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The Great Burning

Posted on November 16, 2022 by

Good heavens, readers. We’re afraid we’ve rather been forced into yet another post this month on our decreasingly-dormant website.

As many of you have already noticed, just a week after being unsuspended by Twitter (to surprisingly unanimous approval in the media from friends and enemies alike, and from some startlingly unexpected sources), early this afternoon the @WingsScotland account was kicked out again. According to the only email Twitter have sent us the reason for the sanction was “ban evasion”, which is perplexing since they’d just lifted the ban and there was nothing to evade.

But the plot subsequently thickened as a procession of SNP types claimed to be responsible, all triumphantly waving completely different supposed offences, none of which we’ve heard anything about.

Naturally we’ve enquired of Twitter what’s going on, and will update you as necessary. But to be honest with you, folks, if the SNP are this desperate to silence our voice, maybe it’s time we thought about returning for good.

Is it time to blow three-and-a-half years of dust off the old Fundraise-O-Tron and get back to work properly? Or should we stay in peaceful retirement and just stick a post up once in a while when we feel like it? What say you, chums?

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290 to “The Great Burning”

  1. Dan Watt says:


    Sorry to break the caps lock rule, but if you think you can focus your energies tearing down the british state and not scuppering the indy movement from within as has seemingly been your wont lately, then please start another fundraiser!

  2. Tam Norrie says:

    Stu, start rattling the can. I am certain we will all provide the readies. Get intae these useless twats where they cannae ban you, your own blog.

  3. Hopalong says:

    Indubitably it is time. SC decision next week requires your complete attention and naturally as there’s no ifs or buts you’ll have 11 months to increase support for a Yes vote in October.

  4. Eddie3dugs says:

    Please come back !!!!!
    I miss the truth in my daily inbox,

  5. Anonymoose says:

    I fully support a Wings fundraiser.

    Scotland needs you, now more than ever.

  6. thomas says:

    Fundraise. Come back to work , and do what you do best.

  7. Luxybob says:

    Come back please

  8. Scott says:

    Was that Karen Adam doing a bit of safeguarding, or gatekeeping, or both?

  9. Fiona says:

    I would be very pleased to have wings back and fully functioning. Happy to contribute to any fundraiser. But if you can’t be bothered because the outlook is so bleak, I could understand that.
    However, the maximum annoyance value is not to be sneezed at and they certainly do like stifling opposition by any petty means available. So there is that.

  10. Eck Muir says:

    100%, go fer it.

  11. sarah says:

    I think you know the answer, Rev!! We devoted, brainwashed followers know no greater pleasure than a Wings fundraiser.

  12. Liz says:

    Come back. Both unionists and nuSNP seem apoplectic that you are back on twitter so you’ve obviously touched a nerve. We need you now more than ever.

  13. Iain Gray says:

    Fundraiser Stu.
    Get it up them.

  14. Rab Davis says:

    Go for it Rev.

    Even Kevin McKenna has your back now.

    Sturgeon and the SNP have been strutting about unchallenged for too long.

  15. Ian says:

    Fundraise-O-Tron Now.

  16. ClanDonald says:

    Well, given there’s no chance of an indyref any time soon, there’s not much point in returning to expose anti-independence media shite.

    However, I’d be definitely up for chucking in a few bob if you were to focus on the insanity of the GRR bill to bring the horrors to a wider audience. Yesterday the SNP and greens voted against amendments that would have stopped sex offenders and paedophiles from being able to apply for a new identity with a gender recognition certificate; which would have made it more difficult to put men in women’s jails and which would have guaranteed that women could refer to their male rapist as “he.” This stuff needs to reach a wider audience as the mainstream media’s not doing much about it.

  17. Graeme says:

    Would be a welcome return. Get a fundraiser on the go.

  18. Jim Tadgercock says:

    As I am no longer a member of the SNP you are more than welcome to the cash they ain’t getting.

  19. stuart young says:

    Get off your arse and get back to work

  20. Mike says:

    Get back into the fray Stu.

  21. Cath says:

    Come back! You annoy all the right people.

  22. David Holden says:

    I would like to see you back full time as aside from giving all the right people the vapours we could do with your skill set. Whatever you decide I thank you for your past efforts.

  23. dan macaulay says:

    about time;


    let the FUN begin

  24. Republicofscotland says:

    If you come back to full-time that will really piss them off…good.

  25. The friendley sassenach says:

    Duty calls Wings!!!!

  26. Andrew Morton says:

    There has been insufficient vileness around recently. Get your arse back into gear.

  27. Tinto Chiel says:

    Sounds to me like a rhetorical question 😉 .

    If you mean battle rather than the damned semi-suspended animation of recent times, then “Lay on Macduff” and funds will be provided.

    Still smarting that my Motherwell scarf was mistaken for a Gryffindor one by some Jobsworth at Holyrood.

    These times gotta change.

  28. Big Jock says:

    I am drifting away from active participation in online politics. I feel like I am doing the same thing every year in this quagmire.

    I think having you back may re light a lot of fire in people’s bellies. It will also scare the shit out of Sturgeon and Wishart. So it’s necessary!

  29. fillofficer says:

    back to work, rev
    expose these grifting imposters
    SC on 23rd should be a kick start, mibbe

    BTW was the heated jacket a success

  30. Jill says:

    Absolutely a fundraiser! Come back please! ???

  31. Imacg says:

    Get on your high horse rev….

  32. P says:

    Oh for heavens sake, Stu – get on with it!!
    You’re rattling a lot of cages

  33. Graeme Hampton says:

    Oh please: Nicky Nocks is about to run out of excuses, The SNP (still the main indy party whether we like it or not) will need a new leader so there is a chance to get things back on track if the right person can get the job. Quality articles from Wings can only help. Dust off that machine and lets get going.

  34. Argentocoxos says:

    You’re needed more than ever Stu, we need a place to dissect the machinations of those who would machinate against us.
    May the force be with you!

  35. Anonymoose says:

    Dan Watt says:
    16 November, 2022 at 7:31 pm

    Sorry to break the caps lock rule, but if you think you can focus your energies tearing down the british state and not scuppering the indy movement from within as has seemingly been your wont lately, then please start another fundraiser!

    Wind your neck in, your accusation of “scuppering the indy movement from within” equates to giving the Scottish establishment (for the avoidance of doubt that is the SNP) free reign to do whatever the hell they like without anyone being critical of them in any way and is exactly how Scotland is in the mess it is in today, all of which can be traced back to 2016/17 when Sturgeon and Robertson deployed a coup d’état on the internal structures of the SNP and routed the party out from under the membership.

    I say No, we will not have anymore “Wheest for indy” shite, it’s casting a blind eye to extremely damaging policies and actions that have been deployed by this SNP Scottish Government:

    1. Women & girl’s rights are being decimated before our very eyes.

    2. Our ferries aren’t fit for purpose & we’ll be lucky to see a tenth of the ships we require to replace our fleet by the time this decade is out and the ships that we do get will be expensive, inadequate, inefficient and burn twice as much fuel as they should as well as requiring £millions in harbour modifications to accomodate and fuel them.

