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Ready to rumble

Posted on September 09, 2016 by

The tone of coverage deployed by the Daily Express (Scottish and English editions alike) with regard to the First Minister of Scotland in recent weeks has been both bizarre and disturbing. Yesterday the paper ran this “story”:


It’s a load of gibberish, obviously. But if the FM was preparing herself for a punch-up, you could hardly blame her given what’s apparently been going on.















Ripped apart, destroyed, slapped down, savaged, blasted, slammed, kicked in the teeth and brutally, repeatedly humiliated. Derided as a crazy, desperate, reckless, cowardly, vicious chancer rather than a popular democratically-elected leader.

We’ve seen people on Twitter get arrested for language less violent than that, but if you’re a newspaper it seems that it’s fine. Still, readers could probably understand if the FM did feel like she needed to pack a cosh and a knuckleduster in her handbag. Never mind walking down dark alleys late at night in sketchy parts of town – it sounds like there are some people right there at her press conferences who really, really hate her and fantasise on an almost daily business about people doing her harm.

Just a few months after the appalling murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, we can only hope that the Express’ dismal sales figures mean that not enough people are reading this neverending torrent of inflammatory bile for some deranged lunatic to actually assault Nicola Sturgeon in the street. But if they don’t, it won’t be for lack of the media trying.

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256 to “Ready to rumble”

  1. Grouse Beater says:

    I imagine Express and Mail hacks in a pub grumbling about their ‘effing’ wives leaving them, and wondering why.

    Our newspapers, illiberal Guardian included, have damn all concern for preserving democratic rights. Who’d buy one?

  2. ScottieDog says:

    Sadly too many colleagues I speak to believe it all..

  3. Calgacus says:

    They are thugs,Rev Stu,thank you for exposing them as the low lifes they are.

  4. Quentin Quale says:

    Do I smell fear in the air?

  5. Greg Drysdale says:

    It really is a cesspit of a newspaper. I rarely give these headlines a glance on the way past to buy bread. I would urge everyone to do the same.

  6. gordoz says:

    And there will be so called Scots working on this rag, happy to put that pish out regularly!

    Take a good look at yersels folks. Seriously.

  7. Bob Mack says:

    The epitomy of the Keyboard Warrior Syndrome. Would they talk to her like that in public. Probably not. The detachment allows them to vent their spleen openly and without censorship.

    They ultimately are cowards. My money would be on Nicola in a stand up fight.

  8. desimond says:

    Some say the weak show fear and anger at something they actually desire the most.

    Seems a lot of newspapers in denial out there.

    The clear evidence shows Nicola that if this is the response from these people then clearly she is doing something right!

    And to think all we get is “Blessed John Smith” and “That lovely Donald Dewar”. Give me Irvines finest anytime.

  9. Provost Sludden says:

    What does posing on the gun barrel of a tank count as then?

  10. Jim says:

    It looks like they are trying to incite some nutters going by the Words:

    IS (is that code for Islamic State)? THREAT TO SCOTLAND
    Wow, those reporters are having a mental breakdown.

  11. Molly says:

    Goodness what would they make of Ruth Davidson ? I saw a woman from Edinburgh ( in the run up to the last election ) describe RD as ‘ feisty’.

    I’ve seen less ‘ feisty’ folk in the taxi rank on a Saturday night unless the neds are tougher in Morningside that’s some description.

    There’s a difference between assertive and aggressive , I’m afraid RD doesn’t come across as ‘ ‘feisty ‘ to me , she comes across as aggressive.

    Carol Fox, Jeanne Freeman or even Lesley Riddoch I think are feisty , in a different league from RD but hey it’s The Daily Express we’re talking about here using click bait almost as much as The Herald these days.

  12. If ever a newspaper was completely at odds with the national zeitgeist it is the Daily Express owned by Nazi sympathisers and tax dodgers. Despicable rag!

  13. Doug Daniel says:

    It’s disgraceful language, and it just helps whip up the anger and violent hatred you see from ultrayoons on social media.

    Personally, I don’t see why newspapers should be allowed to get away with inflammatory stuff like that. “Freedom of speech” is one thing, but newspapers and broadcasters really need to start accepting responsibility for their role in society. People take their cues from what they read in the papers, and when newspapers normalise this sort of deranged language, it just encourages the more extreme elements in society to push the boundaries that little bit more.

    There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that if you banned the likes of the Daily Mail and the Daily Express from being able to publish their extremist rhetoric, there would be massive changes in society’s attitudes to certain things. At the very least, folk wouldn’t feel comfortable espousing such views aloud.

    Newspapers should be regulated the same way as TV broadcasters, basically. They’d still be allowed to pump out lies, as the BBC shows, but at least they’d have to do it more civilly.

  14. defo says:

    Nasty bastards, one and all.
    At least NS will have known what to expect.
    Eck post 2011 became target no1, by dint of his popularity.

    With nothing positive to offer/use the default setting for the establishment is to identify the enemy strong point, and smear smear smear.

    It’s all about the headline, and sadly I think it works.

  15. And it’s really having such an effect as the SNP vote continues to edge up

    I’m really more amused by the demented ranting about Ruth Davidson and the “resurgence” of the Tory party – up to 20%.
    The more we see her the more insignificant she looks in serious political terms. The newspaper hacks are promoting her from the same weak position as somebody promoting warts as a good idea or bikinis for badgers. Eventually it all just falls to bits.

  16. gordoz says:

    On the bright side, it tends to be only loyalist grannies, grandads and ‘ultrasbritscots’ that remain faithful to this distasteful rag; so another reason for sales going down rapidly.

    The headlines and ‘pickup and run’ by BBC Scotland news section is the lasting problem, sadly.

  17. DC says:

    Apparently the bosses and editors of newspapers are to be summoned before the UK Culture Secretary to discuss their role in the increase of racially motivated attacks since Brexit. I wonder what will come of that?

  18. Clootie says:

    “Sturgeon ready fo a fight”

    a) What do they think she has been doing her whole life?
    b) Body language expert states the blindingly obvious! (I wonder how much he got paid…I wonder if he even existed)

    Amazing how someone who has been humiliated, slapped down, destroyed, ripped apart, etc still manages to frighten them so much. 🙂

  19. Capella says:

    Fascism is an overused word so I won’t use it.
    The murder of Jo Cox should have been a warning to this right wing rag that incitement to violence is a criminal offence. Because it has consequences. What is the Press Complaints self-regulatory-file-it-in-the-bin outfit doing about this?

    If the SNP were to complain they would, of course be accused of persecuting poor innocent journalists who are only acting in the public interest.

    Nasty times in the UK unfortunately.

  20. manandboy says:

    Scotland and England are politically ‘married’. Ok, we get that.
    But now, because England has decided to commit economic suicide,
    they are saying Scotland must do so too.
    This is Theresa May’s position.

    She has the mentality of the suicide bomber who believes that by self-destructing and destroying the innocent lives of those in the same location, the bomber will be rewarded in the hereafter and find a glorious new life.

    England are destroying the marriage unilaterally with its dominant and superior partner attitude which can no longer accommodate the idea of power sharing with other ‘foreign’ powers, ie the EU.

    There’s only one option for Scotland – end the Union with a divorce. It’s a no-brainer.

  21. Luigi says:

    I often visit a café in the morning, and leave a copy of the National on a table for others to read. The other day, I found a copy of the Express had been left in the café. It was so full of crap, I decided to quietly throw it in the rubbish bin. I did not want it to spoil any other person’s day. I probably would have done the same with the Mail.

    Trash disposal – it feels good. Try it sometime. 🙂

  22. Shamur says:

    It’s the headlines people will read unfortunately. Unfortunately those who believe this tripe will repeat and objective achieved.

  23. heedtracker says:

    Horrendous, fascism isn’t exactly pretty. “Sturgeon Accused” is never off the Guardian but the tories are under very real threat from Scottish democracy. Thug UKOK press aside, the most important thing is that Sturgeon is never actually physically harmed.

  24. David Mills says:

    The thing I find impressive is that these ranting reports often need more that one of their staff to author.

    I have said it to their twitter account and I say it again.
    “The express in both edition is vital resource, to the papymashy industry & only the papymashy industry!”

  25. zen broon says:

    It is hard to argue that the aim of the British nationalists is to brutalise and dehumanise political debate in Scotland, to use violent metaphor and personal attacks to intimidate and polarise our politicians and society. Their aim is control us, to add “too violent, too divided” to “too wee, too poor”.

  26. Dorothy Devine says:

    It really is quite disgusting , devious and evil – they are allowed to get away with this every time.

    I’d like to see some bite back – other than dreadful circulation figures and ultimate bankruptcy that is!

  27. McDuff says:

    There is no doubt some of these papers are being financially fed by Westminster and along with the BBC are a propaganda arm of the government. And the (can`t bear to use the word) UK regards itself as the seat of democracy.
    Again if we could only get articles by the Rev`s like the above out to the mainstream public and expose the filth that is in papers like the Express I believe it would have an impact. But how to do it

  28. Les Wilson says:

    Somehow they all need held to account, maybe some European agency could help?
    The drivel from the express, is just one issue, there are many, many more.

    It is not that they do not want us,they certainly do er in all the usual colonial ways, not reasons of friendship that is obvious. They are addicted to our resources, like junkies on crack.
    They need to retain their dominance to achieve that.

    They need to steal all our assets and bleed us dry, because that is what colonial means really. With Scotland they retain some prestige on the world stage, Scotland leaving would severely embarrass them, they would hate that.

    Like a German politician said during Indy when asked what the UK would be, if Indy won, he replied ” well there won’t be much left will there!”
    Fear is rampant now, and the starting pistol has not even been fired.Yet!

  29. Macart says:

    Incredible isn’t it?

    This is the democratically elected First Minister of Scotland. A leader with consistently high popularity and approval ratings and the head of a devolved parliament which is supposedly a member, a partner within the ‘most successful family’ of nations in political history.

    Yet according to an ever rightward press… apparently a ripe target for extreme violence.

    Just so we’re clear, there never was and never will be an olive branch from either the establishment parties or their media. This behaviour has been literally non stop for the past nine years since Labour lost their mandate to ‘rule’ in Scotland and over the past two it has been ramped up and encouraged across most mainstream titles.

    This is nothing more, nothing less than encouraging hate speech. To associate the language of violence with a particular person. At this point the media have gone beyond shameful, to evil IMO. We’ve seen where this leads before and the tragedy associated with kind of ‘journalism’.

    Intolerance, fear, hatred, rage and the very real potential for violence. Is this the UK our citizens were promised two years ago? The UK isn’t headed toward a dark path anymore, its feet are firmly planted on it when the breadth of the media find such copy acceptable daily fare. IMO the Scottish electorate should have no part of the eventual destination of that path.

    More so than ever, it really is about what KIND of country you choose to live in?

  30. ScottishPsyche says:

    I have a student son who works in a major thoroughfare that sells newspapers. Who buys what is interesting from his point of view. The Star sells far more than anyone would imagine – mainly due to its 20p price tag and the fact that it has no news.

    They cannot even give the Daily Record away.

    The Scottish Express obviously has to try to make its headlines stand out, not just against others papers, but against itself. The demographic for the Express is interesting though, mainly elderly men and women – it is certainly not going to convert anyone soon.

    I agree with others that such language is horrendous. The press is stoking up confrontation between Davidson and the FM. They appear to be building up Davidson based on nothing at all except their journalist loyalties.

  31. frogesque says:

    The tactic seems to be to create hostility and an atmosphere of fear so that NS is compelled to stop her frequent public appearances and was about.

    The headlines can scream about NS hiding behind a secure wall of security guards and being aloof from the electorate.

    Just plain nasty!

  32. Haggishunter says:

    Its fairly obvious to everyone, even people only partially interested in politics, that the UK uses its media the same way as the former Soviet Union and Hitler did; for Propaganda, whipping up hate, lies, disinformation and abuse.
    Go to Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland and and other democratic EU country and this is illegal, the company would be shut down.

  33. Lollysmum says:

    I’m with Desimond here

    Nicola is not only doing something right, she’s got them practically tearing their hair out in fear that she might just win the battle for independence. They just don’t know how to stop her from moving Scotland forward.

    O/T -sort of
    Moved into my new house a few weeks ago & my neighbours on one side are English & raging tories. Think I’m going to be a bit of a culture shock for them. They asked me if I knew the area so I said quite well. How well? they asked. Oh well enough to leaflet/canvass for the SNP for the last two years.

    So gobsmacked was she that she took a step backwards in shock just saying ‘SNP’ 3 times. I just laughed & said it wouldn’t do for us all to agree on everything. Life would just be so boring.

    I’m going to provide the alternative view just to add to their education & have some fun at the same time 🙂

  34. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    It’s nicely in capital letters as well just in case you miss it on your way past the newspaper stand.

    Click bait style journalism indeed.

