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Some events in the order they happened

Posted on February 09, 2021 by

Posted without comment.




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160 to “Some events in the order they happened”

  1. wee monkey says:

    Time for those who actually believe in justice to walk out of this farce.

  2. P says:

    Did he take advice?
    Legal or financial?

  3. ScottieDog says:

    Yeah just saw this. He was very much in the garavelli camp all along

  4. aulbea1 says:

    I’m thinking NS has promised Wightman a position of some kind.

  5. BuggerLePanda says:

    He was really good with the crusade on land ownership but he seems to have become as lost as the Greens in real politics, rather than the gesture version.

    Maybe he’ll end up a LibDem?

  6. Josef Ó Luain says:

    No commentary required, people will draw their own conclusion. Many will be surprised and disappointed, but actions often speak-louder than words.

  7. Caroline Wilson says:

    A farce in three Acts.

  8. Hugh Jarse says:

    Add another name to The Roll of Shame.

  9. Breeks says:

    If the SNP was trying to look corrupt, dodgy, and guilty as fk, I’ve gotta say they’re doing a grand job.

    See? Who says it’s always SNPbad?

  10. Steve The Pirate says:

    Lily-livered scabby sea bass!

  11. Sue Varley says:

    Bang to rights, Stu.

    He was floating the idea of standing in Highland region last week – I would have considered voting for him, but not now.

    May election is getting to be quite a dilemma – do I vote for Kate Forbes, who is one of the better SNP MSPs and risk my vote being hijacked as an endorsement of hate crime and gender politics, or do I abstain, risking fewer SNP constituency members, and so increasing the chance of getting Rhianon Spear on the list?

    Any suggestions, anyone?

  12. Kate says:

    The very fact he is sitting on the harassment committee yet refers to it as “parliaments SALMOND inquiry” speaks volumes..

  13. GlenIslay says:

    It’s quite funny. The Sturgeonistas are crowing on social media “EvEn tHe uNiOnIsTs DuN WaNna rEleASe tHe SaLmOnD cOmplAinTS!1!” as if the messages et al are just a big nothingburger

    They’re going into full Trumpian cult mode.

  14. alzyerpal says:

    ‘An arse in 3 facts’
    1 – Wightman is a cock
    2 – Wightman is a coward
    3 – Wightman is a qunt

  15. Anonymoose says:

    Why would anyone on the committee not want evidence which is crucial to the remit of their enquiry and their responsibilties in seeking out the truth in why the procedure is so flawed to be published as part of their enquiry?

    A point of note:

    The committee have now also treated Alex Salmond’s evidentiary statement in the same manner as Geoff Aberdein’s, both of which would give the committee the information they require in piecing together how the “Handling of harassment complaints involving current or former ministers” procedure has completely failed and cost the Scottish tax payer hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    This enquiry is burying crucial evidence which is needed for the enquiry to fulfill its responsibilities.

  16. Andrew F says:

    Sue Varley @2:11pm

    Draw a dick and balls on the paper (or write a message if that’s too blunt). It sends a message and doesn’t give anyone a “mandate” to keep lying and cheating.

  17. John Park says:

    If accurate, fabiani should at the very least be removed immediately from the inquiry.

  18. John Park says:

    More will follow

  19. Hugh Wallace says:

    I didn’t watch Peter Murrell’s ‘grilling’ in front of the Inquiry yesterday but I’m pretty sure I read a comment on Wings to the effect that Wightman didn’t even ask him a single question. You can add that to your timeline, Stu.

  20. Republicofscotland says:

    What a gutless shit Wightman is, his craven vote is effectively holding Scotland back. One wonders if Wightman’s been paid off, well, if you have, enjoy your ill gotten gains in the Highlands Wightman, you’ll be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

  21. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Sue Varley

    Kate Forbes is one of the good wans.Why jepordize her seat and let likes of Spears in on list, that does us no favours. People need to be selective here and use the heid in the constituencies that matter.

  22. Gav says:

    Sue I can see your dillema but keeping spear out trumps it from a it’s the most effect your vote could potentially have pov.

    As for Wightman the only adequate word for him would be shyster.

  23. Captain Yossarian says:

    I’m always amused by these Holyrood spoofs when they threaten legal action (I presume that is what he is threatening). If he was to go ahead and do that, with his choice from any one of the entire selection of Scottish legal arseholes, he would lose what little credability he has left for ever more.

    Has Nicola offered him a job as her new Secretary? Would that be at Holyrood, or Cornton Vale?

  24. Republicofscotland says:

    The rat Wightman, rightfully taking it in the neck on Twitter, he’s let a helluva lot of folk down.

  25. ahundredthidiot says:

    Wightman didn’t fail.

    He passed his tractor driving test with flying colours.

  26. ClanDonald says:

    If they have any dignity or self respect, the four members of this committee who actually want to get to the truth should now resign in protest from from it.

  27. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Bizarre actions by the enquiry team. It appears they don’t realise they are being watched by a lot of folk.

    Surely to god they cannot expect to brush this under the carpet.

    There was always “goings on” in politics particularly when Labour were in charge.

    I have to say I never expected to see such bare faced nonsense as this so called enquiry particularly from a non Labour government.

    We have a cheek to criticise governments from other countries for corruption etc. This can only be corrected by a few prison sentences.

    It will only take one decent or scared person to break ranks then the game is up.

  28. Bob Mack says:

    You can bet your house on Andy being welcomed back into the SNP,________after a suitable time frame to consider his options.

    I feel a Ministerial position awaits.

  29. Hugh Jarse says:

    With all that’s public now, there’s no excuses. You’re with the criminals, or not.
    AW defo qualified for wank status.

  30. Frank Gillougley says:

    Again, as has been said before here, do any of these politicians actually know the meaning of the verb ‘to refute’? Obviously, it would appear not, when they never refute what is being alleged.

    Save us.

  31. oneliner says:

    @Sue Varley

    I am in exactly the same position as you – with Kate Forbes as my constituency MSP

    I intend to email Andy Wightman to ask why he voted against the publication of Alex Salmond’s evidence.

    The complaints committee is/was unrepresentative of the Parliament in that it does/did not include a member from the Green Party. If an ‘independent’ was required, then Mark McDonald would have had seniority over Andy Wightman.

  32. orri says:

    @Sue Varley

    Given the, hopefully paranoid, suspicions I have about where seemingly overlooked during vetting posts from Neale Hanvey came to light after he’d signed the SNP Woman’s Pledge and what might simply be an attempt at gesture politics that rigs the List candidates by allowing some candidates to Self-ID their ways to the top the answer in your case might be to vote SNP.

    The reason is that if I’m right then there’s elements in or recently departed the SNP who will be happy to brief against some of their own candidates in order to prove a point. Some have already started against Kate Forbes.

    In addition the D’Hondt system means that the more constituency candidates that are elected the less chance of a list candidate doing so is also true in reverse. If you are top of the list and have the morals of a weasel then you might see yourself not only competing against other parties but against your own parties constituency candidates.

    So if you are in a constituency where the SNP candidate seems to be being targeted by the woke and has ire directed at them because of their stance on some issues then it’s important that they have as high a chance of being elected as possible. After all once the election is over those are all potentially candidates for the FM post.

    On the other hand, for exactly those reasons you want to vote for a credible, and the ISP seems to be getting at least some traction on Twitter, indy supporting candidate or party other than the Greens.

    There are loads of scenarios that might play out. The preferred one for the woke is they hold the balance either in outright SNP MSPs with a majority or with Green help.

    Regardless we want an SNP administration that needs the support of pro indy voices and will move towards independence rather than one dependent on woke cultists. And we need one that if there’s a collapse in leadership has candidates for the leadership that are also focussed on independence.

  33. SilverDarling says:

    He should look for better advisers.

