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Whistle and I’ll come to you

Posted on November 13, 2013 by

Because this is a real thing that really happened today.


If you’ve been affected by any issues raised in the independence debate, do write in.

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129 to “Whistle and I’ll come to you”

  1. Morag says:

    I’ve just spent some time reading The Sealand Gazette.  I was literally crying.  I needed a good laugh and that graphic certainly supplied.

  2. Pedro says:

    I, as a CWU member, requested that I be able to video record the recent CWU referendum consultation meeting in Edinburgh but was told by a top lady union official from London, that I was not allowed to do so.
    At that CWU referendum meeting it was asked by a CWU member that the top table allow a show of hands in order that they gauge the mood of the meeting but the CWU head man in Scotland, Andy Kerr (a member of the Labour party NEC) said that under no circumstances was he going to take a show of hands.
    On reflection, the CWU members in attendance should have done it anyway.
    Just sayin….

  3. Horacesaysyes says:

    @pedro – Perhaps they would have only needed their fingers, rather than their whole hands?

  4. TJenny says:

    Pedro – does your union not believe in democracy?  Do all the members always just do as they’re told?  What were you being told?  Did anyone ask Andy Kerr (is he an ex Holyrood Slab Minister?) why he wouldn’t allow a show of hands – was there a vote for/against something?

  5. TheGreatBaldo says:

    Did consider filling it in the spoof manner illustrated above and encouraging others to do likewise…….
    But then I realised that it would just encourage Blair McD to go on telly and radio claiming he had heard from ‘thousands of concerned voters who’d been bullied by the dirty separatists’……even if they were all called Yoko Ono, Genghis Khan, Roy Keane, the fat one from Take That, the Original Stig etc etc

  6. Bill C says:

    Earlier on an other thread I mentioned how the Nazis controlled the media after they took power.  Another favourite tactic was to encourage neighbours, friends, colleagues and family to report any activities which were seen to against the Nazi Party. Obviously such tactics, apart from being reprehensible, were open to abuse e.g. many a poor soul ended up in a concentration camp simply because they had a disagreement with a neighbour etc.  First manipulation of the media, now squealing on people for political reasons. I really do fear we are entering dark days.

  7. Brian Powell says:

    I had thought of filling one of the forms as a spoof, but didn’t want to be automatically counted, just in case it did that!

  8. Thepnr says:

    Who’d have thought I would be using a quote from the man thrown out of Dundee.

    “You see these dictators on their pedestals, surrounded by the bayonets of their soldiers and the truncheons of their police … yet in their hearts there is unspoken fear.
    They are afraid of words and thoughts: words spoken abroad, thoughts stirring at home — all the more powerful because forbidden — terrify them. A little mouse of thought appears in the room, and even the mightiest potentates are thrown into panic.” 
    Winston ChurchillBlood, Sweat and Tears

  9. Steve says:

    This is my first post on your excellent site rev, and I have been moved to engage and convince others of the lies and bias in the msm and why they should vote yes!! First place I come every morning and can’t believe how we are all being led on a daily basis. This article just shows the brass neck BT and their friends in high places have and why we all need to convince a friend or stranger that there is another way and wings shows the way!! 

  10. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    Christ, that’s where I live. I’m sure I’ve seen Adolf handing out BT leaflets. After all they have the support of other beautiful people such as the Orange Order, BNP, UKIP etc. Maybe they share the same bunker as Johan Lamont.

  11. Keir Liddle says:

    Dear Better Together
    I have some shocking news: it seems that a number of figures in the Independence campaign will be silenced due to the Edinburgh agreement. Whereas this will not apply to another large group of anti-Indy campaigners except in the terms of a loosely defined “gentlemans agreement”.

    Indeed when your backers at Westminster have sought to legally bar the Scottish Government from campaigning but not demanded parity for themselves, when your main donor has been trying to use libel chill to silence critics and your approach to pro Indy social media is to delete Facebook comments and abuse copywrite claims to take down pro Indy videos…
    Do you really want to start talking about censorship?

    I mean obviously it’s part of your wider “don’t talk to the Nats” strategy and who can blame you? Because when people talk to us we answer their questions, decimate your fear factor and they cautiously or enthusiatically move to Yes.

    People won’t be fooled forever by the line taking by the luminaries of Scottish Labour. They won’t mistake their friends and family members for anglophobic facists. Far from it.

    They might end up seeing through you though: as the angry, disengenous and divisive nasty campaign that you are.

  12. kininvie says:

    I’m having that 🙂

  13. Yesitis says:

    There`s a lot of fun to be had at Better Together`s expense. I`m all for pointing and laughing at their idiocy, but they sure are coming out with a lot of scary stupid nonsense, and some of it is verging on the aggressive.
    I had a look at their Facebook page tonight and it is, sorry for my language…fucking weird. Troublingly so. I can`t take much of it, though, it`s just too unpleasant.

  14. Angus McLellan says:

    Did you mean
    What kind of people use the Better Together website? Please tell me you photoshopped that.

  15. TJenny says:

    Steve – welcome to Wings 🙂

  16. Seasick Dave says:

    OT, and apologies if I have missed it on another thread, but do we have any inside info on how George Galloway’s soiree went?

