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The extraordinary untruth

Posted on March 11, 2016 by

We don’t normally ask you to watch videos as long as this, readers. (Although at 4m 22s it’s still not War And Peace.) As a rule the key part of any TV discussion can be boiled down to a few seconds, but this one needs to be taken in at a bit more length.

It happened on last night’s Question Time from Dundee, and was already 10 minutes into a discussion about whether there might be a second independence referendum and what might trigger it, in particular the prospect of Scotland voting to remain in the EU in June but the rest of the UK voting to leave, dragging Scotland out forcibly.

At that point, host David Dimbleby made an inexplicable intervention, abandoning his position as supposedly neutral moderator to pluck a “fact” out of thin air with which to attack the SNP’s John Swinney. Here’s what unfolded.

Wait, what?

Dimbleby’s assertion, backed up by Tory MSP Ruth Davidson and Tim Stanley of the Daily Telegraph, was that everyone in Scotland knew when they voted in the independence referendum that there was going to be an EU referendum as well.

Therefore, they said, it was untrue to claim – as Swinney had – that the No campaign had promised that a No vote meant staying in the EU (and indeed was the ONLY way to stay in the EU), and a Brexit would be a betrayal of that promise, a significant material change in circumstances and a possible trigger for a second indyref.

Now, obviously we all know that Dimbleby, Davidson and Stanley are talking complete and utter rubbish. Everyone who followed the referendum is aware that the No campaign did indeed promise exactly that, time and again:




The UK government’s “Scotland Analysis” paper on European issues is a hefty 120 pages long, covering the subject in comprehensive detail, yet it makes no mention whatsoever of an EU referendum. What it does say in its introduction is that:

“The UK’s membership of key organisations (including the EU, NATO, the International Monetary Fund, G8 and G20) and involvement in treaties would be largely unaffected by Scottish independence.”

But the staggeringly obvious truth, which wasn’t picked up amid the chaos by either Swinney or Patrick Harvie of the Greens, is that nobody in Scotland had the slightest clue whether there would be an EU referendum or not.

The Conservatives certainly had promised one, and they did eventually include it as a concrete commitment in their manifesto, published some months after the indyref. But Labour were opposed to a referendum on the EU, and had been since January 2013.

Throughout 2013 and 2014 Ed Miliband’s party had a comfortable lead in the opinion polls – in September 2014, the month of the indyref, their average lead was 3.9%.


Now, readers of Wings Over Scotland knew better, but as far as every newspaper and pundit in the land was concerned at that point Labour were going to win the election. Indeed, in a shock twist, Ruth Davidson herself had said in an STV debate that month that a Tory victory in the election was “not likely by the polls”.

And she’d gone even further than that. In the debate (held at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh, just 16 days before the vote), she’d made the proposition crystal-clear:

We apologise for the poor sound quality on that clip, but it’s still easy enough to make out the words:

It’s disingenuous of Patrick [Harvie] to say that No means out and Yes means in, when actually the opposite is true.

No means we stay in, we are members of the European Union. And yes, IF the Conservatives win the next election – which frankly isn’t looking likely by the polls, but we’re trying our best – we will allow people to have their say.”

It’s probable that only a Tory majority, not just a victory, would have ensured that the EU referendum took place. With Labour, the SNP and the Lib Dems all opposed (on top of bitter, decades-old divisions within the Conservative Party itself on the subject), a minority Tory government would very likely have failed to get the bill through.

And right up until election night nobody thought there was a cat in hell’s chance of that outright majority. When the BBC’s 10pm exit poll suggested the Tories would get as many as 316 seats – still 10 short of a majority – astonished studio pundits Paddy Ashdown and Alistair Campbell promised to consume various items of clothing.

Finally, exactly six months before the referendum day the then-Secretary of State for Scotland, Alistair Carmichael MP, had stunned the audience at a National Farmers’ Union Scotland debate in Stirling, as reported by the Farmers’ Guardian:

“In one of the most eye-catching statements of the evening, Mr Carmichael said, to gasps of surprise among the audience: ‘There is no question of there being a referendum. There is no mechanism for the Conservatives to deliver a referendum 2017. That is the hard political fact.’” 

The widely-held expectation in September 2014, therefore, was that there was in fact NOT going to be an EU referendum. The subject just isn’t even up for debate. The claim that everyone was voting in the indyref knowing that the UK’s membership of the EU would soon be in the melting pot is an absolute, categorical, flat-out lie.

And while it would be bad enough if that lie had originated with one of the panellists, who are politicians and pundits and therefore in essence liars by nature, that it should have come, unprompted, from the supposedly neutral BBC host is a jaw-dropping dereliction of the state broadcaster’s founding principles.


We still can’t quite believe it happened. But the evidence is right in front of our eyes.

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233 to “The extraordinary untruth”

  1. One_Scot says:

    The British State propaganda machine will always lie to Scotland.

    It will never change until we become Independent.

    SNP x 2 come May, it is the only power we have.

  2. Doug Morrison says:

    “We still can’t quite believe it happened.”
    I never thought of you before as naive, Rev!

  3. ClanDonald says:

    Rock solid evidence of “…a jaw-dropping dereliction of the state broadcaster’s founding principles.”

    Does anyone know, would this stand up in court as a justifiable reason for withholding payment of the TV licence?

    Is anyone due in court for not paying it? Maybe we could crowdfund the legal fees to test it?

  4. Jamie Arriere says:

    Fucking hell, the election was 8 months away – how did they know the Tories were going to win the election?

    This is the worst revisionist bullshit the BBC has come up with in donkey’s years.


  5. gerry parker says:


    “Does anyone know, would this stand up in court as a justifiable reason for withholding payment of the TV licence?

    Is anyone due in court for not paying it?”

    You cannot be taken to court for not paying the TV license.

  6. maireen says:

    Does anyone have a link to the independence debate where Davidson started that everyone knew the Tories were not going to win the general election?

  7. Davie says:

    I remember Ruth Davidson explicitly assuring viewers during one of the pre-referendum multi-party events – very close to the vote, on either BBC or STV – that the Tories would simply NOT be forming the next Government on all known polling. And that wanting rid of them was therefore not a reason to vote YES. I remember clearly thinking it was an extraordinary thing for her to be saying.

    It will be easy enough to find though I don’t have the time.

  8. Heather McLean says:

    Thank God you’re on our side Stu!! Nothing gets past you and you’ve always got the evidence to back up everything you say! BBC Quetion Time last night was an abomination and an affront to every Dundonian who voted Yes and SNP , I’ve lived in Dundee all my life and didn’t recognise a single person in the audience. Watched it on BBC iplayer as I cancelled my licence on 19th September 2014. The BBC programme was an insult to Dundonians and to Scotland.
    Thanks for all the work you do to bring this to the attention of us all. Well done yet again!

  9. handclapping says:

    Ah but … DD is not BBC its that wicked Mentorn. And of course BBC Scotland is a bit like GERS in that there is a lot of English deadwood “attributed” to them that they have no control over.

  10. Tony Little says:

    Dimblebee is a geriatric pro-Westminster’s Managed Dependency apparatchik ably supported by the entire BBC propaganda machinery. Since at least 2013 he has abandoned any remote veneer of impartiality and has been the “Mouth of Britnattary” every week for years (the occasional holiday excepted).

    I agree though that this latest display of naked bias was “astonishing” (to quote) and I can not believe that anyone remotely neutral in Scotland woulf have failed to notice and begin to doubt the BBC’s claimed position. The scrambling around by the WMD supporters in the media will do nothing to aid their cause in the medium term.

    The clock is ticking and I really can’t believe that the majority of Scots are taken in by this constant drip of #SNPBad; #Indy2 bad; Scottish Gov Bad; etc. etc repeated ad infinitum.

    Has no one on the pro-WMD side heard of the law of diminishing returns? And trust once lost, is almost impossible to regain.

  11. ScottieDog says:

    In an attempt to move on, please if you can read this piece of work from common weal on the creation of a National Investment Bank for Scotland.
    It’s a good bit of work aimed at reforming the banking structure to something similar to the regional banks in Germany Dan Scandinavia.

    We should be pushing for this with our Mps. It would really show up the UK govt for its criminal behaviour in not reforming the UK banking system.

    Please read.

  12. Kenny says:

    Re-watching that was painful. It reminds me that Rennie especially (but all of them) said things like “you promised this would be a once in a generation thing.” No-one promised any such thing and it’s really bloody frustrating to see history re-written so breezily. Calling something a “once in a lifetime opportunity” does not mean it can’t happen more than once in a lifetime. It’s a fucking turn of phrase, not a cast-iron commitment.

  13. ClanDonald says:

    @Gerry Parker: What is it you get taken to court for then? Non payment of the fine for not paying the TV licence?

  14. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    It was a rehearsed and set up against Swinney and designed to manipulate a lie into the common Scottish psyche.

    FFS if ever Willie Rennie was in on it, there must have been a very big pow wow before and positions allocated including Attenborough. They were schooled in what to say and when to do so.

    The Production company outsourced for the programme would have to have been in it so that the plants could have been placed.

    Project Fear just got organised by some other team

  15. George N says:

    You don’t need to withhold your TV licence. I stop paying it last year as I pulled my aerial out and only watch it on demand. perfectly legal, and I even informed them too.

  16. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    Dimbleby not Attenborough.

    These BBC family types all look alike.

  17. Bo surprise here. Time to tell the rest of the world and waste more time complaining to the EBC liars.

  18. Bob Mack says:

    Oh, it happened all right. The only way it could have happened in essence was through a vague commitment by the Conservatives to consider it prior to the General Election. Swinney like others ( remember Angus Robertson) in the heat of the forge,probably never even grasped the point.

    It is manipulation, pure and simple.

    One of the techniques used by the FBI when obtaining confessions is to keep your opponent off balance. Don’t allow them to think or focus.Pile the questions in thick and fast to cause confusion.That is what we witness regularly when the SNP are questioned. It is a very effective technique,but can often lead to the innocent being damned for the wrong reasons. (The Birmingham 6)

  19. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    History brazenly rewritten by Dimbleby in alliance with the Tories.

    Even David Cameron’s best expectation was that the Tories would only cling on to power in London with the help of the FibDems. Who would again predictably scupper an EU referendum. It was only yet another quirk of a completely discredited UK electoral system that gave the Tories absolute control. It gave Cameron a headache because he found himself stuck with a raft of dross policies that he was expecting to have to jettison as “sacrifices” for his expected coalition partners.

    And what again was the proportion of the UK electorate that gave the Tories their “mandate”…?

  20. Scott says:

    I really can’t remember but did the Tories and Labour not promise a referendum but it never happened and how did dimbum know the tories would win the election month before it happened.
    Can dimbum not be held in contempt for lying live on TV.

  21. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    What did Patrick Harvie say?

  22. Thepnr says:

    Well spotted Rev, like Swinney and Harvie it never even crossed my mind that only the Tories were offering a referendum yet were expected to lose the election. 10/10 🙂

  23. gerry parker says:


    Dunno what the actual charges are but yes, you can be taken to court for not paying a fine.

    But, you cannot be fined for not having a license, so in some way or another there must be evidence that you did watch live broadcast TV while not having a license.

    Very few ways they can obtain this evidence to present to the procurator fiscal.

    You would need to be caught in the act of watching one without a lisence, or admit to the fact.

