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The scissored isles

Posted on September 02, 2018 by

New polling out tonight from British Polling Council members Deltapoll.

Excluding don’t-knows, both of those sets of figures come out at 52-48 margins: for Yes if Brexit goes ahead, for No if it doesn’t. If Brexit isn’t mentioned in the question at all, the results are 49% Yes 51% No.

Excluding don’t knows, the figures for Northern Ireland are 57-43 in favour of a united Ireland in the event of Brexit, and 60-40 against if Brexit is averted.

Fair bit at stake in the next few months, then.

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    1. 02 09 18 22:28

      Most voters would back indy if Brexit goes ahead – Towards Indyref2…

    2. 02 09 18 22:56

      The scissored isles | speymouth

    135 to “The scissored isles”

    1. Dr Jim says:

      So even if it is a no deal it’ll be a wonderful strong and stable opportunity deal

    2. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Time is slowly but surely running out for the rotten unfair union.

      The movement is towards survival.

      Families first always.

    3. j k trollin says:

      about fucking time

    4. Simone says:

      All to play for

    5. Clootie says:

      Game on…because Brexit is a certainty and a hard Brexit likely

    6. Thepnr says:

      The thing is we are going to leave the EU, the type of Brexit seems unimportant whether hard or soft but that too would surely have some influence especially a hard Brexit.

      The first 3 polls in the days after the original EU vote all had Yes in the lead between 52% and 54% but that had disappeared again by July and has remained that way since until now that is.

      Maybe people didn’t really believe we were going to leave. I think when we actually do and the effects start to show the swing to Yes will be even greater.

      Astonishing figures for NI, the DUP must be terrified so what will they do now to keep NI part of the UK?

    7. Marie Clark says:

      Well now we know why the pressure against the yes movement has been so relentless. We all knew that something was afoot and here we are.

      Game on, yes.

    8. Footsoldier says:

      If a GE happens, it’s got to be a one issue campaign for independence followed by a vote on the EU. That way everyone will get a say.

    9. ben madigan says:

      I’m not surprised – some of the very first posts I made about brexit stated it could lead to the break-up of the UK

      Here’s one example

    10. Croompenstein says:

      I did wonder why dark money Harrison had emerged from her bunker..

    11. Roger Mexico says:

      Wouldn’t get too excited till we see the details. Deltapoll are fairly new and I think haven’t done any Scotland- or NI-only polling before. And their last poll for the Sun-on-Sunday had some fairly leading questions (and biased coverage). Both figures are a bit outside the current range of expectation, though not massively so.

      That said, if the last four years of politics taught us anything it’s that things can change fast.

    12. Petra says:

      And you can bet your bottom dollar that the ‘Establishment’ is carrying out secret polls constantly, hence now ramping up the ante. Starting out in EFTA may be the way to go.

      Whatever the case it won’t be long now folks. Thank God.

    13. Douglas says:

      This looks promising and explains the British Nationalist desperation.
      I’ve suspected for a while that their private polling is scaring them.
      So, Scots will want Independence if Brexit happens…
      will we be allowed to ask or will it be denied due to a ‘state of emergency’?

    14. Clootie says:

      @ Roger Mexico

      …every silver lining has a cloud!

      I’ll take good news when I get it because regardless of any error the colonel is wrong and we do have an appetite in Scotland for a second referendum.

    15. galamcennalath says:

      Language used in the msm regarding this latest poll is fun to read, some are quotes from BritNat politicians….

      Union in peril
      clear and present danger to the survival of the UK
      a devastating poll
      breaking our Home Union

      … a wiser person would say that the Brexit fiasco has finally proven that th UK Union is over for majorities in Scotland (and NI).

    16. Valerie says:

      Just incredible it’s not higher.

      Folk must be liking all the talk of stockpiling food and medicines. The war on trade that Trump has opened up is just getting under way.

      I hope the inpatient Indy support realise from these figures, this is why SNP have to wait, to let the horrir show sink in.

    17. ben madigan says:

      @ Thepnr who said “Astonishing figures for NI, the DUP must be terrified so what will they do now to keep NI part of the UK?”

      The figures are not really astonishing as the DUP are not flavour of the month in NI.
      Sinn fein holds all the border counties which are totally against setting up a new border.
      Farmers are very worried about their subsidies and their cross border arrangements e.g. fresh milk from NI travels to the ROI to be processed into powdered milk for baby feeds etc.Same sort of arrangements for cattle and sheep.

      The DUP have alienated – gays, women, irish speakers etc with their reactionary attitudes towards abortion, equal marriage, irish language rights.

      They have alienated a lot of upright “God-fearing” Protestants (who are sincerely very honest people) by their corruption scandals – Red Sky, RHI, Paisley’s expensive holidays etc

      By supporting Brexit, the DUP have annoyed the majority of the population who voted to leave.

      Remember that majority included nationalists/republicans and unionists who saw their livelihoods being put in danger

    18. Arbroath1320 says:

      I know Indycar Gordon Ross covered an opinion poll last week that carried similar figures, I think it was a Survation poll.

      The one question I keep wanting to ask can be broken into two parts.

      1) were 16/17 year olds polled?

      2) were E.U. nationals questioned?

      I feel these are quite important questions because I feel these are THE two most important sectors of the electorate who can greatly help deliver independence. This is why I am sitting in the club that feels the indy ref MUST take place before March 29th 2019 because after that date I understand all our E.U. nationals would lose their right to vote.

    19. Roger Mexico says:

      Just realised that the Excel tables are linked to in Stu’s piece. 10% DK’s on both Scottish Indy questions, but it’s not clear if the table was weighted politically except on how people voted in the EU referendum.

    20. A. Graham says:

      Interesting times, eh?

    21. jfngw says:


      Can anyone tell me why the MSM which depicted Gordon Brown as the most useless arsehole ever to become PM are now feting him as the most gifted politician ever and someone who should be listened to.

      It strange he was given this accolade in 2014, and became a BBC poster boy, now risen again (perhaps he’s Eddie from the Rocky Horror Show, a blast from the past) to rail against Jeremy Corbyn. You could almost believe the BBC had an agenda , of course that would make me a conspiracy theorist again, obviously I must be wrong.

    22. TYRAN says:

      Gordzilla Brown incoming in 5, 4, 3, 2…

    23. Hamish100 says:

      Its all right if ruthie has a wee girl she will be called Elizabeth lll and unionism is saved.

      Yip agree with the other commentators shows why there has been so many venomous attacks over the past month with WoS and the BBC, Unionist Clegg and the Daily Record. They are worried,

      Independence or Brexit.

    24. jfngw says:

      On the topic of Brown from my last post. It looks like he has been on the Nigel Lawson diet, if you put them side by side now it would be difficult to tell which is which. So their physical appearance has now morphed into how their treasury management went.

