition Fees or Bus Passes? the flier through my door fails to mention them. Indyref is all.

  89. heedtracker says:

    Yoohoo AliesAlba, Jezereena, Adam. Oddest low tory point so far, my Slovene girlfriend rants at Scots gov for NOT mitigating against the horrors of his tory UK gov policies. Why are these creeps voted by anyone at all, either side of the border?

    Adam Tomkins MSP Retweeted
    Any Questions??Verified account @BBCAnyQuestions 29m29 minutes ago
    .@ProfTomkins A vote for the SNP is always a vote for independence. They’ll always use votes as a mandate for independence #bbcaq

  90. osakisushi says:

    Is it worthwhile recycling all these leaflets put through my mailbox by sending them back to;
    Subscripts or Membership ;
    followed by the address on the leaflet.

    Hanged if I would put a stamp on the envelope but it would give these nice LibLabCons the chance to reuse their leaflets plus give further payment to their privatised Royal Mail.

    Does it work this way? Would they have to pay for this crap being returned without postage?

    (asking for a friend…)

  91. Brian Powell says:


    The RAF English colonialists, but it won’t help them in the long run.

  92. Brian Powell says:


    Unfortunately there are quite a lot of Tories, working class or other, who want a Tory Gov but demand the SG fix the effects of Tory policies.

    Thomkins is politicking but these voters really believe that.

  93. Clootie says:

    …sorry, I’m with manandboy. The representation of Nicola does not reflect the reality of self control displayed regardless/despite the extreme provocation by unionists.

    Why give a negative image in this way?

  94. Thepnr says:

    @Liz Rannoch @12:33

    That was a brilliant wee film about the cartoonist Lorna Miller from Phantom Power. I’d never heard of Lorna before today, the Lithuanian Independence stuff was fascinating as I was unaware of that too and makes Lorna a champion in my book.

    Great cartoon Lorna, sums up how many feel and I’d love to see the Tory party broken in Scotland. Not just broken but discarded completely by voters.

    We deserve better than having May as our PM for the next 5 years.

  95. Proud Cybernat says:

    Subtle, Lorna. SNaP.

    SNP will certainly be snapping them in two on 4th & 8th.

  96. Capella says:

    @ Thepnr – I agree. The Phantom Power video about Lorna Miller was well worth a watch – so here’s the link again. Great work Lorna, keep on drawing lines.

    Mistress of Line – 12 mins

  97. heedtracker says:

    Brian Powell says:
    29 April, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    At the very least, its makes hard core tories like Tomkins work very hard at their UKOK tory bullshit.

    All he’s reduced to now is shouting, “why do you lot want devo then?” over and over, “you agreed to it in the Smith Commission’s, shut up and pay for my ghastly tory stuff, which is not ghastly, its only 4 pages…”

    The Littlewood guy’s stuff about complete benefits devo to Holyrood would be great and kill off horrid nationalists too, also stinks.

    Economic devo-max is the only way out for Scots, at all levels and its what UK gov and Tomkins mindsets are never ever going to do, because this is independence.

  98. velofello says:

    Will done Sinky with your extensive reply to Richard MacKinnon. MacKinnon, good Scots name.

    Regards the cartoon, I agree with the view that Nicola’s image is not intended as a portrait of her but to demonstrate what is/should be the determination of Scotland to rid herself of this corrupt Union.

    Ruth Davidson revealed her true self at Holyrood in the Two Child debate, when in defence of her position she declared that benefit changes are needed to bring down the deficit. As cold as a marble slab.

  99. K1 says:

    Ah see ye did it Liz…good on ye and well received tae 😉

  100. Lochside says:

    Sorry, but I don’t like this’s poorly drawn, crude and wrongly shows NS in an angry violent mode. We don’t need this type of representation of our movement….particularly when scum like Damien Green talk about the the SNP in terms of ‘civil disorder’.

    Jeanne Freeman’s clip tearing Tompkins twin a new arse demonstrates what I said on a previous thread about the SNP not using effective speakers on the media. Why is she not used on QT?

    Despite some decrying more offensive strategies on media programmes, Jeanne’s performance shows how effective reasoned and informed argument works not soundbites such as Gethins attempted on QT and got slaughtered. My local branch leader told me at a meeting when I queried the serial weakness of SNP spokespeople that despite many requests to use material and lines of attack…many from ‘wings’ had gone ignored or rejected by the media unit…(based in London I believe?).

    Surely this must be beefed up.We are told continually that the SNP complain and submit statements to the BBC etc.Well if these complaints are ignored why don’t the party make an issue out of it. I don’t recall even the Referendum being as bad for the one sided propaganda that we are being inflicted with at present. this accounts for the move away from the SNP by ‘waverers’..they repeat the same old mantras about ‘day jobs’ etc. that are pumped out at them daily by the Colonial propaganda units.

  101. Effijy says:


    A few days ago, the European Commission’s draft negotiating directives for Brexit were made public. The top priority is to protect the rights of EU and UK citizens, in the UK and across the EU 27. For example, the European Commission wants to uphold the right of EU and UK citizens who have already worked, lived or retired in the UK or in the EU 27. The Commission’s draft also looks at the cost of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and underlines its demand that the UK pays for the cost of Brexit, for instance the relocation of European agencies located in the UK.
    This is the reality of these negotiations. The EU will act to protect its interests and we shouldn’t be surprised by this. It doesn’t mean to say that they will be punitive, but we shouldn’t expect the UK government to be handed everything it wants on a silver platter. If we are going to create any goodwill going into these discussions, the UK government must act – and must act now – for example to clarify the position of EU citizens currently in the UK.
    You can read a copy of the draft directives here:
    As always, I hope you continue to find these emails useful, and please do feel free to share this update and encourage people to register for more at .