    I definitely notice that the Yoon Press are getting more desperately defensive of the Union and aggressive of those who do not follow the ‘party line’ that UKOK is great and Brexit will be too by the day.

    It also gives the “What the papers say” bit on the TV news a chance to get their SNP Bad digs in as well regardless of how poor their printed sales figures are.

    King Canutes the lot of them as the tide of Independence is against them and they know it.

  35. heraldnomore says:

    We need a graph, or perhaps two:

    1. Daily Express monthly sales for last five years

    2. SNP membership, over same period

  36. McDuff at 12.22pm.

    Spot on. I have long since believed that the print media is being supported by the Westminster establishment, and it really is of no concern to them that their sales figures are plummeting.
    Headlines such as these are dangerous, and in this case it’s our First Minister who is the target. I can only hope her personal security is good enough to foil any nutter who might feel they have to put these hateful words into action.

  37. heedtracker says:

    Tory media is certainly reaching for violence more and more now. Yesterday’s Daily Heil did a front and multi inside page thing on an assault on a police woman in Glasgow but Heil’s headline, “Face of modern Scotland.”

    The great Jim Naughty was in Glasgow this morning glorify upcoming and return of old firm violence this weekend for BBC r4 news. Has it happened yet? no, but they didn’t hide a really sleazy excitement for Scottish football violence in Naughty or back in their studio. Naughty and the BBC r4 gimps treating football violence as some kind of weekend jamboree is very creepy, even for those tory creeps.

  38. Al Dossary says:

    The dead tree press. I travelled in from Saudi yesterday – at Glasgow airport there were not 1, but 2 news stands full of their papers for free.

    Also I am wondering just how my otherwise very intelligent mother can not see through the lies they print (she is an Express reader). WBB will be delivered just as soon as I get back from Bremen on Sunday – Eurocade, a meeting of European arcade machine collectors.

    I am really looking forward to seeing Jorge and his wife – the lat time I saw them was 13th September 2014. Included in the whistlestop tour of Glasgow was Freedom Square, in all its pre-referendum glory!

  39. Capella says:

    Hammond vows to protect top bankers from EU migration curbs.
    says the FT front page. So if you are a wealthy banker, the immigrarion rules won’t apply to you.

    “The chancellor, responding to pressure from Japan and leading banks, promised to maintain a flow of European talent to UK-based financial services companies, regardless of new rules to curb EU migration.”

    There’s a handy wee video too to explain why derivatives clearing has to be protected in London. good to know they’re looking after our interests.

  40. Proud Cybernat says:

    “I’m really more amused by the demented ranting about Ruth Davidson and the “resurgence” of the Tory party – up to 20%.”

    It is risible. The % lead the SNP had over the Tories in 2003 was a mere 7.2%. Under Davdison’s ‘brilliant leadership’ in 2016 it is now a 24.5% lead.

    Aye sure–Davidson’s right up there wi’ Alexander the Great. Utter deluded tripe. They can kid themselves on all day long–the people, however, are increasingly seeing right through them.

  41. call me dave says:

    Auntie gets SMART with TRAMS history. It’s the way they tell ’em.

    It was the LibDems/SNP whot done it!

  42. 40,000 readers(give or take all the free giveaways in hotels, twee coffee houses, and first class train carriages)out of a population of 5.4 million.
    The Dead Tree Scrolls and their murky little bunch of Unionist Scottish Branch of the London Establishment hacks are dying. We are witnessing the death rattle of a corrupt, greedy perverse hedonistic hierarchy.
    I see ‘Maggie’ May and Ruth Davidson are bringing back Grammar Schools, and re introducing the eleven plus to weed out any of the proles who show a glimmer of talent at 11 and groom them as clerks.

    They must be running out of junior managers and clerks to staff the banks, civil service, law firms, and insurance houses. They need to beef up that lower middle class buffer zone in the hierarchical pyramid by recruiting more of the talented but ‘disadvantaged’ lower classes into collar and tie jobs, Billy Liar pen pushers, methinks.
    Gary Robertson on BBC Scotland 2016’s Free Unionist nightly broadcast challenged John Swinney to differentiate between assessments and tests.
    Well now you know, Gary.
    Ruth Davidson is re-introducing the eleven plus Down There. Now that’s a test, Gary, as if you didn’t fucking know.

    Those who fail at eleven? Supermarket shelf fillers and refuse collectors Foundation Courses? Stay where you are in crumbling PFI state underfunded purgaTORY.

    Maggie May calls it a ‘meritocracy’.

    “A system in which assessment is based upon ability or achievement. An elite composed of talented people who have achieved success through their own efforts.”
    Here comes the new ‘elite’.
    Well, what about it, Ruth? ‘Senior Secondaries’ Up Here?
    I say ‘Ruth Davidson’ is introducing selection in education Down There. It is the cornerstone of the Unionist argument. We are better together, pooling and sharing, the Tory Government is our UK administration so bow down to Ruth, Jackson and Murdo, the guardians of laissez faire elitism on behalf of our WM Masters.
    BBC Radio News Where You Are will feature this maniacal stalking of NS by the Union Press diurnally on their GMS ‘Papers’ morning review.
    We live in a colony, ruled by an elite.
    Time we grabbed back our country.

  43. Papadox says:

    The facist yoon MSM are the main propaganda arm of the facist Tory party. Promoting their vile lies and trying to disguise Ruth’s very strong resemblance to Ernst Rohm, leader of the brown shirts. Physical and political. All she neads is a cheese cutter cap and a Sam browning. Mark you I can see that coming.
    Ruth might do well to remember how Rohm’s reign ended.

  44. Dr Jim says:

    Donald Trump language is acceptable in UK newspapers when talking about Scotland or Scotlands representatives and there is support for this language in the South and a little in our north and it makes you wonder when the same people here condemn Donald Trumps supporters as Redneck Idiots in America

    Do we have an equivalent to Redneck Idiot in the UK ? I think we do, but I will resist the urge to list them

    The only people they’re succeeding in making angry are themselves I said a few days ago if this was a Muslim Preacher he would have been banged up by now for this language

    These are very bad people on the verge of outright incitement

    To be fair many of these so called “Journalists” have met the FM and find her utterly charming, and they know full well that she is, but they’re paid to write this bilge so they do what they’re told, so who are the people without moral fibre or conscience and will do anything for money (dwindling though it is) and who is the person (the FM) with the least to gain if Independence were to be the wrong thing

    Nigel Farage Hero, Donald Trump Hero, for saying and doing the wrong things

    Nicola Sturgeon Demon? for saying and doing the right things

    My conclusion can only be these newspapers are owned and run BY Nasty Racist Bastirts FOR Nasty Racist Bastirts and read by Nasty Racist Bastirts

    Still, they’ll be somewhere for Ruth Davidson to work after

  45. galamcennalath says:

    We have it within our power to beat these people, simply, we win IndyRef2.

    There will be no place in iScotland for tweeked versions of English newsprint. New newspapers (probably from the same people, mind you) will be launched. However, they will have no choice but to focus on Scottish internal politics properly and our place in the world.

    They will be partisan and biased, however their focus if they are to survive, will need to be on the new order and the real world. The battle between WM and Scotland for power will be over. The MSM’s filthy part will have been played out, gone.

  46. Robert Graham says:

    The paper highlighted here and the press in general no point in calling them right wing as they are all the same propaganda sheets,have added to while apparently condemning the increase in hate against anyone not in your tribe is the enemy theme since the brexit vote , the increase in hate filled traffic to most independence blog sites is even worse than the run up to September’s 2014 vote and i really hope Nicola Sturgeons security is increased armed if necessary because she is becoming a real vulnerable target and papers like the Express are adding to the threat of real violence towards her , the nutter who accosted her at the base of the Buchanan st steps with a union flag was a warning she is too exposed to this hate filled atmosphere that has increased recently I hope this is being addressed urgently .

  47. fraser says:

    ” the hate and lies is belligerently shameful “?

  48. Brian Powell says:

    Virtually all look like the young Tories seen in, say, St Andrews University Student Conservative Club and nearly all live in London, so they would know, for sure.

  49. Nana says:

    I find the express just prints what ukippers spout, ramping up hatred of anything they dislike. The wording is severe however and I wonder if it comes under incitement law?
    I have tried to find some information but geez its very difficult. Any lawyers in the house?

    I thought the Leveson enquiry was meant to deal with such stuff, was it just another sop to the masses. We’re having another enquiry, quick buy shares in whitewash.

  50. yesindyref2 says:

    I think the Express never recovered from the Giles Cartoons being published annually in time for Christmas, as it meant people didn’t have to actually buy the newspaper.

  51. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Lollysmum (12.33) –


    Good on ye.

    The neighbours will be having restless nights. ‘Blimey…we’ve got a Cybernat next door!’

  52. galamcennalath says:

    Dr Jim says:

    “These are very bad people on the verge of outright incitement”

    Indeed so. A problem is that individual headlines are bad, however the overall pattern day after day is absolute bloody awful. Utterly disgraceful. The wider picture is definitely one of incitement and the Express in particular should be brought to account.

  53. Stoker says:

    Those headlines, full of warped hatred, are deliberately designed to incite the braindead into action.

    I notice they are all from their website, and that’s bad enough, but if the rag version is spewing out the same bile on their front pages then an awful lot more people will be getting the message.

    No need to read the articles, demented damage done, job done!

    Express(ly) licensed to print nothing but hatred and lies.

  54. Ross Lowe says:

    It is truly appalling that newspapers in this modern day can print hate headlines in the name of free speech while we prosecute individuals for the same crime. It is only two days ago that the PM said that people who promote hate & xenophobia should be prosecuted.
    you would have thought that with the terrible murder of MP Jo Cox there would be a tightening of laws and a heightening of intolerance. There are a lot guilty on all sides of political debate of using twitter, facebook and websites to promote their own particular brand of hate. We cannot hold private individuals to account if the mainstream media outlets are allowed to continue unabated.

  55. Sandy says:

    I know a free press is a cornerstone of democracy, but these rags are not worthy of the title. One of the first tasks in an Independent Scotland should be to introduce effective press regulation and, ideally, deny these titles a licence to circulate their lies and propaganda.

    In the meantime, have a laugh at the Express here:

  56. I ask, how can a Dead Tree Scroll with a circulation of a measly 40,000 afford to pay ten political hacks? That’s 300 pieces of silver a week.
    Money’s no object to fund the insurgency to quell the rebellious Scots in the Last Colony?
    Like snails, this lot leave a slimy trail in their wake.
    What did you do in the War of Independence ,Daddy? I sold out my country men and women for cash.
    Was I adopted ,Daddy? Please tell me that I was.

  57. Jeff Kirk says:

    Here we go again. See it’s “Nicola Sturgeon’s” bid for independence, just as it was “Alec Salmond’s” bid last time, cos obviously none of the rest of us want it or voted SNP… Kim Jong-un would be so proud of Britain’s media….

  58. Proud Cybernat says:

    So I was thinking – the MSM and ESPECIALLY the BBC. We get off our bums and get our protest against their propaganda intot he streets.

    Talking has its place. So does action. Please help the campaign if you can.

  59. Capella says:

    Switched on R4 (briefly) to get the National news. But the top item was about the English Education system. The British Prime Minister broadcast to the Nation about grammar schools for England.

    Why are we being regaled with pokey wee English Regional issues on the National news? We pay £200 m a year for National broadcasting.

    They’ve had their EVEL. Could Theresa May please get on with the day job and attend to National affairs. Good grief there’s plenty needing sorted out.

  60. HandandShrimp says:

    The only thing with less integrity and accuracy of an Express long range weather forecast is an Express political comment.

    The Express occupies a similar slot in UK publications to the National Enquirer in the US but with less intellectual weight.

    That chap Tom Parfitt sounds like he has violence issues towards women judging by the language he uses.

  61. And that includes all the daily Headlines screaming out from the newsstands. Still waiting on the professional “cybernat” complainers even mentioning the online obscenities about Nicola Sturgeon having a miscarriage.

  62. Connor McEwen says:

    and Lollysmum 12.33 again. Print out some Junkies, tramps and thieves articles and leave it in their letterbox

  63. Petra says:

    It looks as though someone at the Express is VERY, VERY ANGRY indeed and looking for a fight. I wonder why? Ha, ha!

    On a serious note Nicola Sturgeon / the SNP’s legal team should be clamping right down on this newspaper as they’re inciting harrassment or worse.

    We’ve seen how much REAL damage they’ve cause down south in contributing to stirring up racial hatred. Time this rag was shut down or used for cleaning the windows to let some light shine in.

  64. Patrick Roden says:

    I was in the Perth Road in Dundee about two months ago in quite a posh restaurant, at the table next to my friend and I were three elderly ladies.
    two were about late sixties to early seventies, one was a bit older (one or perhaps both of their mothers)

    After the oldest lady had finished her meal, she pulled out her paper of choice, which was indeed the Scottish Daily Express.

    All three looked like Tories, so could have been Tory or Labour voters (what’s the difference these days?)