  17. Thepnr says:

    @Seasick Dave
    Only report I know of can be read here.

  18. Doug Daniel says:

    Look guys, can we take this seriously, please? Look at these two HARROWING stories. We should be ashamed of ourselves for putting these people through such things.

  19. creigs17707repeal says:

    Be careful here folks if you intend sending spoof stories to the BT site. A number of us are on their email list to receive intel on their forthcoming events and they do not know the true NO, YES or undecided. Sending in a spoof story to them will allow them to cross-check your computer’s IP address of your spoof story with your normal email IP address (if you’ve ever used your email to confirm your attendance at any of their events). This will allow them to identify IP addresses of those likely to be pro-indy supporters (by virtue of you sending in your spoof bully stories) and strike you off their email list. If you intend sending in spoof stories just for kicks then don’t do it from your normal computer or device i.e. not the one that you would normally use to send/receive email from BT. Use an internet cafe or another computer that you wouldn’t normally use. We need our ‘plants’ to remain on BT’s email list in order to find out what they’re up to.

  20. cath says:

     “I had a look at their Facebook page tonight and it is, sorry for my language…fucking weird”
    I used to read it and the fascist “vote no” British Unity page but both have become far too tedious and nasty to bother now.  They’re just endless “SNP this SNP that, all racists…all Braveheart inspired..” crap.
    One thing I do notice when I go back though is the real lack of media stories now.  A year ago they had loads.  Now they have the odd Telegraph and Express story but often just their own blogs. Seems the  press aren’t biased enough for them mostly now. 

  21. Doug Daniel says:

    “Now they have the odd Telegraph and Express story but often just their own blogs. Seems the  press aren’t biased enough for them mostly now. “
    They have BLOGS?!?

  22. Bill C says:

    o/t sorry. Car crash of an interview by Alistair Carmichael on Newsnight Scotland. All over the place on UK Gov. uncertainty, currency and the EU. Mr. Brewer enjoyed himself. Also a really weird Black Watch/John F. Kennedy clip (from 50 years ago). Cryptic message from Gordon and Co? Well worth a watch.

  23. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    When you scaremonger. Then scaremonger some more. Then continue to scaremonger what next?  Insanity?

  24. Andrew Morton says:

    Email Address:
    First Name: Edward
    Surname: Plantagenet
    Phone Number: None
    Your Story:
    I planned an away day to Stirling with some friends but found that a bunch of Nationalists waving Saltires which they had appropriated without permission and led by some guy called ‘Bruce’ (an Aussie no doubt) blocking the road. I and my friends merely wanted to hand out some Better Together leaflets but were prevented from doing so.

  25. Thepnr says:

    Next is the new BBC sitcom for 2014 “Grass Thy Neighbour”

  26. Robert Louis says:

    I’ve just watched ‘supposed Scot’, Alsitair Carmichael, the secretary of state against Scotland, display faux outrage at ridiculously innocuous comments whilst on Newsnight.  More importantly, he displayed a complete lack of grasp on key issues which he had spoken about in a speech earlier today.
    I must say, Gordon brewer did challenge him regarding his nonsense ‘fear’ speech from earlier, but Carmichael just didn’t seem able to deal effectively with it. 
    My conclusion regarding Alistair Carmichael, is that he is a political lightweight, with little real substance.  All of his answers during the interview were frankly pathetic, and he often appeared to lose his train of thought.
    You know, those unionists must struggle, having to lie all the time.  It must be very stressful.

  27. Bean-tighe says:

    My son, still in his teens, tried to debate on the Better Together facebook page a couple of days ago and received abuse on account of our East European surname (my husband’s from a land fairly far away).  It was like calling him Mr Chekhov (nothing like his name, neither funny nor Russian) “you haven’t got a Scottish name why are you for independence” and “did you have a passport to come here” Actually he was born here and has never visited his Dad’s place of origin. And they call us fascists.

  28. mealer says:

    Mr Carmichael claims to be a patriotic Scot who thinks his country is better to be governed from another country.Seems a bit bizarre to me,but there you are.I thought he did well on Newsnight tonight,considering the case he is argueing is absolute tosh.He tried his best to make the interview be all about the SNP being dastardly,in order to deflect from his own sides lack of reasonable argument.It didn’t work for him tonight,but what more could he do?

  29. rabb says:

    New entertainment from the BBC coming soon
    Shop A Seperatist

  30. CR says:

    Email Address:
    First Name: Cruella
    Surname: Deville
    Phone Number: 0500 666
    Your Story:
    I managed to collect together some adorable (and warm) spotty puppies to make a nice fur coat. There were far too many of them and some were even living on the streets, which was a totally drain on society.  However, I have truly been leftout in the cold as some nasty seperatist canines came along and stole them away, most of them are too small to even make mittens they’d be far better together

  31. Morag says:

    New entertainment from the BBC coming soon

    Shop A Seperatist

    Is the spelling intentional?  Just asking.

