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The Final Insult

Posted on March 20, 2023 by

According to SNP President and acting CEO Mike Russell, SNP members are too thick to understand the concept of changing their vote, and integrity is “disruptive”.

We’re not very clear on why a revote would be susceptible to “hacking” in any way that the original vote isn’t, but we’re sure there’s a great explanation.

In an extra twist, Ash Regan’s team only found out from Twitter:

Although it does appear that Russell at least let Humza Yousaf know three hours ago:

(Vote-altering is something the party has been perfectly happy to do previously, and even the most mild-mannered of commentators were moved to support the idea.)

So despite the new boss it’s business as usual at the top of the SNP, then.

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0 to “The Final Insult”

  1. Ian McCubbin says:

    Oh dear stage 2 of corruption game supported
    Of course by Britain’s Best Propaganda Channel.

  2. Karen says:

    Judicial Review the barstewards!

  3. ronald anderson says:

    Reposted from previous thread .

    ronald anderson says:
    20 March, 2023 at 7:13 pm
    Now that Mike Russell has given his e Dicked from high time for Ash Regan to issue a edict of her own & lob a grenade into Mikes horse box / she’s nothing to lose by getting a Interdict & bring this farce of a election to a halt .

  4. Stephen Welsh says:

    Time to open up the Wings war chest and reach out to Ash Regan and offer support on the legal fees to stop this nonsense?
    I’ll defo chip in, I’m certain Wings can get £30k by the end of the week!

  5. Tony+O'neill says:

    Ash regain, show some inspirational leadership and take the fuckin gloves aff right noo!.

  6. Big Jock says:

    Ronald. If she needs the funding , she knows where to come. Anything to bring these bastards down. I am so angry at the lot of them.

  7. Alwi says:

    Looks like someone’s been shown the results and made a deal.

  8. robertkknight says:

    Mike Russell doing an excellent job IMHO.

    He has shown an outstanding eye for straight lines, equal spacing, perfect alignment, the very essence of symmetry.

    Not since the 15th of April, 1912, have deck chairs aboard a sinking ship been so perfectly rearranged.

    Everybody… big round of applause for Mike.

  9. Johnny says:

    I’m sure “it could be hacked” is just the excuse to get the hard of thinking (or those voters who simply don’t understand technology) nodding along.

    Are the members too thick to see that it’s really code for “we know who we want to win and the members might ruin it by voting for someone else”?

    We will find out.

  10. sadscot says:

    It’s appalling that Regan’s team had to find out via the media.
    This gets worse by the hour.

  11. Jlm says:

    I hear Mike’s horse box contains 126 000 horses.

  12. Geoff Bush says:

    Suggest Mike Russell and Steve Martin organise a job swap – Michael Russell is a good actor/comedian and Steve Martin is an experienced chancer. (apologies to Steve Martin who is great)

  13. ronald anderson says:

    Another cockup from the SNP interim high heid yin cant inform them all at the same time Humza gets advance notice.

    How s about Forbes when was she told .

    C mon ASH launch a grenade and stop this embarrassment all these clowns need to be held to account .

    Nicola with her WE / HE statement on the membership numbers shows she has her hand still on the tiller .

  14. Morgatron says:

    Every Ash Regan supporter should resign and join Alba .

  15. Merganser says:

    Star Wars Episode V. The Empire strikes back.

  16. willie says:

    Transparent Mike Russell?

    Russell was the man who was drafted in to chair a candidate hustings selection meeting after HQ had with next to notice cancelled the arranged Dumbarton Constituency scheduled to be replaced with a HQ run meeting, thereby side lining the constituency.

    Concomitantly with the cancellation, HQ withdrew all communication access from the four branch and constituency secretaries together with the Constituency Convener’s communication rights. With no communication and access to members the local membership were side lined and kept in the dark.

    Thereafter the hastily re-scheduled meeting convened only hours after the cancelled meeting was restricted to only 100 attendees or around 85 members after candidates and HQ staff deducted. As a result members who tried to access the Zoom platform found themselves locked out of the hustings. Again side lined and kept in the dark.

    And so it came to pass that the HQ promoted Edinburgh based inner circle candidate Mr Toni Guiliano won over the local candidates to stand in Scotland’s most marginal constituency of Dumbarton ( J Baillie majority 109 votes)

    And the election result thereafter was that Guiliano lost with Labour’s Jackie Baillie increasing her majority from 109 to 1,483.

  17. cirsium says:

    Definitely time for an interdict so that the election can be run again, this time with the correct membership number and the correct number of ballot papers. Would be happy to contribute to crowd funding

  18. Mac says:

    F**k Horsebox Russell and the horse he didn’t even ride in on.

  19. Heaver says:

    And there was me thinking Ash Regan had sold out by offering a compromise. Now I’m thinking she offered magnanimity before pulling the lever on the trapdoor.

  20. ronald anderson says:

    This farce of the SNP is embarrassing An their doing it deliberately FFS .

    Big Jock
    Im in to help her but she better make it quick .

  21. Graeme George says:

    This election like everything the SNP do is a complete farce, Ash has to stop this if at all possible for Scotlands sake

  22. Effijy says:

    Can anyone loan the SNP leadership a JCB Digger?

    There spades just aren’t digging holes as fast as they want them.

    The only transparency in the party is that former supporters can see right through them.

    The wouldn’t open up their accounts to let members see the balance sheet, they redacted much of the Salmon evidence that supported his claims, lied repeatedly about membership numbers.

    Next the might employ the phrase “ I didn’t know it was a Party we were in”.

  23. Doug says:

    SNP hierarchy still determined to take pro indy voters for granted. The SNP thinks pro indy voters don’t have guts or the brains to reject their devolutionist dithering.

    Russell et al are effectively daring pro indy voters to vote for Alba or some other pro indy individual or party. The SNP is expecting us all to hold our noses for the umpteenth time and vote for further SNP obfuscation. Arrogance beyond belief. It’s time for pro indy voters to deliver some bloody noses.

  24. Republicofscotland says:

    Basically Mike Russell is sticking up two fingers to the membership (the people that are the heart and soul of the party) and saying just vote and shut up because I’m not going to allow clarity and transparency in this contest.

    If the membership don’t act now the party’s doomed, without clarity in this contest, the SNP will become a laughing stock, who in their right minds will vote for a party that can’t even provide clarity in a leadership contest.

    Its now or never for the membership to act, its YOUR party.

  25. Kcor says:

    “So despite the new boss it’s business as usual at the top of the SNP, then.”

    As a few of us have pointed out since the start of the contest, the SNP is beyond redemption.

    Forbes has no substance in her. She is all things to all people. IMHO she is an opportunist who is perfectly happy to sacrifice the needs of her very young baby for her own ambitions. She has nothing to offer to the nation.

    Regan would be immediately subjected to the Corbyn treatment were she to be elected.

    It is doubtful she would be elected FM – at least 90% of SNP MSPs are vehemently opposed to independence before they retire.

    Regan should expose as much as she can, and once defeated, challenge the election as far as she can.

    That will not get her anywhere either in the end, when it will be time for to leave the SNP and join ALBA.

    There can be no question of her serving as a Minister under Yousaf or Forbes.

    So far she does have credibility having resigned on principle unlike the other two who dodged important votes.

  26. Garrion says:

    Typical Rovian strategy: Accuse the victim of doing precisely what you are doing or have done.

    Confusion and Hacking indeed.

    There is no good outcome here. Said it once, saying it again. Burn the whole edifice to the ground and walk on.

  27. Geoff Anderson says:

    What a surprise….NOT!

    The carrot is being made ready for the next 10 years of vote harvesting. The puppet masters are currently transferring the strings from Humza to Kate.

    The HQ team are celebrating tonight. The gravy train is back on track. The remaining SNP membership have confirmed that they will look for new selfies with the appointed idol.

    Bring them down. Do not hesitate. You are not risking Independence because the SNP are not interested in anything but chasing the TransCult Utopia….and gazing at the carrot ?

  28. dearieme says:

    When I was young it was a common argument that we had to rub along with the English because otherwise we’d be run by the Glasgow Labour Party. People didn’t foresee that the standards of moral turpitude of that sad gang would be adopted by a Scotnats Party.

    Oh well, whatever floats your boat. (Or, rather, doesn’t.)

  29. Bob Mack says:

    Conversion to banana republic almost complete.

  30. I already put in a contribution for Mr Campbell today but will willingly double it if there is a specific crowdfunder. I’m not on Twitter so can’t do do the poll.

  31. Jacqueline says:

    The Horse Box is the Tardis and Russell is the Doctor. What a shit show!! DISGUSTING

  32. laukat says:

    If there is a crowd funder for an interdict I’ll happily contribute. I think Mike Russell’s statement that the vote can be hacked on top of the doubt over how many members have been balloted and how many non-members have received ballots would be enough grounds.

    However it can’t be Regan that launches the interdict as it will just alienate her and give others the chance to kick her out. I’m hoping we still have someone in the SNP who people respect and who believe in a fair process that are willing to put their name on an interdict.

    Hoping guys like Douglas Chapman, Angus MacNeil, Annablle Ewing, Fegus Ewing or Christine Graham would step forward and ensure the SNP is seen to do the right thing.

  33. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Not on twitter but I’m in for the fundraiser.

    Ash, make it so…

    On another note, which is most definitely linked, you must have a look at this from Lukewarm Dave.


