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The greater good

Posted on April 18, 2020 by

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1911 to “The greater good”

  1. Col.Blimp IV says:

    That last comment addressed to Breeks was related to his post @ 7.28 AM

  2. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Ian B at 9:44 pm.

    You asked,
    “Blinkin blimeyness! – this thread is going to go 1000+ – when was the last time that happened?”

    Not so long ago…

  3. jfngw says:

    The bad news is if the FT numbers of over 40,000 deaths are correct, we are hardly half way through the first wave, the number of deaths are going to be horrendous.

    The original number from England’s CMO of 20,000 being a good result is starting to look like a sick joke. Why are these people still in a position of authority as the scientific experts, they have been a disaster. Their names will go down in the history of infamous failures, although I suspect they will end up with knighthoods.

  4. Gary45% says:

    Scot Finlayson@9.25
    No prize needed, my wife was just doing her job, although as a doctor for 36 years she got a cheap metal pin badge when she retired, our local postie got more recognition from the post office for either 20 or 25 years service. He felt sorry for her and bought her a retirement card.

  5. dakk says:

    ‘I suspect they will end up with knighthoods.’

    I could be wrong, but I think it was the CSO Peter Vallence who lied about the 20000.He is already a Sir,so a peerage will await.

    1% of 60 to 80% of 63000000 was never going to be 20000 lockdown or no lockdown.

    One thing I do know, the british are just not up to dealing with this.

    Good at warmongering, killing and stealing from other countries.

    But not protecting their own people from genuine threats.

    Lack of some cheap paper suits and plastic visors visors was all it took to show them up.

  6. John D says:

    @ Ian B 10:07pm. Cheers bud.

    Anyone remember Captain Sensible , from the band The Damned and of the hit single Happy Talk ?
    Did you know he was given his Sensible moniker due to the fact he was an absolute bam with very little sense about him !

  7. CameronB Brodie says:

    Decades of consumerist disposable capitalism has impaired our cultural ability to properly value authentic integrity. Constitutional practice that is compatible with the Natural Law is what you want to adopt if you want to sort that out.

    Culture: by the brain and in the brain?


    Since the 1990s, several disciplines have emerged at the interface between neuroscience and the social and human sciences. For the most part, they aim at capturing the commonalities that underlay the heterogeneity of human behaviors and experiences.

    Neuroanthropology and cultural neuroscience, or the “neurodisciplines of culture,” appear different, since their goal is to understand specificity rather than commonality and to address how cultural differences are inscribed in the brain. After offering an overview of these disciplines, and of their relation to endeavors such as cultural psychology and social neuroscience, this article discusses some of the most representative studies in the area in order to explore in which ways they are relevant for an understanding of culture.

    Key words: culture; cultural neuroscience; neuroanthropology; neuroimaging; neuroscience

  8. Still Positive says:


  9. Still Positive says:

    Testing again.

  10. jfngw says:

    @Still Positive

    Are you isolating yet.

  11. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Still Positive

    What are you?

    A Testicle?

    If so, you have come to the right place – There are plenty of Bawbags here.

  12. jfngw says:


    I had a feeling that could be the case but I couldn’t be bothered looking it up, i think the point stands despite the facts. There will be no one held to account for the shambles, well nobody from the upper echelons anyway.

  13. Still Positive says:

    The last time I was out the house was at my youngest grandchild’s birthday party on the 14th March.

  14. Effijy says:

    I remember Capt Sensible very well.
    His real name was Ray Burns and was
    A regular visitor to his Scottish Aunt.

    Incidental he formed the Blah Party! Really.
    He identified politics needed a rebel party to
    Challenge the corrupt establishment.

    Wonder if membership is still available?

  15. Still Positive says:

    Yes I am isolating since the 14th March when I was at my youngest grandchild’s birthday celebrations.

  16. CameronB Brodie says:

    Still Positive
    I hope you and all you are close to are well and keeping it together.

    Culture, Neurobiology, and Human Behavior: New Perspectives in Anthropology

    Our primary goal in this article is to discuss the cross-talk between biological and cultural factors that become manifested in the individual brain development, neural wiring, neurochemical homeostasis, and behavior. We will show that behavioral propensities are the product of both cultural and biological factors and an understanding of these interactive processes can provide deep insights into why people behave the way they do.

    This interdisciplinary perspective is offered in an effort to generate dialog and empirical work among scholars interested in merging aspects of anthropology and neuroscience, and anticipates that biological and cultural anthropology converge. We discuss new theoretical developments, hypothesis-testing strategies, and cross-disciplinary methods of observation and data collection.

    We believe that the exigency of integrating anthropology and the neurosciences is indisputable and anthropology’s role in an emerging interdisciplinary science of human behavior will be critical because its focus is, and has always been, on human biological and cultural systems.

  17. jfngw says:

    @Still Positive

    I haven’t seen my children or grandchildren since the 7th March, I’m not isolating but visiting the supermarket once a week is now the highlight of the week and to be honest it’s not that exciting.

    Have the odd walk but walking around Cambuslang is hardly the most picturesque environment and it’s a bit hilly.

  18. Still Positive says:

    Thanks Cameron. So far we are all fine. Although I don’t know about my eldest son in Surrey whose wife is a nurse specialising in geriatrics so a bit worried about them.

  19. dakk says:

    ‘There will be no one held to account for the shambles, well nobody from the upper echelons anyway’


    Infact they are already working on how it will be presented as a victory of stiff upper lip fortitude.

    The midget sodja rolled out at todays 5 o’clock briefing was evidence of that.

  20. CameronB Brodie says:

    ‘There will be no one held to account for the shambles, well nobody from the upper echelons anyway’

    That is more than likely, as the moral psychology of Westminster and Whitehall hasn’t evolved much since the days of empire.

    Mind, brain, law and culture

  21. CameronB Brodie says:

    And that’s a serious problem for Scotland.

    Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights in International Law: Contemporary Issues and Challenges

  22. Ayeright says:

    Professor John Ashton former regional director for public health in NW England tells the truth, he doesn’t hold back in saying it like it is. We need more of the likes of this guy to speak out and expose this government’s ineptitude.

    They cannot be trusted, so don’t trust a word the lying BBC tell you.

  23. dakk says:


    Think he was on QT just about 6 weeks ago and yes he called it all out.

    Hasn’t been seen since.

  24. Ayeright says:


    Yes, he was on Question Time, he says it in the video and tells of how other members of the panel tried to ridicule him on the program. They don’t look so smart now though.

  25. Chic McGregor says:

    ” Their names will go down in the history of infamous failures, although I suspect they will end up with knighthoods.”

    Karl Pearson was offered a knightood.

  26. Ayeright says:

    The usual Tories on here are all lying low. Same as Johnson.

  27. CameronB Brodie says:

    I’ve suggested science does to Tories what salt does to slugs. Philosophy works just as well. 😉

    Democracy and the Challenge of the Rules of Law in Developing Democratic Society

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    From the fore-going, the focus of this paper shall not be adhered or centered on the definition of democracy alone but rather on the essence and significance of the rule of law on which the practice of democracy as a political ideology and system stands and rests.

    Meaning that, it is to thematize that without an implementation of a functional rule of law, such democratic system becomes a sham and pointless. And for proper insight of this paper, therefore, its methodology shall be purely expository, critical and analytical. This idea and ideal of the rule of law in any democratic society, if given a priority will portray good governance in human society.

    Democracy, law, the rule of law, democratic society, ideals.

  28. John D says:

    Aye , sensible was punk. I was at primary about to start grammar school then about. For me one band and one track stood out .

    Something Better Change

    Grammatical play on those three words more than match the much later Eats Shoots and Leaves .

    Independence for Scotland is for the people of Scotland and no political party will ever control that. The acceptance that we are upsetting the progeny of the globes most successful line of sociopathic doctrine will neither deter them or us .
    The porters lodge hope their service may offer protection to them in contrast to our secure knowledge .
    Let’s not be too hard on the travails of the SNP and their dealings as the UKers devolved administration. How would any of us cope with that ?
    The dissolution of the UKers in this final stand is THE global event beyond more than it should be . Wether we face the Great Leap Forward or not is yet to be decided.

  29. John D says:

    One question to any of the UKers skulking here.
    When you claim that the Scots voted in 2014 to remain under UKers control. Aside from that being factually incorrect.You are aware that the proportion of English in Scotland is about the proportion of Scots in the UK , yes ? That the near million Scots living in England had no vote , yes?
    Living in the south of England most of my acquaintances and friends are English but the bigotry of the UKers on here is not representative of most English. They are an ever decreasing and vulnerable kind , and all the more dangerous therefore.
    To be a better person , nah , fuck that . To be a more family friendly type I am trying to avoid the use of apt terminology for cunts being cunts . It is a trait that I didn’t have buggered into me at the great expense of my parents.

  30. Willie says:

    And so the utter shambles of a belligerent Brexit Government wilfully failing to participate in the EU medical equipment procurement initiative still rumbles on as the Government twist and turn the history of events.

    We never received the email. It was a communication mix up. It was a political decision not to join says the top civil servant, only for him 12 hours later for him to retract the statement in a 180 degree about turn to say he was mistaken

    So what is it then for a country struggling to have enough PPE. What is it for a country that’’s government published mass advertising to say that they were well prepared when they were not.

    Liars, liars, lists. Murderous liars. That’s what.

    And so at the expense of cut and paste from today’s Independent, here is a history of how there was a communication mix up, how the Government never received an email, and how there was no political decision by a government focussed on Brexit not to participate.

    The timeline of the episode shows how the government handled the situation:
    4 February
    British officials attended a meeting in Brussels during which the European Commission said it was ready to help organise the bulk-buying medical equipment using the power of the single market.
    2 March
    British officials attended another EU meeting where the commission’s health department said 20 EU countries were ready to join such a scheme for personal protective equipment.
    13 March
    British officials attended another meeting where EU officials discussed the addition of ventilators to the procurement scheme.
    17 March
    A spokesperson for the commission confirms in public when asked by journalists whether the UK is able to take part in the procurement scheme.
    19 March
    The prime minister Boris Johnson is urged by British politicians to join the scheme. In Brussels, the UK takes part in another meeting on joint procurement
    24 March
    Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, announces publicly that the commission’s joint procurement initiative had generated “concrete offers of considerable scale at short notice” to supply surgical masks, overalls, goggles, and face shields.
    26 March
    Asked in the morning why the UK isn’t taking part in the scheme, a Downing Street spokesperson says: “We are no longer members of the EU.” Boris Johnson is accused off being “ideological” for not taking part.
    Later in the evening the prime minister’s spokesperson tells Westminster journalists that in fact, a communication error meant the UK had missed the invitation to participate in the scheme
    29 March
    Asked why the government did not join the scheme, cabinet minister Michael Gove tells The Andrew Marr Show “there is nothing that we can’t do as an independent nation that being part of that scheme would have allowed us to do” adding that there was “communication confusion”.
    10 April
    Matt Hancock tells a Downing Street briefing the UK is working hard opening new supply lines for protective equipment around the world to fill a shortage.
    12 April
    The extended deadline for putting orders in the latest round of the EU’s equipment procurement scheme. The UK has placed no orders.
    14 April
    Cabinet minister Therese Coffey seems to suggest not going the scheme was a deliberate decision, telling LBC radio: “The government has made an assessment that by joining the schemes, it wasn’t going to make any particular difference.”
    21 April
    The Foreign Office’s top civil servant Sir Simon McDonald tells MPs he briefed ministers about the options and that they made a “political decision” not to join the scheme.
    Later in the afternoon, Matt Hancock tells a daily press briefing “as far as I’m aware there was no political decision not to participate in that scheme … we are now members of that scheme”.
    Following the briefing by the health secretary, Sir Simon writes to MPs to retract what he told them.
    22 April
    Contrary to what Matt Hancock said the day before, EU officials tell The Independent: “They are not participating in any of the existing schemes but they have indicated that they would be open to participating in any future schemes.” In Brussels, a Commission spokesperson refers to the meetings the EU attended and says there was “ample opportunity” to join. At a briefing in Westminster, a Downing Street spokesperson says “nobody” leant on Sir Simon to get him to retract his report to MPs.
    Follow The Independent
    The Independent

  31. John D says:

    Aye Willie, but imagine.
    You have nearest and dearest. Someone kills some of them and tells you they will kill the rest if you continue to upset them . Would you carry on regardless ? An extreme what if , but what if .
    I’m typing this in the early hours after a pleasant walk under the night sky . How does that question feel in the midday sunlight without any other change.
    In the real politik we are dealing with genocidal opposition. It is a tact for them that is understandably very effective. It still makes me think despite the handful of dead I knew , despite being left for dead myself ,and because of the few I still so care for.

  32. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Everyone having a long lie?

  33. Col.Blimp IV says:

    That would be “business as usual” for the Unionists.

  34. Republicofscotland says:

    Looks like Scotland might not come out of the lock down before England, the trigger point being that the English Treasurer Rushi Sunak is refusing to give a cast iron agreement that Scottish busninesses will receive support if they come out of lock down earlier.

    Alister Jack, you remember him, also said that the UK shoukd exit lock down together, but what does he know, he’s a London puppet.

    Sturgeon has intimated that if things go well Scotland might take another route from England and exit the lock down earlier. I suppose the difficulty is the timing get it right, and Scotlands economy can restart, get it wrong, and we could see a resurgents in the virus.

  35. Effijy says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Piers Morgan on Breakfast news
    As he had been outright rude, unjustifiably, to our First Minister.

    I’ve actually looked forward each morning to his spot interviewing
    A Tory Cabinet Minister.
    He rips them apart with Corona Stats that they have no idea about and
    As. They attempt to use their rehearsed waffle technics he just cuts them off.

    Here are the Tory standard lines used when the facts reveal their incompetence.

    We have ramped everything up! This means they are doing slightly more than the nothing that preceded it.

    We have delivered over 1 billion bits of PPE Kit. Perhaps but it means little if you are 1 Billion short.

    We have used Scientists? We’ll bin them and use Germany’s Scientists who know their business.

    This is unprecedented! Yes and that applies to the entire planet so why are you proving to be the least capable of dealing with it.

    We are all in this together? Well can you give me a list of the Tory MPs who are face to face with very sick Corona victims daily and who have to do so Daily.
    Can you name any fatalities from all those MPs- No.
    Can Scotland but from the same English PPE manufacturers -No.

    We have been working very hard? ( No you haven’t! None of you look tired or stressed)

    Britain has that Dunkirk spirit through all this.
    Agreed. Dunkirk where we were being beaten and thousands died and the Scots were cast off
    and left behind. It then took individual members of the public to try and save the government.

    Unless Scotland fights for independence we will have these Tory terrorists running roughshod
    Over our nation for at least 10 years.

    I’ll give credit to Morgan who has held more Tories to account than the Labour Party has over
    The last 10 years.

    Sir Keir looks comfortable snuggling up to his brothers in Blue.

  36. Colin Alexander says:

    The site has become Wings Over Covid-19, so that’s why I’m no posting comments.

  37. Breeks says:

    Col.Blimp IV says:
    23 April, 2020 at 9:49 am
    Everyone having a long lie?

    Website was down for me earlier. Couldn’t find the database or something…

  38. Republicofscotland says:

    What to make of this genuine concern for our wellbeing or Covid-19 bill restrictions of our civil rights.

    Englands chief medical advisor, Professir Chris Whitty, has said we could have restrictions, of some sort in place until December 2021.

    Now call me an old cynic but I certainly don’t agree with that, especially with the Scottish elections coming up next year, one wonders will they be postponed until 2022. Of course I’m hoping thing are a bit better in Scotland by then and we’ve eased ourself out of the lock down.

    However, we need to be careful, but I fear the UK government might in the end, abuse the powers of the Covid-19 bill.

  39. jackie says:

    Good to hear this morning that the english economy is crashing.

    The bastards have run down Scotland and her people for centuries,,, thinking of us as useless, worthless scrounging bastards,,well welcome to the club england.

    Small independent nations rich in natural resources will come out of this crisis far quicker than a lumbering, skint giant who pruduces fuck all (england).

    So do I feel sorry for the bastards of england or their economy,,,like fuck I do.

    This is why whoever the leader of the Independence movenent is, they should be constantly talking up the advantages of Scotland being an independent nation.

    Which takes us back to our Unionist Devolutionist leader Nicola Sturgeon,,,she just had to go,,,long before the Scottish elections next year.

  40. Republicofscotland says:

    So the British states main propaganda channel the BBC has apologised for being found out. Its 6pm news bulletin programme incorrectly doubled Scotlands carehome deaths from last week, showing a huge chart behind the news presenter with the large numbers 651 on it in bright red.

    Lets not kid ourselves the Covid-19 virus and its terrible consequences are being used against us in this endless propaganda war to cower Scots, and stop them from seeking independence.

  41. CameronB Brodie says:

    The SNP is still a perfectly viable vehicle for the cause of independence. All they need do is find leadership that respects the rule-of-law, and punt all the woke-nats. Somehow I don’t see that happening, as the woke-nats appear to have control of party policy.

    Woke-nats are ideologically incapable of defending a legal respect for difference. You do the maths.

  42. dakk says:

    Klm flight from Gla to Ams just took off.

    Not seen that for few weeks.

  43. jackie says:

    But don’t worry world,,,england is going to save us. As the world cowers in a corner, english scientists will find a cure that will save the Universe.

    Typical english propaganda, announce the news that they and they alone are the only country in the whole wide world searching for this miracle vaccine.

    We are not fuckin worthy england.

    And not that I could watch 24 hours a day of Sky News or BBC News, but I know that all the news you would hear will be about all things fuckin english,,, nothing about Scotland, Wales or N Ireland.

    And we are meant to just sit back and accept this as being somehow normal.

    Like Belgium would accept 24 hours a day of French News or Sweden would accept 24 hours a day of Norwegian News.

    If only we had a true Scots leader who would stand up and fight back against our Colonial masters.

    That won’t happen until Sturgeon is replaced.

  44. CameronB Brodie says:

    Pragmatism must be guided by the natural law if it wants to remain ethical. Otherwise, pragmatism turns rather nasty (see Brexit).

    What Difference Does Anti-Foundationalism Make to Political Theory?

    Beginning as one of Nietzsche’s “unpopular opinions,” 1 anti-foundationalism has become ever popular in the modern academy. Stanley Fish, one of the foremost anti-foundationalists, surveys the breadth of its current appeal.

    [T]he anti-foundationalist argument . . . has been made in a variety of ways and in a variety of disciplines: in philosophy by Richard Rorty, Hilary Putnam, W. V. Quine; in anthropology by Clifford Geertz and Victor Turner; in history by Hayden White; in sociology by the entire tradition of the sociology of knowledge and more recently by the ethnomethodologists; in hermeneutics by Heidegger, Gadamer, and Derrida; in the general sciences of man by Foucault; in the history of science by Thomas Kuhn; in the history of art by Michael Fried; in legal theory by Philip Bobbit and Sanford Levinson; in literary theory by Barbara Hernstein Smith, Walter Michaels, Steven Knapp, John Fekete, Jonathan Culler, Terry Eagleton, Frank Lentricchia, Jane Tompkins, Stanley Fish, and on and on. 2

    Anti-foundationalism has most frequently been aligned with pragmatism. 3 Indeed in its contemporary expression, the philosophical lessons of pragmatism are the lessons of anti-foundationalism: As situationally and contextually bound, we cannot obtain a warrant for certitude about our beliefs by basing them on transcendental or metaphysical entities.

    Of course, this position is not an epistemological claim that there are no transcendental or metaphysical entities – though it does include a criticism of philosophical positions that lay claim to incorrigibility. For there can be no judgment which is immutable, impervious to changes in context or our description of context. 4 Rather, the truth of a judgment is always susceptible to such changes. Hence, although we can and do make determinate ethical and political judgments, there can be no decontextualized or nonsituational way of doing so….

  45. Golfnut says:

    @ Col.Blimp IV

    Everyone having a long lie ?

    Nope, painting the garage door.

  46. K1 says:

    Better than Wings over Coco.

  47. robbo says:

    Now if you thought Trump was a wiz kid,have a look at this dumb fuck.

  48. Golfnut says:

    Guardian story regarding UK PPE shambles. Private company, Movianto, U.S. healthcare Corp, used by UK gov for Storage of UK emergency PPE? Seems to be changing hands regularly, U.S. to German to French? Where does SCCL ( private company fully owned by .uk gov) fit into this. If it was set up to bring PPE procurement under one management function, why are health trusts not not using SCCL, why are potential suppliers not being directed to SCCL, instead of being ignored. Why are health trusts bidding for for PPE. Why was SCCL not involved immediately with the Joint EU PPE procurement project. Did SCCL source UK manufactured PPE for the UK gov to sell overseas. What the hell is going on?

  49. Colin Alexander says:

    Got some words of wisdom off the telly for the indy movement:

    “There’s no youthful energy and talent that age and treachery cannot overcome”.

  50. Breeks says:

    CameronB Brodie says:
    23 April, 2020 at 10:38 am
    The SNP is still a perfectly viable vehicle for the cause of independence. All they need do is find leadership that respects the rule-of-law, and punt all the woke-nats. Somehow I don’t see that happening, as the woke-nats appear to have control of party policy.

    Woke-nats are ideologically incapable of defending a legal respect for difference. You do the maths…

    I agree with that… but I think what we’re looking at is the “Joanna Cherry” factor…

    When I say the SNP needs Joanna Cherry more than Joanna Cherry needs the SNP, I mean it quite literally.

    To test the legitimacy of ’Brexit by colonial subjugation’ surely comes down to the initiative of an individual lawyer who is resolved to test a legal argument. The ‘mandate’ which would spawn such a test case comes from the act of unlawful colonial subjugation that runs contrary to the Constitution, and is thus unlawful. The law deals in absolutes, not ephemeral democratic opinion.

    Hence, in my opinion, Joanna Cherry doesn’t need the SNP, nor indeed any democratic mandate, to bring down the 1707 Treaty of Union. It is the illegality of Brexit which mandates a legal challenge to the Treaty of Union.

    So, to the SNP needing Joanna?… Well yes. Because right now, the SNP is hamstrung by Section 30 of their devolved constitution, and with strategic policy riven between the bizarre fiefdoms of the Wokists, Devolutionists, deluded gradualists, and “Get Alex Salmond” Conspirators, and apparently Nicola Sturgeons coterie of “pals”… which sounds terribly complicated, but the Venn Diagram would I think be very revealing in it’s simplicity.

    Frankly, and bluntly, I have great difficulty seeing the SNP under Sturgeon “somehow” evolving into the revolutionary initiative which brings down the accursed Union. There is no hunger in their eyes no ambition in their hearts, and perhaps worst of all, no potency or innovation whatsoever in their Section 30 wild goose chase.

    ALL of this has to change, but it won’t change under Sturgeon’s watch because it’s Sturgeon’s leadership which has created all of this hindrance and exasperation.

    A bigger question to ask is what is wrong with the SNP rank and file, who see the same events and incongruity as I do, but then draw alarming conclusions which I find bizarre and truly unfathomable. At what point did you all give up?

    I have posed the question, time and time again, for those who espouse the Sturgeon Section 30 route, to explain how a democratic referendum is apparently undone by having it’s constitutional parameters properly scrutinised under a rigorous constitutional lens. What is there to lose? To proceed solely on a sovereign Section 30 ticket “lent” to you by Westminster, means you are already acting as if the potency of sovereignty is already a lost principle. You are preparing to fight on the very principle you have just surrendered. Some of us out here in the cold just see that as reckless blindfolded stupidity.

    Just do one thing! Plan A. Defend the Constitution of our nation, do it robustly, and you will establish three things:

    First, that the sovereign will of the Scottish people cannot be overruled.

    Second, the result of ANY Scottish referendum will stand as a sovereign edict. Fk Section 30 of the Scotland Act. The entire Scotland Act is a colonial beachhead for Westminster’s perennial ambition to rule Scotland.

    Third, Scotland’s involuntary Brexit is unconstitutional, democracy-busting subjugation, contrary to International Law, and Which breaks the 1707 Act of Union Treaty to it’s demise. The UK is thus a broken concept, which does not warrant international recognition. Scotland and England are thus recognised, in law, as separate constitutional sovereignties because the Treaty which joined them was unilaterally broken.

    So, for all the pro Nicola SNP folk… Please explain to me why you would deny all of this, leave the UK Constitution untested and unresolved as Brexit steadily disappears in the rear view mirror, and wait indefinitely for Nicola Sturgeon to play her lousy poker hand when everybody knows a joker and two queens, doesn’t beat a Section 30 full house.

    Seriously. I’m asking you a direct question from the heart. Please, join the fkg dots for me. I can’t work it out. You’d throw away certain constitutional victory and then… bleughhhh… See? You’ve already lost me…

    Can we rewind back to the bit just before you throw away certain victory… let’s go back to the bit where Westminster cannot overrule the will of Scotland… That’s the watershed event. That is the fulcrum which tipped the game our way.

  51. Breeks says:

    Golfnut says:
    23 April, 2020 at 11:46 am
    @ Col.Blimp IV

    Everyone having a long lie ?

    Nope, painting the garage door.

    Ha ha ha! Saltires? Or anarchy symbols and Trash-Polka graffiti? 😉

  52. Colin Alexander says:

    With marches seemingly going to be banned for a significant length of time,

    Should AUOB be looking for a new way of promoting independence?

    eg. High profile court cases in support of Scotland’s sovereignty?

    My view is that AUOB have been the greatest success – possibly the only one- in the last two years. But like us all, they need to adapt.

    Question: Should AUOB fund high profile pro-indy, pro-sovereignty court cases or campaign by other means until marches can resume?

    If even a few thousand marchers contributed how much they would spend going on marches, it could raise quite a significant legal fund to challenge forced withdrawal from the UK.

    Win or lose the cases, it would highlight Scotland’s cause.

  53. CameronB Brodie says:

    Joanna Cherry appears to be pointing in the right direction, but she’s still playing British constitutionalism. Without regard to international law, Scotland is relying on constitutional law to undo itself. That simply won’t happen.

    What about AUOB collecting signatures to petition the ECJ regarding the abuse of our human rights?

  54. North chiel says:

    “ Breeks @ 1219 pm “ . Agree entirely with Breeks that breaches of “ Treaty of Union “ holds the key to our Independence . The fact that the “ sovereign people of Scotland” voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU ( and the fact that a major plank of the NO Campaign prior to the 2024 vote was that a NO vote would see us REMAIN in the EU makes the 2014 vote surely “ unsafe”), and presumably this withdrawal Bill was “signed off” by a Head of State/ monarch “ wearing a sovereign SCOTTISH crown “supposedly representing the will of the sovereign people of Scotland, must surely breach the Union treaty ?
    Also , how on earth can the “ Union Parliament” devolve powers to a “ subsidiary “SCOTTISH Parliament without the exact same powers an PR voting system to an exactly equivalent subsidiary English Parliament ? This surely too must render the Treaty of Union breached ?
    Surely legal challenges should be initiated ASAP as regards these breaches ? Followed by an independence vote at the next Holyrood election ( it could be a win/win whatever the outcome of these legal challenges )ahead of an Independence vote?

  55. wullie says:

    We the Scottish people being soveriegn were never consulted in any way shape or form in the run up to 1707 and the creation of the union.
    That the people were sovereign but were never consulted to me this makes not only the union of 1707 illegal, but any event that has taken place since that time.

  56. Republicofscotland says:

    BBC news reporting that Scotlands FM talks about eventually easing the lock down. With the words “But now is not the time”

    Surely a backhanded dig at Scottish independence, using May’s language. As I said upstream, this virus is being used as propaganda tool by unionist media.

