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The man who should know

Posted on December 15, 2014 by

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    114 to “The man who should know”

    1. No no no...Yes says:

      I never had any time for Mr Sinclair,..until now.
      This keeps the pot boiling. Unity, what unity?
      More popcorn please.

    2. Malcolm says:

      Don’t worry, Nuclear Jim and Deputy Dugdale have everything under control. The BBC said so…..

    3. CyberNiall says:

      If they themselves run the risk of becoming driftwood, it won’t be long before the SNP is playing Pooh sticks with Scottish Labour.

    4. Doug Daniel says:

      Meanwhile, in Aberdeen at least, we have more good candidates than we have seats to put them into.

    5. bookie from hell says:


    6. Muscleguy says:

      Damn! if that was all you had to do to become an MP, sorry trougher I would have joined Labour and been a loudmouth years ago. Except, I have a conscience and a modicum of self respect.

    7. Juteman says:

      Lord Fffooks on GMS complaining that he has to debate with someone like Jonathan Shaffi (sp?) that nobody elected! Seriously, wtf?

    8. Marcia says:

      I am now starting to get lukewarm to him for his candour.

    9. Macart says:

      Choccy raisins – check
      Soft chair and slippers – check
      Bottle of medicinal malt – check
      Coal in the shed and logs for the fire – check
      Pressies wrapped and Roast bought in – check

      Just stock taking before the fun starts.

      Aaaaand relax. 🙂

    10. Bob Sinclair says:

      Lord tells peasant to get back in box. Ffoulkes is a disgrace to democracy.

    11. De Valera says:

      It ddn’t take long for the thieves to fall out. It started on the 19th of September and shows no sign of stopping, even after the BBC’s golden boy has become branch office caretaker. Hell mend every single one of them.

    12. gillie says:

      Well the CIA will be happy that one of their paid stooges, Jim Murphy, has filled the ‘intellectual deficit’ in the Labour party in Scotland.

      CIA fund the activities of far right Henry Jackson Society. Henry Jackson member Jim Murphy gets paid expenses for making policy speeches for the society.

      CIA money ends up in Jim Murphy’s pockets.

    13. Jim Thomson says:

      Young Dunc Hotherswhatsit was on good form this morning on GMS

      Starts at 1h 16m 17s into the clip.

      Seems it’s OK to ignore track record and look to the future promises and that 40% shouldn’t be ignored. Hmmm.

    14. author_al says:

      Meanwhile Jim Murphy is outlining his plans to be Scottish again. In a speech quoted extensively in the Herald he promised loads of stuff and to do things and get actions auctioned and, well, to be really busy being busy. ‘Urging SNP and Lib Dem voters to back Labour, he added: “We can either protest against the Tories or we can replace the Tories.”‘ Said Jim metaphorically climbing out of Cameron’s bed…Conveniently forgetting that if he had voted Yes not No then the Tories would have vanished anyway. Plonker.

    15. Lollysmum says:

      Slab-the gift that just keeps on giving 🙂

      JM -Elected on Saturday to a tumult of non-critical acclaim being showered down upon him by BBC.

      Sunday- accused of knowing about torture whilst he was Sec of State for Scotland. Can’t deny that one as he was a member of the Cabinet & CIA docs were/are still circulated to all Cabinet members.

      Monday-the knives are out from his own side-Slab

      This is shaping up to be a good week!

      Go go go JoLa 🙂

    16. Cactus says:

      The truth will out.. “when you go, will you send back, a letter for forgiveness.. labour no more”.

      I’ve got my ticket for independence square on GE day.. have you got yours? Best thing is, it’s FREE.

      See you all there party people!

    17. HandandShrimp says:

      Looking forward to seeing Deputy Dugdale debating in Holyrood. In the past she managed a good impression of a startled sheep when challenged on whatever nonsense she has spouted.

    18. Ken500 says:

      Paul Sinclair describes Johanna et al. Murphy is a bampot. Murphy says, ‘Glasgow doesn’t get enough’. Willy Young says, ‘Aberdeenshire is underfunded 20%’. (It was 30% under Labour) A couple of total idiots.

      Labour/Unionists secretly channeled £Billion of tax revenues to be wasted by Westminster. The McCrone Report.

      7/515 can’t come soon enough to get rid of the lot.

