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News shafted

Posted on June 14, 2018 by

Yesterday was quite an eventful day, so it’s moderately possible you may have missed the alarming news that some shady Mafia-backed hedge fund or such has apparently funded these irresponsible and morally-suspect chancers (last seen shilling on air for literally Vladimir Putin and BBC Scotland, in that order) to produce an all-new series of scurrilous and dubious fact-grubbing for some inexplicable reason.

We have alerted the appropriate authorities. For safety, remain in your homes.

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    1. 14 06 18 20:56

      News shafted | speymouth

    168 to “News shafted”

    1. David Smith says:

      Yay! 🙂

    2. James Sneddon says:

      The only news I’d pay for!!

    3. Muscleguy says:


      That is all.

    4. Muscleugy says:

      Feels like 2013 again.

      The Revolution will be televised and some of that will be funny, satirical and arch.

    5. Indy2 says:

      Lets hope they start broadcasting the truth about how the English are shafting the Scots every day of the week.

      There are still a few Indy supporters around who are in denial.

      Time to take off the blinkers Scotland, the English and their Establishment are fucking you left right and centre and all you do is turn a blind eye.

      No more, time for change.

    6. Merkin Scot says:

      ITV commentator told us that ‘he was certain’ that Mr Putin would be claiming credit for the 5-0 trouncing of the Butchers of Yemen.
      Any news of Mr Putin having done that?

    7. Confused says:

      Did you notice they DIDN’T mention the ILLUMINATI?! – now we KNOW this is a deception, wrapped in a misdirection, encrusted with an obfuscation. Shills the lot of them … playing a dark game.

      – this thing is deep. Very deep. Putin. The Chabad Lubavitch AND the Queen Mum – she’s still alive – and James Dean faked his own death, but I’ve already said too much.

    8. Street Andrew says:

      I don’t think a couple of wassocks like that are going to have me rushing round the Post office for a TV licence in a hurry.

      Hell’s Bells who pays for access to this shite ?

      You must be mad.

    9. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I still have my “Newshaft” stuff from their crowdfunder. Will they become artefacts, suitable for display in ‘The Scottish Museum Of Independence” in a couple of years?

    10. fillofficer says:

      wot a pair o novichoks

    11. skozra says:

      woot !!!

    12. mikewr says:

      I’m strangely quite happy to see this pair back in the saddle again,so to speak. Just as well James hung onto to all his suits.

    13. Confused says:

      Remember kids, paranoid conspiracy theories are BAD – unless the you have an approved GOVT-certified paranoid conspiracy theory.

      (I remember the incessant news-stories about Harold Wilson banging his secretary who was a Russian agent, natch. Sound familiar?)

    14. Vestas says:

      Welcome back lads, its almost like we were all 4 years younger but 40 years older in cynicism…

    15. Artyhetty says:

      Great, looking forward to that!

      OK must step away from the keyboard right now though! It’s been rivetting, watching proceedings past couple of days. How can anyone especially in Scotland not be aware of what’s happening in Britnat politics right now.

      UK as it is must look like a dysfunctional, undemocratic little backwater to many around the globe. Scotland’s MP’s did the right thing and SNP new member numbers confirm that. They kept their heads, while all about lost theirs, the days of empire really are finished.

      If you haven’t had enough for one week, pop over to Mark Simon Frankland’s blog, he takes no prisoners in his analysis of what’s gone on past 24 hours.

    16. Macart says:

      Awesome! 🙂

    17. Dr Jim says:

      These guys are a laugh a minute looking forward to more nonsense news

    18. David McDowell says:

      Two days ago Theresa May promised Tory “rebel” Dominic Grieve a “compromise” to avoid government defeat in a vote over Brexit amendments.

      When the wording of the compromise was published Grieve said: “At the end of the process something had been inexplicably changed, which had not been agreed. And therefore it cannot be accepted.”

      Dominic has learned how much a Tory “promise” is worth!