  24. bunter says:

    I despise the BBC, but there were essentially 2 referendums in the media. The one we got aka Project Fear, and the version everyone else got in rUK, which folk down there dipped into now and again, which was not full fat. Its amazing the amount of times Corbynistas post on social media saying ”now we know what you Scots mean”. The point is, what chance was there that Dimblebot picked up the nuances in his wee London bubble. As I say, I despise the BBC, a little more though, after last night.

  25. Proud Cybernat says:

    And the BritNats will, naturally, totally believe every word Dibdums utters. They will not see the carefully planted lie because they do not want to see it. They are closing their own eyes to this State Sponsored Propaganda. They don’t care because it suits their BritNat position. They are content in being lied to.

    Wait… what? What the BritNats should really be asking themselves is “If the BBC can lie about this, WHAT THE HELL ELSE ARE THEY LYING ABOUT?”

    Aye – it suits your needs right now but what do you do when they lie about something eslse; something that affects you? Will you be happy with the State Sponsored Broadcaster then?

    Point is this–whether you agree or not with Scottish independence, you should absolutely be outraged at the way the State Sponsored Broadcaster is lying to us because, in the end, it damages ALL OF US because it damages that thing we cherish the most–our democracy. The State Sponsored Broadcaster is stealing ALL OUR democracy with their constant lies whether you are unionist OR indy supporter.

    Why can’t the BritNats see that? Why aren’t they getting angry with that? For, as the quote goes, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.”

    All good Unionists should be questioning what went on in QT last night before we ALL face the slippery slope.

  26. I too was stunned by Dimbleby’s intervention and Ruth Davidson’s claim that everyone knew there would an in out referendum isn’t true either.

    While the Tories promised a referendum on the EU yes, but the Tories in 2010 also promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty which they dropped when they were elected.

  27. Stoker says:

    Thanks again, Rev, for this. It really got my goat when the ignorant b@st@rds cut-off that fella with the black hair and English accent. My head almost erupted.

    Talking of recognising faces, who is the chrome-dome with the glasses who blatantly lied about Swinney. I can’t place him, I’m thinking Orange Order and/or Conservative & Unionist Party?
    BNP/NF/UKIP perhaps? It’s been doing my head in all day long.

    I’ve seen him before but just can’t place the lying slap-head!

  28. handclapping says:

    @Bugger (the Panda)
    It not like you not to know your sunshine from your sweeties 🙂

  29. call me dave says:

    DD intervenes in political debate and states a lie but will Joe public notice. It seems that many did on this occasion.

    Auntie BBC will probably say move along quickly nothing to see here. But in case you noticed it, it was an honest mistake and we will likely make a few more before May 2016.

    BBC have had a think and IMO have deduced that in order to scramble a few ‘2nd votes’ from the SNP the Greens would be better in the tent pissing in.

    I might be wrong but after last night I believe there is a secret bunker where faces meet to try and pull their unionist chestnuts from the fire which is likely to engulf them in May.

    SNP x 2

  30. Arbroath1320 says:

    Think I’ll just leave this here. 😉

  31. mike says:

    Complaint Made!

    I was appalled when watching the question time episode broadcast last night.
    The make up of the panel and of the audience did not even make a pretence at representing the people of Dundee or even Scotland. Audience questions were taken from two failed labour candidates one of whom was recently in the media for making vile Nazi slurs on children who attended a protest outside BBC Scotland in Glasgow. It would appear that the BBC have rewarded her for her comments about the “Hitler Youth Wing” attending the protest with a prominent spot on your question time show. She is obviously seen as BBC friendly and has received appropriate recognition.

    The lack of prominence given to anyone from Dundee was glaringly obvious and the audience response to the conservative panel member indicated that although receiving only 12% of the vote in Dundee at the last election the audience had considerable more than 12% representation of conservative voters.

    I am left wondering if the BBC deliberately chose to politicise the question time panel or if they were staggeringly incompetent. Either way it doesn’t look good for the corporation. There is no point bringing the QT programme to different cities if there is no attempt to reflect the residents thereof. It would surely be easier for the BBC to pursue it’s agenda from a fixed location and remove any pretence at regional or national balance.

    I eagerly await the ill considered denials from your complaints department.

  32. galamcennalath says:

    Yoonery, in all its manifestations is absolutely crapping it. Terrified as they watch their Union is melting away under them.

    They know they scraped through IndyRef1 with fearmongering and promises which were never delivered. They know the increasingly popular SNP are committed to Indy. They know a significant change in circumstances will bring demands for a re-run.

    And most importantly, they know damned fine they also sold a No vote as a guarantee of continued EU membership, despite all the nonsense spouted out last night.

    So they do what they always do – lie!

    However, Yoony politicians lying is one thing, the ‘impartial’ BBC employee joining in is a whole different thing altogether.

    There needs to be some disciplinary action taken now.

  33. Macart says:


    Yeah, jumped the shark, the boat and the dock. Strangely though, not shocked that it happened, just the manner in which it transpired.

    And that does surprise me. 😮

    Is their ‘out there’ behaviour and willingness to mislead at the drop of a hat, really so common place that the shock and awe has literally dulled?

  34. James Anderson says:

    To be honest there was NO excuse for two very senior Yes politicians not seizing the initiative on this line of attack. It was one of THE central themes of the No campaign (EU membership guarantee). And has been shortlisted since as one of only a handful of ‘material changes’ (breach of that guarantee via Brexit) that could trigger Indyref II in the short term. Open goal missed I’m afraid.

  35. Luigi says:

    What was with the highly offensive sneering and sniggering of the tory baby tank commander, when Swinney was making a fair point? Perhaps she was trying to make a good guy look ridiculous and win a few votes in Dundee with her bizzare behaviour. Aye, that will surely win you a few votes, Ruth. Keep up the good work, not long till May. 🙂

  36. Stoker says:

    ClanDonald wrote:
    “What is it you get taken to court for then? Non payment of the fine for not paying the TV licence?”

    Non payment of fine and/or watching tv programmes, as they are being shown, without a tv licence.

    You cannot be taken to court for simply owning a tv or watching other sources such as Netflix.

    Nor can you be taken to court for watching the BBC iplayer, but be aware, all of that is about to change very soon if certain folk get their way, and they will.

  37. Provost Sludden says:

    The only way that I might be tempted to watch this programme again is if guests on the panel included the Reverend Stu and Paul Kavanagh.

  38. Blue bell polka says:

    My wife thought I was going to have a heart attack when I was screaming blue murder at the TV when Dimblefuck came out with this untruth. Him and the rest of his ilk.
    SNP x2 too.

  39. Luigi says:

    I think from last nights debacle, we can safely conclude that the BBC were terrified of letting any real Dundonians near the TV cameras. I bet Dimbleby and his yoons could not get out of town quick enough after the show. 🙂

  40. Dan Huil says:

    Lying bbc scum. They know they can get away with the lies because britnats in Scotland are very happy to pay the licence tax.

  41. ScottishPsyche says:

    Ruth Davidson is really aggressive under all that fake chortling.Probably not an asset when she worked at the male dominated BBC.

    I suspect she has been carefully managed until now. However as the veneer is allowed to slip more I believe she will make her move for the leadership when Cameron leaves. It gives an indication how these debates are going to go in the next few weeks with all the Yoons piling in with little regard for truth.

    This blatant lie will be used again unless called out now so well done on giving it some prominence.

  42. Proud Cybernat says:


    Fire engines rushed to BBC TV Centre at White City as computer burst into flames trying to cope with the amount of QT complaints received.

    Add yours here:

  43. muttley79 says:

    It looks like a complete set up by Dimbleby, Davidson, Rennie and Mara imo. I did not watch it but it looks very, very dodgy to me.

  44. Peter Clive says:

    I thought the whole thing was a fascinating documentary on the lost city of Dundee and what its inhabitants might have felt and thought if they were alive today:

  45. Ruby says:

    They are really riled because they know that they are in the wrong.

    The whole Project Fear EU debate was a giant con. There was no mention by any member of PF about the EU referendum.

    We heard a lot from Barroso, Lord Tugendhat, Crawford & Boyle (the £multi-million lawyers) Michael Moore, Farage etc etc etc and there was no mention of an EU referndum.

    The BBC went all over Europe interviewing every politician they could find to say an iScotland would not be in the EU and not one of them mentioned an EU referendum.

    Perhaps ‘Pantomine Dame Ruth’ could point out when Project Fear informed the Scottish electorate about the possibility of voting NO and being dragged out of the EU.

  46. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    Outside UK and not available to me.

    Not allowed a satellite dish in this town. Cable available but no UK domestic channels.

  47. ahundredthidiot says:

    Remind me…..Nuremberg trials…….keep repeating the lie

    The British state is up a certain creek without and adequate tool.

    John Swinney is proud to have voted Yes, me and you both John.

  48. stewart fae stoney says:

    Complaint submitted to the BBC

  49. PorridgeGun says:

    “I remember Ruth Davidson explicitly assuring viewers during one of the pre-referendum multi-party events – very close to the vote, on either BBC or STV – that the Tories would simply NOT be forming the next Government on all known polling. And that wanting rid of them was therefore not a reason to vote YES. I remember clearly thinking it was an extraordinary thing for her to be saying.

    It will be easy enough to find though I don’t have the time.”

    It was the last STV indyref townhall debate. And yeah, I remember thinking the same thing, how totally out of left-field it was. I also knew how much of a snake Ruth Davidson was and that she was bullshitting the audience and manipulating undecided Labour folk into voting NO. She basically said the tories are fucked, Labour are all but guaranteed to win the next general election, so there’s no point in voting independence.

    For whatever reason, Nicola Sturgeon didn’t call Davidson out on it.

  50. Tony Little says:


    You are probably right about the ‘gang’ attack, although I watched the programme and it seemed to me that Jenny Marra was uncomfortable about most of what was happening around her. However, there was IMO a DEFINITE resurrection of the ConDem alliance.

    Ruth showed her loud bad (usual?) side and Willie was just Willie. Noisy and pointless.

  51. Dan Huil says:

    The only thing which could have made this programme even more biased is if Nick Robinson had been on the panel.

  52. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    We have all somewhat admired Ruth Davidson for her undoubted pluck in defending the absolutely indefensible. But last night I thought there was just a touch of the school playground bully about her.

  53. winifred mccartney says:

    Another complaint gone in – you do begin to believe their lies -heaven help us and think maybe you are wrong just shows how much we need wings and each others support.

  54. Arbroath1320 says:

    Dan Huil says:
    11 March, 2016 at 3:50 pm

    The only thing which could have made this programme even more biased is if Nick Robinson had been on the panel.

    Oh I dunno Dan … I think if this ignorant dimwitted moron had managed to get on the panel then something similar may have occured. 😀

  55. Ken500 says:

    The Unionists did themselves no favours, especially Ruth Davidson. What a disgusting performance. Dimbleby should get the sack. It just makes people even angrier and more determined.

    John Swinney is a marvel. Balances the budget with the great difficulties. A real saviour.

  56. Ron says:

    Here’s The Couriers take on things:

    The comments from the reactionist yoon britnat UKOKBTNOTHANKS Tory farmer readers are as hilarious and they are depressing. They seem to think the EBC are biased towards the SNP.

  57. heedtracker says:

    It really was a ferocious act of bias by Dimbleby but he is BBC and they were clearly caught up in tory UKOK blood lust.