    19. H says:

      shame I can’t read the article and I am not subscribing to The Times, no screen dump for us Rev?

    20. farrochie says:

      Johann Lamont was Labour’s “useful idiot”. Supposedly invited as a member of Miliband shadow cabinet (The Herald), she was bound by collective responsibility, unable to speak her mind.

      Meanwhile, central office were plotting her replacement. Was Paul Sinclair’s role to write her script for FMQ with instructions to make JL look and sound inept?

    21. Robert Kerr says:

      Has the South African government sent a congrats yet to The Murph?

      We need to be told.

    22. galamcennalath says:

      Labour in Scotland is like mackerel at back of the fridge lost behind the cans of cola. It was fresh enough when bought, but hasn’t moved much for a while. Now it just stinks.

      Murphy’s role is, using the MSM and BBC, is to serve it up to the Scottish electorate as gravlax.

    23. gillie says:

      A blast from the past.

      House of Commons Early Day Motion;


      Session: 1995-96
      Date tabled: 12.06.1996
      Primary sponsor: Livingstone, Ken

      That this House condemns the intolerant and dictatorial behaviour of the President of the National Union of Students, Mr Jim Murphy, who has unconstitutionally suspended NUS Vice President, Clive Lewis, because he took part, in a personal capacity, in an open debate at Queen Mary and Westfield College on the issues raised by the Campaign for Free Education; further notes that along with President Elect, Douglas Trainer, both men have warned NUS Executive member, Rose Woods, that if she attends the Scottish launch of the Campaign for Free Education she too will be suspended from the NUS Executive; reminds Mr Murphy and Mr Trainer that freedom of speech is a right in the United Kingdom, that they have no power to overturn the results of elections that went against their preferred candidates and that, whilst these methods are a common practice in dictatorships around the world, they are not acceptable behaviour from someone such as Mr Murphy who is putting himself forward as suitable for election to the House of Commons.

    24. pitchfork says:

      Could someone post the full Times article? It seems to be on the Murdoch side of a pay wall.

      Thanks – Chris

    25. desimond says:

      Murphy – “We can either protest against the Tories or we can replace the Tories.”‘

      I thought they already had replaced the Tories?

    26. Derick fae Yell says:

      I need suggestions for a decent station for the weather and traffic in central Scotland.

      Every time I switch on Radio Jockland I nearly crash due to the nauseau at the constant Murphism. Make it stop!

      “Doug Daniel says:Meanwhile, in Aberdeen at least, we have more good candidates than we have seats to put them into.”

      Ditto Ochil and South Perthshire

    27. Macart says:

      Not only do Labour not play well with others, they can’t even keep the peace within their own ranks.

      The amount of repositioning and back stabbing between supposed long standing friendships, partnerships and even family within Labour points to a rot that goes right to the heart of their problem. Politics is a dirty business, God knows, but the level to which your average Labour parliamentarian has sunk today speaks of a party in terminal decline.

      They lost their way, lost their vision, their ideals and their purpose. Ironically they are a party in search of an identity. They simply don’t know who they are anymore. They spent so much time policy hopping, trying to be all things to all men in search of popularity and power, they forgot what they were meant to be doing in the first place. It bread a generation of representatives geared for careerism and electioneering. It forgot to generate politicians who could simply govern effectively with service, conviction and a social conscience foremost in their minds.

      They need to go in May. They simply aren’t fit to represent Scotland’s interests at Westminster.

    28. john j says:

      Listening to ‘Morning Call’on radio Scotland just now. Two conservative voters saying they would be comfortable voting for Jim murphy to keep the ‘left wing’ SNP out.

      Says it all.

    29. Martin Wood says:

      Slightly O/T

      I commented on the Herald article on JIm Murphy and Union Support.
      It has been removed.
      Can anyone have a look at it and tell me why?

      That’s part of the problem… a “left of sorts”.
      The Daily record, Sun and in general all the printed press have been drip feeding a steady diet of “right wing lite” to the UK public for years.
      Endless stories of “benefit scroungers”, “immigrant scroungers”, “you should only get out the system what you put in” messages have slowly corrupted the spirit of the left.
      As Scottish papers are in general owned by UK companies, this corruption has spread out from the Southwest – allowing UKIP to take Labour voters in their droves down in England and surprisingly up here too.
      We now also have the bizarre situation in bye elections where Labour voters support the conservative candidate with their single transferrable vote second choice and vice versa.
      The “left” died in childbirth when it spawned “New Labour” and the “true left” are now reperesented by RIC and to some extent the SNP.
      We have a real problem – and I’m not convinced the press, BBC and Murphy will not manage to pull this off as many Scots are still blind to the steady shift to the right right across the board.