    I know I shouldn’t have, but i couldn’t help feeling annoyed that Scotland is being held back by these elderly privileged Tories (both red or blue)

    But it got me thinking…

    You see I don’t think for a minute it is coincidence that both the Red and Blue Tories leaders in Scotland are very young, and a lot of their on-line activists are quite young as well.

    This gives the false impression that Unionism is still young and dynamic in Scotland, when in fact the truth is Unionism in Scotland is about:

    Young from privileged backgrounds.
    Morons who believe they are being loyal to their football team by how they vote.
    Young people from poorer backgrounds, but who have made it, and are now terrified of losing everything.(the people the propaganda outlets like BBC try to scare)
    Young ‘Low Information Voters’ who have been convinced by lies. (the people we need to find)

    Old People.
    Yes Unionism is made up mostly of older people who for a variety of reasons, will never switch to Yes but for the obvious reason can not be depended on to keep voting No for years to come.

    So every time Kez or Ruthie or daft Duncan are quoted in useless rags like the Express or on the equally useless broadcast media in Scotland they are not in any way representative of Unionism.

    If they wanted someone who truly represented Unionism in Scotland they would need an Angry Knucklehead from the Rangers Loyal pipe band


    A 70/80 year old person who is scared to death of losing their pension (and may have been told they will be some disgusting Labour activist)

    Remember this the next time you feel annoyed by the media spouting garbage or from some garbage headline story fed to the media by the Tory Double act of Kezia or Ruth.

    We in the Yes camp are not fixated on the Braveheart film, we are fixated on the Wizard of Ozz, because this film better reflects the battle we are in.

    All we need to do, is get as many people as we can to see just how small old and puny the Wizard is, behind his big scary cloak.

  65. carjamtic says:

    UKOK,MSM/BBC spreading hatred and without consequence ?

    Brexit and Indyref2 are coming,the Fall of the House of Westminster is coming and it will collapse,suddenly and without warning.

    We can see the walls,bulging with the strain,but still they pour it on,more and more buckets of SNP/NS/Immigrants all Baaaad and the walls are crumbling…. Brexit is coming…Indyref2 is coming.

    Why do these Tory hacks continue with this,why continue to carry out the orders,of their masters,the elite,the super wealthy,the 1% ?

    Are they trying to create civil unrest ?
    Filthy Lucre ?….is this all they have left ?

    We see you,MSM/BBC…..We see you,Tories…..The World is watching,there is nowhere left to run to,nowhere left to hide,there is no-one left to blame.

    Stop it,Stop it now….


  66. Al says:

    Yes, this is something about the Express that I also noticed, and have talked about before with friends. I find it really disturbing. The language used is always incredibly aggressive – so much so that I had also wondered if they were trying to incite someone to “take matters into their own hands”.

    It certainly provokes a response in the comments section, with express readers frequently calling for our first minister to be killed – comments that I thought were illegal because they openly incited violence. That is not an exaggeration.

    The Express comments section is truly a disturbing thing to read.

  67. Kevin Evans says:

    Hey folks.

    Watched a really good debate on Scotland’s place in the EU chaired by Pete wishaw in Westminster.

    Here is the link. Some very interesting points made regarding the sule convention but also very interesting to listen to Tory MP’s questions to the experts.

  68. Nicola is perfectly safe. London knows that if she dies the SNP vote will go thru the roof. They are merely trying to swing the NO voter. The Express is increasingly afraid of Independence for Scotland. The Poms are on the way out.

  69. Training Day says:

    Golly. Self-determination is now ‘vicious’. Except when it’s English self-determination, of course. English self-determination would never entail Poles being beaten to death in the street.

    You have to wonder at the psychological mutilation that must go on in the heads of these ‘journalists’ as they slobber over Dirty Desmond’s porn-earned shekels.

  70. gus1940 says:

    Can anybody tell me just what did Donald Dewar do to merit the erection of a statue – just don’t give me the old ‘Father Of The Scottish Parliament’ crap.

  71. Socrates MacSporran says:

    This is about football

    More than 40-years ago, while I was working on a local paper, our local team, unexpectedly, reached the semi-final of the Scottish League Cup. The game was a midweek one, under the Hampden lights.

    We asked for two press box and one photographer’s passes, but were only given one of each. The Editor decided to go without live match pictures, the game would be a week old by the time we came out, so, to write the “colour” piece, I was given the snapper’s pass and had to sit behind the goal.

    In the very first minute, our local team’s striker ran between Colin Jackson and Derek Johnstone to head home a cross – which referee RH Davidson of Airdrie immediately chalked-off for offside. (Aye right).

    Next morning, in the Express, John MacKenzie, the “Voice of Football” wrote: “From my seat, high in the Hampden press box, above the main stand, I could see Mr Davidson’s decision was perfectly correct.

    The disallowed goal was scored at the “Rangers” or Mount Florida end of the ground, MacKenzie’s seat was level with the 18-yard line, at the “Celtic” or King’s Park end of the ground – about 90-yards from where the centre forward made contact with the ball, and at completely the wrong angle to be able to judge if the decision (which was wrong anyway) was correct.

    But, that’s the Express for you – that paper has been telling lies for generations.

  72. JPJ2 says:

    My late father worked for the Scottish Daily Express when it was the best selling daily newspaper in Scotland (50s and 60s)

    Believe it or not, on the morning after the famous Hamilton by election, it ran with the headline “Winnie Wins For Scotland”

    They destroyed their brand by moving down South, closing their Glasgow headquarters, and now churning out unionist drivel.

    Their appalling sales nowadays fully reflect the contempt in which they are held by most of Scotland-serves them right!

  73. Proud Cybernat says:

    Can you imagine it…

    That indy supporters all suddenly change their mind on indy, deciding instead to remian with the UK.

    Really, I mean REALLY–is this now a country you would WANT to be part of?

  74. Iain More says:

    The Express and the Tories and the other Brit Nats are still not getting it. Having been told to FO by the Scots Electorate repeatedly since Indy Ref 1 we have to keep asking the following question of them.

    What part of GTF Yah Tory UKIP Fuds don’t you get?

  75. Jockanese Wind Talker says:


    More bad news for Scotland (doubt it’ll be reported on BBC).

    ‘Very Significant’ Oil Discovery on UKCS (Block 205/21a).

    “significantly greater than the 200 million barrels”

    “further underlines the potential of the fractured basement West of Shetland”

    We’ll still be “too poor” mind.

  76. galamcennalath says:

    Proud Cybernat says:

    “That indy supporters all suddenly change their mind on indy, deciding instead to remian with the UK.”

    I can’t see it! If you wanted out in 2014 then, to be honest, you have a Hell of a lot more reason to want out now!

    I saw somewhere that some Yes voters had switched in the aftermath of the EU vote. I suspect the question had been framed in the context of the EU. When it comes to Indyref2 I just cannot imagine many previous Yes supporters being swayed by EU membership. Which Union is it now critical we get out of?

  77. Socrates MacSporran says:


    I concur with every word you wrote Sir. You hit the nail on the head there.

    I notice too, the Express has dropped the lion rampant, which used to distinguish the Scottish edition, they now run only with the English edition Crusader.

  78. galamcennalath says:

    Capella says:

    “Switched on R4 (briefly) to get the National news. But the top item was about the English Education system.”

    I’ve never really thought of R4 as a UK news service. It carries so much domestic English material. Don’t they have local stations in England to output this stuff?

  79. Iain More says:

    Now Well Off Topic

    I know I am not the only one who isn’t thinking about what the score will be tomorrow but will be wondering what the casualty rate will be and how busy will A&E tomorrow. How many morons will be enjoying their Sunday Roast behind bars paid for by the Black Hole that is the alleged Budget Deficit of us genetically inferior separatists. What will be the costs to the Scottish NHS and the Legal Bills etc.

    The EBC and the rest of the Yoon hacks are already drooling at the prospect of a day of blood and gore with interest and ready to pump out the SNP BAAHD Scots unfit for Indy propaganda. No doubt the same hacks and morons will be screaming for the scraping of the OBFA all the same on Monday morning if not sooner in the Yoon Sunday Press and Media whatever the carnage caused in relation to the Old Firm footie match.

    I know many Dons fans are happy to see New Co back in the Scottish Premiership but I am not one of them because the presence of New Co or whatever you want to call them will be another signal for a ritual blood letting and eruption of hate. I will be avoiding Aberdeen when New Co is in the city.

  80. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Forgot link to comment above re oil.

  81. Davy says:

    Shite, pishe, earsewipe and that covers the description of the daily express, they obviously missed the earse kicking Nicola gave Ruthie and the rest of the unionist tractors at yesterdays FM’s question time.

  82. Xaracen says:

    “Independence IS a direct THREAT to Scotand”. Top journalism, there! They can’t even spell Scotland right, what else did they get wrong?

  83. Another Union Dividend says:

    call me dave says:
    Auntie gets SMART with TRAMS history. It’s the way they tell ’em. It was the LibDems/SNP whot done it!

    Complaint sent regarding BBC’s re writing of the history of the Edinburgh Tram fiasco. And here is a short resume of the facts.

    As Mr Milligan knows full well the initial contracts were signed when Labour was in sole control of the council up to 2007 and the scheme was then forced on the new minority SNP government by Tories, Labour and Lib Dems to the determent of SNP plans to dual the A9.

    As recently as 2009 the SNP tried to stop the project.
    This From Edinburgh City Council minutes Full Council 30 April 2009

    SNP Amendment 2
    1) To note that the only political group that had maintained outright opposition
    to the Edinburgh Tram Network was the SNP and that in the minutes of
    the City of Edinburgh Council of 25 October 2007 it was recorded that the
    SNP Group supported the following amendment in its name:
    “1) To reject the Final Business Case (FBC) for trams, agreeing that the
    expenditure required could not be justified for a single tram line from
    Newhaven to Edinburgh Airport.

    2) To note:
    (a) the absence of a detailed breakdown of costs.
    (b) that the full risk report for the project would not be made
    available until after contract close, requiring Councillors to make
    decisions without access to essential information.
    (c) the failure to prove the benefits of the scheme, with inadequate
    detail of what impact the trams would have on the flow of other
    (d) that the public sector was to bear the risk (in whole or in part)
    for detailed design, the cost of utilities’ diversion over-runs and fare-box revenue. (and goes on)

    Voting For amendment 2 – 12 votes (all SNP)
    Against amendment 2 – 45 votes (Labour Tory Lib Dem & Greens)

    The project then continued and the spiralling costs were overseen by TIE whose directors included two Lib Dems, one Tory and one Labour Councillor (No SNP) who were responsible for the day to day project management.

    TIE has disbanded and those responsible will not be held to account for the £500,000 bill facing Edinburgh Council Tax payers.

  84. Cadogan Enright says:

    “the Express’ dismal sales figures mean that not enough people are reading this neverending torrent of inflammatory bile for some deranged lunatic to actually assault Nicola Sturgeon in the street. But if they don’t, it won’t be for lack of the media trying.”

    Trouble is people are influenced by the headlines in every shop they walk into

    Its the opposite of having the National headlines on sale

    Free hate advertising in thousands of shops every day – legitimising run of the mill hatred from the loons who read this stuff in your face while on the street, on the bus and worse

    No one actually has to buy the Express for this to work

    Additionally, it sets the tone for what is acceptable when dealing with SNP in the media, on TV and on Radio and nudges weak Yessers into the sort of nonsense we see on commonspace where people feel they have to say in so many words “well I don’t like the SNP but I do support independence” or use criticism of the SNP to get a ‘leg up’ for their other views in the media

  85. Proud Cybernat says:

    “They can’t even spell Scotland right…”

    If I actually read these rags, or even the snippets above, I might have spotted that…

  86. heedtracker says:

    Duncan Hothersall says read this today, “An extraordinarily prophetic piece from @JournoStephen, from before he was silenced by Scotland’s ruling party.”

    Its a bit mental, even for blue or red toryboys like Dunc or Daisely. Their sales figures should be an indicator of the how and why their grot isn’t selling much but lets not mention it.

    Journalism is a product of the liberal temperament, the desire to know, to understand, to convey, and to enlighten. Journalists disrupt political messaging with inconvenient facts. They are annoying, checking the footnotes while everyone else gets caught up in the sweep of history.

    There is no place for journalism in our post-liberal politics. Journalists must only write “nice” articles about The Cause and their reports must “destroy” The Enemies of the Cause. Journalists must be co-opted into The Cause, funded by The Cause, and operate editorially within its confines. That is called balance. Scrutinising The Cause and other causes, subjecting them to interrogation and analysis — that is called bias.”

    If you don;t vote UKOK toryboy, it’s post-liberal politics, so stop it.

  87. Vambomarbeleye says:

    I agree. R4 is pretty much just another English station. I listened mainly for the shipping forecast but I can get it on line. So why bother. Occasional gardening program or money program is informative. Thank god for calm radio. Life time subscription. Money well spent. Cannot recommend it enough. Dead easy on a I pad but can be done on just about any internet source.