    Vote YES and you’re out of Europe, from hard core yoon Project Fear propaganda targeting EU nationals living in Scotland like this

    To BBC full on vote YES and your out of Europe for good, says President Barosso terrorising

  58. PorridgeGun says:

    “It looks like a complete set up by Dimbleby, Davidson, Rennie and Mara imo. I did not watch it but it looks very, very dodgy to me.”

    It’s not the first time either. Sturgeon being ganged up on by Jim Murphy, Ruth Davidson, Willie Rennie, and Gordon Brewer last year on Sunday Politics Scotland was a disgrace. For a so-called general election debate, there were literally ZERO attacks on anyone other than Sturgeon and the SNP. It totally reeked of Better Together. Fortunately, Nicola was on her game and beat all four of them quite handily.

    That being said, this is a serious problem for the SNP. Not everyone is as accomplished a debater and battle-hardened as Sturgeon and Salmond. Dimbleby already pulled this crap on a milquetoast SNP MP a few months back, and she wasn’t ready for it and just let his BBC slimey tactics slide.

  59. Robert Roddick says:

    Thank you Stuart for the knowledge that there are intellectual forces on our side. I found reading about this farce thoroughly depressing. I have now absolutely no respect for Ruth Davidson. Dimbleby is no chairman. I long ago ceased to watch QT, it clearly has got much worse.

  60. gordon ford says:

    Complaint submitted………………

  61. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    …another complaint gone in.

    Tony Little and Proud Cybernat are both right. It’s not in anyone’s interest (including the broadcaster itself) for the BBC to trash its well-earned reputation so badly. It’s not as though Fox TV would do a better job, is it?

    I think what we are seeing is an ever-more desperate reaction from the BritNats, who feel that history is relentlessly slipping away from them and are increasingly panicking. Which drives them to make ever more stupid mistakes that only serve to undermine their own position. (Never more true the Ancient Greek saying, “Whom the gods wish to destroy…”.

  62. Ruglonian says:


    There’s two tickets going spare for Alan Bissets ‘Moria monologues’ show tonight in the Tron Theatre, Glasgow.

    Contact the Yes Rutherglen Twitter account for details.

  63. drawdeaddave says:

    Seems there’s a race to the bottom in the credibility stakes between Scottish Labour & the BBC, which comes as no surprise as the two organisations are undeniably linked in Scotland. (Sarah Smith) The thing is, we can vote Scottish Labour out, but it’s almost impossible to do anything about the BBC apart from nonpayment of their TV tax, complaints & protests. It’s high time some of the bigwigs from within the SNP stood up to the BBC in the same way they stand up to the Tories at WM, if nothing else at least it would give the situation more publicity..

  64. galamcennalath says:

    We demand a re match.

    Only two Yoons on the panel and the Rev Stu in the chair 😉

  65. Scott Borthwick says:

    On the TV licence discussion. I had a visit just yesterday from the enforcement officers. I was home, but they didn’t knock the door or ring the bell. They just posted a note through the door to let me know they’d been round. I found that most peculiar. Maybe they have finally grown weary of clued-up people telling them to do one.

  66. Ron says:

    Off topic but it’ll make you pure ragin’…

    Approval has been given for “Crossrail 2” – a £33 billion (yes, billion) project to build another railway line across London. That’s in addition to the £14.8 billion one they’re building at the moment. Meanwhile Scotland gets the square root of fuck all back from Westminster to invest in our infrastructure. This is where YOUR tax money is going.

  67. gerry parker says:


    You’re correct. They play on ignorance of the facts scaring people into paying for a license they do not need.

    They have to prove to their masters though that they are doing something and posting a note through your door is their way of doing that.

    They are being met now with people who are now more clued up.

    If anyone wants them to keep away, get a “No cold callers” sticker from your local police station.

    Do nothing more than point to the sticker if they make an appearance. Tell them to go away or you will call the police.

  68. PorridgeGun says:

    “To be honest there was NO excuse for two very senior Yes politicians not seizing the initiative on this line of attack. It was one of THE central themes of the No campaign (EU membership guarantee). And has been shortlisted since as one of only a handful of ‘material changes’ (breach of that guarantee via Brexit) that could trigger Indyref II in the short term. Open goal missed I’m afraid.”

    Swinney is a policy wonk, he’s not anywhere near strong or combative enough to go for the kill, and Patrick Harvie is fucking useless. If he was half as brilliant as green lefties claim, they’d be doing a lot better in the polls. As a debater, Harvie is a total liability. Remember his deer in the headlights moment in that General Election debate on the BBC?

    Another thing, how come neither Swinney or Harvie called bullshit on TWO labour candidates being in the Question Time audience? WTF

  69. bjsalba says:

    Our “share” Crossrail2 will appear on GERS making our “deficit” bigger.

  70. Fran says:

    @ Kenny

    Rennie didn’t say generation he said lifetime, which is a bigger lie

  71. JaMur says:

    Hard to watch without swearing. Big John earns his cash there.
    To sit there and listen to wave after wave of pish in a gang attack would be to much to me.

    So cheers John.

  72. ScottieDog says:

    Don’t forget ‘Help to buy London’ which contributes up to 40% of the equity for a property down there – all subsidised by the UK state.
    Of course that serves to put house prices up even further and create even more mortgage debt (the cause of the current recession.)

  73. Last nights Question Time is the last one I’ll ever watch. An example of BBC bias and control over what could have been an interesting show hosted in a Yes city. Tim Stanley please don’t wear a tartan tie the next time you try to patronise Scottish voters.

  74. DerekM says:

    Double sweeties for the Rev for managing to pick that out from that car crash of posturing lies and nonsense.

    A total stitch up job that was well rehearsed that wasnt the tories,labour,lib dums that was bitter together project fear part 65 million,damn sequels never as good as the original.

    like a stone dropped in a pond our ripple will reach far and wide well its more like a tsunami and its coming right at you yoons.

  75. Proud Cybernat says:

    Would love to see the State Sponsored Broadcaster try this little stunt in YES Glasgow. Go on BBC – we effing dare you.

  76. One_Scot says:

    If anyone needed just one reason to use both votes for the SNP to try and win a crucial majority, then Question Time from Dundee last night pretty much ticks all the boxes.

  77. heedtracker says:

    Scots knew there would be an EU referendum back in 2014 and Project Fear is all Alex Salmond’s, Nicola Sturgeon’s, YES voter’s, in fact all Scottish democracy’s, fault.

    Yoon culture’s ongoing airbrushed rewrite of their own tawdry UKOK conservatism, all propped up by BBC led Project Fearing, maybe:D

  78. JaMur says:

    It was in Dundee. The Yes City.

    The Whole set up reeks badly.

    We need out pronto.

    May will be a good month.

    x2 EU.

  79. Algernon Pondlife says:

    There is also the small matter of the official, factual and not politically motivated leaflet that the Scottish Office distributed widely in 2014.
    (I assume it was “widely” because my better half and I each got a copy through the post. Unfortunately they were thrown out when a careful reading suggested that all the facts elaborated were designed to put the case for union despite the document not being associated with the No campaign.)
    The one fact that I took note of was that EU membership was deemed a significant benefit of remaining in the union. From this I concluded that the Tories’ talk of a referendum was so much hot air and had no credibility (at that time) within the government.
    In consequence I would be surprised if many people in Scotland were “aware” that the next (inevitable tory) government would inevitably hold such a referendum.
    I should add in defense of my naivete that I was then unaware of Carmichael’s total estrangement from the truth.

  80. galamcennalath says:

    heedtracker says:

    “Yoon culture’s ongoing airbrushed rewrite”

    It’s what BritNats do. It’s what they have always done.

    As Liam Fox said the other day about the UK being “one of the few countries in the European Union that does not need to bury its 20th century history”.

    I’m not quite sure whether he is so thick that he believes that guff, or is he talking up the UK to reinforce the myth?

    The UK were never the good guys, but they go out of their way to rewrite events or hide misdeeds to make themselves look good.

    So now, unsurprisingly, they have begun rewriting the facts and the conduct of their IndyRef campaign!

  81. Mark Fletcher says:

    I struggled to find anything Dundonian in that programme. What an utterly unrepresentative audience!

    Dimbleby’s biased and lying interventions were particularly shocking.

    That is the most brazenly biased piece of pro-establishment broadcasting I have ever seen.

    Complaint made!

    I do like it however when our enemies show their true colours. They can drop the pretence and attack us as much as they like – it’s only ever going to go one way.

    On another matter. Do you think an independent Scotland will be able to extradite Alberto Costa and throw him in the Bottle Dungeon in the castle in St Andrews?

  82. Tinto Chiel says:

    These words sprang to mind when reading your extract from the BBC charter, Rev. (and thanks for nailing Dimdumb’s lie so comprehensively):

    “Deprive the people of their national consciousness, treat them as a tribe and not a nation, dilute their national pride, do not teach their history, propagate their language as inferior, imply they have a cultural void, emphasise their customs are primitive, and discuss independence as a barbaric anomaly.”

    BBC Mission Statement for Scotland?

    No: SS Gruppenführer Heydrich’s thoughts on how to control Czechoslovakia, actually.

  83. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Labour were dead against an EUref and seemed to be most likely to win the next UKGE. David Cameron’s best hope was to cling on to power with the aid of the ever-willing FibDems.

    So he had assembled a raft of dross policies that he was cynically intending to “sacrifice” to keep Glegg & Co. in play. My guess is that one of those was the EUref…

  84. Almannysbunnet says:

    Ruth Davidson has been putting on an act for some time now. Captain sensible, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, future leader of the second biggest party in Scotland, the only one willing to take on the SNP, “nobody is more Scottish than me”, all dimples and smiles.
    The mask slipped last night and showed that the old Ruthie Tank Commander, the sneering bully, is still there. She never fooled me for a minute.
    Future leader of the Conservative party? don’t make me laugh.

  85. Proud Cybernat says:


    “In terms of Gross Domestic Product the UK National Debt in 2005 was about 38 percent of GDP.” (from here:

    And it’s Armageddon Apocalypse Now Total Effing Meltdown if Scotland is a mere 10%.


  86. Graeme Doig says:

    OT back to Gers

    Good article by Gordon M-K and superb letter by Wings own Dave McEwan Hill debunking Gers.

    My question for the National is why on earth did you think it was a good idea, the day after all manor of glee broke out in msm, to lead with a headline about a “Lost Village” FFS

    Not impressed.

  87. heedtracker says:

    galamcennalath says:
    11 March, 2016 at 5:05 pm
    heedtracker says:

    “Yoon culture’s ongoing airbrushed rewrite”

    It’s what BritNats do. It’s what they have always done.

    Its relentless tory BBC led English media propaganda war, so today

    On BBC 24 news down the corridor an hour or so ago, I listened to a long detailed defence of Cameron, a full on airbrushing away of Cameron’s UKOK Libyan adventures and total black out of the civil war now raging in Libya and all of it wound up by jolly BBC anchor chump, at the same levels of con artistry Gavin Esler pumped into Scotland, with his own massive BBC boost for Vote NO Borders private vote NO campaign.

    The BBC led tory shyste can never stop and never will.

  88. boris says:

    David Dimbleby: Oxford University: Bullingdon Club member: Lifetime membership: Member greeting: Bully! Bully! Bully!

  89. Foonurt says:

    Fuck me. Patholoagical, leein basturts. Tak nuhin, thoan basturts pit oot iz goaspull.

