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The gloom hunters

Posted on April 11, 2018 by

The accountancy firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers – last seen charging the taxpayer an eye-watering £20.4m for just eight weeks’ work during the collapse of Carillion – today published a report into the declining number of high-street retail outlets in the UK.

BBC Scotland was keen to put a regional slant on it.

According to the article, Scotland had put in the worst performance in the country. But that didn’t appear to be what the report said at all.

In the table published by PWC listing the nine administrative regions of England plus Scotland and Wales, Scotland actually came bang in the middle – sixth out of 11.

The East of England, Greater London, NW England, SE England, SW England and Yorkshire & Humber all suffered higher net losses than Scotland’s 148 – as the BBC website pointed out in a separate article about the same report in its Business section.

But of course not all the regions are the same size, so a fairer measure would be to calculate the figures per head of population. By that criterion Greater London was still the worst of all, losing one store for every 24,327 people compared to Scotland’s one for every 36,518 citizens.

Ranked per capita, Scotland is only the SEVENTH-worst (or put another way, the fifth-best) of the 11 areas:

(lower numbers are bad)

Greater London: 24,327
NE England: 25,968
Yorkshire & Humber: 31,639
East Of England: 31,776
SW England: 34,795
East Midlands: 35,415
Scotland: 36,518
West Midlands: 38,902
NW England: 40,298
SE England: 46,674
Wales: 58,739

BBC Scotland’s excuse was that it was counting in percentages:

But those percentages don’t appear anywhere in PWC’s press release. There’s no link anywhere on the company’s website to any data tables confirming those numbers.

So we don’t know if they’re even true (we’ve contacted the company and await a reply) and either way PWC clearly don’t consider that to be a significant aspect of the story.

(The Herald and the Scotsman both took the same spin in their front page leads, with the latter also managing to squeeze in an “SNP BAD” quote from Jackie Baillie, whose party wants to cut consumer spending by increasing everyone’s taxes.)

But rather than focusing on what PWC have judged the important stats – in which Scotland performs pretty well – BBC Scotland has scoured the report with a fine-tooth comb until it found something that made Scotland look bad.

As always, we’ll leave it to you to judge why.

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    The gloom hunters | speymouth

291 to “The gloom hunters”

  1. Shug says:

    Call Kaye call kaye
    She will have the answer
    Ha ha

  2. Glamaig says:

    And the Radio Shortbread interviewer this morning asked the question on this subject, this is a verbatim quote, ‘why is Scotland so BAD?’

  3. Greannach says:

    East German TV was much worse but at least next to no-one watched it. These days feel live 1987-89 must have felt in the GDR.

  4. Greannach says:

    East German TV was much worse but at least next to no-one watched it. These days feel like 1987-89 must have felt in the GDR.

  5. Thepnr says:


    No other word for it.

  6. heedtracker says:

    Its beeb gimps only who decide what are the important stats, in their Scotland region.

  7. Col says:

    I remember reading that the BBC in Scotland spend a significantly higher percentage of their budget on news (fake) than other parts of the UK.
    A significant amount of Scotland’s budget is also spent on programs that aren’t remotely Scottish in nature and if you didn’t catch the bit at the end with the BBC Scotland logo you’d have no idea that it was made here. Perhaps that’s because a lot of the time it wasn’t actually made here but we got the pleasure of paying for it.
    It’s all part of their cultural cleansing of the Scotland region of course. They clearly put a lot of effort into distorting the information they like to present as news and put as little effort into promoting Scotland through programming as they can get away with.
    The fact that so little of the license fee is spent here compared to the other countries of the UK is surely damning of previous and current BBC Scotland controllers. English lap dogs the lot of them and no friends of Scotland.

  8. Cageybee says:

    Surely that means that they “qualify” as “investigative journalists” by finding stuff PWC didn’t. As ever only in Scotland are two positives a negative viz:- AYE RIGHT

  9. Capella says:

    Why is Scotland so BAD? Good question.

  10. MajorBloodnok says:

    Is this a good time to stop holding my breath?

  11. Dorothy Devine says:

    Col , you are definitely on to something there but there is the counter argument that fewer and fewer Scots watch /listen/ believe BBBC Scotland therefore why spend our money on us, why not use it for other purposes like English football , Yorkshire vets/ farmers/schools – us scots do like watching these things!

    And of course give us a daily helping of ‘SNP Bad and Scotland’s rubbish so it is ,in’t it no’

  12. galamcennalath says:

    The BBC are only doing their job which is to protect the Union. They are an agent of the UK state and their role is to always act in support of their masters at all times.

    The real problem is that there are still people in Scotland who fail to open their eyes and ears to this reality.

  13. Archbishop of Dork says:

    Radio Haw Haw Shortbread calling…

  14. Roadie58 says:

    While this article looks at the positions of one region compared to another, and Scotland fares better than most, we also have to look at the cause for these closures.

    Are they due to Tory austerity, Brexit, or just a decline in high street shopping?

  15. mogabee says:

    There is a 100% certainty of me not watching BBC shite tv any more. As for radio, sorry, that has never been a medium of interest and now won’t ever be.

    Will there come a point of no return any time soon of folk realising they’re being treated as absolute unquestioning idiots by the state run and funded media?

    (That is rhetorical) 😀 😀 😀 😀

  16. heedtracker says:

    Capella says:
    11 April, 2018 at 11:00 am
    Why is Scotland so BAD? Good question.

    BBC Scotland is the main opposition to SNP Scots gov today, quasi opposition but far more powerful than red or blue tories.

    BBC Scotland will eventually get the SNP Out of their Scotland region, fulfilling their core mission, ending progress towards nation state Scotland.

  17. Derek Rogers says:

    4.5percent of what? And who are the Local Data Company?

  18. mogabee says:


    It’s probably a bit of each, though pinch of salt required as it may be some areas in Scotland worse than others or even certain types of shop. I’ve noticed a reduction of corner shops for instance.

    This would need more analysis at a local level I’d imagine.

  19. Alastair says:

    Insidious poison. It’s how the British built an Empire, and how they tried to maintain it. It will end here the same way it ended all over the world. At least they’re not killing us in the streets, yet!

    I recently read that 35 million Indian lives was the human toll the British took from that country in order to have and to hold it, perhaps as many as 140 million across the globe over 2 centuries of Empire building. Makes you proud eh?

  20. SOG says:

    I notice that. in the spreadsheet, someone chose to add up the percentages. That should flag the whole thing as the output of a numpty.

  21. If we apply the same logic that the Brit Nats and Fifth Columnists Up Here apply to economic and trade data (the ‘ 4 times the trade with the UK as the EU’ lie.)and take Scotland’s stats out of the ‘Regional’ table, treat the English ‘Regions’ and Wales as ‘the UK’, then we can arrive at an ‘average’ performance per region by dividing the Brit Nat regional figures by 10.
    The average openings/closures figures:-
    England and Wales by Region;-
    Openings 394 Closures 556 2017 net change -162

    Openings 142 Closures 290 2017 net change -148

    London, the SE and the SW are dragging Engwaland down.

    It’s the way Ah tell ’em.
    I know that this is required reading at Castle Propaganda, BBC Pacific Quay.
    Joe Goebbels would have been proud of you all.
    Still it’ll all help when your London Masters are doing your annual Appraisal reports.
    Scotland is shite; the BBC PQ Stockade constant; just fill in the text above. Any old lie will do.

    When Indyref 2 gets underway, the YES Movement,and the SNP and Greens, should tell them to fuck off when invited to take part in ‘debates’ or interviews.
    We don’t need the publicity. We’ll do it for ourselves this time.

  22. Andy-B says:

    O/T apologies.

    Labour’s Trade secretary Barry Gardiner, has called Labour’s Brexit policy, bollocks.

    We could’ve told him that ages ago.

  23. Crackerjack says:

    It is a standard BBC Scotland trick.

    They quote figures from reports such as unemployment or child poverty or whatever and they don’t tell the listener that is was in fact from a whole UK report.

    BBC Scotland target the non political junkies amongst us. And so far itr seems to be working.

    That is why the Anti-BBC Scotland Rallies outside their HQ at Pacific Quay in Glasgow need to be attended by far bigger crowds than have been in recent years.

    If not, BBC Scotland will continue to shit all over you.

    So please make a point of attending the next organised Rally at Pacific Quay.

  24. Andy-B says:

    Outright lies from the BBC, we really need to find a way to counter those lying b#stards. They’re an enemy of Scotland, and always have been.

    Stop paying them to lie to you.

  25. AAD says:

    I have submitted a complaint to the BBC (yawn).

  26. Bob Mack says:

    “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear” Martin Luther King.

    It will erode them eventually.

  27. HandandShrimp says:

    I read the main story first and confess I was confused with BBC Shortbread’s slant. Scotland registered 5% of the total closures. That seemed low compared to our share of population. Net closures were 8.3% of the total which is exactly right for our share of population. I don’t get the BBC slant at all. Donalda where is your balanced journalism?

    That said there is a wider story there and there is little doubt that high streets across the whole UK (and maybe the western world) are starting to look like ghost towns (where are Fun Boy Three when you need them).

  28. AAD says:

    I have complained to the BBC (Yawn).
    Can we have publication of the date of the next demonstration at the BBC?

  29. D ap D says:

    Ah, but Scotland is a country. As such Scotlands figures are the worst in the country. Re-framing in a positive sense, Scotlands figures are also the best in the country.

  30. Dan Huil says:

    Well, why on earth would any person in Scotland continue to pay for a bbc so-called licence when the bbc’s bias against Scotland is so obvious?

    If anyone continues to pay the bbc tax they are funding more anti-Scottish propaganda.

  31. Cuilean says:

    BBC continuing favourite theme, ‘It’s shite to Be Scottish’.

    It’s all utter pish of course.

    Traditional high street outlets may be dying due to many positive developments in a country’s economy most especially online shopping. The one thing you can’t do online is eat/drink; hence that cafes/bistros etc do well and is the one sector increasing to open new ventures on the traditional shopping high street.

    The BBC has chosen to take a given set of economic dynamics, playing out all over the world, and to use this social norm as ‘a bad thing’.

    It does this to undermine Scots’ perception of ourselves. We should not be thinking of ourselves as Scots, we should be thinking of ourselves as part of the much better and far happier utopian Shangra-la to our immediate south.

    The bbc’s has a hive mind outlook. It has its Queen from whom all blessings spring. It doesn’t want us swarming off on our own. Their hive is the UK, one hive which can only function as one unit. Hence their mythical UK single market shite.

    Why, I wonder, do “BBC It’s Shite To be Scottish” not feature the positive news of the TEN new whisky distilleries opening this year (2018) or the plethora of fancy new Scots gin making bottles festooning all our supermarkets aisles? Scotland makes 70% of the UK’s gin.

    All these and many more good news stories are conspicuous by their absence on BBC Scotland.

    It’s wonderful we have Stu to keep calling out the bastards’ chicanery.

    It’ll only get worse during Indyref2 and only stop with INdependence.

  32. Ryan Bayne says:

    Higher uptake in online shopping is partly the cause. Even the poorest families take to the internet to save money, including on the traveling. I live in Kirkcaldy and our council has a mad plan to keep the high-street alive by spending millions on the area.

    This is despite everyone I know above 50, receiving parcels from Amazon on a weekly basis. We’re subscribing for toilet roll because it saves us going out in the cold and rain. If my family members who are in their 60’s are buying all sorts of items online, why would young people do anything different?

    My point is the trend will continue and nobody wants to admit that they can’t stop it. Nobody wants to be on the throne when jobs are lost. I think it is time to make an alternative plan like turning high streets into residential areas. Leaving cafes and restaurants to continue encouraging better socializing.

  33. Crackerjack says:

    Meanwhile, back in Brexitland:

    Michel Barnier says Britain must stay permanently bound to EU regulations after Brexit if it wants a trade deal.

    The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier says a future trade deal should bind the UK to EU standards permanently.
    Barnier was speaking to MEPs in a debate about the UK’s environmental regulations after it leaves the bloc.
    He warned that the EU would be “extremely vigilant” in policing any attempts for the UK to cut its rules and regulations in a bid to gain a competitive advantage.
    LONDON – The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator says he will insist on a “non-regression clause” in a future trade deal which ties Britain to the bloc’s strict standards after Brexit.

    Michel Barnier said he welcomed a 25-year plan by environment secretary Michael Gove under which the UK pledged to be a “global champion” of green policies when it leaves the EU in March next year.

    But he warned at the European Parliament on Tuesday that the EU would be “extremely vigilant” in policing any attempts by the UK to cut its rules and regulations in a bid to gain a competitive advantage over its neighbours.

    He said a future trade deal “should include a non-regression clause and prevent the reduction of pre-Brexit standards.”

    He added: “If we make sure our partnership is based on a level playing field … then we should have strongly mitigated the threat of Brexit to EU environmental policy.

    “There will be no ambitions partnership without guarantees on fair competition, social standards, tax dumping and not least environmental standards.”

    “My responsibility is to remain extremely vigilant”
    Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking a wide-ranging and comprehensive free-trade deal with the EU after Brexit which secures tariff-free access to its single market in goods.

    But she is also seeking an arrangement based on “mutual recognition of standards” and “managed divergence,” a means by which the UK can set its own rules and regulations and diverge from them should it wish to.

    Senior Brexiteers in Cabinet including Gove and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson insist that “managed divergence” in some key areas is the only means by which May can reap the rewards of Brexit. However, senior EU negotiators have so far rejected that approach, dismissing it as “cherry-picking” and insisting the UK will only secure a free-trade deal if it complies fully with the EU’s strict regulatory framework after it leaves.

    Barnier said he hoped Gove and his colleagues would clarify their position as Brexit negotiations continued.

    He said: “Does the UK want to stay close to European regulatory model or distance itself from it?

    “It’s a very important question because European regulatory model is underpinned by choices that are very dear to us.

    “What we hear from the UK could be seen as reassuring … This is reflected in the UK’s proposed 25-year plan on the environment. This is welcome but my responsibility as EU’s lead negotiator is to remain extremely vigilant.”

  34. Macart says:

    Well it wouldn’t be the BBC if Scotland was described as anything other than a Mad Max wasteland.

  35. Another Union Dividend says:

    Daily Excess has apocalypse now headlines blaming SNP tax rises rather than online shopping for the demise of high street shops.

    On BBC in Scott Macnab in Hootsman on about “ridiculous claims about BBC bias” led to angry protests during referendum and blamed Alex Salmond.

    When going on about authoritarian regimes in Europe he fails to mention Spain which shows where his loyalties lie.

  36. HandandShrimp says:


    I want to know why I don’t have flues that randomly eject vast flames into the sky. I feel I am being cheated of my full Mad Max experience. I blame the BBC.

  37. FatCandy says:

    FFS. Comparing Scotland with the East Midlands is not only stupid but pointless as you are comparing a COUNTRY with REGION.

    Why not compare Scotland’s performance with, say, a Swedish municipality? That’s how fucking relevant this pish is.