  102. Robert Peffers says:

    @The Dog Philosopher says: 29 April, 2017 at 10:58 am:

    “@ John Young
    Have you read McKinnon’s post closely enough? I spy Yoon.

    Yeah! I did indeed smell Yoon. It was so bad I chased the wee dog out thinking she had done her business somewhere in the house.

    My mistake, I had to open all the doors and windows and spray Room Freshener all over the place.

  103. geeo says:

    As i said previously….

    50 seats would be a STUNNING result for the SNP.

    If Ruth Davidson wants to shout “Support for Independence down because we got under 10 MP’s elected”, let her.

    She is going to look pretty stupid when Nicola Sturgeon simply states that, if Ruth Davidson wants to use the GE result as an indicator of support for a referendum, then 50 SNP seats is a multiple times bigger mandate FOR a referendum than a few Tory seats against one.

  104. Capella says:

    Jamie Ross is amazed at the venue where Theresa May is “meeting the people”. He says:

    Incredibly this area is so remote broadcasters don’t think they’ll be able to show this event live. I didn’t know that was still a problem.

    Yet they are only a couple of miles from the massive Durris radio mast. And just over the hill from the Edzell MOD listening station.

  105. heedtracker says:

    Lochside, Jeanne Freeman is excellent but how do can we expect SNP people to get to this level of combative debate, if they NEVER do it?

    You have to be in it to win it etc? Its experience that’s going to produce tomorrow’s SNP debaters like Salmond and Sturgeon, confidence and assured debate is not gained by sitting at the back being too afraid to get stuck in.

    If you think you can do better, why the hell don’t you, sit in the belly of the UKOK BBC beast and state your case, as all kinds of Tomkins style chancers and con artists, all highly experienced and all desperately try to trip you up with their shitty strong stable tory gov bullshit.

    Tomkins himself is a long time uni lecturer and that’s a great way to get into to public speaking on its own, especially if your adoring audience hangs on your every word, to pass the course.

  106. cearc says:

    Crathes, eh?

    I guess Balmoral was the only employer willing to force their employees to look like an interested supportive audience.

  107. galamcennalath says:

    Brexit as seen from outside. A good overview of where we are …

    … popcorn at the ready.

  108. Fred says:

    @ Boris on a Federal UK solution, quite impossible, a bit like Ruth Davidson & a Buffalo, it would never work kid!

  109. HandandShrimp says:

    May’s election campaign is shocking in its appalling stage managed “keep me away from plebs” approach to pressing the flesh. Doing this around the country simply lets every locality know how false the whole show is through word of mouth.

    Hiding in a hut in a forest has to take the biscuit though 🙂

  110. Capella says:

    @ cearc – there is also Alexander Burnett (of Leys) who is the big landowner in the area and the MSP who ousted Dennis Robertson in the Holyrood elections last year.

    Here’s his wiki entry, swept of almost all content.

    For more info on the Burnetts – including castles, see the website:

  111. Graf Midgehunter says:

    May’s secretive visit to Scotland, the visits to empty factories and tory faithful invite-only speeches reminds me a lot of uncle Adolf’s (Hitler) antics.

    Crathes Hall is like the Führer Head Quarters “Wolfschanze” in Rastenburg (where the bomb went off). Sealed off, middle of a wood, no public, tory faithful.

    It’s utterly weird – weird – weird.

    As for the leader of the Scottish Gau, Ruth acts like a Kapo determinded to get the will of London done.

  112. Richardinho says:

    I don’t think it’s a terrible thing if the Tories get ~10 seats in the GE: It gives the SNP something to aim at. The Tories claiming a ‘victory’ when they get a minority of votes and seats and some kind of mandate for denying the SNP a referendum and forcing Tory policies on Scotland puts into sharp focus the massive democratic deficit that we face.

  113. Robert Graham says:

    Ok it’s a cartoon not very flattering, but it’s just a cartoon.
    Anyway I trust we will see on the BBC exacts of Mayhems walkabout and being welcomed by her adoring public, this overwhelming record breaking 60% approval rating must mean the people here will be queuing up ten deep to catch sight of her .
    The media and the BBC really must believe we are totally f/n stupid, this manufactured Lazarus like revival of the disgusting Tory party is all smoke and mirrors total fantasy.
    The only way this party are ever going to be elected is by them cheating and tampering with postal votes etc in short electoral fraud.
    Oops I believe that they have previous in that area, in fact past masters, there are calls for yet another investigation into Tory funding issues , this time the 2010 election are these people going to yet again lie and cheat ? . You bet they are as Alex Salmond once said it’s what they do it’s in the blood, they are Tories don’t expect them to follow any rules they lie & cheat by nature, it’s normal for them and it’s all a bloody game to them they don’t give a f/k for anyone but themselves.

  114. Brian Powell says:

    The 3million EU citizens in the UK are highly skilled or in service jobs, if the EU were to need to remove them the UK would lose 3M highly skilled or service employees and the EU gain the same.

  115. Vestas says:

    @Capella 3:07 pm :

    “Here’s his wiki entry, swept of almost all content.

    Deary me, Eton followed up by NEWCASTLE?

    He must be monumentally thick to fail to gain entry to Oxbridge after Eton.

    No offence to people in Newcastle but you don’t go from Eton to Newcastle Uni (one of the lower-ranked Russell Group unis) unless you’re too thick for it to be overlooked at Oxbridge unis and most of the other Russell Group unis.

    Eton TRAINS you to get into Oxbridge unis and IIRC boasts a success rate above 95% so….. 😉

  116. dakk says:

    ‘Ok it’s a cartoon not very flattering,’

    Understatement of the century.

