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Reaching out to Venus

Posted on August 30, 2014 by


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    1. 30 08 14 07:06

      Reaching out to Venus | Scottish Independence News

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    1. Ken500 says:

      Women are raging, especially people’s daughters and friends. Women don’t care? The women in Motherwell and in the Debate, certainly do. Patronising ‘Politicians’ can’t fool them.

      The ‘politicians’ are certainly reaping what they sow. Their lies are coming back to haunt them.

    2. JimnArlene says:


    3. Coolheads Prevail says:

      The lesson here is, never ever patronise Scottish women. Fortunately, our opponents are too blinkered to realise they’ve done anything wrong.

    4. Macsenex says:

      That cartoon should be on a poster campaign

    5. Darling is trying to sell drunken reasons for a broken pay packet to the wives in Scotland and we are hearing only the thunder – before the lightning srikes – from Scottish women on Sept 18th.

      WHO does Darling and Unionist Pensioners think is turning-up at the FOODBANKS for emergency food supplies (3 days) with children in tow, it is grans,wives,daughters and common law wives – women all.

      Krash and Darling and Murphy want us to forget that FOODBANKS BEGAN IN 2004 – during the Bliar and Krash Gordon Govt era of New Labour.

      SLAB scab MP`s are treating voters, mostly their own, like forgetful kids – and starvation will do that to us.

      Lest we forget – “YES” supplies certain Change.

    6. Red Squirrel says:

      BT give us #patronisingBTlady; YesScotland gives us the brilliant Nicola Sturgeon and Lesley Riddoch and Elaine C Smith, and WomenForIndy…and all the other intelligent and articulate women and men who are part of this new enlightenment.

      The sad thing is, they don’t even seem to recognise the difference. I think the vote may show them…

    7. galamcennalath says:

      Another great cartoon portraying NBTT’s patronising nicely.

      Bunch of idiots! But then we all knew that already.

    8. Rockysboy says:

      Was the advert made by Sachie and Sachie

    9. mogabee says:

      Yeah, patronise us some more BT naw UKOK..

      I double dare you..!

    10. caz-m says:

      Douglas Alexander is also getting it in the neck from Scottish Labour voters about how patronising the Ad is.

      The Herald,
      “Labour critics pin blame for No woes on Douglas Alexander.”

    11. Clootie says:

      “My own sex, I hope, will excuse me, if I treat them like rational creatures, instead of flattering their fascinating graces, and viewing them as if they were in a state of perpetual childhood, unable to stand alone.”
      ? Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

    12. caz-m says:

      The “blame game” starts in the Daily Mail, looking for scapegoats now, because of the rise in the YES vote.

      The Mail gives a little Englander’s view of what being British really means.

      “Be positive… to save our British identity.”

    13. macart763m says:

      BT or rather Westminster do love labelling people. Its part of their politics and sound bite culture. They love demographics and reducing people to trends, stereotypes, numbers. If you give people a neat little pigeon hole and catchy tag it makes a narrative easy to sell.

      Its a shallow nasty de humanising culture and you’d think that after all we’ve seen in the past three years they’d have learnt that people are kinda sick of it. That in fact we’ve decided we’ve had enough of being reduced to stereotypes and demographics. You hear and see it in every sound bite, every publicity stunt and every BT advert.

      If you’re done being reduced to a stereotype. If you’ve had enough of being manipulated by sharks in suits and feel like being in charge of their future as well as your own for a change, simply vote yes and show the spads like McDougall, the sound bite politicians like wee Holy Dougie or Jim Murphy the door. Be a person, not a stereotype.

    14. Wp says:

      caz-m, a few articles on independence including one the Mail describes Yes voters as nazis. A new low even for that rag.

    15. CameronB Brodie says:

      In a move that is far from surprising, given their relationship with the Conservative Party, M&C Saatchi have been named as advisors on Better Together’s campaign, which urges people to say “No” to Scottish independence. M&C Saatchi will be advising the campaign on its advertising, marketing and message development in the 100 days left before the vote. The appointment comes after it was revealed last month that Better Together have been talking to agencies as part of an attempt to muster support for their cause.

    16. Dan Lee says:

      @caz-m I’ve never heard a decent explanation of “Britishness”. I hear ‘british’ and I think colonialism.

      OT: Loving these illustrations, always spot on.

    17. scaredy cat says:

      Great cartoon Chris. The BT ad is one of the most patronising things I have ever seen.However I will stick my neck out and say that there is an element of truth to this dreadful BT campaign.

      I have always said that one of the reasons that women were not tending towards yes was because they are extremely busy. Most of us have jobs, children and do the lion’s share of the domestic work. Many of us are on our own. It is hard to find the time to relax and unless the decision was imminent, why engage right away.
      This has been my feeling for a long time and I think BT picked up on it too.
      What they got spectacularly wrong was thinking that this meant that women didn’t care or didn’t understand.
      I knew that other women would start to think about the debate. It was just a matter of time.
      Even now, with less than three weeks to go, I have friends who are struggling to make up their minds. They are reading, talking and listening. None of them are bored or disinterested. Now they are engaged.
      In fact, I am the one, having made my mind up two years ago, that is getting weary.
      We still have work to do though. It is far from over.
      The great thing is that our campaign has so many great women, like Nicola, Elaine C Smith, Lesley Redditch and of course Margo who’s spirit is still with us!

    18. Wee Jonny says:

      Ha. “Shouldn’t you be at home love?” Brilliant as usual Chris.

      See Saint Doogie’s gettin the blame for the ad, –
      A senior party source said: “I have been inundated with angry phone calls from friends and colleagues over this week’s broadcast.