    19. Brian Doonthetoon says:


      The poll at The Courier,

      (Scroll down and look at the right) seems to have settled around 25% yes and 75% no. (You can multi-vote by using the Firefox add-on “Remove cookies”.)

      This would seem to reflect the 25% hard Scottish Britnats versus the 75% open to the idea of independence. Make your vote…

    20. Smallaxe says:

      Brian Doonthetoon says:

      “This would seem to reflect the 25% hard Scottish Britnats versus the 75% open to the idea of independence.”

      I’ve found that 25% Brian!
      From Scotland in Yoonyon;

      Did you see the antics of the SNP at Westminster this week?
      Throwing away a chance to have a parliamentary debate on Brexit and devolution in favour of a publicity stunt for their own gain.
      Scotland deserves better. We need representatives that get on with the day job and prioritise the needs of their constituents rather than their drive for a separate Scotland.
      The latest polls published today show that Scottish people still want to remain in the UK, as have the vast majority of polls since the referendum. Yet, the SNP are pressing ahead with National Assemblies over the summer to try and progress their campaign to break up the UK.
      We need to grow our movement to stand up to the SNP and ask them to take another divisive referendum off the table. So, we are asking you to tell your friends and family about Scotland in Union and encourage them to sign up. It costs nothing to register as a supporter and it takes only a few seconds on our new website!
      If you do one thing for the campaign this week, sweetie, please recruit one friend to Scotland in Union. We need people from all walks of life in Scotland to unite behind our campaign and we cannot do it without your help.
      Thanks for your support.
      Pamela Nash
      Scotland in Union

    21. Mad Unionist says:

      The desperation of the Nationalists is amusing.Their attempt to be run continuously by the Brussels fraud squad is criminal and an embarrassing moment for Scotland.

    22. mogabee says:

      YES, there is an answer to that age-old question:

      “Is there any satire in Scotland any more?”

      Bloody brilliant!!!

    23. Ian McCubbin says:

      Garbage no way I would watch it. Reckon I might get a headache.

    24. The desperation of the yoons is amusing.Their attempt to be run continuously by the Westminster fraud squad is criminal and an embarrassing moment for Scotland.


      well done Russia,my team for the World Cup.

    25. ‘Scotland is not a partner in the UK, it is part of the UK.’
      A revolver and a glass of single malt will be on Mundo’s desk in the morning.

    26. One_Scot says:

      Lol, it’s funny Yoons used to annoy me, now I just see them for the pathetic and sad individuals that they are.

    27. Shinty says:

      Anyone know what the parking is like at the Bannockburn Field Rally? Can’t make the March but have stuff I’d like to hand into the Wings & iScot Stall.

    28. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Been waiting for these guys to come back for aaaages.

    29. schrodingers cat says:

      i wonder if they could do some spoof takes of the bt adverts 🙂

    30. Bobp says:

      One-scot 9.25pm. And miserable glass half empty bastids

    31. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Smallaxe –

      Dunno if you got creative with that letter, but if not then yon Pamela Nash comes across a tad ‘overfamiliar’, eh?



      Mind you, she walked past us on the way into the Glasgow SIU Burns supper, all glammed-up, straight out of a Donald McGill postcard.

      Titter ye not!


    32. remo says:

      Just rewatched a couple of the old Dateline episodes on Youtube. Hilarious. Glad they are back. Now going back to Youtube to watch more. Can’t understand the detrimental posts above. Have you guys ever seen Dateline?

    33. galamcennalath says:

      I can no longer tell tongue in cheek parody from genuine sentiment. The world of yoonery has become so totally surreal. Even points which might be made in all seriousness could equally be mockery ! 😉

    34. Shinty says:

      A wee reminder for all ‘Scottish’ Tories

    35. Golfnut says:

      I’m guessing some of you posters have never watched DATELINE. They were are pro Indy, they mocked and ridiculed the media.
      Anyway, good luck with this venture guys.