    Someone actually took the time to depict and present our dear leader as the ‘bearded lady’ or some kind of woolly beast.

    Those massive hairy hands scare the bejesus out of me.

    Get it pulled Stuart.Now!

  117. Capella says:

    @ Vestas – he is the very epitome of the upper class twit. I would find a clip of him in Parliament to illustrate but I fear I would lose the will to carry on.

  118. ronnie anderson says:

    When is Crathie Come Home being televised or do we have to wait on the bootlegged version.

  119. Breeks says:

    @ Richard MacKinnon 9:52

    I wasn’t sure Richard, but having given it some thought, I think Nicola has made the right call.

    If you think about it, Theresa May would like nothing better than laying to rest the issue of Scottish Independence before having to negotiate Brexit, before the absolute stupidity of Brexit has revealed itself, and before the YES2 /ScotRef bandwagon has got itself back into the groove.

    These are important issues where time is against Theresa’s Hard Brexit, and problems May hopes to circumvent by her snap election.

    Contrary to the impression given by the media and Tories, whatever the outcome of the GE, Nicola isn’t going anywhere, the mandate for the ScotRef isn’t going away, and Ruth Davidson is talking shite claiming that she can stop it happening.

    Beyond her General Election, whatever it does to her majority, Theresa May will still find herself in the same minefield she’s in right now. ScotRef isn’t going away, nor is Brexit, and neither issue will be given any fresh impetus from a General Election.

    And to look at the same issues from Nicola’s perspective, it is the Tories who are trying to draw the Referendum debate prematurely, and see it kicked into the long grass in a General Election held under Westminster’s control, with Westminster setting the franchise to exclude EU citizens, British Ex pats living abroad and Under 16’s; all groups which by repute favour Independence.

    If the ScotRef happens when Nicola sets the agenda, it is likely to be when Holyrood dictates the franchise, timing and protocol. It will be once everybody knows how Brexit is actually going to happen, and what it will mean, and after the Tory fantasies about new Trade Deals and Global Commerce have been cut down to size.

    Furthermore, by letting Ruth Davidson bump her gums about the sacred 2014 result, it’s one less issue which the Tories can carry beyond their General Election to reheat all over trying to contest the ScotRef.

    So, on balance, I’m in little doubt that Nicola has it under control. There is perhaps one change of tactic I would make, and that is to use this General Election as a backdrop to agitate dissent with the media’s handling of political debate, and lobby hard for some devolution of Broadcasting to allow a Scottish News network to be established before ScotRef 2018. At the very least, I think the SNP should be giving themselves the mandate to demand reforms to Broadcasting.

    If we get lucky over some broadcasting reform, I would prefer to see it happing much sooner than later, so that bias and news manipulation specifically ISNT an issue when the ScotRef debate is live.

  120. galamcennalath says:

    I note Gina Miller’s Best for Britain organisation is to target marginal constituencies and give support to candidates who oppose Tory hard Brexit. This includes a campaign of tactical voting.

    It does look like some of those constituencies will be in Scotland and the organisation will be supporting SNP candidates.

    Should be interesting. I considered giving to the crowdfunding, but won’t until it is confirmed that they will be carrying out anti-Tory campaigning in Scotland.

  121. Lochside says:

    Heedtracker…as pick up the point I made wrongly. I suggested that Jeanne Freeman amongst others is not being used when she and the likes of Joanne Cherry and Dr Whitford etc. should be promoted over the heads of the frankly useless such as Fiona Hyslop and the oleagenous John Nicolson.

    As for your dig at me to put myself forward to take a place in these debates. .well I have challenged several individual Unionist politicians on the radio and at public meetings..rare as they are. For me to do as you suggest I would require to stand for public office which I have neither desire or aptitude to do. So I will pose the question back to you Heedie…why don’t you?

  122. Iain More says:

    Mackinnon is a Yoon troll!

  123. Dr Jim says:

    Strong and stable, strong and stable, strong and stable

    Will somebody catch that Parrot and shut it up fur God sake

  124. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Robert Peffers I binned MacKinnon from weeks ago, he’s also reported on Troll Watch.

  125. galamcennalath says:


    The good news is they don’t actually understand what they are talking about.

    The bad news is some varieties can live over fifty years.

  126. heedtracker says:

    So I will pose the question back to you Heedie…why don’t you?

    Because I am too annoying and its getting me to shut up that’s the trick.

    There are almost no opportunities for anyone SNP to get on any BBC politics thing anyway. Its as close to a tory SNP BBC black ball as you can get. We are now living through a dark age of tory media, led and coordinated by the BBC, attack propaganda.

    Oleaginous John Nicolson maybe, but he’s clearly the most SNP London high tories can tolerate and only barely. Which is why he’s permitted on BBC politics shows, now owned by likes of the complete and utter Murdoch boot boy, Ligger Neil.

    In summary, tory gimps like the Ligger have swamped BBC broadcasting with UKIPers, a complete and utter corruption of any decent democracy in any western democracy, with SNP ghosted.

    So why not be a little more supportive of our elected reps that are, from time to time, given the chance to be on our relentless and hideous, anti democratic BBC.

    That’s not a question Lochside.

  127. Proud Cybernat says:

    Lost en route…

  128. Maryscot says:

    Theresa May on Sky news just now in Aberdeen. Not one smiling face in the crowd.

  129. Capella says:

    @ ronnie anderson – now don’t go mixing up your Crathie and Crathes.
    Crathie is near Balmoral and is where the Queen goes to church when in residence. BTW Charles and Camilla are in residence ATM. Perhaps giving Theresa afternoon tea.

