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Ship of fools

Posted on October 06, 2018 by

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179 to “Ship of fools”

  1. Ian McCubbin says:

    About to sail off on a cruise today from Newcastle. There allegedly will be a UKIP group on board.

    Hope to fuck these two cretans ain’t on board as well..

    Got my saltire reashirt at the ready.

  2. Ian McCubbin says:

    Oops should be teashirt.

  3. Wendy says:

    V good Mr.Cairns. ????

  4. Morgatron says:

    Happy feet and Lenny the liar can rearrange all day long, but they know their union and authority has been holed below the water line. Let them both drown in a sea of shit.Oh sorry , superb as ever Mr C.

  5. galamcennalath says:

    They are also planning to blame the iceberg when it all goes wrong!

  6. Only if you’ve spilled tea down it Ian 😀

  7. robertknight says:

    We are cast adrift on a rudderless ship of fools and heading straight for the rocks.

    There… Just about sums it up.

    Worst of all, we had the chance to jump ship two years ago.

    Thanks a lot ‘Nawbags’!

  8. Ottomanboi says:

    Scottish independence is the force that will sink the ‘unsinkable’ Britannic…Unleash the Scotberg!

  9. X_Sticks says:

    Chris on the ball as always. We are on a sinking ship while the UK politicians argue over the deckchairs.

    I’m just heading off to take my hat for a walk in Edinburgh. I’m hoping to bump into a few pals there.

  10. Helena Brown says:

    If only they were the only folks on board! Another great cartoon, your worth your holidays.
    Good luck and best wishes to all marching today in Edinburgh.
    We were going, unfortunately the auld man hurt his back gardening and now we canny go. The Pug is pretty upset, he was looking forward to getting hoarse barking.

  11. Cactus says:

    Can you hear the four seasons playing on the poop deck, rearrange dem chairs all you like Leonard, you’re going down ssson, you too May.

    Last night was excellent fun in the big city.

    Welcome to Edinburgh.

    It’s gig day! 🙂

  12. Sharny Dubs says:

    Brilliant as always Mr C.
    Good luck to all on today’s rally, sadly I’m stuck in Qatar, but I’ll be back by the end of the year to join the fun!
    The dream shall never die.

  13. Ken500 says:

    The two loungers. Lying scroungers. continue the dirty dancing, sanctioning and starving people. Ignoring the wishes of it’s citizens, Two foots right. Non left. Do not make it right. Two wrongs do not make it right. Teamed up and tanking. Two pees in a pod of intolerance. A low pool chain. Drowning in a sea of plenty. Tanking in totally empty rhetoric,

  14. Fred says:

    Off to catch the train at Queen Street & find masel in a helluva good mood! 🙂

  15. Ken500 says:

    Thanks to all the marchers and the voters. Great historical occasion of intent. Your vote and support is truly important. Thanks a billion. Thanks again Rev Stu etc.

  16. dakk says:

    Nice one Chris.

    Enjoy the Edinburgh March to all who attend.Looks like a lovely day out guaranteed.

    As usual working Saturday so will be trapped inside trying to scrape a living servicing mostly yoons.

    Great fun. Not 🙁

  17. Famous15 says:

    Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is not the only futile and tragic end to arrogance.

    Try being the supposed keeper of the soul of a nation and systematically poisoning it.

    HES is looking for an iceberg.

  18. Collie says:

    Just leaving for Edinburgh.

    Lets hope there is a huge turnout.

    Lets show these Unionist bsstards we mean business.

  19. Hamish100 says:

    Talking to a Rangers colleague complaining yesterday about the snp stealing the saltire as he stood with his BritUnion flag mug. Said the logo for the snp is not white or blue unlike the tories emblem using a corner of the RUK flag. Pointing out his mug and the fact old firm supporters representing Scotland fly foreign flags. His response “tradition”.

    On my way to Edinburgh nipped in to a Tesco Express. Not one National on sale. Left my crisps etc on the counter.

  20. Frank Gillougley says:

    It would appear then that Mr. Corbyn and his violin have already given up the ghost and jumped to his fate, leaving his stooge to it.
    All the very very best to all today.

  21. Clootie says:

    …on my way 🙂

  22. Dan Huil says:

    Bedecked, bedevilled, beyond redemption.

  23. Robert Peffers says:

    @X_Sticks says: 6 October, 2018 at 8:49 am:

    ” … Chris on the ball as always. We are on a sinking ship while the UK politicians argue over the deckchairs.
    I’m just heading off to take my hat for a walk in Edinburgh. I’m hoping to bump into a few pals there.”

    Do you think you will be able to find your few pals among all the 10s of thousands of others taking their hats for a walk in Edinburgh, X Sticks?

    Oh! Silly me – of course you will – your pals will be the ones with the Saltires and Wings hats.

  24. sassenach says:

    We’re just setting off for the family stroll around Holyrood!! Feeling very positive.

    Weather looking Ok, hope we give the Britnats something to think about.

  25. Baldeagle58 says:

    To all those going on the AUOB march in Edinburgh, have a Great Day!
    Enjoy your daunder in the sun! ?

  26. X_Sticks says:

    Haha, I don’t think I’ll have any trouble fin9pals today Robert. Rumours are there are quite a few of them in Edinburgh today!

  27. Nana says:

    Ship of fools indeed Mr Cairns, and there are plenty here in Scotland only too willing to go down with the fools.

    I’m seeing lots of happy smiley folks all over social media heading for Edinburgh. Hubby is there already and hopes to meet as many Wingers as possible. I’m there in spirit and wishing you all a great day.

    Watch the Edinburgh march here from 1pm

    Morning links on previous thread.

  28. jfngw says:

    The irony for the HES is that by their posturing claim to be non political they have effectively aligned themselves with the unionist cause and No movement. They will now presumably only have pro-union members, well I suppose they might now hoping to receive a donation from SIU.

    If they think they have struck a point for balance then I would suggest they look at the MSM headlines and decide if they appear balanced to 50% of Scotland. We’ve seen the photos of HES sites being used for unionist events.

  29. mike cassidy says:

    Those naughty independentistas!

    Setting up stalls and stages when they were told not to.

  30. Truth says:

    Top quality yet again Mr Cairns.

    We are very lucky.

  31. Ruby says:

    See marchers with flags making their way up the Royal Mile.

    Some were going down the way! Perhaps they are lost.

  32. Ruby says:

    See marchers with flags making their way up the Royal Mile.

    Some were going down the way! Perhaps they are lost..

  33. Macart says:

    Wishing all the folks attending the march a grand day out. 🙂

  34. Effijy says:

    The Toeies are promising deck chair cushions
    After the ice berg strikes and Labour will Nationalise
    Ice bergs at some point in the future!

    SNP are on the Life Boat with the course plotted
    To a very nice tropical island with friendly neighbours.

  35. Ken500 says:

    Ruth Davidson telling total lies again,

    The Line manager Ref would have been employed by a local council (Tory/unionist?)

    Local authorities are supposed to have been implementing the Scottish Gov education policies. The unionists councils do not.

