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Peter And The Giant Squirrel

Posted on February 08, 2021 by

Sorry, folks, we had a minor medical emergency today (veteran readers can probably guess in which category) and haven’t been quite as on top of events as we’d like.

We did, however, watch the astonishing fiasco of Peter Murrell’s second “evidence” session before the Fabiani inquiry, at which he basically refused to answer any serious questions from the four Unionist members, convener Linda Fabiani ran interference, the SNP members lobbed him a few timewasting softballs in the inexplicably-rushed one-hour session, and independent member Andy Wightman didn’t say a single word.

So terrible was it that the SNP had a backup plan to distract from it – a nonsense of a press release from SNP chief operating officer Sue Ruddick in which she made an allegation about a supposed “act of physical aggression” by Alex Salmond.

The following statement has been issued in response. It’s an eye-opener.

Statement by Anne Harvey, Principal Assistant to the Chief Whip, SNP Westminster Group

I am the Principal Assistant to the Chief Whip with the Scottish National Party, based at Westminster. I am by background a solicitor admitted in Scotland, and remain on the roll of members of the Law Society of Scotland. I have been actively involved with the SNP since February 1974.

I am saddened to read today’s media statement by Susan Ruddick, Chief Operating Officer of the SNP. As a result, I am now making this statement. I feel compelled to do so to set the record straight.

Ms Ruddick’s statement suggested an act of physical aggression by Mr Salmond. I know that to be wrong since I was the only witness to this supposed event.

She is referring to an incident in the Glenrothes by-election in which we campaigned together. We were ‘door-knocking’ and leafletting in a block of flats during a media event. Alex walked past Sue in the stairwell of a close. He brushed past her on the stairwell as he was heading to leave the close. I saw and heard nothing which caused me any alarm or concern. I was only yards away.

This is the incident she is referring to, but I can categorically confirm that there was no physical aggression on the part of Mr Salmond. Any contact at all between him and her that day was absolutely inadvertent and in no way deliberate or aggressive. To put this into context, before lockdown, I would see similar contact between MPs as they make their way to the voting lobby during the division bell.

I know this because the police questioned me extensively about it and, furthermore, I am aware no further action was taken against Mr Salmond. That is because it simply did not happen as described by Sue Ruddick.

This complaint was only made to the police after Mr Salmond pursued the Scottish Government in his judicial review, ten years later.

I should also say that I was at the time close friends with Sue. I was staying at her house. I was in the car with her to and from the event and I know that, for other unrelated reasons which I won’t disclose, she was upset that day before and after the event.

More generally, there have been discussion again today about whether there was a conspiracy against Mr Salmond. I have believed for some time that there was what I described in writing on 28 August 2018 as a ‘witch-hunt’ against him after receiving what I considered to be an improper request from SNP HQ seeking to damage Mr Salmond.

I have offered to provide a detailed affidavit along with the contents of this statement to Mr Salmond’s lawyers.

Anne Harvey 8 February 2021

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278 to “Peter And The Giant Squirrel”

  1. David Rodgers says:

    Well said that woman! They just aren’t giving up are they?

    Hope Alex gets 100% vindication from this enquiry but it’s been rigged almost from the start.

  2. Alice Timmons says:

    Now that is ABSOLUTELY what I’d call a hand grenade dropped in to this whole affair, Very much looking forward to hearing the SNP’s response to this.

  3. F. McRae says:

    This is getting beyond farcical now. Why has nobody been charged with perjury? Why isn’t this stupid inquiry being held in a court? Why are we paying for a pretendy wee kangaroo court, chaired by someone who allows “confused witnesses to stop talking and agree to send answers in writing” . That, is shocking.

  4. Turnbulldrier says:


    This is just relentless..

    At least there are people who are able to bat this stuff away.

    On a side note Rev, all this gin and sweets are *really* not gonna help matters.

  5. ScottieDog says:


  6. The Oui Coupar says:

    I guess they’ll be needing the South African variant to hot up over the next couple of weeks.

  7. Andrew crossan says:

    What tooth came out this time

  8. Jacqueline McMillan says:


  9. Andybhoy says:

    They are trying to dig themselves out of a hole.

  10. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Stu, wasn’t it Ann Harvey who was a witness for Alex at the trial. I think she said she had received 16 texts to her personal phone asking her for details of any incidents re Alex, but she was prevented from naming who had sent the texts to her. Alex prentice objected when she was about to name the sender as I recall. I wonder if it she who must not be named?

  11. laukat says:

    Well done Anne Harvey. Too few people in the SNP know the value of telling the truth and Anne propbably knows that its not a great career move in the current SNP.

    Does the speed at which this statement from Anne infer that those defending Salmond knew Sue Riddick was about to release her tissue of lies? Is it too much to hope that Salmond has them cornered and has ammunition to deploy for every lie put his way or does the hope rest with others taking the lead from Anne Harvey’s approach?

  12. Eileen Carson says:


  13. Alan Mackintosh says:

    And have a look at this thread from Mark Hirst…

    Seems like Fabiani might be in a spot of bother herself

  14. Allium says:

    What a decent woman. Good of her to go on record so clearly. This business just gets murkier and nastier, they must be so desperate now.

    Hope you’re feeling like you’re on the mend, Rev.

  15. Giesabrek (the original) says:

    Unfortunately it’ll be the SNP press release that’ll make the headlines tomorrow, meanwhile the completely thorough refutation of the accusation will at best be a footnote or more likely be completely ignored.

  16. tricia young says:

    Wow – massive mic drop Ann, marvellous just marvellous. Now wait for the next squirrel or magpie..

  17. Craig Murray says:

    See my affidavit 2, para 8d.

  18. Donny says:

    Sue Ruddick just made a big mistake. Another one!

  19. James Carroll says:

    Get the limbo stick out!

    How low can they go…..

  20. Colin says:

    This is what brave looks like.

  21. Andybhoy says:

    Ooops, can`t wait for the reply from Ms Ruddick. Will seek legal advice before stating that she didn`t` lie the first time, and that any contradictions this time are simply here clarifying the truth.

  22. Cath says:

    Interesting. I’ve been wondering lately…I’ve heard a few people talk of having heard “rumours” about Salmond. I did hear a “rumour” myself. It was in late 2018 or maybe early 2019, so well into the timeline of the stitch up. It came from someone very loyal to Sturgeon. I’d been in the SNP for years by then and heard absolutely nothing before, including from that person who loved Alex when he was leader. It started me wondering if that’s perhaps why there’s a split between the younger and newer members and reps and the older folks who worked and campaigned with Alex? The ones who didn’t know him but just heard various “rumours” might well believe there was substance to them, while those who knew him and had never heard the slightest thing before 2018, and knew how thoroughly scrutinised he was, might be less inclined to believe them. If you’re going to go to the bother of a major stitch up, spreading rumours is the easiest part. Is that partly why the youth wing is so important to Sturgeon?

    It would be interesting to ask, if you see anyone talking about having heard rumours, when they first heard about them.

  23. Helen Yates says:

    This statement from Anne Harvey gives me hope that justice might yet be served.

  24. SaorsaCat says:

    Will they be able to drag this out until May, Until they’re safely ensconced, once more, in HR?

    It’s as bad as (if not worse than) Westminster shenanigans.

  25. maureen says:

    Sorry if this has already been posted

  26. Eileen Carson says:

    Craig Murray says:
    8 February, 2021 at 7:54 pm
    See my affidavit 2, para 8d.
    I remembered that and have the original bookmarked! Thanks Craig.

  27. Andybhoy says:

    I hope Cornton Vale and the Bar L are working out which prisoners can be safely released early as they may have a sudden influx of customers at short notice.

  28. David Earl says:

    Good on you Anne. Since the Scottish government inquiry is a major whitewash and Fabiani is sailing it into a massive iceberg, I’m curious to know how a judicial inquiry can be raised? Truth must prevail

  29. ClanDonald says:

    So if Anne Harvey says she was extensively questioned about this incident by the police, that can only mean that the only other person present, Sue Ruddick, must have reported it to the police. But the police didn’t believe her as there were no charges.

    Yet despite the police not believing her, Sue Ruddick repeated the accusations today? Holy Cow.

    How much was Ruddick’s salary increased to as Chief Operating Officer of the SNP? Over £100k was it?

    Perhaps it’s time for Anne to reveal who kept sending her messages harassing her to make claims against Salmond?

  30. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    I think some of these alphabet women will end up ‘outing’ themselves to be honest. Some want to be famous/infamous?

    Tik tok

  31. Republicofscotland says:

    Good one Anne Harvey, if only more in the SNP had the courage to come forward and speak the truth the party wouldn’t be in the state that its in right now.

    As for Ruddick, she’s a disgrace.

  32. Craig Murray says:


    Exactly right. And Ruddick travelled to Glenrothes to try to persuade people to claim they had witnessed it. As she reported in texts I saw.
    Ann Harvey, it is worth noting, is also a qualified Scots lawyer in good standing.

  33. Margaret Lindsay says:

    Thank you Ann Harvey.

  34. Tannadice Boy says:

    Stu sorry to hear about your minor medical emergency. I trust you are well now. A brave statement by Anne Harvey. My advice to her is to avoid Edinburgh bus routes.

  35. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Anne’s statement gives me hope which I’ve not felt for a wee while. Thank you!

  36. SilverDarling says:

    I think these women need help.This is genuinely disturbing. Have they lost all sense of proportion? What a waste of police time.

    Thank goodness it was rebutted quickly. What a bizarre accusation to make and in language designed to add to the bully label.

  37. Rev Stu's Dentist says:

    Told you it was an investment 😉

    Also, wow, it’s all unravelling now, isn’t it?

  38. Jack says:

    SNP = Sturgeon’s Nasty Perjurers. What an embarrassment to Scotland.

  39. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Ah, I see now that Rev Stu receives the same emails that I do!

    (See previous page.)

  40. Cooper says:

    Any relation to Emma Ruddick? Fishy!!!!

  41. Harry mcaye says:

    Making mountains out of molehills, seems to be the SNP modus operandi in its “let’s get Salmond” obsession. Shades of the “killer heels” remark he’s meant to have made when some metal in a women’s footwear set off an alarm at Edinburgh Airport. Referred to shamefully as the “Edinburgh Airport Incident” by Sturgeon and her toady Angus Robertson.


  42. Carol Neill says:

    I met Alex once , on a train , he admiired my granddaughter, never touched my long red locks , who should I complain to ?

  43. Bob Mack says:

    Blown out the water. Are the SNP going to take actions against a person making false allegations in public forum?.

    Surely that also brings the party into disrepute. It is also very evident this statement of nonsense was designed to be released after the Murrell debacle today.____but no .its not a concerted plot at all.

  44. Frazerio says:

    So, Sue Riddick stands up and hollers ‘Im one of the plotters’. Thanks for that Sue. Very dim of you, but thanks.

  45. Beaker says:

    Excellent statement by Anne. Straightforward statement and well-written.

  46. Mac says:

    You know these false accusers and liars are not just hiding under their well planned court ordered anonymity.

    They are hiding under the guise of femininity.

    Thanks Anne Harvey.

  47. Black Joan says:

    It is worth noting that Anne Harvey was a good friend of Ruddick at the time of this later weaponised non-incident.

    And it was a friend of Woman H who totally destroyed much of that accuser’s version of events in court.

    Those who insist that there is nothing to see, no problem with Saint Nicola, Murrell and the New SNP, might like to question the credibility and motives of supposedly harassed women whose own friends have felt a moral duty to call out their dodgy relationship with the truth.

  48. BaronessSamedi says:

    Well, Anne will be demoted very shortly….

  49. sog says:

    So they have released a story about an alleged event witnessed by a Solicitor who was present. They had already tried to involve the witness in their case and been refused. Do they think she would U-turn?

    Are they daft or desperate, or both?

  50. Jack says:

    This attempted and quite frankly botched distraction piece is also an embarrassment. Amateur hour.

  51. robertknight says:

    Sorry Rev, but you’re mistaken…

    There’s no way that the giant squirrel pictured is in any way associated with the Woke infested SNP.

