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The Crybaby Of State

Posted on November 14, 2013 by

We’ve rather neglected the Crybaby Nation meme for a while. But as it approaches a year since the last time we wrote about it, perhaps it’s due for a revival.

Because it’s extra-specially dismal to see grown adults whimpering and whining like primary-school children in a playground when the Scottish press has spent most of the preceding weeks excitably hyping them as belligerent, aggressive “bruisers”.


Because in what appears to be part of a co-ordinated campaign of petted-lip clyping to teacher from the No camp, the latest middle-aged professional politician boo-hooing about “bullies” all over our newspapers and screens about people being mean to him is the new Secretary of State for Scotland, Alistair Carmichael.

The context was set earlier in the week when a quite staggeringly innocuous query from Scottish Government minister Shona Robison about the neutrality of a figurehead of the supposedly neutral “Five Million Questions” organisation chairing a “Better Together” meeting was blown up by several newspapers into some sort of brutal totalitarian crackdown – the Express actually used the phrase “North Korean tactics” – on freedom of speech.

(The irony of this claim appearing in a media that had previously conducted sustained, near-hysterical witch-hunts against the likes of Martin Sime and Elliot Bulmer for daring to voice favourable opinions about “devo-max” and independence respectively seems to have slipped past unnoticed.)


Scene ready, the Scottish Secretary stepped onto the stage, in the form of last night’s Newsnight Scotland. As reported by the Herald, he complained of being “targeted” by “Twitter Trolls”, who he alleged were encouraged by the words of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

“One view is that is just a wee bit of predictable political knock about. But look at my Twitter feed. See the names I get called.

That’s something that happens because the trolls on Twitter are emboldened when they see the Alex Salmonds and Nicola Sturgeons of this world taking essentially the same approach.”

Now, the foundation of this allegation is disingenuous to say the least. It’s based on comments made by the Deputy First Minister when she accused Carmichael of acting like “the Secretary of State against Scotland” when he appeared in the Portsmouth News apparently suggesting that the UK’s orders for Type 26 frigates should be taken away from shipyards on the Clyde if Scotland voted for independence.

(In the Evening Times he went further, saying “There is a business case for shipbuilding on the Clyde as long as the Clyde is part of the UK”, inescapably implying that there wasn’t otherwise and that only UK charity was keeping the highly-skilled, efficient and experienced yards in business.)

That seems an entirely reasonable thing for Nicola Sturgeon to say – the Scottish Secretary probably ought to be seen standing up for jobs in Scotland, not Portsmouth. But Carmichael turned Sturgeon’s remark into an ethnic slur on his very Scottishness, which he angrily asserted couldn’t be in any doubt because he drank whisky and ate Tunnocks Teacakes and his father spoke Gaelic.

(We’re not making that up – check the broadcast for yourself. As a definition of Scottishness it’s right up there with the comments of Carmichael’s fellow Unionist, the dimwitted Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri, earlier in the week identifying Scottish culture as Jimmy wigs.)

But more to the point, we wondered what these awful comments that had Carmichael so upset actually were. After all, we’ve learned from experience that evidence of alleged abuse hurled at anti-independence campaigners on the internet can be rather hard to actually pin down.

So we got to searching to see what “the names I get called” at the hands of “Twitter Trolls” actually were. And we have to tell you, readers, our efforts didn’t turn up a whole lot. In fact, we went all the way back to the beginning of October when Carmichael took over his post from Michael Moore, and we couldn’t find a single instance of what’s invariably described in the press as “vile cybernat abuse”.

We managed to find one person calling him a “troughing bastard” (and worse), but that was in connection to foodbanks and his bedroom tax vote, not independence, and in any event the tweet was posted this morning, well after Carmichael’s allegations. There were a couple of “fat” comments. But that’s about it.

If that’s all it takes to upset Westminster’s brand-new “bruiser”, we feel it might be rather irresponsible to place him in the middle of a debate as heated as the independence one. (An assessment Mr Carmichael might agree with, as he doesn’t want the post of Scottish Secretary to exist at all.)

Still, we’re no defenders of personal abuse, so if anyone can point us to anything more upsetting, we’re ready and waiting to condemn it publicly. Otherwise, perhaps it’s time he dried his eyes and got on with the job.

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    171 to “The Crybaby Of State”

    1. Richard Lucas says:

      He seems to be more bruised than bruiser.  Anyway – since when is it wrong to condemn the egregious Liberal Democrats?

    2. Jiggsbro says:

      so if anyone can point us to anything more upsetting
      —-> He’s a Tory

    3. kendomacaroonbar says:

      I gave some thought to giving him a severe finger wagging on line for his stance on the Type 26 Frigates, however given the apparent fragility of his state of mind I wouldn’t want to be accused of on line bullying that may result in him self harming (his career that is) or me having to hand myself into Snitch Finder General Blair McD.
      I’m glad to see that he’s won his battle against anorexia however. 

    4. Doug Daniel says:

      Maybe he’s having difficulty hearing things properly. He should use a cotton bud instead of his finger – I find your finger just shoves the ear wax in further, thus exacerbating the problem.
      I would watch about trying to upset Alistair, though – his profile on the Scottish Lib Dems page informs us that “Alistair enjoys taking part in the annual Up-helly-Aa celebrations wielding an axe.” Doesn’t say if he keeps the axe afterwards or not.
      I wonder how long this Scottish Secretary will last? Longer than the first one? There’s only another 10 months to go if they want to give every Scottish Lib Dem a shottie, so they’d better get cracking…

    5. Stevie says:

      I’m somewhat disappointed Nicola is going to debate with this below par, pointless individual – ignoring him altogether is best (and that is not just a glib phrase). Speaking to this non-entity is surely a waste of time and will only debase an decent discussion as he rattles off his bonkerstogether platitudes during the upcoming Scotland tonight debate. In all honesty, one would get infintely more useful info from the Scottish office’s night-time janitor – most certainly. This ‘crybaby’ is a waste of space in the independence debate.

    6. Ken500 says:

      What about what the rest of the UK call the LibDems and the ConDemLabour/Unionists.

    7. Sneddon says:

      To be fair my description of ‘troughing bastard’ applies to most MPs in nearly all circumstances so I hope they don’t feel left out when the time comes for their turn to whinge about getting ‘cyberabuse’ HTH ye bunch of ***** **** and ****** and yer dug as well 😀

    8. Stevie says:


      “””kendomacaroonbar says:

      I’m glad to see that he’s won his battle against anorexia however.”””

    9. Ken500 says:

      ‘Troughing bastards’ is lightweight

    10. Mosstrooper says:

      Well ye cannae say he’s two faced or he widna go aboot wi that yin.
      Ach dinna greet, here, tak ma hankie an wipe yir chins.