    25. Phil says:

      Anyone who watched the Iceland video will recall the memorable – if casual – relating just how Iceland became independent from Denmark. They wrote a letter to the King of Denmark stating that Iceland was now an independent country. And so it still remains.

      When and who will write our letter to Elizabeth Regina?

      Soon please!

      Each day that passes IndyRef2 seems more a distraction. Just like calls for an BrexitRef2 – nothing but a distraction.

    26. ClanDonald says:

      Would it be possible for Scotland to have a referendum in, say, early March and ask “Should Scotland be an independent country if the UK leaves the UK” and then if it’s yes we can declare independence on the 30th March via UDI?

      From this poll it appears that we’d be more likely to get a yes than if we asked the straightforward “should Scotland be an independent country” and it might be safer than waiting till after Brexit on March the 30th to hold the vote in case the UK prevents it or stops EU citizens from voting in it.

    27. Davy says:

      Perhaps those who are still undecided will take heart from these results and move into the independence camp.

      And if these results are making the die-hard unionists crap themselves, COOL.

    28. McDuff says:

      Good news although I still can`t fathom why so many want to stick with this pathetic Union.
      If it wasn`t for the English vote we would have had independence in `14.

    29. McDuff says:

      Good news though I can`t fathom why so many still want to stay in the Union.
      There is no doubt that if you take away the English vote we would have independence.

    30. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Arbroath1320 @ 22:50,

      I’m with you on that. Everyone included, no gerrymandering the vote as in 2016. Before end-March next year, we retain the power to choose for ourselves. After that, the UK is back in the driving seat.

      The stats are becoming clearer by the day. Why then casually throw away options that are actually winning people over to the fundamental notion that the best people to make the big decisions that affect us are nobody but ourselves?

      Here’s what Nicola said last year about that:

      These considerations [of timing] lead me to the conclusion that if Scotland is to have a real choice – when the terms of Brexit are known, but before it is too late to choose our own course – then that choice should be offered between the autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019.

      Nothing ambiguous about that.

    31. HYUFD says:

      A poll commissioned by an anti Brexit organisation so no bias there then. Notice even on a loaded Brexit question 47% for Yes is still under 50% including Don’t Knows.

      On Northern Ireland of course a majority of Protestants voted Leave and the Protestant counties of Antrim and Down would still back Brexit regardless

    32. Roger Mexico says:

      Thepnr says:

      Astonishing figures for NI, the DUP must be terrified so what will they do now to keep NI part of the UK?

      Not as surprising as you might think. Recent online polls (and I would expect this to be online) have shown only 3 and 5 point leads for NI remaining in the UK if Brexit happens. There’s a summary here:

      So a majority for a united Ireland isn’t a surprise, though the margin may be. The NI polls does seem to be weighted by vote and community by the way.

    33. HYUFD says:

      Plus given a majority of UK laws come from the EU what on earth is the point of Scotland voting for independence from the UK only to give it up again immediately after by rejoining the EU? Especially as Scotland will be just 1% of the EU rather than 10% of the UK

    34. Ian McCubbin says:

      That 10% in Scotland are all to play for and the game has ongoing since May.
      It got really toxic with the case against Alex.

      Be sure from inside SNP groups and Yes campaigning has well and truly been upgraded to maximum level.
      We have been advised at CA s to hit both Labour and Conservatives hard with challenge facts and be relentless.
      We are also using mis comma in the form of Humour.
      It is taking them by the shorts.

    35. Ian McCubbin says:

      What I should have said is…taking them by miscommunication in the form of Humour.

    36. Valerie says:

      What we really need to be doing now, is throwing our weight behind the Boris 4 PM bid.

      He’s making his move whilst May has been skellie dancing around Africa, rubbishing her Chequers nonsense.

    37. Old Pete says:

      Now’s the time, well hopefully. I just don’t trust that the English government will allow us to have one, especially if we look likely we will vote for Independence. No concern in winning the referendum just worried how it will work out, just cannot trust that the pro union anti-Scots won’t except the result and will do all they can to thwart Scottish Independence betraying the Scottish people to the last.

    38. Simon Curran says:

      Re. Irish reunification, my worry would be that if Scotland isn’t independent by then Unionists in Ulster could see Scotland as their new homeland and be a negative factor in Scotland escaping from the UK.

    39. Patrick Roden says:

      A few months back, the Tories tweeted a petition ‘Ruth Davidson demands that the SNP drop the 2nd referendum vote’ or something along these lines.

      They mentioned that since 55% voted No, that Nicola needed to respect their wishes and get on with the day job..yady yady ya.

      It was the responses to this so called petition that was the most telling, very few people were supportive, but one after another person tweeted that they had been one of the 55% and felt betrayed by the Tories, especially in reference to Brexit.

      Each and every one of these former No voters now said that they would be voting Yes in a future referendum, and many mentioned family members and friends who they had spoken too, who had made the same switch.

      The most striking thing about this, was the sheer numbers of people who went onto this Tory Party Tweet, to say they were switching.

      As people above have mentioned, we always need to be cautious when seeing these polls, but these numbers do seem to tally with what has been happening, at least on-line.

      It is also important to note that although we can wonder that more people haven’t made the switch already, not many people are as politically aware as us, and many people have to filter their understanding of how Brexit will impact Scotland, with the lies that the MSM is feeding them every day.

      If the 52% yes is true, and we also have a share of the 10% of don’t knows that can be won over, it’s nothing short of a miracle, when you consider the poor quality of Media that we have in Scotland.

    40. Thepnr says:

      @Roger Mexico

      I know you comment a lot on polls and have a good deal of knowledge whereas I don’t so I’m out of my comfort zone, but…

      “Recent online polls (and I would expect this to be online) have shown only 3 and 5 point leads for NI remaining in the UK if Brexit happens.”

      The first result shows 52% for a United Ireland and only 39% against which translates to 57% to 43% or a 14 point lead (excl DK’s) against what previously was as you point out 3 to 5 points behind. Looks pretty astonishing to me to be honest.

    41. Sarah says:

      IMHO the referendum for Scotland to take back control should be announced now.
      DON’T wait for the polls to move – they won’t until the campaign starts. DON’T be reactive,Scottish Gov – the wolves are set loose against Scotland already so we must take the initiative before it is too late. We are mired in reports of s9candals and dark money corruption – things will not get any better. There won’t be a ” right” moment to call a guaranteed winning referendum – it is always a guess.
      And DON’T try to convince with reason. Keep it simple and short e.g. take back control. Appeal through music and emotions. Talk about ideals.
      In other words DON’T play by their rules, on their terms, to their timetable.

      Rant over…for now. Please God someone with influence is reading this.

    42. HandandShrimp says:

      I think Ruth’s sudden emergence from under her blanket of dark money is the fear that it is all going to rats and that Brexit has undermined her walls.

      Her cries of “I don’t care what the question is, the answer is No” is redolent of vintage Ian Paisley. I fear the Tories have been sitting too close to the DUP.

