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Russia’s greatest publicity machine

Posted on November 11, 2017 by

Mainstream and social media alike are now well into their second day of an absolutely epic meltdown at the news that Alex Salmond is to broadcast a chat show on RT, the Russian equivalent of the BBC.

It really is almost impossible to overstate the magnitude of the shrieking fit the decision has produced. Addled old Lords with criminal convictions for violently and drunkenly assaulting Her Majesty’s police have with an audacious lack of self-awareness decried the immorality of one of HM’s advisors going on TV to talk about stuff, and one Lib Dem MSP has even gone so far as to raise a Holyrood motion demanding that the state interferes with the lawful employment choices of a private citizen.

We imagine that RT will be beside itself with joy at the avalanche of publicity the UK press and political sphere is giving it. We’d be amazed if the hysterical brouhaha didn’t double or treble the audience figures that Salmond could otherwise have expected.

It’s just that it’s all a little, well, sudden.

Nobody disputes that RT is an arm of the Russian government – which in the interests of accuracy it perhaps needs to be pointed out is a democratically-elected one, as is the Russian presidency.

And nobody disputes that the Russian government are pretty bad guys. Russia has some draconian anti-gay laws and media (unlike Scotland, where homosexuality was legalised as long ago as 1980), and has been implicated in the murders of a number of journalists and other dissenters – all things which could never happen in the UK.

Such claims as those above are obviously nonsensical tinfoil-hat conspiracy paranoia, because we all know that neither the British establishment nor the state broadcaster would ever be involved in covering up terrible wrongdoing at the highest levels.

And the UK government would definitely never condone the killing of journalists.

The BBC is, as we know, a renowned paragon of impartiality.

And obviously no other former or current UK political leader would be seen implicitly endorsing a toxic media outlet responsible for untold human suffering.

Even some normally reasonable and fair-minded reporters have accused the Russians of seeking to regularly undermine the processes of democracy in other nations – behaviour which would naturally be unacceptable for Britain and her allies too.

It would certainly never happen here.

The dastardly former Soviets have even sunk so low in the furtherance of these ends as to deploy armies of fake social media accounts in order to propagate their views and influence events across the globe.

Such underhanded tactics are far beneath the dignity and decency of our side.

At least any minor misdeeds that may have been inadvertently perpetrated by the UK government on occasion have had only trivial and unimportant consequences.

Putin’s Russia is also, and perhaps most notoriously of all, responsible for operating a sinister network of secret “black prisons” and – openly – a concentration and torture camp for perceived enemies of the regime, who are held outwith the reach of law on the territory of the Communist satellite state of Cuba.


So there can be no disputing that a broadcaster backed by the Kremlin is a uniquely intolerable affront to all that is good and decent – even if it’s running entirely legally in the UK under an Ofcom licence, unlike (say) the Iranian state channel Press TV.

Which clearly no UK politician would therefore be seen to work with.

(A fun trivia fact to note in passing is that in order to watch Salmond’s RT show in the UK, viewers are of course forced by law to fund the British Broadcasting Corporation – not RT, which gets nothing from the licence fee.)

Salmond’s show – though it’ll be produced by Salmond’s own company, not scripted by RT – is said by critics to be “lending credibility” to Vladimir Putin simply by appearing on the station, a situation completely unlike that of the other UK politicians who have done so, such as Lib Dem leader Vince Cable.

Or the Labour leader and Press TV star Jeremy Corbyn.

Or the Green Party leader (sorry, “co-chairperson”) Caroline Lucas.

Or literally dozens and dozens of other UK MPs from all parties.

Or political pundits like David Torrance.

Who have clearly subsequently reconsidered the “preposterous” error of their ways.

(Yes, that really was David Torrance accusing someone else of being desperate for publicity and of consorting with the wrong sorts of people, if you were wondering.)

And it’s a further comfort that no Scottish politicians currently attacking Salmond have “lent credibility” to any other Russian state-owned propaganda media such as Sputnik News by appearing on it, as one Sputnik presenter noted.

The most unimaginable breach of all international protocols and laws, of course, would be if the Russian government was to attempt to somehow interfere in the politics of the UK itself, a scenario which is thankfully still just a crazed fantasist’s pipedream.

All in all, then, the furore about Salmond is fair and totally understandable. Because even though the government of every nation on Earth has rivers of innocent blood on its hands, and even though RT is a station which operates freely and legally in the UK and is available without restriction to anyone with a TV licence (Freeview channel 234, Sky 512), and even though politicians and ministers of every UK party regularly appear on it, it’s completely different in his case.

And when someone tells us why, we’ll be sure to get back to you with the reason.

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    Russia’s greatest publicity machine | speymouth

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  1. Dan Huil says:

    Brilliant stuff, Rev.

    At last we have a pro-indy foothold on television. No wonder the British nationalist media is worried about losing its British nationalist monopoly on TV. Check out the hysterical responses by British nationalist rags. They don’t like it when people question their British nationalist propaganda.

    When the British nationalist media loses control the so-called united kingdom really is finished. Great to see. British nationalist media have only one answer: more British nationalist propaganda! Like that’s going to work!

    I hope Alex gets stuck in to the British nationalist hypocrites currently polluting the airwaves.

    Don’t pay the bbc tax. Let British nationalists pay for British nationalist propaganda.

  2. Dinnatouch says:

    It can’t have anything to do with Mr Salmond being able to speak to the viewing public without being filtered through mainstream channels, can it?

  3. Street Andrew says:

    Beyond parody as ever.

  4. Meg merrilees says:

    Stuart – You are a genius! Exposing such rank hypocrisy is an art form in your hands. Well done.

  5. Susan says:

    The BBC and the British press have no influence over Salmond’s show hence their hypocrisy and outrage.

  6. peter newling says:

    Great piece – exposes the industrial-scale hypocrisy (to those who read it..)

  7. PJM says:

    These duplicitous hypocrites are calculating that this will stick in the minds of people they consider to be sheeple, however they must be secretly sweating in their silk night-attire that a tipping point might be nearing and when it comes there will be no ground left under their feet.
    When hypocrisy is your governing philosophy, beware of an educated people on the march…

  8. Absolutely brilliant Stu, what a shower of charlatans

  9. fillofficer says:

    sour grapes innit !
    didn’t wark/bbc knock him back ?
    you gorra larf, heh heh

  10. Fergus Green says:

    I never really watched RT, but all this free publicity has worked and I would now be happy to tune in on Thursday, but I don’t have a TV licence. One reason I don’t pay for a TV licence is because the BBC are somehow unable to attract quality content like this.

    Well done Stuart – another dazzling well researched article. How can anyone defend the MSM/BBC against the weight of evidence above?

  11. Grouse Beater says:

    More argument and spite on my twitter timeline – including Alex Massie asking for my BBC title, as if he needs it before he can get his head around the possibility the BBC might be influenced by government edicts, withdrawal of funds, placemen, removal of key staff, closed door chats, or MI5/6 in-house journalists.

    As for Torrance the Terrible saying Salmond loves attention – Salmond must be grateful for the free publicity. And I might never have known when the show is to be transmitted had you not leapt upon your unionist high horse and galloped off in all directions simultaneously.

  12. HandandShrimp says:

    As I said on a previous thread, the current febrile political situation with sex scandals, appallingly mishandled claims of sexual assault, self destructing Ministers, an utterly incompetent Cabinet and PM, Brexit falling apart at the seams would, one would think, occupy serious political journalists to breaking point. However, no, an ex-MP hosts a chat show made by his own media company and the Yoonisphere implodes because it will be aired by RT.

    RT and journalism in general in Russia may be a fraught affair but the commercial English language version of RT viewed in the UK is a actually an OK news source. It has its bias but as long as one is aware of that it is no more corrosive than any other station and perhaps less so than some that are giving vent to this particular spleen.

    Journalism in China is also a fraught affair, I hope all the above Tweets were not typed on Chinese built equipment and that their preferred TV News channels are not watched on Chinese built TVs 🙂 Wouldn’t want them to be hypocrites now would we?

    It is fantastic free advertising and as someone that doesn’t really check TV news channel schedules and would have likely missed this, I will be watching.

  13. Tackety Beets says:

    My understanding NS said:

    “Had I been asked, and I wasn’t, I would have advised he seek another channel”

    IMHO , carefully crafted words as always. 10/10 to NS

  14. Dan Huil says:

    @Fergus green 12:24pm

    Brewsed gave the web address for RT on last thread. You can watch AS there.

  15. Bill McLean says:

    I sincerely hope that Mr Salmond, who at Westminster was like a giant among pygmies – jealous pygmies at that, will not give in to these British nationalist bullies and their purveyors of lies and propaganda the British Unionist Media (BUM).

  16. Highland Wifie says:

    Rev I doff my cap to you. That has to be one of the best skewerings I have ever seen.

  17. Jack Murphy says:

    Thanks for the TV links Wings.
    My Mum has Virgin and we don’t get RT UK.

    “Freeview Channel 234,Sky 512.”

    I’ve found this on YouTube,an RT UK interview with Alex Salmond re the Thursday programmes.
    Seems OK to me.
    Worth a wee watch—-6 minutes:

  18. Richardinho says:

    Russia Today as far as it is a propaganda tool of the Russian government (and it is) is a piece of supreme genius: It’s purpose is not to disseminate Kremlin talking points (for the most part) like a Pravda of old. What it does instead is follow the template of the BBC and CNN in being a source of (mostly) unbiased, moderate news and commentary – You can easily watch RT and receive useful news and information, just as you can with the BBC, (but of course you should always remain sceptical).

    Its purpose is:
    1. To present a positive image of Russia to an international audience.
    2. To undermine the credibility of such organisations as the BBC by drawing attention to the fact that they bear the same relationship to the British government as RT does to the Russian.

    This row over ‘The Alex Salmond Show’ achieves the second aim. The British media, blinded by their own arrogance, cannot see the trap that has been so perfectly sprung for them and have blundered right into it. By criticising Alex Salmond and RT they lay bare their hypocrisy and the inconsistency of their own position.

    I almost feel like saying, ‘well done Putin’.

  19. Macart says:

    Neatly done.

    I posted this last thread, but seems more apt here.

    Y’know, the rage among the unionist political and meeja set is the biggest pile of hypocritical horses wossiname.

    I mean, think about it critically for just a moment. Representatives of every major establishment party, recent past and present, have felt perfectly comfy appearing on RT. I also believe some of our punditry have appeared on the odd RT couch.

    Now setting the utter hypocrisy of that factual situation aside, just what does Alex Salmond owe either the UK political parties or the UK media? Bear in mind these are parties and a media who have spent the past three decades systematically attempting to destroy Mr Salmond’s political career.

    They’ve generally done their level best to break the fella. Fair to say that their narrative has literally put the man in harms way amongst some of their more extreme support. Yet through it all, and so far as I know, Mr Salmond has only ever promoted peaceful and democratic positive argument. (Even when many among the independence support argued for more negative and argumentative strategy.)

    Well? They got their dearest wish. Mr Salmond is no longer an MP or MSP. He’s a private individual and an individual with a particular skill set, knowledge base, connections and most importantly, an opinion.

    It appears folk from his old arena are more afraid of Alex Salmond the private individual, than Alex Salmond the politician.

  20. bob says:

    Lot of bluster on here defending the indefensible.

    You all know this is poor move by Salmond, which does Scotland and Indy no favours. Even the sainted Queen Nic is not happy.

  21. I have never watched RT,I don’t even know if I get it on Virgin’s free view box.

    However the double standards of the unionists is quite breath taking at times.

    The unionist politicians and commentators believe its alright for them to appear on the RT TV station which is legally operated here in the under an Ofcom licence UK.

    But the minute an ex SNP leader and ex politician decides to host a chat show on RT, then all hell breaks loose.

    It will be very interesting to see what the excuses are from those unionists and commentators who appeared on RT, when their names are brought into the public domain.

  22. I say good luck Alex let it roll avoid the Beeb and its yoony press followers…..what we need is more opportunity like this

  23. Fergus Green says:

    Dan Huil – many thanks my friend.

    I shall make a point of visiting

  24. Northern Islander says:

    So Wee Willie Rennie is horrified by a former party leader collaborating with Putin by appearing on RT? Wonder what he thinks of this:

  25. PacMan says:

    With more military spending than states of similar size as well as a bridge between the US and Europe, the UK has a lot of influence on the international scene and as a result a direct competitor of Russia.

    With Brexit that could change. Brexit will diminish the UK, possibly to an extent that it isn’t beneficial for Russia to concern itself in the UK’s affair. There could also be a scenario that a post Brexit UK that is heading for a break up could have a destabilising effect that it it would be Russia’s best interests for the UK to be intact. Given the uncertainty of Brexit, there are many future scenarios that could occur where it benefit Russia to either ignore the UK or support it.

    Given it’s internal political situation, Chechnya is an obvious example, it isn’t in Russia’s interests to be seen to support international independence movements.

    Regardless, unless conclusive proof can be shown that the Russian establishment directs news coverage of RT any more than the British establishment directs news coverage of the BBC or the media moguls directs new coverage of the British press then this is just normal short-term MSM headline grabbing hysteria and will be replaced by the next scandal on whatever reality TV program being shown etc.