    11. Stevie says:

      I don’t go on twitter very often – but even if I did venture on to twitter, I certainly wouldn’t waste time talking to this nobody.

    12. Al Ghaf says:

      I am only aware of a single alleged indecent of “Scotland’s representative in the cabinet” standing up for Scotland in the UK in the last 40 years. And even that is anecdotal.

      I have never seen anybody get that job because of a track record of standing up for Scotland.

    13. Peter A Bell says:

      It would be easy to dismiss Alistair Carmichael’s comments as the petulant whining of an individual who has taken on a task he finds himself unable to cope with and is flailing around looking for someone to blame. But this is seriously irresponsible stuff from Westminster’s man in Scotland.

      We all know that there are those who express themselves on Twitter and elsewhere in ways that might be deemed inappropriate. There is generally no real maliciousness in this. These comments are more the product of inarticulate passion than genuine malevolence. We all know, too, that the best response to trolls is no response at all. We don’t feed the trolls.
      There are serious nasties out there as well. Go to just about any story relating to Scotland in the likes of The Telegraph or Daily Mail, scan the comments section and you will find screeds of truly vile, vicious hate-speak directed at Scotland, Scottish people and our democratically elected government. Find any story anywhere that mentions Alex Salmond and you’ll find examples of the most appalling personal abuse.
      No reasonable person imagines these hateful rants are representative of the people of England or of unionists within Scotland. To seek to associate the worst of what can be found online with ones political opponents, as Alistair Carmichael does, is grossly irresponsible. If we are to accept his ill-thought premise then we must also assume that the wild-eyed, spittle-flecked, xenophobic hate-mongers on The Telegraph website are speaking for the anti-independence campaign.
      The SNP cannot be held responsible for the actions of people over whom the party has no authority. And neither can any other political party.
      Alistair Carmichael is not the first British nationalist to attempt to introduce this decidedly sour note into the referendum campaign. It is a recklessly risky ploy that can only be the resort of a desperate man. The best thing the rest of us can do is treat him the way he should learn to treat internet trolls. Ignore him!

    14. Mosstrooper says:

      Kitchen, heat, canny tak it? Bugger off!

    15. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Standing up for Scotland should be an unconditional action. The mere fact that in the frigate saga his loyalty is given with PRE CONDITIONS should be something of a concern to his karma P&L balance.

    16. I wonder if ‘Diddums’ counts as vile cybernattery.

    17. Ken500 says:

      ‘Blow the whistle on the Bullies’, only if you live in the rest of the UK. People who live in Scotland are not allowed freedom of speech to call politicians out.

      If they can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.

    18. Al Ghaf says:

      Carmichael is the latest sap to fill a position that is the political equivalent of letting the opposing side choose you goalie.
      But like his predecessors, I am sure his family are proud of him and they had a wee glass of sherry to celebrate his climbing of latest rung in his career.

    19. beachthistle says:

      Mea culpa: I said in a tweet and comment on Bateman’s blog a few days ago that is was my considered opinion, based on all available evidence, that he is a ‘numpty’.

      Since a definition of ‘numpty’ says:
      Scottish usage:
      a) Someone who (sometimes unwittingly) by speech or action demonstrates a lack of knowledge or misconception of a particular subject or situation to the amusement of others.

      b) A good humoured admonition, a term of endearment
      I think that (at the time) it was fair comment.
      And after his performance re both  his ‘speech’ (btw the discomfort of his audience was palpable – check out the body language on the BBC footage) and his BBC Brewer interview, I reckon it is bang on.
      I can imagine that the BettersTogether office last night was like a scene from a ‘The Thick Of It’ episode as the BT crew witnessed him fall to bits under some (relatively) innocuous gentle Brewering..
      Anyway, for me, without any prompting from any high(er) command, he is, and will be,
      The Numpty of State for Scotland.

    20. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @ Neil
      Harsh, but fair… imho

    21. Gillie says:

      As regard 5 Million Questions project we have:
      Project leader: unionist historian Prof Chris Whatley chairing a Better Together meeting.
      Project associate directer: journalist David Torrance who was parliamentary private secretary to Tory MP David Mundell.
      Project director: Michael Marra former spin doctor for Iain Gray and brother of MSP Jenny Marra.
      The project seems to have a unionist infestation. 

    22. clachnaben says:

      All these poor unionist politicos working so hard for Scotland whilst putting up with insults on cyberspace must envy Alex Salmond who has never been called names even once by posters,bloggers,journalists,cartoonists and political opponents.

    23. Cath says:

      “To seek to associate the worst of what can be found online with ones political opponents, as Alistair Carmichael does, is grossly irresponsible.”
      To be honest, I wouldn’t bother disturbing them on that one. Yes it’s hugely irresponsible and a vile way to campaign. But demonising your opponents in such a grossly negative way only really works if those you’re targetting your message at never meet those being demonised.
      Hence it works with “benefit scroungers” and “immigrants” because the target Daily Mail and Telegraph reading public have very little contact with the reality for those people. As soon as people known to those targets start being clobbered we hear cries of “but that kind of person wasn’t who we meant!” That’s what will eventually – far too late – kill off the worst of the welfare reforms. It also works in US politics where for a similar reason.
      London based politicians using it on people in Scotland will work less effectively, I feel. One in three Scots (at worst) support independence. That means everyone has friends, family, colleagues etc who support it. And no one will be seeing them behaving as described, or recognise the characterisation of them and the Scottish Government as racist, fascist etc, etc.
      Generally speaking, people don’t like to see their friends, family etc being demonised or bullied by the media either – Better Together sharing that Daily Express piece about Scottish songs a few weeks back was effectively demonising a lot of people who shared that far and wide among their networks. And friends on social media see the reality when you’re being accused of “vile cybernat abuse” when you’re doing nothing of the sort.
      When you start throwing in “people are crisicising me harshly for Lib Dem policies”, well even many current No voters will be laughing at that one.

    24. Dcanmore says:

      They are all clones in Better Together, all the same sort that think the same way. Carmichael was drafted into the Scottish Secretary role because he does whine, moan, complain and act as if Scotland should be punished and he’ll quite happily lie all day in po-faced silliness on television without an inclining of self-twattery. Perhaps Michael Moore wasn’t that sort of character, prepared to denigrate himself so completely for future ermine. No, Carmichael is a choob, a useful idiot who wanted a Better Together (on the telly) job but needed an air of authority title to go with it, so arise Scottish Secretary and go yonder on your mission.
      It doesn’t matter if you are a failure in UnionLand because failure is rewarded. That’s how grey suits and empty brains like Carmichael get promoted and rise without trace, they just do what they’re told. Go on telly and moan, complain, interrupt, whine and lie, act exasperated with faux outrage, re-write history and ignore the hypocrisy, do all of that and you’ll go far my boy. Let’s face it outside of his own constituency did anybody knew Alistair Carmichael even existed? Thought not. So in his mind he is being a success because he now gets invited on the telly and is quoted in national newspapers. He craves the limelight and, well, we all know what he’ll say and do to get that ‘success’.    