  34. James Che. says:

    For mcduff and hatuey. OT, but related indirectly for those whom enjoy playing games.
    I am I bit late catching up today as busy, however not wishing to be smeared in character I wish that all here who have the time, would be kind enough to read my last comment made under title. To the committee.
    I am assuming under the banner of politeness that hatuey was rather to quick to respond to my comments before realising what he said, and therefore did not mean to attack or eliminate another avid long standing independence supporter by defending Westminster.

  35. Kenny says:

    Well, I never. I’m truly disgusted.

    You were absolutely right, Stuart, about that f*cker. The whole world ogling at our corruption, and Wightman throws an old sack over the scene of the crime and tells the whole of Scotland; “Fuck-off – you’re seeing fuck-all”..

    That’s the measure of the sniveling creepy coward.
    Just f*cking blocked him on Twitter – it helped me deal with the toad.

  36. Daisy Walker says:

    I had a listen to Wightman when he did an interview with the Holyrood mag.

    Deeply unimpressed. You know when you sometimes get a line manager, and no matter how clear cut, straight forward and plain sailing a decision is, they will not put their name to it. They hum and they haw, they duck and dive, dither and slither, anything but do their damned jobs and put their name to something they may one day have to account for.

    That is how he came across.

    He wanted to stand up for womans rights, he knew it wasn’t right for female victims of rape to not be able to ensure they had a same sex medical examiner… he was going to vote in favour of the amendment for same, but when push came to shove he just couldn’t do it when it counted and voted against! Only to change his mind a day later.

    A slippy, spineless, useless weaselie, wee fanny.

    His book was badly written too.

  37. twathater says:

    I posted quite a few times on this and other blogs that if the unionists were truly concerned about this FARCE of an inquiry where evidence is not only withheld it has disappeared , they would uniformly call a press conference and ANNOUNCE that due to the DELIBERATE withholding of EVIDENCE which has REPEATEDLY been requested , and despite a SOLEMN PROMISE from the FM NS that everything will be made available to the committee to enable said committed to reach a conclusion

    It is with regret that certain members of the committee who conscientiously want to investigate their remit and produce an outcome for the people of Scotland feel that due to the DELIBERATE obfuscation and obstruction being carried out by the SNP SG and others within their employ that we are not being permitted but constrained from reaching a conclusion so we have no option but to resign

  38. Liz says:

    You called it, Rev. I gave him the benefit of the doubt.
    He’s a despicable gutless coward.

    His reputation will not recover from this.
    He knows he’s damaged goods no matter how he tries to justify it.

    As expected the crawlers in the SNP bowed to the FM.

    So what now?

  39. NellG says:

    I think Nicola might have made a Freudian slip at her latest Covid briefing. “The coven…..covid vaccine will be free for everybody in Scotland”

  40. rob says:

    Andy Wightman taking advice on whats on the blog about him. Was that meant to scare the Rev. Stu will be trembling in his boots lol

  41. Captain Yossarian says:

    He has inadvertantly given those who doubt Holyrood’s integrity a good reason to close the joint. Who wants to pay vainglorious tools like him a wage? Presumably he’s been offered a job as an SNP SPAD so that he’s safe whether elected, or not?

    I hope he’s reading this. When your being talked about as an equal to Peter Murrell then you are not at the top, you’re at the bottom.

  42. James Carroll says:

    The committee was created to fail. Its remit has been so tightly constrained that is an absolute gross waste of public funds. If only we could have a judge led inquiry…

  43. mike cassidy says:

    Here’s their letter of ‘explanation’ to Alex Salmond

  44. Daisy Walker says:

    @Orri re D’Honte system.

    Really important point your making Orri.

    If a sound SNP candidate gets selected, and then elected, on the Constituency vote, it makes it far harder for wokes on the list to get elected on the second vote.

    Thereby providing incentive for the SNP Woke brigade to start being unloyal to some very electable SNP candidates (and serving MSPs) on the Constituency vote.

    Now very clear why they are going for Ms Forbes right enough.

  45. ALANM says:

    Once this “inquiry” has concluded its business, the costs involved in gathering, preparing and submitting written evidence of what really happened will be billed to Alex Salmond by his solicitors. Meanwhile all costs associated with the cover-up will be billed to the taxpayer. Welcome to Scotland 2021.

  46. James Horace says:

    Today is evidence why a vote of no confidence in Nicola Sturgeon will fail.

    The greens will not vote against Sturgeon. Not a chance. Especially after Nicola did them a favour with all the trans stuff of late.

    Stu has always been firm in the belief that a vote of no confidence will be the end of Nicola Sturgeon. But is Stu as confident now? Are the chances of her resignation slipping away?

  47. M_Alc says:

    Sue Varley @2:11pm

    Aye, the 2021 dilemma, eh?

    Personally, I think a majority SNP constituency, with a, hopefully, extremely fractional list vote – with our votes going ISP or other indy minded party – is the only winner for us – maintains the only party who can but shows what the real focus is with the fractional vote for SNP in the list. Anything else and it’s all fucked.
    Needs everyone to buy in though and that’s where it’ll all go wrong.

  48. Hatuey says:

    I watched Wightman carefully in earlier stages of the Inquiry. It was clear from his questioning that he knew exactly what was going on.

    These “principled” middle-class types don’t fuck around when it comes to making sure they get some crust. What’s he worried about, his seat? Maybe a job in the pipeline?

  49. carjamtic says:

    Its hard to know what to say, Yes and I know,I know the rules, never argue with an idiot, maybe best just to contemplate some R P Feynman.

    “how much more remarkable it is for us all to be stuck (half of us upside down) by a mysterious attraction,to a spinning ball that has been swinging in space for billions of years,


    to be carried on the back of an elephant supported by a tortoise swimming in a bottomless sea.

    Surely the bigger responsibility, knowing the greatest progress and great value of a philosophy of ignorance, the great progress that is the fruit of freedom of thought, to proclaim the value of this freedom, to teach, how to doubt is not to be feared but welcomed and to demand this freedom as our duty to all coming generations”

    This is it then, suppress all discussions and criticism, we are here, sadly it has been done before, in this so called age of reason, maybe some folk did not get the memo, but it’s still all so fucking sad.

    The way is blocked, so thanks for nothing…..plebs ? democracy ? don’t make me laugh, it really does hurt way too much.

  50. kapelmeister says:

    ‘The Poor Had No Lawyers’?

    The people had no champion… Wightman.

  51. Glortard says:

    @Sue Varley

    I am simply not voting unless NS has resigned or been forced to resign. If she is still there a vote for the SNP is just a vote for 5 more years of inertia. Frankly having Rhiannon Spear in the Parliament would be funny as she is a complete idiot. I assume she is standing as a self ID disabled person to get into a region she does not stay in.

  52. Anonymoose says:


    Mark Hirst is bringing proceedings against COFPS for malicious prosecution.

  53. Iain Lawson says:

    Go with Kate Forbes, the Woke are after her so that is a huge signal she is worth supporting.

  54. deerhill says:

    Has anyone made a list of SNP candidates divided into
    “good guys” or “waste of oxygen”?

    It would be handy to have before May. I fear that the “good guy” list will be rather short.

  55. Iain Lawson says:

    To think I bought his book. Supported his legal expenses. Never again.

  56. robbie burns says:

    Why has the membership of the committee changed so many times recently

    – Stuart Macmillan replaced Angela Constance, but today’s record of voting makes no mention of him, but instead refers to votes by Tom Arthur. When did that change happen?

