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The missing paragraph

Posted on October 30, 2015 by

There’s an extraordinary article in the Daily Record today. Here’s a bit of it:


Alert readers might feel that a few lines have gone missing somewhere between paragraphs four and five. And the fact that they have has nothing to do with dead football clubs, and everything to do with the dying Scottish media.

Because here’s what the fearless, inquiring Record wrote when Whyte’s dastardly PR company shamefully tried to get them to “describe him as a billionaire”:

Scots billionaire Craig Whyte set to buy Rangers for £30m

EXCLUSIVE: A Scots billionaire is on the brink of buying Rangers. Talks with tycoon Craig White over a £30million takeover early next year are believed to be at an advanced stage.

Walter Smith will be handed a massive January cheque book if Scots billionaire Craig Whyte succeeds in his £30million bid to buy Rangers.”

Namely, the paper immediately ran a massive front-page splash using the b-word to refer to Whyte three times in the headline and opening two paragraphs alone.


And it wasn’t finished there. In another piece the same day entitled “Craig Whyte profile: The Scots billionaire on the brink of taking over the club he loves”, the Records sports reporter Keith Jackson gushed:

“Record Sport understands self-made billionaire Whyte has entered into the final stages of negotiations to buy control of the club he loves from Sir David Murray.

And he’s still one year younger than captain Davie Weir.

A deal worth around £30million is now believed to have reached such an advanced stage that sources say Whyte, a high-roller who splits his time between a home in London and the idyllic Castle Grant in Grantown-on-Spey, could even have the keys to Ibrox in time to fund a major refurbishment of Walter Smith’s top-team squad in January.

By the age of 26, Whyte was already Scotland’s youngest self-made millionaire. Now, 13 years on, and in charge of a vast business empire, his wealth is off the radar.”

Three days later Whyte had been downgraded to a mere “multi-millionaire”, but the price of the deal had gone up to £32m.


As it turned out, the Record was overstating the size of the transaction slightly – by £31,999,999 to be precise. Whyte actually bought Rangers for £1, though for a newspaper which misstated the value of the Smith Commission devolution proposals by £20 BILLION, we suppose only being £31.999m out on a £32m deal is in relative terms a paragon of accurate reporting.

The weird thing about today’s piece, though, is that the Record references the way it obediently did what Whyte’s PR told it to, without ever actually admitting it.


Its headline gets in a dig at Jackson’s “off the radar” line, and even shows an image of its own “BILLIONAIRE” front page, weirdly captioned with the words “We revealed the highs and lows of Whyte’s reign”.


The problem with that claim, of course, is that the “high” – Whyte being a billionaire – is something that was never true. The Record didn’t “reveal” it – it told its readers a lie about it, under instruction from Whyte’s PR company. But at no point do we get a confession that the paper was duped, or an apology to its readers for acting as a PR mouthpiece rather than an organ of journalism.

The author of the “BILLIONAIRE” splash, James Traynor (who in an amusing twist would later go on to briefly and infamously serve as director of communications for the new “Rangers” under Charles Green) left the Record a couple of years later, signing off with a furious rant at all the people who’d questioned Whyte’s wealth back in 2010 while he was dutifully trumpeting it.

Raging against “bilious”, “rabid”,“anonymous bloggers”, a group he called “incoherent imbeciles” and angrily accused of “spewing invective” and “foaming at the mouth”, Traynor poured out his wrath at the “ill-informed commentators” who’d actually got the facts right while he was enjoying the succulent lamb regularly paid for by the club at cosy dinners to keep its tame hacks sweet.

These “despicable, pathetic little creatures craving some kind of recognition but lacking in conscience and morality” took the brunt of Traynor’s fury before he finished with a piece de resistance that may never be topped in the history of irony:

“The kind of journalism needed by the country, never mind sport, no longer exists in enough of the media outlets. Be careful about what and who you read in the future. There are people out there calling themselves by different names. But that’s not the bit that should worry you. They are calling themselves journalists.”

We couldn’t agree more.

For years, this site has patiently pointed out to some football-hating readers that the Scottish media’s coverage of the ongoing Rangers/”Rangers” fiasco is a microcosm for the state of Scottish journalism in general.

The bizarre doublethink of today’s Record piece on the rise and fall of the hapless, Walter Mitty-esque Whyte provides a timely illustration of just how brazenly the press still expects its readers to swallow transparent falsehoods and accept a crudely altered version of the past as the truth, a trait which it in no way restricts to sport.

This site exists, as much as anything else, to serve as an accurate memory. And we’ll always be happy to help out the Daily Record whenever it forgets.

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135 to “The missing paragraph”

  1. blackhack says:

    As I’ve said in the past, There’s onlt two things in the Daily Record that are ever true…
    The Date and the Price…

  2. manandboy says:

    Excellent, Stu.

    What wealth is to Craig Whyte, the truth is to the Daily Record.

  3. Jet Jockey says:

    Wings over Scotland is to Journalism as A Diary of Injustice is to the Legal System, keep up the good work you are both a breath of fresh air.

  4. Their last paragraph is a wee bit misleading as well.

    When Whyte bought “Rangers” for £1 was it ten bob for the club and another ten for the company or £1 for both in a special 2 for 1 deal?

  5. Macart says:

    Rewriting history to suit.

    Who knew?

    Wonder how that ‘vow’ thing of theirs is coming along?

  6. Valerie says:


  7. Socrates MacSporran says:


    Forty years and more ago, as the sports reporter on a wee local paper who covered everything but the local senior football team (that was the Editor’s wee personal treat) – I was called-up to write the “colour” piece, when our wee “diddy” team reached a Scottish semi-final and had to face the mighty Rangers, at Hampden.

    We requested two press box tickets, but, were allocated only one. However, due to the midweek timing, it was well-nigh pointless us sending the paper’s photographer to the game, so, I was given an empty camera case and a photographer’s bib, and told I would be doing my piece from behind the goal.

    In the very first minute, our centre-forward ran between the two Rangers’ central defenders to head home a “goal”, which was immediately disallowed for “offside” by The Mason in the black.

    Rangers then proceeded to kick our star striker out of the game as they won 2-0.

    Next morning, the Scottish fitba writer then known as: “The Voice of Football” wrote in his report:

    “From my seat in the eyrie-like press box, high above the main stand roof, it was clear the referee’s decision was correct”.

    That is when I lost any faith I had in the football writers on a Scottish tabloid. The goal should never have been disallowed in a thousand years, but, the press pandered to the in-built Old Firm bias in Scottish football.

    Today, nearly half a century on – it is still going on.

    Back then, Scotland regularly qualified for the World Cup finals. Today, we may still have a place on IFAB -the International Football Associations Board – the body which oversees the Laws of the Game, but, Scotland is a “diddy” football nation. However, you will never find our football writers admitting this.

  8. Les Wilson says:

    There is really only one source of truth,in regards to the Corporate Media in Scotland, and further afield.

    That is Wings with the Rev,a source of truth against a corrupt system.

  9. DerekM says:

    i can think of another b-word that describes Whyte.

    And you are right Stu this shows up the press for what they are,but then its no surprise coming from the DR.

    Whats more its indicative of the kind of dodgy business deals we see all the time in this corrupt UK,the whole fiasco was to make Whyte a rich man again unfortunately those behind the scenes never figured he was a complete dud and his reputation had been all a PR stunt,the word chancer comes to mind.

    Talk about putting your money on a three legged blind horse.