    36. Wonder if Rev could get Mr Foote to do a Post on Wings telling the whole story of how the Vow came about,

      a sinner needs to confess and repent to be truly forgiven.


      Leanne Wood is on BBCQT tonight with some grade 1 barrel scraped right wing zoomers.

    37. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      There are NO ‘Scottish Tories’ @Shinty says at 10:00 pm

      There are ONLY Tories FROM Scotland.

      And a nasty bunch of wee shites they truly are.

    38. Artyhetty says:

      Re; Jack collatin @9.24pm

      He sounds like the Borg, ‘you have been assimilated, do not resist’. Nice way to speak to your own people Mundell!

    39. Ian Brotherhood says:

      To be fair to Mundell (I know, I know…’Why?!’) it sounded like he *thought* he was saying something patriotic, but he was doing it off-the-cuff, hadn’t thought it through properly and didn’t realise how it would actually sound to those who don’t share his peculiarly-shaped mindset.

      Having said all that, he’s still a pure fud and must resign forthwith.

    40. David Chalmers says:

      I see Leanne Wood is on QT. I’m sure Plaid did not join the SNP on the walkout. That’s a bit surprising. Is there any intel on that?

    41. galamcennalath says:


      Strictly speaking, the Conservative Party was an English party until 1965 when Scottish Unionists (and National Liberals in 1968) merged with it.

      Prior to that those parties took the Conservative whip, as did the Ulster Unionists.

      I honestly don’t know if that distinction made Tories from Scotland any more Scottish pre merger. It probably did to some extent.

      I do know that one of the arguments Scottish Unionists used in the 1950s was that Labour supported UK centralisation and therefore took power away from Scotland. I suspect it was actually a case of taking power from private owners into state control via nationalisation of essential industries.

    42. Croompenstein says:

      I’ll watch it as long as Briony’s in it.. 🙂

    43. Cuilean says:

      Ian Murray sleekitly tried to ride on the SNP’s coat tails today. When SNP asked for the emergency debate, Murray asked the Speaker, as a point of order, that should the SNP leader be absent for any reason on Monday, that his name also be attached to the emergency debate. The Speaker droned on for ages but finally decided that the Standing Order for an Emergency Debate must have just one specified MP.

      Trying to steal the SNP’s thunder. Could Labour sink any lower?

    44. galamcennalath says:

      @Me at 10:23pm

      Churchill at Ibrox in 1950 (I believe) ….

      No surprise it was Ibrox, perhaps!

    45. Sinky says:

      Anyone fancy writing to Somerset County Gazette over the suicide remarks

      A screen grab during Ian’s point of order along with Mr Liddell-Grainger’s quote in the Somerset County Gazette. Photographic proof he was there.

    46. Jim says:

      Way off topic but I am following the Wings Twitter convo about Daniel Johnson being unsure if Bill was an alternative word for Beak.

      I then noticed that he stated a Hummingbird can move it’s wings at 30kHz which would be 30,000 Hertz, my fucking God, don’t let these imbeciles anywhere near our children’s education system.

    47. Fred says:

      I’m told there’s a petition gaun aboot to get rid of the odious Mundell.

    48. galamcennalath says:

      “Theresa May is poised to give the NHS a £4 billion-a-year boost funded by borrowing, income tax and a Brexit dividend, the Daily Telegraph has learned.”

      ‘A Brexit dividend’? Sounds like someone hasn’t been paying attention!

      It seems a long time since I heard anyone claim that there might be any financial gain from Brexit.

      Any form of Brexit will cost dearly, the only question is just how much.

    49. Smallaxe says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:

      “@Smallaxe –
      Dunno if you got creative with that letter, but if not then yon Pamela Nash comes across a tad ‘overfamiliar’, eh?”

      She loves me, Ian, what can I say?

    50. louis.b.argyll says:

      The next level of deception from the BBC TORY GOVERNMENT..?

      ‘Celebrities on the NHS Front Line’

      Why not just pay some doctors and nurses and porters instead of fucking useless BBC celebrbrities.