    30. Macart says:

      ‘Bred’, dang it. 😀

    31. Wee Alex says:

      Can we have more of George Foulkes on the radio please.

      If this was Labour past and Murphy is Labour present, what does the future hold?

    32. auldmcintosh says:

      Can I quote from the headline runner on the Beeb news online,
      Quote Prof Curtiss
      ” Part of Jim Murphy’s problem in Scotland is, that pretty much everybody who voted ‘Yes’ in September is now backing the SNP. Around a third of those who voted for Labour in 2010 voted ‘Yes’, and that is the immediate source of Labour’s losses.

      We’ve historically known that there was this big gap in Scottish parliament voting intentions and Westminster voting intentions – people being much more likely to vote for the SNP in the Scottish parliament than in Westminster. That gap has almost disappeared.

      All these things Jim Murphy plans to do – addressing the autonomy of the Scottish party; developing policy for the party within Scotland – all of it is necessary.

      The problem is that it’s probably not going to be sufficient for him to be able to turn things around for the Westminster general election next May, because he needs to persuade people that the offer being made by the Labour party across the UK as a whole is one that they want to have enthusiasm for.”
      Now that’s what a number of us had jeloosed some time ago but neither “Jim” nor his friends and associates have figgered it oot yet.

    33. Andy smith says:

      I thought spud had changed sides and joined one of the pro-independence parties when he stated his intention to make Scotland the fairest country in the world.
      And still there will be voters fooled by a man wi mair faces than the toon clock.

    34. gillie says:

      Really telling that Tory voters in Scotland would vote for Jim Murphy.

    35. Xaracen says:

      “If this was Labour past and Murphy is Labour present, what does the future hold?”

      Labour absent.

    36. proudscot says:

      Is Paul Sinclair a bit miffed that he is not composing the litany of lies, assertions and anti-SNP propaganda, that he used to do as Grimms’ Fairy Tale writer for JoLa?

      Re Murphy, I wonder if he employs the same voice coach as Thatcher once successfully did? You know, the one who advised her to lower her voice to the soft, dulcet tones of the hypnotist. When Murphy drones out his soundbites, he reminds me of Kaa the python in Jungle Book, soporific and creepy in the extreme. “Trussssst in me…”

    37. GrahamB says:

      Did The Times print that photo of the ‘proud Scot’ out of badness or were all the other ones even more excrutiating?

    38. Charles Edward says:

      Creepy murphy does not represent Scottish interests.
      It is good for David Cameron to have an agent in Labour.
      The evil BBC are all over this story like it’s really important.
      The truth is nobody really cares about this ‘charismatic leader’
      Check out how many youtube hits on the epic story of crowning of the egg man.

    39. ronnie anderson says:

      I dont do paywalls, is it possible to archive the Times artical from Sinclair.

    40. donnywho says:

      Is it just me, or does that photo of him look like a young rather better looking Jimmy Saville. Jim’le fix it, Ow no he wont.

    41. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Aye auldmcintosh the following link is to a John Curtice article in the New Statesman:

      Labour will be hardest hit by the collapse of Westminster’s three party system.

      A reasonable article… well worth a read.

    42. Portgowerjim says:

      Surely Deputy Dawgdale is a more fitting appellation!

    43. velofello says:

      Lamont’s failing was that she was prepared to read out the nasty personalised speeches prepared for by Sinclair. Had she refused Labour may have replaced her but she would have her self-esteem intact. Now it seems she is outcast from SLAB, and her standing in public diminished by her behaviour at Holyrood.

      “You are judged by the company you keep”. And with Murphy now IMPOSED as SLAB leader I wonder how many Labour party members will reflect on that saying.

    44. Muscleguy says:


      The Met Office has a website and there are mobile apps from it too. This is the same data the BBC use. I switched some time ago so I don’t have to give the EBC’s servers any more traffic than absolutely and utterly necessary.

    45. donald anderson says:

      For once he is spot on. The Yes campaign on the intellectual argument and the No campaign the numpty vote. Yes, there are a lot of them about.

