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Joining the club

Posted on October 13, 2015 by

Was feeling a bit left out as the only person involved in the independence debate who hadn’t been accused of being in the pay of MI5. But no more!


Thank goodness for thirsty old Ian.

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    Joining the club | Speymouth

152 to “Joining the club”

  1. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Unfortunately, Ian is not as Smart as his brother.

    Something went up the wrang dreel with the gene pool there…

  2. walter scott says:

    Does this mean that Smart has a sense of humour or is he just mental

  3. jimnarlene says:

    I don’t remember being recruited, maybe I was neurolised ala Men in Black.
    I do remember donating to the best journalist, in these islands.

  4. Itchybiscuit says:

    Eggscellent. How do I get money out of MI5 too?

    C’mon Rev, spill. ;o)

  5. Jamie says:

    So MI5 want to break up the union now? Hard to believe.

  6. andy smith says:

    Might’ve been worse rev, could’ve accused you of being on the payroll of MFI !

  7. Kenny says:

    Whew, that’s a relief!

    I always thought Wings was clearly a front for the C.I.A.

  8. Lesley-Anne says:

    My my my Stu. You kept THAT a wee secret from the Cybernat Army didn’t you?

    How on earth are we supposed to trust you now Stu?

    I mean being a member of the *ahem* establishment *cough* defence force. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. ewen says:

    Isn’t it Wossad?

  10. Auld Rock says:

    Wee change of subject. Now we all love the ‘Sun’ – don’t we, well maybe not. So here is a wee spot of mischief, you may have seen the ad on telly offering the ‘Sun’ delivered to your door for twelve weeks absolutely free. Now if you’re like me we still have open fires and with winter coming up and you finf yourself searching for paper to start the fire what better way than to have a regular supply of paper only fit for burning delivered free to your door???

    Interested then you can apply at:- DELIVERMYSUN.CO.UK or phone:- 03332201906.

    Go on have a laugh and we then can watch the ‘Sun’ making all sorts of claims about their readership soaring, more like roaring right up the lum, LOL.

    Auld Rock

  11. Garrion says:

    Therein lies the difference between subtle and insidious propaganda…

    …and blarting, swivel eyed loonery.

  12. liz says:

    Hiding in plain sight, makes sense.

    So you know where the bodies are buried?

  13. Les Wilson says:

    Hey Rev, you must be a triple agent then!!!!!

  14. Wulls says:

    dont suppose you have Mr Smarts address ? Y’know….. From your MI5 files.
    I’ll send him some tinfoil to make himself a nice hat lol lol lol

  15. Grouse Beater says:

    Smart is the perpetual drunk looking for a place to piss.

  16. Dr Jim says:

    I pressed a fiver into Alex Salmonds hand for the cause but he just bought chips for everybody wae it

    Does that count?

  17. Free Scotland says:

    A few years ago, I was introduced to a new work colleague, whose name is Jerome Petit. He is about 6ft 3in tall, and is built like a super-heavyweight sumo wrestler. Reminds me of Ian Smart, in a way, whose surname suggests the exact opposite of the man’s true character.

  18. Training Day says:

    Works for me..

  19. Broadsword calling Danny Boy.

  20. Donald Mackinnon says:

    @Auld Rock

    The Sun offer only covers the delivery charge, not the cost of the paper, so no use for free fire starting material –

    T&C’s 5. Where offer applies, and upon presentation of a valid 12 week free home delivery offer voucher to the participating newsagent, the cost of the delivery service charge only (up to a maximum of ยฃ25) will be deducted. The cover price of the relevant newspapers will still be payable in full during and after the promotional period.

  21. Tam Jardine says:

    I read it as Peter Murrell being the the MI5 agent, no?

  22. mogabee says:

    “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” Sun Tzu

    ..but take frequent showers…. not Sun Tzu!

  23. Croompenstein says:

    You’d make a fine James Bond Stu and Morag could be Moneypenny ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Flying Scotsman says:

    That’s how I read it too tam.

  25. Bob Mack says:

    Hooray .We are working with the Establishment now.

    Are you a mole?
    Then you are not doing very well at all. Hope you run courses for 77th brigade.

  26. Jdm01 says:

    Ah the brothers smart! I know one of them fell out the stork’s mouth, fell into the stupid tree and hit every f@#$in branch on the way down! They called him smart because someone has the sickest sense of irony ever!

