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The brain of Britain

Posted on May 31, 2015 by

Michelle Mone, the titular head of a loss-making underwear company mostly owned by a shady Sri Lankan business group, who’s spent much of the last eight years trying to blackmail Scots by threatening to punish them with hundreds of job losses if they don’t vote the way she tells them to, has a 1400-word whine/house advert in the MoS today about how beastly cybernats have forced her to finally move to England.


Who wants to be the one to break it to her that they have Twitter in England too?

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    177 to “The brain of Britain”

    1. Davy says:

      Please please tell me that moaning faced numpty has actually finally moved, PLEASE.

    2. Marie clark says:

      Thick as two short planks. Bye hen, we’ll miss you NOT.

    3. Lenny hartley says:

      Think she has made a huge boob or maybe two!

    4. Grouse Beater says:

      I shouted at my computer ‘Even if Mone hides down a rabbit burrow there’s Twitter’, and then I read your last line.

      Still laughing!!! 🙂

    5. Joemcg says:

      Remember she got Charlie mulgrew lifted as well for leaving his kid in a car in supposedly “sub zero” temperatures (-1) charges later thrown out. Fucking grass too.

    6. Quote from 2013 link sums it all up for me:

      “Yesterday, mother-of-three Mone, 41, who was made an OBE in 2010, seemed unworried by her money troubles. She spent the day watching Prince Harry play polo at Ascot.”

    7. muttley79 says:

      What the hell does “Sturgeon’s CyberNats” mean? Are they saying that Nicola Sturgeon personally has control over abusive Yes supporters on the internet? Funny how the Mail and co never mention the antics of the SNP Pouters eh….

    8. Holebender says:

      Not only is there Twitter in England, it’s the same Twitter as we have in Scotland! Those vile Cybernats will still be able to read he and write back. Bastards.

    9. JakeDM says:

      Having read the article, No comment! She’s been called a “C***, a cow and a s***” 1 question – Are you?

    10. Joemcg says:

      All “intimidation” and “attacks” come from one side Michelle, aye? Are you sure about that?

    11. Gallowglass says:

      Frankly nobody cares about Ms Moan.

    12. Onwards says:

      She really is pathetic. She lost her bra company and now seens like she is trying to make a living as a professional attention seeker like Katy Hopkins.

    13. Achnababan says:

      cheerio, cheerio, cheerio

    14. Mosstrooper says:

      I thought Ms. Moan believed in lifting and separating?

    15. Dr Ew says:

      Of course, she reported all this online abuse to the police and they tracked down the culprits and prosecuted – yes?

      Or maybe she’s exaggerated a few sweary words and spun it into victimisation and blame to divert from her own business car-crash and/or play to her egocentric posturing.

      Who can tell?

    16. Joemcg says:

      Can you back up that statement that all free speech and enterprise is being “crushed” in Scotland? Surely you have just contradicted yourself with the above story. No?

    17. Croompenstein says:

      FFS.. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me..

    18. HandandShrimp says:

      Who wants to be the one to break it to her that they have Twitter in England too?

      She obviously didn’t think that far ahead. 🙂

      She is one of those “proud Scot butts” Loves Scotland as long as the plebs shut up and do as they are told. It isn’t going to happen Ms Mone.

      What is more you have consigned yourself to a whinging ex pat and you won’t even have a say in the matter next time.

    19. heedtracker says:

      Where would she have gone if England hadn’t voted tory boy world, not that neo fascist Heil etc will ever allow the outrage of England voting anything but tory ever again.

      UKOK is a tory boy world. Just heard editor of The Graun explain that he’s retiring to the board of Oxford uni. Same editor published Snowden NSA leaks, goes off to run same outfit that farts out generations of Thatcher, Bliars, Camerons, Osborne, even counter jumpers like Mike Gove:-(

    20. thomaspotter2014 says:

      Don’t tell her about Twitter,

      She might come back!

    21. grahamlive says:

      Oh dear. How will we all possibly cope? I for one am in despair at this troubling time. Please reconsider, Ms Mone. The nation will surely crumble without your wise, guiding hand.

    22. Capella says:

      @ cynicalHighlander
      Ha ha! very good.
      I have no idea who this person is, apart from the fact she sells underwear. But why are the ill-informed opinions of media celebrities given so much publicity?

      Perhaps once she moves to London she will find her twitter messages become more congenial. I certainly hope so.

    23. Iain More says:

      Has the blackmailing bitch actually gone yet? I think she spent far more than 8 years trying to blackmail Scots into voting the way she wants us to vote. It is London Rule that is crushing free speech and Scots Enterprise.

      I think she would actually find herself and her bigoted views more at home in China.

    24. Chic Thomson says:

      This time next year she’ll be whining and complaining and threatening hundreds of job losses if UK splits from EU.
      Something to look fwd to I suppose!

    25. morgatron says:


    26. Jim Bo says:

      Deary me, what absolute drivel and a complete misrepresentation of our nation.
      It’s her kids I feel sorry for; being pulled out of school and forced good byes all because of mum’s ignorance.

    27. Mosstrooper says:

      If she goes at least we will be left with our mammaries.

    28. IvMoz says:

      Michelle, I hate to tell you this but the internet isn’t a physical entity that is based in Scotland. We’ll still be able to tweet you in another country you decide to grace with your presence.

      Get over yourself.

    29. Les Wilson says:

      Well, she is well anglicized now, she is playing to the English who might listen, that moving to England for whatever reason, makes her a real Unionist.

      ” Please accept me, I am not money orientated ( honestly )I just want you to make me feel, that I am one of you, yes really!

      We will be happy enough to see that happen.