  57. CameronB Brodie says:


  58. I heard a chap in the,pub saying,,that those who voted no in 2014 were more likely to catch the corona virus as they are easily taken in???

  59. callmedave says:

    FM says:

    “Discuss with WM reserved matters including ‘border controls'”

    My eyebrow raised and my ears pricked up!
    Seems to me the envelope might be getting pushed at long last.
    Hope so!

    Laura Kuenssberg asks first question for big Auntie BBC tells me that somethings afoot with poor Glenn for shortbread a poor 4th.

    Encouraged but we will see.

  60. callmedave says:

    The Sun implying that WM might not cough up any money if Scotland lockdown remains longer than England & Wales.
    Has the FM discussed this with WM?

    Hey!….. FM gets a bit tetchy there 🙂


    Maybe Scotland’s lockdown rules will change first who knows.

    Another belter.
    Will the FM cancel Christmas?

  61. Republicofscotland says:

    “We the Scottish people being soveriegn were never consulted in any way shape or form in the run up to 1707 and the creation of the union.”

    Indeed Wullie, it was 313 years ago yesterday, the 22nd of April that the ancient Parliament of Scotland adjourned for the last time.

    Lord Godolphin the English Treasurer handed out over £20,000 pounds to lower members of the Scottish Parliament, with the purpose of inducing them to sign their countries rights away to England.

    The vile Treaty of Union was signed in the cellar of the house 177 High street facing the Tron church away from prying eyes, and the baying mobs above in the streets, who knew their country had been sold out.

  62. jackie says:

    Call me Dave 1.16pm

    I think the “border controls” Sturgeon was on about was UK border controls,,,not Scotland/England border controls.

    As in, people coming in from abroad.

    I think.

  63. Papko says:

    What aboutAUOB marching to the berry fields to aid Scotland’s stricken economy?

  64. jackie says:

    Breeks is Wings very own “deep thinkers”

    He puts into words what a lot of us are thinking

    A very unique talent and surely a candidate for a Yes Party list vote MSP in next year’s Scottish elections

  65. callmedave says:


    Point noted:
    That should be done without doubt in Scottish airports and sea ports.

    I was hoping for more relating to ‘that land border’. 🙂

  66. Ian Brotherhood says:

    We’re all fuckin sick of it, aye. But if enough of us get scunnered then we stop asking basic questions – they don’t get much more basic than what’s covered below.

    ‘…the data is right there and it is separate from the narrative which never references the data and the data never references the narrative…’

  67. bipod says:

    I see that nicola is finally starting to acknowledge that the economic damage caused by the lockdown is going to cause more damage than the virus.

    There is no evidence at all that a total economic lockdown, like this, has anything effect on the outcomes of corona virus. There are plenty of examples of countries around the world that have implemented a less strict lockdown and have had lower rates of infections and death. The governments scientific advisers are not infallible, they have in fact been consistently wrong throughout this crisis, just look at the now widely panned imperial college study which was the basis for the uk govs u-turn, or the we don’t need mass testing position they had back in march.

  68. Col.Blimp IV says:

    relating to ‘that land border

    A 150Km long 50m wide no mans land with coils of razor wire, land-mines and poisonous snakes, flanked by a moat filled with crocodiles and overlooked by a 5m high wall with strategically placed floodlight and machine-gun towers should do the trick.

  69. Dan says:

    Col.Blimp IV says: at 2:16 pm

    relating to ‘that land border

    A 150Km long 50m wide no mans land with coils of razor wire, land-mines and poisonous snakes, flanked by a moat filled with crocodiles and overlooked by a 5m high wall with strategically placed floodlight and machine-gun towers should do the trick.

    Sounds like a lot of work and expense, could we no just get John Smeaton?

  70. CameronB Brodie says:

    There is no doubt our civil liberties are currently at risk, but so is global health. Not all nations are institutionally or ideologically capable of coping with covid (see Westminster).

    The simplest way you can extend your life expectancy, is to never trust a Tory.

    Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe
    Chapter 1 Public Health Ethics: Global Cases, Practice, and Context

  71. Colin Alexander says:

    CameronB Brodie

    This one is for you:

    “Coronavirus: The First Big Test of Behavioral Science”.

    It was written on 11/03/2020.

    Don’t forget the youtube clip on the page.

  72. CameronB Brodie says:

    Other countries are starting to open up, because they didn’t fuck up their initial response. We can’t open up until we sort testing out and adopt rigorous and systematic procedures. This is a global crises we face, so we can’t be parochial in our response, though we should be concerned about the security of our borders, IMHO.

    Risk, Risk Groups and Population Health

  73. CameronB Brodie says:

    Colin Alexander
    Cummings is certainly a keen eugenicist and Tories are ideologically opposed to public-health ethics. They are also bio-neurologically impaired in terms of their moral and ethical competence. So I’m quite happy to consider this disaster an unintended consequence of the latent social Darwinism in Tory ideology.

  74. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Dan says:

    Sounds like a lot of work and expense, could we no just get John Smeaton?

    Right enough Dan, the coronavirus would think twice about trying to sneak in through Glasgow Airport, “Ah’ll boot ye in the baws – ya f’in Bacillus !

  75. Golfnut says:

    @ Breeks 12:23.

    Now why didnt I think of that. It’s taken 4 coats of white paint, I could have / should have bought a couple of cans of spray paint, job done. Mind you I would probably ended up sleeping there.

  76. callmedave says:

    From the BBC websites today.

    England…….today….514…….Total……16700+ ?
    N. Ireland….today….no figures

  77. Colin Alexander says:

    One way of testing the Scottish constitution is seeking to “impeach” Empress Elizabeth for breaching the constitution of Scotland by interfering in indyref.

    Arguably, she usurped her powers and acted against the will of the people of Scotland by interfering in democratic processes at the request of David Cameron.

    It would be a re-assertion of Claim of Right.

  78. TheBuchanLoony says:

    Almost every day at this time there is an Aer Lingus flight(that doesn’t appear on the arrivals board)landing at Dublin airport from Beijing. Yesterday there were two. I expect this is Ireland’s PPE arriving on a regular basis.

  79. dakk says:

    .buchanloony’ I expect this is Ireland’s PPE arriving on a regular basis’

    I presume Ireland must be handling this pandemic much better than England, notwithstanding half of Ireland went to Cheltenham fest.

    That would explain the utter silence from the English media regarding the welfare of their closest neighbours.

  80. robbo says:

    bipod says:
    23 April, 2020 at 2:16 pm
    I see that nicola is finally starting to acknowledge that the economic damage caused by the lockdown is going to cause more damage than the virus.


    Na no quite.

    Can you share some of those countries with us please?

  81. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Colin Alexander says

    “Arguably, she usurped her powers and acted against the will of the people of Scotland by interfering in democratic processes at the request of David Cameron.”

    Why not “Impeach” her for Refusing to grant the S30 for a referendum requested by the Scottish Parliament?

    The Queen as English Monarch allows the Westminster Parliament to act in Her name.

    The Queen as Scottish monarch is bound to act in accordance with the wishes of the Scots, with particular importance being placed on, not permitting the English to walk all over us.

    Seems to me that she was contractually bound to tell Johnson to agree to the Scottish parliaments request but chose not to

    Either that or Johnson usurped a power that neither he nor any of his predecessors were ever granted (or were they?). Namely to overrule the wishes of the representatives of the Scottish people.

    That last constitutional point is something that definitely should be established one way or another – even if we lost we would win.

  82. callmedave says:

    From the BBC websites today. (update with NI figures in now)

    England…….today….514…….Total……16700+ ?
    N. Ireland….today….13…..Total….263

  83. Breeks says:

    I don’t expect the international community would touch a constitutional rift between a nations monarch and the people with a barge pole.

    It’s the inter-national aspect of Scotland’s Constitution which we would need to dispute, and seek the UN’s endorsement and recognition that Scotland’s written constitution is properly the superior constitution over the UK’s Mickey Mouse Union and unwritten convention on sovereignty.

  84. Sinky says:

    It’s painful to listen to those journalists at Scots Gov Covid briefings. What do they add to the sum of human knowledge?

    And why does The National never get to ask a question for a bit of balance. Are they even invited to this or at the UK supine list of Tory rags.

    Also should Nicola not have two large saltire in the background to wind upthe yoons

  85. callmedave says:


    The Saltires of which you speak were missing when Boris came for his tea to Bute House a while back. Not seen them since! 🙁

    Did he refuse to have them as a decorative background piece to his tête-à-tête photo opportunity….probably.

    Time to get them out again.

  86. Famous15 says:

    Two metres distance? No bother.Shops mark out distances and arrows to show direction of travel. What could go wrong?

    Mouthy thirty something in leopard pattern tight pants forgot an item but instead of going around pushes past two frail elderly people and one protests and she badmouths them till she leaves.Her spit was almost visible.

    Is the tight pants significant? Only if they restrict blood flow to her brain.

  87. twathater says:

    This is the point that and I presume many others get frustrated at , Breeks has been pointing out for YEARS the simple and most direct route to PROVE that our SOVEREIGNTY takes precedence over anything the uk ( bringlish ) parliament determines is theirs to command

    The yoonatics argument that 2014 determined that Scots wanted to remain part of the union does hold water ( but as we all know it was crooked )
    But the 2016 EU ref also confirmed that 62% of Scots wanted to remain within the EU , unfortunately both cannot be complied with as we have noticed , due to WM ignoring and denying NS any meaningful input and our english brethren insisting that we just have to suck it up and do as we are told
    We all know the conditions NS laid down for another ref on indy , those conditions have been more than met and yet the WM govt REFUSE to agree to accept the outcome of a ref taking place , so the choices are VERY simple do we as a colonised people accept that WM has usurped and castrated our sovereignty , or do we as sovereign people take our case to a international court and PROVE historically that our sovereignty CANNOT be usurped or stolen , so therefore we CANNOT be removed from the EU against our will
    I think most people would agree the latter avenue but it appears that our political representatives are unwilling or unable to take that avenue , I for one would like to know their reasons for not doing so , and if their reasons are unacceptable can we as a nation FORCE them to do so , and how do we go about that

  88. Flower of Scotland says:

    @Call Me Dave 5.55pm

    We were told to “stop all campaigning” just now because of a virus! Hmm!

  89. Ayeright says:

    Those that voted No in 2014 are also sovererign.

  90. callmedave says:

    @Flower of Scotland

    Hope you are well! Long time no hear.

    Am I getting telt? 🙂

  91. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Ian Brotherhood 2.03: thanks for that slice of The Corbett Report. I’ve seen a few episodes and I like his style, sceptical and articulate and someone who is extremely suspicious of authority. The Swiss Propaganda Research which was mentioned produces some very interesting statistics and perspectives which don’t get an airing on MSM.

    If coronvirus were a plague, countries like NZ, Croatia and many others would not have so few deaths: it’s all about how countries manage their response, fund their health services and protect their health professionals. Unfortunately, for nine years the Tories have slashed our NHS to ribbons and basically don’t care a flying fruit bat for people.

    This crisis will be just great for the disaster capitalists like Grease Smogg and the authoritarian motives of cynical governments around the globe. A fearful population will be easily manipulated into giving away their hard-fought-for freedoms. Expect a rolling programme of lockdowns whenever the government has to face scrutiny or feels under pressure. Mind you, I don’t see Keir Stumer providing any in the HoC, virtual or real.

  92. Breeks says:

    twathater says:
    23 April, 2020 at 6:13 pm

    ….The yoonatics argument that 2014 determined that Scots wanted to remain part of the union does hold water ( but as we all know it was crooked )

    Thanks twathater, but the 2014 result doesn’t matter from a constitutional perspective, because the result, whether it was a YES or a NO, the choice made was sovereign either way. From the constitutional perspective, it was a sovereign choice, not a choice made to abdicate sovereignty.

    I hope we’re not daft enough to do it, but we could vote for the Union everyday day for a month and still not forfeit our sovereignty. But lie down and roll over when Westminster usurps Scotland’s sovereignty, as is happening with Brexit, is, or should be, an absolute non-starter which should be angrily rejected and challenged to destruction by both YES and NO voters alike, because ‘they’ are stealing a thing that belongs to us, not them.

  93. CameronB Brodie says:

    I don’t think the 2014 vote has any relevance to today. There has been a mahoosive change in circumstances since then, and an unwarranted change in constitutional law. Brexit separates all those living Scotland from international law, including no voters. Without connection to international law, it is not possible to defend your human rights from abusive government.

    Brexit killed the union, which now only lives in the minds of those who view the world through the lens of British constitutionalism or British nationalism.

  94. Dan says:


    Aye, Breeks absolutely nails this matter.
    There were two democratic results that conflict with each other. “Vote NO to Scottish Indy or you’ll be oot the EU” they said… So the Kingdom of Scotland voted for the status quo of remaining in a Union with the Kingdom of England and continuing EU membership, only for a couple of years later England shitting the Union bed.

    An additional point about that latter “democratic” (not) EU ref. result.
    The remain vote % in Scotland would likely have been higher than 62% if EU Nationals and 16 & 17 Year olds had actually been allowed to vote, but were denied by Westminster gerrymandering the voter franchise.

    I’d like to see the SNP Rebuttal Unit fire up and produce a concise explanation of why they appear to be ignoring the expressed will of the Scottish people, especially when multiple mandates have been generated since the EU ref vote.
    There is no need to play smoke and mirrors / don’t let your enemy know your hand games, when Scots Sovereignty trumps over all that shite.

  95. CameronB Brodie says:

    By conforming to Westminster authority, which lacks coherance with international law, the Scottish government is harming the fabric of international human rights law. Now tell me their mode of understanding is correct.

  96. jfngw says:

    Reporting Scotland hijack.

    We are all familiar how the Labour party would exploit a member of the public at FMQ’s for a political point.

    Tonight Reporting Scotland went for the same technique. The FM presumably thought she was being invited on to talk about the Scotgov document released today. But no what they done was run one of these Labour type exploitations prior to the interview to hijack her and focus the start of the interview on a personal case. RS, Labour at its heart.

    Plus of course Jackson Carlaw demanding that we stay in lockstep with England no matter how many extra deaths this causes in Scotland. The Britnats are plain the union uber alles, ‘give me union or give me death’, that’s the empty shell that is their morality.

  97. Golfnut says:

    Excellent article on

  98. stuart mctavish says:

    Ayeright 21 April @9.55 pm

    One of the exel files in your link shows that the total deaths for this year (to the end of week sixteen) are the same as the five year average rounded to the nearest 1000 (20,000).

    Setting aside the unlawful emergency legislation, and interesting oil prices arising, presumably the situation in England (and further afield) is entirely different hence the solidarity vis a vis house arrest & social distancing, etc.

  99. WHO Europe director says almost half of Europe COVID-19 deaths in care homes.

  100. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Tinto Chiel (6.36) –

    Thanks for the feedback.

    It’s strange that no-one else seems to have watched the piece, or if they have, don’t feel moved to pass comment – on the face of it, it’s good news, isn’t it?

    Makes you wonder sometimes if there’s much difference between Stockholm Syndrome and plain auld masochism.

    Ach well, ho-hum, must get ready to go out and clap like a performing fucking seal.

    (Then again, might just have a bath then watch Twin Peaks to regain some sense of normality – but shhhhhhh! don’t tell anyone FFS!)


  101. Mike d says:

    Well that’s the latest NHS clap fest over by my Tory loving street and village . No sense of irony, no WTF have I done. FFS Scotland how much longer will you stay in thrall to these people?.

  102. Mike d says:

    Famous 15. 6.08. Then staff should have taken all her items,refunded her, and f/ed her out the door.

  103. Mike d says:

    Papko 1.42pm. Or the orange loyal mob marching to pick the strawberries ya twat.

  104. ahundredthidiot says:

    Pavlovs dogs out at 8pm again tonight….

    …..should be ashamed of themselves, but then, the Germans in the 30’s thought they were doing the right thing and it was all rather harmless, all in it together, THE GREATER GOOD.

    I’ve always regarded Dresden as a War Crime…..maybe I should review my opinion on that.

  105. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Ian B, Mike d: some clappers are genuine peeps who value what the NHS workers are doing. It’s just that they are being played by the media. The loudest clapper in my street is a Tory voting Brexiteer who uses racist terms to describe the very workers who are dying in disproportionate numbers delivering NHS care.

  106. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I’ve been keeping an eye on The Rev’s Twitter page.

    Call be a bigot but, as far as I can see, science has determined there are two sexes; male and female. That is biological fact.

    there are (apparently) well over 100 “identified” genders. These are “social” identifications, not scientific facts.

    What the Phük is going on with society?

  107. Liz g says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 7.52
    I’m a regular viewer of James Corbett,he does make ye think….and drink 🙂
    …. Anyhoo …. don’t feel so manipulated by clapping,I ( and you ) know fine well that the pushing of it is pure social control,but my son’s partner ( an intensive care Nurse in the new Southern General) really appreciated that we all do it….and so do her friends, also my Polish sister in law, ( a Doctor in Great Ormond Street ) likes it too…. So I’m going with it for *their* sake despite the “official” approval and not because of it!

  108. CameronB Brodie says:

    Brian Doonthetoon
    Sex is biological, gender is psychological. SImples. These should keep you right. 😉

    Gender Identity
    Gender identity and gender role

    Gender identity is defined as a personal conception of oneself as male or female (or rarely, both or neither). This concept is intimately related to the concept of gender role, which is defined as the outward manifestations of personality that reflect the gender identity. Gender identity, in nearly all instances, is self-identified, as a result of a combination of inherent and extrinsic or environmental factors; gender role, on the other hand, is manifested within society by observable factors such as behavior and appearance.

    For example, if a person considers himself a male and is most comfortable referring to his personal gender in masculine terms, then his gender identity is male. However, his gender role is male only if he demonstrates typically male characteristics in behavior, dress, and/or mannerisms….

    Gender Analysis Toolkit For Health Systems

    Fundamentally misunderstanding gender critical feminism

  109. James says:

    Is this an SNP BAAAAAAAAAAD site noo? Just wondering like.

  110. Dan says:

    T’was busy fixing a classic Honda lawnmower this evening with a fucked exhaust. I was awfy awfy tempted to fire it up sans silencer at 8pm to drown out the monotony of The Galley Band*.

    *For those interested, “The Galley Band” is a term used on boats and ships working in rough seas. The band starts playing when all the pans, crockery, and cutlery start flying around as the vessel pitches and rolls on the big waves, often reaching an impressive crescendo if a particularly large swell manages to cowp everything onto the floor.

    It goes without saying that I am appreciative of all the efforts folk are making, at their work, and those having to endure lockdown.
    So next time I’ll just whack this on a turn it up to eleven.
    Techno street drummer banging stuff. (5mins)

    Hi Liz g, hope you’re keeping well, had noted your absence recently.

  111. mike cassidy says:

    James 9.08

    Not so much an SNP-Bad site

    More a we recognise that the SNP are not God’s gift to Scottish Independence site.

    Of course that gradual revelation (pun intended)

    meant the God’s gift adherents have mostly gone

    and its now mostly independence-loving sceptics.

    Naturally such a change has attracted unionist trolls in their various guises.

    But that was inevitably the price that would be paid.

  112. Papko says:

    @Mike D
    “Papko 1.42pm. Or the orange loyal mob marching to pick the strawberries ya twat.”
    What about the Orange lodge in one field and the AUOB in the others?
    This notion that nationalist ardour could not sustain and early start and a days work.
    Must be put to rest.

    The Soft Noes will notice the fields filled with YES supporters and be impressed how they diligently worked during the crisis.

  113. cirsium says:

    @ian Brotherhood, 23 Apr 2:03pm
    thanks for posting that link to the Corbett report, Ian. That discussion with Kit Knightley of Off-Guardian really brought the issues into focus, especially the separation of the data from the narrative. People are being encouraged to go with the narrative rather than thinking about the data and drawing conclusions.

    I’ve found that Off-Guardian and Swiss Propaganda Research have good, fact-based analysis.

    Regarding the clapping, it does not come close to compensating for the fact that front line staff are being expected to work in an environment which is dangerous because they are not supplied with PPE. Where I live, church bells are rung in addition to the clapping. Are they tolling for the death of our civil rights?

    The other narrative which is being punted is everything starts at Wuhan when, in fact, things were happening long before.

  114. Liz g says:

    Dan @ 9.38
    Hey Dan….I hope this finds ye well!
    I haven’t been absent….. I’ve been behaving :-)..

    Seriously though,I’ve just been catching up on projects around the house,and,by that I mean explaining and supervising the two young men who have been furlough/paid off at ma hoose :-).
    I’ve really only had time for a quick read through the thread most day’s…. Not that I’ve not been tempted to wade in but the clowns were duly corrected by the time I read up on their nonsensical musings….

  115. CameronB Brodie says:

    I’m certainly not claiming I know for certain what is going on, it does look like a genuine crises for an underfunded and fragmented English health system. I’m simply punting the precautionary principle and public health ethics. So that folk get to see what sort of ethical consideration they will be unlikely to enjoy in Brexitania. Who said I was nice. 😉

    DIGNITY, PRICE, AND CONSISTENCY;idno=3521354.0017.007;format=pdf

  116. Col.Blimp IV says:

    cirsium says:

    “The other narrative which is being punted is everything starts at Wuhan when, in fact, things were happening long before.”

    The Spanish Flu in all likelihood did not originate in Spain. The finger was pointed there because they were neutral in WWI, thus the press there was not censored. But in the belligerent countries reports of outbreaks especially in military camps were suppressed for reasons of morale.

  117. Liz g says:

    Further to me @ 10.55.
    Now dear Wingers….. My DIY… Aka make them earn their dinner… Projects, are not over,I’m not only “on the list” I actually have a list…But tonight was different!!

    A phone call from a strange “mobile” ( or so I thought ) number rang out before I got to the phone so, I 14713d it…

    A deep, trying to be posh, male voice informed me I was through to something or other in Airdrie and started to give me options and call charge prices… Busy and distracted as I was… I wasn’t buying that fur a minute.
    I firmly told Mr Anderson “fucking pack it in Ronnie,dae ye think ah came up the Clyde oan a fucking biscuit”…and other choice phrases,but “Ronnie” just kept it up and didn’t stop talking (a bloody big clue it was him if ye ask me!)
    It turns oot… It wasn’t Ronnie,it was the Monklands Hospital bedside phone service that my brother had used cause his mobile was out of charge…
    I swear to Lucifer….it sounded so like Ronnie…either that, or I’ve lost it completely and am reduced to giving a machine a talking too 🙂 … So I’m takin a break and posting on Wings to reclaim what’s left of my sanity 🙂

  118. CameronB Brodie says:

    I think I was correct in my assessment, the HMG is almost certainly guilty of gross negligence and murder through policy.

    Bioethics Briefings
    For Journalists, Policymakers, and Educators
    Disaster Planning and Public Health

    The Learning Curve of Emergency Preparedness and Response

    A public health emergency exists when the ordinary health service capabilities of a community are overwhelmed by an extreme situation or event. Emergency preparedness is that aspect of public health designed to ensure sustained public health and medical readiness in the event of an emergency, minimize the impact of emergencies on affected communities, and foster safe and healthful environments before, during, and after an emergency….

  119. cynicalHighlander says:

    James says:
    23 April, 2020 at 9:08 pm

    Is this an SNP BAAAAAAAAAAD site noo? Just wondering like.

    No it is a site which deals in facts not fairytale fiction as what the SNP have become.

  120. bittie45 says:

    Ian Brotherhood at 2:03.

    Yes, really good video, lot of very good points. Attempt at juryless trials rejected (in Scotland) thankfully. Yes, times like this when governments will seize our rights and be reluctant to give back. A good excuse to get rid of privacy and do the hell what they want. Also huge harm to economy and worse, lack of exercise and depression through isolation causing heart attacks and strokes. When this is over, I’ll be wanting all my rights back, plus some. And to prosecute those responsible of unjustified actions.

    However, I think the lockdown is needed. CoVID19 IS nasty. Overall deaths seem to be above normal. Point is still valid that UK deaths per reported infection in UK is among the worlds highest (see my comment 13Apr 2:08 going-walkabout). Something is very wrong there. The “Heard Immunity” phrase has been hijacked. Originally used for those vaccinated protecting those not. Sorry, but I feel by allowing an unknown disease to spread is tantamount to premeditated murder. We won’t really know all the intricacies of this virus for a generation. Vanishingly small chance I imagine, but what if virus sterilises folk after a number of years. What happens if like chicken pox, a second bout comes round with totally different symptoms in the same way as shingles. We just don’t know. For our so called government to play fast and loose like this is just damnedable. The big picture is now visible for all to see, and that is the leaders of the UK are a bunch of self interested well networked psychopaths.

    1. Lockdown in the next xxxhrs should’ve been declared the day WHO declared a pandemic, and lifted later if false alarm. Otherwise WHAT is the point of having the WHO?

    2. Protective masks, gloves, antiseptics, UV lights, coveralls, instructions for civilians should have been warehoused with at least 6 months supply. This costs money, but what cost compared to Trident – the so-called defense of UK citizens?

    3. Arrangements in place with existing manufacturers (and state-own at least one for continuity) to ramp up and replace used stock. Keeping NHS up to date with 4 times normal required capacity (after the WWII it was).

    4. UBI brought in immediately. (And keep UBI permenantly in conjunction with flat-rate tax on profits to maximise economic efficiency!)

    5. Distribute PPE to whole population with detailed instructions on use. Follow up media campaign of education on how to use PPE and disinfection.

    6. Gradual relaxing of lockdown with continual testing publics adherence to correct PPE use and strict enforcement, allowing economy to restart.

    7. Once the infection has been properly studied and understood and a vaccines developed, then society can return to normal.

    Existing procedures have been ignored (like the foot and mouth disaster of the Blair years). OK, things WILL be different each time and new procedures developed with the different nuances of each infection, but the fundamentals of dealing with infections will always remain the same. The trouble is, this time we have been lucky (hopefully) with low mortality. The next time WHEN this happens, we might not be. Oh, and we need to change how we take care of our fellow animals, from whom we caught this infection, instead of careless husbandry and the hot-housing of pathogens.

  121. jackie says:

    This clapping crap is another english deflection tactic to take your mind off the real story of bad management by the english government.

    There is no way I would stand and clap along with the english or their royalty.

    Stick your clapping up your arses england.

    Similar tactics were used during the Btecit fiasco,,,with Royal weddings and Royal babies being the order if the day then.

    The english really are gullable thick bastards.

  122. CameronB Brodie says:

    Full text.

    Analyzing Racism
    Through Discourse Analysis
    Some Methodological Reflections

  123. Liz g says:

    Jackie @ 12.06
    Well Jackie…are you sure?
    The clapping thing apparently originated on line!
    The first one was hugely popular.
    It happened at a time when Westminster had to U turn its “Head Immunity” AKA “Thinning the Heard”. ..
    So it’s possible that Westminster and the Media are trying to claim and direct a “thing” that was a true expression of the people ?
    Because they feared it ?
    Wouldn’t be the first time.. Eh ?

  124. Mist001 says:

    Whaddya make of this then?

    1916: Emergence of radiowaves – 1918: Spanish Flu

    2003: Emergence of 3G – 2003: SARS outbreak

    2009: Emergence of 4G – 2009: Swine Flu

    2019: Emergence of 5G – 2020: Covid-19

  125. CameronB Brodie says:

    This might be of interest and practicle use. I honestly mean no harm to the SNP, I just appreciate the crucial role played by a legal respect for biology.

    Sexuality and Social Justice Toolkit

  126. jackie says:

    There is a lot of to things I will never do in life,,,,and clapping in unison with some english Prince is one of them

    And, “we are all in this together” is a step too far

    Next they will be telling us we are “Better Together”.