    This one however…×0/

  52. Lorna Campbell says:

    Cath: I think you might be on to something. I was thinking the exact same thing, but in a different context. Not being brought up with the internet and Twitter and Facebook, and what have you, older people are more inclined to believe their own eyes and ears, although witch hunts and pitchfork waving have always been around. When you heard anything about Mr Salmond, it was usually some furious Unionist raging about his ‘smugness’ which, translated, meant his cleverness and Mohammed Ali-like footwork around the political canvas.

    I look at the anti science, anti biology ordure that has captured the party, and I can only reflect on how easily the internet has turned rational people into zombies and uni-minds. So few young people seem willing to think for themselves. The group dynamic is all and individuality is a dirty word; it’s all ‘teamwork’ now, managerial stuff, with little room for the truly talented and maverick who are the people who actually drive society and herald real change, not just ‘feel good factor’ speak.

    This woman is very brave to stick her head above the parapet of uniformity and conformity that now surrounds the SNPG, which has made a huge miscalculation in trying to bring down Alex Salmond. If he, or any of his supporters ever get into positions of authority again, heads are going to roll, and some of them will be female and young heads. Not because of revenge, but because of the sheer necessity of clearing dead heads out of the way. Having ultra stupid and unimaginative people in charge (and, yes, even a Double First from Oxbridge can fit into that category) is a shortcut too disaster – as we see across the border, where the death toll is heading for 100,000+.

  53. Frazerio says:

    Anyone taking bets on how long it’ll be until Ann Harvey is revealed as the transphobic anti-semite she so clearly must be!!!

  54. Astonished says:

    Anne Harvey just did honesty, Scotland and the world a favour.

    If the SNP do not immediately suspend murrell, ruddick and oswald then they are finished. The NEC stitch-up decision to fix the lists in favour of anne mcLaughlin’s bidie-in must also be rescinded.

    And Useless’s thought crime bill and the notorious GRA bill must be dropped completely. Or the SNP will be fighting in May on a platform of protecting drag queens more than women.

  55. 100%Yes says:

    The plotters are still fighting the war against Mr Salmond, when it should be the war of Independence.

  56. Prasad says:

    Dear Mike Russell
    I think it is too late to hit the ‘Pause’ (nice) button.
    How about the ‘eject’ (get to fuck) button.
    Love Scotland

  57. Lothianlad says:

    Stay strong Alex!! This farce of an enquiry is a disgrace.

    The truth will not e silenced.

  58. Meg merrilees says:

    Well said Anne Harvey.

    This is just becoming totally incredulous now.

    Every one plus their dog wants to besmirch Alex but the filth is just collecting around their own feet.

    Hell mend them!

    I’m full of admiration for the Rev’s network of contacts which is bringing all this to public view almost as soon as it is happening.

    Peter Murrell not off the hook either it would seem.

  59. Tom Halliday says:

    I have to applaud this lady for stepping up to the plate, we all must bear in mind that she is most likely going loose her job as a result, the question I now have is which elected politician is now going to break ranks and stand by the truth. For the truth needs told this week and the matter deadline;t with this week if we are to salvage the party before the election, for be in no doubt, the unionist media are sitting waiting to light the touch paper on this powder keg.

  60. Anonymoose says:

    The batshit crazy thing about this entire debacle is that all of these people batting against an INNOCENT MAN are in complete belief of the tripe they have been sold by the Murrells and the indoctrinated woke faction within the SNP, so much so that they are actively defaming him and his associates on social media every single day that this episode goes on for, the only word I can think to describe the whole thing is ridiculous.

    This is a true story of such epic proportions beyond such belief that crime writers will be falling over each other to write about it when the legal hurdles are removed.

    What I still do not get, aside from Sturgeon stroking her own self inflated ego, and this is the £64B question, is why?

    Why would anyone go to such a conniving protracted effort to harm someone who has spent every waking hour of their entire adult life striving for Scottish Independence.

    Unless of course those people were so firmly against the principle of the Scottish people being soveriegn and having the right to determine the future of their own country that they would do everything within their power, including the framing of Alex Salmond with high crimes, to defame and delegitimise him from holding public office and to attempt to put a stop to him from being able to effect the change that the Scottish people so desired, the same change he had been fighting for his entire adult life.

  61. aulbea1 says:

    The Qhislings polluting this party can not stop – after their initial crimes & false claims did not produce the predicted cave in they wished for, there is no other route open to them. As coralling continues – one of them will break for the hills – then games a bogey. Valdez Is Coming.

  62. Sylvia says:

    If all is to be believed Sue Ruddick has just done what she was blaming others for. I would imagine a few angry alphabet women tonight.

  63. Stuart MacKay says:

    Cath @7:59pm

    Sounds like the SNP is split in a “He says, she says” fight and it sounds like it’s been split for a while and it was done entirely deliberately by the “she says” side.

    That explains the lack of grit (spine) in many MPs and MSPs – they simply don’t know what to think (to put it generously) and don’t want to stumble into the cross-fire.

    Rumours indeed. What a cowardly, despicable way to fight.

  64. Marie Clark says:

    Well, well. Anne Harvey, a person of decency, honesty, integrity and backbone.

    Very well done Anne Harvey and thank you so much for speaking out. Grenade well and truly lobbed and makes Sue Ruddick look awful.

    Hell mend the lot of them, I hope they gets what’s coming to them.

  65. Boaby says:

    Wow, anne harvey the Snp need more mp’s like you, in the words of rab c nesbitt,….whit a wummin.

  66. Not for me to sqy says:

    Is this an I am Spartacus moment.
    It seems to me that somebody has been given guaranteed anonymity, and if this is compromised, the cards will fall.

  67. Astonished says:

    Stuart MacKay @7.59pm

    It seems the SNP are full of despicable , cowardly Mps and MSPs.

    Hopefully some will grow a backbone soon.

  68. Elmac says:

    What a shower of garbage raking scum we have for a government, civil service, prosecution service and police. How much longer do we have to tolerate this behaviour before the dam bursts? There should be no resignations, just arrests, trial and imprisonment where found warranted by a jury comprising ordinary decent Scots.

    How can anyone still contemplate voting for this lot? I don’t care what the alternatives are, there is the question of decency, morality, and pride in your country to consider. We must rid ourselves of the lies and corruption of Sturgeon and her cronies. Independence under the SNP? Don’t make me laugh. Nothing is further from their intentions. The party is so infested by dishonesty, corruption and weird factions that it is now irredeemable and must die. Vote for the most viable pro independence options on the list in May and, assuming there will be no pro independence candidates on the constituency ballot, then vote for whatever party is most likely to beat the SNP. Give up any misplaced feelings of loyalty, that a leopard can change it spots, that the good people will reclaim the party. It ain’t happening! Hold your nose and do it. We need to be rid of this scum.

    While I’m at it – is anybody on here still paying subs to the SNP or making donations or helping with fund raising? Then for God’s sake stop it. Are you Masochists? Put your spare cash to work helping ISP, Now Scotland, blogs like this and even, god forbid the WGD (who does not deserve the zombies who hang around his site).

  69. Eileen Carson says:

    Right so far we have:

    A request to suspend Peter Murrell from his position as CEO/party membership?

    Linda Fabiani sitting in judgement of others behaviour while having not declared a directorship on her register of interests.

    Sue Ruddick exposed as an overpaid liar.

    Any more?

  70. Skip_NC says:

    Wait a minute, how many of the Alphabet Women are actually entitled to anonymity? Or is the SG/SNP going to continue hiding behind “jigsaw identification”?

    As an aside, who remembers Jill Saward?

  71. Strathy says:

    Great respect to Anne Harvey.

    She has shown integrity and courage – while surrounded by spineless sychophants (apart from three notable exceptions).

    Clearly, she believes that the truth is more important than her personal political career ambitions. That is extremely rare in the SNP.

    Very interesting additions from Craig Murray.

    Looks like the woven funds/overdraft are about to take another hit.

  72. Ian Mac says:

    What a rotten, vile lot this incarnation of the SNP have turned out to be. Ten years ago, a complete non-incident, yet it is promoted in the media as something to distract from the truly pathetically risible Murrell interview – and this feeble, unprincipled, apparently clueless individual is the ‘chief executive’ – one would have thought a basic requirement for such a job description is a modicum of intelligence and integrity, not to mention responsibility. And at the same time they have shown they are ruthless in continuing to promote the Salmond as sex pest narrative, for which they have failed to come up with one single verifiable incident, despite paying the police a fortune to trawl years of his life.
    How low do you have to go that you would stitch up a former colleague, one whose success made your current handsomely paid position possible at all? And what level of collusion is required for you to be persuaded to issue such a false, damaging statement, supported by your partners in crime? You don’t have to like Alex Salmond, but to seek to destroy him is so beyond any norm of behaviour that you have to wonder what collective madness grips these people? Or is it panic that the truth is so close to coming out in all of its sordid detail?

  73. BLMac says:

    The SNP are going to insist from henceforth all would be acolytes take embroidery lessons.

    That way they might manage a proper stitch up.

  74. Dave M says:

    What the hell is the SNP playing at? They should know this can’t go on for much longer.

  75. sog says:

    That report in The Nat about Sue R’s complaint has an objective comment at the start…

    “The cross-party committee is investigating the Scottish Government’s flawed probe into allegations of misconduct made against Alex Salmond by two civil servants.

    He had the exercise set aside in January 2019, with a judicial review declaring it “unlawful” and “tainted by bias”. The Government’s botched handling ultimately cost the taxpayer half a million pounds.

    At a later criminal case the ex-SNP leader was found not guilty on 12 counts of sexual assault.”

    … which is good to see.

  76. katherine hamilton says:

    That’s a fine and handsome rebuttal. Not a lot of room for manoeuvre there.
    Kenny MacAskill was on CH4 news earlier too with a robust comment on the developing scandal. Are Mr. Salmond’s supporters finally coming out into the open? I sincerely hope so, and lots of them.

  77. Morag says:

    Anne Harvey is a good friend of mine from my London branch days. We were both on the branch executive committee together for quite some time. Her evidence in this affair is very significant.

  78. Lothianlad says:

    Nicola Sturgeon ,

    In your late teens, you were invited to the party. You joined eagerly. On offer was joy and a better future.

    You saw the old guys and decided this party needed new music and fresh faces.

    You invited your friendes’ and the music became more upbeat.

    You were never the belle of the ball, but you were determined to take the lime light.

    You took the stage as often as you could,gatecrashed every photo opportunity. You made yourself heard whilst dancing along.

    You attracted interest, but not of the good kind. You surrounded yourself with folk who were also determined to make their mark at this party, and you were determined to make them dance to your song!

    Then you drank from the poisoned chalice. You got drunk on ambition and hungry for power. The more drunk you got’ the more you alienated those around you.

    You kept on drinking, and forgot who’s party it was and why you were there. You I insulted and discredited yourself . You offended many at the party and were In truth a disgrace.

    Then you faced the hangover. The cold reality of your actions had to be faced. Too many people were hurt by what you did and how you acted.

    Your new acquaintances made you feel safe’ but just for a while.

    You decided to.lie about your actions. Denied any knowledge of it or wrong doing.

    The lies kept comming’ but the truth would not stop.

    You completely ruined the party and all the good folk left.

    Now there is only shame that remains. Your shame.

    But you did damage. And that needs fixed.
    You will pay the price

    People remember and will never invite you back to THEIR party!

    Your reputation is sealed.

  79. Fairliered says:

    How many of the accuser MPs and MSPs owe their comfy seats to Alex turning the SNP into the party of govenment?
    BTW Stuart, you should stop using Shane MacGowan’s dentist.

  80. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    I’ve worked out at least 5 alfalfa betties. God sake. Just cut to the chase susan and move on

  81. Dorothy Devine says:

    I hope someone has her back and that there are others willing to stand up and shout the odds.

  82. revjimbob says:


  83. A Person says:

    If Anne Harvey does lose her job due to this, there ought to be many good businesses willing to hire her. Somebody of that integrity is a good person to have working for you.

    I wish I could say that charities, universities or other public sector institutions but we all know what happens if you speak out in the sector known as “civic Scotland”.

    Good on you Anne you are a fucking hero.

  84. Sharny Dubs says:

    Well done Anne.

    It’s good to see some integrity in this whole sorry embarrassing affair.

    Hell mend those who have brought us to this.

  85. Morag says:

    I should point out that Anne Harvey is around the same age as I am and might in fact be a little older. I am 67.

    I’m pretty certain that she’s still working for the SNP because she wants to and not because she has to. That’s a powerful position for a dissenter or a whistleblower.