    46. HandandShrimp says:

      The Norwegian weather site is good and I have found them to be pretty accurate for Scotland (and they do Scotland in detail, just bung your town in).

    47. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      If anybody wants an telling description of the word “excoriate” just read Carolyn Leckie’s exposition of Jim Murphy in today’s National.

    48. Helena Brown says:

      I would be sorry for Lamont, I never rated her as much of a politician but even she finally got a handle on the Labour Party( Scottish Branch) problem. She was too late and a dollar short as they say in the States. She needed to make the Party Scottish and independent, and she needed to take the Party into the YES campaign. Well she did not have the bottle and here is the result.
      Mr Murphy thinks he knows the answer, but his is all flim flam and many many lies. I think he will finally understand in 2017 when they are put to sleep for good.

    49. Jim Mitchell says:

      Let’s start having some fun now that Big Jim has decoded to become Scottish again. remember all the digs we have had to put up with for years about heather, tartan, braveheart, etc? Time to start hurtling them back I think.

      BTW anybody good at drawing cartoons?

    50. fred blogger says: lamont, neil, and massie.
      they didn’t notice the grinding poverty caused by their policies before, they had to be told.
      and it’s all ok now coz they’ve listened, well they say they have for the umpteenth time.

    51. caz-m says:

      Lord Fukcs doesn’t get the irony of what he just said.

      “Jim Murphy won the Eastwood/East Renfrewshire seat from the Tories in 1997 and it is now a Labour stronghold.”

      You only won it because your policies were more right wing than the Tories. Even Thatcher never thought of ATOS or tuition fees.

    52. Doug Daniel says:

      The article in the New Statesman today is just incredible. Jim Murphy has apparently decided that the reason the SNP are so popular, and the reason so many Labour voters voted Yes, is because we all just want to wave flags a bit. Not a massive leap from thinking we’re all Braveheart-obsessed nutters of course, but it’s remarkable how badly they misunderstand the Scottish electorate.

      “How do we win back voters? I know, I’ll go ‘Scotland, Scotland, Scotland, Scotland, Scotland, Scotland.’ That’ll get those flag-waving idiots back on side.”

      I’m just amazed his new principles don’t include “Saying it’s okay to hate the English” and “Drink Irn Bru at all times.” (I’d have said whisky, but a little-known fact about Jim is he’s tee-total. You’d never know, because he never mentions it. He also likes football, apparently.)

    53. Iain says:

      Interesting to hear Duncan Hothersall on Radio Scotland this morning, trying – though sounding a bit desperate, and pleading with his opponent – to boost the Labour Party’s prospects under Murphy’s leadership. A rebirth, a new beginning: how many of these have there been? Of course, Hothersall is only aware of those which have been proclaimed since his arrival in Scotland, but even that smaller number of failures has disenchanted all but the most blinkered and unthinking – or cynical ansd self-serving – supporters.

    54. fred blogger says:

      well he did get to sit on a bus with a very uninterested ed miliband.

    55. GrahamB says:

      Doug Daniel at 11:43
      “… a little-known fact about Jim is he’s tee-total”
      He’s also a vegetarian, which explains his aversion to eggs and why he had to take three days off to recuperate after his ‘egging’.

    56. muttley79 says:

      @Doug Daniel

      It is all eerily reminiscent of the time that Tory horrible Forsyth decided that we did not need a Scottish Parliament, and the return of the Stone of Destiny would do. It is completely crineworthy stuff by Murphy, mind you he is an arch manipulative person so it hardly surprising. Why anybody would be impressed by it is another matter.

    57. Derick fae Yell says:

      Muscleguy & Hand & Shrimp – thanks. Radio Jockland is really beyond the pale at the moment. Just pure propaganda. Seems worse even than it was during the referendum now.

    58. joe kane says:

      CIA Jim seems to have plagiarised Donald Trump’s view of Scottish Heritage and Culture. See The Donald’s video invitation to play on his Scottish golf course at 38 seconds –

    59. Luigi says:

      Jim Murphy, leader of the Scottish Red Tories.

      Soon to be known as:

      The Tartan Tony Blair

    60. Luigi says:

      Derick fae Yell says:

      15 December, 2014 at 12:06 pm

      Muscleguy & Hand & Shrimp – thanks. Radio Jockland is really beyond the pale at the moment. Just pure propaganda. Seems worse even than it was during the referendum now.

