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The accusing fingers

Posted on October 14, 2015 by

As readers may have noticed, it’s been an extremely slow news week this week. The papers, having strung out the Michelle Thomson “crisis” beyond all endurance, have been reduced (in the case of today’s Daily Mail) to printing shock-horror pictures of her still sitting beside SNP MPs in the Commons, so little else is there to report.


(As far as we’re aware the Commons doesn’t have an official naughty step, so even if Thomson HAD been found guilty of doing anything wrong she’d have had to sit on the opposition benches just the same.)

But it seems the dastardly Nats have been getting up to something even worse than associating with a (currently) former colleague.

The Scotsman and Daily Record both have “SNP ACCUSED” stories on the same subject in today’s editions. And readers might think that’s nothing out of the ordinary, until they get to the small print.



Yes, the latest scandal is that the Nats AREN’T going to introduce means-testing of the OAP winter fuel allowance, predictably enraging omnipresent Tory spokesclown Alex Johnstone, who can always be relied on to express fury at anyone receiving state benefits for any reason.

Impartial observers may feel that there are more logical and obvious headlines for such a story. Means-testing is widely regarded as an undesirable course of action for benefits, because the bureaucracy tends to cost as much as it saves and also reduces take-up of the benefit among people who are entitled to it, whether through stigma, ignorance or fear of red tape.

Something like “NO MEANS-TESTING FOR OAP FUEL BENEFIT” would be a simple, informative and politically-neutral take on the decision. But it appears that Scotland’s press is incapable of writing any headline without feeding it through an “SNP ACCUSED” template first.

(Unless, of course, it can be fitted into the “BLOW FOR STURGEON” category.)

The stories above are pretty small beer in terms of some of the stuff we expose on this site. But they’re still an enlightening glimpse into the mindset of the Scottish media. And like we say, it’s a slow news week.

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    1. scotsbob says:

      The winter fuel payments was always going to be a no win for the SNP. Could you imagine the headlines if they had announced it was to be scrapped or means tested.

    2. X_Sticks says:

      If you think you’re bored just imagine how bad it must be if you work for the record, the mail, the sun, the herald and the hootsman. They’ve still got to come up with some more SNP bad crap even when there isn’t any. Just as well they’re allowed to make it up these days.

      Thoughts with Pauline Cafferkey. Sincerely hope she pulls through.

      (O/T Vote for the RIBA building (only one Scottish entry) )

    3. Dcanmore says:

      … and then we have Adam Tomkins’ SNP EVIL cover story in the Spectator: “inside Nicola Sturgeon’s one party state” yadda yadda *sigh*

    4. Bob Mack says:

      Damn it all Carruthers. The female should be hogtied on the back of a camel and sent back to Jockistan where she came from.
      Damn natives.Now they are talking about keeping warm in winter by God.

      Why can’t they do like the eskimos and put the old folk out to perish..Put some more coal on the fire Smithers

    5. Iain More says:

      Unemployment up, SNP wicked. Scots economy on slide, SNP wicked. Ingerland doing okay well the southern bit at least, SNP evil. That is tomorrows headlines summed up. I could work for the BBC no bother.

      Now how can I blame the SNP for the 3 game suspensions suffered by 2 Wuggah players? Off to bed as that might require stretching the imagination even further.

    6. Tackety Beets says:

      Just caught up with today’s PMQs and noticed Michelle seated with the General SNP group.

      I have jumped on here to pass comment on the “Quiet Revision” thread only to find this one.

      Anyway , I do hope the 55 hold faith and offer MT the appropriate support.
      Good to see MT ….. Eh doing her job.

      Next !

    7. You keep reading the newspapers Stu.

      I’m sticking to health & safety data sheets for carpets. Way more entertaining.

    8. Colin Church says:

      It is going to be a very long haul to May.

      Corpmedia spiking stories like Charmichael, which is truly noteworthy as all the pundits said little chance of a trial, Labour implosion, Tory conference and replace with stories of SNP BAD or accused and Scandinavian beards.

