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Peaking too soon

Posted on July 28, 2013 by


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    35 to “Peaking too soon”

    1. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      Me, I’m not so sure. Based on the week just past, I reckon a few days of non-stop all-channels blanket coverage of another royal offspring immediately before the referendum could be just what we need to make sane people run screaming towards a Yes vote…


    2. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Rev Stue…. as  Dick Emery would say….
      Ooh, you are awful … but I like you!
      Luv the cartoon

    3. Gordon Bain says:

      This is brilliant!

    4. Tris says:

      I always thought that they would hold off on the baby until 2014. now I suspect that Francis Maude is working really hard to try to find a marriage partner for Harry, or one of the ugly sisters, so that that can be arranged at an appropriate moment.
      Wall to wall union flag waving is assured by the celebrations commemorating the start of the First World War, due to  take place between the end of the Games and the referendum, but it is possible that, with some, this will backfire (on the basis that it will be seen for what it is: you don’t celebrate the beginning of a war), so a back up wedding would be a good plan.
      Failing that, I suspect that Kate will have to do it all again. Still, serves her right. She wanted to be queen.

    5. john king says:

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 

    6. Tony Little says:

      I said to friends before the pregnancy was announced that there would be a “Royal” baby in 2014.  They thought I was a mad conspiracy theorist (maybe I am) I think that the “Royals” have peaked too early, poor Kate shouldn’t have to lie back and think of England again so soon.

    7. Another London Dividend says:

      Remember how Unionist press, Kirsty Wark and BBC attacked Alex Salmond over release of Gadaffi
      Well read latest revelations of Blair’s dirty deal in the desert in Sunday Telegraph this morning..

    8. Marker Post says:

      I assume that’s meant to be Kate’s speech bubble? Not the Queen’s, that would be too gross to think about…

    9. Cruachan says:

      Don’t forget other crucial Royal baby news next year to keep the masses happy next year…..
      “Prince George takes his first steps”
      “Kate and Wills decide on nursery for Prince George”
      “Prince George scuffs his knee. Pictures on Pages 2, 3 and 5.”

    10. Atypical_Scot says:

      That’s okay though, an odd bomb here, a national crisis there, they’ll be sure to figure something out.

    11. JPJ2 says:

      Now if the royal baby had been born next year, and “Yes” was close or ahead of “No”, I suspect  “Alexander” would have been the child’s first, not second, Christian name.

    12. Westie7 says:

      After last nights, remember the Olympics, I wouldn’t put anything past the establishment.
      Are we seriously going to celebrate 2012 every year now
      Its like the Peter Kay sketch, this time last week we were sitting by the pool, this time last month we were still on hols…
      Last year we had the Olympics.. Next year it will be baby “Dod’s” first birthday
      D’you think anybody told them George up here is Dod, which is affa close to Dodi?

    13. a supporter says:

      You are all worrying unnecessarily. Just before the 1997 Referendum the ‘peoples’ princess’ (what an oxymoron!) Diana died in a Paris tunnel and although there was a very slight wobble in the polls they came roaring back to YES after a week. And we all know the result!

    14. Marker Post says:

      37% eh? Wasn’t it just last week that the unionists were claiming that the Yes vote was stuck at 30%?
      What will be really interesting is when the polls start putting the Yes vote goes above the 40% mark. Am thinking that might be a tipping point.

    15. benarmine says:

      Love the pearly king and queen, very Dudley D Watkins. I don’t worry about this stuff, no nation would destroy it’s future over such trivial issues. Would it?

    16. The Man in the Jar says:

      I am very proud of myself that I have managed to avoid most of the crap regarding the royal brat. I don’t even know its name. Now I am worried that someone has mentioned it in the comments and I will find out. 🙁

    17. The Man in the Jar says:

      Bugger! its George. 🙁 🙁

    18. Ian Mackay says:

      @JPJ2 To get round the constitutional difficulties of naming Elizabeth as the Second in Scotland, Churchill suggested in Parliament that the highest regnal number from Scottish and English monarchs should always be used:
      If then the Royal Family do follow this as a precedent I think it unlikely that Alexander would be used, as the new King would be styled Alexander IV. I imagine this would upset a fair few English royalists.
      Of course, Elizabeth II of Scotland, riles quite a few Scottish royalists too. But since the tail doesn’t wag the dog, I doubt much notice was taken of Scotland’s wishes.

    19. The Man in the Jar says:

      I was looking for something to watch on TV last night and noticed the 2012 opening ceremony repeat on BBC3 WTF!
      I just can not get my head around why anyone would sit and watch stuff like that.

    20. Training Day says:

      Best cartoon yet, Chris.
      Now if James Hewitt’s boy can do his royal duty next year..

    21. Geoff Huijer says:

      Brilliant Chris!

    22. Dcanmore says:

      @The Man In The Jar … It’s all part of Operation Union Jackery. The BBC is full of it: ‘The Great British this’; ‘Britain’s best that’; and we’ll see more and more of it with repeats ad nauseam over the next 12 months. No doubt the supermarkets will play their part with special ‘British’ promotions popping up everywhere, the great ‘British’ deal. The butcher’s apron will become more and more visible in people’s everyday life. I would think that Labour-run councils will start flying the flag over town halls permanently at some point over the coming months.

      Great cartoon Chris! The Unionist media will now give over-the-top coverage to Lady Zara’s impending sprog no doubt.

    23. HenBroon says:

      Don’t forget we still have a Royal Christening to endure. Perhaps the day before the referendum, however I think wise heads in the court of der Haus Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha are aware of the laws of diminishing returns, and that further trumpeting and fawning for this dysfunctional benifit junkie family may well contribute to another landslide in Scotland for the Scottish independence movement. There are no guarantees that they will continue to be welcome in Scotland. Lots of powder being kept dry right now, and the horses remain calm. Scotland has moved on and they know it.