  32. Morag says:

    If you intend sending in spoof stories just for kicks then don’t do it from your normal computer or device i.e. not the one that you would normally use to send/receive email from BT. Use an internet cafe or another computer that you wouldn’t normally use. We need our ‘plants’ to remain on BT’s email list in order to find out what they’re up to.
    I know, I know, and I’m not actually doing it myself, but I honestly think it’s worth it.  One or two, well so what.  But if they get a deluge of replies and almost all of them are spoofs, and they have to read them all….  I’d love to be a fly on the wall.  The more the merrier.

  33. annie says:

    O/T – looks like Tony Blair calling in favours, on Sky newspaper preview headlines “US block Chilcott enquiry publication”  How can this be allowed.

  34. CR says:

    @Morag, I’ve mispelled separatist too – it’s because it’s a word with which I’m not familiar! 😉 Anyhow, went back to edit, but your comment must have been coming in and I couldn’t.  So apologies for typos.

  35. rabb says:

    Yes good spot Morag. Sorted now
    Shop A Separatist

  36. Papadocx says:

    He could have tried to waken up, it looked and sounded as if it was way past his bed  time. Even Gordon brewer couldn’t make him look and sound good. Brewer even went into hysterics at one point. Sorry but this guy is either a big mistake or he is getting set up for something nasty. Seems a harmless sort mark you.

  37. kininvie says:


    I’m afraid that kind of thing is only to be expected, so low have they sunk. Hope your son’s OK about it.

    Would be useful, if he doesn’t mind, if he could capture the comments & send them on to Stu – who would treat them with discretion (I know – I write for him.)

  38. Morag says:

    Yes good spot Morag. Sorted now
    Shop A Separatist
    I kind of wondered if it was deliberate, like Porage Oats.  And I get pelters round here for pointing out spelling errors.  I think it looks better spelled right though.

  39. CR says:

    @Bean-tighe – so sorry to hear about your son, some of the comments on those pages are vile.  Ditto on the comments threads to most of the MSM, none of them coming from the dreaded Cybernats!  Hope it doesn’t put him off asking questions.

  40. bean-teaghe’  noo you didna say what your son’s user name wiz,  Cher   Noble  lol  dont let  the  rasist comment  git tae  you  n  point  that  wain o yours tae  here   whit a education : heil: get lol

  41. Embradon says:

    I sent a spoof reply to a request to “tell us why you think we are better together”. Either no-one read it, or they are completely cloth eared to irony. I suspect it was just an address harvesting scam. After this one they will have many Mr and the like on the BT database.

  42. GrahamB says:

    Agree with the above posters on Carmichael’s performance on Newsnight tonight. He was so poor it looked like Brewer gave him a hard time when in fact I think he was only trying to get him to say something which made any sense. He looked as if he was on the same combination of drugs and sleep deprivation as BMcD … And I thought Michael Moore was pathetic!

  43. Aucheorn says:

    A wee something to send to the Shop a Separatist Group

  44. anonymus says:

    Nobody has mentioned this, but Professor Whatley is the Chair of the University of Dundee’s Five Million Questions project, which is funded by the University of Dundee. Its Associate Director is the Tory boy David Torrance. 
    As the university admits, “Largely funded by the taxpayers they have a duty in Scottish civic society to disseminate knowledge and share understanding”.  But this publicly-funded project on the 2014 referendum has the chair and associate director, who both are supporters of the union. This could provide an interesting context to the whole issue here. 

  45. Embradon says:

    It might be fun to send a few replies which are not obviously spoofs. Interesting to see if they waste Taylor’s money checking them out.

  46. Papadocx says:

    sorry to hear that. These people scunner me, keep yer chin up and gi yer boy a big cuddle Frae us aw. L&gb TAE ye both.

  47. gordoz says:

    I work at  a Uni (GCU) and the staff are 60% Labour – ED luvvies really. Dean is a complete anti Scots Govt Fuckwit – Tories are best & Only Labour could  sort Bedroom Tax ??
    The Scottish Govt are the baddies and only the Brit left (?) could make it right – all Scots driving this on Campus. 
    Salmond’s the Baddie  – Lamont / Sarwar a re good only misunderstood ?
    MSM are where its at (students being told this )

  48. joe kane says:

    Encouraging neighbour to anonymously clype on neighbour was a tactic beloved of the former East German informer stasi police state.

    It won’t be long before people will be getting accused of “un-British activity” and being “anti-British” and being asked if they are or have they ever been a member of the SNP.

    For what it’s worth, the British Government DWP runs a similar scheme in its benefit fraud hotline which encourages similar paranoid public spying and spiteful evidence-free, risk-free, conscience-free behaviour. The only problems with this particular hotline is that it costs the taxpayer more to run than it saves in uncovering benefit fraud and over 95% of the calls have no basis in fact and many are malicious. Innocent people can suddenly be interrogated by the authorities for any alleged wrong-doing on the say-so of informers who can denounce who they like and don’t need to worry about any consequences to themselves. 

    It’s obvious such anti-liberal, secretive methods are about authority having control over people. Maybe that’s why it appeals so much to Uncle Blair in the Better Together bunker underneath the Thatcherstrasse. It’s a pretty repulsive spectacle to consider Ian Taylor’s mob giving themselves the right to rake through, what is in effect, dustbins of tittle-tattle and gossip choosing whichever member of the public they consider a victim suitable enough to promote their intellectually and morally empty and vacuous agenda.