    The failure of Ruth Davidson to listen. Deliberately telling lies. She should keep her mouth shut. Telling a lie about a situation deliberately caused by the Party she is a ‘leader’. A leadership failure.
    A total waste of space.

    Any child living in poverty in Scotland is as a result of Labour/unionist policies. The Labour/unionist policy to block powers being devolved to the Scottish Gov. Leonard is the problem. Increasing child poverty in Scotland/UK. He is the problem. He is a numpties bastard.

    They can’t count or read a balance sheet. A distaste. Waste of space.

    Absolute poverty is 9% Relative poverty 18% 1 in ten children in absolute poverty. Not 1 in 4.

  36. Robert Kerr says:

    On train now. ETA 13.00. Hope to meet fellow Wingers and other Scottish people. All we need now is a crossed contrail on the blue above. First Athelstainford. Now Edinburgh!

  37. Effijy says:

    Visiting a small island in the pretty impoverished Maldives,
    Population just over 300.
    Very happy to report education for all is free, even University places,
    and All Children have a Tablet from the government to negate the use
    Of paper books and writing paper.
    The Tablets are charged with solar power.

    Makes you wonder when the Wrong and Unable English
    Government might become able to copy Scotland and the
    Maldives in providing free University places when they still
    Have young women missing 1 week in 4 of their education
    Due to poverty?

  38. Mary Miles says:

    Hi from Tassie

    Will be on the Edinburgh march in spirit!

  39. One_Scot says:

    Lol, you have to hand it the the BBC, the BBC News website still leading with ‘Indyref2 rally ban ‘remains in force’

    Can you imagine paying these clowns your money.

    If it wasn’t for the Internet they would be telling us no one was there. 🙂

  40. One_Scot says:

    For anyone wanting to watch the march,

  41. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Mary Miles says:

    Hi from Tassie

    Will be on the Edinburgh march in spirit!
    Sorry I can’t be there, I drank the spirit yesterday evening. Talisker 🙂

    However, Frankfurt will follow Independence.Live and pray for the biggest ever demo of people power in Scotland..!

  42. Jack Murphy says:

    Independence Livestream. Edinburgh.

    Indy March with Delboy 🙂

    Hope the live link works.

  43. Orri says:

    You’d almost think the intent of HES was to turn a peaceful demonstration into an act of rebellion.
    Add to which there will always be a question as to how their protests have affected the turn out. Who knows there might be an element of geritupye resulting in a larger turnout.

  44. pipinghot says:

    Fair to say I think that the BBC is doing it’s bit to discourage attendance at the march.

  45. Kennedy says:

    The Scots are taking their country back.

    Makes you Proud.

  46. mike cassidy says:

    3 and still the march continues!

  47. Mountain Shadow says:

    My sister is on the march and didn’t get off Johnston Terrace until 2.40pm and there were still plenty behind them. There bus back leaves at 4 so they might not even get to Holyrood.

    I’m thinking 80-100k.

  48. Dorothy Devine says:

    Just been watching the fantastic sight of 100,000 marchers ( according to someone listening to police estimates )

    Sorry I wasn’t there , particularly as I can see those in wheelchairs , those with walking aids doing their bit.And now i’m feeling sorry for myself.

    It looked fantastic , so a big thank you to the boys on Live stream.

  49. Marcia says:


    I doubt that many on the march tune into BBC news these days. Different news streams have been created since the start of the 2014 referendum.

  50. Valerie says:

    Someone at the March has just tweeted that Police say about 100k! If that’s true, it’s just incredible.

    AUOB said during week, their estimate was 50k.

  51. Macart says:

    Glasgow in May was huge and every march thereafter well attended and received.

    This however? This is beyond impressive. So gutted I couldn’t be there today.

  52. Dorothy Devine says:

    Valerie , that’ll be reported as ‘ several hundreds’ or ‘More than a thousand marched in Edinburgh’ or some equally disgusting wee lie by our wondrous media.

    Just watched Tommy Shepherd who gave a superb speech and a lovely lady from the Basque country.

  53. Richard Hunter says:

    The success of the march is great, but it does give Nicola Sturgeon a bit of a conundrum: In instead of being in the position of petitioning Westminster for a referendum, doesn’t she have to step it up, for example by putting UDI in the next SNP manifesto?

  54. Jack Murphy says:

    STV reporting the March:

    BBC Scotland reports the March,but VERY QUICKLY changes on to permission,etc.,etc……

    It’s called diversion. 🙁
    BBC? You’ve been rumbled.

  55. Marie Clark says:

    Wow, just wow, feel the tears, kinda filling up with pride just watching the march. So sorry I couldn’t be there today, gutted about that, but
    big shout out to all you folk on the march WELL DONE, and thank you from the botton of my auld heart.

  56. Doug Bryce says:

    Took us three hours to walk length of royal mile. Police estimates of 100k sound reasonable

  57. galamcennalath says:

    Anyone know what the largest ever march to date in Scotland was?

    Don’t think Poll Tax or Iraq War marches exceeded 100k.

  58. Dorothy Devine says:

    Macart that is lovely!

  59. galamcennalath says:

    Glasgow Feb 2003, Stop the War had 100k by organisers’ estimate, but 50k police estimate.

    If police are saying 100k does that make this the biggest March ever in Scotland?

  60. Orri says:

    Did thing HES protesteth too much. The Police Scotland statement was a simple one of only reading the Riot Act if circumstances called for it. The fact they felt it necessary to point out the reality of the situation to HES is a question for another day.

    The other question is how the Queen’s title to Holyrood Park derives. Is it personal or is it like the Crown and other regalia of Scotland so property of the office.

    If the latter then HES’s position is closer to “Oy you, get off your own land”

  61. sandy says:


  62. Highland Wifie says:

    Estimates of numbers can’t be far off. We got to Holyrood about 2pm, were quite near the front.
    Had to leave early and were walking back up the mile about 2.50 and they were still coming down in droves as far as the eye could see. Met a guy in Costa who said estimate was 125,000.
    Even if that’s greatly exaggerated it’s made my heart sing.
    It’s coming and soon.

  63. Robert Peffers says:

    Yep! It seems to be true that the police estimate is around 100,000. I’ve heard it quoted as being police estimate at least from three different sources and all of them saying it is Police Scotland estimate.

    No one so far has quoted any other guesstimates. Anyway these figures must actually be wrong because Ruth Davidson, that Dick, something or other and Wee Willie somebody or other keeps telling everyone that no one in Scotland wants a second referendum.

    Maybe it is just a coincidence that around 100,000 folk all with Saltires and Rampant Lion banners and more than a few with Catalan Flags, Welsh Dragons and such like all just happened to fancy a wee dander doon the Royal Mile an ower the Queen’s Park at the same time.

  64. Dr Jim says:

    Just back and couldn’t even begin to estimate numbers, I’d already been in the park over and hour and there were still more coming than were in front of me, they were all over the hills right to the top and still moving in

    It was Big Biig Biiig! Huuuge!

