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One more for the list

Posted on March 30, 2015 by

We’re going to compile all of these onto a single page soon, because as you can see, Scottish Labour just can’t seem to stop telling this lie.


Today’s expert saying “Does it, aye?” (and the latest in a long and distinguished line) is Peter Riddell from the Institute For Government, speaking on Radio 4’s “World At One” this afternoon (from 35m).

That seems pretty unambiguous.

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    198 to “One more for the list”

    1. Swami Backverandah says:

      It’s becoming clearer and clearer that it’s indicative of the intellect of Labour Party mouthpieces, that they’re the only ones who don’t understand how forming Government works.

    2. scotsbob says:

      If Labour repeat the lie for long enough then the gullible voters believe it. That’s their strategy.

    3. Derek Hall says:

      Well, that completely shows them for the compulsive fibbers that they’ve become.

    4. No no no...Yes says:

      Hah. Clarity is a great thing. There was no “if, but or maybe.”

      Will it stop Jim and his mob trying to mislead voters?

    5. The Man in the Jar says:

      I notice that tweet doesn’t have “FACT!” at the end of it. Are you sure it is genuine. 😉

    6. Helena Brown says:

      Now what we need is that to be broadcast on Radio Scotland. Any bets that we will?

    7. Chani says:

      Overheard in the Labour press office: “If we throw enough mud, some of it has to stick.”

    8. Calgacus says:

      Rev.Stu, you are just like my Jack Russell – you never let go!

    9. Gordon Hay says:

      What baffles me is why they didn’t simply say the largest party has the best chance of forming the new government. No-one could reasonably have quibbled with that and they would have avoided any (eventually) media scrutiny of “the lie”

    10. heedtracker says:

      “Constitutionally, the key test isn’t the size of the party but who can win a vote in the House of Commons. I mean it’s very democratic in that way”

      Unless, unless you’re Jim Murphy and the SLabour party, blatantly lying to Scotland.

      If Labour party liars think they can get away with lying to Scotland over this fundamental constitutional issue, they are not fit to govern.

    11. Neil Anderson says:

      They need to look at the fact based drama ‘Coalition’ & explain why Gordy Broon was squatting in No. 10 trying to do a deal with Clegg last time then.

    12. gillie says:

      but, but …… Jim Murphy says only the Tories can form the next government, that’s the rules … he’s got it written down somewhere ……. and Jim is never wrong.

    13. Calgacus says:

      As has already been said by other posters,I believe all this patent nonsense is Labour preparing to cede power to the Tories again as they did at the last GE when they could have formed a progressive alliance.

    14. KennyG says:

      Am I right in thinking, that after the 2010 GE, if Nick Clegg had done a deal with Gordon Brown, then the largest party WOULDN’T have got to form the government?

    15. Caledonius says:

      Tut tut labour, now what have we told about telling lies before? And you still do it? Naughty! Go to your room, nae supper for you tonight!

      On a serious note, even their own supporters have be finding this embarrassing now.

    16. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

      @ Gordon Hay – this is what I’ve been thinking for ages, it’s all so unnecessary.
      I assume that the labour strategy is born of the complacent view they’ve had for their voters in their heartlands, and a confidence that they won’t be called out by the soft media.

      The labour party are in a situation entirely of their own making, and they will deserve everything that’s coming to them in May!

    17. Matt says:

      Part of Scottish Labour’s lie on this is trying to cast 1924 as being out of date with modern political practice, particularly by mentioning women’s suffrage. Even though nothing has changed ‘but that was before the war’ is seemingly their line to deflect such a straight forward answer.

      I think a good tactic in the media would be to always mention the Lib Dems or SDLP, to at least try and pre-empt getting bogged down in the discussion of how evil those nationalists are.

    18. Swami Backverandah says:

      Of course, if the Labour Party do win one more seat than the Tories (although not enough to form a majority Government) and go on to form Government with the assistance of a large number from a minor party (likely the SNP), then Jim can still crow that he was right.

      We can then watch him squirm trying to explain the hashtag.

    19. BrianW says:

      You’d think our illustrious media would be challenging this lie to their faces, rather than the lone Gary Robertson this morning.

      Oh.. hang on.. Right.. I see the flaw in what I’ve just said there.. Media, challenging, MP’s lies, clarity.. I know, it’s stupid of me.. I do apologise..

      Isn’t it about time the media grow a pair and actually question what is being routinely put out there by our fibbing politicians.

      There are politicians who wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit them on the arse (then claim for a new pair of damaged troose on expenses to boot). Just like there are journo’s out there that wouldn’t know a decent question if it bit them on the arse (then blame a Vile Cybernat for being pedantic and obstreperous)

    20. Mark says:

      Am I wrong in thinking that we have only had two hung parliaments since 1924?

      So, since the last hung parliament where the biggest party didn’t form the government, there have been another two where they did. It’s hardly statistically significant Jim.

    21. beachthistle says:

      As annoying as this particular example is of Labour trying to pull off a Big Lie, I reckon the biggest and most successful Big Lie in that tweet is “Scottish Labour”.

      With the connivance of the Establishment (in particular the inEffectual/Electoral Commission) Labour have been allowed, without challenge from any of the MSM, to instill the idea in peoples’ minds that there is a political party called “Scottish Labour”.

      We should never stop trying to tell as many people as possible that “Scottish Labour” is a mendacious BritNat Establishment construct – and con trick!

    22. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I just posted this in “Edging closer to the truth” but it’s been caught up in the delay conundrum.

      I’ll try it here.
      From the SNP’s media page.

      Exchange on Daily Politics / Monday 30th March

      Andrew Neil

      ‘ I suggest you could work quite easily with the SNP – They want less austerity – they want a 50p top tax rate – so what’s not to like ?’

      Lady Margaret Prosser

      ‘Over the last 5 years we have worked in the House of Lords to get a majority for things we want with whoever would work with us . So – on an issue by issue basis I am pretty certain that is likely to happen – -‘

      Andrew Neil

      ‘ So you could work with the SNP on an issue by issue basis ?

      Lady Margaret Prosser

      ‘That is a very different thing to saying they would be part of our decision making processes – a formal coalition –‘

      Andrew Neil

      ‘ But no one is talking about a coalition’

      Lady Margaret Prosser

      ‘ No , no absolutely…’

      Andrew Neil

      ‘ But you would be prepared to deal ( with the SNP ) on an issue by issue basis?’

      Lady Margaret Prosser

      ‘ Well , I think that is just how pragmatic politics works’

    23. Alex Smith says:

      They even lie about the existence if the “Scottish Labour” party.Do you really expect the truth about anything else?

    24. Muscleguy says:

      Since Labour candidates who spout this are demonstrating their utter incomprehension of government formation, why do they think they are suitable candidates for election? No candidate so constitutionally ignorant is ever going to get my vote.

      They obviously don’t get this implication for what they are doing.

    25. I just posted a blog on this very subject. It’s like they just can’t stop shooting themselves in the foot.

      In 1928 a government was formed by a party that didn’t have the most number of MP’s. In 1929 the Tories tried to form one but Lloyd George supported Labour. The Tories tried again in January 1974 and Labour tried in 2010.

      The reason none of them succeeded was that the other largest party either didn’t play ball or didn’t have the seats, themselves, to push them over the line.

      This line of reasons is disingenious at best … and at worst it is a flat out heap of bullshit.

    26. Ali says:

      Scottish Labour – doesn’t exist
      Biggest party – a lie
      Hashtag – they’re all Tories

      As for which of those is the PM. Well, can’t say I’m exactly jubilant at the idea of the SNP delivering the feckless Miliband into the hot seat. Going to be an interesting few years ahead

    27. Caledonius says:

      I’m not sure who they are even targeting with these lies, they won convince anyone with their head scewed on. Oh and read this whopper from Mr D Alexander:

      “They [the SNP] would much rather have an unsuccessful Tory government, than a successful Labour government… Their strategy seems to be anyone but a Labour government.”