    This is gettin too close to the english,,,keep the bastards where you can see them.

  127. Liz g says:

    Misit001 @ 12.22
    It’s spooky
    2014 Scottish Referendum – 2020 Monklands Hospital mimic Ronnie Anderson!
    I feel yer pain man… 🙂

  128. Effijy says:

    I’m in the bad books with wife and neighbours
    As I’m not participating in the happy clapping sessions.

    What a farce that the people we are to clap to show we
    Have that Dunkirk spirt in supporting them are not being supported.

    The Nurses had a pay cap imposed by this Tory Government that
    Ended up a 15% pay cut due to inflation.

    The English Doctors had their first ever strike as the Tories imposed
    New lesser contracts on them.

    Foreign medical staff are being asked for payments of £12,000 if they
    Wish to have their work visas extended and continue risking their lives
    Saving the lives of Tories.

    They are being sent into death zones without the necessary equipment,
    Against WHO advice they are now being told to reuse PPE if they have it.

    Guess who can’t even get tested for the virus as the Tories wouldn’t buy the kits.

    So clap in your doorway like a seal and try to make it loud enough that staff 5 miles away
    Might hear it and say all this worry about dying at work and struggling with bills at home
    Is just so worth while?

    Stop this idiotic noise intended to mask death and abuse by government and media neglect!

  129. Liz g says:

    Jackie @ 12.27
    Is this “social distancing” of which you speak?
    Because I think we’re already doing that!

  130. Liz g says:

    Effigy @ 12.30
    Orrr….Own it ?

  131. Mick Lavelle says:

    Ian Brotherhood

    Watched the Corbett Report about the coronavirus upto the their fact about scotland abandoning jury trials.

    They seem to be inferring the covid death cases are being exaggerated.

    So using their narrative of “lets look at the data instead of the narrative”, I did.

    Although scottish gov tried to implement trials without jury this was dropped from the coronavirus bill on 1st april

    Instead of looking at coronavirus deaths, lets look instead at extra deaths over the last reporting week period compared with the 5 year average.

    England and Wales (upto 10 April) 7996 more than the five year average. There were 18516 deaths in total which represents an increase of nearly 80%

    Scotland (upto 19 April) 844 more than the five year average. There were 1991 deaths in total which represents an increase of nearly 70%

    If the corona virus figures are being exaggerated then where do you think these extra figures came from?

    I am not assuming all these extra deaths came from the virus, but if they did then the weekly totals would 7996(E&w) + 844 (Sco) as opposed to the figures reported 6213 (E&w) 651(Sco).

    Looks to me that coronavirus is a big factor in increase

  132. CameronB Brodie says:

    I’m no expert in the law, but I hope there are better legal brain in Scotland than there appears to be in Holyrood, as Scotland needs better protection from real and present danger (see English Torydum).

    Accountability Criteria and Remedies under Tort
    Law for Victims of Human Rights Abuses

  133. Liz g says:

    Mick Lavelle @ 12.41
    I noticed that too..
    It’s the, same old, same old,and why we come here!
    Like the Rev always tells us…. Read and listen to these things critically.
    I Personally love alternative sites like Corbet…But they too have an agenda and ye can’t take any of them as gospel!
    One of the best ways to judge them ( I’ve found ) is to look at a subject ye know a wee bit about and see what they are sayin…. Exactly like you just did…. Holyrood toyed with non jury trials and dropped it….they report it as having happened….. The lesson is not that they lied…the lesson is what a non jury trials means and to watch out for it slipping through…( Well I think anyways )…

  134. CameronB Brodie says:

    Has Scotland just decided that Treaty law and human rights have no value because British constitutionalism is impervious to international law? That’s more than a bit limp.

    Individual Liberty and the Rule of Law

  135. twathater says:

    @ Ayeright or ( scotsrenewables ) if your post at 6.30pm was in response to my comment at 6.13pm Ayeright says:
    23 April, 2020 at 6:30 pm
    Those that voted No in 2014 are also sovererign. I think you will find if you read the post that my inference was that yes the no voters won the 2014 indy ref so obviously their sovereignty was respected ,
    But as Breeks says later on
    Thanks twathater, but the 2014 result doesn’t matter from a constitutional perspective, because the result, whether it was a YES or a NO, the choice made was sovereign either way.

    My contention was that the 2014 indy result of NO was respected , But the 62% EU vote to remain was not
    The point I was making was that the yoonatics were happy to accept that their sovereignty was respected in the indy vote , but they are not willing to accept the 62% sovereignty vote to remain in the EU , and this is just another example of the duplicity of yoonatics that should be challenged

  136. twathater says:

    Just read on rev Stu’s twatter feed that Craig Murray is to face charges of contempt of court, WTAF is going on in this country when actual churnalists flout the law and are ignored

  137. Liz g says:

    Twathater @ 2.13
    I think we’re ( Alex Salmond or the Yes Movement ) being bated into reacting.
    Right now,Nicola Sturgeon is out classing Westminster whither she will come through for the Yes movement is at this point in time moot.
    But just what “hay” the British could make by setting us off is incalculable….. Craig Murray will reach out ( they choose well ) …. We have to take our guide from Alex Salmond.
    We knew it would get nasty…and this virus hasn’t curbed their efforts.
    Ofcourse we’ll support Craig,but we must not be played!

  138. crazycat says:

    @ Mist001 at 12.22

    Correlation does not equal causation.

    There have been plenty of other epidemics that have not coincided with the emergence of particular forms of electro-magnetic radiation.

    Your list is cherry-picking in an attempt to imply a connection. You need a plausible mechanism as well as a temporal coincidence.

  139. CameronB Brodie says:

    crazycat 😉

    Conspiracy Thinking and Epistemology

  140. Liz g says:

    Crazycat @ 2.49
    Aw….trust you way common sense…. That comment could have been so much fun…
    JFK lost brain 1963 – JK Rowling insane 2014 🙂

  141. Liz g says:

    Bringing the twin towers down 2001 was an inside job
    Bringing Liz’s shed down 2020 was an outside job

  142. twathater says:

    @ Liz g 2.32am aye Liz hopefully Craig knows how to fight them but it is the usual policy same with Stu , keep them busy and hopefully distracted , throw as much mud as possible and hope that some of it sticks

    The good thing about it is that it shows us that when we’re independent there are more institutes that need a good clear out and mibees some charges to follow , but unfortunately it is tiresome and time consuming and expensive

  143. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Thanks to all for feedback on the OffGuardian piece.

    At the risk of making myself even more unpopular with those who already see me as some kind of curmudgeon, here’s the end of CH4 News last night…

    First off – Jon Snow is meant to be a journalist. It’s not his job to be a cheerleader, no matter how ‘worthy’ the cause. And secondly – what the fuck is happening at 1.20 in the video? If 80+ health workers have already died because of this, we can expect to see a lot more given that they clearly can’t or won’t follow the advice which has been drummed into the rest of us 24/7 for the past month.

    Nicola Sturgeon, yesterday, spoke of ‘the months ahead’ as if we should expect no slackening of restrictions, a ‘new normality’ etc. Perhaps, in the spirit of frankness, openness etc, her briefings will start to include the suicide stats for Scotland, especially for men aged 18-35.

  144. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Apologies – just realised that the CH4 clip I linked to stops at 1.13. Wonder why they didn’t show the fuller version?

    Perhaps because, at 1.20, outside some unnamed hospital, the staff are packed like sardines, with prepared banners etc, giving it -yee-ha for the cameras.

  145. Effijy says:

    I went a walk along a path next to the river Clyde.

    I noticed a couple of life belt stations had their life belts removed.

    I pondered what I would do if someone was struggling in the water
    with nothing to throw in?

    I thought of Westminster Government and the UK Media
    What advice would they give me.

    It came to me in a flash.
    Clap loudly and search for discarded Pot and Spoon to rattle
    as the poor bastard frowns and dies.

    That should make us both feel so much better?

  146. Golfnut says:

    Perhaps instead of clapping we should each evening stand outside our doors or at our windows and observe a minutes silence in respect for those who have lost their lives that day.

  147. Effijy says:

    Another Matt Hancock Half Wit episode on ITVNews.

    Useless interviewer asks him about legal action being
    Taken by UK NHS Doctors to sue the government.

    For the hundredth time he pathetically lies that PPE
    is being supplied and he IS following medical and scientific
    Advice on what PPE required?

    Meekly he is then asked why the goal posts on PPE are being
    Moved, such as reusing PPE.

    Major Logistical challenge, uncharted waters, and working hard doing
    A great job crap churned out again.

    Interview then speaks to one of the Doctors and turns against her
    That this isn’t the time?

    Just get in there and risk dying, like your colleagues, without the equipment
    WHO say you must have,

    What a nasty idiotic country England has become.
    Could Trump price a wall for Scotland?

  148. Patrick Roden says:

    crazycat says:

    “Correlation does not equal causation”

    In 1st year psychology in the statistics modules, you are presented with research showing evidence that an increase in ice cream sales in New York resulted in an increase in the number of murders in that city.

    Even more troubling, this experiment could be repeated in other cities and the evidence showed the same correlation.

    Of course, we were soon told that in that section of the lesson we would learn that ‘correlation does not equal causation’ and that the reason ice cream sales had increased was that it was very hot, and it was on days that were very hot that tempers became flared and it was this that caused an increase in murders in these big cities.

    Then again, it might just be that both of us are working for the Chinese government to suppress the truth about viruses being able to surf along on the radio waves created by 5G systems.

  149. Effijy says:

    Breaking Blue Sky News.

    Bojo the Clown will return to work as soon as Doctors advise him?

    Strange! He wouldn’t listen to the WHO guidelines, he wouldn’t listen
    To the EU who wanted to share their PPE, he didn’t listed to the invitations to attend 5 COBRA netting’s, he didn’t listen to all the advice about how to wash your hands, not shake hands, or keep Social Distancing!

    How fortunate he is listening to his Spin Doctor and hiding as long as possible.
    Only in England?

  150. Sinky says:

    Strange that none of our fearless journalists have picked up on fact that ultra establishment figure Sir Keir Starmer failed sign the all party petition calling for a Basic universal Income. He was criticised for this on Labour List.

    Also why the MSM lack of coverage on That Leaked Labour report which was disected by Craig Murray in this usual forensic manner?

    Meanwhile Union Jack Ian Murray attacking SNP and Tories very care home deaths but forgets to mention Labour’s record in Wales

  151. wullie says:

    All politicians and media types should be made to attend hospitals in their areas and do a Bojo. See how quickly PPE arrives

  152. Effijy says:

    FFS Handcock on BBC now advising that Nicola’s speech
    about tests for when Lockdown should begin to be eased
    are the guidelines he announced over a week ago?

    He is glad Nicola is following their instructions?

    Where did I put that pitchfork?

  153. Dorothy Devine says:

    Things have been bothering me for some time .

    The manipulation of the Thursday night clap – I’ll praise our SNHS to the skies for all treatment received for me and mine but I will not now join in in this farce of clapping like a seal.

    Two metres away? What difference will that make unless the other person is coughing , sneezing hawking and spitting – apparently the latter helped spread TB in the late fifties.

    I had reason to go to the bank the other day and we all dutifully waited outside , two metres apart . We were ushered in and asked if our visit was to pay a bill – what the hell difference that made I have no idea , but I duly played along as most of my money ends up paying bills anyway.

    Watching the bizarre behaviour of the police in certain captured footage I find more than a little disturbing .I have tremendous respect for our Glasgow police as they have been most excellent on all the marches I have attended, but it only takes a trumped up wee jobsworth for a great deal of goodwill to vanish.

    Back to the two metres , I know that traffic is light but when one sees someone jump into the middle of the road to avoid coming within two metres is that not a swifter endangerment?

    Ian B , thanks for that Corbett report – it disturbed me even more!

  154. Dan says:

    Mick Lavelle says: at 12:41 am

    Looks to me that coronavirus is a big factor in increase

    Indeed, and in addition there’s also the point that it isn’t really accurate comparing year by year first quarter statistics in itself, because we have been in lockdown with all that entails for approximately 25% of this first quarter.
    If the trend is up significantly even with measures in place to limit transmission and protect folk, then one can only imagine what the infection and death numbers would be if we had just went about our routines normally as per other years.
    The point I am making in no way should be considered praise for the UK Government with their late implementation of lockdown and other lackadaisical aspects not conducive to restricting the spread of the virus.

  155. Breeks says:

    Liz g says:
    24 April, 2020 at 2:32 am
    Twathater @ 2.13
    I think we’re ( Alex Salmond or the Yes Movement ) being bated into reacting…

    I think it’s more likely the pressure to press charges isn’t coming from the court itself, but driven by a determination to make trouble and be vindictive against the anyone or anything pro Independence, and especially actively pro Independence.

    Whether that’s the prosecution team representing the Alex Salmond Conspirators, or the Controlling “body unseen” who is in overall command of trying so hard to bring down the Indy Movement.

    Put this the other way around, if Alex Salmond’s team were agitating for the Herald to face criminal charges for contempt for their atrocious ‘news’ articles, you’d say that was entirely appropriate that they should.

    I think we can all see this for what it is. If the Unionist Establishment cannot find any muck to throw, it will make up it’s own muck, but a muck throwing there will be…

    I’ll tell you what will come home to roost for Nicola Sturgeon, and that is her decision that no actions were taken against the agents of this exposed and failed defamation, ruin, and jailing of Alex Salmond. Those in positions of power should have been suspended and removed from office and positions of influence immediately. They should in fact have faced criminal charges and been arrested.

    It stinks, mightily so, that SNP members can be drummed out the SNP for the merest turn of phrase or single tweet which the SNP Polit Bureau doesn’t like, while the actual crime of conspiring to see an innocent man destroyed and sent to jail for a sex crime he didn’t commit doesn’t even warrant formal comment or even feint rebuke.

    Nicola’s playing a stormer eh? Not when it comes to choosing her pals, or standing up for Scotland’s Constitutional integrity. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…. If her proximity to the Conspiracy against Alex Salmond didn’t hole the good ship Sturgeon below the waterline, her failure to expel or distance herself from the conspirators has in my opinion sealed her fate.

    Away and get that job at the UN Nicola, while you’ve still got the reputation to command the salary. All hail Joanna Cherry, and a new chapter for the SNP… maybe even a literal new Chapter of the SNP if that’s what it takes to purge the wokist carpet baggers and weakest links from their fiefdoms.

    It is time for the Constitutional Defence of Scotland. It is time for the law and justice to end the long-standing colonial abuse of Scotland, the demeaning of our people, and the plundering exploitation of our natural resources.

    It’s time to end rule by Westminster, who would rather see us in body bags than face masks.

  156. Dog biscuit says:

    I hear the sound of falling pennies.

  157. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Have asked Twitterland if anyone has the full footage from CH4 last night.

    Can’t find it anywhere, and yet I watched it three times this morning to check the timing.

    Just to underline this, in case the original footage disappears forever – Jon Snow made a point of saying that the CH4 News had been extended to include the ‘Clap for NHS’ across the country. He then said ‘we love you’ to introduce the coverage. We then saw all sorts of people all over the place, out on pavements, clapping, banging pots and pans etc, fire brigade staff lined up outside their station, Keir Starmer with his missus, Charlie and Camilla etc.

    Then, at 1min 20secs, CH4 brought us to an unnamed hospital and there was a densely packed crowd of staff, with banners prepared, cheering like mad. The crowd had been organised, was waiting for the call to cheer as and when they went ‘live’. If anything, this was a more blatant example of ‘distancing’ rules being shunned than the farce on Westminster Bridge last week.

    But that footage has now gone.

    This is ‘Memory Holing’, pure and simple, and it’s happening in plain view.

    If we don’t notice this stuff, then make sure it’s drawn to the attention of others, where the fuck are we headed?

    Sorry to be so grumpy this early on a Friday, but the whole thing stinks. We’re being played.

  158. jackie says:

    If you think things are bad just now, then just wait until 1st January next year.

    That is the date when we crash out if the EU.

    It won’t just be PPE we will be short of after that date. There will be shortages of most goods as lorries and containers are held up at border points trying to get goods into the UK.

    Also selling to the EU will have the same problems, with having the correct documents and registrations being the main problem.

    It is going to be utter chaos if you add into the mix this Virus.

    I am surprised that it is being totally ignored.

    Not one politician is talking about it.

    Like Scottish Independence, Brexit is very real and it ain’t gonna disappear just because we don’t talk about it.

    In Scotland we have three hurdles to overcome,,, Corona Virus, Brexit and,,,,, Nicola Sturgeon.

  159. Dog biscuit says:

    All the Sturgeon plants on here will be cock a hoop at Bute House attempt to pursue journalists through the courts Beware a First Minister making hay while we are imprisoned with no freedom of political association.

  160. Dog biscuit says:

    I suppose Craig Murray can expect to be railroaded through a semi secret court trial like all Sturgeons political enemies.Beware this First Minister making hay while we are locked up .

  161. CameronB Brodie says:

    “Nicola’s playing a stormer eh? ”

    Not from where I’m looking. All I want is protection for my human rights, but the SNP clearly lack adequate legal understand to be of much help. If this is the best legal minds in Scotland, then we deserve to be enslaved, frankly.

  162. jackie says:

    Watching Humza Yousaf the Justice Secretary yesterday, and he had that empty “Do not disturb” look about him.

    He just looked too comfortable in his job as a Devolved Minister. He knows Scottish Independence would upset that Devolved little apple cart.

    And it isn’t just him who likes the lifestyle that goes with his cushy job. From Nicola Sturgeon down, they all look as if the feet are firmly under the table, the slippers are on and they have no intention of fighting for Scottish Independence, because for them to do that would be like Turkeys voting for Xmas.

    It’s time for a mass clear out at the top of the political wing of the Independence Movenent.

    And a ratcheting up of preparations to get our Indy Party up and running.

  163. Oneliner says:

    I confess that my grasp of matters legal is sub-optimal. (Surely the bullet wound found in Willie MacRae’s body necessitates an enquiry?)
    If Craig Murray is found guilty of CoC, does that prevent him from standing for election to the Scottish Parliament?
    Who could possibly gain from such a trial? Like Phil The Greek’s driving recklessness, it’s ‘not in the public interest’.

  164. CameronB Brodie says:

    I’m not joking folks, the SNP’s hierarchy don’t appear to understand or respect the law, and clearly think their judgement is superior to the jurisprudence of international law. I have no idea why that might be, but it seriously undermines the Scottish government’s ability to perform its’ legal duty of care towards Scotland.

    Duties of Care and the Constitution:
    A Negligence Model of Individual Rights

  165. Dog biscuit says:

    Our Governments have damned cheek treating us like criminals speaking over our heads and deciding our future for us .Who is happy to have life decisions foisted on you by Government? This idea that there needs to be a gradual relaxation of Lockdown is an offence to democracy. Who are these Sturgeon pricks fiddling with our rights and freedoms?What chance for an accused person in Nicola Sturgeons rigged court system?Remember the changes imposed by Holyrood on the Jury Trial system?Prepare to taste the bitter fruit of Tin pot justice.I demand we be released immediately!

  166. jfngw says:

    POTUS extols the virtues of light, heat and disinfectant in curing corona virus. We are in deep shit if he anyone tells him radiation cures it.

  167. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Here it is:

    check at 1min 18secs.


  168. jfngw says:

    I used to love polo’s, but no I’m sucking Parazone, shame it doesn’t have a hole and it’s more gobstopper sized, also the taste is a bit weird but what a kick it has. Thank you Mr Trump, now I’m virus immune.

  169. Gary45% says:

    New Trump Covid-19 cocktail.
    Simply mix
    Sunny D,
    Domestos or Dettol,
    Tango to give it fiz and for the orange “Trump glow.”
    Shake well, then pour it down the toilet.

    Whatever Trump says do the complete opposite.

  170. Dog biscuit says:

    Anyone watching the Corbet Report will understand my fears.

  171. Dog biscuit says:

    Spot on CBB

  172. Willie says:

    Not strange at all Sinky that the MSM failed to pick up on Sir Keir Starmer not endorsing an all party motion for a universal basic income.

    What that tells you is that we are not all in it together, that Sir Keir is a red Tory in the ilk of Tony Blair, and the MSM know it.

    A universal basic income should be at the heart of a county’s system. Like universal free at the point of delivery eduction, medicine, healthcare, it makes so much sense. A basic living allowance as a matter of right, it could dispense with most of the means testing, and of course could be topped up by people through working.

    The current delays in getting universal credit or other benefit, the lock out of entitlement to furlough for self employed – new starters – employees not on real time PAYE electronic HMRC notification is an utter disgrace. Five weeks in some people are still without ANY income HAVING BEEN DENIED the right to work for the public good, and Sir Keir rejects this very sensible, social, and unifying proposal.

    No he is a Tory, out and out, and his failure to endorse the all party motion shows that quite clearly. England will not become a fairer, more unified country under him. Like Blair his policies will be those of privatised public service, be it prisons, bits of the health service, the mechanisms of government ranging from driving licences to passports to benefit administration to the processing of tax. That is why the MSM and the establishment like him. Atos, Capita et al will all thrive under a Starmer Government.

    But back to the immediate present and to those being denied work and denied financial support. Does anyone think, that they think that we’re all in it together.

    Of course not!

  173. Sinky says:

    Dog Biscuit is barking…or at least barking up the wrong tree

  174. CameronB Brodie says:

    We have been deprived our liberty for en ethical purpose. The cause of this need, however, appears to have been a lack of ethical consideration in government. Can justice be served in Brexitania, which is a stranger to the justice of natural law tradition?

    Identifying a deprivation of
    liberty: a practical guide—a-practical-guide/

  175. Dog biscuit says:

    This clapping routine is awfully Staged looking as you might find in a tin pot dictatorship with unwitting public buying fear instilled propaganda. Something about this business stinks of crisis acting remember Syria .By the way to all Syrians Peace be Upon You .You are a great people.

  176. CameronB Brodie says:

    Dog biscuit
    Why should your desire for personal liberty trump my desire for liberty from death?

    Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty's%20Constitution%20of%20Liberty.pdf

  177. Vestas says:

    Starmer took £50k from BICOM. He’s owned by Israel. End of story.

  178. CameronB Brodie says:

    Contemporary British nationalism closely resembles the racist, nationalist, Zionism that has sullied Israeli culture. I hope Scotland is truly beginning to see through the smoke and mirrors of the yoonstream.

    John Stuart Mill: On Liberty (Chapter 3–“Of Individuality, As One of the Elements of Well-Being”)

  179. Sarah says:

    @ Twathater at 2.00 a.m. – This contempt prosecution of Craig Murray is truly worrying. Our government must get active on freeing Scotland from the Union. The Unionists are striking out at anyone who says this – Craig, Alex, the Rev – and things can only get worse due largely to the media trumpeting these anti-independence liars instead of exposing them.

    Our government, MSPs and MPs must talk, and act, about Scotland taking back control of our own affairs now – not wait until the virus problem is less. Our current position is too dangerous – we are totally exposed to a dictatorship.

  180. winifred mccartney says:

    Which hospital was that breaking all the rules of distancing and why has it not been called out. TV cameras encouraging this. Makes us all look stupid because we take part in some small way. Disgusted.

  181. auld highlander says:

    Ian B at 10.05

    I’m pretty certain that that video of nhs staff bunched together is from last week when amanda holden was at west misddlesex hospital.

  182. Dog biscuit says: appear to be a cypher hiding behind other people’s theories.sarah.You are asking for the wolf to lead the sheep to the promised land.Many on here defending untenable positions just plain straight faced stupid. I tried to warn you all .

  183. CameronB Brodie says:

    Dog biscuit
    I’m simply trying to put a training in theory into practice. I’m trying to point folk towards knowledge that will help to de-colonise their intellect and judgement. This is good voodoo, trust me. 😉

    Rational and Nonrational Decision Making

  184. CameronB Brodie says:

    Though very rusty, my professional training was geared towards overcoming the effects of colonialism. I’ve had a formal introductiona to this stuff, and I’m simply trying to pass it on. Full text.



    The concept of freedom has played a central role in the history of politics and political theory, motivating wars, revolutions, rebellions, and guiding the formation of governments, states, and nations. It is one of the key ideals of political theory, what Bernard Gallie called “an essentially contested concept.” Thus defining freedom throughout the history of political thought requires grappling with such contestation over not only what freedom means, but what sorts of questions one needs to ask to determine that meaning.

    Theorists define freedom within different framework assumptions about the nature of human existence and character, with different kinds of society and government, and in response to different historical events, as well as to different political, practical, and philosophical questions they seek to answer. Indeed, Hannah Pitkin, following Hannah Arendt, goes so far as to differentiate “freedom” from “liberty,” though that distinction is not endorsed by the majority of freedom theorists. Yet certain elements persist throughout the history of the concept within the field of political theory.

    Despite common assertions that freedom is a uniquely modern concern, struggles over the meaning of freedom date to ancient times. The differences between various epochs, however, are as interesting for the continuities that cross between them as the contrasts that distinguish them. The meaning of freedom in all eras relates to the conception of a person that operates in a culture and period, and the person’s relationship to society. Differing understandings of society and of the members of those societies are pivotal in determining differences among conceptions of freedom.

  185. jfngw says:

    What the uber Britnats like Carlaw and Leonard fear most is seeing Scotland have a better response to the virus than the one taken by Westminster. The realisation in the public that maybe Scotland could run all its functions better if we had total control of our country makes their blood run cold.

    They would prefer to see a higher percentage of Scots deaths, this would vindicate their standpoint. The union is a kiss of death for Scotland (in fact Boris Johnson looks a bit like Mr Goldfinger).

  186. Breeks says:

    I don’t get this clapping malarkey.

    If I wanted to show my appreciation for the NHS, I’d be asking them what do you need? Higher wages? PPE? Have you got all the equipment you need? Is your job being hampered by petty mismanagement? Are there structural changes you would recommend to how the public can help you do your job better? Can we help your kids to cope? Do you need help with child care? Who cooks your meals for you after your shift? Can we look after you by doing the stuff you don’t have time to do? Does your car need fixed? Do you have debts you need a break from? Do you need Counselling? Does your dog need walked? Does your garden need looked after?

    A clap??? A clap feels like it’s nothing.

  187. Col.Blimp IV says:

    “Bleach injections will kill the coronavirus very quickly”… D Trump.

    Who is the President of the USA’s chief medical adviser?

    Dr Mengele?

  188. Stuart MacKay says:

    Christ Grey’s latest Brexit blog,, is a bit dry but it’s interesting as it talks about how the government’s response to the pandemic and brexit are cut from the same cloth. No real surprises there.

    However, the most astounding piece of information in it was this: No spoilers so you have to click but I had to look twice to see that it was real.

    The last couple of paragraphs are worth a read also as it highlights the whole hypocrisy and vacuous nature of the current government.

    I was thinking that pushing for independence soon might be successful. However given the tone of the article the opposition it would trigger from Westminster would be “extreme” with the likelihood of tanks on the streets of Glasgow once more because they really are a bunch of deranged idiots.

  189. mike cassidy says:

    Remember last week’s Westminster Bridge full of happy-clappy people not giving a feck for social distancing.

    Surely a big police clampdown this week.

  190. jfngw says:

    @Col Blimp IV

    Usually have a glass of wine on Friday’s but tonight I’m having Dettol on ice.

  191. Breeks says:

    jfngw says:
    24 April, 2020 at 11:53 am
    @Col Blimp IV

    Usually have a glass of wine on Friday’s but tonight I’m having Dettol on ice.

    That’s just normal Pernod isn’t it? 😉

  192. Dan says:

    One for Ian Botherhood.