    Mon, wae wurr Scoattish Independence.

  90. Iain More says:

    Surely sensibledave is still stroking himself off to that going by his silence on above. Only a half witted Brit Nat would say that DimDimbers was neutral and impartial and so on. And people still pay a TV Tax to be subjected to that. Well not me I stopped paying their TV Tax years ago.

  91. Graf Midgehunter says:

    @ Bugger la Panda

    “Outside UK and not available to me.

    Not allowed a satellite dish in this town. Cable available but no UK domestic channels.”

    I’m in Germany but I can get all the UK channels (and more) with:

    Pick out the programme that you want to watch and click on the little black triangle. A new tab opens and starts with your choice to watch. The ad is over quickly.

    When the time up mask appears (Once only at the beginning of the session/evening) just click the free “Watch now” button and then after a couple of seconds delete the tab to go back to the TV guide and hit the black triangle again.

    Any time you want to change channels just go back to the guide which you should have stored under bookmarks.

    The times for the programmes are CET so you don’t have to convert to UKOK times.

    With a HDMI cable hooked up to the telly you can do a Rev Stu with the comfy chair and glass of Armagnac in the hand..!

  92. WP says:

    Couldn’t agree more about Dave’s letter. Superb. Surprised it was published. Has to laugh at the article on how the uk will be in surplus by 2020. Two years ago it was to be 2017/18.
    £1.6 trillion debt rising daily says otherwise. But don’t mention that, I did once but I don’t think anyone noticed.

  93. The Rough Bounds. says:

    Brits have a long pedigree of bare face lying and twisting facts. Back in 1979 I was taking part in a ’round the pub table’ discussion.

    Opposite me was a Labour woman. She informed us that the reason Labour hadn’t come out to help with the Yes campaign at the time was that they were ”all depressed at having lost the election to the Tories” and presumably unable to find the energy to fight for devolution for Scotland.

    I was nonplussed for about two seconds. I then reminded her and the others that the General Election in 1979 was held several weeks AFTER the referendum and NOT, as she stated, before it.

    Believe it or not, but this woman was telling this lie a mere SIX MONTHS after that referendum.

    Unionists haven’t changed. For further examples of these sort of lying switcheroos I recommend reading 1984.

  94. Croompenstein says:

    OT – You won’t see this on BBC news but this has to be seen and heard. It’s Caroline Lucas Green MP bringing her NHS bill to the commons for 2nd reading. There is a creeping privatisation agenda for the NHS in England that will have direct consequences for the Scottish NHS.

    Note how many SNP MP’s are present and how few of the yoons are present. Some excellent interventions from Phillipa Whitford.

  95. Papadox says:

    the THREAT of indyref2 terrifies the yoons because they have no control over it. They either want it now when the demographics are with them or never, hence the obsession with it. The SNP should Waite till the result is certain, which shouldn’t take to long as the yoons are making a pigs ear out of it. Or should that be mouth? This THREAT terrifies them hence all the focus on indyref2. SNP don’t hammer on about it.

  96. msean says:

    The bettertogether folk did indeed say that a no vote would protect Scotlands’ eu membership.Told Scots they would be out of Europe unless they voted no.

    As far as I can remember,we were all heading for a hung UK parliament and the tories started flying an in/out referendum kite to slay their UKIP dragon. Trying to rewrite history thinking we’ll all forget what they said.

  97. Croompenstein says:

    I must say Ruthie was looking a bit worse for wear at the after show bash… 🙂

  98. I remember establishment lackey Dimbleby on QT a few weeks back trying to smear the SNP with cozying up to Donald Trump,

    SNP MP John Nicolson new his stuff and told Dimbleby in no uncertain terms that it was the Labour Party in Scotland (Jack Wilson McConnell, Baron McConnell of Glenscorrodale) that had made Trump a Scottish ambassador,

    luckily Right Wing Ruthie was not their to talk over and interrupt him.

  99. Malky says:

    So many sweary words, so little time.

  100. heedtracker says:

    Unionists haven’t changed. For further examples of these sort of lying switcheroos I recommend reading 1984.

    But we have.

    Yoon propaganda BBC style seems to be perennially effective in England and is more or less tolerated by England. In Scotland, its clearly losing its power and glory by the day and that could be because YES voters know they can win back their own country from toryboy control.

    England’s just got 50 shades of toryboy to choose from. And ofcourse election turn outs in England reflect it all. Also part of our UKOK imperial master baiter’s cunning plan.

  101. Achnababan says:

    Impartial lies at the heart of public service …..

  102. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Looks like someone senior at Question time got their arses booted for the Kezia debacle on question time with a normal audience…

    Obviously, told to stack the audience with lots of yoons so that did not happen again.

    I did not watch it – the date and location were no accident – an ambush on John Swinney a couple of days after GERS released is not a coincidence.

    There is no point in complaining or ex
    Does not bode well for a Scottish Six.

  103. Macart says:

    What I’d give, for just once, an indy panelist to round on those ignorant, rude, serial interruptions and tell the offenders to shut their pie hole. So why don’t they?

    Y’know the whole politic speak thing simply isn’t human. Its not even civil. Can you imagine speaking to or over anyone like that in any other situation without a serious sore face being the result? I can’t.

    Our SNP representatives are human too and the restraint it takes not to go off on one (even when grossly outnumbered) must be near impossible to bear. Oft times its taken or I reckon mistaken as reluctance to engage or failure to trap through incompetence or lack of aggression. Basically they don’t perform or react as we believe they should, or indeed we would.

    Yet with that restraint in place who comes off worst in the vision of the viewing public? The ignorant, loud and offensive bully or the victim of their cataclysmic arseholery?

    Maybe Napoleon was right after all.

  104. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Oops hit submit button.

    … no point in putting in complaints as they will be rejected on affecting their impartiality on “journalism”.

    Also they will never release the number of bbcqt complaints either via FOI or any other route.

    However, I note they released the number of complaints against the Scottish Six proposals, 600 to 1000, though (numbers vary depending if you believe the BBC or the Mail. Lol).

    Perhaps that means that the Scottish Six is not real “journalism” and not covered by impartiality and FOI rules.

  105. Doug Daniel says:

    Love the “subtle” highlighting of certain letters in Alistair Carcrashmichaelmoore’s name.

  106. call me dave says:

    Jeremy Corbyn not to address the ‘Scottish’ labour conference says Auntie on shortbread radio news.
    Wonder why? …Is he not the leader.

    Doctors welcome £20m funding for GPs

  107. DerekM says:

    Did he maybe get mixed up with what he knew and the people of Scotland didnt,was this a slip did the mask just fall for a wee second there as his tory boy arrogance betrays him.

    But if thats the case then why were we not told there would be an EU referendum bitter together yoon boy zoomer brigade told us we would be out on our ear if we voted yes,no Europe for you Scotland stay rule Britannia and all will be well with the pooling and sharing broad shoulders ok ukmania best for you in Europe wee Scotland dinnae worry your heads we will look after you we love you Scotland

    Cant have it both ways yoons what is your plan B because your plan A sucks big time.

    Maybe if you tried some politics you know making policy creating opportunities passing on what is a sovereign currency to not just the private sector but to the public sector and not measly low wages give the punter money to spend and council jobs to remove unemployment,we cant go bust its our fucking money now spend it on fixing up this islands infrastructure or get left behind by the rest of the world you eejits.

  108. GERRY ROBERTSON says:

    Surely we must be reaching the stage like Donald T and Fox News that the SNP publicly boycotts the BBC then people will quickly realise they will not get a balanced viewpoint by watching this apology for a public service broadcaster.

  109. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    @gerry parker and ClanDonald

    Very few get taken to court in Scotland for not paying TV licence anymore.

    I wonder why the BBC don’t publicise this more often?

    Most folk just get a fine and the fiscals are increasing not bothering with that either

    Hence Privatisation of the BBC is on the cards. Licence fee payments falling every year.
    tick tock…

  110. Kishorn Commando says:

    Two firsts in this house today,
    1 TV Licence DD cancelled
    2 Formal complaint to BBC

    btw great to see you back Tinto Chiel

  111. Robert Louis says:

    What the London run English state propagandist BBC did last night was very blatant AND obvious. So, blatant, that one might wonder, was it done deliberately, in order to quell demands for a Scottish six?

    They are a dirty filthy bunch the BBC, never, ever to be trusted. They will do ANYTHING London demands, in order to prevent Scots seeking independence. Journlaists? nah, paid liars.

    As for Dimbleby, well, I think everybody in Scotland knows well what they think of him.

    So this is how the Scottish parliamentary election campaign will be. Mibbes time for another demo outside pathetic liar quay.

  112. Callum says:

    In my “The man in the bath castle” videos, we are all getting ready for independence.

    Schools have the day off and celebrations have been organised up and down the country. Foreign signatories have arrived from all over the world. Government officials have been arriving over the last year to negotiate trade deals, in the end Scotland chose a new currency which in early trading has risen 8% against GDP. Whilst some organisations closed and moved south in the early days, many more came to Scotland to take advantage of a positive and skilled workforce. Old bottles of whisky kept for that special day are ready for the big day. Saltires everywhere.

    People are smiling.

  113. Ian says:

    The unionist politicians are experts in managing decline and glorying in failure. It’s their only basis of experience. But what hopefully must now be obvious to all but the most devoted serf is their inability to construct not only a viable future, but one backed by actual accomplishments. Roll on the day these self serving parasites disappear into the wilderness.

  114. Paul D says:

    Stu, I’ve got a copy of the STV IndyRef debate that’s been referred to if you still need a copy.

  115. old dearie says:

    Thanks for the clip from last night’s shocker. I am still raging about it. The most frustrating thing is the feeling of complete powerlessness to do anything meaningful about it. I am consoling myself with the belief that the audience demographic for QT is largely composed of the chattering classes and politically committed voters. Wish I knew how to insert “The Scream” on here.

  116. JLT says:

    There was no way I could have watched this last night. My foot would have gone clean through the telly.

    However, I still honestly believe; no matter the nonsense that is being spouted by Dimbleby, Davidson, or any of the other plants within the audience, ‘that we all knew there was going to be an EU referendum if we voted ‘No”, it is a complete fabrication and a twist of the facts.

    However, should England remove the UK from the EU on Friday the 24th of June, then these same people on QT last night are also living in La-La-Land if they think everything is going to be oh-so-rosy and La-Di-Dah if they think the EU are just going to quietly nod; accept the result and say ‘okay Britian. We get you position and now understand your feelings. Let’s continue to trade with you just as normal’

    That …isn’t going to happen.

    What will happen when we all wake on that Friday morning, is that we will switch on our TV’s; great uncertainty has gripped the UK and the EU as it appears that the ‘Out’ campaign have won, and the markets have been panicking in Asia and America throughout the night. Sterling is beginning to tumble and affecting all markets.

    Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council, will do a press conference that same morning, and his stern look and tone will make it clear that the UK’s former EU partners are basically in a mood of quiet fury. The UK will have set a precedent. However, in the eyes of the other EU nations, no other EU nation must be allowed to go down this path or its the end of the European Dream. Instead …punishment will await Britain. The EU will debate over that weekend as to what trade will actually take place between the EU and UK …but it most certainly won’t be as before, and it most certainly won’t be on the UK’s terms. Simply …the EU will state that if you are out …then you’re ‘OUT!’