  26. winifred mccartney says:

    Can someone tell me the difference between the British Biased Corporation and RT – at least with RT you know what you are getting and AS will be the first to leave if it does anything untoward to his programmes.

    As far as I can see the BBC only claims to be impartial but is anything but, especially when it comes to Scotland, although even reporting from anywhere in the world there is a definate UK slant and if we have learned anything from wings it is don’t believe the headlines and check the sources and who pays the piper.

  27. ClanDonald says:

    Oops, it appears that the media and political commentators are all now conveniently forgetting that top tory and ex-Chancellor, George Osborne is now the editor of the London Evening Standard, a newspaper owned by an ex-Russian government KGB agent.

    Lets all help them out by reminding them.

  28. Croompenstein says:

    Yoons gonna yoon.. On one hand they traduce the position and status of First Minister as the leader of a parish council and then they moan that the status of First Ministers past and present retain an informal ambassadorial status for Scotland…

    Creepy creepy Yoons…

  29. Scottish Steve says:

    Ah, don’t you just love British hypocrisy? Our state media is fair, balanced and beyond reproach. Everyone else’s state media are just propaganda machines.

    As the kids say these days: lol.

  30. One_Scot says:

    Honestly, if we don’t all come together and produce a Yes vote for a better future for our future children than this, then we have no one else to blame but ourselves.

  31. Marie Clark says:

    Well done Rev. Stu, absolutely skewered them

    Rank hypocrisy of the very highest order. It’s truly hilarious to watch them foam at the mouth. Their venom knows no bounds.

    Well done Alex Salmond, you’re playing a blinder.

  32. Glesga Keelie says:

    And on Freesat Ch 206, Stu.

  33. ben madigan says:

    excellent article Rev – by the way, did (doesn’t?) george galloway host a show on RT? Didn’t see any Unionist objections to his programme.

  34. Muscleguy says:

    @Fergus Green
    If you don’t want to have RT itself up you can also watch on

  35. The Isolator says:

    Excellent read and well done Rev.The hysteria that is currently emanating from the Unionistas is without doubt a thing of absolute beauty.

    Another building block to IndyRef2 safely installed.Next.

  36. Alex Salmond has been aware for many years that to achieve independence something needed to be done about a hostile media. Folk on Wings have shouted loudly about it often. No amount of bleating or berating was going to change the direction of the BBC or any of the newspapers so hostile to independence. Now Alex is no longer an MP or MSP, and with a former MP who has experience in the field, he has decide to tackle the problem head-on in his usual rumbustious manner.

    No other avenue was open to him. His approach has been two-pronged – first the Scotsman to break into printed media, and then his politics programme on RT to bulldoze his way into the broadcast media. He couldn’t have asked for better publicity than all the squealing of the last couple of days.

    I have watched the trailers and will be watching his programme – the first time I’ll have watched anything on RT. What Alex promises is a serious, yet sometimes funny look at wide-ranging politics with input from across the UK as well as Europe, a political programme from a true Scottish perspective of the world. When did our present broadcast media ever offer us such a programme? This is Alex’s invaluable contribution toward gaining Scotland’s independence. We need to support him.

  37. dramfineday says:

    First class article Stuart. I’m sure the Brit Nats will enjoy it too.

  38. Bill McLean says:

    Ben Madigan – the boss and I watch George Galloway on RT every Saturday evening. Generally enjoy his show but find he has some very strange views (wants Ireland united but Scotland to remain in shackles) – but that is another debate. Yes! as illustrated above unionists are remarkable for their hypocrisy, and stupidity, in how they so easily they expose their innermost selfish dishonesty!

  39. Bob p says:

    Way to go Alex,you’ve got these scummy war mongering,tax dodging,paedo b******s really rattled now.

  40. Mike says:

    The UK state doesn’t like the idea of an uncontrolled media interfering in their media suppressed fiefdom at all.
    God help the people of the UK if it every had the chance to hear a point of view not released by the UK state.
    Imagine that.

  41. Brilliant skewering, Rev. As in words of the song “No body does it better.”

  42. Used to watch RT,it`s just a different perspective on what`s happening in the world,take it or leave it,

    lots of interesting topics,

    no soaps or Brutish bake of/dancing/singing/or demonising refugees/benefit claimants/the poor/the different,

    stopped watching RT once the Great Brutish Bitter Together collaborator UK politician George Galloway turned up like an unflushable floating turd,

    how Alex could sell his services to a company that hires the like of Galloway is a slap in the face to democracy,world peace,the climate,religious freedom,the very fabric of space and time 🙂

  43. manandboy says:

    Superb piece, Stu. I swear you’re getting better, something I didn’t think possible.

    And the Brit-Titanic sinks a little more beneath the waves, as panic levels soar in the Establishment and in the British Nationalist Brainwashing industry.

    As Britain remembers its war dead, not one British commentator will dare breathe a word about the Russian forces who died defeating the German army on the eastern front and thereby ensuring that the UK would share in the eventual victory.

    Under Putin, Russia has built 26,000 Christian churches while in the City of London, the UK has constructed a Temple of Greed.

    The BBC is far far worse than RT

  44. Robert Graham says:

    Playing a blinder Eck – The press turned up to the launch presumably to somehow link the excesses and worst points of the Russian state to this one show , heaven will fall if this ONE show is AIRED, even the SUN Scottish punter got two bites of the Cherry.

    As ever the Express goes into total meltdown, and the irony of their wee English logo at the top of their front page is lost on them , the previous day they had as their leader, Murdo floors Sturgeon with a killer question on Amazons benefit package, that erupts into concentrated condemnation from the chamber, oh no it didn’t, f/ sake another twisting of the truth, Mugboy asked a question about Amazon and was duly swatted away, and just as he was squirming she gave him another kick up the arse by reminding him his party at Westminster control Tax Take .

    The Express & The Daily Mail have a long history of right wing supporting nut jobs on their editorial staff going back till the Thirtieths it’s what they are, it’s in their blood they won’t change .

  45. Muscleguy says:

    While we are on the subject of Russian media, Sputnik radio was going to have an Edinburgh station. Does anyone know about this as I have been unable to find a link or information about it.

  46. Scott Cameron says:

    Did I miss the hullaballoo when the Mayor of London got his LBC gig?

  47. colin alexander says:

    Stu, you have done more to promote indy than any SNP politician since 2014 and probably before then too.

    When are you getting your own TV programme?

    I’d rather hear what you have to say than any SNPer.

  48. Robert Graham says:

    Scott – Yer missing the point and trying to link one thing with another , as has been pointed out a wide variety of ideas and views are presented on RT ,
    But is that really your point, or just a wee dig at Eck and maybe by association the SNP ? .
    Some strange folk attracted to Wings recently it’s ok most of us know what to look for now nice try

  49. Clarinda says:

    Max Keiser on RT The Keiser Report recorded in London most weeks is one of my favourite spots for the skewering of financial shenanigans and it’s perpetrators no holds barred.
    Mr Keiser frequently refers to the role of alternative media outlets overtaking the suspect MSM around the world – RT don’t object although there is usually an explanation of the ‘following programme does not necessarily represent the views of RT’. He pulls no punches in naming names and giving full vent to his low opinion of the political vested interests of MSM. A search through his backlog of programmes is very easy and enlightening.
    Looking forward to Mr Salmond’s opinion, debates and discussions without the restriction, spin and downright rudeness of our MSM lackeys.

  50. galamcennalath says:

    Brilliant article, Stu. We wade neck deep in hypocrisy!

    I’m not over excited about AS on RT. For starters, many households simply can’t receive it. Away from the big terrestrial transmitters, it isn’t on the very limited menu. Most places in Scotland aren’t covered so you need a satellite dish. Not sure what percentage of households will receive, more than half.

    Then, of those who can receive it, how many will actually choose to watch?

    I guess we will see it most in snippets reshown on other stations. And here, it might well be out of context.

    Every little helps, though.

  51. dakk says:

    The lack of self awareness of these Britnat commentators is epic.

    David Torrance calling Alex Salmond the queen bee of the Independence movement.

    So speaketh the self appointed queen bee of the anti Scottish independence media.

  52. Geoff Huijer says:

    Not forgetting Jill Dando who was shot dead will allegedly on the cusp of revealing some establishment-rocking paedophile information.

    I’m sure that’s just a conspiracy theory though.

    I don’t believe anyone was caught for her murder.

  53. HandandShrimp says:

    I have to say this whole spasm from the Yoonisphere is unexpected fun in what has been a depressing series of political acts of wilful incompetence by both the Conservatives and Labour of late.

    My only gripe is that the closed comments on the Gauniard to Torrence’s drivel. 🙂

  54. FiferJP says:

    BBC Scotland will retaliate with The Gordon Brown Chat Show.

  55. @Robert Graham

    `Some strange folk attracted to Wings recently it’s ok most of us know what to look for now nice try`


  56. Bob p says:

    Geoff huijer. Aye but the dirty b******s tried to fit up poor barry george for it. Just the way britnat justice has fitted up a lot of scapegoats.

  57. dandy dons 1903 says:

    What a bunch of whinging little bitches the horrid britnat fake news broadcast media/press are. Alex Salmond certainly knows how to gaslight them, well in Alex!

  58. They are full blown Nazis now.
    They stifle Free Speech and would crush us all underfoot, just to hold on to their precious wee roles in the Yoon Ionosphere.
    Surely their must be a wee sex scandal that they can hit Eck with?
    He once laid his hand on my shoulder over the tea trolley, or summit.
    Way to go, Comrade Salmond.
    Perhaps he’ll chair a leadership debate in front of an ‘invited’ audience come Indyref 2?
    They are shit scared of the Truth getting out there.
    I just scanned Herald Britland online. What a pile of juvenile amateurish Brit Nat Propaganda.
    The truth? These hacks can’t handle the truth.

  59. Liz says:

    For those who cannot or won’t access RT please note that TSTV (Truly Scottish Television) will be showing Alex’s programme in the week after it has gone out live on RT.

  60. muttley79 says:

    The British establishment love you if you a war-mongering stooge of the American establishment; they think demented blood lust is perfectly normal, but treat Alex Salmond in particular like he was a child killer. Go figure, so many of the MSM in the UK have completely sold out. They are no more than lackeys and shills for the British state. They lied about the Iraq War, they lied about the Miners Strike, they lied about Hillsborough, they lied and covered up about oil in Scotland for decades, they lied constantly in the independence referendum, and they are now lying and distorting the real situation in Catalonia.

  61. Graham Christie says:

    My goodness Stu that was a brilliant response. You worked your socks off in that one to produce such tremendous impact-fantastic!!

  62. Mark Hirst says:

    For those wondering where they can hear Radio Sputnik, here is the link.
    The station broadcasts 24/7, but the Edinburgh programme goes out 3-5pm daily, Monday to Friday.
    Despite the MSM hype most of our news items have an international focus and only occasionally touch on Scottish or even UK stories. Obviously sex scandals, political corruption and Brexit have increased our coverage of UK issues recently, but our target audience is a broad international one.
    Our news agenda is set and agreed exclusively in Edinburgh, despite what the anti-Russian coverage suggests.

  63. Ottomanboi says:

    Today’s TIMES brands Alex Salmond as little short of a ("Tractor" - Ed), a puppet of a repressive and morally corrupt régime. Wow, that’s something the British with their pink coloured empire never were of course.
    All this is rather ironic given the anti-Scottish tenor and the nature of the concentration of ownership of the freedom loving UKGB media.
    Sturgeon apparently doesn’t like it. Well Nicola, you seem to have sidelined the fight for your country’s independence for a Guardian crowd pleasing adventure into gender engineering and retro apologising. Someone has to keep the momentum going. Go for it Alec!

  64. TheBuchanLoony says:

    galamcennalath @ 1.30
    ‘I guess we will see it most in snippets reshown on other stations.’
    That’s the main point. Alex will get his guests to say or admit something major on his show and the MSM will have to report it on their other media. Alex is in control of his programme and the MSM are not! A serious admission of something by lets say David Davis would have to be also reported on all the rest of the media. Alex said at his launch event that in a more relaxed chat show situation you can often get people to say something they would not say in a normal ‘confrontational’ news interview.

  65. Jim Bo says:

    Superb dissection Stu,
    It’s the seemingly unaware (although impossible to believe this is the case) hypocrisy of our news outlets which gets me.

    This morning’s BBC example- Loki being interviewed on Sheree Nanjiani’s Radio show asked to comment on whether Salmond is lending weight to Russian propaganda channel.

    Allowed to talk at length on divisions within Indy movement / Russian news propaganda and their narrative etc. As soon as he begins to discuss hypocrisy of British journalists on their selective outrage over Salmond’s RT gig Versus locking up of Catalan leaders they move on to next topic.

    Talk about leading the narrative!

  66. Arbroath1320 says:

    Think I’ll just add these to the long and indistinguished list of TWATS already identified by Stu in his article.

