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Physician heals self

Posted on October 11, 2015 by

It’s a pretty desperate day for news in the Sunday papers. The Sunday Herald has a rather overplayed piece on the already-tepid T In The Park “scandal” for its front page, while Scotland on Sunday falls back on its standard last-resort panic move of getting Gordon Wilson – who last led the SNP more than TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO – to blather on about something or other.

In the Observer, Kevin McKenna (who seems to be experiencing voter’s remorse over switching to the Nats in May after a lifetime backing Labour) appears to have written the exact same column as last week – a vague and woolly “SNP bad, Labour fightback starts here” spacefiller –  and the Mail On Sunday digs up the ever-reliable boss of the CBI to warn that the sky will fall in if the SNP does anything ever.


Over on the Sunday Times they’re really scraping the barrel in a desperate attempt to somehow flog yet another week out of the Michelle Thomson story, prominently (and entirely gratuitously) mentioning the MP in a piece about an allegedly-dodgy house sale which she has not even the slightest sliver of any sort of connection to.

But it was something else in the same paper that caught our eye.

Rather oddly located in the Scottish News section of the paper (though it’s curiously vanished from the website) is a piece entitled “Bake Off medic warns of meltdown in NHS”. It quotes a blog – written more than two months ago – by former Great British Bake Off contestant James Morton, a trainee doctor, who complains strongly about the UK government’s latest health reforms:

“The 7-day NHS proposals in England amount to little more than a huge pay cut for junior and trainee doctors… Cutting doctors’ pay would probably drown any remaining morale. Already, so many talk about leaving for Australia or Canada, the private sector or industry, for a wage several times their own… Many will not return.”

Morton notes that as he works in Scotland he’ll actually be protected from the changes. But throughout the referendum campaign Scots were warned in doom-laden terms that independence would have a catastrophic effect on their healthcare, excluding them from all sorts of treatment in English NHS hospitals.

Who warned them? People like James Morton.


“Now the vote is coming. Now I’m scared.

Now I feel I’ve got to do something. Anything I can. Now I feel compelled to plead. To you who still could be convinced either way and to you, who haven’t decided if you’re going to vote or not.

You might see leaving the United Kingdom as thrusting off the rusty shackles of the Tories to form a new Social-Democratic utopia where health and economic equality is the norm. A phoenix emerging from the ashes of a failed state, so to speak. 

But it doesn’t take much to see Independence a different way. A less panglossian way. I see Independence as a people running away from the problems that plague their country. I see Reporting Scotland as our national news and I shudder with shame. I see the idea of creating a new state for ideological, ethnic, religious or any reason other than to escape persecution, as inherently ridiculous.

We share more with the people of the cities of England than we do with any other people in the world, genetically and ideologically.

Despite what the more fervent nationalists will say, it is clear that there would be no question of a Yes if the vote was held when a Labour Government was in power. The choice has been elegantly pitched, by those same nationalists, as The Left (Scotland) vs. The Right (England). Given that choice, it’s a wonder the polls didn’t narrow sooner. But of course, that isn’t the true choice.

The problem we face is that we just don’t know what problems our children will face. We know that there are plenty of risks involved in going it alone, but we do not know the doubtless risks that have yet to be revealed. The poverty and obesity crises in Scotland are already huge elephants in the room as we refuse to talk about our own clear deficiencies as a state.

It is the presence of these risks to our nation and our wealth that decided it early on for me. When the evidence for the maybe-benefits of an independent Scotland are so easily unpicked with minimal research, there can only be one way to vote.”

James Morton was very keen for Scots to vote No so that a Labour government could save Britain from the Tories, and that voting Yes was just too much of a risk to Scotland’s “health and economic equality”. There’s a discernible degree of irony in the fact that only the Scottish NHS being completely independent now protects him from the terrible consequences of his choice.

We’re sure if he explains it to English NHS patients wondering where all their doctors have gone they’ll understand.

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    154 to “Physician heals self”

    1. chic thomson says:

      It’s like Tom Sharpe’s greatest Wilt story, it really is.

    2. Johannah Buchan says:

      Surely he’s exactly the mind of “no” voter we now need to get on the “yes” side now that it’s all becoming clear what remaining in this dysfunctional is doing to uz

    3. Pam McMahon says:

      Not got much of a bedside manner, has he? “You’re going to die if you vote Yes, but I’m going to die as well if you vote No”.

      Aye, Gordon Wilson, the Brahan Seer of the SNP.

    4. Capella says:

      Another brilliant piece of investigation. The boilerplate attributed to Dr Morton above reads as if it was concocted at Tory HQ – piece of PR drivel straight out of The Thick of It.

      Perhaps he will be invited by the Press to explain how we are Better Together now that the vote has been cast.

    5. Sassenach says:

      What a plonker that Bake-Off boy is.

      Talk about saying in the breeze.

    6. Camy says:

      To be fair – I see Reporting Scotland as our national news and shudder with shame as well

    7. cearc says:

      Not a very inspiring way of thinking for a medical doctor – it may be a bit risky, best do nothing!

    8. Macart says:

      Well he got the result he wanted, now he can watch as the system of government he voted to retain burns the NHS to the ground. But hey, he reckons he’s OK because he’s lucky enough to be plying his trade in Scotland. Is he really all that safe though?

      How long before austerity economics, budget cuts, the deconstruction of England’s NHS has the inevitable and all too fucking predictable knock on effect in Scotland?

      Perhaps the fella should stick to baking?

    9. ScottishLass says:

      A prime example of academia not equating to intelligence and there is the ever present, Scottish Cringe….for some.

    10. Jim Thomson says:

      C’mon folks, a bit of understanding please. The boy had book sales to consider.

    11. HandandShrimp says:

      Better Together?

      It should have come with the caveat “as long as there isn’t a Tory majority”….not that this would have bothered Ian Smart of the “better a 100 years Tory rule than independence” fame.

      It is incredible the news space devoted to a grant to cover logistics for moving a festival because of safety reasons and a possible investigation into a new MP’s previous business dealings several years earlier (but hasn’t actually happened yet and might not happen at all).

      I suppose it shows how desperate the press and the other parties are to attack the SNP. The inability to assail the SNP poll lead seems to be driving them up the wall and round the proverbial bend.

      If these two attacks come to naught as they might very well do (I think the TITP one already looks dead on its feet) then what next back to the SNP are all blood and soil Nazis?

    12. K1 says:

      Just the sheer bare faced naiveté and ignorance is what shines through in his words. These people really don’t seem to get their owned flawed logic and can never see the blatant contradictions in their absurd outlook…and these are the professionals?

      We’re doomed…doomed ah tell ye!

    13. Democracy Reborn says:

      Great pre-indyref political prognosis there, Dr Morton. Would the medical term be ‘half-baked’?

      I hope the prognoses you give your patients are a helluva lot more accurate.

    14. Wuffing Dug says:

      Whiney cringer licks british boots, but he is a Scot who’s government will protect him from the negative impact of the proposed reforms.

      I’m shuddering with shame looking at him.
      When I was an apprentice we used to call his type a ‘jellyback’.

      We need people like him to cross the floor?
      WHIT? They never will, they are pathetic.

      The great british fuck off finalist speaketh shite.

    15. gordoz says:

      Better to Know Thyself ?

    16. K1 says:

      Afore someone says it:

      Naw these are the professionals:


    17. gordoz says:

      ‘Better to know thyself’ before publishing contradicting statements, which clearly contradict.

      Tends to make one look like a fool. (at the very least)

    18. Scotspine says:

      “The great british fuck off”.

      Ha ha ha ha ha. That’s a keeper.

      I feel your anger and embarrassment that this cringer urged folks to vote No though.

    19. Jim Thomson says:

      Young James has a blog entry here:

      Which kinda reveals his own take on the issue of NHS pay and hours. As Stuart points out he does say he’s “protected” by working in Scotland.

    20. caz-m says:

      Here are some examples of how our mighty neighbour with the broad shoulders is coping,

      In the words of the same English media and politicians who told us to vote NO.

      “Theresa May’s landlord immigration checks ‘like saying no dogs, no blacks, no Irish’ claims Andy Burnham”

      “A record 50,000 teachers quit the classroom threatening crisis in schools”

      “Jeremy Corbyn ‘must kiss Queen’s hand’ if he wants his place on Privy Council”

      “David Cameron sketch: No gloss for the PM’s big speech – and no tax credit cut climbdown either”

      “NHS finances in crisis due to rising demand and budget cuts”

      I hope those of you who voted NO hold your hands up and admit that you got it wrong.

      There’s a warm welcome waiting for you on the YES side.

    21. gordoz says:

      I did note his father (Tom) writing in the IScot magazine (which he is perfectly entitled to do, even though he is no way an Indy supporter).

      Just wondering if this is a possible early sign of political doubt emerging within Unionist ranks ?

      Just saying.

    22. Brian Powell says:

      That was the blind spot for many No promoters, especially, very especially, Labour politicians and activists.

      Everything predicated on a No plus a Labour Government in Westminster. It is the biggest betrayal of their constituents; they came second to the Labour Party. Decisions were made on the basis of Labour Party survival.

      We got rid of the politicians but not yet their effect.

    23. David Agnew says:

      We are under a relentless assault from the media and the three main unionist parties. Yet it is exactly this behavior that drove so many to the SNP in the first place. Mr Morton’s message is one I have seen many times. It is the message of those who absolutely believed that labour would win in 2015. Their idea of being better together was entirely conditional on another party being in charge. The rest of his piece is simple SNP=BAD cant. They are; if they are anything at all, nothing more than fair weather friends of the UK. Everything will be fine in the UK – as long as labour is in charge. We can’t leave just because of the tories it seems, because labour was obviously going to win. So why leave if labour will be in charge.