    So last night on QT …a complete charade by a bunch of liars, chancers, deceivers and the foolish.

    In fact …I wonder if what I have mentioned above may come to pass …and if so, how many Unionists will sit in front of their TV’s on that Friday morning, gripped with a terrible sense of unease, and wonder if their decision to vote ‘No’ on the 18th of September 2014 was a wise idea after all.

    In fact …they may even wonder if the ‘Yessers’ were actually right all along…

  117. Valerie says:

    I picked this up last night, even through my rage.

    It was at the point Ruth said, everybody knew about an EU referendum, I thought, wtf?

    We were supposed to be clairvoyant about who would win the GE, as well as know their manifesto?

    That will be stupid jocks again, courtesy of Davidson.

    I don’t know how she sleeps at night, lying through her teeth.

  118. Wuffing Dug says:

    Staying at my dad’s this weekend….

    BBC on constantly.

    When your eyes are opened you realise it’s all just a unionist corporate mind wank.

    I ignore it now, doesn’t bother me.

    I now regard the BBC as a disease that will eventually be cured. By us.

  119. heedtracker says:

    BBC go back in time and save Ireland from running its own affairs, just listened to BBC r4 trailer for

    Brits in their Ireland region failed because of bad stuff that

    “would change the majority of Irish public opinion radically towards demanding full independence from British rule and push Northern Ireland’s unionists further towards partition.”

    Never met an Republic of Irish citizen that said they wanted to be governed by their neighbours across the Irish sea. But why let them away with that kind of real world reality in the BBC.

  120. galamcennalath says:

    Och, is no aboot time tae set phasers tae malkie wi’ the BBC.

  121. Arbroath1320 says:

    Kishorn Commando says:
    11 March, 2016 at 6:45 pm

    Two firsts in this house today,
    1 TV Licence DD cancelled
    2 Formal complaint to BBC

    I’m thinking that there may very well be an awful of these “firsts in this house” situations occurring today Kishorn. 😀

  122. Thepnr says:

    @old dearie

    No need to rage old dearie. I’ve only saw the clip and even from that can understand your rage. I couldn’t watch as not at home right now so not even available on the iplayer for me.

    The reason I’m saying no need to rage is that I see this blatant bias of the BBC as the establishment once again shooting themselves in the foot. How much longer before they don’t have a leg to stand on in Scotland?

    I think there are not just some but many in this shitty establishment who still believe that Project Fear won them the Referendum and that is why they continue with their stupidity.

    Project Fear almost lost them the Referendum, as the polls show the Yes vote increasing by 50% from around 30% to the eventual 45% achieved.

    Yet they continue?

    They continue to mess things up just as they did then, their propaganda is not working, it is in fact back firing and the SNP are reaping the rewards.

    We should rage but console ourselves in the FACT that their stratagy is self defeating and that they are losing the argument. The Scot’s are not stupid, they that come to fight us only think we are.

    That will be their downfall. Simply their arrogance.

  123. DerekM says:

    The main problem with neo liberalism is they are lazy buggers they want everything to be controlled through the private sector which is an absolute economic disaster as productivity peeks then a crash is inevitable its the cycle you cant stop it but you can balance it with the public sector,

    The government has ownership of the mint and should be pumping sterling into the public sector,that is where the neo liberal system breaks down they fail to see the connection,they have no need for our tax money any government that prints is own money and says it needs your taxes to spend is a liar,taxes are to balance the interest rate equation and pay for good and services provided by the government,its the government who issues the new money they are currency facilitators every pound in existence was created by them its their job to balance it and this lot are hopeless at it and have been for decades.

    Austerity is purely ideological and the choice of people who dont have the first clue about economics or running a country for that matter,yes the rich will get richer but at some point it becomes unsustainable and everything crashes,its no way to run anything,the USA proved how you do it back in the great depression you must give the punters money to spend after all if they dont have money to spend then they cant afford the goods and services.

    Its not rocket science trickle down tory economics does not work never has never will it strangles productivity,now im not saying we should go batshit mental and spend like nutjobs that too would be wrong,its the balance that is important and any government incapable of doing that job should not be in bloody government.

  124. Stoker says:

    Paul D wrote:
    “Stu, I’ve got a copy of the STV IndyRef debate that’s been referred to if you still need a copy.”

    Paul, the best way to contact him is via the “contact” facility at the very top of this page. Just click on it and take it from there.

  125. galamcennalath says:

    David Cameron is on record as saying he would have an EU referendum IF he won the 2015 general election. He did have this policy before IndyRef.

    The key word is ‘IF’.

    There is definitive evidence that the majority of Scots did not believe the Tories would win GE15!

    There is absolutely no way the NO vote would have been anything like 55% if If was at likely that Cameron would actually win!

    IF the polls had shown Cameron ahead in Sept 14 then NO would have lost. We must never forget all the spin, promises, BT nonsense was being delivered mainly by SLab. Part of the reason why it was believable to more Scots was that Labour were likely, at that point, to win GE15.

  126. Arbroath1320 says:

    Just a wee O/T here.

    Looks like Nicola has just fired a warning shot across wee Ozzy the Towel Folder’s bows.

  127. mike cassidy says:

    Never watch shite like Question Time

    Only watched this clip of BBC imitating Fox News as a favour to the Rev!

    So can I now be the first winger to say that

    (to quote Tom Russell)

    I will fall down on my knees and pray to any god that keeps the light on late at night

    that Labour come second in the Holyrood election.

    Just so I can spend the results day watching Ruth Davidson’s face.

  128. Albaman says:

    Mr National,
    I know it’s late in the day, but are you going to sit on your butt, and just print slightly complaining stories about events, or are you going to go on the attack, when situations such as this pop up?.

  129. Gary45% says:

    Kishorn Commando@6,45.
    Welcome to the club, You will soon realise the benefits from “setting yourself free from the Matrix”.
    Re- Wullie Rennies “once in a life time quote”.
    Approximately 4,500 people die in Scotland every month, so for 16×4,500 people(who have died since the referendum) it was a once in a life time vote.
    I still can’t see the point of a Wullie Rennie, and as for “Gun Turrets” Jong Un, what a waste of air.(an embarrassment).
    What’s the interest on £800,000 Wullie?

  130. heedtracker says:

    Never watch shite like Question Time

    It is Britnat lol sometimes. BBC r5 on all those bloody foreigners coming over there to take our etc

    BBC Radio 5 liveVerified account
    British ex-pats in Spain argue over Brexit: “There’s too much immigration”

  131. Kirsty says:

    Ooft, watching that clip just about broke my bullshit meter. Dimbleby said we knew there’d be a referendum on the EU as though it was so *obviously* true that if it weren’t for the fact that most of us don’t have the attention span of a goldfish and well remember all the Unionist ranting about Scotland not being *allowed* into the EU and the only way we could stay in was a No vote, you’d almost believe him. There was NO talk of an EU referendum other than back bench Tory rumblings, who we didn’t even know would get into power at the time. To say otherwise is unmitigated garbage.

    That’s the thing though, the Unionists just can’t help over-playing their hand. They do it every time. This was yet another one of those times; the bias and lies were just so obvious here that no one but the most wilfully blind couldn’t see it.

  132. Arbroath1320 says:

    Just in case folks didn’t think our voices were being heard over the Dundee on the Thames programme last night. Here is a tweet from some non entity called Alan Roden …

    BBC: “#bbcqt audiences are always selected in accordance with our guidelines on fairness and impartiality, and this week was no different.”

    … perhaps he should change his nae to Alan Rodent! 😀

  133. Gary45% says:

    Kishorn Commando,
    I forgot to say when we cancelled our DD we were informed that we had paid 6 months licence in advance so we reclaimed that.
    Also if “you have not been watching live TV for a few years” but have been paying the licence “because you thought you had to have one” you can claim the amount of licence fee owed to you.
    I friend of mine claimed back a couple of years worth of licence. I posted this on wings a while back.

  134. the dark tan yin says:

    Cameron and most of the Tories would have been happier had they had to form an alliance with the DUP as then they could’ve left the referendum on the back burner and done a deal blaming the DUP. No one expected such a victory which essentially forced their hand.
    The BBC is tarnished beyond recognition in the eyes of many Scots now, and thankfully more and more of us are wakening to the true face of the Beeb.
    But more must be done. How about a Weekend free newspaper along the lines of the Metro, which would be distributed the same way. Paid for newspapers are dying out, and copying the Metro but with a Scottish slant (ie pro-independence) could work.

  135. Dr Jim says:

    Sewage, BBC, sewage, BBC

    No! can’t tell the difference

    You know what that means we’re paying for

  136. Albaman says:

    I have not seen a comment from Robert Peffers, nor Morag, for a while, are you both on hols?, eh in a place with no internet, Ach, what am I saying !, if it got no internet, how could they answer.

  137. Gary45% says:

    Albaman@7.50. This was the main reason I stopped buying the National last year.

  138. heedtracker says:

    BBC Scotlandshire
    18 mins ·
    Police Scotland, who have been searching for the entire population of Dundee after they suddenly went missing from ?#?BBCQT? last evening, say they now fear the worst.

  139. Legerwood says:

    call me Dave @ 6.34
    Re £20 million for GPs

    It is worth pointing out that this is additional money to the main ney that was announced last year by the Health Secretary when she addressed a national conference of the Royal College of GPs. At that conference she announced av3year £60 million fund to help the GPs including £2.5 million to try to attract young doctors into the profession.

    The details are here:

    Worth knowing when people start going on about the SNP and the NHS

  140. The Rough Bounds. says:

    Unionist: a human Cloaca.

  141. Arbroath1320 says:

    heedtracker says:
    11 March, 2016 at 8:14 pm

    BBC Scotlandshire
    18 mins ·
    Police Scotland, who have been searching for the entire population of Dundee after they suddenly went missing from ?#?BBCQT? last evening, say they now fear the worst.


    This from Jeff Dugdale on Twitter:

    Dundee : last night there was more rigging in the Caird Hall than there ever was on the “Discovery” lying in state half a mile away.


  142. Puzzled Puss says:

    We knew things would get very dirty in the run-up to the Holyrood elections. Bumblebee and his masters forget our long memories at their peril, however, and apparently don’t recognise the folly of presenting propaganda that is so blatant.

    By now, I guess the Yoons must have helped themselves to just about enough rope to hang themselves…

    SNP x 2

  143. Paul D says:

    Stoker – I did that as well but was just covering bases. I am currently uploading it. Thanks though.

  144. Iain says:

    All the bbc seems to have achieved is an increased drive for independence in Scotland and sealed it’s own doom. Keep up the good work question time. Independence awaits.

  145. @Valerie

    Ruthie sleeps very well at nights,

    Ruthie has all the hallmarks of a Sociopath,

    1,Sociopaths are rarely shy, insecure, or at a loss for words. They have trouble suppressing emotional responses like anger, impatience, or annoyance, and constantly lash out at others.

    2,Sociopaths are professional liars. They fabricate stories and make outlandish, untruthful statements, but are able to make these lies sound convincing with their confidence and assertiveness,

    3,Sociopaths are manipulative. They may try to influence and dominate the people around them and tend to seek positions of leadership,

    4,Sociopaths are incapable of experiencing guilt or shame for their actions. It is common for sociopaths to lack remorse when they have done something that hurts others. They may appear indifferent or rationalize their actions.

    Ruthie sleeps very well at nights.