    Crathes is near Banchory and Crathes Castle, which is the historical pile of the Burnett family (now National Trust).

    When Scotland is independent we can turn all those big houses and estates into holiday complexes for the citizens.

  130. Richardinho says:

    My view is that there will be no indyref2 for the forseeable future. The Tories will have a massive majority in England and a modest revival in Scotland will give them the excuse they need (not that they need it) to simply refuse a referendum.

    In a sense this will be the end of a chapter, but it will be the start of a new one: Scots will really see what it means to be ruled by diktat from Westminster by Tories. What it means to have say at all in the running of your country’s affairs. We have a problem in this country with ‘little Englanders’ who think a Tory government is a price worth paying for maintaining their ‘culture’. I think we will find more of them realising that being able to wave a union jack around at a football match really doesn’t amount to a lot at all. I speak as someone who comes from that background myself and realised what a lie it was.

  131. Cactus says:

    Greetings fae Scotland’s Loch Awe.

    The middle of it.

    We cruising 🙂

  132. HandandShrimp says:

    I don’t know who is directing May’s election campaign but it is utterly baffling why they would think such blatantly obvious stage management would look convincing when for years we have laughed at tin pot dictators doing the same thing.

    Are the Tories so complacent that they think it doesn’t matter or is May so useless in “live fire situations” that it is the lesser of two evils?

  133. Dr Jim says:

    I was right, I was right, they did actually bring all the placards for the invited few in a VAN

    In a Feckin Van! A Van,

    I’m starting to parrot anaw noo

    In a van In a van In a van who’s a pretty boy then

  134. Capella says:

    Jane Godely is quick out of the traps with Nicla on Theresa in Banchory. But I fear if you didn’t like this cartoon you probably won’t like Nicla’s rant:

  135. Robert Graham says:

    The BBC website has- The prime minister makes a visit to Scotland, no towns or cities mentioned, just a visit to Rural Scotland, well that will make the people very happy, how do we know if she’s actually been here, where are the crowds ? The photos the evidence , no doubt some little group will have been assembled to concoct a story for the Sunday papers, to make a mountain out of a dung heap , Smoke & Bloody mirrors again, We appear to be in some kind of parallel universe .
    A whole country being managed and manipulated by a corrupt lying media with the BBC at its head ,totally bloody sickening.

  136. Thepnr says:

    @Proud Cybernat

    Hehehe Nailed it.

  137. The Dog Philosopher says:

    Looks like the Tories and the right-wing press will be pumping out this ‘May is a strong leader’ type guff for the next few weeks.They’ll probably try to spin it in Scotland too as being down to some great Tory revival, without ever revealing the darker context that most of us here can identify.

    But what May lacks, and that Nicola has in spades, is genuine charisma and a natural, down-to-earth way with ordinary folk. This is a rare attribute in politics, particularly in leaders. And maybe that’s why Lorna’s cartoon depiction is slightly ‘off-key’. Not only is Nicola a strong and effective First Minister, but she’s also canny enough to know that you can win over more hearts and minds with a smile rather than a scowl.

  138. Maryscot says:

    That’s what I was saying Robert. Showed it on Sky news saying it was in Aberdeen. A crowd of about maybe 15 people around her. Usual rubbish “Strong and Stable” etc but you could see the people weren’t buying it – hence not one smiling face. May is deluded.

  139. Thepnr says:


    Hehehe Jane Godely nailed it too. One way of winning is to laugh and ridicule them.

    Hahahaha and Ha just for good measure.

  140. Scott says:

    Quote from May.

    Because when Scotland is flourishing, the rest of the United Kingdom is flourishing too.”

    Does this mean we can now rebuke the msm that we could not go out on our own and that England will suffer when we have Independence

  141. gus1940 says:

    Isn’t it wonderful how our totally unbiased media knew where to go for Mummy May’s visit to Scotland to address an invited audience of Tory faithful?

    It’s funny how they were all incapable of telling us where this fantastic event was taking place until after it happened.

    I think it’s fairly safe to assume that all the unionist lapdog broadcasters were there along with reps of the dead tree press probably with exception of The National.

    I knew SKY News was bad but their reporting of this was a disgrace:-

    They showed what appeared to be the whole of her speech which was a rambling load of all the expected cliches and slogans with the obligatory attacks on The SNP and the words ‘Strong and Stable’ uttered every few seconds.

    The speech broadcast must have lasted about 10 minutes and of course there was no chance of a Q&A session afterwards. Sorry news on SKY now includes one question being asked.

    This was followed by Nicola – no speech but an interview which can’t have lasted as long as a minute.

    Corbyn followed and he didn’t get much longer than Nicola.

    I’ve set my Tivo to record the news bulletins on BBC, STV and Ch4 and it will be interesting to see what their coverage amounts to.

    SKY is bad enough now but I hate to think what it would be like when the Tories allow 100% Fox ownership.

    And they tell us we live in a democracy.

  142. Maid_in_Scotland says:

    Proud Cybernat @ 4.19

    Lost en route…

    Aye, indeed Proud Cybernat. Bothy (sic) her and Ruth havin’ a wee chinwag over a dram o’ Bell’s Britch Whisky ‘afore they go’ up into the hills never to be seen again. We know how you love to ramble but beware the Grey Man of Ben Macdui, Theresa dear. Your Scotland region is a scary, scary place to get lost.

    Well, I can dream, can’t I?

  143. Marcia says:


    We should expect more of this as the election goes on but once the election campaign proper starts OFCOM should instruct all broadcasters to stop being partisan.