  27. mealer says:

    Stu is probably enjoying a martini with Colin Drippey even as we speak.

  28. Grouse Beater says:

    I still think he’s Rasputin’s wee brother. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. Dr Jim says:

    We could be in for another Dugdale moment at Thursdays FMQs

  30. mealer says:

    We’re crowd funding MI5? WOW!

  31. mealer says:

    You know how you can adopt a penguin at Edinburgh Zoo? Well,it seems you can adopt your very own secret agent.

  32. ronnie anderson says:

    @Rev Stu Thats me hivin tae cancel ma direct debit tae You , am no wan o they people that deals wie the middle man,who,s the head Honcho Cmon spill the beans.

  33. Bob Mack says:


    Departmental cuts,means alternative sources of revenue required .

  34. Morgatron says:


  35. Fran says:

    The names Stu, Rev Stu.
    Neither shaken or stirred.

  36. X_Sticks says:

    Ach! Always thought Wings was too good to be true. Now we find out that Rev Stu is British Intelligence.

    And he is, just not the way that Smart ass thinks ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. neil bruce says:

    So you must be on first name terms with risibledave
    and colin drippy.

    We should be told! Who, or rather, what are they.

  38. Macart says:

    You’ve got an Aston?!?

  39. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Was Ian S Smart not suspended from the Labour Party for offensive tweets?

    It was a while ago – so what happened?

    Kezia was going to investigate – no results to report yet?

  40. Sassenach says:

    Dr Jim @9-36

    Sad to say no FMQs this week (Party conference).

  41. mealer says:

    God only knows where Paula Rose fits into this world of deception but I suspect she leads a double life too.

  42. mealer says:

    Neil Bruce 9.21
    I think they’re penguins

  43. Macart says:


    “God only knows where Paula Rose fits into this world of deception”

    Bond babe.

  44. Lesley-Anne says:

    Sassenach says:
    13 October, 2015 at 9:58 pm

    Dr Jim @9-36

    Sad to say no FMQs this week (Party conference).


    We are no longer just any old Cybernat Army now Sassenach. We are the SECRET Cybernat Army and as such we tell no one NUFFINK … especially wee Dugdale. ๐Ÿ˜€

  45. Fireproofjim says:

    The wild geese are flying in Moscow.
    Usual dead letter drop.

  46. muttley79 says:

    Now that your cover has been blown, and we know that you are a MI5 ‘asset’, any chance of my money back Rev Stu? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. Fairliered says:

    Stu is Spartacus, which is better than Smart A Cuss.

  48. Angra Mainyu says:

    walter scott says:
    13 October, 2015 at 8:07 pm
    Does this mean that Smart has a sense of humour or is he just mental

    A great question. Could be both. Something very repressed about him, angry too. I doubt this was an attempt at humour.

  49. arthur thomson says:

    So you are telling me that I am paying taxes for you to spy on me (or I would be if I was earning enough).

    Yet another reason to get Scotland out of this unequal union.

    And you can stop threatening me with hammers or I’ll report you.

  50. Jim Thomson says:

    Now, I can’t tell you if I’ve signed the Official Secrets Act …or not.

  51. john king says:

    Ma car shoots ile oot the back.
    kin Aa jine? ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. heedtracker says:

    Go on have a laugh and we then can watch the โ€˜Sunโ€™ making all sorts of claims about their readership soaring, more like roaring right up the lum, LOL.

    And Sun headline, “Soaraway Sun Sales Boom in Jockestan” That’s from the Murdoch henchman that brought the world, “Stick it up youre junta.” No thank you uncle Kelvin, the reprobates that lubed the Sun, for great British onanism.

  53. caz-m says:

    Auld Rock 8.39pm,

    If we start using the Sun to light all our fires, then what will we do with all these Daily Records?

  54. David McDowell says:

    All this alphabet soup gets very confusing…CIA, BBC, FBI, MFI.
    I mean who really gives a damn if The Rev is “in the pay” of MFI? So he got a measly 10% employee discount on his kitchen cupboards. . .so f****** what?!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  55. john king says:

    John Mcdonnell’s fiscal policy ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Graeme Doig says:

    Tam Jardine

    You might be right there Tam.

    I am just amazed they’re still allowing this loon out to play.