  10. Bob Mack says:

    In actual fact Rev,the lies continue apace. I have several Rangers supporting friends who would not buy the Record for love or money.

    Even today Rangers are in deep trouble,but not a word in the Record.Ashley has apparently witheld permission to use club symbols on jerseys and other merchandise and advertising.
    This news will break soon. Traynor ,who has recently been dispensed with from Ibrox ,has been orchestrating a PR programme to fool the fans through his level5 company.

    Traynor is like all the rest.He will deceive where necessary to achieve his aim.

    Rangers are an example of what we have been saying on these threads for some time. You can fool some of the people all of the time,and those are the ones you concentrate on.

  11. Ruby says:

    Socrates MacSporran says:
    30 October, 2015 at 11:23 am


    😀 smile 😀 smile 😀 smile

    That seems fair enough as the article is about sport or perhaps it’s about the Daily Record I didn’t manage to read the whole thing as my chip was sending out signals saying
    This is about sport
    This is about sport
    This is about sport

    This image tells me all I need to know about the Daily Record.

  12. Chitterinlicht says:

    James Traynor should apologise.

    Where is he anyway nowadays?

    I honestly have never understood why anybody buys the daily record. Its just awful and always has been.

  13. Lochside says:

    Absolutely spot on Rev…. ‘Scottish media’s coverage of the ongoing Rangers/”Rangers” fiasco is a microcosm for the state of Scottish journalism in general’

    The same ugly failings have been displayed for the past decades in an identical manner by these press jackals in their coverage of politics.

    If you substitute ‘Scottish Labour’ for ‘Rangers’ in the above sentence it would mirror what the general population has had to suffer.

    The Daily Retard and it’s odious editor Foote will just love this latest expose of their primary 5 attempt at ‘journalism’!

  14. abigdoob says:

    Fans raised questions? Well yes, a lot of fans did, but they weren’t Rangers fans.

  15. Murray McCallum says:

    The Daily Record appears to treat its declining readership with utter contempt.

    Why on earth do they accept this?

  16. Robert Louis says:

    Tenuous link to politics alert!!

    Talking about shameful Record ‘journalism’, I had to laugh this morning when the BBC announced that Labour’s Scottish MP’s (PLURAL!) were gathering for their party conference.

    Does that consist of Iain Murray walking about saying, ‘me, myself and I’?

  17. manandboy says:

    ‘… the Scottish media’s coverage of the ongoing Rangers/”Rangers” fiasco is a microcosm for the state of Scottish journalism in general.’

    In other words, the Scottish media has a deep personal interest in maintaining the Union, which matches a near identical interest in perpetrating the myth that the liquidated Govan club lives on.

    Another Scotland IS possible.

    Vote SNP/SNP. Support Nicola and protect Scotland.

  18. mogabee says:

    And what a spectacular show of memory loss this demonstrates.

    I’m not the most ardent of football supporters, but the deceit hits you right between the eyes.

    It’s a perfect analogy of how media says one thing in public and another thing in public!

  19. Bob Mack says:


    James Traynors company Level5 was doing PR work for Rangers,but has left for unexplained reasons.
    Now wait for it ;
    He now is representing one of the sonsors ( the main one ) of the SPL.
    Funny how these guys always find a niche from old pals, is it not.
    Reminds me of jobs for the boys in Glasgow District Council run by Labour.That still happens today.

  20. Dr Jim says:

    Police Scotland policy is not to read or refer to the Daily Record
    That tells you something

  21. frogesque says:

    @ Robert Louis.

    That would be the Royal perjourative “We”.

  22. Capella says:

    @ Socrates Macsporran
    Confirms what I’ve long assumed. Sport is fatally corrupted by the mafia of the mediocre, or as Kevin McKenna once referred to them, the Blazerati.

  23. YesMeansYes says:

    Some years ago I was in Amsterdam talking to a local. The subject of what was then the most common form of cannabis in Scotland “soap bar” came up.

    He said “I don’t know what you guys smoke over there but it is not hash”.

    I am sure if I met him again today he would say something similar about football.

  24. Dave Hansell says:


    Your observation about price may well reflect the reality. Value may well represent something else entirely.

  25. mealer says:

    Ibrox Giants has a nicer ring to it than “Sevco” I suppose.Of course,once they move darn sarf theyll be the Ibrox Midgets.Will the unionist elite at Parkheid change the name to White Sox?

  26. frogesque says:

    Why don’t the blue nose bully boys just go away and play with their Union pals in the English leagues then we would all have a quiet life.?

    Sorry, I forgot, England doesn’t want their sectarian pish!

  27. Ruby says:

    Dr Jim says:
    30 October, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    Police Scotland policy is not to read or refer to the Daily Record
    That tells you something

    Ruby Replies

    Labour on the other hand use the Daily Record & the MSM as their source of all information. My memories of Johann Lamont at FMQ is that she was always holding up some rag. I don’t watch FMQ because it’s all a bit of a joke but I did read that Kezia’s recent questions were all based on info gleaned from the MSM.

    ‘Evening Times Apologises for Rape Story

    The Evening Times newspaper has apologised for a story it ran which was later referred to in First Minister’s Questions at the Scottish Parliament.

    The story featured an alleged victim of a rape who is quoted saying the subsequent trial felt like “being raped all over again”. Accompanied by a sensitive feature inside the paper about a rape crisis service, the story was debated at last week’s First Minister’s Questions, with Alex Salmond agreeing to look into the case, responding to a call from Scottish Labour’s Johann Lamont.

    The alleged victim of the rape is said to have attempted suicide three times, the supposed trial including her having to hold up her underwear.

    But the veracity of the story was thrown into doubt when the Crown Office issued a note to newspaper editors saying they had no knowledge of a case taking place that included the details being referred to.

  28. Robert Peffers says:

    The Daily Record is a daily record of all that is wrong with the union, football, crime, scandal, politics and what passes for, “journalism”, in Scotland.

  29. Capella says:

    O/T apologies. A reply to a petition against penalising disabled people wit welfare cuts. Unfortunately, the Treasury’s world class tools can’t identify who is disabled. So it isn’t possible. Anyway, they’re all better off in work and off benefits. Even if dead.

    However, it is not possible, using the Government’s existing analytical tools, to produce a cumulative assessment of the impact of policies on disabled people. HM Treasury has a world-leading distributional model, which it has used since 2010 to publish analysis of the impacts of policy decisions on households across the income distribution. This model uses the Living Cost and Food Survey (LCF), which does not have information on disability status. It contains expenditure information which allows analysis of the impacts of indirect taxes such as VAT and fuel duty, and underpins a unique model of public service usage; both of these enable HMT to consider the impacts of all of the Government tax and spending decisions which directly affect households.

  30. Effijy says:

    It might be worth proposing a Mental Health Warning should appear down the side of the Daily Redcoat?

    Their “readers” either have the memory retention of a Goldfish, or they think they are going mad as they must feel certain that that same paper gave them a totally contradictory version of events in a previous edition.

    The whole pack of writes and editors over there must give the Scottish public no credit what so ever, as they are stupid enough to continue buying the paper even though its packed full of lies and deceit.

  31. Brian says:

    Nice piece…again you have demonstrated the appropriateness of your phrase: “Is it a fact or did you read it etc etc”

  32. Clootie says:

    Macart says:
    30 October, 2015 at 11:20 am
    Rewriting history to suit.

    Who knew?

    Wonder how that ‘vow’ thing of theirs is coming along?