    3. Our offshore wind capacity has been sold off for tuppence to foriegn hedge funds and foriegn state-owned energy companies and all we’ll see after the £700M one-time auction fees is £1 per MWh, we could have been returning vastly over £700M EVERY SINGLE YEAR if they had followed through on a Scottish Energy Company and legally mandated that we revieve 50% of the revenues as part of the licence agreements.

    We’re not even seeing a single job from all of this, it’s all going to foriegn companies from as far afield as Oman and Malaysia.

    4. Our health service is massively understaffed, mostly due to the SNP ineptly failing to capitalise on the umpteen opportunities to retake our independence from the UK, but also due to the incompetent serial-failures of ministers they have put in charge of the health brief.

    I could go on, but surely you get the point, by being quiet, wheeshting and letting the SNP Scottish Government off by turning a blind eye to everything and not holding them to account, it is THEM who are destroying not just the indy movement from within, but Scotland as a whole.

    If we want to build a better nation and leave our children with a better place than we inherited then we have to hold everyone to account, both allies and opponents.

  36. MuttersUWS says:

    Vital WoS is in full voice again. All political parties, influential sectors and individuals should be subject to rigorous fact checking and BS detectors. Nobody does it better!

  37. Iain More says:

    The Brit Spook Bots will be able to go to their bosses and say – He is back don’t sack me.

  38. AlbaPartyTime says:

    GO GO GO!! Get the fundraiser up and running pronto!

  39. John Main says:

    You’ll have had a braw holiday.

    Back tae fucking work!!!

  40. AlbaPartyTime says:

    Get onto it ASAP! Scotland needs you!

  41. clemfandango says:

    I’m waiting patiently, to smash this hammer, into my piggy bank. PLEASE bring a fundraiser….

  42. Colin McKenna says:

    Get that fundraiser up and running and you can guarantee my donation ?

  43. John White says:

    If you fundraise. I will pay. We may not get Independence, but we can do what we can to protect women and kids, and bear witness

  44. Caroline Wilson says:

    Do it, do it, do it.

  45. Ebok says:

    No brainer: sock it to ’em, nobody does it better.

  46. Black Joan says:

    Yes please. And is holiday boy available?

  47. Fionan says:

    It would be great to see you back in the saddle, Stu, your excellent dissections of news and views have been sadly missed. And I do think your return would re-ignite the passion and also anger required to renew the fight for indy which has so sadly petered out over these last few years when the NuSnp policy of ‘making devolution work’ (while finding any excuse to avoid even a mention of indy) became clear.

    I am not at all well off but I would gladly contribute whatever I am able to, to get you back up there, using your razor-sharp logic and wit to fuel the indy fire. In these dire times, it will be great to see the elites who are rubbing our noses in it, being exposed for the self-centred, self-seeking, brutal egoists that they are. I would have mentioned sc*m but I have a feelign that is a banned descriptor.

  48. ScotsRenewables says:

    Yes please Stu…

  49. Checks notes says:

    Come back Stu, we need you now more than ever! Apart from being the best at what you do, a proper comeback would annoy all the right people. Do it!!

  50. Derick fae Yell says:

    Get back to work.

    After all we have a referendum to win ?

  51. Keith Hynd says:

    Get that fundraiser started.

  52. Scott says:

    We need you back rev!

    Look at the amount of feathers you rattled in a week without even really trying. Pete Wishart might even have an aneurysm if you returned full time!

  53. SandyW says:

    Doesn’t this behaviour break their code of conduct? Can we mass report them for that?

    But, yes, you should come back. Time we took these f*ckers on.

  54. prj says:

    You have a legion awaiting. Go for it.

  55. James says:

    Get it on

  56. Tinto Chiel says:

    Fogot to add: #Musk’s a husk.

    As Bugs Bunny said, “What a maroon!”

  57. George Ferguson says:

    Fundraiser Stu. Critical time on the policy front. And the Independence movement needs fresh momentum. Besides the ducks won’t feed themselves. Bring back the holiday boy if he is available too.

  58. Tinto Chiel says:

    Forgot, dammit!

  59. And Spouse says:

    John Wick
    “People keep asking me, am I back and I’m thinking yeah I’m back”

  60. AlbaPartyTime says:

    Hurry up! We’re all waiting!

  61. wattland says:

    Come back and go toe-to-toe with every last one of them.

  62. jimmy mac says:

    even if this just pisses of james kelly fuck it just do it

  63. George Malone says:

    If you’re up for it Stuart, I’ll be in for a few bob.

  64. Confused says:

    at first I thought this –

    they’ve got the rev …


    then I thought this –

    no one likes a quitter

    in it to win it

    Is the REV “putting together a team …”?

  65. Breeks says:


    And while we’re on the subject of the good ole days, and getting the band back together, what about that fella Cairns? What’s he doing with himself these days?

  66. Ken says:

    Fund raise away.

    Re the banning reports, it says a lot that they are happy to get by with a block for some people, but have an insatiable urge to get you banned. Seems pretty hateful behaviour to me. Can I file a report with the police that you are being subjected to hate? ?

  67. OyveyMaria says:

    Long past time for you to return to the fray, good sir…so please start rattling that can and the SNP/Green cages

  68. Leanne says:

    I’m pretty skint but ill donate to any fundraiser that will bring you back! You’re needed more than ever

  69. Smitty says:

    Never has there been a greater need for your involvement in Scottish politics. Your presence is greatly missed, and while you have been away, the SNP has been in decline with total chancers such as Roddick, Harper & Adams stealing a wage. Apart from the GRR rebels, there are none there who should feel safe in there seats. There needs to be a campaign to get members back into SNP and take back control. Get candidates in to challenge for the internal candidate selections of those grifters who put themselves first before Indy. Organise, challenge and win. I just give the minimal amount for membership and I would rather give the money I would previously donate to SNP to you. Please get back to work. We have your back as we know you have ours.

  70. Aulbea1 says:

    Licence fee (at least) waiting ?.

  71. And Spouse says:

    Ben Kenobi
    “You cannot win Vadar, if you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can imagine”

  72. Ruairidh says:

    Once you see the truth, you just can’t unsee it. The problem is opening our eyes. You have done that for countless of us. Ever grateful for what you have done and always glad to support a tourettes sufferer.

  73. PhilM says:

    Make it so…

  74. Alex Stewart says:

    Ohh, please come back. I’m sure we can scrape together a few pennies for the fundraiser, it will be nice to see it race past the NuSNP fundraiser ammount quickly.

  75. gregor says:

    We don’t lose faith…

  76. Willie John says:

    I’ve just donated, what are you lot waiting for – an invitation?

  77. Ken Lowson says:

    Please return, we miss you.

  78. Scaredy cat says:

    Welcome back!

  79. Neil Mackenzie says:

    But.. but.. but surely you must need permission from the UK government … or have we been misinformed?

  80. Hatuey says:

    Thou art made of light, and to the light thou shalt return…

    It’s a good time to come back, with the war in the east about to end. (Yes, that’s right, another prediction… remember where you heard it first.)

  81. KathyT says:

    Looks pretty unanimous.