    Cafes were full, pubs were full, everywhere was full and even the tourists joined in, it was like Delhi (India) on market day

    Scotland must be the most peaceful friendliest nation on the face of the earth (when we’re in a good mood that is)

  65. Arabs for Independence says:

    We joined the queue at 12:30 and at 14:30 we started the march. I had 23,566 in the sweepie

  66. Lanarkist says:

    Just sitting down with a pint now. The March was mahoosive.
    Couldn’t move down Johnston Terrace past Lawmmarket so was near front of march when it started. Got to Lawmmarket and front of march past At Giles and most of crowd on Johnston Terrace hadn’t started to move. Wow!

  67. Robert Kerr says:

    Train was five minutes late. Climbed the steps (Fleshmarket Close) and marchers were already filling High Street at 13.15. Met a WoS flagman from Aberdeen and then later Dr Craig Dalziel.

    Walked back and caught end of marchers at 15.15. Had a quick beer and dram in the Halfway House and train back at 15.50.

    Good day out. Bikers were seriously impressive.

    All the Best

  68. HYUFD says:

    Robert Peffers Even if 100 000 marched that would still be 1.5 million less than the 1.6 million Scots who voted Yes in 2014, getting less than 10% of 2014 Yes voters to a march on a Saturday afternoon is hardly a miracle. Come back to me when you get more pro independence supporters on a march than the 2 million Scots who voted No to independence and to stay in the UK in 2014!

  69. Bob p says:

    Hyufd. so why no mention of the indy march in Edinburgh on the 17.20 bbc news here in england.wonder what they are terrified of?

  70. Robert Louis says:

    Firstly, massive thanks to the stewards and folk from AUOB who made this march happen. Well, well done. And well done for standing up for plain old common sense against the seriously deranged jobsworths at HES.

    Secondly, what a day!! I was still on Castle terrace when people were getting into holyrood.

    And to make it even better, the weather could not have been better. It was a perfect day, full of happy independence supporters. The sun was shining, but just enough breeze to keep the saltires flying. The British Nationalists say their is no desire for independence, well I think they just might be lying (as usual).

    This was a phenomenal independence march, the park was the busiest I have seen, with Saltires all across the radical road and up the crags too. An enormous number of people.

    I have been on all the Edinburgh indy marches, and this is by some margin bigger than any.

    What a day, what a day. Independence IS COMING. SOON. British Nationalists should be afraid, very afraid.

  71. Shinty says:

    Great day by all accounts folks.

    Poor old Unionists more flags than protesters, 20 out of their supposed 2M. lol

  72. Astonished says:

    HYFUD – I smell your fear.

    Well done to the 100,000 plus folk at Edinburgh.

  73. Bob Mack says:

    Is this guy seriously this stupid. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  74. wull2 says:

    I would like to thank livestream for the coverage on behalf of the few who could not attend.
    The people of Scotland gave out the message. YES

  75. One_Scot says:

    Lol, the unionist defence of the union reduced to ‘it was never 100k’. Ah well, we might as well just all pack up and give up then. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  76. Bobp says:

    And no mention of the indy march on the 17.30 itv news here in england. They truly are sh****ng themselves. Oh its definitely coming.

  77. Ottomanboi says:

    NO coverage on UK media of 100k march. US supreme court more ‘sexy’. No bias there LOL.
    Next demo through the centre of London? Bringing the cause to the smug imperial centre, they could not ignore that. The ‘English’ establishment needs a sharp kick up the rectum.
    Nicola..time to announce there WILL be a referendum and at a time of OUR choosing and on OUR terms; also time for radical thinking.

  78. Dr Jim says:

    Well if you add 100,000 today to Glasgows 95,000, to Dumfries 15,000 to Stirling 25,000 and Dundee and on and on not counting the folks who can’t march either because they’re working or disabled or too elderly to take part, Oooh or teenagers who have yet to vote next time around…..quite a lot of people really in Scotland who are all deluded (NOT)

    One wonders what and why a lonely man from Epping with his internet details all over the web thinks he’s doing interfering in the democracy of a country that is foreign to him and in which he doesn’t even speak the primary language

    I myself speak three languages the second of which is English because the first would be indecipherable to the unlearned ear of someone from Epping or indeed most of England which most English folk who live in Scotland would be able to tell our little Epping cunning liguist who is still looking for love (in all the wrong places)

  79. uno mas says:

    Thousands marched, millions didn´t they will say.

    Aye maybe, but of the millions who didn´t, millions support independence.

  80. Cageybee says:

    The whole march took over 2 hour ad 10 minutes to pass the Tron Kirk. OK there wa the odd break to allow traffic to flow. Once the march had passed off (including letting people cross the road through it [deffo not an OO parade] I strolled up to the mercat cross to see the roughly 18 britants pack up their gear into cases ad padlock them to a drain pipe wish I had brought my vile cybernat bolt cutters along a well) Width of the parade roughly 15 people taking 6s to pass a point is 150 a minute and , even allowing for 40 minutes not moving due to traffic(overestimate imo) there were well over 100k there.

  81. Alba Laddie says:

    HYFUD: Had any “likes” online today?

  82. Bob Mack says:


    Never mind ,Did your sister have to go with you to your graduation dance?

  83. Andy says:

    HYUFD says:
    6 October, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    “Robert Peffers Even if 100 000 marched that would still be 1.5 million less than the 1.6 million Scots who voted Yes in 2014, getting less than 10% of 2014 Yes voters to a march on a Saturday afternoon is hardly a miracle. Come back to me when you get more pro independence supporters on a march than the 2 million Scots who voted No to independence and to stay in the UK in 2014!”

    Maybe Mr FUD should organise another march to get whatever it is he’s trying to achieve. I wonder how many will turn up.

    There’ll be him, and maybe Ruth, and…..

  84. HYUFD says:

    BobP It is on the BBC website.

    At the moment the attendance looks about the same as the London march for a second EU referendum but still below the 400 000 who marched against the hunting ban with the Countryside Alliance or the 1 million who marched against the Iraq War and none of those achieved or have yet achieved their aims.

    Marches make for a good day out, it is only at the ballot box change actually happens

  85. Macart says:

    Britnats on twatter are no happy it appears.

    Seems their narrative of no appetite for a referendum has taken a bit of a dent today… again. (shrugs)

    Still, if they’re so confident that there is no appetite for change, there is a simple solution. Join the Scottish government and call one. All they need do is vote no if that is there preference and if enough folk agree with them then they get a second shot at delivering their vision of the UK going forward.

    What they cannot deny is that there has been a material (understatement of the decade) change in constitutional circumstance which flies in the face of everything they pledged to the population of Scotland in 2014. That is empirical fact and demands appropriate democratic response.

    Democracy isn’t a one off event. The right to choose, to change your mind, isn’t a serving suggestion. It is an inalienable human right. If the winner of a ballot, (Hate that term. Its not a bloody game show), can’t or won’t deliver on the pledges and assurances they made? Then those they made those commitments to have the absolute right to choose again.