      Indeed, and aside from the usual, crude propaganda, there is something different, something more subtle going on. The Red Tories seem to be using the BBC as an information/ marketing tool. How many times have I heard a BBC rep saying:

      “What can Labour do to win back those voters?”

      Actually, they know exactly what they should do, but they are desperately looking for another, unionist way to do it, and the BBC are trying very hard to help them.

    61. joe kane says:

      Haven’t some of the wheels came off CIA Jim’s bandwagon only one or two days in?

      I read that Lord Foulkes of the Vintage Merry Down Cider Company was criticising someone for being a socialist on one of our beloved radio stations this morning. Yet here is the Vice President of the Henry Jackson Society, Agent Jim M, extolling the virtues of socialism in the New Statesman. What’s going on in the Scottish Labour Party, or doesn’t any of its members and supporters know as usual?

    62. No no no...Yes says:

      Luigi 12:07pm

      Jim Murphy , The Tartan Tony Blair

      “I like that”, as Donald Dewar would say.

    63. YESGUY says:

      Never in my life would i believe labour supporters voting tory, but they do just to vote against a “purely Scottish ” party. The hate is a turn off. the double standards a disgrace.

      Labour and tory (small t) both cheeks on the same arse.

    64. annie says:

      Are we in danger of turning Jim Murphy into the hate figure that Labour turned Alex Salmond into, he really dosen’t merit being mentioned in the same breath but Labour will get right behind him just as we got behind Alex.

    65. R-type Grunt says:

      Sinc we heard ad nauseum in the referendum campaign of Alex Salmond’s lack of appeal to female voters it would be interesting to hear how those same women view Murphy. Other than Ian Duncan Smith I can’t think of a creepier creep in politics today. With the obvious exception being Jackie Baillie who, surely, appeals to no-one.

      I’m not talking about physical appearance by the way.

    66. Jamie Arriere says:

      Principle 6] of Murphy’s re-Scottification of Labour

      All Labour speeches must now be accompanied by accordion music with the speaker punctuating his address with “Hyooochs” at each pause.

    67. Ben says:

      Jim Murphy the intellectual. It’s great they think that. The bar for that tag can’t high. A chimpanzee could get a degree if it took nine years.

    68. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      A we coup from JoLa and pals?

      Mind you Sinclair could have added his name to “Intellectual deficit”, considering the bile we wrote for JoLa. Could have easily been scripted by Brian Wilson.

    69. ronald alexander mcdonald says:


      It was a 10 year course in Buggerology!

    70. Lollysmum says:

      For those unable to access the Times article from Paul Sinclair, the gist is here.

    71. John Robertson says:

      Re: the New Statesman article.”
      Three: we will set in stone the total devolution of policy making in devolved areas. Policy will be made in Scotland, for Scotland, by our Scottish Party, putting the needs of Scotland first.
      That means that the “Scottish” Labour party will NOT be autonomous as suggested – it may/will only decide policy that doesn’t matter to the UK Labour party. In reality, nothing really important at all (like Trident, welfare, etc,)! He is relying on on peoples ignorance as to how little is actually devolved!

    72. Fred says:

      Every Xmas has its panto and this morning’s treat from Pacific Quay was a bravura performance by panto-dame, straight from central casting, the Lord Ffoulkes.
      This crew were well warned by AS that topping the bill with the Tories would be their doownfall.
      I always thought that if Lamont bit her tongue she would poison herself but the blame for the vitriol can apparently be laid at this Sinclair’s door.
      We live in interesting times, “Oh yes we do”!

    73. Fred says:

      P.S, phoned the Beeb to ask the Panto Dame if he could solve the biggest mystery in Scottish politics and reveal the SLAB membership. She said she’ll phone back.
      Still waiting.

    74. Wullie says:

      Smurph is

      The Tartan TORY Blair

    75. Mealer says:

      About a third of Labour voters voted YES.They listened to better together,labour the BBC and the daily record and considered what they had to say.Then voted YES for a better Scotland.Is it so surprising that these people,who believe in the benefits of independence,are meaning to vote for a party that supports independence? How will Labour persuade left leaning independence supporters to vote for a unionist party led by a Tory?