    – Andy Wightman is covering for Alison Johnstone, but he is no longer a Green, so why is he still covering for her? And why is he allowed to be a member of the committee AND of the Scottish Government corporate body. Is that not a conflict of interest

  57. John Martini says:

    Before the law stands a doorkeeper. To this doorkeeper there comes a man from the country and prays for admittance to the Law. But the doorkeeper says that he cannot grant admittance at the moment. The man thinks it over and then asks if he will be allowed in later. “It is possible,” says the doorkeeper, “but not at the moment.” Since the gate stands open, as usual, and the doorkeeper steps to one side, the man stoops to peer through the gateway into the interior. Observing that, the doorkeeper laughs and says: “If you are so drawn to it, just try to go in despite my veto. But take note: I am powerful. And I am only the least of the doorkeepers. From hall to hall there is one doorkeeper after another, each more powerful than the last. The third doorkeeper is already so terrible that even I cannot bear to look at him.” These are difficulties the man from the country has not expected; the Law, he thinks, should surely be accessible at all times and to everyone, but as he now takes a closer look at the doorkeeper in his fur coat, with his big sharp nose and long, thin, black Tartar beard, he decides that it is better to wait until he gets permission to enter.

  58. Captain Yossarian says:

    ‘It has been drawn to my attention that claims have been made that I am a dishonest and unaccountable tit and that the failure of the Salmond Inquiry is all my fault’.

    Can’t see anything wrong with that myself.

  59. Black Joan says:

    Mr Wightman put out a Twitter poll asking people if he should stand for Highland Region when he moves there (for personal reasons)soon.

    A significant number of voters who said Yes in answer to his question may now wish to cancel that vote and say No instead.

  60. Kiwilassie says:

    Jason Smoothpiece

    It will only take one decent or scared person to break ranks then the game is up.

    Or, for one Scot living overseas to spill the beans. I’m prepared to do that for Alex, but don’t know how.
    Do I put my home phone number up so people can call me?
    Or will reputable sites I’m on who has my e-mail be able to contact me?

  61. Margaret Lindsay says:

    I’m in the same boat as you. Kate is one of the better SNP politicians, but I’m loathe to have my vote used to ram through their ridiculous and dangerous policies. Keep an eye on how much bullying is done to her between now and May then make up your mind. Wightman can sook a fart out of my arse, he’s not getting my vote. Did you read that Mr Wightman?

  62. panda paws says:

    @Sue Varley

    As others have said Kate Forbes is one of the better ones. I believe she has signed the Women’s Pledge and she definitely has the Woke after her. I’ve vote for her if I were in the constituency. Just vote ISP or similar to register support for indy whilst keeping Spear out on the list.

  63. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Margaret Lindsay – he’s already sooked a fart out of Swinney’s arse, Margaret. As has James Wolffe. We need to get rid of the arse.

  64. Cath says:

    Can Salmond walk away and go straight to bringing a malicious prosecution case, if his lawyers think he has a case?

  65. Alan Of Neilston says:

    Can I ask in the vote why was Tom Arthur named !! I have not seen him at any of the Harassment meetings?

  66. Ian Mac says:

    Has there ever been an inquiry which has voted to block the evidence which would enable it to conduct that inquiry? Only in Kafka or an absurdist satire, I think.

    There is no doubt Wightman is in Sturgeon’s pocket. The patronage that she deploys in her court is consistent with her monarchical attitudes towards her courtiers. The Greens will get some favours, some money for projects etc. Wightman will get preferred advancement. The money-go-round that is Holyrood, and little else, makes a great living if you don’t rock the boat. They know on which side their bread is buttered. And it isn’t the one of justice, accountability or public service. It is the one which insults the public and keeps the jobs for the boys and girls merrily turning. Pitiful. The mediocrity of the members of the Scottish Parliament, with its giant disbursements of cash and patronage, is the worst advert for independence ever.

  67. Daisy Walker says:

    Black Joan says:
    9 February, 2021 at 3:21 pm

    Mr Wightman put out a Twitter poll asking people if he should stand for Highland Region when he moves there (for personal reasons)soon.’

    Mr Wightman should consider cultivating a spine in order to stand for anything.

    Have just donated to MARK HIRST Crowdfunder for Malicious Prosecution.

    Way to go Mark.

    And if you are reading this, have your lawyers examine the Warrant to search your house – since ‘sharpening the pitchfork’ was deemed to be one of the threatening phrases on the first charge – a PITCHFORK should have been specifically listed and searched for on the Warrant, or else they knew it to be a unfounded.

    For your info.

  68. Anonymoose says:

    Wightman has already been scrubbed from the committee membership page, he was previously listed as a “Substitute Member”, he’s not even listed in the “Past Members of the Current Session”

    That’s a fairly quick scrubbing from the history of the committee.

  69. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Cath says:
    9 February, 2021 at 3:33 pm

    Can Salmond walk away and go straight to bringing a malicious prosecution case, if his lawyers think he has a case?

    I don’t know, but I suspect the process he might be able to instigate is another Judicial Review. Good that he knows the ropes.

  70. JSC says:

    The “coaching” bill for witnesses is now apparently up to around £74k from £55k

    A few questions….
    – Who needed coached for the extra £20k (ish), i.e. who else has had to appear (actual or potential) since we got the £55k number
    – Were these new people or existing people, if they were existing people did they need a bit more work on obfuscation/distraction techniques (“there’s a squirrel/blackbird!”)?
    – Who is doing this coaching?
    – How were they chosen?
    – Was there competition for the contract?
    – What is their hourly rate?
    – Have they got an established coaching company or is it e.g. an offshoot of a PR business?
    – What other business do they undertake for the SNP/Scotgov (past or present)
    – Are they related, personally and/or professionally, to anyone within the SNP/Scotgov (past or current, senior or otherwise)?
    – Are any owners/employees/beneficiaries of the coaching contract also individuals involved in the trial of Mr A.Salmond?

  71. MaggieC says:

    Re Harassment and Complaints Committee ,

    Update on the Correspondence page ,

    The Convener has written to Alex Salmond ,

    Correspondence Page ,

    They really don’t want to hear from Alex Salmond as they cannot offer him immunity from further prosecution and will go ahead with Mrs Murrell on the 16th .

  72. JSC says:

    Anonymoose, scrubbing history, denial of facts, and general book burning seems to be the SNP government’s par for the course sadly

  73. Sue Varley says:

    Thanks for all the responses to my dilemma on whether to vote for Kate Forbes. Once they brought in the ‘Self-ID as disabled for the list’ nonsense I did think I would need to reconsider my decision and vote for Kate after all. It’s been a big help to hear from others who are up to speed on this issue.

  74. kapelmeister says:

    Andy Wightman, star of The White Feather Club.

  75. Bob Mack says:


    LOL. Do you do this for a living ? If not you should.

  76. alba says:

    Agree totally with both your conclusion as well as your logic. The only issue Ive got is I’ve no idea where my current MSP sits (Mid Fife and Glenrothes) as I dont do twitter and couldnt care less if shes daft enough to sleep wie another lassie from Labour. I do care tho if shes an outspoken supporter of these lieing self-serving backstabing scumbags that currently run the party. Advice?

    2nd vote is def martin keatings (sorry ISP)

  77. Strathy says:

    Presumably, the advice that Wightman is taking is on how far he fell short of the requirement to ensure that the committee fully examines the Scottish Government’s Handling of Harassment Complaints, on behalf of the Scottish people.

    Again, the SNP members and the honorary SNP member of the committee voted to exclude vital evidence that falls squarely within the remit of their inquiry.

    Nicola Sturgeon has instructed her Government Ministers, Swinney and Wolfe, to block most of the evidence that might expose the truth and her MSPs to take care of the rest.

  78. Anonymoose says:

    JSC says:
    9 February, 2021 at 3:47 pm

    Anonymoose, scrubbing history, denial of facts, and general book burning seems to be the SNP government’s par for the course sadly


    Aye its no just that though, they are now supressing evidence which is already in the public domain from being published by and taken into consideration by the committee.

    That’s not justice, its not even democracy, it is quickly turning into Totalitarianism!