    30. arthur thomson says:

      So she is heading for Tory land, where not having money feels like a crime. She’ll fit in well.

    31. Naina Tal says:

      Over the years we’ve had a string of so called celebrities (remember Paul Daniels?). Who promised to leave the country if we didn’t vote the way we thought they should. Self centred arrogant pricks. I’d be mucho surprised if they changed a single vote.

      Difference here is she seems to be actually going. Wait a minute: as I recall she said in the event of a yes vote she’d pack up and go. How did that referendum thing go again?

      Oh look! She’s going anyway. Damn! I could have voted yes!

      Michelle to you and any other “celebrities”, whether A list B list or further down the alphabet like yourself who have ever tried to use their fame to interfere in the democratic process—Fuck off!!!!

    32. LastWhiteManAlive says:

      She started the piece saying she left Scotland because of ‘abuse’, then ends it talking about being harangued by London taxi-drivers. I wouldn’t unpack, seems that she’s unpopular wherever she goes.

    33. She’s entitled to her opinion. No need to knock’er.

    34. G4jeepers says:

      Don’t do Titter but it sounds bra.

    35. GG says:

      Well she’ll find a much larger percentage of vitriol and anti – scottish feeling waiting for her poor sensitive thin skin. Not that she won’t find terrific friends and colleagues, we’re not that different and it’s generally a great and friendly country to live and work in but recently you can sense the resentment especially the further south you venture. “You Scots” ” You Jocks get everything” I dont know looking round what paradise they think Scotland is but when I travel around I see a huge difference in facilities and quality of lifestyle and it aint weighted in favour of the North. Silly immature woman.

    36. Auld Rock says:

      Good rinse.

      Auld Rock

    37. Wulls says:

      I have no idea why these “celebrities” think their words and views are more important than ours.
      It’s a democracy,
      1person 1vote. Get used to it and don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out.

    38. Clootie says:

      She kowingly lied in this article. She has no reasonable linkage to comments by a few idiots to Nicola Sturgeon or the SNP.

      A fairer society does not mean that individual success or reward is wrong. The “spirit level” concept suggests a study of nations such as Sweden / Finland / Denmark / Japan etc all recognise reward for skill and effort.However in the examples just given the boss of a company in these countries may be earning 20 times that of a bottom salary employee. In the USA this gap can be several hundred times (if not thousands). Even the most basic study of those countries with a large gap between the Rich and Poor also have a direct link to the gap on health issues and life span. Most Scots favour Scandanavian style reform and most in the South of England favour the USA model of the strong should get stronger.

      Recognition and reward are OK but does a dodgy banker really deserve a bonus greater than 100 nurses? Does a GM of a large company really need several million pounds in salary to stop him moving to the USA – if so let them go and attract the talent from Scandanavia and Japan for a fraction of the cost.

    39. Auld Rock says:

      Sorry meant ‘Good riddence’

      Auld R

    40. Angus McCulloch says:

      Ms Moan’s background is loyalism – what lovely people loyalists are, as displayed by their open inclusive culture, their tollerace of all religions and their blind obedience to a non elected head of state.

      What next for Ms Moan in England?

      The at hand rent a quote for London based media including bbc.

    41. Blackhack says:

      She knows a lot about tits, shame she doesn’t know (or care) about the feelings and aspirations of most of Scotland…

      Once a tit, always a tit….As if her leaving Scotland will make any discernible difference to the Scottish people.

      Did I mention that I think she’s a tit ??

    42. stewart fae stoney says:

      Gooood byeeeeee michelle moan, away down to see your conservative buddies in south englandshire

    43. Soda says:

      Goodbye and thanks for all the mammaries!

    44. AnnieM says:

      How can she expect no abuse when her own message contained some?

      Looks like she just wanted to stoke up some bad feeling and bask in it before she left.

      Unfortunately, instead of ignoring her taunts some fell for it, but they certainly do not speak for all SNP supporters.

    45. Giving Goose says:

      Jeez! She is so far up the Establishment’s arse that she can see Carmichael’s legs!

    46. Fiona says:

      Another business person who thinks she is not only entitled to do exactly what she wants because she has money, but is entitled to approval for all she says, for the same reason. As it happens free speech applies to all, within the law; and the law is available for her to use (more than most, again because she has money) if she is intimidated or threatened, and she should go right ahead.

      I had no idea who this woman was, until she started with the vacuous wittering we have seen re Scottish independence campaign. And therein lies a very basic problem for her and for tories of all stripes. They appear to believe that the rest of us have bought into the idea that business people have a monopoly on wisdom and so should be listened to on every subject, and should dictate all policy on every issue. Well I never voted for her or for any of them: because I believe that their understanding of how the world wags is profoundly stupid, at best. And also because they buy their influence,and do not put themselves up for election in order to gain that power/influence.

      She is supposed to be scottish? So she will be well aware that the rules of language which purportedly apply all over the UK do not in fact reflect how ordinary people speak in this country. Tough.

      It is profoundly insulting to refer to “Sturgeon’s cybernats”. But of course we are supposed to believe that everyone is a sheep except for the business people and their Westminster lackeys. They come to their identical views entirely through independent thought, apparently. Wholly uninfluenced by their own interests, just hard headed logicians who are utterly objective and just happen to all agree with each other. Aye, right

    47. Macart says:

      Yeah, that’s what I thought. A person of who has spent some time blackmailing those less fortunate than themselves and then scapegoats them for their own failure.

      Is it just me or is there a theme developing in certain circles of business and politics?

      Who knew?

    48. Malcolm says:

      The Upholsterer who Cried Wolf.
      And finally went.
      And nobody cared.

    49. Heather Sibbald says:

      Is her surname pronounced “moan”? If so, it fits!