    I removed the https from the front as I think it interferes with the post. If it doesnt work, search youtube for Day of Reckoning Lukewarm Dave

  34. wull says:

    It’s a farce. Kate is too young for it (and she doesn’t know anything about economics, but neither – probably – does anyone else). Humza is too much of everything that’s wrong with Scottish politics – but also too puerile for it.

    Any way you look at it, the only person in the contest who is a mature enough human being for such a job is Ash Regan. Even age-wise, it’s just a fact.

    She might not be the most experienced political operator, but she is learning fast about what she is up against. And she hasn’t slipped into the kind of game-playing that those who think they are more ‘professional’ at it so easily and often do. Insofar as Kate Forbes may be trying that, it’ll only trap her and very quickly trip her up altogether.

    I reckon a healthy number of SNP members have voted for Forbes and Regan, in whichever order, on the assumption that they are basically in alliance, and in order to stop Humza. For not a few of them, if Forbes drops Regan and prefers to line up with Humza, they won’t forgive her for that. If Kate Forbes wins it in that way, I reckon she won’t last a year – maybe not even six months.

    I may be wrong, but whichever way it turns out, I can’t see all three serving in the same cabinet. Not for long, at least. And if it’s a Forbes-Humza ticket, I hope Ash Regan will stay away from it, and not accept any cabinet post.

    Regan clearly comes out of this mess as the (one and only) Real Indy candidate. In that case, outside the cabinet but still in the SNP, she should build on her popularity with the wider independence movement. And also with all ‘real independence supporters’ still in the SNP.

    She will be onto a real winner with that. The other two will have gone for short-term gain, and will only fall on their faces as a consequence. Ash’s best policy would be: just let them. Let their own phoney momentum implode in their faces.

    Meanwhile, even if the SNP hierarchy expel or defame her, she will still have a genuine basis among real independence supporters on which to build, something which the other two (and all the other increasingly exposed pure chancers on the SNP benches) will now, and henceforth, lack.

    Russell’s attempts to gainsay the membership, keeping it in its place like a tame dug in order to gerrymander the outcome, will almost certainly backfire on him and on the whole lot of them. And so it should.

    So far, all the well laid plans of the SNP’s inner clique have done nothing but ‘gang agley’. So will this one.

    Meanwhile, let’s hope the Regan team’s appeal to those members who want to change their already-cast votes, or who believe that those so wishing should be able to do so, gains some purchase. Come on SNP members – kick up a stink!

    As a final thought: no one should have been allowed to cast their vote until the campaigning was over. Since it is almost entirely an online vote, there was absolutely no need (as there is with postal voting) to allow anyone to vote in advance of a fixed polling day. There is no justification for running a system like that.

    The only possible reason anyone would want such a system to operate would be so as to have access to the way the voting was going, in order to be able to adjust their preferred candidates’ campaign accordingly. That is corruption and gerrymandering for a start, and who among us can doubt that it has already happened? In fact, hasn’t it been happening all along?

    I hope Ash and/or her team ask Mike Russell about it – and let us know how he answers. (Oh no – not another ‘I don’t know anything about it’, or ‘I am an old git and I don’t remember what I did yesterday, so don’t ask me’ … or words to that effect …)

  35. Lenny hartley says:

    Crowdfunder required, cmon Ash Scotland needs you to do the right thing.

  36. Gordon Bain says:

    Don’t these fools know what you do? What the fuck are they paid again?! This is mental. One can only conclude Russell is also up to his neck in this charade.

  37. Mac says:

    I absolutely soaked up every second of 2014 so I say this in that context.

    The last few months / weeks have rekindled that 2014 buzz. It has been re-lit.

    Watching these sell-outs fall one after the other is mesmerizing.

    It is just a mini-buzz right now but all buzzes start mini as do we all.

    Stoke it.

    This is our rebirth

  38. Shug says:

    Well there comes a time when you have to play to the death when they simply do not listen. It is such an imperialist approach. I wonder who is guiding them to their end????

    Hit them with an interdict and demand an investigation. F… Them.

    The really funny thing is as this plays out Alister jack will claim the credit for being a master tactician rather than being seen as the Muppet he really is.

  39. Republicofscotland says:

    Is it any wonder that Sturgeon is floating around the UK giving interviews looking relaxed and confident, we should’ve know that Peter Murrell wouldn’t just stand down without covering his back in the form of Mike Russell.

    Its now almost a foregone conclusion that Yousaf or Forbes will win this contest, and keep Murrells and Sturgeon’s dirty secrets safe as houses, and the biggest casualty, after the collapse of the SNP of this duplicitous clandestine shambles of a leadership contest will be Scotland, as independence will once again be kicked into the long grass for years to come.

    Only the SNP membership can stop this happening, the big question is will they stand up for openness and fairness or will they do as Mike Russell wants them to, and keep their mouths shut and vote, even though both the membership and us will not have a clue what’s going on behind the scenes.

    The next two weeks are a turning point for the SNP, on one hand the party will lose more members and fade away as folk realise that its not a party of independence and Alba will replace it, the other road is the complete opposite the membership does the right thing and this contest become open and transparent, some sort of credibility is restored, and if say Ash Regan goes on to win then independence will be obtained and a brave new world then awaits Scotland, one in which we decide the direction to take and not Westminster.

    Its now up to the membership to choose which road we take.

  40. Ian Brotherhood says:

    New Ash Regan statement:

    ‘I do not believe the NEC have had the opportunity to review my proposal fully – nor do I understand the problem with allowing members to change their mind, given the revelations of the weekend.

    Allowing members to edit their vote enables the ballot to continue on its current timeline, while solving the outstanding issue for those who are dissatisfied.

    Our membership deserve the process of this election to be the start of transparency and demonstrable probity. However I encourage the members to now demonstrate their will with SNP HQ.’

  41. Big Jock says:

    To me she has now got to prove the fiddling.

    They have failed to answer the query about the extra 6000 ballots. I think an interdict, then a full audit, then a new vote. If no cheating has taken place. Then that’s that. But until we know this, nobody in the public can trust the result.

    The loyalist will cry foul, because they think its sour grapes. They don’t have the capacity to understand they are all being cheated. To hell with them, let’s nail these bastards.

  42. Bob Mack says:

    Crowdfunder? Im in.

  43. James Barr Gardner says:

    The shell game is often portrayed as a gambling game, but in reality, when a wager for money is made, it is almost always a confidence trick used to perpetrate fraud. In confidence trick slang, this swindle is referred to as a short-con because it is quick and easy to pull off.

  44. Big Jock says:

    Forbes has to step up. Her silence in this will not bode well. Together they can beat the SNP corruption. Credibility is added to the rerun if both demand it.

    But to be honest, all Ash has to do is expose the cheating.

  45. James Barr Gardner says:

    The Shell Game

    The shell game three shells and a pea,is often portrayed as a gambling game, but in reality, when a wager for money is made, it is almost always a confidence trick used to perpetrate fraud. In confidence trick slang, this swindle is referred to as a short-con because it is quick and easy to pull off.

  46. JGedd says:

    This ridiculous contest is supposed to be electing the First Minister of Scotland. You’d think that the media and opposition might be sharpening their claws to challenge the legitimacy of the new First Minister.

    However, if it’s Kate Forbes she might just get an easier ride since they’ve already been quite helpful to her cause by the way they’ve framed the election, with Ash Regan out of the frame for them. If I had a vote, I would be getting annoyed at the obvious manipulation but then some of the ‘conservative’ SNP members might actually be impressed by the media’s implied endorsement of her as ‘a safe pair of hands’.

  47. Tartanterra says:

    Russell is, and was, part of the cabal.
    Why did anyone think it would be any different when the Murrell’s went?
    Continuation. More of the same. Possibly forever…..
    Did anyone think it would be that easy? Seriously?

  48. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Alan Mackintosh.

    If you’re pasting a Youtube link into a comment, you delete EVERYTHING to the left of “www”.
    Wordpress adds the “https://” automatically.

    After the “watch?v=oeP8jdBzpgU”, you may have something like “&t=86s”. This means you have paused the video 86 seconds in. Everything after and including the “&” should be deleted as well, so the video starts at the beginning when someone clicks on the link.

  49. JGedd says:

    *by ‘safe pair of hands’ I meant, of course, Kate Forbes.

  50. Ash for indy says:

    Ash should probably pull out. Let Humza get the win and watch the cabals implode on themselves. Ash holds all the cards. Forbes has disappeared and looks to be happy to be welcomed into the cabal establishment. Maybe she never felt welcomed before and is now enjoying the attention which means Forbes will just be a Murrell puppet!

    I actually trusted Mike Russell but he has disappointed me!

  51. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @JGedd (8.54) –

    Yes – what you describe as ‘conservative’ SNP members will like Forbes for the same reason that many actual Conservatives liked Liz Truss. She has that ‘Head Girl’ vibe about her.

  52. Big Jock says:

    Russell is up to his neck in it. I don’t think there are more than a handful of trustworthy MSPs. The whole upper echelon of the SNP is cancerous.

    To rebuild a thing, it first has to be dismantled, timber by timber. It’s the rot you can’t see that destroys the whole.