      “Prince Charles, as a future king, was kept in a guilded cage,” Ingrid explained. “He had a hierarchy of nannies. It was like a private fiefdom – there was a nanny, under-nanny, nursery footman, nursery maid… One chap even had the job of polishing the wheels of his pram before he was laid down to sleep.”
      Jesus H Christ no wonder he is a petulant spoiled brat as are his sons.

    24. The Man in the Jar says:

      I noticed a trailer on the BBC last night for a new program starting next Saturday. I believe it is called. “I Love My Country” That should be “interesting”.

    25. Holebender says:

      It doesn’t matter how many more Kate or any of the others pop out, they’ll only be the spares. There won’t be another “future King of England” with all the accompanying fuss until the next generation reaches breeding age.

    26. lumilumi says:

      Brilliant, Chris!
      It’s one of the travesties of a monarchy that the happiness of a young couple, their wedding, the birth of their baby, is hijacked for political purposes, the unionjackery.
      William, of course, is über-establishment, the centre of the establishment, whether he likes it or not. Kate is “a commoner” (what an anachronistic designation) but from a wealthy Home Counties family. She’s probably a perfectly nice person, and I’m happy she’s had a healthy baby, but I think she’s had a complete personality bypass. She doesn’t seem an interesting person at all. The greatest achievements of this graduate of St Andrews University are 1) being pretty 2) marrying a Prince 3) having a baby. And she’s held up as a role model!
      As to the baby prince… To my Finnish ears the name George is just plain ugly. G-o-o-o-o-rg. The Finnish version of the name, Yrjö, is a slang word for vomit. Alexander is great, also very popular in Finland nowadays, Aleksanteri or Aleksi. I doubt the royal baby will be called Alex, though. And Louis reminds the rest of the world of that ultimate autocrat, Louis XIV, the Sun King. I suppose the name was included for Saxe-Coburgh-Gotha/Battenberg family reasons but it sort of highlights the absurdity of hereditary head-of-stateness.
      Plenty of Finns are interested in the Nordic and UK royals. The pomp and circumstance, the soap opeara is entertaining, especially because we don’t have to pay for it. 😀

    27. mato21 says:

      Commoners not good This will be the next piece of the sycophantic jigsaw 
      The Middletons deserve a title – step forward, the Earl and Countess of Fairfax
      Their grandson – Prince George of Cambridge – is a future king. High time to ennoble Kate’s parents

    28. ianbrotherhood says:

      As broadcast by BBC Radio Scotland news, at approx 1.03 pm –
      …the new royal baby will never be king…”
      On the fucking ‘national news’?!?
      Of course, you’d need to see the context (which involves Canavan/Yes Scotland/disagreement with Scottish Govt etc etc etc) but that’s the killer line which will be casually picked-up by listeners.
      Who rubber-stamps this shite? We need someone in Pacific Quay to do the decent thing and give us the names of these people. 
      Who are they?

    29. lumilumi says:

      @ianb, 2.10 pm
      I caught some of that BBC Scotland radio thing but as I was mowing my lawn, missed most of it.
      However, my mildly royalist Australian friends (they voted to retain the monarchy in the referendum in the late 1990s) think George will never be King of Australia. Because the idea of monarchy, hereditary head-of-stateness is dying a slow death in the modern world.
      Interestingly, in Sweden, the King isn’t all that popular but Crown Princess Victoria is hugely popular, people can’t wait for her to be their Queen. However, while people think her 18-month-old daughter, Princess Estelle, is cute, and are happy for the young couple, many people don’t see Princess Estelle as a future monarch of Sweden, they think the end of monarchy will have come before Estelle’s time.
      The Swedes, of course, aren’t as sycophantic about their monarchy as the BBC and many UK people are about the British monarchy.

    30. Doug Daniel says:

      Lumi – I just told my dad that his name (and my middle name) means “vomit” in Finnish. He said “oh well, could be worse – I could have a name that sounds like Loony.”

    31. lumilumi says:

      @Doug 3.05pm
      Yrjö doesn’t mean vomit in Finnish, the proper Finnish word is “oksennus”, yrjö is just a slang word. The other Finnish vesion of George, Jorma, is a slang word for the penis… 😀
      A couple of days ago I caught some “royal historian” or some such on BBC saying that the Duchess of Cambridge was evidence of great social mobility in England.
      So, one girl out of the million or two of young women of suitable age in the country marries a Prince and that is social mobility?
      Or maybe he meant that the Middletons, though of humble origins, had made enough money to send their daughter to a rather exclusive boarding school, where she met the right sort of people and learned the right sort of attitudes and accent.
      Go figure.

    32. Caroline Corfield says:

      This may be of interest for those of you on fb, it’s an article about the impact of the royal birth from a republican point of view sorry I should really find out how to make them clickable 

    33. ianbrotherhood says:

      e.g. on this page, you’d look to whatever box contains
      Click on it so it goes blue.
      Then you go to where the copy/paste buttons are on your screen, click ‘copy’.  Then do your comment, and when you’ve decided where you want the link, click ‘paste’. It won’t show up blue right away, but will after you’ve submitted your comment. 
      I probably haven’t explained it very well, but just go ahead and try, muck about – when you’ve done it once? No looking back…

    34. So George means Willy in Finnish…?

    35. Lianachan says:

      o/t and just wondering after reading mentions of the Olympics.  Does anybody know how much Scotland paid towards the Olympics, in terms of money from taxes, redeployed lottery money, etc and how that compares with the cost of the 2014 Commonwealth games?  I wouldn’t be surprised if we paid more for the Olympics down there than we will for the Commonwealth games up here.

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