  86. Thomas Potter says:

    The Sturgeon stitchup Ship is holed below the waterline.
    It’s over.

  87. Boaby says:

    A Person, think you mean ‘unionist’ Scotland. Lol.

  88. Adam says:

    An avid lurker here and trying to follow what’s going on. Listened to Tommy Sheridan podcast etc and I have no doubt there was an orchestrated attempt to ruin Salmond…and there is now clearly a cover up. The bit I haven’t got my head around/have missed in all of this is what was the motivation for the Murrells et al to do Salmond in the first place. Was there a particular event that set this off? What happened to cause the NS/AS break down in relations. That’s the bit I’m missing. Sorry. Can anyone clear this up for me?

  89. holymacmoses says:

    Mr Wings, hope the tooth (teeth?) recover quickly -horrible pain is toothache.

    I assume Ruddick was put up to the nonsense. Ms Harvey is hopefully the beginning of the landslide. Mr Murrell smirks far too much – the sign of a man in dire straits underneath. I was pissed off with Fraser besmirching Mr Salmond by referring to the ‘ordeal’ of the ‘victims’ when he knows as well as anyone that NOT ONE of those women has had an ordeal because of Alex Salmond but they are probably all suffering now because they tried to frame Mr Salmond.
    I still don’t understand why they are still protected and even more I don’t understand why Ms Cherry’s ‘attacker’ has been allowed to keep his identity hidden – especially when he’s usually so fond of the limelight anyway:-)
    The light in the tunnel may not be an oncoming train this time

  90. Famous15 says:

    “Stuanon” is the latest woke smear.

    Antisemite and transphobe must be losing potency like terf.

    It is all so juvenile but tragic too.

  91. Ian Mac says:

    So I think we can surmise that Ruddick would have been an alphabet woman if her absurd claim had any superficial validity – like if there had been no other person present. The fact that Harvey was closely questioned suggests that they were hoping to set it up as another grievous ‘assault’. You get a glimpse of how the whole exercise was conducted. How many of these fishing expeditions were mounted? And yet they couldn’t come up with one that was believed by a jury. But they blithely ignore all of that and continue to suggest and imply Salmond was a pest. Incredible that they think this is a viable way to behave as public servants, insulting everybody and demeaning the institutions they purportedly represent.

  92. Beaker says:

    @Eileen Carson says:
    8 February, 2021 at 8:46 pm
    “Any more?”

    It’s still Monday…

  93. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Stu, do you know if Geoff Aberdein’s submission is likely to see the light of day? After all I guess it is his, it doesn’t belong to the inquiry. I recall you did say he had moved on from his time working for Alex, but one thing stood out for me in all of this. He wasn’t working for Alex at the time, I understand, but he got dragged into it by being contacted by LL to arrange the meetings. That always struck me as a wee bit strange.

  94. That squirrel must be making a fortune working for the Scot Gov,

    hardly had a down day for nearly a year.

  95. Kenny J says:

    Craig Murray says:
    8 February, 2021 at 8:09 pm


    Exactly right. And Ruddick travelled to Glenrothes to try to persuade people to claim they had witnessed it. As she reported in texts I saw.
    Ann Harvey, it is worth noting, is also a qualified Scots lawyer in good standing.”

    Was there not something about the police investigations going to Glenrothes to interview people, including young adults, who were children at the time of the “alleged” inncident. Lead Provided by Ruddick ?

  96. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Lothianlad 9:03pm
    Yep, I have watched the same movie. She is drunk on power and that is an understatement. Only one way out for a gentleman Carruthers. I couldn’t think of an appropriate Scottish equivalence.

  97. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Alan Cochrane will be taking the piss and rightly so woo woo

  98. Shug says:

    Is the the first to br the eak from cover. The others must be kicking themselves.

    I thought the committee were soft on murrell. Did not hear them sayi g a y thing about messages

    Nicola must know the game is up. One can only imagine what they will bring up during the election

  99. SilverDarling says:

    If it is the same incident as Ms Harvey has referred to it seems to have been kept warm for later use rather than dealt with at the time. However the SNP have apparently released a statement on Ruddicks behalf saying Alex admitted it and apologised:

    What the hell is going on? Is it the same incident?

  100. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Alan Mackintosh says:

    Aberdein gave an honest account. That’s why he’s barred.

  101. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Thank Goodness Anne told the truth. A minnow.

    Takes one to catch a big fish.

    Says it all.

    A woman with spunk.

    .Thank Goodness and thank Anne Harvey for doing our job xxxx

  102. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “Anyone taking bets on how long it’ll be until Ann Harvey is revealed as the transphobic anti-semite she so clearly must be!!!”

    You forgot that she’ll also be hit with a Malicious Contempt of Court charge as well @Frazerio says at 8:29 pm


    In all serious though good on Anne Harvey and shame on those bench warmers keeping their heads down and hoping for re-election in May.

    If I remember correctly I think I read that the Glenrothes fishing expedition against Salmond was also the one where they tried to get statements from folk who would have been young kids at the time of any alleged offence.

    More than time that this veil of anonymity was lifted on those who have lied, perjured and schemed.

  103. Kenny says:


    This is the sound of inevitability; the words of someone cracking, desperately distancing themselves from the crime, apportioning blame elsewhere – the dam bursting under the relentless pressure, it’s just a matter of time.

    I want to see Sturgeon’s face when she finally buckles.

  104. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Oh and forgot to ask has that fundraiser for sugar and sweet booze has fucked your teeth already?

    Show some restraint, Sir!


  105. GlenIslay says:

    Porkie Peter has to be at the center of all of this.

  106. SilverDarling says:

    Going on what we know of Ruddick’s behaviour throughout this I would be inclined to believe Ms Harvey whose account seems more credible.

  107. Westviews says:

    Thank you Anne Harvey for proving that not everyone in the party is devoid of morals and integrity.

  108. Doug McGregor says:

    Hope that Stuart and the Giant Molar are feeling better!

  109. Meg merrilees says:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave…

    seems they forgot that Anne Harvey was grilled by the police as a possible witness, now they’re saying that she wasn’t there.

    Oh dear, oh dear, going off the rails now!

  110. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “Stuanon” is the latest woke smear.

    Aye those arseholes were punting QAnon at anyone who challenged their world view recently (showing their USA Politics Influence).

    I think QAnon = Qhislings-Anonymous aka The Alphabetties!

  111. TNS2019 says:

    The hope is that from this mess, a real leader will emerge to salvage what is left of the SNP’s integrity.

    It aint going to be any of the current senior figures.

  112. Daisy Walker says:

    I’m sorry, but that giant squirrel is not nearly as gianty and certainly not so colourful as the previous ‘punk’ version… disappointed.

    Well done Ann for showing decency and courage.

    I’m wondering if Ms Riddock will qualify for some SNP legal perks right about now, for defamation. Apparantly its a thing.

    I’m also wondering if her stmt today may well have tipped the balance of evidence, of – not enough to investigate the crime of making malicious allegations, firmly into the demonstrably overwhelmingly motivated into making malicious criminal allegations.

  113. Ian Mac says:

    So what do they do when they are caught out by honest people contradicting their squirrel exercise? Why, naturally, they double down on the lies, manufacturing an ‘incident’ to which they were no witnesses. Clearly they think they are unaccountable and beyond scrutiny, and quite entitled to smear their opponents, none of whom have stooped to this level of debasement.

  114. Muscleguy says:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practice to deceive

    I believe Anne Harvey to the bitter end. Ruddock was part of the conspiracy from early on as the texts the COPFS won’t release and wasn’t asked to would show.

    This attempt to further demonise a decent, innocent man has probably driven the angels from above the distilleries away with the stench of it.

  115. Graeme Hampton says:

    I have reached that stage in life where I spend occasional moments looking back on my life. If I were to advise a youngster on how to make a fortune I’d say train as a dentist and move to Bath.
    Such thoughts keep me (partially) sane with all the idiocy that’s going about.

  116. Alan Mackintosh says:

    And this attempt to claim that Anne Harvey wasn’t present at the “incident”. Well the police interview/query was about the one where Anne Harvey was present, otherwise why would she have been questioned?

    Keep digging that hole Sue…

    Tick tock… only a matter of time now before someone makes a run for it.

  117. Kenny says:

    Meg merrilees @ 10:09 pm

    ..seems they forgot that Anne Harvey was grilled by the police as a possible witness, now they’re saying that she wasn’t there.

    If they’re implying Anne Harvey ‘wasn’t there’ and wasn’t at ‘another, unrelated incident‘ then it’s too late for that as Anne Harvey’s statement today indicts Ruddick as a contemptible liar in a previous incident.

  118. And spouse says:

    Two things about National article


    “She accused the committee of allowing itself to be led by people close to Salmond who were seeking to “bolster his reputation” through false allegations. “

    And for those who didn’t notice her whole wording was again printed at the end of the article in case we had forgotten! If we say it twice it must be true.

    How come she is allowed to say the text messages contained items of “bullying by A Salmond, but she won’t say anything about anything else! Double standards?

    Anybody every noticed how Alec Salmonds name gets mentioned about allegations in the public enquiry quite a lot. If they say it often enough it must be true!

  119. Bob Mack says:

    Hello Ms Hanvie Police Scotland Det sgt Fitup.

    I wonder if you would like to give a statement about an assault on Ms Riddock. We realise you wer’nt present at the time of the alleged assault but we thought we would like a wee trip to London. Les Mes you know.

    Anyway the SNP now claim this was a different assault with no witnesses. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Embarrassing

  120. Hugh Jarse says:

    Ridic Riddoch

  121. willie says:

    Anne Harvey has made a very clear statement. There is no obfuscation, no twisting, no turning, just a clear statement that what was being alleged against Alec Salmond was just made up tosh.

    In being so honest and straight forward Anne Harvey opens herself up to recriminations from a coterie who will stop at nothing to cripple an opponent through whatever means available.

    Through the Police and the Crown they are no different from the mindset that stalked Germany in the 1930s. And they need to be stopped because these people will not stop at mere jailing. Their minds are much more evil than jailing and incarcerating innocent opponents. And they have the dark state operatives behind them, encouraging them, facilitating them.

    Apartheid South Africa, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Kenya and more. The dirty tricks come out when other methods of control do not achieve the required control.

    Worked with a colleague many years ago who had in his earlier days been special forces in the UK SAS, the Canadian SAS and the Rhodesian special forces. Not him he admitted one day, but colleagues from his unit, put a bomb on a bus full of school kids to discredit the independence movement. He justified it by saying it had been ordered by Salisbury.

    But is it any different from what the UK did in Kenya, or in Cyprus or in Northern Ireland. Of course not. Counter insurgency, as per the strategy of Brigadier General Sir Frank Kitson is everything up until symmetrical warfare. Infiltration, listening, hearts and minds, manipulation. And yes, the Omagh bomb tragedy stopped the war.

    So what we are seeing here in Scotland are classic British colonial anti insurgency techniques. Read Kitson’s books. They were redacted during the 80’s and 90’s but are again available as Faber and Faber classic reprints – and his strategies from Kenya, Malaya, Muscat, Cyprus and Oman in the 50’s / 60’s to Northern Ireland in the 70’s formed the strategy for British colony retention – and the basis of exactly what we see today in Scotland – albeit only jailing subversives as opposed to shooting them – at least yet.

    So well done Anne Harvey for speaking the truth. Only through the truth can we outwit those whose methods are most foul.

    Kitson: Bunch of Five, Low Intensity Operations, Gangs and Counter Gangs.

  122. Hatuey says:

    You know, if they really want to burn the whole house down, as has been suggested, all they need to do is hang on and refuse to resign. Go ahead. I’ve stopped caring.

    On a more positive note, folks, we shouldn’t worry too much about how this pans out.

    Even if they somehow hang on and we lose another golden opportunity, I’d rather be on this side of the equation with guys like Salmond, Rev Stu, Craig Murray, Cherry, Anne Harvey, Macaskill, Robin McAlpine, Hatuey, Angus MacNeil, and dare I say all of you…

    We have all the good people on our team.


  123. Saffron Robe says:

    The constant attempts to smear Alex Salmond are quite sickening. Well done Anne Harvey for speaking up but the Murrells need to be put behind bars where they belong before they cause any more harm. When the light is dark the darkness is doubly dark.