  88. Petra says:

    @ Graeme Borthwick says at 1:57 pm …. ”Nicola is perfectly safe. London knows that if she dies the SNP vote will go thru the roof. They are merely trying to swing the NO voter. The Express is increasingly afraid of Independence for Scotland. The Poms are on the way out.”

    The vote would go through the roof Graeme however my worry is that London / Westminster don’t have any control over thousands of toxic individuals, as in the case of Jo Cox. Some of these people may actually be mentally ill and have little or no control over their actions at all: And if some of the online comments are anything to go by I reckon a large number of them are suffering from some form of psychosis.

    This newspaper, and others, which is sending out subliminal messages should cut this out ASAP. We can see right through them. Others seemingly can not.


    Subliminal: ‘Existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness; insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation but influencing or designed to influence mental processes or behavior.’

  89. CameronB Brodie says:

    Incitement to violence? Perhaps. Symbolic violence? Definatelly. Is this as bad as it will get? Probably not.

    Scotland is an internal colony of England. The British Establishment has spent a lot of effort over three centuries creating a “One Nation” British habitus and are not about to let a rag-tag bunch of porridge-wogs upset the social capital of their privileged position.

    The hybrid word ‘décrit-prescrit’ captures, if only polemically, the naturalising effect of an institutional sector which generates the very categories through which the social world is perceived: this, of course, is a classic Durkheimian point. It is true of course that (as Bourdieu argued forcibly elsewhere) the state, not the media, acts as the formal reference-point for many categories of social existence: academic qualification, working status, married status, adulthood, corporate existence, trading licences (Bourdieu, 1990a: 239-40). Indeed the state in many territories still has direct influence on the economic terms under which the media themselves operate (the most obvious example, paradoxically, being the state-authorised media deregulations from 1990s onwards). But how, on the other hand, do we take account of the media’s own role in constructing the social landscape within which politicians (the agents of the state) understand the world? And how do we assess the fact that media fictions are increasingly part of the public space in which politicians think they must intervene on behalf of the state (Fiske, 1996; Hamburger, 2000)?

    “We need a theory of the concentration of symbolic power in media institutions, seen as a significant dimension of power and mediated social reality in its own right (Melucci, 1996).”



    Social theory (even when most concerned with media: ideological analysis, postmodern theory, systems theory) has failed to clarify how media affect its key concepts. The best starting-point is a modified version of Pierre Bourdieu’s field theory. While analysing media production as a particular field (or sub-fields) is not new, field theory as normally practised is less comfortable with the idea that media representations impact on all social space simultaneously – precisely the issue in understanding media power. The solution is to draw on Bourdieu’s less well known work on symbolic power and the state’s prescriptive authority, drawing an analogy between contemporary media’s social centrality and Bourdieu’s account of the French state’s ‘meta-capital’ across and between all fields. The resulting empirical research agenda is outlined and (in conclusion) a related theoretical issue (how do media affect Bourdieu’s notion of habitus?) is anticipated, which the author intends to treat in a separate article.

  90. Born Optimist says:

    Thank goodness I don’t catch sight of the Express headlines in my peripheral vision when I’m shopping. If I did, there’s a distinct possibility I’d lift the lot and dump them in the nearest rubbish bin.

    On second thoughts, I think in future I’ll pop in the shop early or look on line, get the gist of the rubbish article, then print out and place a correction and links to accurate reporting between pages 2 & 3.

    On further reflection, given the consistent SNP baaad message I guess the same material could be used time and time again so I’ll only have to get out of bed really early just once.

    On yet further reflection, I don’t even have to do that. I’ll just print out some pages from Wings.

  91. manandboy says:

    The owner of the Express is Richard Desmond, the Editor is Hugh Whittow. Responsibility for what is published by the Express rests with these two men. There is no such person as ‘the Express’, and so it is somewhat pointless to address the Express as if it is an individual. Both Desmond and Whittow are delighted not to be mentioned by name in any criticism of what they publish.

    “The Daily Express is a daily national tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom. It is the flagship title of Express Newspapers, a subsidiary of Northern & Shell (which is wholly owned by Richard Desmond). The tabloid was launched in broadsheet format in 1900. In May 2015, it had an average daily circulation (in the UK) of 432,076.[1]

    The Daily Express has become a supporter of UK Independence Party (UKIP),[2][3][4] acting as a financial backer and closely follows the party line.

    Express Newspapers also publishes the Sunday Express (launched in 1918), Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday.”

    There is absolutely no possibility of the Express going under as it’s parent Company, Northern & Shell, is very profitable.

    When you see Express just think UKIP, you can’t go wrong.

  92. Clapper57 says:

    Verbal assassination is a tactic frequently deployed by the hacks . Me think they do protest way too much . I always find it more informative to read in between the lines or better still avoid purchasing propaganda .

    They , like the political parties they represent , have their fingers only on the pulse of corpses and continually try to resuscitate the dead duck non stories disguised very badly as news. However if they continue to pursue fiction over fact then I predict the prognosis for them is a continuing terminal decline in their sales.

    No more the who, what, when, how and why as we now are in the era of the real story being whatever spin you can create dependent on your newspaper’s political persuasion and constitutional position. Fortunately not all of the public are so gullible or as small minded and shallow and some of us challenge and refute the blatant propaganda masking as accurate , factual news.

    Their desperation is clearly evident or why would they be so relentless in this neverendum barrage of destructive, negative, biased fake sensationalism masquerading as news.

    In a civilised culture we could maintain both social media news and MSM as sources of information however it is MSM that has created the seed of doubt in their bias reporting and lack of both quality and accuracy. However the void is being filled by social media with alternate sources of information that welcome freedom of speech with diverse non mainstream ideas being shared and discussed.

    Social media has a dark side too and is not averse to propaganda however if we, who seek independence , choose an alternative option to voice our opinions and obtain alternative sources of news then we should also respect that there are other opinions contrary to ours. The exception of course being those who mirror the MSM fanatical rants and are obvious bigots who troll those with opposite opinions. And we all know a few of them don’t we ……no names mentioned as the list is exhaustive.

    Thanks to people like Stuart Campbell we no longer are subjected to relying on shit stirrers as a source of news or rather their interpretation of the news .

    So let’s give the Express and the other media culprits a collective Great Big Scottish F**k Off ( a phrase as coined by Mr Brotherhood ).

  93. Flower of Scotland says:

    Well done Another Union Dividend@2.35pm!

    Labour have always tried, with the help of the BBC in Scotland, to put all the blame from the Edinburgh tram “fiasco” onto the shoulders of the SNP.

    What a shower of “shysters” the Labour Council are in Edinburgh.

  94. Desimond says:

    To gus1940

    You know how Labour love blind self glorification.
    Applies all the way from Council ( latest coin toss issue in Glasgow is a cracker!) all the way to Govt sadly

  95. Cuilean says:

    There’s going to be a second Indy ref and we are going to win by a landslide.

  96. galamcennalath says:

    manandboy says:

    “The owner of the Express is Richard Desmond, the Editor is Hugh Whittow. ….. When you see Express just think UKIP, you can’t go wrong..”

    Express and UKIP. Makes you wonder, which is the dog and which is the tail?

  97. shug says:

    I wonder what it is like to work in the Daily Express/Mail and be responsible for producing such toxic material.

    Wonder what they will feel like when some nut job takes a pop at Nicola

  98. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    manandboy at 3.05

    Richard Desmond who owns the Express of course made his money in porn and still owns a porn TV channel. By all accounts of those who know he is very unattractive and bullying person.

    Most of the old dears who purchase his joke of a paper would be appalled if they knew of the porn.

  99. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    heedtracker @ 2:51pm

    Hothersall’s comment is surely libellous as both STV & SG said this wasn’t the case?

    Daisley didn’t comment if I remember rightly.

    Usual BLiS trying to rewrite some more recent history methinks.

    Unless Dunc want’s called out so he too can play the pretend martyr??

  100. Dan Huil says:

    Britnat media are punch drunk with their hysterical hatred towards pro-indy parties and supporters. Britnat newspaper headlines drip with the drool of incoherent madness.

  101. galamcennalath says:

    Cuilean says:

    “There’s going to be a second Indy ref and we are going to win by a landslide.”

    That is certainly what SHOULD happen in this ‘perfect storm’! Given …

    – Tories without mandate
    – EVEL
    – Trident
    – Brexit
    – lack of democratic representation
    – reneged promises
    – lies told
    – England on a very right wing course
    – nasty forces of the Union

    … however, we have a lot of work to do to get our own supporters to turn out and to get through to the ‘soft middle’ allowing them to see the light!

    Hope you are right!

  102. twathater says:

    I got a letter from my cockateil, telling me that she would report me to the SPCA if I dared to put anything relating to the express or the dm in the bottom of her cage , as neither of these rags were even worth shitin on

  103. scunner says:

    I guess we Wingers are hardened to the loony ravings of this poor excuse for a newspaper.

    Seeing them all together like that you could conclude that they can’t be real, must be a parody – so batshit mental that the Rev must be making them up. If only.

    Surely nobody can be reading this paper and taking it seriously.

    I agree with Shug: Fuel for bamsticks.

  104. shug says:

    Do you think the many Asian shopkeepers selling newspapers notice the Express and their Crusader logo

    just asking

  105. Les Wilson says:

    With Indy2 in the pipeline, with the tonnage of SNP Baad spurting out of the usual Yoony press and media could we not start something back.

    Like “This UNION is BAAAD!
    For our health, wealth, and well being. Repeat, repeat,repeat………………Bottom of texts, emails……

    Social media would be the place, plus posters, placards etc etc.
    Maybe something like that would sink into the undecided.

  106. Tom Garrett says:

    Just left my newsagents 5 minutes ago according to the SDE apparently there is another STORM brewing about Police Scotland today! On a happier note glad to see piles and piles of the SDE remaining on the newsagents paper racks along with with other English ‘Scottish’ rags!

  107. Proud Cybernat says:

    BBC Misreporting Scotland…

    Please join the campaign to inform the people of Scotland of the BBC in Scotland’s bias:

    Peep the Beeb campaign is slowly getting there but it needs Wingers help. Please help if you can.

    Many, many thanks to all who have thus far contributed to help rid our country of the BBC afront to our democracy.

  108. yesindyref2 says:

    It could be a good idea when talking to people to point out that the owner of the Express also owns the Star. Most people know what THAT is.

    Yeah, I’ve talked to a few people who obviously have the Express as their daily diet. It’s wise just to change the subject. Sadly some of these are really nice people otherwise, but rabid against the SNP and Sturgeon. And the EU.

  109. Luigi says:

    Muslim clerics inciting hatred: “Bad, threat to our society, blah blah”.

    Newspaper editors inciting hatred: “Defending the union. What’s the problem?”.

    BritNat Fascists inciting hatred: “Oh look, a squirrel!”.

    British justice, in the eye of the beholder.

  110. Robert Peffers says:

    @Quentin Quale says: 9 September, 2016 at 11:48 am:

    “Do I smell fear in the air?,”

    Well, Quentin, if you are only just beginning to smell their fear now, I suggest you buy yourself a good decongestant.

    Perhaps what you now beginning to smell is the potent mixture of sheer terror and the pure shite the Yoon Goons are throwing about like a troop of demented chimpanzees.

  111. Dr Jim says:

    ………….. The Daily Wing ……………

    Daily Express blasted for lies and stand accused of misreporting by the majority of Scottish people for “Vicious” lies aimed at destabilising democracy in Scotland

    Today the electorate of Scotland “Slammed” the Daily Express for it’s constant “Barrage” of “Abuse” aimed directly at First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and “Condemned” utterly the “Inflammatory” language employed by the “Failing Newspaper” in it’s efforts to “Incite” “Attacks” on the First Minister

    Previously in the 2014 Scottish referendum such an “Attack” was mounted on the then First Minister Alex Salmond in which an attempt was made on his life but was thwarted by police protection officers

    Death threats have been made against the current First Minister of Scotland and the people of Scotland “Accuse” The Daily Express and other newspapers of “Inciting” this behaviour

    The newspaper watchdog is aware of these complaints but so far has refused to take action against these newspapers which in the wake of the murder of MP Jo Cox in similar circumstances in England was roundly condemned by all politicians of every party and all newspapers but it would seem to the people of Scotland when it comes to the democratically elected and most popular political party in the UK the SNP and it’s leader Nicola Sturgeon, the same rules and courtesies do not apply

    “A nation awaits an explanation”

  112. Taranaich says:

    @Doug Daniel: There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that if you banned the likes of the Daily Mail and the Daily Express from being able to publish their extremist rhetoric, there would be massive changes in society’s attitudes to certain things. At the very least, folk wouldn’t feel comfortable espousing such views aloud.