    Can I ask for all you good people to send a pound or two to the election crowfunder of the champion of the Pensioners, Marion Fellowes the MP for Motherwell;

  144. Robert Peffers says:

    @velofello says: 29 April, 2017 at 2:21 pm:

    “Will done Sinky with your extensive reply to Richard MacKinnon. MacKinnon, good Scots name.”

    Aye! velofello, McKinnon is indeed a good Scottish name, but you could put lipstick on a pig and call if Ms McKinnon but it would still be a pig called Porky.

  145. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Cappella Same old same old brain no connecting tae the finger lol.

  146. Capella says:

    @ gus1940 – Jamie Ross on Stu’s twitter says they weren’t allowed to say where May’s rally was until now. The hall was booked by Burnett, for a “Children’s Party”. Someone has circulated the booking via twitter.

  147. Vestas says:

    Oh and on the cartoon – its fine once I got the context of breaking your sisters doll. Was a bit puzzling before that.

    I’d thankfully missed that particular journo extravaganza of SNPBad because …. 🙂

    In terms of style – its not Chris Cairns style but nor are any other cartoons.

    Lorna has her own take on things, I’ve not seen enough of her work to comment other than she’s obviously a talented illustrator. Whether she has the niche ability of being a standout political illustrator is a hard ask. We’ll see but some of the comments here are stupid to say the least.

    Cartoons are charactures people, not real life….

  148. ronnie anderson says:

    @ capella Am sayin nuthin aboot we Janey’s video , if ah did it wid get back tae her an ah dont want ah Glesga Kiss next time we meet. Pure deed mental she is lol.

  149. Orri says:

    Surely booking a venue under false pretences constitutes a form of fraud?

    Especially if it’s a community venue the locals might not want political events of any flavour taking place in.

  150. CameronB Brodie says:

    There’s nothing queerer than folk and nothing like change to stir hostility. Look, the First Minister isn’t really a Jedi, though it doesn’t take a training in the ‘ways’ to spot the guff of stale urine, Mr. MacKinnon.

    There is also a time and place for political correctness and I don’t think you’ll find it here and now. 🙂

  151. Robert Peffers says:

    @ronnie anderson says: 29 April, 2017 at 4:08 pm:

    ” … I binned MacKinnon from weeks ago, he’s also reported on Troll Watch.”

    The thing about Trolls. Ronnie, is it is sometimes counter productive. By that I mean it is simplicity for the troll to simply change their details and/or move to another forum.

    It does no harm to dismantle their bullshit just once or twice so as to let them, and other commenters, know how they operate. Then you can ignore them.

    It mostly works – although I’ve done a number on the sensible one more than once but he still gets too many bites from Wingers.

  152. Breeks says:

    What makes this bizarre Wolfshanze event doubly weird is Theresa’s last visit to Scotland, remember when she refused the hospitality of Scottish Government buildings offered as venues and chose to meet Nicola in a hotel? And then too, slipping out the back door when it was over?

    Category A1 weird.

  153. Doug McGregor says:

    Heedtracker , you should have stayed on until Any Answers , you won’t have to wait long before your blood boils at this,

  154. Ghillie says:

    Cactus, was your cruise Awesome? = )

    Great posts folks, awesome trool trapping 🙂

    My first reaction to Lorna’s cartoon: not a Nicola I recognise. But your take on this ‘snap’ election is a possibility!

    It is Scotland’s vote that will once more illustrate our anger and determination. To hell with the BUM propaganda, this is Scotland’s chance to return 59 SNP MPs = )

    Smallaxe, thank you especially for your gentle handed humour (sometimes hiding a serious kick!) 2b or not 2b = )

  155. Orri says:

    Shocking that no-one questioned the credibility of someone claiming the run up to the 2014 referendum was more violent and acrimonious than that in the lead to the Brexit one.

    Planting the idea that preventing us having a second one is for our own good perhaps?

  156. I have a feeling in my bones that the Tories are going to lose their majority.
    Presentationally, May is as bad, if not worse than Corbyn.
    If Labour do not do as badly as predicted in England, and the Lib Dem second Referendum argument gains momentum, that may be enough to keep the Blue Tories out.
    You heard it first on WoS.

  157. Orri says:

    In previous elections it’s been said that the Conservatives problem was that their support was spread to evenly when compared to other parties on the same level of support. Perhaps this time it’s significantly higher in some areas at the expense of others. At the same time Labour and the Lib Dems might not be competing against each other in all constituencies so even if the Torries were poling in the 40s it might not be enough.

    The obvious irony might be if after the dust settles the Conservative majority depends on a combination of Scottish seats and some where the investigation into fraud leads to the MP being barred and thrown in jail.

  158. Robert Peffers says:

    @Richardinho says: 29 April, 2017 at 4:25 pm:

    “My view is that there will be no indyref2 for the forseeable future.”

    Why ever would there not be a referendum, Richardinho?

    There is nothing whatsoever to prevent anyone from holding one. It is not against any law. Everyone under the Sun does them.

    Newspapers, local and national, run referendums. Local Councils run referendums. Even Community Councils run referendums.

    Had one once in a small hamlet that had a poor sewerage system and a resident referred the matter to the few houses in the hamlet. 8 ploughman’s cottages in two rows of 4: Two large family homes that had once been farmsteads and a cottage behind a filling station/garage.

    Here is the definition of a referendum:- A referendum is a direct vote in which an entire electorate is asked to vote on a particular proposal. What though comprises, “The electorate”, on any given question? Who decides?
    This may result in the adoption of a new law. In some countries it is synonymous with a plebiscite or a vote on a ballot question.

    Thing is that normally these are purely advisory to seek the view of any particular group of people. They can be made to be mandatory but only if previously agreed as such.