      “On top of the disastrous decision to include an Orange Order fanatic in the first one last week, the portrayal of Better Together as a 1950s-style Conservative and Unionist party this week was a step too far.

      “Many colleagues are very angry that we have apparently gone from New Labour to old Tory and Douglas Alexander’s hands are all over this.

      “He has not even had the guts to come out and defend it, using females MPs and MSPs to justify this colossal error”.
      Mr Alexander won praise for pulling off a coup by attracting former adviser to Barack Obama David Axelrod to work on Labour’s General Election campaign.
      He was also election co-ordinator for Labour’s failed bid to remain in power in 2010. Later he helped to organise David Miliband’s attempt to win the resulting Labour leadership contest.

      Mr Alexander’s office last night declined to comment.”

      And no effin wonder. Go’n yirsel Saint Doog’. Yir sayin a bra joab.

    19. Tartan Tory says:

      I don’t know many wee wifies who sit at home all day, drink tea and do dishes. I do, however recognise Nicola Sturgeon as being more typical of the modern professional Scotish woman, albeit she is more high profile than most!

    20. john king says:

      Chris Cairns
      I have only one thing to say about that disgraceful cartoon!


    21. john king says:

      Macart says
      “f you’re done being reduced to a stereotype. If you’ve had enough of being manipulated by sharks in suits and feel like being in charge of their future as well as your own for a change, simply vote yes and show the spads like McDougall, the sound bite politicians like wee Holy Dougie or Jim Murphy the door. Be a person, not a stereotype.”

      THATS IT!
      get that on all bust stops, bill boards, and advertizing hoardings.

    22. BigRik says:

      When this is all over we should publish all these cartoons in a wee book 🙂 They have been lying to us for ages , so patronising us is no surprise , they seem to have forgot.. whatever the result of the ref.. they will still stand for elections , and there may be a great many chickens coming home to roost.

    23. Caroline Corfield says:

      Britishness is the thing that happens around a pool in Spain when one finds that the ony other English speakers there are English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Manx or Channel Islanders. It’s the cultural commonality we, of the British Isles, share ( and by definition excludes American culture, but includes ex-colonies too). The trouble is it doesn’t get taken home.

      It probably includes fairness and queuing, talking about the weather, and arguing semantics or being a grammar pedant.

      What is promoted as Briitshness at home in the UK of GB and NI is different for each constituent country. Hence they all think they know what it is, but are actually reflecting their own culture.

      It is a physical impossibility to get the best of two worlds, you cannot have your cake and eat it. The whole phrase appeals to the idea of a slightly illegal bargain, a dodgy deal, it smacks of cheating.

      We share a language which makes it easy for us to find common cause, our cultures are not far apart, which means much cause is common. There’s nothing magic about that.

    24. Roboscot says:

      The Herald today (front page):

      The East Renfrewshire MP later said he would restart the tour after receiving advice from the police and pledges by the Yes campaign to “call off the attack dogs”.’

    25. heedtracker says:

      Scottish Tory Leader Ruth Davidson stood for the first time in Glasgow May 2011 and came fourth but she got “list elected” and by November she’s the new leader of the Conservative party.

      From backbench Tory to party leader and First Minister candidate within 5 months isn’t a dysfunctioning bonkers bettertogether unionist party at all, is it gels.

    26. Wee Jonny says:

      Macart –
      Brilliant (as usual)
      I’m copying and pasting that.

    27. caz-m says:

      Dan Lee
      “I’ve never heard a decent explanation of “Britishness”. I hear ‘british’ and I think colonialism.”

      Dan, when I hear “British”, I think England.

    28. CameronB Brodie says:

      In case folk haven’t seen this, I think this is brilliant. Today is tomorrow’s yesterday. The British state is Scottish Lotus Feet. A legacy of a bygone era, IMO.

      The child who made up her mind – Response to better together ad

    29. Colin Church says:

      I have been using the “broken pay packet” analogy for some time now and it is very effective. £8bn over 5 years.

    30. MajorBloodnok says:

      Stereotypes seems to be how conservative minded types and the British Establishment deal wih people. It flows from the class system and means you can tailor your dealings with people based on the category they appear to fit into (e.g. all poor can be characterised as feckless and the architects of their own misfortunes).

      The main benefit for them is that they don’t have to think about the individual and try to understand them, because that way lies introspection, compassion and potentially socialism, which would never do.

    31. caz-m says:


      Bill Whiteford mentioned on GMS this morning that the UK is becoming very violent, because of the attack on George Galloway and the assault on Jim Murphy with an egg by YES supporters.

      Oh, how I would love us to track down the guy that patted Murphy on the back with that egg.

      Someone must know who the guy is.

      The guy was a plant.

      If you look through SDL videos, he has about a dozen lookalikes.

    32. macart763m says:


      That’s brilliant.

      Know your reason. 🙂

    33. Chris Cairns says:

      Thanks as ever for your support, Wingers. I had meant to ask The Rev to put in a wee plug for the Auld Acquaintance indyref cartoon exhibition in Glasgow with this post but it was such a busy day on the Wee Blue Book (I’m now ‘a hub’) I clean forgot. I’ll try and butter him up later.
      Meanwhile, here’s a link to my Q&A there on 11 Sept. Apparently yon Greg Moodie’s tickets have sold out already. Just saying.

    34. john king says:

      “Dan, when I hear “British”, I think England.”

      think of England
      I think thats what Pauls wife thinks of a saturday night! 🙂

    35. schrodinger's cat says:

      1 ? ?