    It’s braw day so think I’ll just tie some pots and pans onto the back of my motorbike so they clatter off the road and create a din as I ride along.
    When stopped I’ll state that I am supporting something or other. Seems like a legit plan to me.

  193. Dan says:

    Aargh, sorry “Brotherhood” but I guess the typo might suit the mood.

  194. jfngw says:

    @Col blimp IV

    I’m not the only one, tonight at 8pm lets all raise our glasses to Professor Trump. We can’t do this every week as it’s likely to be a one off event.

  195. CameronB Brodie says:

    Btw, I don’t expect folk to study themselves into a stupor. Some folk are simply not that way inclined, which is perfectly cool. I also appreciate a lot of this stuff is simply not readily accessible, and time is a scarce commodity. Some of it is pretty relevant though, you’ve got to admit to that. 🙂

    The continuing tensions between individual rights and public health. Talking Point on public health versus civil liberties

  196. Republicofscotland says:

    The UK Tory government are blocking the Commons Scottish Affairs Committee from reforming until they can pack it out with Tories to stop the SNP scrutinising UK policies which affect Scotland.

    The Scottish committee has been blocked for over four months now.

    Nothing good can comefrom sending our SNP MPs to Westminster, they are outnumbered and ignored constantly lets bring them home, and bypass Westminster on our way to independence.

  197. Ottomanboi says:

    Before the pandemic of irrational, authoritarian miserablism locks down the human spirit.
    Cin Cin! Slàinte! Santé! To life!

  198. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @auld highlander (11.09) –

    Well spotted. You’re right. It is the same event.

    And that raises a further question – why is CH4 including week-old footage in what is presented as ‘live’ coverage? And why did it choose footage which shows a closely packed crowd and had already drawn criticism?

  199. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Dan –


    Don’t fret about the typo, I’ve had plenty in my time, and a good few ‘funny’ handshakes!


  200. Dan says:

    Re. Reporting of Salmond trial.

    Scots have been known for our innovation and ingenuity.
    Watching the continual modus of the Establishment play out as they attempt to remove or stifle any threat to them, I can’t help but think we should develop some alternative strategies rather than continually getting our “team” tied up in their courts with all the significant time, financial, and importantly stress levels those targeted are having to endure.
    The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s hoose…

  201. Willie says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Breeks and his sentiment about happy clapping.

    It serves no purpose save to make the happy clappers feel good. Wave your dick or your tits in the air might be cruder way of putting it, but you get the point.

    The clapping however, is symptomatic of the extent to which the sheep in a society are manipulated. First we were told we were well prepared when we weren’t. Then we were told to sneeze into hankies and wash hands whilst all the while the government were spreading the virus to gain herd immunity. Now with lock down and maybe 45,000 deaths it clap handies.

    But get this all these happy crappies. The UK say 129,000 have tested positive with 18,500 dead.

    In reality maybe five times the 139,000 have been infected with around 45,000 dead. That’s 750,000 infected, with 705,000 left who may, who only just may, have acquired long term herd immunity.

    So what’s my point. Well it is this. If 45,000 had to die to get herd immunity for 705,000, how many have to die to get immunity for the remaining 65,000,000 people not yet infected and immune.

    Sixty five million divided by seven hundred and fifty thousand times forty five thousand if one uses rough straight line arithmetic. That’s 3,900,000 million dead. One huge and near unbelievable number.

    But maybe my rough calculation is wrong. But by how much. Ten percent, twenty percent, thirty percent or what. The modellers will know and they’re not saying. It’s certainly not the current 18,500 that they’re feeding us. And as soon as we open up, what then.

    In the meantime, let’s all keep clapping handies. We are after all adults.

  202. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Mick Lavelle (12.41) –

    ‘If the corona virus figures are being exaggerated then where do you think these extra figures came from?’

    Sorry for slowness of response.

    I have no medical background at all, so I can only offer a guess…

    Covid-19 is being cited as a contributing factor in the deaths. It is not *the* cause of death so far as I’m aware.

    Comparing the current figures with previous stats from ‘winter flu’ periods is, therefore, misleading – if all of the stats for deaths in winters past were reviewed to include all cases in which pneumonia/flu was ‘a contributing factor’ then the figures would be much higher than records show.

    That seems to be common sense but I really don’t know. What I do know is that this bug isn’t rabies or bubonic plague – catching it does not mean inevitable death.

  203. Republicofscotland says:

    So the bastards are going after Craig Murray now, one wonders whos behind this fiasco? Sturgeon et al surely won’t want Murray reporting on anymore cases, such as his excellent work on the Salmond debacle or the fabulous reports he’s made on Assanges terrible injustice.

    Even Iran has released Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe from prison, whilst Julian Assange remain locked up without charge, and in ill, health in a maximum security prison rife with Covid-19.

    The British, and for that matter the Scottish justice system is rotten to the core,though Salmonds acquittal shows that theres still room for hope.

    Murray did not reveal the identity of a complainer in the Salmond debacle, the press however gave enough clues to name this specific complainer, theyre trying to shut Craig Murray just like they tried to shut the Rev up, they fear them and Salmond, for telling the truth about the British state, that its rotten and corrupt.

  204. Golfnut says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood.

    Fatalities amongst those working in the health sector are climbing and government are undoubtedly to blame. However there can’t be many people who watched that and didn’t go WTF. So I would say this is subliminal messaging, meant to influence the public into thinking ‘ how can they blame the government when they behave like this’. We will see and hear more of this.

  205. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Golfnut –

    Hadn’t thought of it that way!


  206. Ottomanboi says:

    We are possibly a year away from sequencing the SARS CoV-2 genome. Until that time testing kits will lack accuracy and countermeasures will be hit and miss.
    RNA-sequencing (required for Coronaviridae) has the potential to identify new disease biology, profile biomarkers for clinical indications, infer druggable pathways, and make genetic diagnoses. These results could be further personalized for subgroups or even individual patients, potentially highlighting more effective prevention, diagnostics, and therapy. The feasibility of this approach is in part dictated by costs in money and time; a related limitation is the required team of specialists (bioinformaticians, physicians/clinicians, basic researchers, technicians) to fully interpret the huge amount of data generated by this analysis.

  207. CameronB Brodie says:

    That sounded impressive but you forgot to indicate your sources.

    Full text.

    Genomic characterization of a novel SARS-CoV-2


    A new severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) associated with human to human transmission and extreme human sickness has been as of late announced from the city of Wuhan in China. Our objectives were to mutation analysis between recently reported genomes at various times and locations and to characterize the genomic structure of SARS-CoV-2 using bioinformatics programs.

    Information on the variation of viruses is of considerable medical and biological impacts on the prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of infectious diseases. To understand the genomic structure and variations of the SARS-CoV-2. The study analyzed 95 SARS-CoV-2 complete genome sequences available in GenBank, National MicrobiologyData Center (NMDC) and NGDC Genome Warehouse from December-2019 until 05 of April-2020.

    The genomic signature analysis demonstrates that a strong association between the time of sample collection, location of sample and accumulation of genetic diversity. We found 116 mutations, the three most common mutations were 8782C>T in ORF1ab gene, 28144T>C in ORF8 gene and 29095C>T in the N gene. The mutations might affect the severity and spread of the SARS-CoV-2. The finding heavily supports an intense requirement for additional prompt, inclusive investigations that combine genomic detail, epidemiological information and graph records of the clinical features of patients with COVID-19.

    SARS-CoV-2, Genomic characterization, Mutation, COVID-19

  208. Sarah says:

    @ Dan at 12.28: I am in the course of writing to my MP telling him that we can wait no longer. Times under the Union are too dangerous and waiting for their agreement is pointless. We must act now.

  209. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Sarah says:@ 10:56 am

    “This contempt prosecution of Craig Murray is truly worrying.”

    Possibly even more than so than you think.

    So far as I am aware Craig made no attempt to “out” any of the Alphabet women either directly or by producing a “jigsaw” the assembly of which could lead the reader to the identity of any of the plaintiffs, though the same can not be said of the MSM.

    It is hard to see any motivation for this that is not political.

    So who or what are they trying to sabotage?

    Certainly not Craig, he will come out of this with his reputation and profile enhanced.

    I think they are trying to stir up a public shooting war between, Salmondite and Surgeonista factions which would make cooperation between the two for the final push, impossible.

    Of course if we have any justice loving or patriotic MP’s, one of them could easily have a list of the offending MSM journos names and the date of their contemptuous revelations compiled.

    And read it out in Parliament in front of the eyes of the world.

    That and a timeous exchange of olive branches … might immunise us against this unionavirus

  210. Robert Louis says:

    I do not speak for Craig murray, but I do wonder, are those responsible, falling head first into a rather obvious trap?

    I wish Craig well. Scotland needs a few more Craig murray’s, until such time as the current SNP government is booted out of power. I know some may disagree with that notion, but i am now very firmly of the opinion that the SNP (like the Labour party before it) has become quite, quite rotten at the top. They all rather like their very cosy and well-paid jobs. Only a wee spell out of power will induce the changes necessary – and the change needs to start at the very, very, very top.

    Only then can we have any realistic chance of the SNP pushing to independence.

    Meanwhile, even our courts, procurator and police are starting to look absurdly political – and NOT in a good way.

  211. Breeks says:

    One wee niggle I have about Craig Murray and the Salmond trial is that it seems pretty tame stuff. How can I put it, if it’s Establishment payback to ‘get’ Craig Murray, it’s payback for what? No offence implied to Craig Murray, but he’d very little input or influence over the trial.

    Part of me doesn’t “think” it’s a Scottish thing at all, but maybe instead Craig Murray really rattled the Establishment’s cage with his reporting of the Julian Assange extradition stitch up and the appalling proceedings down south, and that’s where he really got under the Establishment’s skin.

    This whole murky business needs a public enquiry, but the problem there is needing an enquiry into the Establishment which “usually” does all the Enquiring. Who on earth could be trusted to do it, and actually get to the truth?

    Personally, I cannot see any return ‘normal’ politics while these Conspirators who orchestrated a smear campaign to discredit and jail Scotland’s ex First Minister are still in their jobs and fronting up organisations like Rape Crisis to build themselves a wee untouchable fiefdom from where to hide in anonymity and attack others. How far does this cosy wee number extend? What other groups are tainted by implication, and do we need an audit review of the funding they’ve been given? Something stinks here, and it’s not going leave by it’s own accord.

    It seems in order to throw the book at these people, we first need Alex Salmond to write it.

    I suppose that much is known, but IF we want to use a Constitutional initiative to rescue Scotland’s sovereign constitution from subjugation, and rescue our Scottish Nation from the harm inflicted upon us by Brexit, then I don’t see us as having the luxury of time to wait for all of this to happen and reach it’s conclusion. We need to see things happening this Summer, in weeks, not months. The clock hasn’t stopped on Brexit. Time is running out to save ourselves.

    I know we have COV19, Alex Salmond’s book, a public enquiry into the conspiracy, yes, yes, yes, we do need all of that happening, but we ALSO need a Constitutionally based splinter group making a break for it NOW, and at least registering an interest in seeing these unconstitutional and unlawful improprieties brought before the UN and Council of Europe at the earliest possible opportunity.

    If we want wee Frodo and Samwise to have any chance of getting the Dark Union’s ring of power destroyed by throwing it into the UN’s crucible, we need to get the fellowship formed, given it’s task, and sent on it’s way with all possible haste and urgency… We need to get the finger out.

  212. My understanding is that the Contempt of court offence was not carried out properly – with due procedure. Something about being served papers at the time, indicating what the actual contempt consists of. Instead, he was just informed that he could not attend the hearing that day.
    The National says that he blogged each day but had not been given press accreditation for the hearing – so is that the Contempt? But it would be too simple to be able to claim a defence of incorrect procedure when serving the contempt notice surely?

    Hopefully they will pull up those newspaper journalists whose copy is genuine Contempt of Court as outlined in a previous article by The Rev on this website.

    Definitely got that funny smell attached to it.

    Dangerous days indeed – the Police State is growing.

  213. Breeks says:

    Dammit. Sorry Rev Stu.

    I used the r—e word again. Comment in moderation.

    There’s never a typo when when you need one…

  214. wullie says:

    Robert Louis says:
    I think you will find that the Scottish legal system, courts ,the law, etc etc however they are to be described have been political since well before 1707, when in the full knowledge that the Scottish people were sovereign did nothing to stop the union taking place. They have never protected the people. What did they do when six thousand square miles of our sea was handed over to England. What were they doing when people were being evicted from their land. Today is no different as far as I can see they don’t give a shit

  215. Gary45% says:

    Heard on the wireless earlier, home testing kits being delivered by the post office and “Amazon”, are Amazon delivering for Sweet FA or are they shafting the country twice? tax avoidance then getting paid in a National Crisis.
    The high streets were dying because of the likes of Amazon, now they are on life support because of the shutdown.
    Oh to be an Amazon shareholder.
    Hope I’ve picked this up wrong.
    Vestas @10.32
    Absolutely no surprise on Starmer, noticed no mention of Anti-Semitism on the media now, we had it constantly on every media source when Corbyn was leader.
    Zionists now in control of WM Red and Blue.
    Aye Cameron, Zionists.

  216. Gary45% says:

    Trump comes out with yet another impeachable offence with the latest ramblings.
    A few weeks ago he was bragging about being No1 on twitter or some other media source.
    Any guesses he is No 1 again.
    Surely its not as simple as that?

  217. Dog biscuit says:

    Must we remain incarcerated until farmer Sturgeon vaccinates us?

  218. cirsium says:

    @CBB, 1.18pm

    Thanks for the link. In this blizzard of propaganda and disinformation, it is good to have “the facts, just the facts”.

  219. cirsium says:

    @Col.Blimp IV, 1.30pm

    So who or what are they trying to sabotage?

    Craig’s coverage of the next stage of the show trial of Julian Assange?

  220. mike cassidy says:

    This is a long article.

    But this site is about the media

    And lockdown gives us extra reading time.

    It’s easy to assume that the reason you spend so much time thinking about the news is simply that the news is so crazy right now. Yet the news has often been crazy. What it hasn’t been is ubiquitous: from its earliest beginnings, until a few decades ago, almost by definition, the news was a dispatch from elsewhere, a world you visited briefly before returning to your own

  221. Dog biscuit says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen and all who swing in between,an appeal to you all to go immediately to UKColumn News you’ll find it fascinating unless you’re too enthralled.

  222. Col.Blimp IV says:


    Maybe, but unlike the Salmond trial there will be more than Craig wishing to give an accurate account of the proceedings and louder voices than his willing to shout foul, if needs be.

    The worlds press may be rotten to the core but nowhere near to the extent of Scotland’s

  223. CameronB Brodie says:

    It’s pretty much all Greek to me but I appreciate the essential role played by the epistemic integrity of “institutional knowledge”. Give epistemology is a Scottish invention, Scotland’s public appears strangly afflicted by an almost cult-like aversion to a respectful recognition of it in legal practice. That might have something to do with environmental factors. Perhaps the BBC in Scotland could do an investigation? 😉

    The Interdependence of Risk and Moral Theory

  224. Col.Blimp IV says:

    mike cassidy

    “How the news took over reality”

    Right enough … I really must catch up on how the war with Eastasia is getting along.

  225. callmedave says:

    Wales not being part in the 4-Nations Testing scheme launched by Hancock. (Too high a demand system shut after 2 hours)

    Wales not given enough information regarding the practical procedures.

    Ah!… That might explain my thoughts that it came as a bit of a surprise for the FM who seemed a bit less sure of her ground on this this morning.

    It was also not part of her to do list in her opening remarks which would be an important item to mention I would think.

    WM breaking new ground on their own maybe?

    BBC figures today

    N. Ireland…..(no figures yet)
    UK………….today….no data….Total*……19325* SUN*

  226. callmedave says:

    Dr Smith CMO at the parliament science and technology on-line meeting (on BBC live tv) and the Welsh CMO talk of ‘nuances’within the 4-nations approach with regard to their countries being different in application when it becomes necessary to start coming out from the ‘lockdown’

    Good! 🙂

  227. callmedave says:

    BBC figures today (updated)

    N. Ireland…..(no figures yet)
    UK………….today….6684….Total*……19325* SUN*

  228. Beaker says:

    Trump is absolutely correct in saying that disinfectant injections will kill the virus.
    Unfortunately one of the side effects of the treatment is that the host will also die.
    What planet is he on?

  229. Effijy says:

    Think it’s important that those here who put Scotland
    First and want to bring an end to English Lies and corruption
    Assure AlexSalmond,the Rev and Craig that if they need a fund
    Raiser for a court case we are right there for them.

    They assault these guys for representing us and working toward
    A brighter future for our sovereign nation.

    Je suis vous!

  230. callmedave says:

    Jings 6684…too big. Sorry 🙁

    UK………….today….684….Total*……19325* SUN*

  231. Sarah says:

    @ Effijy: Craig’s twitter says he will be opening a crowdfunder shortly.

  232. Scozzie says:

    This bullshit contempt of court on Craig Murray exposes our police and judicial system as not institutions of justice but as political arms of the state.

    Where is the contempt of court on the so called journalists from the various newspapers – has Dani been served her contempt yet?

    First they came for Alex Salmond, then Craig Murray, who next?

    What a tangled web of corruption and establishment wielding of power. I hope everyone shouts loudly on this injustice of Craig and helps fund a robust defence.

    We can’t afford to lose our truth-tellers.

  233. CameronB Brodie says:

    There does appear to be an unhealthy level of legal bias in Scotland. That might be those environmental factors again. Do you think the BBC in Scotland would investigate if we asked nicely? 🙂

    Universalism and Particularism as Paradigms of International Law

  234. CameronB Brodie says:

    Surely the BBC in Scotland would be keen to break such journalistic ground? Probably not though, eh?

    Intrinsic Honesty and the Prevalence of Rule Violations across Societies

  235. Confused says:

    “that GRA was a bad piece of lawmaking … you think? – just hold my coat …”

    there is a new hate crime bill coming up; my spider senses are tingling – like 10000 trannies suddenly made spurious allegations because someone took the piss out of them …

    – a new offence of “stirring up hatred”

    which sounds like a convenient catch-all; as ever the law will be applied unevenly – “stirring up hatred” – would mean all the orange walks getting banned; like that will happen

    the list of protected characteristics will be applied unevenly – no one cares about old people, the disabled, or catholics, then the rest of them will be applied to varying degree; it gets interesting when say – a muslim, with protection, goes up against a gay, also with protection; trannyism will be the trump card – notably, in tandem, this new bill probably makes all criticism of the GRA bill itself a “hate crime”; well played, who says these sophists don’t earn their dough?

    – and while a whole new set of offences are created, blasphemy has been removed; but presumably this does not apply to islam – don’t insult the prophet, it’s not worth it

    “I am not a lawyer” – but I’m no weatherman either and I can still tell when its-fucking-raining.

    – there is a big bit about online stuff and also plays (for some reason); also “insults” can now be breaking the law, but what if they are true? Does that count?

    the sloppiness of this law – you cannot really understand it unless you are an expert – is designed to make people shut up, just in case, they say something which goes too far; whatever you say, say nothing – as some good writer once said

    – read a bit more, its awful; insults and inflammatory material (who decides this) or possession of, can get you huckled, but also seeks to protect freedom of expression by religion

    Leviticus 18:22 “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

    – now tweet this, get huckled by the cops; they raid your house, confiscate your king james bible, and you end up in court defending yourself with section 11, while they prosecute you with some other section

    I think this is a scam just to keep lawyers in dough; imagine the time spent arguing over this.

    Some actual lawyer dude should take a look at it.

  236. jfngw says:

    The problem with Labour in Scotland is they believe all other Scots are as think as themselves.

    Quite honestly in the thickness quotient the difference between Labour in Scotland and most Scots is about the same as the difference between those same Scots and Einstein. Some Labour members will probably thinks that’s a complement ‘Ooh look we’re being compared to Einstein’.

    As an example of these anti-Einsteinium’s I give you James Kelly & Neil Findlay, not included Leonard as he is merely a colonist.

  237. jfngw says:


    You would think after the corona virus laws being badly defined and many police not being able to understand them or seeing them as a Carte Blanche to make stuff up (must be Labour voters) they would be a bit coy introducing more badly defined legislation.

  238. Clapper57 says:

    Call me a bitch but I have never clapped once at 8pm on a Thursday….I did stand at the window last week and saw a few neighbours clapping…..that is they were clapping AND looking…looking to see who else was out clapping…and then waving at other neighbours who were also out clapping…..perhaps noticing those who were NOT out clapping too…non clappers like me…watching them watching me watching them Lol

    So bad neighbour as well as a bitch for NOT clapping am I…….

    The thing is I support all the hard work the NHS staff and care workers do….I do this by not voting Tory…and it did NOT take a pandemic to make me appreciate, support and respect all of those who work in the care sector and NHS…..I valued them before all of this, during all of this and will still value all they do after all of this is over….

    Also some other workers are now being identified as so called ‘key’ workers…they were formerly known as ‘low skilled’ workers by Priti vacant’s political party…what a difference a virus makes to how your job title and your contribution is perceived when the going gets tough for a certain political party and becomes obvious that the tough party didn’t/don’t know what they were/are doing or where they were/are going Lol…then or now…..guess it takes ‘skill’ as a political party to identify ‘worthy’ and ‘less worthy’ job titles in UKnotOK BrexitLand….too skilful a job for a low skilled political party like Boris’s Tory party to determine…or so it seems..Lol

    Strange is it not that in 2017 the Tories in HOC voted against awarding the nurses in NHS England a pay rise….the result of this vote was then cheered …perhaps some of these Tories may have also CLAPPED….who knows….their clapping now.

    BTW NHS employees and unions in Scotland formally accepted a pay rise of at least 9% over the next three years in 2018…worth a clap ?

    So I may be a bitch and a bad neighbour but I’ll live with that…better than being a hypocrite.

    Vote Tory …..then you only need to CLAP for the nurses while, the same time, still believe it was/is right to have voted/vote for a Tory politician even though they, as a party, denied a wage rise for those very people you now clap for as a display of your support and appreciation…Duh !!

    Be a Tory MP….then you only need to clap for the nurses not actually vote to give them a wage rise in NHS England…indeed do the opposite…Duh !

    Some people have becoming sheeple…sheeple who clap now for the NHS but when they, the nurses in NHS England, really needed them…they, the sheeple, let them down…. these forgotten heroes…well they are heroes now but apparently not then when deserving a pay rise but not getting one thanks to the Tory party….so clapping sheeple let them down by voting Tory Duh!…..perhaps you yourselves are, for doing that, deserving of a one hand clap you sheeple…

    Are they also going to clap at the under funding of the NHS and Social care….asking for a friend of a friend of a friend…

    ps. with my assumed name on this site , Clapper57, you think I would/could/should have clapped…you would be wrong then..wouldn’t you ? ( added this for smart ar*es who may have liked to state the bleeding obvious).

    pps. Has Richard Leonard condemned Mark Drakeford’s traffic light system for getting out of lockdown yet….and told him to get with the UK programme…..

    Have a good day everyone….another ‘wee’ cheery post added by moi..oh I like a laugh in these fabby times….now we will all have Brexit to look forward to…is there no f**king end to these great times….it seems not …now or any time soon !

  239. CameronB Brodie says:

    The law is a “public good”, so there really should be no surprise in the Establishment’s protectiveness over their dominance of legal practice.

    The public good: knowledge as the foundation for a democratic society

  240. Breeks says:


    Scozzie says:
    24 April, 2020 at 3:30 pm
    This bullshit contempt of court on Craig Murray exposes our police and judicial system as not institutions of justice but as political arms of the state.

    I’m not 100% sure that it does. I know it was by a jury, but Alex Salmond was found innocent.

    I believe the problem with “the law” is that somebody with knowledge of how the system works can create a lot of aggro for “little people” who don’t know how the system works and cannot afford representation.

    If “somebody” makes a claim, then the Courts have to look at it.

    It maybe isn’t the Court making trouble for Craig Murray, but say, for example, Alec Salmond’s prosecution team, who are making allegations of Contempt and demanding the Court addresses the allegations.

    To an extent, a Court can only react to cases put in front of it. It cannot, to my knowledge paddle it’s own canoe and decide which Court Action it wants to address on a whim.

    It’s like the Scottish Constitutional issue… an unsatisfactory condition prevails indefinitely if nobody actually challenges it.

    Joanna Cherry has twice now taken two actions through the Scottish Court system and successfully held Westminster bound to Scots Law, and both times too, put the UK Supreme Court in it’s place. If Scotland’s judiciary was hopelessly dysfunctional and or corrupt, do you think she’d have been successful?

    So am I defending the Courts? Meh… mutter, mutter, mutter… I try to, but the Megrahi verdict troubles me deeply. I also have some personal grievances where I am firmly of the opinion the Courts are vexatious, and frequently value expediency and/or over familiarity, above actual truth and justice.

    For example, both Local Authorities and Housing Associations can throw warrants around like confetti, and a Court will pretty much rubber stamp every one of them, without any critical appraisal of whether they are justified.

    So do I actually “trust” them? No, not fully. But I have confidence of a sort that if you have a case and can make it with due competence, commendable stamina, and deep enough pockets to pay for your lawyers stamina, they might make it difficult to win, but ultimately you will win.

    If you want to win your case, force the court to confront hard facts and incontrovertible evidence, and deny them any opportunity or latitude to “interpret” ambiguity, mere opinion, or uncertainty, because they will find a way out for themselves if they want one.

  241. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @CamB –

    You clearly have access to quality academic search engines not easily accessible to the rest of us.

    I wonder if you would mind doing a search for ‘Robert F. Kennedy Jnr vs Bill Gates’ and letting us know if you find anything of interest?


  242. Mike d says:

    Wullie 1.53pm. The Scottish legal system etc, are unionist to their backbone.

  243. CameronB Brodie says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    I’ve just been taught what to look for and how to find it. My memory is as rusty as though, but hopefully still of some use. 😉

  244. CameronB Brodie says:

    I just use startpage, but I do have a training in critical legal theory and stuff. That’s why I’m confident that Scotland is exceptionally badly served by British constitutionalism.

    What about a legal defense of the”Right to Development” of all those living in Scotland, for a start. Or do we not get human rights because we live in Scotland?

    Political constitutionalism and the Human Rights Act
    Richard Bellamy
    International Journal of Constitutional Law, Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2011,


    Many commentators portray the Human Rights Act (HRA) as marking the demise of Britain’s “political constitution.” This article argues otherwise. The HRA need not be taken as handing over supremacy for rights adjudication from the legislature to the courts. First, the HRA brings “rights home,” strengthening, in certain respects, domestic rights instruments vis-à-vis the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

    Second, sections 19 and 4 of the Act maintain and potentially enhance Parliament’s scrutiny of rights and its sovereignty over the courts in defining and upholding them. Finally, section 3 and rights-based judicial review generally can be assimilated to a system of “weak” review whereby courts defer to the legislative “scope,” as determined by Parliament, and are restricted in their independent determinations to the judicial “sphere” of the fair conduct of the case at hand. Such weak review, so called, has always been necessary.

    However, the HRA potentially reinforces judicial deference by giving it a stronger statutory basis. That the HRA could strengthen rather than undermine political constitutionalism need not mean it does or will. However, the implication of this article is that it ought to be regarded as doing so, with the judiciary acting accordingly.

  245. SilverDarling says:

    As the pandemic progresses and we arrive piecemeal at various measures to control and mitigate its effect we do have to look at how we got here.

    Single use plastics and easy throwaway wipes etc have lulled us into a false sense of security. We have become complacent about cleanliness.