    To say that seeking to deny people that right isn’t a good look, is also a bit of an understatement.

    Worth a thought.

  86. HYUFD says:

    Dr Jim Patronise me if you wish (and I speak reasonable French) but my passport is the same as yours ie United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and only a tiny minority of Scots, 1.1% according to the 2011 census, speak Gaelic.

    Most Scots speak English as their main language just as I do

  87. HYUFD says:

    Macart So if there was an indyref2 which won say 51% to 49% and a year later polls showed most Scots wanted to rejoin the UK and a third referendum would you agree it?

    In any case polling shows most Scots do not support a referendum before or immediately after Brexit.

    ‘A September 2017 poll by Survation gave respondents an option of when they thought a second referendum should be held. 22% said that they’d support holding a referendum before Britain leaves the European Union, 13% said around the time Britain leaves the EU, a further 13% said that a referendum should be held a few years following the UK’s exit and 8% said a referendum should come after the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary elections. 37% said that a referendum should never be held on Scottish independence again, with 8% undecided.’

    ‘In January 2018, YouGov found that 54% of people opposed holding a referendum in principle, compared to 36% who supported holding one. These numbers fell when asked whether a referendum should be held following Brexit negotiations, but before the UK actually leaves the EU, to 51% and 35% respectively. The same poll found that 36% supported holding a referendum once Britain has left the EU, compared to 47% opposed’

  88. Ottomanboi says:


  89. famous15 says:

    Met a man from Epping on the march and he was an English for Yes supporter.He was brilliant and dismissed all the economic arguments as unimportant. His support for Scottish independence was based on human rights within a country supporting human dignity!

  90. Bob Mack says:

    I feel a tremor in the Force. Unionists desperate to convince us of the error of our ways on Wings and the other media platforms. Today has shaken them up.

    Simple equation—-The more threatened the more anger, even though it be disguised as indifference, minimising, or even scorn ,It all means the same thing—fear. Enjoy their discomfort because it’s going to get worse.

  91. Referendum1707 says:

    Dr Jim 5.50

    Ooooo you are awful 🙂

  92. Hamish100 says:

    BBC UK News– JK Rowling — how she feared she had been outed.- read it yourself.

    Nothing happening in Scotland.

    Fairs fair bbc scotland does report the march. Herald has protesters.

    The free press and news media is a myth.

  93. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Excellent turn out today, great weather, nice people.

    No appetite for independence, I think not.

    Well done to the organisers stewards and all who made the effort to be there today.

  94. Bob Mack says:


    —yes,but I like him.

  95. Cactus says:

    Edinburgh is live & alive!

    6th October 2018.



  96. sandy says:

    AUOB march.

    Police estimate, well in excess of 50,000.
    Edinburgh City Council – 20,000. Ha, ha.
    Unionist estimate – some, a few. No desire for a ref!!!

  97. Hamish100 says:

    hfud — this isn’t a dating website. Try “tory need friends”

  98. Bob Mack says:

    @Elmer FUD,

    Pesky nationawists.

  99. Alba 46 says:

    What a march today. Absolutely brilliant. Fantastic turnout. If the figures are confirmed as over 100,000 the Brit Nationals will still say there’s no appetite for another referendum. What a pathetic insular world they live in.

    Their turnout today was about 20. More police surrounding them than anything else.

    There is excellent news coverage of the march on RT. Its their lead story in the UK section. Sad that you have to go to a foreign TV station to see any decent coverage.

    The Brit Nats are crapping themselves

  100. galamcennalath says:

    If BritNats are so certain Scots don’t want Indy, why don’t they demand an IndyRef2 so they can prove it?


  101. galamcennalath says:

    So, was today the biggest march of any kind Scotland has ever seen? Or, only within living memory?

  102. HYUFD says:

    OttomonBoi The same London which voted 59% to Remain in the EU when you are trying to use the Brexit vote in the rest of England and Wales as the latest excuse for another indyref?

  103. Phronesis says:

    A truly spectacular sight in Edinburgh today. There is not one inch of Scotland’s geography or any aspect of its demography that was not represented during today’s march.
    An unstoppable force with an unshakeable belief and an assured future.

  104. Bob Mack says:


    Get a life, get real, —get a date!!!! Ha ha ha

  105. Archie (not Erchie) says:

    @ Robert Kerr : T’was me you met going down the hill. Thanks for the company. Oor Daisy also introduced herself. Amazing scene turning into H Park and seeing the Crags covered in blue saltire’s.

  106. Alba woman says:

    Just returned from a marvellous day….going for a wee lie down to reflect on the March and all those smashing folk walking down the Royal Mile…many thanks to AUOB for organising such a fantastic day..Yipee!

  107. Dr Jim says:

    It’s easy to patronise a twitnut who doesn’t even know Gaelic is only one of the languages spoken in Scotland apart from the English, I myself speak another of those languages which is the most used language in Scotland with variations depending on location but of course you don’t even know that do you twitnut, so look up yer wee Google search again for information on the country your very own uneducated big mouth is interfering in

    One more thing to remember is some of the words you speak in your native tongue came from Scotland, you just don’t know it, keep it in mind when you next have to spell Penicillin or Chloriform or Tarmacadam or Television or or or or….Idiota….take yer time…. no clueses!

  108. Clydebuilt says:

    BBC radio Shortbread news @ 5 said March was BIG but that Police Scotland hadn’t supplied an estimate (or didn’t have one.) at 7pm they’ve just reported The council estimate was 20,000

    That means the turnout was massive!

    Brilliant day, marching down The Royal Mile,

  109. manandboy says:

    The missus and I went to Embra to fly the flag in support of Independence. The crowd was huge, the weather superb, and the flags fluttering in the breezy sunshine was a sight to see, both on the cobbles and high on the hills. Amazing!

    But I saw something else, interwoven with massive support for Indy, I saw belief. It was unmistakable.

    Soar Alba

    Ps Well done, Chris. Sorry I left you till last. Your genius will survive a small amount of neglect, I’m sure.

  110. Ottomanboi says:

    Things have moved on. This is not about the UK/EU relationship, but about Scoto-English relations. For three centuries we have been prey to English whims, anglicisation, subversion and colonial manipulation. This generation, at long last, says enough. Divide and rule is over….And the devil take the Ruth Davidsons and their sorry ‘fawning’ ilk.
    Oidhche mhàth leat! A very good night to you!

  111. Sinky says:

    Clydebuilt, I heard shortbread 7 pm news,it must have been Scott Arthur from Edinburgh council who said the figure was 20,000.

  112. Bobp says:

    Hyufd 6.05pm. A lot of people especially elderly dont have computers to check ‘websites’.