    50. Fiona says:

      @ Malcolm

      It seems the Daily Mail cares

      And that matters, because they are so very very influential in Scotland. Or maybe not.

    51. Gillz says:

      So, at an international jolly in South Korea, key international figures, US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel and the prime ministers of Japan and India all wanted to talk to Ms Moan about the “anger in the UK” (not in Scotland, I note). But where would they be getting these impressions of anger from? Oh wait – yes, perhaps they have been reading articles such as this fabrication in the Daily Mail!! Maybe she needs to take a long hard look at herself, to see the damage she is doing?!

    52. Capella says:

      Well said!
      She does say in the article that, now that she flies all over the world advising international capitalists (not sure what on- countering national liberation movements perhaps?), she finds it more convenient to live in London.

      Pity she doesn’t ask herself why that is.

    53. David Agnew says:

      It seems that the UK MSM is now in a permanent election cycle. At what point do you think, they’ll stop and realise that all this guff they came away with in the last 4 years, achieved one thing and one thing only…to gift the SNP a massive majority in Scotland. The cost of keeping Scotland in the UK was for all the UK parties and the UK media to become irrelevant.

      No matter what they do. No matter what they say:

      It. Will. Not. Work.

    54. handclapping says:

      She even says that she is a “proud Scot”; the rest of the piece is the “but”.

    55. ahundredthidiot says:

      I think we need to go easy on her, every time I see her being interviewed it seems to me that she is about to start crying, so I am not convinced she isn’t suffering from some form of mental illness perhaps started with the position she took over Scotland.

      When people start lying to themselves and deny their instincts for fear of upsetting their masters in England, what do you expect, it’s only a matter of time before they start to crack.

      Our Michelle has cracked.

    56. bowanarrow says:

      She will never be accepted,truly accepted in the
      far far south of scotland,she will
      always be that we scotch wanabe who will be the
      buttend of jokes behind her back.Have a happy life.

    57. Fiona says:

      @ Macnakamura

      Good link.

      So now we know that Ms Mone is an expert on intimidation; well I have to revise my views, in that case. I thought she knew about making money, but I see her company went bust, so I was wrong about that. I thought she knew nothing about intimidation, but now I realise it is her field of expertise. So I was wrong about that too.

    58. Richardinho says:

      I doubt there was ever anyone better named than Michelle Mone.

    59. HandandShrimp says:


      This may have been discussed elsewhere and I missed it but I did enjoy Tommy Sheppard’s interview on Andrew Neil where the Labour chap (I think, no idea who he is) went on about the SNP turning up in large numbers and “weaponising attendance” Andrew Neil asked Tommy to comment and Tommy smiled and said “have I just been told off for turning up for work?” Labour chap’s face was a picture.

    60. Truth says:

      I’m sure the Mail must have misrepresented her.

      No adult could behave in such a pathetic manner surely?

    61. silver19 says:

      If she had kept her political opinions to herself and got on with life and business Ms Moan would have had little if any of this so called abuse but sadly she brought it upon herself.

    62. thomaspotter2014 says:

      She must be glad she got that off her chest!

    63. Fiona says:


      Don’t think it is a sign she is cracking

      She took part in a cookery show I watched, and she cried there too. That is because she was not doing very well, cookery being something that has a measurable outcome, unlike bullshit.

      My impression was of a wee spoiled child, who cries when not getting their own way, and not being seen by others as wholly marvelous, as their mammy and daddy told them they were.

    64. samantha says:

      I take it the abuse I took from the labour canvassers at my door during the GE is OK then? There are a/holes on both sides! Surely leaving twitter/Facebook would be the sensible way of getting rid of the abuse! I enjoyed this one!

    65. Valerie says:

      Oh Rev ‘the titular head’ snigger

      Best of wishes on your application to the Big Brother house, Ms Moan, and remember Strictly Come Chancing is always good for publicity, it’s the bastion of British entertainment.

    66. Geoff Huijer says:

      It seems she has been threatening to leave for as long as I can remember.

      Glad she’s finally had the bottle to do it.

      Shame it has to be ‘everybody else’s’ fault though.
      Seems she has a wafer thin opinion of herself deep
      down if some nutters have called her names on Twitter
      and that is a catalyst to move.

      Hope she never has the Daily Mail calling her a ‘scrounger’, ‘layabout’, ‘Nazi’ etc as they do with
      many poor people. Where would she move then?

    67. Camy says:

      Mone Mone Mone…

    68. scottieDog says:

      All the Breast to her.

    69. sandycraig says:

      ” I am a global ambassador for blah blah blah ”

      I would be more interested if she was spokesman for Barnardos, Childcare, Food banks etc.

      What an absolute arse of a woman. Let’s crowdfund her ticket. Non returnable.

    70. DerekM says:

      so when was the coronation of Scotland`s bra queen,did i miss it?,and why is she only Scotland`s bra queen is she not good enough to be the UK bra queen or does England have their own bra queen?

      Awa and bile yer heid Daily Mail ,if sites like wings are stopping freedom of speech what does that say about you lot in the MSM with your moderation of anything that does not agree with your stance,more hypocrites.

      Dont let the door hit you on the ass on the way out,we will even hold it open for you and point the way since you seem to get lost every time you try to leave Mone.

    71. Luigi says:

      “the vitriol of Sturgeon’s cybernats”

      Why was the FM’s name dragged into this? (I know, silly question). If a direct link between NS and those offensive tweets cannot be demonstrated, surely the Mail, at the very least, owe our FM an apology?

      Folks, I’m getting a wee bit angry about all these constant, undeserved, sneaky efforts to slur our FM.

    72. andy smith says:

      Fuck off soon!…
      sorry, predictive text, that should read safe journey south!