    51. jfngw says:

      Always maintained I would never join a political party, always wanted the freedom to vote how I wanted (I’ve voted SNP since 1992 so my opinion hasn’t changed much). But enough is enough, 64 next month, now applied to join SNP. Not sure I really have the attributes to achieve much for them but at least it sends a message that Scotland will not be silenced.

      I would like to point out I voted for Nicola Sturgeon in 1992, so I claim to be one of her earliest supporters. Unfortunately Labour won the seat (David Marshall if I remember correctly).

    52. Shinty says:

      Jockanese Wind Talker says:
      14 June, 2018 at 10:03 pm
      There are NO ‘Scottish Tories’ @Shinty says at 10:00 pm
      That is why I said ‘Scottish’ Tories.

      The tweet I linked to clearly shows there was a time when the Scottish Conservatives stood up for Scotland (albeit before my time) Completely alien to the thowless thirteen sitting in the house of commons and at Holyrood.

    53. Liz g says:

      Smallaxe @ 10.42
      We aw love ye Smallaxe…. But that seems a bit above and beyond?

    54. Dr Jim says:

      Scotland tonight had the odiously slimy Paul Sinclair on and at one point slimy Sinclair tried to suggest you can’t get a journalists job in Scotland unless you’re a Nationalist
      This was in reference to Murray Foote’s announcement he would be supporting Independence suggesting Murray Foote was looking for a job

      Prior to this he claimed there was no power grab in operation it was all a SNP myth and talked over the two lady guests who were Michelle Thomson and a lady from The National newspaper (my apologies to her for not remembering her name)

      I won’t bore you all with the rest of his negative slimy shite but to say we’ve all heard it before (a wee man scorned because the SNP sacked him)

    55. Smallaxe says:

      Liz g,

      Well, Liz, I had to change a couple of words where she used the name that she knows me by and if I told you what that is then you wouldn’t believe me.
      I’ll tell you next time I see you.

    56. Albert Herring says:


      The Scottish Unionist Party were so called because they supported, not the 1707 union, but the 1801 union with Ireland. They believed the ending of that union would also spell the end of the British Empire. They regarded the British Empire as vital to Scottish interests (shipbuilding, locomotive manufacture, etc.).

      A faction of party took the view that Scotland, along with Ireland, Wales, and indeed England should have dominion status within the Empire, and that an imperial parliament be set up with representatives from all the countries of the empire. This was anathema to the Unionist leadership so in 1932 the faction broke away to form The Scottish Party.

      Two years later The Scottish Party merged with The National Party of Scotland to form the broad kirk which is the SNP.

    57. Liz g says:

      Smallaxe @ 11.11
      Well if I wasn’t already looking forward to it… I certainly am now.
      Will ye be at Banockburn?
      Thepnr and I tried to find ye at Glasgow Green.. But you had disappeared with Ian Brotherhood.. So hoping we can catch up (obviously if you are fit enough) and hoping to finally meet Mrs Smallaxe..

    58. Smallaxe says:

      I’ll be there, Liz, accompanied by my current wife.
      I didn’t disappear with Ian, I was with Cactus, K1, and Thepnr then at the Wings stall for the rest of the day.

    59. HandandShrimp says:

      I loved Dateline back in 2014. Happy to see them back and raring to go.

    60. David McCann says:

      Love these guys!
      Welcome back.
      Humour is the best for of attack!

    61. Dr Jim says:

      BBC QT Looks like Wales is right behind Scotland and they’re seeing things exactly the same way we do

      Except for another odious Tory Isabel Oakshot a suck up Labour John Mann and the ever slippery MP Tory Lawyer Dominic Grieve but you’d expect that

      Oh yeah and there are people in Wales and England who apparently think their people are sovereign and haven’t realised *They’re not* their sovereignty was removed and given to the English parliament by their actual sovereign at the time, so the English parliament does not have to do the peoples will, it’s the other way round (sorry England and Wales you’ve been misled)

      The only people who actually are sovereign are Scots because some of our ancestors foresaw stuff like this happening and tried to do a little something about it by writing it down in law

    62. Liz g says:

      Smallaxe @ 11.32
      Glad to hear you’ll be there…
      Don’t know how I missed ye last time??…. But I am kinda hoping its top secret Indy stuff,that is a “Need tae Know” type situation ..
      And let me tell ye..I need tae know..