  38. Luigi says:

    The EBC’s not-so-secret agenda exposed once again.

    What other country on the planet would accept a state-controlled broadcasting regime controlled by another country determined to deny us our freedom?

    Serious question. 🙁

  39. Glamaig says:

    Another Union Dividend says:
    11 April, 2018 at 12:00 pm
    ‘Daily Excess has apocalypse now headlines blaming SNP tax rises rather than online shopping for the demise of high street shops.’

    I wondered how long it would take before someone made that link.

    Any sentient being would realise the retail figures were from the last year and the tax rises kicked in less than a week ago. The Daily Excess assumes (perhaps correctly) that its readers are too stupid to work that out.

  40. Archbishop of Dork says:

    “Got to be careful I don’t fall into the pool” said the BBC reporter before promptly falling into the pool at Brisbane.

    A metaphor for this joke state broadcaster serving this joke state.

  41. HandandShrimp says:


    I think that the assumption that their readers are too thick to notice that something that happened last year can’t be connected to something that hasn’t physically happened yet is a sound one. They know their audience.

  42. Socrates MacSporran says:

    FatCandy @ 12.07pm

    The problem is, within the constraints of a single UK and a single UK market, comparing Scotland with the East Midlands is a valid comparison.

    Up here, we all know, Scotland is a country, and the East Midlands is a region, but in terms of the relative economies and poulation, the comparison is fair.

  43. carjamtic says:

    BBC Scotland is their slave name,given to the occupiers of PQ by their masters and this twisted game they play is not worth a candle to the sinned against,nice to see WoS trimming their wicks.


  44. Les Wilson says:

    O/T Trumph just tweeted telling Russia missiles are coming to Syria and they will be smart. From RT update.

  45. Cubby says:

    I commend anyone who has stopped paying the propaganda license fee but it will not stop all the anti Scotland rubbish coming out from the BBC. The Britnats will still keep funding them.

    We need demos outside Pacific quay on a set day of each month. This then needs to be communicated and people will turn up

  46. heedtracker says:

    What other country on the planet would accept a state-controlled broadcasting regime controlled by another country determined to deny us our freedom?”

    You have to wonder what the impact is on Scottish economic confidence and Scottish economy growth, under BBC led UK media’s growing hysterics.

    Is being told relentlessly by the BBC that Scotland’s a basket case making people spend less?

    Parasites feeding off but not quite killing their host basically.

  47. Marie Clark says:

    Good old EBC, more propaganda. It’s still pish, but hey, some folks take it in and believe it cause it’s the beeb that’s telling them. I wish they would open their eyes and understand what’s going on.

    Slightly OT but it is still the EBC, hey a listen to this. Gary Robertson TELT he he.

  48. Fred says:

    Good to see Angus MacNeil MP coming out against delaying the referendum, a position ably supported by Dave McEwan Hill’s excellent letter in today’s National.

    He either fears his fate too much etc’

  49. Highland Wifie says:

    Do you believe what you read in the papers or do you engage your brain?

  50. Truth says:

    The BBC clearly don’t want my money.

    I mean they write to me every month with threatening letters telling me they’ll send the boys round, when really all I want from them is an apology and an audited commitment from them to tell the truth and stop selling another country’s culture and history as my culture and history.

    I’m not asking much, but until their letters focus on their wrongdoings and how they will correct them, they won’t get a penny from me. I recommend others take the same approach, by following the many legal ways to avoid this tax.

  51. Proud Cybernat says:

    “As always, we’ll leave it to you to judge why.”

    The BBC in Scotland has embarked on a long-term programme of Regime Change to undermine and overthrow the democratically elected SNP Government of Scotland. They are determined to bring back the ‘natural order’ of things, bring Scotland back to heel.

    Their problem, of course, is that too many Scots now know what the BBC in Scotland is all about – nothing more than a propaganda mouthpiece for the British Nationalist Establishment. Alas for the BBC, they have yet to understand that Scotland will NOT be going back in the box; that their attempt to bring back the ‘natural order’ through their insidious propaganda broadcasts is totally doomed to fail.

    Scotland WILL BE an independent nation once more in spite of the BBC’s best efforts to hold us back.

  52. heedtracker says:

    They really are shameless, BBC Scotland. This ofcourse should read, BBC Scotland and the Daily Express blame the SNP for the situation. But that’s not how beeb gimp SNP Out attack propaganda rolls.

    “The SNP gets the blame for the situation in the Scottish Daily Express.”

  53. manandboy says:

    The BBC is Scotland’s worst enemy and yet it is given a permanent place in 90% of Scottish homes, at a cost of 150 pounds per annum for doing so.

    The solution is in Scotland’s hands but 90% reject it due to a combination of addiction and brainwashing.

    In these circumstances is it any wonder why Independence is such a struggle for Scotland and why maintaining her Northern Colony is such a breeze for England’s Ruling Class.

    In my house we never watch any live television and we are all agreed it is the best thing we’ve ever done. Life is so much better without TV. The addiction is gone and having people lying to me in my own living room all day long has stopped.

    For sure, life is far, far better without the BBC, Scotland’s worst enemy, living in my house, behaving atrociously.

    I like the 150 quid licence fee staying in my pocket as well.

  54. Truth says:


    Hear hear. I look back and laugh how the TV schedule could influence when I ate, or when I left the house etc.

    Been live TV free since 2009 and life is immeasurably better. I reckon after 3 months the habit was totally broken.

  55. Morgatron says:

    Stu, i noticed these headlines this morning and thought it all looked a little fishy. Typical of the MSM to yet again portray Scotland as to wee to poor shite. Sorry slightly off topic Alistair Cameron is a pure headcase and appears to be a union jack wrapping warmonger ,his twitter account looks like a commando comic. Scary stuff.

  56. wull2 says:

    Good investment for Wings readers.
    A mouse with a wheel on it to scroll past certain people fast.
    Ear plugs for most Scottish News.
    These products have been tested by me and found to work.
    I will end by saying vote YES next time.

  57. Effijy says:

    The problem is that too many people still think the BBC and the
    newspaper that their Father bought can’t lie and can’t be channels of co-ordinated propaganda.

    If only the information on Wings, generally known as the Truth, could be presented to the entire nation on a daily basis.

    I came across an old friend who is fiercely pro independence but didn’t know about Wings?

    I still maintain the SNP Government, duly elected by the Scottish people must catalogue deliberate distortions promoted by the BBC and demand that it stops now or we take them to the court of human justice in the Hague.

    Any interview with an SNP representative should start with calling out the latest lies from the media in general and BBC Specifically.

  58. ahundredthidiot says:

    Les Wilson @12:34 re your OT

    Not sure that video proves that this recent chem attack was staged. That said, anyone who believes anything they see on telly without question, quite frankly, needs their heid looked at.

    But some of it is funny tho and this war that’s coming up should be hilarious. Trump has already made me giggle today.

    Popcorn anyone?

  59. Calum McKay says:

    What was the word that Donalda MacKinnon placed great emphasis upon – “TRUST”.

    Something the bbc in Scotland are singularly lacking in!

    As always with bbc, the clue is in its name!

  60. Mary Miles says:

    Greetings from Tassie:

    Hi to all WOS readers.

    I was really worried to listen to “Indycar Gordon Ross” talk for today 11.4.2018 speaking about the new constitutional reform group which plans to change the constitution to take all powers away from Scotland to be a separate country and ultimately to bind them forever to the UK.

    Has anyone any thoughts on this, and if true, perhaps Scotland has no choice now but to break away from the UK this year? It sounds truly outrageous that this is being considered or indeed can be allowed.

    It is hard to know whaat the situation is from over here.

    Regards to all Wingers,

  61. Glamaig says:

    ScotGov or the SNP could really do with a page on their website like this one which the EU set up to debunk media lies:

  62. Les Wilson says:

    ahundredthidiot says:

    He made you giggle? I take it you mean world war by twitter!

    “But some of it is funny tho and this war that’s coming up should be hilarious. Trump has already made me giggle today.”

    I can see why you picked your name!

  63. heedtracker says:

    Oh no. Its over $70.

    Google Brent crude price, news link, BBC Scotland never reports it, unless, it’s crashed.

  64. wull2 says:

    The Rev should provide a daily page to expose todays lies.

    Just one page and as short as possible, so people will read it on their phones, and end with for more information read wings.

  65. Clapper57 says:

    BBC Scotland once again at the forefront but……..


    “Now is not the time” for a second Independence Ref.

    Now IS the time though for :

    A General Election

    Reigniting a cold war

    Getting involved in a war in Syria

    Wonder which is most ‘divisive’…obvs Indy Ref innit.

    But hey…if you want ‘strong and stable’, protected by UKOK ‘broad shoulders’ and let’s not forget being one of ‘For the many not the few’ well it would appear NOW really IS THE TIME to just suck it up Jocks…cause now is not the time as one of the many to avoid any of this shit….you are ‘British’ and you’ll have had your Indy Ref….No ?

    Better Together…Really ?…..No Thanks.

  66. CameronB Brodie says:

    Behavior is shaped by mood. Tell everyone they are shite for long enough and some will come to believe it and retreat within themselves. The BBC’s aim is to distort our perception of reality, in order to undermine Scottish self-confidence. Call it spin, call it propaganda, I call it scientific racism.

  67. heedtracker says:

    Someone tweets this site from NY, NY. Looks great, never heard of before in er, Scotland.

  68. bjsalba says:

    So part of the cause of shop closures is on-line selling.

    When folks buy Amazon and Ebay, they may dealing with a foreign seller who is avoiding or evading VAT – which is part of how they can undercut your local suppliers on price.

    Buy from them and you may be helping to put local retail staff out of work, and Scottish on-line sellers out of business.

  69. Famous15 says:

    “Shops on Scotand’s High streets closed at a faster rate than in any other part of the UK last year.”
    Two minutes ago on BBC Reporting Scotland . Stu you must have got it wrong as I heard it on the radio too.

  70. frogesque says:

    Trust the BBC – to tell lies!

  71. Cubby says:

    BBC reporting Scotland reported it just as per the papers – Scotland shop closures worst in the U.K.

    Same old same old and then they actually reported some positive news re Scots record medal tally in the Commonwealth games. Nearly fell of my seat but I was still half expecting them to qualify it by saying it would have been more medals if not for SNP bad.

    Our media is just propaganda. Our democracy is fake.

  72. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Les Wilson @ 12:34,

    So David Icke says it’s faked – now that source will really convince the world and its uncle.

    And drive hundreds, nay tens of thousands, of formerly reluctant no’s straight into the arms of Scottish independence.

    Or not. Why anyone keeps posting this kind of immature diversionary completely off-topic fake news shite on here I really don’t know. (Though I have my suspicions.)

    As if we are lacking in any real and pertinent issues to discuss that might truly convince fair-minded ordinary people that independence makes fundamental good sense.

  73. Luigi says:

    CameronB Brodie says:

    11 April, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    Behavior is shaped by mood. Tell everyone they are shite for long enough and some will come to believe it and retreat within themselves. The BBC’s aim is to distort our perception of reality, in order to undermine Scottish self-confidence. Call it spin, call it propaganda, I call it scientific racism.

    And indeed it works – for a while.

    And then that old chestnut, the law of diminishing returns kicks in. As time passes, more and more people wake up to the deception – not difficult – they just need to open their eyes. And once a person realises they are being fooled, they will never believe the BBC again.

    The BBC and other establishment institutes panicked and completely spent the last of their already shabby reputation during the first IndyRef. It seems they are not coming out of the BREXIT debacle smelling of roses either.

    IndyRef 2 will be a completely different battle. There is too much more at stake now, and I believe that the big hitters for independence will have no time for their lies and spin this time. We tried to be nice last time, but they mistook out grace for weakness and ran roughshod over their own electoral rules. Fair play went out the window. The kid gloves will definitely be off next time, and we will see who the people believe. 🙂

  74. Glamaig says:

    o/t this could be construed as ‘give us what we want or Ireland will suffer’

    Tories aren’t very subtle are they

  75. Luigi says:

    It’s not a case of IF people are ready for independence, it is now WHEN they will be ready for independence.

    It’s definitely coming, but it’s coming at its own speed. Nobody can slow it down. Nobody can speed it up. But that won’t stop both sides from trying. Frustrating for some but not long to wait now IMO. 🙂

  76. Macart says:


    TBH, I always thought I’d cut a dash with a mohawk, tats and rubber tyre shoulder pads. 🙂

  77. heedtracker says:

    Mary Miles says:
    11 April, 2018 at 1:17 pm
    Greetings from Tassie:

    Hi to all WOS readers.

    I was really worried to listen to “Indycar Gordon Ross” talk for today 11.4.2018 speaking about the new constitutional reform group which plans to change the constitution to take all powers away from Scotland to be a separate country and ultimately to bind them forever to the UK.

    Is this them and their disintegrating Uk plans to stop?

  78. Les Wilson says:

    Robert J. Sutherland says:
    Here is another one to decry.

  79. gus1940 says:

    it is obvious just which of the 2 – UK/US and Russia is spoiling for trouble – one only has to compare the amount of sabre rattling from each side.

    In the meantime folks – don’t forget to Duck and Cover – for all the good that would do – it was only a crude device to terrorise and brainwash US kids into fearing the Red Menace.

  80. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Luigi @ 13:55,

    I believe that there has always been a majority who believe that one day Scotland will become independent.

    Which is an encouraging thought.

    It seems though that for some, that day is always sometime in the future. The secret is to convince them that the time and opportunity is now. (Which of course can’t be done by being faint-hearted about it ourselves.)

  81. jfngw says:

    There is one fact that BBC Scotland never report and you don’t need to fiddle the figures to get there. The BBC in Scotland has the lowest approval ratings in the UK.

  82. stu mac says:

    @Robert J. Sutherland says:
    11 April, 2018 at 1:49 pm

    David Icke has a history of mental health issues which means it is foolish to use his work as proof of anything, even when he may be right, because his problems are well known and you are giving a hostage to fortune.

    However there are plenty of other sources about the so called Assad gas attacks which undermine the Western governments’ narrative about this and earlier such attacks. And it is relevant here for one simple reason – that our national (UK/Scottish) media cannot be relied on to tell the truth about anything even when the lies being told are dangerous and ould threaten war.

  83. stu mac says:

    @Robert J. Sutherland says:
    11 April, 2018 at 1:49 pm

    David Icke has a history of mental health issues which means it is foolish to use his work as proof of anything, even when he may be right, because his problems are well known and you are giving a hostage to fortune.

    However there are plenty of other sources about the so called Assad gas attacks which undermine the Western governments’ narrative about this and earlier such attacks. And it is relevant here for one simple reason – that our national (UK/Scottish) media cannot be relied on to tell the truth about anything even when the lies being told are dangerous and could threaten war.

  84. stu mac says:

    Sorry about double post. Please delete first as has error.

  85. heedtracker says:

    In the meantime folks – don’t forget to Duck and Cover – for all the good that would do – it was only a crude device to terrorise and brainwash US kids into fearing the Red Menace.