    Never forget either folks that as Alex says in his interview on RT that there have been 50 Labour M.P.’s on R.T., 37 Torie and 7 Lib Dems. Isn’t it funny how the batshitbrained Britnat media are completely clueless about all of these politicians yet are completely brainfucked over a private citizen having a chat show on R.T.

    There is one other litty ditty of information thefuckbrained Britnat media are totally clueless about and it is this… Alex and Tasmina went round most, if not all, broadcasters apparently looking to sell their programme, as all good show producers do but it was R.T. that came up with the best offer.

    If questions have to be asked at all about the show being on R.T. then, in my view, it has to be WHY none of the British “owned” channels were prepared to make a better offer than that offered by R.T.

    One last thing. As I posted on a previous thread concerning the Alex Salmond Show, if you think the batshit craziness of the Britnats is bad now just wait till Thursday.

    You have been warned!

  67. Ann Rayner says:

    Not on topic but I was amazed this morning,11/11/2017 to see the Armistice Cermemony followed, minutes after the Last Post, by processions of people in weird costumes prancing around as part of what I eventually discovered was the Lord Mayor’s Show.
    The hypocrisy of the establishment in allowing this inappropriate juxtaposition is incredible, given all the nonsense promulgated by the poppy fascists who suggest you are not a patriot if you are seen without one.
    How the veterans felt about this, I cannot imagine.

  68. Tinto Chiel says:

    Must be a contender for your best ever dissection of Britnat buffoonery and hypocrisy, Rev, aka Most Dangerous Man in Britain.

    And Tank-Top Boy’s “desperate for attention” comment: still chortling at his complete lack of-self awareness.

    It’s a mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad Yoonworld indeed.

    Batshit crazy, in your own choice phrase.

  69. wullei says:

    Ottomanboi says:
    I read that as KGB not UKGB. I think you are on to something there.

  70. starlaw says:

    Ye hae no seen the last oh my bonnets nor me… Words which now strike fear into the heart of British yoonery, and over rated scribblers like Torrance and Massie who jump at any chance of an appearance on telly…no scruples about their own values. Hope Alec invites them both on to his programme. They would lick his E#### for the chance.

  71. Footsoldier says:

    True to form, The Herald is getting “tore in” with a one sided article by Tom Gordon. All the points the Rev has made above are dismissed by Tom Gordon in a sneering article with a comment “other MP’s have appeared on the channel but not as part of the schedule”. What a joke for journalism.

    The Herald letters page has a plethora of the usual hypocritical culprits condemning Salmond, including one who seems to spend his life writing to every Scottish newspaper saying the same think ad nauseum.

    Nowhere have I seen anyone ask what Salmond thinks of RT. It’s true, the furore of faux indignation may well boost RT viewing figures.

  72. katherine hamilton says:

    Many congrats on this, Rev. Can only say WOW, just WOW.
    Forensic and devastating destruction of all that Yoondum is and can ever be.
    To nail so many in one article is a huge achievement and a credit to you.
    Thanks as always.

  73. Capella says:

    @ galamcennalath – anyone can watch RT if they have access to the internet. Go to the website and search. No need for a TV licence or a big transmitter nearby (though the lack of infrastructure in Scotland is another issue).

  74. Andy-B says:

    Those lickspittle arseholes are up to their necks in hypocrisy, Alex, will be laughing up his sleeve at the amount of free publicity his show is receiving right now.

    I’ll be watching it and guess what? I bet those hypocrites will watch it too.

  75. Pacman says:

    The departure of Alex Salmond from politics has been a major blow for the indy movement.

    However, with his degree of political experience, free from the discipline of indy politics and most of all his fierce intelligence, it is going to be a bigger blow for the British system as he systematically tears it to shreds.

    It’s obvious that the British establishment played their part in stopping him getting re-elected but it is becoming obvious with these level of smears, that they know it has back-fired on them spectacularly.

    I do feel a wee bit of Schadenfreude is in order 🙂

  76. Suzanne says:

    As ever, slicing open the lies and hypocrisy with the carbon steel. Excellent work, Stu.

  77. Les Wilson says:

    Just thinking, hope Alex invites the Rev on to his show and why should he not, Alex in his political life may have to had to be ultra politically correct, but now?

    That would just be sooo good.The Yoons would go even nuttier, if that were possible for them.

    Alex,if that were possible, extended one please!

  78. Arbroath1320 says:

    No doubt as many are thinking now, beating Alex in the G.E. earlier this year is probably the WORST thing Britnat brainfucks could have done. 😀

    THEY thought they had beaten Alex but instead all they have done is unleash the unicorn Alex! 😀

  79. Bob p says:

    I think its slipped the yoon media also, about the murder of irish lawyer pat finucane in 1989,and the collusion between loyalist murder gangs and m15. Swept under the carpet like every sordid little thing that westmidden get away with.

  80. meg merrilees says:

    Nicola hit the nail on the head when she said Alex is no longer an elected politician… i.e. they’ve unleashed a force to be reckoned with.

    Whilst he was elected he had to keep stumm on certain things – now it’s open season. No wonder they’re sweating.

    As he says himself, please listen to the show before you decide whether it’s propaganda or not.

    Wonder if they’ll be quite so quick to print a review of his opening night and credit him for an entertaining and informative evening – of the sort sorely lacking on TV in 2017.

    Or will there be gremlins in the transmission meaning RT is not broadcasting clearly next week ?

  81. Meg merrilees says:


    Was listening to Any Questions on R4 this afternoon – miles better than QT.

    They were discussing tax havens and how they are morally wrong – they may be legally ok but really rich people should be paying their taxes.

    Apparently none other that Vince Cable – Leader of the Liberals in the GB political scene has said that we should get rid of tax-havens and if our over-seas territories don’t agree then, as a last measure, we should re-Colonise them!!!

    How far back did his clock go two weeks ago? What century is this?

    Really can’t believe he has rationally suggested such a thing.

  82. Cadogan Enright says:

    Really looking forward to turning into Alex’s program Thursdays. It will be closely followed by most people in politics in Ireland

    Will drive BritNats bonkers

    Just back in Scotland today, paper copy of National bought first thing.

    Moved others to top shelf from where they had been hiding

    On-Líne subscription is good, but nice to have real thing

  83. JOHN MCCALL says:

    At least Russia has no direct line of influence on our Westminster Government:

  84. Ken MacColl says:

    Alex’s placement at RT is great news as it will give our political message far wider publicity, without unionist spin, than can ever be achieved through the BBC and the printed media here.
    Even more encouraging is the almost blanket disapproval from those same people who are clearly alarmed at the prospect of comment over which they have no control reaching the general public. How depressingly predictable they are. All the usual suspects are there and Rev Stuart has provided the evidence of their hypocrisy for all to see and to retain. Wings, as usual, leads the way!
    I have never before watched RT but I will certainly now give it a go. It can only be an improvement to the turgid,
    unamusing routine served up by Cockburn and Neill on the UK propaganda channel.
    The FM’s response was measured, diplomatic and tactical and, in fact, will have disappointed her many unionist critics.

  85. Tommy Barlow says:

    RT has never in their history reported a negative report about Russia, Russian society, Russian environment issues, or Russian politics. Nothing. Niet.
    It is nothing like BBC, I’m sure it will be a good show, but it is a mistake to go with RT. He should go with Al Jazeera instead, or just do his own YouTube channel, as an RT show like that will just fizzle out over time.

  86. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

    Splendid Mr Salmond, splendid!

  87. Giving Goose says:

    Ra Ra Ra-Putin lover of the Yoon machine…

    If someone has already done the Boney M joke, I apologise now.

  88. Cadogan Enright says:

    Free copies of the English Times newspaper on Dundee train

    Frothing about Salmond and the EU’s Attitude to Ireland

    The latter is the big story in Ireland where the EU has basically told UK government NÍ will have to remain in single market

    Davis et al upset, as this will have implications for Scotland

    Jersey is a precedent though – separate EU treaty

  89. George Drever says:

    Fantastic work, possibly the hardest-hitting WoS article yet. The level and extent of hypocrisy exposed defies belief. Anyone who reads this article and isn’t reaching for their claymore must be…well, deid frankly.

  90. PacMan says:

    meg merrilees says @ 11 November, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    Nicola hit the nail on the head when she said Alex is no longer an elected politician… i.e. they’ve unleashed a force to be reckoned with.

    Whilst he was elected he had to keep stumm on certain things – now it’s open season. No wonder they’re sweating.

    As he says himself, please listen to the show before you decide whether it’s propaganda or not.

    Wonder if they’ll be quite so quick to print a review of his opening night and credit him for an entertaining and informative evening – of the sort sorely lacking on TV in 2017.

    Or will there be gremlins in the transmission meaning RT is not broadcasting clearly next week ?

    Sinn Féin participates in the Westminster system by standing in elections but refusing to take the elected offices they win. The SNP has taken a different direction by working inside the system in order to change it.

    When you choose to work inside the system you have to play by the rules of that system no matter how much the rules are stacked against you. In this case, Nicola Sturgeon has to distance herself and the SNP from Alex Salmond’s decision to have a show on RT.

    I know this is frustrating especially as this is involves the need to be ‘politically correct’ but it is the price that has to be paid for following such a strategy if you are serious about winning. It is also the responsibility of going from a protest movement to one that is capable of real change.

    AS is free from such constraints. As long as he doesn’t show any SNP/Scottish indy bias, he can go in all guns blazing against the Westminster system and show it up for what it is. In doing so, he will be helping the indy movement from a different angle.

    I do get a feeling when AS delivers the goods with this show and his possible lead role in the Scotsman newspaper, the British establishment will have a thorn in their paw that they will find it very hard to get rid of!!!

  91. Terry says:

    Ya dancer, alex.

    Wouldn’t it be great if he has a weekly review of internet news sites?!?! Lol. Wings will fly even higher.

  92. Clootie says:

    RT and Aljazeera are often more balanced than the BBC.
    However the BBC has been pushing UK propaganda into nations around the World for around 80 years unlike RT and Aljazeera

  93. Valerie says:

    Great stuff. Pretty grim out there on Twitter. One plank of the argument goes, but Russia kills journalists. My response to that, ok then, but the British state is engaged in killing its own citizens, and as the 2nd largest arms dealer in the world, is semi responsible for numerous foreign deaths.

    Those dead are no less important than the murdered Russian journalists.

    The UN has asked Britain to stop the sale of arms to Saudi, to try and bring the deaths in Yemen under some kind of control. Yemen is barely reported anywhere. Tories have ignored of course.

    In the same way we barely hear any reporting from Catalonia right now, despite political prisoners everyday, massive strikes and protests.

    Derek Bateman has written a good analysis of the outrage too, despite he says he won’t watch the show. Fair play.

    I watch Max Keiser, Larry King, Going Underground and Watching the Hawks on RT. All very informative and illuminating.

  94. HUGH KIRK says:

    Brilliant move from yer man, Wee Eck’s a diamond and all this free news coverage …….You can’t buy this kind of promotion and free publicity…….Should be a hellava show.

  95. wull2 says:

    To me there is no thing as bad publicity.
    Publicity is publicity, good or bad.
    Well done.

  96. geeo says:

    Perhaps Alex could start his opening show with a wee montage (such as above) of those politicians/parties/media types, who have appeared on RT previously, who are now going mental about Alex doing so ?

    “Now we have uk unionist hysteria out the way…let us begin….”

  97. Mmmm…I wonder if RT Channel will suddenly disappear off of our screens or will it be along the lines of…”Due to a technical fault we cannot broadcast the advertised programme at this time ” I wouldn’t put it past them .

  98. Les Wilson says:

    They are all moaning about Putin/Russia, but they forget that they most probably learned how to actually use state propaganda across the media, by watching how the BBC et al, do it,and have done it for a very, very, long time. They have just been good pupils, now playing them at their own game. They really do not like it.

  99. galamcennalath says:

    Capella says:

    anyone can watch RT if they have access to the internet

    … of course, and 100s of other news channels worldwide.

    I watch all sorts of news and politics, but I’m an addict. How many other folks do that though? Only ones who are really keen. And I suspect most of them are like me, mind completely made up on most issues.

    The exposure via RT is on a completely different level from the main TV channels.

    As I say, every little helps but I’m not overly excited. As The Rev said yesterday on Twitter …

    ” @WingsScotland · 10 Nov
    Here’s what I don’t like about Salmond doing an RT show: he’d actually get a bigger audience if he just did a YouTube channel. #oldfashioned “

  100. Brian Powell says:

    Oh dear, the whole of Brit MSM talking utter shite, as we know they always do. The massed ranks of the poopants Brit establishment going into diarrheic mode. Brilliant.

  101. schrodingers cat says:

    i look forward to welcoming our new russian overlords, tovarich

  102. Billy says:

    Well, that’ll put their gas at a peep

  103. One_Scot says:

    The fact that the Yoons are so much in an uproar over this tells you that it is more right than ever.

    As for them throwing the Nicola is not happy card, clearly they’ve never heard of #FakeNews. Lol.

  104. Capella says:

    @ galamcennalath – i just mentioned it because it looked, from the main article and some comments, as if you needed a TV licence and access to a good transmitter to see it.