      Wheel on Labour pundits to analyse Labour woes but if SNP get then SNP commentators like Torrance and rabid SLAB and unionist dolts to dissect.


      How do they sleep at night! to coin a phrase.

    9. Walter Scott says:

      Yesterday in DM an Snp mp was sort of implicated in drug use scandal because her partner is a Rastafarian. It was a really flimsy attack but nonetheless shows that the whole non snp supporting establishment, labour, tory, liberal & 99.9% of the press are intent on undermining democracy in this country

    10. donald anderson says:

      Even means resting means some families on the margin will always suffer because of some snide rule, or they have ticked, or not ticked, the wrong/right box.

      Do the media even care about how hateful and detested they are becoming?

    11. Bob Mack says:

      I hope to heaven that older people all over this wonderful country of Scotland are reading this story.

      Who do you think cares more about your welfare now eh ?

      Your entitlement is being eroded piece by piece by the Unionists you supported, and will continue to be so.

      Waken up.That should be our message to all whether they read this site or not.

    12. Dr Jim says:

      Every time they say SNP Baad another little SNP gets his(her)

      “WINGS”….Ting a ling

    13. Lochside says:

      The BBC ran this non-story earlier on yesterday. As soon as I heard it I thought…..yeah another Eleanor Bradford style smear like the £400 million cut in A&Es ‘planned’ (not) just days before the Ref.

      Sure enough..even when it was denied, one of the usual suspects… Glen Campbell popped up to ‘deny’ with his usual cynical spin.

      More evidence of collusion being driven from the very top of the British State…Project Fear ain’t going away any day soon.

    14. heedtracker says:

      “She then sat next to him, with other Nationailists on all sides” while all kinds of sneaky shits tried desperately to write something to make even that look bad. Another day of Toryboy world journalism farts along. Where do they get these guys.

    15. ClanDonald says:

      The claim by Tory Professor Tomkins and others that Nicola Sturgeon runs a one-party state is utterly bizarre, what are these fantasists on?

      Here we are, governed by the most brutal, uncaring Tory government ever, that fewer than 15% of us voted for and a Tory claims in public that we’re an SNP one-party state.

      Spectacular levels of out-of-touch pish-tosh.

    16. Helena Brown says:

      A one party state is where there is nobody else to vote for. the Chinese have elections where they put up the Candidates for election and you can vote for them, the fact that they all belong to the ruling party is what makes it so.
      We have lots of political Parties, so many sometimes the ballot paper makes your head swim. So we do not vote for them, that does not make a one party State, Professor.
      If I were a parent I would be asking for this man to be removed from the faculty he seems to have very little sense and for that matter is of very little use except for which ever Political Unionist Party he supports.

    17. Training Day says:

      Couldn’t the ‘Scottish’ corporate media trim their costs and thereby keep all these fine investigative journalists in gainful employment by simply printing an executive summary of their output day after day?

      SNP bad
      Holly Willoughby ok
      Warburton GOD

    18. heedtracker says:

      We have the UK press and BBC to everyday lie and attack Scottish democracy but they probably all copy merely Rupert Murdoch’s US far right Fox network.

      Fox is like the Daily Mail on tv, via Pacific Quay. But at the very least the US still has leftie satire, unlike teramGB, which probably says more about this farce union and Westminster than anything else

    19. liz says:

      Be prepared for another attack on water’privatisation’ from Stephen Paton.

      Need to have Bella’s and Scott Minto’s rebuttals to hand.

      Most of the profits from Anglia will be returned to Scottish water but as Business stream was a part of Scottish water, does this make it private or public?

    20. Bob Mack says:

      Someone needs to send Labour, Lib Dems,Greens, et al a memo to remind them this is a one Party State ,and consequently they are forbidden from existing.
      Prof Tomkins ( ding a ling) may oblige.