      Share ›

      Steve McKay, Sweden • 4 hours ago on the herald No’s Woes article
      brilliant stuff

      “Think about it for a moment.

      The no camp consists of the Torys and the discredited Libdems – few people in Scotland will pay attention to them.

      That leaves Labour represented by ‘woe is me’ Darling, ‘woe betide ye’ Alexander, ‘woe befell me’ Brown, ‘instruments of woe’ Lamont and Curran, ‘one man went to woe’ Milliband and finally ‘woe is coming to a street corner near you’ Murphy.

      How on earth can this campaign expect to win?


    36. john king says:

      With her eyes screwed tight shut of course.

    37. macart763m says:

      We’re close, so very close and I think its important we don’t play the BT game. I think we should concentrate on getting our message across. Get the WBBs out there, keep talking to people about the possibilities and guarantees of having their own accountable government.

      We let the opposition dictate the news online as well as everywhere else then they can snatch this opportunity from our grasp. We’ve got a very rare, very precious opportunity here and letting someone with an omlette phobia or a holy Dougie take our conversations from the important stuff is exactly what they want. Laugh at their efforts or ignore them, its all they warrant.

    38. macart763m says:


      Couldn’t agree more.

    39. CameronB Brodie says:

      Yours was very good Macart, I’m trying to compete. 🙂

    40. john king says:

      schrodinger’s cat says
      How on earth can this campaign expect to win?


      with people like this I suppose

      who are cool, cold, calm, and determined? 🙂

    41. MajorBloodnok says:

      John king says: Think of England – I think thats what Pauls wife thinks of a saturday night! 🙂

      And Paul’s thinking “I’m going to do to you what the Tories are doing to the country.”

    42. macart763m says:


      *Blush* 😀 LOL

    43. john king says:

      “And Paul’s thinking “I’m going to do to you what the Tories are doing to the country.””

      OOHH vicar.

    44. X_Sticks says:

      Chris on the ball as usual. Another 10/10.

      Sticking to the lighter side, have you all seen the Valium remix of the Better Together advert? Hilarious.

    45. macart763m says:

      @Wee Jonny

      Again, couldn’t agree more, holy Dougie is a true son of New, Nu, Noo Labour all fur coat and nae knickers. He’s one of those politicians who can speak in fluent platitude for hours and say precisely nothing. 🙂

    46. ronnie anderson says:

      @Roboscot 8.40 Yes campain PLEDGES to call of the attack dogs ( noo who’s the named spokeperson from the Yes campain Mr nae name ) ahv goat a BIG BIG TIN of PLEDGE I’ll polish Jims shurt n put a sheen on that egg stain.

    47. Grouse Beater says:

      Good to have a cartoonist who is gets out and about in the fresh air, and is not obsessed representing politicians as pricks in condoms, weaklings in underpants, or fat bare arsed kilt wearers – in other words, he isn’t a Hogarth plagiarist with a fetish for the bodily functions.

    48. Colin Church says:

      @CameronB Brodie
      Love it, spot on.

    49. john king says:

      Macart says
      “Again, couldn’t agree more, holy Dougie is a true son of New, Nu, Noo Labour all fur coat and nae knickers. He’s one of those politicians who can speak in fluent platitude for hours and say precisely nothing. :)”

      like this you mean?

    50. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Sticks ( valiam mix ) ah wiz like that once ma Wife gave me the wrong strenght tablet, slept for 12hrs lol.

    51. macart763m says:

      @John King

      Nailed it! 😀

    52. joe kane says:

      I see indy artist Stewart Bremner’s grassroots fundraiser successfully reached its target before the deadline this morning. Well done Stewart and well done us –
      Indyref Yes graphics

    53. caz-m says:

      john king
      “think of England
      I think thats what Pauls wife thinks of a saturday night!”

      “And Paul’s thinking “I’m going to do to you what the Tories are doing to the country.”

      WHO IS PAUL??? lol

    54. heedtracker says:

      For me it’s been the way BettertogtherBBC and co have tried to make make women really loath Alex Salmond. So much British nationalism is visceral cunning and targeting female voters like this has been a real creep show from some deeply creepy UKOK propaganda.

      Daily Heil’s awful but worst lately was watching Laura Kinsberg sneer at Salmond over and over in a very info void BBC newsnicht interview. Hope it all flops badly for them, also interesting is Kinsberg’s Edinburgh aristocracy and almost certainly got her that top BBC job because of it. Class, great wealth and privilege, creepy sexists patronising women voters in the Scotland region of teamGB because you can’t run your own country, silly.

    55. macart763m says:


      The thing about the daily Heil is that you know EXACTLY where that vacuous, right wing, reactionary, cap doffing, celebrity cultured, shallow, greed is good, me myself and I, anti Johnny Foreigner, stay on your knees Jock title is coming from.

      Basically they hate anyone with a thought of their own and anyone with a thought of their own avoids that title like a plague pit.

    56. galamcennalath says:


      sneer at Salmond over and over ” … it’s the sneering in the media, especially broadcast media, I have found the most offensive thing of all. Sneering at the notion of Independence, AS, Yes campaign, Yes supporters, Scotland, on different instances.

      An ill mannered, disrepectful and arrogant way to behave. And they keep doing it.

      I so much hope they having nothing to sneer about come the 19th.

    57. iheartScotland says:

      Lol, the very thought of telling women in my my life what to think is truely frightening.