  82. Frank says:

    Please do, for so many reasons, not the least being to make sure that the referendum fairy tale isn’t allowed to be delayed further, or quietly forgotten. As it becomes clear that it isn’t going to materialise, then will be the time to bring pressure for a change in the SNP. I’ll go and dust off the cheque book.

  83. Johnny says:

    First comment ordering Stu what to do.

    Under pretence of “scuppering Indy movement”, Dan Watt demands no criticism of SNP.

    Get lost, Dan.

    Stu should criticise anything he sees fit to criticise, be that unionist politician or SNPer.

  84. Jim Scullion says:

    Fundraiser right now, please!

  85. Studhog says:

    Can you put the ‘fun’ in fundraiser again by allowing names and comments like last time? I believe it was for your sweetie fund. That alone was worth my donation.

  86. Thomas says:

    In the interests of democracy and the common good, surely EVERY Scot should be participating in debate, publishing information and articles, discussing politics. Unionist and Nationalist, right and left, monarchist and communist, no?

  87. Ian McLean says:

    Wings restarting would be great news for the Independence movement. Please do!
    Might I suggest a section for short, pithy, attributable comments (Tweet sized) which your many followers could paste into Twitter and other platforms? They can’t ban us all

  88. John says:

    Take my money.

    Get it dun!

  89. Daisy Walker says:

    Nothing would please me more, during this long, drawn out, dreich November, than to visit my poor, overstretched bank account, and put £100 your way.


    And this time call it the BIG BLUE FO BOOK FOR FREEDOM (just a suggestion).

    Sick of this Union nonesense now. Let’s just get it done.

  90. Haud says:

    Stu. Ffs get back to the game. There is so much shit, terrifying shit, flying about that we desperately need you and craig and others to step back into the game.

    It’s time to win orfukkiibg give up forever.

  91. Margaret L says:

    Come back ffs. The SNP are the biggest threat to women and children i’ve seen in my lifetime, not to mention free speech, and I lived through Thatcher’s reign. At least with her you knew your enemy.
    Btw, the wee cretin you highlighted ( not Karen Adam, though she fits the description, got away with this belter of a tweet.

  92. Frank says:

    I would be delighted, and would resume my modest contributions.

  93. Lady Lyon says:

    Nip on, with the most incompetent elected officials the SNP has ever had you could have enough material to write daily!

  94. Please do. It’ll certainly wipe the smirks from the Sturgeonistas

  95. Paul Garbett says:

    Fundraiser please – it looks like you will be needed and sharpish

  96. Monica Worley says:

    With the Supreme Court ruling coming out on the 23th, it’s time. We need you back whichever way it goes. Please?

  97. shiregirl says:

    Get shakin’ the scran cans!

  98. Awkward Westie says:

    Well the tactical geniuses at the NuSNP with their determination to silence you, have angered you to the extent you are prepared to re-open your website … sounds like the NuSNP kiddies may finally have done something to further independence (even although that wasn’t their plan)

    If you have the energy to get back into the frae, get the fundraiser open and I’m sure all of us that aren’t (yet) blocked on twitter can spread the news

  99. Smitty says:

    SNP has become a career and pension filler for most SNP MSPs. We need to expose them and root them out. Sturgeon’s time as leader is coming to an end and she has achieved nothing despite having the Covid bounce, Johnson, Truss and Brexit.

    We are no further towards Indy and there are too many opportunistic fuckers taking the piss. The thought of Gucci shoed arsehole ‘Air Miles’ Angus Roberston,the backstabbing, failed-hack-fuck Neil Gray by name gray by nature or the serial bedwetting Ben ‘I cry when I come’ Macpherson being FM fills me with rage. Get rid of all of those blue-haired, pronoun cunts off the NEC and every other woke as fuck pressure group which has any form of influence over the party. And no more gerrymandering selections and prevent likes of Enema ‘rocket’Roddick and her fictitious, bullshit, poor-fucking-me trauma stories (they are all lies), to be allowed anywhere near parliament again. Fuck New SNP! Come back Stu!

  100. Kenny says:

    We’ll surely need Wings back full time before next year’s referendum.

  101. Craig Elliott says:

    The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your perspective, your truth. So write, build and live as only you can.

  102. I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

  103. George says:

    You’re upsetting all the right people so haste ye back.
    More than happy to contribute a few quid.
    Irrespective of whether you start a crowdfunder, I look forward to your take on next week’s Supreme Court decision.
    Nicola and the many career SNP MP’s and MSP’s must be desperately hoping that the court say No to a referendum. She will then be able to indulge in faux outrage, which to be fair she is very good at, without having to worry about campaigning for a Yes vote. Imagine her panic if the court says Yes to a referendum!
    Come back Stu, Scottish political discourse needs you.

  104. Lynn Fraser says:

    Come back permanently. Fundraise.

  105. Cameron Lochiel says:

    Then I say fight! Better dead than smeg!

  106. Robert Hughes says:

    Fuck Twitter

    Make way for the return of Judge ( all the frauds ) Dread & let’s hasten the Twilight of the Pensions

  107. Roger says:

    Get back to work.
    saw this a sec ago on Twitter and fully agree:

    “Phantom Power
    Hard to take but good for the constitution. Wings Over Scotland – cod liver oil of Scottish politics.”

  108. Geri says:

    What kind of special fcked up are they?

    They’re mentally ill.

    Set phasers tae malky, Captain!

  109. Derek Rogers says:

    Get real, Stu. Scotland is going to explode soon, and if you’re not there exploding with it, your name will be Tractor. And it’s all about the slow build-up of consensus. You did a first-class job on that in 2014, so get back in the saddle.

  110. Brian says:

    I’d say about time, how much do you need and welcome back.

  111. Doug says:

    It seems like the gods have arranged the fast-moving circumstances perfectly. It’s a sign I tell ee! Too good to miss. Fundraiser.

  112. Brian says:

    Ready and willing to pitch in.

  113. John from Fife says:

    Time to start the Fundraiser.

  114. Shug says:

    Get back to what you do best

  115. Merganser says:

    The truth needs out.

    You are the one to find the way to do it.

    For Scotland.

  116. Alibi says:

    Definitely. They are trying to silence you. That should be enough reason to convince you to re-awaken the site. Apart from anything, worth it just for the seethe.

  117. Muscleguy says:

    Since I am now full time employed and pulling in weekly extras from my tutoring I can now well afford to donate to a fundraiser. So go for Stu.

    I have lost track of the number of your twitter accounts I have followed now.

  118. Heather McLean says:

    Yes Yes Yes!! You are needed now more than ever – please come back!

  119. Peter Stark says:

    I would say that both, your return to twitter and the reaction to that return, was frankly startling. The new ban is just bloody ridiculous. It is totally up to you whether you come back to posting on your web site again. It strikes me that you of all people understand the level of the task of taking these people head-on entails. Should you decide to continue, then I will quite happily contribute to your fundraiser.

  120. Roger says:

    Then along came a Karen (Adam) and demanded to speak to the Twitter manager.
    It’s what Karens do.