    21. Tombee says:

      As a member of the general public, it isn’t so much the now so obvious bias, that the media demonstrate on a daily basis. That angers me. It’s the absolute insult to the intellect of the people who they inflict their pish upon.
      Do they assume that we are incapable of realising, that when they are, quite unjustifiably, pillioring someone, for assumed, and yet to be proven business misdeeds, they can be seen to completely ignore, quite unacceptable allegations against the Chancellor of the Exchequer himself.
      Such as his alleged cocain habit. Why no investigation of that allegation ?.
      Or the fact that he ‘flpped’ his second home, allegedly in order to extract from the UK Taxpayer, something around £100,000. Involving a property he already owned outright, but apparently, is accused of remortgaging, in order to claim monies from the public purse ?.
      Or the fact that the Prime Minister himself is thought to have misled the House of Commons when explaining, when questioned, when he first was aware if a certain former Tory doner’s tax obligations to the exchequer.
      The truth is, we are becoming more and more aware. Thanks to Social Media outlets, like Wings Over Scotland. There will come a time when accounts will have to be settled. The Tories in particular, along with their Unionist friends, the Red Torie’s, and Lib Dems, as well as the Mass Media will then be required to ‘cough up’. Please let that day dawn soon.

    22. Bill McDermott says:

      Anent the reference to Alex Johnstone, that would be the Alex Johnstone who had to rearrange his family affairs to enable his family farm to continue to receive public subsidy. It is the same as the Tories who gratefully indulge in the renewable subsidies from wind farms even though they argue against them for everybody else.

    23. In a debate in Westminster yesterday I clearly saw Carmichael sitting on the green benches. Does the unionist press believe he has done nothing wrong?

    24. Sinky says:

      How dare Michelle Thomson continue to perform her obligations as an elected MP and even holding surgeries when our MSM / BBC / STV have condemned her as the worst capitalist since former Labour MP Robert Maxwell or Labour knighted Fred Goodwin.

    25. Bob Mack says:

      Stephen Paton has already had his online Anglian Water arguement dismantled by the article on Bella Caledonia.
      He never replied to several contributors who posted it on his site. Numpty that he is.

    26. De Valera says:

      Jings! There’s Richard Arkless sitting in front of her, the scoundrel! If only I had known, I’d have voted for Russell ‘scare the pensioners’ Brown. What will these separatists get up to next?

    27. heedtracker says:

      Huff Post equally anti SNP as any of them at the BBC. You have to wonder if the whole UKOK media circus, desperately trying to close down Scottish democracy, is itself starting to wonder why they have so little affect on Scots voters. If next May’s polls hold its hard to think of any vote NO vote Slab they havent trying to pull.

      Could get very UKOK dirty though. People mention UK spooks but if I was SNP, I’d be very very careful online anything, from now on.

    28. Macart says:

      I might be wrong, I haven’t been into this politics lark for long, but haven’t the SNP been more or less anti means testing for some time?

    29. liz says:

      @Bob Mack – but he is preparing a ‘new’ argument.
      Have had some chat with him on twitter but am stuck at whether Business stream is private, public, semi public etc.

      Am glad to see MT sitting with ‘colleagues’ as she would have felt awkward on hr own

    30. Les Wilson says:

      O/T Sorry, posted this at end of last thread, think readers will be interested in this as well.
      “This happened in London Yesterday”

    31. The eminent Prof Tomkins was mentioned in one of the recent posts, would this be the leading academic who presently is giving his support to this great Union and reasons for continuing it at Westminster today nice to see we have totally impartial contributors we can’t lose with such support

    32. Almannysbunnet says:

      This cacophony of lies and innuendo from a corporate media devoid of ideas is just to keep the last remnants of the Union potty boiling. It sure as hell is not fooling or turning anyone away from supporting independence. Can’t wait for the old SNP one two in May!