    Sshh! We are not supposed to mention “The Vow” anymore. It never happened and if it did it wasn’t the Daily Record.

    Why do people still buy this rag?

  33. Maxxmacc says:

    I knew a guy years ago whose daddy (he was a public school twit) got him a job at the Record as he wanted to break into journalism. The only job papa could swing was writing the football reports for the 4th division. Problem was, as a rugger man, the chap hadn’t a clue about soccer and indeed hated it with a passion.

    Thus, the week prior to covering his first game, I had the onerous task of demonstrating the offside rule using two cups and the cruet set. A few weeks later on, when I asked him how he had coped, he replied that he simply copied the previous guy’s work and changed the names and timings of the goals scored.

    I think that sums up the Record’s record on journalism.

  34. DeilTakTheHindmaist says:

    ‘There’s not a team like the Glasgow Rangers.’

    A statement that has become true in the strictest sense.

  35. Mmm … not the only “missing paragraph”.

    Shouldn’t there be an entry here for a self-ordained scofflaw who was fined £750 for failing to abide by the rules at the #IndyRef?

    And twice as much for the SNiPpers who masqueraded as “Labour for Independence”?

    But — hey! — that’s real politics in a real world, so immaterial here.

    Carry on playing with each other’s bits, lads. Keeps you out of mischief.

  36. J Galt says:

    As a rabid Fitba hating reader it’s nice to have one’s prejudices confirmed that the whole low life business (it ain’t a sport) is utterly corrupt from top tae bottom.

  37. K1 says:

    Malcolm, what is your problem?

    Snide, smeary unrelated to the article comment.

    Really mean spirited ain’t you?

  38. Richardinho says:

    Mendacious perhaps, but just as likely mistaken.

    Highly likely the DR accepted at face value the description of Whyte as a ‘billionaire’ because they got it from a voice of authority and wanted it to be true.

    Pretty weird really when you think about it; Billionaires are a pretty uncommon breed. You’d think we’d have heard more about Mr Whyte if he really was one.

    People really are such sheep.

  39. Haggis Hunter says:

    Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrove have the best take on it, these guys can sum up in one line what the rest of Scotland thinks of Rangers, and they are correct when they refer to them as the non family friendly club of arrogant, abusive bigots.

    Its too easy to steer them up on Facebook, I’ve even had death threats for some light hearted pish takes.

  40. @ K1, 1:26PM:

    Yep. Like to fit in with the decor and soft-furnishing at this stateless pleasure dome.

    Note you didn’t feel need to complain about Valerie at 1:02 pm being self-confessed “off-topic”. Any reason for that?

    Oh, and the doings of a distinctly-semi-legal. lesser-league wannabe-sports-club don’t interest me one bit. “Be advised my passport’s green. No glass of ours was ever raised. to toast the Queen.”

  41. Les Wilson says:

    Watching ITV lunchtime news, they speak of problem with labour and their Scottish Branch, depending how their discussion goes. Reporter says Trident services are thousands of jobs in Scotland????

    If I recall,the UK’s own figures say 520 jobs are tied to Trident. Getting mixed up with UK Trident jobs perhaps.
    Or deliberate Unionist propaganda, again!

  42. K1 says:

    Then why comment at all Malcolm?

    The subject matter is of no interest to you. Are you just bored looking for something to do?

    Off topic is fine, especially when the commenter has signified ‘off topic’ or O/T.

    Your comment was pure snide.

  43. Dr Jim says:

    Like other rotten institutions of newspapers the Daily Record fuels the stupidity on both sides of the footballing divide in order to feed off it’s own news creation

    To the Daily Record an idiot is an idiot and thus should be treated as such
    Unfortunately football is a snapshot in microcosm of Scotlands problems, you’re one side or the other and that’s really helpful to a rag such as the Record

    All football fans of one club or the other are not the evil the other suspects they are, both sides are as gullible as the other, the Daily Record sees it’s job, as with the Independence debate to cultivate the easily led and swing readers backwards and forwards in a never ending cycle of bitterness and so far they’re doing a fine job of keeping those divisions shining brightly

    These Tactics are the same as with our Political Debate for our country
    It would seem that the Blue side of the argument is easier to wind up than the Green side but I’m confident the Record will in the future wind up anybody if it thinks it can sell more papers

    After all that’s all they care about, certainly not the poor weak minded folk they pretend to represent

  44. Jim Mitchell says:

    Shock, horror, do you actually mean to tell us that the Daily Record has………told a fib?

  45. Phil Keane says:

    Mibbe ye cood dae a in depth look at the multi millionaire noo in situ at Ibrox.

    It is MULTI millionaire, isn’t it?

  46. Macart says:


    “Why do people still buy this rag?”

    Less every year, much like most of the press industry.

    I wonder just how useful they will remain to their political friends as their influence decreases?

    The media made a choice. Rather than follow the demands of their readerships or journalistic professionalism, they chose to become propaganda arms of their respective politics of choice (shrugs).

    Technological advances in communication alone and the changing nature of news delivery and consumption was bringing the days of dead tree press to a close. Leveson, partisan political compromise and naked public manipulation is speeding up the process.

  47. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Valerie 1.02 Ah but but the person that speiled thit vidio intro wrang wiz edumacated under ah Scottish SNP administration SNP Baaad.

  48. Tony Seagrave says:

    Doesn’t matter whether the article was loosely sport based….the point is the half truths and stories which this….and many other ‘news’ outlets tell us to suit whoever runs the show, and pockets the benefits.

    It’s incredibly frustrating trying to find facts these days on any subject…TTIP for instance, as well as various other initiatives which should help our wealthiest 4%

  49. heedtracker says:

    Jim Mitchell says:
    30 October, 2015 at 1:48 pm
    Shock, horror, do you actually mean to tell us that the Daily Record has………told a fib?

    A fib’s fun. The Vow is probably their greatest fib, a historic fraud fib on the people of Scotland, by Scotland’s champion.

    Historic fibbers of the Record.

    History is going to judge that bizarre crew of sleazy bullshitters and it’s written by the winners too. History, not the UKOk bullshit pouring out of that one newsroom alone, hopefully!

  50. donald anderson says:

    Someone on a chat show said yesterday that two Scottish newspapers have gone bust, without the, When? Wherr? Whit?

    When oh when are the OF going to the Engerland League?

  51. Grouse Beater says:

    Malcolm Bedfellow: …a self-ordained scofflaw…

    ‘Scofflaw’ an American term. Interesting.

    Klaxon warning!

  52. Iain More says:


    “Historic fibbers of the Record.”

    Dont you mean the Daily Rangers loon?

  53. Iain More says:

    What is James Traynor doing now out of curiosity? I don’t think the EBC took him back did they!

  54. K1 says:

    Here’s Kezia waffling her way around the ‘autonomy’ of Labour accounting unit with questions from ‘viewers’ in interview with Brian Taylor. She mentions that some of the questions may be from people who read Wings over Scotland.

    It’s just excruciating listening to the ‘contorted’ reasoning.

  55. Dcanmore says:

    That’ll be James Traynor ‘Airdie supporter’ then, as he always proclaimed on his defunct 6pm Radio Scotland Saturday (Old Firm) show.

    As for Craig Whyte, he’ll have cash squirrelled away in the Caribbean somewhere, probably under his father’s name, out of reach of the courts.

    … and the Daily Record, well if any newspaper in Scotland comes up with a well-funded Scottish sports section, especially fitba’, then the DR & SM will be no more than local Govan free sheets.