    Strangely, the UK and US authorities are desperately trying to shut down RT. Ofcom has already threatened to revoke the licence. Remember when the bank refused to let them access their funds in the UK.
    Meanwhile, Saudi and its allies are trying t close down Al Jazeera. The Spanish state is taking over Catalonia’s media.

    Shows how crucial control of the media is to an undemocratic state. Makes it a public duty to check out alternative media.

  105. jfngw says:

    All these BBC journalists like to believe they are not government employees. The government finances the BBC, the licence fee is paid to the government, it’s a tax that allows you to watch live TV broadcasts (a misnomer as hardly any TV content, outside news, is live on any of the TV channels).

    Also the government doesn’t need regulate the output of the BBC directly, you do it by controlling who is appointed to present programmes/edit/write on the channels and does their viewpoint meet the requirements.

  106. Mike d says:

    Just watched rt news at 5.15. Showing crowds of over 100.000 in Barcelona demanding the release of arrested politicians. IS that a deafening silence i hear from the impartial bbc and itv media. YOU know you are lying state sponsored scum.

  107. Capella says:

    Until very recently the BBC was governed by the Chair of BAe weapons systems and a director of HSBC, under investigation for dodgy dealing. Can RT top that?.

  108. heedtracker says:

    So much horror from a UK state that considers our Scotland a leaching, but handy nuke dump region.

    Brown and Blair have been getting the beeb r4 gimp network whitewashing routine this week for some reason too. They’ve wrought havoc across the planet yet there they are chatting away like not insane chappies, to a ferocious professional tory liars like Nic Robinson, on his knees fluffing, for teamGB.

    Its certainly going to be a culture shock for oor Eck to not be talked over, interrupted, shut down, in front of tv cameras, by an angry beeb gimp.

  109. jfngw says:

    That’s two BBC journalist having a go from twitter accounts at the SNP this week, is it now editorial policy?. Strange that they work for a corp that was happy to employ a paedophile for over 30 years and invite children along weekly to his show.

  110. heedtracker says:

    Lawyers are murdered too. This is state horror killing at its most visceral.

  111. Black Joan says:

    One of your very finest, Rev. That deserves to go on the curriculum for every journalism course. Thank you.

    Trust Eck to outmanoeuvre the lot of them.

  112. Moonlight says:

    I smiled at the QT suggestion that Westminster should impose direct rule on former colonies, crown protectorates.
    The phrase, “You and whose army?”springs to mind.
    There is certainly not army and navy capacity available for such an excercise, or have they decided to keep the assault ships now this role has sprung up.

  113. Welsh Sion says:

    All this faux outrage by the MSM over the appointment of Alex Salmond fronting a programme about politics and other current affairs. You’d think they fear he might have something to say that is damaging to their interests …

    Where was the outrage when Edwina Currie moved seamlessky to hosting a BBC Radio 2 night show – “Late Night Currie”? Or Matthew Parris when he took over the reins at BBC Radio 4’s “Great Lives” programme (something he maintains to do this day)? Where are the complaints about the regular appearances of Dianne Abbott and Michael Portillo on “The Politics Show” (again a BBC vehicle)? Or when Ed Milliband and Iain Duncan Smith stood in for Jeremy Vine on his BBC Radio 2 show earlier this year?

    Outrage, dear reader, came there none.

    But heaven forefend that an ex-politician from the SNP should anchor a programme. The yoons explode in anger and indignation. (Major (Retd.) Bufton-Tufton VC and Bar, AKA Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells gives the idea two barrels, his handlebar moustache all a-quiver, his cheeks reddening.)

    What hypocrisy – nothing new there, then.

    And if they are *really* so offended by Alex on the airwaves … have they not heard of the “OFF” button?

  114. cuilean says:

    Thanks to the yoonies, all of Scotland will be watching RT this Thursday nicht at 9 pm. Brill

  115. Bill McLean says:

    Vince Cable’s comments about re-colonizing illustrates clearly their feelings of exceptionalism and superiority, also in my view indicates some hints of desperation. “What ye sow…….”

  116. Cadogan Enright says:

    Journalists? Try this – killed for exposing links between special branch and loyalist drug gangs–711566/

    Or this for representing human rights cases

  117. Calum McKay says:

    Spot on!

    Spy catcher too.

  118. Ottomanboi says:

    The new régime in Sa3udi Arabia has allowed women to drive…hoooray!
    The new régime in Sa3udi Arabia wants a proxy war with Iran in Lebanon….Ooops!
    Faites vos jeux messieurs dames!

  119. Flower of Scotland says:

    I sometimes watch RT. Going Undergound and Peter Lavelle,s show are good. I switch off when George Galloway appears on Sputnik.

    Yoons be frothing even more than usual about Alex Salmond.

    It’s actually very entertaining watching them froth!

    I expect Alex,s show will be very entertaining too. I’ll certainly be watching.

  120. Meg merrilees says:

    A.S. very shrewdly tested the water at the Edinburgh Festival – he streamlined the show and proved that there is a lot out there to discuss without actually needing to wash any dirty linen in public or betray the ‘Queen’s secrets’ as a sworn Privy Councillor!

    Ashe says, if you get the guest relaxed enough, they will often come out with a lot more information than you had bargained for.

    He and Tasmina are a good, experienced team and I think there will be some really good programming coming out of Slainte productions. If no other media outlet in the UK wanted it then why not go ‘abroad’. It will certainly give Andrew Neill, Sarah Smith and others a run for their money.

    I was going to make a list of suitable topics but quickly realised that there is so much manipulation of the current news that any topic he decides to tackle will probably be presented in a completely new light anyway- there might actually be some truth in there.

    It’ll fair brighten up these winter Thursday nights!

    Wonder who the first guests will be…

  121. heedtracker says:

    Wonder who the first guests will be…

    I’d watch Crash Gordon on the show. Bet that lying Scotch git coward wouldn’t dare though.

  122. G. Campbell says:

    Tom Gordon @tomgordn
    My new Herald article: Alex Salmond is fat

    Pal Hutceon @palhutceon
    FACT: David Torrance is a Russian agent.

    David Torance @grievancebiscuit
    I have never appeared on RT. The man who appeared on the Kremlin-backed TV station was Bad Torrance, my doppleganger. I am the real David, AKA Good Torrance, and I was still trying to find my way out of the Black Lodge when this episode aired. Look carefully at my doppleganger’s trousers in the video: you can clearly see evil Bob trying to get out.

    Tom Gordon @tomgordn
    My new Herald article: Alex Salmond has sausages for fingers

    Pal Hutceon @palhutceon
    I don’t buy the doppleganger thing, and the trouser bulge is barely visible. FACT: David Torrance is a Russian agent.

    David Torance @grievancebiscuit
    I was definitely in the Black Lodge when I supposedly appeared on RT. Look at the hair. Does that look like a real person’s hair? No, it’s a version of me, made for a purpose – to make me look like a hypocrite.

    Tom Gordon @tomgordn
    My new Herald article: Alex Salmond wears makeup like a girl

    Pal Hutceon @palhutceon
    Okay, I suppose it’s possible that the bulge was Bob, and the hair is laughable, as you say.
    FACT: Until further evidence emerges, David Torrance is NOT a Russian agent.

    David Torance @grievancebiscuit
    Thanks mate.

  123. sassenach says:

    Just catching up with this thread, and I agree this must be one of the most searing articles ever imposed on our pathetic Yoons.

    Forensic is the only word I can use to express my admiration for the Rev, and hope (naw, expect) an invitation to be a guest on the ‘Unleashed’ show will be forthcoming.

    The ‘bonnet and you’ are doing great, Alex.

  124. mike cassidy says:

    Nice one, Rev.

    And belated happy 6th Birthday.

    And another – rather creepy – one for your collection.

  125. Ottomanboi says:

    There are reckoned to be around a half million citizens of Russia who can claim direct Scottish ancestry in the manner of Lermontov and Barclay de Tolli. Putin on a visit to Edinburgh was aware of the historic conexión. As Britons we are required to remain in total ignorance of our international links. All together now RULE BRITANNIA!

  126. John Thomson says:

    Can’t wait to see RT viewing figures for Thursday

  127. Capella says:

    Oops – Laura Keunssberg tweet censored because she was revealing that a senior Tory said Israel bought access to Westminster. Surely the State Broadcaster doesn’t censor journalists?

    A prominent BBC journalist has deleted a tweet in which a senior Conservative MP can be seen complaining about the British media turning a blind eye to the corrupt relationship that has allowed Israel to “buy access” in Westminster.

    The tweet was posted by the BBC’s Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg on Wednesday while the Scottish journalist was covering the build up to the resignation of Priti Patel

  128. ALANM says:

    “Salmond under pressure to RESIGN over RT chat show”

    He ought to resign from whatever role it is they want him to resign if only to spike their guns and shut them up.

  129. Breeks says:

    Hats off to Alex Salmond. More than one way to skin a cat.

    In my ideal world, Scotland would right now have been entertaining EU journalists and Constitutional summits held with EU Leaders, and buying airtime for the Independence narrative via European channels. With some lateral thinking, that might have gelled into something more permanent like a quasi-Scottish-EU news and current affairs channel on a European network beyond the reach of Westminster and the BBC.

    But Alex Salmond on RT is an interesting development that will be worth keeping an eye on. Curious to wonder too, whether the Unionists fretting about Putin would have been any less apoplectic if it had been an EU Channel rather than a Russian one.

  130. Rock says:

    This article is an absolute masterpiece, in my opinion.

    Journalism at its very best.

    Copies of it should be widely circulated throughout Scotland as well as rUK.

  131. Croompenstein says:

    Je Suis Alex Salmond..

  132. Did England`s hero and astronaut Tim Peak get any stick from the media and press when hitching a lift on Mother Russia`s Soyuz spacecraft,

    how much grief do the English banks get for laundering billions of Russian cash,

    don`t remember reading about all the London property agents declining Russian cash for houses,

    or the English private schools turning away the children of Russia,

    this (as everyone on here knows)is nothing to do with Russia and everything to do with Scotland`s quest to annul the 1707 Treaty of Union with England.

  133. Swiss Perspective says:

    Of course, the reaction was totally predictable, and Salmond must have known it. The question is his presumptive calculation: does the exposure on RT help or damage the Indy movement? I am happy to be proven wrong, but I suspect that on balance it is not helping it.

    Concerning Putin‘s election: democratically arguably yes, but certainly not according to the usual standards of free and fair, and not least through the means of media manipulation. And yes, that is an intriguing issue given the performance of Greater England‘s MSM. Nevertheless, Russia‘s a tad worse, and Salmond‘s association with RT is problematic. There is a difference between being interviewed by a channel and hosting a show on it.

  134. Ottomanboi says:

    Scottish nationalism is subversive or it is nothing. Bringing down the régime of the British state in our country is what we are about. We have nothing to fear but our lack of confidence in our own abilities.

  135. heedtracker says:

    ALANM says:
    11 November, 2017 at 7:17 pm
    “Salmond under pressure to RESIGN over RT chat show”

    Resign from what?

  136. Abulhaq says:

    Wasn’t it a presenter from RT that observed someone during the count putting yes votes on a no pile during the referendum and smelling a stinking British rat?

  137. ALANM says:

    @heedtracker 19:35

    “Salmond was under pressure to resign as a senior advisor to the Queen after his TV deal with a Kremlin propaganda channel was branded “close to treason” – Daily Express

  138. laukat says:

    The yoons have a massive advantage in media presence. They have also figured out that their campaign will have no political leader as all their ‘big beasts’ have gone. Instead they are trying to build up the profile of their celebrity supporters. So you can see Susan Calman on Strictly, Neil Oliver on the National Trust, Professor David Bell being a regular on Radio Scotland. They’ve even started to get Archie McPherson back on Sports programs. This isn’t happening by accident because there are plenty of available pro-Indy people or at the very least more neutral personalities.

    So I think Salmond appearing on RT is another sign of the battlefield for an Indyref being setup. If Salmond gets some people to stop getting all their news from the BBC then he will have swayed some towards independence and minimized the Yoon plan.

  139. David Smith says:

    Given all this stuff about journalists getting killed. These recent figures from 2016 seem to indicated that most occur in places where the USA has been creating chaos.

  140. Eddie Lee says:

    Great work. Keep it up.

  141. Ken500 says:

    BBC, Sky, Fox News, CNN, MSM tax evading Non Doms and prima donnas have been spewing out their propaganda for years. The outrage is because Alex Salmond is beating them at their own game. The Westminster Press Office trying to control the Press. Censorship. RT will gave another million viewers the same as Sky News.

    That’s the way to do boycott it or take it over.

    Cameron/Clegg put the robocops in to the Guardian for telling the truth about the Greenwald revelations. They smashed up the Mail room and threatened the Editor with prison. The Editor was moved upstairs and a new compliant Editor was appointed. The Guardian are the only paper of any freedom of editorial. The previous owners lose £Millions to set up a Trust to make it possible. They did not sell it off. All the staff are Oxbridge graduates. They ruin the world.

    The Press is mainly right wing after Thatcher illegally let Murdoch take over the Times etc. Thatcher denied any involvement but papers released under from under the 30 years Official Secrets Act limits showed she was having meeting to allow it to happen.