    43. HandandShrimp says:

      Just had a look at Stu’s Twitter thing. Kev and others seem to be in a bit of a tiz.

      The Yoons be mighty skittish, I think they sense a storm a-coming*

      *Soz just been watch Wyonna Earp on Netflix 🙂

    44. Patrick Roden says:

      HYUFD says:

      ” A poll commissioned by an anti Brexit organisation so no bias there then. Notice even on a loaded Brexit question 47% for Yes is still under 50% including Don’t Knows. ”

      You’re right about polling bias, but there are regulations that polling companies must adhere to, and so we will soon see the questions asked and how they waited the responses etc, so get a better idea of how much they can be trusted.

      You do realise that the 47& saying Yes, is more than enough for Scotland to win independence?
      Do I really have to explain that as long as Yes is a higher number than No, yes will win?

      As for the ‘don’t knows’
      Why would someone respond this way? can it be that they are not sure how Brexit will effect them?

      The question you should ask is: is the present UK government likely to get a deal with the EU or elsewhere that will prevent the economical catastrophe that their own leaked analysis showed they think will happen?

      How long before one of the bigger companies finally says enough s enough, and pulls out, showing the voter what is going on?

      How long before the prices shoot up ( even more than they have already ) and the voters know this is the result of Brexit?

      I can go on, but I think deep down you know full well that the Union is finished, and the people of England are heading towards an economic Armageddon.

      In Scotland we can prevent this disaster by doing one simple thing:

      Putin a little cross next to ‘Yes’ in the upcoming Independence Referendum.

    45. boris says:

      The outcome of the Zionist battle with Jeremy Corbyn for control of the Labour Party is crucial to the survival of democracy.

    46. Still Positive says:

      The polls are looking for Scotland and Ireland – hope we can capitalise on them for both our sakes.

      Does anyone know what has happened to Newsnet again?

    47. Patrick Roden says:

      Anyone else noticed the upsurge of ‘ Oh there will be trouble on the streets as the English won’t allow us our independence’ recently.

      Maybe some are just from genuine cowards in which case I apologise and say ‘there there you poor little scardey cat, let me stroke your trembling little whiskers for you’

      If on the other hand (and a far more likely reason for these #concerns’ ) I say:

      Bugger Off!

    48. Dr Jim says:

      For the first time ever I decided to watch Gogglebox, one of Englands most popular programs apparently and I recommend that if you haven’t seen it you should because as I said it’s one of the most popular shows on English television

      These are examples of the people who out vote Scotland 10 to 1 and decide our future

      Whaddya think seem reasonable?

    49. Thepnr says:

      The reality of what Brexit actually means has not yet got through to the majority of people I think. They imagine things will carry on pretty much as they are now.

      They don’t see things like the value of the pound falling and the resulting inflation. Many don’t believe that big manufacturing businesses will relocate and that their small suppliers will go bust.

      The farmers think that the current EU subsidies will continue beyond 2020 much like they are now and councils hope that inward investment to their area from abroad will bring jobs just like it has done in the past.

      These people are likely in for a rude awakening and it’s going to hurt.

    50. Thepnr says:

      What the good Prof, guru of polls thinks:

      “What the poll shows is that Scotland’s status inside the Union is problematic irrespective of whether we remain in the EU or not. According to this poll it’s already on a knife-edge and the [Brexit-related] movement is very small.

      “Remain voters become more pro-Indy [when prompted on Brexit] and Leave voters move in the opposite direction, but the net effect is very close to zero.

      “The $64,000 question is what will happen if we leave the EU and people feel Brexit is a disaster – would public opinion shift enough in favour of independence?

    51. Chick McGregor says:

      1% with a veto plus a principle of subsiduarity beats 10% of fuck off any day in my book. Plus, Europeans do not have an automatic ignore flag triggered whenever the word Scotland is mentioned.

    52. HYUFD says:

      Patrick Rosen In the 2014 Scottish independence referendum most Don’t Knows voted No in the end.

      Plus what is the point of pushing for independence from Westminster only to swap it for submission to Brussels?

    53. HYUFD says:

      Chick McGregor If you want to see what Brussels does to small EU nations that do not obey it see Greece now with 20% unemployment due to EU imposed austerity and tax rises.

      Plus of course most Council of Minister decisions ate decided by qualified majority voting based on population so Scotland would have no veto over them

    54. K1 says:

      Jist a friendly heads up folks. 🙂

      Before anyone else responds to the fud, just be clear his agenda is pure baiting of ‘nats’. He is not here to debate. He’s here to ram his distortions down our throats and cares not one fuck about any of our well oiled and factual evidence based arguments for Indy.

      Don’t waste our breath on him. He does not live in Scotland and has no say in our polity whatsoever. Do not rise to his bait.

      In essence he’s here to disrupt, this from earlier on Landscape thread:

      ‘HYUFD says:
      2 September, 2018 at 5:18 pm
      The Tories got a higher voteshare in 2017 across the UK than the SNP got in Scotland at the general election which really says it all.

      I will of course never apologise for having pressing the Unionist case hard, if you do not like that as a diehard Nationalist, tough.

      HYUFD says:
      2 September, 2018 at 5:24 pm
      I could of course not care less what anybody on this forum thinks, I came here to press the Unionist case hard and take on the Nationalists (and any party which puts National identity first is by definition Nationalist). Notice the brilliant Ruth Davidson by taking a tough hard approach to nationalists has seen her party’s vote surge, she is undoubtedly as tough a Unionist leader as Salmond was for Nationalists

      HYUFD says:
      2 September, 2018 at 5:29 pm
      You will no doubt whinge as ever about Scotland’s woes despite the fact it now has its own Parliament which decides most Scotgish domestic issues and representatives at Westminster too. The Tories have of course halved unemployment from 2010 and reduced the deficit too but that is a different matter however no doubt you will whinge about that too’


    55. Phronesis says:

      EU funding infrastructure projects in Scotland-WM will not match this after Brexit- Empire 2.0 won’t be able to trade enough jam and biscuits. It is a betrayal of democracy to pull Scotland out of the EU after voting to remain. Time to wipe the slate clean – Scotland should be fully in control of its relationship with the EU as a small outward looking international country.

      ‘This is a resource for Scottish organisations who are interested in European funding and who are looking for basic programme information, contact details, information about previously funded Scottish EU funded projects and for those organisations wishing to share their funding and project experience by publicising their stories, e.g. project successes, and also events which may be of interest to other stakeholders.
      In the future, the Portal will be developed further to include collaboration tools for organisations that wish to share and develop their projects ideas and to find project partners.
      It is also intended to become a resource for international organisations wishing to work with Scottish organisations’

    56. Rock says:

      Mark my words – Nicola is not going to call an independence referendum before Brexit has been completed and Scotland is at the mercy of Westminster.

      Cautious Establishment lawyer Nicola who spectacularly squandered a once in a 1000 years golden opportunity by wasting more than a year flogging a dead horse – a separate deal for Scotland which was never going to happen.