  57. john king says:

    caz-m says
    “If we start using the Sun to light all our fires, then what will we do with all these Daily Records?”

    have you got a nail?

  58. dakk says:

    It’s got to be a good sign when the Unionists are getting paranoid. ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Titus G says:

    “intelligence” and “community” are two words Mr Smart knows little about.

  60. Lesley-Anne says:

    caz-m says:
    13 October, 2015 at 10:37 pm

    Auld Rock 8.39pm,

    If we start using the Sun to light all our fires, then what will we do with all these Daily Records?

    Didn’t you get the memo Caz?

    We are to keep the D.R.’s as a back up … just in case the Sun is too wet to use as firelighters. ๐Ÿ˜€

  61. cearc says:

    Well just refrain from climbing into holdalls.

  62. caz-m says:


    The Daily Record has it’s uses.

  63. X_Sticks says:


    Bond age babe, no?

  64. Iain More says:

    I am away to read some Von Daniken. The aliens have obviously landed.

  65. Paula Rose says:

    These heels are made for walking… exposed!

  66. Grouse Beater says:

    Pouty Daniel Craig says he’d rather slash his wrists than play Bond again.

    Wee sign of strain showing there. Bond was never into self-abuse.

  67. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Here we are. wasting time on the haverings of a Labour Smart arse, and going-on about a wee side issue like Independence.

    Meanwhile, in the real world, an Irishman punches a Frenchman in an unprovoked attack, 23 seconds into a rugby match and gets a one-week ban.

    An Australian knees a Welshman who is on the ground – no action.

    But, two SCots, clean-out a Samoan who was on the wrong side of a ruck – three week bans for each. The ban decided by an English QC, after the incident was flagged-up by an Australian.

    Just as well we seem to like it up us – we’ve had enough practice of being on the wrong end!!

  68. Macart says:


    Oh, I say. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    I had a flash of those old Bond silhouette credits rolling before my eyes.

  69. yesindyref2 says:

    Miss Moneygroat, send S07 in would you?


  70. Paula Rose says:

    The Brechin branch of the SNP had a fab discussion with the SGP candidate at the GE – a really good discussion – plenty of agreement xx

  71. Bob Mack says:

    Now we know why there are GOLD MEMBERS in wings.

  72. HandandShrimp says:

    You can guarantee the wacky from Ian…although surprised it wasn’t the KGB or whatever the modern equivalent is. MI5 seems a tad implausible.

  73. Paula Rose says:

    I love the way that James is now little and an anachronism.

  74. Albaman says:

    What to do with the Daily Record?,
    Do as I do, the only time I buy one, is as I leave for one of my walks into the Scottish wilderness ,
    Cause you need something to wipe your backside, or to start a wee camp fire.

  75. Valerie says:

    I am Spartacus!

    @Grouse Beater
    I want to see Idris Elba as the first black Bond ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. caz-m says:

    Just to add to the problems in the Middle East, I notice the Israel/Palestine conflict is starting to come to the boil again.

    We surely wouldn’t vote to get involved in this mess in Syria, who’s immediate neighbours are Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

    (And add in Russia, Iran, ISIS and all the other individual private armies in the area).

    What a recipe for disaster that lot are.

    The innocent children will be the real losers again, scarred for life.

  77. Paula Rose says:

    I want to be the first Bond in high heels.

  78. yesindyref2 says:

    Bearing in mind that the Scottish version of the combined Security and Intelligence Service is called SSIS, formed in 1934, it’s clearly no coincidence that top people also have the initial “S”, as in Salmond, Sturgeon, Swinney – or Smart.

    Stuart goes by his first name.


  79. Chic McGregor says:

    We all had you sussed Rev. The donations were a double double bluff.

  80. Dave McEwan Hill says:


    Have had a slightly strange conversations with one or two people. There appears to be a fundamental lack of understanding on one particular issue.

    The Greens identified with us for the Referendum and some gave us some support at the Westminster election.
    Many of them are our good friends and many of us buy into lots of the Green agenda.

    But at the election next year they are not with us. They are opponents.
    I have had to make that clear to many very nice people who haven’t figured that out yet.

    The biggest danger to a strong SNP majority is the Green vote and the our opponents in the media know this only to well. They are already playing up the Greens.

    We have the same sort of problem with SSP, Hope over Fear and RISE. I have lots of time for them and the Greens and they are perfectly entitled to try to get folk to give them support.