  146. Albaman at 7.50

    I wonder how you imagine that the National could possibly write up a piece for today’s morning paper about a programme that finished close to midnight last night.
    The paper was probably printed before QT began.

  147. Arbroath1320 says:

    Just for laughs! … honest! 😉 😀

  148. Iain says:

    The bbc staff at Pacific key must now be thinking, exactly who is going to pay their pensions when Scotland becomes independent. They have been sold down the river by their senior management.

  149. heedtracker says:

    Arbroath1320 says:
    11 March, 2016 at 8:25 pm
    heedtracker says:
    11 March, 2016 at 8:14 pm

    That’s solid Arbroath:D

    Maybe everyone has actually moved to Arbroath and Dundee really is now populated by upper class tories and their horrendous SLab side kicks.

    Apparently BBC QT production freaks issued statement that everyone in their NON rigged audience last night lives in Dundee.

    So that’s all fair and impartial BBC style right.

  150. Black Joan says:

    Dimbleby’s tie appears to have pink sharks on it. Are we supposed to be amused?

  151. Cadogan Enright says:

    Brilliant ongoing media watch on the gobshites at RT as usual

    The series is well worth following and is running up to the elections

  152. Thepnr says:


    I moved from Dundee to Arbroath. Now if QT had come to Arbroath that’d be a different kettle eh smokies!

  153. Last night’s Question time was should be the final insult that the BBC should get away with in Scotland.

    An investigation should be launched using FOI to identify the audience,where they came from and then they should be exposed for political bias.

    The blatantly dishonest parading of political personsas ordinary mebers of the public should be revealed and recorded
    The actual programme should be examined and minutely detailed to behaviour of the chair and the other panelists, how much time they got, how many interruption they suffered, how many times Dimbleby intervened in a partisan way.

    All this should be made into a report to be distributed across Scotland.

    If we can get 20,000 people to a march in Edinburgh we can get 10,000 to the SECC for a mass meeting addressed by Stuart Cosgrove, Derek Bateman, Lesley Riddoch and many other against BBC bias and campaigning for a completely independent Scottish public broadcaster — covered live by RT?(no point in demonstrations at BBC PQ but lots of point in demonstrations at BBC London).

    We only need to concentrate on this one issue to destroy the BBC on everything else.

  154. heedtracker says:

    Thepnr says:
    11 March, 2016 at 8:48 pm

    They know Arbroath’s there. I heard a BBC r4 Food Program thing about how Arbroath Smokies now had the same EU status as Parma Ham, in that only smokies from Arbroath could know be sold as Arbraoth smokies.

    Very posh BBC wiffie interviewer was furious at the Arbroath merchant behind it, absolutely enraged. Main BBC fury was down to it might put smoke fish workers out of work in the greatest and most lovely country in the whole wide world, England. She’s an upper class Jock twit, shock.

  155. Breeks says:

    Just picture the day; when you have to retune your TV set to receive the inaugural transmission of Scotland’s first properly independent news channel, and need never again tune in to watch the BBC’s twisted propaganda.

    Bring it on. Can’t happen soon enough.

  156. andy.D says:

    I am Sorry guys and Gils rather pishhhed now, but wait, oh we are doomed out o EU,? really\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ,we,arse please vote to come out for all scots and andy guys. take take ALLOUT

  157. If this doesn’t make you reach for the motion sickness pills, nothing will …

  158. mike cassidy says:

    Dimbleby embraces Scotland.

    And the comments are worth reading!

  159. Onwards says:

    Arbroath1320 says:
    11 March, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    Just a wee O/T here.

    Looks like Nicola has just fired a warning shot across wee Ozzy the Towel Folder’s bows.

    I really hope the SNP doesn’t fall into the Tory trap of having higher income tax in Scotland than England.

    Make no mistake, this is what the Tories wanted when they conceded on the fiscal framework, after initially trying to screw Scotland for £7 billion extra.

    They could write that off because they see a bigger opportunity in casting the SNP as the high tax party, and allowing Ruth Davidson and the Tories a revival in Scotland by campaigning on ‘No Higher Taxes’ than the UK.

    And when it comes to renegotiating the fiscal framework in a few years.. If Scotland has higher taxes than England, then we will get shafted in any negotiations – because the Tories will claim that higher taxes caused any difference, not any underlying population growth differences, which will be masked.

  160. Nuada says:

    The BBC is an arm of the British state. The British state tells lies. What is it you don’t understand?

  161. Kirsty says:

    Heedtracker, Thepnr,

    As my granny would say, my arse is making buttons to find out what the private polls and participants’ applications were saying about Dundonians that apparently made the BBC leave them out of a show being filmed in their own city. Very interesting and telling indeed. Are we going to get a resounding Remain vote in Dundee? Has the Yes tally has gone up as well? Obviously, there’s a reason the BBC rigged the audience the way they did; I’d absolutely love to know exactly what the reason was but I can guess!

  162. Tam Jardine says:

    Complaint duly sent. That such a central plank of the vote no campaign is now being airbrushed does not surprise me.

    Stu rightly points out that the tory manifesto had not been written by the indyref and although many of us were vehement that voting yes may be the only way to stay in the EU longterm; as the manifesto had not been published and the tories were not expected to win a majority. The lies on last night programme were damning.

    I have just watched another disgraceful episode- First Ministers Questions at Holyrood where Kezia Dugdale took great delight in rubbishing the performance of the Scottish economy for her own ends.

    Her contribution to said economy (thanks to the taxes of us all) amounts to the income tax, national insurance contributions, vat and other duties on what she buys and other assorted individual personal taxes. I earn far less than her but my role in a small business contributes vastly more in terms of vat, corporation tax to the exchequer and subsequently the GERS figures she has taken pains to ridicule.

    All those numbers on that big old GERS spreadsheet of revenues do not simply appear out of thin air. They are the product of economic activity by the workers of Scotland at a time when the recession of 2008 and subsequent years of struggle have often made me wonder if we would ever see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    I cast my mind back to projects I have delivered and the effort made by so many to grind out results over the year in question. All those numbers she finds affirm her own bleak view of our future are hard won. The increase in onshore productivity and onshore revenues Kezia and her ilk ignore to focus on an oil price drop dreamt up far from our shores makes me proud of how resilient Scotland is.

    For an educated woman to treat the major national forum of government as a place to attack the fundamental economic strength and potential of our country is shameful.

    That she is being paid to represent my interests as a Lothian constituent and not the interests of the UK state, the labour party, or the fucking better together campaign against Scottish independence seems to have passed her by. Shame on her.

  163. Always worth reposting from time to time …

    Regarding BBC’s TV Licensing denial of access to a property, the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, Part 1, Chapter 2, Section 6, Subsection 1, defines where access rights are not exercisable …

    (1) The land in respect of which access rights are not exercisable is land –
    (a) to the extent that there is on it –
    (i) a building or other structure or works, plant or fixed machinery;
    (ii) a caravan, tent or other place affording a person privacy or shelter;
    (b) which –
    (ii) forms a compound or other enclosure containing any such structure, works, plant or fixed machinery as is referred to in paragraph (a)(i) above;
    (iv) comprises, in relation to a house or any of the places mentioned in paragraph (a)(ii) above, sufficient adjacent land to enable persons living there to have reasonable measures of privacy in that house or place and to ensure that their enjoyment of that house or place is not unreasonably disturbed;

    There exists no legal requirement upon a resident to provide their name to TV Licensing when exercising their rights to withdraw a right of access.

    Thus, a response from TV Licensing such as, “… we can’t accept an anonymous withdrawal of a right of access to a property…” is no more valid than writing to or talking to a legal occupier of a property whose name you do not know, in order to seek a contract with them or to gain entry to a legal occupier’s household.

    Thus, unless subject to a warrant issued by a court, a resident has an absolute right, under provisions described above in the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, to permit or prevent access.

    Whether it is implied or express is immaterial. This means that TV Licensing’s right of access to the Property is not exercisable & indeed, non-negotiable.

    In summary then, a resident has every right to tell London’s propaganda tax collector to politely fuck off.

  164. Iain says:

    O/t I wonder what people in Scotland will think in a hundred years when the Dumblane report is finally declassified. Will they think that the people of Scotland are arseholes, not to demand the immediate release of information about the Masonic cover up. Or will they think it was absolutely justified.

  165. Provost Sludden says:

    To slightly misquote James Connolly :
    Yes, ruling by fooling is a great British art with great Scottish fools to practise on.

  166. Arbroath1320 says:

    Ye GAWDS!

    Now we all know for a certainty that the BBC are really in deep doo doo!

    BBCQT rarely in Scotland and @bbcscotland really messed it up last night a most unrepresentative audience

    Now who could possibly have sent a tweet like that? 😉

    Well let’s just say he is a “sole” representative of his party in Scotland and Europe.

    Damn it … I’ve done it again haven’t I … I’ve let the cat out of the bag … AGAIN! 😀

  167. heedtracker says:

    Future PM and BBC darling of the right Mayor Bojo has spaketh on to his jocks

    What a difference 18 UKOK months make. If you listen to the BBC, this dudes never ever off their headlines on every single news broadcast.

    I do an excellent Bojo impression, its like my Prince Charles, actual its the same. “And what do you do, eeeeeeeeh”

  168. ben madigan says:

    haven’t yet read all the comments but I thought you might like to see that SF and SNP hold different positions on the circumstances that would lead to referendums in Ireland and Scotland, should the UK vote for Brexit –

    The conservative party’s reply to SF’s request is worth noting.

  169. Arbroath1320 says:

    O.K. folks who wants one, or more 😉 , of these badges then. 😉

  170. caledonia says:

    how far in did the lie happen

  171. Sassenach says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill, 8-35pm.

    QT is recorded (one hour earlier, I believe) to allow for ‘editing’ if required!!

    I’ll be reserving judgement on the National until tomorrow, as it could be the only paper that features it – and if it doesn’t……??

  172. Arbroath1320 says:

    Just a wee poll on the BBC here. 😉

  173. Ruth Davidson stated on Dundee Q.T. that she had stood up in the Scottish parliament in 2014 ( pre referendum ) and stated that OBR would drop to 3 billion P.A. I follow business quite loyally but, that one got past me. Can anyone remember this ?

  174. Karmanaut says:

    I see Scotland’s Champion is running another “Scotland is shit” article.

    Night night.

  175. osakisushi says:

    A pretty biased Uncle Tom blog called “ForArgyll(‘s white settlers)” often will be picked up on Google UK news – appearing both in the Scotland section and the top right ‘near you’ part of the UK page.

    Does anyone know why WoS is not picked up by Google News as the readership here will be x-times greater than ForArgyll

    DMH – stop laughing.

  176. mike cassidy says:

    Well, Question Time certainly has not made The National’s front page tomorrow.

  177. mike cassidy says:

    And here is that front page

  178. dakk says:

    Dimbleby and his britnat lickspittle toadies on his panel came across as nothing more than cheap liars on the EU referendum issue.

    Perhaps that is because that is precisely what they are.

    Even by the standards of the elite Scottish unionists,this was desperate stuff.

  179. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Off-Topic, but:

    Truck fanatic that I am, I could not help but notice, after his Brexit speech today, BoJo climbed into a truck and departed.

    The truck he got into was a French-built Renault.

  180. Arbroath1320 says:

    O.K. folks, we have been *ahem* discussing the £15 Billion Black hole in Scotland’s finances over the last few days. So I have a wee question here.