    I’ve every expectation the Better Together national clype-line will be as successful as the National Benefit Fraud Hotline. The good news is that whilst Blair, in the finest traditions of British journalism, is raking through dustbins looking for dirt to throw at people it leaves him less time to bother everyone else and that can’t be a bad thing.

    Reference – 
    A Town Called Malice 
    L’Arte Social
    12 June 2011 

    Henry Miller wrote a play about blair witch-hunt projects –
    The Crucible 

  49. aknoyd says:

    Petunia Ribblesthwaite
    Well, it’s disgusting. I was just explaining to my one of my customers (Mrs Jansson) that we’re much better orf being ruled from London, when the phone went. I apologised to her, answered it, and you will never guess who it was.
    It was that rotter Salmon telling me that Big Brother had nothing on him, and I should watch my mouth! They’re everywhere, I tell you, these unwashed nationalist oiks. Watching us, listening to us, spreading their hateful messages of independence and self-governance…

  50. Roll_On_2014 says:

    James McMillan, Elderly Scottish Man, Attacked ‘For Singing Pro-Independence Song’ In Edinburgh

    It’s the only one I have heard of.

  51. Bunter says:

    Well done herald as they lead on Labour bedroom tax hypocracy. Victory for new media?

  52. Piemonteis says:

    I’ve had a quick scroll through the comments above and didn’t see it mentioned, but the Herald are running with the Labour Bedroom Tax Sleep-In on the website. I would link to it, but I haven’t yet figured out how to do the non-click-through links. They also run with the Carmichael Attacks CyberNat story, however.
    The quote from the Labour Spokesman on the Bedroom Tax vote is quite bizarre:
    “This desperate smear by the SNP cannot hide the fact that only three LibDem and Tory MPs voted to abolish the bedroom tax immediately. Only a One Nation Labour Government will axe this cruel tax.”

  53. Bunter says:

    Bedroom tax story now disappeared from Herald front page already and now under the politics tab.

  54. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    Not often I laugh out loud at a comment!

  55. Craig P says:

    Embradon, I am sure that sort of thing has just happened, if you know what I mean. 

  56. john king says:

    Aucheorn says @ 12.13am

    All you bully boys in that video all 30.000 of you,
    we are taking names and we WILL  get you, you are a smear on Scotland’s good name. do you want the rest of the world to think of Scotland as
    a place where inequality will not be tolerated!?
    where we told we are subsidized and have the temerity to show ingratitude!
    where our honorable press do thier best to inform us and we then show such disrespect as to set up dozens of blogsites fed by countless thousands of bullies who want to keep the real voice of the people from being heard then make a false argument to complain it is YOU  who are being silenced !
    disrespect good and decent MP’S  who are concerned only for our welfare
    look How hard the  hon Ian Davidson has fought tooth and nail for the workers in his constituency
     look at the lies espouse by your own campaign in the Dunfermline by election where you tried to claim the credit for the labour parties triumphs (abolished bridge tolls, free prescriptions,etc) and then went on holiday while Grangemouth went into meltdown!
    no you bullies WILL be hunted down and we WILL  be merciless when we find you. 

  57. john king says:

    joe kane says
    “Uncle Blair in the Better Together bunker underneath the Thatcherstrasse.”
    Oh thats good

  58. JLT says:

    Sorry …I couldn’t help myself.
    Had to drop them an email condemning these Nationalists who are spoiling it for everyone. Don’t these Nationalists know that our London elite are trying to repair the economic damage caused by the wan ..err …Investment Bankers over the years. Offering people the chance to create a better nation is just not on! Don’t these Nats know that we need that oil for when we need to fund future wars against Iran, Nigeria, Venezuela and Argentinia. Ruining it they are …ruining it!

  59. john king says:

    jlts says 
    Sorry …I couldn’t help myself.

  60. patronsaintofcats says:

    See, now I would have gone for ‘Grass a Nationalist’

  61. JLT says:

    Sorry …still can’t help it.
    did one for
    Basically, just said that my boss, Eddie the first sent me up on company business, when at Stirling, me and my colleagues got battered by some Scots called Wallace and Murray. I got chibbed, and some of my mates ran away.
    What was really shocking was the way, Wallace took the skin off my back to make a sheath for his Stanley knife. It was dead sore!
    If this is Scottish hospitality, then I won’t be back to ‘Bonnie Scotland’

  62. JLT says:

    Hi John King.
    Seriously mate, I could do this all day. Everyone should just do this so we can make a mockery of this pathetic idea. I don’t give a monkey’s if they have my email address or not.
    Anyway …work, work, work …back to the mean streets of Edinburgh!

  63. Stuart Black says:

    Mark Smith’s latest pish on the Herald. Buying into the Friedmanite shite big style, how does one so young get quite so Tory minded?
    Anyway, the cost of living is so high because the State is so big, cutting edge stuff. Ergo, cut the state to the bone and we’ll all be rich. Thanks for that.
    Never mind Tory minded, how is he holding down a job at all?