    When you fill in those polls in newspapers or on websites they are referendums to seek out the views of the readers.

    Thus, if The SG wants to hold a referendum, to find out what the Scottish electorate desire, no one can legally stop them.

    Now consider this. The SG has formally requested the Westminster Parliament to grant a referendum on Scottish independence but far as I know this request has not been submitted to parliament but has been rejected, out of hand, by the UK Prime Minister.

    That means the SG could make a big thing about it and demand that parliament debate the matter. This could be done under several procedures:

    If they won such a debate then Parliament would be legally forced to formalise it but would probably have to stipulate if it was advisory or mandatory.

    However, I deduce that Nicola Sturgeon has played this one very cleverly and Theresa May has fallen for it hook line and sinker. Allow me to explain :-

    If the SNP had managed to instigate a Westminster debate there is little chance that they would win it as the SNP are outnumbered by not only the Tories but the other Unionist parties who always stand together to defeat anything whatsoever that the SNP propose. Not only that but it would never get past the HOL.

    So by asking formal permission to hold a mandatory referendum I believe Nicola wanted May to reject it out of hand so that Westminster could not prevent it being run and thus also without any Westminster interference.

    Furthermore, an advisory referendum allows the SG to claim independence or ignore it until the next time they try again if the result was not to their liking.

    That is decide not to take the advice of the people as it was advisory only.

    However, if Westminster had decided to make an issue out of it the Scottish psyche is such that an Englander person telling them they cannot do something is that the average Scot is almost certainly guaranteed to go right out do it anyway.

    It is what we Scots call, “being conter”, or contrary.

    If then the SG held an advisory only referendum there would likely be a landslide for independence.

    I do not know if you are aware that Alex Salmond is regarded by those who know these things at Westminster to be one of the best informed parliamentarians on the rules and workings of Parliament. I believe that Alex has never had a, Point Of Order ruled to be wrong in either parliament.

    It is my experience that Labour Party members have a very wrong idea of what a, “Point of Order”, actually is. If it actually isn’t a, “Point of Order”, then the chair rules the call, “Out of Order”.

    Remember the absolutely hilarious case of, “Sit Down Mr Kelly”, when the chair ruled him, “Out of Order”, and his refusal to do so that had him expelled and banned from the chamber at Holyrood?

    Anyway, that’s my take on the matter but, as usual, I could well be wrong.

  159. Orri says:

    Point of Order.

    The SNP have not asked Westminster for permission to hold a referendum. They need no such permission.

    What the have asked for is the transfer of power to Holyrood to unilaterally change the constitution of the United Kingdom should the answer be Yes to independence.

    In most circumstances such a transfer of power might be a mere formality. However we all know that in the case of the Conservative Government of the moment they might very well be tempted to ignore even an overwhelming referendum result despite insisting on proceeding with Brexit.

    An S30 transfer might be the preferred route of any Holyrood government and it’s sensible to at least go through the formalities of asking. However it’s by no means necessary for a referendum to be held. Nor should it be essential for a positive result being implemented. Without one there’s every justification for asking for international observers which might be something Wesmister would rather avoid.

  160. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Theresa May’s “justification” for avoiding a TV debate is that she “prefers to get out-and-about and meet voters”. Oh really? Given her typical invitation-only party-faithful little bubble that was today’s “children’s party” in Aberdeenshire, this is all too obviously a GREAT FAT LIE.

    She daren’t meet real people in Scotland, since she would be confronted for all the media to see by what most of us really think of her, as opposed to Rude Gal’s preposterous propaganda.

    May is The Great Pretender:

    Not strong – brittle.
    Not stable – clueless and drifting.
    Not resolute – feart.

  161. Meg merrilees says:

    Dr Jim – i’m really worried about you.

    What seeds are you eating for breakfast? There is a very good mixture available from most pet shops- ‘Coalition of chaos’ millet spray

    Have you got a piece of cuttlefish to replace any lost minerals- you can buy that online from Harrison’s Tank emporium.

    I’m hoping these suggestions might help feel better soon, if not I suggest you roost on a strong and stable perch and hide your head under your ” Wings”.

    Got my leaflet from tRuthless and Steven Kerr today – through the post. It contained one of those inaccurate graphs. So, I got my scale-rule out and worked out the correct representations and redrew the graph.
    ( SNP 47%, Con 28%, Lab 14% and Lib Dems 4%)

    Then I wrote across the heading in permanent marker, accusing them of telling lies and committing fraud (by having an inaccurate graph) and sent it back to them in their free post envelope . I also asked them to remove my address from their database.

    Think I’m beginning to crack up too.

  162. Meg merrilees says:

    PS Apologies, I think I may have remembered the percentages wrongly – THE con might have been in the 30’s%

  163. MJT says:

    I fuckin love this cartoon. It’s more Crumb than Punch. The Phantom Power Film about the cartoonist is excellent. It provides excellent context about the artist and her background, work and ideas.

    When Rotten sang ‘i am an Antichrist’ – one of the greatest lines in the history of modern music, he didn’t literally mean he was an anti christ. When the Damned did Smash it up Part 2, they weren’t advoocating we smash everything up.

    When the Undertones did teenage kicks, i don’t think Fergal was really gonna tug his wire all night…hmmm…mibbe he was, but i bet he loosened his grip every now and then. NWA were not sayin we should engage in sexual congress wi the polis. The guy from the Prodigy is not an arsonist.

    My favourite definition of ‘art’ was from Christopher Fettes at Drama Centre London, who said, ‘Art is a vehicle for ideas’. When deriving meaning from art, it is only the simplest, nae, the dullest of minds that take a piece of art literally.