  124. Alf Baird says:

    F. McRae @ 7:35

    “This is getting beyond farcical now. Why has nobody been charged with perjury?”

    Agents and assets have immunity. Some also have anonymity. Evidence may be withheld, for ‘national’ security reasons.

    Its a colonial system, efter aw.

    Still, 5 or 6 indy parties now to choose from, so not long to go.

  125. Robert Graham says:

    Shocked whats to say but

    OH FUCK !

    get the fkn door frank

    no no no that paddy wagons no mah taxi

    Take these fn handcuffs off me officer

  126. Pete Barton says:



    It’s what happens when you decide you’d like a better, different system.

  127. Pete Barton says:

    Just seems to be interesting times, and very co-incidental pre May.

    Or next May.

  128. Daisy Walker says:

    I only mananged to watch a little bit of Peters ‘evidence’.

    When a witness, and one that is not an expert of some description or even a staff member of the Government, starts lecturing the Inquiry, with comments such as ‘you need to be careful, I think your drifting off’ etc, then it really is a farce.

    Lots of looking for approval from Peter to the magpies in the room. He came across as heavily coached, and was delivering a lawyer like speech.

    The committee memembers asking questions came across as severely hindered in what they could and could not ask.

    No longer shocking, but deeply disturbing.

  129. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    I watched the lot!

    Farcical and disturbing yes it was 🙁

  130. Betsy says:

    A question I’d love to be put to Sturgeon is if that Salmond is the monster her coterie wish us to believe he is then how does she account for not noticing anything in all the years she worked closely with him?

  131. David Caledonia says:

    Its all so hilarious so it is
    And all the fluffy language gets you nowhere, to me the real sadness of the whole affair is this
    People are allowing a corrupt system and the people who run that corrupt system to intimidate them, you will go to prison if you dare to speak when we have ordered you not to, aye, I might go to prison, bring it on and lets see who ends up in prison, cause one thing is a cast iron certainty, you can try your best to shut me up, but that never works, cause I am a little chatterbox and a little rascal at times, I even tell people personal stuff about myself, so whit feckin chance hiv you got tae shut me up, al tell ye wit chance ye hiv
    Nae feckin chance lol

  132. Cath says:

    Agents and assets have immunity. Some also have anonymity. Evidence may be withheld, for ‘national’ security reasons.

    Should make it easy to figure out who they are then.

  133. Breastplate says:

    Anne Harvey’s statement has certainly made the cockroaches scatter.
    I do love Ruddick’s answer to Anne’s statement though and certainly shows some chutzpah.
    Paraphrasing here “That incident I lied about when Anne was there wasn’t the same one I was lying about this time.”

    You couldn’t make it up…but it turns out they did.

  134. McDuff says:

    If AS could go after Ruddick i believe she would crack and start squealing causing a domino effect. If not her some other slandering worm.

  135. Alan Mackintosh says:

    From Mark Hirst’s twitter- seems Fabiani’s undeclared interest in a company in East Kilbride has just got more interesting. It was given a £1million quid.

  136. boris says:

    Unambiguous evidence provided to the inquiry by Mr Hynd, (a close colleague of the First Minister and the person who wrote the novel new procedure) confirmed allegations of past indiscretion by Alex Salmond to be a topic of senior officer gossip at the time he wrote it.

  137. Andybhoy says:

    For the life of me I am still trying to work out what possessed Ruddick to issue this statement. Harvie`s intervention leaves Ruddick looking foolish and more importantly, must now make those communications between Ruddick and Murrell significant to the inquiry.

  138. David Caledonia says:

    A few years ago a famous london gangster was arrested for FA
    He was kept on remand for a year before he came to trial
    The day of the trial he stood in that kangaroo court and told the prosecutor, the judge and all the other lovely people who tried to fit him up what he thought of them, your a crowd of cunts he called out, you can’t use that kind of language in my court the judge said, that never stopped him, and you know why, he could not be intimidated by them and their wicked wicked ways
    He walked free that day cause there was not one shred of evidence to find him guilty, but the rascals had kept him in prison for a year even though they new he was innocent, so in fact he had really been sentenced to a year in jail while waiting to be released, did he care, not a fecking jot
    To him it was worth it, to tell them what he thought of them, and he was not slow in telling the papers and anyone else about what they did, he was never bothered again, now he is straight and legitimate, as he says, crime does not pay these days, the world is full of cameras, you just can’t get away with it any longer, never ever, back off when your right, intimidation only works if you accept it and allow it to

  139. Pixywine says:

    It’s not a hole the SNP are digging its an escape tunnel. I wonder who is on the Escape Committee.

  140. Ian McCubbin says:

    More and more on SM wanting the Murrells gone now.
    I hope it’s just a matter of time.

  141. James Barr Gardner says:

    The Ruddick Chronicles read Puddock Smear !

  142. Caledonia says:

    You just know whats coming now after Anne Harvey told the truth.
    “It was a different time with no witnesses”

  143. Jontoscots20 says:

    Anne Harvey is the light of Scotland for shining honesty on this grubby attempt to stitch up Apex Salmond. The strategy of these people belies their stupidity. A stupidity brought home by Murrell and his magpie diversion. One for sorrow two for joy when you are in jail.

  144. Louise Hogg says:

    ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never understood it.’

    The wicked often appear to have overwhelming advantages.
    They control many, using intimidation, blackmail, apathy, and bribes.
    They are not morally bound by rules.
    Or limited in their claims, by truth.

    But they cannot budge reality.
    Their unity dissolves under the pressure of self-interest.
    And they cannot ‘game plan’ to counter integrity, because they never truly comprehend, that concept.

  145. Livionian says:

    The press won’t touch this, I reckon

  146. Ian Mac says:

    The strategy is obvious. The public don’t follow the enquiry in forensic detail. So just keep reminding them that it is not about Sturgeon but Salmond and his ‘sex crimes’. There will be a few more in the queue to be deployed as necessary. All hearsay of course. Second, when Sturgeon comes along, she will stonewall the details as unimportant, can’t remember etc while making sure she makes her appearance all about sympathy and concern for the ‘poor’ victims, and for women in general subject to harassment. And Salmond is attacking that by his attempts to put stuff about them in the public domain – oh the outrage. All lies of course, but most of the media is not that forensic either, and she knows the committee will be putty in her legal hands, not allowed to ask relevant questions or produce relevant evidence.
    It’s called a show trial, where the actual victim is hung out to dry as the culprit, while the perpetrators of injustice get the medals and financial benefits.
    Job done. Move on.

  147. Confused says:

    I like the end of the Godfather when Michael hits all his enemies at once; I hope AS does similar – sues for damages all the women who accused him, all separately, in separate courts; publishes a tell-all book on the whole deal, in America, Australia and Europe. Takes scotgov to the euro courts, citing corruption and breach of his human rights; and leaks everything online (via sympathetic hackers). He should also take a wee holiday to iceland, and give a press conference from there. He should also take steps to sign over his assets to a trust, so that technically, he owns nothing. Livestream a press conference online and name names, talk straight and clearly.

    song for nikki

    arrest this girl
    her hitler hairdo
    is making me feel ill

    this is what you’ll get
    if you mess with us

  148. Daisy Walker says:

    So, it looks like Linda Fabiani is compromised. How convenient.

    There are 6 or 7 directors listed for that company (including LF) – £1 million divided by that is not so much money really in this day and age.

    But of course its a foot in the door for possible future Government contracts.

    I’m curious though, if you are a busy MSP, looking to step down and retire, why take on the stresses and strains of another directorship?

    Particularly when MSPs get a really good wage and pension.


    Well done Mark Hirst for good investigative journalism.

  149. Saffron Robe says:

    The Murrells and their memory hole. Is it coincidence that George Orwell wrote “1984” in Scotland? It seems he was thirty-seven years ahead of time!

  150. Alan Mackintosh says:

    So following a thread on Mark Hirsts page on a Mandy Rhodes post, I found this- the court reporters tweets of Women H, she of the (not at the )dinner infamy. So this shows that she is at the heart of this.

    A couple of excerpts

    “Witness asked about a text message she sent to another person, reads in part
    “I have a plan and means we can be anonymous but see strong repercussions””

    “It also came out in her evidence that she had been party to setting up the whatsapp group that went
    trawling for other people one who became a complainant after ” not having realised that it was sexual
    assault until the police turned up at her door to tell her that it had been reported to them that she had
    been sexually assaulted.”

    “The judge reprimanded her 4 times for trying to lead the jury
    eventually threatening her with contempt if she didnt stop it.”

  151. Daisy Walker says:

    Obviously if SR is going to allege that its a different allegation of assault to the non event AH witnessed and the Police have already investigated fully.

    If she is going to do that, the obvious question will be, ‘and did you report that alleged incident to the Police to investigate fully also? given that full support and resources were being thrown at it back in 2018 and you were already in contact with Police at the time.

    Just as easy to give 2 statements to the Police about historic alleged events as it is to give one. In fact rather bizarre not to get the full details out in the open so to speak.

    One of the things that everyone over the age of 16 knows is that for habitual sex pests, once the first complaints come out, its like a damn burting and there is no such thing as a shortage of evidence.

    The more they shake the tree, the smaller the circle of complainers, the more minor and petty the details of the alleged assaults are. The more folk in the street are going to go, I don’t believe this.

    Particularly when the house is falling round their ears due to corruption.

  152. JSC says:

    For the Vietnam Group, is this “Apocalypse Soon”?

  153. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Alan Mackintosh,

    That is a very interesting doc.

    Woman H also had a stookey. Won’t say what limb for fear of jigsaw.

    It would have made it very difficult for a drunken fumbler to take her clothes off against her will.

    And it would have been impossible for the anonymous actor at dinner – not to notice/fail to describe.

    The author also overheard Sarah Smith speaking to her crew outside the courthouse saying, no way the jury could convict on the woman’s evidence. Doh.

    It actually sounds like there was Overwhelming evidence that Alex was innocent. No wonder all the MSM journalists shut their notebooks and didn’t report any of it. There’s only so much damage limitation you can do with utter BS.

    I’d like to think John Smith would be turning in his grave at this level of corruption and his daughter’s cheerleading of same, however, I doubt the acorn fell far.

  154. JSC says:

    Alan Mackintosh, is there a list of these google docs somewhere please, not sure how they’re stored/listed normally?

    Despite the events of last few days giving me doubt, it seems a mystery person was my original guess

  155. Graeme Hampton says:

    Might be a bit random but where is Ian Blackford going to demote Anne Harvey to given she is Staff and not an MP?

  156. Gordon Keane says:

    This additional little saga with Sue Ruddick was reported on BBC Radio Four News.
    We also had it well reported earlier on Radio Scotland.
    However the Radio Four (midnight) News also had this denial from Anne Harvey refuting any aggression took place, and mentioned the bit by Sue Ruddock denying Anne Harvey being there!
    As others have pointed out, if she wasn’t there, why did Police question her about it???
    It doesn’t put Ruddick in a good light, nor some others, for that matter.

  157. Kingu says:

    Well not really sure why Peter Murrell bothered appearing, he didn’t answer anything that was asked. Fabiani is an utter joke as Convener, all the other MSP’s should walk out and leave her to it. It’s quite clear this is going nowhere. Speaking of nowhere what the hell happened to Wightman?

    I’m not going to bother with the squirrel.

    #NoVotesSNP I want these corrupt cretins out, we ain’t getting Indy under these seat warmers. Let’s not hand them a majority and get another party started as this ones no fun anymore. Always YES never SNP again. So glad I resigned last year.

  158. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Any relation to Emma Ruddick? Fishy!!!!”

    Her name is Emma Roddick.

  159. Charles Hodgson says:

    Despite the obsequious nature of the Inquiry, Team Sturgeon are still, rightly, fucking terrified. NS the “Selfie-Queen” loves to be popular, and the mask is slipping for huge swathes of the electorate. And more will have the scales fall from their eyes every day. If she had any decency or consideration for Scotland she would go now, and give the party time to get organised before the May election. Far from being the Party’s biggest asset, she is fast becoming their biggest drawback.
    It’ll be too late for May by the time the seat-warmers in Holyroid & Westmnister realise she is toxic.

  160. John says:

    It’s actually the mother who is the wicked one. She’s now a baroness and a Deputy Lieutenant.