  79. JSC says:

    I’m increasingly convinced that Pete Murrell knows he is toast and is out (the job) soon, so is just playing the village idiot to take the heat off everyone else and kick the can down the road. Bojo gets criticised for his “dead cat” technique. This is just the Scots version

    Also, someone earlier was asking why Wishart is so on-message with Nic/Pete. If you look at Murrell’s wiki page, him and Wishart are mates who go back a bit and ran a business together, with PM as Company Secretary and Wishart as director. It’s all very cosy

  80. Cath says:

    Anyway, the idea this is just a social media spat is wishful thinking. My sister, who is totally uninterested in politics and rarely aware of even quite big events asked me last night what the hell is going on with the SNP. Apparently two friends of hers have left in disgust. She was a bit taken aback to hear I have too.

  81. Al says:

    It has probably been said before. But.

    I can’t help but feel this is the political version of the Rangers story.

    All the information out there on the blogosphere and the mainstream media barely covering it.

    Whatever the facts – whether AS is right or not – what does it say about our country that there have been no investigative pieces regarding the whole affair (though in fairness Sunday Post has picked it up ) in any mainstream media. None examining the evidence from Leslie Evans as GD has done which at the very best proves high level incompetence. No journalist asking why Sturgeon may have ‘forgotten’ a meeting and what the relevance of this might be. And to say it is to avoid jigsaw id is a nonsense.

    And sadly – as with the Rangers story – whatever the out come nothing will change. If it is finally proven beyond doubt that NS was involved those journalists who made of fun of Craig Murray et al will just carry on writing their prices with no sense of perspective.

    A sad state of affairs however this turns out.

  82. dodecostanza says:

    Can anyone clear this up for me please, I’m confused on this point:

    This is the Hamilton inquiry submission they are talking about right?

    But Fabiani has already published Alex Salmond’s submission to her inquiry.

    So why can’t Alex reference that evidence, if it has been published by them?

  83. A Person says:

    Maybe the advice he took was to be a total sellout coward.

    No doubt we shall soon be seeing him on the board of Rettie’s luxury estate agents, or perhaps the Sutherland trustees.

  84. Daisy Walker says:

    If Andy Wightman ever decides to write another book (please don’t, your writing skills are shit), he could use the title,


  85. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Just had a reply from Ash Denham, or her minion acting on instructions. I sent her a very nice, considerate letter, thanking her etc., etc. I also mentioned the HCB and GRA and Joanna Cherry..

    Response was disgusting. So far up st nic’s arse, can’t even see the soles.

    SNP can fuck off in May. NEVER in my name.

  86. Willie says:

    Who is the SNP. What is the SNP.

    In truth it is no more than a bunch of members, a bunch of individuals elected to political positions, and a bunch of voters who for various reasons voted them into those elected positions.

    If however that nebulous unincorporated association that they call the SNP takes a position, holds itself out to be something that the majority of members, elected and electors don’t support then the SNP under that position fails.

    Fails because electors will not re-elect those who do not reflect the position of what the majority believe the SNP should be, fails because the members will not support it, and fails because in combination of the foregoing the currently sitting elected MSP’s will not get elected. And that sadly will afflict the good ones as well as the bad ones.

    The SNP is thus headed for that fall. And let no one make any mistake people will not vote for a party that subverts the rule of law, subverts all common decency, keeps the electorate in the dark feeding the voters horse shit of the most duplicitous kind.

    People in this article say Forbes is a good girl, able and honest. Maybe she is. But she is in a party currently run by snakes who would slit your belly open as quick as look at you. So do you endorse Kate and at the same time endorse those who would wield a knife like a common street thug.

    Of course you don’t. And if Kate Forbes is as good as folks think she might be then she should make her position clear as to where she stands. And the same goes for all the rest.

    There is no sense, no sense whatsoever electing politicians who fight under the banner of the current SNP banner. Like voting for the Nazis hoping that they will win and make things better , whilst knowing Hitler and his regime were rounding up homosexuals, political dissidents and Jews does not work. It did not macht frei in Germany and it will most certainly not macht frei in Scotland.

    The SNP, the real SNP needs to stand clear. And unless it does so there is nothing to vote for. Stand clear however and there is everything to vote for.

  87. Alf Baird says:

    We should not expect too much of our bourgeoisie. According to Cesaire, they are the source of all of society’s misfortunes, and indeed its barbarism. Scotland has had more than its faire share of bourgeoisie rogues and toadies, as reflected in the ongoing ‘show’.

    Oh for a republican socialist to find a way through the myre:

  88. BLMac says:

    Kate Forbes is the reason I will vote SNP

    As for the list vote, I’m not voting for any science denying woo woo types, they’re no better than the anti-vaccers.

    I’ll be giving that vote to the most credible independence party that’s not the SNP. I’ll make that decision closer to the time.

  89. A Person says:


    Agreed. I have a (rather nerdy) hobby. There is a website maintained by enthusiasts which is a sort of encyclopaedia of the topic and also has forums on which members can discuss both the topic and current affairs. The nature of the topic means that the site is UK-oriented. This whole issue has been mentioned multiple times on the current affairs forum, including a number of links to Wings articles. Not a completely non-political forum, but not a deeply political one either.

    And on Sunday I was queuing for a coffee near Queen’s Park, Glasgow and heard people ahead of me in the queue talking about it!

  90. 100%Yes says:

    We the public put these people into power, so come May lets not give them a single vote to put them back into power, Angela Constance is my MSP but I’m not voting for her at all she can go swing on a monkey tree.

  91. Geoff Anderson says:

    @Sue Varley 2:11pm

    I’m also Highland. On absolutely no circumstance should you give your list vote to the SNP. Spear was rejected as a candidate by Argyll & Bute and only thanks to rigged voting and sham self I.d. as disabled is she trying to sneak in on the list.

    If you live in the Highlands I beg you not to give this person a vote via the SNP label.

    I’m voting ISP and my reasons are simple.

    Women’s Rights

    Look very carefully at the SNP candidates. People like Spear, Campbell etc are in No.1 slot on the SNP list.

  92. christine says:

    Andy Wightman avoided financial ruin when his supporters helped to bail him out of a jam. He had the power to help the Committee out of a jam by voting with the Unionist MSPs, thus accelerating matters and exposing the secrets and lies. What price loyalty, as a so-called “ Independent “? As for “ taking advice “- on what? Would this be “ special “ advice? A wee SPAD job for services rendered? Pays well and lots of them about at vast costs to taxpayers. I’m damned if I know what’s so fucking
    “ special “ about them.

  93. Ian Mac says:

    I absolutely deplore this carpet bagging of seats which now seems to be considered normal, with in particular the Highlands deemed a nice little sinecure for anybody from the central belt who can’t get a lavishly funded job elsewhere. Ask yourself, what will any of these people do for the Highlands? Bring in some ‘progressive’ bureaucratic requirements, in order to burnish their own credentials and preferments, and do nothing for the mugs who elect them. Vote for local people who have some knowledge of the Highlands and some determination to do something worthwhile for the electors.

  94. Cath says:

    I’ll give the SNP my first vote because it’s the only pro indy party standing, and it’s far too late at this stage to change that. If Sturgeon survives until May and the unionist press continue to cover for her, they’ll still gain the votes of the soft no/yes voters and people who aren’t paying attention (though I genuinely do think that’s a lot less people now than they might like to think). Second vote will go to whichever other indy list party is standing and looks best for winning a list seat. If there isn’t a pro-indy majority, Holyrood is screwed. I’m not convinced it’s not equally screwed under the current SNP, but if there are enough honest list ones to hold them to account, that’s our best hope.

  95. Calum says:


  96. A Person says:


    Lol. Glad that someone else found the book did-satisfying! I think I knew everything in it before except:

    -Wightman guessed that MacLeod of MacLeod was selling the Cuillin when he saw him walk into an Edinburgh law firm.
    -The previous Duke of Buccleuch (“Johnny Dalkeith”) was a jovial old chap
    -The Queen has a great tree-planting strategy

    All of which might be true but hardly a bold radical tract!

  97. ScottieDog says:

    “ Andy Wightman avoided financial ruin when his supporters helped to bail him out of a jam.”