    58. CameronB Brodie says:

      Update of egg man. Reading elsewhere from others claiming to know him, apparently he is an ardent Yes supporter, but was also SLabour/socialist for years. ;(

    59. bookie from hell says:

      Daily Mail

      Indeed, from the start, the Yes campaign has been a distasteful mix of frivolity, aggression and mendacity, quite at odds with the seriousness of the issue.



      totally opposite

      better together even issued a statement at liberal democrat conference,more SUNSHINE(never happened)

    60. CameronB Brodie says:

      Oops, sorry wrong thread. Honest.

    61. Karmanaut says:

      @Wee Jonny
      “On top of the disastrous decision to include an Orange Order fanatic in the first one last week, the portrayal of Better Together as a 1950s-style Conservative and Unionist party this week was a step too far.”

      Did anyone else notice that Patronising BT lady wore an orange shirt? Do we think that was just a coincidence? Not a chance. The ad was very carefully thought through, albeit by people who don’t rate Scottish women very highly.

    62. Jim McIntosh says:


      “We let the opposition dictate the news online as well as everywhere else then they can snatch this opportunity from our grasp.”

      My thoughts exactly, we (on here and all over twitter, Facebook etc.) spent all day yesterday discussing someone throwing an egg, an egg for god sake.

      Jim Murphy directed the dialogue yesterday and anyone coming on here looking for sensible conversation would have thought they’d found a bunch of conspiracy theorists, ‘was it or wasn’t it a YES supporter, was it a plant’. Who cares it was an egg. Nobody batted an eye when it happened to Farage.

      That’s a day we’ll never get back picking apart their lies. On a Friday I usually have a last look on here to find some tit bits to pass on to guys in the pub, not yesterday.

    63. john king says:

      caz-m says
      “WHO IS PAUL??? lol
      See Xstick@ 9.26
      go fur a pee furst. 🙂

    64. Derek M says:

      great cartoon Chris wee eck should be saying ffs Ali dont let Nicola hear ye or she will kick you in the nuts lol

      what is British? well i would like to share a wee incident i had in Benidorm many years ago that has stuck with me ,out checking out the old city on a hot day i decided to partake in a wee refreshment and entered a bar off the beaten track only to find myself surrounded by a group of young Spanish guys who very aggressively started asking me if i was one of those British English ,for a few moments i truly feared for my life until i shouted back at them “naw im fucking Scottish right ecosse” ,to my surprise the mood of the gang suddenly changed “ahh ecosse they cried” next thing i know im being ushered to join them at the bar and having a beer thrust in my hand which led to me having a great day shared with these young Spanish guys one of them even tried to set me up with his sister,i always wonder what would have happened if i had said i was a Brit,i did find out though how much they despised our English cousins for turning their town into a play park for drunk brits something i was oblivious of until the next day walking through the new town and actually looking at the mess of bars and cafes with English breakfasts,steak pie ,fish and chips on the menu and the butchers flag everywhere ,i remember being ashamed of my links to Britain that day and it has stuck with me ever since,so now when i am asked if i am British i say no i am Scottish.

    65. Juteman says:

      Slurping milk might prove to have been good practice for a certain cat.

    66. heedtracker says:

      A female friend in Hull sent me this partly because of their Salmond quote and partly because her kids at Glagow have no uni debt as they live with their dad “up there”

      A vote against Scottish independence could mean more power is transferred to the north of England, Lord Prescott has said.

      A vote against Scottish independence could mean more power is transferred to the north of England, Lord Prescott has said.

      Few companies have broken ranks to declare support for or opposition to independence.
      Unnamed business boss

      He said: “People expect Scotland to vote no, but Alex Salmond to stay on.
      “He’s likely to be irate afterwards and nobody wants to be a target”

      So there you go, vote No and they’ll give you devo, honestly, but if you do vote yes it’s bad for business in Hull and if you do vote No, it’s also bad for business in Hull as Alex Salmond will be irate. TeamGB journalists, lying UKOK propagandists across the union.

    67. Paula Rose says:

      What’s a kitchen?

    68. poort says:

      Women know your limits!!! It shows just how low project fear will stoop

    69. caz-m says:

      Is the UK the only place in the whole world that has raised it’s terror alert level?

      They have raised it to “Severe” which means, “an attack is likely”.

      There was no follow up story on BBC Scotland this morning about the alert.

      I thought that BBC Scotland would have been giving us instructions on where you’re nearest bomb shelter was, or where to get gas masks from or when and where to travel to.

      But there was nothing.

      Maybe it was just a “severe bullshit” alert.

    70. macart763m says:

      @Jim McIntosh

      Just Mac is fine Jim. Trust me the next news item will be along shortly. 😀

      BT had a car crash week. The FM filleted Darling on live telly, Cameron got handed a European facer from the CBI, the latest BT advertising campaign was held up to universal ridicule and YES had a surge in the polls. Holy Dougie and Murphy are running interference, a deflection tactic full of guff.

      Let’s hammer home the car crash that was BTs worst week of the campaign period. Their stereotyping, their lack of reasoned argument, the exposure of their zero guarantees pledge. There’s plenty to choose from.

    71. Patrick Roden says:


      I was in a lift in Thailand with a group of Moslem women wearing religious veils.

      They all looked very uncomfortable to be standing close to a ‘farage’ but one had to talk to ask me to press the floor number for her as I was standing next to the buttons.

      She said, You English, right? I answered ‘No I’m Scottish’ there was a group ‘aahhh’! ‘Scot-a-land very very gooood’ with huge smiles and loads of questions that continued as we all got out of the lift.

      We are loved throughout the world, as anyone who has travelled will confirm.