    76. HandandShrimp says:

      I still think it is incredible that no one knows how many voted in the leadership election. What sort of democratic process doesn’t tell you how many voted? I’m willing to bet none of the candidates will claim to know the numbers who voted either.

    77. Hoss Mackintosh says:


      I am sure the Labour party are right behind Murph – it is just that around half of them have their daggers and knives concealed – but ready…

    78. velofello says:

      We need to keep highlighting just what Murphy is about, and his iffy past. Carolyn Leckie’s article in today’s National is how to do it. Dare the BBC ignore such a topical article? No doubt they will, and we well recognise the forces opposing us now.

      Murphy out running yesterday wearing a Scotland top is so cringeworthy awful and punters are rightly mocking him. I particularly like the one that places him in a jurrasic (spelling?) background.

      Consider: Murphy’s extended period at university,NUS politics, but no qualification; Vice Pres. of the Henry Jackson Society. A potential spotted early by whoever, then schooled and guided?

      Ed Milliband needs to be more concerned than Nicola Sturgeon.

      And then his brother David, now over in the USA, supported by Murphy in the Labour leadership contest. Don’t tell me brother David is in the Henry Jackson unit too?

    79. heedtracker says:

      The worst thing about the whole unionist shebang, whether its the fraudsters in Pacific Quay, Murphy, Jola, its all just so fucking banal. The banality of teamGBers in Scotland.

    80. Devorgilla says:

      Jim doing the ‘Proud Scot’ thing is counter productive.

      Hasn’t he twigged yet that this is now a term of abuse?

      Many years ago Margo said that whilst she loved Scotland, she wasn’t necessarily proud of Scotland. Because of course she could see many things wrong with Scotland, and it was the wish to put these things right that drove her socialism. I think this speaks for most of us in the indy movement.

      So ‘proud Scots’, like ‘proud Brits’ are folk who see absolutely nothing wrong with the way things are. Because things are going fine for them. They have no critical perspective. They won’t call to account.

    81. Muscleguy says:


      My No, Labour wife likes the man. We were both pleased by his anointing, but for very different reasons. I subsequently appraised her of the YouGov result of 52% Yes and she now despairs of Scottish politics.

      I think we live in Interesting Times. However the election in May turns out I really see no downsides for independence. If the SNP get to be kingmakers or just the third largest party or if the Tories get back in as Craig Murray reckons they will it can all be used to drive more folk to our p.o.v.

      If the Tories win, with or without UKIP, there will be an EU referendum which will be a great opportunity. But just having yet more Tory government will be a really good recruiting sergeant.

      Short of Russell Brand’s revolution I can’t see any other way the British state can appeal to us and stay popular in England. Our two polities appear to be moving further and further apart and mutual incomprehension carries on apace.

    82. Karmanaut says:

      I actually find Jim “At Least it’s not Scotland” Murphy’s comments offensive. He seems to think Scotland is the turd of UK politics. Poor Jim. How humiliating for him it must be to be stuck here when he could be in London, or Europe.

    83. Macca73 says:

      As with the YES campaign the SNP and other parties involved refused to fight dirty hoping that people would see through the lies and vote in favor the more educated they became.

      That momentum only went so far and the swaying vote was the one that was turned so close to the finish line. It might be left to us all to then fight dirty on behalf and expose as much as we can about people like Jim Murphy and others about expenses and education but we must use FACTS that they can’t run away from and not result in petty name calling.

      Remember momentum is still with YES now … it was just slowed so we have to be careful about the battles we pick and choose.

    84. Stoker says:

      Can i just clear up a wee matter, trivial, but it matters.

      JoLa, by the use of certain media language, seems to be credited with the accusation that Slabber is treated as a “branch office.”

      This message is routinely repeated in the media as if it were some huge new revelation by JoLa.

      In the name of clarity i will point out that the reference to Slabber being a “branch office” was used on WOS long before JoLa broke the news.

      Indeed, it was regularly used in wider social circles long before the creation of WOS.

      That is all, as you were, troops!

    85. fred blogger says:

      yes, jim sillars ‘i’m not a proud scot.’ 4mins on, best watch it all imo.

    86. Barontorc says:

      The despicable/ disgraced media will cover for the despicable/despised Murphy and there will be no way into that stage-managed circus.