  56. galamcennalath says:

    OT Labour to discuss Trident at their local branch get together.

    I’ll wager they say they don’t want it renewed.

    So what? All they can do is pass the message onto HQ who will file it under ‘do not open’. Local branches may influence HQ policies, they most certainly can’t decide them! And, they definitely can’t have policies different from HQ.

    Then I’ll wager again. They will probably pretend to have this policy going forward to the election.

    Well, we need to call them out on this. If it isn’t official Labour policy, then it isn’t local branch policy, anything else is just lying to the electorate.

  57. jacksg says:

    O/T but he he those pesky cybernats and Nationalists up to no good again..

    The Scottish Conservatives have postponed plans to hold a conference in the wake of a planned protest.

    About 75 members were expected at the party’s West of Scotland gathering in Largs, North Ayrshire, on 7 November.

    Solidarity, the Socialist party led by Tommy Sheridan, set up a Facebook page encouraging supporters to protest at the event at the Brisbane House Hotel.

    Police Scotland said organisers decided to postpone the event following routine discussions about stewarding plans.

    Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson was expected to speak at the conference along with Scottish Secretary David Mundell.

    A spokesman for the party confirmed that the conference had been postponed but would not reveal the timing and location of the re-arranged event. 🙁

    The Solidarity Facebook posting advised activists that “banners, flags and a good turnout” for the conference were “a must”. 🙂

  58. scotsbob says:

    To summarise then, this newspaper just regurgitated what a PR company handed out to them. There was no research or analysis involved.

    This is how Labour in Scotland get away with so much. This newspaper just obediently, and obligingly, prints all their PR puffs verbatim.

  59. K1 says:

    If you can watch that last link, I have to hand it to Brian Taylor he really doggedly pursues Kezia on the question of Trident and how Labour in London can just ignore any decision that the accounting unit makes. He brings out the dates and times over the past 30 years wherein each conference the decision is made to scrap Trident in Scotland, and how it is completely ignored by Labour in London.

    It makes such a change to see something ‘approaching’ a bite from an interviewing journalist in Scotland.

    She is nowhere with this…you can see how she just ignores it time and time again…and repeats the same statement about these great new changes that she is to bring about.

    It’s pure spin from her, it’s all she’s got. It’s not an autonomous party, it’s all about them regaining their place in Scotland.

    Do not be fooled by this charade that the accounting unit are attempting to pull off here. They are and will always be the accounting unit with no real say in the affairs of Scotland and its people.

    They cannot make any policy decision without the approval and permission from London.

    Never forget this fact.

  60. heedtracker says:

    Dont you mean the Daily Rangers loon?

    It is interesting how newsrooms like the Record pile in behind a football club, wrapping it all up in giant UKOK union jack draped propaganda.

    They don’t all do it either. Here in Aberdeen, neo-fascist Voice of The North Press and Journal, is red and blue tory vote NO ultra but they’re much more of Daily Royals Grovel Fest than the Daily Aberdeen football club.

    Maybe of they start winning again though…

    P&J piled into the Record’s Vow fraud just as hard as even BBC Scotland and you want to see how far right their letters page gets.

  61. Robert Peffers says:

    K1 says: 30 October, 2015 at 1:26 pm:

    “Malcolm, what is your problem?2

    Please don’t feed the trolls, K1.

    You do realise Tory Bedfellow is not here to debate, inform or instruct, don’t you?

    If he attempts to make a valid point – then by all means reply.

    If, however, he adopts the peculiar monkey like behaviour of throwing shite – ignore him. In that case the only place the shite sticks to Tory Bedfellow’s own hands.

  62. One_Scot says:

    So ‘Scottish’ Labour are really just UK Labour in Scotland.

    I’m glad that has been cleared up, here’s me thinking all this time that they were a separate party.

  63. K1 says:

    Fair comment Robert…I do know better, it’s ma chip…it malfunctions in the face of obtuse shite. 😉

  64. The Flamester says:

    Lots of lovely reading here.

  65. HandandShrimp says:

    Kezia: “Jeremy, can I say we are autonomous?”

    Jeremy: “Of course, as long as you do as the NEC say”

    Kezia: “That is absolute brilliant – thank you Jeremy”

    Jeremy: “No problem. I’m always here as a shoulder to cry on….”

  66. I posed this question last week, so apologies, but I feel it applies to the D.R and a host of other media outlets, not only in Scotland, but throughout the U.K.
    With their sales/viewing/listening figures going through the floor, how do they survive?.
    Even the state broadcaster, the B.B.C, must be losing millions of pounds due to people cancelling their licences. But it’s the privately owned media organisations, and especially their shareholders, who must be taking a considerable hit in their pockets with falling sales.
    In any other business the bosses would be sacked, and the whole company strategy would be changed to try to arrest the slide. But not in Scotland, where they seem determined to dig their own graves. Not that I will be doing anything to stop them. Just the reverse.

  67. Ruby says:

    K1 says:
    30 October, 2015 at 2:37 pm

    If you can watch that last link,

    Ruby replies

    I watched it and my response is similar to the one she received on QT!

  68. Ruby says:

    Alex Beveridge that is a very good question.

    I think the press might be selling space where people can have their PR printed. Cash for propaganda!

    The Scotsman did have a scheme called ‘Friends of The Scotsman’ where you could have six articles printed for £300.

    Didn’t Alan Cochrane get a big bonus for his work in the IndyRef?

  69. galamcennalath says:

    scotsbob says:

    To summarise then, this newspaper just regurgitated what a PR company handed out to them. There was no research or analysis involved.

    This is how Labour in Scotland get away with so much. This newspaper just obediently, and obligingly, prints all their PR puffs verbatim.

    Low cost ‘journalism’ in the 21stC. Just reprint press releases or copy stories from other outlets.

    It is almost that simple. But it isn’t quite the whole story because despite putting very little resources or effort into producing ‘news’, they still manage to be highly selective with the sources they regurgitate and spin they put on everything.

    In other words, they still manage massive pro-Union bias !

  70. Tackety Beets says:

    I’m still putting ma false teeth back in after KD’s QT #Silence moment.

    I’m still wondering what the rUK viewers thought of it all.

    K1 , not watched the link yet but remember @ AS resignation gave BT a friendly pat on shoulder as AS left the room.
    I suspect Toodle is trying to be a reasonable journo and ask the effin’ obvious, if only to avoid too much $$$t being thrown at him. Toodle Ooo will know we are watching.

    OT , Aye Dcanmore whilst going thro’ the divorce trauma many moons ago I opened an account in my dad’s name @ the Northern Rock as it was nearby.Nothing devious it just mean my earning from that point were not in the equation.

    The only hassle then was he had to do all my transactions for me.

    Eventually NR paid out to all account holders and a Chq arrived for circa £1500 , never saw a penny yet, Karma !
    Dad got his reward.

  71. yesindyref2 says:

    @The Flamester
    Yes, I had a look at the blog while waiting for paint to dry. It’s one of these pseudo-intellectual things people do when they’re young but mostly grow out of when the real world hits them like a sledgehammer. I did notice the standard of English wasn’t very good.

  72. Robert Peffers says:

    Les Wilson says: 30 October, 2015 at 1:43 pm:

    “If I recall, the UK’s own figures say 520 jobs are tied to Trident.”

    In fact even that 520 job figure is misleading. First up all naval bases have a majority of jobs dependent upon the day to day running of the base itself. From civilian workers sweeping the area to preparing, cooking and serving meals, trades people maintaining the yard’s equipment and infrastructure. Then there are those who do the essential office work of any large organisation.