  142. Ken500 says:

    Without a free and balanced Press there is no democracy. Westminster is supposed to ensure it but does not.

  143. heedtracker says:

    Abulhaq says:
    11 November, 2017 at 7:39 pm
    Wasn’t it a presenter from RT that observed someone during the count putting yes votes on a no pile during the referendum and smelling a stinking British rat?

    Fact is, maybe, Kremlin are definitely maybe messing up and with the US democratic process. But even then it’s hard to know who to believe, uk news wise, let alone across the pond.

    Facebook is meant to be the expensive happy hunting ground for Russian trolling over the last US election, some of the Trump campaign team are now indicted for what looks like treason, with Russia, and its getting closer and closer to Trump’s sons.

    “And now, in a twist with Shakespearean undertones, the two influential Washington brothers have found themselves on opposite sides of the scandals over Russian interference in the 2016 election.

    John D. Podesta, perhaps more than anyone except Hillary Clinton, was a victim of the Russian cyberassault on allies of her presidential campaign, of which he was the chairman. Emails stolen from his personal Gmail account were dribbled out by WikiLeaks last fall, revealing the embarrassing rifts roiling the campaign and Washington’s Democratic establishment. He has pushed hard for an aggressive investigation of Russia’s role in the election.”

    If Sturgeon was a bit doubtful, you can see why, maybe. Putin is fcuking with US democracy a lot, maybe:D

  144. yesindyref2 says:

    That’s all very well but but but, it’s Alex Salmond!

  145. TheWasp says:

    O/T kind of

    I’ve been watching an excellent series of programmes on Yesterday channel today,called ” the great war in numbers”. This series is actually more than an explanation of the war, but a very good history of the 20th century. One of facts given as that after 1919 the 100000 people employed in Scottish shipyards was slashed to 10000, and that because of poverty and unemployment nearly 500000 Scots emigrated in the 1920’s. Highly recommended, as it also shows the ruling elite making their millions as millions die, with no punches pulled.

  146. yesindyref2 says:

    OT – defence – Type 31e light frigate
    Babcock and BMT with 2 designs (Arrowhead and Venator) are putting in a joint tneder based on both, probably I think Venator with features of Arrowhead, and could have a good chance of the tender for the 5 Type 31e frigates (plus a potential export market).

    A suggestion was that they could be built at Appledore in Devon where they built OPVs for the Irish Navy, but these are 90m long x 14m beam, whereas the 2 GPFF designs are either 120m or 117m longm and 19m or 18m beam, and couldn’t really be shorter to be 4,000 tonnes and fulfil the purpose. I think Appledore is just a bit too small, whereas Rosyth is massive, actually bigger than I realised:

    Dry-Dock Capability (fully serviced)
    Dry dock 1: 320.5 metres x 42.1 metres
    Dry dock 2: 268.4 metres x 33.5 metres
    Dry dock 3: 268.4 metres x 28.8 metres

    Entrance lock can also be used as a dry dock – 268.4 metres x 33.5 metres

    Build Hall – Five bays, each 73 metres x 15 metres x 30 metres.

    With POW nearing end of build, I think Babcock and Rosyth are ideally placed to meet the speedy build required.

  147. twathater says:

    WOW! WOW ! WOW ! Every time i want to say this is the best post you come up with another stunner


    Alex Salmond launching his New show on Thursday at 9pm on RT ,his first guest is Stuart Campbell the infamous Scottish independence blogger , owner of Wings Over Scotland the site that fights for Scottish independence by exposing the lies ,misinformation and downright bias of the mainstream media spearheaded by the BBC , to discuss the stramash ,insults and cries of TREASON emanating from the very individuals and organisations who are desperate to destroy a democratic mandate issued by the people of Scotland instructing their SNP SG to conduct a referendum on Scottish Independence

    Mr Salmond then refers to this very post highlighting it on screen and dissecting it piece by piece and exposing the GROSS and crass hypocrisy of these organisations and individuals

    Just think guys this is the first show , everyone and their grannys will be watching , some hoping that Alex will fall on his erse while others like us would be ecstatic at the combo of damage and destruction inflicted on the establishment by these 2 Scottish Warriors

    The worldwide media attention and advertising would be worth it for WOS , Alex and RT

    I plead with anyone who has contact with Alex or Tasmina to tout this idea to them as i think it would blow the internet and twattisfeer oot the park

  148. @Capella says:
    at 2:29 pm

    `anyone can watch RT if they have access to the internet. Go to the website and search. No need for a TV licence or a big transmitter nearby`

    sorry if i`m picking your meaning up wrongly,

    but you can`t watch anything (broadcast, as in scheduled) live anywhere on any type of tv,phone,computer if you don`t have a broadcast license/tax,

    you can watch it later on youtube/catchup without broadcast tax, except BBC iplayer which although not live still seems to require a license,(don`t know how Gov get/got away with that though).

  149. Dr Jim says:

    Alex Salmond is NOT appearing on an RT show
    Alex Salmond has his own media company that makes his own show and RT buy the product, and it should also be emphasised most strongly that at no time have RT asked for editorial control over format or content

    If anybody works for the BBC the BBC demand editorial control
    of content before airing any program

    So no matter what anybody thinks they think they know about Russian TV they should know that they’re probably slightly more honest than the BBC who in terms of credibility and reliability rates 42nd in the world only about 50 or so above North Korea, and just a pip higher than Fox news

    Not that that would be difficult

  150. Capella says:

    @ Scott Finlayson – correcticle. You can watch it on RT whenever you like except if it is being transmitted live. I never watch live TV so don’t care about schedules etc, But I do watch RT shows such as Max Keiser, Crosstalk and Chris Hedges. I expect it will be listed in the “shows” page after broadcast:

  151. stewartb says:

    Searching the internet for the amusing /interesting can be such a rewarding pastime, especially as a diversion from crap TV.

    Tonight I found an article which refers to both the BBC and RT published by none other than the Mail Online (not my usual ‘go to’ source) on 16 April 2012. It is entitled: “The BBC has a duty to represent the British nation…but is it doing so?”

    The (lengthy) quote below is notable (or rather, ironic!). It builds to a sort of punch line relevant to this thread near the end!

    “The issue for many people is the Beeb’s apparent ‘bias’ when it comes to reporting on this particular brand of austerity measures that our country has been subject to since David Cameron’s Coalition came to power in 2010. The charge against the BBC is that the Corporation favours the Government stance on the crisis over how austerity has detrimentally impacted many millions of people.

    So, is it a fair criticism or is the BBC just too easy to target for our angst and opprobrium? I watch BBC News, as I also watch other news channels, and I believe that the Beeb’s output – including their rolling 24 hours news channel – frequently lacks the big picture when it comes to austerity.

    The charge against the BBC is that the Corporation favours the Government stance on the crisis.

    What we do not get to see in any meaningful way is the gritty reality of how millions of people in our country are deeply, troublingly and tragically affected by benefit withdrawal and higher taxation.

    (And now the notable bit!)

    If you want to hear that type of reality you will have to move further along the satellite dial to the Russia Today news channel, as I frequently do. They don’t mess around when it comes to displaying the raw truths of our world, they’ll give it to you straight and make no apology for it.”

    This rare insight from the Mail adds:

    “We watch the horrific report (on the BBC) of the man in Greece who choose to shoot himself rather than rifle for food in bins, and we witness people starving and scavenging on the streets and setting themselves on fire and hanging themselves to escape their hell on earth. The BBC cover these events.

    Horror stories, for sure, but what about the thousands of similar deaths that are taking place in our own country and for similar reasons?  Where are the BBC cameras, then? Are our tragedies not dramatic enough?”

  152. yesindyref2 says:

    @Dr Jim
    The whole thing is bear-bait, and the Unionists are jumping into the pit with the greatest of glee, still ignoring the stakes that are impaling them. Whopppeeeee!

    But the biggest trap of all is that Salmond is not even employed by RT, his company has a contract, same as perhaps Tunnocks Teacakes could have to supply the studio.

    So I guess we could say the Unionists are against good entrepreneurial Scottish business …

  153. Famous15 says:

    Regarding Russia I am mindful of the anti French and anti German views expressed by some of our lovely neighbours in England. Having listened to their very confident and superior viws of these nations I never join in as I have never had a problem with Europeans. The insane frenzy over Alex Salmond grasping the opportunity to air his independent show on RT also betrays anti Russian sentiments.

    Scotland over the centuries has had close relations with Europeans including Russians and we are being sucked into this British Nationalist xenophobia. Things are not perfect in some countries but you get change by engaging and with a little friendship views can change.

    BTW I was disgusred to learn that Virgin Media no longer show RT so i will have to rethink giving them my custom.

    “Nation shall speak peace Etc etc BBC you are sad!

  154. louis.b.argyll says:

    Outstanding journalism Rev.

    If even half our media was balanced, we’d be in with a shout.

  155. cynicalhighlander says:

    This is getting funnier by the minute as the Yoons fall over themselves in their outrage of someone able to cicumvent their editorial control. Wunderbar in Russian.

  156. yesindyref2 says:

    Over the centuries just about every country in Europe has been allies with and enemies of each other, kind of like a European war league “Who will we fight this decade?”.

  157. Scott says:

    Thanks for letting us know about the show, I’m sure it will be well worth watching.

  158. Cactus says:

    Greetings fae ra Ferry.

    We all good.


    Wings X.

  159. Meg merrilees says:

    cynical highlander:

    Wunderbar in Russian is ‘ OT LEECH NO’.

  160. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Well presented Stu.

    This is good Eck will go after the British Nationalists like a dug with a burst ball.

    The British Nationalists complaints are breath taking

    I dislike incivility, however, what’s that smell?

    There is a group of folk who are shittin themselves

  161. Scott says:

    If anyone interested these are 3 stories that appear on RT have not seen any on BBC
    TV channel 135 gets you to RT.

  162. Scott says:

    Meant to say Good luck Alec and Stu you better watch your back just remember what happened to Willie MacRae they will come after you.

  163. cynicalHighlander says:

    ‘OT LEECH NO’ Meg merrilees Slainte.

  164. cynicalHighlander says:

    Try again

    ‘OT LEECH NO’ Meg merrilees Slainte.

  165. galamcennalath says:

    It may be in Russia’s interests to cause instability in Europe. No surprise, really. That’s the ‘game’ nations have been playing against each other since … well perhaps since there became nations. The UK and US have had a long history of so doing!

    We need to keep our eyes on the wider world. Anything major, internationally, could utterly alter our own domestic politics.

    A wee heads up, perhaps. This could be significant.

    In a totally unprecedented move, Israel has ordered it’s embassies to lobby on behalf of Saudi Arabia. The target of both countries seems to be Hezbollah in Lebanon. This in turn part of the proxy war between Saudi and Iran being played out already in Yemen.

    Of course the UK is likely to be right up the arse of both Israel and Saudi.

    We live in very dangerous times.

  166. @Capella

    as I said earlier, I used to watch RT (still follow Sputnik on twitter) until Galloway turned up(he could have been a great Scotsman, remembered down the generations, but sold out for nowt but cash)

    anyhoo, Max Keiser is good to watch if you want an understanding of how money and debt really work,

    hopefully this will be more than a chance to blow some yoon brain circuits,

    Alex and Tasmina need to see the big picture,

    it`s not about pissing off the `crazy yoons` it`s about the 6% soft No`s that need convinced and cajoled to change to Yes.

  167. Petra says:

    Brilliant Stu. Alex Salmond no doubt sends his thanks to you too X

  168. Petra says:

    @ twathater says at 8:47 pm …. ”WOW! WOW ! WOW ! Every time i want to say this is the best post you come up with another stunner. PICTURE THIS FOLKS. Alex Salmond launching his New show on Thursday at 9pm on RT, his first guest is Stuart Campbell.”

    What about WOW! WOW! WOW! Alex’s first guest is Putin! That would put the cat amongst the pigeons. Be one on the beak for the BBC et al.

    Stu will have his own show when we get our independence, I’m sure.

  169. yesindyref2 says:

    @Scot Finlayson
    I think it’s worth our pointing out, that RT probably pays a fee to Retuers or Associated press for world news, the Meterological Office for weather forecasts, the performing rights for any music they play, assorted photographers for pictures they publish, various networks and companies for shows they screen – no idea who these are, doubt if all of them work for RT (Larry King?!?):

    Pay one of the utility companies for the electricity they use, in Edinburgh and London I think, presumably a fee to use radio and TV masts in the UK and satellites, Bookers or 3663 or whoever for food delivery, the council for rates, some local company for cleaning, decoration and maintenance, yet none of these “work for Putin”.

  170. Chick McGregor says:

    The words of ex-pat Eric Bogle.