      But seriously,all being well,I will see ye next Saturday,my friend. X

    63. Andrew says:

      I might be behind the curve but having dug in and tried to watch question time David Dimbilby has just said the SNP were thrown out of the chamber what the f***k

    64. Ken500 says:

      The Tories (ConDems) cut the NHS budget £20Billion. £4Billion a year from 2015 to 2020. May has had to put back over £2Billion. Into A&E etc. The SNP (Gov) had to increase SNHS spending more. Ie from the Block Grant (taxes raised in Scotland). SNHS funding Increased in Scotland from £10Billion to £12,5Billion. The ConDems cut Education £6Billion a year. – £3Billion they will not get back. Increase student loans financed in England. So why put the students in debt. Just an added burden for young people. More mis spending.

      They cut welfare benefits £18Billion over 6 years. £3Billion a year which costs more by sanctioning and starving people. The vulnerable, the old and the sick. Killing them. Elderly deaths in the rest of the UK have risen (107%). Life expectancy in falling for the first time. It costs more in other support services. Being borne out in recent figures. Sanction and starving people costs more. The disgrace of food banks in the 20th Century. The Scottish Gov have to mitigate the Westminster cuts. The Tories have cut the Scottish Gov funds 10% a year since 2010. Now £3Billion. Austerity.

      The Tories are spending £Billions on Trident, Hinkley Point and HS2 all a total waste of money. Funding which could have mitigated these spending cuts on the essential services and maintained better services. Spending £Billions on HS2 with no business case but cutting rail funding in the north of England (and Scotland) where it is needed. Spending £Billions on subsidised Hinkley Point when alteratuve renewables are far cheaper and safer. The Torues cut funding in solar and renewables. Cheaper and safer with no waste.

      The Tories ruined the Oil sector taxing. Illegally taxing it at 40% since Jan 2016. More before that when the price had fallen 75%. The Tories were taxing it at 62% Osbourne, losing Scotland £Billion and thousands of jobs.

      The Tories cut taxes especially for the wealthiest. Tax evasion and illegal wars have cost £Billions. Creating the worse migration crisis in Europe since 11WW. Costing Europe £Billions. The UK/US (France) caused it. Brexit will cost even more.

      In 2010 when the Tories came to power £600Billion was collected in taxes in the UK. Now eight years later £533Billion is collected in taxes. The Tories borrow and spend in the rest of the UK. £100Billion?. £50Billion public spending. £50PPI. (Chinese). They do not pay their way and are in deficit. Scotland pays its way and would not be in deficit without Westminster policies affecting the Scottish economy.

    65. Dr Jim says:


      Dumbledore the BBC and the truth….Nah! even black is always grey and thirty years later he’ll admit it *might* have been a mistake ….long after they’ve done their damage

      You couldn’t get under their bellies with a keycard

    66. yesindyref2 says:

      Yeah, they were good, discovered them late on via Wings probably.

    67. Ken500 says:

      Ian Blackford was told to leave for the day. The others rightly followed. They were chucked out showing solidarity. The others went back in later. They had business.. Bercow did not follow procedures and was lying about other matters. They are supposed to tell the truth on oath or be held in contempt (?). Should have to apologise but just get away with it. They can say what they like. Parliamentary Privilege. Without being sued.