  64. Ken500 says:

    GG should really read up on Irish history. The Irish Catholucs/Protestants wanted Home Rule. There was a strong Hone Rule movement in the 19C led by Charles Stewart Parnell. (Catholucs had no rights under a Unionist Westminster controlled governance.) It was Unionism that discriminated against Catholics. Lloyd George, a Liberal who partitioned Ireland where Catholics were denied voting rights,jobs the Orange Lodge in the six provinces. Until the 1960’s Bernadette Devlin etc. It was Westminster who put in the ‘Black & Tans.

    In Scotland the Churches have always had rights above the Law, the equal employments Laws. Teachers in Catholic schools/CS residential Homes etc.

    GG should read up on Irish/Scottish history. Extremely ignorant.

    The Catholics/Protestants in Scotland cancel one another out. 1.2million Protestant 800,000 Catholics. 1million practising. 1/2million voters? 4million electorate. Can be outvoted.Insignificant. Scotland is a secular country. The Churches are losing members because they do not practise what they preach.

    Soon Ireland can be re-united demographically, democratically.

    GG is such a hypocrite.

  65. Ken500 says:

    The Irish Catholics/Protestants wanted Home Rule. There was a strong Home Rule Movenent in the 19C

    Damn I-board

    It was a Unionist regime at Westminster who supported discrimination against Catholics in Ireland and caused most of the Trouble.

  66. Ellie says:

    I think we should take up their kind offer.  Report any bullying by the Better Together supporters to their official campaign and let’s see the response. 

  67. rabb says:

    Tarquin Van-Heaver Bunter (
    I was in Tesco the other day and whilst walking up the cheese Isle someone asked the assistant if they sold English Cheddar. Like a flash Alex Salmond came over the tannoy system in the store and poured scorn (Some kind of Scotch variety) onto the customer. It was an absolutely disgraceful show of bully boy tactics.
    Salmond should be stopped from interfering with Tesco tannoy systems!

  68. Ken500 says:

    Westminster supports the ‘Room tax’. A total disgrace. Westminster millionaires who support tax evasion. Taking £Billions out of Scotland while borrowing and spending £Billions more in the rest of the UK.

    Total hypocrites.

    Trade Unions who support, fund and enable right wing Parties of illegal Wars, tax evasion, banking fraud, targeting the poorest, the sick, old, young and disabled. Not cutting the Deficit but misappropriating the Royal Mail funds to cut borrowing.

  69. Ken500 says:

    Asda support the SNP, along with most businesses/farmers who can read a balance sheet.

  70. truescot says:

    BBC Radio Scotland GMS discuss the bedroom tax at 8.35am. This is a typical BBC Scotland tactic. They wait till most people are at work or doing school run etc..

    They have had all morning to discuss it but instead thought that a Police Scotland funding story to be more important. (Boot shit out of Scottish Government story)

    The guest from CAB was never told by James Naughtie about the non-show from Labour MP’s at Westminster that could have abolished the bedroom tax.

    I have yet to hear a “good news story” from BBC Scotland regarding the Scottish Government.

    When listening to BBC Scotland news programmes is like waiting on a kick between the legs with a blindfold on.


  71. Ken500 says:

    GG supports self determination for Palestine and elsewhere, but not for Scotland.

  72. Michael says:

    But who are they really talking to and what do they really expect to get from this exercise? Someone has actually decided that it’s going to give them something useful. But all it demonstrates is the utterly bonkers nature of the campaign and the desperation that must be gripping them. They know what’s coming and they are scared.

  73. Craig P says:

    Well I shall have fun today bravely clyping to Better Together about evil nat separatists. Shh, don’t speak too loudly, they’re everywhere!! I wonder which (if any) will get through the net. It would be hilarious if they published feedback that turned out to be a piss take.

  74. Kenny Campbell says:

    Seems to be a new phase, we have Carmichael going on about twitter trolls now and we have Stasi type shop your neighbour like data collection.
    What would be interesting is how this data collection could potentially be illegal with regards to data protection. Never mind the possibility for libel where the website/owner can be held jointly liable for incorrect information.
    Commercial enterprises are not allowed to collect personally identifiable information about individuals without their prior consent. If they collect sensitive personal information e.g sexuality, religion or political affiliation then they need to take further precautions. If I report a particular person for posting or preaching his separatist nonsense and say he is bullying in the workplace and then use his name and place of work then they are identifiable from that. Their political affiliations are also identified.

  75. Kenny Campbell says:

    GG supports self determination for Palestine and elsewhere, but not for Scotland.
    Also Ireland but not Scotland…

  76. Edward says:

    Its strange that when you look at Alistair Carmichael’s twitter page, there is no ‘tweets’ since November 1st. In fact there is no sign of any ‘trolls’ Looking at it he only uses twitter to promote himself

  77. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The best thing to do with GG is to completely ignore him.

  78. Ian Brotherhood says:

    George Galloway is irrelevant to this process.
    Does anyone know precise attendance figures for his gigs in Scotland?
    In any event, he’s too busy making plans to become the Lord Mayor of London, so he can safely be ignored. (Unless, of course, you live in London.)

  79. Ian Brotherhood says:

    re ‘Carmichaelballs’:
    So, let’s see these Tweets then…or were they so scary that he just had to delete them before total panic set-in?
    Saw the Herald piece on him this morning – paraphrasing here, but it was something like ‘you should see the names I get called’.
    Aw, bless…they don’t make dem big beasts like they used to.