      Cautious Establishment lawyer Nicola who stood “shoulder to shoulder” with Saint Theresa and the “ghastly” Boris Johnson as they declared war on Russia after a false flag operation.

      Cautious Establishment lawyer Nicola whose government is defending the shameless and dishonest Westminster civil servant who is trying to destroy Alex Salmond.

    57. Macart says:

      There’s actually more good news in there from another perspective. Given the media’s saturation and their narrative of the past decade on all things Scottish and particularly indy? I’d say that’s quite the eye opener.

      Imagine what those numbers would be with anything like a more demographically representative press.

      That’s a near 7 point turnaround in four years. There isn’t a political party or movement in the UK wouldn’t bite your arm off up to the shoulder for that kind of shift, on such a major issue, in such a short space of time, when every major media outlet has its hand turned against you. 😉

    58. Patrick Roden says:

      HYUFD says:

      Patrick Rosen In the 2014 Scottish independence referendum most Don’t Knows voted No in the end.

      Plus what is the point of pushing for independence from Westminster only to swap it for submission to Brussels?

      Point 1. You’re right enough, but the fact is these people were lied to, and in a catastrophic miss-judgement by the Tories, the Westminster Establishment made no effort to conceal this fact.

      The question you should ask yourself is:

      If the Don’t knows broke for No because they were scared, what way will these people vote if they are scared of Brexit?

      Point 2. Well I could say that Brussels does not call Scots ‘scroungers’ or ‘tramps’ and treats us with respect, but instead I will say this:

      We would not be in submission to Brussels, in fact the only people I have ever heard use the word ‘submit’ in relation to Scotland, is when I hear the oft shrieked refrain from Rangers fans of: ‘Submit to her majesty the Queen’. (except if her Majesty’s tax collector is calling)

      In the EU, Scotland would continue to enjoy the trading and social benefits that we have become accustomed to, while for the first time ever, beginning to enjoy the benefits of our own natural resources.

      Just as a footnote, I like the English, but feel closer politically to Europeans than I do to the emerging English/British Right Wing Nationalism that has become evident since the Brexit vote.

      Thanks for responding to my comment.

    59. yesindyref2 says:

      My goodness, your ignorance of the EU is round about 90% – the 10% is for knowing that yes it DOES have a Parliament, and I’m being kind to you. But it does not have a “head of state”, it doesn’t even have A President, it’s the separate parts that make up the EU that have a president, so it has FIVE presidents.

      No it doesn’t have an army, nor will it, the project is called PESCO and as a clue, the C stands for Co-operation – if you need help finding where to actually find out what it’s about, I’m sure one of the knowledgeable Wingers will be able to help you, as I’m normally too busy. They will also be able to help you user a search engine.

      If you have any genuine interest in the EU, rather than wishing to preserve your ignorance, take a look at my simple guide – which has LINKS for official EU sources so that you can check that I am not as clueless as you are. Unlike the three rags I mentioned. Stop reading them HYFUD, it’s messing with your mind.

      I’m guessing you’re a Leave voter, and I feel sorry for you because from what you’ve been posting about the EU, you’ve clearly read and believed everything you read in the Daily Mail or Express, or the DT. Well, here’s a clue, they are anti-EU and either don’t have a clue about the EU themselves, or are feeding you mush which you have gratefully absorbed.

      You said: “Plus of course most Council of Minister decisions ate decided by qualified majority voting based on population so Scotland would have no veto over them“.

      Good grief, how appallingly wrong can you get. QMV as far as populations come into it are only used to confirm that a 65% majority of the population of the EU is in favour as represented by their single council members (that’s two different councils HYFUD), IF and only if 55% of member states (16 out of 28) as represented by their single minister, who each get 1 vote, are in favour in the first place.

      So the 13 smallest states out of 28 current member states can block any legislation, and those single vote ministers might represent just 8.35% of the total EU population – yes HYFUD, that’s 8.35% which I might need to explain to you, is less than one-tenth of the entire population of the EU. If you have a grip of that you can see just how POWERFUL small nations like Scotland are in the EU, in fact the EU deliberately favours its smaller members against its larger ones.

      As for Greece, Greece is a member of the eurozone, can’t issue currency, and can’t affect the exchange rate, only marginally. And if you don’t understand the difference between being a member of the eurozone and not being a member of the eurozone, then heaven help you.


    60. Al-Stuart says:

      Thepnr at 10.19pm

      Very astute question about what the DUP will do to keep NI as part of the UK.

      Understand this all Wingers, if you think the monstering of Alex Salmond has been bad, the British State is the most successful political union in hundreds of years.

      Ever since IndyRedf 2014, the occupants of big buildings in London where the secret squirrel brigade operate from have worked hard at planting ‘assets’ in all the right places so that come the run up to IndyRef2 an anti-independence $hitstorm of tsunami proportions will be released.

      Alexgate is NOTHING compared to what is on the horizon.

      The Great British state will not allow the breakup of the Union. Period.

      As for Stuart Campbell. My friend, PLEASE start to take personal precautions. You saw what powerful interests did to Julian Assange. Even Carles Puigdemont got taken down .

      Great Britain was put at risk by the useful idiot David Cameron in 2014.

      That mistake will NOT happen again. No more squeaky ar$e moments at 10 Downing Street or the security apparatus of the greater good.

      Hence the early ‘take down’ of Alex Salmond.

      Expect a LOT more of this dreadful stuff.

      It is alright on the WoS website. We know Alex Salmond has been a great First Minister, but the filth peddled by the press will cost 1% point as Mrs McGubbins and her ilk of the general populus are moved to change from YES to NO.

      Rev. Stu., time to future proof your position. PLEASE move the WOS website hosting to Iceland where it will be relatively safe from takedown.

      You and this website in the current format/hosting locus WILL BE TAKEN OFFLINE BEFORE INDYREF2.

      Time to batten down the hatches as hatchet jobs and rough weather with squalls of awesomely appalling efforts to kill off IndyRef2 will now be deployed..

    61. Ken500 says:

      The 17 year olds will not have been included. YES will be higher.

      This would gave happened anyway, even without Brexit, Demographics.

      Ireland could vote to reunited and Scotland can vote for Independence.

      The older keel over and the younger ones take over. Brexit will also be reversed. The young ones want to stay in the EU,

      Brexit is a pointless exercise. The Tory/unionist shambles is costing £Billions.

      If the Irish had waited a couple of years. Until the 1WW had ended. Ireland would never have been illegally divided. The Irish people would have had the vote. They would have voted for Home Rule/Independence. Years of troubles would have been averted. There would have been nothing the unionist (minority) or Westminster could have done about it.

      Patience is a virtue. Independence is coming soon.

      Scotland needs the EU for Independence, They will help fund it. They have helped German reunification and help fund self determination and self governance for many States/countries in the EU. All prospering.