    28. Macart says:

      @ BDTT

      Ooooo that’ll leave a mark. 🙂

    29. Cuddis says:


      Isn’t there something we can do, individually or collectively to get this lie nailed and published? I am uncomfortable remaining passive on this. Seriously, does anyone know how we can fight back?

    30. galamcennalath says:

      SLab have lost all centre left politically informed voters.

      All they have left to appeal to are the gullible ones. Lies will work on them.

      That is the only strategy now open to them.

    31. Proud Cybernat says:

      Mr Riddell forgot about the 1951 General Election when Labour was the largest single party (295 seats) but a coalition of Conservative (264), Ulster Unionist (9), Scottish Unionist Party (29) and Liberal National Party (19) = 321.

    32. HandandShrimp says:

      Vote Labour Get Idiots?

    33. Big Jock says:

      So if we follow Jim’s logic. Hibs haven’t won the Scottish cup since 1902. Why do they enter the competition, as history suggests they haven’t won it for over a 100 years.

      Does that mean there is a rule barring them winning it. Naw it’s just luck and what happens on the day. Of course they can win it this year.

      Celtic being the bigger team will always win the cup right!

      History does not dictate the future. The future is unwritten. Jim fails to mention deliberately. That there have only been 2 hung parliaments, since the last one produced a minority governement in 1929. So hung parliaments are very rare in the UK. As usual he is selecting the facts. Gordon Brown let Cameron in in 2010 becuase he wouldn’t work with the nationalists to form a marginal majority.

      Gordon Brown’s arrogance gave us 5 years of Cameron!

    34. peekay says:

      Their problem is they think the old media lies will work on new media. With almost blanket coverage on telly/papers if they keep saying that often enough people believe it since it takes time’n’hassle to go down to the library and discover if it is indeed true/false. With t’internet at your fingertips anyone with even the most basic ability to google can discover in a couple minutes that it’s a lie. Exact same thing they did with the referendum

    35. Luigi says:

      galamcennalath says:

      30 March, 2015 at 4:10 pm

      SLab have lost all centre left politically informed voters.

      All they have left to appeal to are the gullible ones. Lies will work on them.

      That is the only strategy now open to them.

      It is certainly beginning to look like a damage limitation exercise. Their private polling must be scaring the shit out of them. This “tell a big lie often enough….” strategy is very short-term, however. Imagine what those duped into it will feel when Cameron forms the next government anyway. It does not bode well at all for their prospects in 2016, but I suppose things are so desperate now that they cannot dare to think that far ahead.

      Are the red tories in deep shit?

      “Hell Yes!”

    36. Juteman says:

      I think I have figured out the reason behind the ‘biggest party’ line.

      Everyone is thinking of the biggest political party, and British Labour are talking about a piss-up type party. Eric Joyce has been booked to organise the British Labour party as his last hurrah before leaving. The speaker counts the empties, and the biggest group of piss-heads get to form the government.

    37. Proud Cybernat says:


      Westminster Today (and hopefully in May):

    38. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Our idea to do a Lucky Dip (at £2.00)in the rooms on the number of seats the SNP wins went like a bomb has sold out in and we might do the same every week.
      Inspired suggestion also adopted that a booby prize of a fiver be also given for the poor sod that pulls out the number of seats that Labour gets which makes those who drew low numbers feel a bit better

    39. Grizzle McPuss says:

      “On the ropes”

      Definition: (informal) in a desperate or hopeless position; close to defeat or failure:

    40. gus1940 says:

      Once nominations close our dead tree press will publish the details of all candidates including the name of the party for which they are standing.

      It will be interesting to see what the entries for Labour say – will it be ‘The Labour Party’ or ‘The Scottish Labour Party’. If the latter surely that would be misrepresentation as would be the case if they are described similarly on the Ballot Papers.

    41. Les Wilson says:

      This lie is right out of McTernan’s black arts book.
      It will be repeated until election day.

      It is certainly not, that they do not grasp it,they certainly do, it is simply a lie to confuse voters.

      That is the way all Unionist parties move when things are going against them. They are all in bed together, better or not.
      This is not even about how labour does in Scotland, it is to keep the Union’s province in check and the two big parties running the show.

    42. Alastair says:

      Murghy and most MP’s seem content to break the law. They are all obliged to remove MP from web sites, all social media and campaign material as from today they are no longer MP’s.

    43. Author_Al says:

      I’d like The National to spell it out in big letters on the front page.

      Then I can spread the paper out over the Unionist rags to get the message across…

    44. marydoll says:


      Mhairi Stewart on BBC as good as just asked the Green spokesman why the party was bothering to stand! Don’t they have a democratic right?

    45. pitchfork says:

      Now you see folks this is why Wee Douggie doesn’t like social media – all these truths being spread getting in the way of his FACTS

    46. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “So if we follow Jim’s logic. Hibs haven’t won the Scottish cup since 1902. Why do they enter the competition, as history suggests they haven’t won it for over a 100 years.”

      Ha! That’s EXACTLY what I thought about 10 minutes after I went on LBC. Same club and everything 🙂

    47. Tinto Chiel says:

      So, to summarise Dim Jim’s mantra about the last time a party with fewer seats than another actually formed a government: “This hasn’t happened since the last time it happened!”

      Snappy or what?

      Dearie, dearie me…

    48. Les Wilson says:

      gus1940 says:

      No Gus, according to the Electrol Roll, who I questioned at Indy time, they are allowed more or less any slogan they want on the ballot papers. Legal for them to do so. They have a right too, that does not say they are morally right.

      But hey, they do not have any anyway!

    49. Clarinda says:

      I’ve quoted it elsewhere – but perhaps here is more appropriate.

      Jim Murphy –

      “Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error”

    50. Flower of Scotland says:

      O/t but similar

      Just got an email from Jim Murphy! Never ever had any contact, whatsoever in my life, with Labour.
      When I unsubscribed, I was asked why. ” The North Branch of the Labour Party continually lie to the Scottish People”

    51. Author_Al says:

      Interestingly, this morning I received a House Of Commons stamped letter from Katy Clark, stating that she will no longer be an MP after March 30th when Parliament is dissolved. She has expressed how she will be happy to continue to make representations on my behalf after that date.

      She kindly sets out her office opening hours and explains that I should not hesitate to get in touch as I normally would. She trusts the letter explains the situation re the dissolution of Parliament.

      A real offer of help?
      Or clever bit of ‘leaf-letter-ing’ under HOC, London SW1A headed paper?

      Good timing though.

    52. Ian More says:

      Well the latest Ashcroft poll gives the Tories a 6% lead in England. It wont be the one that Disreporting Scotland or the BBC will use though. In fact the latest 3 opinion polls put Tories in lead. It is LabGov that was the last one to give Lab any lead.

      Alistair is right the MPs are no longer MPs. That is the Law as of today.

    53. Macnakamura says:

      Gordon Hay says:
      30 March, 2015 at 3:24 pm
      What baffles me is why they didn’t simply say the largest party has the best chance of forming the new government. No-one could reasonably have quibbled with that and they would have avoided any (eventually) media scrutiny …….

      Yes, this has been puzzling me for weeks but I reckon that they will start doing so sometime before the Election Day.
      You may remember how +1000 nurses more than SNP became 1000 nurses.

    54. Juteman says:

      BBC Labour are pushing the Greens today. A cynic might think they are trying to tempt voters away from the SNP.

    55. liz says:

      I complained to the BBC – I know, why bother – about Kirsty Wark., letting the Smurph away with the ‘largest party’ bollocks.

      Got a reply and guess what they tried to justify it as expected.

      ”While in the event of no single party having an overall majority at a General Election the incumbent Prime Minister may have the right to attempt to form a government, in practice Prime Ministers with fewer seats have given way to the leaders of the party with the most. This is what we understood Jim Murphy to be saying.”