    He did and within weeks was cheering at the garavelli piffle trying to make an innocent man guilty.
    No respect for the guy at all.

  98. Achnababan says:

    To be fair to Wightman his land reform research was also convoluted and confused – at best a merely descriptive exercise that covered less than 60% of the country…left out the hard pairts….

    He disnae hae the brains to think onything through.

    A waste of a private school education (Dollar Academy).

  99. Breastplate says:

    The SNP has not been a pro independence party since Alex Salmond left and they’re still not a pro independence party.
    There’s a big difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.
    And Spears will get a cushy job whether she is elected or not

  100. Achnababan says:

    I think it is outrageous that a committee looking into government conduct should be chaired by an msp from the party of government. This truly is the way of dictatorships..

  101. A Person says:


    With the benefit of hindsight and his actions here it is easy to see that Wightman is just a tame middle-class radical poser.

    I’ve lived in a fair few craphole private flats and I’ve also rented commercial premises (in which the rent was often more than the profit). Thousands of pounds paid in rent for doing nothing. These were all rented from middle-class folk, businessmen and professionals, who honestly had the attitude of Victorian slum landlords.

    Wightman’s books are all about blaming the landed gentry like the Buccleuchs, Roxburghes, Airlies etc. A problem if you live on their estate but no more so than any other landlord. I bet his land reform would involve breaking up the big rural estates… and selling them to middle-class professionals and businessmen.

    As for a private education, from my observation of those who’ve had one, they don’t teach then how to think, they just teach them to think they already know everything!

  102. Elmac says:

    How anyone can vote SNP in the current situation is completely beyond me. I can see the merit of voting for a decent SNP candidate on the constituency ballot if you want to avoid having a numpty like Rhiannon Spear getting in on the list, but in reality our only hope of securing independence in the medium term is for the SNP to lose its majority at Holyrood.

    The SNP under the Murrells will never allow Scotland to break away. Either they are too happy with their financial rewards and the trappings of power or they are in the pocket of Westminster, probably both. If the status quo continues beyond May the independence carrot will continue to be dangled just tantalisingly out of reach. There are enough gullible people in our population to ensure that the excuses of the Murrells will be believed and a referendum or a plebiscite will never happen. In the meantime many yes supporters will be disillusioned and turned off from politics.

    If the alternative is 5 years of the unionists ruling the roost then so be it. At the end of that time the SNP will either have been thoroughly cleaned out or be dead. Either way another key independence party will have arisen and we will be ready to push for independence at the next HR election. Having Boris as our main recruiting agent for the Yes campaign, and the ever increasing economic deterioration caused by Brexit, will ensure that the Yes movement will continue to grow.

    I can see the argument that unionist control of Holyrood will lead to it being closed down but I would put it to you that the danger to Holyrood is greater under the Murrells. There is a clear case to be made that Holyrood and the Scottish establishment are demonstrably corrupt and a return to Westminster control is essential. That could happen at any time.

  103. Pete Roberts says:

    Kiwilassie 9 February, 2021 at 3:25 pm

    It needs to be published on the internet so people can link to it. Could you get a local newspaper or news outlet interested?

  104. Mia says:

    I smell a rat.

    Did MI5 had a wee word with Mr Wightman and told him how he had to vote, just in case he was under the impression he had a choice?

    Did Mr Wightman got some “help” in the past from someone and this was payback time?

    If he did not ask any question, what was really his role in the interview with Murrell?

    a)To keep the pretence it is a multi-party committee rather than a farce by design where the 4 non SNP members have been set to fail?

    b)To cast that vote with the SNP so it did not look so obvious that it is just the SNP in that committee who are keen in giving Sturgeon an easy ride?

    c) to act as a decoy so most criticisms would be directed against him instead of Fabiani and the other 3 SNP members who voted the same way as he did?

    d) To protect the reputation of that Green MSP he was standing for, by casting the vote and crushing his own reputation instead?

    If the latter, at what point was Mr Wightman casted aside as MSP material?

    Have we been totally fooled thinking that he was genuinely standing down from the Greens due to concern about women, or his scapegoat role in this committee had already been established at that point and the man resigned from the Greens in order to protect his party?

    As I said above, I smell a rat. A large one.

    After this performance by the committee, I don’t think anybody is anymore under any illusion this inquiry is anything other than a heavily scripted whitewash designed only for window dressing and whose “outcome” was determined even before the committee was chosen.

    There is a whiff of deja vu here. Down in England, whenever the tories, the party of the English establishment, need a helping hand, there is always some labour corrupt member available to cast a vote with them to help them pass whatever nasty policy they need to pass. There seems to be a similar situation here though. The SNP needed and extra member to win the vote and cast aside the evidence that would have given Sturgeon an uncomfortable ride. So along comes one of the greens, as independent, to offer the extra vote required to save Sturgeon’s arse. Are the SNP the Scottish version of the English establishment’s party in Scotland?

    The way these people are acting, the way their principles, sense of fairness, common sense and justice have seemingly been totally abandoned and the way their sensors of corruption and assault on democracy appear to be so seriously malfunctioning leads me to think that it might just be a case that the strong hand and full arm of the british state are right up the backsides of 5 of these committee members as it is up the backsides of all civil servants, spads, crucial members of the SNP executive and staffers that have take part in this conspiracy and its cover up.

    So, what is the aim of all this? Is just to ensure a smooth transition of the compliant SNP to the booby prize so he can continue the “job” of dismantling as a pro indy party? Or the aim was always to close Holyrood as predicted by many yes supporters? Is the latter the reason why so many seasoned SNP MSPs are resigning and why Fabiani agreed to play a role in this farce?

  105. robertknight says:

    Andy Wightman…

    “once again, am taking advice.”

    No shit Sherlock! But from who???

  106. Elmac says:

    Kiwilassie @ 3.25pm
    Pete Roberts @ 4.54pm

    Wish a few more back here in the old country had your spine but better check out your local laws first to make sure the greasy reach of the Murrells can not extend to you in NZ. Peter Wright with his Spycatcher book is a precedent but better to make sure.

    We envy you your success at controlling the virus. Wish we could be as successful in controlling our own viruses here, starting with the Murrells. If you were to spill the beans as you say it could be a massive step in raising public awareness here and exposing the corruption at the heart of our government, the civil service, COPFS and the police.

  107. Confused says:

    this leaves me almost too disgusted to write a comment –

    an enquiry that does not enquire

    an investigation that calls witnesses but tells then not to talk about certain things and won’t use their evidence

    – it’s like you bought a striker for your football team but instead of scoring goals he spends his time making clearances off the opponents goal line

    and it’s really sad, that the only place which is properly reporting the story (at last) is the english tory press, who are doing it as they hate sturgeon and actually think the SNP are a “threat to the union”. The Daily Mail has not minced words

    “Scots Tory MPs call for criminal probe into Sturgeon’s SNP chief husband’s ‘dismal and shifty’ performance at Alex Salmond sex harassment inquiry as he denies lying under oath and is called out for continuously ‘looking left’ off screen”

    – the whole thing has become ridiculous – Murdo Fraser and Jackie-the-Baillie are actually being made to look good, as “fighters for truth” – and Scotland is being made to look like a banana republic and “one party state” controlled by “the sturgeon regime”.

  108. Jm says:

    The inquiry that didn’t inquire.


  109. Contrary says:

    What ARE these mysterious ‘legal constraints’ that some committee members appear to think are one thing, and other members another? And why would they decide not to have the ‘legal constraints’ analysed when it is obviously open to interpretation?

    Are these ‘legal constraints’ over and above all the other ones they seem happy dealing with – because the way it’s worded sounds like it isn’t just Judicial Review and criminal case legal stuff.