    68. Black Donald says:

      ‘Scotland is not a partner in the UK, it’s part of the UK’

      Mundell would have been more accurate if he had said :

      ‘Scotland is not a partner in the UK, it is the UK’

      Economic area of Scotland 50% larger than England. It’s full of oil and gas.
      Massive renewable energy. Already self sufficient.
      30% plus of UK exports someone said?
      Very large financial sector. Was fourth largest in Europe before Westminster decimated it.
      Most of worlds whisky exports and UK gin production.
      60% of UK fish.
      Etc. Etc. You folks know the rest.

      However, as long as we remain in the UK, we’ve got nothing.

    69. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      As I said yesterday I don’t believe the YOUGOV poll showing the Tories gaining support and it looks like there is another poll out showing them losing most of their seats.

      This fits with what I hear in the streets and its worth remembering the polls showed Clinton winning, TMay winning hugely last year, no independence majority in the Scottish Parliament, no 56 out of 59 and Labour winning lots of seats at the English local election. In our case they cannot factor in that we have a huge on the ground army and our opponents have virtually nobody.

      It is hard to work out who won and lost the most yesterday. SNP hugely won, Tories lost badly but I suspect Labour lost even more. Ruth Davidson will never be FM without Labour and LibDem support and it is entirely possible that that can never happen anymore. Were Labour to put Woof in that would be the final nail in Labour’s coffin

      Labour either finds itself and joins the move to independence or it is finished.
      Good riddance.

    70. Ken500 says:

      1914-18 1WW. 1928 Universal Suffrage.

      A Irish Home Rule Bill was supposed to be passed two weeks after 1WW declared. Suspended. WW caused by the European Royals. Rivalries and territories. The ‘divine right to rule’. (Russian Revolution 1917) WW millions died. The Irish fought in the war. (Deceived). Northern county unionists took up arms. Captain Crawford smuggled in arms. Unionist Army fired on protesters. Uprisings. Ireland Partitioned 1923. Civil War. Collins died. Black & Tans. Gladstone Lib partitioned Ireland.

      1928 Universal Suffrage. 1928 UK General Strike . 1933 Wall Street crash. World Depression.

      Balfour Agreement 1917. State of Israel. Lord Balfour and Lord Rothschild. HoL.

      Later Irish Troubles suppressed by Army. Occupation (or liberation!). Queen apologised! Reunification (on Brexit?)

    71. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      boris @ 9.01

      I have often spoken about the centre.

      Ladies and gentlemen welcome to (part of) the Centre.

      Good post Boris.

      We need to be alert to this particular section of the enemy.

    72. Returnofthemac says:

      @sinky just got my letter away to the Gazette,won’t hold my breath.

    73. Ken500 says:

      @ Not Gladstone. – Lloyd George.

      1928 Universal Suffrage. The vote – Labour Party. SNP. Working class.

    74. Cactus says:

      Now that’s good news.

      Victory aye aye aye days remaining to go now.

      Can any readers from Bannockburn recommend a place for afters…

    75. twathater says:

      I noticed on brewers droop the other day when they were interviewing Lesley Laird and Christine Jardine they were most upset that Labours amendment was not supported by the SNP .

      That amendment was instead of the tories insistence of a 7 year stranglehold on the returning powers liebour were going to propose a stranglehold of ONLY 3 years maybe increasing to 5 years , laird and jardine were getting REALLY angry that they could have sorted the impasse by this amendment whereby Scotland would still be shafted but hey ho , it was not about the theft of the powers but the length of time treeza held them , shades of the Welsh liebour govt

      This betrayal by these brit nat parties will probably be raised again on Monday so the SNP MP’s better beware

      As for their support for the continuity bill at the engerlish supine court I would be very very wary , they are only concerned at their place at the wastemonster trough

    76. Macart says:

      Indisputable facts.