  121. jimmy mac says:

    people are always going on about the SNP being the only route to independence and all that.
    so by the same token, journalists are the only route to keep the bent politicians straight, and ned kelly and paypal paul areny going to do that are they? we have a lot of blatantly bent politicians, so we need wings back. hes like our fuckin batman.


    Yee haw

  122. LaxardalrNeil says:

    This would be the best news o the year.

  123. Wings over Moray says:

    Do it. I have my “Let’s upset Cllr Jérémie” donation all ready to go.

  124. McDuff says:

    Brilliant news!!!!
    Welcome back Stu, fundraiser here i come.

  125. YES Please come back, money ready to send.

  126. john mcphail says:

    Back to work and a fundraiser please.

  127. sarah says:

    The Supreme Court’s decision is known already!! Roddy Dunlop says it will have been issued to the parties but it is death – sorry, contempt – to spill the beans before the court’s official issue next Wednesday.

    So that means the Scottish government and SNP have a whole week to work out what to say to us, the sovereign people of Scotland.

    What a rotten, lousy system.

  128. Julie Scott says:

    Anything that makes Karen Adam’s head explode is fine by me ? You know what to do, Stu ?

  129. Dorothy Devine says:

    Oh yes please! Ready and willing to contribute.

  130. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Let’s see.You start off campaigning for Scottish independence (anybody remember that?), and end up trolling and handbag-fighting American-zealotry-copying SNP halfwits, like teenage girls having an online hissyfit spat.

    It’s all going very well.

  131. Craig says:

    To think if those heid cases just kept quiet and just allowed Rev back on Twitter and kept quiet about their disgraceful conduct, they wouldn’t be “Forcing” Rev to come back from his hiatus, now they’ve just went and done it.

    I want you, Stuart, to come back and raise absolute fuckin Hell and rip the absolute shite out of the Nu-SNP, Nic and the GRA nutters big time.

    We need you back and this is the perfect opportunity to hammer it home.

  132. Paul says:

    Oh go on then. Happy to pony up when the call comes. The independence movement needs a Wings in full flight, shitting all over the fakers and the takers.

  133. steve ellwood says:

    Already sent you £10 for sweeties.

    Fundraise, and I’ll send more

  134. Kevin Kennedy says:

    Only you can make that decision.

    But I for one (of many) do hope you get back to doing what you do best.

  135. K Campbell says:

    Please come back Stu, Scotlands’ women and children need you to dissect and highlight (again) the utter madness that has overtaken the part(ies)y of government. They are running rampant with no-one to tackle the absurdity as ££ to the media keeps them silent, besides that, the party of government are doing a great job keeping the union together, so let’s get them and their deluded supporters telt!!

  136. Votadini Jeannie says:

    Come back, it’s been too long already. Can’t donate much but will spare what I can.

  137. Scotspine says:

    F@ck aye!

  138. James U says:

    No doubt about it, with the added bonus of knowing it will send old ‘Comfy Slippers’ Pete Wishart into a meltdown.

  139. Alwi says:

    Get into them!

  140. Ruby says:

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

    A Christmas fundraiser.

    Better get on with it there are only 39 days to go.

    I’ll be putting money and a couple of tangerines in your stocking.

  141. Scott Shaw says:


  142. Geri says:


    Can you report this to the police?
    It’s targeted harassment & stalking that needs nipped in the bud.
    The amount of times your site & social media is attacked is beyond nuts & we all know that can escalate. Maybe contact twitter to find out who exactly is behind these attacks?

    Did you have a blue tick when you returned?

    I dipped onto twitter yesterday over scarfgate & the ranting lunatics were in full force branding everyone who wasn’t a Nicola bootlicker as far-right fascists & he gloated he had reported my account FFS. These lunatics need stopping.

    Get back in the saddle & expose this bullying, poisonous madness please.

    Things are gonnie get ugly.

  143. Gregory Beekman says:

    Even Sam Slade, robo hunter, had to come out of retirement. Wake up your Hoagy and Stogie and get blastin!

  144. Morag says:

    I’m in, as always.

  145. Higgy says:

    Time to get back in the saddle Stu, never let the bastards think they have won. Fundraiser? Fuck Aye!!

  146. Iain Hamilton says:

    I am reminded of the Cairns toon from 2014 with the candle being snuffed out.

    You have just shown up with a king size box of matches. Lets have some flames. There are plenty of feet need held to them.

    Buckle up, Buckeroo!

    And welcome back, Sir.

  147. Red Squirrel says:

    Now seems like a good time. Get a move on before the buggers implode all by themselves. Be a shame if you missed it.

  148. Peter Glasgow says:

    Do it!

  149. Linda McFarlane says:

    Oh yes please Stu.

    Debit card at the ready. Can’t wait to read the brainless twats moaning about how much you can raise. (Jealous B’stards)

  150. Lady Gaga says:

    Please get back to work Stu. You’ve been missed. Nobody else will speak truth to gnasher Nicola and her cult of evil, incompetent harpies.

  151. Ruby says:

    It looks like Twitter operate like ‘The Scotsman’ if enough people complain you get banned no matter what you’ve done.

    We suspended @WingsScotland’s account for breaking our hateful conduct rule. We found they broke our hateful conduct rule through different reports we received about their behaviour.. Twitter.

    Twitter say OK this guy has been reported 20 times he must have done something wrong ban him.

  152. David Hannah says:

    You are the best man for the job. The biggest most read Scottish political blogger, and the best. You are a genious mind that has kept the flame of Independence alive. An agitator. The working class resistance to the Edinburgh elite. We need you.

    A straight talking, truth teller. Stuart Campbell. There’s nothing in the imperial armour of the British State that can break the will of a man who refuses to be broken. That’s you. Unbreakable. Unbowed. Undefeated. For the cause of liberty!

  153. MarkerPost says:

    Absolutely, go for it

  154. fran says:

    Crack on with the fund raiser, it will wind up all the right people

  155. Holymacmoses says:

    Get back to work properly Mr Wings. You are needed.

  156. Jwabz says:

    Yes please! Charlatans need exposed. We can’t go on in limbo like this.

  157. Geri says:

    I read the pampers brigade gloat the other day to Elon..

    We’ve taken your daughter
    We’ve taken your wife
    & now we’ll take twitter

    The zoomers are on a mission.

  158. Hatuey says:

    Can anyone else hear it?–Mq1A

    This time we win.

  159. Jim Bo says:

    The sooner the better Stu. We’ve all clearly missed your more regular posts from back in the good old days.

  160. Jim McIntosh says:

    Depending on your response from twitter it might be time to leave that place in the main to the unionists, SNP cultists and the TRA nutters.

    Go for the fundraiser. In the unlikely event of a referendum next year we’ll need you firing on all cylinders doing your usual excellent deconstruction of unionist lies.

    In the more likely scenario of no referendum, we need somewhere to point to with forensic proof that the blame is squarely down to the incompetence or cowardice over the past 8 years of the current SNP leadership. Hopefully causing multiple resignations.

    Ironically both these outcomes are good for the independence cause.

  161. Rogueslr says:

    The silent majority of lurkers who made the BTL a forum worth reading when their voices were heard have spoken. Get back in the saddle.