    But we have to understand that they are opponents to us at this election, could conceivably seriously damage our list vote so all SNP and independence supporters must be made aware that it is essential to vote SNP twice.

  81. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Paula Rose at 11.18

    See my recent post at 12.01.

  82. yesindyref2 says:

    “THE Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) is to address the SNP conference for the first time ever in what the party has claimed is a historic move.”


  83. bugsbunny says:


    Onanism? come come now, (I may have misspelled that? ;-). Spill the beans, (or is that seed?),on what you know about all this?
    Are you saying that all Sun Journalists are a bunch of wankers? lol.


  84. yesindyref2 says:

    OT – for bloggers
    From an answer by LPW to a question of mine about Contempt of Court, though applicable it’s not really relevant as Carmichael is being heard by two very experienced Judges. I looked up the Contempt of Court Act 1981 and found this brief explanation:

    a caution is it’s about the English / UK version, it may be a little different for the relevant (Scotland) Act.

    Interestingly it was brought about by an ECHR ruling, and increases freedom of speech. My understanding of the law presumably was as it was before the 1981 act. There was also this: “An important principle of English Common Law is that justice is done in public. This is so that justice is not only done but also seen to be done.” Presumably there’s a Scottish equivalent …

  85. Itchybiscuit says:

    yesindyref2 says:
    13 October, 2015 at 11:23 pm

    Website, etc.

    I much prefer looking at the black helicopters from the ground but thanks. ;o)

  86. Robert Peffers says:

    @Hoss Mackintosh says: 13 October, 2015 at 9:55 pm:

    ” … Kezia was going to investigate โ€“ no results to report yet?”,

    Now then, Hoss. Ye ken fine Kezia told Nicola in pairliament that she didna ken yon Smart Gadgie. Noo she jist canna fund him.

  87. mealer says:

    Bond used to get all sorts of sophisticated gadgetry for killing folk.Seems agents are having to make do with hammers nowadays.Shouldnt be wasting all that money on trident.

  88. Angra Mainyu says:

    STUC = Men Who Stare at Goats

  89. Wuffing Dug says:

    Hope they don’t find out I’m a member of SMERSH, oh shit not supposed to say.

  90. Ken500 says:

    British intelligence is suspect. Sun delivery charges cost more than the paper. They can’t even give it away. Aussie intelligence is suspect.

    Where’s the Chilcot Report?

  91. Capella says:

    Where’s the Chilcot report?
    You’ve come to the right place. Agent Stu should be able to lay his hands on a copy. It’s top secret obviously.

  92. Ken500 says:

    ‘McWhirter’s trap’ – voters will just vote Unionists out and then vote for another Referendum and win. It will only take a 5% wing and support is rising.

    Cutting Trident/illegal wars, a tax on ‘loss leading’ drink. Not paying interest for elsewhere’s debt, would cover any deficit. The deficit is Westminster policies. ยฃ10Billion. It would eradicate poverty, have full employment, protect essential services and growth. Scotland would be a better place.

    What trap? The Unionists are self destructing.

  93. Angra Mainyu says:


  94. rongorongo says:

    Stu is, in fact, the Jack Bauer of Bath: tough, unsleeping, resistant to torture, trained in the lethal use of hammers.

  95. Socrates MacSporran says:

    ken 500

    “Aussie intelligence”?

    Isn’t that an oxymoron?

  96. Meindevon says:

    One of the many reasons I love this site is that I so miss the Scottish banter. My morning has just been made by all these hilarious comments. Thank you all.

    Grouse Beater, if Daniel Craig doesn’t want the job, we know a man that could definitely do it…and get the Scottish accent back to Bond. As somebody above said, ‘The name’s Stu, Rev Stu!’

  97. desimond says:

    I was expecting something about Katy ‘MeLuvJezza’ Clarks double showing on telly last night ( 2 places at thats magic!) and a question of how the hell does McTernan keep getting on Scotland 2015 but no…instead im rocked to the core at this revelation.

    Ken Loach was right..’You dont need a KGB when you have Wings over Scotland”.

  98. galamcennalath says:

    Ken500 says:

    “What trap? The Unionists are self destructing.”

    That’s how I see it. There final line of defence is to stop an SNP majority in May. They will throw everything into this coming battle.