    Naval bases must also have crews for tugs, pilot cutters and so on. Then there are security staff. All such jobs really have no direct connection to whatever type of vessels the base services. Add to that the actual naval crews of the vessels who are attached to the vessel – but not to the base itself. The go with the vessels.

    As there is no suggestion the base will be closed in an independent Scotland, but would in fact be enlarged to be Scotland’s main Atlantic base, the numbers involved would probably increase.

    Of the 520 civilian jobs at HM Naval Base Clyde, (that includes Coulport and Faslane), directly reliant upon Trident only 159 are employed by the MoD. The other 361 are employed by the contractors, Babcock Marine and Lockheed Martin.

    Actually only 310 of the original figure of 520 live in West Dumbartonshire or in Argyll and Bute. Another 103 live elsewhere in Scotland and 107 are from unknown locations.

    Here’s the explanation. Most civilian jobs are not actually on the vessels as a commissioned submarine is self sufficient and serviced by her own crew and the Clyde base neither refuels nor refits submarines.

    Thus the 520 directly involved in the Trident system are dealing with the missiles and warheads and even the warheads are serviced in the USA.

    Thus those jobs would not be lost – just moved to wherever base the Kingdom of England Parliament moved them to in other parts of Britain.

    Anyone who disagrees with that assessment should feel free to engage in debate on the matter.

    (and that includes Tory Bedfellow).

  73. galamcennalath says:

    Tackety Beets says:

    I’m still putting ma false teeth back in after KD’s QT #Silence moment.

    I’m still wondering what the rUK viewers thought of it all.

    I remember the same thing happening at a general election hustings meeting. Standing Labour MP was met by such silence all night. Every other candidate (except UKIP) got a better response.

    It seemed a real shocker to the Lab guy and his two activists who accompanied him. Only they clapped usually, and very loudly and artificially too. Very embarrassing!

    What I took away from it was that the type of politically aware and active people who turn up to hustings were simply no longer Labour voters. Labour had reached the stage of being the party of the unaware who still vote driven my historical loyalty.

    I wonder if something similar happened in that question time where there were actually few totally committed Labour people in the audience.

    On the other hand, perhaps everyone just saw Dugdale was talking pish 🙂

  74. Wilhelm says:

    I seem to remember that the now-defunct CharlotteFakes website had what it claimed to be the rather amusing email exchanges between the Record and Whyte’s PR team in the run up to the publication of their “billionaire rangers fan/off the radar” (ahem) ‘exclusive’.
    And yes their pathetic attempt at the rewriting of history are worthy of Orwell’s 1984.

  75. yesindyref2 says:

    I didn’t see the QT, but it shows the value of silence. If people had booed or jeered, the headline would have been “nasty cybernats drown out applause of audience”. About silence there is nothing can be said.

  76. Helena Brown says:

    Robert Peffers, I have been having a discussion elsewhere with someone from England who obviously had ties at one time to the armaments industry who has been saying it that it will be expensive to do away with Trident and there will be job losses, in Aldermaston etc. I have been saying that is would ill behove that people should lose their jobs but special pleading is just not on. We have not heard much about the Army who are losing jobs because of Trident.

  77. Hamerdoon says:

    I have just phoned the electoral commission to ask if one political party can hold two contradictory opinions on policy in different parts of the country eg trident removal in Scotland (Scottish labour) and no trident removal for uk party as whole. There is nothing that the EC does that prevents them from doing this, it is up to labour. I say – let them do it, what a farce.

    The number is 02072710512 – passed on from EC Scotland.

  78. yesindyref2 says:

    @Helena Brown
    Aldermaston is currently disassembling 3 Trident warheads a year. It started at 225, and the target is to get down to 160 / 180 under the NNPT, so that work would not only continue, it would continue longer.

    In addition I don’t think anyone proposes actually removing Vanguard until the end of its life which is around 2028-2030, so the current warheads would still have to be checked out and serviced – until 2028-30.

    The job losses would not be at Burghfield of Aldermaston – or Faslane or Coulport, until around 2028 – 13 years from now. If the Successor wasn’t built, there would either be job losses, or just not extra jobs, at Barrow-in-Furness.

    As for cost, the 4 Vanguard will ultimately ahve to be disposed of anyway, so the only cost is of disassembly of the warheads, which is happening already.

  79. pitchfork says:

    Go easy on Malcolm folks, the poor guy’s world is falling apart in slow motion.

  80. manandboy says:

    @Alex Beveridge : how do they survive?.

    I certainly don’t have the answer, Alex, but I don’t see the UK Propaganda dept. at 10 Downing St ever allowing the DR to go under and disappear. Even now, I suspect the DR is part funded by Westminster because it is ‘read’ by the brainwashed and the easily fooled.

    At GE15, 707,147 people in Scotland voted Labour. Forget sales here, we’re talking influence. One copy in a household might be read by 2,3,4,5,6 people throughout the day. The DR is also regularly quoted from or featured on TV (from memory).

    The VOW would never have worked had it not been for the Daily Record.

    (Info. 47,078 voted UKIP; Greens 39,205, Tories 410,319, LibDems 218,255)

  81. mealer says:

    I watched Kezias interview with Brian Taylor.She isnt really leadership material,is she?

    The most important thing in that interview was at the end,where she stated her belief that the constitutional question is settled.That the process of devolution has reached its conclusion.Smith Lite is all we’re ever going to get under Labour.Its the Tory position.Its way,way short of what the vast majority of Scots want.She is very foolish to box herself in like that when so much of “the labour family” are supportive of Devomax/federalism.She has just killed off their hopes.

  82. Bob Mack says:

    One of the most telling points about the Question time was when someone pointed out that the Tories were just a point or two behind Labour.
    You could see the disdain on Dugdales face.She positively could or would not believe this. That to me was significant of the way she was taking voters for granted.

    So a word Kezia. You are on the verge of potentially the most devastating results on par with the General election. Do not take the electorate for granted.They can easily change their

    What you should be seeing is the polarisation happening in Scotland. The SNP represent one pole,whilst the other is forming a unionist base around the Tories.
    There is little room for those who sit on the sidelines,or who posture to appease all ,as you are trying to do.
    Pick your side and run with it.

  83. yesindyref2 says:

    The Record also seems to the paper of choice as you’re sitting waiting to get your hair cut, and once read, people leave them around on trains or buses for us cheapskates to get a read.

  84. GallusEffie says:


    can I just ask a question of you that occurred to me this morning and have been thinking a lot about since?

    I’ve always been interested in politics without having any education in it – not to claim any expertise, but certainly an interest.

    However it struck me about how much political articles I currently read, the political books and art I buy when I can, a fascination with the Scottish, UK and European political climate. Again, no expertise claimed. I just feel my daily life is immersed in politics and has been since Indyref was first called. That was like a gateway event to me…I shiver with goosebumps thinking of it being announced on the radio that morning.

    Have politics always been this interesting, and has it simply taken things like social media to make the consumption of political material more accessible? Is it a function of me getting older and being interested in what we’re passing on to the next generation(…spellcheck…yes, its ok )

    Or are we simply genuinely living in interesting political times? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

  85. manandboy says:

    I suspect that a live audience recognises that Kezia is not in the present moment, in the ‘right here, right now, with the rest of us’. Of the six on the panel, she was the odd one out – but unaware of it.
    One thing’s for sure, she loves being on TV – nearly as much as she loves being someone ‘important’.