    We assume public transport, shops etc will treat surfaces as if they are the Petri dishes they are only to be shocked that even some food preparation areas don’t adhere to basic standards of cleanliness.

    I remember on the buses the ‘No Spitting’ notices brought in to stop the spread of TB amongst other diseases. I remember at school everyone having to wash their hands in carbolic soap before school dinners. We even had a teacher at primary who lined us up and examined our hands first thing in the morning and those not up to standard were sent to remedy their poor hygiene.

    It seems primitive and obvious but there are people who still don’t even wash their hands after going to the toilet never mind going outside!

    That Trump seems surprised that UV light (UV C used as a lab sanitizer for decades) and bleach and disinfectant kill germs is no surprise. What is more surprising is that he doesn’t know they kill almost every living thing including people if taken internally but when did he ever have to read a label or make sure the child safety lid was locked on?

    I see the establishment are still on the hunt for any scalp having failed to get Alex. Good luck Craig Murray and to the Rev in their legal endeavours. Meantime the prizes get handed out for loyalty to the Unionist cause over at the Herald, Record etc.


  246. Golfnut says:

    @ Scozzie.

    Has anyone actually reported the media, officially made a complaint to the Police. Wings did an excellent summary of the media’s reporting on the AS trial.

  247. Golfnut says:

    @ Callmedave.

    I’m not surprised this was kept from the FM.
    If I understood the gobbledygook on tv this morning, this new testing isn’t about finding out if you have the virus, its about checking for anti-bodies. Once a week for four weeks and then once every 4 weeks thereafter. In essence, I think they are testing the ‘herd immunity’ theory. The results of this won’t be known until next January. I think they are flying a kite with this.

  248. Effijy says:

    Thanks Sarah,

    Craig I consider facebook and twitter a serious intrusion of
    Privacy so don’t touch them.

    If you can post any legal funding page on here I’m sure I won’t be alone in contributing.
    Thank you for standing up for the truth and justice here in Scotland.
    They might just become salvageable if we can get shit of Westminster soon.

  249. Effijy says:

    Thinking about a previous post who enquired about the 3 Tory MSPs who
    Went hill walking together during lockdown.

    The police put of the poster by saying they can do nothing unless and official
    Complaint was made?

    So who but in an official complaint about our previous Chief Medical Officer?
    Who put a complaint in for those stopped by police at the roadside or at railway
    Stations that I see?

    The top police officers here are corrupt as hell and support Westminster in hope of promotions darn staff or a wee Betty Gong wouldn’t go amiss.

  250. CameronB Brodie says:

    Here’s some stuff that will hopefully be of some use now, and also for when we next get a chance to defend our legal identities.

    Psychological Entropy: A Framework for Understanding Uncertainty-Related Anxiety

  251. Dan says:

    Golfnut says: at 5:22 pm

    Has anyone actually reported the media, officially made a complaint to the Police. Wings did an excellent summary of the media’s reporting on the AS trial.

    Well in the following link

    This site prefers to leave that decision to the proper authorities, and we have accordingly passed all of the information in this article to COPFS and the police.

    This from earlier could of course be completely unrelated.

  252. Capella says:

    @ Stuart MacKay 11.49 am – that article is a month old, from 28th March. There probably was a lot of support for Boris Johnston and the UK Gov for announcing the lockdown. However, a month later, opinions have changed. Here’s the latest Yougov poll on levels of trust. Boris and his cabinet not doing so well now. Newspapers and journalists the worst. From Stu’s twitter.

  253. jfngw says:

    A bit worrying that Scotland seems to heading for political trials and at the same time banning books, there are many books that could fall into the category, they are defining as abusive, maybe they will burn them.

    Are we heading for the most authoritarian laws in Europe, this looks like it could make the OBFA good legislation. Is it an attempt to get GRA through as anyone objecting will now be liable to prosecution.

    The only plus point is it must be the end of orange walks as they stir up hatred most of the summer months.

  254. CameronB Brodie says:

    Scotland does appear to be being boxed in, legally. British constitutionalism ueber alles, apparently.

    Philosophical Issues in Censorship and Intellectual Freedom

  255. Gfaetheblock says:


    Murdo et al went climbing on 21 march. This was after schools were shut, so in the inital period of social distancing, but before lockdown. The story was reported during lockdown.

    So anyone reporting them to the police would look a bit of a fanny.

  256. Willie says:

    The attack on Craig Murray by a thoroughly corrupt police and prosecution service shows all too clearly how we are but a step away from the state assignation squads.

    Extant in Northern Ireland the military arranged many murders of political campaigners – such as lawyer Pat Finucaine.

    But they’ve done it here with the nationalist lawyer Willie MacRae.

    Make no mistake the state I’d out to wage war and we need to prepare to resist.

    To do otherwise would be a dereliction of our duty to live in a democracy.

  257. Golfnut says:

    @ Dan.

    Thanks, I’d forgotten.

  258. shug says:

    Well it is getting harder and harder to find the numbers of deaths, or any consistency in reporting them, people tested, people in hospital or people in ICU. They must be getting really bad when they are covering them up like this.
    If you want to know the number in Southern Ireland America or Italy not a problem.

    How toxic is the BBC

  259. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Mick Lavelle (12.41) –

    Further to our exchange this morning –

    ‘Any time health care intersects with dollars, it gets awkward.’
    (Dr Scott Jensen, also a state senator.)

    This brief interview covers some of the points we were discussing this morning, esp the issue of prioritising causes of death vis-a-vis ‘contributing factors’. I only came across this half an hour ago.

  260. MaggieC says:

    Craig Murray has launched his crowdfunder for his case on his latest blog .

  261. Stuart MacKay says:


    Thanks for the info. I did see the date on the article but it still baffles me that despite everything that the Conservatives still manage to command any support at all.

    The interesting part of Chris Grey’s Brexit blog is that the government is in this eternal campaign mode where policy and good government seem to be taking a back seat to emotion, nostalgic imagery and blood and soil nationalism. They still need the intellectuals and the scientists but they don’t like being seen in public listening to them.

    It has all the dystopian overtones of something the Khmer Rouge would come up with.

    So although that article is a month old I’d be interested to see what happens when we come out of this. I’m not so sure anything close to justice will be done to the thousands who have died. Sacrificed for what is essentially an anti-intellectual ideology.

  262. SOG says:

    I just donated to Craig’s fund the sum I would have paid to the SNP this year. I hope one of them reads this.

  263. mike cassidy says:

    Ian Brotherhood

    Not sure what you’re after re Gates and RFKjr

    But the antivaccine types like Kennedy sure piled on Gates quite early in all this.

    But if you want to step into that rabbithole.

  264. And Spouse says:

    Craig Murray charged.
    BBC Scotland raised this today and used it as an attack on Oor Big Eck, Craig didnae get a mention in the first website appearance.
    So after the virus and independence raises its “ugly held” they will have silenced Craig? They went for Eck. Who is next? All the nationalist bloggers should just get ready cos some of them will have targets set on them. And yes we will all crowd fund for them too.
    Funny thing is though, independence figures went up after the Big Eck trial. this stupidity seems to make us stronger.
    I wonder if they’ll ask Craig if he’d like a sherry when they have him in for a wee chat?

  265. And Spouse says:

    First line of indictment against Craig talks about incidents! At the time we’re these not alleged??

  266. And Spouse says:

    First line of indictment against Craig mentions incidents! Surely these were alleged incidents?

  267. Confused says:

    @Craig Murray – you forget to redact your address on the last page of the PDF

  268. Sarah says:

    @ Effijy: Craig’s blog gives his bank account details at the foot of the crowdfunding article so a direct payment can be made. He also gives the bank address so a cheque could be posted

  269. And Spouse says:

    On the indictment article 62, is this itself “in contempt”?
    I don’t know what anyone thinks but I’m really worried that I might be quoted in the next indictment against Stu!

  270. And Spouse says:

    This just reads like a witch hunt?
    Anyway who are these highly notable commenters on the Craig Murray website? They must be important (no disrespect intended) that the crown has used them in evidence against him. Or are they just Joe Public?

  271. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Mike Cassidy –

    What I was ‘after’ re Gates/Kennedy was some acknowledgement that these people have a very serious difference of opinion which happens to very pertinent to the shite we’re all living through.

    That’s why I asked CamB if he could perhaps glean anything from the ‘academic’ sources he uses. That would, perhaps lend some credibility to it all. But Cameron doesn’t seem interested, and that’s fair enough.

    Perhaps you could comment on the video I posted at 8.39?

  272. CameronB Brodie says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    Sorry Ian, it’s not that I’m not interested, I’m not sure what I can do. Proving stuff isn’t easy if there’s be no research, and perhaps my focus of attention has narrowed my vision. I know the stuff that I’m punting has value, so I’ve been concentrating on punting that. Can you give me an idea of what you’d like me to look for?

  273. jfngw says:

    Got my disinfectant but no idea where to get a syringe, bit worried about using a used one in case I catch HIV.

  274. CameronB Brodie says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    The very broadest of searches brought me this. Hope that helps and happy to go looking if you can point me in a specific direction.

    How the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory tore through the internet

    ….In a Facebook post on March 30, the attorney and anti-vaccination activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., son of Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former US president John F. Kennedy, also shared the conspiracy theory linking 5G to coronavirus. Global lockdown, he said, was stopping people from protesting to prevent “5G robber barons from microwaving our country and destroying nature”. The post has been shared more than 11,000 times and received almost 8,000 interactions. A video attached to the post that makes similar claims has been viewed almost 500,000 times. ….

  275. CameronB Brodie says:

    Here’s some stuff on the vaccine’s development. I may have jumped the gun posting a public health perspective on drug approval, as this is no ordinary development programme.

    A new way of developing vaccines for COVID-19 could help the world to prepare for future outbreaks

    Potential COVID-19 therapeutics currently in development

    Developing Covid-19 Vaccines at Pandemic Speed

  276. CameronB Brodie says:

    That was me responding to Ian Brotherhood. I’m not a virologist so I was finished. 🙂

  277. mike cassidy says:


    I used the word ‘after’ just as a means of asking what interested you about the two.

    Nothing more.

    Personally, I’m never going to be on the side of the antivaccination lobby.

    A lobby which will inevitably freak out at the suggestion that the best way to deal with a pandemic is mass vaccination if one becomes available.

    Alas, as Tolstoy said, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way

    We love Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but he is part of a misinformation campaign that’s having heartbreaking—and deadly—consequences

  278. crazycat says:

    @ jfngw at 10.48

    Diameter’s a bit daunting, right enough.

  279. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Mike Cassidy –

    I’ve been ‘inoculated’, same as the rest of us, at various points in my life.

    I had no say in it.

    If I’m now asked, ‘required’, or even ‘compelled’ to take another jab by anyone, I’m declining.

    And that’s not on the advice of any ‘lobbyist’ – it’s my choice.

  280. CameronB Brodie says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    There a few links on the clinical aspect of the vaccine’s development in moderation @11:48pm. If the Rev clears them at some point, they might reassure you to some extent. I might have jumped the gun posting a public health perspective on drug approval, as this is no ordinary development program.

  281. Famous15 says:

    The Craig Murray indictment sets out in Wings fashion the worst indictment of the establishment.

    How can they not see how corrupt they are in their own words?

    BTW get inoculated you stupid bastards ,this is not a game .

  282. Dog biscuit says:

    I’m not a Trump fan but I can’t help but notice you seem to have joined the media witch hunt against Donald Trump.So he’s daft as opposed to all you rich geniuses? You are mostly talking out your arseholes. You act like bullies jumping on his every word It’s not very reasonable.You are being led by the nose by main stream media.Mad old curtain twitchers.

  283. Dog biscuit says:

    Do you wish to be compelled to take medications by your Government?Is compulsion compatible with human rights ?CBB need not reply.

  284. Dog biscuit says:

    How can you be democrats while you allow Governments to railroad you on covid?

  285. Dog biscuit says:

    New laws against ‘stirring up hatred’ are designed to silence political dissent.If we buy into it we are mugs .Sturgeon has a deeply frightening mentality as do her acolytes on here. She has a single track psychopathology personality and is a threat to the democracy that once existed in this country.

  286. Dog biscuit says:

    Pschopathic .Damned bloody computor.

  287. Dog biscuit says:

    Wake up to the Fascist Sturgeon before it’s too late . This is now bigger than nationalism. When do you really think we’ll be released from house arrest? When it suits Nicola Sturgeons agenda. It must be most expedient to keep us locked up.The sheer fucking audacity of any Government to do this is breathtaking.The fact that you frightened bastards go along with it is mind blowing.Theres some morning hate for you well aimed and on time.

  288. Gary45% says:

    Dog Biscuit.
    I think your needing wormed.
    A couple of big words in your posts above, you been on the alphabetti spaghetti?

  289. Effijy says:

    Dog Biscuit,

    Eat your pedigree chump and stop talking to yourself.

    There is absolutely no doubt this killer virus is contagious!

    There no way I want to catch it as I would transfer to family with underlying health issues.

    I’m fine with this degree of isolation. If was was stupid enough I can travel all around the country
    Without doubt and you don’t need to give a damn about your own health but you have no right to
    Have direct contact with anyone who has to work or pass but who wants all others to stay clear.

    Get your lead and chase a rabbit up a mountain somewhere.

    You can have a Scooby Snack when you get home.

  290. Effijy says:

    I’ve donated to Craig Murray’s fighting fund to fight the UK Mafia in court.

    We all really need to do this or it’s you next.
    Persecution by the establishment against those who stand up for their rights
    leads us towards Orwell’s dystopian 1984.

    I read 1984 at school many years ago and I have never read of a more horrific
    Existence in any book since.

    Not even allowed a last rebellious word before the luxury of deaths release.

    A Westminster fascist state is developing fast.
    Closing down a Parliament where there really is no genuine opposition or accountability,
    Control of all Media Sources,
    The law not being applied when broken by the state,
    Police working to political agendas and not the law,
    Civil servants working against the people’s rights,
    The Truth regularly being buried and distorted if not replaced by outright lies.

    You must give what you can to Craig’s fund and nip this in the bud just as we did
    With Alex, otherwise you have no voice, no rights and no country.

    PS You don’t have to key in your e-mail or phone number if you have any fears?

  291. Ottomanboi says:

    The government by decree curtailment of civil liberty aka lockdown has given the authorities a psychological ‘advantage’ over citizens which they may be very unwilling to surrender when/if there is a return to ‘normality’.
    The continuing war of attrition by state authorities over the Salmond affair in which Craig Murray and other pro-independence commentators have become targets is suggestive of a shift in the political genome far worse than this novel virus.
    Digital surveillance tech is the hot new and venomous scorpion in the societal woodpile, as is the remarkable degree of cooperation from the populace recently manifest. State police, coming to a mind near you.

  292. Dorothy Devine says:

    I see Iain Dale is bleating about public trust in the press having sunk to a terminal degree . He and his Greek chorus of others wonder how it can be regained and I have news for him – never is the answer.

    Perhaps had the press and broadcasters worked on the principal of truth and holding all in public office to account they might not have found themselves in a putrid mess.

    I did smirk at the press award given to Mr Hutcheon – that certainly helped me to think Lordy I must trust these guys.

    Please can we end the indentured slavery of Scotland before it is too late. I fear the upper hand is being taken by money from Westminster and they will be able to proclaim themselves to be ‘such generous people to the Scots’ and unfortunately the press will spoonfeed that to the masses .

  293. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Ian B, something for you to read…

    For those attacking Kennedy and supporting Gates, it is never as clear cut as you think. All vaccines are not the same, and not all of them have the same safety. As for this vaccine for Corona, there is no guarantee they will find find one that is effective. The common cold is a corona virus- no vaccine for that yet? And the other thing to remember is that this is an RNA virus. It seems to be a poor replicator, which means it mutates readily, so even if they produce a vaccine it will probably be for an older version of the virus. But read the article above, the Swedes seem to have looked at it in a different way.

  294. Ottomanboi says:

    Smartphones, computer games, drones, apps….
    Knowledge gives power, but to whom?
    Are we approaching the point of no return?

  295. jfngw says:


    Given up on the disinfectant idea, that baster is just too frightening.

    Now going for the second option, internal light to kill the virus. I’ve managed to swallow the light bulb, that was a herculean effort, but now feeling a complete arse as I forgot to attach the mains lead.

    So now i’m having to wait for the bulb to pass through the system, a bit worried this could be worse than swallowing it. Hopefully it will emerge bayonet first as I have my wife standing ready with a socket and lead attached (not mains connected as that would be stupid and dangerous) to help tug it out if required.

    Hopefully all goes well and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  296. ahundredthidiot says:

    A lot of really sad people on here happy to give up their freedom for very little short term safety (and even that is to be disputed – and that dispute is being shut-down)

    Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.’

    You know who you are – those who approve of this house arrest.

    Shame on all of you.

  297. Effijy says:

    Boy do we have our share of Unionists and Trolls here.
    A sprinkling of folks running haywire with misinterpreted information.

    Sweden has around double the population of its neighbours
    Norway and Finland.
    Add the later 2 populations together and you have a pretty fair comparisons
    Of population, locations and Life Styles.

    Sweden celebrating the Herd Immunity option?

    Has suffered over 2,000 Civid Deaths
    Norway and Finland each less than 200 Civid Deaths.

    For those using the Labour Party calculator, you will more than quadruple the Covid Death Tally
    with the Bojo Cummings Herd Immunity option.

    Now for me personally, not adopting anything Bojo puts forward
    Means that my elderly Mother and Asthmatic wife are still here with me.
    Herding option and I’m an unmarried orphan waiting to see if I’m about to join my loved ones.

    If you want to do pro rata populations with other neighbours Denmark and Germany you get a very
    Similar result.

    So if you want to kill off the vulnerable citizens go live in Sweden or vote Red it Blue Tory here!

  298. Colin Alexander says:

    William Wallace

    Andrew Murray

    Robert Wishart

    Robert Bruce

    Alex Salmond

    Stu Campbell

    Craig Murray

    Champions of Scotland’s freedom.

  299. Craig Murray says:

    That is over-kind Colin. Though for the clan I would suggest you replace me with George Murray. Andy hasn’t been bad either!

  300. ahundredthidiot says:

    People are dying in the community because they aren’t going to hospital when they get ill or have had important operations postponed/cancelled.

    Old people in care homes are giving up – no visits, no proper care, plenty of fear.

    Hospitals are empty – ICU wards described as light.

    The ‘cure’ is worse than the virus – we are burning the village down to save it.

    I pity those poor imbeciles who are going along with this mass hysteria created by the MSM and those cowardly politicians terrified to admit their catastrophic error with these current measures – of course, when the truth is unavoidable these politicians will blame their ‘expert medical advisers’ to save their own narcissistic skins.

    Hitler & Goebbels would’ve been proud of such an achievement.

    And all the dumb schmucks who go along with it are no different to all the dumb schmucks who did so in 1930’s Germany.

  301. Sinky says:

    Judging by letters pages today, Nicola misjudged the intelligence of the Yoon Green Ink gang when she said she wanted to treat us as grown ups and weigh up various options put forward.

    As Westminster controls our economy the Scottish Government couldn’t go it’s own way on shutting down before the UK.

    Also our Medics didn’t know Dominic Cummings was controlling the UK Sage committee that advised UK Government.

  302. Gary45% says:

    Colin Alexander@10.12
    Good List, maybe add Willie McRae “one who paid the ultimate price for the cause”.

  303. ahundredthidiot says:

    Sweden have approx 10 million people, the UK approx 60 million

    Sweden suffered around 2000 deaths, the UK around 20,000

    In the US – the States with NO lockdown are fairing much better than those who have put it in place.

    This is irrefutable evidence – facts and numbers.

    Amazingly people argue if there was no lockdown/house arrest the figures would be WORSE – this, without, doubt, is the most ridiculous argument that can possibly be made – in defiance of facts and figures – and all the dumb schmucks like effijy are going along with that pseudo argument, so what chance do we have.

    freedom is lost and will not be won back easily.

    And Independence – shit, we can forget that……

  304. ahundredthidiot says:

    Additionally, Excess Deaths from late December 2014 to mid March 2015 was 44,000 as the UK suffered a nasty strain of flu.

    Planes flew, businesses functioned, parents fed their children and paid their mortgages, the economy plodded on.

  305. Gary45% says:

    I’ve just read your post out to my wife, she replied with “Fuckwit”, and she never swears!!
    Brave men lead from the front, they don’t shout encouragement from the safety and security of the back line”.

    Nobody is stopping you catching Covid-19 if you so desire.

  306. Effijy says:


    Your name is selling you short.

    The land mass in the US is vast.
    Many remote isolated communities so unlikely to spread Covid
    You forget New York was the worst affected location on earth.
    They have planted thousands in mass graves for God sake.

    They have over 50,000 Covid Deaths and can contribute much to Trumpism.

    With true Civid Death numbers in the UK we would come only second to the US
    thanks to Bojoism and it’s stupid decisions, delay and incompetence.

    Both Sweden and the UK have done very badly when compared with neighbouring countries
    Who isolated and tested when early warning signs came out of Italy and Spain.

    The facts tell the truth!

  307. kapelmeister says:

    Belgium announces that all shops in the country will be allowed to reopen in a couple of weeks time. They’re a clever lot see, who have made the connection that the economy, health services, civil liberties, schools/colleges etc are all interlinked and interdependent components of a functioning society that have to be balanced.

    Sturgeon, by contrast, wants to keep the lockdown going to delay the showdown the indy rank and file want with her over her failures.

  308. Pete says:

    I presume you are including Scotland when you talk about stupid decisions.
    Hundredthidiot- you are just so correct. I agree with every word.
    Wee Burney just so loves standing behind that lectern every day telling us what we can and we can’t do. Having a police state obviously suits her.
    Just hoping that when BOJO comes back next week, he and Cummings can get England moving and shame Scotland into following on.

  309. Effijy says:

    Ahundredidiots, SensibleDave and Pete deserve
    Their very own Blog as they are too much for this one.

    How about naming it Reprehensibleidiots for Pete sake!

  310. Dorothy Devine says:

    Effigy , how about Dog Whistlers.

  311. Doug says:

    Meanwhile liar and coward Johnson continues to hide under the bed-sheets. Even there his incompetence seeps through the covers like a fart of fascism.

  312. ahundredthidiot says:


    raise your right arm, hand out, but keep those fingers together, keep it straight now, and repeat after me…..

    equivalent today – Govt tells MSM to tell people to stand on their doorsteps to clap a worthy cause on a given day, at a given time.

    it’s called ‘training’ – you are being trained – and your motive is your fear.

    12 weeks is the magic number to train a human.

    go gym 12 weeks, you will keep going, eat a sensible diet for 12 weeks, you will maintain that diet, basic military training is around 12 weeks before specialising.

    Get the picture yet?…..didn’t think so.

  313. Breeks says:

    Dorothy Devine says:
    25 April, 2020 at 9:17 am
    I see Iain Dale is bleating about public trust in the press having sunk to a terminal degree . He and his Greek chorus of others wonder how it can be regained and I have news for him – never is the answer…

    A wee tweak in the perspective?

    Setting aside the Unionist bias in ‘our’ media, which I think is an atypical scenario making Scotland perhaps unique in the world, but looking over a wider spectrum, I think what we have seen in the media is the same phenomenon we have seen in our traditional trades, crafts, and specialisms of expertise such as shipbuilding, steel making, and heavy industry.

    All of these disciplines over the past few decades have been decapitated, with the actual people who have the skills and the knowledge displaced from the boardroom and decision making process to make way for the bean counters, the report writers, and the investors who just want their dividend.

    A time served stonemason nowadays is routinely told what to do by a surveyor who’d need an instruction book to swing a hammer. A mechanic has to scrap an engine he could fix. A tradesman printer and typesetter now has to compete for a living with Photoshop. A traditional weaver can only ever pitch their wares in an exclusive niche market because “quality” has been divorced from mass production. If efficiency cannot accommodate ‘good’, then is efficiency the right master to be serving?

    Modern society, steered by the greed of NeoLiberalism, has made the collective decision that the people best placed to manage our trades, culture, Arts, industrial innovation and design, are NOT the tradespeople and craftspeople training their apprentices, but anodyne colleges and Universities who break down a life time of talent and experience into modules, like NVQ’s, which are convenient beans for the bean counters to count.

    Tenders and opportunities are won on price alone, with lip service clauses on ‘excellence’ and standards, and where piracy and corruption has an absolute field day, because no where in their job specification is there any requirement for their product to anything except basic and cheap. Go and look at the engineering of a Scottish bus stop, then Google Hector Guimard and his entrances to the Paris Métro, and ask which you’d rather pass by on the way to work.

    Look at what passes for a house nowadays. Modern houses are to Architecture what Trabant’s are to car design.

    If modern Scotland wants to have a reputable building industry, start putting the Carpenters, Stonemasons, Lead workers, Bricklayers and Steel workers back on the Trade bodies who determine the welfare of the trade.

    Put traditional trades and professions back in charge of recruiting their new intakes of recruits of and apprentices. Put Teachers in charge of running schools. Put Doctors and Nurses in charge of running hospitals.

    Put back into our society what Neoliberal greed has leached out, and that is a universal appreciation for what is good, and the real worth of quality. Get our trades, industries and professions being excellent at what they do, and once they are, then, and only then, should we admit cost as a determining factor.

    Scotland’s Press? Get rid of the billionaire tax dodgers, MI5 gobshites and arse-licking toadies who want Scotland bound in joyless darkness and despair without sight or sound of the truth. Scotland needs journalists like Craig Murray, brave enough to stand alone and do the right thing, rattling cages and shaking up the Establishment’s complacency and challenging it’s omnipotence.

    Scotland needs journalism that wakes it up, not puts us to sleep under a stifling blanket of BritNat Indoctrination and sophistry.

    I know, I know, we cannot all be Hector Guimard’s, but that’s not the point. The point is, if one of us was a modern day Hector Guimard, or another Charles Rennie Mackintosh, where could they ever realise or express their creativity? They would live and die very ordinary and unknown.

  314. Doug says:

    @Dorothy Devine 9:17am

    Aye, respect for “journalists” at an all time low, mostly because of the “journalists” themselves, and their incestuous relationship with the English/British nationalist establishment. One silver lining from the health crisis would be to see these English/British nationalist “journalists” out of a job.

    Thank god for the internet and sites like WoS and Craig Murray.

  315. ahundredthidiot says:


    Thanks Gary – be sure to read out 10:17 to her.

    then watch the blood drain from her face.

    or cognitive dissonance set in – either way, it matters not to me.

  316. CameronB Brodie says:

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion but nobody is entitled to endanger the rest of society by exercising that opinion.

    Ethical Framework for Decision- Making in a Pandemic

  317. kapelmeister says:

    Je Suis Craig Murray.

  318. Alec Lomax says:

    It seems that Cummings and the eugenicist ex-spad are posting on Wings.

  319. ahundredthidiot says:


    so you agree with me then, that these measures are killing people and therefore wrong?

  320. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Really fuckin depressing to see regulars on here shouting names at anyone who dares question the narrative being rammed down our necks 24/7.

    This bastarding bug has become a faith issue.

  321. CameronB Brodie says:

    I might agree with you if you if I thought you were making a valid point. I don’t and can’t, as you’ve provided no evidence to support your position. That leaves me ignorant of your ethical framework for decision making. I don’t trust blind faith.

  322. ahundredthidiot says:

    I recall leaving Germany for the last time and on the boat I met a German man – we got talking.

    This German was an English Teacher, bound for England, to teach English. He taught me more in an hour than I had ever learned in School or from the diet of war movies I grew up on.