      Sent in second complaint – It is not your job to ‘understand’ what he was saying, it is your job to question and make plain what he is saying.
      At least someone gets it right – Peter Riddell from the Institute For Government, speaking on Radio 4’s “World At One” 30/03/15 (from 35m).

      Got the last bit courtesy of WoS.

    56. Colin Church says:

      Despite being nearly rubbished on GMS and definitely rubbished on R4 today BBC RS drivetime still take the audio soundbite from Murphy this am and put it out over airwaves for all to hear again (and again).

      BBC Scotland – never knowingly even-handed.

    57. Kevin Evans says:

      Is that that damn democracy getting in the way of things again

    58. scottieDog says:

      So if the libdems get a handful of seats and it’s enough to see millibrain home will he go with them?

    59. Kevin Evans says:

      See on May the 8th if labour is the biggest party but don’t have a majority I suggest an snp Tory coalition just to “labour” the point.

      Only joking.

    60. Martin D says:

      The idea that they don’t know how a government is formed makes it all the more frightening that they would know how to run one.
      Mindless zombies.

    61. Clootie says:

      Repeating a lie with the support of a tame MSM worked for several decades for Labour…and then along came the internet

    62. Betsy says:

      Just spotted this story about Labour taking legal advice to see if Cameron can be prevented from ‘squatting’ in No10 even if he get’s fewer seats than Labour. You’d think were such a situation to arise they’d just point out they were the largest party and form the government 😉

    63. Ian says:

      “1924 you are correct Jim, and it was The Labour Party who used that tactic which is still available to use in 2015, so will Labour decline to use it this time if it would allow them to form the government in 2015” ?

    64. andy howie says:

      O/T it’s getting interesting in EK. McCann is up to his old tricks

    65. liz says:

      @marydoll – what did she say exactly? Or are you quoting what the media said she said?

    66. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Alex Smith says:
      30 March, 2015 at 3:48 pm

      They even lie about the existence if the “Scottish Labour” party.Do you really expect the truth about anything else?

      A Fake leader, of a Fake party with Fake policies.

      Triple lock.

    67. TD says:

      “What baffles me is why they didn’t simply say the largest party has the best chance of forming the new government.”

      The reason they don’t say this is because it is not necessarily true. (I know, not being true doesn’t normally stop them, but this time it suits their agenda to avoid the untrue statement.)

      The reason the statement above is not true is because being the largest party in a hung parliament, but one with whom the likely third largest party (SNP) has ruled out any deal, then the fact of being the largest party does not improve your chances of forming a government at all. It is a binary problem – you either can or cannot command a majority.

      Labour are in a difficult position – they know that they may well lose the election in Scotland. The only way they can counter the SNP is to try to mislead people into thinking that voting SNP will increase the chances of a Tory government – hence the lie. But it tells us much about SLAB that their reaction to a difficult political situation is to tell a lie.

    68. Onwards says:

      liz says:
      30 March, 2015 at 5:17 pm

      I complained to the BBC – I know, why bother – about Kirsty Wark., letting the Smurph away with the ‘largest party’ bollocks.

      Got a reply and guess what they tried to justify it as expected.

      ”While in the event of no single party having an overall majority at a General Election the incumbent Prime Minister may have the right to attempt to form a government, in practice Prime Ministers with fewer seats have given way to the leaders of the party with the most. This is what we understood Jim Murphy to be saying.”

      That is appalling.

      That’s the interview where he kept saying – “You know as well as I do, the biggest party gets to form the government.”, and “You know that’s not how it works – ONLY the biggest party gets to form the government”

      She even seemed to agree with him at one point.

      If the BBC were truly unbiased – she would be forced to issue an apology and clarification.
      Especially, when it is one of the main campaigning issues in this election.

    69. Tony Little says:

      OT at least a bit.

      I have been catching up with some of the interviews by various SNP representatives in the last few days. On both the TV and radio I seem to detect a far more assertive response to daft questions or people like Andrew Neil trying to be clever.

      I like it, and wonder why we waited till now? Maybe the softly softly approach is being replaced by a more “don’t be freeking stupid” one. Nicola’s more common sense, “don’t try to mess me about” attitude is being put into effect?

    70. orri says:

      Leaving aside the fact that we know that’s not what the rules were it’s kind of interesting that the “since universal suffrage” bit has been dropped. Perhaps that’s because someone realised that you can’t argue that because something has been so for a long time that it can never change by reminding us that things do indeed change.

      Of course the Fixed Term Act made clear that the smaller parties can form a governing coalition so even if it was true that the rules said the largest party formed the government it’s definitely not now.

      Next Jim will be telling us that gay marriages were impossible before they happened. Or that world records in sport can never be broken.

    71. Marcia says:

      The SNP are the largest political group in a few councils but are not the administration because of a coalition of Labour/Tory/LD councillors. These administration should now resign and obey Jim Murphy.

    72. jim heraghty says:

      Why are these rebuttals only appearing on media that us ordinary plebs don’t access?

      My raging paranoia says it is so that it can be said in future, ‘But that point was rebutted. What’s your complaint?’

      How to get it appearing on ‘pleb’ media?

    73. Iain More says:

      Ashcroft’s latest poll for England only figures make Labour and any other claims of them being the largest Party ludicrous. Three polls in a putting Tories in lead in Brit Nat Land overall. Just wait till they start spending their millions and blackmailing their minions.

    74. Cyber-Natty-Dread says:

      O/T This morning Ed Miliband’s, Ed Balls, Chuka Umunna, Rachel Reeves, Caroline Flint & Douglas Alexander at Bloomberg’s to launch UK Labour’s “Better Plan For Business.”

      “From Silicon Valley to the City of London, the world’s best industries tend to be clustered. In the UK, our automotive sector is concentrated in the Midlands and North East; the offshore wind sector brings jobs to many coastal regions; aerospace is predominantly based in the North West; and our creative industries are centred in major cities like London, Manchester, Bristol and Leeds. The government cannot create clusters – but it can do a lot to support those that already exist, especially at the local level.”

      Looks as if all bases are covered!

    75. Gregor Morgan says:

      Well, how much clearer than that does it have to be. Simples!

    76. rongorongo says:

      With the connivance of the Establishment (in particular the inEffectual/Electoral Commission) Labour have been allowed, without challenge from any of the MSM, to instill the idea in peoples’ minds that there is a political party called “Scottish Labour”.

      The detail is quite interesting: The Scottish Conservative Party has been around since 1965, like the Scottish Lib Dems (1988) and the Scottish Greens (1990) they appear to have a genuine federalist setup.

      By contrast the real Scottish Labour Party was wound up in 1895 – so maybe those who campaign under that banner today should be walking about in bustles stove pipe hats? Passing a contemporary party off as one which is so long dead sounds a bit like the crime of Uttering to me.

    77. liz says:

      O/T Labour have put up a PPB on you tube with Martin Freeman.

      You are allowed to comment on the rUK Labour Party version but not the ‘Scottish’ Labour Party version – I think they are both they are both the same.

      If anyone has a you tube account, could you ask why?

    78. Free Scotland says:

      Next time Murphy mentions 1924 as the last time a party formed a government without being the largest party, someone needs to ask him why it could happen in 1924 but could not happen in 2015.

      It’s possible that his over-exposure to sodium benzoate in his favourite fizzy drink is triggering some sort of mental instability.

    79. call me dave says:


      Not both the same ‘The one on the Herald site’ UK version mentions Britain (as a country)

      Scottish one on the telly twice tonight at tea time has mainly the same words but special inserts for the hard of thinking in Scotland.

      Paddy Ashdown!! What’s he like Eh? 🙁

      Funny old world and so’s democracy init!

    80. Ken500 says:

      Murphy or a truthful woman?