    If the £15 Billion Black Hole in Scotland’s finances makes Scotland a financial basket case what the hell does the £18 Billion Black Hole now apparently being faced by Ozzy the Towel Folder say about the U.K.? 😀

  181. DerekM says:

    well it tells me LA that the UK have a 33 billion black hole and have punted 15 billion of their bad accounting onto us,sneaky gits.

    We should just pretend we never got the memo 15 billion what are ye talking aboot man 🙂

  182. Tam Jardine says:


    Well, if the UK has a black hole of £18 billion and Scotland has a black hole of £15 billion then England, Wales and Northern Ireland only have a black hole of £3 billion.

    It must surely follow that the £1.5 trillion debt has been run up almost exclusively by Scotland. Strange that Westminster were so desperate to hang on to us.

  183. Effijy says:

    Alex Salmond did try to offer his personal opinion that we may only get one referendum once in a lifetime, but it was not a policy or treaty agreed by the SNP.

    Wee Ruth Krankie is trying to suggest that should 99% of the Scottish Electorate demand a 2nd referendum, then democracy in our country must be stopped in order to fit in with her interpretation of Alex’s divine right to freeze Scottish politics until he dies.

    Now Wee Tank Commander, in my almost 60 years of life in Scotland, have the Scots ever given a majority vote to the Tories in a Westminster election, Council election, or Holyrood Election?
    The answer is a resounding NO for the last 3 generations.
    Has this Wee bride of Chucky ever been put into office
    by the general public. The answer is again NO! No and no!

    So this creepy wee item thinks that these historical facts give
    them the right to tell us what we must do.
    Not on your wee lying corrupt life hen!

    Next we have Wee Wullie Rennie. The man in the party that doesn’t pay its policing bills, that party that fully supports Carmichael’s repeated lying over French Gate, and incident that cost us over £1,000,000 for an inquiry. Isn’t this the party of Cyril Smith, and Lord Reynard.
    Isn’t this the party that promised No Tuition Fees in their manifesto-before reneging on it for a cosy seat next to the Tory power brokers.

    I was astonished to see the the biggest YES City in Scotland, Dundee, would be represented by having am English right wing extremist from the Scots don’t read the Torygraph Bluespaper?

    From Unionist cheers in the audience, and from their comments
    it was obvious that the mix did not represent the residents of Dundee, which must have been achieved by design rather than coincidence.

    The EBC selects the audience that they want, selects the questions that suits their propaganda, and their host can interrupt and move on from any statements that shows an independent Scotland in a positive light.

    Let me share this with you, yet again.
    I don’t give a damn who runs the site on the link below, and neither should you, as just another 12,000 signatures to this petition would generate an Inquiry into BBC Bias.

    Their bias is blatant, it is insulting and it is fully vweified, documented and recorded by Prof John Robertson.
    Please Please sign the petition and forward it to anyone else who cares about our country.

    These few signatures can only help to reduce the bias and give us a better opportunity in the coming elections!

  184. Like the vast majority on here, I was disgusted with the BBC Question Time farce.

    I have since calmed down a wee bit, but come to the point of cancelling my tv license. Obviously I will have to cancel the tv part of my Virgin Media as well.

    I then had an idea to run past Wings.

    Would it be possible to organise a mass tv license cancellation for 2 weeks/1 month/2 months.

    There would be spouses/partners/kids unhappy with no telly for a while but it would send a message to the BBC and the other MSM that we have had enough.

    A short term pain for a long term gain?

    Perhaps a statement of intent that Scotland needs an independent tv channel that will be for Scotland and not a propaganda media against Scotland. Its news and politics programmes should be unbiased and hold both its government and opposition to account.

    Just an idea

  185. Arbroath1320 says:


    @Tam Jardine

    Thanks guys that’s cleared that up then … I think! 😉

  186. Arbroath1320 says:

    O.K. peeps … hands up everyone who is ever so proud to have voted NO!

    Let’s face it folks, ever since we voted NO things have just gone from strength to strength and the U.K. is in an even better financial position now than it has ever been since records began … NOT! 🙁

  187. Effijy says:

    Can can recall the wonderful article posted by the Rev, which highlighted the disgraceful comments by Slab and the Dreary Redcoat that shouted foul over 3,000 NHS Scotland operations being cancelled.

    The reveal showed that this represented 1.5% of all operations
    and was as good a figures can ever be due to Staff Illness, serious weather conditions, faults developing in vital equipment
    and the patients themselves calling off or taking ill.

    When compared to the 5% cancellations that we faced under the last Labour controlled Scottish government, who here free from the multitude of austerity cuts and with a smaller and younger population.

    Could I raise this issue and enquire if anyone has been able to compare the NHS Scotland Stats with our English counterparts
    over the financial period April 2015- April 2016.

    I anticipate that over 100,000 operations will have been cancelled in NHS England over this period, but never expect to
    see this on the EBC or Dire Redcoat for some strange reason.

  188. DerekM says:

    Ah but Tam did they mean the UK as in the the union between Scotland and England or as England that is the variable we are missing here lol

  189. DerekM says:

    i voted no 🙁

    but then i woke up covered in sweat and shaking im never drinking red bull again 🙂

  190. I think some people further up are getting billions and trillions mixed up.
    A trillion is a thousand billion (in US terms)

    So the UK debt is £1,650,000.000.000 (in US terms)

  191. Tam Jardine says:


    Must be the union between Scotland and England. The phrases ‘England’s deficit’ and ‘English deficit’ simply don’t exist. Or rather I coined them right now while watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Try doing a wee google search for the terms and you will come up with a big ol blank!

    There is no English deficit! England does not have a deficit! But Scotland has a deficit and the UK certainly has a deficit! We know this because the media bangs on about both, particularly Scotland’s.

    So when they talk about a UK deficit of £18 billion they must mean Scotland runs a deficit of £15 billion and the Welsh and Northern Irish are running a puny £3 billion deficit between them. Or maybe England is running at a surplus and the Welsh and Northern Irish deficit is even higher than £3 billion.

    Its almost unbelievable!

  192. old dearie says:

    Thanks for the sympathy with my as yet unabated rage at the BBC. To put the kybosh on it, I spent too long filling in a complaint form only for it to disappear. I guess you’re right that ir’s a sign of their concern. Roll on May.

  193. Or to out the UK debt into easy to understand terms if you stacked pound coins to the value of £1.65 trillion on top of each other the pile would go over one and a half million miles into space

  194. Ore easier still the pile of coins would be nearly as high as the average distance between Earth and Mars

  195. Sandy says:

    Who adjudicates complaints to the BBC?

  196. Cadogan Enright says:

    @Effijy 11.46

    I did post the cancellation figures for England to this site and if you know how to do an advanced Google search you could find it – it was the kink to the official quarterly stats

    As I recall the English cancellation figures were running at about 18,000 a quarter making a total for the year that was much higher proportionately than Scotland

    It is worth remembering that the original scare story on Scotland did not make it easy to spot at first glance that the 3000 figure was the entire year

    It was around the same time that BBC Scotland was running the A and E emergency in Scotland while the BBC in London had a post showing Scotland around 95% with the other 3 nations in the 70’s and 80’s

  197. woosie says:

    Now we know the reality behind the giant flash in the sky last week – it was the real population of Dundee being zoomed up to the space station Saxe Coburg, and replaced with ukok zombies for the duration of ebcqt!

    Btw, tried to register complaint to ebc; it let me go through the whole procedure, but not to finally submit. Will try again now.

  198. tarisgal says:

    Just want to add my name to those who have complained to the BBC re last night’s Question Time. That was a shocking display of bias, no ‘balance’ whatsoever and the most well spoken lot of Dundonians I’ve ever heard! (NO OFFENCE meant to my Dundee friends – I LOVE their ‘homespun’ humour and unique ‘accents’! Lol!) I’m being sarky, actually… If there was a Dundonian in that audience, then proof will be needed, as my friends in Dundee Facebook group (with hundreds of members) have NO IDEA who any of those people were! Surely SOMEONE in Dundee would have recognised at least ONE of the audience members, but no!! The members of the group are FURIOUS about the way they have been ‘used’!!

    The way John Swinney was not allowed to finish a sentence without being so rudely interrupted was appalling! thought it couldn’t get worse – until Dimbleby himself started interrupting poor John!! That has got to be THE WORST case of biased ‘moderating’ a panel I have ever seen!! I watch it only when I see there is an SNP/Indy panel member, to see if they are able to make any headway with a biased audience. But I’ve learned my lesson – NO MORE QT FOR ME. And I’ve let BBC know that, as well as letting them know that I will not support their Scottish 6 either!

    We threw our TV License into touch ages ago and have NO intentions of getting another one just to watch a lot of biased, unbalanced and poor quality BBC political WM pandering!

    For those considering throwing off the yoke of BBC licensing… My son’s best friend is a policeman. Son once said in jest that he intended not to renew his TV license when he moved house, as the License people were hounding him re the cancellation of his license at his old house. And in retaliation, he was not going to bother giving them his new details. His policeman friend told him NOT to pay the license, that he would not be prosecuted in Scotland.

    1) You should tell the TV people politely to leave your premises, that you have NOT given them permission to enter your property and if they move off your front path or whatever is the most direct route to your front door (they cannot legally veer off that route) to peer in your windows that is TOTALLY against the law and you must warn them that you are going to phone the police

    2) the police courts are so jammed up with criminal prosecutions, in Scotland they no longer bother about taking TV license non-payers to court. It isn’t worth the time or money. As far as English law goes, he (policeman) believed that they do still prosecute but that seldom happens. Apparently you can tell English police to leave the premises too.

    3) In both England and Scotland, it is up to the TV licensing people to prove that you watch TV in ‘real time’. Hard to do that if you are putting them off your property! They can’t prove you have a TV unless they peer in your windows – that’s illegal. But having a TV doesn’t mean you use it! Sooo… again, hard to convict on that premise.

    Anyway – that was from the Police’s mouth. Forget about Scottish prosecutions and don’t worry too much about English ones. BUT – just what son was told! PLEASE don’t blame me if you get nicked for TV License evasion! LOL!

    Like someone else here, we wrote & told License people we were cancelling DD as we no longer watch TV in real time – and they sent us a refund!! Most unexpected! 🙂 But we had a lovely bottle of ‘cheeky red’ courtesy of the Beeb! Only good thing to come out of them… (NO! We are NOT Dr. Who fans!)

  199. tarisgal says:

    Ooops!! You can tell ‘English TV License’ people to leave premises, NOT ‘Police’! Freudian slip! My apologies!

  200. Stoker says:

    Effijy wrote:

    “Let me share this with you, yet again. I don’t give a damn who runs the site on the link below, and neither should you, as just another 12,000 signatures to this petition would generate an Inquiry into BBC Bias.”

    Bullshit! I’m still waiting on the answer to my request – give me one single example where one of these “petitions” have achieved ANYTHING for us and our cause. The reason you can’t give me the answer is because there isn’t one. You are doing nothing but attempting to con Wingers into parting with private details for marketing purposes.

    Effijy also wrote:
    “These few signatures can only help to reduce the bias and give us a better opportunity in the coming elections!”

    Also bullshit! You’re extremely deluded, pissed or both! For starters, 12,000 signatures is a wee bit more than a “few.” Secondly, even if this con achieved its goal of obtaining a further 12,000 signatures there would NEVER be an enquiry held before our elections which are only several weeks away.