    All it takes is one mistake, a button gets hit and that’s it.

    Most major US towns and cities have very extensive nuclear blast and fallout shelters. Certainly every public building built prior to the 90’s have them built in to their basements and are clearly labelled.

    No idea if there are any in Scotland at all. Probably just as well really if there’s none.

    If it is the end of the world as we know it, find a yoon, red and blue tory, give them a hug and kiss and say thank you so much for Trident 1 and 2. It really kept as us safe as you SLab dudes especially said it would back in 2014.

  86. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Les Wilson @ 13:09,

    I don’t “decry” – I don’t effing care about peripheral external events that have no relevance whatever either to the headline article topic or even the general cause you’re supposed to be promoting. Which you seem to give not a toss about in your haste to push your own batshit irrelevancies.

    What you and some others just don’t seem to get, in adding your parasitical effluent to this site, is that it is ultimately corrosive to what this is supposed to be all about. Truth not fiction.

    You may want to bandwagon your own minority geopolitical notions onto Scottish independence – just another variant of the Bella diversion artists – but the rest of us just can’t afford your excreta if we are to hope to convince anyone of the reasonableness of our case.

    What we saw in both IR1 and the EURef was one side deliberately muddying the waters with a deluge of distortions and untruths until ordinary people were intentionally so muddled they couldn’t see a clear way forward.

    We need to be laser-focussed to get our case over. If you contrariwise think that adding-in your own brand of confusions and irrelevancies to what is happening now and hope that it will somehow assist in winning you are either a knave or a fool.

    You choose.

  87. Chris Baxter says:

    I had a date the other night with someone who worked at the BBC for 17 years (but left a couple of years ago), and she was insistent that the BBC wasn’t biased, but mostly just incompetent. She also stated that most of the news room staffers voted SNP, and that Donalda McKinnon did.

    The date didn’t end well.

  88. Bob Mack says:

    We are witnessing Trump promise to lead the Americans to greatness again.
    We see Putin promise to regrow the Soviet Union.
    We listen to May promise to make the UK a great nation again.

    The common theme is that you promise your life away and many will believe it because what they currently have is shit.
    Promises bring hope, hope brings belief.

    Fact is ,they are all lies, built on sand and they fall apart just as easily. Now we have world power leaders having to live up to their images. Not good at all.

    Fact is their are very rew real politicians currently strutting the world stage. We have fragile egos and very little else. No statesmanship.

  89. Glamaig says:

    heedtracker says:
    11 April, 2018 at 2:23 pm

    ‘No idea if there are any in Scotland at all. Probably just as well really if there’s none.’

    There was one in Fife but it was for top Scottish Office and Army dudes only, and their families. The rest of us would have fried or died a slow lingering death. They were fitted out with telephones and had a pile of telephone directories so they could phone anyone in the country to see how they were getting on.

    I wonder if Fluffy has a shelter.

  90. heedtracker says:

    She also stated that most of the news room staffers voted SNP, and that Donalda McKinnon did.

    The date didn’t end well.

    I know three mid level BBC guys, since school and uni, spread out across teamGB. They are all very lefty indeed, entrenched even, since studento days. But it all stops dead when anything actual left and progressive happens. Talk the talk seems to be the BBC ethos but they’re as deep blue conservative as any blue tory around.

    Duality of beeb gimpery. Its probably exact same in SLab and ELab too. No wonder Momentum is freaking out faux lefties of the BBC.

    Maybe there’s just need for a new BBC political category of political types, of say, beeb bent…BeebLab, BLab, ConsBBCLabser, or just plain old SNP Outers.

    Because they all despise what, “SNP are doing to their country,” to a BLab man and woman.

  91. Clootie says:

    The BBC will take ANY report and attempt to spin it in a negative light.

    One day we will have a media that reports the positive events and outcomes regarding Scotland.
    Journalism is mocked by this constant effort to maintain a negative presentation on Scottish life.
    If it is not that we are in a terrible state it is that we COULD be In a mess.

    Facts are of little concern to the propaganda machine. After all a cosy post in the USA awaits you if willing to betray your nation.

  92. Flower of Scotland says:

    Mary Miles@1.17pm

    I been watching this too. This Constitutional Reform Group (a group of the elite from the HOL including Ming Campbell) met in Edinburgh. It was in Edinburgh but not advertised. Some Independent minded folk managed to get into the meeting. They were horrified.

    Yep this is the next step in removing Sovereignty from Scots.

    We have to have a new Independence Referendum with or without Theresa May,s permission, before next March. If YES we dissolve the Union. No hanging about for Westminster’s permission. We don’t need it.

    There are so many Scots “cowed” by England. I say, get up off your knees and stop going cap in hand to Westminster and the British Government or English Government, because that’s really what it is.

    The BBC has not stopped the anti Scotland stance, since before 2014. They have upped their game because they know that a new referendum is coming.

  93. Andy Anderson says:

    I think this inability to analyse data is simply incompetence by the person writing the article. Yes it maybe anti Indy but it could just be that the author should do some training.

    Mind you based on several years of anti Scottish news maybe I am being to generous.

  94. orri says:

    Notable that one of the categories of shops closing is banks.

  95. Proud Cybernat says:

    Looking forward to the not so distant day when the BBC in Scotland shuts up shop.

    Lots of YES shops opening tho!!

  96. Liz g says:

    Flower of Scotland @ 3.19 & Mary Miles 1.17
    Saw that reported too.
    This group have been working on this since 2014!
    My concern would be…
    That if this Document is good to go,Westminster will attempt to have the acceptance of it as the second question on the ballot paper for Indy Ref Two.
    Although I think,that it’s unlikely that the Scottish government would agree to it.
    Having introduced the concept of a “New Act of Union”,they will do their best to ensure that Indy Ref Two is as unpleasant an experience as possible.
    To try to create a demand to put the New Act of Union in place,probably floating the idea a few days before the vote!
    A new Vow if ye like…..

    They I suspect (I haven’t seen the actual doccument) will not explicitly say Scotland can never leave,but rather just set an unachievable bar to hold another referendum.
    After which any independence movement in Scotland will be in the same position as Catalonia.
    As in we will have lost the Legal right to Leave unless the whole UK agreed.

    They will try to get us to vote No and promise to fast track a New Treaty through Westminster.
    Should we fall for that
    The SNP will be portrayed as just trying to ,”put Scotland through” endless referendums,even if they were to ask Scotland vote to approve the New Treaty,or they were to point out that it’s taking away Scotland’s right to self determination.

    This is really one to watch ….. They haven’t been working on this for year’s as a paper exercise…they intend to use it.
    We should be drawing attention to this ourselves,and asking..
    If after 300 odd year’s they couldn’t get the Union right,why would we believe they could do it now???
    Especially this lot??
    And How Dare they draw up a new Treaty without us???

  97. Les Wilson says:

    Robert J. Sutherland says:

    I do not know what your ranting is about, I posted somethings that were relevant today, it was also about fake news in respect of what is happening in Syria. Which in my bad, thought some people would have wanted to know.

    Some of your words are choice though, no need to be abusive.
    I have been an Indy supporter for a very long time, also on Wings for a very long time, an SNP member for a very long time.

    While, like everyone, some people may not like all my posts others do. So forget the foaming at the mouth please. My intentions are good, and in the respect Scotland they always will be.

  98. jfngw says:


    This constitutional reform group seem confused. There is no act of union to change, there were two acts of union, English and Scottish and the English parliament no longer exist to change theirs.

    Are they referring to the Treaty of Union, if so this would require consent of the people of Scotland (Holyrood) to change and I would expect this to be put to the Scots in a referendum. If they try to impose this without Scots consent I would assume they original treaty is then voided and Scotland is then independent.

    Looks like they are wanting to remove the sovereignty of the Scots, we would be mad to accept this.

  99. Big Bill Hill says:

    I see Scotland is still an effing region and not a country, the BBC are very good at telling us all about reports for England and Wales so why bother including us in this one.

  100. Les Wilson says:

    Liz g says:
    Yup, it is another devious Westminster plot. What they also do not want to think about is that there is only two nations in this “Union” not the four they propose. If they want to construct a union with themselves and the other two, then that would be their choice.
    However, I do see Scotland participating in what they are trying to do. Which is to contain and stifle Scotland and yes, it will be pushed none stop by the media.

  101. jfngw says:

    I wonder if Scotland, Wales & NI are the only countries at the Commonwealth games who have to watch the majority of the coverage of another countries participants. BBC Sport, the team England Commonwealth channel with the odd mention of the other three countries.

  102. Glamaig says:

    o/t Tasmina in the National says if UKGov challenges Holyrood’s continuity Bill in the ‘Supreme’ Court it has to be by 18th April. So we have that to look forward to next week.

    Are they challenging the Continuity Bill because the of Presiding Officers opinion it was outwith competence of the Parliament? If so, they wont be challenging the Welsh one? Awkward, if they rule the Scottish one illegal but allow the Welsh one to go ahead.

  103. CameronB Brodie says:

    Andy Anderson

    “I think this inability to analyse data is simply incompetence by the person writing the article. Yes it maybe anti Indy but it could just be that the author should do some training.”

    This comes down to a judgement-call on how likely the result is, Andy. Assuming an impartial process of analysis, how likely is the result? Does it appear reasonable or does it suggest “intentionality” (i.e. directed effort)?

    Consciousness and Intentionality

    To say you are in a state that is (phenomenally) conscious is to say—on a certain understanding of these terms—that you have an experience, or a state there is something it’s like for you to be in. Feeling pain or dizziness, appearances of color or shape, and episodic thought are some widely accepted examples. Intentionality, on the other hand, has to do with the directedness, aboutness, or reference of mental states—the fact that, for example, you think of or about something. Intentionality includes, and is sometimes seen as equivalent to, what is called “mental representation”….

  104. wull2 says:

    Scotland is being constantly hit with Squirrel missiles, why is it not reported in our media I wonder.

  105. Artyhetty says:

    Scotland is a beautiful country, with fantastic landscapes, seascapes, a huge tourism industry, most amazing flora and fauna,great people, (except the hard no’s) with abundant resources.

    The people were told it was sh**e for a very long time. I can tell you I hail from NE Eng, it’s salt ‘o’ the earth, nice places and some nice folk,not hugely visited by tourists unless on their way to Scotland (!) but no one ever slags or says Newcastle or Gateshead is sh**e! In some ways it is through no fault of their own.

    The British nationalist, colonial arrogance and rule over Scotland has been a clever one. Let them have their tartan and their stupid bagpipes, and ok, very annoying of the EU to insist Scotland be allowed voting on devolution so they could have their little town council pretendy parliament to make them shut up!

    Subsidy junkie’s, just junkies really, wanting their cake and eat it, jumped up jocks not content with porridge anymore!

    What? The SNP in government by jolly we can’t have that! That is one oil rig and wind turbine too bloody far! Into the cauldron goes brexit, stir and stir, then a war, bigger spoon, they can’t have their devolution anymore! Let’s take a few £millions away to start with, see how they bloody well like that wot!

    Except, Scotland is doing much better than it did under Britnat parties, so people are seeing through the sham of the UK now.
    It’s why the Britnats are like blue a**e flies panicking right now.

    We have a big fly swot, let’s use it. Bzzzz, crack!

  106. heedtracker says:

    jfngw says:
    11 April, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    Its good that they think they have to try and strip away Scottish sovereignty now. Wonder what’s spooked them.

    Its probably the Strong and Stable Irish border balls up, Brexit wise that’s been the real freak out for them. Or they’ve got at least some sense that Scots are not quite crushed since 2014.

  107. Ghillie says:

    BBC indulging in a form of toxic grooming.

  108. heedtracker says:

    When exactly is Strong and Stable Brexit happening anyway?

    Barnier: UK can change mind on single market until end of 2020

    Negotiations are under way between the two sides, but the UK has already said it plans to leave the single market, which provides for frictionless trade across borders and involves the free movement of people between member states.”

    Tasty chunk of beeb gimp speak there.

    Since when have this beeb gimp’s tory masters had any agreement that there will be “frictionless trade across borders and involves the free movement of people between member states?” either with the EU or neo fascist teamGB?

    Beeb gimp speak gets more and more bizarre by the teamGB hour.

  109. heedtracker says:

    BBC indulging in a form of toxic grooming.

    Is it just classic confirmation bias? We all know yoon culture loves to hate, and they hate just the concept of nation state Scotland. So if your base is that viewership, youre merely feeding the beast.

  110. Les Wilson says:

    Liz g says
    Sorry, typo in previous ( I do NOT see Scotland…)

  111. ronnie anderson says:

    I would leave it to a Scottish COURT to JUDGE why the Public are being charged to hear BBC Fake News day in day out .

  112. Graf Midgehunter says:

    heedtracker says:

    Someone tweets this site from NY, NY. Looks great, never heard of before in er, Scotland.
    New to me as well so I had a short look.

    The partners at the bottom look to be serious, SG etc. Quite well made. Baby Boxes and stuff.

    Moved to “About us” > “History > Timeline > 1500 – 1749 ? “1707 Act of Union” > Find out more > which took me to:

    and this:

    “End of the old Scottish Parliament

    By agreeing to the Union the Scottish Parliament had also voted for its own extinction.”

    Is this some kind of sly propaganda site or Cambridge Analytica thingy..?
    Like steering you to the Yoon way of thinking..?

  113. heedtracker says:


    “Confirmation bias, also called confirmatory bias or myside bias, is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses.”

    Scotland’s a shithole, Scots cant run a bath let alone Scotland, SNP Out. Music to the ears of our yoon imperial masters, seated in front of the telly, tonight, tomorrow and forever, presumably for ever.

    Beeb gimnp zone in Pacific Quay can never quit telling Scots how bad we are at everything and especially running Scotland.

    Easy UKOK money but is it job for life, beeb gimps:D

  114. Ken500 says:

    JP £200Million of debt needs restructuring by 2019. The Herald readership tanking. An embarrassment. Both on their last legs. They will be the next to go. The BBC propaganda machine. Why do they bother. Useless ignoramouses. Waste of time, space and money. They should shut up shop. An insult.

  115. Breeks says:

    Liz g says:
    11 April, 2018 at 4:18 pm
    Flower of Scotland @ 3.19 & Mary Miles 1.17

    ….Having introduced the concept of a “New Act of Union”,they will do their best to ensure that Indy Ref Two is as unpleasant an experience as possible.
    To try to create a demand to put the New Act of Union in place,probably floating the idea a few days before the vote!
    A new Vow if ye like…..

    I think you’ve nailed it. A last minute obfuscation to confuse those who are undecided or open to persuasion that the Union can be modified rather than terminated. A second Vow is exactly what this is.

    But I also think it is something more… It is the Unionists attempt to develop a “get out of jail free” card for the inevitable realisation that Scotland has at last got to grips with its Sovereignty, and that the Union is therefore skating on very thin Constitutional ice.