      Since the 1990’s 150Million people have helped to self governance and self determination by the EU. That is why they all wanted to join it. Former USSR. The Russian pop has halved. Now 150Million. All doing well. Including Russia. More prosperous and decreased poverty. That is why Putin is so popular with a 80%+ rating.

      EU membership gains Scotland the nearest biggest market, (400 million). Cost Scotland nothing for many benefits. EU grants and CAP payments Shared Defence costs saves £Billions.

      The EU was founded to stop starvation and war. It is UK/US who have have illegally bombed the Middle East for years causing havoc in the world. Supporting despot monarchies and apartheid regimes and arming them. Policies that would not be acceptable in UK/US. Denied people the vote. Illegally taken their resources. CIA/M15 all part if it.

    62. Ken500 says:

      Alex Salmond has been treated extremely badly. It could have and should have been nipped in the bud. Instead of being leaked to the Press on heresay accusations, No one believes a word if it. It is just too ridiculous for words. Where is the evidence? Can’t wait for it to be disclose and the Lawsuits. They started with the wrong one this time. He is fit for them. He needs full support and had better get it.

    63. Clootie says:

      I judge our progress not by the polls but by the trolls response to the polls…looking good 🙂

    64. Application packages for Scottish employers are ready and waiting… Only sad that I can’t be part of the referrendum.

    65. schrodingers cat says:

      EU membership gains Scotland the nearest biggest market, (400 million). Cost Scotland nothing for many benefits. EU grants and CAP payments Shared Defence costs saves £Billions.
      efta/eea membership gains Scotland the nearest biggest market, (400 million). Cost Scotland nothing for many benefits.

      EU grants but No CAP payments, efta/eea members dont get cfp/cap payments but then again, they dont pay into the eu fund which supplies them

      Shared Defence costs saves £Billions.
      the eu isnt a military union and no member pays for a shared defence force

    66. sassenach says:

      Clootie @ 6.49

      Exactly so, just wish some of us wouldn’t engage with them – wastes space!!

    67. Petra says:

      The National: ‘Poll reveals majority would back independence after Brexit.’

      Ron Winward: ‘European Scotland.’

    68. Robert Alexander Harrison says:

      So basically in a nutshell no matter the spin independence is on the rise nice.

    69. Luigi says:

      I have been very wary of polls since those two showing YES slightly ahead came out just days before the 2014 referendum. Highly convenient for the NO side – just the tonic needed to galvanise the troops and get them out to vote.

      Some polls are pretty accurate, some are way off, and many are twisted with loaded questions and carefully held back and released at selected times in order to manipulate the electorate. A fair few, I imagine, are never released.

      The problem is we cannot separate the truth from the guff.

      The SNP has to go by their own private polling and decide when to go for it.

    70. Petra says:


      Let’s back this one, folks.

      ‘Pipers for Indy ‘proving doubters wrong’ with their project.’

      ”Our exclusive story about a pipe band for independence has caused quite a stir in the Scottish piping world and we can exclusively reveal that 80 musicians have already indicated their willingness to join.”

      ….“It is still our intention to try and get the band ready in time to play at the All Under One Banner march and rally in Edinburgh on October 6, but everything depends on how much finance we can raise.”

      Edwards and his colleagues are set to make a big announcement in the next few days when they will appeal to the Yes movement for funding to get the band going.


      ‘Glasgow councillor reveals stab threat over Rangers fan zone row.’

    71. Ken500 says:

      The hideous lies they tell about Russia and China, They have never invaded anyone but protected their borders. They have been invades several times. China by Britain (Opium)and the Japanese. Maliciously, 26 million people were killed in Russia in the 11WW defending the West,. Russia was devastated.

      Russia and China spend less on Military spending (pro rata) Russia spends $66Billion. (150Million pop). China spends $228Billion (1.3Billion pop). They would rather spend money on their people. On prosperity and making people better off. Decreasing poverty.

      The US spends $611Billion on military spending (pop 328million) 2nd highest spending in the world (pro rata). They can’t afford it. It is bankrupting them. Trump is having to try and reduce it. Including foreign support. Cutting military aid. It could be better not having the world awash with redundant weapons.

      Saudi Arabia spend $69Billion (33 million pop) The highest pro rata in the world. $40Billion from the UK. The most absolute monarchy in the world. They can’t afford it. They are having to sell off their Oil rights being floated on the stock market. £2Trns. It has already been privatised. They have lost sole control.

      The Chinese yuan is now being introduced and accepted as an international currency. More stable. In another threat to the US dollar internationally.

      Currencies used internationally. US Dollar 60%, Euro 20%,Sterling 4.5% Japan 4.5% Yuan 1,5%

    72. Petra says:


      The (good) news where you are, from Professor John Robertson.

      ‘BBC Scotland ignore poll showing majority support for Scottish independence strong despite anti-Salmond/SNP media feeding frenzy.’


      ‘In the long shadow of Grenfell, Scottish social landlords praised by regulator.’


      ‘Permanent school exclusions in Tory England soar to thousands of times more than in Scotland.’

    73. Shinty says:

      The vote for independence is only ever going to go up – once your eyes are opened, you cannot go back in your box.

      JRM want’s Scotland to vote in 20 years time – just so’s they can steal from us some more.
      Jacob Rees Mogg, is the one who needs to get back in his box, his 17th Century one.

    74. Peter A Bell says:

      The polling illustrates the consequences of focusing on the Brexit that is being imposed on Scotland rather than the Union which makes this imposition possible.

    75. Muscleguy says:

      So that is the argument sorted for those who think when canvassing we should not mention Brexit unless the householder does. We should instead by leading with it. Our own Project Realistic Fear.

    76. Ken500 says:

      EU shares Defence agreements and it cuts costs. Keeps costs down. Britain had to rely on French military vessels. The (false) reason given for planting nuclear in Scotland is EU Defence, with Brexit it will be gone. The US will withdraw support. They might in any case. Most EU countries oppose nuclear and do not have or support nuclear weapons. Some warmongers even have them in space. They are planted on Russian borders. Causing more offence.

      Westminster Tories are implying they need to increase Defence £20Billion because of Brexit. Just another excuse.

      Full EU membership gives a veto and full input in decisions. Irish Republic are finding that quite useful.

    77. Petra says:


      Have you come across anyone who isn’t keen on Independence due to immigration issues? If so, just remind them that immigration can be controlled, as per EU policies. Westminster’s Labour and Tory parties, for some reason or another, just decided not to do so.

      ”… But importantly it also clarified the rules on free movement: you have three months to find a job when you move to another EU country. After that, you need to show that you have the funds to sustain yourself or it’s time to pack your bags. There was no legal requirement for the state to pay you benefits during that period….”

      ”…Even after the referendum, this could have been used to save Britain from the embarrassing drunken state it has fallen into.”