  161. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Here we go here we go here we go
    Here we go here we go here we gooooooo

  162. ALISON BALHARRY says:

    The National’s front page, fuck’s sake

  163. boris says:

    The Newly Built Events Complex Aberdeen (TECA)

    Aberdeen’s replacement exhibition centre, built using finance borrowed from the London Stock on a long term loan, cost £425m to build has been devalued by KPMG and is now worth only £318.7m. A whacking great financial loss from which it doubtful the council will ever recover.

  164. Robert Hughes says:

    9 February, 2021 at 6:17 am
    “The National’s front page, fuck’s sake ”

    Ah ! Our endlessly flexible little friend Capn Covid to the diversionary rescue once again .

    Is this the new super-infectious Squirrel Variant only remediable via a ” million jabs ” of the vote SNP 1 n 2 vaccine ?

  165. Lulu Bells says:

    I watched Peter Murrell’s evidence, his attitude was dreadful as Murdo Fraser and Jackie Baillie noted to give them their due. Why it was a rushed hour with Linda Fabiani helping PM with his answers is unclear.

    Then I read the Ruddick statement which made no sense (although now I understand it was a distraction), constantly rattling on about these bloody women, it is no longer about them, they had their 10 minutes. And as for hiding their identity, do you not think the entire staff of St Andrews House, Saughton House and Victoria Quay know who they are…of course they do!

    However, the reference to aggression by Alex Salmond was new to me. I have only followed the detail for less than a year so I thought it was something that had been discussed before my time. Not so, it appears she is now throwing more dirt at Alex Salmond. They have tried ‘sex pest’, even dallied with ‘child abuser’ and are now on to aggressive bully perhaps. Something that will clearly have been investigated by the police already and if based on any grounds no matter how flimsy he would have been charged, lets face it, if curl pinging is deemed sexual assault any minor contact of any other sort must be aggressive.

    Anyone who ever doubted there was a conspiracy against Alex Salmond must surely have had that doubt erased by the behaviour of Murrell and Ruddick in broad daylight yesterday.

  166. susanXX says:

    It’s like the Salem witch trials, hysterical women- giving us all a bad name – reading nonsense into the most innocuous of occurrences. Sick to hell of the SNP now, and as for all those MSPs and MPs who’ve said nothing…cowards the lot of them.

  167. wee monkey says:


    “To tell one lie may be regarded as a misfortune; to tell two looks like carelessness, except when you factor in that SNP Government witnesses have been “coached”, you might struggle to not conclude this lying was deliberate.

    Already the idea of MSPs resigning from this Committee has been aired in the public domain.

    So, what should pro UK MSPs and independent Andy Wightman do?

    Should they sit and allow this cover up to go on and have their stamp on it or should they resign? I think given all the circumstances, all pro UK MSPs should resign.

    As to Wightman, well if he has any understanding of the Nolan Principles at all, then he should resign as well.

    To withhold evidence from an inquiry is appalling, to be told the SNP Government will decide what is relevant is corruption.

    It’s abuse of power, abuse of authority and highly unethical.

    Just as Nicola Sturgeon is under the spotlight, so the light should shine on many others, and that includes John Swinney, the SNP Deputy First Minister, he is an absolute disgrace.

    He is an enabler of a cover up, if he had any decency, he would resign as an MSP for his part in the Alex Salmond scandal.”

    I really think that it is time for the non SNP members to walk out, leave the SNP to their corrupted filth.

  168. ALISON BALHARRY says:

    An Anne Harvey tweet last August, ouch

  169. Craig P says:

    independent member Andy Wightman didn’t say a single word.

    Understandable though, as he is no longer on the committee. The Greens replaced him with Alison Johnstone when he quit the party.

  170. ALISON BALHARRY says:

    So why was he listed as being there?

    Craig P says:
    9 February, 2021 at 7:12 am
    independent member Andy Wightman didn’t say a single word.

    Understandable though, as he is no longer on the committee. The Greens replaced him with Alison Johnstone when he quit the party.

  171. Sylvia says:

    Craig P @ 7:12

    I am afraid you have that wrong. “I invite Andy Wightman, who is substituting for Alison Johnstone”

  172. Sylvia says:


    You’re correct – Andy Wightman is listed on the minutes.

    Peter Murrell (Scottish National Party)
    Andy Wightman (Lothian) (Ind) (Committee Substitute)

  173. Mac says:

    Yet another Sturgeon stooge gets wheeled out to make yet another false accusation just when the heat on her bent boss is getting turned up. I must say I am so shocked.

    What’s that you say. Its another non event that is somehow turned into charges of attempted murder …no genocide, let’s go with genocide today.

    What is so disgusting about all of this is they are explicitly and blatantly relying on the protections given to real victims of sexual assaults to pervert the course of justice. And they are doing it blatantly.

    They are exploiting laws to protect the vulnerable to the full and in the most vile and cynical manner. All with the stated intent to use the anonymity laws to allow them to make their false accusations without fear of exposure.

    As offensive as all of this is to witness as a man I am astonished more women are not going off their nut at the disgraceful antics of these women.

    Despite being mostly made up of women and avowed feminists this cabal of eager stooges that Sturgeon surrounds herself with don’t seem to like women very much nor respect them at all.

  174. David Caledonia says:

    Its always very revealing how people use language, sometimes its to come across as more intelligent than they really are, and sometimes its used to try to hoodwink others
    I have exposed a few dimwits in my time for trying to hoodwink people, long before the internet, being doing it for 40 years or more when I can be bothered to go after them
    Take Dolly Dimple’s man for example, tried to answer a question by the great hoodwink principle
    Problem is, to do that you have got to be a good hoodwinker and unfortunately he is not very good at it, he should have gone to someone like myself for instruction in the black art of deception, I don’t use it myself but I have come across it over the decades and have learned its core principles
    And one of its fav forms is in the use of language, a fascinating subject and well worth getting educated about

  175. Craig P says:

    Apologies all! Didn’t realise Wightman was a substitute.

  176. Sylvia says:

    Craig P @ 8:43

    You are forgiven! In all honesty “this carry on” is difficult to keep up with.

  177. Mac says:

    As has been stated by this site and others…

    The took one tiny kernel of truth and wrapped it in lies.

    The kernel of truth was what Alex Salmond admitted to in court. That he and a colleague had a fully clothed cuddle after drinking wine and working late. It was inappropriate, AS acknowledged it, they had a formal meeting afterwards and AS apologized. The lady was offered another position of equal stature and she refused and they both continued working together. And that is it. That is the only ‘bad’ thing Alex Salmond has done in this whole disgusting stitch-up.

    So they took this kernel of truth and they wrapped it in lies.

    They used two types of lie.

    The first lie is not a lie in the traditional sense. Here they took nothing incidents and twisted them into sexual assaults. These lies are the various ridiculous charges we saw at the trial, the ones they wargamed and hoped the jury would convict Salmond on, the ones thrown in for the benefit of the Moorov doctrine. These lies were all the absurd charges, that everyone was shaking their head at with disbelief, that had been magnified into something they clearly weren’t. It seems like these lies were more Police Scotland and COPFS doing than the women involved and came about from Police Scotland’s goon squad trawling of every person AS ever interacted with over decades. (And the fact that all this trivial shite was the ‘best’ they could come up with says a lot about the real character of AS.)

    And then we have the second type of lies. The old fashioned ones.

    Several women lied in court and made up accusations that were false. These are the Spite Girls. These women are the ones that were / are using the anonymity laws to execute their plan to send an innocent man to prison just to prevent his return to politics.

    These are the women that need to go to jail. And so does anyone else involved in the plot.

    The prosecution of Salmond was not just malicious it was thoroughly dishonest and rigged to convict.

    It was a persecution not a prosecution and it is still going on.

  178. Eileen Carson says:

    STV report has this quote at the end “A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police Scotland received a report of common assault which was thoroughly investigated.

    “There was insufficient corroborative evidence to charge, however, the circumstances were included in our report to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.””

    Which would appear to negate any claim of a second incident and supports Anne’s statement.

  179. Bob Mack says:

    Can evefybody actually re assure me that Alex was found not guilty, because Im beginning to have my doubts about that.

    All I can see is repeated attacks on his guilt from anonymous individuals protected by legal armour as thick as a tank which empowers that behaviour. The SNP also use that same anonymity to do the same.

    To balance that out, we have to be frank, nothing. Alex has no protection at all. It is carte blanche on attacking his reputation and character whilst holding a legal gag on his mouth. At least at. his trial he was allowed to speak.

    Im all for protecting the accusers during trial, but that trial is over and a verdict returned. With that verdict ,everyone has to accept the outcome. The legal establishment cannot set up a safe haven for those still intent on maintaining accusations found legally wanting in court, whilst ignoring and indeed enforcing the silence on the accused who was found innocent.

    This is not justice. This is just not fair.

  180. Cath says:

    @mac – sums it up, but to add one thing: they also knew the media were going to be 100% entirely in on it with them, so whether found innocent or guilty he’d be destroyed in the public mind. That is, of course, the solidly pro union media.

  181. ALISON BALHARRY says:

    Cath says:
    9 February, 2021 at 9:04 am
    ”@mac – sums it up, but to add one thing: they also knew the media were going to be 100% entirely in on it with them, so whether found innocent or guilty he’d be destroyed in the public mind. That is, of course, the solidly pro union media”

    You always need to bear in mind the cosy relatioship between the various serial SNP leakers, certain outlets and journalists. Match made in hell.

  182. Mac says:

    If I was one of the women who the police and COPFS took nothing incidents from and magnified them into sexual assaults I would be putting as much distance between myself and what was done to AS in (partially at least) my name.

    I suspect these peripheral alphabet women in particular have been totally used and roped into a plot against their wills. A plot that is so vile, so disgraceful, that when it is fully exposed (and it will be), all involved are going to be infamous.

    All involved are going down in history whether they like it or not.

    So if I were one of the alphabet women exploited in this by the SNPG cabal, Police Scotland and the COPFS, and involved in a stitch-up of a former First Minister… well, I would be breaking cover and disowning what was done in my name.

    Otherwise when it all eventually comes out you are going to get pulled down the same hole as the real bad ones involved in this plot.

    Do the right thing, before it is too late for you.

  183. Eileen Carson says:

    I wonder when Police Scotland will act ….. appears to me some [at least] of the ‘Alphabettie wimmin’ are in the soup for perjuring themselves in the trial and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice [shut up Rape Crisis Scotland you’re already in the soup].

    Then of course Alex has an obvious civil case for defamation as well damages for his health. Also a criminal case for malicious persecution/prosecution ….. why do I suspect the Lord Advocate to cave first?

  184. kapelmeister says:

    Can individual members of the Fabiani committee issue a minority report, does anyone know?

  185. Eileen Carson says:

    Mac says:
    9 February, 2021 at 9:36 am

    Agree with you 100% it’s time these women jumped ship BEFORE Nicola Sturgeon goes in front of the committee. They have very little time left to save themselves from the fallout.

  186. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Alison Balharry linked to this tweet from Anne… from Aug ’20

    But thought I would post the text as well…

    “Hugely proud to have worked for you
    . Can’t say same about working with the malevolent fantasists and greasily-rewarded careerists I was called to court to challenge openly, not swimming in a queasy alphabet soup of anonymity.”

    Mike Drop… Boom

  187. Sara says:

    Mac – “I suspect these peripheral alphabet women in particular have been totally used and roped into a plot against their wills”

    – Well better late than never that they spoke up I guess but quite frankly, they were opportunistic vipers. Probably half-wits who are only in govt on the back of Salmond’s success. There was no NS back then…he may have given her the limelight (that’s a decent leader) but who really knew NS before 2014? Seriously?
    These alphabet women could have stopped the farce long ago….they chose not to. Hell mend them.

    they need to be some brave Scot abroad. It’s a total joke that they can be kept anonymous.

  188. Davie Oga says:

    Surely the Murrells’s have something serious on Wishart. His constant excuses / justifications are nonsensical and demeaning to anyone with half a functioning brain.

    What was is Pete?

    Live boy or dead girl?

  189. John H. says:

    Those alphabet women who made their accusations under extreme duress will be scared to come forward at the present time for fear of being prosecuted themselves by the present regime. I can’t say I blame them.