    33. heedtracker says:

      Red Tory rancid Graun already begun the injection of UKOK Lady Mone into rule Britannia psyche. Job for life, unelected, uncritical, unquestioned, good olde rancid Graun, as long as she routinely poops on Scottish democracy.

    34. Cherry says:

      My hat is doffed at MT for facing down her accusers. Well done SNP MPs for keeping her close and showing solidarity with a fellow colleague,who is being targeted from all quarters with sleaze and smears.

      I really want out of this ‘union’ and the relentless mudslinging. The omission by the corpmedia of the Tory conference was to hide the talk of their plans to take away the winter fuel payments. How do these people sleep at night! SNP bad…

      How much will they twist and turn ANY comments coming from SNP Conference….Independence for Scotland can’t come soon enough!

    35. Dan Huil says:

      Unionist “journalists” working for unionist newspapers know their influence has waned to such a degree that most people in Scotland don’t believe a word they say. Unionists are splashing about in hysterical desperation because they know they’re sinking.

    36. Wulls says:

      this is exactly why I don’t read newspapers any more.

    37. gordoz says:

      “Emancipation – the fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or political restrictions”

      Red Tory / Blue Tory press control alive and kicking.

      Both Late night Scottish Political TV shows last night guilty of the same.
      When discussing Labour issues – Labour no marks aloud to belt out a series of lies and falsehoods as deflection and not once challenged as complete rubbish by presenters. Hopelessly in adequate stuff.

      When one sees the poor conditions people live in around the world I feel the term ‘Freedom’ is perhaps a bit heavy in our case but surely our one sided press & media is obvious in terms of diktat
      (an order or decree imposed by someone in power without popular consent).

      The ‘Emancipation’ of the Scottish electorate is a perfectly valid term that none but the enemies of fair play could deny when anyone views the so called ‘Branch Press Core & TV media’ of Scotland.

      They are either hopeless or complicit, there can be no middle ground.

      The Daily Mail & Daily Telegraph do not employ any journalists

    38. Meindevon says:

      Dear God, those comments by Dave’s daddy in law in the Huff Post (link a few posts up) are unbelievable not to mention outrageous!

      Don’t be drinking tea whilst reading it!

    39. Brian says:

      For me, it’s not so much the lies and distortions that they publish, although that is bad enough, it’s the very fact that they know they do it with impunity. And even in a best case world…the SNP wipe the board next May, independence follows soon after…the MSM will still be doing exactly the same thing. It is their default position.

    40. Bob Mack says:


      Business stream as I understand it is an arm length company branch of Scottish Water.
      Whilst Scottish water maintains and runs the public water in Scotland,Business Stream applies to deal with fresh/ waste water supply and disposal to the business community in Scotland and indeed throughout the UK ,which includes hospitals and other public bodies.
      They have to tender for this work.
      The argument is that though they run their business as a private company, they should be given the “public” status here in Scotland because they are a subsidiary company of a public body.
      That I suppose is the main crux of the argument regardless of EU legislation,and the legislation which makes it untenable at present.

    41. Muscleguy says:

      @Graham Harris Graham

      When I was a working scientist I used to have a file drawer full of MSDS sheets for materials. They were worked out on the basis that you were going to be working with open 44 gallon drums of substance X for 40 hours a week for years. I was using a few microlitres once a month or so, often in a fume hood. Yet I still had to have the MSDS sheets to show the H&S bods when they were doing their rounds. I didn’t have to show a deep and abiding knowledge of the contents, just that I had them.

    42. Ruby says:

      Adam Tomkins ?@ProfTomkins 3 mins3 minutes ago

      The cybernats already don’t like the cover or the headline. Just wait till they read the content. Tin hat time.

      That is what you call a flame-bait. Jezerna wants attention.

      Are you going to take the bait?

      Be warned I might laugh at you if you do!

    43. Valerie says:

      @Bob Mack
      That’s right. If you remember, Business Stream had to be set up in a hurry to comply with changes to law, so they can be termed the in house contractor.