      The taking of these powers after consent has been sought and refused is theft. Therefore – power grab. Scottish Tories voted with the UK government. Therefore they betrayed the wishes of Scotland’s electorate. Labour abstained. Therefore they failed to offer even token resistance to UK gov’s theft of your powers. Their party riven with infighting, their allegiances divided, their focus not on representing the wishes of Scotland’s electorate, but party politics in HoC. Apparently their focus lay elsewhere. Just to be clear? They’re called the ‘Scottish benches’ for a reason. It’s where those MPs supposedly representing the wishes of Scotland’s electorate sit. (DUH)

      Not Scotland’s government. Clearly not N.I. (they have their own problems with UK gov and endangerment of agreements) and not Wales. UK gov forced this issue upon everyone. No devolved legislature has the power (LITERALLY) to have initiated this crisis.

      Only UK government.

      The irony? It took a party of independence to stand up and defend a devolution settlement the others created in order to eradicate them. They chose to defend the wishes and interests of Scotland’s electorate.

      The media both on the day and the day after? Nothing to see here. Not one of them highlighted what is, let’s face it, a pretty significant story. UKgov endangers its own existing devolution settlement with Scotland, N.I. and Wales forcing constitutional crisis upon the United Kingdom. No. The headlines were covering May’s victory in Brexit vote after Brexit vote.

      Who cares about other settlements, other agreements, other pledges? Promises to people are ten a penny, right? Your word? That’s a shifting line in politics. Bit blurry according to need and expediency and anyway that’s the promise we gave yesterday. Today’s is waaaay more important. Until tomorrow.

      It took the actions of Mr Blackford and the SNP representation on those benches to bring to screens and news titles across the UK this epic fail of the UK parliament. Good publicity? Bad? It didn’t matter. People saw.

      People saw for themselves how parliament treated Scotland’s representation. They saw who voted and for what. They saw who stood for their rights and powers. They saw who betrayed them and they saw who stood by and did NOTHING. Well, nothing but sneer and tut. People who don’t watch parliamentary channel TV, or read past the headline in the daily hate, got a full on view of the democratic deficit in action. They saw the contempt, the arrogance and the ignorance toward the devolved legislatures in all its glory and today? Today they’re a little wiser. A little sadder and a LOT more angry.

      Probably why the SNP membership has had a bit of a surge in the last 48hrs.

      A picture is worth a thousand words right enough and once you’ve seen a thing, it can’t be unseen.

    77. Dan Huil says:

      Dateline’s aye guid.

    78. Robert Louis says:

      I think the interview with Paul Sinclair last night told us a great deal of the mindset of unionists. In reference to Murray Foote deciding independence was now the right course for Scotland, he implied Murray had only changed allegiance in order to get a job. What utter nonsense. For a grown man to go on TV and say things like that tells us much about the dogged head in the sand, blinkered unionist mindset.

      Anybodt can change their mind and realise that the indy movement was right and is right. Murray gave a clear outline of why he now supports independence.

      Honestly, as people like Paul Sinclair get older, and eventually fade from public view, it can only be a good thing. The days of people like that who wish to hold Scotland back are long gone.

      If JK Rowling turned around tomorrow and decided that indy was right for Scotland now, then she would be welcome to the indy movement. It is THAT which marks us out as a civic (and NOT ethnic) nationalism movement, Inclusive to all. It is not where we come from, it is where we are going together that matters.

      In the meantime, if you are new to indy or SNP, remember there is a massive indy march on 23td June in Stirling/Bannockburn. These are great days out, fun and happy events. Lots to see and do, and usually good speeches and entertainment from indy speakers. Make no mistake the Westminster bods for all their denials, really do notice how many people turn up at these things. Every single person counts.

    79. Fred says:

      Nana, thanks for the Mundell Removal petition link. I shall spread it faur & near!

    80. Craig P says:

      Robert Louis. Perhaps Paul Sinclair is only a unionist because it keeps him in a job?

    81. paul mccormack says:

      Language Alert!

      ‘Our country’ – and so it goes …

      – this seems to be the insidious and odious term used now by those who take part in the brexit debate as it is heating up in reference to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

      Insidious – as it names no thing and no where. It is LA LA land.

      Odious – as clearly anyone who differs with the point of view offered is by inference a tractor and not ‘patriotic’.