  162. Astonished says:


    Mainly because I’m certain you won’t spaff it on cocaine, rent boys or Alyn Smith.

  163. dodecostanza says:

    Stuart we need you back exposing the frauds who have derailed the Indy cause so we can get back the hope we all felt in 2013/14. If there’s a fundraiser coming, count me in.

  164. Wullie B says:

    Get back to work you yah lazy bugger, surely after three years your batteries are fully recharged, time governments were held to account and you are just the man to do it

  165. Lenny Hartley says:

    Fundraiser, you have been skiving too long.

  166. Confused says:

    in hilarious irony, smalltown boy is looking for money for his bruto maledonia (shome mishtake shurely) travesty vanity blog

    – gimme some of that old time navel gazing windbaggery and cringe-ology … OR …

    the rev, kicking them in the nuts

  167. Graham fordyce says:

    Haste ye back!

  168. Derek says:

    As the man said…

    “prod some righteous buttock”

  169. Graf Midgehunter says:

    “….if the SNP are this desperate to silence our voice, maybe it’s time we thought about returning for good.”

    For God’s sake Rev, if that alone isn’t a huge enough reason to get back on the warpath, then what is?

    It’s Nicola the Coward and her cabal of say nothing, do nothing sycophants who are standing in the way and blocking ANY, ANY of the golden opportunities to strike for Independence.

    Your reader statistics will go through the roof… 🙂 🙂

  170. Kcor says:

    I would urge you to return and to make it your number one priority to force the biggest tractor in Scotland’s history to depart the scene in total disgrace.

    Expose her every single day.

  171. Fiona Brown says:

    YES.I’m happy to toss a bit of cash in NOW.

  172. msdidi says:

    Yes – please come back full time Stu. We need you and I want a Wings badge!

  173. Kenny says:

    Have money, will send.

  174. StruanBorn says:

    Come back mate, not been the same without you. Time to obliterate the hijacked yes movement & show the snp up for what they are, pension collecting non nationalists.

  175. Kevin Cargill says:

    Do you really need to ask mate? Get on with it. We’ve waited far too long for this come back! You’re the best at truth, facts, incisive comment, research, satire, common sense and irony. We fucking need you NOW!!

  176. maureen says:

    Happy to throw a few quid your way for the fundraiser or just for a bag of sweeties, up to you!
    Would enjoy seeing you posting regularly again.

  177. twathater says:

    @ Anonymoose 8.08pm , very well said and a good wee list of CRIMES that sturgeon and her morons are responsible for, but that list is not exhaustive by any means as you have said

    @ Stuart Campbell it is nice that you have eased yourself into being bored with your rest period with your few articles that derided and exposed , but it is even better that these arseholes are too stupid to realise that they have poked and reawakened the wrong beast

    Fundraiser please and get back to work

    And as previously requested can you do an opinion piece on SSRG and SALVO to highlight their existence

  178. Skip_NC says:

    There is no need for you to come out of retirement. In less than a week, Diana Ross and the gang will have sung Dorothy Bain’s praises for the most excellent prosecution of the Scottish Government’s case and declared that the draft referendum bill is lawful. By next Friday morning, the Independence Unit will have been found space at Bute House and by Monday afternoon, Marco Biagi/Angus Robertson/Keith Brown or an amalgam of all three will have produced the first comprehensive Wee Blue Paper arguing the case for independence. On the back of this, I predict that 102% of the Scottish electorate will swear fealty to the SNP, which is pretty much the same as independence.

    I suppose having a Plan B couldn’t hurt, though.

  179. DaveL says:


    Yuddah ho Yuddah hee…

    Come ye back Rev Stu!

    It’d make my day and and the same for a lot, a veritable horde even, of other folk.

    Do it.

  180. Lekraw says:

    Yes, yes, yes.

    We NEED Wings back, doing what it does best.

    Currently, nobody is holding these people to account.

    There is a giant, and obvious, hole in Scottish governance that should be filled by a competent, impartial, and effective media.

    We absolutely need that hole filled, and I can think of nobody better to do it.

    Fundraise away, I am in.

  181. MR John King says:

    Make it so Rev,
    Im in.

  182. Luigi says:

    So, the haters attempt to silence WoS on Twitter ay result in their worst nightmare? A delicious irony. What’s not to like?

  183. Willie says:

    Dear Mr Campbell.

    You have a penchant for detail, thoroughness, deadly accurate reporting, timely comment, foresight, judgement and an absolute commitment to indepence.

    Your journal,and I do not wish to swell your head, was extensively read by supporter and foe alike. It still is, even in your retirement.

    And boy have you been a flea in a few ears.

    And so, all of that said, if you would be prepared to return then please, please do.

    And a fundraiser. That would be just the ticket. Journalism, research, commissioning polling, running the site all costs money. Its very much needed. Essential in fact.

    I hope you return. Really do. Wings is very much needed.

  184. Andrew Davidson says:

    I’d love to have you back and active fully but Jesus man, do you really want to step back into this cesspit? Is there actually any hope right now coz all I can see is Sturgeon et al crucifying women and gloating about how women are invalid and…. independence? Oh yeah munch your indy carrot and shut up.

    But if you do decide to brave it again then you’ve got money from me in any fundraiser.

  185. Mikel says:

    Even if I have no direct beef in this fight of yours since I´m Basque, I read this blog often and recognise it as one of the very few forces of good and purveyors of truth in this treacherous world. So I´ll contribute some Euros if there is a fundraiser.

  186. Oscar Taime says:

    Yes. The Cult of Sturgeon may seem all powerful right now but she’s clearly preparing her exit strategy so we need you back to have the best chance of getting some traction once she bails

  187. Robert Louis says:

    Yes, yes, yessity YES!

    I do not agree with all of what Rev Stu thinks (e.g. he talks mince about Gaelic), but his voice in Scottish politics is extremely important. At present Scotland, and by extension the independence movement in the guise of the SNP, is being run by an utter fraud and a bunch of ‘hinger-oan’ careerist chancers. This needs called out, over and over again.

    No matter the ruling from the supreme court next week, every sane Scot now knows Nicola Sturgeon has ZERO intention of holding an independence referendum next year. It is, quite simply, baloney.

    If we want independence we cannot wait for the liars in the SNP hierarchy. To coin a phrase, they DO actually lack the ability to organise a p*ss up in a brewery. Chance after chance after chance to go for independence. Mandate after mandate, with the weakest most inept and universally hated ‘uk’ English colonial Government in history. Yet still they witter on, finding excuse after excuse to do nothing for independence, whilst obsessing over gender freaking pronouns and such tosh. They keep getting very, very rich, and Scotland is still run by England.

    Wings restarting will get them feart. And rightly, rightly so. Make it happen.

  188. christine says:

    Bravo Stuart, this is wonderful news and fair cheered me up. The more they try to silence you, the more I will happily donate to your fundraiser. Scotland is in a very dark and dangerous place. Enough of this “ be kind and understanding “ bullshit, a smokescreen for all the lies, deception and concealment. The critical queer theory underpinning Sturgeon’s dancing to the drumbeat of “transgender” , “transgender” will destroy the family and basis of society, will erase women in language and law, will medicalise and mutilate our children and legitimise the fetishes, misogyny and deviance of men who believe they can change sex.