    78. HYUFD says:

      Ken500 I would think most of the Baltic states, Poland, East Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Tibet, South Korea etc might disagree with you there. Even Hong Kong is not exactly overjoyed at being part of China

    79. Petra says:


      For anyone interested in one of our three national languages (Gaelic), this should interest you.


      Another influential Scot.

      Part 1: ‘Back in the Day: Thomas Cochrane – the real master and commander.’


      Part 2: ‘Back in the Day: Naval hero lives on in classic works of fiction.’

    80. HYUFD says:

      Patrick Roden In the UK now most of our laws come from EU. I at least have some respect for Nationalists like Sillars who want to break away from both the UK and EU, wanting to break away from Westminster only to then submit to Brussels 5 minutes later would be the most pointless exercise in human history. Plus as Lega Nord, Front National, the Swedish Democrats show plenty of Nationalists in Europe

    81. Ken500 says:

      The Bookies made a packet on the Polls. The Yes increased result announced. They illegally allowed any bets on Yes. Opened the betting. When they knew from internal correct polls the result was NO. The Pollsters are paid to manipulate the results. They have been censored and fined many times. Illegally paid Facebook for people confidential data. Has anything been done about it? It just gets swept under the carpet. Massive electoral fraud and gerrymandering.

      The Brexit vote gained £Millions/Billions for Hedge Funds. . One gave £90Million to the Leave campaign and made £300Million on the result. Illegal manipulation of the vote. The reason for Brexit. The EU is going after tax evasion. The mugs who voted for Brexit are paying for it. Incomes and the pound going down.

      It is Independence that is most important to Scotland. In or out. It is the UK Union that damages Scotland and the Scottish economy. Total mismanagement from Westminster. Costs Scotland dear. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion, The Oil and fishing sector ruined. Losing £Billions and thousands of jobs. It has been reported if Scotland sold its excess energy, instead of giving it away. It would gain £30Billion. A bonanza.

      Everything else can be worked out.

    82. Petra says:


      Promoted by Wee Ginger Dug recently and well worth listening to.

      ‘The Thomas Muir Lecture 2018 with Gerda Stevenson.’

    83. HYUFD says:

      Yesindyref2 Juncker as Commission President is effectively now EU Head of State, the Council of Ministers Head is just a representative for the collective member states.

      Macron and Merkel are pushing for an EU army soon

      QMV is based on population (Germany has most votes) and decides most Council policy, as even you point out 12 EU nations combined if they object can be overruled. Plus Scotland has fewer MSPs than MPs and has had fewer Commissioners than Cabinet Ministers. The push for the Euro would soon follow a Scotland back in the EU

    84. HYUFD says:

      Petra Much of the blame for that lies with Blair for failing to impose transition controls on free movement from the new accession countries in 2004 unlike most EU nations. Chequers would demand a job offer or study place on arrival not after 3 months

    85. Dr Jim says:

      Torquil Crighton of the Daily Record this morning says the rise in support for Independence at another few % isn’t enough for the SNP to demand Independence
      Which is funny really when the Tories can rip Scotland out of the EU on a lesser margin and that’s OK
      Torquil went on about pulling *the country* together and other such pish
      The other guy on the program Kevin Scofield said Theresa May will never allow another Scottish referendum and if Boris Johnson is Prime Minister he wont either, so that’s us telt

      Neither man knew what to say about Northern Ireland so they just mumbled drivel mibbees aye mibbees naw


      Luvvin the pipes and drums, just luvvin that!

    86. Shinty says:

      Good links there Petra.

    87. Petra says:

      For anyone new to the site.

      C’mon folks are you really willing to continue to put up with THIS?

      ‘SCOTLAND: Enough is Enough.’


      When we don’t have to (4:58 mins in).

      ‘JIM ROGERS – 28 Mar 2017 – Fed Will Ruin Us All, Scotland Could Push Pound To $0.80.’


      And before I go. One of my favourites. Apologies to the regulars, lol.


    88. galamcennalath says:

      Something weird about the shift to Yes when Brexit is considered.

      As I understand it, the poll didn’t ask what would you vote if Brexit was cancelled, it just asked the Indy question in isolation. Then asked it again in the context of Brexit.

      It shows a percentage of people appear to have ‘forgotten’ about Brexit when considering the first question. Or, perhaps they think Brexit won’t actually happen.

      All this is good news, I think. Many of us felt Brexit should shift people to Yes and wondered why it wasn’t happening. This poll confirms the Brexit effect exists, but highlights that it still has to kick in seriously for some folks when the actually need reminding!

      There is no significant Yes campaigning, there should be. Folks need prompting to consider their positions now in the context of Tory behaviour, ignoring Scottish views, power grab, threats to democracy, and …. Brexit.

    89. Petra says:

      Thanks Shinty. However, missing Nana’s!

      Pipes and drums on AUOB marches. Just what we need Dr Jim, eh? Stir them up. The by-standers that is, lol.

    90. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      HYUFD at 8.32

      A tiny percentage of our laws come from the EU. You are maybe confusing new legislation which comes (by general consensus) from the EU with the 95% of our law which is already in place which the EU does not affect in any way.

    91. Daisy Walker says:

      So, people don’t want great big constitutional upheaval – we knew that played a big part in Indy Ref1 – the Scots, conservative with a small ‘c’.

      At least the pennies fallen that Brexit is a disaster and Indy now provides them with the path of least resistance to all this upheaval.

      Indy is now the safe haven, Brexit is Project Fear on steroids… and the British Establishment have already planted all the seeds and painted the picture of what that will look like in Indy Ref 1 (you wont get a pension, jobs gone, no NHS, internationally isolated, etc) – now its all landing on Brexit’s doorstep.


      Lets keep in mind the Project Fear business plan – 2 parts fear x 1 part positive. Yes We Can, Now we must.

    92. Shinty says:

      galamcennalath, I agree.

      I also think more people should be worried why Mundell is setting up his (London controlled) ‘Scotland Office’ in Edinburgh with all the extra staff.
      This is the major threat to the Scottish Government/Parliament and Holyrood.

      The re-convening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999 should have ended any need for Mundell,(and his predecessors) as Sec. of State for Scotland and the Scottish Office.

    93. galamcennalath says:

      Daisy Walker says:

      Yes We Can, Now we must.

      That’s a great slogan!

    94. Hamish100 says:


      It is for Scotland to decide its role in the world.

      It can only happen with Independence and not with Brexit where we are tied to nuclear weapons, going to war over weapons that do not exist. We are lied too and cheated over our resources be it VAT receipts, oil, gas, green energy and food and of course our people.

      Independence First

    95. Mike says:

      Im actually very disheartened by these results. In or out of the EU we will still have this Tory Government for the foreseeable future and that doesn’t seem to impact the choice at all. In or out of the EU the state of this disunion remains the same and yet people in Scotland and NI will still vote to remain a part of it.
      Its actually quite sickening.
      I don’t know how bad Westminster misrule has to get before we start seeing majorities ready to say enough is enough. The state sanctioned killing of everybodys first born may or may not achieve this I really don’t know.