    Can any recall a link for me? I seem to have lost the bookmark, but it was Annex 5 or maybe Annex C, I forget, – but dealt with Westminster trying to make sure Scotland would be defined as the Secessionist State, and England the Continuer State If the Act of Union was repealed and the UK ceased to be. It was disputed of course, because the 1707 Union was between equals, not an asymmetric arrangement that would break down into Continuer and Seceding Nations. I think it was a pdf but wouldn’t swear to it. Anybody recall it?

    The point I wanted to make was the same… Westminster attempts to say things are the way they are because Westminster says so. It isn’t true, but it challenges you to know a thing better than they do, or accept they have last word on it.

    Thankfully, thanks to Mr Peffers, I hope every man, woman, child and dog in Scotland will in the fullness of time be fully conversant with Scotland’s inalienable Sovereignty and be able to slow roast these Constitutional Revisionists over a log burning fire.

  116. heedtracker says:

    Is this some kind of sly propaganda site or Cambridge Analytica thingy..?
    Like steering you to the Yoon way of thinking..?

    Probably but maybe just laziness or ignorance. Keep in mind a lot of these businesses employ people from far and wide, maybe even from Stonehaven to Banchory!

  117. ephemeraldeception says:

    On a related point. The UK Gov, Unionists and news agencies often use this tactic in all forms of statistics

    STEP 1: Measure Scotland in a regional analysis that is split by regions across the UK (fully under UK governance)

    STEP 2: Compare Scotland as a Country to the UK without taking into account any fully national aspects due to a wholly regional and partial analysis that cannot be extrapolated seriously to a National one.

    STEP 3: Write an article / interview / debate stating that Scotland is worse than UK due to the distorted statistics given by STEP 1 and 2.

    STEP 4: Repeat.

  118. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I see STV news is reporting Scotland losing more shops than anywhere else in the UK despite Stu sinking that here

    Their number is 0141 300 3000

  119. CameronB Brodie says:

    Re. the ‘New Act of Union’. Smells like “unamendability” to me. Is this how modern fascism works, Catalonia?

  120. Greannach says:

    Dave McEwan Hill @ 6.07pm

    Surely the words “STV” and “news” shouldn’t be in the same sentence unless “not” also makes an appearance.

  121. Brian Powell says:

    Amazing so many middle-class media types hate Scotland so much.BBC, STV, DR, Mail, etc etc.

    On the other hand the people they hate keep them in business by buying the papers etc.

  122. twathater says:


    Please watch indycar Gordon Ross’s exposure of the recent Constitution Reform Groups Report Seminar attended by some Wingers SCOTLAND HAS BEEN ERADICATED

    This is my comment to the video

    Gordon it should not be up to you or other bloggers to highlight this deliberate open theft of Scotland’s democracy and sovereignty , it is now incumbent on Nicola Sturgeon and the SG collectively to CATEGORICALLY inform the people of this situation and to tell the wastemonster government that this will NOT be happening . This will not appear anywhere in the msm and certainly not on the BBC or STV and if it does it will be skewed in favour of wastemonster . Nicola must INSIST on a special broadcast to be beamed out at teatime for at least a week on ALL channels to inform Scots citizens of this DELIBERATE ATTEMPT to REMOVE our sovereign rights . Failure to comply by these companies Nicola should then commandeer the BBC within Scotland and broadcast this outrage . IMO the gloves are off , failure to grasp this nettle will be the end of democracy in Scotland?

  123. Crackerjack says:

    STV Studios and the BBC Scotland Studios are next door (Almost) to each other. I have been asking for a Joint Demo between the two buildings since 2012.

    The time is once again upon us to re-think that idea.

    I have ALWAYS said STV are as bad, if not worse than BBC Scotland.

  124. Crackerjack says:

    The best you can do regarding “Getting Back” at STV is to stop watching their channel completely.

    I just don’t use the STV channel anymore. If I need to watch something on channel 3 then I use the ITV england channel.

    That way you are reducing the number of viewers who watch STV, And Advertisers just hate losing viewers.

    It is not much, but it is a start.

    Completely bin STV and the sooner they hear that such things are happening, the sooner they will re-think where their political allegiances lie.

  125. Ottomanboi says:

    In some countries broadcasters and news media that belched out foreign propaganda of the type would be put out of business by the angry masses.
    Scots may need to get pro-active.

  126. Meg merrilees says:

    Graf Midgehunter

    Seems Nicola has launched this video herself whilst in China.

  127. Liz g says:

    Breeks @ 5.33
    Well as usual they are all smoke and mirrors Breeks.
    A new Act of Union is not a new Treaty of Union.
    Which one are the proposing to change?
    An Act only has the force of law while the Treaty is still live.

    To create a new Treaty …. as I said,how very dare they.
    Who will be negotiating it?
    Have they negotiated with themselves and written a new Treaty for us?

    Who will sign it?
    Who has the Authority to sign for Scotland?
    Not a devolved administration of Westminster that’s for sure!
    It would all be too messy and shine a light exactly where Westminster wouldn’t want it shone.
    Unless they claim a Mandate to make a No vote Scotland’s proxy signature.
    Still messy though!

    It’s probably a new Act of Union portrayed as the Treaty.
    The don’t need All of Scotland to believe this.
    Just as long as enough do for long enough to let it embed!

    It certainly puts quite a lot of importance on how the Continuity Bill gets on…roll on the 18th

  128. heedtracker says:

    Crackerjack says:
    11 April, 2018 at 7:31 pm
    STV Studios and the BBC Scotland Studios are next door (Almost) to each other. I have been asking for a Joint Demo between the two buildings since 2012.

    Exciting CJ. Don’t forget Channel 4. They’re going to come to Glasgow they say, excitement all round.

    Channel 4 teatime news with Jon Snow etc in Washington, ends with breathless ligger’s, “America thrills to Pres Trump.” Neo fascism here, neo fascism there, its everywhere in toryboy teamGB meeja.

  129. Breeks says:

    News is saying May is gearing up to bomb Syria beside Uncle Donald, without even asking Parliament for a thumbs up.

    I take it the need for UN Resolutions which seemed so vitally important back in the good old days have been dispensed with, or maybe they never did apply to Fascist Dictatorships.

    Have to admit, Chris Cairns cartoon that had May on her knees with blood on her hands made me feel a little queasy when I saw it, but hats off Chris, you got it spot on.

  130. Meg merrilees says:

    Iread tonight that T May is considering going ahead with rump’s action against Syria without consulting Parliament…

    Pride comes before a fall…

  131. Meg merrilees says:

    sorry one-fingered typing slipped – ‘Trump’s action’ against Syria.

  132. PacMan says:

    STV News made a valid point about this report.

    The high street saw an explosion of growth from the eighties to the early noughties. Since then for a number of factors it has retrenched and the biggest loses of shops has been from the big retail chains.

    Of course there has been a change of shopping habits where more and more people are shopping on-line but it is plain to see that the debt fueled growth of the big retail chains saturating areas with their shops is unsustainable. What is harder to prove is that the cost of living in recent times are going up despite what official figures are and people have less disposable income to spend on the luxuries that the high street offers.

    A parting thought on the subject. It really is hard to say what will turn the high street about. Apart from foodstuffs, clothes, high end and specialist purchases, who needs the hassle of going into the local town/city centre when you have time off work to do shopping when you can do it in the convenience of your home at any time?

  133. Artyhetty says:

    Re;Meg Merriless@7.54

    Is it poss to archive that link at all? Won’t click on anything bbc, at least not knowingly!

  134. PacMan says:

    Also, on the underlying subject of this and recent wings article.

    I’ve been thinking recently about getting the arguments of independence down to simple terms, sort of similar to high concepts in the cinema industry. One of them has sticks with me about independence is the desire for Scots not to be afraid of being Scottish and successful, whatever success is defined to.

    It does seen a valid argument but it does occur to me that this is the opposite of the status quo where if you are Scottish and want to get on, you need to put down Scotland in any way possible.

    It really does seem to be sorry state of affairs and not the attitude if we are going to survive and prosper in the 21st century global economy.

  135. heedtracker says:

    A parting thought on the subject. It really is hard to say what will turn the high street about. Apart from foodstuffs, clothes, high end and specialist purchases, who needs the hassle of going into the local town/city centre when you have time off work to do shopping when you can do it in the convenience of your home at any time?

    Its nice to go shopping though. Soulless Tesco24 style mega stores out on the edge of towns are pretty awful places.

    It maybe depends on how city councils go about it all. I’m from Aberdeen and ACC, yoon SLab owned, have turned Aberdeen’s once booming shopping centre Union Street, into what looks like the aftermath of a war, a big one.


    Who knows, neo fascist Voice of The North Press and Journal just never asks where future Sir Wullie Young actually blew ACC’s £1.3bn debt. He was only ACC Finance Convener. Beeb gimp zone never troubles the great unionist stronghold of ACC, ofcourse.

    One thing’s for sure, none of Sir Wullie’s debt mountain went on any renovation for Europe’s oil capital once lovely riposte to Princes Street.

    Sir Wullie’s minted right enough.

  136. Glamaig says:

    Not for the queasy:

    If any language has a single word for ‘man who wears the national costume of a country he is trying to extinguish’ it should be Scots.

  137. Hamish100 says:


    How does watching a regional english itv channel help improve scots news reporting by puting it out of business? Its like never reading the national for buying the Mail…. shhhh where rock

  138. Ken500 says:

    Change them into houses for the homeless. Instead of them sleeping in shop doorways. Put these building to better use. Sanctioning and starving people. Austerity that does not work.

    The unionists ignorant incompetents in Aberdeen City Council have just built more empty shops and an hotel. Muse grotesque monstrosity, Empty. Only the unionist PJ/EE in it. At a cheap rate? Paying £7Million a year interest for 30 years of public money. £200Million. Not fit for public service. Most of them should be censored.

    There are over 100 teachers short. Too high class sizes. Cuts to the allocated essential service funding, social care, proper rehab facility etc. To build this obscene monstrosity that no one wanted. Shutting roads and causing traffic chaos. £30Million for a non complete Art Gallery. Shut for years. £300Million for an empty Conference Centre of no value. Total waste of public which should have been spent maintaining essential services. Refuses a gift of £80Million to pedestrianise the City Centre.

    They wanted a Law passed to put homeless people in jail. Disgraceful.

  139. louis.b.argyll says:

    Those dreadful Scots who ‘moved us’ into the Union in 1707 were not actually representing sovereign Scotland. That is a fact.

    Thus England thought they had completely bought-out our sovereignty, from a few bent parliamentarians, as if it was something that could be bought.

    250 years of political chicanery, cultural theft, Imperialism, violent conflict and oppression followed.

    Until after WWII. After which a sickened European population pushed for social democracy and human rights. Eventially elevating in law one citizen’s or refugee’s human rights above another’s material ownership.

    The world is sickened again at the prospect of endless index-linked war.

    Game over.

  140. Glamaig says:

    According to Radio Shortbread news tonight, UK is considering military action against Syria because of a ‘suspected chemical attack’. SUSPECTED??? wee bit of a slip up there surely? Not even bothering to get evidence, or getting Parliament to vote on it?? or the UN?? just bomb a country on suspicion, when the PM decides. Holy shit what has happened to the UK, they dont even bother pretending any more.

  141. Why don`t they just go ahead and invade Syria,

    and stop all this false flag pish to give an excuse,

    fricken West should stop hiding behind lies and deceptions and should man up and say,

    `we need Assad to go so we can put our own man into power,

    either Assad walks or we will forcibly remove him, end of`

    jeezo, its like a play with scripts and good/evil characters, everyone and I mean everyone has seen it before and knows the ending.

    but they won`t,they will act it all out as directed,with the last act some poor sap will be sacrificed to legitimise death and destruction.

    `man`s inhumanity to man makes countless millions mourn`.

  142. Rock says:

    “But rather than focusing on what PWC have judged the important stats – in which Scotland performs pretty well – BBC Scotland has scoured the report with a fine-tooth comb until it found something that made Scotland look bad.”

    Rock (28th October 2014 – “And still there were none”):

    “Scotland’s enemy number 2 is the Labour party, enemy number 1 being the BBC.”

    Rock (18th December 2015 – “Transparency and accountability”):

    “The BBC is Scotland’s enemy number one.

    Our top priority should be to destroy it.

    Don’t pay the BBC anti-Scotland, anti-SNP, anti-independence tax.”

  143. Shinty says:

    I’m at the end of my tether – someone please give me the thumbs up when indyref is called.

  144. Bob Mack says:

    Re The Constitutional Reform Group.

    They have been working on this since 2016. The obvious point is that THEY NEED a new Treaty because they know this one is falling apart at the seams. They intend to let all four parts of the UK vote in a UK referendum,but legally there are only two members or signatories to this Treaty in 1707.

    I do not see how they can legally enforce this without the agreement of Scottish legally elected representatives in Holyrood or Westminster. Key word LEGALLY.

  145. Glamaig says:

    Sometimes I think the world was a better place in the days when to attack Syria you would have to walk there carrying a heavy lump of metal and batter folk with it. And your leaders would be at the front.

  146. Ottomanboi says:

    It must be transparently obvious that the UK establishment has had enough of ‘devolution’. The media assault on Scotland as a distinct political and cultural entity is ratchetting up. The Scottish government (along with the Welsh) is being deliberately marginalised in all matters that concern it in the Brexit negotiations. Scotland as the British/English colonial possession is the game so the system sidelines us, demeans our status, appropriates our history and our culture and by constant biased drip-feed from the state media, from which local media takes its cue, reduces us to the level of an ingrate region.
    However, this region is 1/3 of UK area, has open space, significant territorial waters and untapped natural resources. Not a region to be allowed to sail away as an independent state.
    The battle for Scotland’s heart and mind is just beginning.

  147. Dr Jim says:

    Mobile RBS vans to be cut back after the promise to keep them going

    We’re being stripped and stripped rapidly folks

    If any of you saw todays PMQs you will have seen the most arrogant display of ego since Thatcher went mad, and today I witnessed the same look again in Theresa Mays face as she responded to questions

    There is vicious nasty diabolical intent in Theresa May now
    and that can only have happened because the Tories are behind her and that’s never really happened since Thatcher was in power

    In the coming months I believe we are about to witness the most vile and cruel dictatorship we’ve ever seen in Britain since the real poverty of the 1920s and 1940s but this time it will be enforced out of ideology and not necessity
    Scotland is about to be dealt the worst of this Tory madness because we are the biggest threat to the Union and the Tories will proceed post Brexit to carry out the most hideous and heinous of moral crimes against us to put Scotlands upstarts firmly in our place and you know what

    The Labour party and the press will put all the blame for their bosses behaviour on us!

    No longer will the choice be vote NO and get more powers,
    the choice will be vote NO if you don’t want to be arrested

  148. CameronB Brodie says:

    “Destroy”? Settle.

  149. heedtracker says:

    The battle for Scotland’s heart and mind is just beginning.

    We’ve been living through the furious BBC led anti nation state Scotland campaign since 19th Sept 2014.