    We need you now more than ever to shine a light on Sturgeon’s appalling regime, to help us move away from the darkness and hold the bastards to account. Bring it on.

  189. Turnbulldrier says:

    I only popped off the internet for 1 day.. *sheesh*

    Ok, welcome back. But, you gotta get that email post notification working. I’m not chuffed at being behind the curve.

  190. Dave M says:

    If for no other reason than it would annoy the SNP and James Kelly, please get back to work ?

  191. Nana says:

    Hell Yes

  192. Susan says:

    It would be great to have you back Stu

  193. Andy Ellis says:

    The light to some is an unwelcome friend.

    We have many such in the movement, but only one Stu Campbell.

    Let’s do this….

  194. scottiedog says:


  195. Ruby says:

    Would you be prepared to test out my theory that if enough people complain to Twitter you get banned?

    We could maybe start with Pete Wishart he’s known to spout a fair amount of hate speech.

    Pete Wishart
    Nov 13

    What a pathetic husk of a one time almost credible journalist. Now reduced to trading in childish Alba insults. Don’t worry @kmckenna63
    your new audience of Alba, Salvo and the rest of the 0.7% will all be lapping it up.

  196. Geoff Anderson says:


    We have never needed you more!

  197. StevieC says:

    Absolutely – please, please do return!

    Long time reader, but first time poster – felt it was time to finally put my head above the parapet, just so I could plead for your return.

    Long have we needed you back in the arena! Kick open the fundraiser – I will more than happily contribute! (Especially seeing as the SNP are getting no more money from me!)

    Nitimur in vetitum!

  198. Isstatue says:

    Stu, please come out of retirement, Scotland needs you, Independence needs you, I miss your intelligent, factually sourced articles and humour.

  199. Rab Davis says:

    Let’s hope the “Three Names” are drowned out by the shear volume of returning contributors to Wings.

    With the return of the Rev, it would mean the “Three Names” disappearing up their own arse holes,,, never to be heard of again.

    No more meaningless abusive posts.

    What’s not to like about the return of the Rev?

  200. Annie R says:

    It’s a yes from me. Let’s do this!

  201. Xaracen says:

    Time to light the Wee Blue Touch Paper and set the fireworks off!

  202. gordoz says:

    Get up and running bud. Anything that gets under the skin of our useless current FM is worth a donation IMHO.
    Your diligence in establishing facts is sadly missed.
    Sorry I doubted your pinpointing of current FMs failings. I got there in the end.
    Really wish we were both wrong about her, but I know we are not.

  203. Angela Fitzgibbon says:

    Please come back, we need you.

  204. Calum says:

    Take my money now!

  205. Viridarius says:

    There’s a pony in my wee financial stable needs exercised. Ride on!

  206. Wullie Halliday says:

    The absence of your fact based blog has led to a drought of info and analysis, come back get stuck in and yank the covers off these scoundrel MSPs guising as indy supporters to further their own agendas.

  207. Vivian Smith says:

    Yes, you bloody well should. It’s desperate times out here. We need our best warriors to fight the good fight.

  208. Corrado Mella says:

    Remember: you will never win freedom respecting the rules set by the oppressor.
    Go straight for the jugular, Rev.
    Chop the monster’s head.
    Take our money and forge the sharpest sword.
    Your army is right beside you ready for your call.

  209. Andy Ellis says:

    Let’s hope the “Usual Suspects and Bonnie Purple Heather Brigade” are drowned out by the shear volume of returning contributors to Wings.
    With the return of the Rev, it would mean the “Usual Suspects & BPHB” disappearing up their own arse holes,,, never to be heard of again.

    No more meaningless abusive posts.

    Fixed that for you! Anyway….I thought the general moonhowlers consensus was all 3 were one person?

    Interesting that all the other posts are celebrating the Rev’s return, but the usual suspects can’t resist the atavistic urge to other folk. Still, good to know it’s so easy to trigger them and live rent free in the empty space between their ears! 🙂


  210. Stuart MacKay says:

    As much as I want to say yes, I dunno. There’s little point in returning to do the same thing over and expect different results. If the lock that the SNP have was going to break it would have done so by now. As for more outrage, the world has plenty available, but to what end?

    I’d strongly consider doing something else with that time energy and whatever monies you’d raise. I’d certainly back you.

    If you do return then consider spreading the load with more people involved. It’s too much for one set of shoulders. If you burnt out on this before then your limit will be dramatically reduced before it happens again.

    Alternative media are fighting an uphill battle all the way. I’ve no idea how to deal with this. Some way of reaching out to the general public would be one way of breaking out of the echo chamber but again without a vast piggy bank I’ve no idea how to do this outside of a fundraiser for torches and pitchforks.

    What about a network of local “reporters”? There must be more than a few people with some time on their hands. A monthly post with the likes of photos of queues outside of food banks – that might generate enough anger to create some change.

    More of the same is not going to make the slightest bit of difference.

  211. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Rev Stu.

    We need you back in the saddle – and Chris Cairns’ regular Saturday offering.

    As a bonus, it could be that more regular input from yourself may ‘tidy up’ the btl comments.

  212. Eilidh says:

    An unequivocal “Yes” to coming out of retirement

  213. Darren Mcdonald says:

    I’m still waiting for wings to return, you should never have retired.

  214. arch stanton says:

    Yep, fire up yer keyboard laddie.

  215. Rab Davis says:

    You will note that I said the “Three Names”,,,and NOT, “Three People”.

    Do pay attention!!!

    Anyway,,, your days are numbered.

    Tick Tock!!!

  216. Chas says:

    I would be delighted to see you back.

    Whilst not a criticism, my only concern is how many Scots actually read your blog on a regular basis? If you could combine your return with say a weekly column in a couple of well read Scottish newspapers, if such a thing exists, doing a precis of what you forensically and accurately write here, this would be even better. More exposure to a wider audience is required.

    I do realise that you cannot force yourself on any newspaper owner or editor but it would do no harm in simply offering offering your services. If you don’t try you will never know.

    One bit of caution, your physical and mental health MUST come first.

  217. Alf Baird says:

    Your colony needs you.

    The colonial “condition is absolute and cries for an absolute solution, a break and not a compromise” (Albert Memmi).

  218. Chas says:

    Rab Davis

    You do realise that the ‘censorship’ of individuals who do not share your rather simplistic views, often shared by your fellow members of the BPHB, is EXACTLY what the SNP have done to the majority of their membership?

    Anyone who regularly boasts of ‘How much they hate the English’ cannot be taken seriously. I have shoes that probably have a higher IQ than you…………possibly cleaner as well!

  219. Andy Ellis says:

    @Rab Davis

    I can’t speak for the other two names, but I won’t be going anywhere. In fact I’ll probably post more. Sorry, not sorry. 🙂

    I suspect the influx of more ordinary folk not prone to conspiracy theorising, nativism, insisting Scotland is a puir wee colony or shilling for Uncle Vlad will be a huge benefit. Diluting the endless screeds of some of the usual suspects on their hobby horse issues can only be a plus.