  53. Maureen says:

    Happy to contribute to a fundraiser too

  54. Robert McAllan says:

    After following the hustings debate on LBC this evening the final insult will most certainly hit home if Regan fails to be elected.
    Yousaf and Forbes are proving to be dissemblers of the lowest degree. AS SLEEKIT AS THE WAN THEY AIM TAE REPLACE!!

  55. robertkknight says:


    “You’d think that the media and opposition might be sharpening their claws”

    Napoleon: “Never interrupt your enemy when they’re making a mistake”.

    Whether by accident or design, Sturgeon’s rancid SNP have been doing nothing but making a long series of mistakes.

    The BritNat MSM and yoon opposition need do nothing but sit back and watch whilst the SNP snake is busily eating itself.

  56. Beauvais says:

    Rearguard Russell doing his bit against democracy while the boss starts her new career as a telly celebrity. Lowlifes the lot of them.

  57. Republicofscotland says:

    Mike Russell, the man who sold out an entire country to protect his former boss and her husband’s dirty secrets.

  58. David Hannah says:

    We can’t let these bastards get away with this.

    I’ll crowdfund. You can’t put a price on Independence.

    Bring it on Mike.

  59. Calum says:

    Crowdfunder time!

  60. David Hannah says:

    30,000 members gone with wind. Like ScotWind. Thanks to Nicola Sturgeon and her cabal.

    Kate Forbes. Eloquently spoken. And that’s about it. The only freedom Scotland will get with the Wee Free is Free Ports.

    I want my equal rights through Independence. I want political liberty.

    We want Ash Regan, for Independence negotiations.

    If she needs a crowd funder. She’s got my money. She’s got the backing of the wider Yes movement. Common Weal. And the rest.

    She’s getting better every week. Courageous. Principled. And committed to Scottish Independence. Ash Regan, has got it all. Yes Mam. You said it.

  61. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Thanks, Its been a while since I posted any youtube but I remembered the “shadows of the approaching hammers” being avoided by removing the htpps bit at the start.

  62. Big Jock says:

    Kirk J Torrance on the Nine. Hinting that they have the numbers to call off the election. I expect an announcement tomorrow. They only need 100.

  63. ScottieDog says:

    Anyone who thought Mike Russell would play with a straight bat, is deluding themselves.
    Establishment through and through.

  64. Jim Tadgercock says:

    Russell is beyond contempt I will be happy to chip into any crowd funded action which may benifit Ash in her quest for fairness.

    kF is just another self centered wanabe in my book.For a moment she did look promising

    As for Humza if you aint got nothing nice to say just say nothing.

  65. JGedd says:

    Ian B @ 9.03pm

    ‘Head Girl’ vibe, perfect description Ian! Some of the men on this site appeared to find Kate appealing, too, for her fresh-faced, girlish charm. (Men! Why are they always disarmed by looks?)

  66. Mia says:

    Obviously they see the electorate of Scotland as ignorant fools who are going to fall for bullshit excuses of fantasy “hacking” or made up “disruption”.

    I wonder if they still think they will succeed at imposing Yousaf on us as the next FM after all what has been going on. They cannot be so foolish.

    If I had my suspicions before, now after this embarrassing intervention by Russell, I definitely do not believe the 72,186 is the real figure. There must be something really dodgy going on with the votes already cast which would explain why these charlatans do not want a repeat or people changing the vote. In other words, the fix is already in and might not be reproducible if a new vote is called or the voters change their selection.

    I am not an SNP member but I am part of the electorate of Scotland and would have to suffer the consequences of having imposed a totally unsuitable candidate for FM as Yousaf is. If there is a crowfunder for the interdict, I will happily contribute to it.
    This condescending behaviour towards the electorate of Scotland or the ridiculous expectation we will simply accept this charade as a legitimate election of our next FM is completely unacceptable.

    It is obvious there is no will to actually doing things right, so it is time Scotland flexes its muscles and bring its undemocratic political class down to earth from whatever cuckoo cloud they are sitting on.

    If there is something Michael Russell has demonstrated is that he has no intention whatsoever to do things right and is therefore as inadequate as CEO of the party as Murrell was.

  67. Mia says:

    Obviously they see the electorate of Scotland as ignorant fools who are going to fall for bullshit excuses of fantasy “hacking” or made up “disruption”.

    I wonder if these arrogant charlatans still think they will succeed at imposing Yousaf on us as the next FM after all what has been going on.

    If I had my suspicions before, now I definitely do not believe the 72,186 is the real figure. There must be something really fishy going on with the votes already cast which would explain why these charlatans do not want a repeat or people changing the vote. In other words, they have the fix already in and might not be reproducible if a new vote is called or the voters change their selection.

    I am not an SNP member but I am part of the electorate of Scotland and would have to suffer the consequences of having imposed a totally unsuitable candidate for FM as Yousaf is. If there is a crowfunder for the interdict, I will happily contribute to it.

    This condescending behaviour towards the electorate of Scotland and this contempt for democracy and proper electoral procedure is completely unacceptable.

    It is time Scotland flexes its muscles and bring its undemocratic, self-serving political class down to earth from whatever cuckoo cloud they are sitting on.

    If there is something Michael Russell has demonstrated today is that he has no intention whatsoever to do things right and is therefore as inadequate as CEO of the party as Murrell was.

  68. barelybare says:

    Regan has fizzled like a soggy squib. She got no answer to 2 out of 3 of her questions yet still seems to be saying she is basically okay with the vote if people can recast.

    Today was the day she should have launched a legal challenge but she has undercut that now.

    As for people changing their vote: no one made them vote early. They could have waited till the last day, most of them, since it takes about a nanosecond to vote. If they were too thick to realise there might be some events in the space of two weeks then too bad so sad. Did Regan warn them to wait with their votes? No.

  69. Chic McGregor says:

    Mike Russell came out for Ash. Fact.
    But he is effectively letting Forbes or Yousaf win by this decision.

    A circle to square there.

    Perhaps this is the scenario.

    We have all heard rumours of a mother of all shitfests about to hit the SNP establishment in the coming weeks.

    Perhaps he has judged that Ash’s best prospect is the sidelines, temporarily.

    If it is as bad as some suggest, whoever wins this is unlikely to emerge surviveably unscathed.

    No evidence, just a thought.

  70. thursoberwick says:

    Anyone read today’s Robin McAlpine blog? Looks like there is a lot more to come out, it ALL has to come out, and those who were responsible must be the only ones punished. How the hell did SNP members, the press, the police allow this?

  71. sadscot says:

    Thanks, Ronald Anderson. I didn’t know this was on today.

  72. Confused says:

    No one seems to have realised yet that the SNP “membership” is just 78000 bot accounts and that the party has been running on Soros/Pritzker money for the past 5 years; it’s all as bent as english football finances – season tickets, club shop, replica jerseys, pies and bovril … and that won’t pay the wages of one of your reserves, enter “qatari money” and “oligarch money” and “TV money”; football is laundromat.

    I would like for kate forbes to ask humza whether the apparent inconsistency of his position – MUSLIM-AS-FUCK, YET-WOKE-TO-THE-MAX – are examples of “Taqiyya”, an islamic concept he will know of; I bet he would have a meltdown, right there.

    rumour has it, murrell keeps “the precious”, a USB memory stick of his darkest secrets, up the “prison wallet” …

    – for security!?

    … er, yes, I suppose so, that is a good reason … if it works for you …

    If he ends up in the pokey, will he be put in with the “wiseguys” and will he be the guy cutting the garlic with the razor blade so it just -melts- in the sauce …

  73. Daisy Walker says:

    If Ash decides to contest this process through the courts…

    1/ would she win? is her evidence and is the case strong enough? A lose would be doubly counter productive. How long would it take?

    2/ Would it just ensure she became the whipping dog to blame, for ‘splitting the movement’, and being ‘disloyal’?

    3/ What are the positives if she doesn’t go that far, but registers the inconsitencies, then walks away (to Alba for example).

    If the process is unfair, unlawful, lacking in transparancy and security…. should it really be up to one of the candidates to legally challenge it? Isn’t that another level of unfairness, when they are attempting to present a good face in order to be elected?

    Are rumoured events due to come soon, likely to make this the side show?

    So many questions and possible game plans. Personally, I want the unfairness and insecurity of the votes registered in a way that is legally beyond reproach. I don’t necessarily want to be supporting minor battles that have little chance of winning, when we have a war to win.

    I don’t have the answers however, and there is much to think about. If she goes for it, I will help as much as I can with a legal crowdfunder… and you can bet that the existence of such a thing will come in for criticism.

  74. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Chic McGregor.

    I guess you now get what your daughter has been going on about in the past wee whilie?

    The Pro-indy movement is bigger than the SNP. The SNP was our tool but they have let us down.

  75. Dave Llewellyn says:

    You would think that it might be worthwhile asking their 54000 members what they think about it rather than a non pay roll unelected for that role that he hasn’t played for over a quarter of a century and who seems to be displaying signs of early onset Alzheimers. What Mike forgets is that the last time he was CEO the SNP had a lot less members than ALBA do now and there’s a thing called the internet that he may have been unaware of unless he has wireless broadband in his horsebox

  76. Desimond says:

    Mike isnt going anywhere anytime soon is he?
    Cushty times ahead for some

  77. After reading SMITTY’s comment over the weekend, I was expecting momentum to moving along from today.
    It would seem from what’s going on with Russell in charge and clearly favouring Yousaf that what Smitty said might not happen. That would be a great pity.
    I still am hopeful that Sturgeon won’t take FMQ’s on Thursday, as per Smitty’s comment.