    They were wrong footed by the big Westminster wins in 2015 GE but that 56 SNP MP landslide only galvanised them, making them even more determined to shut it all down.

    Its likely that the BBC tory yoons did not expect UK Brexit catastrophe. No Brexit would have given them are very clear SNP Out mission. Now they have to brainwash us Brexit’s a great British tory triumph and SNP Out. Its a lot to ask of any hard core tory propagandists, let alone the BBC.

    Even so, we’re all in for years of BBC led SNP Out, especially if the BBC cant actually do it by next Scottish GE. The only reason Westminster has not tried to close down Holyrood yet is merely because they believe BBC Scotland will eventually get the SNP Out. Once they get the yoons back in power its all over.

    If not, its going to get pretty freaking, teamGB in Scotland wise.

  150. jfngw says:

    I have said before May is a complete autocrat, amply displayed when Home Secretary. She would never contemplate going to parliament, not with Brexit if she could have gotten away with it, and not with Syria because she can get away with it (politicians & journalists love wars, it makes them famous, one making courageous speeches at parliament, the other making courageous ‘front line’ commentary).

  151. Glamaig says:

    No mention that the Scottish Government is financing this operation because the UK Marine Accident Investigation Board refused.

  152. twathater says:

    Further to my upthread post this is from the Constitutional Reform Group home page , I would say this header is self explanatory and an indicator what their intentions are and their determination to ensure NO DISINTEGRATION OF THE FANTABULOUS UK

    “The United Kingdom risks disintegration unless we have a new constitutional settlement to guarantee the rights and autonomy of each constituent nation and region within a reformed UK under a new Act of Union”

    This ” New Act Of Union ” we Scots know just how Scotland and it’s citizens will be loved and respected ( davie cameron said so it must be true ) aye right

    C’mon Nicola take over the beeeeb and get our people informed

  153. Ottomanboi says:

    If there were an assault against Syria and it went very, very wrong, it m?ght be Ceau?escu time for some.

  154. Thepnr says:

    How we live changes, it changes all the time though usually it’s gradual and hardly noticed. The closing of shops is just another instance of how technology changes our lives and the growth of internet shopping proves that.

    Of course then stores must close and they will be replaced with warehouses that deliver the goods right to our door the next day if we want.

    That suits me, I live in a small village, less than two dozen houses. It once had a Post Office and even a quite large church, both are long gone though still existing. The old Post Office is now a cottage called “The Old Post Office” funnily enough. The church is being converted into something, I guess a house.

    The nearest shop is around 6 miles away and takes about 15 minutes to drive to, that’s no big deal nowadays because I can get Tesco or Asda to deliver via the internet if I need too rather than go to the store. So obviously habits are changing and not just in Scotland or the UK but everywhere.

    As for change, it happens whether we want it or not. It is us that bring about these changes, because business responds to their customer preferences “change or die” I might have read somewhere in that regard.

    We need change and we need it now because those that currently represent us in the guise of the UK government do not represent us. They do not represent our votes nor our aspirations.

    Winning Independence will take a bit of doing but it can be won, all of us will need to work harder than we worked last time because we lost then.

    Next time is the last time, so we must win. Failure is not an option. Get the gumshields in and fight for it.

    Scotland’s future depends on YOU!

    Let’s all help make that happen.

  155. Crackerjack says:

    Hamish 100 8.28pm

    What are you talking about Hamish???

    I suggested not watching STV because they are a Unionist mouthpiece for the english establishment..

    Just the same as I don’t buy the Daily Record or the Scotsman.

    I only suggested that if you really need to watch channel 3, the watch the english ITV instead.

    Stop watching STV, that is my message.

    A pity I don’t know what yours is Hamish.

    If you want to continue watching the shit STV serve up then no one is stopping you. Just the same as no one can stop you buying the Daily Record.

  156. yesindyref2 says:

    Glad to see Angus MacNeil has countered the Wishart EU surrender, and that SNP depute candidate Chris McEleny with lead in his pants has come out for a Ref within 18 months (preferably sooner for me, March 2019 latest).

    That’ll push the narrative, and force the other two candidates to have a bit more than internal reforms over the next twenty years to offer at the hustings.

    And just in case Wishart was flying a kite for the SNP leadership, they should know by now that the kite crashed and burned, crashed and burned.

  157. jfngw says:


    The constitutional reform group have a single objective. It is to remove the right of Scotland to have a referendum without the permission of England. It is pretty much modelled on the Spanish laws, it would become rebellion for Scotland to attempt to become independent ever.

    In a few years there may be an EAW out for any uppity SNP leader (of course out of the EU it may not be as effective), and our MSP living in exile.

  158. Thepnr says:

    Do you get STV in the United Arab Emirates? Just wondering.

  159. Jules says:

    I cannot stand the BBC…

    But maybe here you’re being unfair to them, stuart.

    Maybe Scotland is the worst of the four UK nations. In which case I think they’d be justified in saying that.

    We can’t have it both ways – for me (and legally), Scotland is a nation and our statistics should be compared with those of other nations, not regions of a nation. When that doesn’t suit us, we have to take it on the chin, not decry the BBC for being unfair by not treating us like an English region…

  160. Thepnr says:


    We can’t have it both ways – for me (and legally), Scotland is a nation and our statistics should be compared with those of other nations, not regions of a nation.

    The fact is though that the writers of the report DID break the figures down into regions as the Rev has published in the article.

    In the table published by PWC listing the nine administrative regions of England plus Scotland and Wales, Scotland actually came bang in the middle – sixth out of 11.

    Can’t have it both ways and the only TRUE comparison is as the Rev has done by comparing the population of the regions.

    If 200 shops close in London and 100 close in Scotland then who is doing most badly? Scotland or London?

  161. Meg merrilees says:

    Arthetty Here’s a link to the video on the Scotland is now page.

    The BBC link was an article about Stephanie Inglis – the inured judo player who was flown home from Thailand through crowd funding contributions.

  162. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    Crackerjack make me a bacon sandwich, and one for yourself too.

  163. heedtracker says:

    Jules says:

    Read the WoS blog Jules?

    “But those percentages don’t appear anywhere in PWC’s press release. There’s no link anywhere on the company’s website to any data tables confirming those numbers.

    So we don’t know if they’re even true (we’ve contacted the company and await a reply) and either way PWC clearly don’t consider that to be a significant aspect of the story.”

  164. Robert Louis says:

    Enough is enough. Make no mistake, their are certain filthy rich people from England, who are desperate to hold on to Scotland, and slowly but surely the plan is moving on. Trashing ‘Scotland the brand’, using the puppet propagandists (especially the BBC) in the media to always underplay Scottish achievements or re-brand any good news about Scotland as ‘british’. Getting food producers to re-label Scottish produce as ‘British’. Using lots of union jacks, but never a saltire. Then their are Scottish bank notes, with shops not just in London ,but in Edinburgh too, who when given a Scottish bank note, put it into a separate secure box, and only give out English notes in change, or so-called ‘scottish’ banks, handing out English banknotes, instead of Scottish ones – how in heavens name can that be justified HERE in Scotland.

    The list goes on and on. Each of these things by themselves might be regarded as just annoying, but together, it is clear the very notion of Scotland is to be destroyed, and brexit will be the excuse. These people want to assimilate Scotland, as merely an English annexe, a subsidiary colony of ‘greater England’.

    I am sick of it. Really, really sick of it. No good will come of this tawdry behaviour. None. The Scottish Government really need to start fighting all of these things, it shouldn’t be down to members of the public or indy supporters. They need to actively start defending Scotland. Call the freaking referendum, so we can be free of these low life t*ssers who want to destroy Scotland.

  165. Graf Midgehunter says:

    @ Meg Merrilees / says

    “Seems Nicola has launched this video herself whilst in China.”
    Many thanks for the info, your link brought me up-to-date.
    It’s one of the “goodies” 😉

    I’m as suspicious as hell when it come to anything new coming out at this particular time in our history. When I saw the link to the UK Parly and the words about our extinction and having seen the newest Indycar Ross video this morning – I wasn’t in the mood for taking the boxing gloves off.

    I just hate the f*****ng guts of the London ratpack and their grovelling bunch of (what’s that Norwegian word again for collaborators)…..

  166. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “Meanwhile, back in Brexitland”, Thought you were in the United Arab Emirates @Crackerjack says???

  167. Robert Louis says:

    yesindyref2 at 947pm,

    “And just in case Wishart was flying a kite for the SNP leadership, they should know by now that the kite crashed and burned, crashed and burned.”

    EXACTLY. Very, very well said.

  168. Artyhetty says:

    Re; Meg Merriless

    ah thanks Meg, that’s good to know, much appreciated. 🙂

  169. Davosa says:

    Why can’t these useless ,lazy BBC fucks do some actual journalism? I know hwy. They are not really proper journals. Just like the Daily Heil and Daily Abcess – fuckin pathetic numpty so-called journalist fuckwits.

  170. Thepnr says:

    Anybody fancy a referendum say tomorrow, OK I’ll admit that’s riduculous how about next week then?

    Just as ridulous eh I’d guess.

    We’ll hold this referendum I would hope at the best possible time and that is not tomorrow or next week. It’ll be when Nicola Sturgeon says it will be.

    That will be before the next Scottish elections in 2021 of that I’m certain, everything else is wishful thinking. It’s a gamble but so was the first one and we can win the 2nd.

    Brexit is not the only issue, in fact far from it. Democracy and the right to make our own decisions should always be number One.

  171. Crackerjack says:

    Stop paying/watching BBC Scotland.

    Stop watching STV,,,completely,,,bin it.
    Bin the Record, Herald and the Scotsman.

    If any jobs losses occur due to these actions then they have no one to blame but themselves.

    The sooner we break up this stinkin Union with the english the better.

  172. louis.b.argyll says:

    Thepnr, completely agree. I’m from large busy village up north, also having almost 20 years in various cities, fifteen in small town.

    Thing is, for many in towns and cities shopping for life’s essentials gets mixed up with visitors, people on a (usually disappointing because of traffic and lack of ambient public space) cultural experience.

    Creating a kind of part-advertisement-part-queueing fast food hell on earth..with no redeeming features, except the relief of having had a disaster free day.

  173. louis.b.argyll says:

    Robert Louis 10:32


  174. Sinky says:

    Ken500 saysat 5:29 pm

    JP £200Million of debt needs restructuring by 2019. The Herald readership tanking. An embarrassment. Both on their last legs. They will be the next to go.

    Although both papers have a small circulation these days they are at least produced in Scotland and not as hostile to SNP / Indy as Mail or Express which would have the news stands to themselves.

  175. Fred says:

    Westminster & its money corrupted generations of Scots MP’s, fortunately the SNP refuses peerages so no swapping of the green benches for the red!

  176. yesbot says:

    Thepnr says:
    11 April, 2018 at 9:46 pm
    How we live changes, it changes all the time though usually it’s gradual and hardly noticed. The closing of shops..
    ..Is the very least of our worries right now pnr.

    Sovereignty is being ripped from Scotland.

    Robert Louis says:
    11 April, 2018 at 10:23 pm

    Call the freaking referendum, so we can be free of these low life t*ssers who want to destroy Scotland.

    This. We must pull together and act. Please no more fuzzy stories, this is the endgame.

    Desperate measures

    Chilling reading.

  177. Gary45% says:

    Heard a wee bit of this on GM Shortbread on the wireless this morning.
    Shortbreads finest reporting??!! failed to mention that most of the closures are from English based retail chains.
    Many have closed over the years up here in the Highlands that were PROFITABLE but were sacrificed for “English branches running at a loss.”
    The Bastard Tories and the Empire Broadcaster will NEVER tell you the actual facts.
    If Scotland is that shit then England must be the hole from whence it came.

  178. Crackerjack says:

    A wee prayer for you before you go to bed:

    Fuck the Good Ship “Brexit”

    Fuck Treeza

    Fuck england and her establishment.

    Fuck the lot of them.

    Hurry up Nicola, fire that IndyRef2 startin gun and get us out of this stinkin fuckin Union.


  179. louis.b.argyll says:

    Yesbot, maybe some conversations and opinions, taken at face value are nin-issue-based- but everything is connected now.

    If we don’t imagine the immediate future we can’t control it.

    Chaos reigns, predictably by design.

  180. Thepnr says:


    “..Is the very least of our worries right now pnr.”

    Sure, who am I to disagree? That wasn’t my point though it was the point of the article. Ken like.

  181. heedtracker says:

    Fuck england and her establishment.

    Getting very very desperate now CJ. Why are U trying to make the progress towards nation state Scotland focused on hating anyone at all, let alone the “english?”

    Scotland in Union, you really a clusterfuck of twits and idiots. Can you tell everyone in SiU that for me CJ.


  182. Thepnr says:

    Check the state of that hahahaha 🙂 The best they’ve got?

  183. yesbot says:

    Ken500 says:
    11 April, 2018 at 8:34 pm
    Put these building to better use..
    Yes Ken, and our “land”.
    Would love to see ScotGov considering solutions like this:

    Affordable ecological housing?

  184. louis.b.argyll says:

    Thepnr, maybe the line is that..

    Idependence will introduce real democracy to Scotland for the first time.

  185. Crackerjack says:


    I have came to the conclusion that you are not only a wanker, but you are a fuckin childish wanker.

    What age are you,,six????

    Now trot on ya prick and annoy somebody else.

    Are you ashamed of your english accent Heedy???

    Is that why nobody has ever seen you, ???

  186. louis.b.argyll says:

    Please stop with the vulgarity. You are really bad at it. Seriously.

  187. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    Crackerjack: “Fuck england…”

    They’re fucked already.

  188. Crackerjack says:

    The sooner we get away from the english the better

  189. yesbot says:

    louis.b.argyll :

    .. taken at face value are nin-issue-based- but everything is connected now?

  190. heedtracker says:

    Now trot on ya prick and annoy somebody else.

    Are you ashamed of your english accent Heedy???

    Its always to fun watch twits at SiU have tantrums CJ.

    Look, CJ, maybe it can work, smearing your sneaky creepy stuff btl WoS but dude, you’re hopeless at it all, really really hopeless:D

    And again CJ, give everyone at SiU a big smoochy one from me.

  191. Thepnr says:


    Yes that’s how I see it, Scotland can only be a democracy when the country of Scotland gets the government its electorate vote for every single time.

    To be governed by a government elected by a much larger neighbours population is not democratic. It is subjugation.

  192. SOG says:

    Ignore earlier comment, a senior moment and very wrong. Sorry if there’s a fractional reduction in your credibility.

  193. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    You haven’t answered the question @Crackerjack says, Are you were in the United Arab Emirates and can you get STV there?

    Or are you in some dusty UK Int. Det in the Near/Middle East using an .ae server?

  194. Crackerjack says:


    If I was to pick out one Unionist from Wings it would be you.

    You are english and you regularly lead readers to Unionist websites with the links that you post on a regular basis.

    And for all the time you have been on Wings you have NEVER shown your face.