      The only exposure of murphy-style immorality is for YES politicos to publicly shame him at every opportunity when given broadcast airtime, no matter the fall-out which will come crashing down and in face of an immediate and swift shut-down for such utterance by broadcasters – it has to be done, the gloves must be pulled off now.

      Murphy is so universally disliked and distrusted that little damage will be done to anyone who has a go and that’s the world Murphy has created for himself and his lickspittles – so be it, that’s the new game in town.

    87. Jack Murphy says:

      OT.”Jim Murphy is a real thug.” By the Chaplain to the University of Sunderland.
      Was briefly mentioned on a previous thread.

    88. Robert Kerr says:

      Never trust a man who doesn’t take a dram!

      Keep passing the popcorn!

    89. donald anderson says:

      Reply to HandandShrimp

      Do the Norwegian weather forecasters tweet for the Murph?

    90. Grouse Beater says:

      Labour Branch (Scotland) has reached the inevitable name and shame stage.

      The image is one rather like Chinese authorities telling local officials they failed to represent the needs of villagers and villages in their region, and should beg forgiveness for their omissions from those they ignored.

      Lots of bowing and scraping in the market square before villagers lining up to walk by and stare at them blankly.

      Admonished and told to do better, given a second chance, they promise to do exactly that, yet as soon as official attention moves elsewhere, they’ll go back to theri old ways and not deliver a single improvement for the people they represented for years and lived off.

      However, this time they’ll do it … with humility!

    91. Papadox says:

      We are to be allowed votes for 16/17 year olds, thanks to the ENGLISH Tolly prime minister. Thanks a lot Dave your a great massa and we is good serfs.

      Jimba and the dug are going to convert us to followers of Tony Blair and NEW SLAB ideology, yep Jim your on the pulse, or the whacky baccy or just plain telling porkies again.

      Are you and Tony and Jack straw still working for the CIA, MOSSAD & MI6? You really are a “grafter” Jimba.

    92. Gary says:

      Iraq, troops going back. Lebanon, troops on the qt. Bahrain bases. Fracking stitched up by MPs. All done nice n quiet without a flutter of opposition from ‘The Opposition’ and all kept nice n quiet by the press, for some reason. Still, looks like Theresa May will have something announced about Parliamentary Paedos today, another new Chair? Musical Chairs?? Calls for UK to admit complicity to torture being ignored with utter impunity and, again, the press doesn’t ‘press’ them on it. Strange doings at UKIP where the Treasurer is accused of propositioning a prospective candidate but it turns out they were in a relationship and that she was in the Labour Party and Neil Hamilton accused of acting like an MP only for his replacement to be brought down by a taped phone call. Death, Rape, Blackmail – another day in the wobbly, wobbly world of the Westminster folk…

    93. bookie from hell says:

      REV check this out

      Michael white guardian–slur Police Scotland,protection jim murphy referendum 100 street tour

      “warm yes welcomes” without excessive assistance from Police Scotland, a force which knows who butters its bread nowadays.

    94. R-type Grunt says:

      @ MuscleGuy

      Aye, given what we’ve talked about in the past I’m not entirely surprised at your wife’s opinion.

      Perhaps we could all chip in to send CIA Jim to a more enlightened former colony – like New Zealand. Or somewhere.

    95. Brian Fleming says:

      “author_al says:
      15 December, 2014 at 9:51 am
      Meanwhile Jim Murphy is outlining his plans to be Scottish again. In a speech quoted extensively in the Herald he promised loads of stuff and to do things and get actions auctioned and, well, to be really busy being busy. ‘Urging SNP and Lib Dem voters to back Labour, he added: “We can either protest against the Tories or we can replace the Tories.”‘ Said Jim metaphorically climbing out of Cameron’s bed…Conveniently forgetting that if he had voted Yes not No then the Tories would have vanished anyway. Plonker.”

      But they’ve already replaced the Tories in Scotland. So what’s the Smugurphy’s next big idea? How about going the way of the Tories? Bye bye Jim….

    96. Doug McGregor says:

      It’s very clear that English voters have to vote Labour to protect the Union . If Labour don’t achieve an outright majority in England and have to rely on SNP support then Devomax is a certainty followed shortly by independence. If the Tory/UKIP alliance gets a majority then Scotland will be independent even quicker than as above. So , it’s clear , ENGLAND must vote Labour to save the Union , I think they should be told.