    They told all the fine young men of when this war is over
    There will be peace and the peace will last forever
    In Flanders Field, at Lone Pine and Bersheeba
    For king and country, for honour and duty
    The young men fought and cursed and wept and died

    They told all the fine young men of when this war is over
    In your country’s grateful heart we will cherish you forever
    At Tobruk and Alamein, at Bhuna and Kokoda
    Like their fathers before, in a world mad with war
    The young men fought and cursed and wept and died

    For many of those fine young men all the wars are over
    They have found peace, it’s the peace that lasts forever
    When the call comes again they will not answer
    They’re just forgotten bones lying far from their homes
    As forgotten as the cause for which they died

    Ah young men, can you see now why they lied

  171. heedtracker says:

    Ah young men, can you see now why they lied

    There’s been a big flip in Remembrance day propaganda in the last couple of decades though. When I was a kid, much of it laid the blame on our past generation of imperial masters, who looked at the working class like slaves or animals really. Now its very much focused on the life and times of Edwardian life, working class, middle etc, with beeb gimp network going overboard, radio dramas endlessly recreating what it must have been like back in the good olde days. But never ever blaming anyone at all, it just happened.

    Sneaky creepy tory reprobates rewrite history, and its all to keep them in power. If the beeb gets any Britnat creepier…

    Or, when was the last time you ever heard “Lions led by donkeys,” on the grand old beeb gimp network?

  172. yesindyref2 says:

    Never watched RT but had a look at their website, and here for instance:

    I can see why they’d be glad to snap up Salmond’s show, and how it could fit in, if successful, to their repetoire, which gives a platform for what could be described as “anti-establishment”. You could esaily get the likes of Corbyn, Brown, Osborne and a host of others competing to get onto Salmond TV. They got an emmy or something for some current affairs program in the US.

    It could be a real hoot!

  173. Gary45% says:

    RT at least highlight the plight of the Palestinians in documentaries, unlike The Zionist UK Empire channel.(RT documentaries are gems)
    Found RT when we still paid the Empire TV tax,still get some on Ya tube. RT is a million times better and more reliable than the SHITE the BBC/STV produce.
    Oh Aye The Americans were never on the moon, propaganda at its finest, the truth will come out.

  174. yesindyref2 says:

    Aye, so having thought it all over, this is a great move from Salmond and might be just what we’ve all been looking for, a part of it anyway.

  175. boris says:

    Hayley, the Scottish girl who went to London to work for the BBC. Returned to take charge of the editorial content of Question Time. Now promoted further she is to take control of the production and control of the proposed Scottish targeted television news and current affairs production due to start broadcasting early next year. If her performance is anything like it was when she had charge of Question Time Scotland will have been done yet again by the BBC

  176. Gary45% says:

    They did a documentary called Music Wood a while back. If you are interested in music the film was about the Sitka spruce used in many acoustic guitars, have a look at it. As I said before RT do some cracking stuff.

  177. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Cactus –

    Cheers big man!

    Big shout to all the Wingers in Dundee right now, and kudos to ThePnr AKA Alex Clark for making it all happen.

    With every one of these social events the network grows stronger…


  178. Capella says:

    @ Mark Hirst 2.09 – thx for the info re Sputnik radio. Will listen next week. I expect you are enjoying the avalanche of free publicity that Alex Salmond’s show has “unleashed”.

    @ Scott Finlayson – I’m sure Alex and Tasmina do see the big picture and the need to engage the soft NOs. For that they need a media platform. Now they have it and I’m looking forward to hearing what Alex has to say.

    Remember his quote “You’ve not seen the last of my bonnet and me!”

  179. Croompenstein says:

    When I was at school the poppies came out for the first week of November and they were made by ex servicemen, and actually meant something, although they did have pins and getting stabbed in the legs and arse with poppies was part of remembrance…

    Nowadays it’s a race to see who wears the poppy first, we’ll soon see some yoon cunts wearing a poppy in Marbella on summer holidays, or it’s who can wear the biggest and best poppy..

    I wonder if the yoons think the young boys who had their bodies ripped to fuck with hot metal would applaud their annual poppy fascism…

  180. Capella says:

    Looking forward to the Media Show with John Beattie next Thursday on R Scotland lunchtime. Sure to cover this new star in the media firmament.

  181. louis.b.argyll says:

    Paragraph of the day, in my opinion..

    Scottish nationalism is subversive or it is nothing. Bringing down the régime of the British state in our country is what we are about. We have nothing to fear but our lack of confidence in our own abilities.
    ..Ottomanboi 7:31pm

  182. Frank Reid says:

    Great article, but we need to get this all into a printed form as there are a number of folk who only believe what is in the printed form. Had a republican bar owner who bought the Sun, Record, and Dialy mail for his punters due to the Sports sections. Get all the good agrguments into a freeshaeet like the Metro and dumped into bars, buses and trains.

  183. Martin Smith says:

    If all the hot air being spouted here could be harnessed Nicola will have her wind farms a lot cheaper.

  184. heedtracker says:

    Croompenstein says:
    11 November, 2017 at 11:40 pm
    When I was at school the poppies came out for the first week of November and they were made by ex servicemen, and actually meant something, although they did have pins and getting stabbed in the legs and arse with poppies was part of remembrance…

    People have got them on the bumpers and grills of their cars now, huge foot wide poppies. BBC red nose day thing did that. Its hard not to hate humanity sometimes or some of them.

  185. Fireproofjim says:

    Chick MacGregoer
    And Rudyard Kipling – “If any ask you why we died, Tell them, because our fathers lied”
    On losing his son Jack in WWI

  186. meg merrilees says:

    Cynical Highlander

    Technically “Otleechno” means “Excellent” but it is used in the same way as Wunderbar/Brilliant/ Magnifique etc.

    Don’t forget to add “Spa-sea-bah” … thank you and “Paw-shall-sta” … you’re welcome!

    Apologies for the phonetic spelling but it’ll sound ok.

    Here’s to multi – lingual Wingers! ( oo- er, sounds a bit rude!)

  187. Croompenstein says:

    @heed –

    Ma poppy’s bigger than your poppy ya disrespectful bastard.. 🙂

  188. David Smith says:

    I do laugh at all this shite about the Russians having interfered in the US elections. Even if they did, it was in my opinion an act of national self-defence, given team Clinton’s desperation to start a fucking war with Russia.
    Projection, folks, projection.
    As with the Yoons, as with the ZioCons.

  189. meg merrilees says:

    Louis b. argyll

    Big part of the problem is that we get the British regime from breakfast to bedtime, there are precious few putting across the alternative view. We need a much more visible Scottish presence. The ‘Keep the Scotland Brand’ is a good starting point and it strikes a chord with Yes and No voters.

    We have to build up our Scottish identity – that’s the anti-dote to the British regime. The establishment has been diluting our Scottishness for years, but especially since 2014.

    Alex’s new show on RT could be a real shot in the arm as it may force the competition to widen their reporting and have to refute or be damned by some of the stuff Alex may expose/highlight. And who knows, we may hear a lot more truth.

    Brexit and it’s lack of progress is a gift to Mr. Salmond but I will be fascinated to watch as the winter months pass by.

    2018 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for Scotland and I’m raring to go – however, 2017’s not finished yet and Theresa May not be in charge at Hogmanay!!!

    Who would have thought so much could happen in such a short timespan?

  190. gus1940 says:

    I hope that Eck has Prof. Robertson as one of his guests and also G.Ponsonby.

    Wouldn’t it be great if it was possible to devote a whole program to a screening of ‘London Calling’.

  191. heedtracker says:

    Croompenstein says:
    12 November, 2017 at 12:11 am
    @heed –

    Ma poppy’s bigger than your poppy ya disrespectful bastard..

    They should have shot the generals and come home, and then shot the rest of the generals, like the Russians.

  192. Petra says:

    Alex’s show reaching 90 million people around the globe.

    BBC, STV and the wee insignificant biased nonenities that call themselves reporters in Scotland are on the run now.

  193. Robert Peffers says:

    Well then! Rev Stu. While there may be no firm evidence, as yet, that a majority of Scottish voters have become firmly for Scottish Independence.

    There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that there is an almost unanimous fear and hatred of The Rev Stu Campbell among those with the sheer temerity to claim to be real journalists throughout their claimed United Kingdom. A Kingdom they mainly project as being a country but which does seems rather disunited at the moment.

    That United Kingdom which is variously described by said self proclaimed journalists as, “The Country”, “The Whole Country”, “Britain”, “Great Britain”, and even, on occasions, “England”.

    Now why would such a fine body of professionals hate a person like you?

    Now there’s a question that really does require some proper investigative journalism.

    Joking aside, Stu, I haven’t laughed so much in a very long time and I have a very well developed sense of humour.

  194. PacMan says:

    Like to post a few things.

    Firstly, a gentle reminder. While it is part of the job, Alex Salmond has experienced a lot of personal abuse and, during the referendum instances of physical threats that most of us will never experience in our lifetimes. Now that he is away from politics, he deserves every chance to pursue opportunities away from that sphere much in the same way that any of us would expect if we had to change careers.

    Secondly, IIRC the Russian’s seem to have a thing for Rabbie Burns. I think it is to with the Communist era where they viewed him as a proto-Communist, whatever that means. Regardless, it is a link that we should be proud to embrace.

    Lastly towards Remembrance day. I have never served in the military and I am past the age to do so. However, I have read a lot about it in the years and it has made me realise a bit of the ultimate sacrifice that those who serve in our military has to make to ensure we enjoy the freedoms we take for granted.

    I simply don’t buy this line about individuals singing up and knowing the dangers involved. The military plays an important part in our society and it is our duty to honour the sacrifice they may have to take.

    That doesn’t mean wearing a poppy once a year. That means ensuring that any planning of military campaigns ensures that it involves minimal casualties, fully compliant with international law, our military is legally protected throughout the campaign and most importantly of all that we have the resources in place after the military campaign to ensure that those who are involved in it are properly cared fully for in the way that they deserve.

    Maybe I am naive but I would expect an independent Scotland to not hold a ceremony once a year but only commit to a military campaign when it meets the above criteria as well as supporting our troops before, during and after. Is that really a hard thing to commit to?

  195. Carnyx says:

    Several commentors have said they think Russia is attempting to destabilise Europe. It is not in fact in Russia’s interests to destablise it’s most stable and wealthy neighbours, a country still recovering from the collapse of the USSR needs a stable freindly trading relationship. Russia has enough instability on it’s southern borders already, Russia fears instability because they are near everywhere and trouble always eventually reaches into Russia. It’s actually the US, safe and far away behind it’s oceans, that’s surrounding Europe with bombed out regime changed failed states from Libya and Syria to Ukraine. It’s in the the US interests to make sure Europe and Russia aren’t friendly, both so they can sell arms and to prevent the US losing global dominance and reserve currency status.

  196. Kevin says:

    Fantastic, Stu; wonderful, damning piece of journalism.

    We’re making progress, bit-by-bit, Slow at times, but we’re heading in the right direction. Yes, Alex will be seen by many millions – but we need only a tiny percentage of those millions to make the difference. We’re getting there.

    Thanks, Stu

  197. Petra says:

    @ Jason Smoothpiece says at 9:51 pm …. ”Well presented Stu. This is good Eck will go after the British Nationalists like a dug with a burst ball.”’

    I don’t think he will Jason. I reckon he’ll solidify his reputation firstly as being a man, an ex-politician, who is extremely knowledgable, fair-minded and just. And along the way will get his ‘bit’ in.

    Don’t build up your hopes that he’ll be hell bent on exposing the Westminster warts and all in an instant.

    He was well respected, held in high regard, at Westminster amongst ALL politicians from ALL political parties. Scottish journalists of course tried to demean him as being some sort of nonenity: A projection of themselves no doubt.

    Alex knows what he’s doing. Give him support by watching the progamme and let’s see what happens.

  198. PJM says:

    Leask the Herald angel sings…
    Russia the most brutal unionists in the world…conveniently leaving out China’s occupation of Tibet but then it’s probably too difficult to boycott products from China.
    On another topic…I ran a little experiment on the BBC website to see if the Republican racist-driven voter suppression tool Crosscheck was mentioned…surprise, surprise… no hits.
    A search for Greg Palast, who writes about Crosscheck a lot,
    found hit after hit until early-ish 2010 and then one or two afterwards but never connected to his reporting on US politics. Al-Jazeera America allowed Palast airtime on Crosscheck,RT mentions Crosscheck but from the Republican angle however there are many references to voter suppression and election-fixing and the name Palast itself brings up 64 hits.
    Back to the BBC…’republican voter suppression’ brings up 3 hits…with only two recent stories on Trump’s accusations on voting fraud with only one quoting Bernie Sanders on vote suppression and with no context provided whatsoever.
    My views on the current BBC output is not complex or nuanced but that’s OK because the output itself isn’t either.
    It’s shite and it’s shite because it wants an undereducated public who will consume its pathetic soap operas, its rubbish dramatic efforts, and its distracting natural history porn (slow it down for the money shot!)
    James Cook, Gary Robertson, and the rest must know it’s kinda shit but if they don’t know then that itself would explain almost everything.
    Apologies for tldr post but I’m feeling fucking annoyed by the elite hypocrisy.
    By the way, David Leask is fluent in Russian as he spent a number of years there working for various companies. He was tweeting today about his Russia expertise and being an old Russia hand without providing context. He used to do translation work for Progress Publishers and Kontakt. In those days having this deep level of interest in Russia either meant you were pretty much a Stalinist or you’d been approached by the security services at some point during your degree.
    Still that’s all in the past…not like today when Scottish independence is Satanism-lite and a threat to civilisation itself. Fuck the Paradise Papers, Alex Salmond must be stopped. Fireside chats are insidious techniques designed to lull people into manning barricades. At least the BBC provide some entertainment where there are politics-free zones like Bake Off for a bit of r and r. No license-fee boycotts for this satisfied viewer!