    This is normalisation. When people see newspapers using words and phrases of such hatred and violence, then it suggests those words and phrases are acceptable. It’s how immigrants, the unemployed, the disabled, and even politicians are victimised, pilloried – and in too many cases, murdered.

    Not that the newspapers accept any responsibility for this, of course.

    @gordoz: On the bright side, it tends to be only loyalist grannies, grandads and ‘ultrasbritscots’ that remain faithful to this distasteful rag; so another reason for sales going down rapidly.

    I know what you mean by “bright side,” gordoz, but the idea that so many in the older generation are so twisted and hateful isn’t much of a happy thought to me. Consider how many of these older people phone in to Call Kaye, spluttering this horrendous bile – based on, what, lurid headlines from supposed journalists? It’s despicable what these creatures have done to our people.

    Aye, Scotland will be independent some time in the future – but I can’t take much solace if it only comes by essentially outliving the BritNat generation. There’s something in me that utterly resents the idea that so many of our people will go to their graves believing everything we’re fighting for is a lie at best, and evil at worst – and that their vote in 2014 “saved” Scotland for their grandchildren.

  113. Robert Peffers says:

    @Bob Mack says: 9 September, 2016 at 11:53 am:

    ” … The detachment allows them to vent their spleen openly and without censorship.”

    Ah! But there is censorship, Bob, and their ever shrinking readership proves it is highly effective. These people are not just going through a bad patch the readership graph shows it has been in freefall for decades.

  114. Proud Cybernat says:

    Just shocking…

  115. manandboy says:

    Ready to Rumble could easily have been the headline to this piece by the BBC’s James Naughtie as he anticipates the first ever league game between Celtic and TRFC, or Sevco as they are fondly known.

    Naughtie presents the naughty view of Scottish Football History since 2012 as one might expect, but the Unionist view of anything in Scotland these days is painted with a sinister hue because so much else is at stake, with football the least of it. And so it is with Naughtie’s piece today.
    Ready to rumble?, Aye, SNP Ready.

  116. heedtracker says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker says:
    9 September, 2016 at 3:28 pm
    heedtracker @ 2:51pm

    Hothersall’s comment is surely libellous as both STV & SG said this wasn’t the case?

    Doubt anyone really cares what Hothersall thinks, says, does, wears eats etc. Him and his merry band of red tory yoons have more or less ended SLab right to rein over us for good. Even their red tory fury at JC’s probably been just the boost he needs. The world always changes and you always get the old and the mad raging at it all.

  117. Ken500 says:

    The Press doing itself out of a job. Will they ever learn? People will not buy into their hatefest of ridiculous nonsense. Nonentities hiding behind their hatefest. Tax evading non dom, cowardly owners. For some totally, greedy, despicable people enough is never enough. The public have had enough of it. Readership nought 6% and falling.

    Adored Nicola just gets on with the job. She is fit for it.

  118. orri says:

    Compare and contrast,
    EXCLUSIVE: Sturgeon shows ‘signs of someone ready for a FIGHT’, says body language expert
    Nicola Sturgeon shows ‘signs of someone gunning for a FIGHT’, says body language expert

    As it now stands.

    Not content with the ambiguity of the headline which actually reflects that Sturgeon is prepared to do battle if attacked they have to go a step further and imply she will actually be the instigator. The ridiculous thing being that that’s clearly not what the expert said.

    Add to that there’s an obvious bias in some of what it’s reported he’s said. Sturgeon’s body language in two pictures is of one someone in a position of authority. Yet the analysis purportedly includes words such as playing and attempting.

  119. mike cassidy says:

    Just thinking –

    Yeah, I should know better –

    If it is the case that the bulk of the readership is elderly, then they must be a serious bunch of bluerinse neds if this is what’s turning them on at the breakfast table.

    Talk about raging at the dying of the light.

  120. Ken500 says:

    Desmond gave Farage £1,300,000+ That was a total waste. The crook Farague was illegally funding his Party with public money for years. The greedy low lives trying to buying up the Press, so they can tax evade and pilfer public money. Farague now out in the wilderness. After trying to ruin the world economy. He needs alcoholic counselling. Alcoholics make poor decisions.

  121. James Westland says:

    LOL. Trying to portray NS as some sort of Begbie

    “So ah squares up, casual like….”

  122. heedtracker says:

    Naughtie’s piece today.
    Ready to rumble?, Aye, SNP Ready.

    That was a shock to listen to, a wealthy portly little man getting very excited at just the prospect of large scale football violence on the streets of Glasgow. But this is what the BBC has come to now. Their masks have all been thrown away and its sneery creepy Britnat toryboy BBC Scotland, from now til they do get kicked out.

    They used to broadcast the on pitch riots live, in loving detail, with commentary but its not much fun if you’re caught in it. None of that matters to hard to core tory gimps like Naughty ofcourse. More Scottish street violence the better.

    Or will BBC r4 reprobates report on Monday that there was no violence? Its probably up to the police now, who will get no BBC credit from Naughty. Its interesting how he never spoke to the cops, in his little paean to mayhem in Glasgow.

  123. The Isolator says:

    Re the Tram’s fiasco…there will be a few Labour,Tory,Lib Dem and Green politicians doing some serious porridge at the end of this hopefully.

    TIE was organised crime..nothing more nothing less.

  124. Molly says:


    On the theme of the BBC can anyone explain to me why Question Time last night was turned over to the Labour Leadership contest?

    Regardless whether it is Labour , the SNP or the Tories should the license fee really be used for a Leadership contest?

    Surely if I want to hear the two ( of any party) I can go find out for myself?

    Then another debate ( on the debate) at lunchtime with Andrew Neil.

    When did the public start paying for Labour Party debates?

  125. CameronB Brodie says:

    I imagine it would be next to impossible to prove that ‘demented from Red Morningside’ had managed to influence anyone’s opinion.

    P.S. I have managed to cultivate an ongoing discussion with the Scottish Human Rights Commission re. the people of Scotland’s “Right to Development”. I’ll keep you all updated.

    Your’s Concerned Edinburgh 😉

  126. Gary45% says:

    Anyone else having problems with EE? Wanadoo email?

  127. heedtracker says:

    CameronB Brodie says:
    9 September, 2016 at 4:56 pm
    I imagine it would be next to impossible to prove that ‘demented from Red Morningside’ had managed to influence anyone’s opinion.

    Its their whole hyper tone, anger, entitlement, high horse buffoonery, wildly exaggerated bullshit over how bad the SNP are, that’s probably not er, found its natural home in their Scotland region.

    Me no expert but it looks the whole of the SNP have gone the opposite, as in just let them furiously get on with it, all as they swill furiously down the pooper. Its also probably the Express and co are so furious. They’re a laughing stock and they know it but they can’t stop and they go even madder when they hear it online. Its probably why that Roden delight of toryboy goodness got out of it all, and into SLab, leaping from one sinking ship onto another ship that’s not sinking as fast.

  128. Legerwood says:

    A few weeks ago the Rev posted an article illustrated with a collage of front pages from the Daily Express – about 40 or so if I remember correctly – all with screaming headlines about migrants and benefits/houses/jobs etc.

    Designed to stir up hatred.

    Now Scientists For the EU are using the same type of collage to show how fears about migrants were whipped up by the press.

    It is going the rounds just now on Facebook. It may be they got the idea here maybe not but it does show that we are not the only ones aware of what the Express and it’s ilk are up to.

  129. Dr Jim says:

    The Britnat media don’t attack Patrick Harvie yet he stands for the same Independence as the FM or is Patricks Independence another different kind or…

    Do they not fear him enough

  130. K1 says:

    My ain mother partakes of this hate rag daily…an otherwise intelligent woman speaks fluent bile about the SNP accordingly…and she thinks she’s ‘not influenced’ by newspapers…funny if it wisnae so tragic.

  131. Proud Cybernat says:

    When the telly’s rotten…

  132. Valerie says:

    It’s good we have the Rev collating and highlighting this treacherous shit.

    Can you imagine any Tory getting this treatment? And we have to suffer Tank Straddler laughing in Holyrood about racist comments? One huge fecking joke, violent language and racist comment.

    I never had had much time for Davidson, but now I’m using energy despising her, and those bigoted sidekicks like Murdo.

    I want to ignore them and get on with sharing my vision of a future Scotland in Europe, and they are like a bunch of mindless, hatemongering thugs tripping us up.

    They are filth, along with these printed toilet papers.

  133. kat hamilton says:

    time the sg confronted the express at its headquarters to ask what gives…at the very least the bully would be confronted and thats whats needed…indy 2 must address the oldies question and have talks, meetings, discussion at lunch clubs, old folks homes, church meetings, coffee shops to challenge the unionist script and dismantle the lies…if the pensions, bus passes, benefits they received were diminished or lessened that would get them thinking twice..fraid its self interest with them, no thought for what’ll be left for their grandchildren…

  134. Marcia says:

    Lollysmum 12.33

    I would love to have seen the face on your neighbour. She no doubt fled to her day bed worrying if the house prices would be effected. ?

  135. CameronB Brodie says:

    Har me hearty, you have correctly identified one of the key characteristics of the scurvy bilge-rat, their innate ability to sense the need to jump a sinking ship. Fortunately for good health of Scotland’s body politic and civil society in general, this survival instinct is rendered useless when all their potential nesting sites are holed below the waterline (see BLiS and the Dead Tree Scrolls).

  136. Stoker says:

    Hi Molly (@ 4:52pm)

    You get what you pay for i’m afraid. Stop watching, don’t pay them.
    It really is that simple. Starve the beast!

  137. Stoker says:

    K1 (@ 5:13pm)

    Just a wee thought, have you considered showing your mother this?

  138. Proud Cybernat says:

    Keeping up…

  139. Ken500 says:

    Naughtie is years out of touch. A dinosaur not living with the times. A relic from the past.

  140. heedtracker says:

    CameronB Brodie says:
    9 September, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    Toryboy Roden leaves the Daily Heil for the SLabour party does not compute. Unless he’s seen the future and its the dole, for assorted UKOK hackdom in Scotland. Its a good incentive to get stuck in Express style, get the SNP out or you’re fired, ed.

    Roden will probably do his time at SLab as they drift around chasing their tales, then get the great prize in UKOK hackdom, a job at the BBC.

  141. ScottishPsyche says:

    From Labourhame

    I liked this quote: ‘Labour sits in the corner with its calculator, Scotland’s least popular accountant, and recommends that a couple stay married because, on balance, it would be beneficial for tax purposes to do so.’

    The bean counters for me were the least persuasive advocates of the Union yet as the writer shows they were given the greatest voice. If ever there was a reason to leave it would be because of people like Alistair Darling and K H who lack the vision and wit to see there is more to life than counting beans.

  142. CameronB Brodie says:

    Proud Cybernat
    Top class “culture jacking” @ 5:33pm and in real-time. Now that’s impressive. 😉

  143. Molly says:

    Aye true Stoker and I’ve tried to get my better half not to pay it but he’s now on telly alert. The minute I appear he quickly turns it over .

    I think he’s waiting in vain on that Catriona Shearer to return !

  144. Gary45% says:

    Thought about walking into my local supermarket and picking up every Express and Heil and sticking them beside the bog rolls. I suppose it would be unfair on the staff, because as mentioned earlier there seems to be plenty of them unsold.
    I take it the News of the World staff now work for these yoon papers going by their quality of journalism.
    Indy Ref 2.
    Aye its coming.

  145. TheItalianJob says:

    At Ken500 @5.39pm

    Spot on ref A Neil. Well past his sell by date like Dimbelby. But we have no say in their employment although we the public pay their wages.

    That why I have advocated for years the BBC should be privatised.

  146. Robert Peffers says:

    @Proud Cybernat says: 9 September, 2016 at 12:53 pm:

    £“I’m really more amused by the demented ranting about Ruth Davidson and the “resurgence” of the Tory party – up to 20%.”

    Are not percentage figures wonderful things? Here’s a fact for you.

    If any one of the unionist parties in Scotland were to get just one more elected MP from Scotland to Westminster during the next Westminster election their percentage of Scottish MPs at Westminster would shoot up by an extra 100%.

    So a Scottish Tory increase in support by 20% rather depends upon what their support was before that 20% increase in membership was.

  147. galamcennalath says:

    TheItalianJob says:

    “That why I have advocated for years the BBC should be privatised.”

    My first reaction was to say, bad idea. I never thought things like water, power, rail should have been privatised.

    But, the way the BBC acts, it might was well be like ITV/STV. Its charter, its own rules and mission statements are being totally ignored. Public service, it is not.

    Still, we will get a chance to start afresh in Scotland soon enough. 🙂

  148. frogesque says:

    @ Proud Cybernat 5.33

    Ooohh! You are naughty! A certain lady might be choking on her tea right now lol.

  149. K1 says:

    Stoker, she literally will not read any other information as she feels she ‘knows’ what the ‘truth’ is. Ah found it very difficult during indyref1 and was really quite shattered by the ofttimes ludicrous assertions regarding SNP being ‘fascists’ interchangeable with ‘communists’ narrative that she was versed in. I had no idea pre ref that she even held such extreme views.