    97. Kev says:

      Haven’t been able to access the article in full but surely for that idiotic smile and stupid wee wave at the camera, Murphy, at the very least deserved to be tripped-up. I am comforting myself by imagining that he was, and on some occasions he crashes through the barrier and in he goes, and as everyone walks by unconcerned, it only seems to be the BBC staff trying in vain to rescue him…the tosser

    98. turnip_ghost says:

      Apologies for going off topic but I’ve just been reading an article about the leaked phonecall from that UKIP bloke on the Daily Mail website (I know, I know, forgive me!) and an interesting picture is being used for Neil Hamilton in which he is holding a poster that says “Love Britain. Vote UKIP.”

      Wasn’t there the widespread use of “Love Scotland. Vote No.”…? Which one came out first…because that would NOT bode well for BT using a UKIP slogan much like Brown using “British job’s for British workers”

      (I’ve tweeted the picture to you Rev) but here’s a link

    99. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’ve been trawling through the old record collection and found an old punk track I thought pertinent. I know you’re not a fan of folk posting poetry or song lyrics Rev., but I think most of your readers will appreciate me not posting the audio. 😉

      Black Flag – “Rise Above”

      Jealous cowards try to control
      Rise above! We’re gonna rise above!
      They distort what we say
      Rise above! We’re gonna rise above!
      Try and stop what we do
      Rise above! We’re gonna rise above!
      When they can’t do it themselves
      Rise above! We’re gonna rise above!

      We are tired of your abuse
      Try to stop us; it’s no use!

      Society’s arms of control
      Rise above! We’re gonna rise above!
      Think they’re smart; can’t think for themselves
      Rise above! We’re gonna rise above!
      Laugh at us behind our backs
      Rise above! We’re gonna rise above!
      I find satisfaction in what they lack
      Rise above! We’re gonna rise above!

      We are tired of your abuse
      Try to stop us; it’s no use!

      We are tired of your abuse
      Try to stop us; it’s no use!

      We are born with a chance
      Rise above! We’re gonna rise above!
      I am gonna have my chance
      Rise above! We’re gonna rise above!
      We are born with a chance
      Rise above! We’re gonna rise above!
      And I am gonna have my chance
      Rise above! We’re gonna rise above!

      We are tired of your abuse
      Try to stop us; it’s no use!

      Rise above!
      Rise above!
      Rise above!
      We’re gonna rise above!
      We’re gonna rise above!
      We’re gonna rise above!

    100. robertknight says:

      Enter stage right the Right Honourable James Francis Murphy, MP, in his coat of many colours; red/white/blue one minute, just white/blue the next.

      The Labour Party’s North Britain Branch is surely saved…

    101. CameronB Brodie says:

      Was PIE created as a ‘honey-trap’?

    102. Footsoldier says:

      Has Ed Miliband now lost control of the British Labour Party or we no longer Better Together?

    103. author_al says:

      Sat in Sainsburys with the newspapers scattered about. All proclaiming Spud Murphy’s cry that he will make decisions not Ed Miliband. “I consult no one on the issues that are devolved in Scotland…” Er, Jim, thanks to you and your red tories there are sod all devolved laws. Which means you won’t be making many decisions…as usual. Flakier than a puff pastry pie.

    104. Clydebuilt says:

      I’m Voting SNP
      The BBC Told Me To Vote Labour

    105. Cadogan Enright says:

      It’s probably only safe to mock the plans of Ó Murchú in the context of the Scottish media/BBC being either capable or willing to do minimal analysis and a touch of humour at such obvious falsehood as he becomes more Scottish than the Scottish themselves.
      However, the BBC is committed to the Ó Murchú and Labour cause.

      I imagine himself and Milliband are chortling over perrier in the members bar over the gullibility of the Scottish and have complete confidence the extraordinary willingness of the BBC to play along with the fraud.

    106. Rock says:

      The BBC will sort it out for them by May.

    107. alexicon says:

      Jack Murphy says:

      OT.”Jim Murphy is a real thug.” By the Chaplain to the University of Sunderland.

      That’s the sort of thing that should be printed out and put through every door in his constituency.
      Along with all the other nasty things he has done.

    108. Bob Mack says:

      Intellectual deficit in Scottish Labour ? I think that bar is set too high for the likes of James Kelly.

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