    If we get a majority, then it’s all over for the Union at a time of our choosing.

    If we don’t get a majority, Scotland is f**ked!

  99. Meindevon says:

    I always had a wee doubt about the crowd funders knowing about the Rev’s occasional poker nights. ???? But now it seems it was for the Aston!

    I would add that I have no problem with that as I’m sure all contributors will get a wee shot of it (can’t do the first week of November, Stu).

  100. Kenny Campbell says:

    Old Smarty, the gift that keeps on giving or ex Labour member…..who knows.

  101. james says:

    I prefer ‘You don’t need the KGB when you have the BBC’

    Think I will get some stickers made.

  102. galamcennalath says:

    Now it all becomes clear … MI5, MI6 & GCHQ are branches of the BBC. Explains everything.

  103. caz-m says:

    Had a chat with my sixteen year old son last night about why voting SNP/SNP next May is by far, the best way to move Scotland closer to our goal of Independence.

    He will pass that message on through Twitter etc… he will also highlight it at his High School. I have had similar conversations with my other son and daughter.

    If these conversations are happening all over Scotland, then it becomes the mindset that voting SNP/SNP is the only logical game in town.


  104. Derick fae Yell says:

    5IM utS veR

  105. Proud Cybernat says:

    “…STUC is to address the SNP conference…”

    What you going to say to them, Rev Stu C.?

  106. Haggis Hunter says:

    Smart just proved what I suspected, he is thick.

    He’s also a hate filled Brit Nat and very dangerous (for his own side)

  107. Valerie says:

    Katie Clark and McTernan (who always appears as a spider on my TV) on last night’s Jockestan 2015.


    These turds won’t flush.

  108. DerekM says:

    lol so oor Rev is a spook according to that idiot smart ,jeez how much loco juice did he scoff before tweeting that lmao

    Aye you have to hand it to the britnats when it comes to zoomerism not many can hold a candle to them lmao

  109. mealer says:

    Brechin City

  110. Ruby says:

    Very witty comments!

    We Jockistanis might be too wee, too poor, too stupid, shite at sport but when it comes to a sense of humour I think Scotland has got to be way up there at the top of the league.

  111. Iain Hamilton says:

    Well. The truth will out eh?

    A few months ago, a well liked, but tinfoil hat wearing friend “informed” me that the Rev was “probably” an MI5 agent and that Morag Kerr had been accused by many people “in the know” of the same thing.

    Since I don’t believe anything now until I’ve checked it (Cheers for that Stu), I set out with Google and a few choice search terms and oh boy! There aren’t half some weird people out there.

    The results I found were laughable at best and tenuous beyond credibility.

    The Rev’s cover seems to still be fairly intact but Morag’s was shot to hell.

    Based on some of the wild accusations I can only assume that Morag is actually a double-quintuple agent with a weekend job of agent provocateur for the Airline Industry.

    We’re in damn good company.

  112. Jim says:

    Lesley-Anne says:

    Sad to say no FMQs this week (Party conference).

    So Dogdale, knowing there would be a party conference and no FMQs, spent two sessions/8 questions trying to slander Michelle Thompson rather than holding the Government to account on matters of real importance to the people of Sc…..d.

  113. peekay says:

    …start message…the seagulls fly low over bath tonight…end message…

  114. Lenny Hartley says:

    Ken 500 Re Aussie Intelligence being suspect, this is what they said about the Japanese before the fall of Malaya and Singapore

    “The Japanese are very small and short-sighted and thus totally unsuited physically to tropical warfare. They have aeroplanes made from old kettles and kitchen utensils,guns salvaged from the war against Russia and rifles of the kind used in films about the Red Indians.”

    This from a photo I took at Sentosa war museum in Singapore, the Brits also claimed that modern
    Warships can operate without air cover, this shortly before Japanese aircraft sunk the Prince of Wales and Repulse.

    Think the Rev has increased the ave IQ of the Intelligence community by a known unknown amount.

  115. Ruby says:

    It would be a shame to boycott ‘The Herald’ and miss the witty comments.
    On an article about Michelle Mone posters are asking for a:

    ‘wee moratorium on stories featuring people with the first name Michelle’

    followed by various suggestion which Michelles should not be excluded ie Michelle Pfeiffer, Michelle Keegan etc

    The comment that made me laugh was:

    ‘Come on lads – we’re Scottish. More about Michelle McManus’

    What is really great about Jokeistan is that you are guaranteed a daily dose of humour.