    81. caz-m says:


      Mhairi Black SNP candidate for the Paisley South constituency is nearly over the line with her fund, which will go a long way in helping her defeat Douglas Alexander on May 7th.

      Mhairi Black:-

      With 4 days to go we are currently £280 short of our target of £3500 in our crowdfunder appeal. If you would care to donate and/or share the link on social
      media to give it a further boost it would be greatly appreciated.

    82. proudscot says:

      I suspect like many other Wings posters, I am usually completely turned off by TV’s stage-managed “head to head” debates between various leaders of political parties. However I am really looking forward with lip-licking anticipation to Oor Nicola confronting Creepy Jim and taking him apart, by challenging his lies and soundbites and dismantling them one by one. As a previous failed leader of the Branch Office once said, “Bring it on!”

    83. PJ Houston says:

      Allow me to quote one of my prime tenets in life: “Every man’s gotta know his limitations”. Heard, and never since forgotten, in one of Clint Eastwood’s ‘Dirt Harry’ films.

      Well, I believe this to be very true for all of us, except, sadly, for Jim Murphy, ‘cos he sure don’t know much about himself!

      Poor man.

    84. Gary45% says:

      So FUD spent 9 years at university and never gained a degree. What a total waste of taxpayers money!
      Is he to thick to realise when you get asked a simple question, what the electorate want is a simple honest answer, but there lies the problem “honesty” from a clown to stupid to run a bath never mind a country.
      His media hash-ups so far, is he a serious politician?

    85. Gary45% says:

      FUD Murphy,

      “Never Knowingly Understood”

    86. caz-m says:

      The Glue Community is now fighting back and says that all the mis-guided halfwits amongst them are all actually called, “Murphy Sniffers”.

    87. Rob James says:

      Author al @ 5:13

      Lucky you. I received a personally addressed House of Commons envelope from none other than Crash Gordon himself. I think he may be a tad confused.

      “…Dear Friend.” He got that one wrong for a start.

      “I wanted to write to thank you for the support, encouragement and friendship you have shown me and my family over the 32 years in which I have been your MP, blah, blah.”

      Even though I had been a resident in this constituency, he would not have been my MP for 32 years. We were lumbered with Broon due to some boundary change. We previously had the equally objectionable Dr? Lewis Moonie,

      I have never voted Labour in my life. The only support I would ever give Gorgon would be a leg-up over the sea dyke.

      Heard a rumour that he may be off to US. He’ll be staying close to Mexico just in case the shit hits the fan and his name somehow appears in the WM scandals. I can picture him with a droopy moustache, eye patch and sombrero.

      Ref the biggest party lie, John Curtice explained it quite clearly on Sunday Politics so the lie is being exposed in the public domain. Do you think Slab will change their angle?

      You can see the crap they spout in the MSM and on their election leaflets. Makes me wonder what they are telling people round the doors. Anyone have any feedback?

    88. Gary45% says:

      Sorry, Too not to,

      Long Day.

    89. bjsalba says:

      “World At One”

      Yet another BBC program I used to listen to and contribute to.

      Not any more.

    90. Crash says:

      This is the line that is going to get pushed all the way to the vote.

      Jim Murphy is not going to be challenged on it. You will note that Gary Robertson gave it a wee go but never really hammered home the point, he let it slide like he always does. No change there.

      You needn’t worry about it really, the SNP are polling consistently around 45% this is a direct correlation to the YES vote. These 45% are coming out to vote. That number is rock solid.

      What Jim is trying to do is scare out the No vote but as in their mind the crisis is over they aren’t minded to come back out in such numbers and especially not for labour.

      Rest assured the landslide is coming. 🙂

    91. Cheekwind says:

      Well done Rev, really glad your there picking this stuff up. Don’t think Labour have any option than to punt this line though as anything other would admit to a possibility of defeat. Not good for moral I expect. The fun will start if the polls prove to be correct with Labour and the Conservatives neck and neck. There will be horse trading on a spectacular scale and you will be proved right, then I hope you stick it right to them.

    92. Doug McGregor says:

      Save the Union , get on the phone to your friends and family in England and tell them they have to get Labour in power to avoid the SNP becoming a power in the land , it’s the only way to stay better together , clear Labour majority in England equals no power for Scots , there… fixed.( Irony alert)

    93. Effijy says:

      Fud Smurphy:

      “Why would you expect the 2nd largest party to form a government when it hasn’t happened since 1924”?

      Can we ask Smurph when was the last time an opinion Poll suggested Labour would get only 2 seats in Westminster?

      Changed days for Scottish Politics, other that Labour continuing to lie through their teeth, with their snouts in the trough!

    94. call me dave says:

      ITV tea-time news, Gordon Brown highlighted (but not speaking) shown as being doing his bit for labour and also no sign of Salmond for SNP.

      Murphy now eclipsed by Gordon as leader but Sturgeon presented as being in charge and speaks ‘for viewers in England’.

      Things have swung round. 🙂

    95. ronnie anderson says:

      The Labour Party Political Broadcast.

      The Labour Party was started in Scotland REALLY , were those Scots at that time Genetically more disposed to Making Big Decissions than the People we are today.

      The SHAMED labour Accounting Unit of Scotland, they should be done for FALSE ADVERTISING.

    96. Doug McGregor says:

      Nicola on RS , GMS approx. 8.10 am tomorrow , I wonder if she will get the uninterrupted space to preach that Murky was given this morning in the same slot?

    97. caz-m says:

      You can see our very own “Queen of Scots”, Nicola Sturgeon and others, at the Scrap Trident rally in George Sq Glasgow, this Saturday 4th April.

    98. al urquhar says:

      Rob James @ 8.16

      Not sure GB`s name would appear in WM enquiries, but if they were to have a root-a-boot in Bridge of Weir……..?

    99. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Those of you wondering about WHY you are receiving emails from the Labour Party (North Branch).

      I have an email address which I use rarely. I’m registered at the Herald’s site with it and, also, at Linkdn. Emails from Labour come to that address.

      I think the Labour Party are farming Linkdn for email addresses.

      Nicht wahr?

    100. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Sandy Smith comes from Bridge Of Weir.

      O/T but why not?

    101. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Re Labour farming linkdin, is that legal. I got one several days ago from Smurfy.

      It began, Dear Bugger.

      Almost worth it for the comic value alone.

    102. Betsy says:

      William Hill are offering odds of 3/1 on Scottish Labour being reduced to between 6 and 10 seats in the election. It doesn’t look good for SLab at all. I, on the other hand feel a wee flutter coming on.

    103. heedtracker says:

      Rest assured the landslide is coming.

      We’re all the same country still, but in Scotland everyone from the BBC shills in Pacific Quay to all other Scottish media are desperately trying to save red tory SLabour power in Scotland. Meanwhile in England, they’re all desperately trying to keep ConDem blue tories in power.

      And that’s my teamGB “funny that” of the day.

    104. Gary45% says:

      Our local SNP candidate – Drew Hendry – needs all the help he can get in the battle to oust Danny Alexander here in the Highlands.
      Any assistance would be gratefully received.


    105. liz says:

      @CallmeDave – I didn’t listen to them but shows what hypocrites they are.
      According to them we are all British.

      It’s funny how no comments are allowed on the 2nd version, I guess they don’t want to hear what we say

    106. gerry parker says:

      @ Caz -m

      Hope to see you there but won’t know definite until Friday afternoon. I’ve got another couple of irons in the fire too so am a bit pushed for time.

      Got an e mail this evening asking if I’d like to help out by being a steward.

      Good to see the crowdfunder is nearly there, I’ll root around behind the couch and see what I can find.

      We’re struggling a bit here but now halfway there with 12 days to go.

    107. Hoss Mackintosh says:


      That is quite appalling bias.

      ”While in the event of no single party having an overall majority at a General Election the incumbent Prime Minister may have the right to attempt to form a government, in practice Prime Ministers with fewer seats have given way to the leaders of the party with the most. This is what we understood Jim Murphy to be saying.”