  199. Chick McGregor says:

    “Theresa May not be in charge at Hogmanay!”

    Och! She could do a great reprise of Rikki Fulton’s Rev. I. M. Jolly.

  200. Cactus says:

    Hey oor Ian B.

    We good.

    Aweright lurkers of ra new postings…

    Love Scotland.

    Big question.

    Quick check…
    Do you love Scotland?

    I do.

  201. Cactus says:


    Welcome newbie.

    Are you a boy or a girl?

  202. Big Phil says:

    I served PacMan,
    I grew up in a deprived area in Glesga; but since I was a wee boy I was fascinated with being a soldier, I joined in 85 and fullfilled my dream, I couldnt believe that anybody got three meals a day,yet here i was three meals (and a pudding), a soldiers uniform, and they even paid me to be a soldier. WOW, I couldny believe it.
    Now I wear a poppy not for any lost comrades that I knew but simply for they poor wee guys that joined for that pudding and them claes and their shilling and tae play at sodjers. Maggie thatcher was instrumental in a lot of wee guys like me joining up, cos she took away any chance of a better life.
    Most soldiers are forgotten by the government when they leave and a lot end up on the streets,and every time i see them arsehole politicians in westminster wear a poppy it makes me mad. They dont care.

  203. Robert Peffers says:

    @bob says: 11 November, 2017 at 12:38 pm:

    “Lot of bluster on here defending the indefensible”.

    Oh! My! What a really hilarious comment from, “bob”.

    Don’t you get it yet, bob?

    Every example that Rev Stu quotes is an example of some hypocritical unionist, just like you.

    Why did it not occur to you that when each and every person quoted in the above article vented their opinions on RT it was also indefensible? Was it because they were expressing unionist views?

    Can you not fathom that you didn’t find their appearances on RT indefensible?

    Yet the, as yet, unproven to be in any way wrong, appearance of Alex Salmond on RT is in your view, “indefensible”, even before it has been aired is actually what is indefensible.

    So explain what you find, “indefensible”, when each and everyone that Stu quotes in his article has appeared on RT to vent their views. Were they too acting indefensibly?

    What is more you then compound your crass hypocrisy by a totally unwarranted attack upon the First Minister of Scotland.

    Your crass comment that, “Even the sainted Queen Nic is not happy,” is a total load of utter unionist hypocritical pish and does neither you or the unionist cause any credit whatsoever as it actually only highlights the normal unionist attitudes

    Ms Sturgeon said no such thing. As usual she chose her words very carefully and we, as usual, have the biased media and people like you to misconstrue it.

    bob, only a bloody fool would post such rubbish as comment after an article that really brilliantly exposed the sheer rank hypocrisy, dire bias and foolishness of unionist political figures and journalists who had each appeared on RT but are so furious now that a well respected political figure like Alex Salmond should appear on the very same RT as they already have been seen expounding their biased views.

    So it boils down to it being perfectly all right in your eyes for that long list of hypocrites to feature on RT but is indefensible when a single Scottish Nationalist does so.

    Didn’t you read the article by The Rev Stu?

    It highlights a great many self-righteous numpties as exactly what they are Hypocrites of the first order. Did you really need to add yourself to that long list of totally objectionable idiots?

  204. Big Phil says:

    Goan yersel buddy. 😉

  205. Big Phil says:

    @ Mr Peffers,
    so eloquently put sir.
    I actually think you are brilliant, so glad you are on oor side. 😉

  206. Cactus says:

    Haul Chris Cairns slacker…

    Where’s ra toon?

    Was Saturday.

    Love X.

  207. very powerful article…….as usual first class

  208. Carnyx says:


    Thanks, I’m a boy and not that new, I’ve been reader here since before the indyref, but I post infrequently, comes from being argumentative and interested in foreign affairs, I tend to post only when I disagree with something, so not that often here, but I have posted on a couple of threads here before.

  209. yesindyref2 says:

    Absolutely. I’m guessing he’s got someone quite high profile lined up for Thursday at 9, and that’s what he’d want, a succession of them, fighting to get on his show. Gravitas is what he should go for, world statesman but as a show host. To be the best known Scotsman in the world, if he isn’t already. Fair and just getting his guests to speak, they can do the job.

    Might be nothing like that of course, but it’s really quite exciting! It was looking at that Larry King got me going, even I’ve heard of him, and could you imagine the frothing unionists if Salmond got some award for his program? We’d need a factory of wet wipes for them. And incontinence pants, but that’s another story.

  210. Cactus says:

    We back at ra pnr’s.

    Independence soon.

    yesindyref2 knows.

    Same as u.


  211. Where can an old man like me ‘spend a penny’ when caught short in Glasgow City Centre?

  212. Cactus says:

    Cheers Carnyx.

    Welcome back.

  213. Valerie says:

    @ yesindyref2

    Larry King is brilliant, and perfect to ask yoons if he is a Russian agent – that shuts them up.

    King does two types of shows, one with politics and a guest, and another with a sleb. Both are great value,,because he has such a unique style, and appears harmless, but can persist to get his answers.

    Well worth a watch.

    Seen on Twitter –

    RT is on Free view, so the residents of Kensington and Chelsea can keep up to date with news from home.

    Twitter isn’t all bad.

  214. Robert Peffers says:

    @ALANM says: 11 November, 2017 at 7:43 pm:

    ““Salmond was under pressure to resign as a senior advisor to the Queen after his TV deal with a Kremlin propaganda channel was branded “close to treason” – Daily Express”

    Sheesh! Then there’ll be quite a lot of other Privy Councillors required to resign.

    For a start there are only two kingdoms with signatures on the Treaty of Union and the joint Monarch is legally titled Queen of Scots and legally titled Queen of England.

    That is she is legally sovereign in England but only Protector of the People’s legal Sovereignty in Scotland.

    Which is why the ONLY two kingdoms in the union have independent legal Rules of Law and that situation cannot be reconciled because under both sovereignty cannot be given away by the monarch of England because, under English law, it belongs to the Kingdom and not the monarch. Thus when a monarch dies the Proclamation made is, “The King/Queen is dead: Long live the King/Queen”

    The crown instantly passes to the next in line. A monarch cannot give away sovereignty but only abdicate the throne.

    In Scots law the monarch cannot give away the crown because the monarch doesn’t own it as the people, not the monarch, are sovereign.

  215. Robert Peffers says:

    @Scot Finlayson says: 11 November, 2017 at 8:48 pm:

    “you can watch it later on youtube/catchup without broadcast tax … “

    If you really want the truth, Scot, there is virtually nothing whatsoever that is broadcast live.

    It used to be a video tape loop that was used where the signal was recorder onto the loop and went round the loop to a playback head placed before the feed in signal and that was the signal that went out.

    This was how the production team could beep out swear words and such like. No-one could react fast enough to beep out a swear word already spoken – now could they? Now that job is done electronically so everything has a built in delay and the production crew can vary it to suit.

    Have you not noticed that the delay experienced when an SNP guest is on a monitor and peaking the delay is exceptionally delayed when the actual distances can be quite small.

    For example an SNP guest speaking from Dundee and the unionist in the Edinburgh or Glasgow studio. Yet we get USA interviewees over the satellite link with far shorter delays than over the link from Dundee.

    Now why do you think that could/should be?

  216. Cactus says:

    Love Scotland.


  217. Ken500 says:

    The Royals caused the 1WW. Killing millions. Victoria’s children/grandchildren. European Royal family. Cousins married cousins. Inbred . ‘Divine right to rule’. Absolute power. It finished off most of them. Except the British Royals. They should apologise not be glorifying war. Or taking part in illegal wars. Destroying the world economy. Killing families. Total tax evading hypocrites. Enough is never enough for some greedy people.

    The Russians saved the West in 11WW. 26 Million Russians died. 1/2Million British, French and Americans. It devastated the Russian economy. Destroyed. Russia built up a military state for self protection. After bring involved in two wars in such a short space of time, The Arms race caused a lot of problems for the Russians and US economy. It was bankrupting both countries. Russia has always protected it’s borders. It is easy to invade Russia. Easy to get in but not get out. The Russian winter. Napolean and Hitler.

    Germany did better because it was not allowed any military after the War, There were major concerns after the War about German re armourment. For over 60 years Gernany did not spend the equivalent of £40Billion a year on redundant weaponry. It went into the German economy making Germany better off.

    The US and Russia had to sign de armourment Treaties in the 1970/80’s. To limit obsolete weaponry. It was bankrupting both countries.

    The illegal wars in the Middle East are on Russian borders. They affect Russian stability and create tension in the region. The way the US/UK carry on is deplorable. Killing and maiming millions of vulnerable people. Supporting absolute despot monarchies and apartheid States. Policies – non of which would be acceptable in their countries. Causing the worst migration crisis in Europe since 11WW. Starving their own people to kill others. Just to line their greedy pockets. Taking resources. It would be cheaper and less carnage buying them. Hopefully bring a more peaceful world.

  218. Phronesis says:

    When the people speak at the ballot box one would hope that the message sent back is that the electorate is well informed,has considered other perspectives ,has developed a sense of the long term consequences of political choice.Democratic process was designed to give a voice to the public’s considered judgments under good conditions.

    Where is the balance of democracy if the public is subject to microcosmic deliberation of a few (with a dearth of talent) with a public that acquiesces,meekly goes along with whatever comes to pass because the public remains inattentive and manipulated.

    Our WM political system is very unwell, on end of life care as it has long become disconnected from the majority of society and thinks it’s acceptable to present the public with badly designed policies that harm society,diminish our humanity.
    Another media platform to inform,explore topics and encourage another perspective if you’re in the business of expanding knowledge is welcome unless you do want the public to remain in the swamp of misinformation and omission of truths.Why would any journalist want to maintain the status quo.

  219. Nana says:

    Was owner of paedophile palace who kept list of secret VIP vistors murdered?

    This is what the British military should be remembered for

    Polish Nationalist Youth March Draws Thousands in Capital

  220. Leo Sasquatch says:

    Scholarly journalism.

    Just one question.

    How are *you* able to do this, as a one-person operation, and yet the entire engine of the mainstream media can barely string coherent sentences together?

    Please, tell the truth. You’re really a Pod Person from the Planet Mars, aren’t you? You don’t need sleep or food.

    Only explanation I can see.

    Thoroughly excellent piece – thank you.

  221. stu mac says:

    galamcennalath says:
    11 November, 2017 at 4:47 pm
    Capella says:
    I watch all sorts of news and politics, but I’m an addict. How many other folks do that though? Only ones who are really keen. And I suspect most of them are like me, mind completely made up on most issues.

    I think I can speak not only for myself but for a good number of folk who post here. If my mind was completely up on things I wouldn’t now be a pro SNP Indy supporter. I think the opposite of what you say is more often likely to be true. Folk who look at a wide range of source to get their information are more likely to be able to change their minds about things. And are also more likely to get closer to the truth of things. Though never all of the truth – I think as we get older, if we have an open mind, we will always learn new stuff.

  222. Ottomanboi says:

    The British state possess a historically proven skill at making enemies. Russia is an old foe in the global great game. The former has been our imperial master for three centuries so what if some turn to the enemy of our enemy in our struggle against it?
    Certain SNP people may not like Salmond’s initiative but a fair number of nationalists do not like the politically prim, risk averse direction the party seems to be taking.
    I occasionally wonder if we are perhaps approaching a Fiana Fáil – Fine Gael moment in our history.

  223. TheItalianJob says:

    Great piece and dissection Mr Stu.

    Goes to show where mostly all our well versed and politically astute people are. Either supporting the Independence cause online or in our parliaments giving the Unionists a hard time.

    We are spreading our “wings” by the sounds of it i.e. Alex Salmond on the Scotsman and RT.

  224. Brian Powell says:

    Robert Peffers

    The pressure for Alex Salmond to resign as Privy Counsellor was lordy, lordy George Foulkes saying Salmond should resign!

  225. TheItalianJob says:

    I have a dream

    Of a country that is fair to all
    Of a country where it’s people are free to speak without intimidation
    Of a country that is welcoming to all
    Of a country that provides justice no matter your background
    Of a country that welcomes diversity
    Of a country that believes and is proud of its history
    Of a country that looks looks after it people when they are in difficulty
    Of a country that respects people of all social background and status

    That country is an Independent Scotland ???????

  226. TheItalianJob says:

    Oops the ?? showed up as a saltire before posting

  227. galamcennalath says:

    Nana says

    So, as I understand it, a record £6000 fine may have been something to do with a mysterious £435,000 donation.

    No wonder people set out to cheat the electoral system! It’s ‘worthwhile’.

  228. TheItalianJob says:

    Don’t know what happened there the ???? showed up as a Saltire before I posted

  229. louis.b.argyll says:


    You had one job..