    25. Gillie says:

      The trick of sticking one finger into each ear and going “LA LA LA LA LA” is beyond the new Secretary of State for Portsmouth.

    26. Cath says:

      Anyway, I seem to recall BBC Scotlandshire was way ahead of the mainstream media on this one:
      “”We don’t want the masses, especially those who didn’t vote for us – ****s  that they are – tweeting us telling us they don’t like our policies. This is bullying, which creates terror among MPs and, as such, is a clear attempt to silence us.” He called on the Scotlandshire devolved administration to immediately deal with the problem.”

    27. O/T sorry:
      Just read elsewhere that Lamontable has been short-listed for the ‘Donald Dewar Debater of the Year Award’ at the Herald Politician awards.  This is a joke surely?  It’s got to be.

    28. david says:

      the truth hurts. its true

    29. HandandShrimp says:

      I would happily not talk to these people at all. Could Carmichael just go away and potter about in his greenhouse or something. To date he has added nothing to the debate and seems to start everything with “I’m a proud Scot…who wishes the country didn’t exist”…or something like that.
      Love the Bitter Traitors Shop a Separatist idea….do I qualify? 🙂   

    30. Bill McLean says:

      David – what hurts is that our media misrepresent our campaign on a daily basis. That Lamont has been short-listed is pathetic, puerile and dishonest – but then that’s our media! I hope, but will not hold my breath, that Lamont herself is embarrassed!

    31. Big Al says:

      If he can’t stand the heat in the kitchen while he’s troughing he should stand down and give the post to the man who wants it most in the whole wide world. David Mundell. We may then see some top quality abuse for someone who would go down in history as the last ever Secretary of State for Scotland.

    32. Jen says:

      He is a shining example of the Scottish Cringe. 

      Until his appointment as SOS, I had never heard of him but I think the against Scotland is partly true, as his Britishness must come first.  It’s like deciding what relative to save from the fire!  I think many Unionists don’t think before they speak.  He comes across as poorly briefed and very aggressive. 
      Constant claims of being bullied are quite frankly silly, as most people know Unionists are rather adept in this name calling department!  Salmond dictator and other associated insults both direct and indirect. 
      The SoS is just another uninspring British Nationalists. 

    33. HandandShrimp says:

      Given Lamont never actually says anything at all..ever, I am mildly perplexed that she has been short listed for anything. Ruthie is a better debater than Johann.

    34. muttley79 says:

      I see the No campaign are back to their ‘SNP are beyond the pale, intimidating people, and hinting that they, and independence supporters are really fascists’ schtick.  How many times have they tried this tactic?

    35. desimond says:

      Oh alas and alak as Carmichael plays the Calman card…been there seen it done it, i look forward to him being offered his own comedy show on STV soon too. 

      Shout out to Michael Moore…come back and lead the Lib Dems in Scotland when we vote AYE. I might no agre with your party but at least as a man you had honour and respect, something your counterparts Carmichael and Rennie do not.

      Surely the Police should be informed if the SNP are forcing all these people to join them and vote for them. And what strange blackmail are they using to get even non SNP parties on board.

    36. wee e says:

      You’ve got to love how the BT invitation to clype ends, Don’t worry, if you want to do this anonymously you can.

    37. anyone seen Blair McDougall and Alistair Carmichael in the same room?

    38. desimond says:

      Its a shame Carmichael didnt say this on Scotland Tonight..hosts “IM JOHN MACKAY” or Rona are always sitting with their ipads and could easily have immediately checked his timeline to corroborate any claims of cyberbullying.

      Then again he would have probably have claimed the SNP deleted the data when no evidence was forthcoming.

    39. Training Day says:

      Lamont’s nomination for Debater of the Year (presumably made by Gardham) is probably down to the command of language, the poise and unflappability, the uncanny ability to know when to deliver le mot juste which she displays here:
      Enjoy presenting her with the award, Magnus.

    40. Stirling says:

      I’ve found it hard to stop laughing at this. Where did they get “Bruiser” from? Maybe he won a Tunnocks Teacake eating competition one time, or maybe more than once!Seriously though, Whiskey, Tunnocks Teacakes and Gaelic! is this guy for real? Did he no say that he wasn’t taking any nonsense from anyone when he got that job? He’s certainly got no issue talking nonsense.

    41. Jimbo says:

      I suggest that when Nicola Sturgeon debates with Carmichael she should constantly refer to him as ‘Wee pet lamb’ in order not to upset the fragile, wee wimpy sowl.

    42. desimond says:

      Those Union guys are a fickle bunch eh?

      Following last week’s job loss announcement, a row broke out between Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael and Scotland’s Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon over the impact on shipbuilding of a “Yes” vote in next year’s independence referendum.

      Mr Carmichael said it would be “difficult to see how the work would go to Scotland” if it was independent but Ms Sturgeon said any suggestions of work being lost was “preposterous”.

      Mr Webster dismissed any suggestion that the referendum was a major factor for the workforce.
      “We have no intentions over the next 10 months of worrying about politics,” he said.

    43. So now, as well as the Proud, Patriotic Porage Wog, we have the Tunnocks Teacake Tory. 
      Trolling? More like tapping the ball into an open goal.

    44. Sheltie says:

      Carmichael, the Shetland and Orkney MP who, in the past, has threatened court action against constituents who right to him to voice concerns about policy of the condems.
      Do not trust this man he is a snake and quite happy to cry wolf at the slightest hint of things not going his way.
      I know that even some of our school kids, in Shetland can out debate him and Tavish 

    45. Roland Smith says:

      I am surprised that the Tories replaced Michael Moore with Mr Carmichael. I recommend watching his interview last night on Newsnight with Gordon Brewer. Even Gordon was totally perplexed with his blustering and was clearly getting annoyed. Given I have suspicions on Gordon’s bias that was some achievement by Mr Carmichael. His only strength I could spot was the ability to ramble on presumably under the self belief that what he was saying made any sense to a listener. He made a faux paux on the EU where he said the UK would ask for advise but when Gordon pointed that out he started blustering and rambling again so I and I am sure Gordon Brewer were completely unclear as to the conclusion. I think he will be a great asset to the Yes campaign.