  86. manandboy says:

    So true, yesindyref2. The Record is everywhere!

  87. bookie from hell says:

    brian taylor–BBC—roasts & spits out Kezia on Trident( 21.30 )

  88. galamcennalath says:

    mealer says

    “… the process of devolution has reached its conclusion.Smith Lite is all we’re ever going to get under Labour.Its the Tory position.Its way,way short of what the vast majority of Scots want.”

    Which is an ideal situation. We need to get absolute clarity from both Lab and Con that devolution is now well and truly gone as far as WM will ever allow.

    I’ve posted often that IndyRef 1 was probably doomed while the spectre of DevoMax lingered in so many peoples’ minds. It was a weapon just waiting to be abused by the No side.

    When DevoMax is definitely dead and buried, everyone then knows there are only two choices, no woolly middle grounds.

    Ideally DevoMax will get the stake through its heart soon with the final passing of the Scotland Bill.

  89. O.t. But I am just thinking if the principle of evel is to safe guard english voters against Scottish interferance then the same principle must apply to ref.,2 only Scottish people who live in Scotland should have vote for independence no one else any one else living in Scotland should not have a vote I mean why should they? They may have chosen to stay there but it is not their country so they should not be allowed to influence the out come of a vote of the people of Scotland

  90. frogesque says:

    @ GallusEffie.

    I think we do indeed live in interesting times. Social media in particular has enabled and invigorated folk to take part in all manner of discussions both within and outside of politics.

    Partly it’s the immediacy of being heard. No longer do folk have to sit through interminable meetings just to be told by a shop steward or toff how to vote.

    Democracy in action is exciting and, especially in Scotland, the electorate is becoming more and more aware and educated about the waffle and spin merchants. It doesn’t wash any more!

    Government cannot control news on the web the same way it could slap a “D” Notice on anything it found inconvenient in the past. We can be as aware of events in Catalonia now as we are of traffic delays in Coatbridge.

    I think it’s brilliant.

  91. Angra Mainyu says:

    The thing about that team Rangers, or whatever they are called nowadays (since the real Rangers died), they are sort of treated like the national team.

    When Rangers play Arbroath it’s getting covered on Radio and TV and makes all the papers — this is a game in the lower divisions of Scottish football FFS.

    They get more attention and support from the Scottish media than Scotland get when they are playing in a world cup qualifier.

    I’d like to know who the PR company mentioned in the article was.

    There are very dark forces lurking in the background of the Scottish media and Scottish football with links to Northern Ireland newspapers (which they own) and radio stations here in the central belt.

    They all, including the SFA, have a clear vested interest not only in the revival of Rangers but the perpetuation of sectarian hatred which is very good for business in terms of selling tickets and tops.

    It’s absolutely rancid and sickening when you think of the violence and upheaval that goes hand in hand with what they are still calling, despite the death of Rangers, the Old Firm.

    Let’s get something straight though, once and for all — liquidation means death. Get over it. Find something better to do with your spare time because you no longer have a team.

    The tribute act at Ibrox fools nobody; and those in the press and media who tell you otherwise are simply after your money. Sadly they will stop at nothing to get it; lies, stoking up sectarianism, you name it, anything goes. It’s big business and very sinister.

  92. O.t.sorry to be back so soon but as regards trident and the number of job losses at the different parts of Britain if it is ever used there is no doubt where the greatest number of life losses would be but they don’t seem concerned about that NO GREAT MISCHIEF if they fall?

  93. frogesque says:

    @Blair Patterson.

    It’s been done to death already!

    Born in England, lived in Scotland for over 50 years voted YES. Partner, born in Edinburgh voted NO but voted SNP at last GE. Has now got stuff and links to YES2 on her Facebook page!

    Denying domiciled non-born Scots a vote would be lazy, cost you votes and would in no way convert diehard Unionists of either blue Tory or Orange persuasion.

    Desist before the good Rev calls on the blacksmith for ‘is biggest ‘ammer!

  94. Robert Peffers says:

    @Helena Brown says: 30 October, 2015 at 4:05 pm:

    “Robert Peffers, I have been having a discussion elsewhere with someone from England who obviously had ties at one time to the armaments industry who has been saying it that it will be expensive to do away with Trident and there will be job losses, in Aldermaston etc. I have been saying that is would ill behove that people should lose their jobs but special pleading is just not on.”</I?

    The first thing about the so called UK, "Ministry Of Defence", is that in reality it is the, "Ministry of Offence". The so called deterrent relies on the threat of offence. An anti-missile system would be defensive but Trident is a purely attack weapon.

    As to job saving – where were these people when Port Edgar was closed? Where, when Rosyth was privatised? What of the Crombie Armament Depot? What of the several stores department bases or the several other Scottish based MOD bases? The Torpedo Testing base for example. Mind you the Establishment retained the Cape Wrath MOD area to blast the hell out of and the radioactive Solway weapons testing area and of course the range at Sheriffmuir?

    If they need somewhere to bomb or test weapons Scotland fits their bill. If its a place to dispose of dangerous substances or weapoms put them in Scotland. If, though, it involves the highest standards of skilled workers Scotland is the place to make cuts and economies.

    Where were these people when the refuelling of nuclear submarines, (developed by Rosyth), was transferred to Devonport on purely political grounds?

    As one who had security clearance to enter such as Aldermaston, (or indeed any other top security MOD place), I can state the numbers of jobs involved is tiny in comparison. Yet hardly a cheep from the Unionist parties for it was indeed they who were taking defence work away from Scotland.

    Perhaps your friend could assure you of how hard they worked to retain the very many Scottish jobs lost since WWII.

  95. Angra Mainyu says:

    GallusEffie, in the past, particularly in the 80s and 90s, most people didn’t get involved. That, of course, suited the Labour Party and others.

    When you think of what Labour and the British State were doing to Scotland over decades, it was really a sort of socio-economic fracking. They pumped air and chemicals into our country and took oil, money, and votes out.

  96. Ronnie Boyd says:

    Shooting fish in a barrel, are you not, Campbell?

    Keith Jackson is to journalism what the Daily Record is to accurately and fairly reporting the news.

    That said, your obsession with matters relating to Rangers Football Club has become boring.

  97. yesindyref2 says:

    @Blair paterson
    It’s not the nationality of the MP, it’s that their MPs are MPs of constituencies in Scotland. They could be English. Similarly MPS in England can vote even if they’re Scottish, and there are a few Scottish MPs of constituencies in England.

  98. john king says:

    Ronnie Boyd
    “That said, your obsession with matters relating to Rangers Football Club has become boring.”

    way to go TOTALLY missing the point there Ronnie,
    the post was about the RECORD or hadnt you noticed?

  99. To frogesque you have your views I,have mine it was proven at the last ref ., that 70 per cent of non scots who voted in it voted no you can spin it what ever way you like the fairest way is for only the true born scots living in Scotland should decide their country’s future I hope,i have taken the trouble to spell your title mine is paterson with one t

  100. john king says:

    Gallus Effie says
    “Or are we simply genuinely living in interesting political times? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.”

    Your not wrong Effie
    we are living in THE most interesting time in Scotlands history!

  101. yesindyref2 says:

    @Robert Peffers
    Very true, as you say the number of jobs involved in the actual nuclear side is quite small, and most would last until 2028 even if no Successor (Trident replacement), and indeed there would probably be an increase in some jobs then if they sought to disassemble more than 3 warheads a year.

    An anti-missile system would be defensive but Trident is a purely attack weapon.