  116. Ruby says:

    Ooops typo in earlier post should read

    Jokeistanis and not Jockistanis

  117. Fred says:

    Shome mishtake surely Mish Moneypenny. Shmart boy wanted but not too shmart!

  118. Grumpy One says:

    As I make my way around the web, spreading as much dissention as I possibly can among the unionist and no voters I have been called many things, from troll to unspeakable swear words. I have never however been offered money from MI5 for doing it.
    How does one go about claiming money from them, Stuart, could you write us a definitive guide to receiving a stipend from MI5?

  119. liz says:

    @Dave McEwen Hill – I get that re the Greens but don’t understand thaose who supposedly support indy pushing nonsense from the likes of Stephen Paton re water privatisation.

    Even Lesley Riddoch was praising his crap.

    So conclusion, Lesley, Kev and Iain, as well as the Rev, are all MI5.

  120. maureen says:

    Got to love the sense of humour on here,brilliant!

  121. Craig MacAonghais says:

    I’m a bit lost…a not uncommon experience when dealing with the raving lunacy of Mr Smart. All I know is that Labour lie. They can’t help themselves, they just lie as a matter of course. Last night on that STV politics thingy, Katy Clarke? (ex MP but still lying cow) in an item about how Labour had contradicted themselves on their austerity and HofC voting policies or something like that…anyway, she stated clearly that the SNP had privatised Scottish Water. This outrageous piece of drivel went unchallenged of course. No “eh…haud on there…you’re spouting pish as per” from the interviewer but another lie just allowed to stand unchallenged.
    From what I could gather Labour was right because…well, just because really, and we were all too thick not to know the difference between the politics of it all and doing the right thing in the first place, which Labour did anyway because The Party can do NO wrong even when it WAS wrong…I went to bed!

  122. Bob Mack says:

    At a friends house,and he is watching Andrew Neil.

    On this occassion I listened.

    Andrew is slaughtering a Tory by asking him why the Conservative Government supported Saudi Arabia to be the Chair of the UN human Rights Commission.
    The Tory does not know!!!!

    Saudi,which carries out more beheadings ,crucifixions,and lashings annually than the Romans in their heyday as Chair of Human Rights

    At last the Tory comes up with “We have to engage with them to make a start on their change”


  123. Dr Jim says:

    McWhirter and McKenna are both unhappy about the way we’re criticising them
    After all, freedom of speech for the press and all that

    Just not for us

    Terrible the way us ordinary folk talk, it’s not right and shouldn’t be allowed….Oooh

  124. Ruby says:

    Dr Jim says:
    14 October, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    McWhirter and McKenna are both unhappy about the way weโ€™re criticising them

    Ruby replies:

    LOL I’m running out of Tena Ladies!

  125. Grouse Beater says:

    GCHQ still not accountable to anybody.

    “MPs and peersโ€™ private communications are not protected from interception by the so-called Wilson doctrine that was widely thought to provide special privileges for parliamentarians, according to a court ruling.

    A surprise decision by the investigatory powers tribunal (IPT) has found that guarantees โ€“ which even the home secretary, Theresa May, reasserted this week โ€“ do not apply.

    The investigatory powers tribunal judgment is in response to a claim brought by two Green party parliamentarians โ€“ Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion, and Jenny Jones.

    They had complained that disclosures by the whistleblower Edward Snowden made it clear that GCHQ was capturing their communications in breach of the so-called Wilson doctrine.”

    Nobody is immune. Our ‘secret’ police can go about their work happy in the knowledge it’s not illegal. Look forward to more TV hacks moonlighting for MI5 and MI6…

  126. Grouse Beater says:

    McWhirter and McKenna are both unhappy about the way weโ€™re criticising them.

    To republished my tweet:

    A single negative column in a prominent newspaper can sway 1,000 minds; 1,000 negative posts in social sites unseen by the masses.

    I can count on one hand, no, one digit, the number of blog posters taken up as opinion makers by broadcasters.

    Almost every and every hack who has an opinion on Scotland get placed on a rota of go-to journalists by broadcasters.

    Hacks enjoy a privileged position. And they get bloody paid. Any destroying hope should expect blunt challenge.