      Why indeed.

      Labour at that time were openly in support of TTIP and basically lying that they could regulate it. They were chasing right wing votes that had switched to UKIP. They were in support of Austerity and intended to do nothing but follow George Osborne’s script. But it was obvious that Miliband was never going to be PM even if he had all of Scotland’s support. Hell, the man allowed himself to punked out of office by David Cameron’s insane attack that the SNP supporting labour was somehow….illegal.

      The real achievement of Better together was not just to ensure Scotland had to endure another term of the tories. It used independence as a wedge issue and ensured that there was no chance at all of ever reconciling one side to the other. They literally drove people who had once voted for their parties into an adversarial position. These people are never going to feel comfortable voting for a UK party ever again. They are also never going to be comfortable with the idea of being British. So it was no surprise that they voted for the SNP.

      I do not think that Mr Morton actually believes a single word he has written. I don’t think he subscribes to the pooling resources/sharing risks dogma of labour. I don’t he believes in labours Solidarity in Poverty. I don’t think he would ask for the gallows to built high so that we may all hang together.


      This man voted no for Britain because he genuinely believed that Labour being in charge is what makes Britain Great. And that makes him the dumbest man in the room.

    24. Chossy says:

      In order for the SNP to remain in power for the foreseeable future is to simply publish figures clearly for the public to see.

      NHS England cut by 20% = £200,000,000 less for us. Published in simple easily accessible places.

    25. gordoz says:

      Wrong Diagnosis –

      On second reading James suffers from the same affliction as many ProudScots.

      Its the definition of country –

      Yes side (Scots and affiliates / citizens) country of residence = Scotland

      No side (ProudScots / BritNats etc) country of residence = Britain / UK (Scotland is only seen as region of Great Britain)

      Sounds like he is really struggling with his own GB prognosis now – poor lad.

      Remedy = Scotland

    26. gus1940 says:

      One of JP’s resident unionist cretins is suggesting in the Comments in SoS that The Rev Stu.has joined in the debate in that soon to disappear propaganda rag under a nom de plume.

      While I am sure that Stu keeps a close eye on what the Guys In The Black Hats in that and all the other unionist blats are excreting he obviously has more sense than to waste his time arguing with the brainwashed and blinkered brigade who inhabit the columns of these rags.

    27. Geoff Huijer says:

      And no doubt many ‘No’ voters in his position WILL be able to and WILL decide to move abroad now that they are getting what they voted for; more inequality, more poverty, and a UK Corporation-loving Government that would sell its granny to have ‘global influence’.

      Of course, there are many who cannot ‘up and leave’ coz they don’t like things which is probably why the HOPE a ‘Yes’ vote gave them encouraged them to vote that way.

      I see James Morton as just another ‘I’m alright Jack’ Brit-Nat who will no doubt make sure he’s secure and that those less fortunate can just ‘get on with it’.

      Better Together eh?

    28. msean says:

      I seem to remember last year bettertogether Labour telling us the NHS would be fine while in England they were recreating marches of the past in its defence

    29. Wuffing Dug says:

      The oil industry is filled with people like him.

      Look what the broad shoulders of britain are doing for us now, fuck all, deliberately hobbling the industry in Scotland.

      I read somewhere that all the cringers in Aberdeen are filling doctors surgeries to the brim, driven there by their increasing stress and anxiety due to the situation in the industry.

      The fools voted for this, if we were independent we could have done something to mitigate the effects of the oil price fall.

      Their fear is palpable, coupled with profound impotence.
      Left at the mercy of ruthless operators and service companies.

      If the worst happens I have other skills I can draw on, haven’t always worked in oil & gas. You don’t get paid as much but I’m not greedy, a good quality of life is more important.

      I know one guy who voted no because he though it would make it more expensive to go and buy a car in England. Nuff said.

      A thousand thanks, cringers.

    30. TonyD says:

      Project Fear still alive and well and being used in the run up to Holyrood elections next year.

    31. donald anderson says:

      The Great British fruitcake. Bake off chum.

    32. Democracy Reborn says:

      Part of being able to make clinical judgments about a patient involves looking at that patient’s medical history. The clinician can then make certain inferences and deductions about a patient’s condition.

      Dr James tells us “We share more with the people of the cities of England than we do with any other people in the world, genetically and ideologically.”

      “Genetically”??… Is that not rather ‘blood and soil’ type nationalism?

      “Ideologically”? Scotland has not voted Tory since 1955. The people of England have freely voted for the Tories in : 1959, 1970, 1979, 1983, 1987, 1992, 2010 and 2015.

      It always amuses me when members of the Scottish Labour left pontificate about the ‘solidarity’ between the English and Scottish ‘working class’. The New Statesman, 11/9/13 (article by David Skelton):-

      “A third of trade union members consistently vote Tory… The votes of trade unionists were crucial to Margaret Thatcher beating Jim Callaghan in 1979.” And there was me thinking (according to SLAB) it was the SNP who let in the Tories.

    33. John H. says:

      Macart says-
      “How long before austerity economics, budget cuts, the deconstruction of England’s NHS has the inevitable and all too fucking predictable knock on effect in Scotland?”

      Of course you’re right Macart, but when that happens he will of course blame the Scottish Government. It’s what his kind do.

    34. Greg Drysdale says:

      Hang on, the guy from British BAKEoff, the fellow who makes CAKES as a hobby, is worried about an “obesity crisis”?!

    35. DerekM says:

      my friends son is a junior doctor,which was his choice from a young age,for many years he has studied very hard while working crazy hours,so just how did this guy get time off to go on some poxy TV show.

      We have a lack of doctors already without one who has cost the taxpayer a fortune to train moonlighting as a cook,so which ever department he works in the other doctors would have had to take up the slack caused by him fancying himself as a cook.

      I for one would not accept him as my doctor i want to know they specialize in illness not making fucking scones.

    36. Martin says:

      There is a nice bit of irony here, although the pay cut story itself is quite dispiriting. When I qualified in 2009 FY1s (first grade of doctors) essentially got a 30% pay cut- I left the BMA after that as I felt sickened that our trade union had done sweet F. A to help. They’re being more vocal this time but that’s life.

      This latest attempt to undermine the NHS by Jeremy C**t and co is part of the asset strip and sell off plan, have no doubt. When the headlines roared about varying death rates depending on day of admission months ago I was weary and jaded enough to know this was the groundwork for something. And here it has arrived.

      Let’s be clear, the issue here isn’t a 40% pay cut- that will irk junior doctors (especially as no grade of medical staff in the NHS has had a pay rise since before I graduated) but they’re already on £33-50k depending on grade and the wages won’t go down. The issue is that the government sees the idea of flooding hospitals at weekends with ever more tired juniors as a solution to the death stats.

      This will not work. The reason care at the weekend and overnight is more dangerous is not from a lack of juniors signing scripts and organising X rays. it’s a lack of experienced decision makers, the support staff and facilities (oh, non evolving stroke symptoms more than 3h ago? Sorry Mrs but the radiology department is mostly closed so your CT can wait until Monday). People can’t get home if they need OT or physio input at the weekend because that’s not there, scans aren’t available unless “urgent”, referrals can’t be made because we have so many specialties being “cross covered” by junior doctors who have no specific interest or training in that discipline.

      We don’t need more junior doctors- arguably the problem out of hours in hospitals is there’s often nobody but junior doctors. As usual Hunt and co have picked on the least vocal and least experienced workers (why are under 21s on a different living wage?)as they’re more likely to accept it.

      We need more nurses, more allied health professionals, more diagnostic services and more experienced (consultant, SpR level doctors). Can this happen in a 7 day service? Absolutely. Will it happen under this govt? No. The easiest way to do things would be to reduce “in hours” services to about 75-80% of current capacity, and continue a constant level over the weekend. There would be a drop overnight, sure, but waiting 12h is better than waiting 72.

      Morton’s latest is spot on- this will cause a massive exodus of junior doctors to Australia. Heck, why have they not already gone? You get paid double and your training time to consultancy is about 1/2.

      We MUST get out of the UK before the NHS is sold off at massive reduction to whichever of Cameron or Gideon’s friends has more dirt on them.

    37. Helena Brown says:

      Was told by a friend whose Eldest Daughter is a junior Doctor about Doctors Assistants getting paid £50,000 and all they needed to do was a two year course. I looked askance and asked if this was here in Scotland because I know how few people are still unaware if they do not come to places like Wings that the NHS is not the same. She did not reply to me, so I checked.
      In 2006 I assume put in place by Labour, they recruited a number of these people from the States as a trial. The Contract was cancelled in 2008 after a two year trial. I expect by the SNP and there does not seem to be any question of Revival. Aberdeen University holding courses but this whole business is about NHS England who have adverts for Physician Assistants at circa £50,000.

    38. Macart says:

      @John H

      That’s why Wings exists John.

      To remind folk who is truly responsible.

      Whether Mr Morton likes it or not, he played his part in enabling the Westminster government to continue on its merry way, laying waste to what he professes to care for.

      I’m going to have a rummage for my ‘don’t blame me, I voted yes’ badge now.

    39. Iain More says:

      Cant work up any sympathy for any cringer. Just another case of we told you so asshole!

    40. Davy says:

      You know what gets me about independence, it’s the fact that no one else appart from the SNP thinks it a good idea. I like the idea in principle but I despise the politics of the SNP. I’m on the right. How far, depends on how far the loons on the left go. If independence was a viable prospect, we would surely see other political parties with a true vision for Scotland. This is my honest hurdle.