    96. Capella says:

      London is giving away Scotland’s oil revenues. Richard Murphy’s’ latest post, from Stu’s twitter:

    97. galamcennalath says:

      Mike says:

      very disheartened by these resultS

      I agree it’s shocking that so many folks feel the UK is acceptable.

      However two things give me hope ….

      1. Brexit will happen and it will sway some people to Yes

      2. There is no significant Yes campaign. If that were to begin in earnest we will see a further shift.

      … a bit here and a bit there and we have a good healthy majority.

    98. Dr Jim says:

      Magnus Linklater reckons English people won’t come to Scotland if we’re Independent and we need them, and he invented that piece of knowledge out of his own addled brain because he hasn’t seemed to notice they’re already coming because they can see the catastophe taking place in England with their very own eyes

      When Scotland becomes Independent we’ll need to have a sensible immigration policy in place really quickly to slow down the numbers of people who’ll want to flood here until we build enough homes to put them in

      Over 90% of Scotland is just land with nothing on it and with 32.000 square miles of space we’re a long long way from full up, so I’m sure we can fit the odd hoose in here and there

      I’d be happy to move to a nice house in the country so some working age family can have mine in Glasgow

      I’ll need to ask Nicola if she can get on that, something with a nice garden, maybe a pond, near a river for the fishing or not far from the beach, nice and restful in my declining years

    99. Glamaig says:

      Very odd that Radio Shortbread didn’t mention the poll this morning. But a lot of airtime given to the ‘peoples’s vote’ (aka 2nd referendum but they dont want to call it that)

      Lo and behold the very first caller has switched from Leave to Remain to ‘stop the SNP breaking up the country’

      Either I’m paranoid or a conspiracy theorist, or there’s an agenda going on!

    100. Hamish100 says:

      OUR young people are Savvy. They are confident Scots and growing in confidence. They recognise the negativity of the brexiters- the anti-immigration, pro- austerity Mail/ express readers who believe in an England that never existed.

      They will in a majority vote for Scots Independence.

    101. jfngw says:

      I’m still surprised that support for independence is not a lot higher, it’s even more concerning that people still believe that Scotland has any input to the UK. After being told by all the UK parties that Scotland just has to adhere to want England decides, because might is right, how could a country with any self respect accept this.

      Brexit to me, with respect to independence, is an irrelevance to me. The nature of the UK governance has been exposed and it is not pretty for Scotland. We must separate ourselves from Westminster rule, it is imperative now or Scotland will be seen as just a adjunctive to England, something to be laughed at by most of the world. A country taking the chance to become relevant as an entity in the world but deciding it still needs to be tied to its larger partner and live off its pocket money.

      If we don’t take this chance now I think we can bury the claim of proud Scot and become the subservient Scot, after all that is what we will be choosing (again).

    102. Tatu3 says:

      Petra. Liked the YouTube links. Who is singing in the Scotland is Her Name2 video please? Lovely music.

    103. ronnie anderson says:

      Nice links Petra its always good to be reminded of why we do as we do , depressing in parts but the future’s hopeful .

      Get better soon Nana XX .

    104. HandandShrimp says:

      Love Torquil’s pie charts. Even if you are ahead you still only get the wee piece of pie.

      I suppose the Record could argue that this why Scotland should not be independent. We are too stupid to get a pie chart right so how can you run a country?

    105. Tatu3 says:

      Even if Brexit were to never happen we need to be independent. The real bad attitude that Westminster has shown to Scotland over the years and that has been so much worse since the EU ref., is surely a big enough change in our circumstances? Things can never go back to how it was before the EU ref now.

    106. Hamish100 says:

      oh dear- the I am depressed, woe is me brigade is out today. You almost think with the positive news they are intentionally trying to dampen down the pro independence majority.

      Yes we need to persuade the undecided but do we really think the Margaret Currans, Lamont, Dugdale, Alexander, Leonard, types holding up placards saying that with the britnat union shipyard jobs are safer. They also claimed in 2014 that we will be thrown out of the EU if we Voted YES. We might even have Henry McLeish pop up and say “Vote Yes” (naw he will be a noos not the time ) and Gordon Brown promoting a Vow with the Daily Record telling us that being governed by Rees-Mogg, Johnston, Davies and Gove is better than Independence.

      Even our new voters remember those lies and the new ones.

      I am more positive.

    107. Bill McDermott says:

      Nicola Sturgeon’s task at the SNP conference is to demonstrate beyond peradventure that she is more stable than Theresa May or any potential replacement at Westminster, that she has thought this whole farrago through and that she has the leadership qualities to place Scotland on the road to a much more secure future than anything emanating from Westminster. Any thoughtful person on seeing such a thought-out position will fall in behind her. Of course Colonel Ruth will do her best to whip up British Nationalist sentiment, but her incapacity due to pregnancy will put her shrill endeavours at a squeak. That said, we are looking for Keith Brown’s newly formed rebuttal unit to be in hyper drive to quash anything coming from the British nationalists.

      I am also sure that the Irish situation can only help. There, the more ridiculous the DUP can look, the better for Nicola.

    108. Cubby says:

      A new poll showing a majority for independence and the British Nationalist trolls come out to play on Wings. What a coincidence. You guys getting more overtime now.

    109. ronnie anderson says:

      Whoever pays the piper calls the tune , dont read into these Polls to much people we should know by now how the Britnats many agencies work , physiological attacks has always been to the forefront .

    110. Shinty says:

      Tatu3 says:
      3 September, 2018 at 10:17 am
      Petra. Liked the YouTube links. Who is singing in the Scotland is Her Name2 video please? Lovely music.

      Caesar!nnach, (Jacquie Holland singing)

    111. Bob W says:

      “A poll commissioned by an anti Brexit organisation so no bias there then”

      But hardly a supporter of independence for Scotland.

    112. Ghillie says:

      And Scotland’s Indy Movement continues to march forward =)

    113. Tatu3 says:

      Thank you Shinty @ 11.07

    114. Robert Peffers says:

      @Phil says: 2 September, 2018 at 11:03 pm:

      ” … Anyone who watched the Iceland video will recall the memorable – if casual – relating just how Iceland became independent from Denmark. They wrote a letter to the King of Denmark stating that Iceland was now an independent country. And so it still remains.
      When and who will write our letter to Elizabeth Regina?
      Soon please!”

      Hi! Phil.

      Like your comment but it does have a flaw. You are on the right track but there is one wee flaw in the thinking. Believe me you are not alone and the matter is of much greater importance than the vast majority of people in Britain realise.

      The seemingly unimportant truth is that the United Kingdom is legally not a country and it never legally has been a country.

      It is, and always was legally a union of only two kingdoms.

      Thus the United Kingdom can only legally be a union of the two kingdoms who are signatories of the Treaty of Union that is, “The Birth Certificate”, of, “The United Kingdom”.