      An in house contractor lives or dies by their performance in the marketplace, just like anyone else looking fir work. Someone said they had other contracts to fill. They will no doubt look and tender for more work or let people go, like any contractor.

    44. Jim Thomson says:

      O/T and as mentioned by @X-Sticks a couple of times

      There’s currently a vote for the RIBA Stirling prize that has only one Scottish entry (Maggies centre) which is currently still sitting in second place with 29% of the vote. 1st place is currently a University of Manchester building with 38% of the vote.

      You can support any of the six offered by going here

      It would be nice if the Maggies one gained a few more votes though 😉

      On another topic, I noticed that you can use the key combination of shift+ctrl+n to open an “incognito” screen in Chrome that doesn’t seem to track visits to websites. Just saying.

    45. Cadogan Enright says:

      I posted about the so-called ‘Analysis’ programme on Radio 4 (BBC of course) the other day.

      If you have not ‘phoned the BBC lately to complain, then use this

      A balanced BBC would correct contributors suggesting that Scotland was a ‘one party state’ – not to correct this misrepresentation is clearly unbalanced and very partial

    46. heedtracker says:

      Ruby says:
      14 October, 2015 at 3:54 pm
      Adam Tomkins ?@ProfTomkins 3 mins3 minutes ago

      If someone could remind future tory First Minister Prof T of Slovenia, that he actually won the 2014 referendum, that near 600 English MP’s still reign all over his Scotland region etc, is probably pointless.

    47. liz says:

      @Bob Mack – thanks, as usual a bit of a fudge.

    48. One_Scot says:

      What next,‘SNP accused of double U-turn on Independence’

      Sewerage journalism doesn’t even come close.

    49. heedtracker says:

      A pig in the poke…

      Cammers next Scottish camping hols booked. He’s a keen ameteur archeologists and likes to f___ pigs.

    50. BLMac says:

      I’m another who no longer buys newspapers.

      The traditional press are like buggy whip makers – they won’t be around soon unless they adapt to the new reality.

      Which is we can check the truth of what they say…

    51. Robert Graham says:

      I mentioned Prof Tomkins in a previous post , and I wondered if this eminent Professor of Law was indeed the one referred to in various posts , yep he’s the one and everyone will be pleased to know he is standing as a conservative candidate in next years Scottish Parliment elections, yippee what a relief he will be a real addition to debates in the chamber, that of course is if he is the chosen one, anyway I watched the performance of this Constitutional Committee he was part of for a whole eleven minutes, it was like someone having a party in your house and you haven’t been invited, the people involved seen oblivious to the fact that all the unionist parties were told to f/off at the last election they seem to have missed that little detail, out of touch just a little in my opinion, and as a added bonus the committee is chaired by the eminent Ian Lang I’m sure some people still remember him

    52. Simon says:

      It just occurred to me that the story about the winter fuel payments and the comments by Alex Johnstone reveal the shocking truth that maybe there is a level to which even JaBa and the Dug will not stoop in their SNPBad slavers.

      It must be a relief for the editors at the Daily Record to be able to call on the Tories to help them out.

    53. Brian Powell says:

      Wullie Rennie trying to be something or other in politics, saying the SNP’s decision not to be in the Better Together EU In coalition is a “maybes aye,maybes naw’ stance.

      SNP/SG said they would not join with the Tories but would work with other proEU groups. As everyone knows SNP have made it clear they are proEU, over a very long period.

      Wullie likes the phrase, “maybes aye, maybes naw”, he uses it often, usually when the case is clear cut.

    54. heedtracker says:

      I mentioned Prof Tomkins in a previous post , and I wondered if this eminent Professor of Law was indeed the one referred to in various posts ,

      If you need any indication as to the mentality of Professor Smirky, check out his current The Guardian BTL commentating, from last years Slovenian style raging at neo fascist YES voters and a deep passionate Slovenians unbreakable love of England and the UK, Tomkinski now rants away at how evil and cruel the UK really really is, especially over its warmongering in the middle east.