    And last but by no means least, Aliar Carbuncle blatantly lied about our First Minister in front of the whole political world. Remind us again what, exactly, happened to him? NOTHING, that’s what! And the BBC is far more corrupt and powerful than that weasel could ever dream of being.

    Do us all a favour and stop recruiting for dodgy foreign marketing companies who have a tendency to crap all over us and if you can show me that one example that i ask for i will not only sign your con i will help you promote it.

  201. Ronnie says:

    If I were John Swinney I’d have stood up and just walked out halfway through after telling them clearly and loudly that I wouldn’t collude in their blatently biased farce any more. That would have grabbed a bit of attention to the matter!

  202. Morgatron says:

    Fucking liars the lot of them. It was a total stitch up.

  203. Fran says:

    @ Auldreekiejim

    Jim you will find out that most of the regular wingers including myself have already cancelled our tv licences a long time ago. Just go for it pal, you wont miss it and neither will the family.

    I plug my laptop into my telly to watch shows on demand and its a relieve to get out of the habit of watching “news” religiously on the propaganda channels. Not being told you are useless 3/4 times a day helps your mental wellbeing 🙂

  204. Gary45% says:

    heedtracker @9.09pm.
    Arbroath Smokies , will probably go through Tilbury docks so Engerland will reap the tax revenue from that.
    The Union is getting desperate.

    Dimblebum is just a sad wee puppet of the establishment.

  205. galamcennalath says:

    Ruthie tells it like it is

    “It’s disingenuous to say No means out and Yes means in, when actually the opposite is true. No means we stay in.”

  206. Sassenach says:

    No story in the National about the QT disgrace (just a mention in a reader’s letter!).

    “Supports an Independent Scotland” ?? Really?

  207. Hoss Mackintosh says:


    Your policeman contact is correct.

    The fiscals increasingly do not bother with licence fee evasion in Scotland and very rarely prosecute folk. Unlike England where it is one of the main prosecutions in court.

    Here is a link with FOI details showings the lack of prosecutions in Acotland.

    Please share as widely as possible.

    Only two ways to counter the BBC –
    get as many people to cancel their licence and
    vote both votes SNP in May.

  208. William Wallace says:

    I did not hear a native Dundonian ask a single question throughout the entire show. Speaking as a Dundonian you’d not find us shy in coming forward to ask a question either (tv or otherwise). Do they bus these people in or what?

  209. sensibledave says:

    Hmmm! It would seem that not only was Mr Swinney rattled on Thursday, most on here are too!

    Alex Salmond, an MP, a senior figure in the Scottish National Party and someone who most people assumed spoke on behalf of the SNP, makes loads of scripted, thought out speeches – but he, apparently, wasn’t lying when he said the Scottish Referendum would be a once in a generation decision.

    However, that is, apparently, inconsequential, compared to an unelected, irrelevant, BBC hack saying something on Question Time that is, arguably, true.

    Your hubris knows no bounds.

  210. ahundredthidiot says:


    Answer, I think, is the BBC

    Been there and done it over archived plane crash images on news day of mh17 demise (showed an Ilyushin instead, which I spotted and recorded), after a polite ‘piss off you nutter’ I got them to admit it (after directing them to my footage) but it took many months. The next and final stage for my complaint was within BBC I believe, so I didn’t bother.

    They are not on our side, never will be, the institution is rotten to its core and laughing at us.

    And to play devil’s advocate, Rev predicted a Tory majority, so while, yes, there was an untruth on QT, some of us were saying that a No vote could lead to an EU exit. But it wasn’t David bloody Dimbleby!!

  211. Grouse Beater says:

    What’s the use of calling lying bastards ‘lying bastards’ when they’re happy to be one?

  212. HandandShrimp says:

    It was obviously a lie but burly men threatened poor Ruthie and David before the show and they were forced to say that….or something

  213. Grouse Beater says:


    The unionist parties claim they, and they alone, have the right to alter the facts and the history books to suit their agenda – the rest of us are clods, dupes, dimwits, and ignoramuses who deserve to be hoodwinked.

    Remember, suction kills.

  214. DerekM says:

    och Dave your still not going on about that,but but but yon Alex Salmond said once in a generation its no fair bwahah.

    Have a hanky and dry your eyes.

    Okay number one Alex Salmond does not get to decide for Scotland we will do that the people of Scotland ,and no political party will stand in our way if they know whats good for them.

    number two even if he did say something in that context its irrelevant that was two years ago a long enough time to see if you yoons would keep to your vow promise since after all you did win,well we seen how that went if you had delivered on it you would have put us back in our box,now its to late.

    Indy is coming Dave you tory boys should just get used to it and pray that our ripple doesnt cascade down to England and spoil your little hegemony,though we would lose no sleep if it does,after all having a peaceful friendly neighbour is in all our best interests.

  215. Grouse Beater says:

    Dippy Dave“It would seem that not only was Mr Swinney rattled on Thursday, most on here are too!”

    Another gush of troll vanity from the imbecilic Dippy Dave.

  216. Sassenach says:

    For goodness sake, stop feeding the troll!!!

  217. The Isolator says:

    Davey Boy ,

    The Unionistas are beginning to boil ma piss wi this “Salmond said” pish.He expressed his opinion at the time, but we’ve moved on in Scotland.We will be independent in my lifetime and then can we get on with improving the lives of the people of this great country and nail the fuckin lies and subterfuge that drifts constantly from Westminster.
    And you know what Dave the SNP may well be redundant post independence and the good people of that great party may well spliter into a host of other parties,I don’t care, for if we make a dugs dinner of it then it’s only us tae blame.

    Now GTF ya plum.

  218. Fred says:

    David Dimbleby, kent his faither, also an arse!

  219. HandandShrimp says:

    but he, apparently, wasn’t lying when he said the Scottish Referendum would be a once in a generation decision.


    He said “in his opinion”. That is fine. I am not bound by that. In my opinion it is not a once in a lifetime decision.

    FFS! You wouldn’t want us to be cult followers that hung onto every word of a leader would you?

  220. Believe if John Swinney had stood up and just walked out halfway through the programme/

    The unionists and their media friends would have portrayed it as John Swinney not being able to face up to the truth.

  221. Inverschnecky says:

    Why is anyone surprised by this tactic from the BBC?

    This has been done before many many times, it is the right wing strategy of provocation.

    Here’s the best example that I can think of:

    It’s designedto encourage it’s embattled defeated activitists. This is our Pharssale all over again. It’s designed to provoke. They want an angry reaction – for all our sakes dinnae gie them it.

    The only rational response is to arm yourself with the knowledge of how they are using the media and explain the tactics on the doorsteps to the older folks who don’t get the internet.

    For the oil wars, for the nukes, for the bankers.

    SNP 1&2

  222. Craig says:


    Just walk on by, when you see the sign, just walk on by, you aren’t missing anything interesting.

  223. tari says:

    Hoss Mackintosh says:
    12 March, 2016 at 10:02 am


    Your policeman contact is correct.

    Thank you, Hoss. 🙂 Just trying to reassure anyone a bit leerie about casting out the devil in TV License form! I’d love to see as many folks as possible do that. It’s what will hurt the BBC most – in their thieving pockets! And is the only reason that BBC Trust are reviewing the way they do programs in Scotland. They aren’t doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, but rather they are missing our License Fees and trying to woo us back. Ha! NOT going to happen!

    As for ‘Not So Sensible Dave’…
    Alex Salmond did NOT say “…the Scottish Referendum would be a once in a generation decision.” He DID NOT say ‘decision’- he said opportunity. Because he believed that that might be the case. There was no promise to never have another referendum intended in that quote and you know it. It wasn’t a ‘once in a lifetime decision’ and not matter how long you girn about it like a whiney kid, that intention will not change!

    You voted labour/tory I presume, last election. Well… your party didn’t win so the SNP have now decided that that was YOUR ‘once in a lifetime decision’ to replace them in government. You LOST. So sorry – you are stuck with SNP government for a lifetime. Too bad for you, that’s how it is. Yes! The idea is ridiculous!! And so is your idea that any political decision cannot be overturned according to new circumstances.

    You won the referendum — then. But democracy says *we* have the right to fight for what *we* want – and that is an independent Scotland. And we shall do so. So quit with the whining because you aren’t getting to keep things your way forever! Or by that same rule, we shall decide that from now on Scotland will forever be governed by the SNP. Time to suck it up, mate!

  224. Gary45% says:

    A sight more rare than Nessie in the Highlands today.
    Farages “northern bitch” Coburn with the most dour selection of individuals.


  225. Calum MacLean says:

    Dundee question time was a complete disgrace!

  226. old dearie says:

    Sorry I just posted on another thread but this is more appropriate.

    For the 2nd day running I attempted to submit a complaint to BBC. when I completed the complaint bit and hit NEXT it took me back to the beginning without submitting. I think I saw another similar post earlier. How many complaints are not being registered?

  227. Bazza says:

    Dimbleby as chair was simply pointing out the facts here. And no amount of dissembling will change that.

    It was very simple. The No campaign did not promise that a No vote meant staying in the EU – but if Scotland voted for independence, then the UK is a member of the EU, not Scotland, and as an independent nation it may need to reapply for EU membership- and this application was not guaranteed. The vote on Scottish independence was just that – not a vote on EU membership. None of the evidence you provide appears to refute this.

  228. David Milligan says:

    Yet again my hat is tipped in the direction of Wings but the damage is already done. Would that we could somehow have a retraction posted at the start of the next QT but it isn’t going fo happen.

    If we knew that this question was going to be asked then the research into what others have already said on the subject should have been made available to John Swinney.

    These kinds of spin certainly damage our cause even if later we can show them up to be a complete lie.

  229. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Dimbleby as chair was simply pointing out the facts here. And no amount of dissembling will change that.”

    Er, no. He was pointing out the exact opposite of the facts. He said everyone knew an EU referendum was coming after the indyref. Absolutely nobody knew that.

    “It was very simple. The No campaign did not promise that a No vote meant staying in the EU”

    “It’s disingenuous to say that No means out and Yes means in, when actually the opposite is true. No means we stay in.” – Ruth davidson, 2 September 2014.

  230. Auldcynic says:

    Unusually DD’s intervention drove me to complain. I was careful not to major on the unbalanced panel, or even mention the audience. I stuck to an incorrect “factual” intervention skewing the debate. The BBC responded:

    We gather some viewers were concerned that the audience was not representative of Dundee and that therefore the discussion was biased.

    The programme, as with all editions of Question Time, was open to people from surrounding areas as well as those living in the city where it took place. We do aim for a wide variety of views on different subjects to be heard on Question Time. The audience included SNP, Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrats, Greens, UKIP and Scottish Socialist Party voters, reflecting political opinion across Scotland. On the question of the EU referendum the audience was balanced with equal numbers of ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ supporters and a fewer number of undecided people. The BBC is obliged to cover the debate around Europe in a balanced and impartial way at this time.

    There was plenty of applause for all sides in the debate. Whoever speaks from the Question Time audience is down to the dynamic on the night; who puts their hands up, who claps loudest and so on.

    This means that though the audience was balanced; viewers may have felt that those asking questions represented the view of the complete audience. This is not the case, but we appreciate you contacting us with your concern in this matter.

    They must have decided only to read some complaints and stock respond.

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