  220. Patsy Millar says:

    You surely know the answer to that question. We’ve only been begging you to come back ever since you ‘dormantised(?’ your blog. So in case it’s not clear enough – YES; you’re needed now more than ever.

  221. matt says:

    Reports of your demise are exaggerated.
    The handling of GRR, leaky ferries, the festering sore without a ringfence, theres plenty to get stuck in to.
    To support this, would you prefer one off donation(s) or a regular modest pledge?

  222. James Gardner says:

    Dare to be honest and fear no labor.

  223. Liesel. says:

    I’ll buy extra jumpers and give ye the leccy money if ye come back!!! Not on your own though, sweetie. Ye need tae get a team on board, share the load. There’s too much work for one person. However, that’s just my opinion & opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one.

  224. Sandra says:

    We need you, Stu. Even Kevin McKenna says it, so it must be true.

    I don’t know why Twitter banned you but I have had some odd messages from them lately suggesting poor Elon is not yet on top of the admin backlog.

  225. dramfineday says:

    As Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto probably never said – but is nonetheless very apt,

    “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

    Well done the SNP woke brigade you should congratulate yourselves (oh, you have) you’ve probably managed to do something that no amount of pleading from us, his readers, could have done.


  226. Ella says:

    Get back to work you lazy B*****D!!
    Remember “Who dares Wings”

  227. Rab Davis says:

    Tick Tock!!!

  228. Andy Ellis says:

    I don’t know why Twitter banned you but I have had some odd messages from them lately suggesting poor Elon is not yet on top of the admin backlog.

    It does seem odd that you were “unbanned” and then banned again? It tends to suggest Uncle Elon hasn’t really got moderation and the staff / algorithms directing the bans under control?

    I’m sure there is an element of “if enough people report someone, there’s no smoke without fire”, but if we’re to take Musk at his word, then surely only those inciting violence or illegality should be banned, not those causing hurty feelz or having the temerity to disagree with someone’s belief system?

    Maybe the game isn’t worth the candle with Twitter if it’s going to be like the hokey-cokey being in one minute and out the next?

    The return of “full on” Wings Over Scotland should set the cat amongst the pigeons I reckon!

  229. scozzie says:

    The swans, ducks, foxes and squirrels must be well fat by now…time to get back on the horse!

  230. ghostly606 says:

    Would ban evasion not be related to the fact that you started a new Twitter account with a different handle despite already being banned? That would be my guess but who knows. The ban(s) are completely nonsense of course.

    And of course you should come out of retirement, although I rather suspect that my blood pressure won’t thank you. I’ve spent the months since your retirement in blissful ignorance of what a complete and utter shambles the SNP have become.

  231. Patricia Spencer says:

    Where’s the fund raiser? ??

  232. Anne Johnston says:

    “Gimme Some Truth”??

  233. Ian Brotherhood says:

    From the latest Salvo newsletter:

    ‘After the signing of the Treaty of Union in 1707 people across Scotland publicly burned copies of the Articles of Treaty. This year, people around Scotland responded to the call from Salvo to replicate the actions of our furious ancestors.

    November 5 marked the day when we stopped playing by the establishment’s rules because we’re all tired of being nice. Being nice and playing by someone else’s rules never won any country its independence

    People burnt the articles of Union on beaches, in fields and in their gardens. It infuriated the establishment, especially the Daily Express, which delighted in being able to refer again to the ‘Sinister Salvo group’, their pet name for us. They even, in their fury, printed the full text of the Edinburgh Proclamation in the hope – we suppose – that it would somehow ‘expose’ us. Perfect! The Courier joined in the fun with a front page splash; ‘Pro-independence group in Fife condemned for burning the Act of Union’. Condemned, eh? By whom?

    Oddly, it wasn’t just the establishment that was infuriated. So too were some of our elected representatives, in particular a Mr Wishart, MP, who tweeted that the Union burnings were ‘some sort of protest about colonial oppression’ and that everyone who joined in was nuts. We’re all wondering if that’s now an official SNP position.’

  234. Chris says:

    Get back to work…. the time is now

  235. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Aye, time to get back to work Rev.

    “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” – Plato.

    There are a lot of dark corners in Scotland and beyond needing your forensic light shone into them.

    We also know that there a lot of men and women afraid of being caught very publicly in your spotlight.

    You know you want to!


  236. Fiona says:

    Subscribe. Yup. I just cancelled 2 direct debits to enable me to pay hiked electric costs, but happy to syphon a few quid to your subscription. I was absolutely disgusted to find my local SNP MSP crowing about having had you shut down. Where’s the equality or freedom of speech displayed in she/her/it doing that? Someone else used the phrase “full on Wings” in their comment, yeah, I like the sound of that. Bring it on. Do a Little Green, White and Purple book, call them out, show the public what’s really going on.

  237. Dervheid says:

    You’re clearly putting the fear of exposure into them.
    Definitely time to seriously reconsider reactivation

  238. Mark Griffin says:

    Your hand has been really forced this time. I think you have to go for it, and again show up these ghouls for the bunch of utter charlatans and shisters that they are. I’ll certainly chip in.

  239. David says:

    A fundraiser it has to be.

  240. Neil says:

    Yes please, we need Wings to keep the flame alive.

  241. Hackalumpoff says:

    I’m all for a fundraiser but I’m way behind here,as I stopped getting emails about new posts. Time to spend some money updating the site for the final battle. Get yourself a couple of mods as well.

  242. Luigi says:

    “If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” Whatever you decide, may the force be with you Obi Wings Campbell. 🙂

  243. Arthur Martin says:

    The SNP need smashed before we can proceed, so it’s a fundraiser for me.

  244. DJFC says:

    Where do I send the money?

  245. sarah says:

    Prize for the best comments?

    Xaracen: “..light the Wee Blue Touch Paper..”

    Ella ” “Who Dares Wings”

  246. Ruby says:

    Hackalumpoff says:
    17 November, 2022 at 11:31 am

    Get yourself a couple of mods as well.

    I would be happy to do a shift as moderator!

  247. Breeks says:

    Fingers crossed for the Barbara Streisand effect…

    I think that may be a credible likelihood now…

  248. ceann cinnidh says:

    Yes please

  249. Nally Anders says:

    Oscar @7.20
    Thanks for the link.
    “Polishing her CV”- Polishing a turd more like.

    Come back Stu, you’re too young to retire.

  250. Dai4Scotland says:

    Your return to the fray will be most welcome.
    I’ll chip in some £und$.

  251. JoyousHate says:


    You don’t have to post as often as you did and calling it a return to form from retirement will give us the pleasure of anguished hand-wringing from grifters and ideologues alike.

  252. Andy Ellis says:

    I would be happy to do a shift as moderator!

    There are truly not enough LOLZ in the world.

  253. Neil says:

    Yes please! 🙂

  254. Scotsrenewables says:

    Hackalumpoff says:
    17 November, 2022 at 11:31 am
    I’m all for a fundraiser but I’m way behind here,as I stopped getting emails about new posts. Time to spend some money updating the site for the final battle. Get yourself a couple of mods as well.