    Taxi Driver is not about a man who drives taxis.

    I work in care homes. They have loads of big tellies in the comunal spaces in thon carehomes, telly is always on, and folks love to watch the news. I hadn’t watched any mainstream news in years. Fuck me with a broken bottle*, it is painful to watch, and to watch folks watching the propaganda impassively…and i think they think it is actual news and a fair and balanced representation of what is really going on…and what is and are the hot takes on the important issues of the day.

    [Did anyone ask Theresa May about what happens if a working family with good jobs, have a third kid, then lose their jobs?]

    It makes me want to gauge my eyes out with a hot poultice and start wailing like Oedipus when he gets the bad news about his femly.*

    When Stewart Lee playing the character Stewart Lee tells the audience they need to up their games cos they’re not getting his stuff…acht…i feel like boiling my heed in a hot vat of blended Scottish brain matter* and start referring to Theresa May as Mayhem and typing Feck or F&#k, cos that really gets the job done.

    *I don’t mean this literally.

  164. Richard MacKinnon says:

    Sinky 1033 yesterday,
    Your list of 12 things the SNP are fighting for tells it own story by what it omits, independence. That is my point about the position of the SNP, they dont want to put independence on the manifesto and I ask myself and I ask all nationalists the same question, why is that?

  165. Richard MacKinnon says:

    Smallaxe says:
    29 April, 2017 at 11:14 am

    You dont say why you think I am a SOB whatever that is. Please explain.
    PS I dont want your blessings.

  166. Richard MacKinnon says:

    29 April, 2017 at 11:47 am
    My opinions are exactly that, mine.
    My point is, if NS really wanted to take on TM and fight fire with fire, the SNP manifesto would be one sentence long. ‘A vote for the SNP at this general election is a vote for independence.’ Nothing else. I ask myself and all those that criticise me why is independence not on the agenda?
    I am getting a lot of abuse for a asking the question, I note that no one so far has attempted to explain why.

  167. Richard MacKinnon says:

    29 April, 2017 at 11:47 am
    Your reading of the cartoon wrong. The rage NS exhibits in Lorna Millers brilliant cartoon is out of frustration at her inability to do anything. Like a eunuch in a harem, Nicola watches while others get on with it.

  168. Richard MacKinnon says:

    Grouse Beater
    29 April, 2017 at 12:01 pm
    If she had asked me I would have said forget the obsession with indyref2, concentrate on HS2 and argue for a rail route round London instead9 as promised by Thatcher in the 80s). I would have argued for the decommisioning of the north sea oil infrastructure to be undertaken in Scotland not Turkey. I would have insisted my MSPs back Labour’s proposal to opt out on organ donation last year. And I would have put in the SNP manifesto ‘Vote for the SNP for the Scottish government to negotiate independence with Westminster’

  169. Jack Murphy says:

    The Dog Philosopher said at 4:46 pm yesterday:

    “Looks like the Tories and the right-wing press will be pumping out this ‘May is a strong leader’ type guff for the next few weeks.
    They’ll probably try to spin it in Scotland too as being down to some great Tory revival, without ever revealing the darker context that most of us here can identify……”

    Speaking of the Darker Context,Tory Ruth Davidson had plenty of time yesterday when she was with her Leader to ask Theresa May to CANCEL the Tory’s 3rd Child Rape Declaration Application Form.
    Toryism in Scotland is heartless and worse….

  170. Richard MacKinnon says:

    Robert Peffers
    29 April, 2017 at 12:50 pm
    The Holyrood vote for a second referendum was a mistake. The SNP have now tied their own hands with this pledge. This GE could have been, should be, our (Scotlands) referendum, as in ‘a vote for the SNP is a vote for the Scottish government to negotiate independence.’ Why nationalists dont understand this is beyond me.
    You say there will be a second referendum. May be there will be but there is no guarantee the unionist parties will recognise it as legitimate. If they decide not to take part the result will be as you call it ‘advisory’ I think it will be seen as an irrelevance. (what point is there in a 90% vote for Yes if only 35-40% turn out?) Westminster, all parties, will then dismiss it out of hand. The SNP Westminster group will then be sidelined. ‘Standing up for Scotland’ at Westminster will make them a laughing stock.

  171. DerekM says:

    lol you are such a fud Richard you even manage to make Phil R look good at trolling.

  172. Richard MacKinnon says:

    29 April, 2017 at 2:21 pm
    That is not my interpretation of the cartoon. I read it as NS, so frustrated by her own impotence she is breaking her dollies.

  173. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Aye, aye @Richard MacKinnon says.

    You on the Backshift today?

    You missed me out (comment 29 April, 2017 at 11:51 am)

    I make that £51.70 in Better Together cash for those posts (unless you get double time on a Sunday?)

    I note you are employing ‘Rocks’ cut’n’paste tactic now.

    Any way I digress.

    Any chance of an answer MacKinnon of the 77th?

    Are you boys still getting a bonus for making ‘Cybernats completely lose it’?

    Does Better together Blair have to declare your teams payments as electoral expenses now he is standing in the GE?

  174. Richard MacKinnon says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker
    30 April, 2017 at 12:50 pm
    I dindnt miss you out. I read your comment. I just couldnt be arsed replying.

  175. K1 says:

    ‘A vote for the SNP at this general election is a vote for independence.’ In your opinion. That’s it, but it doesn’t make it ‘true’ because the reality is it is not true at all.

    It’s not up to you to decide how another interprets ‘art’.

    You’re full of ‘you’ and what ‘you’ think. Doesn’t ‘cancel’ out what anyone else thinks Richard. But the point I made is that what ‘you’ think is actually regurgitated opinions from what you’ve read in the right wing media. And that makes yo gullible. That still stands.