      No – he was saying the largest party forms the government!

      Since when are the BBC supposed to be representing and explaining Jim Murphy’s views.

      Please send your BBC response to G.A. Ponsonby at Newsnet Scotland as soon as possible.

      You never know it may make it it into his most excellent book…

      London Calling – How the BBC stole the referendum.

    108. Dr JM Mackintosh says:



      sorry Btp

    109. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Oops hit wrong button…
      Try again.

    110. caz-m says:

      Ronnie Anderson 8.41pm Labour Party broadcast.

      I also saw that party political broadcast on behalf of the English Labour Party.

      Why are STV showing a video of on behalf of the English Labour Party.

      And the video itself, it was as bad as all the other Labour Party videos.

    111. Hoss Mackintosh says:


      I was hoping for less than 4 Red Pandas for the Red Tories and less than 3 Pandas for the Blue Tories. (includes BtP).

      So still some work to do.

    112. caz-m says:

      Cheers Gerry Parker 9.13pm, RE Mhairi Black.

      Dougie Alexander would be some scalp for the SNP.

      He thinks he is untouchable, Alexander thinks if he keeps turning up in BBC studios the length and breadth of Britain, that he will keep his seat. He is in for a big shock and so are his Westminster Establishment friends.

      Will bump into you somewhere.

    113. maxi kerr says:

      Just remember, Westminster does not care about you, and will never care about the people of Scotland…Its that simple.

    114. Luigi says:

      Five weeks still to go and they have already wheeled out Gordzilla.

      Boy, they must be desperate.

    115. galamcennalath says:

      Here’s something to bear in mind about popular support for landslide winners in WM elections.

      1979 Thatcher got 43.9% of votes cast

      1997 Blair got 43.2% of votes cast

      These two administrations went on to rule with large majorities of seats doing more or less what they pleased.

      2014 Yes got 44.7% of votes cast

      While it doesn’t compare like with like, it still makes you think about popular support and power exercised.

    116. Chic McGregor says:

      Fucking Pitilesslly The People

    117. muttley79 says:

      I watched Nicola Sturgeon’s speech on Saturday, and could not help noticing that the biggest cheer was when she talked about abolishing the House of Lords. Is anyone else concerned that the SNP leadership are talking up reforming Westminster too much? I support independence over reforming the UK political system. What would be the point of the SNP making the UK political system more attractive, which could seriously hamper the appeal of independence?

    118. macnakamurak says:

      5Live just done a feature about what happens if hung Parliament.
      John Motson in his sheepskin coat went through it Match of the Day style…… gimmicky but accurate.
      It won’t be long before SLAB are denying that their biggest party claim was misunderstood by one and all.

    119. Flower of Scotland says:

      My God, it’s the Referendum all over again. Shame on John MacKay on Scotland tonight! I think he needs a few lessons on refereeing. All parties attack SNP! That’s how it’s going to be. I’m getting my head down, putting my tin hat on and only coming to Wings to find out important news.

      Mind you Curran and SIR Malcolm Bruce were babbling. Ha,ha.

    120. HandandShrimp says:

      A colleague lives in Douglas Alexander’s constituency, says he has never seen so much bumf from Dougie before, that he usually almost invisible. I’m guessing but I would imagine that Dougie is one those that the Labour Party is desperately trying to save.

    121. Caledonius says:

      @ caz-m

      RE: possible defeat of Douglas Alexander?

      Paisley & Renfrewshire South

      2010 Result:
      Conservative: 3979 (9.9%)
      Labour: 23842 (59.6%)
      Lib Dem: 3812 (9.5%)
      SNP: 7228 (18.1%)
      Independent: 513 (1.3%)
      Others: 624 (1.6%)
      MAJORITY: 16614 (41.1%)

      Prediction: Possible SNP gain

      So the word on the street is that a Recent March Ashcroft poll predicts an SNP victory by a margin of ten points in Paisley & Renfrewshire. However, some pundits think Alexanders ‘high profile’ may still win it for him. Personally hope we are saying goodbye to him in May. Smug git.

    122. paul gerard mccormack says:

      och sorry! I forgot. Silly me. And there was me thinking jam tomorrow…

      and while I prefer the clarity of Cameron’s insincerity to milliband’s philanthropic delusions what about the Wee lassie wae a tin helmet?

      Joan of Arc, more like.

      Joan of Arc.

    123. stephen says:

      Newsnight poll on bbc2 ,projects SNP to get 37 seats,would that be perceived good result or bad?Personally I think this would be a good result considering they have 6 seats at the moment,but I sense a lot of people would be disappointed in this result

    124. Robert Peffers says:

      As Sherlock Homes was wont to say, (as the official campaign begins, “The Games afoot”. It’s such a pity that foot has been shot all to hell by Labour.

    125. vambomarbeleye says:

      Graph on the news tonight showing the various parties. SNP with 40 odd seats UKIP with 2 but UKIP was described as a major party. WTF.

    126. Clootie says:

      stephen says:
      30 March, 2015 at 11:40 pm

      Labour wouldn’t be!
      Murphy would claim that as success.

    127. Kenny says:

      muttley79: Yes, I noticed that as well. Basically, if you want to get the loudest cheers at a rally, you call for the (1) abolition of the monarchy (2) abolition of the House of Lords (3) abolition of nuclear weapons… usually in that order!

      I think it is just the case of a good cleaning woman who sees a grimy surface and cannot help taking a cloth to it! Even the abolition of the Lords would not be enough to make the UK system “attractive”. We also need a written constitution enshrining the European Charter on Human Rights, an end to the monarchy and titles at the very least (better an Athenian or French-type republic in my opinion), PR system of voting, votes for 16-year-olds, real federalism and goodness knows what else!

      It will be nice for the good people of England to finally have a “furriner” who wants to do good things for them, as opposed to the various Normans, princes of Orange and Hannoverians who have only wanted to treat them as serfs and milk them dry!*

      * And hopefully attone for the deeds of the Stalinist psychopath who led them to bankruptcy in 2008. It makes me ill to think of the damage done and legacy Broon has left to our friends and cousins south of the border.

    128. Caledonius says:

      Sky News has us on 42 seats. I’d really like to hit at least 40 Minimum on the night – and I’ll be dancing around my living room if we get close to or on 50.

      When bookies are offering reasonable odds on Labour only winning 6 seats, I like to hope a little that we will have a true landslide.

    129. Flower of Scotland says:

      Here we go. BBC2 at it now. The polls say SNP 37 seats. Had a feeling this would happen. Over inflate the number of seats, then gradually bring the number down to deflate our confidence.

      We know your game! Ignore the polls and just keep working hard and vote SNP.

    130. Still Positive. says:

      Caledonius at 12.01.

      Originally I would have been happy with 30 seats but I now prefer 40. Anything over that is a huge bonus.

      I am old enough to remember 11 SNP members in October 1974 and that got us, belatedly, the vote on Scottish devolution on 1st March 1979 – even if it was sabotaged by a rogue Labour MP.

      No internet then, of course, but we still voted 52% for.

    131. Robert Peffers says:

      Flower of Scotland says: 30 March, 2015 at 11:01 pm:

      ” … Mind you Curran and SIR Malcolm Bruce were babbling.”

      Mags sounded delusional and Bruce sounded hysterical.

    132. Chic McGregor says:

      As Nicola said, anything over 11 MPs and the SNP will be into record territory.

      I think the personal savaging of Miliband, not just from the Tories but from Paxman and co will win him sympathy votes, especially in Scotland.

      I will be delighted and amazed if we get more than 30 SNP MPs after the MSM have battered our, shall we say ‘less resilient’ sector of the electorate for 5 weeks.