    It’s all a set up anyway – to put too many obstacles in the way of Alex Salmond appearing, then to make it look like its him that’s just being pernickety and unhelpful. So they get away with not having to hear his awkward (for them) testimony, and vilify AS yet further. That’s how I read the ‘committee’ statement and Fabiani’s letter anyway. Witches, ‘Hubble bubble toil and trouble, when shall we three (9) meet again,,,’

    Orri makes a very good argument up-thread for voting for SNP candidates that are being attacked by the SNP (not divisive or agressive behaviour at all, that), and I can see the benefits – make the people that are unpopular with the leadership the ONLY ones popular in the vote. It makes deciding which to vote for easy to spot too – if your MSP isn’t being lambasted by their own team, don’t bother, however ‘nice’ you think they are. (I’m sticking to my principles (on democracy) and won’t be considering it, but for those that still want to try and change the SNP, it seems a good idea).

    Thanks to whoever posted it, for the link to Mark Hirst’s crowdfunder! A very worthwhile investment, I’d say, suing COPFS for the ‘no case to answer’ shit they put him through. Malicious prosecution indeed. £100 000 though – just highlights how much justice is only for the rich. Hope he raises it in a few days! Maybe some of the folk that have just won their similar cases would like to donate a tiny portion of their own substantial damages pay?

  110. Say no to corruption says:

    It’s always interesting when elected MSPs use the old (I am taking legal action) because they don’t like the free press and democracy for reported the fact that they are pathetic as a politician. If this entitlement politician does try to sue please get the fundraising back on as I want to donate ASPS!

    There is now only one credible option for Alex Salmond. Hold a press conference after the teflon Queen has gave her evidence and use the best bits of his written testimony… you know the testimony the committee didn’t want to be heard!

  111. kapelmeister says:

    Linda Fabiani’s Lying Circus

    sham sham sham sham
    sham sham sham sham
    lovely sham..wonderful sham

  112. Alf Baird says:

    A Person @ 4:53

    “With the benefit of hindsight and his actions here it is easy to see that Wightman is just a tame middle-class radical poser.”

    Most of our meritocracy and political class is of a similar privileged culture. The bourgeoisie will never deliver radical change, which is what independence is, because they have never really suffered that much, and they will not suffer for a cause. It is always left to the working class, the proletariat. That is why voting for bourgeois parties is a waste of time.

    This also explains why there is only one party in Scotland really up for offering a plebiscite election in its manifesto while all the rest pontificate and prevaricate, with an emphasis on their careers, and happy to go along with the status quo:

  113. Morgatron says:

    I’m so fucking scunnered with this lot. I feel like a complete arse for supporting them. Where has truth and honesty went.

  114. Skip_NC says:

    If there are legal constraints, why was the vote 5-4? You’d think that there would be little nuance in this issue and, therefore, the vote would be 9-0. A 5-4 vote based on “legal constraints” simply does not pass the smell test.

  115. Anonymoose says:

    Even if the committee did not like the fact that Alex Salmonds evidentiary statement was published by the press before the committee had the opportunity to publish it themselves, there is nothing stopping the committee from publishing a redacted version it for the purposes of the enquiry to fulfil its remit now.

    Nothing except their own bruised egos.

  116. Robert McAllan says:

    Kate Forbes may quite possibly be targeted by the woke brigade but that does not preclude her from condemning the appalling treatment being meted out to party colleagues from within the citadel that is Bute House. It should be recalled that she is an appointee to the SNP Government front bench at the pleasure of Nicola Sturgeon, she also apparently sets great store by the tenets of her Presbyterian upbringing. The values of the cabal at the heart of this SNP HIERARCHICAL administration would in my view be wholly contradictory to the principles by which we might assume she would set her compass. Continuing silence by Kate Forbes and her SNP elected colleagues does nothing to convince me that by supporting her with my vote the status quo will be in any way challenged. As for Andy Wightman his support for Kezia Dugdale another noted liar shows him in his true colours.

  117. Mia says:

    “Andy Wightman avoided financial ruin when his supporters helped to bail him out of a jam”

    Sure. But for the sake of the argument, let’s imagine a couple of purely hypothetic scenarios without any evidence whatsoever to stand on:

    1. let’s just imagine for a second that it weren’t only his faithful supporters who stepped in to “help” in his hour of need. What if somebody else with deep pockets or the ability to make all those problems go away stepped in at the right time “to help” but asked for something in return?

    2. What if somebody persuaded Mr Wightman to cast the “right vote” by reminding him of the tremendous stress and financial burden he was put through during the defamation case?

    Could something like that explain his newly found amoeba and supine status towards this level of corruption? Could something like that explain his being present but not ask a single question in the interview with Murrell?

    I mean, it is not like the British state does not have history in successfully “encouraging” naughty sheep to follow the “right path” in gratitude for making “a problem” go away, is it?

  118. holymacmoses says:

    What truly saddens me is that the political pretence of protecting all women with the obscene charade of the ‘Salmond’ ‘ladies’ is possibly damaging the absolute necessity to protect real victims of sexual assault. The resources being spent on these women is outrageous.

  119. velofello says:

    The mindset of an SNP MSP member of the Harassment committee:

    Being on the committee is a good thing –

    I get noticed, my name is mentioned, and is listed on documents.

    I am able to obediently follow the instructions of my party’s policy towards the committee – to achieve zilch.

    I am able to follow My party’s leader to wish to prevaricate and so add to Alex Salmond’s legal costs.

    I am disappointed in Linda Fabiani, I expected her to quit the committee in response to the redacted document nonsense. She is quitting politics so why be tarred by this immoral farce of an investigation?

    Wait expectantly, a month or so down the line for the press release about a new opportunity for/by her? I suppose.

  120. Tannadice Boy says:

    I think that’s the end of the Harassment Inquiry as a meaningful process, so what are we left with? Giving how the Greens voted today any subsequent VONC will likely fail as well. Hamilton QC Inquiry? Findings should be out by the end of the month. Although it’s debatable a breach of the ministerial code will lead to a resignation from this FM anyway. Not a lot after that except the ballot box in May.

  121. Donibristle says:

    JSC says:
    9 February, 2021 at 4:00 pm
    I’m increasingly convinced that Pete Murrell knows he is toast and is out (the job) soon, so is just playing the village idiot

    Naw JSC, someone described it as a performance from someone who thought he’d never be caught or punished…. I tend to go with that theory. He’s definitely a penny short of the full shilling and village idiot is way above his pay grade.

  122. Bob Mack says:

    Weve been had. We bought London Bridge and then sent our Bank details to a lottery company in Nigeria to collect our win. That is the scale of it.

    We build again only with those we trust to share our values.

  123. Effijy says:

    O/T Covid Stats- the only country in the world so far today
    that has over 1,000 Covid deaths is Tory U.K.

    England all on its own has declared 100,000 Covid Deaths
    and that figure without their 20,000 excess deaths that should
    be added to give a true reflection.

    If Scotland has lost 6,500 Covid Deaths you would expect England to have
    over 65,000.
    Where are these comparisons we get hit with when England claims to have done something better than us?

    Why has Germany got half the U.K. Covid death rate when both got their
    first case at the same time?

    Does anyone think Scotland couldn’t manage with out Westminster’s guidance that leads to the
    Cemetery and the Poor House?

  124. Breeks says:

    Skip_NC says:
    9 February, 2021 at 5:30 pm
    If there are legal constraints, why was the vote 5-4? You’d think that there would be little nuance in this issue and, therefore, the vote would be 9-0. A 5-4 vote based on “legal constraints” simply does not pass the smell test.

    Agree 100%.

    If the constraints are ‘legal’, what specifically are you voting on? Whether you think they’re legal? Don’t vote on it, ask a fkg lawyer FFS! Or by holding a vote, are you contemplating breaking the law, but it’s ok if you break it democratically??? What a total farce. Bunch of dummies.

    Scots Law and Scottish Politics a global laughing stock, yet again, the perfect interface between corruption and incompetence.

    Vote SNP don’t forget! Biggest joke of all.

  125. Mags says:

    Is Sue not attending the inquiry for the same reason as Liz?