    Knocking on the door of that closed mind cast our relationship into the abyss…she turned on me personally…that’s how powerful the indoctrination is. She is fluent in the language of the frightened. Wilfully ignorant and proud is a difficult barrier to cross in terms of political discourse…the vehemence was the ‘shattering’ part. End.

  150. Glamaig says:

    proud cybernat at 12.53

    I think people are more likely to vote for someone they perceive as successful, so there may be method in their madness, in trying to portray Ruth the Mooth as successful, and the SNP as the opposite (hence all the ‘kick in the teeth’ and ‘blow for Sturgeon’ pish.

    All part of the propaganda campaign.

  151. heedtracker says:

    That why I have advocated for years the BBC should be privatised.

    Sell it for a quid. Then they can piss away the current £4bn we have to pay on a Westminster rebuild. Be fun to watch super stars like Eddie Mair demanding his £450k plus expenses, from likes of Rupert Murdoch.

    Imagine the whining. I really am worth 20-30 junior doctors, my listeners love me, I helped save your fcuking union, I am the greatest broadcaster since Jim Naughty, who’s also worth more than 30-40 nurses.

  152. K1 says:

    Oh and Stoker, the Express ‘is’ the paper she buys daily, reads cover to cover…and thinks cause she reads the Evening Times and the Daily Mail that she is ‘well informed’ as she reads a ‘variety’ of ‘different’ papers. Sigh.

  153. Glamaig says:

    Lollysmum at 12.33

    Thats hilarious! Sadly no-one seems surprised that I’m in the SNP 🙁

    I hope you get to know them well and gradually sow seeds of doubt, will be an interesting experiment.

  154. cearc says:


    Well that’s your invitation to the Conservative Coffee Morning, buggered! Still, good of Proud Cybernat to illustrate it for you.

    Glad you’ve managed the moving thing sucessfully.

  155. Glamaig says:

    @Dr Jim 5.11

    They maybe dont attack the greens because they’re useful for splitting the Indy vote…

  156. Cactus says:

    How you doing Friday night?

    Let’s get, Let’s get.. (Popular dance music)

    T-minus nine days to go until the great gig on Glasgow Green.. be there, or in Freedom Square the previous day, or both!

    Y’all ready for this?

  157. SNPsoosie says:

    Joan Sturgeon will have to change her memoirs when she pens them, given the Express think she was Mayor of North Ayrshire rather than Provost

    The Express is a used piece of toilet paper in the septic tank of yoonery – I should know, my parents read it (nuff said)

  158. Cactus says:


  159. Col says:

    No Nationals on sale in sainsburys today, is this company policy or due to having run out?
    Still undecided over the national btw before I kick off that debate again.

  160. Stoker says:

    K1, If i didn’t know any better i’d swear you were writing about someone who was very close to me. If i ever get to meet you in person i’ll elaborate further. Thanks for sharing! Stay safe! 😉

  161. Stoker says:

    @ Lollysmum

    Oor Proud Cybernat has done a wee tribute for you.
    Welcome to scotland and your adopted borderland home.
    Other than the neighbours, hope you’re settling in well.
    (my laugh of the day -LMAO)

  162. Andy-B says:

    I don’t know anyone who buys that pathetic rag of a newspaper.

  163. Iain says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ll be striving for Scottish independence as long as I live. Can anyone imagine giving up and letting the yoons win and staying in the English empire. No sane Scot will ever get back in his box again, their empire is crumbling and their propaganda does not work.
    Their control is diminishing daily and all they can do is keep spouting the same old pish. The old medicine does not seem to be working any more. If we don’t win this referendum, we will keep on fighting till we win. We are never,never going to give up. They might as well chuck it now because we are going nowhere, but independent. Scotland is worth fighting for.

  164. Lollysmum says:

    Proud Cybernat @ 5.33pm
    Yup-something like that except that I couldn’t stop myself from laughing

    Marcia @ 5.19pm
    Don’t know about retiring to the daybed but she did give me a huge scented geranium that her husband had attacked/fallen over whilst she was out.

    So far they’ve been lovely & couldn’t have been more helpful if they’d tried but it’s just that ……well erm they don’t think like me-they are tories 🙂

    Interesting times ahead- wonder what they’ll say when I put a flagpole up for a saltire or two?

  165. scotspine says:

    Stoker & K1

    Mirror image of my 70 year old dad. He believes we are Nazis. He reads The “north british” Express and The Mail. Its pitiful.

  166. call me dave says:

    More of our own shortbread for digesting: Em! No thanks.

    Minister calls for BBC Scotland to get ‘fairer’ share of licence fee

  167. Lollysmum says:

    Proud cybernat, Stoker, Glamaig, cearc & anyone I’ve missed-thanks for the comments & I’ve bookmarked your contribution PC. Great to feel that I’m living in Scotland at last.

    Funnily enough Morag said ‘great spot for flying a flag’ when she saw the house. Just imagine the neighbours having to drive past it every day (it’s a dead end lane) or walking the dog several times a day-they couldn’t avoid it 🙂

  168. Tinto Chiel says:

    Lollysmum: can I recommend a larger flagpole, to take not only a saltire but a Catalonia flag, an EU and a personal favourite of mine, the Trinacria of Sicily?

    When we had the big march through Embra in 2013, I remember the Sicilians who came a long way to march with us. They are treated with similar contempt/condescension/hatred to us from some Northern Italians.

    I’m going to open a book and fully expect you to cause psychiatric meltdown in your neighbours within six months.

    So many mind games, so little time.



  169. yesindyref2 says:

    Mmm, Ch5 “The cars that made Britian Great”.

    Where are they now?

  170. sinky says:

    Its time we pointed out that the most vitriolic opponents of indy / snp are the English newspapers which influence some incomers and most north britons.
    To be fair the Scotsman and Herald are not given to the same hysterical headlines and 100% bias as their southern neighbours. Cant speak for Courier or Press and Journal.
    Same goes for the BBC Scotland despite their selective news agenda and STV whereas the London broadcasters are 100% anti Scotland. Border TV is a disgrace and last time I was in Galloway we could only get Ulster TV and yet another reason broadcasting should be devolved.

  171. One_Scot says:

    I’m no expert, but I would say Nicola has got them crapping themselves.

    The more rabid and insane the Yoons become, the closer Independence is.

    The clock is definitely ticking, and their desperation shows that they clearly know it.

  172. Dr Jim says:

    Robin Kermode has no qualifications in anything, he is an actor and public speaking coach for such lumineries as (Stewart Regan Football Person) he is involved in an organisation “helping” schools with public speaking, he sells books on the subject (jings) and last but not least, wait for it, is sponsored by among others Robert Peston, and I think we all know who that is

    They do dig up some Arsholes to talk pretendy shite and hope folk believe it, anybody who has any experience of this (more art than science) discipline knows it’s subjective and to make assertions from a photograph wouldn’t risk their professional name on it, ergo, Ye cannae get a pro tae dae it, so ye get a nobody and pay him, or of course a Diddy mate

    If the Express would like to contact me for exposing the unqualified nonsense written in their rag I will gladly let them examine my own credentials in this field, even though I’m not a pal of Robert Peston or even know him at all

    Is that a requirement?

  173. Glamaig says:

    TintoChiel 7.45

    thats a great flag! I like interesting flags. Its the same symbol as the Isle of Man. I really enjoyed my visit to the IoM, just their own flag and not a UJ in sight… and they teach their kids at least some Manx Gaelic in the schools.

  174. Lollysmum says:

    Tinto Chiel
    That’s not a bad idea-space for more flags.

    As to your last suggestion of causing psychiatric meltdown within 6 months, I’ll do my very best

  175. One_Scot says:

    He reads The “north british” Express and The Mail. Its pitiful.

    It’s funny, but I think the older people who read these rags are happy to be fed the crap they produce, and don’t care if it’s true or not, and no amount of trying to show them the light will change their way.

    I know, I’ve see it with my own eyes. The older generation destroying their grandchildren’s future, sad but true.

  176. ronnie anderson says:


    Mitch Kilbride
    33 mins · Glasgow


    Jim Murphy, former Labour leader in Scotland, used this salutation when he met Sean Clerkin of the Scottish Resistance.
    This was revealed at Glasgow Sheriff Court by 29 year old David Ross, Director of Policy for the Labour party in Scotland. His address was given as C/o Police Scotland.
    He said:”When Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale arrive there is always a ‘media scrum’ and the Press always want to get Jim and Sean together. It was then Jim made the good morning nice to see you gesture.
    The witness agreed under cross examination the Press loved confrontation and in the media scrum he heard shouts of “you are a red tory”. He identified Sean Clerkin and Piers Doughty-Brown – the accused – as he had met them before and knew them. Both deny a breach of the peace on May 16 last year at the Labour HQ in Glasgow when Murphy announced his resignation.
    David Groundwater (35), Scottish Organiser of the Labour Party referring to another alleged breach of the peace on April 1, last year when Ed Balls was speaking at a rally in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.
    Under cross examination the witness said:” When Clerkin fell twice he was not pushed.”
    John Flanagan defending Clerkin suggested his client was pushed and showed several videos taken at the time.
    Labour party officials who all gave evidence and had their addresses given as C/o Police Scotland claimed there was a strong smell of alcohol surrounding both accused.
    This was not corroborated by two police witnesses, WPC Alison McLeod and PC Scott Kilpatrick who said:”There was no smell of alcohol.”
    Sean Clerkin giving evidence told how he lived within the East Renfrewshire Constituency and tried to see Jim Murphy – then his Westminster MP – on three or four occasions in Barrhead.
    He said:”He was never there at his surgery as advertised. I was entitled as a Trade Union Member affiliated to the Labour Party to be present at that meeting. I wanted a free discussion with Murphy – they shouldn’t be in a protective bubble.
    “I was always polite. On this occasion it was no secret Mr Murphy was attending the Labour HQ and we were chanting ‘We want Murphy to stay’ it was a joke a sense or irony.
    “When he got out the car Murphy offered to shake hands with me. I refused.
    “There was a media scrum pushing and jostling for position. It was a peaceful non violent protest at the NEC meeting. No shouting or abusive language inside and we informed them we were staging a protest.
    “We were not drinking alcohol that day as we went for a coffee before attending the HQ outside the building. A month after this event I was charged with a breach of the peace” he added.
    The case was continued until next month.
    A spokesperson for the Scottish Resistance pointed out after today’s evidence Mr Clerkin “had been expelled from their group following complaints.”

    Continuation 3rd Oct stay tuned.

  177. Jockanese Wind Talker says:


    Agreed Dunc opens his mooth and lets his belly rumble.

    My point is when will someone hit them (the Yoons) where it hurts them, in their pocket?

    Call them out, take ’em to court and punish them!

    As for Proud Cybernat if you like his style help give more power to his elbow.

  178. Jockanese Wind Talker says:


    I see Tinto Chiel @ 19:45pms Saltire, Catalan flag, EU flag and Trinacria of Sicily.

    and raise you:

    A Wings over Scotland Flag

    Although they’ll probably call the anti-terrorist polis to your door.

  179. Rock says:

    “Still, readers could probably understand if the FM did feel like she needed to pack a cosh and a knuckleduster in her handbag. Never mind walking down dark alleys late at night in sketchy parts of town – it sounds like there are some people right there at her press conferences who really, really hate her and fantasise on an almost daily business about people doing her harm.”

    If there is one person the UK establishment would want to get rid off more than the FM, it is the Rev. Stuart Campbell.

    For the sake of Scotland, don’t go climbing mountains or for walks in the forest.

  180. Peter Clive says:

    We need to deal with this endemic culture of broken shrill masculinity

  181. Ken500 says:

    Leave the National and other papers with appropriate reports around at your relatives house. Or any printed out or copied out relevant wings articles. Say nothing. They might start to read them, if they have time on their hands.

    Some folk are trawn and don’t what to admit they are wrong, to save face. They can come round if they get more information and believe it is their choice. It does work. Get’s them thinking. Simple persuasion. No hassle.

  182. Stoker says:

    Rock, see the wee tribute i’ve dedicated to the Rev over in O/T 😉

    Related to this threads main topic:

    This is our hypocrisy meter

  183. Ken500 says:

    It is unbelievable the number of innocent people the police try to put in cells for no reason. An absolute scandal. The people get released and the charges are dropped. It must be costing the public purse a fortune. 50% of charges ands arrests never come to court and are dropped. The criminal justice system has to bear the cost.

    The Police trying to criminal use those with additional needs etc because of lack of training etc. Members of totally law biding families are spending time in the cells and traumatised for absolutely no purpose. Like a Police State. Then the Police have not time and don’t come out for real trouble. Some times folk wonde who are the criminal. It must be to put up the arrest rate. Proper support and counselling. Would be more appropriate. The Police might get a week end off and save a waste ofpublic funding.