    Not there yet because Trident is supersonic and mutli-re-entry warhead. There was a move in the US to develop a hypersonic cruise missile capable of being an ICBM but that seems to have stopped due to cost. On the other hand they are working on hypersonic cruise missiles in general, and they need to, China and Russia already have them. Fort Russia (and India):

    It’s something I’m still catching up on when I’ve got the time, I might some time put together a little article. David Owens was talking about not “renewing Trident”, but replacing it with a nuclear strike cruise missile, capable of being launched from Astute. Well, there’s a few years to go before that would be possible, and as I say, as far as I’ve found out so far, they’re not even working on the capability. It would need to be 2 stage / ramjet.

  102. yesindyref2 says:

    @Robert Peffers
    Oh, forgot to say. If the Russians and Chinese do get a reliable hypersonic intercept anti-missile by 2028 / 30, it would seem to be pointless to proceed committing to £167 billion’s worth of a nuclear deterrent which can be intercepted even when supersonic, and therefore is no deterrent at all.

  103. john king says:

    Manandboy says
    “I suspect that a live audience recognises that Kezia is not in the present moment, in the ‘right here, right now, with the rest of us’. Of the six on the panel, she was the odd one out – but unaware of it.”

    I have to agree,
    Somerset wassername owned her.

  104. frogesque says:

    @Blair Paterson:

    My apologies for getting your title wrong.

    We will have to agree to disagree about the rest as I have no wish to antagonise you or go over very old ground once more.

    Mike (aka froggy)

  105. yesindyref2 says:

    @Gallus Effie
    On top of others comments, years ago I was talking to someone saying I had no interest in politics. He asked if I was interested in street lighting, potholes, inadequate roads, that sort of thing, and obviously I said yes, so he said there you are then, you ARE interested in politics.

    Just not party politics, but it is a natural and easy development as we get more exposed to news and media. Which party is as interested in potholes as we are? 🙂

  106. gus1940 says:

    It is my understanding that the existing Tomahawk Cruise Missiles can be armed with both Conventional and Nuclear warheads and in fact the US SSNs are alraedy so armed.

    If I am right and The UK insists on having nukes why not just arm the existing Tomahawks carried by the Astute boats which would cost a damn sight less than £167Billion even if it was considered necessary to build more Astutes.

  107. Robert Peffers says:

    @Blair paterson says: 30 October, 2015 at 5:15 pm:

    ” … there is no doubt where the greatest number of life losses would be but they don’t seem concerned about that NO GREAT MISCHIEF if they fall?”

    Aye! Blair but that is total fallacy. In the first place few know the true facts. The danger of nuclear contamination is far, far, more serious than nuclear radiation.

    Imagine yourself being within the area of a nuclear incident. There is first the blast effect that you get with any form of explosion. If you are exposed to it you either die or are injured but if you are in a sheltered position the shelter saves you from the blast. Likewise heat and radiation all of which travel in straight lines. Once past the danger is past.

    Then there is contamination and that is the far greater danger. Even a very low level contaminated speck can kill you and, as it is particulate, it can be wet or dry. If wet it gets into the drinking water and the water you wash with. When dry it blows in the wind and can travel great distances only to become wet.

    In both cases it can get into your body by ingestion, through a cut, breathed in or transferred from your hand to your mouth. Once in it migrates to whatever part of the body the benign form goes to. For example calcium to the bones. There it is not only cumulative but works away to cause cancers.

    How long did it take for the Russian Chernobyl reactor contamination to get clearance? So if there is an incidence at the Clyde base it could affect the entire British isles.

    In fact it is possible for a Clyde base incident to send contamination up into the upper atmosphere, not affecting Scotland, where it drifted in the upper air currents and didn’t come down in rain until over London.

  108. skooshcase says:

    The Record is in a symbiotic mutualistic relationship with Labour’s Scottish Accounting Unit. They both:

    are part of the UK’s Unionist cabal; worked their little arses off for Better Together; lied, threatened, fearmongered, misinformed and FUD-ed to the people of Scotland during the Indyref1 campaign; are still lying, threatening, fearmongering, misinforming and FUD-ing; wish that Scotland would just ‘move on’ from Indyref1; wish that the Old Firm and all its horrors could continue in perpetuity (Jim Murphy wanting more sectarianism and booze); refuse to change their ways; stinking out Scotland like a mountain-high pile of putrid human excrement…. and as a result, they are both going down the shitter-of-no-return one flush at a time.

    They’ve both been sussed out and smelled out by the people of Scotland and are going to go to that great big shitehouse in the sky together, holding each other for support as Scotland gives one more flush – in 2016’s Holyrood election – and down the cludgie they’ll go.

    Oh, they’ll try to cling on for all their worth while still stinking the place out, but the big plunger – the council elections in 2017 – should finally finish them off and Scotland will, at last, be able to breath more easily with all that shite and its bad smell removed from Scotland once and for all.

  109. yesindyref2 says:

    The problem with Tomahawk is that it’s lower range, 700 nm – 1,000 nm, but particularly its subsonic around 500 mph, so quite easy to interecept in the air.

    Another problem highlighted was that some Astutes would be armed with conventional but some with nukes, so if an Astute appeared off say Argentina, there would be alarm and consternation! I used to like the idea but went off it for both reasons.

  110. Robert Peffers says:

    @Alex Beveridge says: 30 October, 2015 at 3:05 pm:

    ” … With their sales/viewing/listening figures going through the floor, how do they survive?.”

    I’ve not done any serious research on the matter, Alex, but I have given it some thought. In the BBC’s case they have many irons in the fire besides the UK TV & Radio business. It doesn’t take much observation to realise the number of self advertised BBC services that they must get income from them.

    First of all the BBC sell programmes throughout the World. They also have several UK Government functions you never hear about. They collect the licence fee on behalf of the Government and I’d assume get reimbursed for that. They also deal with cases of interference on far more than the broadcast bands and they probably still have the job of undersea communications cables and perhaps inshore radio stations for shipping.

    As for the dead tree press. They earn money for adverts, both on and off-line. Some have pay-walls and some have payments from such as The Law society for carrying statutory notices. Many local papers get local council money for public notices.

    Their on-line output also gets paid for click-throughs. Which is why you should always archive links you post to websites and blogs.

    If you cite an article in the Daily Record on wings and 1,000 commenters click on it to read your point the Record gets paid for every click-through via it’s advertisers.

    Many local papers survive on the paid for hatched/matched and dispatched ads. Others from articles for sale and so on.

    Those papers who went behind pay-walls charge for the privilege of reading their on-line stuff. I see today that Rebekah Brooks, (now appointed as the Sun’s Chief Executive), is scrapping the Sun’s pay-wall. The Sun must have discovered they are losing readership by asking readers to pay to read on-line content.

    It is no longer just newsprint sales and they print such things as election leaflets the parties pay for.

  111. Robert Peffers says:

    @Ronnie Boyd says: 30 October, 2015 at 5:23 pm:

    ” … That said, your obsession with matters relating to Rangers Football Club has become boring.”

    Ach! Stoap greetin min. Div ye mibbie need a Butcher’s Apron Hankie tae blaw yer greetin blue neb wi?

  112. Robert Peffers says:

    @john king says: 30 October, 2015 at 5:38 pm:

    way to go TOTALLY missing the point there Ronnie,
    the post was about the RECORD or hadnt you noticed?”

    No doubt you have heard of, “A red mists descending”, John?