    46. cirsium says:

      Secretary of State for Portsmouth
      Like it Gillie

    47. wee e says:

      The form wouldn’t submit when I tried it. Maybe it blocks anyone linked in from the WOS site, because it worked fine when I went through their main page.  I don’t want to reveal my true name because I’ve been horribly abused and bullied for my views, but I’ll share my contribution:
      Someone threatened my elderly father’s life because of my views on independence.  The police took it very seriously. And they also sent death threats to a colleague of mine, and again, the police were quite concerned about it.

      Plus people routinely refer to me on public formus like twitter as jowly and wee. I’ve been called a nazi more often than I can count.  BBC commentators, opposition MPs, Peers and even government ministers are constantly presenting me as Hitler, Kim Il Jong, Mugabe, Stalin and even Genghis Khan.  I totally sympathise with Alistair, it’s not nice when everybody calls you fat

    48. heraldnomore says:

      Let’s just hope he doesn’t come out in a green goblin paint-on

    49. joe kane says:

      Somebody that has just voted to support the bedroom tax looking for public sympathy is a hard sell, especially given their vast taxpayer-subsidised salary, expense account and ministerial chauffeur driven car he has. 

      Also, spare a thought for Scottish public opinion and Scottish disabled people before deciding to sympathise with the plight of our unrepresentative Secretary of State for Scotland.

      Two thirds of clients seeking help from Citizens Advice Scotland about the bedroom tax are disabled – 

      63% of Scots oppose the bedroom tax –

    50. Ron Maclean says:

      Derek Bateman took him too seriously.  He likened him to Katy Morag.

    51. Bawheid Bragg says:

      Jeezo! What does Wee Fat Big Nazi Communist Fascist Fucktard Bighead Dictator Eck ( (c) Sarwar) have to say about this?!

    52. wee e says:

      To desimond. Jaimie Webster is a convenor of the shipbuilding union CSEU. He has been for a long time, and he’s always focussed on the future of the yard and  his members.  As far as I’m aware he’s always steered clear of party, parliamentary and constitutional politics. (If you saw him on TV the other week, he was very cogent and level headed amongst all the hysteria.)
      The two union convenors from Scotstoun are GMB and UNITE convenors. Their priorities appear to lie with Better Together – officially.

    53. clachnaben says:

      O/T Guido Fawkes has the info of MPs who have used taxpayers’ money to rent constituency offices that already belong to their party, thus sending taxpayers’ money straight to party funds. An interesting list that includes some notable Scottish Lib Dems such as Danny Alexander,Charles Kennedy and Ming Campbell. 

    54. HandandShrimp says:

      Can I suggest a caption for the picture
      “Back off and quit the bullying or the idiot gets it”

    55. Jimsie says:

      99 out of 100 Scots have no idea who this man is.

    56. Tris says:

      Carmichael must be a disappointment to Clegg and Cameron.
      I understood that his possession of ‘a pair’ was the reason he was appointed in the first place, to replace someone who simply wasn’t big and butch enough to cut it.
      I really don;t think it is unreasonable to expect that the Secretary for Defence should employ all his efforts on behalf of Defence; the Secretary for Foreign Affairs likewise for his department. 
      Why then would it be so unreasonable for Nicola to question why the Secretary for Scotland was busily talking down Scottish jobs? Seems that he really did mean it when he said the post should be abolished.
      Maybe he should be Secretary for Portsmouth. The local Tory MP there, although trying hard, was a little vapid, I thought.
      Too late for them to find another Secretary for Scotland. And, let’s be honest, it wouldn’t make any difference. Not only would they only choose someone who was red white and blue through and through, but let’;s be honest, when it comes to it, none of the Liberals is any use, and Mundell is…well Mundell!

    57. faolie says:

      Poor wee Alistair. And did you see that bully Gordon Brewer call his answers ‘pathetic’ on Newsnicht last nicht? Fair upset the boy.
      GB: Why won’t you just rule out a currency union?
      AC: Well, because the nationalists would start howling
      GB: Eh? You won’t rule out a currency union because you’ll upset people? That’s pathetic.
      AC: Well, no it’s no…

    58. Papadocx says:

      A proud Scot should not be reacting like this! Take a big dram, lie doon and think of England in Gaelic of course. you’ll feel better the gither. 

      As they say Alistair it’s tough at the top! Believe me son it’s tougher at the bottom keeping you lot in westminster in grace and favour lifestyle. Toodal pip the Noo! 

    59. FreddieThreepwood says:

      Apologies if this has been covered above (nae time to read all your pithy insights!) – but it isn’t the faux sensitivity that gets me about Carmichael’s contribution so much as the continued peddling of the ‘this debate is all about Scottishness and ethnicity’ rot. 

      This has become the favourite straw man to attack for the unionists – Carmichael even began his speech with that bloody ‘I’m a proud Scot’ line!

      For the love of God – would someone in the SNP/Yes camp publicly call these disingenuous bastards out on this?!

    60. I thought the Unionist was sending in its big tough guy Carmichael to rally more No votes, iinstead he’s Mr Whimpy, will somebody put a Cone on his head. 

    61. mealer says:

      I don’t think its right to be poking fun at Mr Carmichaels obvious weight problem.His support of the bedroom tax is of far more concern to me than his Tunnocks Tea Cake habit.

    62. X_Sticks says:

      Gillie says:

      “The trick of sticking one finger into each ear and going “LA LA LA LA LA” is beyond the new Secretary of State for Portsmouth.”
      Maybe he’s just being halfhearted about it. He’s goin “L-L-L-L”
      Alternative caption:
      “If you don’t all vote NO I’m going to pull this trigger!”

    63. themadmurph says:

      To be fair, someone did call him a big Jessie!  I think that must be highly offensive to someone from Islay!  Not sure why, but I’m sure it is!

    64. GrutsForTea says:

      Mysteriously disappeared from the online front page –

    65. velofello says:

      Labour’s failure to support their own Bedroom tax motion I found puzzling, so too their weak “pairing” explanation. Next up the “Blow the Whistle” initiative, odd. 
      Eurika! Links – Pairing;database derived from “Blow the Whistle” contributors;bedroom tax. A scheme to help Unionists find bidis-ins and so resolve their bedroom tax dilemma! Gee what a devilish scheme.

    66. Gillie says:

      Comical Ali seems apt.

    67. Stirling says:

      Maybe just trying to get a Tunnocks Teacake out of his ear.

    68. Peter A Bell says:

      I don’t see what is wrong with this. So long as they are paying no more than the going rate, why should MPs not rent office space from whoever they choose? The office being owned by the party is not the same as it being owned by the MP.
      And why should the party give away free something that has a commercial value? It doesn’t make sense.

    69. Mad Jock McMad says:

      Is it just me or does Carmichael’s argument not fall instantly to bits on looking at the Better Together page with its sub – Real Scots Together group?