    73. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      The usual low I.Q. Daily Mail clickbait about a hate-filled selfish tory.

    74. Grizzle McPuss says:

      Time For Ms Mone to wear one of her products over her head methinks…foil lined.

    75. manandboy says:

      @ Angus McCulloch 11:25 am
      “Ms Moan’s background is loyalism”

      Only for accuracy Angus, for I am no fan of Ms Mone, but she is not of loyalist stock. Be assured of that.

    76. heedtracker says:

      Labour chap’s face was a picture.

      Quite a lot of faces must have been a picture May 8 2015. Hope the SNP 56, soon 57, don’t fit in down there so we see a lot more faces pinch up, as tory world evaporates in Scotland.

      Sometimes in the newsagent Q, I watch the smartly dressed upper middle class, late middle aged grey haired Daily Heil readership with their creepy neo fascist dross in their shopping basket and I want to say to them, stop worrying, Scotland running Scotland wont affect the value of your house, expensive private schools, the Royals, over priced cruises up the Rhine, BUPA, Andy Murray will retire one day, letching early teens in bikinis wont be made illegal…

      It’s a long Q in Waitrose.

    77. Lollysmum says:

      Scotland not sad to see her go then?

      This is why I love you lot, you say it how it is 🙂

    78. manandboy says:

      I wish we could be rid of the Mail as easily. However long this story lasts, the Mail will go on sadly, mouthing England’s extremist hatred.

    79. muttley79 says:


      Mone has a right to voice her opinions like everyone else. The problem with her is she repeatedly kept threatening to quit Scotland.

    80. heedtracker says:

      Herald’s got it front page too. Slandering Scotland is probably left to old pros like JK Rowling. She’s really got a handle on insulting Scots then insulting then even more with anon shit she gets back on twitter. Win win Britnat style but if she JK goes too, personally I will be devastated, absolutely devastated:D

      Mone says SNP 56, soon to be 57 MP’s are Muppets and explains the term, in case there’s one Heil/Herald reader that doesn’t know what a Muppet is.

      “The official definition in the dictionary of a ‘muppet’ is a ‘person who is ignorant and generally has no idea about anything.’

      “My ‘muppets’ reference also applies to the 56 new Nationalist MPs who have vowed to shake up the House of Commons in the ‘interests of Scotland’.

      “All they have done so far is whip up more animosity between two great nations who have stood together as strong neighbours for hundreds of years.

      “I am extremely passionate about Scotland too, but, in my opinion these new MPs are acting more like school kids who suddenly find themselves at university.

      “We should all be allowed to give our opinion, and that’s a healthy way to be

    81. handclapping says:

      Ms Mone may have her knockers, me, I’m indifferent.

    82. The Rough Bounds. says:

      Michelle Mone has gone: she won’t be missed. Just like that dick MacMillan who composed that dire piece of music(?) that was played at the opening of the first Scottish Parliament. To me at least it sounded like a clumsy bairn knocking over things in a music shop.

      He did nothing but moan about how nasty we all were to him because, according to him, he was a Catholic. I believe that he eventually left Scotland, and nobody raised an eyebrow.

      He may be back in Scotland for all I know and for all I care he might be dead. We don’t need people like him and Mone. We will in fact prosper without them.

    83. manandboy says:

      “My increasing international commitments mean it makes more sense for me to live in London, too.”
      This is the real, and only, reason she is moving to London. The rest is just typical of Better Together and the Mail.

    84. John Moss says:

      She’s gone? ….at last!

      Took her long enough 🙂

    85. Aos says:

      Bye! Don’t let the border gate hit you on the arse on the way out.

    86. simmie1903 says:

      Good riddance to the Asian sweatshop owner. Britjocks like herself need to learn no matter what she will always be a sweatie sock to the guffs of englandshire no matter how much she crawls to them. Harsh reality coming for MS Moan.

    87. Graham MacQueen says:

      Do such people not realise how ridiculous such claims make them appear? How gullible and naive do unionists/MSM think people are?

      The more scathing the claims of abuse of power by the SNP and the more vile the comments supposedly uttered by their supporters the more we can realise that ‘they’ are actually describing their own actions. There seems to be a general consensus amongst supporters of the Union that if they are the victims of the abuse they will acrue more sympathy and in turn support.

      More fool them!

    88. Dr Jim says:

      That horrible Sturgeon woman gets more attention than me
      so I’m leaving..I’m going now…I really am…listen… I’m off
      People don’t like me in Scotland because I’m successful
      and have a business and money….Well had a business…was successful…a bit less money now right enough..but still people should respect what I have to say

      And there’s the wee problem intit Meeshell
      Maybe it’s never occurred to Meeshell folk might not like her in Englishville as well because let’s face it, brain of Britain?..Well..Pleasant?…Well…Lets try for intelligent conversation…No, definitely a loser on that one too

      So what are Meeshells redeeming qualities then..GOT IT!!

      She’s leaving…Aaah….Sigh..

    89. Cactus says:

      Here’s a fitting song by Billy McIdol:

      Have a great Sunday y’all and if you’re at a loose end the now, get yourselves down to Gibson Street in Glasgow.. there’s a gala going on 😉

    90. Sandra says:

      I’d never heard of her before this.
      Oh, well. Another nobody flounces off. However shall we manage?

    91. Alex Montrose says:

      According to the Scottish media MM was heading south because it would be easier to do business, she seems to have changed her tune on arrival.

    92. Jim McIntosh says:

      I was going to do a “she must have felt a right tit” joke, but can’t be bothered.

    93. Flower of Scotland says:

      Thanks folks for all the info on Mrs Mone.