      Aint fooling anyone Prof.

    55. Ruby says:

      heedtracker I tried to post a message to Jezerna on his North Jockistan blog about 6 weeks ago but it’s still awaiting moderation.

      The jokes re ‘Big Sister’s One Party State’ should be good.

      I liked this one

      “From the Unionist dictionary. “One-party-state” (comp. n.) “Multi-party state in which we keep losing.”

      PS Who is ‘The History Lady’ is she Jezerna’s partner?

    56. Proud Cybernat says:

      “…Scotland’s press …”

      …isn’t, of course, Scotland’s press. It is a paper and broadcast media that is wholly owned outwith Scotland by Corporate Media barons to serve as the mouthpiece of the Establishment with the remit of undermining Scotland’s democratically elected Governement.

      The Corporate Media (I refuse to refer to them as ‘Mainstream Media (MSM)’ as the use of that term serves only to imbue them with a sense of ‘legitimacy’ or ‘authority’ that is wholly underserving for these anti-democratic ragsheets) are the biggest obstacle to Scotland achieving its indpendence.

      The Corpmedia absolutely is not a friend of the people of Scotland (whether you voted YES or NO in indyref#1).
      Those less nuanced in the dark arts of thes epropagandists will have a better idea of who and what they are when they are described as the Corpmedia rather than the benign and neutral ‘MSM’. They are not benign and they are not neutral. The Corpmedia’ serves big, corporate business. We should always remember that.

    57. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Ruby, the “History Lady” is probably Jill Stephenson, she of the Pouter ilk, and onetime history professor in Edin Uni. Batshit crazy is a typical epithet

    58. Proud Cybernat says:

      An example of the CorpMedia’s subtle propaganda:

      When The Herald was attacking Michelle Thomson, it takes great glee in using the term ‘Westminster Sleaze Watchdog’ in its headlines when MT was reported to the Watchdog by a Labour MP.

      When the WM Watchdog decided today that there was no case for MT to answer The Herald suddenly adopts the proper term ‘Westminster Standards Watchdog’. A subtle change, no case to answer but the damage has been done. And The Herald can give itself a pat on the back. Smear job done.

      It is lazy, insidious and dangerous ‘journalism’ that has no place in a democratic country.

    59. galamcennalath says:

      heedtracker says:

      If someone could remind future tory First Minister Prof T of Slovenia, that he actually won the 2014 referendum, that near 600 English MP’s still reign all over his Scotland region etc, is probably pointless

      The problem all imperialists have is they do already know they won indyref1, and they know SNP MPs are totally outnumbers …. but they also see that the SNP (and implicit Indy) juggernaut rolls relentlessly forward.

      They will try everything they can to stop it, but so far they have only done more harm to their own cause!

      It must be incredibly frustrating for them 🙂 🙂 🙂

    60. What about Labour having a convicted arsonist in the shadow cabinet. What has the media got to say about that?

    61. CameronB Brodie says:

      So you can enjoy Marcia’s link without feeding the P&J.

      Aberdeen MP Callum McCaig’s ‘Pig in a poke’ question to David Cameron during PMQs

    62. Willie John says:

      Who’s that standing up talking? Has he joined the SNP because he seems to be surrounded by our lot!

    63. Alan Knight says:

      A big thank you to Stuart for adding the link for my BBC bias documentary project/Indiegogo fundraiser. Here is my piece which should be published later on Newsnet.

      The BBC is not ours … It’s theirs … Let’s fight it

      By Alan Knight

      It’s a common refrain from Yes supporters when referring to media coverage of the independence referendum. We would have won if it wasn’t for the biased media.

      There’s an element of truth in it of course. The No campaign wasn’t run by the Better Together alliance, it was run by the media. Had the Yes campaign received equal backing from print and broadcast media then I’d wager we’d be nearing the end of our negotiations with Westminster.