    72. Skintybroko says:

      Before patronising lady became topical we contacted our local MSP about the referendum and received the response below as some family members were still undecided, following the response and the patronising lady they are now all committed to a yes.


      Thank you for contacting me regarding concerns about the nature of the referendum debate and specific points you would like addressed.

      Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in responding. As I am sure you will appreciate we are inundated with correspondence regarding the referendum at the moment and on top of the existing duties as an MSP and urgent casework related emails will always be prioritised, as I’m sure you will appreciate.

      I agree that this is the biggest and most important decision Scotland has been asked to take and that is why, like you, I am committed to ensuring that when we debate the issues and present our arguments to voters, fellow politicians and the media, we do so in a fair, factual and informative way so people can assess both sides and make an informed decision.

      I do not disagree that at times the debate has fallen foul to low level politics from all sides, however, I do disagree with your view that Unionist parties are relying on a campaign of fear and threats, particularly given the Scottish Governments recent scaremongering about the NHS in response to having no answers on a currency plan. As a party that opposes separation, we have to put forward our reasons why we oppose independence and this unfortunately means that we have highlight the negative impact a Yes vote, we believe, would have on Scotland. I would rather we were not having this debate which by its very nature is placing a great deal of fear and uncertainty about not only the future of our country but about what we have in place now. I would rather be focusing on the issues that are affecting peoples everyday lives such as health, education, justice and securing a stronger economy for job security and business certainty here in Scotland today.

      You ask why I would not consider a currency union. I believe that for Scotland to join an arrangement like that, it would be hugely disadvantageous compared with the status quo today. Given the size of the UK relative to Scotland, given that Scotland would be leaving the UK, given the size of the Scottish financial sector and the risk, therefore, to UK taxpayers, a sterling currency union would be off the table. Attempting to use sterling as the currency of an independent nation without any say over the actual operation of that currency and Bank of England policy would, in my view, put the Scottish economy in an impossible position, and it would accelerate the movement of financial services out of Scotland which we see is already happening as a direct result of the uncertainty of the referendum. For me, this is too great a risk given that Scotland already has a strong devolved parliament that is effective in representing Scotland’s interests at home and abroad.

      In the event of Labour rule in an Independent Scotland, we would of course continue to honour our manifesto commitments and adhere to our values of equality, prosperity and opportunity for all and not just the privileged few. We would continue to focus on improving our national health service and keeping it free at the point of use, stronger policing and community safety, an education system that is accessible and provides opportunity for people from all social backgrounds and protecting those with disability, mental health disorders and vulnerable adults and children from discrimination with funding and policy commitments that will work to ensuring that everyone living, learning and working in Scotland, is equally represented and has the best possible chance in life. We will continue to develop excellent international relations and promoting Scotland as a must visit destination as well as using what resources we have (given this could be very little in an independent Scotland) to maintain the levels of national security needed in a very uncertain and dangerous global world.

      All of this would depend on our economic structure and our constitutional position which could take years to resolve. In that time, given the uncertainty of what structure Scotland will be rebuilt on, we may not have any financial security to successfully deliver any of our political ambitions for Scotland. Again, another very worrying potential outcome, particularly given that the for the past few years, Scotland has effectively been on pause.

      If Scotland was to become independent, which I do not believe it will, we would have to wait and see what that would really mean before we would be able to outline a concrete plan. The uncertainty that you are encountering unfortunately applies to all of us and therefore, if there was a yes vote, we would need to address what happens next then. We cannot possible outline a credible plan based on what we don’t know will happen or what either outcome will really mean for Scotland at this stage.

      I hope this outlines my position and addresses the specific points you raise. I am grateful to all of my constituents for taking the time to engage in all sides of this debate and I wish you all the best on the 18th and for the future.

      If there is anything else I can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    73. Marian says:

      This morning residents in a Council run nursing home for the elderly in Dundee received their postal voting papers accompanied by a “NO Thanks” booklet marked as official referendum information, with pictures of people on each page of it telling them they had to vote NO to “save the £pound” etc – yes all the usual debunked scare stories.

      I don’t know if this was just a co-incidence or not that it arrived at the same time as the postal voting papers but the fact that there was not a similar booklet from YES setting out the reasons to vote YES arriving at the same time, makes the “NO Thanks” booklets arrival along with the postal voting papers highly suspicious.

    74. Juteman says:

      I’ve seen that exact thing mentioned elsewhere.

    75. Alan Gerrish says:

      Why is it I can’t help thinking the Metropolitan police will shortly be able to release details of George Galloway’s assailant and it will turn out to be a dark-side-of nationalism Yes supporter?

      Please tell me I’m just being far too paranoid…but if you think that the Establishment are really worried about the potential large working class vote for YES and given that Galloway could be (mistakenly) construed by them as a figure who still has some “respect” within that constituency, then I think the proposition of a state stitch-up is quite feasible.

    76. Robert Peffers says:

      @caz-m says:30 August, 2014 at 8:45 am:

      ”Dan, when I hear “British”, I think England.”

      When I hear, “British”, I hear question marks. To be British means to be associated with Britain and when I hear, “Britain”, I hear, “Archipelago”, and one made up of eight countries only four of which are parts of the United Kingdom and when I hear, “United Kingdom”, I hear bipartite union of KINGDOMS made up of a three country Kingdom of England and the country & Kingdom of Scotland. Or to shorten all that I hear, “Utter Bollox”, and English bullshit.

    77. ronnie anderson says:

      Anybody up for sending a get weil card to George Galloway,noo dont all post up at once or you’ll make the site servers crash.