  113. HYUFD says:

    Dr Jim Scots, spoken by 30% of Scots, is either considered as an ancient variety of English with distinct dialects or as a distinct Germanic language if anything

  114. Dr Jim says:

    Serious reports of British Nationalists being rushed to hospital with exploding heads,

    SNHS spokesperson say Scotland has invented a cure but some are resisting treatment due to a lack of education and information from the BBC and Scottish media in general
    In a statement from the Scottish government First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said “I would be more than happy to administer the medicine personally to each and every one of those afflicted with this terrible malaise” she went on to say “Scotland is a caring country and we will do all we can to help”

  115. HYUFD says:

    OttomanBoi So if you are saying this is not about the UK and EU relationship but about the English and Scottish relationship then the decision was already made by Scots in 2014, 55% of them voted to keep the Union in that year’s referendum and were happy with having a Scottish Parliament while staying in the UK

  116. Dr Jim says:

    Ach twitnat yer no lookin in the richt place again chooky

  117. sandy says:


    Ignore HY FUD.
    The march today was planned months ago. Not a very large yoon turn out. Planning doesn’t appear to be their forte.

  118. Conan the Librarian says:

    Left Johnstone Terrace at 1.40. Got to the High St and a steward told us 30,000 had preceded us!

  119. remo says:

    The HYFUD is really, really tedious especially on a day like today – Edinburgh march and a’ that. I could not make the march today and had a wee bubble at the videos of the event. I wish HYFUD would go away or at least give a straight answer to the questions he has been asked umpteen times by Wingers. I am sick of the obfuscation. He thinks his bullshit baffles brains. He is wrong. Wingers’ bullshit detectors are operating at full power. He has no horse in this race. He cannot give one (sane) reason for Scotland’s staying as a colony of Englandshire. He should go forth and multiply. I suspect he can’t find someone to multiply with.

  120. Hamish100 says:


    Scotland was lied too. Vote No, you remain in the EU .

    Lies by Brown Darling Cameron May Davidson –All a big lie and you are part of it.

  121. Rock says:

    What excuse will Nicola now give when she rules out holding an independence referendum before Brexit has been completed?

    The Russian Novichok attack in Salisbury?

    The accusation against Alex Salmond?

    The coming soon snap general election?

    Now is not the time?

  122. galamcennalath says:

    Dr Jim says:

    reports of British Nationalists being rushed to hospital with exploding heads

    You can tell when the casualty was a BritNat, there’s never much brain matter among the debris, just red, white & blue mince.

  123. Cactus says:

    SO what will be the headlines in the Sunday papers be ra morra Edinburgh.

    Congratulations to all.

  124. TheBuchanLoony says:

    Remo…he probably fires blanks!

  125. Robert Peffers says:

    @HYUFD says: 6 October, 2018 at 5:27 pm:

    ” … Even if 100 000 marched that would still be 1.5 million less than the 1.6 million Scots who voted Yes in 2014″

    Hillarious! Straws being grasped in sheer desperation there, HYUFD. That’s a bit like the British/English nationalist method of stating statistical figures that bear no relevant comparason.

    Like you have already attempted to do here on Wings with per capita GDP figures.

    Now I’m far from being a mathematical wizard but when feeble minded idiots think themselves ultra clever and try to fool sane people by offering statistical evidence like comparing the per capita GDP of a city with the Per Capita GDP of entire country I know the person is either extremely naïve or thinks we are all idiots in Scotland.

    Just bear in mind that little Scotland gave to the World these famous great mathematicians:-

    Alexander Macfarlane; Alexander Wilson ; Colin Mackenzie; David Brewster; David Gregory; David Wallace; Eric Temple Bell; James Clerk Maxwell; James Crichton; James D. Murray; James Gregory; James Ivory; John Aitchison; John Craig; John Keill; John Leslie; John Mackintosh Howie; John Napier; John Playfair; Joseph Wedderburn; Mary Somerville; Michael Scot; Peter Guthrie Tait; Philip Kelland; Sir John Sinclair, 1st Baronet; Thomas Chalmers; Thomas Muir; William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin.

    That list is far from comprehensive, HYUFD, but you may, for example recognise such as Napier who invented the concept of logarithms.

    The list will suffice to demonstrate that Scotland has given much to the modern World in all the fields of the sciences and engineering. In fact Scots led Europe into the European enlightenment.

    The Great Voltaire said of Scotland, “‘We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation”

    Yet here you are attempting the idiocy of trying to offer as a serious logical argument a comparison of marchers for an independent Scotland with a rather out of date and never really relevant referendum where the terms of today bear no comparison to those of 2014.

    I’ll say no more than in 2014 the status quo was the United Kingdom in the European Union but the status quo now is the United Kingdom OUT of the European Union yet you are stupid enough to imagine there is a comparison.

  126. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    iScotland is going to happen within the next 24 Months @HYFUD
    When it does:

    iScotlands alleged exports to UK will decrease when our exports to Europe and beyond leave from Scottish ports and airports (rather than count as exports to rUK via the reverse Rotterdam effect)

    iScotlands Exchequer will then get 100% of the tax receipts/VAT etc. on these exports

    National Grid Connection Charges will cease on the electricity exported from an iScotland and the Scottish Exchequer will get paid the going rate rather than charged to export it.

    iScotlands Exchequer will also get the tax receipts for exports of oil and gas which is currently either counted as ExRegio (rather than Scottish) or allowed to be extracted by the E&P Majors who are actually getting tax rebates rather than paying correct tax (compare Norwegian tax receipts for extraction vs UK when you consider the cost to produce are broadly similar at $15/$20 a barrel).

    Your ‘England Wales Government’ will then be left without it’s Northern cash cow (and it’s electricity) but will however be left with £2 Trillion (& rising National debt), a Neo-Fascist Right Wing Government and a pissed off electorate.

    The only reason London and its surrounding commuter belt, is the region of the UK with by far the highest GDP per capita is because the UKs ebullient of Norway’s Sovereign Oil Fund was pissed up against the M25, Crossrail, Canary Warf etc. and the fact ‘The City’ launders global dirty money.

    I shall not mourn the passing of your ‘precious Union’

  127. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Simple solution to the BritNat conundrum HYFUD:

    T May should grant a Section 30 Order for an Independence Referendum in Scotland and Border Poll for NI before 29th March 2019.

    Deliver “the will of the ‘British’ people”

    If the Scots and Northern Irish vote to remain in the UK build your hard border wall in Ireland and rename Scotland ‘North Britain’.

    If you truly believe the BritNat Propaganda (% of this = that, only 20,00 marchers in Edinburgh today etc. etc.) why not?


    WHY NOT?

  128. Meg merrilees says:

    We got to Johnson Terrace about 12.50 -didn’t start to move off till about 1.20 and then incredibly sporadic. Didn’t reach the top of the Royal Mile till 2.50 then it took a good half an hour to reach the Parliament.

    No cross words, unpleasant scenes, no litter – just folk walking, singing, laughing, chanting – enjoying the amazing weather and the sight of so many beautiful blue Saltires. Spectators lined the side of the Esplanade as we walked past and two separate groups had hung Saltires over the side of the Ramparts – good job HES didnae see them!

    Tiny group of Unionists, about 23 folk and 12 flags – half way down the Mile – with Rule Brittania blaring out on their music system but we drowned that out easily.
    Is that seriously all they could muster?