  78. Big Jock says:

    Daisy. It wouldn’t be Ash seeking to cancel the election. It would be the members. She is handing it to the members to decide. A smart way to do it, the only way to do it.

    If the members don’t do it, then hell mend them. It’s not Regan’s fault. She might be the figurehead on this, but only the members can ask for a recall.

  79. Ebok says:

    A family member just sent me copy of email from SNP
    ‘As a member of SNP, you have a vote on who is going to be next leader…’.
    They left SNP more than five years ago…

  80. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    The ITV News @ 10 tonight is going on about “climate change”.

    Why don’t they get it?

    In the past 2+half Million years, there have been 25 ice ages – each of which was around 90,000 years of glaciation, and around 10,000 years of ‘interglacial’.

    We are currently into 11,500+ years of this current interglacial.

    It’s happening, despite humans.–zw

  81. Chic McGregor says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon

    Not a clue what you are on about. Both my daughters here and in New Zealand are 100% indy but they do not contribute politically on line.

    Are you confusing me with another contributor Chic MacGregor maybe?

    That happens all the time. He is a Rangers supporter and also an indy supporter? But although our views often align we ar NOT the same person.

  82. Daisy Walker says:

    Big Jock says:
    20 March, 2023 at 10:12 pm

    Daisy. It wouldn’t be Ash seeking to cancel the election. It would be the members. She is handing it to the members to decide. A smart way to do it, the only way to do it.

    Fair enough Big Jock, I hadn’t looked at the nitty gritty, just trying to game plan the different scenarios.

    One thing that is polarised now, is that Mz Forbes has no intention of delivering, or working towards Indy.

    We could really do with the ‘exterior’ forces so recently rumoured to be coming, to get on with it.

  83. DavieBoy says:

    Im actually very concerned as to who is left in the SNP. Judging from on line discussion (including live streams) the majority of members seem to be either the corrupt or sycophantic half wits who think holding politicians to account is ‘creating division’. I fear those with the nous and intelligence to change the party are by far the minority.

    Most of them cant see the problems with whats occured this week, whilst the rest seem to think its all a ‘yoon conspiracy’ and should ignore it.

    I suspect that is what that shameless piece of self promotion on loose women was all about today. Shoring up those thought processes of the hard of thinking.

  84. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I’m thinking you’re the Chic MacGregor who organised the Glenrothes ‘Friends of WOS’ get-together. Maybe I’m wrong.

  85. Jacqueline says:

    50 quid the morra. Ash has all to gain and honesty more.
    Go Fetch and get a joeldy on Stu

  86. Colin Dawson says:

    Could the SNP afford the additional costs and fees of allowing members to change their votes? Can they afford the professional fees if a legal challenge is launched? They must be teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

  87. Big Jock says:

    Brian. Do you think 500 years is enough time for the SNP to deliver independence though?

  88. Chic McGregor says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon

    Not me. I was one of the organisers of the Independence First marches in 2006 and 2007. Must be the Rangers man (unless there is three of us God forbid). I’m St Johnstone through and through.

  89. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Chic.

    There must be at least 3 of you!

  90. David Hannah says:

    I watched the Nine. That Alison Thewliss. What stuck up boot. She wears yellow all the time. Horrific.

    Almost as horrific of her Glasgow Central constituency. With the closed down shops and the hundreds of homeless people queuing up outside central station every night.

    I saw Alex Salmond out there helping out with the relief team.

    Thewliss can’t even get them an indoor venue in the closed shops.

    Her and Susan Aitken. Disgraceful. Glasgow has never been so run down in it’s life. While she lives it up in London.

    I despise her.

  91. Colin Dawson says:

    Big Jock. You asked; “Do you think 500 years is enough time for the SNP to deliver independence though?”

    Well, if we believe what Peter Murrell said in his resignation statement, independence is “closer than ever”. Since Scotland was last independent around 316 years ago, perhaps Murrell thinks we’ll be independent in less than 316 years?

  92. Chic McGregor says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon

    At one time I doubted if there ever another Charles McGregor. The first and second names seemed so incongruous to me. I was named after my Mum’s brother. I named my sons Calum and Ewen to make sure they didn’t have that issue but as per Burn’s best plans etc. the one named Ewen went through school nicknamed ‘Obi’.

  93. David Rodger says:

    I am impressed by the huge number of comments here, but not by the general quality. Backbiting, imaginative scandal- mongering, the occasionally insightful bitchiness and baleful wisecracks are all very well, but regarding independence, unity is strength. The last time progressive forces came together effectively in the UK was in 1945, under the much maligned Clement Atlee. All divisions were put aside. Much was achieved. That is the lesson. Put all your wee tropes and entertaining nastiness aside, even for a few months,- and campaign for the big picture: Scottish independence.

  94. Louise Hogg says:

    Ebok, your family member could lead the challenge either about changing votes, corruption, or inaccurate information being used. Or all 3! What are they waiting for?

    They’re not called Salmond are they?

    That would be a VERY amusing twist and he must have left about then…

  95. AnneDon says:

    Remember when we thought the opposition in the Scottish Parliament were being shite on purpose to make ordinary voters think Scotland couldn’t be independent because our political class was so stupid?

    Now we see that the SNP have taken over the Labour Party’s role in that as well.

    There are still loads of good people in the SNP. I hope they manage to rally round and take back their party now they realise what has happened.

    Otherwise, the SNP will also be playing the Labour role in #indyref – that is, being entirely abandoned by Scottish voters.

  96. Checks Notes says:

    BrianDoontheToon it’s my Dad who arranged the fundraiser….and, no…he still doesn’t get it!

  97. Jockmcx says:

    How long are are we going to allow
    These fuckfaced fuckers to get away
    With this absolute shite.

    Pardon my Latin…

  98. twathater says:

    I often see people post that there are still good people in the snp, without being facetious can you name some of them please because all I have seen for the last 8 years is apologists and sycophants, IMO anyone who is REALLY , REALLY interested in independence for Scotland has left the sturgeon nonce party in disgust and anger

    IF there are really 72,000 members left what is it that they believe held sturgeon and her deplorables back from going for independence, what is it that those members consider more important than independence

    IZZY can I ask you a genuine question , what has stopped sturgeon from getting independence, as a member do you believe she has governed Scotland competently, are Scots better off now that WM has allowed massive energy price increases whilst NS sold off our seabed green energy for a pittance and cancelled a PROMISED state owned energy company
    As a member are you happy that sturgeon and her deplorables have presided over a massive housing shortage as well as a massive increase in foodbanks and families and pensioners having to choose between heating and eating , are you happy that while these people were suffering massive disadvantages sturgeon and her deplorables were ACCELERATING rules and regulations that would threaten women and girls safety and allow perverts and deviants into womens spaces

    These questions can also be answered by any of the good guys that people insist are still within the membership after all sturgeon and her deplorables are supported by each and every one of you

  99. Al says:

    I have been following this site for some time, and I know that most are sincere. I am Scottish born and bred, but live in England, in harmony with very decent people as friends and neighbours, They are not my enemy, or oppressors.
    While I agree that Sturgeon/Murrell are appalling, many here seems to think that there is a great conspiracy against Scotland, by MI5, Aliens, etc., which diminishes any arguments.
    The tragedy is that Scotland, a country that has produced so much enlightenment and scientific progress, has been subsumed by trash in its political sphere, abetted by the MSM in Scotland (excepting Alex Massie/Alf Young – see Times) and the BBC – who, now, belatedly have switched allegiance, that MI5 wouldn’t even care about your petty squabbles, infantile posturing and empty economic threats. No-one takes you seriously, unfortunately.. Close to Germany in the 1930’s, but without the fancy uniforms.
    The alternative is the Quebec situation; tax-payers and businesses move south, leaving a bankrupt dependency – Glasgow/Dundee only, as the rest of Scotland would certainly secede.
    All current MSPs are cretins and the scrimmage to become FM is degenerating into a farce: Yousless, Wee Free, & Ash, (who thinks that the UN will force Independence unilaterally). A “commedia de’elle arte”, it would be comical if it wasn’t so hurtful to my friends and family in Scotland, who will have to bear this burden.

  100. Ron Clark says:

    Why are the Electoral Commission not stepping in and saying,,

    “Wait a fuckin minute here…”

    Surely they have the power to stop this farce dead in its tracks?

  101. Michael Laing says:

    @Ron Clark: For the same reason that the Electoral Commission ignored the reports of blank-backed ballot papers during the 2014 referendum and piles of ‘Yes’ votes found dumped in bins afterwards, perhaps?

  102. Graeme George says:

    For the life of me I can’t understand why anyone would want to lead the SNP, I see it akin to buying that old classic Mercedes you’ve always wanted, but when you finally get one you find the big ends are knocking, it’s burning oil, jumping out of 3rd gear, the clutch is slipping, the brakes are shot and it’s riddled with rust.

    Years of abuse and neglect has turned this once great car into a rotten pile of mechanical garbage and no matter how much money you throw at it and weekends lying underneath it skinning your knuckles you will never restore it to it’s former glory.

    All the joy and happiness you thought owning this once beautiful classic car would bring you turns out to be an exercise in frustration, disillusionment & misery.