    78. heedtracker says:

      @ Alan Gerrish, Galloway stood for Holyrood in Glasgow 2010? trying to get sectarian Glasgow going his way in the East end and he flopped. You’d need to see his electioneering “hail hail” handout pamphlets at Parkhead to see why he did so badly.

    79. liz says:

      If Murphy does take to the crates again, I would hope all Yes supporters keep well away from him.

      The amount of news print that’s been expended on this is ludicrous.

      He’s got what he wants and it was most definitely a ploy to detract from the car crash week that BT has had.

      I don’t think it matters if he is outed as a Yes supporter – remember the undercover police who went as far as fathering children with environmental activists to maintain their undercover persona – the Yes campaign can say quite clearly that there is no place in our campaign for people like him.

    80. john king says:

      Im more likely to beleive that he was attacked by a pro Israel person, , remember Galloway is hated all over the UK for som manay different reasons.

      I was speaking to a customer on the phone months ago from Bradford (muslim guy) who said he is deeply despised in Bradford and the Muslim communty cannot wait to get rid of him as he is a “self serving hypocrite”

      Needless to say it wasn’t me who initiated the conversation and I kept my responses non commital with nothing more than verbal nods to ensure the customer knew I was listening, it was interesting the customer didnt feel the need to apologise for his opinion about a fellow Scot, seems that even in Bradford they have enough understanding to realise he is loathed and reviled here as well.

    81. Meindevon says:


      Many years ago I was in Portugal on holiday with friends when a couple of locals turned up trying to flog watches or something like that. They sat down at a table next to us and asked if we were English to which my friend said well no, we are Scottish. Their reply was it’s the same thing though. We said no it isn’t, they said yes it is. My friend then said are you Spanish then? Well, they very nearly attacked us. It was a point well made.

    82. caz-m says:


      It’s not just Hull who are talking about the Referendum in England.

      The good people of Maidenhead have been running a poll in their local paper. And they agree with us, that Scotland should be an Independent Country.

      You can also vote in their poll if you with.

    83. G H Graham says:

      Britishness is wistfully gazing through a decayed Sussex pier from a blustery, damp Victorian bench, eating soggy imported fish from Poland, while reminiscing about Empire glories past, oblivious to the bitter irony of sneering with a whiff of superior indignance, at the Scots, Welsh, Irish, Germans & the French.

    84. heedtracker says:

      Neat example of Sunday Post doing it’s we hate Alex Salmond don’t we girls, so vote No thing. Monstering Salmond as per but the Darling boost is very funny

      “Intelligence is Alistair Darling’s top feature according to 43% of women, while over a third said he is principled. But nearly a third said he is arrogant, while a quarter said he is weak and ambitious.”

      The owner of the Sunday Post is worth over £800 million and Andy Murray also has a Mum.

      Come on teamGEnglandB

    85. ronnie anderson says:

      Ah we bit of advice to George Galloway, them there Streets are the MEAN Streets.NOT that I advocate assaulting a auld man,but thats the result of insulting people from the safe haven of the TV studio,s & in the press,will it stop him NO. Thats what Jim Murphy is trying to DO INCITE Yes campainers to assault him, DONT give him that pleasure, verbals are more than he deserves.

    86. goldenayr says:

      Another belter Chris.

      This will put a bigger smile on your faces guys.From the Yahoo site.

      Should Scotland be an independent country?
      Yes (11233) – your vote

      52% No (10166)


    87. galamcennalath says:

      heedtracker says:
      ‘… female friend in Hull sent me this … “People expect Scotland to vote no” ‘

      I was speaking to some English friends recently. Intelligent enquiring people, but they hadn’t had reason to dig deeply and had formed their opinions based on BBC, Guardian, Telegraph etc..

      They were astonished that I actually (as a sane normal-ish type person) supported Independence and that I thought we were in with a very good chance of getting a YES win. Concensus by most ordinary people in England is it seems, independence just won’t happen, it’s unthinkable. Secondly, the the idea that it just some big protest by mad-Salmond and his extremist cohorts also seems to be the norm too.

      The MSM have completely managed to sell their perverse vision of reality in England. They can’t vote!

    88. goldenayr says:

      Hmmm…didn’t look like that in the text box.

      For clarification.

      YES 52%

      NO 48%

    89. john king says:

      “Anybody up for sending a get weil card to George Galloway,noo dont all post up at once or you’ll make the site servers crash.”

      Do you know Ronnie, in the spirit of
      burying the hatchet,
      letting bygones be bygones,
      kissing and making up,
      bearing no malice,


    90. fred blogger says:

      ronnie anderson
      a cordon de sanitaire, is required.

    91. heedtracker says:

      @ caz-m, it is mental as anything out there. Almost every single leftie voter male of female I know in England is either for Scotland running Scotland or not bothered either way. England is not the reactionary nuthouse that the BBC, daily heil etc makes it seem. They’re an extremely tolerant decent people which may explain why there is so much immigration to England. Where they’re going to all live is another issue for the teamGB elite that own almost everything in the UK.

    92. Macandroid says:

      I hear BT are bringing out a Wee Bile Book.

      Sure to be a winner

    93. Dan Huil says:

      British means imperialist.

    94. Marcia says:

      BT spokesperson Alistair Darling

      ‘You will have had your cereal then.’

    95. galamcennalath says:

      Meindevon says:
      “My friend then said are you Spanish then?”

      It’s a tactic which works well. I’ve used it when Americans say English in confusion. I have replied “You Canadians are all the same.” “We’re not Canadians.”, “Well I’m not English.”