    Their stories can only be told when Scotland’s legal and political institutions return to a calmer and more honest and stable condition. Let’s hope it’s soon.

  190. Mac says:

    Not only should these peripheral alphabet women put as much distance between themselves and the botched plot to send an innocent man to prison before it is too late for them, if I was one of them and I had explicitly said I did not want anything reported to the police, then I would be taking the SNPG to court for damages.

    It is not just that you were involved in a massive trial, under intense media glare, of a former FM, against your express wishes, it is that you have been roped into a nefarious plot to stitch-up an innocent man. The only questions that remain are, were you willing or unwilling in this plot.

    The people who promised you it would not be reported to the police are the same people who orchestrated the stitch-up. They used you and are still using you. They don’t give a fuck about you at all, never did.

  191. Brent Crude at over $60 per barrel,

    1,000,000 barrels per day produced,

    $60,000,000 going dan saf every day,

    $21,900,000,000 per year.

  192. stuart mctavish says:

    Agressions in a back passage dont sound too glamorous in any language so be interesting to see how it plays out and who admits to what (eg Geoff Aberdein self identifying as original complainant would make for an intriguing twist).

    Meanwhile, thinking of woke insanity and other distractions, big hand to Jock Beattie for some great conversations on the rugby (and some not so great on the lockdown) yesterday

  193. pete m says:

    If there’s ever gonna be a book/tv dramatization written about this whole sorry shitshow , how bout calling it ‘The Chronicles of Ruddick’?

  194. John Digsby says:

    @Scot Finlayson

    You really think WM gets the full value of every barrel? Bollocks. What about the workers wages, the rig maintenance, all the other costs? And then the fact that extraction is performed by private companies in Scotland with their supply chains.

    WM gets the tax, sure, but don’t kid yourself that it’s $60 a barrel going south.

  195. Breastplate says:

    The spirit of the law is paramount, the written law can often be a fucking poor attempt to encapsulate the spirit of the law.
    In this case, there is no doubt that the Alphabet Women and the SNP are using the anonymity as a tool or a weapon and pissing all over the spirit of the law.
    It violates what the law is there for and the people that genuinely need it.

  196. Lenny Hartley says:

    Scot Finlayson never knew the UK taxed North Sea oil production at 100% there you go you learn something new every day.

  197. Anonymoose says:

    Following last nights revelations I wonder if any legal minds who read Wings could give me a bit of clarity into anonymity orders.

    Lets say for example that I was protected by an anonymity order, either through the proceedings of a civil trial or those of a criminal trial.

    I then gave a public statement to the effect that months after the outcome of a trial I had by my own volition implicated myself in the goings on of the trial and this was then published by the mainstream media outlets and further replicated thousands of times on social media.

    Would I have in effect removed that anonymity order by my own volition?

    Would I still have any legal protection given my public statement?

    If no to the above, what legal protections would remain on my person in regards to an anonymity order?

    If any legal mind could answer that based on my example scenario above then it would clear up some of the mysteries surrounding anonymity orders for me.

  198. Jontoscots20 says:

    Just in case anyone thinks this is a competent government in other ways. All those advisers and civil servants can’t plan a hotel room in a hospitality shutdown. Maybe less time for those battalions redacting legitimate information and reshaping Scotland in the image of a handful of hardcore activists. Maybe more reacting to genuine issues which confront us and stop hiding behind Covid press conferences.

  199. Effijy says:

    A couple of issues-
    If Wishart, Russell and Doreen was so keen on Independence
    all their days, would you walk away when you can see Indy Ref 2 on the horizon
    in front of you?

    Did you ever expect to have such a perfect storm of circumstances
    I. front of you, Vow smashed, A forced Brexit, a PM that declared his
    hatred of the Scots, the disastrous handling of Covid, corrupt PPE contracts,
    the lies to our fishermen the stripping away of devolved powers.

    Now is the time and all guns should be blazing!

  200. Breeks says:

    Mac says:
    9 February, 2021 at 9:36 am
    If I was one of the women who the police and COPFS took nothing incidents from and magnified them into sexual assaults I would be putting as much distance between myself and what was done to AS in (partially at least) my name.

    I think they’re in too deep Mac.

    As soon as one of them cracks, and the suspicion of criminal conspiracy becomes proof of criminal conspiracy, then frankly, the sky falls in on all of them.

    Unrelated, but MP Fiona Onasanya was jailed for three months for lying about a speeding ticket.

    MP Chris Huhne and his ex-wife Vicky Pryce were both jailed for 8 months for lying about who was driving a car.

    Makes you wonder what the sentence is for criminal conspiracy, perjury, perverting the course of justice, and trying to have an innocent man jailed and branded as a sex offender…

    And THEN the fun begins with Impeachment. What are the consequences for selling out on Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty and capitulating to Westminster’s colonial subjugation in violation of a sovereign and democratic mandate from the people? Or has everybody forgotten about that?

    They have to hang together otherwise they’ll be hung individually, and proof of conspiracy means shared culpability.

    And the conspirators are feeling a wee bit bullied are they? Ah bless… That ‘anxiety’ they’re feeling is called a guilty conscience in my neck of the woods.

    What could be electrifying is the roll David Harvie, ex Mi5, seconded to Lockerbie trial team, appointed Crown Agent in 2016, and the person at the COPFS office, (not the police), to whom Leslie Evans reported the ‘criminality’ in the accusations against Alex Salmond.

    What might also be of seed yet to germinate is Alyn Smith’s roll in SNP policy, the infiltration of Wokeratti, and Mr Smith having a former Mi5 case worker as a staffer.

    Understand, I have not one shred of evidence these Mi5 connections are evidence of wrong doing or impropriety, but the edges of my tin foil hat are glowing red… What are Mi5 people even doing there??? The point is, IF there is a degree of UK state involvement in this Conspiracy, then that’s going to be rocket fuel for the Independence movement.

  201. Sylvia says:

    Anonymoose @10:32

    I do not feel Ruddick was protected by anonymity as her complaint to the police never progressed to a charge.

  202. Effijy says:

    For anyone feeling sorry for Westminster not getting the full $60 per barrel
    from Scottish oil, read this remembering that more oil has been drawn from
    Scottish waters than Norwegian.

    Norway has over US$1 trillion in assets, including 1.4% of global stocks and shares, making it the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund. In May 2018, it was worth about $195,000 per Norwegian citizen. It also holds portfolios of real estate and fixed-income investments.

    Of course we will hear from Westminster that this is the 6th decade in which they tell
    Scotland that we have that running out type oil, how it’s nice to share with countries
    who only take and of course you are too stupid to know what to do with $200,000 for
    every man, woman, child and Trany.

  203. Bob Mack says:

    Brent Crude.

    Those figures may not reflect an accurate sum but they also do not reflect the tax claw back through direct taxatiom and indirect taxation. Workers in all facets of oil collection spend pay. Pay Vat. .Pay mortgages Buy food etc Ships hired to collect oil ,also pay vat and taxation.

    The UK makes a good few dollars either way on top of direct taxation.

  204. Skip_NC says:

    Anonymoose, Google Jill Saward. It’s an English case but she waived her anonymity to be able to campaign on rape laws.

  205. Sylvia says:

    Breeks @10:43

    Sex and skullduggery is the trademark of MI5 – McKinnon only gave audio evidence to the committee – that is also a trademark of MI5. MI5 don’t wear name badges and the main skill required is to LIE…….

    O/T Discussion now on LBC re Salmond/Murrell

  206. mike cassidy says:

    Alan Mackintosh 9.59

    That’s a beauty from Anne Harvey

    malevolent fantasists and greasily-rewarded careerists

  207. Alf Baird says:

    Breeks @ 10:43

    Should Scotland as the ‘strategic colony’ expect anything less than total British commitment to maintaining the status quo, and ‘deploying’ all its multi-departmental capabilities and resources to that effect? And with all these intrinsic and rather obvious advantages (relative to the native) such as immunity, anonymity and deciding what evidence may be kept secret, all in the British ‘national’ (i.e. colonial) interest of course.

    The new British HQ in Edinburgh was a statement of intent, it seems, to support ongoing operations. I wonder what the ‘operation’ is called?

  208. Alf Baird says:

    Jim Sillars has a new article on SNP shenanigans on Iain Lawson’s blog.

  209. Mac says:

    Aye Breeks.

    I was reflecting yesterday that just a few months back most of the Sturgeon supporters were confidently dismissing this blog as solely obsessed with the GRA issue and therefore transphobic by implication blah blah blah.

    Now it is going to be instrumental in the fall of a First Minister, uncovering a plot to frame an innocent man and former First Minister, a plot that has clear strings attached that lead directly back to MI5.

    Yeah not bad for a blog obsessed with trannies.

    I don’t know if a Pulitzer prize is worth a f**k these days or ever was but I would not be at all surprised if someone somewhere copped one after all this is done and dusted.

    People are going to be writing books about it.

  210. Gary says:

    They’ve ensure that Salmond can’t/won’t give evidence and without that there’s nothing to stop this being swept under the rug.

    But what are Labour getting out of this?? They MUST be getting something, whatever it is must be big.

  211. kapelmeister says:

    That’s a very good piece by Jim Sillars on Yours for Scotland.

  212. Betsy says:

    On a related point,it was only a few weeks ago we were all zoomers wasting time on stuff that absolutely no one cares about whilst the SNP are on course for a majority in May. I’m willing to bet that should the majority fail to materialise it will be entirely our fault.

  213. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Just heard aboot the nonexistent physical assault, conveniently forgotten aboot for many years, including during a criminal trial. It’s getting impossible to keep up with what these piles of human shit are making up constantly. Utter scum. Their time in the judicial sun will come, and it can’t come soon enough. Piss on the lot of them.

  214. ClanDonald says:

    So this is what we’ve been told so far:

    Alex Salmond bumped into Sue Ruddock in a stairwell during a 2008 by-election.

    Many (10?) years later Ruddock reported it to the police.

    The police contacted Anne Harvey who was a witness. Harvey says it was an accident and there was no ill will. Meanwhile she gets 16 or so text messages from someone hassling her to make complaints against Salmond.

    Incident doesn’t make it to the court case against Salmond.

    Years later on the same day the SNP want to keep the Peter Murrell appearance at the committee off the front pages, Ruddock makes claim that she was physically assaulted by Salmond. Daily Record front page says it was during a 2008 by-election and that she reported it to the police:

    Anne Harvey puts out a statement saying it’s bollocks.

    SNP say “Ah but this was a different incident that Anne wasn’t at.”

    So we now have claims of two different incidents of physical assault during the same 2008 by-election. The first we know was reported to the police because they followed it up with Anne Harvey, and the second which Ruddick claims she reported to the police.

    This means, if Ruddick is telling the truth, the police will have records of two reports of assault that she made against Salmond.

    Time for Salmond to sue Ruddick for defamation. If she’s telling the truth about reporting a second, separate incident she’ll be able to show both police reports. If she can’t produce both reports then, well…

  215. Effijy says:

    O/T. Westminster incompetence on handling Covid continues to excel.

    On TV this morning, a Brit returned from South Africa yesterday and walked through
    Heathrow Airport without anyone checking on the origins of her travels, she came via Qatar,
    No one checked she had the negative Covid test and no one earned her about going into isolation?

    Brits returning from abroad next week will be sent to an isolation. Hotel where they can be monitored
    The ideal comes 10 months after countries like New Zealand and Australia proved the benefits and
    6 weeks after the more dangerous Civid variety was first discovered here.

    Those at the Hotel will have Covid tests day 2 and 8 at £100 each, which they pay for.
    The cost of the Hotel May cost £1,500 each.
    Although supposed to start on Monday, no hotel has been booked as of today,

    Who will do the security there, well we know it will be a Tory supporters company, even if it’s a start up company with no employees or experience.
    Will all personnel need Covid tests before hand?

    Who will do the catering?

    Who is willing to clean potential Covid bedrooms and change sheets?

    If anyone takes ill what medics will be on standby?

    What if the student pack packer doesn’t have £1,700 available?

    What if there are children that need remote schooling?

    If over 70 years who comes to vaccinate them ?

    Will all this be organised and fluid within 5 days?

    The Westminster government are world leaders at lying and
    incompetence outside their main skill of filling the pockets of the very rich.