      I’ve never really liked her but knew very little about her except her actions during Indy Ref.

      I now know that she is no loss! Bye!

    94. Al-Stuart says:

      At the their next Annual General Meeting, the Daily Mail’s shareholders could do a lot worse that raise the issue of vile and bile filled “Mone-self-promoting-ad” type drivel as it affect’s their newspaper’s circulation…

      2010 – 2,120,347

      Slithering down to just …

      2015 – 1,688,727


      …and those circulation stats., are for the WHOLE of the UK.

      A message to the odious boss at the Daily Mail who refers to his journalists as c**ts – Paul has the penny dropped yet?

      Your caustic cr@p is losing you readership at a rate which will make you extinct soon.

      The MONEing drivel you are serving up is just NOT being believed in any material volume anymore.

      Maybe if the Daily Mail engaged in proper journalism, it might manage to replicate the amazing story behind the Sunday Herald’s circulation surge…

      “After declaring support for Scottish independence, The Sunday Herald received a huge increase in sales, with circulation in September 2014 up 111% year on year”

      Shame for the shareholders at the Daily Mail. Maybes time to give the disgusting Dacre his P45.

    95. thomaspotter2014 says:

      O/T a wee bit but I feel I need to get this off my chest

      How long can we be expected to accept the status quo emanating from the UK (London and S/E England) Government that Scotland’s electorate and their chosen government will just have to do as them and their anointed Colonial masters decide is good for us?

      No way will I accept this for the next 5 years!

    96. De Valera says:

      In the article she says she has discussied the UK situation with the US defence secretary, the Prime Minister of India and the Prime Minister of Japan. As I pointed out in my reply on the Fail, wouldn’t these foreign dignitaries speak to the UK Prime Minister or at least the Foreign Secretary?

      She is entitled to ger opinion of course but please can she try keeping it to herself?
      If she is so keen on politics, why doesn’t she join the “Scottish” Conservatives or one of the other branch offices?

    97. Fiona says:


      Presumably when Mr Dacre calls people cunts, that is in no way intimidating? That will be because they don’t complain, and in turn that will be in no way related to the fact that he has control of their income.

      Not like Ms Mone, who obviously understands that a word like “muppet” is all cuddly and inoffensive, whereas one like shit is scary. And a phrase like “I’m giving you your jotters” is fine and not vitriolic at all. “Yes I bugged your office” is utterly neutral in effect, when applied to an employee, as well. Nothing intimidating there, as we can all see.

      Nothing intimidating or vitriolic about words like “natszi” or even “lynch mob” naturally

      Who makes up these rules?

      She seems to be a spoiled brat, and I think Scotland can do without her, at a pinch

    98. Achnababan says:

      ‘titular head’ – brilliant Rev Stu – worth tittering on twitter

    99. ArtyHetty says:

      Nasty piece of work, good riddance, I do hope she stays away. The bitterness she displays is indicative of her own failings.

      We are a positive and caring bunch and we just don’t need her sort.

    100. Albaman says:

      Mone by name,
      Moan by nature!.

    101. Valerie says:

      Given that I have read about two industrial tribunals for constructive dismissal, where Moan features as a bulky, I would imagine that Scotland’s Tribunal system is going to make some savings.

      Secondly, there must be a fairly large group of ex employees getting in a decent carry out!


    102. shiregirl says:

      What a loss for Scotland. This publicity junkie appears in the papers whenever the need suits her. Her threats of leaving Scotland if the nasty SNP got in were like a four year old stamping their feet and having a stooshie cos she wasn’t getting her own way.

      Apparently, she was a life long Labour supporter who now votes Conservative so I’m sure she will settle well in the leafy suburbs of Englandshire. Supporting tits appears to have been a life long undertaking for Mone.

      Good luck and all that.

    103. Paula Rose says:

      There is a connection between certain gentlemen, a certain brand of underwear and certainly whips – perhaps that part of it got lost in translation?

    104. Andy-B says:

      Michelle certainly does Mone.

      It appears to me that Ms Mone thinks Scotland,ergo Scots can’t run their own affairs.

      The irony of it all is Ms Mone is Scots and has not only ran her own affairs but built a successful business in Scotland.

      Which contradicts her stance that Scotland can’t be a prosperous independent country.

    105. Joemcg says:

      Better start working on that faux English accent Lulu speaks to ingratiate herself with her betters and masters Michelle.

    106. manandboy says:

      Which of these will mean more to Scotland? –

      A. Michelle Mone moves to London to be nearer Heathrow airport, or,

      B. A midge is struck by a car near Loch Lomond.

      Shame about the midgy.

    107. Croompenstein says:

      Is she any relation to Pat Lally? 🙂

    108. chris kilby says:

      Bye, then.

    109. Capella says:

      @ De Valera
      Well I was talking to the US Secretary of Defense the other day and he told me his wife doesn’t wear Mone bras because she never shops in Walmart.

    110. Haggis Hunter says:

      Please leave and take your blackmailing ways with you

    111. galamcennalath says:

      Each UKOK wallah that leaves, is one less No vote next time.

      Ordinary No voters can have their eyes opened through exposure to the facts.

      Hardcore BritNats will never be persuaded that Scottish self determination is the future. Perhaps they will be happier in Britland proper.

    112. M A MacPherson says:

      @ Angus McCulloch 11.25
      “loyalist stock”

      Sorry Angus, I think she’s the niece of the late Cardinal Winning.

    113. desimond says:

      The worst ‘House for sale’ advert ever!

      Wonder if the Malay owners of “her” company like such rantings.

      Lost her marriage..her company..her sad plea for a job on The Apprentice and now her proud country. Michelle at some point you have to recognise …it might be you hen!