    Met Chris the Jacobite piper in the Park and he said he was hearing estimates of 120,000 – 150,000 marchers.

    Awesome day- many thanks to all who organised and participated in the event.
    Great train journey home – although the trains were haywire – so much banter and enthusiasm for the day from all and sundry.

    Added some YES stones to the cairn by the Parliament. Saw banners from Moray, Stornoway, Caithness and Sutherland, Airdire, Stirling, Trossachs, Ayr, Blairgowrie and Rattray, Finnish, Catalan, Manx, Norwegian, Nottinghamshire, English, Irish flags.

    All ages, all types of dug – a real cross mix of Scotland.

    Not long now….

    20,000 marchers – Edinburgh City Council who are you trying to kid? Grow up!!!

  129. harry mcaye says:

    For every person who marched today, there will have been one who couldn’t make it, like myself. I was also talking to two independence supporting pals of mine last week who didn’t even know there was a march. They don’t do twitter or facebook. And I bet there would be many thousands of indy supporters who are also loyal followers of their football team and went to the match instead.

    Just a shame that the true size of the crowd will never be shown in pictures as it took so long for everybody to get to the park. I hear many were leaving as folk were still arriving.

  130. And Spouse says:

    So I was a Yes Biker virgin today. Left home at sub zero temp. Stopped 6 times to warm up, burnt my good gloves when they slipped on to the exhaust. Dropped my helmet on the ground! At Holyrood, the bike wouldn’t start, battery died, and I had to bump start it. What an absolutely fantastic day I had!!!!
    And I met some great people in the huge turnout of bikes! Still waiting to hear the number, but it was BIG.

  131. Robert Peffers says:

    @Richard Hunter says: 6 October, 2018 at 3:50 pm:

    ” … The success of the march is great, but it does give Nicola Sturgeon a bit of a conundrum:”

    Where did you dig that nonesence up from, Richard?

    ” … In instead of being in the position of petitioning Westminster for a referendum, doesn’t she have to step it up, for example by putting UDI in the next SNP manifesto?”

    That too is twaddle. In the first place no one has need to petition Westminster, “for a referendum”, for no one can legally prevent anyone from holding a referendum and a thus a Section 30 Order is NOT Westminster’s permission to hold a referendum.

    It is a two partner agreement to abide by the result because, like the EU Referendum, all referendums are consultative unless there is a prior agreement of both sides to abide by the results.

    In any case the EU referendum had no prior agreement for Westminster to legally abide by the result but Westminster’s subsequent insistence that the result “Is the will of the people”, has established a legal precedent that Holyrood can, and will exploit to their advantage.

    That, if you are capable of understanding it, is the reason the Scottish Government, (Nicola Sturgeon, unlike Theresa May, does not operate as a dictator), sees it is advantageous to seek a Section 30 Order, although there is no legal necessity to obtain one, there are indeed sound tactical reasons for doing so.

    Furthermore, as the people of Scotland are legally sovereign and Westminster chose NOT to challenge the recent, “Scottish Claim of Right”, made in the Supreme Court they thereby acknowledge it makes you claims of a, “Unilateral Declaration of Independence”, totally impossible to do.

    Let me explain that for you – as the Queen of England is legally sovereign in the Kingdom of England, (but not in the Kingdom of Scotland), and must under the Rule of Law of England delegate her sovereignty to, “The Parliament of the Kingdom of England”, (as established under English Law in 1688, (before the Treaty of Union)), then under English law the Parliament of the Kingdom of England is legally sovereign over the Kingdom of England and can act as if they were the monarch of England.

    Their problem is there has been no actual elected as such Parliament of the Kingdom of England since 30 April 1707. Westminster is not elected as the Parliament of England.

    However the people of Scotland are legally sovereign and if a majority of them decide to end the Treaty of Union the United Kingdom is disunited. It is not possible for a majority of the legally sovereign people of Scotland to declare UDI because, being Sovereign their word is law.

  132. Tinto Chiel says:

    What a beautiful day in every way. When we were walking back up the Royal Mile about 3.15 (started at 1.20ish), there were still thousands walking down from Johnstone Terrace. No end in sight and I feel this was bigger than the Glasgow Anti-Iraq War march and much, much more confident. and happy.

    Every type of person on the march and a lovely atmosphere. I counted 13 UJs and a new guy with The Transferable Manky Shirt looking very despondent as the 10s of 1000s passed and nae wunner. Great to see so many folk on the crags too: what a spectacle (and I include Ronnie Anderson’s new beard!!!).

  133. Robert Peffers says:

    @Jockanese Wind Talker says: 6 October, 2018 at 8:24 pm:

    ” … brilliant comment, Jockanese Wind Talker – that’s him telt, then.

  134. mike cassidy says:

    The Fud’s conservative roots.

    “Having stood twice for council both at district and town council level I know how much work goes into a campaign”

    Is he taking it out on us because he didn’t get elected?!

  135. Fred says:

    Just back, a superb day in Edinburgh, loved it! The front of the march was at Holyrood before we set off from the Castle, saw a couple of Wings flegs way in front & a large Rangers Fans banner also, spoke to a wheen o English marchers. A haunful of UJ fannies were looking for a history book to climb into, imagine staunin there for hours like a prick while 100,000 folk filed past knowin your a prick! an object of derision.
    Been a while since I was in Edinburgh, mair Cashmere shops than Cashmere but Edinburgh has the backdrop for this. We ended up in a pub called The Artisan, good boozer, jubilant Hibs fans arrived to find their place packed wi Yessers! 🙂

    Everybody in great form & the patter brilliant! Arthurs Seat Saltired right to the summit! Wont ever forget this!

  136. HYUFD says:

    Sandy Unionists planned when it mattered, by getting 2 million out in 2014, not for today’s nat walkabout and picnic

  137. HYUFD says:

    remo What colony has its own Parliament as Scotland does?

  138. HYUFD says:

    Robert Peffers YouGov July 2016 post EU Ref

    I would rather live in a Scotland that was a member of the EU and not the UK 45%

    I would rather live in a Scotland that was a part of the UK but not the EU 55%

    So No still has the same lead as at indyref

    I would rather live in a UK that was part of the UK but not a member of the single market 54%

    I would rather live in a UK that was a member of the single market but not the UK 46%

    So No still leads

    No Deal may change things a little but we are heading for a deal anyway and even English voters want a deal in polls

  139. HYUFD says:

    London is the centre of UK creative industries, IT, legal services etc not just finance and it is the wealthiest UK area as you say followed by the Home Counties.

    The global price of oil has slumped, if you are plumping most of your eggs in that basket

  140. HYUFD says:

    Mike Cassidy It is true I have stood in a ward which has elected mainly LD councillors for the last 15 years (bar 1 Tory in 2011 and 1 in 2015 at the same time as the general election). However I did get over 500 votes in May at the District elections and will stand again for town council next year

  141. HYUFD says:

    I would rather live in a Scotland that was part of the UK but not a member of the single market 54%
    I would rather live in a Scotland that was a member of the single market but not the UK 46%
    So No still leads
    No Deal may change things a little but we are heading for a deal anyway and even English voters want a deal in polls

  142. Tinto Chiel says:

    Think someone’s having a meltdown.