      Oil etc, should play no part in this arguement. The long term future is where the pitches of parties should take us. Not woad faced bawheids waving saltires. There is no one credibile to get a second opinion on this independence. FFS, we are forced to take independence advice on pension decisions but not on our future grandchildrens lives. Until positive clear plans are published, you guys will never win over us NO voters. Clear, no bollox statements of facts.

    41. chools says:

      I blame his parents

    42. Martin says:

      I presume then, Davy, that you don’t vote because no party can accurately guarantee the future?

    43. Derick fae Yell says:

      To be fair to young Jeemie, it’s no wonder he’s such a cringer.

      Daddy is embedded in BBC Pravda on the Clyde and Mummy is a GP (and chair if Shetland Labour Party last I heard).

      The boy didn’t stand a chance.

    44. scotsbob says:

      Just as an aside I see Carmichael is back in court tomorrow.

      The appeal fund has gathered more momentum in the last couple of days.

    45. Valerie says:

      Well Dr Morton, I’m sure there isn’t a bedpan big enough to cope with that amount of verbal diarrhoea.

      The article by Rev makes the point, but I’m going to say this anyway. A medical degree does not mean that person has any real powers of logic or deduction. Do not learn the hard way over your health. If you truly feel there is something wrong with you, do not be fobbed off, and bring to mind this silly creature.

      I mean – the obesity crisis is the elephant in the room? Are you sure this isn’t from his stand up routine? We are genetically closer to those in cities down south? We are not genetically close to those in Syria, Brazil or Alaska? What a crazy statement!

      Ain’t no cure for what Dr Morton has.

    46. dakk says:

      With logic and diagnosis like James Morton shows,the poor service users would be better served if he did leave the profession.

      Sounds like he’d be more suited to being a ‘masterbaker’ for Morton’s rolls anyway.

      Sadly,his ilk are all too common in my experience.

    47. Kennedy says:

      “The problem we face is that we just don’t know what problems our children will face. We know that there are plenty of risks involved in going it alone, but we do not know the doubtless risks that have yet to be revealed.”

      that is why we should be in charge of the steering wheel. Independent thought and independent control. Basically Independence.

      I thought doctors were meant to be clever. silly me.

    48. sandycraig says:

      Another educated prick with not a lot of common sense.

    49. Davy says:


      I didn’t vote at the last referendum because how could I ? Salmond did NOT make anything clear. Seems we will go into another ref soon with exactly the same hidden truths.

    50. caz-m says:

      Quick solution to our problem is to encourage as many of our English neighbours to vote to LEAVE the EU in the up and coming EU Referendum.

      We in Scotland vote to STAY in the EU.

      That will trigger another Scottish Independence Referendum.

      This would probably take a couple of years to organise and by that time, I am confident the majority of Scots would vote YES.

    51. gordoz says:


      Rather than a sense of carping in your query, wouldn’t you be better to forward a right wing vision of independence ?

      State your perspective let others hear it.

    52. dakk says:


      ‘I’m on the right’

      My arse,you’re just another dependent, subsidy junkie cringer with no self awareness.

      The Scottish Gov published a White Paper before Indyref which was more pro business and visionary than anything the BritNat parties have offered for UK never mind Scotland.

    53. Hamish100 says:

      James Morton whose daddy worked for BBC Scotchland. How lucky to be selected.

      As for the other amateurs, blogs elsewhere would suggest that they aren’t just basic bakers!

      BBC news we had a full sports review Ireland, Wales, F1, US golf. Any guess who wasn’t mentioned?…….. no not England we got a brief resume of their win yesterday a thoughtful piece over their future etc….. No of course there was a Country missed out from the Great British Broadcasting Corrupt Corporation. Still haven’t worked it out? Don’t worry BBC News knows exactly!

    54. Valerie says:

      BTW, I hope everyone notes that nationalism is now responsible for obesity, and the state is deficient in this realm.

      It will be nothing to do with corporate conglomerates loading sugar n shit into foods? Nothing to do with sugar addiction throughout the western world? Obesity – check out America’s crisis.

      Sugar – watch Jamie Oliver close to tears watching a 7 year old have every tooth in his head yanked, and the Surgeon tell him he will do that 15 times every day, but no one cares.

    55. Betty Boop says:

      @ Davy, 1:33pm

      Didn’t vote because Salmond didn’t make it clear…?

      How much hand holding do no voters need? A 648 page book telling folks what happens in an independent country plus a load of policies the SNP would progress if in government wasn’t enough? Plus of course, all those meetings/debates throughout the country week in week out and folk out on the street willing to discuss with anyone!

      What other country in the world would need a book to explain independence, taking decisions for themselves?

      Do yourself a favour Davy, don’t step out your front door; you don’t know what’s out there.

    56. Robert Peffers says:

      @Pam McMahon says: 11 October, 2015 at 11:49 am:

      ” … Aye, Gordon Wilson, the Brahan Seer of the SNP.”

      If ever there was a bitter spirited wee man who exhibits the mental process of one who feels passed over for promotion that wee, (mentally), person is Gordon Wilson”.

    57. Jim Thomson says:

      @Davy I’m staggered by your blinkered approach to all of this. Have you come late to the arguments, or are you just another digressive troll?

      There was a mountain of information available during and after the referendum, and the mountain is growing. Get aff yer arse and do some research.

      The “right-wing” of the independence movement was represented by Wealthy Nation (who I found to have very little to offer, and were less than responsive when asked for detailed information that could be used during the campaign).

      If you want to see their sparse offering their website is still live

      Fill yer boot son, fill yer boots.

    58. woosie says:

      Another wannabee trying to break into English celebdom. Look out for Doctor in the Kitchen soon!

      What a cesspit this uk is! Some nobody who baked a cake on the telly is being quoted as a medical/political tzar.

      I wish the people who buy these tissues would take a step back and analyze what they’re spending their money on.

      Does this guy not see the link between de-industrialisation and benefit cuts causing hunger, stress and attempted suicides and the increased workload of the NHS, which in turn now requires doctors to work over 7 days?

      The fact that uk are demanding this effective wage cut should make it obvious even to him that we are definitely Worse Together!

    59. Dr Jim says:


      That’s going to be part of the English OUT campaign to demonise Scotland by telling them they’ll have to keep funding Scotland, but if England leave the EU they don’t have to put up with that terrible Sturgeon woman because as you say we’ll vote ourselves out of the UK

      Job Done, we hope

    60. Davy says:


      Well for starters, I’d be raking in the dosh for rental of Faslane. I would be doing as gorge osborn but tapering tax credits over 5 years by introducing immigrant tax. That’s tax on immigrants only. A levy paid for those who wish to take permanent residence with a job. I’d be holding the EU to ransom over fish. I would be subsidising season tickets at the fitba and I would be removing the contracts for Sky etc and bring back Scotsport and Grandstand. Seems stupid but it will taclke obesity medium term and pay for itself through nhs savings. Gets the country active again. I’d also scrap bbc licence but introduce a media tax. Internet, radio and communications tax. 300 per year which is cheaper than Scandinavia. These are just a few ideas.

    61. bjsalba says:

      @ Geoff Huijer

      Those folks you describe as planning to leave the UK had better do it quick, cos there is no way the EU is going to give up freedom of movement for Eu citizens moving to the UK whilst letting UK citizens move freely through the EU.

    62. gordonbrownstuff says:

      Looks like Mortons cringe is terminal, cant say him and his fellow britnat clowns were not warned. Shame on them!

    63. Ken MacColl says:

      With Tom Morton as father and with his mum as Head of Labour party in Shetland -allegedly- it is a blessing the boy is good at baking!

    64. David McDowell says:

      I took one look at McKenna on all the “pro independence” alternative media shows and asked myself: “Are people really swallowing this shit?”

      He always had that old school “Scottish Labour Mafia” feel about him. Reheated articles that felt like they’d been written someone struggling to argue a case they really didn’t believe in.

      But he has really nailed his trousers to the mast now. I am not surprised one little bit. To me the whole thing seemed suspect from the start. And I bet I am not alone in thinking that.

      Anyone who buys papers like The National who pay this guy to spout rubbish needs their head looked. And MacWhirter is also sounding more like controlled opposition with every passing day.

    65. msean says:

      Sounds like a new tactic from britnats,it sounds like “we like your idea, but its stupid,snp bad.”

    66. call me dave says:

      @dakk and @Betty Boop

      What you both said!

      Consultants, a niche for Murphy and his ilk, no barge poles allowed.


    67. Robert Peffers says:

      @Democracy Reborn says: 11 October, 2015 at 12:10 pm:

      “Great pre-indyref political prognosis there, Dr Morton. Would the medical term be ‘half-baked’?”

      Methinks the Good Doctor is rather a bit of a balloon. That is if it had not already entered his head that any TV Show with a title beginning, “The Great British”, anything is designed to be subliminal, “Great British”, UKsian Propaganda.

      I diagnose he needs a Heid Doctor tae look his wee pointy heid.

    68. Dorothy Devine says:

      Somebody tell the halfwit that we were told prior to any referendum ever being discussed – that all we had to do was vote SNP if we wanted independence ( sure in the knowledge that the powers that be had sewn up any and every election)

      We’ve done that so could I have my independence pretty please?

    69. galamcennalath says:

      The choice has been elegantly pitched … as The Left (Scotland) vs. The Right (England). …. But of course, that isn’t the true choice.

      Which is in essence what he, and many other No supporters, got horribly wrong.