    I’m rooting for Ash Regan not because I think she can turn the party around it’s gone way beyond that but because under her leadership maybe the whole truth will come out and Alex Salmond receives the justice he deserves, but as far as I’m concerned the SNP and everyone in it can go to hell in a handcart

  103. Etticus says:

    I’ve been reflecting on Nicola Sturgeon’s media tour yesterday and reached the conclusion that someone has tipped the wink to her and told her that she is going to get away with it.

    Brass neck and lying is Sturgeons speciality but you would expect that if she is facing police investigation any defence lawyer would tell you to keep your gob shut and not attract attention, yet here she is mouthing off, lying on TV and generally rubbing everyone’s nose in it, ensuring that if she was convicted she would face a longer sentence.

    When she was a solicitor she was told to resign from the profession and undertake not to practice again and she would not face other sanctions. It would seem similarly that here she has been told if she resigns she will not face criminal charges.

    I hope the people who created this situation by voting for Nicola sturgeon time and time again when they knew she wasn’t fit are proud of themselves. What a bloody mess.

  104. President Xiden says:

    Can I just reiterate, the SNP is not in a mess it is simply a flesh wound.

  105. Geoff Anderson says:

    A pity Tommy didn’t speak out about his concerns.
    He still hasn’t because he still follows “Wheesht fo Indy”

  106. Geoff Anderson says:

    Robin has been producing some high quality posts lately!

  107. AndyH says:


    Yep. It stinks.

    I’m now thinking KF is the worst case scenario.

    Most likely to keep the SNP going as is for a protracted length of time.

    Youzlaz would be gone in a couple of years tops and he’d bleed even more memberships in his tenure.

    It really stinks

  108. Colin Spalding says:

    The SNP better prey that 20,000 members don’t wish to change their vote. I don’t think they can afford to lose anymore member. LMFAO

  109. Geoff Anderson says:

    The lack of action by the Police.
    The silence of the MSM.

    It’s almost as if thy want the SNP to continue business as usual….who could possibly benefit from that?

  110. Big Jock says:

    It doesn’t matter what nonsense the media peddle. It’s up to the people to challenge the vote corruption. If the SNP members won’t do it. Then lets get that crowd funder going. We will not accept the new FM , whether it’s Kate or Humza. The system is rigged.

  111. Gordon Bain says:

    hic McGregor says:
    20 March, 2023 at 9:45 pm
    “Mike Russell came out for Ash. Fact.
    But he is effectively letting Forbes or Yousaf win by this decision.

    A circle to square there.

    Perhaps this is the scenario.

    We have all heard rumours of a mother of all shitfests about to hit the SNP establishment in the coming weeks.

    Perhaps he has judged that Ash’s best prospect is the sidelines, temporarily.

    If it is as bad as some suggest, whoever wins this is unlikely to emerge surviveably unscathed.

    No evidence, just a thought”.

    You may very well be right Chic. I listened to Ash on corrupt radio this morning and she does seem to have capitulated.

  112. Ian Smith says:

    Surely there cannot be anything to break imminently.

    The corruption would be off the scale if the polis sat back and allowed NS to resign in good order, allow a continuity candidate to be voted in to take over, then started lifting the members of the old regime.

  113. DMcV says:

    Here’s the thing, Stu and your Ukippy Alba shills: If 30k people have left the SNP because of the car-crash rush to gender fluidity, that means there are 30k fewer votes for KB or AR (whose performances are underwhelming despite your determination to talk them up). And as such, HY looks a shoo-in. No doubt the screamy MSM-hatin’ Wings commentariat will pronounce it a fix. It won’t be. Depressing, perhaps, but not a fix.

  114. 100%Yes says:

    I’d donate to any legal challenge. The SNP isn’t even bothered if you know there corrupt.

  115. Mac says:

    I would say Ash Regan is the SNP’s last chance saloon. They have a got a big fall coming. It is when you look at people like Susan Aitken and their performance you can see the breadth and depth of the problem. Nine years of selecting the worst candidates for every job near enough…there is going to be a huge backlash.

    Anyone who can’t see by now that Sturgeon has deliberately, methodically and systematically poisoned the SNP from within, and left it in a shocking and perhaps fatal condition, will never see it.

    All the people who blindly backed her are to blame. Not as much as Sturgeon of course but they enabled her. So this is their bitter harvest. (I just don’t think there are too many of these people left on this site.)

    All of those people who blindly backed NS are currently suffering massive cognitive dissonance. Now she is leaving it has brought into sharp focus what a complete disaster she is leaving behind. (That said I guarantee they will not accept any error on their part as they never do…)

    This site and others have been warning people for years. Anyone who did so was routinely vilified and smeared. I have experienced it myself. I have argued politics my whole life and never I have experienced nastier more vicious people than these post 2014 woke SNP supporters. I’d class them as scum.

    Look at the movement NS inherited (even after the disappointment of NO it was vibrant). Look at what she leaves behind, a completely divided SNP in a shocking mess, full to the gunnels of woke incompetents…

    How on earth do you get rid of them all and how long will it realistically take…

    More people need to wake up to what NS was / is. She’s has betrayed everything. Just look at what she has taken the SNP and converted it into. This is a catastrophe in itself but when you then add in what she did to Alex Salmond… wow. How can anyone have any doubt.

    Sturgeon should be a pariah. People should hiss when she enters a room. I find just seeing her on TV turns my stomach. As for that dreadful voice, like nails down a blackboard.

    I don’t see Forbes fixing this. I think she will carry on as usual and hope it all goes away. Humza light.

    The SNP are right on the edge of the precipice here and they better choose wisely.

  116. Bob Mack says:

    @D McV,

    Perhaps if the election was above board. If Yousaf wins ,or Forbes come to that, then the SNP card is marked. People will know that Indy is not the main objective.

    The next question for you is whether the SNP has a significant membership based on purity of governance or on the desire for Indy.? I think I know which.

    Alba awaits.

  117. Ros Curwood says:

    Stu, can you provide an email address to reach Mike Russell, and also maybe a proforma text that any readers might use to at least make an attempt to rescue our own integrity and protest at the means by which our First Minister is being selected?

  118. AndyH says:

    In what universe is Alba ‘Ukippy’?

    Also they no understandee the meaning of ‘shills’ methinks

  119. stuart mctavish says:

    Maybe the ‘hacking’ reference is because they genuinely dont know who Pete Murrel’s missing 30,000 voted for – & even funny if they turn out to have been for Ash.

    Sadly, its far more likely that they’re lying so definitely better to scrap the current fiasco and start again with a more leisurely campaign of the sort that would liberate Humza from his role as continuity chameleon/ foil for Kate’s ‘controversial’ religion.

    If they really so messed up they cant risk letting Nicola be FM for another 4 months during such a campaign then the Ash campaign request (that those who have already voted be obliged to confirm their vote in an open and transparent manner) is perfectly coherent, and absolutely necessary, if the FFS Scotland is to avoid becoming an alternative ulster.

  120. Big Jock says:

    A question not answered. 72k members, 78k ballots issued?

    I have absolutely no doubt this election is fiddled.

  121. Luigi says:

    Just how bad Queen Nic has been will be demonstrated clearly by the next corporate/media/UN position she lands. The size and nature of the reward. She will probably lie low for a couple of months (or maybe not, given her brass neck), then suddenly, there she is with a brand spanking new, highly paid job. Wait and see, folks. By the time it all comes out, she will be long gone, laughing all the way to the bank.

    Meanwhile, back in the bat cave, the simmering SNP civil war is about to blow wide open, regardless of what happens next week. Circular firing squads are being formed. The blame game will be the only one in town. This ain’t going to end well.

  122. Mac says:

    Something caused Sturgeon to suddenly resign. She looked to me very surprised to be resigning herself. Almost as much as the audience she was telling.

    When that story broke about the timing of Murrell’s loan I commented that for the first time I thought she might actually fall. I think she had resigned within 48 hours of that, maybe sooner.

    So I suspect there was something in all that which meant she had to step down immediately and of course there must have been some quid pro quo to make her do it and it is very possible a deal was made…

    Certainly Sturgeon still has that smug over-confidence she had knowing the inquiries would all be toothless and the Police would as usual turn a blind eye.

    I am not hopeful she will ever face justice (Tony Blair never did for his crimes). I am just happy she is finally gone. But honestly it is hard to imagine how she could have done more damage. I think even the timing of her resignation was designed to inflict damage.

    Sturgeon drove a massive wedge through the heart of the independence movement when she attempted to stitch-up Alex Salmond. And all the people that went along with it (and still do) are complicit. It will be very difficult for me to ever stand shoulder to shoulder with those folks again.

    Salmond united us. Sturgeon divided us.

  123. Breastplate says:

    Bob Mack,
    I agree with you, the worse the candidate is for the SNP the better it is for Alba.

    The stronger Alba is the better the chance of independence.

  124. Breastplate says:

    I think D McV is out of his bed without the nurse’s knowledge, I wouldn’t put too much stock in what they say.

  125. Liz says:

    This raises huge red flags.
    I believe Sturgeon has been selling Scotlands resources to Big Business at bargain basement prices.
    The evidence is there for all to see.

    Is this one of the things being hidden?
    Not that it will probably make any difference but as ‘a concerned citizen’, I have emailed my thoughts to the Electoral Commission UK about the transparency of this election.