    In a nutshell, he said the Nazi Party, Hitler, all the propaganda, really had nothing to do with the second world war and it’s terrible consequences. People – he said – were the problem, setting aside critical thinking, accepting information as facts, allowing their primal instincts of survival and fear dictate their decision making.

    I believe the respectable Lord Sumption recently made a similar argument against the creation of a Police State that we are currently witnessing.

  323. CameronB Brodie says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    Very mush so Ian. There are always those who will blindly follow authority. But the last few decades has seen both the left and right wings undermine society’s confidence in science. This has only encouraged conspiratorial thinking and left society less able to defend public health and personal security from abusive power.

    I don’t think anything less of those who don’t trust authority, I’m one myself. But I value a scientific world view, as it is the only view that supports liberty, equality and justice.

  324. Clapper57 says:

    Reading some of the comments on here from certain individuals.. I cannot help but think that some peeps opinions would perhaps be better if they were put into isolation instead of being on a public Indy forum….I include my own BTW…in case some smarty pants cares to mention this to me….though in fairness I have been self isolating my opinion for a wee while ……Lol

  325. Dorothy Devine says:

    Breeks , taking all that on board with an added touch of ‘expecting to be paid just for turning up ‘ mentality which seems to have seeped into the general attitude, I struggle to excuse journalists who are aware that they are writing gossip and unsubstantiated drivel and lies.

    The ‘underground’ journalists , the one who upset the ‘qualified ‘ journalists to such a degree that they are called nasty names in the media and taken to court on spurious allegations – they are the real journalists to whom I turn.

    Viva Rev Stu , Craig Murray , Paul Kavanagh et al!

  326. ahundredthidiot says:


    Fair enough – I cannot offer evidence for the amount of deaths these measure will incur – not yet anyway. And like everyone else, my ethical judgement is open to scrutiny, fine.

    I suppose we will just wait until we can count the dead then, but of course, that will be too late.

    This is why academics will never run the World.

    Pragmatists anticipate, plan, react and deliver.

    You can post to a link to it when it’s all over.

  327. CameronB Brodie says:

    Do you seriously expect me to agree with you without you explaining your ethical rational? You do have one, I assume, you’re not just making it up as you go along? 😉

  328. Doug says:

    The recent health crisis has clearly shown just how much Scotland needs to regain its independence. I hope the FM sees that too, if not we need someone who has the 2020 vision.

  329. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @CamB –

    I hear you, and *think* I understand your position generally (although I don’t read the material you post, there simply isn’t time) – correct me if I’m wrong, but you seem to advocate Reason in the guid auld ‘Enlightenment’ sense, and few would object to that.

    But I have to take issue with:

    ‘…the last few decades has seen both the left and right wings undermine society’s confidence in science.’

    I don’t discern any effective ‘left’ position and haven’t, for years. The existing structures, be they legal, educational, governmental, whatever, have been shades of ‘right’ since the Thatcher/Reagan years. Essentially, that’s the entire adult lifetime of someone like me, in their mid-50s. Powerful Union reps appearing on the news to take turns saying ‘at this present moment in time…’ are now distant memories.

    Where is ‘reason’ being applied to this current crisis? Is it not obvious that the complete lack of dissenting voices anywhere in mainstream media signifies the unrolling of a ‘project’? Just as happened with 9/11, ‘Shock & Awe’ for my generation, or the Kennedy assassination for my parents’, the world wars for their parents and grandparents, all the way back, for longer than universal suffrage has existed.

    What we’re witnessing right now is mass hysteria. Being ‘inside’ it makes it almost impossible to view the situation rationally, and that brings me full circle – I don’t see where you are coming from ‘rationally’ in terms of understanding the behaviour of governments. They may well have people who appreciate the finer points of ethics, morality, philosophy etc that you raise via the articles to link to, but it seems a bit of a stretch to assume that such lofty thinking informs the day-to-day decisions made by Sturgeon, Trump, Johnson etc. I just don’t see it but am happy to be corrected.


  330. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Chris Cairns – Help; where are you?

    Please, lighten the mood.

  331. CameronB Brodie says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    The job of politician is to get folk to agree with their opinions. Those opinions are informed by the bods in white coats, with science and ethics and stuff. However, it’s economics and politics that determine the policy offered to the voters.

    The right wing has been punting economic and religious fundamentalism. The left-wing have been punting gender ideology. Both positions are detached from reality and the natural law (universality).

    The right-wing has captured the left in Brexitania, with the result of a neo-liberal paradigm in governmental style. This imposes a policy style that is grounded in the ‘rational’ of market forces, which lack coherence with the natural law (universality).

    Without recourse to the natural world, through science, politics becomes detached from the natural world, and the law becomes a tool of authoritarian oppression. Who ever said the world of politics is rational?

    Public reason, civic trust and conclusions of science

  332. Doug Buchannan says:

    Meanwhile we have people in England wishing that Scotland’s FM was their leader, yet still we have a mixture of nuts and SIU trolls on here undermining the FM!

    This crisis has put Scotland’s position clearly front & centre of our peoples minds, the FM leading on all fronts, westminster looking like utter chaos and Scotland far from their minds!

    Unionism is boxed into promoting undertaking policies inline with England, e.g. exiting lockdown with England, importantly, regardless if this costs loves in Scotland. Scotland can not be allowed to do things differently, even if correct for Scotland, as this undermines the union. If we all go down in flames, so be it, the union continues, the press and bbc can rewrite the truth to bring the pesky jocks back on side.

    Those of us in the independence camp can simply counter this with Scottish lives are more important than the union. This is not merely a political stance, it’s a stance which is morally correct and plain fact which can’t be countered except by unionists who then expose themselves and their cause to ridicule and mistrust, e.g. used car salesman Carlaw.

    Come the end of the crisis we will be looking at an open goal for independence, how may of us have talked to friends over the phone and contrasted the FM’s conduct, honesty and leadership with those of the clowns and contemptibles in the uk government?

    Don’t get distracted by court cases or others who have dubious axes to grind, the prize of freedom should be the focus of us all!

  333. Gary45% says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, no colour draining from us, I have my own theories about this situation the world is in, some are even on the lines you post, herding the community= killing off most of the elderly,infirm,the poor in society, pensioners living too long etc.I suppose its the ultimate goal for a Tory Government, “get rid of the benefit system in one.”.
    I will take my retired Medical Doctor wife’s advice on which way to go, like yourself and others on this site,( who personally we are all on the same side when it comes to Indy) you can all do whatever you like, I just hope and pray I don’t have raise a glass to you in the wake of your premature demise through? call it what you will.

  334. mike cassidy says:

    ahundredthidiot 11.56

    In a nutshell, he said the Nazi Party, Hitler, all the propaganda, really had nothing to do with the second world war and it’s terrible consequences

    That Hitler. Those Nazis. They really were just the Ant and Dec of their day.

  335. Golfnut says:

    @ jfngw.

    What an interesting conversation that would be at A&E.

  336. Dog biscuit says:

    Gary 45 .No, I read . As if you know anybody who paid the ultimate price for the cause tough guy.Theres no colour in you you pale shit. Effigy,hey another tough guy, you lumpa wid, people who disagree with you are not trying to troll you and we are not all Unionist.Your over the top reactions to dissidents is entirely troll worthy Oh and Gary 45 you and your wife are made for each other.

  337. Dog biscuit says:

    Gary 45 As far as language goes I’m doing OK for a person who had to drop out of school ar 14.

  338. Ahundredthidiot says:

    Mike Cassidy

    Care to tell us then, just how Hitler and the Nazis were viewed in the 1920s/early 30s?

    A joke, thats what, not quite and and dec, but not far off……until they got their way through deception, lies, propaganda, but most importantly because PEOPLE ALLOWED IT.

    Look around…..we have sold our humanity……you can stand in a supermarket for booze and fags, but not pray to your God in house of worship.

    Allowing loved ones to die alone – three for me in the pat week, none COVID – due to these measures, and when we lay them to rest, please dont come.

    If this is the new humanity, you can keep it, just dont expect to allow it without a fight.

  339. Gary45% says:

    Dog Biscuit.
    Did you think that up all on your own?
    I see the weekend shift started late.

  340. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @CamB (12.39) –

    I read the intro and conclusion(s).

    Perhaps I’m just being more cynical than usual but the author appears to assume that ‘public trust’ is a sort of hurdle for scientists. Unless those scientists are unduly concerned about securing funding, it’s hard to see what that has to do with their work. Scientists practise ‘science’ or they don’t – if their research proceeds according to any principles other than reason, peer-review and further research, it isn’t science i.e. if they go looking for the answers required by politicians/benefactors then they’ll find them, one way or another (while always leaving a few ‘unanswered’ pending further support, naturally.)

  341. Liz g says:

    What the actual Fuck *iScot Magazine*?
    And yes I’m looking at you Ken…
    How on earth are we Wingers supposed to support and recommend the magazine on our Stall now?
    What we’re you thinking?
    Very disappointed, and hoping you find a way to put this right before the next event,we don’t do hypocrisy on that stall!!!

  342. CameronB Brodie says:

    It is terrible was is happening but that is not the fault of science. It is the fault of cultural prejudice. Folk are already anxious and don’t need their confidence undermined right now. The state will almost certainly seek to encroach on our civil rights, but nobody is turning on any ovens.

    Ethical Decision Making Under Social Uncertainty: An Introduction of Überethicality

  343. robbo says:

    Dog biscuit says:
    25 April, 2020 at 1:32 pm
    Gary 45 As far as language goes I’m doing OK for a person who had to drop out of school ar 14.


    Acht well,you shid huv stuk in et scull. Mibbees yi widnae need tae dae this joab.

  344. Dog biscuit says:

    Gary45 yes I just about managed that myself. So you are OK about losing all your civic rights ,house arrest and the secondary consequences of lockdown. The Swedish example is a very good example of a rational, democratic approach to virus control.I suspect there are more than a few of you are feeling a little foolish about your blue funk and now youre desperately defending an untenable position .All this diving into stats and figures Is a distraction from reality on the ground.By the by, Ive been generally observing the rules imposed on us .Although I have no personal fear of virus the people I share a bunker with are still a little nervous but slowly coming round to my line of questioning.I always came here first for people who questioned authotity.What happened to you.?There are still critical minds here thankGof.I wont say who you are in order to spare your blushes oh and Gary go boil yir heid.

  345. CameronB Brodie says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    You’ve not misunderstood the position we are in then. Science and academia are under attack from political ideology. We don’t have much time to get a grip of anti-foundational belief systems, before they irreversibly impair our capacity for good, ethical, judgement. Democracy and open society can’t survive a lack of “bounded rationality”.

    Rational tools of government in a world of bounded rationality

  346. Effijy says:

    Ahundredidiots, Sensible Dave and Pete don’t do responses
    That completely shatter their manic posts.

    Facts, figures, and a tsunami of posts against their ramblings
    Just don’t get to sink in.

    Their job demands it.

  347. ahundredthidiot says:

    CBB at 2:08

    The War was over before anyone even knew about the ovens – the damage was done. I’ve stood in a concentration camp and paid my respects, admittedly more from the opportunity of being stationed nearby and while that gives me no more right to comment or not, would suggest that this is something I have been paying attention to for a very long time.

    and btw, Scientists are people with mortgages to pay, who mostly rely on grants received from donors, charities or governments, all with their own agenda, so please…..

  348. Dog biscuit says:

    Stop being frightened by the Mainstream Media. Dont be enthralled by frightening statistics. Stop slavishly following the herd on the latest fear campaign from the media.CBb we actually agree on several things but youre hardly the life and soul of the party.

  349. Ian Brotherhood says:

    My uncle died on April 4th or 5th, six years ago. It was the same night we had the first big Glasgow ‘Friends of Wings’ gathering in the Counting House.

    Our night out was the Friday. I found Uncle B on the Saturday afternoon. Knew there was something wrong because his lights were on (he lived ground-floor in a sheltered housing complex just up the road from me). I had a key but he’d put the slip-bolt on. Eventually got in via a neighbour and there he was, lying half-on the bed, deid. Must’ve been getting ready to crash out, was still fully dressed, arms raised to cover his chest, hands clenched, eyes open. First time I’d seen a dead body, was pretty shaken up, called the cops/ambulance, they arrived within a few minutes. Next time I saw him was in a coffin, all scrubbed-up and ready for the cremation.

    Cause of death was given as stroke/heart attack. Underlying causes were diabetes and something else, can’t remember now. So we got him cremated and that was that. He was 70. Unmarried.

    Maybe a couple of months later, got a letter from Procurator Fiscal saying they were reviewing the death certification for some reason. They were informing me because I was down as his next of kin. A few weeks later, another letter, saying that the cause of death had been amended to include pneumonia. Fair enough. That was it.

    So, what’s the point of all this?

    If Uncle B had died on April 4/5 this year rather than 6 yrs ago, there’s every chance his death certificate would show ‘Covid-19’ as a contributory factor. Yes, he did have a form of flu/pneumonia, the strain of which I don’t know. (I daresay it would’ve been the 2013/14 ‘winter flu’?) But that is *not* what killed him.

    He was a lifelong bachelor, had been living with type 2 diabetes for approx 20 years. He didn’t smoke but binge-drank sporadically. His diet was dire – mostly microwave dinners. He never went further than the corner shop because he had grotesquely overgrown toenails and could barely walk. (He was chronically shy, couldn’t even use public transport, hated doctor/hospital appointments of any kind, had no friends, barely spoke to the neighbours.) He watched the telly non-stop, any kind of sport that was on.

    Can you see what I’m getting at here? Am I making any sense?

    How many deaths in recent weeks are being counted as ‘Covid19’ when they’re actually complex combinations of common diseases and ailments?

    And to what extent are those deaths fuelling the current panic? It’s bad enough that thousands of folk such as Uncle B are being left alone, but to think that he would have been sitting there for days and weeks on-end, watching TV non-stop, becoming more terrified, is just intolerable.

    This hysteria must stop.

  350. Effijy says:

    Belgium is the worst affected Civid nation who are
    Still suffering over 1,000 new cSes each day and have
    The highest ratio of population to Covid Death at 600 per 1 million
    and yet they are looking to ease up on Lockdown?

    They appear to be heading the race toward wiping out 1% of their population
    But I have faith in Boris and Cummings giving them a run for their money.

    Never forgets the words ofBotis who would put Scots in a Ghetto and eliminate us.

    Cambridge now working on a vaccine that doesn’t work in Scotland?

  351. Dog biscuit says:

    Effigy, just because a majority believe a thing does not make it right. You seem to be still LARPing ad a Spy Catcher.

  352. CameronB Brodie says:

    Our judgements are shaped by our perspective of the world. I am naturally skeptical of authority but I also value a scientific world view.

    Governing Irrationality, or a More Than Rational Government? Reflections on the Rescientisation of Decision Making in British Public Policy


    It appears that recent debates within human geography, and the broader social sciences, concerning the more-than-rational constitution of human decision making are now being paralleled by changes in the ways in which public policy makers are conceiving of and addressing human behaviour. This paper focuses on the rise of so-called Behaviour Change policies in public policy in the UK.

    Behaviour Change policies draw on the behavioural insights being developed within the neuro-sciences, behavioural economics, and psychology. These new behavioural theories suggest not only that human decision making relies on a previously overlooked irrational component, but that the irrationality of decision making is sufficiently consistent to enable effective public policy intervention into the varied times and spaces that surround human decisions.

    This paper charts the emergence of Behaviour Change policies within a range of British public policy sectors, and the political and scientific antecedents of such policies. Ultimately, the paper develops a geographically informed, ethical critique of the contemporary Behaviour Change regime that is emerging in the UK.

    Drawing on thirty in-depth interviews with leading policy executives, and case studies that reflect the application of Behaviour Change policies on the design and constitution of British streets, the analysis claims that current strategies are predicated on a partial reading of new behavioural theories. We argue that this partial reading of human cognition is leading to the construction of public policies that seek to arbitrarily decouple the rational and emotional components of human decision making with deleterious social and political consequences.

  353. ahundredthidiot says:


    convince me then, what house arrest is supposed to achieve?

    If your answer is ‘to save lives’ then you have been duped my friend because that was never the promise, even from those pesky politicians. The ‘lockdown’ (real name house arrest) was to ‘flatten the curve’ and ‘protect our NHS’, but the SAME amount of people are still expected to die – so no saving of lives there.

    Anyone thinking that the Tories – the fucking Tories – have the NHS best interest at heart is stark raving mad and anyone believing that nonsense should be ignored.

    The flattening of the curve simply extends the expected number of deaths across a longer period of time, more to save the blushes from the obvious damage austerity has done to the NHS than to ‘protect the NHS’

    Some people, myself included, think that these current measures will kill MORE people for a whole host of reasons – in addition to COVID deaths – we just cant prove it yet.

    My elderly friend has been told not to bother the NHS if his throat cancer returns – just call McMillan the nice Doctor said – if he dies, I will be sure to add 1 to the ‘evidence’.

  354. Dog biscuit says:

    Effigy,my C.O. says hi.

  355. CameronB Brodie says:

    Dog biscuit
    It’s just I feel a responsibility to be as objectively truthful as I can, right now. That’s what empirical naturalist, moral realist, ethical rationalists do. 😉

  356. callmedave says:

    The 20,000 ‘best scenario’ figure from NHSE given a few weeks ago has been surpassed. 🙁

    Scotland ……today…….47……..Total……1231 BBC
    Wales……….today…….23……..Total…….774 BBC
    England…………711……..Total…..18084 BBC
    N. Ireland….no figures.

    UK…………today…….???……..Total…..*20217+ *BBC

  357. ahundredthidiot says:

    Ok, folks, I think that lives are on the line, so action is needed.

    Here is my idea – Pillow Case Protest.

    We hang a pillow case out of a window – no matter what colour

    ‘This is a peaceful protest that we will not sleep-walk into a Police State, object to House Arrest and support the gradual reopening of society and the economy that supports it’

    It will take courage in the face of scared/terrified neighbours, protesters will face scorn and be scoffed at, but it will be a start.

    Those with even more courage can film and post this protest on those social media thingys to spread the word.


  358. robbo says:

    ahundredthidiot says:
    25 April, 2020 at 2:46 pm
    Ok, folks, I think


  359. Gary45% says:

    Dog Biscuit@2.10
    I think one means “Go and Boil Ones Head”.
    Sunshine,= sprawling garden and cocktails my dear chap.

    Pillow case protest = house arrest, aye we could spread shite on the walls of our house “cells,” might be handy being locked in.

    You two, any idea where Joe is?

  360. callmedave says:

    Got a yellow ‘tweety bird’ canary suit and my father’s miners helmet if anyone wants to make an offer.

    Oh wait! The Americans and a few others are opening up the beaches and tattoo parlours with a few hairdressers thrown in, something for the weekend!

    We might need bigger graphs in about two weeks time.
    I’ll wait and see. 🙁

  361. Dan says:

    Sigh… This Moderation Game is twisting my melons.

  362. HandandShrimp says:

    Not sure I really understand the ire at iScot. James Kelly is a regular columnist there and the article that has got people annoyed was written by him. James’ view on a Wings Party (or any mainly list party like the Greens and the maths involved) are well known.

    Just like any well established magazine the editor will not agree with all the content. The independence movement is a broad church and not everyone will agree with the strategy and goals of every voice under that banner. However, I think iScot is right to allow those voices to be heard. Although I can’t speak for Ken I am sure the magazine would countenance a well written counter to James’ thinking on list parties and their effectiveness at securing seats.

    If we are reduced to simply refusing to read or even consider any source that isn’t seen as politically pure or correct then the independence movement will become as impotent and fractional as left wing student politics (or the Labour Party).

  363. Sensibledave says:

    Effijy 2.25

    Whatto! I can’t be on here all the time endlessly repeating my same corrections to the same, tired revisionist propaganda from the same people making the same inane points … which are inevitably wrong. I also have sort out the Chinese, the Russians and Barnier.

    If there is something specific you would like me to help you with, just whistle… you know how to whistle don’t you …….

  364. callmedave says:

    Donated to the Craig Murray defence fund just now.

    Good luck Mr Murray!

  365. CameronB Brodie says:

    Public health takes precedence over human rights, which take precedence over economic interests. Judging the balance should be guided by considering the potential rights violations of alternative policy. I’m certainly not calling for ongoing house-arrest and I don’t think anyone in Scotland’s government is either. I also think it prudent to wait until our medical advisers consider the risk to “global health” to be acceptable.

    Full text.

    The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought
    Volume 25, 2018 – Issue 6: A selection of papers presented at the Annual Conference of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought in Antwerp, May 2017

    Rationality and bounded rationality: you can’t have one without the other

  366. CameronB Brodie says:

    Dave’s not an idiot, he’s a bigot.

  367. Dog biscuit says:

    Gary45, The second person singular is thou not ‘one’ . You silly man. Who rattled Robbos cage ?quick someone,throw him a banana.

  368. Dog biscuit says:

    CBB apologies for my gentle piss take .Of course keep on with your thing.

  369. ahundredthidiot says:

    robbo @ 2:57

    that’s fine, just shrug it off and move on……or maybe put a brown shirt on and help out when it comes to rounding people up.

    Gary45% – I am starting to think you might be a Unionist, there is much publicised debate around postal voting, which would’ve been enough to swing 2014 to No, yet you continue to peddle 45% – maybe to remind us of our defeat/abject surrender at the hands of our Masters in London.

    Stay on your knees the pair of you. Free Countries are not forged by the like of you two. Your contribution, when the time comes, will not be necessary.

  370. Dog biscuit says:

    Is Effigy away oot spy hunting? Are you taking us round the corner then?

  371. CameronB Brodie says:

    Dog biscuit 😉

  372. Shut says:

    The guardian has a good article about women leaders being better at handling the coronavirus

    There is one female leader not mentioned. I wonder if you can guess which

  373. CameronB Brodie says:

    I think some on here need to get a grip of their egos and acknowledge their lack of perspective.

    Moral Satisficing: Rethinking Moral Behavior as Bounded Rationality

    What is the nature of moral behavior? According to the study of bounded rationality, it results not from character traits or rational deliberation alone, but from the interplay between mind and environment. In this view, moral behavior is based on pragmatic social heuristics rather than moral rules ormaximization principles.

    These social heuristics are not good or bad per se, but solely in relation to the environments in which they are used. This has methodological implications for the study of morality: Behavior needs to be studied in social groups as well as in isolation, in natural environments aswell as in labs.

    It also has implications for moral policy: Only by accepting the fact that behavior is a function of both mind and environmental structures can realistic prescriptive means of achieving moral goals be developed.

    Moral behavior; Social heuristics; Bounded rationality

  374. shug says:

    The guardian has a good article about women leaders being better at handling the coronavirus

    There is one female leader not mentioned. I wonder if you can guess which

  375. callmedave says:


    This daily WM update has wandered of the pandemic topic and into a Government political broadcast!

    Oh wait!….back on track again. 🙂

  376. callmedave says:

    callmedave says:
    N. Ireland figures now in. Update:

    Scotland ……today…….47……..Total……1231 BBC
    Wales……….today…….23……..Total…….774 BBC
    England…………711……..Total…..18084 BBC
    N. Ireland…today…..16……Total…294 BBC

    UK…………today…….813……..Total…..*20319 *BBC

  377. Confused says:

    I liked OFF-GUARDIAN since it came out, but I think its off-beam with the virus.

    That guy on the CORBETT REPORT waffled a lot.

    – you can read everything out there, tons of it; the TL;DR is

    no one has a fucking clue, but everyone is trying to sell you something

    and, let’s be honest, it will takes years for the truth to crystallise.

    The only thing to do is assume the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE – this thing is real, dangerous, can kill you, no matter who you are – so protect yourself and your people; this principle also applies to any “solutions” or “necessary measures” proposed by the authorities, lying is second nature to them, either for some hidden agenda, or simply to save their own arses.

    – as jfngw has posted, it is “excess deaths” that tells the real story, and that is way above normal.

    – also “flattening the curve” leads to same number of deaths, roughly; you want to “crush the curve” (Taleb)

    Another aspect of this is – the first vaccine which looks viable will be put out as soon as they can, but, for obvious reasons, it will not be tested properly, i.e. long-term side effects will be unknown.

    “Vaccine politics” is an american obsession, but if you have no expert knowledge, you cannot evaluate it; the US govt HAS done some real shitty things in the past, e.g. infecting blacks with syphilis, just to study the consequences. I would put nothing past them.

    Bill Gates “philanthropy” – his foundation with his wife, I put down to a tax dodge, to avoid a massive capital gains bill. But he seems genuinely into this vaccines – which worries me, I mean, he is probably a psychopath.

    Lynn Forester said some years ago “they” were getting into India with agribusiness ventures (- the hindu politicians had opened the door for them); I immediately thought “how long till the first famine hits India since the British left” – and what do you know, small farmers are topping themselves with determined regularity.

    Lynn Forester is also known as Lady de Rothschild – and the likes of her and Bill, have different notions to “saving the planet” than the rest of us

  378. Sensibledave says:


    … indeed you are. Just a couple of observations …

    You wrote “ – as jfngw has posted, it is “excess deaths” that tells the real story, and that is way above normal.”

    As has been discussed, it is at the moment. We need to wait until the end (whenever that is) to know the true picture overall though.

    You wrote “ – also “flattening the curve” leads to same number of deaths, roughly; you want to “crush the curve”

    It is hoped that is not the case. “Flattening the curve” is about allowing the NHS to do their best with every critical case. Having enough beds, doctors and ventilators to deal with demand will, hopefully, save the lives of some that may have died in Wild West approach.

    You wrote “ Bill Gates “philanthropy” – his foundation with his wife, I put down to a tax dodge, to avoid a massive capital gains bill. But he seems genuinely into this vaccines – which worries me, I mean, he is probably a psychopath.

    I don’t know Bill Gates and I rather suspect you don’t either. So it is sad, but not unusual here, that you should choose to defame someone based upon no evidence and Abel them a psychopath. His crime? He built a successful company that has changed the world and created a technology that allows you to have access to technology to write such garbage.

  379. CameronB Brodie says:

    Human rights are balanced against moral responsibilities. The first of these is the duty to protect our health and the health of others. This justifies the moral responsibility of “justified self preservation”. If you accept this argument then you really need to support Scottish independence.

    Brexit represents an absolute rejection of Treaty law, human rights, and the precautionary principle in government.



    In recent years, the precautionary principle has become an inescapable element of all international treaties related to the environment. This is probably because it gives expression to a widely shared notion drawn from popular wisdom (we need only think of the proverb “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”).

    As formulated in various treaties, the precautionary principle states, more precisely, that it is sometimes justified or obligatory to adopt protective measures in response to a given risk, even if current scientific knowledge has not established the existence of that risk as scientific fact.

    The precautionary principle might, for example, apply to a decision regarding authorization of the cultivation and/or commercialization of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This would depend on whether it could be demonstrated that a risk (even if its existence is uncertain) might be associated with GMOs. We will subsequently specify the nature of the “proof” that must be provided as well as how “serious” the risk must be for the precautionary principle to apply….

  380. Iain More says:

    callmedave says:
    25 April, 2020 at 4:43 pm

    N. Ireland figures now in. Update:

    Scotland ……today…….47……..Total……1231 BBC
    Wales……….today…….23……..Total…….774 BBC
    England…………711……..Total…..18084 BBC
    N. Ireland…today…..16……Total…294 BBC

    UK…………today…….813……..Total…..*20319 *BBC””


    Worldmeter says 813 dead today now but there is still no numbers on those who have actually recovered here.

    So much for the 20,000 only dead Tory Yoon target as well and it is probably closer to 45,000 in reality once the Care Homes Deaths are included and those living alone in the Community are added as well. The total for England will be truly scary if 20,00 isn’t scary enough already. But what the heck – its only a wee seasonal flu according to the Tory Yoons and their allied loonies.