  126. A Person says:

    -Alf Baird-

    Aye pretty much. The middle-class Scottish establishment in the public sector, professions, university management, certain Scottish businesses etc is perfectly happy to talk til the cows come home about independence, never doing the damnedest thing about it because to do so would jeopardise their cushty lifestyles.

    Actually say this to anybody in Scotland, regardless of politics, and they’ll agree. Everyone knows it’s true.

    Honestly it sometimes makes you wish we were living in 1950s Unionist Scotland, at least that lot didn’t pretend to be anything they weren’t.

  127. Alf Baird says:


    “Scots Law and Scottish Politics a global laughing stock, yet again, the perfect interface between corruption and incompetence.”

    I can also tell you that, having worked in and researched the maritime sector, Scottish ferries are also a global laughing stock. People from other countries no longer look at Scotland IN wonder, they look at Scotland AND wonder – how can we mess things up so badly? Hell we couldn’t even manage to organise our own national liberation! Its like senior civil servants and other public sector leaders are sent here to intentionally make the country into a laughing stock, a farce. And that may not be too far from the reality given what we see and who we see in this Holyrood ‘enquiry’.

  128. Iain MacLachlan says:

    I can’t help thinking that this proves the “too stupid” to be independent. If all this is the best our Parliament has to offer then we are in big trouble.

  129. Gordon Keane says:

    Did anyone actually blame MSP Wightman for the failings of this committee???
    I don’t think anyone at Wings did.
    What Wings had done that I could see, was merely wonder aloud what was the point of him being there.
    That is valid, and fair comment.
    But Wings certainly has not laid all the blame on him.
    If he thinks Rev. Stuart Campbell has been blaming him and only him, then he is very wrong indeed!

    As for this inquiry in general, I have been left very disappointed in MSP Fabiani.
    Some of us would have expected better from her at one time.

  130. Graham says:

    Whiteman suggesting he takes legal advice to threaten you with what, Stu?

    You are simply publishing to an audience who might not know from elsewhere, a record his actions.

    That his actions demonstrate that he is weak (coincidentally, just like Sturgeon) & thus likely to subvert the course of the Fabiani inquiry is his problem.

    Maybe he should seek psychological counseling instead of legal advice?

  131. Beaker says:

    I thought that Parliamentary Committees were above party politics, and part of their remit is to uphold the integrity of whatever parliament they represent.

    Obviously I was wrong.

  132. Elmac says:

    Gordon Keane @ 6.31pm

    Very restrained comment Gordon. The fact is he basically had the casting vote and anyone with an ounce of morality would have opted to publish that advice. He has been bought!

    The enquiry has been a disgraceful charade. The committee members should have set their stall out early and insisted on unfettered access to all relevant evidence for their enquiry. The fact that they did no do so was because the committee membership was loaded. Four SNP, who were basically Murrell toadies, and a token green who did not turn up to vote and was substituted by an ex green who clearly had his head turned. Never thought I would say this but I now have more respect for Murdo Fraser, Jackie Baillie and the other 2 unionists than I do for the SNP members on that committee and heaps more than Wightman. In relation to understanding the difference between right and wrong I can only compare the SNP contingent and Wightman to members of the Flat Earth Society. Mind you members of the Flat Earth Society are just nutters who think they are right compared with crooks who know they are not.

    We should stop playing their corrupt games. Beat them at the ballot box and put them on trial for their crimes afterwards.

  133. ahundredthidiot says:

    Effijy at 6:08

    oh, do fuck up.

  134. robertknight says:

    Graham @ 6:36

    He didn’t say “legal advice”, simply “advice”.

    Could be from anyone.

    The list is long, if not terribly distinguished.

  135. James Horace says:

    He could be seeking advice from Yuri Gellar, Leigh Griffiths or the ghost of Bob Munkhouse.

  136. ALANM says:


    Legal issues don’t arise if everyone knows in advance exactly how their fellow committee members are going to vote. That way they all get to save face and the committee avoids any legal fallout.

  137. Captain Yossarian says:

    @robertknight – it’s alright, Robert. He has taken advice from his 3-year old springer-spaniel, Poppy. Poppy says that what the Rev did is really OK. Nothing to worry about. In fact, Poppy thinks it is all pretty-good.

  138. Robert G says:

    Does anyone know how Peter Murrell can be removed from his position as CEO of the SNP? He has held this position now for about 22 years.

  139. Strathy says:

    Kind assistance for the ‘Fabiani Inquiry’ (much more appropriate name) from Craig Murray.

  140. JSC says:

    Robert G, with the same democratic oversight you would have removing Putin, but with less chance of an opponent accidentally encountering Novichok (give them time though, the stitch-ups aren’t working too cleanly)

  141. Cath says:

    He has held this position now for about 22 years.

    That in itself is not healthy. Never mind being married to the party leader and FM of the country.

  142. Robert Louis says:

    People think it fanciful, and even I did, but honestly, I cannot escape the conclusion that this whole mess, the gender nonsense, the witchhunts, throwing MP’s and MSP’s ‘under the bus’, sacking her best and most gifted MP, since NS took over is deliberate.

    Look at how she has ignored, sidelined and tried to defeat the independence movement at every turn. On each and every occasion she has done the opposite of what is expected.

    Then the conspiracy against Alex Salmond happened. Then we now have this blatantly obvious corrupt cover-up by parliament.

    I mean, seriously, ANY reading of these events taken together, suggest that NS works for the British state. It is after all straight out of the MI5 playbook.

    The only other alternative, is that she is unfathomably incompetent, and advisors, spads and civil servants have completely run loose, with the support of MI5, to utterly, utterly destroy the SNP from within, frame and trash the reputation of the office of First Minister, and the Scots Parliament.

    None of it makes any sense. None of it.

    Either way, the Murrels need to go. All the hard work of many, many good, hard-working people towards independence is being literally trashed on a daily basis.

  143. Black Joan says:

    The problem about voting is that every SNP MSP who fails to speak out about what is going on is inevitably “tainted by apparent bias” (to borrow a pertinent phrase).

    Kate Forbes may be a target for the Murrells’ Rainbow Stormtroopers because of her Christian faith (to which they do not extend their boasts of “inclusivity”) but that faith appears to allow her to remain silent while her party indulges in malicious prosecutions, “witch-hunts”, suppression of evidence, highly selective excommunications and protection of perjurers.

    Other sitting MSPs and would-be candidates appear to have mislaid their moral compass (those that ever had one) and they, too, stay silent. Anyone who dares to speak up is going to be declared an unperson, so they say nothing. And as the truth becomes more and more evident, that is not acceptable, and not worthy of a vote. Even those who are retiring seem to have no problem looking the other way. The improved NEC appears not to have improved at all. There’s still no answer about the missing “ring-fenced” money.

    Westminster is run by a crime syndicate, but we have one of our own here. It’s an utterly sickening situation. How can one vote for any of these people who accept the Murrell regime and the way it operates?

  144. Sylvia says:


  145. Lothianlad says:

    It’s now official…. I despise sturgeon more than tgan Thatcher!!

    During the Thatcher years, we had the SNP. We had a glimmer of home, a small flame keeping independence alive.

    We could only dream about the levels of support and mandates the SNP have enjoyed.

    All of it wasted. Squandered!

    We have a corrupt cabal, and silent politicians to the obvious corruption.

    The day I stop voting SNP, they are finished.

    Time to sing a new song!

  146. Lothianlad says:

    See the wee ginger dug is awfy quiet!

    Wrestling with a concience perhaps?

  147. stuart mctavish says:

    Lachlan @6:31

    As might be any failure to throw off the masks and open the pubs, stadiums, front doors etc. now that the 20% of the population that are allegedly endangered by the virus have been vaccinated against it.