  176. Richard MacKinnon says:

    30 April, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    How does that rhyme go again?

    ‘Sticks and stones will break my bones, but chains and whips excite me’.

  177. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Fair enough @Richard MacKinnon says at 1:03 pm

    MacKinnon of the 77th it is then.

  178. DerekM says:

    Well i expect whips and chains do excite you little tory troll boy they will go fine with your union jack gimp suit.

  179. Richard MacKinnon says:

    30 April, 2017 at 1:04 pm
    I think you misunderstand me. When I say ‘A vote for the SNP at this general election is a vote for independence.’ that is not what I think. The point I want to make is that I believe it should be the statement the SNP put on their manifesto. I believe it should be the only statement the SNP put on their manifesto. That it must be ‘The SNP Manifesto’.
    I think the SNP are ducking out of a fight here. I really do think that this is their last chance, handed to them by an unwitting arrogant UK PM. I think TM has handed the SNP a golden opportunity, which is to put Scottish independence right at the top of the agenda of the GE. RD has done it. She never misses an opportunity to remind us all that a vote for the Tory’s is a vote to stop a second Scottish referendum. Why NS does not do the same bewilders me. I can only assume she is putting her party’s interests before the cuase, as I have said in other posts.

  180. K1 says:

    ‘is that I believe it should be the statement the SNP put on their manifesto’

    The Scottish parliament have already decided on this matter Richard. We already have a mandate for Scotref. The GE will be fought on many of the same grounds as the last GE against austerity and the repugnant polices that they are pursuing. This GE is also a fight against the Tories right wing hard Brexit and Scotland’s wish to remain in the EU.

    Why should the SNP play along with the Tories narrative Richard? It is as if your fears are overwhelming the rational perspective here imo.

    If the SNP place the ‘independence’ on their manifesto at this GE, ‘this’ would be playing right into that very narrative? Because as we all know there has been no ‘significant’ increase in support for independence in Scotland since the EU vote. For the SNP to take the risk of decimating their current majority ‘significantly’ by putting Independence as their major manifesto commitment when half of Scotland is against this, would be ‘political suicide’ and that is why the Tories keep this constant mantra of ‘no referendum’ front and centre?

    As a reminder to those ‘not currently’ in favour of independence to ‘keep on side’, to keep this threat level ‘high’ they have even abandoned any pretence that they are interested in the local elections and the running of services. So even they know and have conceded that they cannot compete with how competently the SNP are in all levels of governance.

    We have to pace ourselves and not panic Richard. You may believe that what Davidson is doing is effective, but the only people stating that are those in the right wing media which is completely out of touch when it comes to Scotland. It’s the collapse of Labour that is increasing Tory fortunes, that’s it. There is no swing or ‘revival’ and it’s pretty hard tae imagine within the last two years since we wiped Labour from the green benches that we’ve, a vast swathe of voters in Scotland, suddenly decided tae back the Tories?

    So the SNP don’t have to ‘play along’, they can shout from the roof tops all they want Richard, there is no evidence to support that the SNP is losing support. They would however if they cack handedly ‘reacted’ by placing ‘independence’ in their manifesto at this GE.

    It’s the Tories who are panicking Richard. They know 62% voted remain in Scotland which is more than voted No in indyref, they hope that there are more people like Ruth Davidson in Scotland prepared tae drop their principles for a ‘one issue’ nae referendum Tory party that will decimate Scotland as a whole rather than back a very competent current government that has successfully defended and protected us against those very Tory policies since 2010?

    I know that there is no likelihood at all of those same swathes of voters who backed the SNP in GE15 and who overwhelmingly voted remain last June, suddenly turning intae Tory voting numpties in Scotland Richard.

    That’s why the Tories are screaming ‘no referendum’. They’ll get the hard core remnants of Labour, shame on Labour encouraging this, but it is what it is. That’s their ‘revival’ right there. So I repeat there is no reason or need for the SNP to put ‘Independence’ in the GE17 manifesto.

    You do realise SNP support independence Richard, but they as ‘democrats’ want the people to have a say on their own future too, the mandate was clear from the 2016 HE and the people voted for them in unprecedented numbers again, knowing this ‘material change’ was in the manifesto? On that basis the Scottish parliament (not the SNP) voted for Scotref a few short weeks ago Richard. So it’s not ‘party’ only. Their track record is undisputed, the people of Scotland will have an opportunity to decide at a time when we know the outcome of negotiations regarding Brexit and not when the SNP decide.

    It would be utterly against their stated aims if they placed ‘independence’ at the core of their G17 manifesto and imo would make no conceivable sense to do so except as wish fulfilment for those fundamentally opposed to us having ‘any’ choice whatsoever by removing even the possibility of a referendum on the matter in the first place. Yes Richard, you are (possibly inadvertently) advocating we all do exactly what the Tories want us and the SNP to do.


    Why should we?

  181. Ghillie says:

    Dearie me, lots of skipping over needed there!

  182. Richard MacKinnon says:

    30 April 4:20
    This is todays Herald headline
    “Sturgeon says second referendum at “heart” of general election.”
    My point is, if so why no mention in the SNP manifesto.
    You must get that KI. Everyone else does especially Ruth Davidson and she is not going to let it go. She has NS on the run. This is the tipping point for the SNP. Had they put it on the manifesto NS would still be in control of the agenda. With the risk of Scotland returning 30+ MPs the whole GE campaign would have been focused on Scotland, but because it is not an Independence Manifesto, RD is bossing it. Davidson senses NS doesn’t want to talk about it. It is a disaster for the SNP.
    The chance has gone. I think for ever.

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