  381. Dan says:

    I notice some “news” source still banging on about:
    “Lockdown Rules Continue To Be Flouted

    Some people have continued to break the strict coronavirus lockdown rules by flouting instructions to stay at home.

    The police have used social media to highlight examples of members of the public ignoring pleas to remain at home and not make unnecessary journeys.”

    Well maybe the popo can have a word with some of their own, including the Head of the Met Cressida Dick.

  382. Beaker says:

    Private Eye has some good stuff on Covid19. Especially how Germany went hardcore immediately by testing everyone who came in from abroad. A lot of younger people coming back from skiing holidays were asymptomatic but were placed in isolation immediately. Just one example that should have been followed here.

  383. Dog biscuit says:

    I wonder If the police will be allowed to retain emergency powers after ,If, the emergency is declared over any time soon. Also, the secondary effects of ‘lockdown’. Perhaps an inability to access adequate health care for conditions other than virus? The possible breakdown of social fabric,I know Cameron I know, the effects of alcohol abuse with all the time in the world to indulge.What of those dry alcoholics who need fellowship? A breakdown in social cohesion.What of jobs lost?And there are unresolved political issues such as Brexit and oh take your pick. None of these potential issues are being addressed here mainly an obsession with numbers and often petty replies of Unionist troll.But surely all politcal faiths have a common interest and desire for liberty? And a right to express such.

  384. Dan says:

    Beaker says: at 5:25 pm

    …Just one example that should have been followed here.

    “Should have” Yeah, only if the UK electorate had actually voted a reasonable and competent UK government into power.
    But the UK electorate are fuckin dullards so they’ll just have to suck up what the bunch of psychos they actually did elect into power serve up for them.
    Apparently the electorate banging a pan once a week mitigates no end of guilt for performing such an exemplar level of dumbness.
    Plus some bloke on t’internet reckons it might be possible to dissemble the virus rendering it impotent through the varying range of sound waves produced by kitchenware percussionists.

  385. Confused says:

    daft-laddie-dave : your post offers no substantive rebuttal to what I just said – do you guys get paid per post? Did you make your quota?

    “excess deaths” is the only hard number in this affair, a “wait till the end” won’t change it, unless you think it can go negative. “flattening the curve” will lessen the deaths total, but not by much.

    BILL GATES business practices are indicative of his character; he was a rich boy, gifted a monopoly on the desktop by IBM, then sought to ruthlessly crush any opposition. The charity tax dodge is a known technique, from the rockefellers and their foundations, to howard hughes who -designated- his aerospace company a charity, then shovelled cash out of the back; the point is to “own nothing” but “control vast fortunes”. An active suspicion of Gates motives is justified.

  386. Ayeright says:

    The Dog Basket and The Idiot are pushing the right wing Tory line favoured by Raab and Patel and other hawks to end the lockdown ASAP.

    For the sake of the economy they say, though the real reason is they do not want Scotland to make it’s own choices. No, just follow what Johnson, Gove and Cummings say. Who cares if a few pensioners have to pay with their lives said Cummings.

    They really do not give a shit for human life when it comes to protecting their stash, that’s why these halfwits are pushing for the lockdown to be ended. Just like Trump they aim to protect those with money and protecting their money takes precedence above all else.

    We can relax the lockdown in time, but let’s do it right. Get the necessary infrastructure in place to test, trace and isolate where necessary. This approach has saved so many lives in Germany and South Korea.

    Our elderly and ill will have to self isolate for a lot longer to keep them safe whatever happens. Lifting the lockdown with out the necessary precautions in place and allowing a second wave will be idiotic and deadly for our old folk.

    How much is each life worth? How do you put a value on it?

    Don’t forget the facts in Scotland, are that on a weekly basis we are seeing 80% more deaths than the 5 year average and that’s with a lockdown. What would weekly deaths be if the virus was still running rampant? Fancy a guess?

  387. CameronB Brodie says:

    Dog biscuit
    I don’t doubt access to adequate health care for conditions other than virus has suffered. I also appreciate how our social fabric is being stretched as never before. I also agree that folk need be able to justify their judgement and actions with reliable evidence. So it looks like we’re not that different after all.

    However, when political constitutionalism becomes disconnected from public consciousness, legal constitutionalism turns authoritarian (see contemporary British constitutionalism and Brexit).

  388. Effijy says:

    Congratulations Britnats!

    You are indeed the worlds superior nation.

    You have the worlds highest Covid Death rate over the last 24 hours again.

    No freak results for you.

    Your distorted death tally is now greater than all these nations combined

    All of the above with greater populations
    Add in

    Where would Scotland be without the incompetent Tory fascists ruling over us?
    That’s rhetorical we would be like Norway with a fully funded health service, zero debt
    and £110,000 In the treasury for each and every man, woman and child who lives there.
    That oil fund Scotland has spoken about for decades has sure come in handy for the Norwegians.

    Britnats go bury your dumb pitiful heads in the sand and stick your Union Jack up the escape hatch so we don’t trip over you!

  389. jfngw says:


    I don’t think the true actual numbers will ever be known, all we will have is a range between x & y, and this could be quite wide.

    Also there will always be arguments about the death toll as some will claim these people would have died soon anyway. My outlook on this is if someone dies earlier than they would have because they caught the virus then the virus has caused the early death. Others will disagree, there will be no way to resolve this disagreement. In the end the government will publish a number and that’s what will be recorded in history, or wikipedia.

  390. Dog biscuit says:

    Ayeright,’follow what Johnson Gove and Cummings say’ you mean as Nicola Sturgeon has done with this lockdown? Parts of your post sounds like a Government health advice booklet. You still refuse to answer questions or in fact ask them. Ayeright ARE you one of those scrubbed up little dudes who inhabit the SNP like parasitic wasps until another vehicle for your polical ambitions rocks up?

  391. Liz g says:

    HandandShrimp @ 3.09
    While I can only speak personally…
    It’s not “ire” as such, with *iScot* magazine, it’s being made to feel like a fool.
    Any contribution to the magazine is ofcourse perfectly entitled to give a point of view,which the magazine is absolutely entitled to publish.
    If any writer thinks a New Yes party is a bad idea and the Rev leading/founding it an even worse one….they are ofcourse entitled to say so and why they believe it!
    That’s a good thing.

    A hit piece out from the left field from someone with a personal agenda…not so much…
    But that’s up to the editors…also nae arguments there.
    Their magazine their choice.

    My issue is…
    I was a part of promoting that Magazine on the “friends of Wings” stall and we promoted it hard and often!
    Now, the magazine has permitted an article trashing the Brand I stand under to point people to information sources.
    I think I should be able to wonder why!
    And ask how I’m supposed to keep promoting iScot as a Winger.

    The Kelly person is absolutely entitled to his hissy fit on whatever platform will entertain him….
    But, defending and promoting the very magazine which allows abuse of ye! That’s a British Nationalist trait and I’ll have nae part of it.

    I do hope those at the magazine redeem this unfortunate situation going forward because, it is indeed an asset to independence. As this site and it’s supporters have often said….

    Stuart Campbell and James Kelly can disagree till the cows come home over stuff,but using a third party fledgling Indy publication to point score is a low blow.. It’s not the magazines fault that the Revs back is hurting Kelly’s knife,but they should have been more careful about getting involved.
    Had the Rev done it, I’d have said the same thing…. iScot should be nurtured not used for the grievance mongering of others

  392. Dog biscuit says:

    Congratulations Effigy you seem pleased about something.The Norwegian Oil Fund that has been the subject of recent fraud investigations? And do you think Norwegians can go into the bank and ask for their Oil Fund money any time they like?

  393. Dog biscuit says:

    Liz.perhaps merely the pangs of democracy? With respect.

  394. CameronB Brodie says:

    It’s kind of hard to practice ethical public health policies when your civil service insists a respect for biological sex has no place in legal reason and public policy. They were of course ordered to adopt this legal position, as they had previously been following “best-practice” of a gender-critical approach to policy design.

    Public health, ethics, and equity

  395. Ayeright says:

    The right wing of the Tpory party want this lockdown ENDED NOW. They want to go full “herd immunity” stratagy just as they always have down.

    The resulting deaths are now the highest in Europe and that’s just the reported figures from hospitals only. You can be very confident that they are at least 10,000 higher than 20,000 reported now.

    The FT last week calculated 41,000 deaths due to Covid. Why do you think the true figure might be being hidden from the general public?

    It couldn’t possibly be because they don’t want to make things look that bad SO AS THEY CAN GET EVERYONE BACK TO WORK to start making money again and get the stock market back up?

    They defiantely don’t want to keep doling out cash that they don’t have, at the end of the day that cash is ours. That debt created will also be ours and it will all be paid back with interest.

    The Spanish Flu was a real thing that killed 50 million worldwide, so to is Covid-19. Allowed to run rampant the death toll for the UK was estimated at 500,000. My guess is it might very well have been a lot more than that going by figures even now in excess of 5000/week WITH a lockdown.

    The lockdown does have to end and sooner rather than later, if you want to keep the number of deaths and hospital admissions down to something the NHS can handle then you first need to get the infrastructure in place.

    Social distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable but with enough testing, tracing and isolating we might get through this with less than 100,000 excess deaths in the UK.

    There is no easy route out or we would be taking it, we need to realise that things have changed and we have to deal with this “new normal” for some time yet.

  396. crazycat says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood at 2.31

    Ultimately, all deaths are a consequence of heart/brain failure.

    Usually, however, there will be something triggering that failure that merits inclusion on a death certificate. Someone has to decide what that something is. It might be obvious (cancer, perhaps), or it might not. The more possibilities, the more complex the decision.

    People with underlying conditions appear to be more likely to suffer severe symptoms or die if they have Covid19 than those without such conditions. Would they have died of their other ailments anyway? We can’t know.

    Therefore, if someone dies who has been diagnosed as having Covid19 (whether by testing or assessment of symptoms), then that is what killed them. Their other conditions pre-disposed them to that outcome. Without those other problems they might have survived the virus. We can’t know that either.

    I don’t think it’s hysterical to include Covid19 on a death certificate if that’s what pushed someone over the edge. But other contributory factors should also be mentioned.

    I also think it was unfortunate that early deaths were reported as occurring to people with “underlying health conditions”, as if that made their deaths less tragic (a failure of the reporting, of course) or as if other people were not at risk. We’ve seen that that isn’t so.

  397. CameronB Brodie says:

    “There is no easy route out or we would be taking it, we need to realise that things have changed and we have to deal with this “new normal” for some time yet.”

    Setting Mental Health Science Priorities for the COVID-19 Pandemic

  398. Golfnut says:

    Nicola Sturgeon didn’t follow Westminster, Westminster followed Europe, or at least most of it, eventually. So lockdown came via Europe’s experience and response.
    So please tell us what she could have done without the fiscal levers to fund an alternative.

  399. Liz g says:

    Dog Biscuit @ 6.36
    I’d have said “potential usary” but time will tell…
    I mean, I say not a word about UK Colum needing to think twice about Farage or Tommy Robison sympathies…But I don’t donate my time and treasure to them!

  400. Dog biscuit says:

    Ayeright.It is you isnt it? ‘You can be very confident that they are at least 10,000 higher blah blah blah’ Who are you Ilya Ehrenburg?Joseph Geobles? Whats with the Government fear campaign? And any way how do you know this stuff? All those unaccounted for victims in the community?Are you telling us that you and perhaps only you, have gone out THERE and counted all those 10,000 bictims the Government left off the death stats .Wow I hope you took the necessary and of course, the mandaTORY steps in order to maintain the publics health.Remember Stay Safe Stay Indoors Wash your Handies.

  401. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘For over twenty years Bill Gates and his Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) have been vaccinating foremost children by the millions in remote areas of poor countries, mostly Africa and Asia. Most of their vaccination program had disastrous results, causing the very illness (polio, for example in India) and sterilizing young women (Kenya, with modified tetanus vaccines). Many of the children died. Many of the programs were carried out with the backing of the WHO and – yes – the UN Agency responsible for the Protection of Children, UNICEF.’

  402. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Dog biscuit asks :

    “And do you think Norwegians can go into the bank and ask for their Oil Fund money any time they like.

    It isn’t called The “Norwegian Oil Fund” it is The Government Pension Fund of Norway. In May 2018 it was worth about $195,000 per Norwegian citizen, or about $1,000,000 for every pensioner.

    No they can’t go to the bank and withdraw “their share” but they do reap the benefits of the profits accrued from its investment.

    Remind us – How much is in the “UK Government Pension Fund”?

    You know – The one we contribute to, for all of our working lives!

  403. Ayeright says:

    Before the UK went into lockdown the BBC news was full of somber reporting from Italy about the huge death toll and hospitals being there being overwhelmed with the number of cases. Reporters from the UK were filmed going into acute hospital wards in Italian hospitals with full biological kit on and other extreme images.

    Now the UK death toll has exceeded that of Italy we’re supposed to forget all about the earlier hysterical reporting. That was your UK government propaganda in action preparing the UK for a lockdown announcement here.

    Now we are getting the opposite, LOOK! everybody else is returning to normal. They are comparing chalk and cheese, other countries are coming out of lockdown at a gradual pace, though they are much better prepared to do so because they shut down earlier, had fewer cases and fewer deaths.

    Their testing and tracing for the virus is/was better as well. The big fear that Westminster have now is if they say England is loosening the lockdown and the devolved countries instead choose to wait a bit longer.

    That is a big problem for them especially if deaths from Covid-19 start to rise again in England. Expect the clamour to end lockdown to increase and it will all be coming from the right and emphasised by the BBC to stir people up.

    In particular, they would like nothing better than to attack the Scottish government if they “deny us our freedom by keeping us locked up” while the English are free to go about their business.

    Get the plan and materials in place, then relax the lockdown, bit by bit, learning as you do so. The only way.

  404. Ayeright says:

    The Scottish government have a plan for coming out of lockdown and they have published it already. Where’s the plan to get England out of lockdown? In Johnsons or Cummings head?

  405. Dog biscuit says:

    Col Blimp I dont disagree with you on Oil Fund .but its a fairly irrelevent point compared to vital matters such as freedom ,democracy,a fair judicial system,no more it seems,need you any more reminders? What about a release date for the general public?Dont forget most people survive the virus but many on here blank that from their minds. For those who were never at any real risk this house arrest is an injustice. And an excercise in political command and control.Suckers.

  406. Famous15 says:

    The disruptive obvious unionists on this site are so tiresome. They get more frantic as The incompetence of the Boris JohnsonTory Government blunders from each crisis of their own making. Brexit still to come too.

    Please fellow citizens of Scotland support the independence movement and get us out of here.

  407. Terry says:

    I was very happy to donate to Craig’s fundraiser. He’s an honest and brave man.

  408. Dog biscuit says:

    Go on then Ayeright lets hear the Scottish Governments plan. Is there anything going on in your pinhead by the way? Ass kissing party hacks always pushing your own agenda under cover of the latest crisis you cynical …Ill keep it clean

  409. robbo says:

    Dog biscuit says:
    25 April, 2020 at 7:48 pm
    Go on then Ayeright lets hear the Scottish Governments plan. Is there anything going on in your pinhead by the way? Ass kissing party hacks always pushing your own agenda under cover of the latest crisis you cynical …Ill keep it clean

    Quite a detailed plan actually if you care to read?

    Can you direct me to the Dominic Cummings site whereby i can read his eugenics plan to get us out of this lockdown because the UK gov don’t have a plan.

  410. Sensibledave says:

    You wrote “ An active suspicion of Gates motives is justified.”

    There is nothing specifically wrong it’s having suspicions about anybody. The difference is how you take those, suspicions, find him guilty without trial or evidence and condemn him as a psychopath.

    You are someone that personifies the nature of people who spend all their time in this echo chamber where it doesn’t matter what you say, some of the nut jobs will cheer you on. I know my intervention won’t make a difference to you or the way you shoot off at the mouth (keyboard) and defame people you don’t know and call them psychopaths if you feel like It. I will just “hold a mirror up” from time to time, and pose the question, “why do so many Scots want nothing to do with the likes of you”…. can’t imagine.

  411. CameronB Brodie says:

    Eugenics describes public policy that lacks concern for the ‘psychological personal property’ or biological integrity of individuals (see Brexit and gender ideology). Full text.

    The Oxford Handbook of Public Health Ethics
    Eugenics and Public Health: Historical Connections and Ethical Implications

  412. Rm says:

    The real plan Scotland needs is how to get out of this farce of a union, what other country in the world let’s another country dictate how it goes about its daily day, it’s nae Real in the 21st century time for Real Scots to waken up, we might be skint for a few years but we’ll show what Real Scots can do.

  413. Confused says:

    Psychopathy, according to expert, Robert Hare, runs at 6% in the general population (and reputedly 20% for finance workers) – of which there are high functioning and low functioning; the latter, the dumb pricks, end up in jail, eventually. The former can end up anywhere – CEO, politician. The obvious narcissism of the super wealthy, that excessive self love and the hard belief they know what is best for the world, the rest of us, and we should obey – is one component of the psychopath. The popularity of Epstein island for these VIPs was notable – making such inductions, to actual psychopath, is not a great imaginative leap. Interestingly, David Owen, in his book on Tony Blair, came to the conclusion Blair was worthy of a “clinical diagnosis”.

    – I think Bill falls into this club, though he could be a lovely guy in person.

    Getting a bit personal there, davie-boy – I can do you too !

    “sensible” is an english tory of very average intelligence, emotionally attached to 2 notions – the UK is the greatest thing ever and, under his breath, the english are god’s people …

    – he argues poorly with little factoids pulled from here and there; he gets slapped down, but then comes back with something else – the mark of the shit stirrer; FUD does this as well, its a thing.

    being an ordinary englander, tory voting, anti EU, etc – puts you in a state of cognitive dissonance; dave has already admitted that in england there is “no one to vote for”, but he votes tory, so has to defend the indefensible otherwise the shame is too great; being a willing victim in your own degradation is too much to bear – so you align your views to your oppressor.

    when a tory politician talks of “the nation” – he actually only means a small subset of it; its the toffs, the chancers, the spivs, the moneylenders – the ocean of human shit that congeals down in london, no one else matters. This is bad enough, but we are seeing now how genuinely incompetent the whole lot of them are.

    but dave knows the evidence of his own eyes – he knows his beloved country is a fucked up shithole, but who is to blame?

    dave is to blame. he is the problem. all the little daves.

    – you could always vote the bastards out, a power the scots never had, but you didn’t do it. but you wont take the blame.

    and in your malaise, with the plane going down, you are determined, everyone else goes down with you – how dare those ungrateful jocks pull on parachutes?!

    – you have been shitting up this board for a while now, offering no positive contribution whatsoever


  414. ahundredthidiot says:

    ayeright @6pm

    Do you really have me down for a Tory?

    Why?, because I think the direction of travel is wrong?

    That would make you a bigot Sir. You are intolerant of my opinion, yet I am prepared to hear out and debate yours.

    What is this site coming to….(I never thought I would hear myself say those words)

  415. Dog biscuit says:

    We should be released forthwith ,without further delay and all you lot pushing a Government line,Robbo,Ayeright and the rest of you seem to enjoy Government deciding your fate.

  416. ahundredthidiot says:

    Famous15 @7:37

    the current legislation locks down electoral process for 2 years.

    in case you hadn’t noticed.

    And my wife tells me ‘ordinary’ Scots on FudBook are all sympathetic for Bojo and his girlfriend who is currently pregnant with his bastard. (not the first bastard from BoJo)

    In other words, given the current circumstances – Scottish Independence is FUCKED.

    And you are still on here banging on about the prospect of Scotland gaining Her independence – Jesus Wept.

  417. Dog biscuit says:

    Oh and youre blaming British Government for pursuing Craig Murrey but have you forgotten the Scottish Governments part in all of this and the changes ro the cuort system that makes it more difficult for an accused person to defend themself?Goddamn your stupid Nicola Sturgeons great release plan for the plebs What about matters of democratic accountability?What about a First Minister pursuing her political enemies through the cuorts and now juornalists like Mr Murrey.Are you quite sure youre not a jumped up hack shilling for the party Ayeright?

  418. CameronB Brodie says:

    Dog biscuit
    That comment takes the biscuit for poor moral judgement. What’s your frame of reference, if that isn’t a personal question?


    The Commission’s recent interpretation of the Precautionary Principle is used as starting point for an analysis of the moral foundation of this principle. The Precautionary Principle is shown to have the ethical status of an amendment to a liberal principle to the effect that a state only may restrict a person’s actions in order to prevent unacceptable harm to others.

    The amendment allows for restrictions being justified even in cases where there is no conclusive scientific evidence for the risk of harmful effects. However, the liberal tradition has serious problems in determining when a risk of harm is unacceptable. Nevertheless, reasonable liberal arguments in favor of precaution can be based on considerations of irreversible harm and general fear of harm. But it is unclear when these considerations can be overridden.

    Within the liberal framework, the Commission advocates a so-called proportional version of the Precautionary Principle. This should be clearly distinguished from a welfarebased approach to precaution based on risk-aversive weighing up of expected costs and benefits. However, in the last resort, the Commission does seem to make a covert appeal to such considerations.

    harm, liberalism, proportionality, rights, risk

  419. Ayeright says:

    If we can keep deaths below 20,000 we will have done very well in this epidemic.”

    Sir Patrick Vallance Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government of the United Kingdom on 28th March after the lockdown.

    Today the official number of deaths in hospitals exceeded 20,000 and could be more than double that when taking into account deaths outside of hospital according to the FT.

    Would you trust these people to look after your life and that of your families? I won’t be, I’ll tell you that.

  420. Dog biscuit says:

    Why do people who present themselves as being on the left want the Government to tell them when it will be safe to leave the house. Youre not presenting a very brave picture of Scotland the Brave. And why are the ,left, so apparently intolerant and why do you have a monopoly on moral high ground?Ive learned in my life that those who shout loudest about other peoples failings are usually crippled by the same shortcomings. An awful lot of talk of eugenics here you are a droll lot. You really slay me .

  421. Dog biscuit says:

    I certainly would not trust you Ayerightt!

  422. twathater says:

    This comment on Peter A Bell’s blog post sums up exactly how I feel re our current situ sorry for length

    The Dissident
    Apr 25, 2020 at 11:47

    But her ‘cease and desist’ order was necessary, wasn’t it?

    It was the signal to the British establishment that she is their best defence against Independence.

    The 2021 election campaign has started and there is no place for any talk of Independence. Sturgeon has used this crisis to position herself as the acceptable face of the British establishment in Scotland. The recent articles in the Telegraph and the Times confirms this beyond doubt.

    When such organs are praising the leader of the SNP, it really should give pause for thought but the happy clappies lap it up as proof of how well she is doing.

    And, let’s be fair, she really has been excellent. I can’t think of a single Tory Secretary of State for Scotland that could have done Westminster’s bidding any better and she comes with the added bonus of bringing the vast bulk of the pesky nationalists along for the ride into the bargain. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you One Nation Nicola, Uniting the Kingdom as no Tory ever could.

    There is nothing of substance in her ‘plan’ for exiting lockdown. It is a brazen PR exercise to make it look as if she is on the front foot when the reality is, as has been the case all along, she will be led by UK policy with operational tweaks for dealing with the differing institutions and structures of civic life.

    The major policy difference that she herself can point to during this entire episode is that the Scottish Government issued ‘slightly stricter advice’ to the construction sector, which has been roundly ignored by several sites anyway.

    The great benefit of abdicating responsibility for making decisions is that it frees up so much more time for media work and the preparation for such. So why change a winning a strategy?

    So let’s just wait and see how our exit POLICY does differ from the rest of the UK at the end of the day. Spoiler alert: not much although the FM will try to string it out for as long as possible to control the narrative.

  423. dakk says:

    Nice sky with waxing moon and Venus to the west now.

  424. ahundredthidiot says:


    aye, but what’s that at 1 o’clock from Venus, leaning North.

  425. CameronB Brodie says:

    Dog biscuit
    I may lean to the left but my politics are grounded in science, philosophy and law. They are also shaped by my life, which has left me socially vulnerable. Is it any wonder I resit English Torydum?

    Full text.

    Multi?Case Review of the Application of the Precautionary Principle in European Union Law and Case Law

  426. bipod says:


    You are so disgraceful, you have no idea what my politics are. Would it suprise you to know that I voted for independence in 2014 and have voted SNP in every election since then?

    I want the lockdown to end because 1) The damage caused to the economy and the NHS not treating any other patients is going to kill more people than virus in the long run 2) There isn’t any evidence at all that the lockdown has had any effect on the spread or death rates of the virus, its all guess work based of dodgy science. I am sure the goverment and other fear mongers will claim that some great tragedy has been prevented by the lockdown but they are just wrong.

    I do want Scotland to make its own choices that why I want nicola sturgeon to end the lockdown in Scotland now. The real question is why has the Scottish government gone along with WMs flawed one size fits all approach? Why did the Scottish government agree with WMs plan back in March to end all contact tracing and containment when cases in Scotland were still at a manageable level? I don’t know whats worse the lack of leadership in the UK gov, or the Scottish gov for just going along with it.

  427. dakk says:

    @ hundredthidiot

    I feel a punchline coming.

    On you go then.

  428. dakk says:

    Wizz Air to resume flights from Luton to Spain and Portugal from 1st May.

    Beginning of the end of lockdown.

    Lockdown no1 anyway.

  429. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Confused (8.27) –

    Hear, hear, hear, and hear again with a big fuckin cherry on top.


  430. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Dog biscuit

    The Jury in my head has yet to reach a verdict re the timing of the exit from lockdown, but I am sure that it will have to be introduced in stages over a yet to be determined period of time.

    I agree that the ability of the NHS to cope with the abnormally high number of ICU patients will be the prime consideration.

    But I am under no illusions that the Government give a toss about the death toll or ever did, they just know that they would never be forgiven if people dying in agony in hospital corridors, after being taken to A&E by desperate relatives, were to become the “new normal”.

    I have just been watching a documentary Coronavirus: America’s Reckoning, which showed Hospitals with tented triage villages in the front car park and rows of refrigerated lorries acting as auxiliary mortuaries at the rear. Also hundred yard long queues of sick people standing in the rain, waiting to be tested.

    Knowing what to do and when to do it, is as it is when seeking success in all enterprises – so knowing how serious this virus is, and how many have been or are likely to become infected, is vital and nobody least of all me has sufficient information to make the call.

    What I do know is that this virus is highly contagious and around 30,000 have died in the UK so far because of it.

    Which would mean that if :

    50% of us have already caught it (VERY UNLIKELY but UNKNOWN) and 1 in a thousand die because of it (GUESS) – The population of the UK would be 60 million (FACT).

    If only 10% of us have caught it, the UK population is still 60 million and 30,000 are still dead, which would mean that it kills 1 in 200 and would claim 150,000 lives if 50% of the population were infected.

    We have no way of knowing how many have caught it, which tells me that TESTING EVERYBODY (or at least extensive, properly weighted samples of the population) to determine whether they have had it or not should be a strategic priority.

    Testing symptomatic NHS workers is helpful to avoid them infecting others but is in the grand scheme of things – utter bullshit.

    I am as fond of conspiracy theories as next man and my mistrust of the authorities be they human or reptilian is pretty much absolute but I do believe that this threat is real, if I am wrong it will be for the first time – unless it is ever proved that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

    PS just kidding about never being wrong – maybe that Lab in Wuhan really was experimenting with moon-dust.

  431. CameronB Brodie says:

    Ta da.