    133. James Dow A voice from the diaspora says:

      Labour Pains
      It was the history of Labour
      To have once been in favour
      Social warriors for every Scot
      Apparently they have lost the plot
      Now a days they are on the nose
      Their reeking emblem, a stinking rose
      Straying too far from your roots
      Aligned with Tory’s in cahoots
      Home rule, their beginning and end
      The party’s over, no chance to amend
      Scot’s are loyal, never betray their trust
      For they’ll never return, before you are dust.
      James Dow
      Dedicated to the passing of a once great political party
      My wish is that they return reconstituted as a cleanskin, ethical, vibrant, viable Labour Party again.

      For a healthy political environment Scotland requires being represented by both an honest government and opposition likewise. Initially I hope that will be the role of a reformed Slab. That is what Scotland requires and deserves for future political and national stability.

      Something different.
      A Home For Flops
      The House of Lords, the final obscene repository for flaccid old men, where the only upright member you might encounter would be one not asleep in his chair.

      Scotland you are not alone, greetings from your diaspora, your Empire, in my case Australia
      TRUE royalty has been restored to Scotland
      Nicola, Our Warrior Queen
      Long may she reign

    134. Natasha says:

      Chic McGregor 12.29pm
      Stop introducing a note of reality into my happy dream! 🙂

    135. Caledonius says:

      @ Still Positive

      Got to say I have a great respect for those of you who have been championing Scotlands corner even through times when it seemed pointless like the 79 betrayal and thatcher years.

      I suppose your right that even 31-32 seats would be just over 50% of all Scotland’s seats. But yeah, there’s just something about hitting 40, it be a real kick in the teeth to Unionist parties.

    136. Natasha says:

      Everything seemed pointless in the Thatcher years.

    137. Robert Peffers says:

      @Still Positive. says: 31 March, 2015 at 12:19 am:

      “I am old enough to remember 11 SNP members in October 1974 and that got us, belatedly, the vote on Scottish devolution on 1st March 1979 – even if it was sabotaged by a rogue Labour MP.”

      Here’s a laughable fact, Still Positive. : –

      There was a, “A Claim of Right for Scotland”, campaign in 1988. The document was produced by, “The Campaign for a Scottish Assembly”. It declared the legal right of sovereignty of the Scottish people.

      The, “Claim of Right of Scotland”, was signed by the complete serving Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs, with the exception of only Labourite Tam Dalyell, a committed and strident opponent of devolution. The signatories included several soon to become prominent MPs who attained high office. These included Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling, and two future leaders of the Liberal Democrats – Charlie Kennedy and Ming Campbell.

      The Document was signed at the General Assembly Hall, on the Mound in Edinburgh – on 30 March 1989 by 58 of Scotland’s 72 Members of Parliament, 7 of Scotland’s 8 MEPs, 59 out of 65 Scottish regional, district and island councils, and numerous political parties, churches and other civic organisations, including trade unions.

      How ironic is that? Bloody funny, though.

    138. Kenny says:

      The magic number is 30 MPs, because that is over half the number of MPs that we send to WM (of course, it need not mean half the country, because of our unfair system, though for once it might work FOR Scotland).

      I think anything from 30-40 would be magical. Anything can go wrong — Greens maybe taking votes to let a unionist win, Labour cheating on postal voting, family voting and farming old people’s homes… Never forget that Scottish indy is a process. It is hard to defeat Labour and other rogues 100% at one fell swoop…

      I am very much hoping Plaid Cymru get three MPs, the Greens hold onto their seat (two would be lovely but unreal, I think) and our Irish friends also do well, so that there is maybe an anti-austerity and pro-democratic block of about 50 MPs. Don’t forget these are all professionals: not troughers flown into safe seats like you get with the Blue and Red Tories. Let’s hope they stir up the good fowk of England and Wales to the same level we have been in Scotland for the past three years!

    139. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Caledonius Message in O/Topic for you.

    140. ronnie anderson says:

      @ caz m. Sos didnt reply to your last post got distracted.

      Meeting under the Horse’s Arse on Sat about 11am, an ah hope Auld Vicky has dressed up for us, at least has ah clean pair of Bloomers oan ha ha.

    141. ronnie anderson says:

      Did you,s notice which Podium Milliband was preaching from today BLOOMBERG.

    142. Hoss Mackintosh says:


      keep Dreaming…

      But Always check out the polls on Scot goes Pop first.

      Both James Kelly and Scottish Skier have detected that the SNP down weighting has been increasing recently.

      (You know – the correction that we are all supposed to vote Laboir like last time. No – I can’t believe that poll – you are really supposed to vote Labour again so I will tweet the poll a bit more – factor).

      So prepare for poll manipulation like you have never seen over the next few weeks – He who pays the pollster plays the tune!

      I predict a huge Murphy bounce in the polls – just watch – it will miraculously happen just before May 7th.

    143. Defo says:

      Big Jock
      “History does not dictate the future. The future is unwritten. Jim fails to mention deliberately. That there have only been 2 hung parliaments, since the last one produced a minority governement in 1929.”

      Maybe Big Jock, but there are a few theoretical physicists who would beg to differ. Causality, at least ?
      The lawyers might have a thing about that “not” bit too !
      In the infinite multi-verse variety of reality, Slim is on the good guys side, at least once. 🙂

      Happily though, in this version of reality, we are getting to watch as those who denied Scotland, their own, are having a slow motion, long overdue train crash into history.
      Way beyond GIRUY time, morning, noon & night now !

    144. Still Positive. says:

      @ Robert Peffers at 12.49.

      That passed me by at the time as I was a mature student with a husband and 4 children aged between 16 and 7 but I have seen it recently – ironic now.

      Kenny at 12.59 totally agree.

      A girl can still dream of 40 or more!

    145. North chiel says:

      Perhaps the “huge Murphy bounce” will be
      Courtesy of the “postal ballot”. Re Hoss Macintosh

    146. Still Positive. says:

      For those of you who think/know that Labour go into Care Homes/Sheltered Housing with the express intention of getting the residents to vote for them – bear in mind that many of the residents will have a Power of Attorney (PoA) where relatives make that decision.

      I’ll give you an example: my sister and I had PoA for our mother in a Care Home but her postal vote still went to the house she used to share with my sister.

      When the 2011 elections came up my sister tried to persuade our mum to vote SNP – I thought this totally wrong as mum had vascular dementia. However, my sister duly filled out said postal vote as SNP constituency and list. Even though that is how I voted it is morally wrong to do that for someone not able to make a rational decision.

    147. Defo says:

      Still Positive,
      She raised two kids, who figured out the rational thing to do, who now jointly have the duty to act on her behalf.
      This seems morally tip top. A commensurate number of nawbags will do exactly the same !

      The opposition think nothing of setting up stall outside the post office on pension day. Or did, pre e banking :-0
      Old folks homes are in the training manual 🙂

      Liking that positive thing you’ve got going on.

    148. liz g says:

      Natasha @ 12.47
      Yes I remember it well,told the kids all about it
      My youngest though was stunned, and humbled outside the polling station on the 18th.
      To hear all the stuff I had commented on for years being discussed and confirmed by others.
      She then gained the understanding of what she was voting for and how much it ment.
      So take heart hun the kids will ,this time make it happen,of this I’m sure X

    149. Still Positive. says:

      Thanks defo.

      Sister died 2012 and mum died 11 weeks later.

      I take your point about setting up outside post offices etc

      I, being the elder sister, have also taken the moral high ground, even though mum lived with my sister who took advantage of that.

    150. bookie from hell says:






      my guess straight swap

    151. john king says:

      Flower Of Scotland @ 5.11pm
      “Just got an email from Jim Murphy! Never ever had any contact, ”

      Complain to The Information Commissioner
      They’ll rip them a new one for sending unsolicited emails
      I did and they,.. well did. 🙂

    152. R-type Grunt says:

      When I was but a bairn my Dad & I got lifted by the cops. We were putting up SNP posters & ripping down Labour ones. They took us to the cop-shop to give me a scare. I asked my Dad why he kept putting himself through and his response then has stuck with me all my life. “So you don’t have to son” was what he said.