  80. Sneddon says:

    OT but I was at the Unision Indy hustings last night in Edinburgh.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the indy ref in relation to the interests of the union members in terms of jobs, services and the wider social justice aims of the unison.  Very good talks, not a shouting match, civilised etc.  However the BT person (who I think has her heart in the right place) rehashed all the usual BT arguments(scaremongering) and was the only one to bring up her patriotic creditionals!.  Not really relevant at a meeting of trade unionists I’d say. Seemed not to understand that the road to social fairness won’t happen as the UK currently stands. The YES person got over his points very clearly and to the point.
    The mood of the attendees veered towards `YES judging by the questions.  I think the white paper will be the catalyst for a lot of those interested in social justice making their minds up.  Especially after labours failure on the bedroom room tax vote.  

  81. annie says:

    Edward – I agree I checked him out too going back about 10 weeks and there is absolutely nothing abusive – he wouldn’t be lying would he.

  82. Jingly Jangly says:

    GC is now on the Isle of Man talking shite, quite a long interview with him on Manx Radio this morning and  a longer version promised for later today.
    He really has rather a high regard of himself.
    Wonder if he took the same delusional pill as Blair/Brown and Darling….

  83. Sneddon says:

    Jingly – George invented the delusional pill imho 🙂

  84. Ian Brotherhood says:

    I’m all out of coconuts, but big respect due to whoever can name this dude:

  85. joe kane says:

    From the excellent Greg Moodie and Rose Garnett.
    Another of the tory funded Blair witch-hunt projects – hunting for non-existent SNP moles/entryists/fifth columnists and imaginary SNP fronts in the Scottish Labour Party –
    Blair McDougall: Nat-Finder General 
    National Collective
    04 Aug 2013

  86. Training Day says:

    It’s Bully Beef minus his victim, Chips 😉

  87. Stuart Black says:

    Bully Beef?

  88. caz-m says:

    @I B
    Is it Johann Lamont in disguise.

  89. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Training Day –
    Superb. Top marks.
    Does Bully look like anyone we know?
    I would do it meself if I had the skills, but wouldn’t it be nice to see Big Brusier Carmichael with that gear and haircut? I think it might quite suit him…and if he uses it as his avatar it might help fend off those nasty Twitterers who’ve been calling him names.

  90. HandandShrimp says:

    Bully Beef was a character in a comic. Dandy I think. He wasn’t very nice.

  91. Smokie Town says:

    Where I work their is a guy in the office who has been putting up posters with Alex Salmond with a Hitler moustache doing a Seig Heil salute with the words vote NO.

    He has also been singling out pro Independence supporters calling them Nazis and saying phrases like after Independence the fascists will go around smashing English babies heads in against a wall.

    I’ve been totally shocked by his abuse, he doesnt have any positive arguement for the NO cause, just a perception that he is flaunting, of ethnic cleansing and racial abuse.

  92. HandandShrimp says:

    I am not sure I can take Carmichael seriously. He just seems to be going through the motions.

  93. G. Campbell says:

    James Naughtie accidentally agrees with Labour yet again.

    “Well, that DAMNING report by Audit Scotland on the amalgamation of police forces – eight into one – has caused Labour to say that is damning and shambolic, the whole thing.”


  94. david says:

    its not bully beef, its ian davidson

  95. Brian Powell says:

    Talking about Carmichael, he now has to face pissed off farmers.
    There have been a series of articles on Newsnet Scotland about a payment, running to tens of millions of pounds, from the EU, which was triggered by low subsidies to Scotland. Over several years it runs several hundred million.
    It should have come to Scotland, but Westminster decided to keep it and divide it our among England, Wales, NI and Scotland.
    As an Independent country Scotland could have around a billion euros for farming, but not the way it is at the moment.
    Now the farmers want to talk to Carmichael.

  96. Cath says:

    Dear Better Together
    My story is this: I had an empire imposed on me via divine instruction, which I desperately want to keep intact. It is the greatest and finest empire, a wonderful example of unity and how countries are better together. I have been doing extremely well (barring Mesopotania which turned out to be not quite the cake walk I had imagined).
    However on reaching the northern part of your islands – a place I believe you know as Scotlandshire, or North Britain but is on my maps as home of the Caledonian barbarians, I ran across some very bullying separatists. They have not allowed me the free speech of being able to build forts and Romanise the whole area by force. Instead my centurions have been ruthlessly bullied by people with pointy sticks shouting horrendous abuse at them. There has also been a truly terrifying Twitter campaign against us and I have been called some very nasty names that were quite hurtful.
    Hadrian, Emperor of Rome

  97. Stuart Black says:

    ” He just seems to be going through the motions.”
    Bless, he should feel right at home there, then…

  98. The Rough Bounds says:

    Whistle Blowing? I wonder if Ruth Davidson would be interested in blowing me.

  99. scotchwoman says:

    @The Rough Bounds……hopeless contribution.

  100. Robert Kerr says:

    @Rough Bounds
    With that haircut of her’s? Doubt it but you can always ask.