    The Malevolent Side of Human Nature: A Meta-Analysis and Critical Review of the Literature on the Dark Triad (Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy)

  432. Dog biscuit says:

    CBBBelieve it or not my politics leftish also but there there seems a leaning toward authority here.II hate having to say it but while Ms Sturgeon remains in office Independence is what..?maybe sometime who knows ?Another mandate? Matbe Ayeright the political geniuse can pull a plan out of Ms Sturgeons arse while he is polishing it with his tongue.

  433. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @CamB —

    You’re the resident expert on matters relating to ‘morality’ and have the resources to back up what you say.

    So what do you make of Bill Gates saying that he has ‘morality on his side’ when it comes to his plans for Global Health?

    You can see him make that claim at the very end of this video, which contains the other footage I linked to previously in this thread (second link, below).

    Curious for your thoughts on all of this.

  434. mike cassidy says:

    I notice dogbiscuit has been posting his dog’s bollocks on here since half past one.

    Now obviously someone so hysterically opposed to the lockdown wouldn’t be posting from inside in deference to the blue meanies.

    So that’s a long time to be in the street kicking out the jams.

  435. Ayeright says:

    If the death rate was 1 in 200 or 0.5% that would mean a total number of deaths in the UK in excess of 1,500,000

    Who’s willing to take the gamble and make that bet?

  436. Ian Brotherhood says:

    RTE News has just reported that Garda in the Republic have been instructed not to take action against people travelling for day-trips and suchlike from ‘Northern Ireland’.


  437. Ayeright says:

    Bad maths, for the UK in excess of 300,000 and that has already been predicted anyway.

    Worldwide figures would be around 40 million, that’s assuming treatment is available worldwide otherwise it’s likely to be higher.

    Spanish flu killed 50 million in 1918 when the population was far smaller. In fact more people died of the flu that year than died in the 1st World War.

  438. Col.Blimp IV says:

    mike cassidy

    If the discourse between ahundredidiot and dakk a couple of hours ago is anything to go by – The time is not right for dog-breath to be out walking the streets.

  439. Confused says:

    IanBrotherhood (22.20), nice to hear from you – I had been thinking about the stuff you posted these past few days and tried to squeeze whatever wisdom I had collected

    – since the virus panic started, I’ve probably read 10000 words a day, every day about it and – many conflicting opinions, more questions than answers

    my own precautionary principle was to wear a mask almost from the beginning, even if I got a few “what a twat” sidelooks, no one is laughing now; supposedly my next door neighbours pal died of it, one of the earliest – that fair put the wind up

    CBB – pretty decent paper on the dark triad; have to admit I usually gently pass over your offered esoterica

    “In conclusion, the intercorrelations among dark triad traits are substantial”

  440. Effijy says:

    Indisputable evidence of Lockdown being much more successful at saving
    Lives than hoarding but the Trolls troll on fir this dysfunctional and corrupt union.

    Lockdown still gives you the freedom to get out and exercise at will, go shopping,
    Visit friends while keeping well apart, order in meals and have products delivered.

    You ain’t in solitary at Shawshank prison.

    The number of Unionist Trolls here is increasing exponentially as indeed the number of
    Posts they are targeted to create in a shift had gone up.

    Fortunately the degree of credibility they receive here has remained at zero throughout.

    I bid you goodnight!

    Salute your picture of Betty on the wall, fold your butchers apron flag up and place it safe under the pillow, pray for Bojo and dream of the Empire long gone!

  441. Dan says:

    In terms of prudent fiscal administration and sensibly defending the population from the serious threat to life this lurgy supposedly has, could we no just sell aff Trident or weigh it in for scrap and use the dosh to buy some testing kits and PPE.
    Nae buggers are gonna invade us with a global lockdown in place anyway.

  442. Gary45% says:

    Dog biscuit, Joe, 100th arsehole and whatever other fuckwit Yoons.
    “Ms Sturgeon”!! games up pal, is that the line line of the 77th?
    Simple question.
    Who replaces FM Nicola Sturgeon?
    Answer please?
    If you cannot give a credible alternative, go and “do one”.
    Then again it does make interesting reading regarding the garbage you lot trot out.
    A good laugh.

  443. CameronB Brodie says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    Put me on the spot, eh: 🙂

    I don’t know enough about public policy and governmental practice in America, to comment in any competent manner. It does appear that the recording of deaths might be becoming problematic. However, I got the impression the first presenter was making a case by misrepresenting policy speak regarding public education strategies. I lasted 15 minutes.

    I’m not saying I’m a fan of Bill Gates.

    Gated Development – is the Gates Foundation always a force for good?
    ….Gated Development demonstrates that the trend to involve business in addressing poverty and inequality is central to the priorities and funding of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    We argue that this is far from a neutral charitable strategy but instead an ideological commitment to promote neoliberal economic policies and corporate globalisation. Big business is directly benefitting, in particular in the fields of agriculture and health, as a result of the foundation’s activities, despite evidence to show that business solutions are not the most effective….

  444. Col.Blimp IV says:


    Brand spanking new diseases that the populace have no imunity to are not to be taken lightly – The consequences of doing so can be grave.

  445. robbo says:

    Dog biscuit seems the type that if he were in Florida on holiday in a villa, near the alligator lagoon near his villa and the holiday rep said,

    “Don’t swim in the lagoon Mr Dog,there’s alligators in there”!

    Dog would say, “don’t be daft, i see no alligators”!

    Unbeknown to Dog,alligators lurk beneath the surface waiting for their prey.
    So Dog ,think of the coronavirus as one big alligator
    waiting for some mugs to come along that don’t want to heid the warnings..

  446. CameronB Brodie says:

    I see folk are finally asking why Cummings is present at governmetnal meetings with SAGE. About feckin’ time,

    How ‘‘dark’’ are the Dark Triad traits? Examining the perceived darkness
    of narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy

  447. Gary45% says:

    I know I don’t have to tell you, the answer is simple, keep social distancing, even go as far as mask and protective glasses in close quarters, ie Supermarkets etc. Until the actual medical evidence is clear. I have a friend who’s cousin lives abroad. Day 16 in a coma with Covid-19.
    The facts are there, although the mess WM are making of the situation, its easy to start rebelling.
    Nobody can stop people ignoring medical advice, that’s their choice.
    Social distance and keep safe.

    Some earlier talking about pillow case protests or whatever? (cant be arsed looking back at the posts.)
    Simple answer to that protest, just wear the pillow case on your head ( preferably white) and go and chain yourselves to a 5G mast in protest.
    “You know it doesn’t make sense”

  448. meg merrilees says:


    the star at 1o’clock in relation to Venus is/was Capella in the constellation Auriga.

    Absolutely stunning view of Venus this evening. Wondering if that is in part due to the lack of air pollution as well as Venus’s current position.
    Astonishingly bright!

  449. Ayeright says:

    Col.Blimp IV

    You might have posted the wrong link to the article you meant, since it was something about TV signals and was written in 1992 and nothing about Covid.

    No harm done as it led me to this more interesting article.

    Ther’s a good conspiracy theory for you right there. What is it that this government want to hide about their advice they are given and the minutes of meetings from SAGE?

    “Documents used to make decisions and the minutes of meetings of the Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies (SAGE) will only be made public when the current outbreak is brought under control, according to Patrick Vallance, the government’s chief scientific adviser.”

    Why? What is there to hide? Other than the fact that they are generally lying as to what their true intentions are.

    I asked earlier would your put your life or the lives of your family in the hands of this lot? No chance of me doing that, I’ll make up my own mind what’s safe for me and mine.

  450. robbo says:

    Gary45% says:
    25 April, 2020 at 11:21 pm

    Don’t expect any answers to that question any time soon!

  451. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @CamB –

    I regard you as a ‘friend’ from way-back, when this place was relatively young.

    So I hope you won’t take this as an insult…

    Is there any chance of you posting a comment which isn’t amended with an academic screed?


    It would be nice, just for once, to hear your ‘unsupported’ voice.


  452. Ayeright says:

    My sister and a cousin both got the virus, they both work in the NHS but in different hospitals. My sister recovered at home after 10 days and is now back at work.

    My cousin spent 3 days in the hospital and is now at home, she is getting better but not fit enough to go back to work yet.

    If this was the “flu” I doubt I’d be saying this. This is real.

  453. robbo says:

    I think this lass could increase that list,just a tad!

  454. ahundredthidiot says:


    who replaces NS?

    probably another GRA, woke fool the way things are going….

    The sooner AS brings her and her cronies down, the better

  455. ahundredthidiot says:


    How many people do you know have died FROM Covid?


    FROM mind, not WITH….

  456. CameronB Brodie says:

    I’m just fortunate to understand what bio-neurologically sensitive legal practice looks like. 😉

    Brain Waves Module 4:
    Neuroscience and the law
    December 2011

  457. ahundredthidiot says:

    I know someone who had every single symptom – every one – and working for the NHS they got the test.

    Answer = Negative

    Go figure.

    But had they died………no test necessary – auto Positive.

  458. Ayeright says:

    Make up your own minds what they have to hide with the secrecy.

    “I think they should be sharing who the key people are and minutes of their meetings,” says Devi Sridhar, a public health scientist at the University of Edinburgh, UK, who also signed the letter published in The Lancet. “I think transparency is incredibly important and we’ve taken this route in the Scottish Government Covid-19 Advisory Group. We share the names of members and minutes.”

    The refusal to publish minutes of the advisory group meetings until the pandemic is over also contradicts the UK government’s own guidance. The 2011 Code of Practice for Scientific Advisory Committees says meeting minutes should be published “as soon as possible” and written in an “unattributable form” – meaning there is no need to identify members. Advisory committees “should operate from a presumption of openness” the code says, and also publish meeting agendas and final advice.

    Would you trust these people to care for your life or that of your loved ones? I won’t, that’s for sure.

  459. ahundredthidiot says:

    Meg Merriless

    Against The Grain on YT says different

    (Sorry for the delayed response Dakk)

  460. Dog biscuit says:

    Gary45 try Joanna Cherry Angus Mcneil? And Im not a Unionist I just disagree with you. Robbo you kind of laboured your point but you seem to have got there in the end. Ayeright seems to have left the reservation with a handful of stats.

  461. Ayeright says:

    I know of 1,231 persons that have died in Scotland FROM Covid-19.

    That’s an underestimate as the true figure is far higher.

  462. ahundredthidiot says:

    Meg Merriless

    She is beautiful though, isn’t She (Venus)

    If Venus shines like this from this far away, Imagine the shine that must’ve come from Earth to those Yanks who walked on the Moon.

    Must’ve been blinding.

  463. Col.Blimp IV says:


    One would have thought that in the face of a pandemic even the UK government would grasp how important the pooling of information was. In fact we could be forgiven for assuming that it was their duty to share their data and thought process with at least their Subordinate Parliaments.

    “Devi Sridhar, a public health scientist at the University of Edinburgh, UK, who also signed the letter published in The Lancet. “I think transparency is incredibly important and we’ve taken this route in the Scottish Government Covid-19 Advisory Group. We share the names of members and minutes.”

  464. CameronB Brodie says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    The academic screeds point folk to a rational, liberal and legal argument supporting Scottish independence. I not sufficiently up to speed to attempt what I think your are looking for. And I wouldn’t claim to having the necessary skills to do so either. It’s taking everything I’ve got to place the dots so they can be connected to form a picture. I’m afraid it’s a bit beyond me to describe the picture as well, and in real time.

    Sorry if that disappoints or offends, or if I’m really beginning to bore the tits off you. 🙂

  465. ahundredthidiot says:


    Do you? 1231 – you know them?

    What are their names?

  466. ahundredthidiot says:


    COVID ‘deaths’ are recorded if it is ‘listed’ on the NCCD

    so, it could say, pneumonia/COPD/Cancer/COVID Symptoms

    It gets recorded as a ‘covid related death’ on NRS in a particular column

    Please – think for yourself and stop peddling MSM narrative

  467. Capella says:

    John Prine died of covid-19 two weeks ago. Yes he had other things wrong with him but it was the virus which killed him. Such a sad end for a talented singer songwriter.

  468. Ayeright says:

    I don’t need to know then to know that there are people like you and me mourning for them. They were taken by this virus before their time.

    Doesn’t matter if they were old or if something else would have got them anyway because they were old. That changes nothing.

    Deaths in Scotland are up 80% from the 5 year average because of Covid-19, they are people with families who have died before they needed to and not everyone was old.

    I mourn for everyone of them.

  469. ahundredthidiot says:

    BTW – I am not denying that deaths are up – I know for a fact that they are, but hospitals are relatively empty and ICU wards light.

    The spike is in the community – so, why is that?

    Is it COVID? – maybe, but it could also be because no one is going to hospital.

    imagine we went from a society of having the NHS/Care Sector/GP to none at all (ok, a bit dramatic), but my point is – deaths would be on the UP – wouldn’t they?.

    We NEED to be open to thought here.

  470. ahundredthidiot says:


    Like you mourned in 2015 – when flu took an addtional 44,000 deaths labelled ‘excess deaths’

    Did you mourn then?

    Did you fuck.


  471. Col.Blimp IV says:

    ahundredthidiot says:

    Imagine the shine that must’ve come from Earth to those Yanks who walked on the Moon.

    Been there, seen that , bought the T-shirt…

  472. Capella says:

    Covid-19 is not flu. It attacks cells in the lungs so that you develop dangerous levels of hypoxia (lack of oxygen) without being aware of it:

    The coronavirus attacks lung cells that make surfactant. This substance helps the air sacs in the lungs stay open between breaths and is critical to normal lung function. As the inflammation from Covid pneumonia starts, it causes the air sacs to collapse, and oxygen levels fall. Yet the lungs initially remain “compliant,” not yet stiff or heavy with fluid. This means patients can still expel carbon dioxide — and without a buildup of carbon dioxide, patients do not feel short of breath.

    You do not want to get covid-19. Stay at home.

  473. ahundredthidiot says:

    oh, Capella

    you just made my heart sink

    Not you as well……..

  474. Ayeright says:

    Hey idiot. It is YOU that is the odd one out on here ya balloon.

  475. ahundredthidiot says:


    I think you might be right.

    Usually I fight. Since I went hungry as a Chrysler Kid, to being pushed to my physical limits during commando training, to the pits of despair worrying about how I could feed my family in the early 90’s.

    Now I’m a millionaire, not that that matters a fuck in the fight for Scotlands Independence, but you’re right ‘ayeright’, I am the odd one out.

    So, i will just fuck the fuck off.

    God Bless You All.

  476. Ayeright says:

    That’s my shift done for the Independent Scots 45th brigade.

    Catch you later.

  477. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @CamB –

    You’re not ‘boring’ me at all and I do appreciate your continuing efforts to educate us on matters we’d otherwise be unaware of.

    I’m just asking you to address any of the links provided upthread re Gates etc.

  478. Capella says:

    @ ahundredthidiot – I have only one strategy, not to get the virus in the first place.

    I don’t understand why we aren’t being told to wear masks. Surely if they are vital for heath care staff they should be vital for the rest of us too. They say we wouldn’t wear them properly. Well then, sell them in boxes of 100 and put a leaflet in explaining how to put them on.

    We only need them for the trip to the supermarket and the daily walk around the block. A box of thirty should do us for a month.

    I expect the lack of advice on wearing masks is because there aren’t enough to go round so the health advisers are making a virtue out of necessity.

    They say they are only useful to stop people with the virus from coughing it out on everyone else. But surely if you have the virus you should be self isolating at home. Many people are said to have the virus but not have symptoms. So if everyone wore the masks then the symptomless couldn’t breathe them out on the rest of us.

    Once supplies start arriving from China, we will all be told to wear masks after all.

    We could, of course, make our own masks out of old T-shirts or scarves. One video showed how to make them out of HEPA bags for Hoovers. Very superior filtering.
    I calculate the Scottish Government need to buy 150m masks per month to cover all of us. Then we could go to parks and beaches in relative safety.

  479. CameronB Brodie says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    I thought I had. I’ve insufficient knowledge to comment in any detail. There does appear to be a problem in how the crisis is being used for political ends, on both sides of the pond. America is a mess and we are being driven to follow American practice.

    Gates is a predatory capitalist. The last time I had any involvement with international law and development studies, his global influence was thought problematic but improving. That was roughly three decades ago.

    I’m sorry if that frustrate you but I don’t want to go off half-cocked and undermine my narrative. And I was only kidding, I appreciate my approach to communication must be frustrating for those without the time to RTFM. 🙂

  480. ahundredthidiot says:


    That is a very fine strategy – do not get coronavirus.

    Regarding Masks – I bought 100 in Mid February, so i would hope that tells a story of how far ahead I was worried about this thing.

    I watched a YT Ted Talk by some dimwit explaining to a full audience (many of whom were coughing!) about the idiocy of wearing masks and how this was ‘uneducated’ and ‘pointless’

    Now, I have no idea – and would argue no one else does until this is all over – how the virus is spread, death tolls, or otherwise, how dangerous COVID19 is. For the record, I have no opinion on masks (outside of medical staff feel it prudent) , but if a person feels that it makes them safe – I say, fill your boots, i will not judge!

    I could divulge information about masks – how local authorities have been way ahead of the game in ordering masks and how they have been ‘redirected’ for the greater good, but I would be out of a job in a flash.

    Those same LAs are being slaughtered by the public, and quite frankly, that is shameful. Real People in Scotland are doing their best.

  481. K1 says:

    My mother votes Tory and even she knows it’s a cull of the elderly in terms of UK policy.

    There is rightly so a need for NS to explain why we didn’t lock down earlier in Scotland to save hundreds of unnecessary deaths, if covid is as dangerous as it was believed way back in January, she is as guilty of not heeding the warnings as any Tory minister.

    They didn’t ‘give’ us Health as a devolved power, we always had complete control of our own Health services in Scotland pre devolution. There was a different course open to us and NS as current FM in Scotland chose to wait to be telt by UK gov what the measures were to be and when the measures where to be put in place, and I think NS comes across as ‘weak’ when she states that Scotland chose a ‘different path’ citing ‘building trade’ as her only ‘different path’ when it came to what sectors where to be locked down.

    In every other crucial response the FM lock stepped with UK gov policy and measures.

    The FM was also a silent participant in the SAGE meetings, apparently being ‘allowed’ to ‘virtually’ sit in but not ‘allowed’ any questions, that means she knew that Cummings was a big voice in those meetings and she therefore is party to going along with what the wanksack promoted and aided and abetted in the early attempts to promote ‘herd immunity’. It is only ‘apparently’ after Imperial College did their little statistical analysis that the course altered.

    Did we not have number crunchers in Scotland, did we not have scientists capable enough to work out with a ‘novel’ pathogen what the likely outcome would be if we let it rip through our communities?

    Which it has done, the ‘silent’ deaths of those at home and in care homes is testament to that, the numbers must now be appalling, so much so they are only willing to talk about percentages rather than actual numbers involved, keeping it speculative allows them wriggle room.

    My opinion is that they panicked not because of Imperial College models, but because the public reaction to that disgraceful press conference where Johnson told us we had to accept our loved ones dying before thier time shocked them sufficiently to employ the much later than needed measures in response. As clearly they had already seen what numbers where involved else why tell us all what to expect?

    No, they knew that the numbers were apocalyptic and they were prepared to accept that ergo that press conference telling us we would have to accept it too, it was the backlash that moved the needle, not the statistics or the ‘science’. The bastards weighed up the economic losses as unbearable, we weren’t to be prepped for that, that was too much for ‘them’ but they were prepared to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of people to ensure the ‘economy’ was spared not the people.

    I of course don’t know if any of this is ‘necessary’, what doesn’t make any sense isn’t that we are in a lockdown situation, it is why the China figures are so low compared to the European levels, nor why we with nearly 3 months notice of this are now likely the worse affected ‘state’ in Europe in terms of death rate. Possibly even the world, I mean the US has 50,000 deaths so far and counting in a population of over 340 million people but we have over 20,000 deaths and counting, not including those dying in care homes and at home in a population over 65 million people?

    We all watched the horrific footage from Italy, the BBC and every other msm outlet were reporting the devastation in Lombardy and the daily death rates soaring, the outpouring of ‘how can this be’ was deafening, but where are all the reports from the frontlines here, where are all the BBC reporters and the ‘outcries’ here for what is happening in the UK?

    Instead it is all being carefully stage managed by the BBC and other outlets, the death rates have been far higher at this stage than they were in Italy at the same stage and what we have in response is clapping on Thursday nights while the UK gov and Scots gov, who both knew what was coming for months are still doing PPE crisis management that has yet to be resolved?

    Who are both complicit in going along with the ‘herd’ immunity modelling, having sufficiently frightened the population to stay at home are now begging people to come to the fucking hospitals as there aren’t enough patients who ‘should’ be going ‘in general’, I mean if it wasn’t so fucking tragic it would laughable.

    What is clear is that this whole thing was and is being badly mismanaged, the msm are a shower of lackey hacks who don’t have a clue and are towing the government line. And whilst the msm may heap praise upon NS for her ‘management’ skills that in itself should raise a red flag, as she’s merely being praised for towing the line herself.

  482. Graeme says:

    I just read Craig Murrays blog and the thing that sticks out at me is Police Scotlands “Alex Salmond Team” WTF is that? The Alex Salmond trial is over, there was no case to answer why is there still an “Alex Salmond Team” in Police Scotland ?

    Surely this is State/Police persecution against Alex, do we not have laws in this country protecting it’s citizens from this sort of thing ?

  483. Sensibledave says:

    Confused 8.27

    Definition of bigot: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices especially: one who regards or treats the members of a particular group with hatred and intolerance.

    Just picking out bits from just your last splurge of vitriol, you wrote “being an ordinary englander, tory voting, anti EU, etc – puts you in a state of cognitive dissonance”. And, “sensible” is an english tory of very average intelligence, emotionally attached to 2 notions – the UK is the greatest thing ever and, under his breath, the english are god’s people”.

    Once again, because you are so used to doing it unchallenged here, you unilaterally decide I am part of a group that you define. You then ascribe a list of negative traits to that specific group. I am then found guilty of the crimes of belonging to the group and of having the negative traits of the group you have created.

    For once, I find myself in a group together with Mr Bill Gates! That group being people and/or groups that Confused makes up s**t about, accuses without evidence, and condemns without shame.

    I am just “holding the mirror up” to bigots, and will continue to do so.

  484. Col.Blimp IV says:


    It is beginning to look like the rabid redneck survivalists who hide out in the backwoods in the USA and the nomad anarchist nut-jobs who follow the G8 roadshow, leaving a trail of broken capitalist windows in their wake – Have a clearer perspective regarding the authorities than we once thought.

  485. Willie says:

    Graeme @7.34am

    It’s not a Police Scotland ‘ Alex Salmond Team ‘ It is much worse than that.

    What we are actually seeing is a Police Scotland ‘ Political Team ‘ specifically set up and dedicated to the destruction of political opponents, and particularly against those who support and argue for independence.

    Alex Salmond was the man who nearly took us to independence. He and people like him could, and would go for it again, and it is for that reason that he and others like him need to be stopped.

    The UK Union is at risk like never before and it is for that reason that ‘ political team ‘ is now becoming apparent. Salmond was one target, but now we have Craig Murray. But it’s not just Craig Murray because earlier in the week a Scottish Journalist had his house raided by Police Scotland with all computers and phones being removed.

    Concomitantly at least four pro independence online bloggers have been contacted by Police to be warned about their blogging could render them liable to prosecution.

    An ‘Alex SalmondTeam ‘ or a ‘ Political Repression Team’ I know what I think and in combination with the Crown Office and their political masters we are looking at the absolute nazification of the apparatus of state.

    ( and as a post script, think about the police charging Manny Singh and others for AUOB marches, think of the Rev Stu Campbell of Wings being arrested on spurious grounds of online abuse, think about all of those who have had their Twitter accounts blocked, think about the Police releasing info to the press before an action is commenced, and you see the whole Brigadier General Sir Frank Kitson dark state lurking ready to suppress by whatever means necessary )

  486. Sinky says:

    After Nicola Sturgeon won universal praise for her aldut way of handling the Covid crisis, the Unionist Sunday press are out to get her this morning.

    BBC Radio Scotland highlighted these headlines at top of their 8am news bulletin.

    When did they ever give such prominence to the failings of UK Government headlined in The National. Lack of Scottish Grand Committee already packed with Tory MPs to scrutinise UK Government or Dominic Cummings and the Brexit IT guru given bigger role on UK Sage committee than Scotland’s chief medical officer.

  487. Sinky says:

    Nicola Sturgeon on Marr Show on BBCTV

  488. Tinto Chiel says:

    @K1 2.19: excellent post.

    The state propagandist broadcasting company is also good at deflection, of course. There was an excruciating hatchet job on China on Pravdasound 4’s luchtime news a few days ago, with Tom Tugendhat MP leading the charge and later an emarrassing J’accuse-style interview from a BBC journalist with a Chinese embassy official.

    Our “government” had months to plan a response to this and yet chose to sit on its hands (for whatever reason: incompetence, couldn’t be arsed, eugenics). And it still seems about 15,000 people a day still come into the UK by air every day without any attempt to quarantine them.

    An independent Scotland could be doing so much better at protecting the health of its people, like New Zealand. I think its Covid-19 death toll has just gone into double figures.

  489. Gary45% says:

    Dog Biscuit@ 12.03
    Cherry and McNeil
    Two very worthy politicians and very capable of being FM.
    Something to think about is, for years on this site we have been discussing how to get the remaining 55% on side. Over the years many of us have had conversations with friends, work colleagues, neighbours etc about Indy/ politics.
    I can only speak from personal experience, but some of the ones I associate with were genuinely of the “wee cranky, nippy” blah blah even up to late last year.
    The conversations now are nothing but praise for the FM, basically all saying she is head and shoulders above the rest in the way she conducts herself.
    So maybe in the face of a world pandemic, the Indy movement is gathering more support. Which brings me to, yes this lock down is frustrating, conspiracy theories are going through the roof, (I am one of those who buy into conspiracies), but if anyone on here wants to even think about another Indy this year and I hate to say it even next year it, would be political suicide.
    I notice Sinky above mentioning the press being after the FM. I haven’t read/heard the story, but as she is gathering support from all quarters with her political/ humanitarian demeanour, she will be firmly in the “sights” of the establishment.

  490. Dog biscuit says:

    You see? Nicola sturgeons political police a grim reality . Ayeright and Robbo the Beavis and Buthead of politics dont seem to see the dark little dictatorship Ms Sturgeon runs on behalf of HMGovernment. I wonder who else will be arrested for their politics in Scotland. So you have finished your ‘shift’ for the 45 Ayerigh you are a mad fantasist so you are. And youre bullshitting everyone on here.You can tell I dont particularly care for you because your foolish character shines through your writing .Very revealing . I gave a couple of suggestions as to a new First Minister last night but no takers.What about this suggestion Gary45 a person fit to replace the crook Sturgeon .How about Satan?Take all the time you need .

  491. Bill McLean says:

    I know we have our own clowns, idiots, fantasists and downright liars but how in the name of God did we get tied up with that lot in Westminster? Don’t bother Sensible it’s purely a rhetorical question.

  492. Dog biscuit says:

    Social distancing is inhumane and untenable only a fool would suggest it. Besides it should be more properly known as physical distancing. I fear the atomising effect of ‘social distancing.It wont be good for society .Who does Nicola Sturgeon really work for?A wee job for some of this sites resident spy catchers?

  493. Gary45% says:

    Dog Biscuit@9.42
    At this political moment in time, where elections etc are impossible.
    Nicola Sturgeon, call me what you will who cares.

  494. Sensibledave says:

    Bill McLean 9.52

    Haha! You saved yourself there with that caveat!

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