    I’ll let you know if I get a reply.

  126. Geoff Anderson says:

    Ros Curwood

    Emails to Mike Russell…..

    They ignore all emails They shutdown debate at conference. They ignored Branch correspondence, they silenced CA meeting by rigid control.They scrapped the NC then they rigged the NEC.

    That is why most of us left!

    The don’t listen anymore. They will stumble on like Labour convinced that the voters will trot out and vote for Men in dresses wearing rainbow lanyards with a SNP logo on for the gullible.
    They know lost Holyrood Constituency seats will be replaced by List seats….for a few years.
    That will take the comfy slipper brigade well into retirement.

    The SNP are like Labour when they approached the vote crash….denial.

  127. Big Jock says:

    Mac -Didn’t Ian Livingstone visit Nicola the week before she resigned? Then he resigned a week after her, then Lloyd resigned, then Murrell.

    I think she is just bluffing in the media. She is a sociopath. I
    remember watching Lance Armstrong deny the drug taking, over and over again. He had the same shifty smug look. He thought he was untouchable. Nicola is no different. Sociopaths don’t have a reset button. They just keep on being sociopaths. But her time is nearing an end.

  128. John H. says:

    Etticus at 7.09am could be right. It wouldn’t look good to prosecute a First Minister, even in a devolved government. Sturgeon might well have been told to step down to avoid prosecution.
    Having done so, a weight seems to have been lifted from her shoulders. She’s cruising around the tv studios looking for attention and praise.

    In the months before she resigned she looked exhausted and deeply worried. Even the bags under her eyes had bags. Now she’s as cocky as ever. Being Sturgeon of course, she can’t give up control, so her lackey Humza would be an ideal replacement.

    This is all speculation of course, and I would hate to think that she had got off Scot free. Hopefully we’ll find out the truth soon.

  129. laukat says:

    Listened to Call Kaye this morning for a bit and the bit I heard Kirk Torrance didn’t call out the obvious problem.

    A lot of callers where saying why do the membership numbers effect the legitimacy of the ballot and demand a re-run, re-ballot or facility to edit your vote.

    The answer to me is straight forward. If more ballots are issued than there are legitimate voters then you have a fundamental problem.

    So how many members were Mivote told we had? how many ballots where issued?

    That leads on to other more far reaching questions such as How could Mivote accurately now the number of members a few weeks ago and the leader of the party, the president and others not know until Sunday?

  130. Jm says:

    The absolute nauseating corruption of it all.

  131. Mac says:

    I knew in my bones Sturgeon was a wrong’un the day the story was leaked to the Daily Record by Leaky Liz Lloyd, allegedly.

    If Sturgeon had been a true believer in independence and was earnestly and eagerly seeking its achievement then there is no way she would have tried to stitch-up Alex Salmond. That would have been like shooting yourself in the head to cure a headache.

    Even had Salmond been guilty (which he wasn’t) a true believer would have swept it under the carpet (like every other political party does). Because otherwise the collateral damage to the independence movement would be huge.

    Sturgeon never gave the slightest shit about the collateral damage to the independence movement, in fact she was maximizing it. A big part of the stitch-up clearly was to inflict as much collateral damage as possible.

    Also if you genuinely were seeking independence above all else you would not turn the vehicle for achieving independence (the SNP) into your own personal politics hobby horse, and especially when your personal politics are very toxic to many, highly divisive and widely unpopular.

    Yet NS did both of those things.

    It is really pretty amazing that support for YES has not significantly fallen despite it all.

    With a sincere and courageous leader for the first time since Salmond, who is actually trying achieve independence and not thwart it at every turn, it does suggest support for YES could easily see another 2014 surge. Sturgeon has been standing on the throat of the independence movement for the last nine years.

  132. Terry says:

    @laukat. 100% correct.
    Plus all those”extra” votes. They could be easy skewed by the fibbers in the snp.
    A lot of us were at the snp conference a few years back where on the large screen behind the stage we had a live count going on of the new members registering. Big cheers at certain points. Yet we are expected to believe that nicola and her cronies now didn’t know recent membership numbers? Honestly. If snp members swallow that then they really are “too stupid”

  133. jockmcx says:

    It’s possible the price of independence,or even just a referendum.
    was Alex Salmonds head!

    And the Dopey cn*t fell for it!

    Alex’s sin…independence or blair’s iraq!

  134. John says:

    At the time of posting this KF last twitter post was: 11:48 AM · Mar 18, 2023, almost 72 hours.

  135. Big Jock says:

    I listened to SNP supporters on Call Kaye this morning. My conclusion is that they are not worth saving. The brainwashing is so ingrained, that they can’t see what’s right in front of their noses.

    Accusing Ash of Trumpian behaviour. Classic deflection of the issue. Ignore the questions and attack the one asking the questions. Still can’t see that the Murrells are con artists. Can’t see that independence is dead under the SNP. Calling anyone who actually wants independence Braveheart tub thumping loonies.

    We are told we have to shut up and follow the process! We are damaging the cause if we speak out.

    Feck the lot of them. I despise the SNP. I don’t even care who wins the election. The SNP are dead.

    What I do care about is the public being conned, cheated and corrupted. This is not about the SNP. This is about the very pillars of democracy. Let’s beat these bastards.

  136. Big Jock says:

    I reckon there are less than 70k members. Probably mid 60s.

  137. Big Jock says:

    Don’t know if it’s a parody ,but Pat Kane is backing Humza! It looks genuine on his Twitter feed. The world has gone bat shit crazy!

  138. Mac says:

    The attempted stitch-up of Salmond seemed so over-the-top and extreme that it was hard at the time to understand why (after they had won in 2014) they felt the need to destroy him.

    But enough of the future since then has become the past that we can now see why they did it.

    If there had been no attempted stitch-up, and Alex Salmond had returned as FM, with Sturgeon graciously stepping aside, then we would either be independent by now or on the cusp of achieving it. I personally have very little doubt about that and I think many of you will also know it.

    And that is why they HAD to stitch-up Alex Salmond.

    I would not be surprised if the decision was made the day after BREXIT but it may have been because 2014 was much closer than we were led to believe. Either way, Salmond became a marked man.

    I suspect Salmond became classified as a ‘threat to national security’ and that justified and sanctioned activities against him that normally would not apply, i.e. the utter savagery of deliberately and knowingly sending an innocent man to jail as a sex offender.

    Corbyn being smeared as an anti-semite was very ugly and sinister but it pales into near insignificance when compared to the dystopian horror of the attempted stitch-up of Alex Salmond. There is a special place in hell for everyone involved in it.

  139. Breeks says:

    Even for The Herald, this is some definitive barrel scraping of the nastiest variety.

    Then again, I remember the centre page pull out of perverts, murderers and deviants they posted beside Alex Salmond’s picture on the opening day of his trial. No gutter is too disgusting for the Herald.

    Wonder if Humza’s good for another £3 million eh?

  140. jockmcx says:

    It must be the case that these people who describe themselves
    as “politicians” (sometimes to thier fingertip’s) believe that
    anything they do is acceptable because it’s “POLITICS”…
    If i don’t do it someone else will!

    Is it only on thier deathbed that they realise they were just another evil insignificant little C*nt!

  141. Luigi says:

    Sigh. When all else fails, they shout “Trumpian!”. Seen it all before.

    Ask a reasonable question……… “Trumpian!”
    Have some doubts about process….. “Trumpian!”
    But the people don’t want to fight section 35….”Trumpian!”

    Folks, I think we are all about to be labelled “Trumpian” next week or so. Brace yourselves. Stand firm.

  142. Dan says:

    @ Big Jock

    You’ll know this already but it’s always worth pointing out that pretty much everything you see, hear, or read on mainstream media is manipulated to conform to a narrative they want to push, or to simply dumb down discussions.
    Audience selection processes for the likes of Question Time try to vet out any folk with voices and views they don’t want heard or discussed.
    Call Kaye’s radio programme certainly used to vet callers so nobody with a bit of sense could get in a rip the piss out of the narrative they were pushing.
    Years back they knew the names and numbers of past “problem” callers, so we used the phone belonging to the apprentice to get through!

  143. Liz says:

    If they are using the word Trumpian, they’re reading from the same memo issued by HQ.

    Words are now losing meaning, the people who use these terms like Trumpian, nazi, transphobe etc are expecting a Pavlovian response

    The people repeating these phrases are brainwashed.

    Only very suggestible people get hypnotised all the way.
    The cult are very weak willed, suggestible people.

    It occurred to me since Kate is now giving in to everything that went before, the deal she’s made is in order to allow her to win, she’ll make Nikla depute.

  144. robertkknight says:

    Big Jock…

    “I listened to SNP supporters on Call Kaye this morning. My conclusion is that they are not worth saving. The brainwashing is so ingrained, that they can’t see what’s right in front of their noses.”

    Call Yookaye no doubt screening callers for the “I’m with Nicla” moonhowling Wee Ginger Fud types. But none of them nor their rancid pretendy Indy party are worth the steam off my pi$$ frankly.

  145. Luigi says:

    Big Jock says:
    21 March, 2023 at 10:50 am
    I reckon there are less than 70k members. Probably mid 60s.

    You’re being a bit generous there BJ (benefit of the doubt I suppose lol).

    The big Q is: How many members will there be by the end of next week?