    What have you got to hide little englander wanker???

  195. Thepnr says:

    Report him to the police heedy LOL

  196. Crackerjack says:

    Pricks like Heedy and as we can see above, another few Paranoid posters, have turned Wings into an insular, naval gazing, clique.

    Four years and half a million pounds in fundraising has actually achieved nothing.

    2014 we had 45% of the vote

    2018 we have 43% of the vote

    Well done pricks like Heedy and Co for turning Wings in to the most unwelcoming website on the internet.

  197. Crackerjack says:

    The PNR

    Butt oot pal !!!

  198. heedtracker says:

    You are english and you regularly lead readers to Unionist websites with the links that you post on a regular basis.

    Don’t know if there are any non media unionist websites CJ me old fruity.

    Do you have some CJ, other than your own SiU one? Not been there, yet, if there is more than you’re SiU, I probably know what its all about. You lot are pretty samey you know, even your slams are the same:D

  199. Thepnr says:


    Fuck off you headcase.

  200. Crackerjack says:

    pnr dont fuckin start me ya prick

  201. heedtracker says:

    Thepnr says:
    11 April, 2018 at 11:34 pm
    Report him to the police heedy LOL

    I’ve dialed 999 and called CJ a waaaaaambulance:D

  202. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    You STILL haven’t answered the question @Crackerjack says, Are you in the United Arab Emirates and can you get STV there?

    Or are you in some dusty UK Int. Det. in the Near/Middle East using an .ae server?

  203. Crackerjack says:


    A bit selective with my qoutes there.

    Why didn’t you post:

    “Well done pricks like Heedy and Co for turning Wings in to the most unwelcoming website on the internet.”

  204. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    You STILL haven’t answered the question @Crackerjack says, Are you in the United Arab Emirates and can you get STV there?

    Or are you in some dusty UK Int. Det in the Near/Middle East using an .ae server?

  205. Crackerjack says:

    Why is some eejit asking me about the United Arab Emirates????

  206. Stephen McKenzie says:

    Oh dear SiU must be paying Rock bottom wages if “Crackerjack” is supposed to be helping their cause.

    Are we allowed to say “complete fennie” in an posh Edinburgh accent?

    Kindest Regards Stephen

  207. heedtracker says:

    “Well done pricks like Heedy and Co for turning Wings in to the most unwelcoming website on the internet.”

    Good night CJ, and good night to all your fellow proud Scotbuts at SiU too. Sleep tight SiU, don’t let the YES vote bite:D

  208. Crackerjack says:


    Are you ashamed of your english accent ??

    Is that why you don’t show your face at Rallies.??

    You are a right wee Freedom Fighter int ye???


  209. louis.b.argyll says:

    Non, Yesbot, all thumbs ..doesn’t matter..

  210. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Pretty simple @Crackerjack you blew your cover posting links the other day.

    .ae so you’re either in the UAE or using a UAE server to get on the net.

    Therefore definitely not resident in UK let alone Scotland.

    Thought they trained you 77th laddies/lassies to cover your tracks?

    Trade craft and all that??

  211. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Och, c’mon Crackerjack.

    You’ve been sussed.
    Gie up gracefully and retire. You’ll still get your wee bonus.

  212. Crackerjack says:


    It will soon be a new day.

    So may I suggest you don’t comment again on anything that I post, and I will do likewise.

    But I have a feeling that the child in you will win the day and you will continue to stalk me like some weird english creep.

  213. CameronB Brodie says:

    Politeness Theory and Face

  214. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Aye, “It will soon be a new day.” @Crackejack says.

    Thursday here which means it is Friday where you are.

    So not only do you get to keep The UKOK and get a free suntan into the bargain, you also get your weekend before us Vile Seps.

    EndEX methinks.


  215. Crackerjack says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker

    You lot are cracking up. So now i am in the UAE??? How did I end up so far from Home???


    I haven’t been out of Glasgow for six months sunshine. So that kinda shoots your wee conclusions right oot da windeae.

    As I have said, Wings has turned into a Paranoid, Insular, naval gazing talkin shop for like minded people.

    You have not increased the YES vote by point,, infact you have got going in reverse.

    Every new name on Wings is being treated like the enemy.

  216. dakk says:

    The Crackpot sounds like many Union Bears I know and love.

    They all thought David Murray was a genius whilst he was bankrupting their raison d’etre.

    Plucky misguided zealots.

    Clickbait for Wings,so not all bad.

  217. Crackerjack says:

    Can I just sum up how we arrived at this junction.

    Heedy does not like any new names coming onto Wings. So when I appeared he gave me the usual suspicious Wings welcome.

    It has snowballed from there. He now has me as a member of Scotland in Union and a few other Wings posters have jumped onto his posts, like being in the fuckin UAE,,Geez oh !!!

    Heedy has turned Wings and you into a very childish unwelcoming talking shop.

    He does it with EVERY new name that appears.

    So until you try and kurb Heedys childish practices, then this is going to continue,

    And get every single one of us nowhere.

  218. Daisy Walker says:

    This helps believe it or not.

    That phrase that said, ‘live each day as if it was the first day of independence’.

    Because if you do, your spine will straighten, the weight lifts from your shoulders, the horizon with all its potential – and hazards – are yours to plan for.

    We are so used to seeing the effects of life traumas on people, near and far, we read it in their body language… but what if, we change the body language, we change that ‘attitude’ as the French would say…. you do that, and the world pivots on your axis. And your soul gets to breath, your heart gets to beat to its own rhythm, your shoulders get to relax, and your hips can swing to the nearest tune. That is a gift you can consciously gift to yourself… if you ‘live each day as if it were the first day of independence’.

    What a way to start an worldquake. How lovely.

    In a gentle way we can shake this world
    In a gentle way we can shake this world
    In a gentle way we can Shape this world
    Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can…

    With our heads, with our hearts, with our words, with our actions.

    You don’t walk through my head with dirty feet
    You don’t walk through my head with dirty feet
    You don’t walk through my head with dirty feet

    And I think, and I love, and I am…

    In a gentle way we can shake this world
    In a gentle way we can shake this world
    In a gentle way we can Shape this world

    Yes we can, Yes we can, Yes we can
    With our heads, with our hearts, with our words, with our actions

    No-one can hurt me without my say
    No-one can hurt me without my say
    No-one can hurt me without my say…

    And I think, and I love, and I am

    In a gentle way we can shake this world. Yes we can, yes we can, yes we can.

    With our heads, with our hearts, with our words, with our actions.

    (words by Gandhi)

    One bit of decency at a time folks, nowt else fir it. Gets darkest the hour before light.

    Peace and love to all. Even the disagreeables:)

  219. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    Speaking of Arabs, I keep on getting ‘Single Muslim’ ads coming up on youtube vids. I only typed ‘holohoax’ ONCE into google, just once. One swallow does not a summer make.

  220. Sandy says:

    There are too many foul-mouthed, low life posters on this site. I would personally be rather reticent to be associated with them or be in their company.
    Education has perhaps passed them by. By this, I don’t mean just basic learning but that of manners & respect for fellow human beings.

  221. Hamish100 says:

    oh no

    Oil at a 3 year high. $73 a barrel. More glum news for the BBC to report on. New oil fields going on stream in the North Sea,

    Why have we been burdened with such resources, oil, gas, water, hydro, wind, fishing, agriculture, tourism, Universities, new tech…………

  222. Hamish100 says:

    reading some of the earlier posts.

    If we set up a swear box WoS would be even wealthier. Personally all the abuse does no-one any good and although profanities can be be justified in some cases do we really think someone new looking at the recent posts would want to come back.

    Now back to supporting the independence movement….

  223. Dr Jim says:

    Take back control of Englands pasty faced British Empire:

    Another terrible *accident* at the Home office as thousands of letters have been sent out to Afro Caribbean folks asking for proof of legal residence in Jolly ole England no matter how long they’ve been here, Oh and rUK (that means us too) even if they have been here in our lovely land of democratic *we hate Johnny foregner land* since birth, or out you go
    The main criteria seems to be if you’re Brown and can’t prove you’re white (hard one that eh)

    And they said it was only the EU foreigners they didn’t like, Oh I am shocked to learn they don’t like Brown folks either

    See what gets me is the Brown folks didn’t see this coming because they were daft enough to think the Tories meant other different not British people, not them coz?

    Squeeky bum time for all you *British* Nigerians Indians Pakistanis blu blu blu blu
    If the Tories don’t think you look right in cricket clothes you’re gone kids and don’t say you weren’t well warned when you voted for Brexit

    I didn’t make up the name Nasty Party for the Tories it’s been around a long time, did you not notice? or did you really think they think you’re *British*

    The British, now you see them next you’re waving bye bye on the first available deportation vessel
    particularly if you’re disabled or unemployed, because you guys are easy meat for the good old Brits no matter how hard you worked or how much you paid your taxes

  224. Sandy says:

    Ditto, Hamish 100.
    Profanity can sometimes be used to personify a salient point but, in general conversation/debate, should be avoided.
    Perhaps this may strike a chord with some posters on this site & maybe clean it up a bit.
    After 70 years on this planet, I’ve never voted for an English party & never will but will respect others’ opinions. I do, of course, endeavour to point out the errors of their ways, oft-times successfully.

  225. yesbot says:

    louis.b.argyll says:
    11 April, 2018 at 11:51 pm
    Non, Yesbot, all thumbs ..doesn’t matter..

    My original post was poorly constructed.

    I apologise.

    I was wholeheartedly agreeing with you.

  226. manandboy says:

    Strictly O/T

    Was reading an article about web identity which contained an advert for Mobile Surveillance Officers in MI5. (

    In all my life I have not seen such a thing before.
    Maybe we’re running low on spies.

  227. Iain mhor says:

    I have tae laugh – first Finland won WW2 by stopping Russia in it’s tracks, then buddied up and trolled Germany to invade a weak Russia “who can barely take us mate – on ye go ave ’em” Meanwhile Russia (wi a big riddy, suddenly works out it is actually a bit shit at winter warfare, so seriously tools up) Germany then goes all Barbarossa on Russia – but ” Hey, Gottdamm, zey are a bit handy now and haf ze varm clothes und everyting, und mak der shoot-bang gut! – Oops! Ve haf lost ze war!”

    Then…Scotland tools up for independence and gets an ex-FM on Russian media and the current FM cosies up to Russian military partners in China (after surreptitiously backing the PM’s “Russia Bad – poison everywhere” position) So, on the point of losing the remnant of Empire, it’s oil and energy and in a fit of pique and a last desperate attempt to unify the UK – Westminster pulls back from European partnership and decides to be a military power again, instead of demiliterising and rebuilding in partnership after austerity (as Europe did after WW2) it utters the familiar cry: “We will trade with our Commonwealth and rebuild our military instead” post WW2 mantra (true, look it up, history repeats) Parliament subsequently and collectively loses the plot entirely and goes to war with Russia (it’s OK this time it’s summer in a hot country – you won’t catch us with your 1812 nonsense or Barbarossa!)

    Hehehe what is it with wee countries and war? I mean, we complain about trolls on here, but it’s a different league when wee nations get it on?

    In mainland Europe, Germany has nae idea now; because after the UK said to the USA “Ye can ram us taking the lead in a unified Europe” (yeah look it up) – the USA decided Germany was its ‘preferred partner’ and bulwark against the ‘Red Menace’ as it is to this day (hence it’s heavy military and civilian population there) Peace having broken out over 50 years of Unification; the UK, France and Poland start giving it aggro and this time Germany are trying to be peace brokers; all the while attempting to hold the EU’s eastern frontier against Islamicist fundamentalist insurgency (brought on by both UK & USA funding and the the diaspora caused by their Christian fundamentalist foreign policy (of arming and bombing the shit out of anything ‘East of Eden’) and also natural disasters of crop failures from global warming. They’re desperately trying to keep ex-communist states like Hungary and Ukraine and the general Baltics of Macedonia, and Bulgaria onside of the the great EU “Peace, Love and Freedom to make shedloads of money” ideal.
    Not forgetting, simultaneously, diplomatically trying not to upset the USA and Rock bands like Rammstein – err sorry, their bases like Ramstein, Ausbach, Kaiserslautern etc. And Germany’s enormous US export market.

    With a resurgent European fascism on the back of all this ‘Eastern immigration’; Germany is the last man standing between East & West and has no idea how to respond; especially as now France has tossed its Gauloise idly aside, adjusted its beret and said “Mes Amis, we are warmongering fuckers and proud to be so (look it up) too long we ave been the fiddle second – ‘Ecoute et Repete’ – ‘Partners Equal’ non? Our colonial neighbours and conquests are getting – ow ze eenglish say -‘uppity bolshie bastards! – We fart in their general direction!
    So the Germans are now sitting going “Wait, who are the baddies? I thought we were the baddies? Now we are the goodies? Gott in Himmel!”

    Russia in the meantime, crippled with sactions and an economy as bad as anyone else, decides, ‘haud oan a minute! Half oor oligarchs roubles prop up your banana parliaments and oor gas keeps ye warm. Ye fell over tae grant ‘Golden Visas’ tae oor squad tae do jist that. That wiz on the understanding oor Black Sea fleet and Caspian borders were left well alane! We broker the deals there ya arseholes and if weapons trades via Turkey Bulgaria and Macedonia are interrupted, we’ll know the reason why and ye can get yer beady eyes aff Iran an Aw!”

    China is meanwhile sitting in Africa ripping the hole out its resources and cranking it’s own economy, laundering it all via Spain going “err’s yer commodities, three fer a pound, plenty more where that came from… Eh crank up the meters Chou…we’re a bit short on the auld kilowatt hours…whit? Problems wi the Russian supply? How come? Aye richt, we’ll just see aboot that! Tell them they’re getting hauners, that’ll be guid fur a few quid in the meter – better liquidise some assets while you’re at it…
    Whit dae ye mean the Russkies huv the London markets stitched up? In the name oh the wee man! I thocht we had Hong Kong and the Euro markets wi Spain? Haud oan, whit aboot Scotland? Ony wey in via there?
    Ah mind the French pulled that one umpteen times and kiddied oan it was “the Auld Alliance” – d’ye no mind yer history Chou? Every time the French were getting skelpit wi the English, they got the Scots tae invade and get fucked over instead. I think they promised them troops and cheap cognac. Away and tell them we’ll invest or something and we’ll get a backdoor tae London. Fuck it, tell them they’ll get Indy backing or something.
    Onyhoo, they’re all oan a hidin onyway, seen as the UK national I.T infrastructure is all oors, Mind you its like Sauchiehall street in there (Sauchiehall, it’s in Glasgow, Scotland.. busy street – it’s a metaphor, keep up Chou ya hawfwit!) There’s everybody fae GCHQ tae the Israelies parked in there, pish laff so it is! Jist tell them we want hawfers on onythin goin or we’ll triple the price o fried rice and we’ll send a few gunboats up n doon the place in the Middle East. No so much a Boxer Rebellion as a Box o Chips n Curry Sauce Rebellion.
    Aye, burn the Summer Palace will ye! Think we forgot aboot that?