      Sadly the result didn’t go the way of Yes and we are currently at the mercy of a Westminster Tory Government, one of the most hard-right administrations in recent history.

      My name is Alan Knight. This week I launched an appeal for twenty thousand pounds to fund a documentary. The documentary will be based on a book which exposes some of the worst examples of the one sided reporting that pockmarked the referendum campaign.

      ‘London Calling: How the BBC stole the Referendum’ was written by G.A.Ponsonby in the months following the historic September 18th vote. The book chronicled the deterioration in standards at BBC Scotland in terms of its political coverage as the broadcaster struggled to come to terms in the rise in support for the SNP and the growing calls for Scottish independence.

      In a review of Ponsonby’s book, writer and former BBC broadcaster Derek Bateman said:

      “Searing scrutiny of the BBC’s role in the referendum – forensic, unforgiving and uncomfortable commentary on an institution that let the nation down.

      “A literary iplayer of the worst of BBC indyref coverage that stands as a monument to broadcasting failure.”

      Having read the book for myself, I couldn’t agree more. Like most Yes supporters I watched BBC Scotland’s coverage of the referendum campaign with a growing sense of frustration. It seemed like every anti-Yes scare story was turned into a high-profile news item. Evert story that aided Yes was marginalised, even ignored.

      The last two weeks were especially infuriating as the corporation focused on pledges from Gordon Brown and a so-called ‘Vow’ from the leaders of the three main UK parties. We now know these pledges and vows were worthless. They were given credence by a corporation trusted by the millions who are compelled to pay for it. The public were duped.


      The BBC was one of the key weapons deployed by the No campaign. The clue is in the corporation’s name ‘British Broadcasting Corporation’. There is no such entity as BBC Scotland. In terms of the constitutional debate the BBC belongs not to everyone, it belongs to Unionists. It is controlled from and by London. To quote G.A.Ponsonby “The BBC, in terms of political propaganda, is the Unionist’s supply line.”

      When the second referendum is upon us, this entity will behave exactly as it did the first. Presenters and reporters, whether based at the organisation’s Glasgow HQ or elsewhere, will do as they are ordered. Jackie Bird will read out whatever is prepared for her to read out, as will Gary Robertson and others. Eleanor Bradford, Glenn Campbell and Douglas Fraser will report in the same way as they did during the first referendum.

      And we will be unable to prevent it. So how do we combat such a behemoth? This is where the documentary comes in. The BBC’s power lies in the trust it enjoys amongst the general population. Give people reason to question their trust in the BBC and you remove a significant plank of any future anti-independence campaign.

      The Documentary

      My documentary will force people to question what they are being told by the BBC. Blind belief will be replaced by healthy scepticism. Once people begin to question BBC output then a significant number will seek to look behind the headlines.

      Those of you who have read Ponsonby’s book will need no persuading as to the power of his research. London Calling explodes the myth of the BBC as an impartial messenger. Instead what it reveals is an organisation willfully abusing its power. As Derek Bateman says, the BBC let the nation down.

      But how many ordinary people will get to read this book? How many, even holding a copy, will invest the time and effort to read each barnstorming chapter? The answer sadly is a few thousand. In order to increase this number we have to establish an additional medium of delivery.

      A documentary will allow people to witness many of the example broadcasts referenced by Ponsonby, and more. The general public will be much more able and willing to digest each and every twisted story, manipulated video, misrepresentation and news blackout. The documentary will also be able to include interviews showing SNP figures being hectored and interrupted, something Ponsonby could not do in his book.

      Those who watch the documentary will see experts examine the BBC’s output and deconstruct it. This will be blended with footage of relevant examples. There will be an interview in Barcelona with one of the Catalan TV stations to widen the perspective of what a nation can do when it has it’s own media. Would a fully devolved broadcaster which had at its heart the interests of the Scottish people have tried to block Scotland’s party of government from taking part in a televised general election debate?