      With ‘Right’ comes all sorts of other things. Pathetically poor democracy, an elite, privileges for that elite, one of the most unequal countries in the developed world, illegal wars, WMDs, etc etc … we Yes supporters know exactly what Right wing / WM / Establishment means.

      His solution, Labour. Well we’ve had Labour and absolutely none of the problems of UKOK have been even dented by them.

      I have said before, there is no way 55% of the Scottish electorate, James Morton included if he were honest, seemed to understand what a NO win would mean. Yes supporters did, and tried to tell them.

      Although some No voters are going to be converted by information and argument … I am certain many more will learn from their big mistake the hard way, as UKOK harms them and their families in ways they clearly didn’t see coming!

      I won’t say ‘Hell mend them’, instead WM policies mend them, and they can vote Yes next time in penitence.

    70. Davy says:

      @betty boop

      It had 640 pages of good stuff but not the stuff we wanted to hear about. The usual like a currency plan etc etc.

    71. heedtracker says:

      He’s probably never read Voltaire either but his Dr Pangloss mad over optimism mention, is worth a lookee

      “This explanation of Pangloss’s optimistic philosophy is quoted from Chapter 1. His philosophy is both the most important point for debate among the novel’s characters and one of the main targets of Voltaire’s satirical jabs.

      Pangloss’s(Doc Morton)—and his student Candide’s—indomitable belief that ingrate and deluded Scots live in “the best of all possible worlds” comes under brutal attack by the horrific events that they live through, while under the reign of 600 red and blue English toryboys and girls, soon to be shaken off too.”

      Probably not where big Bliar MacDougal’s “best of both UKOK worlds” came from but talk about the more things change…

      Dr Mortongloss, Great British bullshitter 2015.

      Apologeez to Spark Notes.

    72. CameronB Brodie says:

      Must be slow news if they are having to revert to ‘Young MD expresses small “c” conservative opinions based on little understanding of reality’, shocker.


      Naw these are the professionals:

    73. CameronB Brodie says:

      Is this evidence of Scotland’s “supine bourgeoisie”?

    74. frogesque says:

      Davy says:
      11 October, 2015 at 2:26 pm
      @betty boop

      It had 640 pages of good stuff but not the stuff we wanted to hear about. The usual like a currency plan etc etc

      Like you, I had misgivings about currency and ‘it’ll be alright on the night’ Unlike you I also had confidence and courage that problems could and would be sorted out, especially if Westminster played fair.

      IRef#2 won’t be so open to misinterpretation, lies and monstering.

      YES will have to have a very definite currency plan and I hope it involves having our own currency, central bank and the institutions to go with it. We may or may not track the pound for a while, have to see how that goes but ultimately an free independent Scotland has to stand on Her own feet.

      Our biggest problem with a Guid Pound Scots is that it may turn out to be a very strong currency which would make exports expensive, especially if the RUK pound tanks.

      I for one seek independence, with everything that entails, warts and all! We are neither too wee, too poor, nor too stupid to run our own affairs. If you can’t accept that and work for the best possible Scottish solutions then it really is time to take a good hard look at where you actually stand.

    75. Jim Thomson says:

      @CameronB Brodie 2:44

      Thanks for that image of a reclining toga clad bloke (fair isle pattern toga btw) eating grapes (peeled, of course)

    76. Lollysmum says:

      Independence Live now broadcasting from Hands off Our Forth

    77. Betty Boop says:

      @ Davy, 2:26pm

      Davy, you obviously didn’t pay attention. Also, the five top options for currency were laid out very clearly many times over. The preference for retaining our Sterling Pound which would have been used in the same circumstances as now was explained ad infinitum, but, there were other viable options.

      I once had someone in my home who said there wasn’t enough information and he was astounded when I dropped a huge bag in front of him with information on virtually everything folk were concerned about. All researched, evidenced, etc.

      Some folk were just too lazy and listened to BBC, ITV, etc. or establishment “news”papers. We are supposed to have one of the most highly educated populations in the world in Scotland – I can barely believe it – one of the most feart, not realising the potential of a country with huge resources and a relatively small population.

      It really is simple – do you take charge of your own life or do you hand everything over to your next door neighbour and hope they treat you as well as they treat themselves. A good start for you right now, would be to find out what matters are reserved to Westminster and which are devolved to the Scottish Parliament and go from there when you are considering your ideas for fish, etc.

      You can also download the Wee Blue Book on this website.

      It’s up to you – you can comment from an informed stance or just make wild assertions.

      That’s all.

    78. yesindyref2 says:

      You have to wonder if these people, having very publicly aired their views, notice that the same thing or worse is happening with the NO vote, realise they were wrong, and have the integrity to admit it at times?

      Academics for instance can be quite reactive to criticism. At times their political slant overcomes their academic status and they write a load of rubbish conclusions from their own findings. Challenge them on the conclusions and there’s no reaction – that’s their beliefs.

      Challenge them on their academic integrity and they’re all over the place until they revert to their academic status and are forced to retract or modify their conclusions.

      Curtice is a prime example of that.

    79. ahundredthidiot says:

      This young Brit surely deserves his place in the house of lords

      Take yer fucking cakes with you

    80. yesindyref2 says:

      I have just the Independence resource for you:

      for instance “I’m voting Yes because I’m a Conservative, not in spite of it.”

      I’m not a conservative, but it was one of the most under-utilised resources in the Referendum campaign.

    81. Molly says:

      Hang on though guys, the young Dr obviously has empathy for his colleagues, while acknowledging he’s protected by working in Scotland, what’s this guys excuse?

      “Macwhirters failure to register the circumstances in which a left leadership finds itself reveals a readiness to summarily dismiss developments which offer the UK left one of its most significant opportunities for generations”

      ” To quickly condemn the mobilisation of hundreds of thousands of new party members galvanised by Corbyn’s campaign serves to expose the ideological and strategic grounds on which much of the nationalist case rests”

      Mike Cowley , Scottish Labour campaign for socialism , replying to last weeks Iain Mcwhirter piece in the SH.

      So galvanised ‘ left ‘ voters , which offered a significant opportunity for generations ( with impact on the rest of the UK ) was not just dismissed but millions of pounds were spent actively denouncing their views by Labour and the Tories during the Referendum .

      So it’s ok to be ‘left ‘ but you got to be Labour left or it doesn’t count ?

      So it’s ok to be ‘left’ but you got to be UKOK left or it doesn’t count ?

      So it’s ok to be ‘left’ but only when we choose the timing / leader/ circumstances or it doesn’t count ?

      I have wondered to myself sometimes, when listening to some people with comfortable titles, if they even bothered their arses to even attend any meetings or discuss any ideas in the run up to the Referendum , as to what it was all about or are they so entrenched in their left Labour credentials ( and yes I do mean some of the union guys too ) that they completely missed the point ?

      Sometimes I’m just embarrassed for these dinosaurs

    82. yesindyref2 says:

      Sorry posted before finished. Another quote from that article was:

      “It is time to come out of the closet. I’m voting Yes and as a result, for the first time in years, I am excited about the future of centre-right politics in Scotland.

      This might seem a surprising move for a former Director of the Scottish Conservative party and Tory candidate for Westminster, but I have to be honest, it wasn’t even a difficult decision.”

    83. Richardinho says:

      A line I always liked to use during the referendum-who know how successful it was- was that the risk wasn’t in voting Yes, the risk and uncertainty was in voting No, because then we were at the mercy of whatever the Uk electorate decided in the subsequent general election.

    84. Jim Thomson says:

      O/T Red Road Flats demolition live
      scheduled for 3:15 apparently

    85. Quinie frae Angus says:

      What Betty Boop said, at 2.55

    86. Davy says:


      Thank you. At last a proper answer instead of links to the same old rubbish. To have the same pound as England IS NOT independence. I want our own money. No ifs or buts.

      I’m not a conservative nor UKIP but probably align with UKIP.

    87. heedtracker says:

      Already, so many talk about leaving for Australia or Canada, the private sector or industry, for a wage several times their own… Many will not return.”

      Morton notes that as he works in Scotland he’ll actually be protected from the changes.

      So in these confusing topsy turvy ukok times, I like to consult my Professor Smirky of Slovenia’s Bumper Book of Great British Bullshit-

      “The UK Supreme Court has accurately described the powers of the Scottish Parliament as “ample” and “generous”. Holyrood has complete control over the NHS in Scotland, as it does over the whole of Scottish education, from nurseries to schools and colleges.

      Yet in the eight long years in which the SNP have been in power, next to nothing has been done to reform the health service in Scotland, save that SNP ministers’ controls over Scotland’s fourteen health boards have been tightened. Has this led to improved service?”

      Dunno Prof Smirky.

      Maybe ask BetterTogether Doc Morton.

    88. dakk says:

      Davy 2.14

      ‘These are just a few ideas’

      Most of your ideas would require the powers of an independent Scotland to initiate and are not and never have been UK Gov policy,so your logic is as flawed as James Morton and other concern troll Britnats.

      Alternatively you may be just another 77th bde parasite looking to flush out ammo for the next propaganda attack on SNP/indy by using our own arguments and spinning them to attack SNP/indy (SNP Immoral. SNP right wing,come back to Labour).

      I do detect Wings comments are a fertile source for BritNat strategists.

    89. Effijy says:

      Davy says:
      11 October, 2015 at 1:26 pm
      You know what gets me about independence, it’s the fact that no one else apart from the SNP thinks it a good idea.