  148. Stuart MacKay says:

    Gender WooWoo and #metoo are imports direct from the USA. Since Nicola wanted to burnish her Progressive credentials and so win plaudits and adulation by being Scotland’s version of Oprah and so secure a future on the world stage she bought into those hook line and sinker. The rest are simply a perfect storm of incompetence.

    As for MI5? Well they surely know a good thing when they see it. Never interrupt your enemy while they’re busy making mistakes. I bet Harvie can’t believe his luck. The cushiest posting ever, a bug promotion at the end for services renderned and all he has to do is make sure he has enough popcorn and sit back and watch the show.

  149. Alf Baird says:

    A Person @ 6:28

    “The middle-class Scottish establishment”

    Aime Cesaire provided a thoughtful description of the dominant bourgeoisie class and its purpose, much of which we see reflected in the activities of our meritocratic elite even today:

    “..sadistic governors and greedy bankers, prefects who torture and colonists who flog, not only corrupt, check-licking politicians and subservient judges, but likewise and for the same reason, venomous journalists, goitrous academics, wreathed in dollars and stupidity, ethnographers who go in for metaphysics, presumptuous theologians, chattering intellectuals born stinking out of the thigh of Nietzsche, the paternalists, the embracers, the corrupters, the back-slappers, the lovers of exoticism, the dividers, the agrarian sociologists, the hoodwinkers, the hoaxers, the hot-air artists, the humbugs, and in general, all those who, performing their functions in the sordid division of labour for the defense of Western bourgeois society, try in diverse ways and by infamous diversions to split up the forces of Progress – even if it means denying the very possibility of Progress – all of them tools of capitalism, all of them, openly or secretly, supporters of plundering colonialism, all of them responsible, all hateful, all slave-traders, all henceforth answerable for the violence of revolutionary action.”

    Give me the working class republican socialist any day.

  150. Sylvia says:

    Stuart MacKay @7:45pm “Gender WooWoo and #metoo are imports direct from the USA”

    Now you’re getting warm. Explore the American influences within the SNP/SG

    3 April 2017 Sturgeon signs climate agreement with Mayor Jerry Brown in California

    It is alleged Jerry Brown & his father had MOB ties through Sidney Korshak who was a fixer for the mob.

    5 Feb 2019 5 day trip to the US and Canada last month cost £44k inc 7 support staff. Gave a speech at Georgetown University (Jesuit) where the School of Foreign Service is. Joseph McCarthy had links to Georgetown

    2008 Humza Yousaf was nominated by the American Embassy here to participate in International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), Washington D. C

    Institute for Healthcare Improvement Boston has a huge influence over SG, Derek Feeley & Jason Leitch closely linked to them.

    Just for starters………….

  151. Studhog says:

    Re: Spite Girls Coaching.

    Someone posted a link around a week ago to a PR/coaching company J.McK was involved with.

    I lost the link due to cookie/history cleaning but I did have a look at the time.

    Wonder if she has registered this interest?

    I bet someone a bottle of Turkish Delight Gin and a sweetie that this outfit has been feeding at the HR trough (already paid in advance).

  152. Robert Hughes says:


    ” Give me the working class republican socialist any day.”

    Any day , any week , any century .

    Noticeable how the ” down to earth ” imposter Sturgeon confines her interaction with the working class to granting selfies to deserving adulators whilst safely removed from them in every other way

  153. Skip_NC says:

    Lothianlad @ 7:40pm, to be fair to WGD, he is in the process of flitting at the moment.

  154. Achnababan says:

    A.Person at 4.53pmh

    You understand it well. The Scottish Land Reform movement was owned by bourgoise Edinburgh coffee house radicals like Wightman for a long time. They became the ‘mooths for hire’ of middle class charities that colonised the land reform agenda to justify their own land acquisitions in Scotland. It is ludicrous that millions of pounds of oor money has been used to pay billionaires (all absentee owners) to sell their land to the local community/friendly NGO.

    In most other countries they have laws that prevent foreign ownership of large areas and they have regulations that require owners to manage their land sustainably. The SNP are quite happy to keep funding this farce as the huntin and shootin brigade serve an excellent Port at their parties!

    There is no real radical land reform on the agenda in Scotland because the debate, after Assynt and Eigg buyouts, has been smothered by the establishment (landowners, SNH, Forestry Commission) closely abetted by their useful fools – middle class dilettantes like Wightman who hog the stage and play to the galleries and dae fuck all!!

  155. Alf Baird says:


    I suspect on land reform as in many other areas of policy making Scotland really does need a good dose of republican socialism. Scotland would have its very own distinct rich variety of RS I’m sure, to remedy the three centuries and more of bourgeoisie colonial exploitation, mischief and oppression. One things for sure, independence under a bourgeoisie party such as the SNP would never be real independence, merely a further accommodation with colonialism.

    Scotlan haes need o a guid dicht oot.

  156. A Person says:

    -Achnababan, Alf Baird-

    Quite. Much easier to make a big show of dispossessing Archie Montagu-Douglas-Ogilvy-Innes-Sutherland-Stuart, an Etonian who likes shooting grouse, than actually attacking landlordism as a whole- because Dr. Smith and Professor Brown and Joe Bloggs QC might lose out that way.

    I now understand that this cosmetic radicalism is the essence of Sturgeon’s SNP- and I don’t even regard myself as that much of a lefty.

    If we did get independence under her mob, then based on how riddled the SNP is with unionists and MI5 moles, we’d probably be a bit like those African countries which gained their independence from France in the Sixties but whose entire policy is still dictated in Paris, whose dictators are kept in power by the French military, and whose entire economies are dependent on France and dominated by French companies. It would be just like the classic Labour attack line: oh, we’d have changed the flag, we’d have changed the anthem, we’d have new passports, but the fundamentals would remain the same…


    I believe this was addressed in article a few months back. A large number of high heid yins across all parties (definitely Dugdale and possibly Yousaf, can’t remember now) in Scotland went on a junket together to America organised by some obscure organisation called something like “the British-American Institute for Cultural Understanding”. I think I have a good idea of which particular American institution that might have been a part of…

  157. Jontoscots20 says:

    I live in East Dunbartonshire and have Rona McKay as constituency MSP. . She seems like a standard issue Sturgeon loyalist with a role as deputy justice committee convenor. She is steering the atrociously repressive hate crime bill through Holyrood.she was apparently a journalist I see no trace of anything she has done, except warm the air in committee. Should I vote for her or the labour head the ba’.a party which I am on the verge of quitting.

  158. Monsieur le Roi Grenouilleverteetprofonde says:

    to ‘a person’

    ‘I now understand that this cosmetic radicalism is the essence of Sturgeon’s SNP’

    I too have formed the opinion that the ‘cutting edge’ zeal for placing identity politics at the centre of SP policies is a displacement activity, or as you say ‘cosmetic’.not just the SNP but also the greens.
    Independence is intrinsically radical and difficult, but to maintain the established bourgeois pretence of the devolution settlement the SNP must provide some idea of change /progress.
    I have the strongest impression that a huge number of the SNP membership currently in thrall to Nicola Sturgeon know nothing about the theoretical background to their calls for trans equailty or “gender fluidity”. Stonewall have found a very willing gullible customer for their cult in the SNP’s desperation to assert their credibility. But a braying mob of woke supporters wont actually achieve anything. If he SNP cant be part of a genuinely ‘enlightening’ and liberating process, it will just fester, and drift into irrelevance (like SLAB)

  159. Ken MacIntyre says:

    Surely the position of the minority Committee members is untenable? Either they resign or can they produce a minority report?

    And does SNP now stand for Sturgeon’s Numpties and Patsies?

  160. Ricky Shiels says:

    Noted also today, Wednesday, that FM asking Committee to compel Alex Salmond to testify. Now that it has been established that no evidence he provides will be published why bother? The whitewash is truly already done they are just marking time until the report is signed off. So it seems I am no further forward on why avoidable? mistakes were made that 1. Cost us £500 000 or 2. That those mistakes will not be repeated to the detriment of someone else.

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