    114. Keith Hynd says:

      Ms Mone has obviously taken her lead from MP for Bosworth, David Tredinnick. In his speech during the Queen’s Speech debate, he lectured (rather condescendingly) the SNP MP’s telling them that there would be a “white flight” from Scotland if they raised taxes in Scotland! the term he used wasn’t very PC but then that’s parliamentary privilege for you! She must have believed the Tory for Bosworth was making a prophetic statement and as she is obviously a bit strapped for cash needed an excuse to bail and run into the bosom of capitalism! Buy Buy Ms Mone,,, oops bye bye Ms Mone 🙂

    115. Wee Jonny says:

      “Dave Beveridge says:
      31 May, 2015 at 11:22 am
      She’s entitled to her opinion. No need to knock’er.”

      What!!! No need to knock her!!!
      She treated her workers likes shit.
      She bugged staffs offices.
      She threatens to leaves Scotland if we voted Yes.
      She links our First Minister to “cybernats”.
      She says she’s been called a cunt, slut and cow.
      She talks about being abused.

      Well I’ve got some advice to Ms Mone – Go and talk to some staff and service users at any social work department up and down the YooKay and they’ll tell yi exactly what abuse is.

      A few names is fuck all to what lots and lots and lots of people have been through.
      If only those same people had benn called a cunt, slut or cow I’m pretty sure they be a wee bit happier than the real abuse they’ve been are are still going through.

      I and many many Yes voters have been “abused (FFS)” with silly wee names. Some of us have been physically attacked yet none of us have linked DC or any other party leader to our “abusers(FFS)”.

      So you got your no.
      You got your Tory government.
      And you’re still gona leave???
      Well fuck off.

    116. Robert Peffers says:

      @Iain More says: 31 May, 2015 at 11:12 am:

      “I think she would actually find herself and her bigoted views more at home in China.”

      Well, Iain, I’ve knocked around this archipelago of Britain for a long time and I know for a fact that most of the population are a fairly good, kind and fair group of people. I also found that those who were a nasty shower of numpties always ended up as nasty numpties no matter where the chose to live.

      I used to attend trade union courses at what was then the EETPU college at Cudham Hall. This was a former mansion house and it was set within a walled and gated area of very expensive homes. Now the security around those homes had to be experienced to believe. It must have given the residents nightmares that common trade union members were within their gated area. (We had our own fenced off driveway).

      This is the type of place such as the likes of Ms Mone would find kindred spirits. These people were living in what was basically an expensive opulent prison in fear of contamination by normal folks. Who knows what they were hiding from but they sure as hell were living in fear in a self imposed prison.

    117. schrodingers cat says:

      cant imagine why anyone would care what mone says or does

      there will be another indy ref in the snp holyrood manifesto. it will be conditional, ie, only happen if in the eu ref, the uk votes no and scotland votes yes.

      i was disappointed with SNP MP John Nicolson’s lack of understanding of snp policy, if scotland votes yes and england votes no, no one is saying england cannot leave.

      Charles kennedy said during the ref, that scotland would definately leave the uk if the uk pulled out of europe. the question that we should now be asking the unionists is, would they support another indyref for scotland if the uk pulls out? and would kennedy support indy for scotland if the uk pulls out of the eu?

    118. Jim McIntosh says:

      i think wee jonny missed the “knock knock’er” joke.

    119. James Westland says:

      From the article:

      “My ‘muppets’ reference also applies to the 56 new SNP MPs who have vowed to shake up the House of Commons in the ‘interests of Scotland’. All they have done so far is whip up more animosity between two great nations who have stood together as strong neighbours for hundreds of years.”

      FFS… its almost impossible to know where to start with this sort of thing.

      Incidentally, she said she would “leave” in the event of a Yes vote. It was No.

      She also said that a SNP-Lab deal would be a disaster for the UK. There is a Tory absolute majority.

      She wanted two things and got two things. She’s still leaving. Muppet.

    120. Tom Platt says:

      There must be a huge number of the Mail and other London based newspapers wasted every day in Scotland. No matter where I go they are to be found in newsagents and shops piled high, even towards the end of the day. It is sometimes hard to find a “National” or “Sunday Herald” amongst them. Separately, the sales of Daily and Sunday Telegraphs have probably been artificially sustained for some now at our airports by the offering “free” bottles of water with every copy. The cost of the water would usually be comparable to the cost of the newspaper if bought independently!

    121. Clootie says:

      andy smith says:
      31 May, 2015 at 12:10 pm


    122. G H Graham says:

      A quick check of Ms. Mone’s company (MJM International) suggests that the Ultimo brand is in steep decline & that MJM is possibly heading for bankruptcy.

      The first ten years were marked with strong growth due to increasing brand awareness on the back of a unique selling point. But since the recession in 2008, the ladies underwear market has not been too kind to Ms. Mone.

      In 2010, MJM had a net worth of £1.3 million. By 2012, net worth had fallen to £725k with a further fall to £493k by 2013.


      Bitter company in-fighting & a divorce probably didn’t help.


      In an apparent attempt to prevent insolvency, Mone transferred almost all of MJM’s remaining assets to MAS Holdings in Sri Lanka which has a 51% stake & thus is now in control of MJM, not Ms. Mone.


      Consequently MJM’s net value went negative by some £-287k with almost no cash on hand (less than £500) by the end of 2013. The last accounts also show that for the 11 months to 31st December 2013, MJM made a retained loss of £781k.

      If I understand UK accountancy rules correctly.
      MJM is due to submit a full, audited 2014 return of accounts on or before 30th September 2015.

      It seems reasonable to predict that MJM will probably cease trading soon because the accounts suggest a chronic pattern of falling sales, increasing liabilities & a lack of cash.