    96. caz-m says:


      Came across this website, called NEWSNOW, it gives you the latest press releases from all over the world, regarding the Scottish Referendum Campaign.

      Another one for the desktop.

    97. gerry parker says:

      @ Caz – m.

      Terror alert.

      I guess then they’ll be getting a couple of those subs fitted with trident out and asking the Americans for the launch codes then, that will soon scare the buggers into not doing it (whatever it is, and whoever the buggers are).

      Whifflet was quiet this morning, couple of good conversations going on in the wee “convenience store” though.

    98. goldenayr says:


      Been using that site for awhile now.Trick is not to be too specific when hunting for stories in their search engine.

    99. joe kane says:

      Mrs Paul from the Better Together video has offered to wash MP Jim Shouty’s shirts for the rest of the campaign.

      Yvonne Hama has offered to hang them out to dry. At least I think that’s what she said.

    100. galamcennalath says:

      caz-m says:

      I contacted them a few months back complaining that they include Scotman etc, but not Wings, NewsNet, Bella etc.. I submitted them all.

      I see they still push MSM. Arrogance, ignorance, disrepect or malicious?

    101. manandboy says:

      caz-m says:
      30 August, 2014 at 10:09 am
      Is the UK the only place in the whole world that has raised it’s terror alert level?

      Theresa May has done this sort of thing before.
      Day before bad news of Tory defection to UKIP.
      Then, out of the blue, May declares security upgrade
      for no good reason
      and no specific intelligence.

      Pure PR, in this instance a ‘squirrel’.
      The object is to remove by replacing the UKIP defection in the media.

      Tragedy is, most of the population fall for it

    102. Croompenstein says:

      @Alan – Why is it I can’t help thinking the Metropolitan police will shortly be able to release details of George Galloway’s assailant and it will turn out to be a dark-side-of nationalism Yes supporter?

      Apparently the guy was shouting about the holocaust so even Lord Naw Naw would find it difficult to spin that one. That said I do think it’s wrong to physically attack folk like that even Lord Naw Naw

    103. galamcennalath says:

      OK, Opps … I see one Newsnet Story. No Wings, though.

    104. dodgardiner says:

      Very OT but a question for anyone in education.
      My mate is trying to convert a couple he is friendly with – one is apparently an art teacher and is complaining that they are required to teach only about Scottish painters so they aren’t “allowed” to discuss Picasso etc….
      I’m pretty sure this will be an extension of the idea our kids will be force fed Scottish history but would appreciate the info from anyone who knows first hand.

    105. Croompenstein says:

      Another great toon Chris, I can see yourself and Greg’s cartoons appearing in school books a hundred years hence when they are teaching our future generations how Tories and BritScots masquerading as socialists tried to thwart true democracy in Scotland

    106. Nana Smith says:

      See my post at 11.02am even Derek Bateman has signed.

    107. galamcennalath says:

      manandboy says:
      Pure PR, in this instance a ‘squirrel’.
      The object is to remove by replacing the UKIP defection in the media

      Also, I note they keep saying that last time it was like this was when there was the Glasgow Airport attack. They could be trying to associate the thoughts in people’s minds … terrorism, security, need for UK wide action … with Glasgow. A subtle message about ‘security with the Union’.

    108. caz-m says:


      I have not only posted George Galloway a get well card, I have also posted him a big bag of grapes.

      I do hope he disnea end up wi’ crushed grapes as well.

    109. ronnie anderson says:

      @ John King, oh you are mean Sir. I take it you will not be partaking of Wee Duggies service of reconsillyation either lol.

    110. Graeme Doig says:

      Manandboy 11.10

      “Pure PR”

      Well spotted and fairly obvious to those of us who have no trust in ‘their’ agenda.

    111. Free Scotland says:

      George Galloway tells us aw tae just say naw,
      But he didnae tak his ain advice when asked aboot his jaw,
      The nurse said: “Tell me, George, does it hurt there when I press?”
      With a voice that would have roused the dead, George yelled: YES!!

    112. ronnie anderson says:

      @caz_m trust a Glezwiegian tae put the steel toe cap in,all be it very criptic reply ha ha ha ha ha.

    113. galamcennalath says:

      dodgardiner says:
      “the idea our kids will be force fed Scottish history”

      Force fed?

      The French learn French history, the Irish learn Irish history, the English learn English history, and …. the Scots should learn Scottish history.

      Everyone should also learn about other peoples’ stories. But does anyone seriously believe the English will ever be taught Irish or Scottish history?

      Nah. The history of the peoples throughout this island of Britain doesn’t suit the ‘Britain = England’ agenda.

    114. caz-m says:


      It’s my first time using the NEWSNOW website, it seems fairly balanced, after all we don’t have that much media backing Independence. So it doesn’t seem to bad.

    115. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Caz_m ,watch out for details of the next Bbc demo Sun after the Emboro orange parade.

    116. dodgardiner says:

      Gala – I’m not the one saying force fed but it was a theme at the time of the CFE launch, my thoughts are this is a couple of EIS indoctrinated tools but just wanted more information to help my mate guide them.

    117. heedtracker says:

      Nil by mouth, patient G Galloway. Whats new?

    118. HandandShrimp says:


      I know a few teachers and that is a new one on me.

    119. manandboy says:

      And so it continues.

      After two years, the dreary, negative and nasty No campaign,
      continues to spew it’s sewage.

      Drip fed by expensive PR groups,
      including the notorious and seriously vicious John McTernan,
      The Better Together /UK Gov/Red Tories
      have revealed with increasing clarity,
      the horrible people we’re supposed to be Better Together with.