      If the appeal is successful and reaches its target, I plan to send the documentary on a tour of Scotland’s towns and villages where it will be shown on large screens in community halls and similar venues. There will be no charge for entry, but a voluntary collection will be held at the end of each showing. The tour, once established, could become self-funding.

      Most observers estimate that the next referendum will be held no earlier than 2019. With production of the documentary estimated to take between three to four months, this would allow almost three years for promotion and tour. The documentary would of course also be freely available on Youtube.

      Most of us thought that we’d see only one independence referendum in our lifetime. We’ve been given a second chance. Remember though, the BBC is not ours, it’s theirs and they will deploy this weapon again. We have to ready our defences. Please support this appeal.

      You can donate to the appeal by clicking HERE.

      Thank you!

    64. heedtracker says:

      Ruby says:
      14 October, 2015 at 4:36 pm
      heedtracker I tried to post a message to Jezerna on his North Jockistan blog about 6 weeks ago but it’s still awaiting moderation.

      You need to have the password Ruby! Its BetterTogether Slovenia calling, can you read me too small, poor, stupid sweaties?

      Its a quite a long password but that will get you through to Prof Smirky.

      He also has his own campaign song, in poshest lawyer from Kent er tongue,

      Adam, Adam he’s our man, if he can’t save toryboy world in Scotland, no one can.

    65. Al-Stuart says:


      Thank you for reading the Daily Excrument so the rest of us don’t need to go near that rabid Paul D’acre infested Andrex substitute with a barge-pole.

      The supporters of the porkine necrophiliac and bestiality party are still flogging other dead critters such as horses with the Michelle Thomson thing whilst they miss what is really going on in the Palace of Cheap Booze.

      The IMPORTANT news is the disgusting ‘Labour’ MPs who seem to think austerity is a jolly good wheeze and what the oiks deserve. No matter that it is now a proven fact that Tory/LibDem/Labour austerity kills.

      So may I please name and shame those supposedly “socialist” MPs who disgraced themselves by supporting the murderous Tory cuts on people with disabilities, pensioners and those who are vulnerable.

      The disgusting 21 Labour MPs who support austerity (by weak-willed abstention) are…

      Fiona Mactaggart

      Rushanara Ali

      Ian Austin

      Ben Bradshaw

      Adrian Bailey

      Shabana Mahmood

      Ann Coffey

      Andrew Smith

      Simon Danczuk

      Jamie Reed

      Chris Evans

      Graham Stringer

      Frank Field

      Gisela Stuart

      Mike Gapes

      Margaret Hodge – Oh Margaret you were so good at the Public Accounts Committee – why, oh why have you disgraced your reputation this way?

      Tristram Hunt

      Graham Jones

      Helen Jones

      Liz Kendall

      Chris Leslie (the invisible shadow chancellor) – at least we know who the current shadow chancellor is. No mistaking John McDonnell.

      What is the betting that the inexorable internecine internal Labour war will now progress to DESELECTION votes at Constituency Labour Party for the above 21?

      So sad.

    66. Fiona says:

      I gather that a further group of 37 Lab MP’s were absent and so did not vote. Which counts as abstention too, in my book

    67. Tackety Beets says:

      Al-Stuart @11.14

      Agreed MH was one Lab MP that had my respect , due to her work on the Accounts Com.

      Mind you nothing surprises me anymore.

    68. Sandy Henderson says:

      37 labs not present.
      Time to have all these MPs? clock in & out & be paid an hourly rate. On constituence business, this, in this day & age, can be done electronically on TRUST. Any abusing this trust be fined 6 months wages based on a 40 hour week at the hourly rate. Any subsequent violation be poenalised with a minimum 5 years prison sentence.

    69. Sandy Henderson says:

      And no pension on first offence!!!

    70. Sandy Henderson says:

      And forfeit pension on first offence!!!

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