      Of course not Mr Cameron, No other party wants independence for
      Scotland as they all work for Westminster based parties who look after themselves first, their English Party second, third comes Corporations who can pay them fees. or offer lucrative part time positions, fourth it’s the greater London population, then if they can be bothered, a few crumbs for all the other losers who have been stupid enough to vote for them.

      If your IQ was greater than your shoes size you would be able to
      understand that the NHS is under attack like never before.

      Without life, you have nothing!

      With Red and Blue Tories your life doesn’t matter if you are not making them money.

      Work harder, work longer, retire later, earn less, and die as soon as you want anything back from them.

      Get a Life Troll.

    90. Daisy Walker says:

      I never liked his cakes, or his jumpers – he’s a fud. Doctors are greedy, overrated, and over paid – there, I’ve said it.

      Tony Blair gave the GP’s a great big pay off, so they’d keep their gobs shut as he set the ground for the sell off of the NHS, and the vast majority of them, went, OK, that suits me fine.

      When it comes to actually fixing ill health – the biggest obstacle to this is the medical profession – evidence – physiotherapy on Polio sufferers – developed by an Austrialian Nurse… took years for it to be accepted.

      Stomach Ulcer treatment, only once the patent expired on traditional ulcer medicine, was the fact that it was caused by bacteria and could be easily, 100% cured with a short course of Anti-biotics – allowed. Not before they monstered the 2 scientist/doctors who discovered and proved this.

      Until about a year ago, at our local mental health hospital, the senior practice nurses do the night shift cover. The Junior Doctors are on night shift cover, if called out, they would double their YEARLY salary – I’m not making this up and I did check my facts. What organisation private or public, can budget for this kind of agreement.

      And its getting worse, check out a film called ‘under our skins’ on lymes disease and the American set up. It’s on you tube.

      Ill health is a very lucrative business and our Doctors are fully aware of this. Poor wee Bakers boy is only worrying about his future pay pack.

    91. Sassenach says:

      For goodness sake, ignore the troll.

    92. Truth says:

      I don’t know this chap, but I believe you have misspelt his surname.

      A rogue “t” appears to have crept in there.

    93. Wuffing Dug says:

      Sassenach @3:41


      Stopped reading first post at ‘that alecsammin’….


    94. Helena Brown says:

      Daisy Walker, how I agree with you,I know of several people who were put on high blood pressure medicine where there was no need. They tried their hardest to force me onto them, told them not on any account, it took me a good while to get them off my back.
      Doctors are a by their nature a necessity but they forced the NHS to accept that the would be allowed private practice. I reckon that there are a good few among them who should not be Doctors practising among the General Public, we should remember Crippen and Mengele were Doctors.
      I will say I am about pain free having dislocated my shoulder recently and I thank all involved including the young Medic at Perth Royal Infirmary but I do not hold many of the Professions in awe any more, too many feet of clay, or perhaps they are just human like the rest of us.

    95. Jack Murphy says:

      OT. First Minister of Scotland interviewed on Andrew Marr Show this morning.
      Starting at 29 minutes in. Just scroll. 🙂

    96. heedtracker says:

      John Crindland gives Osborne 10 out of 10 for UK deficit reduction. It is a toryboy world 2011 but, well you can see why toryboy world will not give up control of their Scotland region, full of idle fat moochers ofcourse

      At the very time tax revenues are declining and a debt crisis is ravaging the global economy, our politicians have chosen to go on an unprecedented spending splurge. To fund it, the Government borrowed a monumental £170.8 billion last year. If all goes well, we’re set to borrow another £167.9 billion this year.

      This kind of deficit is far greater than during the recessions of the 80s and early 90s and even higher than when Britain went cap in hand to the IMF in 1976. This isn’t money saved for a rainy day. Because we continued to rack up debt in the good years, this latest spending spree is fueled by one big borrowing binge.”

      No doubt toryboy world have different word meanings, like reduction doesn’t mean reduction to your average CBI buffoon. Although technically, a percent or so drop in colossal UKOK austerity borrowing, with maybe 10,000 most vulnerable people on disability getting bumped off, is a toryboy 10/10.

      Arise Lord Cridland.

    97. GallusEffie says:

      Not for the 1st time this week, following the harrowing inquest proceedings for Connor Sparrowhawk on twitter at @LBInquest ( LB = Laughing Boy, Connor’s nickname ) I am moved to say the following.

      I thought a Dr’s credo was: First Do No Harm.

    98. dakk says:

      Daisy Walker 3.29

      Well said,and even worse,almost all of the dozens of doctors whom I know are No voting British nationalist Imperialists masquerading as lovely civilized, salt of the earth,humanitarian types.

      Not all mind you.So I know there are exceptions,before the sacred cow defenders get on our case.

    99. Dan Huil says:

      Morton spouts classic Labour BS. The bottom line is that he and Labour in Scotland would rather have a never-ending Tory government ruling the so-called united kingdom than see Scotland regaining its independence and caring for all the people of Scotland.

    100. yesindyref2 says:

      @Davy “Well for starters, I’d be raking in the dosh for rental of Faslane.”

      That’s effectively in the White Paper, at least for the 10 years that were needed to move the Trident warhead matching and floating dock loading facilities for a 59 tonne missile, down to England. In return for dosh for the land rental, there would by the looks of it have been a transition during those 10 years from nuclear base to conventional SDF base. Don’t forget Coulport which is massive, and Glen Douglas which could be the first to be transitioned.

      In exchange also would have been mutual defence co-operation which would, whatever unionists might sneer, have been as, if not more, essential for the rUK as for Scotland. Think QRA North which has nowhere to be relocated in the rUK without a lot of cost and time, and disruption, other than the base for QRA South (I did a study of bases).

      As for transition being a dawdle, think the current exercise Joint Warrior 2015-2 taking place now. Faslane is hosting a whole load of NATO warships, French, German, Danish, Canadian, US, Italy – as it has done for years. Scottish Defence Force warships could co-exist equally well under NATO – which kind of proves the point that there is 0.000000000000% chance of Scotland being “kicked out” of NATO.

      Faslane would be the “jewel in the crown” for Scotland in Indy negotiations. It’s all in the White Paper, if you read the small print and interpret its implications. It couldn’t be detailed because nobody would be able to foretell the exact results of post-YES negotiations, and in any case, nobody tells the other side their negotiating hand in advance, and the rUK refused to pre-negotiate.

      (sorry for re-post, posted in wrong thread)

    101. Chic McGregor says:

      Classic case of having the cake and eating it. 🙂

      But I guess humble pie will not be appearing on his menu.

    102. Clydebuilt says:

      Was James offered a place in the final of Bake off if he came out publically for a NO vote…… Just asking.

    103. frogesque says:

      Sassenach says:
      11 October, 2015 at 3:41 pm
      For goodness sake, ignore the troll.

      I would rather engage and see where it goes. Automatically going on troll alert won’t convert folk. If there are genuine concerns regarding YES (and there are) then I feel it’s better to play them with a straight bat. Independence involves some very deep held views on both sides of the argument. If we can’t put forward a positive case that will stand up to scrutiny then we are just leaves on an ocean.

      We do need more than a mirror otherwise we become self congratulatory backslappers and there are already enough of them on the NO side.

      Keep arguing the case – one body, one vote at a time and we will get there because the cause is both just and inevitable.

      Currency was a weak point for YES and every NO MSM comentator, politician and the Establishment went for the jugular. IT MUST NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! We need to be absolutely clear about how we will trade with the RUK and the wider world. It’s a fundamental issue and cannot be fudged.

      I support a pure Scottish currency, free of Westminster or Brussels If it suits Scotland to be closer through agreements or even closer ties such as the EU then so be it but before industry and commerce can support Indy then they will have to know where they stand. At the end of the day (or accounting period) they will need the bills to be paid in real money of whatever symbol is applied to the ledger.

    104. Valerie says:

      I think it’s important this nitwit is uncovered.

      The Scottish Govt has a very comprehensive Overweight and Obesity strategy put on the website in 2010. Lots of very specific info, targets, links, description of monies etc

      Let’s not let facts on ‘tackling the elephant’ get in the way of a burst of Rool Britnats.

    105. Andy Dewar says:

      Guys guys guys, let them reap what they sow. Me? my way forward vote SNP, Greens next year, get out of that fucking EU, close the borders, controlled immigration we take what we need. NO refuges we don’t know what we will be reaping in the future by allowing a different culture into Scotland. The doctor shite, we will suffer if the English NHS suffers. God save Queen Sturgeon.

    106. gerry parker says:

      @ Helena at 3:52

      Share your story here.

    107. dakk says:

      Andy Dewar. 4.18

      Are you and Davy in the same Lodge ? 😉

    108. Ian kirkwood says:

      The boy seems very naive, to say the least. Blinkerism at its worst and most likely down to the MSM propagandist approach. I really do hope that the second Scottish Enlightenment is coming soon.

    109. John H. says:

      11 October, 2015 at 1:54 pm

      “BBC news we had a full sports review Ireland, Wales, F1, US golf. Any guess who wasn’t mentioned?”

      You’re being a bit unfair to the BBC Hamish. I heard BBC sports news at 6am this morning and the country without a name got a full 5 seconds of a mention. 🙁

    110. Davy says:


      Again a good reply. Every time someone questions the SNP, they are branded a troll. I’m a stupid f…er an I know that but there is loads of us. We need real simple lines of information. Not figures and links to even more rubbish.

      Europe is another. Euro, immigration, pwers of the courts. All this things. Borders with UK. We need real answers otherwise I will be voting next time and it’s a NO. Forget any talk of oil. That runs out. How are we going to get people to come to Scotland other than 3 world immigrants. How far are you going to let Islam spread? Are you going to self destruct like germany and sweden ?