      Now everyone with any sense, knows that Scotland will be far better off without these corrupt and nasty politicians whose only aim in life is to get rich from Scotland’s wealth.

      The sooner we dispense with their services the better.

      September 18th 2014.

      Vote Yes

    120. schrodinger's cat says:

      george is now out of the game, not much use on tv giving his two bobs worth through a straw.
      still, as much as i dislike the man, broken jaws are not funny

      i also read that he was cautioned by the polis for anti jewish out burts??, I was unaware of this but it would appear that his kicking was connected with this, all very unsavoury

    121. caz-m says:

      “@ Caz_m ,watch out for details of the next Bbc demo Sun after the Emboro orange parade.”

      Cheers for that Ronnie, Big Hugs!

      What has the Orange Walk in Edinburgh and the BBC demo at PQ got in common,

      Neither will be mentioned by BBC Scotland.

    122. john king says:

      Marcia says
      “‘You will have had your cereal then.’”

      Not exactly de rigueur to visit one’s rellies in Morningside before 12.00pm
      it would be come away in you’ll have had your brunch?

    123. john king says:

      Macandroid says

      I hear BT are bringing out a Wee Bile Book.

      Sure to be a winner”

      Wife has already seen it on Bitter together facebook site, and apparently its pink, so that’ll please Pauls wife eh?

    124. john king says:

      Ronnie Anderson says
      “John King, oh you are mean Sir. I take it you will not be partaking of Wee Duggies service of reconsillyation either lol.”

      Reconsillyaresehole more like Ronnie. 🙂

    125. ronnie anderson says:

      @caz_m ( what has the orange walk in Emboro & the Bbc PQ demo have in common)nothing , but I,ll get a of box Tangerines for the Demo, well we,re gonna hiv a half time ur we know.

    126. @Marian
      My dad got his postal vote earlier on this week and also got a posted No campaign leaflet with his postal vote.
      They must be able to coordinate their leaflets with the timing of the postal votes.
      I do not know if the postal votes are being posted alphabetically or by postcode .
      Whether this is within the rules of the Electoral Commission I do not know.
      The thought that, whether Yes or No, can anticipate the day you get your postal vote smacks of very poor security.

    127. john king says:

      “The thought that, whether Yes or No, can anticipate the day you get your postal vote smacks of very poor security.”

      I could not agree more and is a breach of DPA, I think the information commissioner should be brought in to investigate this.

    128. john king says:

      just looked up the Information Commisioners office Scotland open monday to friday tel number 03031231113.

      This needs to be flagged up with them asap because there is no way that this is not a breach of the DPA!

    129. cearc says:


      Britishness in a nutshell, I doff my hat, sir.

    130. David Smith says:

      I wouldn’t at all be surprised if some kind of ‘terrorist outrage’ were to take place at the Orange parade on the 13th which was then blamed on ‘nationalists’.
      Remember how the Spanish Government tried to pin the Madrid bombings on ETA?

    131. Ann says:

      Since I am not a Postal Voter and I haven’t received any NO campaign documents, I think it is fair to assume that the Postal Voters have been targeted.

      This in way tells me that the NOers must be very worried about how their votes will Pan out.

    132. Chic McGregor says:

      Just get better and more cutting all the time Chris.

    133. Footsoldier says:

      Daily Mail today could be accused of inciting violence on pages 16 and 17 by showing picture of violence and arson in Quebec, in the aftermath of the Quebec referendum, then going on to link this to Jim Murphy’s attack by “Streetnats”. It is obvious Jim Murphy is in denial that huge numbers of Labour supporters are voting Yes and the numbers are increasing daily. Let’s get a few more Labour for Independence banners out.

      It is clear the No side are losing the argument big time and are now turning to physical fear being the only ammunition they now have left in the locker.

    134. cearc says:

      Postal votes and no stuff.

      I am in Highland and did not get anything with my PV.

      The people who did, who runs your council? The council knows exactly when they are being posted.

    135. Alan McHarg says:

      Re postal votes, I heard on the bbc news the other day that you should not take photos of your postal vote and post them on line/youtube etc. Whilst not illegal to do so may have some issues re the secrecy of the ballot.

      I found this strange and felt that people were being urged/warned not to photograph their postal vote so that there was no evidence to the contrary should there be a no vote particularly with a large no vote by post!

      Just sounds like we are being set up…

    136. a2 says:


      If that were true, the press would be all over it. You can safely assume that that teacher is talking S… rubbish and is unconvincable.

      BTW did anyone else notice Johann’s statement from Tuesday about underachieving pupils, “I know because I taught them”.

    137. Patrician says:

      Another brilliant cartoon Chris, catching the zeitgeist to perfection.

    138. steven Seagull says:

      @ Caroline Corfield

      Hi, Caroline

      You are clearly bright, and well meaning.

      The british isles reference is an obsolete and offensive, colonial term.

      Great britain, for what is now england and Wales.

      As in bigger, compared to Bretagne/Brittany in France.

      From Roman times.

      The englsh/saxons are still in what is now Germany.t

      Nothing to do with being awesome, and super great marvellous.

      And evil genocidal empire building warmongers.

      It’s the” West European Archipelago”.

      Learn other lenguas, move abroad.

      People queue, and talk the small stuff everywhere.

      Personally, I find the Spanish exceptional in decency and kindness.

      I find the english to be greedy and ill-informed. Arrogant and horribly thick.

      Generally loathed world wide.

      I want nothing do do with them.

      I’m sure you are a good person.

      Kind regards.

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