    Scotland votes Indy with Chinese backing, threatens to give Russia access to UK waters via the Iceland Gap and removes Trident – all US flights over Scottish airspace (Macrahanish, Prestwick etc) banned – all Euro wargames and presence off the West Coast (Cape Wrath etc) banned. Nato et-al go apeshit, Focus turns away from Middle East and onto Scotland.
    Scots stop buying wine, brandy and cognac and prohibit langoustine exports. French collapse in tears. Spanish and Dutch beg for fishing rights, denied, their economy verges on collapse, exports of haggis and whisky temporarily suspended – World loses its mind.
    Scotland brokers end to nuclear proliferation, China & Russia primary signatories. USA declines to participate. R&A declare USA anathematised. Trump Turnberry & all of Aberdeen nationalised. Bereft of Golf, Oil, Whisky and Prestwick Airport, the US sues for peace – In the ensuing six months of wrangling with Scotland and a cessation of hostilities – the Middle Eastern nations, at the behest of Turkey and Brussels, sprout a month long Christmas celebration. Israel converts en-masse to Rastafarianism.
    There is much rejoicing.

    Then Finland annexes St.Petersburg…

    Ach, just tryin tae cheer ye’s up, gies a brek!

  228. manandboy says:

    O/T About Skripal, the UK Foreign Office said:

    “This transparent and open approach, which we have pursued from the outset, is in sharp contrast to the Russian state’s ongoing tactics of obfuscation and distraction,” the spokesman said.”

    The British Government appears wholly and exclusively engaged in the business of waging a series of ongoing Propaganda Wars, first, against Scotland, next, the EU, then Russia and now Syria. This is what you get when the English Establishment is fighting for its survival.

    I sincerely hope it loses.

  229. Dorothy Devine says:

    Manandboy, I struggle with the fact that so many countries seem to be swallowing the guff from both the UK and the USA.

    The woman representing the states said that the Russians don’t care about dying children in reference to the alleged chemical attack.

    Someone should remind her that ‘shock and awe’ murdered men , women and children in their thousands – the fact that we were never shown the streets strewn with body parts allows them to pretend that their bombs and bullets only ever hit the ‘bad guys’

    Saudi sits there smug in the knowledge that the USA/UK will continue to supply them with weapons to murder Yemeni children, their mothers and fathers and continue to ignore the suffering and death they have helped to cause.

    The analogy presented by the daft woman from the UK about seeing a fire and putting it out is not worthy of comment.

    Since the Sochi games we have been fed a Russia BAD line from the MSM – shocking and foolish .

    Now it appears we are on the brink of war lead by the USA and the little, snivelling snit called the UK – neither of them fit to be anything other than utterly despised.

  230. Ken500 says:

    Plenty of money to kill and main people. Sanction and starve people worldwide. Bombing the world to bits. No money for NHS/Education, social care or othervessential services. The Tory unionists are appalling. The kill theur own supporters. The elderly. Vote Tory to die early. Warmongers useless incompetents. They should be put in jail. Along with Blair/Brown and the rest of them. Psycho bastards. They will not last much longer. May 3rd Council elections elsewhere. Universal credit cutting welfare benefits. Rewarding the wealthier for failure. Illegally buying elections.

    Stop them. Vote SNP/SNP Vote for Independence. Build a better, more prosperous, equal, fair and peaceful future.

    The Tory – unionists are destroying the world economy.


  231. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Simple @Crackerjack says at 12:05am

    Check your link in this comment.



    You ain’t in Glasgow.

  232. Tatu3 says:

    The phrase Mrs Sturgeon used last year –

    “The Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum…if there is a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014”.

    didn’t just have to mean Brexit. She just gave it as an example.

    The power grab, the Constitution Reform Group, taking us to war, trying to take away Scotland’s right to democracy – these are all “significant and material change in the circumstances”

    Maybe the Scottish government could produce short films to point out all of these points and have them shown in cinemas across Scotland?

  233. Kangaroo says:

    JWT @ 7:20am

    “Check your link…”

    Shows an extension of “.ae”

    I use a VPN and can get any extension I like simply by changing the country on the VPN. It’s good for some things but will not stop MI5 or 6 finding me.

  234. Ken500 says:

    There seems to be a problem with change of use in Councils. Just change the property to dwellings. More residents to use the local shops. There is a shortage of housing and too many shops.

    Scottish Gov is building 5,000 affordable houses a year. Renovating others.

    The Express has been sold to Trinty Mirror at a massive loss. Desmond has to pay £Millions into the pension fund.

    JP and Newsquest (US) are printing companies. Make their main revenues from printing Gov literature. JP (Labour) based in the North of England. Going down the tubes massive debts. Prints Labour/Gov literature. Newsquest main business is printing literature for private education worldwide. Prints Gov literature. Printing Scottish Gov literature? (National?). Although most of it went online. Cheaper.

    Selling up estate and commercial premises. ‘Scotsman’ original premises now a Hotel. Moved to near Holyrood, Dynamic Earth. Opposite MacDonald Hotel. The journos going in and out. Large windows especially at night. Night shift. Skeleton staff. Presses turning. There were reports it was coming out of there. Sold off and moved to rented property. Or has that happened.

    The Times -Angus? Could be seen scurrying about Glasgow. Until he keeled over. Great outpouring of grief from some quarters. ‘Never a bad word etc’. Quite surreal. Nasty little tantrums.

  235. Sunshine says:

    I know with the worrying Syria situation going on and misinformation being put about, that it is important to cast your net wide to see all sides. I don’t know if anyone has posted it before but type in R&U Syrian Videos. That site has been going for years but has recently had all its work taken down by you tube. It has more stuff up and if you are interested in Syria then take a look at the up to date videos on this site.

  236. Breeks says:

    Always wondered how the decent, enlightened and rational people of Germany could fall under the spell of the Nazis and support the open aggression of their country invading sovereign neighbours and going to war as a deliberate strategy.

    The UK is giving a graphic illustration of the same process. For now, the UK Brownshirts are throwing stones on Twitter, but they are there…

    Dangerous times. I hope Scotland finds a way to break this Union, and see the spray of sparks as the brakes are slammed onto the runaway train of the deluded BritNats. The thinking world will heave a huge sigh of relief.

  237. Sinky says:

    What planet is Labour supporting “journalist and campaigner” John McKee on when he writes in The Herald that The Vow has been delivered?

    Also in The Scotsman the usual Scottish cringe about SNP hijacking of the Saltire at Commonwealth Games

  238. Abulhaq says:

    Chemical weapons are so bad but supplying conventional materiel, as part of Global Britain stragegy, is OK. The Yemeni people can sleep easy.
    Is this site under attack? There are signs it is.

  239. Dorothy Devine says:

    Do you think dragging us into yet another illegal , world threatening war is ‘ significant change in circumstances’?

    I loathe this incompetent , lying warmongering Westminster and its media pals.

  240. Moone says:

    Is it just me or is there not something fishy about the Syrian chemical weapon attack?

    It is of course being rammed under our noses morning noon and night. But after a supposed chlorine gas attack, why does no one of the people seem to be having any breathing difficulties?

    We just keep seeing soggy children, very unhappy at being hosed down in their clothing and left that way with no medical staff trying to get them out of their wet gear and wrapped in say, a blanket or two?

    I think chlorine gas burns the inside of the lungs, causing them to fill with fluid. Thereby shortening breath and ultimately death.

    Very very staged for cameras.

  241. Highland Wifie says:

    Woke up this beautiful morning, scrolled through Stu’s Twitter and now I’m seriously depressed. Between warmongering, extreme right nutters masquerading as actual politicians, extremely ill citizens deported who then die, is there no one left in charge with even a modicum of humanity?
    And then there’s the so called statement from Yulia Skripal asking her friends and relatives not to contact her. It beggars belief.
    We need to get free of this madness.

  242. wull2 says:

    To ne if May escalates things, NS should call for independence today.
    Vote YES this time.

  243. HandandShrimp says:

    I was pleased to see WW3 had not started yet when I woke up this morning.

    I will be surprised if May asks parliament though. I don’t think the votes are there for yet another ME adventure. If she wants to please the Donald she will have to bite the bullet so to speak and take full responsibility for whatever transpires…trusting Donald that he and Bolton the Walrus won’t go overboard.

  244. Ken500 says:

    United Nations/UN – US controlled and funded. Will try to keep them under control.Hold them back by veto or other means. Chinese etc. NATO US controlled and funded but inter integral agreements. Will hold them back. Ie Putin – To the US ‘Keep your Turkish lapdog on side’ etc. Turkish President apologised to Russia for invading it’s airspace. Shooting down a Russian plane? Supposed to be accidentally. Air space agreements.

    Israel is a US military base in the Middle East. Used to try and control the region to dubious affect. Expensive and inefficient. Causes more trouble than it is worth. The only way is to find a political economic solution. Warfare is just counter productive. Does no one any good.

    The jets could be taking off from Scotland. That happened before. If Scotland had.voted YES. That could have been prevented. The SNP reps are unlikely to vote for it. That leaves the Tory unionists warmongers. Making money from killing people the world over. They are despicable.

    Ewan McGregor appealing for funds. Revelling in it. Hypocrite.

    Last time in Afghanistan Trump made a pointless gesture, Bombing barren land. This could be the same. A show. Unless May and Johnston get involved. That imbecile has been at it for years. Trying to cause trouble. On his head be it. The Tories will get the outrage. It finished Blair off for good.

  245. Crackerjack says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker 7.20am

    The paranoia continues. Are you related to that clown Heedy???

    That link you are on about for Scot Goes Pop came from a twitter account. I copied and pasted it onto Wings.

    Alert over !!!

    You actually wasted ten minutes of your life researching a link that had actually nothing to do with me. Sad bastard.

    And Glasgow is damp and cold this morning.

    No wonder Wings is doing so little to increase the YES vote, with halfwits like you posting on it.

  246. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    wull2 at 9.10

    Exactly. An exposition of the level of 20 years of wicked lies being fed to us by the UK government about the Middle East should confirm our need to be out of this union.

    I see Peter Ford (ex UK ambassador to Syria) being given time on BBC this morning to expose the lies. This is very significant.

  247. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I am amazed a the precision of these”chemical” attacks.They seem to avoid harming adults.

  248. Crackerjack says:

    I do wish people who use this website would start promoting Scottish Independence.

    The bullshit I have had to put up with since I started using it is out of order. You actually have me down as a member of Scptland in Union AND staying in the UAE.

    What is that all about????????

    This guy Heedy has the mentality of a six year old. He treats Wings like his own little playground. And any newcomer who sets foot in it is in for a hiding.

    Heedy, grow up. You and a few others on here have turned Wings into an insular, naval gazing, paranoid talking shop for like minded people.

    You hunt down and discredit anybody with a new name, and like a spoiled child you want your own way all the time.

    That is why Wings has done NOTHING to increase the YES Vote.

    After half a million pounds in fundraising since 2014, you have achieved NOTHING. The latest Poll is actually lower than the 45% we gained in 2014.

    So Heedy and Co, stop the stalking and hounding of new posters and MAYBE we will see the Polls start to move in the right direction.

    Other posters must despair at your antics Heedy.

    You and your wee clique should Grow Up Sunshine !!!

  249. Ken500 says:

    Iran/Iraq war 1980 – 88. The West supported Iraq. Over 1million people died.

    Churchill took all Iran’s Oil 1950’s. M15/CIA caused unrest. Re imposed the despised Shah. Eventually Revolution.

    Britain and France carved up the Middle East. US Oil interests.

  250. wull2 says:

    Somebody’s Mummy must have woke him early to get new School shoes.

  251. Alan Gerrish says:

    Just heard a BBC “journalist” tell us there might not be time to reconvene parliament as Trump has already tweeted that his shiny new smart missiles are coming. Whit? Well if we can dispense with democracy on such a farcical excuse, then I want to invoke my nuclear option for self determination and get us out of this lunatic asylum called the UK.

    Time to recall your MPs Nicola and reconvene a real independent government in Scotland. I understand the downsides of this compared to gaining independence through a referendum, but they are as nothing compared to a potential military conflict with Russia leading who knows where.

  252. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Crackerjack @ 9.40am

    To quote Principal Skinner of Springfield Elementary School, to Grounds-Keeper Willie: “You Scots are a contentious race,”.

    To quote from George Macdonald Fraser’s ‘McAuslan In The Rough’“British Army regulations and the demands of the City of Edinburgh Police ensured, all the Scottish regiments would never be garrisoned in Edinburgh at the same time.”

    This, apparently was to prevent civil unrest in the city, or to prevent the Jocks, not having various “Fuzzy-Wuzzies, Towel Heads or Tribesmen” to fight, from deciding to go to war with England.

    If we are denied a crack at the Common Enemy, and in the cause of Independence, the Common Enemy is Westminster, then Scotland’s default setting is to fight with each other.

    The Scottish Government and the SNP is, wisely, not interrupting the enemy while they are making mistakes. Mrs May, not the sharpest knife in the box, finds herself fighting on several fronts – Brexit, Syria, Trade Deals, she has a divided party behind her, many with the knives out.

    She is not surrounded by talent – Boris, Davies, Gove, up here, Mundell, Colonel Yadaftie and WATP Mad Murdo.

    Like Mel Gibson as William Wallace, Nicola is having to repeatedly say: “Hold, hold,” but, I feel the dam will shortly burst – this stupid court case which May seems hell-bent on could be the first crack.

    Not long now folks, but, we must hold for a moment or two yet.

  253. jfngw says:

    The plus point is with May she is making the decision herself and must take full responsibility if any crimes are committed. Blair wasn’t that stupid and had parliament make the decision, hence it is difficult to pin any crimes on him, In court he would claim it was a parliamentary decision and he was following the will of parliament, everyone that voted for war would need to be prosecuted.

  254. jfngw says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill

    It’s these pesky Russians, they can develope a delayed action nerve agent and a child only strength chemical weapon, Calpol strength I think they call it.

  255. Abulhaq says:

    Scots are part of a state that historically effectively initiated the horror show that is the contemporary Near East. In common with the equally guilty French the British still believe they have something positive to offer.
    Sadly, they do appear more rational than the bird brain in the White House.
    The indifference of the people to what is being stoked here in their name is alarming.
    Western powers are still supremacist, racist, colonialist in spirit.

  256. Capella says:

    You would hope that the soft NOs are now realising the folly of being ruled by those Tory sociopaths in Westminster, strong and stable Theresa May, the clown FS Boris Johnson and the stroppy brat Defence Minister, Gavin Williamson.

    If we survive the rest of this week then ending this farce union must be a priority.

  257. Capella says:

    Those who argue for Federalism must explain how leaving Foreign Policy and Defence in the hands of Westminster benefits Scotland.

    The case against leaving financial policy with Westminster has been made in spades. Broadcasting and Telecommunications are beyond dispute. What’s left?