  101. Edward says:

    G Campbell – Listened to that this morning
    Did you notice that the Labour guy (cant remember his name) was just spouting all sorts of rubbish, to the point that  it was noticeable that Naughtie actually started to coach him live on air about what he was supposed to be saying

  102. Doug Daniel says:

    The Rough Bounds – why Ruth Davidson?

  103. Clarinda says:

    Is this not coercing some supposed BT ‘insultees’ to contravene our laws of defamation?   With luck, in their slavering desperation to rake up anything, it should follow the rest of their tragic fails which have returned to take a large chunk out of their sorry posteriors. 

  104. Harry Shanks says:

    The pattern (and collusion) has become increasingly clear to me over the past months:

    Starting on Wednesday afternoon usually, some item which is thought to be damaging to the SG starts to be trailed (or planted, whichever you prefer) on “Reporting Scotland” – complete with pre-manufactured interviews expressing Labour Party “outrage”

    This is carried through to all the later News Bulletins on BBC TV and Radio and to Newnight Scotland that evening complete with Labour spokesperson live in the studio and SG spokesperson on video link (if at all).

    By Thursday morning it has appeared as the major story in the “Scottish” newspapers and is still being trailed as the lead story on BBC Radio Scotland. 

    It then makes its way to GMS and then on to Call Kaye where her regular band of Unionist “callers” appear to be lined up to express similar outrage.

    That takes us up to FMQ’s where Lamont or Davidson (depending on the story) then invariably bring up the very same subject – and even though they inevitably make a dog’s dinner of it, Brian Taylor and some MSM jounalist then appear to tell us how impressive, how incisive they were and how AS was on the ropes.

    Friday – wrap up that story and get ready for next Wednesday’s plant.

    Am I being too cynical? Not on your life!

  105. Robert McDonald says:

    I like the way that the only part that is obligatory is the clype box, no names, no pack drill. I suspect it’ll end up like the “Truth Team” and die a death, though the TT is still up on the SLabbers web page.

  106. Training Day says:

    O/T Quick summary of Lamont at FMQs:
    ‘We cannae’.

  107. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Whistle Blowing? I wonder if Ruth Davidson would be interested in blowing me.”

    Seriously, do you think this is a helpful contribution?

  108. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Where I work their is a guy in the office who has been putting up posters with Alex Salmond with a Hitler moustache doing a Seig Heil salute with the words vote NO.”

    Pics please…

  109. Ekindy says:

    I know i’m relatively new here but as per my last post i a am tring to encourage my daughters and wife to start having a more serious look at whats going on around us and encourage them to check out sites like Wings etc.

    I am no prude and neither are they but some language and the comment that Stuart relates to above are not entirely acceptable and i dont really see what place they have or what need.

    The vast majority of all comments make great reading and are very informative.I know emotions can run high but surely we could do without comments like that , name calling and swearing.

  110. Famous15 says:

    First point is that if the 46 Labour MP’s had voted then the bedroom tax would have been defeated by over 20 votes.
    Second point ,could someone tell me what Shona Robson did say to the academics. FM Q’s has confused me even more.

  111. Smokie Town says:

    He even emailed me the poster !

  112. Chris says:

    I would suggest responding to the Better Together website informing them of abuse by the No camp on-line but I think they would just spin it, saying that they had thousands of replies to their request for responses to the “SNP’s attempt to silence critics”!

  113. Jamie Arriere says:

    Re the Shop a Separatist site, if you’re going to bombard it with spoof stories, why not fill it with stories of extremely charming and gallant Yes campaigners, how they’re not as bad as some are making out, how you’re all falling in love with them, and how you shouldn’t really be reporting them because they’re hot & gorgeous and you want them all for yourself.
    Fill it with love, it might help defuse some of the poison they’d love to inject.

  114. desimond says:

    Can someone possibly offer some guidance here.

    I like my mince and tatties all mixed in together and served in a bowl. My daughter is a potatoes one side, mince on the other side of the plate person.
    Now I love her, thats a given, and i dont mind preparing mince in both ways if it means everyone eats, but I cant help thinking, Should I shop her?

  115. Jamie Arriere says:

    Yep, definitely shop her. There’s no way we should be tolerating plate apartheid – I bet the mince side is where she always puts her sauce! Mince & tatties today, rich and poor tomorrow.
    Nip it in the bud, we’re aw Jock Tamson’s tatties!!

  116. pa_broon74 says:

    Ah yes…
    Better Together with yet another twist for when they’re being corrected or caught in a lie.
    “Its no fair, am bein’ bullied.”
    No, you’re being put right.

  117. wee e says:

    I hadn’t seen the newsnight thing — thanks for the heads-up. Interesting that the Scottish secretary talking at a whisky do to at best 60 people (they are individually countable) should have a full 4.5 minutes of his speech televised: an interesting contrast toits coverage of the FM’s speech to over 20,000 people a few weeks ago.  Or it’s coverage of any FM speech, come to that.
    The much-vaunted “bruiser” does come across as a petty whinger on that Newsnicht interview.
    Gordon Brewer at last seemed to wake up and realise his job is to ask questions.  Hopefully he’ll keep up this new new practice when interviewing Slab politicians.