    I surmise in Ronnie’s case a blue haze just descended.

  113. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Robert Peffers.

    You should really dip your toe in the waters of ‘off-topic’, every so often.

  114. How do you archive links?

  115. derek c says:

    S.Macsporran – Ayr United were the team u reference at 11 23 ? A wet night at Hampden. Dixie Ingram a real player.

  116. Robert Peffers says:

    @Blair paterson says: 30 October, 2015 at 5:38 pm:

    ” … it was proven at the last ref ., that 70 per cent of non scots who voted in it voted no you can spin it what ever way you like the fairest way is for only the true born scots living in Scotland should decide their country’s future”

    And if the SNP are ever stupid enough to bring that idiotic idea to a referendum this life long campaigner for independence will not only be voting against it but campaigning against it.

    Misinterpreted statistics have caused great problems in the past by putting carts before horses. Probably the worst of them being the Witch Hunts of history.

    Some villager’s cow dies and someone claims that twice before the old lady in the end cottage had been hanging her bedding on the village green so it meant she must have been casting spells. So they had a witches trial. If the old crone survived she was a witch and got burned at the stake and if she didn’t survive she was dead anyway.

    Just heard one other this morning on radio. It was deduced from statistics that the way to lose weight was to cut out eating certain fats. More recent work has just been published – if you take two groups of overweight people and put one group on a fat reduced diet and the other on a reduced carbohydrate diet the group on reduced carbohydrates loses most weight.

    Like the recent madness that older people were more likely to have voted NO because they were more UK minded due to WWII alliances. The far more obvious truth is that older folk become more conservative, (that’s small c), and in this context conservative is defined as more resistant to change.

    So for the love of Scotland please stop attempting to use duff statistics to victimise groups of the People of Scotland.

    BTW: How do you intend to define True Born Scots?

    Around these parts Rosyth has long been dubbed Little England. This due to the entire dockyard being reopened with a staff from the southern dockyards at the start of WWII. They also built what was first called Tin Town as it was built from corrugated iron but became Dollytown later.

    Now those southern families never returned south and thus the present town is filled by mainly Scottish Born folks with two English parents or grand parents. Many now born in Scotland but English to the core.

    Now consider, (arguably), the finest centre forward in Britain. Joe Baker. Joe is as Scottish as you can get but was born in Aldershot as his Dad was an army man. He got capped for England. His brother Gerry, also a great center, was born a Yank. The only organisations that made country of Birth the yardstick of nationality were the sports organisations. The rest of us get British Nationality.

  117. Clydebuilt says:

    The BBC puts as much effort into controlling the politics of football in Scotland as it does in promoting the Scottish Branch of Labour….. There’s doom mongerring Chic Always on hand to ensure listeners are well aware of how crap we are at football. Traynor used to work at the Beeb, had his own show a callin on Saturday at 5.30 then we got a double act from him and Chic. When Rangers were floundering only one word was heard to pass Jimbos mouth when describing the SPL if Rangers were demoted ARMAGEDON. When this didn’t happen his show ended.
    Chic’s still there kidding on he’s a St. Mirren fan.

  118. yesindyref2 says:

    only the true born scots living in Scotland should decide their country’s future

    Oh I don’t know, it would make the next Referendum a whole lot cheaper. The only problem is we don’t know which way all 25 of them will vote.

  119. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi JamesCaithness.

    Archiving links…

    So, you’ve found a page that you want to spread. Its ‘URL’ (web address) will be in the address bar of your web browser, up at the top. It will probably start with ‘http’ or ‘www’.

    So you highlight that WHOLE address. Then do CONTROL-C (windows) or COMMAND-C (mac) to copy that address to your clipboard.

    Then you go to this site:-

    On that page, at the text box at the top where it says “My url is alive and I want to archive its content”, you put your cursor in the text box, then click. The text entry cursor will appear at the left of the box, where it says, “”.

    Do a COMMAND-V (mac) or a CONTROL-V (windows) to paste the URL, you have copied to your clipboard, into the text box.

    Then click on “Save the page” at the right of the text box.

    It takes a number of seconds for ‘’ to ‘capture’ the page but, when it’s completed, it will display the page, with its link up at the top.

    Here’s an example. I want to archive the page that is found at:-

    That’s the url I paste into the ‘’ text box.
    ‘’ then captures the page, and up at the top, after the capture, the archived url is displayed, in the address bar of your web browser as:-


  120. K1 says:

    James, If you are on an article that you want to archive. Place cursor in the address bar, right click and a wee drop down menu appears. Click copy.

    Then click on

    Place cursor in the long rectangular box. Right click, wee drop down menu. CLick paste. Let it do it’s thing. You now have an archive of the article.

    I recommend bookmarking the link and put it on your browser bar, for easy access.

  121. K1 says:

    Ach BDTT, beat me tae i (better and mair fully explained, wi examples anaw!)…telt ye, yer the gotaeman… 🙂

  122. K1 says:

    Ach ye beat me tae it BDTT…(wi examples anaw!)…telt ye yer the gotaeman… 🙂

  123. K1 says:

    Have tried to send this comment twice, third time’s a charm…

    Ye beat me tae it BDTT…telt ye, yer the gotaeman (gien me a right shown’ up wi yer fancy example and well explained nuanced replies anaw!) 🙂

  124. K1 says:

    Jeez…repetitive or what! Moi?

    Kept jammin’ so kept tryin’…oh well…I repeat…gotaeman ye ur. 🙂

  125. K1 says:

    Lol…oh dear…how sad…nevah mind.

    ***walks away muttering, must get ma chip fixed, must get ma chip fixed, must get ma chip fixed*** 😉

  126. Robert Peffers says:

    @JamesCaithness says: 30 October, 2015 at 8:24 pm:

    “How do you archive links?”

    Aaargh! I just spent ages explaining in detail how to post links including YouTube and also how to archive links and then post the archived links.

    Just as I was about to click on the submit comment button the whole thing vanished into the either. I’m Glad BDTT managed to get the information to you.

    Now I’m going to try for an early night. I didn’t get a wink last night as my pain killers just failed to kill the pains. So A wee cup of tea a biscuit and see the dog does her business and I’m for my scratcher.

  127. tartanarse says:

    Still can’t believe that someone could splash out so much for Rangers. You could get a multipack of Monstermunch in Poundland for that.

  128. Sandy Henderson says:

    I seem to recall some years ago, the Daily Record introduced a Northern edition & one of their first stories (front page in capital headlines) was that a weekend football match between an Inverness side & Elgin City – before both were admitted to the senior league – was being targeted by the “Inverness Casuals” to sort out the Elgin same. Load of s**t. Talk of being wound up. I’ve an inkling who told them. That same person used to do this as a pastime. Wound up the Sun & Times also a few times. Made front page news more than once.
    OH, NASTY, BUT IT WAS FUNNY. (Repeat that to yourself in a West Highland accent)
    Just goes to show the state of ‘JOURNALISM’.
    Needless to say, the DR north edition didn’t last long. Just a few days.
    We barbarians here in the North are used to softer toilet paper & truth.

  129. Bruce Morton says:

    Stu, in Shaft : “dat was some cold shit – when ya threw my man Traynor out tha window..”

  130. Thank you all who helped me esp BDTT

  131. Stevie says:

    ‘And the fact that they have has nothing’

  132. Davy says:

    Seems to me there are a fair share of rhabid bheasts on Wings.

    A disgrace to show such hatred against Rangers. That is a real embarasment for everyone.

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