      I guess you could say his generation failed but it wasn’t for the lack of trying. Now I say the same. Last September was a big blow for me but a much bigger one for my Dad. Will Scots ever get tired of being lied to? Will they ever just grow a pair?

      People in other countries are prepared to die for the cause of self-determination. We’re a spineless breed.

    153. john king says:

      As much as it pains me to say it R-type
      Im forced to agree with you.
      Hows your dad?

    154. Gary says:

      Is everything they say a lie?

    155. Scotspine says:

      @ North Chiel.

      Turned the wireless on in the car on the way home last night. The BBC news came on and a report was played about how the US and British Govts were very concerned about electoral rigging in the Nigerian elections. I nearly crashed the car laughing!

      With the polls having been so steady for so long, if there is a dramatic shift nover the next 4 weeks, its happening here too.

    156. Davy says:

      Watched the scottish labour broadcast lastnight, comment from wife was “are they doing that on the cheap”, and I was wondering if the bit at the end mentioning ‘scottish labour’ was an insert by Martin Freeman did he do the same for Wales and Northen Ireland.

      Certainly looked staged.

    157. mumsyhugs says:

      R-type Grunt – your dad didn’t fail – he held the line against overwhelming odds which helped get us to where we are today. Your dad is a hero 🙂 x

    158. cearc says:


      Well they are the experts in the field, takes one to know one!

      It made me laugh out loud as well.

    159. Famous15 says:

      On the radio this morning,Good Morning Scotland,I heard that the nice Mr Murphy would end poverty by waging a war against poverty.

      Oh dear! If only his nice friend who bankrolled the Iraq war,son of the manse Gordon Brown had waged a war on poverty rather than an illegal war and horrendously destructive of innocents.

      Jim Murphy,how many chances do you need? Perhaps you are not sincere?

    160. Tam Jardine says:

      Someone else posted earlier that the SNP are becoming in more aggressive in interviews and I agree – the boy on Scotland Today last night was bullish to the point of being almost obnoxious – he was nae letting Margaret Curran away with her biggest party pish and Malcolm Bruce was losing it trying to make his point. Brilliant.

      The Question is out there and it is being asked – SNP know it’s power and the journalists feel duty bound to ask it (the decent ones anyway).

      Well done Rev for formulating the question and having the platform to get it out there. This kind of lie will have been used endlessly by labour down the years and it is only now we have the Internet that ordinary folk are able to communicate with each other across the land and get to grips with complex lies and destroy them.

      Labour’s PPB their best effort in years – I like Martin Freeman and it is simple and effective. Trouble with it is trying to match up his message of working class solidarity with the labour mps.

      I wonder if he would stick with them if his mp was Margaret C or Donohoe, or Jim? Or if he listened to McTernan? Or if he had lost family or friends in Blair’s wars?

      It can’t be easy down south… at least we have someone to vote for.

    161. Dorothy Devine says:

      OT but anyone seen this ,

      Nice wee snigger!

    162. robertknight says:

      Someone had better call the fire service, yet again Murphy’s Y-fronts are well and truly ablaze. (Fortunately for him he prefers to wear them on the outside, superhero style).

    163. Scotspine says:

      Another laugh from the wireless.

      After the SNP win in the Buckie by election they are the single biggest party. The current MorayCouncil administration (Tory and Independants) wont move aside to let SNP take power.

      Murphy! Stick that up yer hoop!

    164. Nana Smith says:

      A few stories/links which may have gotten lost over the last few days.

      I find myself wishing my life away to May!

      Clare Short says SNP-Lab would offer radical govt.. best possibility

    165. cearc says:


      ‘Mr Murphy would end poverty by waging a war against poverty.’

      Good news for the arms industry then and think of all the money to be made rebuildng all the previous ‘poor’ areas!

    166. manandboy says:

      Watching a film for the second time, I regularly notice things
      that I missed completely the first time round.
      I’m sure others do the same.

      John McTernan, with his new film, ‘Saving Labour – Saving the Union’,
      presents Jim Murphy, repeating over and over, the same line –
      ‘the biggest party always wins the election’.

      The film, showing daily at outlets throughout Scotland,
      is in the political fiction category
      and therefore, in theory, should not be taken too seriously.

      However, the film must be serving a purpose,
      and have a serious intent.
      It certainly has a big budget and probably generous Government grants.

      I just hope I don’t miss the point of this movie first time round.
      It certainly has a lot of people wondering as to why make such a stupid film.

      In McTernan’s last film ‘The Referendum’, the No campaign had a U-boat lurking offshore, underneath the surface, loaded with torpedoes,
      which eventually sank the newly constructed vessel ‘Independence’
      even before it had a chance to sail.

      Toward the end of his new film, ‘Saving Labour – Saving the Union’,
      I can imagine the Captain of the U-boat, making another appearance,
      saying ‘Fire one! Fire two!’

      The thought fills me with dread.

    167. Hoss Mackintosh says:


      “The Curse of No” strikes again…

      Is there no end to its Power?!?

    168. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Famous 15 Murphys beeing reported as going to spend millions to end Poverty ( when was he elected again )he also volunteers in Foodbank ( trussell trust ), but thats only for the duration of camera’s flashing.

    169. Glamaig says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon 8:53pm

      Im on LinkedIn but never been to the Herald and Ive not had anything from Labour. That might narrow it down to the Herald…

    170. ronnie anderson says:

      Big buisness Fear Factor coming in Kingfisher (B/Q) closing 60 stores in Britain dispite the buisness doing better than in France.

      SoS Dundonians, your the losers as reported by Bbc Scot, no doubt other Yes voting areas will be forthcoming.

    171. orri says:

      So… has the period where the broadcasters are legally required to stop favouring one political party over another officially started yet?

    172. HandandShrimp says:

      There was something on the radio this morning about the Labour left siding with the SNP if there was a issue by issue support from the SNP.

      Certainly kicks the Labour troll mantra that the SNP are to the right of Labour into touch 🙂

    173. call me dave says:

      From Herald. (archive not getting past pay wall)

      Asked if he would continue to lead the SNP group at Westminster after May 7, Mr Robertson replied: “I’m delighted to serve as the Westminster leader of the Scottish National Party and will happily continue doing so.”

      The party rules state that it is the MPs, following an election, who determine who becomes their leader in the Commons.

      The fact that the Nationalists are hoping to increase their number of MPs substantially after the election from six to, if the polls are right, anything from 30 to 50, could mean the choice of leader might not be so straightforward given Mr Salmond’s high media profile not just north but also south of the border.

      Asked about this, Mr Robertson replied: “It’s amazing how many journalists at Westminster are behind on the news; journalists in Scotland and commentators in Scotland have been aware since Alex Salmond declared his candidacy in Gordon that he has confirmed he is not seeking the leadership of the SNP at Westminster.”

      But in, political terms, “not seeking” does not mean it will not happen. Politicians in the past have said they would not seek positions but, when colleagues have urged them to do so, have complied with their wishes.

      When this was pointed out to Mr Robertson, he stressed: “I’m in the fortunate position of knowing Alex Salmond better than you do.”

      Asked if the ex-FM had given his personal assurance to his colleague that he would not seek the leadership, Mr Robertson replied: “Yes.”

      If the SNP does as well as the polls indicate it will, then the party will become the third force at Westminster, meaning, as a senior Commons source suggested, it would move from the “margins to the mainstream”.

      In such circumstances, the Nationalists would seek membership of most if not all Commons committees. Their leader would have his profile raised because during the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions he would be called upon to ask two questions.

      Sturgeon did well this morning on GMS and Gary …stop interrupting we want to hear the answers!