      To simply say like last time that these things will of coarse be debated and discussed after with the UK, is not enough. Needs to be before. No 640 pages of rubbish but a couple of one liners on a few sheets is what I want.
      I don’t want answers now but before a cross in the next vote. Im not a troll and so I’m away for my tea.

    111. Dandy Dons 1903 says:

      Andy Dewar-Spreading disinfo like a good little troll.

    112. gillie says:

      Greens are ("Tractor" - Ed)ous b@$tards. Rejecting a YES alliance and putting Westminster first before social justice.

      Scottish Greens are faux nationalists, fuk em’

    113. Jim Thomson says:


      Have you looked that the information that Stuart has gathered over the past few years? The link (I know you don’t like them – but hey – it saves loads of typing) is at the top of EVERY wings page and is “Reference”.

      have a wander through that lot and most of your questions should be answered.

      It has also been pointed out many times that “oil” is not critical to the finances of Scotland. 99% (or more) of our economic needs can be met by our other industries and business activities. So, please let that red herring go.

    114. thomaspotter2014 says:

      As for Morton

      Fuck him and his UKOK cocksuckery.


      As regards The Andrew Marr Show interview with Nicola Sturgeon.

      Marr’s rattling out all the negatives circa Kezia Dugdale FFS.

      Attack Agenda:NHS-Kids can’t read-Snp not lefty enough-even bangin on about Michelle Thomson’s non-fraud.

      Rule Brittannia?

      Do me a fuckin favour.

      Another day in the anti Snp-Scotland media circus.

      Marr-McKenna-McWhirter-all Proud scots but…getiing their balls squeezed so they try harder.Fuckin joke.

      Scotland is alive and aware of your pish .

      And for 77th Brigade new boys Davy and Andrew-is this your best shot?

      Deary deary me.

    115. Big Jock says:

      As Spok said:” Unionists illogical captain.” I detest that sinister Great Britas Bake off. Why is their Union Jack bunting all over it. And when it rains outside they focus in on the bunting not the window itself. Weird eh!

    116. frogesque says:

      @Davy 4.31

      Regarding immigration and any perceived post Indy Fundamentalisim I think we will be far better off outside the warmongering, Phalic symbol UK (but actually paid by us but controlled by the other US) neuk brigade in Westminster.

      We need a degree (let’s not fall out over numbers!) of immigration to balance the years of emigration Scotland has endured. Less about 3rd World and education but more about motivation and how immigrants will identify as Country of Birth (CoB) first but also Scots to their very core because they came here in poverty and we gave them a fair deal.

      Most work hard, damned hard and long hours to pay bills here and maybe send some back to their CoB. I have no problem with that. I do have a problem with the RUk leeching off us by way of electricity connection charges and the paltry sums coming back to us from the massive oil levys.

      Post Indy there would be no need for gates and borders between Scotland and the RUk. There aren’t any between the RoI and the North of the Country (Six Counties if you’re that way inclined) and there has been far more trouble in the past over there.

      I see Indy as having problems, but they are solvable with good will and good nature. The positives, to me anyway, far outweigh the negative postures of the NO camp

    117. Andy Dewar says:

      Reply dandy dons 1903
      LOL, 5-1 springs to mind. Troll don’t think so pal just stating the bloody obvious. I want independence just like the rest of the Yes mob, but lets be clear England sneezes we get the flu.

    118. Robert Peffers says:

      @Davy says: 11 October, 2015 at 1:26 pm:

      “You know what gets me about independence,”

      Well No, Davy, I don’t as you haven’t told us yet.

      ” it’s the fact that no one else appart from the SNP thinks it a good idea.”

      Did you mean, “apart”, from the SNP Davy? However, there was the YES Campaign of which the SNP were just one bit. They also included among others, Labour For Indy, Conservatives for Indy, Women for Indy and Business for Indy, to name but a few.

      ” … I like the idea in principle but I despise the politics of the SNP.”

      But, Davy, it wasn’t about voting for the SNP, as already explained, it was about Independence.

      “… I’m on the right. How far, depends on how far the loons on the left go.”

      One’s position upon the political spectrum depends very much upon one’s own location upon that political spectrum. For example to Genghis Khan Mrs Thatcher was far right and Hitler was not quite so far right.

      ” … If independence was a viable prospect, we would surely see other political parties with a true vision for Scotland. This is my honest hurdle.”

      It really sound more like it is/was your faithers dishonest hurdle, Davy. You seem not to know that there are people of all political parties with true visions for Scotland while the Unionist Establishment parties visions are not even just for The whole United Kingdom but they frequently wrongly refer to it being all Britain when Britain includes three non-UK crown Protectorates and a non-UK Republic.

      ” … Oil etc, should play no part in this arguement.”

      Whatever makes you imagine it did, Davy? The YES Campaign and the SNP not only can spell, “Argument”, but always insisted that oil & gas were a bonus. In fact they had to be for not a single penny of Oil & Gas money has ever come directly to Scotland.

      The UK calls it as being from, “Extra-Regio-Territory and put it through the UK books as UK income. Furthermore, that laughable per-capita share figure is not given to Scotland but is just a figure used for working out other false statistics.

      … The long term future is where the pitches of parties should take us.

      Aye! Davy, but it is the independent Scottish parties in an independent Scotland in the not so distant future.

      ” … Not woad faced bawheids waving saltires.”

      So you prefer the Butcher’s Apron, Knuckle Dragging, faces painted numpties who would prefer the United Kingdom to run the de facto parliament of England then?

      ” … There is no one credibile to get a second opinion on this independence.”

      Did you mean, “Creditable”, Davy? Did I not point out already this was a cross-party and np party YES movement that included many parties?

      ” … FFS, we are forced to take independence advice on pension decisions but not on our future grandchildrens lives. Until positive clear plans are published, you guys will never win over us NO voters. Clear, no bollox statements of facts.”

      Did you perhaps think we had not realised your wee game from your first words, Davy? However, I will tell you the truth as you seem rather scant on facts. All pensions schemes, including that we contribute to with our NHS stamps are legal contracts between the pensioner and the Pension Scheme provider.

      As such there is no way the UK government scheme could get out of paying the pension that had been contributed to. For example My Mum & Dad had their UK pensions, (state and works), paid from 1962 until their deaths a few years ago in Australia. My sister in Australia draws her UK and nurses pension to this day in Australia.

      Furthermore, Davy, As Scotland’s Per Capita GDP is higher than any other UK country, (without even counting oil & gas revenues), A Scottish Government would find it far easier to pay a bigger and better pension in an independent Scotland.

      Have a nice day Davy but please stop trolling for you do not have the brains for it.

    119. Naina Tal says:

      What are the wages like at GCHQ nooadays?

    120. Andy Dewar says:

      ref comments Thomaspotter 2014,
      What shite are you talking about, Brigade77 LOL, asshole, Scotland for Scots and whoever we need for our country to thrive. It is true if you don’t like other peoples opinion call them trolls or whatever. I was stating my view of a future Scotland that I want to see, oh by the way I am a Nationalist, SNP and Yes supporter but I have a view.

    121. scotspine says:

      @ Davy.

      Aye, yer tea’s oot.

    122. dakk says:

      Davy. 4.31

      As I said earlier,without Independence we have no say over immigration anyway,so what are you greetin aboot it for.

      It was your UK Gov that let all their colonies’ immigrants and imperial war refugees in in the first place,and joined the EU,so suck it up pal.

      Call it a Union Dividend if you like 🙂

      Maybe if we were independent, we would be like Norway.Out of the EU,rich,and in control of our borders and destiny.

      Thanks to people like you voting NO,you will never know.So suck up what’s coming from rich Toryboy London central.

      Oh,I forgot you’re on the BritNat sinecure payroll anyway,so what do you care.

    123. Betty Boop says:

      @ Davy, 4:31pm

      “We need real simple lines of information.”

      ”…..a couple of one liners on a few sheets is what I want”

      The 640 pages of “rubbish” was written in very plain and simple terms; really easy to read and simple to find information on each subject. If you can’t be bothered researching, you can’t expect to discuss nor expect folk to answer everything contained in your confused gush of questions.

      If you only read one liners, it is akin to reading sensationalised headlines which tell little about the story. It means you are not prepared to consider information and it is lazy to expect others to do your research for you.

      A wee story: During the ref campaign, I showed a man who approached our information stall, a statement from RBS about the reasons for registering in England if Scotland voted for independence (the real reasons and not the nonsense being punted by the media that RBS would leave Scotland). The statement was a copy from RBS’s own website.

      All the man was concerned about was that the RBS logo was printed in the copy of the article despite RBS having put it in the public domain. I asked him if he was not more interested in the actual statement from RBS, but, he continued to complain about the logo and said we could have made up the statement. I pointed to the weblink on the sheet which, if he cared to check, would take him straight to the document on RBS website. He still talked only about the logo, so, I fold the sheet so that he could no longer see the logo and asked him to look at the statement instead. Nope, still wanted to rabbit on about the logo.

      You are like that man. Even if evidence is presented to you, unless it agrees with your pre-conceived ideas, you don’t want to acknowledge it.

      That, sir, is fear.

      In that, you are like Dr Bake Off Morton.

    124. Big Jock says:

      He is Tom Mortons son. BBC man. What were we expecting!

    125. Davy says:

      @Robert Peffers and all who replied

      It’s too difficult to reply to everything.

      I’m only stupid when it comes to English writing and spelling. I’m not too bad at certain things. Connected to airplanes and aviation.