      You posted the evidence on your Hitler application to join Better Together … Rev  🙂

    70. Albert Herring says:

      Gie the guy a break. He’s just practising for his future role as Secretary of State for England.

    71. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “If you don’t all vote NO I’m going to pull this trigger!”

      So stealing that.

    72. tony o'neill says:

      He is just a big tory lap dug.

    73. Peter A Bell says:

      I have to say that I’ve never quite got this whole “proud Scot” thing. Pride is for achievements. We are entitled to be proud of the things that we, or those close to us have accomplished. We have a right to be proud of our successes – the things we’ve put some effort into.
      It took no effort on my part to be Scottish. It is not something I had to achieve. It is not a personal accomplishment. All I had to do was be born. It wasn’t even a matter of choice. I was offered no options.
      To my mind, the only people who can justifiably express pride in being Scottish are those who have become Scottish by choice. The so-called New Scots. They can rightfully call themselves proud Scots. I’ll even admit to being quite proud of them myself.
      Me? I’m not proudly Scottish. I’m just Scottish. It’s what I am. It is not something I wear as some kind of badge. And I’m more than a little suspicious of those who do.

    74. clachnaben says:

      @Peter A Bell
      Taxpayers’ money for these offices is given so that parliamentarians can carry out their duties to constituents. It might be perfectly legal to do what these MPs are doing but it effectively turns public money into political donations without the consent of taxpayers.

    75. BuckieBraes says:

      I’m struggling to imagine the gustatory experience of drinking Laphroaig* and eating Tunnock’s teacakes at the same time.
      * Other single malts are available.

    76. HandandShrimp says:

      Good Herald story, loved the Labour spokesandroid comment that this is an SNP smear. Listen spokestwit, there were either 47 Labour MPs who did not vote or there were not. Which is it? You either believe in and support something or you don’t.  

    77. clachnaben says:

      “Scottish Secretary busies himself with his lughole as Scotland goes down the plughole”

    78. G H Graham says:

      When there is no mature argument to be made, it is the common practise of children & teenagers to resort to finger pointing & name calling.
      Regrettably, some adults struggle to develop beyond the adolescence of youth & continue to finger point & name call.
      Carmichael is no individualist then because he does appear to belong to a tribe of similar minded adults who have nothing creative or positive to say with regard to the matter of Scottish independence.
      Regrettably, large socio-economic groups within our society depend on such puerile behaviour upon which they will deliver their considered opinion at the ballot box. 

    79. Luigi says:

      And so the Great Carmichael, the great big bruiser, the hammer of the nats, who was going to take on and face down the evil seperatists, is nothing more than a soft toffee, a big, useless, sour cream puff.  What a paper tiger.  Yet another unionist politician fails to impress – how disappointed must the Scottish media be?  Well, if they did not build him up and rate him so highly to begin with, he would have less distance to fall.
      The long, hard search for the great white hope continues. 

    80. desimond says:

      To wee e 

      A humble Thank You for pointing out my mistake. Apologies to Jamie Webster, and if hes reading, hopefully he can have a word with the other 2 Union guys and get their priorities rightened.

    81. Mosstrooper says:

      “There, that’ll stop the wind blowing straight through”

    82. DougtheDug says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
      14 November, 2013 at 2:03 pm

      “If you don’t all vote NO I’m going to pull this trigger!”

      So stealing that.

      “The next man makes a move the Secretary of State gets it!”
      “Hold it men, he’s not bluffing”
      Ahh, memories. The sheriff arrives in town and takes himself hostage scene from “Blazing Saddles” translated to Scottish Politics.

    83. MochaChoca says:

      I can see where you are coming from, but unless there is some kind of ‘angle’ to this arrangement where either the party or the MP is profiteering why do it?
      This kind of arrangement I’m sure happens plenty between private individuals and private sector companies but where it involves public funds it should really be subject to scrutiny.

    84. TJenny says:

      A previous commentor on WoS labelled those ‘I’m proud to be Scottish, but….’ people as Scotbuts – highly apt methinks. 🙂

    85. HandandShrimp says:

      What sort of things are going down on the Shop A Gnasty Gnat page?
      Since they banned me I lost interest in their site and can’t be arsed looking at it. I was wondering how high the bar had been set and whether I could clear it.

    86. Seasick Dave says:

      He’s got a heid like a bothy cat.

    87. Morag says:

      I actually turned the TV off last night when Newsnicht came on and his appearance was trailed. Was that a mistake?

    88. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Peter A Bell –
      ‘All I had to do was be born.’
      Indeed, but I’m quite sure you did it with considerable panache.
      Speaking of which – let’s all hope that Johann Lamont is crowned ‘Debater of the Year’ for two reasons which will bolster the Yes campaign:
      I. She’ll have to give a speech.
      2. She’ll have to try and smile.

    89. creigs1707repeal says:

      A “proud Scot” perhaps, Mr Carmichael but why accuse your detractors of smearing you with claims of being anti-Scotland? It’s not anti-Scottishness that is your problem. Your problem is that you are not PRO-Scotland. There is a difference. Telling ship builders in Portsmouth that their yard is “well placed” to win the T26 contract from the Clyde should Scotland vote YES can hardly be considered “pro-Scottish” now can it? The only one playing the “anti-Scottish” card is YOU. But we’re no’ daft and will not rise to such trite. Now–start being pro-Scottish.
      YES Scotland

    90. Seasick Dave says:

      Do we get to vote on it?


      No, that was the correct decision.

    91. MochaChoca says:

      Pop quiz:
      A recent debate was attended by two pro-indy and two pro-union speakers.
      Guess which side of the debate had their speaker in full highland dress?
      First (and hopefully last) time I’ve suffered from the dreaded ‘Scottish Cringe’

    92. has  anybody had there TV signal interupted  during referendem  debate ch  81  Im on talktalk ome back as soonest  thanks

    93. Marcia says:

      What sensitive souls the No camp have. academics claiming to be neutral. Once I saw the title of the Dundee University take on the Referendum, 5 Million Questions – something far from a neutral title when you think of it. Was the title passed by John Curtice to comment if it was a leading title?
      I am glad the sensitive souls did not live in the years before political spin became news items. Public meetings of old were a rather raucous affair and provided fun and entertainment. A look back at the newspapers for the period from 1900 to 1970 when verbatim reports of public meetings were reported on are very interesting.
      You know when you are winning the argument when the other side start bleating. Poor wee souls. They should take up pressing wild flowers instead.

    94. TJenny says:

      Ronnie Anderson – Virgin Parly channel 612 not interrupted – so far.

    95. clachnaben says:

      Michael Connarty MP is one of the Labour constituency office re-renters. I’m sure we’re all astonished.