  127. Luigi says:

    Bob Mack says:

    14 October, 2015 at 11:48 am

    Saudi,which carries out more beheadings ,crucifixions,and lashings annually than the Romans in their heyday as Chair of Human Rights

    At last the Tory comes up with โ€œWe have to engage with them to make a start on their changeโ€

    And yet, president Assad, whom the ruskies happen to be supporting, is “an evil dictator, who must go”. He is no angel, certainly, but ethinic minorities, religious tolerance and freedom, and women’s education and rights were all protected in Syria under his rule, which is ever so slightly more than you can say for Saudi Arabia’s unelected rulers.

    Has anyone noticed the current state of Iraq and Libya, since they were “liberated” from evil dictators?

  128. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Iain Hamilton I can understand the Rev being accused of being a agent provocateur ( that beard is suspect fur ah start) but oor Morag na , many,s ah good conversation we,ve hud oan oor nights oot & will do again ,wont we Morag.

  129. ArtyHetty says:

    Anyone see ‘Scottish Housing news’ today? Story on Scot gov supposed ‘u-turn’ on winter fuel payments. Tories and libdems get the last word in the story and are hopping about of course over
    the fact the Scot gov are keen to see the money they put into this spent wisely, ie on more housing and keeping people more vulnerable warm! They have decided to continue with the non means tested benefit.

    I had a look at the ukokgov site on who is eleigible for this payment, and one criteria is you have to have been resident in the ukok for one week in September.! You can also get outside of ukok, but in the EU.

    With all those new powers being handed to Scotland, not, the establishment will make sure the well off are rewarded and the poor continue to suffer. Our winter is set to be damn cold, brrrrr.

  130. ronnie anderson says:

    @Ruby ah,ve goat Big Boy pants dual purpose, send me your address lol,if notthing else on Wings we help each other lol.

  131. Ruby says:

    The thing McWhirter, McKenna and all other journalists need to realise is that they are no longer special. In this digital age everyone is a journalist.

    The same thing happened to professional photographers when everyone got a digital camera.

    Have you ever watched a wedding photographer in action? He/she picks the best spot/lighting/pose etc and is then surrounded by people with digital cameras taking their snaps.

    In this digital age I can watch the ‘Women In The World Summit’ online and make up my own mind what I think about it. I could even write an article about it like McWhirter & McKenna probably not in as eloquent or articulate way as the pros but then writing is most definitely not my forte and I’m not looking to make a living with my writing. If I were I could perhaps ask Stu to give me some tips/online classes. Stu is great at writing I bet he got A+ in his higher English.

    The same applies to FMQs and everything at Westminster. Everything is online. Journalist can sit in front of their computers all day. I don’t know why Alan Cochrane bothers to go to Holyrood perhaps he’s picking up press releases from Jackie & Ruth who don’t trust email due to all the hacking & leaking that goes on.

    If I wanted to have a photograph to attach to my article I could easily do a screen-grab of one of the stills from the online videos. For example I could do a screen-grab of Nicole Kidman expressing incredulity and attach it to an article about Nicola Sturgeon and have people wonder what the connection is.

    PS Anyone know why the Herald put a picture of Nicole Kidman on the article
    ‘Nicola Sturgeon: Scots and English will always be the best of friends’?

  132. X_Sticks says:


    I know you all like a challenge, so:

    You can vote for Riba Stirling Prize building

    (Psst.. the Maggies Centre in Lanarkshire is by Reiach & Hall Architects based in Edinburgh)

    The Maggies Centre is currently at 28% and the leader is the Whitworth in Manchester at 38%.

    Anyone remember the Best British Battle? Go click folks!

  133. Ruby says:

    Cheers Ronnie it’s been a long time since a man offered to send me lingerie.

    There was a time when I did get ‘Agent Provacateur’ for Chrimbo but since I began suffering from weekly headaches I seem to be getting more kitchen gadgets & dustbusters.

    You got any need for a dustbuster or a Kenwood Chef?

  134. Dr Jim says:


    Winter fuel payments: What they didn’t mention is that a Tory think tank chaired by Dr Liam Fox recommended winter fuel payments be discontinued altogether next year,
    and he actually said that if they wait, lots of pensioners would be dead by then and the rest wouldn’t know which government did it

    That’ll be likely after they devolve the power to Scotland to pay them then question why there is a problem when John Swinney has to change the system because that amount will be deducted from the block grant, SNP get the blame

    Crafty little Tory Bastirts

  135. Capella says:

    @ X_sticks
    Maggies it is. I like trees. The Manchester building is also among trees and the two are way out in front of the concrete and steel exhibits.