  118. Andy-B says:

    Thats all Ruth Davidson could spout today on FMQ’s, the name Shona Robinson and the injustice she had committed, against free speech, pass the sick bucket.
    It will be a cold day in hell when any sane person takes heed of a Tory and their moral principles, which dont exist in the real world.
    Ruth Davidson, couldn’t or wouldn’t ask a question on FMQ’s today that matters to the Scottish public, instead she and her other unionist mouthpiece Lamont, could only feebly attempt more character assassination of Alex Salmond and the SNP, pathetic.

  119. raineach says:

    Drinking malt makes you Scottish? Seriously? I like drinking John Smith’s. Does that make me English?

  120. Dramfineday says:

    Smokie Town
    does your company have a dignity at work (or similar) scheme to prevent bullying and harassment in the work place? If so, why not use that? If not, have a quiet word with your supervisor and ask them to do something about it – you could point out that it doesn’t reflect too well on the company if customers come in and see it. But if you are fobbed off, bring in some big yes posters and stick them up. That should bring things to a head nicely.
    Alternatively you could ask this colleague of yours if he is a holocaust denier. Ask him when our first minister had 6 million Jews, Roma and the disabled killed. Ask him also when did AS give the orders that lead to 20 million soviet and millions of other European peoples killed? While he’s mulling that over, take down his poster, roll it up and hand it to him. Remind him that we’ve just had remembrance day and this sort of rubbish is inappropriate and offensive to many.
    The problem with this sort of imagery is that it denigrates the dead and the sacrifice many made to end Hitler’s regime. People who use it for a very cheap smear conveniently forget the horror behind the image and that makes them, in my book, holocaust deniers.
    One final alternative, if you don’t fancy either of the two above, is to get on the stump with the yes campaign, get out delivering leaflets, attend events etc., and when we deliver the YES vote you can show your ill mannered chum that you still have your archer’s fingers!
    All the best

  121. Bean-tighe says:

    To Kininvie, CR, Ronnie Anderson and Papadocx, Thanks for your support, you have really cheered me up. I’ll see if I can get those comments & send them in. What a shower!

  122. crisiscult says:

    If there are readers who work at universities, perhaps we should all be wearing our YES badges and wrist bands etc. at work. My colleagues who are yes supporters had felt it might be inappropriate to show to students a partiality on something as important and also potentially sensitive but I get the impression that there is no conflict in the mind of all the unionist parties, and I’m assuming other universities who are involved in the academics for the union or whatever they are called. 
    Can we perhaps spread the word? Any employers interfering with this may be suppressing free speech.

  123. Morag says:

    I teach college students as part of my job.  There is a rule in the dress code about not wearing slogans of sporting teams or political parties (I think it’s parties, it might just be political slogans).  Over the past two or three weeks I have started wearing a small Yes badge, discreetly.
    I have not seen anyone else wearing any such badge, of either side.  I have not been challenged.  If someone did challenge or report me, I think my line would be that this is not political, it is a hugely important once-in-a-lifetime constitutional referendum which we all have a stake in.  If pressed, I’d take it off, but I’d be hyper-aware of any hint of a No badge being shown by anyone on the staff.
    Mind you, after the latest wheeze with the retention of the farm subsidies that should have gone to Scotland, I’m not expecting to see too many No badges.

  124. crisiscult says:

    Morag – one colleague does have a yes badge on his coat; I have nothing so far (was looking at the Yes merchandise and thought it was a bit poor really, but not sure what other options there are) but after the pro union furore about an SNP politician questioning someone’s professionalism and independence, I thought the message being communicated might be that it is ok to be advertising your views on independence. I’m fine with that myself, and if anyone does wear a no badge, or UKOK, or whatever merchandise they sell (I haven’t seen any about so don’t know what it is), no sweat. Freedom of speech. In fact at least we’ll be able to recognise each other and find out each other’s reasoning. 

  125. Morag says:

    Yes, goose and gander sauce.  They can’t ban Yes badges without banning No badges.  Since I have no intention of complaining if I see a No badge, but would merely take it as a sign to put on a Yes badge, I thought, why not retaliate first?
    At the very least, it means I show the Yes badge for however long it takes someone to object to it.  Two weeks and counting.

  126. Smokie Town says:

    Dramfineday, thank you for your advice and yes, it does look bad for our company when clients see that kind of abuse. The man behind the problem has started being nicey nicey all of a sudden, so it’s best to forgive, and remember!  I talked with my wife about it, she is German, and she was highly offended, so my thought was to take him to the human resources, but I ve let it go for now. I really would have liked to punch his puss after working hours, but 2 wrongs don’t make a right.
    i have done a wee bit for the yes campaign, but will get more involved after this, many thanks Dram

  127. Anon Sailor says:

    I use a proxy or TOR my IP address and a spare email address to play with BetterTogether: anonymous, expect us….

  128. Bean-Tighe’, Tats whit  we  re here  fur  support  (   but   please  hing  own   tae wan  o the  ither  wans  )  huding own tae  me,s   no   a  gd  idea  at  the   moment   or   the   two   of  us   are   own   our   erse,s   h   kin  hardly   stawn   masel   lol  but   be   of  gd   cheer   pal

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