    96. T jenny kin ah come er an watch your tv’  as Isay Im with talktalk but with there internet breakdowns or holyrood BBC  break in transmission :/& again just now 2_54

    97. TJenny says:

      But now got a ‘We apologise for the temporay problem. we hope to return to our schedule shortly. Thank you for your patience. like we have a choice. There’s murmuring in the background but nothing discernible.

    98. Bunter says:

      Plug been pulled on BBC. Parliament Indy debate.

    99. Bunter says:

      Oops, back these things happen don’t they!!

    100. TJenny says:

      Back on now – but missed out a lot of Nicola’s speech. Hmm – strokes chin ponderously 🙂
      Ronnie Anderson – Aye, if you’re in Edinburgh, come on over 🙂

    101. MochaChoca says:

      There appears to be something about indy related broadcasts that make them inherently more at risk of “technical problems”. Just coincidence I’m sure.

    102. Andy-B says:

      Talking of Alistair Carmichael.
      Alex Salmond brought him up in FMQ’s today, when he said,to Johan Lamont, Margaret Curran kept whispering in his ear to make sure he voted against the bedroom tax, yet 25% of Labour including SLAB, didnt even bother to show up, to vote against the unfair tax.
      Needless to say Lamont just pulled on of those faces only a mother could love.

    103. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Seasick Dave –
      Do we get to vote for Lamont or any of the other nominated debaters? I don’t think so, but I’ve no idea who the judges are. 
      Mind you, it’s just called the Debater of the Year award, isn’t it? Doesn’t say anything about nominees having to be the best debater. She must surely be one of the frontrunners because, if nothing else, she was asked to withdraw comments by the Speaker, and managed not to do so – no mean feat in itself.
      They should also have a ‘Dirty Looks’ Award – she’d win that hands down, nae probs.
      ‘Balloon of the Year’ – now, there’s one we could see some stiff competition for…

    104. Andy-B says:

      O/T I do apologise.
      Yesterday whilst listening to the Fred MacCauley show, a guest asked him if he would
      like to be the next first minister in an independent Scotland, Mac Cauley, let the cat out the bag with his reply, saying “We’re not allowed to comment about independence on the show”  I wonder why.?

    105. CAR   comykeekle:  AKA /SCOTTISH  SEC  /   He’s a tartan  TOLLY   TORY   he,s a  FART  in the Wind  h better stie oot  o  the  play  grunn   they   primary  school  wain,s   play   Stick,s  n  Stanes    hud  ma   coat

    106. caz-m says:

      Does anyone else notice the black clouds that sit above the Scottish Labour Party at Holyrood.

      They are a depressing looking shower , aren’t they. Every question is asked with a torn face, twisted screwed up angry faces, and at the end they trudge off, knuckles scraping the floor and locked away in their cages below the Parliament till next week.

      They only remind you of why you would never vote for them.

    107. Les Wilson says:

      I have the answer to him, he smells Ermine ! Westminster corrupts.

    108. john king says:

      Anne (@annewitha_e) says
       “anyone seen Blair McDougall and Alistair Carmichael in the same room?”
      Is that even possible? 

      turn me in guys I”ll take the rap 😉

    109. gedboy says:

      g h graham
      so wit are you saying hes pointing at himself and thinking
      a)wheres my packed lunch
      b) rusty old iron 
      c) if i remove my finger will my head blowup

    110. TJenny says:

      Gedboy – manual operation of the brain 🙂

    111. TheGreatBaldo says:

       Cut n’pate job from LFI…..Sorry Rev
      Labour voters for Scottish Independencejust copied the following (in quotations) from Anti Bedroom Tax Activist Alan Wyllie’s wall: “The call came out too late. By the time we arrived the lady, who was obviously distressed, had been locked out her home by the police and housing officer. “They had locked her out with all her belongings, including her medication, inside the house. “She has a lawyer and she is speaking to him now so she will have someone to help her in the immediate future.” This is the reality. Someone’s mother, sister, whatever, has just been turfed out of her home. On a Thursday afternoon, without any of her belongings or her medicines etc’. Just as folk are settling down infront of the fire or the TV or whatever, this woman’s suddenly found her life pulled from under her. She’s officially ‘on the street’ now. This has come about as a result of a policy introduced by a government we rejected at the ballot box and has arguably been allowed to continue through a failure of Labour MPs to turn up and vote against it this week. This is really beginning to hit home now, it’s depressing. #nobedroomtax

    112. Macart says:

      OFFS! Not another attempt to smear a whole movement with this utter nonsense surely? Does that lad not have something better to be doing, preferably somewhere else?
      There are rude and offensive people all over the bloody internet. Its my understanding that you can ban them from accounts, or just plain ignore them. This so called combative SoS is supposed to have come up from the bear pit of the commons to sort us out fer Gawd’s sake. On this showing of his sensitive nature he’s in for a rough time of any televised debate. Heaven help him if he gets caught in either Margo or Dennis’ path.

    113. Cath says:

      “I’m struggling to imagine the gustatory experience of drinking Laphroaig* and eating Tunnock’s teacakes at the same time.”
      I’ve never tried that combination but really fancy trying it now. Perhaps tonight with Question Time….
      Anyway, I also don’t get the “proud Scot” nonsense. It grates. I’m not a proud anything, and particularly not Scot – it’s not in our make-up. The nationality I’ve felt most at home with and  happy to celebrate “being” (even though I wasn’t, just lived there a while) was Canadian. The only flag I owned up until the march this year was a Canadian one.
      Other than that, I love Scotland and it’s my nationality. But I also love Liverpool, Manchester, London and many other parts of the UK and abroad. I’m half English and quite happy to be “British” or “European” in some cases. Just not when it’s Westminster politicians dictating what that means or forcing me to choose between that and Scottish.

    114. john king says:

      Gillie says
      Comical Ali seems apt.
      Jesus he would need a whole pack of playing cards all to himself,
      DAMN IT 

    115. Macart says:

      I’m a proud Scot but,…
      36.      We note that the incorporation of Wales under laws culminating in the Laws in Wales Act 1536 (England) and of Ireland, previously a colony, under the Union with Ireland Act 1801 (GB) and the Act of Union 1800 (Ireland) did not affect state continuity. Despite its similarity to the union of 1707, Scottish and English writers unite in seeing the incorporation of Ireland not as the creation of a new state but as an accretion without any consequences in international law.
      3 7.      For the purpose of this advice, it is not necessary to decide between these two views of the union of 1707. Whether or not England was also extinguished by the union, Scotland certainly was extinguished as a matter of international law, by merger either into an enlarged and renamed England or into an entirely new state.
      …not for long, if I vote no next September.