    174. schrodingers cat says:

      please help chris in dundee

      Scotland’s journey continues and we only have until 6.30pm tonight (Tuesday) to reach our funding target for the minibus, which will help us to reach every voter in Dundee West ahead of ?#?GE15?.

      Please donate what you can:

    175. ronnie anderson says:

      Scotspine says:
      31 March, 2015 at 8:37 am

      Another laugh from the wireless.

      Ah think You & Me need some help tae git into the 21st century,ah hud tae fireup the steam generator tae get this PC powered up to reply tae your post,an cawing that handles no easy wie athritis LoL.

    176. Alex Smith says:

      S’alright, Ronnie, we still got Wickes and Homebase!

    177. David Wardrope says:


      Sorry to go back to your comment on BBC complaint (yesterday about 6pm ish). Strange response from the BBC, as it surely doesn’t matter a damn what their understanding of it is, it’s about the publics perception of whats being said.

      It’s the BBC’s responsibility to ensure there is no ambiguity in reporting. (Also, sorry of this has been said, haven’t read all comments yet.)

    178. Flower of Scotland says:

      Thanks John King! Will complain about my unsolicited email from Murphy.

    179. gus1940 says:

      Am I alone in being puzzled as to why The SNP and the other anti-Austerity parties do not use the example of the 1930s Roosevelt New Deal.

      It was the total antithesis of Austerity with massive government spending schemes and an empahasis on infrastrucure spending and few would argue that it was other than a success in pulling up The US from an economic meltdown far worse than anything we have seen in the last few years.

    180. ronnie anderson says:

      And now the Weather from where I am.


    181. X_Sticks says:

      @Schrodingers Cat

      Donation made. I hope Chris is successful.

    182. X_Sticks says:


      Chilly but sunny here in Aberdeen 😀

    183. Rigmac7 says:

      Scorchio butras butras galli here in Nairobi 🙂

    184. David Wardrope says:

      Tha i fuar agus fluich ann an Tobar Na Mathar 🙁

      …and blawy

    185. Colin Church says:

      Am I the only one worried about Cameron’s tack on forcing Labour to declare non-coperation with the SNP. Are the Liberals next? Sounds very much like the “sermon on the pound”. All parties say we will not share GB Westminster with the SNP – therefore a wasted vote. Stakes just ramped up a notch.

      Independence is not on table here but does feel like an indyref2 battle – NHS (devolved), FFA (too wee, too poor) , IFS (never knowlingly impartial)… Even heard Brian Taylor on BBC framing it as SNP biggest independence party vs Labour biggest unionist party.

      Well done to Nicola for standing up to Gary on GMS trying to demonise the poor and benefit claimants as per gutter MSM.

    186. HandandShrimp says:

      Cameron is having a logic melt down. If the SNP have 43 seats and hold the balance of power it doesn’t matter whether the Tories or Labour like that.

      If Cameron stayed in No 10 Labour can’t say to the SNP you can’t vote with us in voting down Cameron’s budget (even if they wanted to).

      If Ed is in No 10 the Tories can’t say to the SNP you are not allowed to vote through a Labour budget. Cameron cannot demand that Ed include something in that budget that would drive the SNP away from supporting it…why would Ed do that?

      Cameron is talking mince…he was talking mince about tax yesterday and he is talking mince about democracy today.

    187. ronnie anderson says:

      @ X Sticks aye ah kin see the Palmtrees blawing in the breeze fae here lol.

      @Rigmac 7 Aye go on rub it in why dont ye, ah hope you git sunblisters LoL.

    188. ronnie anderson says:

      @ david Wardrope Diz that Wickes sell parafinn,& hiz Homebase goat a solid foundation Lol

    189. David Wardrope says:


      I’d have to make the incredibly long trek into Hamilton to get to those shops ;), and with B&Q the only hardware store in town, I’d rather freeze…

    190. a2 says:

      Any chance of making these handy snippets available for download when you compile them?

      I’ve had problems before where staunch Labour supporters immediately dismiss anything linked to wings as invalid and “la lah lah la lah – not listening” so there’s no point directing them here.

      Also as an aside is anyone else seeing the arguments ‘free tuition fees disproportionately support the middle classes – SNP bad, Cutting Corporation tax – neoliberal policy- SNP bad, only to have keeping free tuition flop through the door on scot labs leaflet and Ed state policy as reducing Business rates.

      Id also appreciate some views on Council tax freeze and how that doesn’t help the less well off as I’m seeing that come up a lot and I can’t get my head round it properly.

    191. a2 says:

      “Cameron is talking mince…he was talking mince about tax yesterday and he is talking mince about democracy today.”

      Doesn’t matter whether he’s talking mince, same as it doesn’t matter whether “The biggest party…” is mince. What matters is whether voters buy into it or not. Essentially both parties are betting on how much of the electorate are not going to expend too much thought on what they are being told and how obvious it is that it’s mince.

      I think Cameron is a bit ahead on that, up here anyway, not that that’s going to help him here. It’s hard to tell how people who aren’t paying a huge lot of attention view it though.

    192. Tony Little says:



      thanks for that – happy memories of the fast show.

      “Aren’t the SNP – Brilliant!”

    193. Silverytay says:

      Ronnie A
      Hate to tell you this Ronnie but Homebase are also shutting down stores left right and centre .
      They shut the Wishaw one down just before Christmas and the Perth store is either shut or shutting .

      I don’t know how true it is but I heard a story from a good source that the Morrison’s stores in Airdrie and Bellshill are both on a sticky wicket as well .

      As an aside how are you keeping , long time no see .

    194. X_Sticks says:


      “Any chance of making these handy snippets available for download when you compile them?”

      There is a Print to PDF option at the bottom of each article if that helps 😀

    195. crazycat says:

      @ a2

      The argument about council tax is, I think, this:

      In general, people in more valuable properties also have a higher income. The converse is also generally true, with poorer people living in cheaper properties.

      When the council tax was instigated, the number of bands was too small, and the threshold for the highest band too low, so that a person in a £2 million mansion paid the same as a person in a property worth £1 more than the threshold (£212,000 in Scotland).

      Since then, house prices have rocketed, but the bands have not changed and there have been no revaluations, except when a property is sold or various changes of use occur. So there are people in houses of much-increased “worth” paying quite low council tax.

      These are the things that need to change, by introducing many more bands at the higher end. But there is a fixation on the freeze.

      If council tax is frozen, the people in big houses (ie probably the richest) save the most money (increases would be proportional) in absolute terms, but would be least likely to suffer if the freeze ended.

      Poorer people save the least, but the saving is more valuable to them on their lower incomes. If their income is low enough, of course, they may be eligible for a discount, though this cannot now be 100% any more.

      Those who oppose the freeze, however, seem not to be concerned by this so much as by the idea that less council tax income leads to cuts in public services (some though not all of which are used more by the poor). Unfortunately for their argument, council tax makes up only a small proportion of council income – I’ve just tried to find out what proportion, without success (it may vary from council to council) but I am sure I have seen a figure fairly recently which undermines the “anti-freeze” argument.

      (That argument can be summed up as “SNP bad”.)

    196. a2 says:

      Thanks X sticks PDF isn’t going to help me with Audio though 😉 I see Stu has now helpfully included wee links to the originals below the posts so all good.

      Thanks also Crazycat, helps a bit I’m not sure about the “Those who oppose the freeze, however, seem not to be concerned by this so much as by the idea that less council tax income leads to cuts in public services” : The one person who I see as a pretty good barometer of dyed in the wool Slab supporter (but Yes voting SNP bad) does seem more concerned with the direct cost rather than the impact on services. still need to get my head round it.

    197. crazycat says:

      @ a2

      So your SLab supporter thinks it would be better if poor people had to pay more, because rich people would have to pay more more? Even though the richest of all would barely notice, due to the band structure?

      Verily, the mind of the SLab supporter is difficult to fathom!!

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