  184. Another Union Dividend says:

    @ sinky says: @ 8.07

    Agree that English based papers and commentators are much worse than the Scottish North Britons but who the F edits the Scotsman letters pages which are just Daily Mail / Express rants by the usual suspects with no attempt at balance.

    very O/T Those of you including Rev Stu. Campbell who are interested in Scottish football but not obsessed with the so called old firm (involving one team with only four years of history) should check a new online football publication NUTMEG with contributions from Stuart Cosgrove.

  185. Tinto Chiel says:

    Glamaig, Lollysmum, JWT.

    Great thoughts re flags/Yoon meltdown. We need much more Yoon meltdown.

    Rank Badyin, me! Fairy Nuff!

  186. dakk says:


    Welcome to Scotland Lolliesmum.

    We’re proud of you.Maybe better check the huge geranium they gifted you isn’t a triffid or some such.


    ‘ The older generation destroying their grandchildren’s future, sad but true ‘

    I think it quite normal/common that as people near the end of their life some become resentful and bitter that it’s almost over,so become a bit twisted.

    I even fear that fate awaits me.

    If the people of Scotland finally deliver my lifelong dream of Independence just as I am about to peg out,I can imagine I will be fucking furious I won’t be around to enjoy it.

    I have this recurring image of me doing a drive-by slurry spraying of young Indy revellers from my mobility scooter the day after a successful Indy ref.

    Probably just that I’m not a very nice person,but I fear that might be how I’d feel.

  187. Petra says:

    Another good one from WGD: ‘Friends in high places.’

    …. ”You can see why UKIP and the Tory right isn’t happy that he’s (Guy Verhofstadt) been appointed as the EU Parliament’s chief negotiator on Brexit. Scotland’s got friends in high places, and one friend in particular who is deeply sympathetic to Scotland’s desire to remain in the EU and deeply antipathetic to the Tories’ Brexit project. That’s got to hurt.” ……..

    ”In fact since the Brexit vote even figures at the highest level of the Spanish government, which is no fan of separatist movements, have changed their tune and have been speaking considerably more sympathetically about the possibility of Scottish independence. Just a few weeks ago the Spanish foreign minister, José Manuel García-Margallo said that he expected that within four to five years the UK would return to England’s 16th century borders as a result of Brexit. He said that’s what happens when a ruling party falls under the influence of political extremists like UKIP, and he expected Scotland to seek another independence referendum as a consequence.”….

    ”But the point remains that Scotland has friends and allies at the very highest levels of the EU, and the next time we go into an independence referendum it’s going to be a whole lot harder for the Unionist parties to argue that if Scotland votes for independence it’s going to be thrown out of the EU and sent to the back of the queue. Mind you, that won’t stop them from saying that, the difference is that there won’t be figures like Barosso making statements favourable to the UK’s position, because if an EU representative makes statements favourable to the UK’s position, then by definition they’ll be making statements detrimental to the EU’s bargaining position. That puts Scotland in a very strong place.

    Some people in this country still prefer to believe that Scotland is friendless and isolated, and that we must throw ourselves on the tender mercies of Theresa May and her right wing cabal in Westminster. The truth is that Scotland has more friends in Europe than Westminster does.”

  188. Rock says:


    “Rock, see the wee tribute i’ve dedicated to the Rev over in O/T ?”

    Couldn’t find it. Posted on what date?

  189. call me dave says:

    Enda Kenny: United Ireland must remain a possibility after Brexit vote

  190. Petra says:

    @ dakk says at 9:18 pm … @One_Scot – ‘The older generation destroying their grandchildren’s future, sad but true. ‘

    I think it quite normal/common that as people near the end of their life some become resentful and bitter that it’s almost over, so become a bit twisted. I even fear that fate awaits me. If the people of Scotland finally deliver my lifelong dream of Independence just as I am about to peg out, I can imagine I will be fucking furious I won’t be around to enjoy it. I have this recurring image of me doing a drive-by slurry spraying of young Indy revellers from my mobility scooter the day after a successful Indy ref. Probably just that I’m not a very nice person, but I fear that might be how I’d feel.”

    Dakk you hang on in there. We’ll all, including you, be dancing in the streets on Independence Day – 2018 / latest January 2019. Screaming our heads off and crying like babies. Scotland will erupt and it’ll be tata bella to the whole kit and caboodle of Unionist liars and manipulators from politicians to journalists.

    Alex Salmond has stated on RT that polling shows that we are at 59% now (in June) and 75% of younger voters support Independence. These youngsters will be picking up information from all over the Internet, in particular from here, and passing it around … maybe even talking to and converting granny and grandpa.

    Economists and astrologers reckon that ‘ye old broke Westminster’ (which likes to project / stick this ‘black hole’ label onto us) will implode soon. As per astrologers around next Easter.

    We’ve (ancestors and us) waited for this for over 300 years now. Another two to go and it’s all over for the Union. Halleluja.

  191. Stoker says:

    Rock, sorry for delay, i’m preoccupied with trawling the archives.
    Here it is:

    A wee fanfare for the Rev


  192. Grouse Beater says:

    Dakk: “If the people of Scotland finally deliver my lifelong dream of Independence just as I am about to peg out, I’ll be fucking furious I won’t be around to enjoy it.”

    This one was written for people exactly like you:

  193. dakk says:

    @ Petra
    ‘Dakk you hang on in there. We’ll all, including you, be dancing in the streets on Independence Day – 2018 / latest January 2019.’

    Here’s hoping.I didn’t know about the Alex Salmon RT statement on polling.Great news.

    That might explain the heightened hate and anger from Yoons.

    I’ll try erase the drive-by from my thoughts for the moment 🙂

  194. Onwards says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker says:
    9 September, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    “More bad news for Scotland (doubt it’ll be reported on BBC).

    ‘Very Significant’ Oil Discovery on UKCS (Block 205/21a).

    “significantly greater than the 200 million barrels”

    “further underlines the potential of the fractured basement West of Shetland”

    It will be in the Daily Express tomorrow..

    “MONSTER oil field found in Scottish Waters.. GAME-CHANGER as first fractured basement prospect is a GUSHER.”

    “HUGE 620 metre oil column with BILLION BARREL POTENTIAL- And there are similar structures all around..”

    “HUMILIATION for Scots as they failed to capitalise on their natural resources”

  195. Marian says:

    Its very hard to understand how anyone with any intelligence can actually buy what are “Der Sturmer’s” of our time, let alone believe what they print.

  196. Capella says:

    “…just as Hitler received early support from the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror, the Western press was still trying to convince the world that the Syrian rebels were valiant freedom fighters, fighting for democracy and equality.”

    Interesting opinion piece on the fascism of the Nazis and the Daesh wahabis, both initially supported by the British elites.

    Theresa May once noted that the Tories were described as the “Nasty Party”. The rabid tabloids have always been the mouthpieces of the Nasty Party.

    @ Lollysmum – welcome to North Britain and greetings to your charming neighbours!

  197. Thomas Valentine says:

    It’s like the colonist in Kenya when they invented Mau Mau and insisted that the UK send in the Army.

  198. dakk says:

    @ Grousebeater

    Excellent piece, humbling and inspiring.Thank you.

    I will refer to that in order to help my resolve as we continue our long journey to the open sea 🙂

  199. Robert Louis says:

    So, just take a look at what is happening down south. A millionaire has apparently purchased 10,000 union jacks for the last night of the proms, in an effort apparently to ensure no EU flags can be seen. At first glance it is funny, but then when you think about it, it’s getting pretty scary down there. Will the butcher’s apron be made compulsory??

  200. Big Jock says:

    I had a discussion with work colleagues in pub big no voters. Asked me to explain Sturgeons dad defeat. Explained Tories coalessing round Tories end of. They just don’t get it. They see headlines no moral compass. Went into homeless people and why I never judge people. End of they write them off as scroungere cheats. You can’t help people who don’t read books or blogs or online media. They are thick bustards. Rude selfish self hammers. Fuck Them! They take everything and give nothing back. They are not like you and me. They don’t give a damn. Scotland is full of selfish ignorant bustards. They self harm and goad anyone who tells them to go and fuck themselves. Lazy selfish counts.

  201. Proud Cybernat says:

    A class act…

  202. Bill Hume says:

    So, a right wing, anti EU millionaire pays £5,000 for 10,000 Union Jacks to be waved on the last night of the Proms.
    Bloody cheapskate…..50p per flag.

  203. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Onwards @ 10:25pm

    Fair F**s to you Sir/Madam.

    Tinto Chiel @ 9:16hrs

    I equate the Yooon’s with flags in the wind.

    Lots of furious movement for hee-haw but symbolic pageantry.

    We are the wind, and as Small Axe pointed out in a previous thread “The answer my friends is blowing in the wind”

    The answer is freedom.

    Peace and love, Small Axe Stylie.

  204. stephen says:

    Just back from a night out with my No voting British unionist Brexiter,brother in law.Jeez he was hard work.

  205. ScottishPsyche says:

    If you read these headlines out loud and shout at the bits in capitals it is quite hilarious how demented you sound.

    OK, we have had a few drinks here tonight…

  206. Proud Cybernat says:

    Good Ol’ days…

  207. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Proud Cybernat @11:56pm

    Surely Jackie Burd and the NUJ??

  208. robertknight says:

    Stephen says: “Just back from a night out with my No voting British unionist Brexiter,brother in law.Jeez he was hard work.”

    LOL – I got one of those too!

  209. Smallaxe says:

    Thomas Valentine says:
    9 September, 2016 at 10:43 pm
    “It’s like the colonist in Kenya when they invented Mau Mau and insisted that the UK send in the Army.”

    My father worked as a shot firer (explosives) in copper mines
    all over the Rift Valley until 1950,he came home in disgust at the treatment meted out to the Kikuyu Tribe and many others.

    British Colonial officers alongside African police killed and
    jailed people for Treason,the people only wanted to practice
    their own religion and farm on their own land.The British looked upon this as Sedition.

    Peace Always

  210. Proud Cybernat says:

    Good ol’ days Part II…

  211. Valerie says:

    Twitter going berserk at the headlines tomorrow.

    Liam Fox says British business too fat and lazy.

    Apparently he doesn’t see why he should be busting a gut to ‘change the face of global trading’, when business execs here prefer the golf course, or its too hard to export.

    Not making it up.

  212. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Smallaxe @ 12:11am

    On the colonial theme.

    I had to explain to a shitload of Angolan Nationals in September 2014 why we said no.

    They couldn’t believe we f**cked off ruling ourselves when we hadn’t had to fight a long running war of Independence in the bush.

    Absolute shameful trying to explain why my fellow country folk buckled to Project Fear 1 to a stoic people that fought the last “Hot War” in the “Cold War”.

  213. Valerie says:


    It’s getting better…. the Leave Campaign reassembling to stop any backsliding

  214. Proud Cybernat says:

    Pulling the Trigger…

  215. Neil Anderson says:

    Here’s a handy tip for anyone concerned about Yoonyunist headlines and click-baity type stuff. Simply pop a copy of a less offensive publication (e.g. The National.. or maybe your local rag) on top of the pile of shite that offends you. That way, the kind of people who will automatically reach for the bumwipe copy (oops, I’ve given my age away there!) will be confused and may go home empty-handed and bereft of their daily fix of hate.

    Alternatively, lift a large pile of the offending paper and place it under a pile of frozen chicken breasts (or thighs, or whatever) in a handy freezer. Simple! And profoundly satisfying.

    You’re welcome!

  216. call me dave says:

    Back from the dead?
    Psychic councillor who quit politics in expenses probe returns for Labour

    The SNP raking it in… Storm! 🙂

  217. Big Phil says:

    why cant oor government just print a newspaper that tells the truth, the Rev can be the editor. My blood boils with the bullshit of the MSM , enough is enough. c’mon.

  218. geeo says:

    Just watched Daily Politics, old brillo miffed the SNP ‘refused’ to take part in the named person package.

    Liz ‘mary poppins in tweed’ Smith filled in.

    She struggled to cope with simple questions regarding NP, she stated parents always knew best (brillo ridiculed that one, referencing junkie parents as an example.

    The studio guests ALL agreed that the NP was a GOOD bit of legislative policy which only needed tweaks.

    Now, for me, if the SNP had put up a spokesperson on this, the direction of the debate would have been very different indeed.

    By refusing to enable the BBC to do so, the programme was FORCED to actually do the subject justice and be grown up about it.

    Liz Smith was a sitting duck, since she could not shout “SNP BAD” at an SNP spokesperson, nor deflect to ‘indybad’ like the tories usually do.

    Brillo however, likes a target to act like a twat, so for lack of a SG voice on the show, Liz got it.

    Fun to watch actually….???

  219. Smallaxe says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker says:
    10 September, 2016 at 12:37 am
    Smallaxe @ 12:11am

    “On the colonial theme.”