    116. TJenny says:

      O/T – The Rev’s been tweeting with Kenny Farquharson, Dep. Ed. SoS. on using the pound after indy. 
      KF says it would require a referendum in England, for some reason no mention of W + NI, to vote yes, for said £ usage to go ahead.
      I don’t tweet, but can one of you tweet to ask KF whether there were referendums for ROI, NZ, Aus etc to continue to use £ after their independence, or is Scotland to be, for some reason, treated differently. Thanks.

    117. TheGreatBaldo says:

      Perhaps tonight with Question Time….
      You’ll probably need it Cath……it is coming from Portsmouth tonight so I suspect a few less than enlightened views on the Scots will be aired…..and not just those of us who want Indy.
      Oh and the General Secretary of the GMB is on as well…..wonder if he is as well informed about what the UK Govt. will do about the Frigates post Indy as his Shop Steward in Govan claims to be

    118. john king says:

      Ian Brotherhood says
      “Indeed, but I’m quite sure you did it with considerable panache”
      Dont let Alistair Caramac Carmichaelmoore hear you
       he’ll want maple syrup on those.


    119. Cath says:

      “it is coming from Portsmouth tonight “
      Ah that’s unsurprising. After all, I remember it coming from Ravenscraig after job losses there, and obviously there was that few weeks ago when it shifted to Grangemouth…
      …oh wait, no I think I dreamed all that.
      Oh and the General Secretary of the GMB is on as well
      Ah well that’s something, isn’t it? They’re backing Better Together entirely so their views about the jobs going to Scotland will be that we’re Better Together and the union is working just fine.

    120. Andy-B says:

      O/T  But interesting.
      The Conservatives have been caught deleting a decade of speeches from there site, the question is why?
      No good reason has been given, a “Robot Blocker” prevents anyone accessing them.

    121. gedboy says:

      joanne +hubby will be collecting her award 
      ladies +gents 
      i give you one man and his dog

    122. jake says:

      Scotbut. Noun. an avowedly patriot dissenter from the political philosophy of the right of self determination for nation states. Example of usage: ” I’m a proud Scotbut we’re too wee/poor/stupid/ etc to run our own affairs”. See also Scotbuttery (n) and Scotbut (v).

    123. Breaking news ‘Real Scot demonstrates finger hole brain surgery’.

    124. gedboy says:

      ronnie anderson 
      they are working in glasgow on that new crap phone signal thingy 
      theres a web page floating about somewhere 
      try resetting your box its what i done and even got more channels all crap
      but i wont look a gift horse in the mouth
      try it mate hope this helps

    125. gedboy says:

      he could be holding in a brainfart
      and it dropped to his waist

    126. HandandShrimp says:

      Wonder how Better Together the GMB will be on Portsmouth soil.

    127. desimond says:


      They  have a new Scottish labour Party song

      Nobody likes us, everybody hates us,
      Guess I’ll go eat worms,
      Long, thin, slimy ones; Short, fat, juicy ones,
      Itsy, bitsy, fuzzy wuzzy  worms.
      Down goes the first one, down goes the second one,
      Oh how they wiggle and squirm.
      Up comes the first one, up comes the second one,
      Oh how they wiggle and squirm.
      I’ll cut their heads off
      suck their guts out
      and throw their skins away
      Surprising how us girls can eat
      worms three times a day
      That’s how we get our wiggles.

    128. gedboy says:

      IF joanne had a facelift
      is her arse not a bit to high

    129. HandandShrimp says:

      KF is talking out of a hole in his head. The decision to enter a currency union if that is the option proposed for will be taken by Westminster. Westminster is not a big fan of referendums and there have been very few in the last 40 years (2 I think). The English would much sooner have one on the EU than whether the pound remains the currency in use in Scotland. I suspect they will be offered neither.  

    130. The Man in the Jar says:

      For those who are having problems with their telly. Holyrood has its own TV channel on the web.

    131. CR says:

      @Andy-B :3.09 – I’ve heard Fred McCauley say that on a number of occasions (“We’re not allowed to comment about independence on the show”)
      Also, did I read somewhere that Tunnocks are supporting Better Together?  Are they sponsoring Ali Carmichael?  I think we should be told!

    132. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @The Great Baldo
      Had this inhumane policy been introduced by the SNP you can bet your bottom dollar that this poor wifie would have been paraded in the gallery of Holyrood at FM’s question time.
      Can we crowdfund to pay the debt to allow her to stay in her home ?

    133. jim mitchell says:

      Wow it must be great to be the Sect of State for Scotland, they even give you a minion to de-wax your ear for you!

    134. CR says:

      The situation that you just described is why Scotland should have Independence, it’s shameful and disgusting to think of that poor woman, thrown out on the street, with all the weeks of worry that she must have gone through and that she will continue to go through.  There is not even a reason for it other than the greed of the Westminster Government and all joking aside, that man, in the picture up there, he voted for it.  Nevermind about banging on about being a proud Scot, he should hang his head in shame.

    135. Jon D says:

      Just happened to come across Carmichael’s latest contribution in the Referendum debate….

    136. Morag says:

      Kenny Farquharson, there’s another.  I have had it up to here with journalists that think they’re some sort of oracle, that their every utterance must be treated as “tablets of stone” ultimate authority.  Ewan McColm does it, Magnus Linklater does it, I’ve seen others do it too.
      News flash, guys.  You’re not experts,  Your opinions have no more value than the next guy’s, and less if the next guy really does happen to be an expert or even above-average knowledgeable on the subject in question.  You’re opinionated scribblers.  Quit assuming everyone you meet on Twitter or BTL on a blog is a knuckle-dragging ignoramus in comparison to your own infallible accuracy.

    137. gavin lessells says:

      At 3.42 TheGreatBaldo reported on an attempt by LFI to prevent a lady being put out of her house in Govan. The LFI tried to recruit help earlier on Facebook.
      I am somewhat surprised that this disgusting state of affairs has drawn so little comment.
      The LFI seem to be on the street trying to do something.

    138. caz-m says:

      Pic just proves that Carmicheal couldnea pick his nose.

    139. TJenny says:

      HandandShrimp – Well exactly. just wondered what KF’s answer would be to point that no referendum had been used in the past re other countries’ use of £ after independence from UK, that’s all. 🙂

    140. gedboy says:

      what did that poor elephant do to you
      sorry didnt notice he took
      his finger out

    141. TJenny says:

      And The Scottish Independence Bill is passed. 🙂

    142. caz-m says:

      I thought there was an all-party agreement stating that there would be NO evictions if it was related to the bedroom tax.

      Labour Glasgow City Council must have their own rules on this one. Or has their leader been caught with his pants down again.

    143. caz-m says:

      BBC Scotland is silent on the subject of the Clyde losing the type 26 frigate order WHEN Scotland becomes Independent.