  146. Luigi says:

    Liz says:
    21 March, 2023 at 10:01 am
    This raises huge red flags.
    I believe Sturgeon has been selling Scotlands resources to Big Business at bargain basement prices.

    If she has, she will be well rewarded.

  147. Big Jock says:

    Mac – Scotland is England’s cash cow life line. Without Scotland the RUK will fall to pieces. Scotland’s importance cannot be understated. Their very lives depend on us.

    So the UK will never let Scotland go voluntarily. This is why the SNP strategy is dead. We are not going to get a velvet divorce. We are going to have to fight them in the UN and appeal to the world for assistance with our recognition.

    The UK will do anything to stop Scotland. That includes fiddling ballots and infiltrating the SNP. They have 70% destroyed the SNP. They used Sturgeon to do it. She has served her purpose , so has been asked to leave. The last piece of the jigsaw is Humza ,or another patsy to see out time. To manage the inevitable decline of the SNP. Then the Unionists parties can go back to running Holyrood.

    This is not fantasy , this is what is going to happen. The Yes movement need to build a new party around it, otherwise our numbers will wither away as well.

    Forget the SNP , they are history. It’s over for them now.

  148. North chiel says:

    Laukat @1013 & Big Jock @1045, as regards “ call Kaye “ I have no doubt she is part of the “ Britnat establishment” with her radio phone in on the propaganda channel and “ loose women” show ( where NS appears from time to suitable time). I seem to recall that she visited GCHQ ( was it last year ?) apparently “to make some documentary” or similar , so obviously another “ media player” with friends in high places .

  149. Mac says:

    What is clear is that in Scotland the COPFS has a real problem with malicious prosecutions.

    The astonishing treatment of the liquidators of RFC was highly revealing. That was a deeply spiteful prosecution by bitter people. It gives an incredible insight into the nature of the COPFS in Scotland at the time.

    The prosecution of Alex Salmond was a malicious prosecution from top to bottom, start to finish. It was beyond malicious, it was criminal and those involved should be facing prison sentences.

    Thankfully the jury saw through it and saw through all the false witnesses, those who perjured themselves in court. The maliciousness of them was also clear to the jury.

    So then what does Sturgeon want to do, get rid of juries… an absolute psycho of a woman.

  150. Ebok says:

    Geoff Anderson says:
    21 March, 2023 at 10:04 am

    ‘They know lost Holyrood Constituency seats will be replaced by List seats…for a few years’

    Aye, Geoff, you understand the AMS system.
    SNP’s demise will be death by a thousand cuts – unless anything momentous is reported in MSM. It’s clear though that the media is happy to see a wounded SNP limp along in denial, with 3/2/1 wheel on their wagon.

    The exodus of SNP members won’t have a great impact in voting intentions either – SNP had already lost tens of thousands before HR 2021 yet amassed a record number of votes – and even if they lose 30% – 40% of constituency votes in 2026, as Geoff points out, they’ll win additional list seats, and likely remain the largest party.

    In the absence of anything spectacular being reported or going viral, the decline will be slow and painful. AR and her supporters will be side-lined and deselected, Forbes and/or Yousaf will blunder along for a further 3 years, and no one at HR will rock the boat and jeopardise their very cushy positions.

  151. Mac says:

    Big Jock, there was an article not long ago that described pathocracy and how devastating it is when the leader of an organization is a psychopath and/or with other personality disorders, how it feeds down through the entire organization…

    Well maybe it also works in reverse. If Ash Regan gets the gig maybe it will start to reverse…

    Thing is though, it is hard to see it happening quickly if it happens at all.

    I think the SNP are inevitably heading for a collapse in support but where those votes go instead is hard to say. I suspect ALBA will benefit but not as much as we hope.

    Still, if ALBA can get a handful of MSPs as a result that would still be a huge win. If Salmond gets back in it will become a lot harder for the media to freeze him out.

    Kate Forbes clearly thinks she will win. So she is suddenly backing the integrity of the process. That is a big gamble by her if so. If Humza wins she has already endorsed his victory.

    There has got be another vote or a chance to change it. What we learned recently completely alters the political landscape in which the election was conducted.

    Who the hell is going to vote for continuity now when continuity means losing 50,000 members in two years, due to your policies and being a shifty devious liar about it all.

  152. Merganser says:

    Breeks @ 11.10.

    I’m puzzled by your comments. Did the article not reflect the current state of the SNP? Perhaps I have read a different article.

  153. Effijy says:

    Boris has admitted he misled parliament on Downing St Parties
    but he did so believing he wasn’t in breach of the Covid Rules.

    His advisors said he wasn’t in breach and his official photographer wouldn’t have
    taken pictures of the party if he thought it was in breach.

    This of course happened in lots of parties there.

    The Prime Minister and pathological lying elitist of the time who sat with the Cabinet to make the no Parties rule didn’t understand the rules he signed off nor what the definition of a party was.

    Although this went on for a year in his home and in his office he says the buck stops with his advisors and his photographer.

    He continually commented on the heartbreak and courage of the many hundreds of thousands who could not be with loved ones as they passed away but thought not having parties every Friday would be a more serious issue to miss out on.

    How with so many pictures, videos and statements from others who attend the parties on different dates can anybody begin to believe a word from this lying toad.

    He should be facing a custodial sentence but with the Met Police already fining others who were with Boris at these parties it looks like they again will stand Idle and do nothing.

    Question for the Met Police- If large volumes of alcohol were being brought in under cover in a suitcase, why wouldn’t a suitcase be searched before being allowed to enter No 10?
    Why wouldn’t a policeman add 2 and 2 together and ask why with no gatherings allowed would all this drink be required.
    Could the bottles have held liquid explosives or petrol intended for an attack on No 10?
    Who lives in No 10 that could have loaned a suitcase?
    Would the residents enquire why staff wanted to borrow a suitcase for an hour?

    It all stinks of corruption from Boris, the Cabinet, the Tory Party MPs and the police.

  154. bluegrass banjo says:


    1. kate
    2. ash

  155. Lorna Campbell says:

    Whoever wins will have to cleanse the party of its corruption or he/she will not last long, and the party will go through a period of short-lasting leaders, as Labour has done before us, and even the Tories. It is when parties deviate from their core principles that it all starts to fall apart. This time of excruciating agony is necessary to cleanse the SNP of the parasites, foot-draggers, comfy slippers and pro Union elements within who are the bane of independence. Give them an inch and they will take several miles. Independence will come because it has to, it is as simple as that. It will be when people realise that there is no easy way, no way that the British State will co-operate that they will understand what requires to be done. In the main, I think, English people are not averse to our going, although they will be saddened, and we will retain many common interests, but the British State is another kettle of fish, and is a danger to all of us on these isles as it manoeuvres to keep its seat on the UN Security Council and follows American foreign policy even more slavishly. The threat from the ‘trans’ lobby is also ever-present, as the American billionaires who fund it have an agenda that includes our acquiescence in future massively profit-making ‘health’ care that is anything but.

  156. daodao says:


    “I think the SNP are inevitably heading for a collapse in support but where those votes go instead is hard to say. I suspect ALBA will benefit but not as much as we hope.”

    The SNP will haemorrhage seats even if their support drops by only 10%. IMO, the main beneficiary will be Labour (UK) and its Scottish branch office; they are now likely to win the next Westminster GE outright with an absolute majority, and are likely to do very well in the next Holyrood GE too.

    Nicola S has tragically wrecked the dream of Scottish independence for a generation, although as Alec S said in his resignation speech, “the dream shall never die”. For their criminality and deceit Nicola S and her partner deserve the same fate as Nicolae C and his partner, although I wish to make it clear that I would not support the implementation of such a penalty.

    Sadly, what is now coming out in the MSM vindicates the long-held position taken by the Rev and this WoS blog. It has been an eye opener for the wider public.

  157. Alisdair Mclean says:

    Morgatron says:
    20 March, 2023 at 7:53 pm
    “Every Ash Regan supporter should resign and join Alba .”

    My opinion too. The SNP are too compromised.

  158. Big Jock says:

    I think we can forget independence for a while. Nicola has made sure of that. Well done agent Sturgeon , please return to GCHQ for download.

    However we cannot give up on justice. Lets not sit idly by watching the inevitable collapse of the SNP. Why don’t we get the crowd funder going and uncover the fraud. I don’t want the Murrells walking away Brit-Scot free, into the sunset in the Algarve. We can at least try and see how deep the worm hole goes.

  159. Ebok says:

    daodao says:
    21 March, 2023 at 1:11 pm

    ‘The SNP will haemorrhage seats even if their support drops by only 10%’

    No, they won’t.
    SNP got more votes and a higher percentage in 2016 and 2021 than they had in 2011, yet 2011 was the only time there was a majority of seats.
    If SNP get LESS votes, down to a critical point of around 45% they will get MORE seats. It will take a far greater reduction than 10% before SNP haemorrhage seats.

    AMS/D’Hondt was a scam: we were sold a pup.

  160. Cherrybank says:

    Rev you should look at Owen Mullions 21march 1230pm and satisfy yourself it does not breach the Alphabetty identification.

  161. laukat says:

    I think Regan’s line of “I encourage the members to now demonstrate their will with SNP HQ” regarding the vote is not so much aimed at getting this contest scrapped.

    I suspect its more about saying to SNP members that once this vote in concluded and the scandals start arriving then you’ll see you should have voted for me. At that point that a new vote can happen if you make your voice heard.