    Not a pretty sight, this desperate deflection thing.

  143. Bob Mack says:

    Hi fud. Your talking to yourself mate.If your some type of self appointed saver of the Union,it ain’t working buddy.

    Sleep well

  144. remo says:

    I have heard a certain type of total loser described as “someone who will be returned to God unopened”. I think HYFUD might be one of those people. His posts are boring and repetitive and I for one will scroll past from now on. I learn loads from other posters and nothing from him.

  145. Gerry says:

    HYFUD @ whenever

    “However I did get over 500 votes in May at the District elections and will stand again for town council next year”

    Just as well you’re not stoking yourself up a torrent of internet based politically switched on active campaigners who may well have an “input” on your territory at some point, eh.

  146. Cubby says:

    HYUFD = just another lying BRITISH NATIONALIST.

  147. wull says:

    If 55% of them – including all these postal voters from holiday homes in Argyll, and all over Scotland – voted for something in 2014, that was 4 years ago.

    This is now 2018, and what WAS 55% now has to be described anew. Try calling it ‘WAS 55%, and NOW shrinking fast …’ Or maybe ‘shrinking’ should be ‘sinking’ …

    Someone on this site, whom I won’t name, needs to be telt … Did you no’ hear what Macart told you at 6:06 pm? ‘Democracy isn’t a one-off event …’

    You should listen to him, man. No’ just go off into one of yer knee-jerk spasms, pretending to yersel’ that that counts as a ‘response’ …

    Of course, to make a ‘response’ – something ‘reasoned’ and ‘reasonable’ – requires rationality. A bit o’ real thought.
    Might not be your kind of thing, I suppose …

    Well said, Macart.

    Democracy never stops … Like thought, for most people … Most people, that is, except those who never learned to think in the first place.


    Well said, too, that ‘English Scot for Yes’ mentioned in a post above who didn’t care about the economic arguments, but who wanted to live in a country founded on human rights and supportive of them … Or words to that effect.

    And good to hear from the contributor who noted that the sense of ‘belief’ among the marchers today was tangible.

    These kind of sentiments have nothing irrational or merely emotional about them. They are moral sentiments, which show not just confidence that the argument for independence is already won, but also conviction that the cause is just.

    Which is what we need. We’ll never win independence only on the strength of the economic case for it, however strong that case might be. Even if it was weak, we would still win independence so long as we are convinced of what we are doing. It is not mere material advantage but the basic rightness of the cause that will carry the day.

    Once more and more people are convinced of that plain fact, independence will be unstoppable. And once it is gained, it will prove irreversible. Freedom and justice are intertwined, and ‘freedom is a noble thing …’ Once we taste it, we won’t ever want to go back on it. So too with striving for justice.

    Without freedom, justice – even of the most basic kind – eludes us, and becomes unattainable. And that’s what it literally is for Scotland right now. Within the UK, as always in the past but still more as presently conceived, and as presently operated, justice has become unattainable for the Scottish people.

    There are plenty of decent enough people who are not yet convinced of independence, though we can hope that they eventually will be. This leads to a question: do they have decent arguments to support their current pro-UK position? To be blunt about it: Did anyone ever hear a single Unionist putting forward an argument based on the justice of their cause? Has anyone ever argued that we should stay in the Union because justice requires it of us, and it is simply the right thing to do?

    I don’t think I have ever heard any such an argument. And I can’t imagine anyone being able to argue it with conviction. All we generally hear from our Unionist friends is arguments from expediency, emphasising the advantages we are supposed to get from being in the UK, and -especially – how very afraid we ought to be of the terrible consequences that will follow if we leave it.

    If they can’t argue the justice of their own cause, it is no doubt because they are not convinced themselves. They don’t actually believe that staying in the UK is anything whatever to do with justice.

    There is therefore a gaping hole at the centre of Unionism in Scotland. That is, at the centre of that coalition of highly disparate forces that comes together only to thwart independence, and ‘save’ the ‘unsavable’ (and unsavoury) Union. They are not really a movement because they are simply defined by being ‘against’ something (one thing – Scottish independence). Other than that, and their desire to impose themselves on the rest of us, they have nothing much in common with each other. There is no ‘just cause’ binding them together.

    Their belief in the Union isn’t based on justice. Despite all the threatening (and indeed fearful) noises that emanate from it, the Unionist cause therefore lacks conviction. This will eventually prove their downfall. Without conviction, without the basic belief that your cause is just, you can only go on for so long … Eventually you will run out of steam, your ’cause’ strangled by being caught up in the strings of its own lack of justice and conviction …

    Ultimately, that is where the independence movement will score so easily over its Unionist opponents, and gain the day – very soon, by the looks and sound of what was happening in Edinburgh today.

    Whatever the forces ranged against it, a just cause which carries the conviction of its adherents – who are convinced simply because they know their cause IS just – will finally defeat opponents who are not so convinced.

    The unjust cause eventually dissolves itself, often in a mass of its own self-contradictions. Its own lack of inner conviction – its own injustices – become increasingly apparent to more and more of its own adherents. Without conviction, they can’t keep fighting for it. And more and more of them (the more reasonable and decent of them, certainly) simply drift away … they give up … and they even change sides.

    And many of those who have not yet come over to the pro-independence side are decent enough people … Who can budge, and from whom we have everything to gain …

    There is an inner logic to all this. It will not ultimately be because we have the better economic arguments (even though, in fact, we do) that we will regain our independence. It will be because of the justice of our cause.

    And because more and more Scots – including English Scots living in Scotland – are convinced of the justice of that cause. And convinced, likewise, that its opposite – Scotland continuing to remain in a UK which overrides and undermines her at every turn – would be to continue a grave injustice. One which does serious harm to Scotland, to the Scottish people and to all who live there.

    Both tenets – that Scotland’s independence is a just cause, and that for her to remain in the UK would be to perpetuate a seerious injustice that does real harm to people – are indisputably true. Not just historically (though they always were true!) but – we might say even more so – in terms of what the UK has become, and now is. Independence is about righting wrongs that are both historical and present. It is a moral cause, and it will triumph because, ultimately, justice – despite its many enemies – does finally prevail.

    It is bound to.

    This has been coming for 300 years. It is right, and more than ever needed. And – to correct an inherently unjust phrase – the time is now!

    Be convinced!

  148. HYUFD says:

    Gerry I am a member of the Conservative and UNIONIST party and am happy to take on all comers who oppose that, though I doubt many nats are going to come all the way down to Essex to campaign for the Lib Dems for a town council election

  149. HYUFD says:

    wull Quebec nationalists thought the same and still lost 2 referendums on independence from Canada (even if they only lost the second 51% to 49%)

  150. sandy says:

    HY FUD @ 9.21pm.

    If their planning is made up of untruths, down-right lies, & similar non-intentional pledges & promises from those whom appear to be on the nadir of the moral scale, so be it.