      Douglas Frazer talked for about 5 mins and didn’t mention the order going back to Portsmouth once. I think he was talking through gritted teeth.

    144. Les Wilson says:

      OK, own up ! Who super glued his finger !

    145. clachnaben says:

      There once was a Scot Sec called Ali
      With the Tories he was very pally
      He got stuck into the snacks
      While the Bedroom Tax
      Put tenants oot in the alley

    146. Webcraft says:

      A lovely picture of an empty room here:
      <a href=”“><b>A stuttering start for Better Together on Bute</b></a>

    147. Robbie says:

      I think the leader of GCC was the giver not the receiver.

    148. caz-m says:


      I don’t think he cares who he shafts.

    149. Dave Coull says:

      Regarding the passing reference to Chris Whatley: I have no objection to Chris Whatley doing what I know he has wanted to do for at least the past seventeen years, fight openly for the Union and against the Separatists. 
      My objection is to him doing so while holding a position as Head of an allegedly “neutral” University of Dundee project concerned with the independence referendum. 
      Whatley had a choice between being Head of a “neutral”, publicly funded project, or being a very prominent and very partisan Campaigner for a NO vote in the referendum. He has chosen the latter. That being so, he should quit the former.
      Two days ago, as a Member of the University of Dundee, I raised this as a formal complaint with the University. I know my complaint is being formally discussed at the University. I am awaiting the response with interest.

    150. kendomacaroonbar says:

      ” Look Ma !  I’m a petrol pump !”

    151. Kev says:

      Thought Brewer gave him a fairly good grilling last night, made him look very uncomfortable at times and exposed the hollowness of his arguments, and steered Carmichael away from his main goal – to use it as another platform to attack the SNP without riposte. Im a very confident Nicola will give him a gubbin in a fortnights time on Scotland tonight on a par with his predecessor, im sure hed be quite content with losing a job that a wee while back didn’t believe should exist. 

    152. lumilumi says:

      @TMITJ, 4.45pm

      For those who are having problems with their telly. Holyrood has its own TV channel on the web.

      Sadly, the Scottish Parliament uses a streaming and playback software that requires a specific plug-in that does not work with my set up – and I imagine the set-ups of many, many other Firefox or Chrome users. (MS Silverlight or something). The site just crashes, and crashes all interwebby activity on your computer.
      I’m left with watching BBC Democracy Live website streaming. They don’t show everything what’s going on. For instance, yesterday I would’ve wanted to watch the Rural affairs etc… committee on deers and culling but it wasn’t on the BBC Democracy live streaming, or even as a download afterwards.
      The Scottish Parliament should really make an effort to make all their audio/video/streaming content as widely public as possible. Regardless of browser, plugin etc. Now, it seems, you only get it on MS platforms.

    153. velofello says:

      Morag, reference journalists – music to my ears.Never allow yourself to be called an expert.
      Concerning the woman locked out of her home by the police and the housing agent, more detail please on the circumstances leading up to the lockout.

    154. Albert Herring says:

      Scottish Parliament TV does work on MAC/Safari (I think you need MS Silverlight installed too). It does have an annoying habit of freezing occasionally, but it does that on PC too.


    156. gordoz says:

      @ Dave Coull
      Totally agree with your point – nonsense being pedalled by BT academics.
      Dont know why the papers pander to this when it was a genuine query on probity by Ms Robison.

    157. lumilumi says:

      @Dave Coull, 6.29pm
      As I understand it, Chris Whatley is quite a respecter historian in the academic circles. Not all academics might agree on his conclusions – history is a matter of interpretation, after all – but he is better placed than the man/woman on the street to put forth his argument in anything historical.
      Should that qualify him to put forth an argument concerning the future?
      Shona Robinson contacting the principal of Dundee University just to clarify that how impartial the leader of their “Five million questions” series of talks (sponsored by Dundee University) actually is…
      It was, of course, a bad tactical move, because it lets all the bitters together howl and smear and grandstand and evoke free speech and nazis and what have you.
      Nobody seems to pay any attention to the fact that pro-indy arguments are not reported in the MSM, or if they are, with derison and and a closing quote from some Bitter Together type.
      It’s a strange war. The BBC and other MSM against the people, and a growing grassroots, online community and the thousands who actually doorstep and leaflet and talk to ordinary people.
      No wonder the British establishment are keeching in their pants.

    158. gillie says:

      David Coull I understand that you had a Facebook conversation with Prof Whatley some time back. Did he indicate then how he would behave?

    159. gordoz says:

      Honestly – you’d think she was calling the guy a ‘2 faced devious bastard’ or something to that affect. As if ?

    160. handclapping says:

      and if I turn it this way; look, I’ve only got two chins!

    161. Ian Brotherhood says:

      re the picture of Cut-out Carmichael –
      He’d better watch it. If he does that to his belly-button his arse’ll fall off.

    162. Daughter of Evil Reindeer says:

      I think it horrible the way that this humble man has been held up to ridicule, this Proud Scot has stood by his leader even when everyone else was calling him a lying scumbag. This man has pulled himself up from nowhere by his own britches to become the shortest serving Secretary of State for Scotland in history, and all you do is mock.

      I am sure that every morning he steels himself for the ordeal ahead by wearing a wig he has fashioned for himself from used toilet rolls and wraps his mothers old fox stole around his shoulders, I am a simple man your majesty he mouths, I am honoured to become Lord Carmichael of Cutoot.

      He is indubitably one of lifes unfortunates and should be treated with all the respect he deserves.

    163. Jamie Arriere says:

      @Ian Brotherhood
      Ah, but will he no’ have to get rid o the wee Silver Screw first?

    164. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Jamie Arriere –
      That’s the first time I’ve heard that. I had no idea it was a McGinn sketch.
      My granda used to say it to me when I was really wee (although he was too polite to say ‘arse’)
      Now I know where he got it!
      Cheers aplenty mister.

    165. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @DOER –
      ‘Carmichael of Cutoot’
      Ooh, you are naughty, but I like it. A lot.
      One way or another, he’ll see it. And he won’t like it – not one wee teensy toty bit.

    166. Daughter of Evil Reindeer says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood
      Just of to the Edinburgh Barbour store to see f they have a shitproof umbrella in Proud Carmichael plaid!

    167. The Man in the Jar says:

      I watch Scottish Parliamentary TV on google chrome without any plug-ins (as far as I know) without any problems at all.

    168. X_Sticks says:

      Your input to our debate is class. First class.

    169. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @DOER –
      If you do locate the brolly, might be ‘kindly’ of you to check if they do matching wellies – someone might need them.

    170. Graeme McAllan says:

      Can some kind soul please post a link for the squirming interview Carmichael gave with Gordon Brewer? I’ve looked, and I cannae find it anywhere 🙁

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