    One of the less violent but still extremely cruel and humiliating practice s happened when a large cloth screen
    was erected to show projected movies,Movie number one was entertainment for the white overseers and management only,
    they would then show a movie for the black workers and their
    family’s.Halfway through they would switch reels and a huge
    steam engine would appear to be thundering out of the screen into the crowd.

    The poor Africans would scream and grab their children and flee,of course this was just a jolly good jape to the superior
    bas-turds who would nearly spill their gin in their hilarity.

    Peace,Love and Know thine Enemy.

  220. Jockanese Wind Talker says:


    In the eyes of the establishment I am the enemy.

    I am an Uppity Porridge Wog.

    I refuse to get back in my box.

    Peace, Love and Realism.

  221. Grouse Beater says:

    Hell, those whitey English gave us all of North Britain as our reservation, they just didn’t realise how rich it was in natural resources.

    Feel like robbing a bank for revenge?

  222. Smallaxe says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker says:
    10 September, 2016 at 1:35 am

    “In the eyes of the establishment I am the enemy.”

    In the records of the establishment,photographs of my good self are kept, and several times I was kept in their box!

    Protesting the arrival and welcoming of the South African Ambassador during Apartheid.That got me into their box.

    Marching against the Vietnam war:Box.

    Feeding hot soup to miners during their fight for their jobs

    And the irony? I was born on 26th Dec.Boxing day! I joke Not.

    Peace,Love and little metal Boxes

  223. Petra says:

    @ call me dave says at 1:07 am …. ”Back from the dead?
    Psychic councillor who quit politics in expenses probe returns for Labour.”

    The Labour Party is going right down the stank. Sad to say is totally finished UK wise. And I mean it. Sad, sad to say. A very SAD day / time indeed for us ALL. No real opposition to the Tories and the UK left to the mercy of the Tories for all time coming. On a personal note for me, for one, who worked my butt off day in and day out for them 24 x 7 to NO avail …. they are over and out.

    Mr Psychic may be able to communicate with JFK but for some reason or another can’t communicate with the Scots: On a par with Dugdale, Baillie et al.

    Mr Psychic chosen by Labour for next year’s crucial local elections can forget it. If they want to get anywhere at all they’d be better getting the psychic to contact Robin Cook, one of the only truly decent, more so extremely intelligent, politicians to represent the Labour Party EVER: and even then Cook was thinking of voting for Independence. Maybe a wee seance with him would point them in the right direction?

    Forget about JFK. What happened to him? Robin Cook. And, eh, Smith and Kelly? The Labour party did nought for them and they are doing nought for us too ….. the Scots. Party before people is the name of the game for them and calling up a psychic to sort out their problems is not only totally embarrassing it signals the end of the road for them.

  224. Smallaxe says:


    I am calling you ou ou,ou ou ou ou,

    Indian Love Call Nana,

    Will you answer answer true, ue ue ue ou ou ou ou

    Nana McDonald and Smallaxe Eddy. No’a bad singer eh, Nana!

    Peace,Love and Love Call Links

  225. Smallaxe says:

    You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.

    You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.

    Without education, you are not going anywhere in this world.
    The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

    Peace,Love and Malcolm x

  226. Smallaxe says:

    Very quiet here,Im feeding the collared doves in my back garden and finches and house sparrows in the front.

    Peace,Love and Butterfly loving Poetic Comic Singers and Feeders of birds,(only tuppence a bag)try it!

  227. Ken500 says:

    Rev Stu and others are printing the truth. That is why the site is so successful,while the MSM goes down the tubes. They can’t give it away or make any profits, reconstructed debt etc. That is part of the MSM hysteria, They know they are failures but don’t know how to reverse the trend. Print untrue mass hysteria headlines to try and make sales. Ignored and just go further down the tubes again. A self fulfilling prophecy. Their arrogance and ignorance is startling. They blame everything and every nobody else for their own failings. That goodness for the Internet. At least it saves the environment.

    Will the losing psychic predict how many failures Labour/Unionist will make. Obviously not genuine or they would not be in the Labour Party. The Labour/Unionist/Green Party. The Party of lying frauds. Conmen. Suits them. Woolly Wasters enablers.

    Now for the next push to sort out the communities and help the vulnerable. The homeless and sick. and stop sanctioning the vulnerable. May 2017 SNP/SNP. All hands on deck. For the next psychic prediction.

  228. Smallaxe says:

    Star jumps and Summersaults,

    Keep me fit on Saturday mornings!

    Join in,it’s great.

    Peace,Love and Smallaxe’s Gym

    Free membership to Wingers

  229. Smallaxe says:


    Good morning my altruistic Friend

    Peace,Love and Altruism

  230. Smallaxe says:

    I thought that I was alone!

    Peace,Love and Early Birds

  231. Dorothy Devine says:

    Smallaxe, are you on drugs that make you hyper? Somersaults and star jumps at this time in the morning?

    I see chubby Liam Fox , disgraced politico , is calling business men in the UK “fat and lazy” – I would like a time and motion study of Westminster MPs.


  232. Smallaxe says:

    Dorothy Devine says: I would like a time and motion study of Westminster MPs.

    I would like to see them Breathalysed and Drug tested and Culled.

    I’m High on Life Dorothy!

    PS.How’s Toto?

    Peace,Love and Life

  233. Smallaxe says:

    I’d better get away before the Grump’s wake up and give me a
    row again!

    Peace Always

  234. Smallaxe says:

    Morning has broken,like the first morning.

    Where will the Children play?

    I’m on the Peace train and I love my dog!

    Peace,Love and Cat Stevens (Usef Islam)

    Oh’ good there’s a new post just came in!

  235. Smallaxe says:

    Sorry Yusuf, I misspelled your name

    My deepest apologies

    Peace,Love and Salaam Alaikum

  236. TheItalianJob says:

    @Dorothy Devine ref Liam Fox

    Yes read the link. The ultra rabid right winger Thatcher worshipper. She even attended his 50th birthday party.

    Not a great advert is Fox for anyone remotely interested in freedom of speech.

    I like your point vis-a-vis time motion study on the Westminster troughers esp those in our over bloated unelected HOL which number over 800+. Now that would be something worthwhile.

    Like your posts. Keep at ’em.

    A few us are on here early.
    Never fear when Wingers are here.

  237. OT
    Pete Wishart chairing the Scottish Affairs Committee. Wonder what Auld Bayonet Davidson’s doing to earn a crust nowadays? Do I care?
    Three Passports ‘leading academic’ Michael Keating was suddenly concerned about the 38% in Scotland who voted Leave. He fretted that their views would need to be taken into account when Indyref 2 was being discussed. Strangely when Brexit was discussed, he was not overly concerned about the 47% who voted Remain.
    Ian Murray whose head is expanding at such a rapid rate that he is in danger of exploding, pigeon holed Remain voting Scotland with Leave voting Sunderland.
    Two weeks from now this wee Tony Blair acolyte will surely be culled by the Corbyn Marauders.
    His mental set is clearly that Scotland isn’t a country, but a region of his blessed Britain.
    Loathing of one’s country of birth must be a terrible thing.
    ‘Mornin’, smallaxe, the St Francis of Gretna.
    Let’s hope emigrates to the Motherland when we opt for Self Determination.
    Wishart was the soul of equanimity, and not a good looking Parliamentary Adviser in sight.

  238. Smallaxe says:

    TheItalianJob says@Smallaxe”Afew of us are on here early.
    Never fear when Wingers are here.”

    Thanks I was getting feart,no one seemed to be alive today,

    Peace,Love and Nae Zombies

  239. Smallaxe says:


    Good morning, I hope I didn’t waken you,at 7:24am.

    I got your link yesterday 9th.

    Hope you got my reply at 12:29pm

    Peace,Love and Nana’s Links

  240. Smallaxe says:

    Nana,meant to give you these,X X X

    Don’t tell my wife,she gets awfy jealous!

    Peace,Love and Secret Love Letters

  241. Nana says:

    @Smallaxe just got it, I was a lazy bones this morning. Stayed up late last night reading Paul Kavanagh’s book. Laughed and cried throughout.

    Third lot of links yet to appear so you might want to check back later.

    Peace and love to you Smallaxe, have a great day xx

  242. Smallaxe says:

    Please don’t cry 🙁

    Try Eric Clapton:” Let it Grow ” on YouTube.”Don Mclean Crying”

    Peace,Love and Laughter

  243. TheItalianJob says:


    Thanks for the links. Read them all so informative and keeping us all upto date.

    Keep up the good work so much appreciated by all on Wings.

  244. Breeks says:

    For anybody struggling to reconcile the filth printed by the Express, just dig out your copies of George Orwells 1984, and focus in particular on the “Two minute hate”. For those who don’t read, ordinary people were compelled to watch a daily two minute broadcast of people and things which Big Brother considered enemy, and the people had to vent their hatred for the whole two minutes.

    The parallels with the BBC are plain to see too, indeed there are a whole cluster of uncomfortable parallels, but the Daily Express must surely own title on the “Two Minute Hate”. To be honest, I actually wonder whether the are cynical enough to be positioning themselves for that explicit title.

    I really wonder whether Orwells foresight in seeing all this coming was a blessing or a curse to him.

    All it confirms is that Unionism recognises Scottish self determination as something external to their concept of Oceania, and that distinction has to be a good thing. Our liberal free thinking is a toxin to their homogenous authority and ultimate control, and oh! How they hate us for it. The hate is the permanent fixture, who or what must suffer the hate is ephemeral. It’s all of us Scots one day, Muslims the next, those on benefits the day after…

    Seeing it is not defeating it, but it certainly goes a long way in the right direction.

    It provides some stodgy food for thought however. In the next few years, God willing, we will have a new Scotland and we will all busy ourselves developing our new, and hopefully written, constitution. It is a racing certainty that somewhere within it will be a clause to enshrine freedom of speech, and quite right too. I hope however there is also another clause, a mature and intelligent clause, which addresses the delicate issue of someone or some organisation abusing their constitutional right. We need a robust constitution which provides difinitive guidance and fixed resolution about what to do in those specific circumstances. Therein lies a problem, because that turns a constitutional right into a privilege, and I hate the idea of tempering our freedoms so we never have to suffer the likes of the Daily Express in our society.

    Perhaps we should enshrine free speech as a constitutional right for every citizen, but for every agency or proxy, perhaps free speech ought to be a privilege. That’s just a suggestion shot from the hip. I know that could be misconstrued in the context of a fascist dictatorship, but I simply do not want Hate papers like the Daily Express soiling our foundling society with their poisonous malice. There should be no room provided for such shit stirrers in a modern respectable country, neither as enemies or friends of Scotland.

    I raise a toast to George Orwells 1984 again, for he called dystopian ideology Ingsoc, which some quarters maintain is derived from Eng Soc, – English Socialism.

    I very much hope we are outside the pages of 1984 and only looking in, and Scot Soc is not written inside and doomed never to get out.

  245. Clapper57 says:

    @Breeks says 10.31am

    Excellent post.

  246. TheItalianJob says:


    Excellent analogy on Orwell’s 1984 and the MSM (express/mail etc) and the BBC.

    You hit so many good points fully on the head.

    I just hope the majority of voters now see this reality and vote for our Indepedence next time in the referendum.

  247. Dorothy Devine says:

    Smallaxe , Toto long gone and my elderly , non somersaulting ,non star jumping knees thought not to replace – can’t contemplate pooper scooping in a foot of snow any more!

    But you are right – it’s a good day to be alive . Hope your health is progressing well!

  248. Smallaxe says:

    Dorothy Devine says:
    10 September, 2016 at 10:44 am
    “Smallaxe , Toto long gone and my elderly , non somersaulting ,non star jumping knees thought not to replace – can’t contemplate pooper scooping in a foot of snow any more!”

    Poor Toto,Poor Knees, 🙁 luckily it’s not your elbows Dorothy
    at least you can still lift a drink. 🙂

    Thank you for asking Dorothy, I am doing just fine X

    Peace,Love and Healing for your Knees

  249. Smallaxe says:

    Jack Collatin:

    Just noticed your post @ 9:29am.

    ‘Mornin’, smallaxe, the St Francis of Gretna.

    JACK! VICTORS lookin for you. 🙂

  250. Smallaxe says:


    You already know what I think about your posts,Excellent.A+

    Peace Always

  251. chris kilby says:

    Don’t worry about it. Only senile old ladies still read The Express aka: The Home Counties Gazette, circa 1955.

  252. Dcanmore says:

    Those hacks are exactly that, they’re poor self-employed mucky raincoats doing the rounds on what nonsense they are given to report on for a poverty wage. The more sensationalist and ludicrous each become the more work they’ll get. Garbage in… garbage out. As for the editor, that’s Hugh Whittow, one of Kelvin McKenzie’s henchmen at The S*n in the ’80s, and to top it off The Express is of course, owned by a pornographer that supports UKIP. So yes, a right royal shit show if there ever was one.

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