    Known in Scotland as “the shit of the day”. Every day of the year in their case.

    Scotland, as is globally accepted as to be one of the most welcoming nations, has to draw the line at some point. Your planners would be deemed to be below that line. Personna non gratis.

    Scotland has enough of them already. Known as SIU. (Potential terrorists or organisers of the same)

  151. Shinty says:

    Funny, you can always tell it’s been a good day for the Yes movement by the monumental frothing of Britnats today.

    Well done Edinburgh and to every single one of you who attended the march today.

  152. Cubby says:

    HYUFD = just another lying British Nationalist troll.

  153. wull says:

    Anyone who thinks Scotland’s history is comparable to Quebec’s doesn’t know much about either Quebec or Scotland.

    The same goes for Quebec’s situation in relation to Canada, and Scotland’s situation within the UK.

    In case someone hasn’t noticed, Canada was not formed in the same way as the UK was formed. Nothing like it. The respective constitutional situations are not in the least comparable.

    Canada isn’t the UK. Scotland isn’t Quebec.

    One thing can be granted, however. When the campaign for 2014 was under way, the Conservative Government and the ‘Better Together’ people did study what had happened in Quebec. And they tried very hard to learn from it. Even imitating whatever dirty trick they could pick up, from that example, concerning how to win a referendum.

    That is, how to win it by hook or by crook … not by guaranteeing fair process.

    If anyone mentions Quebec in regard to Scotland, it is not too difficult to guess where they are probably coming from. The assumption that Scotland is in any way comparable to Quebec might well indicate complete ignorance of what constitutes the UK.

    It is astonishing how many of those who purport to love the UK, and seek to maintain it by all possible means (fair or foul), are so ignorant of the constitutional and legal foundations on which it rests.

    Beginning with Mrs May herself, of course. She and her ‘4-nation union’ twaddle …

    Truly amazing …

  154. Smithie says:

    I am going to say my piece here and i don’t give a fuck if anyone disagrees.

    You lot that continue to debate with so called troll? what is it with you all?…do you feel inadequate for some reason?

    FFS get a grip and cut out the butthurt shite and ignore the cunt……he has you running around in circles with this and that but you can’t help yourselves can you…..he is only one yoon and yet you all can’t stop yersels fae answering it…….Get a life ffs

  155. HYUFD says:

    Wull In Quebec most of the population even speaks a different language to the rest of Canada, French rather than English, in Scotland most people still speak English as their main language.

    The final Quebec referendum could have gone either way but the Federalists narrowly won by giving Quebec’s Assembly what was essentially devomax much as will eventually likely be the solution for Scotland and given to the Scottish Parliament

  156. Smithie says:

    I’m open to debate BTW

  157. smithie says:

    Thought not

  158. Bill Hume says:

    Great cartoon Chris. I know some things have to be simplified when doing these things but it only tells half the story.
    The “deck chairs” they are trying to re-arrange, are all busy re-arranging themselves into Blairite/Corbyn or Remainers/Exiteers and no matter what these two do…..there will be chaos.
    Meanwhile, the iceberg looms ever closer.

    O/T. Great day in Edinburgh yesterday…..mah feet are gein’ me jip the day.

  159. Cactus says:

    A hoi!

    Leonard and May may be trying to rearrange their chairs…

    But WHO is actually sailing the ship?

    Who is REALLY the captain at the helm of RMS Titanic?

    And who did they have in the Crow’s Nest… Mr Magoo?

    Full turn to starboard, nah, full turn to port, nah, full turn to starboard, nah, full turn to port.

    Nah, screw that, maintain current heading, full steam ahead.

    Iceberg ahead ahoy!

  160. Cactus says:

    One has decided / chosen to watch Titanic, again.

    One may share and quote any relevant points of view.

    This time one will choose audio in German with subtitles…

  161. Cactus says:

    “Titanisch” now showing ja…

    ps, was listening to Westminster on LBC W.R.

    Whit a joke.

  162. Cactus says:

    TITANISCH was called, “the ship of dreams”

    It’s more like a modern day nightmare!

    RMS TITANIC, “the ship of nightmares”

    Ship sails in 5mins.

  163. Cactus says:

    1912, Titanic sank at night time, iceberg obscured.

    2019, it is clear and day time, the iceberg is very visible.

  164. Cactus says:

    That’s Kate just got her kit off there…

    Miaow, that’s like some diamond.

    Westminster is naked.

    Scotland can see.

  165. Cactus says:

    “Pick up you bastards… Hard to starboard!”

    Aye they’ve always been to the extreme right.

    “It’s going to hit!”

    Yes, we’ve seen it coming for over 2 years now.

    “Hard to port!”

    Too late, the damage is done.

  166. Cactus says:

    “The ship will sink”

    “Titanic will founder”


    Captain says:
    “Tell whoever responds that we’re going down by the head”

    Lifebelts on everybuddy.

    Topcoats and hats, maybe a brandy and cigar…?

    Jolly good.

  167. Cactus says:

    A song from the movie:

    Frae Liverpool tae Larne.

    Ignorance is bliss.

  168. Cactus says:

    “It’s starting to fall apart, we don’t have much time”

    Aye, ye don’t say Billy Zane.

    Another song frae the motion movie:

    Women and children first please.

    Let’s all dance!

  169. Cactus says:

    Breaking: LIVE footage ~

    We’re getting ‘nearer my…:

    1,149,407 current views

    Are you Yes yet?

    To thee.

  170. Cactus says:

    “We are dressed in our best and are prepared to go down as gentlemen, but we would like a brandy” said merry May for Leonard.

    Welcome to the bottom of the ocean.

    Swim back for the iceberg.

  171. Cactus says:

    “Is there anyone alive out there!”

    “Can anyone hear me?”

    Said the sailor.

  172. Cactus says:

    The Caledonian Carpathia to the rescue.

    She’s been watching from the stern all along.

    She’s not choosey, she’ll save whomever she can.

    Although they need to learn to save themselves.

    And they all lived happily ever after.

    My heart will go on for Scotland X.

    The End.. but a new beginning for iScotland.

  173. Cactus says:

    Written and Directed by James Cameron.

    Think ah’ll try the audio in Chinese next time.

    Near, far, wherever ye are…

    Fin 😉

  174. Cactus says:

    On reflection, that should be…

    Written and Directed by James David Cameron.

    Westminster is the iceberg.

  175. Cactus says:

    PORT is left… STARBOARD is right.

    HARD to STARBOARD moves the craft to the LEFT.

    HARD to PORT moves the vessel to the RIGHT.

    Aye THINK!

    Can anybuddy concur or alter that course?

    iScotland very very soon now.

  176. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    All I know is that you put your right leg in, then out, then do the same with the left leg and so on.

  177. Cactus says:

    Ach well, there’s no time like now’s the time like…

    Welcome to the bottom of the ocean.

    Operation Salvage Brexit.




  178. Cactus says:

    Courtesy of the mister man on the moon. 😉

    “Hangin’ in and holding fast, hope our little world will last”

    Ahoy travellers!

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