      I will check out the links at the top. Thank’s again for those who replied.


    126. Robert Peffers says:

      @Davy says: 11 October, 2015 at 2:14 pm:

      ” … Well for starters, I’d be raking in the dosh for rental of Faslane.”

      Davy Lad, wise up. When Scotland goes, (not if), the future of Faselane will become a matter of negotiation but not between the UK and Scottish Government.

      This was one of the bigger Establishment lies. You see the United Kingdom is first of all not a country. It is exactly what its name calls it – a Kingdom. Now legally a kingdom is the realm of a monarch but Queen Elizabeth is in a very hard place.

      You see Her United Kingdom resulted from the legal Union of only two Kingdoms. This is what is known as a bipartite union. Much like a marriage in fact. Now when one partner in a marriage divorces the other person the marriage ends for both of them.

      So the United Kingdom will go on as long as both former kingdoms retain Her Majesty as Monarch. What will end though, is, “The Parliament of Her Majesty’s United Kingdom and Northern Ireland”. The Status Quo Ante is both Kingdoms return to their own parliaments.

      When you cut through the way that Westminster does its books, (that’s the Budget), and things that actually belong to Scotland can no longer be claimed by Westminster the truth is that The Kingdom of England’s three countries will be totally unable to live in the style in which they have become so accustomed.

      Trident will thus have to go and, in any case, Faselane and Rosyth will be required to house, build and maintain a proper Scottish Navy. Good God Laddie, we Scots are described by the EU as a Peripheral Maritime Region.

      “I would be doing as gorge Osborn”

      Not a good idea, Davy. Don’t you know Osborne’s CV? He studied, “Modern History”, but wanted to become a journalist because he was editor of his Cambridge House Magazine. No one would employ him as such so his first job was sitting at an NHS Terminal, taking phone calls and recording the deaths of Londoners.

      He bettered himself by getting a job in a London Department Store, (his parents had a financial interest in it), re-folding towels, re-hanging ties and so on that customers had disturbed on counter displays.

      Then Tory Headquarters took him on as a Researcher, found him a safe Tory seat, “and now he is the of leader of the Queen’s Treasuree”, (apology to Gilbert and Someotherman).

      The guy’s thick, Davy. Civil Servants run the Treasury and Ossie does as he is told. As for the rest you forget that the BBC will also be split up. Scots have been paying for a share of it since day one. Scotland will not be leaving the bipartite UK as when the Union ends there can be no union. They’ve been telling lies to you, Davy.

      Here’s a bit you may understand. When the Lockerbie Bomber was turned over by his country the UK were going to try him under what they saw as UK law. There is no such thing. English Law applies to the rest and Scottish Law applies in Scotland. So the UK Government and the USA attempted to hold the trial under USA law but were prevented from doing so because International law ruled that as the crime happened under Scottish Jurisdiction it had to be tried in Scotland under Scottish Law. They agreed a compromise that it be held under Scottish Law but in a neutral country that made an area temporarily part of Scottish soil.

      Now that is what, in legal terms is, “A precedent”. So any future things are internationally recognised as Scottish Jurisdiction under Scottish law. There were two Acts of Union – one English and one Scottish. There will be no UK when the two Kingdoms part company under international law the Union is then finished.

    127. Sunniva says:

      So he sees indy Scotland as the creation of a new state?

      It tells you all you need to know about English imperialists.

    128. Cherry says:

      @Robert Peffers

      Just love the way you can explain our history without being boring. I have learned so much about us that was never taught in school in the late 50’s early 60’s.

      So go on yersel son! Keep on writing about oor history I think you have many more stories to tell us 😉

    129. ahundredthidiot says:

      Currency issue, much more delicate than you might think.

      If you have a spare hour and a reasonable level of intelligence I suggest

      Or, cut it down to ten minutes and scroll right down to Michael Rivero piece.

      You don’t have to agree, but some of his points are very very sobering. The world of currency is life and death, master and slave.

    130. Robert Peffers says:

      @Davy says: 11 October, 2015 at 1:43 pm:

      “I didn’t vote at the last referendum because how could I ? Salmond did NOT make anything clear. Seems we will go into another ref soon with exactly the same hidden truths.”

      There were no hidden truths, Davy. At least not on the Independence side of the campaign.

      Just take this forum as an example, Davy, and, if you are honest, you will see a great truth not nearly often enough highlighted.

      I’ve gone to length in my replies to you. Now I may have poked a bit of fun at you for you are being very open to poking fun at. It is not in my nature to be cruel so it was indeed meant as banter.

      Anyhow here’s the essential big difference between the answers given by independence people and that provided by the Establishment Unionists.

      We don’t just say things like, “The UK government must legally pay present UK pensioners their pensions after independence. We explain why they must and in serious debate we refer you to our sources so you can check them out. For example it was the UK’s own Civil Servants who, (under freedom of information law), made that statement.

      Now when, for example did Cameron explain why he had no option but allow Holyrood to run a referendum? He just states things as if doing so makes them true.

      So here’s the truth with references.

      In 1320 Scotland sent a declaration to the Pope. In those days there were no Catholics and Protestants and Europe was known as Christendom and the Pope was its head. That is the European international law.

      The Declaration of Arbroath did three things because the International authority accepted it.

      It declared that Scotland was an Independent country and it also did something far more remarkable. It declared that, unlike every other European country whose law was the Divine Right of Sovereign Kings, the people of Scotland were sovereign and their monarch the defender of the people’s sovereign right.

      That is why there could be no UK in 1603 – there was no Union of the Crowns. It was why the Scottish Monarch could not create a United Kingdom. (England then had already annexed Wales & Ireland), but could not annex England to his existing Scottish Kingdom. It was why there was Jacobite uprisings for almost 40 years after the Treaty of Union and the reason England forced the Union by treaty.

      It is also why Cameron could not prevent a properly elected Scottish Parliament because we Scots are still legally sovereign and if we give our representatives a mandate it is recognised under international law.

      See the difference, Davy? I’ve just explained it but Cameron made it seem he granted us the referendum and explains nothing.

      Now I’ve wasted enough time on you. I’m away to the next topic.

    131. muttley79 says:

      Sadly Doctor Morton is representative of many middle class people in Scotland who run a mile when the issue of Scottish independence crops up. This type of voter seems to have no confidence, faith, belief etc that Scotland can run its own affairs as well as any other nation. I am not sure what causes this type of view, is it because they set store and trust in the MSM, or conservatism, or British nationalism, or self interest, or a combination of all of these things? Whatever it is, it is the Achilles heel of the pro-independence cause here.

    132. Davy says:

      @Robert Peffers

      One last and very final question. Very serious for me.

      What will happen to the Rangers and the OO ? Will the SNP continue to try to destroy the spirit of the support with even more restrictions and spitefull laws ?

    133. Phronesis says:

      The NHS in Scotland has always been a separate entity to NHS England although it wasn’t until the 1974 NHS reforms that the differences became more discernible. Until then the NHS Act of 1946 of England and Wales and the NHS (Scotland) Act of 1947 broadly minimised any between country differences in healthcare within the legal frameworks of the new service.

      Indeed it could be argued that the Dewar report or Report of the Highlands and Islands Medical Committee in 1912 was the blueprint of NHS Scotland and influenced the thinking behind the Beveridge Report for post-war welfare reform in 1942.The NHS was a notable feature of Beveridge but in keeping with enlightened thinking healthy life was understood to be profoundly related to other aspects of social life, with economic and housing reform referenced.

      Fast forward to 2015 and doctors in NHS England are very seriously considering strike action – a damning indictment of the abandonment of NHS England by this current UKOK government.

      The pressures on the NHS in secondary and primary care in all countries of UKOK are very similar reflecting the population demographics, complexity of treating long term conditions, multimorbidity. It is understood that the health service alone cannot solve the wicked problem of health inequalities but if access to good health care is reduced to those who need it most health care will certainly widen health inequalities.

      In Scotland we have a government who has kept the NHS nationalised and tries to allocate as much of the block grant as possible to health care whilst juggling the challenges of adequate funding to other public services that are also under strain. This is in contrast to the insidious approach of the Tories in the 1980s (and subsequently continued by Labour)led by the team of Oliver Letwin and John Redwood, (at the time the Director of Rothschild’s International Privatisation Unit) to devised the NHS privatisation plan. The Adam Smith Institute (ASI) was commissioned in 1988 to write the plan up for the public ‘ The Health of Nations’ and it is worth noting its concluding paragraphs

      ‘We could meet the health needs of everyone without the need for the government itself to provide health services through the NHS, simply by requiring that all individuals have medical insurance cover for a range of services that are deemed to be the acceptable minimum standard of health care.

      Of course, those who wished to have a superior standard of service could take out a more extensive policy: there would be no objection to individuals insuring themselves for additional or more costly services, as long as the basic requirements were met.

      Although people are obliged to have a minimum level of medical insurance cover, they can shop around between insurers and decide which provides the best value for their premium money. Because there is competition, they can decide which insurer’s particular package of services is most suited to their individual needs, instead of having to accept the standard service provided by the NHS. In addition, they can spend more on their health care, if they judge it worthwhile, than is presently spent on their behalf by the government, so new resources will be brought into the health care system.

      Each individual would receive from the state a health voucher, equivalent in value to the average per caput sum that is presently spent on providing health care. The voucher can be used towards the purchase of private health insurance or exchanged for treatment within the public sector health system.