  136. jacksg says:

    X Sticks@1.01 pm

    Whilst clicking on the link to vote i saw this.

    Scottish Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey ‘critically ill’

    I hope she makes it.

  137. Bob Mack says:

    Vote done,and as others ,best wishes to Pauline McCafferkey. She is a heroine.

  138. Iain Hamilton says:


    The stuff I found was preposterous.

    I suspect posted by those with shares in Alcan and a nifty wee pattern that their mate designed for headgear.

    Laugh a minute stuff.

  139. heedtracker says:

    Another very weird advertorial for the M8, its police patrols etc from BBC vote SLab Scotland lunchtime news.

    Why that goon show is now boosting the people that staff the M8, is another teamGB mystery. Oh wait, same goon show savaged the living daylights out of the Scottish police and motorways as the went vote Slab mental/exploited the M9 tragedy or BBC says Scottish motorways are a lot like a Mad Max movie, so vote anyone but SNP.

    It’s funny haha sad that the BBC Scotland UKOK attack propaganda outfit thinks anyone cares what they’ve decided is the next target for their daily UKOK monstering of anything Scotland.

    We get it BBC. BBC says Scotland’s NHS, education, roads, government, national sports successes, SNP are gangsters one and all, so vote NO.

  140. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Ruby ah certainly wizna sending you Michelle Moan stuff & thanks but ah hiv enough stoor collectors.

    @ Iain Hamilton ave re cycled ma chinese ashets so Alcans no gettin any profit fae me lol.

  141. Les Wilson says:

    O/T “This happened in England yesterday”, unbeleivable.

  142. Cadogan Enright says:

    The Rev has probably moved on from this, but a few points for the idiot savant Ian Smart

    1. If you are going to make utterly unfounded accusations of this type they would need to have a shred of credibility or you are going to look like a total bozo

    2. Statements of bald fact which are clearly untrue and aimed at offence and character assassination can get up hauled up in court, with you paying compensation

    3. If you are saying it on social media as the statement would never get published in the Corporate Media because of point 2 – you are even more of an idiot as the person you are attacking has only one person to take to court.

    4. Finally, on something like this – it could be done with style and humour, something Ian Smart seems to know nothing about, and you would have to have the ability to back up the accusation with good evidence – like this

  143. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Luigi at 12.39

    Well said. We have been watching demonising of Assad in all our media since the US decided to remove him (to open the door to Iran) in 2006.

    Assad is a democratically elected and popular president of Syria and a significant proportion of the “outrages” he has been accused of by the Western media are in fact untrue.

    Can you imagine if an armed group of terrorists took over or tried to take over a city in England. The UK governmemt would try to oppose them by offering them cream buns and teacakes. Or the British Army would go in all guns blazing.
    What do you think?

  144. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    mealer says:
    13 October, 2015 at 10:00 pm
    God only knows where Paula Rose fits into this world of deception but I suspect she leads a double life too.

    Mata Hari

  145. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Re: Paula Rose.

    A number of Wingers are now, proudly, wearing, “I’ve Been Stroked By Paula Rose” badges.

    BtP – did you ever get one? Either a stroke, or a badge?

  146. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    She has tattooed me a few times though.

  147. Paula Rose says:

    Bugger (the Panda) and I had a mutual stroking session – but it was before the badges became available to show one was the member of an exclusive club.

  148. Paula Rose says:

    Ah yes – I’d forgotten about the tattoos – your yelps were quite delightful.

  149. chris kilby says:

    I thought Wings was funded by HYDRA, SPECTRE and the Illinois Nazis.

    (Still. Could be worse. At least you’re not in the pocket of Paul Dacre or Rupert Murdoch – MWA-HA-HA-HAAAAAA…!!!)

  150. Or the record neither I, as an SNP Councillor, nor English Scots for YES have received any money from MI5 or MI6.
    Unless they donated to our crowdfunded of course. We did have a couple of anonymous donations, but the largest was ยฃ25. So I doubt that was then, unless they’ve blown the budget on Martinis and exploding pens…

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