  230. MJT says:

    The catch all two word response to anyone who takes issue with Salmond having a show on RT is ‘Chris Hedges”. The expanded response is ‘Chris Hedges, google him ya bawbag.’

    A few years ago, when it really dawned on me that Noam Chomsky isn’t going to live for ever (he’s pushin 90) i wanted to find out who is going to get top spot when Noam shuffles off thon mortal coil…and that’s how i came to learn of this great man known as Chris Hedges. A truly good man; an excellent writer, orator and journalist.

    He wrote the excellent “War is a force that gives us meaning.” He writes for Truth Dig. You can watch Chris Hedges giving hour long speeches on youtube. He’s arguably the finest orator on the planet. He exudes goodness and integrity. I love the man with all my heart and wish we had journalists as good as him in Scotland. (We don’t…not yet, he sets a very high bar.) If you don’t watch Hedges weekly half hour show, On Contact, (i watch it on youtube BTW) you’re simply doing it wrong.

    RT Also has Redacted Tonight, Watching the Hawks, and Larry King.

    From a Game Theory POV, they, our enemies in the MSM and political establishment, have to, as part of their Cooperatve Strategy, go after Salmond for having an RT Show, cos having a show on RT will expand his reach. Reach is so important in this game. Good information + excellent reach is the enemy of the folks who stand behind the propaganda shills.

  231. louis.b.argyll says:

    We can’t develop our own ideas while we’re contracted to pay fealty to our large, historically abusive, culturally ignorant, neighbour.

    Our Independent Scotland will remove the Act of Union’s mental cruelty, un-leashing our potential.

    Wings Over Ideas. Wings Over Progress.

  232. Capella says:

    @ MJT – I agree. Chris Hedges is a wonderful speaker with a deep understanding of the problems in America’s underclass. His account of work with imprisoned young blacks, who will be incarcerated for the rest of their lives on flimsy evidence is very moving

    But he also has been a war correspondent and survived some scary experiences. Great integrity and clarity of thought.
    Youtube has many videos of various length for anyone who wants to hear what he has to say.

  233. Breeks says:

    Ottomanboi says:
    12 November, 2017 at 9:21 am
    The British state possess a historically proven skill at making enemies. Russia is an old foe in the global great game.

    Hmmmm… I feel the need to point out that Russia was our ally in two world wars which would have been lost without Russian manpower, and the Russians were also our allies in the wars against Napoleon.

    Even in the Crimean War, the emphasis was scarcely anti Russian, so much as to prevent the Russians profiting from the decline of the Ottoman Empire. Russia has a long term aspiration to secure access to southern ports for its fleets which don’t freeze up in the Winter. That is a factor why the Russians tend to support the government’s they do. It’s not, or rather was not, just about communist ideology, but getting access to warm ports for trade and naval logistics.

    Russia has been given very good reason to be suspicious of the West. Much of the Cold War post WW2 had its origins in the West’s attitudes towards the Russians. The US and UK demanded the Soviets divided up their occupied territories along allied lines, Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic States,, but whenever and wherever the Russians sought influence in territory won by the Americans and British, the Pacific, North Africa, Middle East and Europe, the door was slammed in their face. The West taught the Russians that conquest was the determining factor in securing post war influence. The Russians even stood back while the British crushed burgeoning communism in Greece, but there was never any reciprocal latitude.

    Russia is not our enemy, but the “British Establishment” will never forgive the Russians for the cardinal sin of revolting against their Tzar and overthrowing their aristocracy.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m neither communist nor an apologist for Russian brutal foreign policy, but I do recognise that much of that brutality reflects Russia defending its Borders. To a large extent, that predicates a whole different defence philosophy from the British Island nation mentality, and indeed the American outlook which sees the US sitting a long way out of harms way.

    Barbarossa in 1941 mobilised 3.5 million German and Axis troops and saw them storming through the Russian’s buffer zone of occupied Poland and into the heart of Russia. In the first 24 hours of Barbarossa, Goering was told that the Luftwaffe had destroyed 1500 Soviet aircraft on the ground. Goering thought this was optimistic nonsense and demanded more accurate figures. The real figure was closer to 2000. Just to put that into perspective, in its first 24 hours, D-Day put just over 150,000 men and equipment ashore,

    Please don’t interpret that a belittling D-Day, but it shows the relative difference between defending extensive land borders where 4 million men and armour can be mobilised across a wide front in 24 hours, and defending coastline from a much narrower front and deployment of 150,000 men and equipment.

  234. Undeadshaun says:

    I watch larry king on RT and find his shows to be impartial and he has a varied range of guests from accross political, business, sport and entertainment spectrum.

    I look forward to watching Alex Salmond on RT

  235. louis.b.argyll says:

    There’s too much stuff about courage during remembrance services and coverage.

    It is the stupidity of war that gets erased.

    Excuses laid out repeatedly, over a century of slowly-evolving planned conflicts.

    The great and the good gather, embodying the greater good, in their own eyes.

    Behind the scenes, protecting war as an entitlement, selling war across the globe on our behalf.

    History itself becomes a mere parade, narcissistic mission creep.

    While the war machine builds it’s threat around us, a lone piper, himself a representation of a previous campaign’s cultural conscription, plays on.

    Oh, and now some Elgar. If we all act really sad, we’ll maybe forget that we all elect leaders who maintain a status quo that still kills civillians.

  236. HandandShrimp says:


    I tend to agree. I would very much like to participate in a remembrance of those sacrificed to the stupidity of the FWW and I hold that there wouldn’t have been a SWW had it not been for the stupidity of the peace settlement of the FWW. That appalling sacrifice wasted through greed, revenge and politics.

    It seems to me that as these events get more distant the services become ever more jingoistic, the demand that everyone who appears on TV wear one and symbol itself misappropriated by right wing militaristic fanatics. The original poppy message “never again” is forgotten.

    Last year was the first year I have not worn one for a very long time. I think a stand needs to be made and some sort of attempt to reclaim and calm down the whole event.

  237. Phydaux says:

    Searingly brilliant Stuart…the devil is in the detail or, to quote Burns, facts are chiels that winna ding. The kind of journalism that puts more fire in my belly and rage in my soul. Lest we forget the devastating consequences of the bloodthirsty and deviant appetites of our Lords and Masters of the Establishment and the complicity of the MSM in the lies and cover ups.

    Bomber Blair and his partner in crime Gordon Brown were and are both bastards of the highest magnitude, justifying their warmongering with platitudes about freedom and liberating the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Bomber Blair was forced to flee from personal appearances at book signing events when faced with an angry and outraged public. Will the cowardly Gordon Brown risk the same fate, given his contempt for his ain folk? Another quote: ” Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.” Maya Angelou

    Their howling at the moon over Alex Salmond will guarantee its success..a delicious irony. Looking forward to watching it.

  238. K.A.Mylchreest says:

    I feel very much the same as H&S above. The FWW was, everyone admits, an disaster on a terrible scale, where armed deterrence failed and a minor incident in a far away land quickly escalated leading to a massive and quite unnecessary and unimagined death-toll.
    As far as I understand it, the poppy business began largely as a way of supporting the survivors, along with the families of the dead, many of whom suffered both physically and mentally long after the guns fell silent. An understandable and indeed necessary humanitarian response.
    For this charitable instinct to have been slowly hijacked by militarists and politicians is sickening to say the least.
    Such is the nature of the human lifespan, that few is any of those involved in WWI will still survive. So is this not a fitting time to consign the whole sorry business to history? Sooner or later, following any tragedy, we have to move on. The corpse cannot lie in state for ever, it needs to be buried. So should we not now draw a veil over the whole sorry business? A respectful veil, but a veil nevertheless?

  239. liz says:

    The Lord Mayor’s show is the secretive Mayor of the City of London, not Sadiq Khan.
    The Brit establishment have fooled the people by celebrating someone who cares nothing about the ordinary folk. One of those in ‘strange costumes’ was probably the Remembrancer.

  240. L Muir says:

    Can’t really add anything that has not already been said. Brilliant piece.

    Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  241. MJT says:


    I 100% agree with your post. I advise everyone to get on the Chris Hedges tip. He sets the standard. If he’s okay doing a show on RT, then Salmond’s fine.

    It’s always worth remembering that people profit from our ignorance. Information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom…but good information is the foundation of what we have to work with.

    And goodwill too. I have more love now for those who are not on my side than ever before.

  242. Jack Murphy says:

    On Topic.

    RT UK on YouTube with videos:

  243. Kat says:

    Great article, as per usual, however I must take issue with “And nobody disputes that the Russian government are pretty bad guys”. Are you seriously propping up the dangerous anti-Russian propaganda that is so prevalent nowadays?

    Russia does not have draconian anti-gay laws, it is not illegal to be gay in Russia, it is only illegal to promote a gay lifestyle to anyone under the age of 18.

    There is still no solid evidence to confirm that the Kremlin, let alone Putin, had anything to do with the death of Litvinenko. It’s all circumstantial and possibilities, and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it was not a political assassination at all.

    Russia is doing alright without you (USA) thanks…and the US hegemony doesn’t like that. After the fall of the Soviet Union the US and its western vassals, and of course Yeltsin, did everything within their power to reduce Russia to little more than a failed state… but Putin was having none of it. Putin pulled off a miracle and despite US sanctions Russia is doing better than anyone would have expected. So it is not surprising that they would want to let the world know. RT offers the perfect vehicle to counter the anti-Russian rhetoric so pervasive in Western media since the fall of the Soviet Union. And lets face it if the rhetoric is not countered we will be dragged ignorantly into a war with Russia, a war no-one will win.

    Having watched RT for a number of years now I’m not in the least bit surprised that Alex has grasped this opportunity. Despite Russian state funding the station offers a wide variety of perspectives, not just the Russian, to a global audience. So why not a Scottish one. Journalists from all over the world are given an opportunity on RT to reach a wider audience. From established journalists like John Pilger to less well known ones like Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett are given a platform to offer alternative views on subjects our own MSM would run scared from. In fact the standard of international journalists on RT puts our own to shame. Shows like Crosstalk, Going Underground, Renegade Inc, all bring to their audiences a vast array of experience and views. I have no doubt our Alex will keep up to this high standard and for those of you who don’t have a TV/Licence you can always watch his show online at

  244. clipper says:

    Kat 3.42

    You’re bang on right there Kat. Even on here I’ve noticed that there are some who swallow the msm narratives on Russia while moaning ineffectively about bbc bias as regards Scotland. There was even some fool on here the other day who talked about the Russian “invasion” of Crimea.

    Putin is smarter than all his Western opposite numbers combined, and he’s more preoccupied with maintaining Russia’s sovereign integrity than in trying to be “exceptional”. It isn’t Russia who’s moving troops etc up to the US or UK border, it’s Nato and the west who are threatening Russia.

    As for RT, I’ve been watching it since 2010 and now, like Wings I consider it indispensable. Of course it’s not completely unbiased but compared to bbc stv it’s a big deep breath of fresh air. “Completely unbiased” doesn’t exist anywhere. RT shows like Crosstalk, Keiser Report and the views and commentary which it allows on its news articles would never be seen on rubbish like the bbc, stv etc. Those who criticise RT should ask themselves why that is.

  245. Brus MacGallah says:

    Deputy Lib-Dum Leader Jo “Stalin” Swinson says Russia (and China) are just Okey-Dokey.

    (sorry can’t archive properly)

  246. E. White says:

    You forgot to mention that the BBC are happy to send people to prison for watching tv without a licence and the UK government are happy to let it continue. And don’t forget the door in BBC headquarters that has a sign saying this way to Westminster.

  247. Lollysmum says:

    @Brus MacGallah- here you go-one archived Daily Fail page

  248. Fred says:

    @ Jack Collatin on lavvies! The pub or the bookies!

  249. Brus MacGallah says:

    Thanks @Lollysmum!

  250. SOG says:

    I take the viewpoint that RT may or may not be biased, but that’s irrelevant, all they have to do is offer AS’s straight reporting to expose the MSM’s bias. And for it to work, it has to be seen to be objective.

    So, Thursday, will it be jammed, 60s-style?

  251. Bob p says:

    Am I missing something? RT their schedule showing 18.30 boom bust,a programme by Erin ade. And 23.30 worlds apart, prof by Oksana boyko. Supposedly Alex’s slots?.

  252. Bob p says:

    Prog by Oksana boyko.

  253. Brian says:

    Superb post. Thankyou Rev.

  254. Walter Scott says:

    It’s the hypocrisy stupid!

  255. cearc says:


    ‘ …largely as a way of supporting the survivors,’

    You are quite right. I used to love helping my Grandpa make poppies. It was piece work. So much for a box of singles and a bit more for doubles.

  256. Philip Maughan says:

    As well as the hypocrisy of Tory, Labour, LibDem and Green politicians howling about Alex Salmond’s new show, there is the MSM who are screaming about AS lending credibility to Putin’s propaganda machine. While reporting this they ‘forgot’ to mention all the aforementioned Unionist politico’s who’d been on RT, thereby demonstrating their own hypocrisy as well as their willingness to be propaganda vehicles for HMG.

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