      The reasons behind MJM’s difficulties might be found in the pages of the tabloids …


      I suspect therefore, that the real reason for Ms. Mone’s decision to exit Scotland is to put her failed marriage & brand well & truly behind her so she can look forward & seek her next fortune elsewhere. I wish her luck. It’s just a shame she has to leave on a tide of puerile gossip.

    123. G4jeepers says:


      Thanks for the link in the previous thread to Alex Salmonds’ questions on Trident.

      Just wondering if there’s any footage of the replies?

    124. Macfadyin says:

      She looks a right tit to me

    125. Wee Jonny says:

      Jim McIntosh says:
      31 May, 2015 at 1:36 pm
      i think wee jonny missed the “knock knock’er” joke.

      Yes Jim I did.

      Was it as good as this-
      Knock Knock.
      Who’s there.
      Isabel who?
      Is a bell broken coz I’ve been standin here for ages.

    126. Wee Jonny says:

      Ah, just got the Knock Knock’er joke.
      Sorry Dave.

    127. Donny Mac says:

      “Michelle Mone, the titular head….” Oh, Rev, you are naughty.

    128. ariane says:

      If you believe anything in the Daily Fail, you’re a total mug.

    129. Liz S says:

      James Westland says :
      31 May 1.36pm

      “Incidentally, she said she would “leave” in the event of a Yes vote. It was No.

      She also said that a SNP-Lab deal would be a disaster for the UK. There is a Tory absolute majority.

      She wanted two things and got two things. She’s still leaving. Muppet.”

      My response :

      Brilliant. Well written and to the point. Your points capture exactly why gullible people should not be influenced by ‘Muppets’ such as Ms Moan.

      No credibility . She has been busted !

      Next ?

      Have a nice day.

    130. Robert Peffers says:

      @Truth says: 31 May, 2015 at 11:47 am:

      “I’m sure the Mail must have misrepresented her.

      No adult could behave in such a pathetic manner surely?”

      Depends upon how you define, “Adult”. Is it by calendar age or by mental maturity?

    131. Democracy Reborn says:

      @G H Graham

      Good post.

      So, in summary : she’s skint and is starting afresh down south. Had to laugh at the DR link re her hubby. Michelle surreptitiously bugging one of her directors? Careless words cost bras…

    132. Weechid says:

      Maybe she and Katie Hopkins will be the new joint presenters for the BBC’s Hunger Games show. Both a pair of greetin’ faced, over privileged spoilt weans.

    133. jcd says:

      She’s like that ignorant prick Geldof who couldn’t even look out for his junkie daughter but then tells Scotland he knows what’s best for it.

      About Moan herself leaving, something that Peter A. Bell said comes to mind “Science has yet to find a way to measure how little I care.”

    134. caledonia says:

      Her bras are like the new rangers
      no cups and little support

    135. Dal Riata says:

      I’ve been trying hard to find a reason why I should give a flying fuck about a right-wing Britbrat [sic] leaving Scotland while mouthing crass, offensive abuse at its citizenry… I haven’t found one yet, and I’m most unlikely to find one, either.

    136. ahundredthidiot says:

      I can think of no greater self punishment than to deny oneself the privilege and joy of living in Scotland – and for that she gets my utmost respect…….well….if she is true to her word and doesn’t come back that is

      See ya……….right, what’s next

    137. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Oh Rev ‘the titular head’ snigger”



    138. Fearchar says:

      Of course she’s right: everyone KNOWS the streets are running red with the blood of unionists.

      Why do newspapers publicise fantasists like this?

    139. carjamtic says:

      I haven’t felt this bad since Sheena Easton left us and went to live in America. 😉

    140. Now's the Hour says:

      At least she made a clean breast of it.

      What with all those vile legions of Sturgeon’s Cybernats, it was pretty clear the poor girl could no longer stay in North UKorea. Anyway, bankruptcy law is probably better dahn sarf.

      Switch the lights off behind you, Mish.

    141. Dal Riata says:

      From Michelle Mone’s own website:

      “What NOT to do!

      Don’t make excuses or blame others

      If you make a bad decision and mess up, hold your hands up and accept it. If something doesn’t work out as planned, don’t look for excuses or blame anyone else. Identify the cause of the problem and take everything you can from it – every mistake is a lesson learned, after all.”

      Comedy gold!

      So these evil, vile Sturgeon-led cybernats, then…?

      “Don’t make excuses or blame others”

      “If something doesn’t work out as planned, don’t look for excuses or blame anyone else.”

      Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! ROFL!

    142. We Jonny says:

      She said she was Labour for years now she’s Tory.
      Some fuwk – they make a wee bit o dosh, stop using newspaper and start using Andrex and they think their Erchie.

    143. Proud Cybernat says:

      MM: “I’m off to England.”

      PC: “Cross your heart?”

      We kent yer faither, hen.

    144. Stoker says:

      She is just the latest Unionist working towards a coveted title.
      Michelle Moan has done us all a favour.
      Our environment will reap the rewards from her absence.
      A bit less pollution can only be a good thing.

    145. Dal Riata says:

      More from Michelle Mone’s own website:

      “Distance yourself from negative people

      People who constantly complain, make excuses and have a negative attitude should be avoided at all costs. The same way that happy peoples are infectious, people like this can be so negative to be around and their negative vibe can drain the life and motivation out of you. So, focus on surrounding yourself with like-minded, positive people – people who you find inspiring.”

      More comedy gold!

      “Distance yourself from negative people”

      Yes, Ms. Mone, the Scottish population is in full agreement! We don’t need such negative ‘people’ within Scottish society. The further away ‘they’ are the better.