    What joyous circumstance for any opposition or Independence Party but
    they are busy being the 3 wise monkeys,

  216. Craig Jones says:

    Sturgeon, with her:

    “Bitches Coven” and her “Rainbow Warriors”
    thought she could turn Scotland into an ultra Liberal, anything goes, fuck fest of a Colony,,,,, Where she would remain Governor and never be responsible for anything, because being a devolved Colony, she could go on forever blaming England for all our faults.

    It was a grand plan that would have saw her living the high life, along side her so called husband.

    It was genius, if only her hard of thinking supporters could have protected her against those pesky investigative journalists like Rev Stu,,,, who kept digging and digging and fuckin digging, until the walls of her little colony came tumbling down.

    Sturgeon is finished, because she will never be able to show her face in public ever again.

    If she ever does, it will be done with massive Police protection.

    And if the leader of an independent Scotland can’t even show their face in public, then that is the moment you know that you have got things all wrong.

  217. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Avocado Devil: utterly fascinating. The Mao quote bit – genius, and hilarious. And true. The ego on this fucking screwball knows no bounds. To infinity…and beyond! (With women holding up half the sky)

  218. Bob Mack says:

    Im going go do a novel (fictitious)of course about a Salmond complaint. It goes like this.

    “We both reached for the same canpee sitting on the tray. The reception taking place around us seemed somehow distant.
    Our fingers touched, and immediately he apologised and said”

    “You first Mrs”

    “I could feel the desire It was tangible .I blushed timidly”

    He looked at me intently. and a wave offear swept over my soul,, .

    “His view fixed steadily on my now”.

    He asked me with passion in his eyes.” Do ye want that last canape or no”.

    Thse words were to bedevil me for years to come.

    Years later I was dventually asked to if I wanted to punish his recklessness and have my atonement.

    Oh its exciting.

  219. Mac says:

    Hypothetical question:

    If in the future Alex Salmond’s Chief of Staff went to Nicola Sturgeon’s office to discuss a delicate matter – it would be logical and highly likely that he/she would meet with their exact counterpart right, i.e. Nicola Sturgeon’s Chief of Staff?

    So you would have two respective Chief of Staffs having a wee chat. Seems kind of obvious I know but I just wanted to check I have that right should such a meeting ever happen.

  220. Jason Hoffman says:

    It’s getting silly now.

    What next?

    “Alex Salmond once coughed in my general direction on February 31st 1823.”

    “Alex Salmond once broke wind in the same room I was in (although the date escapes me).”

    “Alex Salmond was caught quite clearly breathing in my general vicinity at various times from 1100BC to 2212AD.”


    SNP Staffer or possibly Peter Murrell’s cleaner or maybe some made up person.

  221. kapelmeister says:

    A better title for our glorious FM’s forthcoming tome.

    My Booky Woke.

  222. Robert Hughes says:

    WRYC – Can’t stand ” Guido Fox ” and his faux-anti-Establishment bollocks ( he’s pure Establishment ) but this is not far from the mark and another piece of Sturgeon ego-massaging .

    We’re already seeing a kind of Wokey Cokey Cultural Revolution and given half a chance the Twitler Cadre would have all us decadent bourgeoisie ( lol ) kneeling in public being berated for our lack of progressive values

  223. Bob Mack says:


    You wouldnt be wrong (allegedly).

  224. Bob Mack says:

    Is this Wokey Cokey a dance of some description ?

  225. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Kapelmeister, I prefer Mein Cramp.

  226. Astonished says:

    Betsy @ 11.41am – “…SNP are on course for a majority in May. I’m willing to bet that should the majority fail to materialise it will be entirely our fault. “.

    Lies are all they have left. And IF enough of us hold our noses and vote SNP and they win ( A big, big IF I grant you) then it will all be down to the genderwoowoo wunderkind.

    We can only win with the truth – how about it President Mike Russell ?

    o/t Is it true that a transcultist who left after publicly berating the party – is being invited to return without any 2 year wait or any sanction at all ? These double standards must be addressed – Mike Russell – any response ? Mike ? Mike ?

  227. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Robert Hughes:

    ‘We’re already seeing a kind of Wokey Cokey Cultural Revolution and given half a chance the Twitler Cadre would have all us decadent bourgeoisie ( lol ) kneeling in public being berated for our lack of progressive values.’

    Ah’d like tae see the wimpy wee cunts fucking try it. Seriously. Sick ay the mess them n thir American-idiocy-spewing idiot leader huv made ay Scotland. Fart n ye could knock they sad wee speccy cunts oor.

  228. Wee Chid says:

    Even if any of these events ever happened – and I don’t believe for one minute that any did – but given that the publicity was always going to cause some damage to the indy cause, why weren’t these women just told to “Wheesht for Indy” like we are being told to now? Why is government corruption, affecting a whole nation, deemed less of a crime than a man putting his hand on a woman’s knee? Are people just so obsessed with sex that they can forgive any crime except a sexual one? I’m not suggesting that genuine sex crimes shouldn’t be reported – but surely corruption in high places is just as worthy of investigation?

  229. ELewis says:

    Can’t help but think Alex Salmond’s decision not to take part is a mis-step. He could turn up and read out from the Spectator. It’d be a brilliant stunt which would show up the ludicrous (but deeply disturbing, Kafka-esque) farce of this whole thing and the image of it would impossible for msm to ignore.

  230. Bob Mack says:

    Agatha Christie beat us to it
    Ten little Indians .then there were none.

    One by one the charges fell in court.

  231. Mac says:

    Very interesting reading that link above to the court reporting on Woman H and the rebuttal of both her charges.

    As they quoted above…

    “The judge reprimanded her 4 times for trying to lead the jury
    eventually threatening her with contempt if she didn’t stop it.”

    Strange thing for a witness to repeatedly attempt to lead the jury to the point the judge threatens them with contempt don’t you think.

    Is that not usually either the defense or prosecution lawyers who try to do that… never seen a witness reprimanded for it but hey-ho maybe I’m watching the wrong courtroom dramas.

    So forgive my ignorance here but was it Woman H who attended the meeting with Aberdein?

    The one who sent the message (before coming forward as an accuser) to another accuser (to be) that said…

    “I have a plan and means we can be anonymous but see strong repercussions.”

    I think Woman was repeatedly leading the jury because prior to that she had been repeatedly encouraging / leading the other accusers. It was a habit woman H could not shake off at the trial.

  232. mr thms says:

    Scot Finlayson @ 10:10 am

    “1,000,000 barrels per day produced,”

    The actual production on the United Kingdom Continental Shelf is a lot more than one million barrels of oil equivalent per day.

    The next set of GERS figures, due in August, will be interesting.

    The UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Act 2020

    Received its Royal Assent on the 29th January 2021.

    I thought this Act of the Scottish Parliament would have been referred by UK law officers to the Supreme Court.

    It has been ignored by the mainstream media but is a significant piece of constitutional legislation which in conjunction with the United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020 could put the countries of the UK on the road to divergence or convergence.

    The Act allows Scottish Ministers to use a fast-track procedure to adopt new European regulations. The procedure is available for ten years and can be renewed for a further five years.

    A coalition of independence parties are more likely use the new powers to align with EU regulations and a coalition of Unionist parties are more likely to align with England’s regulations.

    The elections in May therefore represent an opportunity for the current opposition to further split support for independence by promising Home Rule or federalism.

    If it works that would mean another 10-15 years of oil and gas revenues going to the Treasury, as well as helping the UK’s balance of payments, and 10-15 years of Faslane as a base for nuclear submarines.

  233. T.C. Nu says:

    ELewis@12:24 pm
    ‘Can’t help but think Alex Salmond’s decision not to take part is a mis-step. He could turn up and read out from the Spectator.’

    The source he read it from would be irrelevant, it’d show the farce for what it is, granted, but he’d still be in danger of being prosecuted for disclosing the content.

    ‘…and the image of it would impossible for msm to ignore.’

    The problem is that it would be very easy for UK based msm to be persuaded to ignore it…what we need is international media scrutiny of this farce.

    The added bonus would be that if NS is looking at the UN/EU for her next job, we really should be fully informing their decisions on such matters by showing the world what she really is.

  234. Effijy says:

    Confirmation that the Covid 19 Death Total in the U.K.
    exceeded 126,000 as of the 29th January!

    Over the last 10 days another 10,000 will have lost their lives.

    I’m hammering the long term incompetence of Tory Westminster but I also need to know
    why Scotland, performing better than England, has 12 times the Covid death toll of Norway.

    Could we have matched Norway if Scotland’s budget had not been continually cut over the last 10 years?
    If independent would we have closed our borders?
    If independent would we have Locked Down earlier?
    Would we have had more emergency PPE and could we have acquired it more efficiently?

    Norway will acquire vaccines at a slower EU rate but with 6,000 fewer deaths there
    their citizens will be content to be alive and kicking as they wait in the queue.

  235. Fionan says:

    OT Just tried to make a late small donation to the Stueyconomy Fund but it didn’t appear to go through. I tried twice but no apparent success, so I have either not succeeded or have succeeded twice. Daren’t try again in case it would be a third donation. Would be amusing to see it continue to grow.

    Fabiani seriously let Murrel off the hook at the inquiry – he was absolutely speechless and couldn’t find a cover-up to waffle his way out of the answer. Hopefully on that performance he will be investigated for perjury.Its such a strange feeling to be willing on the opposition and hoping they dont miss and hit the wall.

    For those still looking for a place for their second vote, or who are looking for a change of party to support, membership of AFI, the inclusive and team-work-supporting party, is free till June.The best way to hold snp feet to the fire is for the non-snp list parties to work together to maximise the YES vote, for the sake of Scotland and independence. Parties whose committees/politicans refuse to work together are plainly just seeking seats on the gravy train.

  236. Big Jock says:

    Are there no depths the SNP feckers won’t plunge to. When you are in a hole stop digging. I think these people need to do time!

  237. Effijy says:


    I really don’t get you on your Civid attitude?

    Everybody to their own but you think 120,000
    U.K. deaths and 4,000,000 Cases are all people
    trying to get you to stay clear of contamination?

    I know people who were perfectly healthy who died within
    a couple of days of catching it, another 2 with long Covid and
    many who felt terrible for days like never before .

    Are they all part of a global joke just for you and me?

    Get a grip right enough.

    How many million need to die before you think it exists.

  238. Sarissa says:

    Ann Harvey was the defence witness in the Salmond trial who testified under oath(from Craig Murray’s report):

    Gordon Jackson asked whether she had more recently been asked anything relevant? Ms Harvey replied that on 31 October 2017 she had received a series of 16 text messages to her private number asking for information and whether she could disclose anything about the past.

    Jackson asked what the messages said specifically and who they were from.

    Prosecution objected to this line of inquiry and the judge ruled the evidence inadmissible.

    31 October 2017 was also the date when Cabinet of the Scottish Government provided its civil servants with a “commission” – a formal instruction – which was recorded in the Cabinet minutes under the heading of “Sexual Harassment” as follows:

    “While there was no suggestion that the current arrangements were ineffective, the First Minister had also asked the Permanent Secretary to undertake a review of the Scottish Government’s policies and processes to ensure they were fit for purpose.” (Gordon Dangerfield current blog)

    What an amazing coincidence!?

  239. Republicofscotland says:

    Jeezo with tens of millions of pounds already paid out to Rangers football club investors/directors, it appears another £27 million pounds of Scottish taxpayers money has been paid out to two more Rangers administrators, £24 million in compensation and £3 million in legal fees.

    But the Scottish taxpayers bill doesn’t end there with this fiasco, the men’s lawyers Duff&Phelps are seeking damages of tens of millions of pounds from the Crown office for reputational damage.

    The Lord Advocate at the time was Frank Mullholland now Judge Mullholland, it would appear miserable failure leads to great promotion within the stinking corrupt Crown office as the taxpayer bears the the brunt of COPFS malicious behaviour.

    The current Lord Advocate, is just as vile as his predecessor.

  240. Terry says:


    “They took one tiny kernel of truth and wrapped it in lies.

    The kernel of truth was what Alex Salmond admitted to in court. That he and a colleague had a fully clothed cuddle after drinking wine and working late. It was inappropriate, AS acknowledged it, they had a formal meeting afterwards and AS apologized. The lady was offered another position of equal stature and she refused and they both continued working together. And that is it. That is the only ‘bad’ thing Alex Salmond has done in this whole disgusting stitch-up.