  258. HandandShrimp says:

    She is not surrounded by talent – Boris, Davies, Gove, up here, Mundell, Colonel Yadaftie and WATP Mad Murdo.

    As an side and as I am not originally of the West of Scotland parish, I have only just realised that WATP stands for “we are the people”. I thought it was “what a total prick”. I think it may because of the people I see it associated with. :/

    Tricky things acronyms.

  259. Glamaig says:

    I commented on this last night, now the BBC have edited the article to explain the Scottish Government stepped in to fund it. Do they read Wings?

  260. Abulhaq says:

    If you have no control over foreign relationships you cannot claim to be independent or sovereign.

  261. Proud Cybernat says:

    BREAKING from Pravda Quay
    with Union Jackie Kim Ono:

  262. Dr Jim says:

    Sky news BBC news every news tells us that the Russians have the most sophisticated missile defence system in the world capable of destroying all things in the sky for thousands of miles anywhere they see fit and that their military capability is awsome

    But they’re incompetent at poisoning folk

    Uh huh! OK, i’m definitely convinced, for sure, couldn’t agree more, super world power, but rubbish as well
    If this sort of conversation was going on in the pub you’d be taking a walk to the pub next door in the hope of bumping into some sane folk wae half a brain

  263. Bill Hume says:

    Good morning fellow Wingers, Yessers and SNP members. It’s a lovely morning here in Ayrshire. I don’t contribute very often on Wings although I’ve been visiting here and contributing to all the fundraisers.

    I do have to doubt the sincerity of some on here who want to wait much longer for Indyref2 than I would wish and here is why.

    I have never seen Westminster in such dissarray as it is now.

    Frankly, if we can’t win under the present circumstances, we may never gain independence.

    It will, of course, take a lot of work from us but “Seize the Day”.

  264. auld highlander says:

    Just a little on Syria and it came from rt.

    Suspicious timing
    The Syrian government is in a stronger position than it has been since the war began and has absolutely nothing to gain from launching a chemical weapons attack. This alone should cause some serious skepticism, especially considering the chronology of events leading up to the alleged attack.

    Douma is a city in Eastern Ghouta that is under the control of Jaysh al Islam, a Saudi-backed jihadist group that seeks to replace the Syrian government with an Islamic state.

    Jaysh al Islam is extremely sectarian and just as nasty in its rhetoric, tactics and goals as the notorious terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). Jaysh al Islam’s founder, the late Zahran Alloush, had openly called for the ethnic cleansing of religious minorities from Damascus. The group also engages in public executions and has publicly bragged about parading caged civilian women from the minority Alawite sect in the streets as human shields. Those caged minorities were among hundreds of Syrian civilians and soldiers held hostage by the group for years in Douma. As many have pointed out, by using chemical weapons the government would be risking the safety of those hostages, which makes no strategic sense, considering the intense negotiations between the government and Jaysh al Islam over their release.

  265. Old Pete says:

    Have to agree with you Bill in both the timing of the Independence referendum and how nice the weather is in sunny Ayrshire this fine morning.

  266. Brian McHugh says:

    Bill… If we last long enough without Trump blowing us all into tiny little pieces with the Holy Hand Grenade, the then there is still a lot to play out with regards Brexit. No one knows when that window of opportunity comes, but it will be a short window. Possibly a couple of weeks, when the UK Government commit to whatever it is they will commit to… Then we strike.

  267. Fred says:

    What Bill Hume said!

  268. call me dave says:

    I gave up on ‘Your call with Kaye’ after a few minutes. Never knew that there were so many folk ready to bomb Syria and some thinking nuclear was an option… Jings! 🙁

    I see VPN getting mentioned which I use to bypass blocked streams in certain sports broadcasts etc on my pc.

    Available to download free they work fine. Check apps.


    While avoiding radio shortbread in the car I heard on 5 live that the EA English Health Service data recorded it’s worse ever % for waiting time targets.

    I checked when I got home and it seems to be true BUT there’s a wee sentence at the end to comfort folk darn Sarf!

  269. Dr Jim says:

    Yep! Now is the time

  270. heedtracker says:

    Ach, just tryin tae cheer ye’s up, gies a brek!

    Good read Mr Nhor. Miss Nana links though.

    What’s Russian for, never trust a tory anyway?

  271. auld highlander says:

    Scotland sees 430% increase in English landlords

  272. mike cassidy says:

    Peter Ford on BBC News this morning.

    This is the journalistic equivalent of Barcelona V Cowdenbeath.

    Is the BBC simply covering its arse here for when things go pear-shaped?

  273. Breeks says:

    Still no bites on my own conspiracy theory. Mr Tango blurts out that he’s pulling his troops out of Syria, the sound of a pin dropping is heard, then suddenly all Hell breaks loose. Palestinians start getting shot, riots, Russia grows horns, and gas WMD’s start landing and the white helmets start saving children again…”Its all kicking off Mr Mainwaring!”

    There is another possibility too… Syria was accused (and bombed) over an alleged chemical weapons strike almost a year ago to the day 4/4/2017. Blamed, bombed, but claimed the presence of chemical agents in the target area arose from al-Nusra (legitimate terrorist targets of the head chopping off variety) storing chemicals in warehouses for their own gas canister mortars. True? I can’t say, but plausible I think yes, and remarkably consistent with witness statements before the bombing, of seeing chemicals and gas bottles being stockpiled in basements.

    The West seems to be fine tuning its hair trigger, and worryingly dispensing with the necessity of proof and U.N. Security Council Resolution before military intervention, and you have to really wonder how and why that is happening. Who has most to gain or lose? It’s really quite insidious the way we have moved along the spectrum of what we now accept as proof and justification for intervention. Assad? You really think he’s the ogre here?

    Then add to the mix, the lame and decrepit Tory Junta desperate to pour inflammatory credibility onto the disintegrating damp squib of their Russophobic Spy poisoning debacle that was meant to keep everybodies eyes on the BBC’s official Jackanory and off the clusterf*!#k of Brexit. Rally to the flag Britain! Your country needs You! …Aye, for the next few months it needs you drunk and intoxicated with patriotic fervour, and believing all dissent is treacherous.

    Poor Uncle Donald. He just wanted to shut down Syria before lunch so he could go and play golf, and now he’s in a foul temper because he’s had to stay in the office launching missiles and tweets at Vladimir. While I’ve got your attention Vlad, is this a good time to talk about ending the arms race? (Really.. check the tweets. It’s surreal).

    The most cynical conniving ba*#!%rds in all of this were those IDF “soldiers” arbitrarily gunning down Palestinians and laughing about about it with the same psychotic disregard for humanity as Amon Goth, the Nazi who shot Jews in the concentration camp for target practice, (as featured in Schindler’s List. No, he wasn’t fictional invention but real). What goes around come around, but seldom with such grotesque irony. But nobody will do anything to Israel because they know they’ll be smeared and visciously maligned as antisemitic, and if that doesn’t work, the political money pot will suddenly dry up and careers begin to falter.

    When the world is ready for peace in the Middle East, the world will finally be ready to deal with Israel, and the big problem there is I cannot forsee any resolution which the Israelis are going to like. That might seem like their problem, and a difficulty for them which their own barbarity increasingly warrants, but the uncomfortable truth is it is going to remain a problem for all of us. But until we are ready to deal with it, the Middle East will remain a weeping sore on the planet with a putrid odour we can smell all over the world from the Oval Office to the Kremlin, and back through a grim period of global history indelibly tainted after the Sykes Picot Agreement of 1916.

    If only, if only, the British (and French) had played it straight with the Arabs…. Did I say “had”? Meant to delete that word in the proof read…

  274. heedtracker says:

    And Glasgow is damp and cold this morning.

    Nice try CJ, it was a lovely early Spring Glasgow morning, getting cloudier now though.

    It just wasn’t forecast:D

  275. Daisy Walker says:

    If they go for War,

    Brexit will be pushed even further to the back pages (if that’s possible), and Indy Ref 2 will be forbidden on the grounds of National Security.

    America’s agenda for the Middle East continues apace, and the English Establishment, will willingly get on board, in order to keep their cash cow, Scotland.

    The SNP won’t ever get elected by majority again, Holyrood will become the parish council they always intended, and Scotland’s assets will be stripped to such an extent it will make Thatcher’s years look dreamy and mild.

    Looks like the establishment has finally got a plan that solves the Brexit/IndyRef2 dilemma out big time.

    We have our work cut out for us. At least their hand is showing.

    Sunny in Perth too.

  276. mike cassidy says:

    Apologies in advance if this posts several times

    but I’m not sure if things are working at my end.

    Peter Ford on BBC News this morning.

    Barcelona v Cowdenbeath.

  277. auld highlander says:

    Craig Murray’s thoughts on Yulia Skripals statement are well worth a read.

  278. galamcennalath says:

    Bill Hume says:

    “Seize the Day”

    I agree.

    My logic goes like this …

    In say five years we will see an emboldened post Brexit UK on an ultra English nationalist mission to secure their Greater England permanently. Holyrood will be neutered to ensure no future IndyRefs can ever occur.

    2021 BritNats will go all out to win Holyrood. Many voters in Scotland don’t seem to see the connect between party politics and the constitution. The SNP will have to stand having failed to use their mandate for a referendum. Their voted dropped from 1.5 to 1 million in general elections. They are vulnerable in many way. No pro Indy majority, no Indy.

    2020 if we were to win a YES vote then WM will delay and refuse to play ball, in much the same way as they have with the EU. As things drift we may move towards the above scenarios even though an non binding consultative Indy referendum (like EURef) has been won.

    Waiting to see how Brexit turns out. They may crash out soon, however I reckon nothing will become clear until the latest possible moment. They will agree exit terms to get a transition period. We will know nothing about the future EU arrangements beyond transition until late 2020. This is being done intentionally.

    So, I think there will be no absolute clarity until it’s too late, frankly.

    Brexit sucks, every flavour. We don,t want it. WM is in chaos. Tory behaviour towards Scotland goes way beyond disrespect, it is an utter disgrace. WM management of Scotland is failing because we are not a priority for them. IMO there is a clear case for Indy to be argued for, as things stand.

    The peak of opportunity is soon, then it will become increasingly difficult and finally impossible.

  279. Abulhaq says:

    It is so comforting to know the West has so many Syria experts albeit the vast majority have never set foot in the place.

  280. heedtracker says:

    auld highlander says:
    12 April, 2018 at 11:44 am
    Craig Murray’s thoughts on Yulia Skripals statement are well worth a read.

    It is interesting but are the spooks that Craig say wrote the Yulia letter home to Mother Russia. really this thickski?

    “To put it plainly, as someone who has much experience of it, the English of the statement is precisely the English of an official in the UK security services and precisely not the English of somebody like Yulia Skripal or of a natural translation from Russian.”

    Most UKOK spooks will have grown up watching movies filled with Germans and Russians, no speaking the English so good.

    I mean come on, MI5 is manned by the finest Oxbridge English public schoolboys in the world today.

    Although one of them did end up in suitcase in his own bath lately. Because that was his thing, say the great UKOK spooks.

  281. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Alan Gerrish at 9.57

    Exactly. Thew case for independence is irrefutable.

  282. Abulhaq says:

    The SNP must state that it opposes any bellicose intervention in Syria, a sovereign state with whom the UK is not officially at war.

  283. Liz g says:

    galamacennalath @ 11.53
    I think we need to include a cut off date to exit the UK,perhaps 2yrs from Holyroods notification of the intention to no longer be bound by the terms and conditions of the 1707 Treaty of the Union?
    We “crash out deal or no deal”….
    I don’t know how possible that is?
    But it’s certainly understood by the two parliaments and mair tae the point the Scottish electorate!
    Especially since I fully expect that a reunification campaign will start up the day after the Yes vote.

    Which is partly why , I think , that given Our (the Scottish) experience with Unions and Treaties.
    It would be reasonable to include within Our New Written Constitution that.

    The Scottish Government have the people’s permission,to create and broker International Treaties,for the benefit of Scotland,but each any every one of them must be ratified by referendum within a period of no greater than 25yrs.
    And Every subsequent 25,yrs

    That means
    Any and all Treaties,Deals and Unions are not binding our descendents,for bloody centuries…
    The EU..
    All of them (International Treaties) in fact.
    And if the don’t like it they don’t need to sign!
    But they would also, if they want us to stay in any agreement,need to demonstrate that it’s workin for Scotland!

    Any and all Time any and all Treaties must Constitutionally carry with it the approval of The People,automatically no matter who gets elected in Holyrood!

    Not just because of our experience with this (UK) Treaty,and that odds are we will sooner or later elect shit governments.
    But mainly because that’s (to coin a phrase) “Really takin back control”.
    Never -Again – could our Politicians sign us up to something that could not be reversed,by US.

  284. galamcennalath says:

    Liz g says:

    We “crash out deal or no deal”….

    I’m sure you’re right. I do not expect WM to cooperate. We need to be prepared to disengage from the Union regardless of WM actions, or inactions.

    Maybe I’m looking at it simplistically but we already have much of the apparatus of state in place … health, education, transport, policing, fisheries protection, law, plus foundations of a benefits scheme. The essentials we need to put in place are border control, issuing of essential documents like driving licenses and passports, collection of taxes and payment of pensions.

  285. Liz g says:

    galamcennalath @ 1.16
    I agree Westminster will be as twisted as they can.
    I think rather than having a “White Paper” about what an Independent Scotland should look like.
    We need a ” White Paper” showing – Our Road Map Out –

  286. Fred says:

    Anent WW3, this is where we came in at the start of WW1 with the Hun bayoneting Belgian weans!

  287. Rock says:

    Socrates MacSporran says:
    12 April, 2018 at 9:59 am

    “The Scottish Government and the SNP is, wisely, not interrupting the enemy while they are making mistakes.”

    On which planet were you when the gutless Nicola stood “shoulder to shoulder” with Saint Theresa and Boris Johnson in condemning Russia while in sharp conrast, Corbyn showed extreme bravery in questioning the “evidence”?

    The Scottish Government and the SNP have got themselves entrenched into the Westminster system.

    Mark my words: there will be no independence referendum before Brexit has been completed.

    Don’t you know that the UK, including its northern region, is at war with Russia?

  288. Gary says:

    ALWAYS been the same, will NEVER change. Back during the referendum they quoted a document about to be released to Standard Life shareholders at their meeting. They said it was to be announced that Standard Life would pull out, job losses to follow etc etc.

    Being my usual ‘pain in the arse’ self I downloaded the ACTUAL document as soon as it was released and ACTUALLY read it. Something they obviously hadn’t done.

    Of course, NOWHERE in the document did it say any such thing or even hint at it. Of course I lodged a complaint, of COURSE they said it DID say that! And obviously that was the end of it, although they DID stop repeating the lie, to be fair. Although, as usual, they’d fixed it firmly in the public consciousness by that time.

    So many examples of them doing EXACTLY THAT. So either they have literally the WORST journalists in the world, or the most BIASED. I’m not actually sure which is worse…

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