    I don’t mind the format of the site, but I worry how such an outdated version of WordPress is kept secure.

    I have offered Stu my professional services free of charge before, and am happy to do so again should he decide to update the site software.

  255. Ottomanboi says:

    Not convinced Scotland needs bloggers.
    A dedicated news,opinion online magazine would be of more value.
    Given the current politics, the days of the enthusiast may be coming to an end.
    Good luck anyway.

  256. Mairi Duff says:

    You’re the only one they really fear. That is why we need you.
    Happy to donate.

  257. Skip_NC says:

    Bloody heck, Ottomanboi, do you want Scottish politics to end up like that if the USA, full of hired guns telling us what we are supposed to think? Let’s not lose the enthusiasm, ever. Let’s keep politics for the people, where it belongs.

  258. Andy Ellis says:


    I was about to say something similar: I thought they said it was never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine. Perhaps we learnt it from Ottomanboi’s people?

  259. Andy Ellis says:

    I see after Hunt’s statement that we are now in recession, economic activity will contract by 1.4% next year wiping out a decade of improvements, 500,000 jobs will be lost, and disposable incomes adjusted for inflation will fall by the largest amount since records began on 1956-57.

    I wonder how many 2014 No voters still think we’re “Better Together”?

  260. James che says:


    A welcome post if ever there was one, go for it,

    As a observation It is nice to see so many old names reappearing in the comments to this post….and a welcome to some new ones.

  261. Jamie says:


  262. mike cassidy says:

    If its the case you can be banned from Twitter purely on the basis of complaints reaching a certain number

    Who would we like to take down first with a mass complaint?

  263. Johnny says:

    On tenterhooks to hear if the Rev has made a decision….

  264. Jon Drummond says:

    Go for it, Stu.
    More than ever, we need you.

    The bucks are in my bank waiting for a real Indy journalist and supporter.

  265. Methuselah2021 says:

    I don’t always agree with you, but where’s the fun in agreeing with everything someone says! I think your posts are thought provoking, though, and generally winds someone up. So go for it.

    The world’s a better place for having WoS.

  266. James Che says:


    But of concern to women.

    Material source: Guardian news.

    Are these women Guinea pigs? A unauthorised experiment on vulnerable women?

    GCHQ Advertising for women with Neurodiversity problems whom may not be the right people for the job if the are afraid to speak up under such strong peer GCHQ as their bosses.

  267. Hatuey says:

    I believe you would be an impressive moderator, Ruby, for what it’s worth, providing you were sufficiently empowered.

    And in offering to help like that you exhibit the very type of community spirit we are going to need in the months ahead. Well done.

  268. Hatuey says:

    Can’t you just psychically ask them, Andy, the way you do with ‘yes’ voters?

  269. Merganser says:

    ‘Dear Mr. Campbell, please don’t do this to me. I need my pension. I can get you a reduced price on a subscription to the SNP, and the National. And a photo with Nicola, plus a guided tour of the Westminster Parliament by Ian Blackford. I know where to get the best monogrammed slippers too. Deal?

    P. Wishart’

  270. Terry says:

    Do it!

    That’s three long time female snp members that I know that found scarfgate the final straw. They’ve dumped the party.

    We need you – do that fundraiser!

  271. AberdeenPict says:

    Definitely a fundraiser. We want full fat Wings, not diet Wings 🙂

  272. Scott says:

    Everything is Transphobic…

    …quality, just absolute quality.

    You don’t get stuff like that elsewhere, which is nice.

  273. Jim Thomson says:

    Just point me at the fundraiser page 🙂

  274. stuart mctavish says:

    Still no revenue (to ongoing shame) so still cant contribute (to eternal shame) but fully support idea if only to be reassured that Scotland has less chance of devolving into a nation of lying wee lassies – at which point we’d maybe be better off under English rule regardless.

  275. Andy Ellis says:

    Can’t you just psychically ask them, Andy, the way you do with ‘yes’ voters?

    It wouldn’t be difficult to have a better handle on the general views of the Yes movement than the cunt caller in chief. As a moderation policy it might not be altogether effective.

    You and some of the other usual suspects never actually come up with any evidence that your woo woo views represent more than a fringe within the movement, so until and unless you can it’s hardly unreasonable to point out the lack of any visible support other than a handful of cranks in here.

    I doubt your pretensions will survive exposure to reality mind you, but it will be good to see dilution by returning ordinary folk who don’t buy in to the conspiracy theorising worldview.

  276. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Johnny says: 1:53 pm

    “On tenterhooks to hear if the Rev has made a decision….”
    Methinks the Rev is already itching to go and just wants confirmation from us, the Indy Movement, that the time is ripe to get back on the warpath.

    Change is coming and WOS should be in the vanguard leading the charge.

    Go for it 🙂

  277. Graf Midgehunter says:

    “We want full fat Wings, not diet Wings ?”

    That’s good….. 🙂 🙂

  278. Macbeda says:

    Go for it. We need your incisive investigations into all think political in Scotland.

    Mibbes even the rest of the UK if you have to.

  279. Gordon Currie says:

    Go for it Stu!

  280. p of d says:

    I will be delighted if you return to the fray Stuart.

  281. Fotini Hamplova says:

    Is this a joke? Why are you asking? COME BACK TODAY!

  282. Nor'Loch George Sinclair (dec'd) says:

    Whit a scunner I was born in sic a time. Three hunnerd odd year late.

    Drooned in a box wi my twa o my belo’ed??? Jist acause that’s my wont?

    This widnae hae been be a crime nooaday in Scotland, it wid be my stile tae riches and power. Erchie Bluff I would hae been.

    Guid tae see progression.

  283. Milady says:

    If a gif were allowed I would post that one with lots of folk throwing money. In short, count me in for a fundraiser.

  284. Mal says:

    Aye, go on then.

  285. Jamie says:

    Stuart McTavish – What city are you in? If you are unemployed and looking for work, get yourself to Edinburgh. The labour market is red hot right now from construction jobs, hospitality heck even my employer all desperate for staff right now and offering up all sorts of perks e.g flexible hours etc.

    Even Amazon in Dunfermline and Bathgate are crying out for staff.

    I can’t speak for any other cities but if you’re are willing to flat share for a couple years in Edinburgh while you save up a deposit for somewhere you can commute to I highly recommend Edinburgh for work.

    Whatever you decide, good luck to you and good health!

  286. Stoker says:

    A bit late to this party but i think it goes without say. I’ll just repeat what ‘Hopalong’ stated:

    Hopalong says on 16 November, 2022 at 7:36 pm

    “SC decision next week requires your complete attention and naturally as there’s no ifs or buts you’ll have 11 months to increase support for a Yes vote in October.”

    Yip! Big decision to be announced at 9:45 am on Wednesday 23/11/2022. And *nobody* is as capable as exposing the Scottish political scene as you are. So put away your deck-chair, sunglasses & sunscreen and get back to work. LOL!

  287. Stoker says:

    correction to my post above:

    And *nobody* is as capable of exposing the Scottish political scene as you are.

  288. wull says:

    Wings in full flight again?

    Time for take-off.

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