    So they took this kernel of truth and they wrapped it in lies.”

    Concerning this recorded matter, wasn’t Nicola Sturgeon aware of it at the time? Wasn’t it the role of the deputy FM to know everything re the complaints procedures? If so when she says she knew nothing about any existing complaints pre 2018 isn’t this then a lie? And this inappropriate incident that Alex apologised for – how did it then morph into an “assault with intent to rape” years later? It’s like saying the 400m i ran was actually in hindsight a marathon. It doesn’t add up.

    Anyway one thing is sure. He’s the most investigated man of his age in the whole of the UK never mind Scotland. And they couldn’t lay a glove on him. I wonder if all the shower of conspirators (and no, I don’t mean the women, I mean the Vietnam group) have such a clean bill of propriety? Let them have their lives scoured over by the police and media. I bet few if any would measure up to Alex. In fact a lot of them could be staring at a jail sentence for conspiracy after this.

  241. avocado devil says:

    Robert Hughes says:
    9 February, 2021 at 12:14 pm
    WRYC – Can’t stand ” Guido Fox ” and his faux-anti-Establishment bollocks ( he’s pure Establishment )

    … he’s regarded as being one of the top 10 most influential tories, but he gets a lot of gossip that bypasses the media.
    so yes establishment, you are right.

  242. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    OK, I was not aware of any Tory backing to that Guido character. I thought people posting things here were sound. Shrug.

  243. Captain Yossarian says:

    I see the BBC Reporting Scotland are now being held to account. It’s not before time. Last night’s Reporting Scotland headline article was about Covid house parties; nothing on Murrell.

  244. Skip_NC says:

    ELewis, I may be wrong but if AS had turned up and read from the Spectator, he would have run the risk of being in contempt of court. Daft, I know, but avoiding prison, even on a principled stance, is probably the best approach for him. His health must be a concern and if he did go to jail, it would not matter to his enemies why he is locked up.

  245. Republicofscotland says:

    The affront to society, the Royals, have had over 1000 laws changed for their benefit, to protect their private interests. Including the Queen setting up a private body to hide her true wealth from the public.

  246. shug says:

    On watching Murrell being questioned I could not help but notice every time he touched on certain topics his hand came up to his mouth or nose.
    This is classic unconscious, reflex reaction to trying to hide what you are saying, usually because it is untrue.
    The closest to truth would be, Nicola said they were having a hard meeting so make yourself scarce, I went out for the evening, I came back and they were still there, I stuck my head round the door and said Hi and left them to it.

  247. Eileen Carson says:

    I haven’t seen a definitive visual timeline ANYWHERE and it would really help, especially w/regards to initial idea through formulating and commencing use of the new harassment procedure. In other words who knew what and when. It’s easy to lose track without a visual aid.

  248. shug says:

    Captain Yossarian
    That was on this morning to. It looked like a couple of students in a flat. Hardly a warehouse rave!!

    The message is clear Glasgow is as bad as London

    The were in the wrong but hardly equivalent

  249. ALISON BALHARRY says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    9 February, 2021 at 1:22 pm
    ”I see the BBC Reporting Scotland are now being held to account. It’s not before time. Last night’s Reporting Scotland headline article was about Covid house parties; nothing on Murrell”

    Where are you seeing that?

  250. Wee Chid says:

    “he and a colleague had a fully clothed cuddle after drinking wine and working late.

    Was it reciprocal? Did she feel spurned by his apology and seek revenge? Is she the one who got the “consolation prize”?

  251. ALISON BALHARRY says:

    Cttee unsurprisingly votes 5-4 against publishing
    Salmond evidence, fuck’s sake.

  252. James Horace says:

    Andy Wightman has shat the bed again

  253. Sylvia says:

    ALISON BALHARRY/James Horace

    4 SNP MSPs plus Andy Wightman voted against publication

    4 Con, Lib Dem and Lab MSPs voted to release it

  254. TruthForDummies says:

    Looks like Wightman does vote with the snp

  255. ALISON BALHARRY says:

    Sylvia says:
    9 February, 2021 at 1:51 pm
    ‘ALISON BALHARRY/James Horace

    4 SNP MSPs plus Andy Wightman voted against publication

    4 Con, Lib Dem and Lab MSPs voted to release it’

    Yip. Pathetic it really is, in particular, of course, Wightman.

  256. McLaurin says:

    Utterly shameless how Wightman voted today. And predictable.

  257. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Awe the shit about Rangers shouldn’t have got to that stage anyhow. Those directors and all the other fannies that came in to make a quick buck off the club are no innocent. Fecking twats do this with assets all the time.

    Scot gov shouldn’t have got involved and now we’re paying more fecking money out to these parasites. Aye Scot gov fecked up no doubt but those directors are twats too. Who was the dick there that made this decision to go after them ? Murray and all his crony pals are at it.

    Should have been that fecking crook that got lynched. Twat Murray was after Ayr Utd b4 he even went near Rangers. Ayr ffs .How could anyone say that man wasn’t dodgy and at it.

  258. richard richardson says:

    Wightman and Greens
    Truly shocking
    Never hold power to account

    Holyrood committee on Handling of Harassment Complaints (the Alex Salmond inquiry) votes 5-4 against publishing Salmond’s evidence, raising doubts he will give evidence at all

    4 SNP MSPs plus 1 Green MSPs voted against publication

    4 Con, Lib Dem and Lab MSPs voted to release it

  259. Eileen Carson says:

    This is the closest I’ve found to a timeline recording events [as known] from 31st Oct 2017, but before that is guesswork.

  260. Breeks says:

    According to this, David Harvie took up his post in April 2016 for a five year term. So he should be moving on in April… Hmmm.. we’ll see if he does eh?

  261. Stuart MacKay says:

    Aaaaarghhh Wightman, what the hell are you doing? I know you must feel a little left out in the wilderness as an independent but for God’s Sake man there’s no need to climb aboard a sinking ship whose magazine is about to explode.

    I know being an MSP pays a little better than blogging but you really, really need to take a step back and see where you are.

    Stop putting shooting yourself in the foot – you’re going to bleed to death if you do it too often.

  262. BuggerLePanda says:

    Guido Fawkes is a full on Tory

  263. avocado devil says:

    WhoRattledYourCage says:
    9 February, 2021 at 1:20 pm
    OK, I was not aware of any Tory backing to that Guido character. I thought people posting things here were sound. Shrug.

    Unsound as i am, I don’t think he’s backed by anyone, i think he’s just making a living, despite having an agenda like everyone else. Most of westminster reads it, so i think it’s worth keeping an eye on, if you have any interest in what’s going on.

    I kind of assume that anyone here (who generally seem to be rational) will operate skepticism towards any shite that flies past.

  264. Thomas Potter says:

    James Wolfe Lord Advocate to give a statement on Rangers guys today.

  265. ALISON BALHARRY says:

    Eh Guido aka Paul Staines is full on right wing ”libertarian”

  266. ALISON BALHARRY says:

    But @stuartmckay the Dollar privately educated Wightman was doing fine, he’d written the highly acclaimed ”The Poor Had No Lawyers” had no dosh worries BUT made the fatal mistake of believing becoming a politicain would allow him to affect change.

    His reputation in frigging tatters now.

  267. stonefree says:

    @Anonymoose at 10:31 am

    “I then gave a public statement to the effect that months after the outcome of a trial I had by my own volition implicated myself in the goings on of the trial and this was then published by the mainstream media outlets and further replicated thousands of times on social media.”
    “Would I have in effect removed that anonymity order by my own volition?” I don’t think it would

    “Would I still have any legal protection given my public statement?” No

    “If no to the above, what legal protections would remain on my person in regards to an anonymity order?” None

    You would have given up your right to privacy only on yourself,an individual not the others you could not refer to them other than their court Letter
    Could you be charged? I’d say unlikely BUT a Good chance especially if you named another
    If you look at the bother AS had the other day, that is what you would face
    However a solution would be You apply to the court and request your anonymity be removed (You seek to waive your anonymity) and wait on the court’s decision Extreme Caution would be required
    This article is about the subject, in scenario you’ve presented is different , for one reason only AS is Not Guilty

    I have absolutely no legal training, but I’ve read countless court files on all type of civil stuff,simply because I find strategy and tactics interesting

  268. Stuart MacKay says:


    So true. I first came across Andy as a result of my interest in wildlife crime and land reform. So his stock was a lot higher with me than almost everybody else here.

    I’m sure he got into Holyrood with the idea he’d make progress on those fronts. However it looks like he fell into the tarpit and might never get out of it.

    Pity really. He should have stuck to what he was good at.

  269. Al-Stuart says:

    Surely this is now a police matter?

    If Police Scotland’s senior ranks try and fob this off with the lazy, cowardly reponse by saying: “It’s a civil court matter”, then a simple one page letter with the words in this post sent to the Chief Constable of a larger, unconnected force will do wonders to restore faith and get a proper INDEPENDENT criminal inquiry going.

    All it takes is one Winger to write a letter to Dame Cresida Dick., at the London Metropolitan Police and seek to have those at Police Scotland investigated for neglect of duty and/or conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.




    Someone, somewhere is going to have to lance this pustulant political boil of a gerrymandered “Inquiry” by Fabiani. Frankly it is time to call in an INDEPENDENT police force, likely the Met., to launch a PROPER inquiry in terms of criminal infraction. This WHOLE nightmare is ten times worse than the Westminster Expenses Scandal. Look what happened in that Bourach.

    The bent, corrupt farce presided over by that Sturgeonite sychophant, Fabiani needs sorting out by proper legal authorities. It is evident over the past weeks that this ridiculous inquiry where it is INSTITUTIONALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO TELL THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH has done nothing but bring the Scottish legal and political systems into disrepute.

    I would write the letter to the Commander of the Metropolitan Police reporting the whole illegal enterprise, but am recusing myself on health grounds. Also I am so sick of all politicians, and the disgrace that the police service in Scotland has become under Ian Livingstone’s tenure, that what life I have left is being devoted to decent honourable people.

    The current cesspit that is the SNP High Command plus Police Scotaland and the Scottish Civil Service lacks sufficient decent people to investigate itself.

    Time to call in those empowered to make a proper inquiry.

    End this Fabiani/Sturgeon/Murrell farce and end it now.

  270. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Al-Stuart….

    If you think senior officers from the Met are suitable to invistigate corruption ANYWHERE, but particularly with regards to anything that might impact on the British State, then you need to get your head examined.

    Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    Stephen House was one of their finest. I rest my case.

  271. Al-Stuart says:


    My apologies, you miss the point entirely. At NO part in my words do I say the disgraceful careerist penpuser MR Stephen House is fine at anything ANYWHERE,

    I am indicating a legal methodology of using ones openent’s strength against them.<b

    Scotland is approximately 8.3% of the UK by population.

    We will lose more often that wind as we are always outnumbered in the UK.

    Take the evidence…

    Police Scotland are corrupt.

    Rather than rack up and/or waste £500,000 in legal bills to keep overpaid lawyers in luxury, we REQUIRE a police force, any police to investigate this bourach.

    Habit, repute and certain statutes require a police force to bring in next biggest force to investigate wrongdoing in the infracting police service. In our case, Police Scotland only has one other and that is the Met.

    Daisy. I actually share your view about the Met. Cressida Dick is well named. Target practice for the firearms unit on foreigner electricians anyone!

    At this juncture, several on Wings are actually agreeing with Jackie Baillie and have some agreement with Baroness Sir Ruth, the Major General Davidson.

    This is because the secret squirrel log have done such an AWESOME job fucking up the SNP.

    I loathe the Tories with every sinew, yet such is the master stroke of MI5 I am actually considering voting Conservative for the first time ever AS A SURE FIRE WAY TO GET RID OF STURGEON AND HER CABAL OF WITHCES AND THOSE DREADFUL PEOPLE WHO TRIED TO FALSELY STITCH UP ALEX SALMOND AND HAVE HIME JAILED FOR LIFE.


    ANYONE voting for the SNP is voting to have Wings Over Scotland closed down.

    Daisy, I cordially invite you to try and make sense of that utter head fuck?

    Worse, at this moment, I would welcome the CLOSURE or SUSPENSION of Holyrood and direct rule from London until the Sturgeonite McWokeists have the cockroach investation people come and get rid of their louse ridden toxicity.

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