      The actual provision of health care services in such a system of universal private medical insurance would be undertaken by private sector doctors and hospitals, and the nationalized health sector in the shape of the National Health Service would lose its reason for existence’

      In other words, converting the 1970s public sector NHS to an NHS with an internal market, then an NHS which can outsource to the private sector, then to an NHS in which services are arranged through competing CCGs, as a means to the conversion of the NHS into a US-style healthcare system run by the insurance industry.

      Without any debate with the electorate and after being repeatedly elected on a UKOK platform to protect the NHS. And that is why Scotland should complete the journey and become independent – a country that can manage its health system, is fiscally responsible and doesn’t only want to represent the 1% and consign the 99% to the charitable institute of the poor (formerly the NHS).

      Pirie M, Butler E. The Health of Nations. Adam Smith Institute 1988

    134. heedtracker says:

      Davy says:
      11 October, 2015 at 7:18 pm
      @Robert Peffers

      One last and very final question. Very serious for me.

      What will happen to the Rangers and the OO ? Will the SNP continue to try to destroy the spirit of the support with even more restrictions and spitefull laws ?

      At least try and BEHAVE yourselves like grown up sports fans around the world Davy.

    135. Sunniva says:

      Muttley, the problem with Dr Morton is that he is not a Scot. For self-determination to make any sense, it is axiomatic that there is a self which wishes to determine itself. Scottish indy is coherent because Scotland and Scots already exist.

      But if you are English, you don’t always understand the difference between England and Britain. Without thinking about it, in an imperious way English people like Morton think England = Britain and Britain includes Scotland. Therefore England = Scotland, or, more exactly, that Scotland is England’s fiefdom.

      How dare we break away from their hegemony. It’s insubordination. That’s how they see it.

      Our rights and our interests don’t enter their picture.

    136. heedtracker says:

      Phronesis, that is one terrific comment.

      Shocking too but the choice involved couldn’t be made much clearer. Also shocking is the potato famine in Scotland, at the height of worldwide British Imperial rule and while Empress Victoria had already bought Balmoral estate, turning it into a Scotch fairy land. Probably the first of many.

    137. heedtracker says:

      Sunniva says:

      Losing control of Scotland will diminish England. Its that simple. English people are no different from anyone else and they want the best for their country. Even losing control of at least third of their land mass and huge Atlantic oceanic territory would be a extraordinary diminution of a once great power. Also they need Scottish money and resources and that’s why Scotland gets tarred with their scrounger jock region brush and some, like DAVY up there, like it.

      It works fine for maybe just under half of Scotland, its ok for half that again, and a disaster for the rest. Or its much like England, except England is far richer overall now than Scotland has ever been. Take a bow red and blue tory Thatcher, Major, Bomber Bliar, Crash Brown, Flipper, all SLabour, BBC, UKOK media, on and on it goes.

      Tory boy world thought a Milliband government in league with SNP would stop this ongoing investment in the south east, where it belongs, its the way god intended

      Expanding Heathrow would bring up to £211 billion to the UK economy, an economic boost that is vitally needed.

      They’re of course lying about one main thingee, their UK economic boost means the south east of teamGB.

      Why Scots voters think its acceptable that their countries resources are sucked away to be invested in the south east, is probably something DAVY can explain.

    138. Betty Boop says:

      @ Sunniva, 8:13pm

      As far as I know, James Morton is from Shetland (hence the patterned, woolly jumper). I think his father is originally from Troon; he is a BBC radio presenter. Someone else mentioned his mother is a GP in Shetland and heavily involved in the Labour Party there.

      I also think that Muttley79 has identified several reasons for unionists thinking that Scotland could not look after its own interests. Imperialism leaves deep impressions and they are not at all good. In my opinion, they fear losing perceived influence on the world stage, as if Britain still had any.

    139. heedtracker says:

      Doc Morton’s dad Tom really fought hard for the union with really sneaky shit BBC style like this. Why he though smearing Scots like was a very nice way to cringer for teamGB, maybe Davy can tell us?

      “Your morality,” thundersqueaked Nicola Sturgeon at the recent SNP conference in Aberdeen, “is not our morality.

      Rancid The Graun just adore cringers like uncle Tom.

    140. Ken500 says:

      Twa faced doesn’t even come into it. Vote NO but expect SNP to protect their services and salaries. How stupid can folk be. Scottish taxpayers have paid for the training, salary and expenses of Doctors. Doctors get no training in alcohol/drugs addiction, unless they specialise.

      The Scottish Gov could have put a tax on ‘loss leading’ drink which could have improved health and social care. The Scandinavian countries reduced alcohol consumption and gave better dietary advice, totally improving the nation’s health. Trans fats and excessive sugar products have been banned in many countries.

      The Tories have reduced funding on Healthcare, in order to say it is unaffordable to bring in health insurance. Give £20 a week back in tax but pay £30 a week in health insurance.

    141. Sunniva says:

      Betty Boop: thanks for the info on Morton, but the Anglo-Scots are English in outlook and identity, by and large, with few exceptions.

      As for the fear of losing global influence, you hit the nail on the head. We are their last colony, and we’ve got their prized toy, Trident, on our soil. So Scottish indy is a massive threat to their sense of their importance and place in the world.

    142. Sunniva says:

      The problem with folk like Davy is that they are ‘sae base, tae be a slave’, that they wouldn’t recognise freedom if it stared them in the face.

      As it did September 18th 2015.

      ‘Me? Freedom? Dignity? What would a worthless wee s**** like me want with them?’

      Tragic, but that’s what 300 years of emasculation does to you.

      To want independence is to aspire to something better.

    143. Davy says:

      @heedtracker 8.57pm

      I can’t answer questions like this. What do I know about stuff like this. Davy is limited with knowlege.

    144. Ken Mair says:

      I can agree with one point he made
      “Reporting Scotland as our national news and I shudder with shame” But for quite different reasons.

    145. Davy says:


      No need for calling me a worthless wee sh.te. I’ve never been cheeky to anybudy on here.

    146. Ken500 says:

      CBI Mr Cridland doesn’t seem to realise they is already two different tax regimes and economic policies in Westminster governance of Scotland.

      The Scottish Oil sector is taxed by Westminster at 55% despite the Oil price falling nearly half. The Oil sector has cut production and lost thousands of jobs. (Foreign) Multinationals making vast profits tax evade through the City of London. £Billions are borrowed and spent in London S/E. Crossrail Is costing £Billions to get bankers from Canary Wharf to Heathrow 20 mins faster.

      Westminster deregulated banking, condoned banking fraud, illegal wars and Trident, costing Scotland £Billions. The Oil revenues were illegally and secretly taken by Thatcher to build Canary Wharf and Tilbury Docks etc. Thatcher used the Oil revenues to pay for over 3Million unemployed. Interest rates were at 15%. Westminster centralised economic policies favoured London S/E. Unemployment in Scotland and the North was a price worth paying for jobs and prosperity in the south, according to Thatcher and the Governor of the BoE.

      Why would prices be higher in Scotland? Scotland is surplus in food, fuel and energy. It imports less and exports more. It has less of a balance of payments deficit.

    147. john king says:

      Davy says
      “I can’t answer questions like this. What do I know about stuff like this. Davy is limited with knowledge.”

      Tell me Davy, when you have the “Knowledge” which (if you stick and try to learn) you will most certainly get here,

      what will you do with it?

    148. heedtracker says:

      Davy says:
      11 October, 2015 at 9:50 pm
      @heedtracker 8.57pm

      I can’t answer questions like this. What do I know about stuff like this. Davy is limited with knowlege.

      You can if you think about it Davy. Anyway its cowardly of me to online ask Rangers fans to behave like normal sports fans, as to do so face to face would get me a serious hiding, just if there were loads of them mind but survived a few me, back in the Davy, old lovey:D

    149. Davy says:

      @john king

      I quite fancy being a pilot. Like flying the big jets. I’ve been reading up on airplanes etc.

    150. Davy says:

      @heed tracker

      I don’t do that any more. Mugs game. I keep away fa thae muppets. It’s calmed a lot nowadays. Cant afford europe or away games.

    151. john king says:

      I was hoping Davy you would say you would take the message to your friends and persuade them of the OBVIOUS benefits on independence,
      but hey what ever floats your boat…eh plane Davy

    152. Sunniva says:

      Davy, I wasn’t calling you anything. I was simply imagining in a hypothetical way the interior psychological landscape of somebody who is willingly a slave and willingly accepts third, fourth or fifth best, because all they have known all their days has been the bleakest mediocrity and they are actually quite satisfied and content with that and consider it’s a fair deal for them. I can only imagine that it stems from a deep and irrational self-loathing. Or else it creates self-loathing. We aren’t oppressed by the union, you don’t get locked up for being a Nat, but we’re stunted and misgoverned by it. Yet, for the weakest and poorest, they are being oppressed by the union, by Iain Duncan Smith, by the Treasuery controlling our hard earned cash and giving us sweeties back: like we were children.

      Jim Sillars has often spoken of the poverty of aspiration that the Labour Part and British state has actively encouraged in Scotland as being what holds back our national spirit.

    153. Training Day says:

      This guy is the perfect blend of stupidity, servility and Fruit Fool.

    154. Rentaghost says:

      “I see the idea of creating a new state for ideological, ethnic, religious or any reason other than to escape persecution, as inherently ridiculous.

      We share more with the people of the cities of England than we do with any other people in the world, genetically and ideologically.”

      As moot a point as it is now, I love the hypocrisy if the above. He doesn’t want to create a new state (plenty would argue about the newness of Scotland as well) for ideological and/or ethic reasons, but has no problem in maintaining another state for exactly those reasons….

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