      Until this blind spot is eradicated that “The United Kingdom”, is anything other than a two partner union of two only kingdoms, that has never in its entire creation ever been a union of four countries, the Westminster Establishment will continue to pull the wool over the eyes of everyone throughout the entire World.

      The situation from day one of the United Kingdom has always been the false presumption that the parliament that opened on 1 May 1707 was the parliament of the country of England that had taken over the country of Scotland and added it to the other two, Kingdom of England dominions of the countries of Wales & Ireland.

      Since then, of course, the partition of the country and kingdom of Ireland has also been presented by the Westminster Establishment in the same manner. Ireland is also both a distinct country and a distinct kingdom but England is a distinct country but also a three country kingdom.

      To confuse us further Westminster also always claims to be Britain but the United Kingdom parliament does not govern either the Republic of Ireland not the three Crown Dependencies. This is because the Queen has a personal United Kingdom that contains the Crown Dependencies and that is different from Her Majesty’s Parliament of her United Kingdom Government that legally only unites her two kingdoms of Scotland and England.

      Until a majority of Scots understand that the United Kingdom is NOT a union of four countries but is a union of only two kingdom then Westminster will continue to fool the people of Scotland and the rest of the World.

      It fooled the EU into accepting the United Kingdom as a United country as a member state and now it is faced with the problem of the two United Kingdom equally sovereign kingdoms with different agendas. Mind you if the EU would wake up to the legal truth that the United Kingdom is legally a two partner Kingdom they could solve the entire, so called, Brexit problem instantly.

      If it doesn’t do so it risks losing the Kingdom of Scotland as well as the three country Kingdom of England. If they show Scotland no loyalty we Scots may decide we own the EU no loyalty and take our abundant rich natural resources with us elsewhere.

    115. Ghillie says:

      Yes Glamaig @ 9.51 am

      Completely correct.

      There IS an agenda going on =)

    116. Sunniva says:

      Ireland is going to be badly affected by Brexit, united Ireland or not. As most of its imports and exports go through UK, including those intended for EU. But it would be in an even worse position if there was a hard border at NI because of internal instability as well as impediments to all Ireland trade and lack of EU standards. However post Brexit a united Ireland in the EU would eventually recover after a few difficult years of re-adjustment.

    117. Ghillie says:

      Whooo whooo!

      That pesky poll is pissing them off big style =)

      Relegated completely out of sight on STV online news now.

      Earlier on was prominently up at the top.

      Wee bit panicking going on I think 🙂

    118. Ghillie says:

      Aww Nana, be kind to yourself =) Hope you are feeling much much fitter soon.

      Lots of lovely links! Thank you 🙂

    119. HYUFD says:

      Dave McEwan Hill Including regulations over 60% of UK law comes from the EU

    120. HYUFD says:

      Hamish100 In the EU Scotland will not have control of its own destiny even with independence

    121. Macart says:


      Many thanks Nana. Take yer time on the R&R though. 🙂

    122. Nana says:

      Thank you Ghillie, it’s just a sore throat and sounding just like Louis Armstrong!

      A few more links for you Ghillie

      Nicola says

      Should we get going with the campaign?

    123. Baldeagle58 says:

      Nana says:

      3 September, 2018 at 11:57 am

      Apologies for delay, I’m a wee bit under the weather at the moment.

      Sorry to hear that Nana. And Still you’re posting all these Links!
      Get well soon, hope you have a speedy recovery.
      I’m sure Smallaxe can take up some of the slack if required.

    124. Mike says:

      It might also be worth noting that Yoon commissioned polls can get Indy ref results to show support for Independence when they need them to in order to make a point about something else.

    125. Andy-B says:

      With Theresa May hawking Britain to anyone who’ll give her a trade deal, a no deal Brexit looks on the cards.

      It could further boost the yes vote.

    126. Iain mhor says:

      Hmmm polls and what to make of them.
      Well if the polls in 2014 were anything to go by – and looking at the mean of all the polls conducted by members of the BPC in 2014 – I see it was 34.2% (Yes) Politically all much a novelty at the beginning and some low numbers early on.

      Taken only from the start of the official campaign 30th May – the mean rose 10% to 43.69% and in the last month – 41.45%
      The final result was 44.7%
      What to make of that? It appears Scotland was pretty decided through the Official campaign period give or take 1%
      There were something like 69 BPC polls in 2014 to get such figures from (39 during official campaign) and the above ‘Deltapoll’ is one poll only.

      However, if subsequent polls maintain the mean I think there is some degree of hope to be had for Scotland and fear to be had by Unionists. Of course there will be an onslaught (that can be seen in the 2014 dip away from Yes a month out) but generally it seems the ship steadies.

      Nothing much is a novelty now and Scotland has been talking for 4 years, even Brexit is well hashed out before any elections or referendums are pulled out the hat. If that Deltapoll is indicative of how people would vote in the next fortnight, consider this – In the 10 polls and 10 days before Indy 2014 the mean was 44.1%, almost right on the money and the swing between individual polls was at its most extreme 6%

      For comparison.
      NO was 46.3% during the official campaign and in the last 10 days 48.2% (with an extreme between polls of 10% – a lot of waverers there)
      Generally the consensus is that excluding ‘Undecideds there is only around a 5% margin between Yes/No – The No’s final big swing in 2014 of 55.3% could only have come from ‘Undecided voters’
      On both sides the figures of 47/48% are by far the most common numbers posted. In all it says to me, whatever happens, Brexit or Indy, Scotland’s two factions are pretty much set in their minds and any swings we are seeing are the ‘Undecideds’ moving. For all the talk of “No to Yes” they are not hard ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ moving, those are previous undecideds changing sides this time. Their single issue seems to be Brexit. That to me answers whether a negative impact of Brexit on Scotland should be discussed while campaigning for Indy – Yes it should.
      As for the remaining waverers… all to play for.

      Figures from Wikipedia – I may well have erred (a quick few minutes at lunchtime) their article may be inaccurate – go check if you want.

    127. Marie Clark says:

      Thanks for the Links Nana. Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling too well at the moment. Rest and take care of yourself, it looks like we are going to need abody pretty soon.

    128. remo says:

      @ hyfud
      I know in my heart of hearts that communicating with you is just using up time I will never get back. Did you not read the item in your own link? 13% of laws not including regulations. I am fairly sure there will be regulations to comply with any trade partners whether the EU or anybody else. Why are you so interested in keeping Scotland joined on to Englandshire? What’s it to you? I really would like to know the murky workings of a dyed-in-the-wool Britnat mind. (Mind might be too strong a word).

    129. remo says:

      Thank you for all your links, Nana. I have learned so much from them. Please keep them coming if your health allows.

    130. HYUFD says:

      Remo EU Regulations are laws on any definition ‘A regulation is a legal act of the European Union that becomes immediately enforceable as law in all member states simultaneously.’

    131. remo says:

      @hyfud You did not answer my questions.

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