    My opinion is Regan knows she will finish 3rd. The “editing” of votes may have got her to 2nd which would have finished Yousaf’s career.

    The danger in Yousaf finishing 2nd is that when the brown stuff starts arriving under Forbes leadership then Sturgeon and HQ will start pushing out a message that says this is why you should have voted for Humza. If Forbes stands down will they re-rerun the vote or just give it to the second place candidate?

  162. msdidi says:

    The Fall of the House of Murrell link posted by Owen Mullions at 12.30
    Wow another cracker. Is it safe to share this though? Anyone who was unsure about alph H must know now! Michael John Colgan spelling out where some of the bodies are buried. Hope it ALL comes out soon without any more innocents getting jail time.

  163. Big Jock says:

    Anyone on hear intend to vote SNP again? Just curious. I honestly couldn’t ever now.

  164. stuart mctavish says:

    Alisdair McLean @1:32

    I’ve no idea why everyone is resigning but, assuming they have good reason, logic dictates that it is the backers of the continuity candidate that should be resigning – indeed, had they helped Humza pull out the contest last week (as he is rumoured to have wanted) a revised vote would have been obligatory and the most critical part of their self inflicted shambles would have been resolved already.

  165. Frank Gillougley says:

    Cherrybank 1.49

    Hi Rev, I thought so too. It jumped out at me.

    Paranoia, they say, is thinking you are being watched, when you are being watched.

  166. sadscot says:

    @ Cherrybank
    Agreed. Can anyone on Twitter let Stu know about the post at 12.30?

  167. bluegrass banjo says:

    do labour/tory/libdem release membership figures ?

    a bit awkward if they dont

    after all the ranting

  168. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Thanks, “Check Notes”.

  169. Quinie frae Angus says:

    @ sadscot
    @ Cherrybank
    @FRank Gilloughly

    Yes he has been sent a message about it. Thanks.

  170. Breeks says:

    Lorna Campbell says:
    21 March, 2023 at 1:06 pm

    ….In the main, I think, English people are not averse to our going, although they will be saddened, and we will retain many common interests, but the British State is another kettle of fish, and is a danger to all of us on these isles as it manoeuvres to keep its seat on the UN Security Council and follows American foreign policy even more slavishly…

    Craig Murray had an interesting slant on that. Not sure I fully agree with it, but whether Scotland should contemplate secession as a bargaining lever, allowing England to be the Continuer UK State, and keep it’s seat on the Security Council the same way Ruskia did after the Sov Union collapsed.

    Secession would also clarify the Scottish share of UK would be zero if Scotland seceded, but an adjusted per capita share, if the UK split as Constitutional equals.

    Frankly, it would hurt my pride to “secede” from this cursed Union without extracting every molecule of wealth, and making good squandered opportunity and underachievement suffered upon Scotland these past three centuries.

    If Little England wants a seat on the UN Security Council, then make them pay a high price for it.

    But I don’t see that happening. It just doesn’t wash.

    The Treaty of Union IS a union of constitutional equals, and when the Union expires, Scotland and England will part as constitutional equals, and I suspect the letter of the Law will not be satisfied without first quantifying how a union of equals somehow evolved to become a greater state and a lesser state which fits the secession model.

    Is the last dying act of the Union to be one last injury against Scotland’s rights and integrity just so England gets a seat at the UN top table? Treated as lessers from start to finish eh?

    I think not.

    I think not, because irrespective of what Scoland does, a rump English state has no more entitlement to a permanent seat on the UN Security Council than a rump UK has. Why should the UK enjoy such priviledge when India is denied, or when there’s no African Nation with a seat?

    Why should Scotland agree to secession to suit England’s needs which are already hanging by a thread anyway?

    Then there’s Trident, and removing that filth from the Clyde. A vibrant and resurgent Scotland can insist the nukes are removed, but a seceding state would have to bargain for their removal.

    The nasty one is debt. If we part as Constitutional Equals, then Scotland will be liable for a share of UK debt. Ouch.

    But wait… A significant national debt might be a useful tool to prevent a hard Scottish currency killing off our exports.

    But wait also… As SALVO is pointing out, the 1707 Treaty of Union was never a territorial Union, so what right did a UK Parliament have to remove Scottish assets from Scottish territory, which belonged to the Scottish people? Is that the law of help yourself?

    Aye, we’ll tak a cup o’ UK debt my dear, adjusted to reflect the billions stolen from Scotland as Scotland’s oil.

    I say no to secession. Scotland is the equal of England, and that’s how Scotland should be recognised… The Auld Scotland, the auldest Nation in the world with the longest flying flag. Keep your “Sevco-Scotland” secession.

    Besides… I’ve a better carrot for England than grovelling and begging for Scottish secession. An Independent Scotland will style itself as a transitional buffer state, with a massive new Container facility at Scapa Flow, and regulate limited free movement of EU compliant trade and produce between a Brexited England and Europe. We’ll let England trade with Europe like the good ole days… more or less.

  171. Merganser says:

    I can imagine the frantic activity going on at the moment behind the scenes at a polis station somewhere in Scotland, lawyers flapping around like pipistrelles, demands and threats coming thick and fast, gnashing of teeth, tearing of clothing. Several people shivering with fear elsewhere when they hear what has happened.

    Interesting times.

  172. DMcV says:

    Bob Mack says:
    21 March, 2023 at 9:18 am
    @D McV,

    “The next question for you is whether the SNP has a significant membership based on purity of governance or on the desire for Indy.? I think I know which

    “Alba awaits”

    Ooooh, there’s a question for Little Me?

    Disappointing answer. I haven’t a clue. I am not a member of the SNP. Never have been. Was a member of Labour c1976-1984 long before I became convinced of the need for Independence. Have never joined a political party since.

    I do know this. Alba in current polls is part of 1% opting for ‘other’. It can ‘await’ all it wants – it will never come close to power. And given some of the slavering gibbers I see BTL here, that is a very good thing.

  173. Tinto Chiel says:

    “The Auld Scotland, the auldest Nation in the world with the longest flying flag. Keep your “Sevco-Scotland” secession.”

    Nicely put, Breeks.

  174. Lorna Campbell says:

    Breeks, I agree with all of that, but expediency might rule at the end of the day. I am also of the opinion – and I have studied the constitutional situation very closely – that we are two separate states, equal politically and legally. Everything around the Union suggests very powerfully that this was what was accepted as being the case prior to the change that was forced on us by underhand means by England’s MPs of the day. It was they, and not the Crown, that sabotaged Scotland’s position by annexing our Court of Session right to hear last appeal so that we could not reach a different decision on a host of constitutional and legal matters. Wise heads in the Scottish parliament prior to Union knew it would come, and their jurists and draftsmen who drew up Scotland’s Treaty did their level best to ensure that we survived as a nation, as, indeed, we have, if only by the skin of the teeth. Acquiescence has been our bane, and always we acquiesce in our own misfortune.

    However we leave the Union, the time is grower ever closer for so doing, and we must – absolutely must – put SALVO’s and SSRG’s research to the test before then. The mess created within the SNP is actually a stepping-stone because we are becoming harder-nosed by the minute. The international community must be presented with our case and the evidence to back it, as must Westminster. I have always been of the opinion that Westminster knows exactly the constitutional and legal position, has always known and has always tried to dupe us – rather successfully, too. A plain statement of intent, backed by the constitutional and legal evidence, should be made soon. We must expect the worst reaction, but hold firm. The British State is a separate political entity from England, and we need to understand that, too, because a fair number of its supporters will be Scots, Welsh and NI. It supersedes the four different nations.

  175. Gavin says:

    Ron Clark says:21 March, 2023 at 4:09 am
    Why are the Electoral Commission not stepping in and saying,,
    “Wait a fuckin minute here
    Surely they have the power to stop this farce dead in its tracks?


    Seriously ? The Electoral Commission’s job isn’t to get involved in inter party explosions Dafty its for Public Elections not Party Shoo Ins , it has no powers to do so.

  176. Gavin says:

    Michael Laing says:21 March, 2023 at 4:51 am
    @Ron Clark: For the same reason that the Electoral Commission ignored the reports of blank-backed ballot papers during the 2014 referendum and piles of ‘Yes’ votes found dumped in bins afterwards, perhaps?


  177. Keith says:

    Who on earth Voted to put Mike Russell in charge , perhaps he should have some pressure put on him to explain how letting people edit their Votes could lead to “Hacking” ? The mans the original idiots own idiot who just opens his mouth and lets complete utter sh*te come out.
    Mike is just another part of the Murrell Clique and get what he deserves and thrown in the nearest stinky pond ASAP.

  178. Bobbyp says:

    Nicola’s handlers must be well pleased with her.
    Job done.

  179. John McGregor says:

    If the “PUPPET” (should have said MUPPET) wins nothing n i mean nothing is gonna change If the wee free Kate wins oh my god IMPLOSION will ensue Is this the last day that Ash Regan can go too court or can she lodge papers right up too aboot 5mins before the result is know ??

  180. Peter Brunskill says:

    The SNP ‘Leadership’ have snatched the Inion from the jaws of Independence. I didn’t join the party in 1974 to see the dream killed from within the party. When I know who the leader is, I’ll be considering whether to put any more trust in them. It’s truly tragic.

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