      “People who constantly complain, make excuses and have a negative attitude should be avoided at all costs.”

      Correct! Again, the Scottish population is in full agreement with you, Ms. Mone! Indeed, ‘someone’ who constantly complains, makes excuses and has a negative attitude about Scotland, its people and its government “should be avoided at all costs”, and that can be accomplished if that person moves out of Scotland… right?

      Oh, yeah, and those beyond-evil Sturgeon-led cybernats again…?

      Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! ROFL!

    146. Stu Wilson says:

      So a business woman has been drive out of her country because of cyber bullying? Really?

      Well at least the internet doesn’t reach England from Scotland so all the bullying will end…

    147. mumsyhugs says:

      She’s leaving? My cup runneth over. 🙂

    148. Eckle Fechan says:

      Feel sorry for her weans, whether or not she’s takin them wi her.

      Total FE.

      Brian Cox won’t forget her in a hurry either.

    149. thedogphilosopher says:

      Is it appropriate to say, then, that her company is going bust? Or tits up?

    150. Rob James says:

      Perhaps she should relocate to Bra-zil. Maybe she has set her sights on Monte Carlo or bust. There is however, a charming village in Germany which goes by the name of Titz, where the residents strive to live up to their reputation.

    151. Linda McFarlane says:

      Lift…. and Separate

    152. Stoker says:

      Moan has left the building?
      What a very uplifting story to start the day!
      (tutts, rolls eyes and shakes head)

    153. Kelly Macdonald says:

      Cheerio cheerio cheerio … watch and no bang yer heid on the way oot !

    154. I hope she finds more success with her company because she sure wont be welcomed back here in Scotland.

    155. ronnie anderson says:

      mumsyhugs says:
      31 May, 2015 at 4:15 pm

      She’s leaving? My cup runneth over. 🙂

      I just had a vision of you sitting there,wie ah straw in yer mooth.LoL

      Slaps heid,normal vision restored.

    156. Chic McGregor says:

      Hope she is happier there.

    157. andy smith says:

      Ireland would be her better option, father jack lives there 😉

    158. John D aka Nkosi says:

      I think she has forgotten, before she had the uplifting idea about a “super” over the shoulder boulder holster she was pleb too.

    159. JIM WATSON says:

      jcd says:
      31 May, 2015 at 2:20 pm
      She’s like that ignorant prick Geldof who couldn’t even look out for his junkie daughter but then tells Scotland he knows what’s best for it.

      Whilst not disagreeing with the sentiment expressed, i.e. rich people talking out their arse with no relevance or experience of what they are talking about, I cannot but help think your post to be somewhat oxymoronic in that you have used daily mail type language and made pejorative assumptions about how a family is structured.

      The death of any person struggling with an addiction or who was in recovery should not be used to attack family members who may not have had any idea that this was going on. This type of crass and subjective analysis is what gets us real cybernats a terrible name…

    160. Take Independence says:

      The problem is

      1 Her company is going fits up
      2 She hope’s for a knighthood from her Tory friends by making bra and dance about the SNP
      3 She is certainly making a big thing about leaving Scotland, I am pretty sure Scotland is still within the union that she voted for so much to be part of wouldn’t she have to leave the UK for it to make any difference after we are a island, personaly I think what ever true reasons it will back fire badly for her and her employees

    161. Rosemary Meechan says:

      Love the idea of a bra company going bust. Her children have been expensively educated at St Aloysius, so must find dealing with their uneducated mother something of a trial. She would have been a sight to see at Parents’ Evenings…

    162. Liston Thomson says:

      I hate these automatic spell check always changing my words and you don’t notice till you have posted ducking Google shut. You can guess what the lines before should have said dam it.

    163. Broch Landers says:

      But I thought she supported cleavage.

    164. Alastair Ewen says:

      “Titular”? Freudian slip?

    165. Gary45% says:

      Ms Moan is certainly not “abreast” of the political landscape in Scotland.
      Many “cups” runneth over but one of them is not Ms Moan’s.

    166. Jamie Arriere says:

      Ah, she’s a Bra Queen, is she? She must be going for the Bra Queen-Drama Queen Double – far be it from me to thwart her ambition.

      Go Michelle, though I do find it disappointing that you have lived in Park Circus all that time and I never seen you juggle…

    167. dakk says:

      No matter shes gone to live in England,it will not make her English and that is the interminable problem for her and her ilk.

    168. Take Independence says:

      What she realy is saying that in the SNP manifesto for them making more than £150,000 will pay a higher rate of Tax Oh dear that’s me I need to get out of Scotland.

    169. MajorBloodnok says:

      Storm in a D-cup.

    170. Andrew McLean says:

      Sad fact, in Scotland she was important enough to get invited to the ball, good for comment on slow news days, but she will be a very small fish in London , expecting more outlandish statements as she try’s to remain in the public eye.

      But I do feel sorry for her, she has allowed her ego to rule her head for so long, she actually believes her own hype. London is a lonely place.

    171. Fiona says:

      @ Andrew McLean

      She is lonely in Scotland, apparently. She takes herself with her. Won’t change anything

    172. Fergie McLean says:

      No loss, she has only been supportive of Scotland by caveating with red lines and demands.

      When the red lines have been breached, new lines have been drawn. When the demands have been ignored, new demands have been issued.

      Basically, Ms Mone cries wolf continuously. Now that her business has gone down the tubes, she is striking out, looks very much like a failure trying to cover up her failure and then onto move into a media career in London.

      I wish her well, but Scotland needs business women and men who are committed to Scotland and her people.

    173. Loveme2times says:

      It’s maybe about time I started following that four letter work starting with a C on twitter now, you can run but you can’t hide you odious woman.

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