      What ‘country’ are they talking about?

      This ‘country’ does not exist, it is a mental state experienced by those who swallow and regurgitate the msm ad nauseum.

      This insidious use of language that creeps into common use is truly Orwellian.

      Just ‘watch your parkin meters’ …

    82. sinky says:

      Great article by Kenny Macaskill in Herald and lots of frothing Yoons in Scotsman letters page

    83. Nana says:

      School BEGGING for toilet rolls from parents in Theresa May’s constituency

      Just off the train from Yarl’s Wood detention centre. I’m still in a state of shock really, but what I saw there was nothing less than psychological torture.

    84. Marcia says:


      Some of the dates you are quoting are wrong;

      General Strike was 1926
      Wall Street Crash happened in 1929

      and no, I don’t remember them.

    85. Nana says:

      Brexit: a shockwave of tsunami proportions

      Don’t Underestimate the Risk of a Chaotic Brexit

      New York sues Trump Foundation, alleging ‘extensive’ lawbreaking

    86. alistair x says:

      Im from Bannockburn and there is parking for buses and cars at the heritage centre next to the field,i will go up at the weekend and do a more detailed post next week.

      In Stirling itself there is a NCP and the thistles shopping centre,and on the outskirts is the springkerse retail park with free parking for over a thousand cars and a park and ride bus to town every 15 mins, you can also walk into town from there in about the same time.

    87. Macart says:

      Ooooo! Quite the selection this morning Nana.

      Definitely two big cups of coffee. 🙂

      There may also be a fair amount of toast involved.

    88. Nana says:

      Morning Macart

      I would say two cups and a wee warning, don’t be eating or drinking when you look at this tweet from Stewart McDonald

      Labour are spoiling us with these jokes

      I wrote to the Speaker earlier regarding Ian Liddell-Grainger MP’s crass use of ‘suicide’ as a heckle in last night’s debate. His response? “The guy was in order, so nowt to do with me: take it up with him.” Maybe we all should…

    89. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Point I am making @Shinty 14 June, 2018 at 10:56 pm is:

      As most of us and the wider Yes community have now adopted the term BritNats or British Nationalists which seems to have a bigger impact than Yoons etc. With folk.

      So should we adopt the term:

      “Tories FROM Scotland” in place of “Scottish Tories”

      Subtle little changes of language like this have a massive impact when talking with non politically engaged folks.

    90. Robert Louis at 6.55
      There’s an interesting parallel in Christianity, in that tolerant Christians will accept others who wish to ‘fellowship’ with them.
      Conservative Christians are rigid in outlook and bar those who are tolerant, thereby abusing the very notion of their own creed.
      Understanding that both sides may be doing their ‘best’ in their own eyes.

    91. Highland Wifie says:

      Thanks once again Nana for more great links.
      Schools begging for toilet paper has to be the ultimate demonstration of sucking the life out of public services to fund the rich. Is there no bottom to this barrel of iniquity that is a Tory government?

    92. Luigi says:

      Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      15 June, 2018 at 8:53 am

      Indeed – subtle changes like these can have enormous impact in the long term as they gently seep into people’s minds and everyday conversations.

      There is a very good reason why the blue red and orange tories keep emphasising that they are “unionists” – they realise that the “british nationalist” tag would do them a fair bit of damage.

      “Unionists” is of course a big lie, because there is no such thing as a proper “union” of GB nations (as recent events at WM have painfully demonstrated). No, “unionist” is a convenient, benign cover these charlatans have hidden under for long enough. Time they were fully exposed.

      let’s call them what they are folks – “british nationalists”.

      Come on SNP spokespeople – you should be relentlessly labelling them as british nationalist parties at every opportunity from now on.

      This could really unsettle them (esp. Labour politicans).

    93. galamcennalath says:

      Nana says

      Don’t Underestimate the Risk of a Chaotic Brexit

      Indeed. An excellent analysis from the WSJ there.

      May is now proceeding with plans which the EU can’t possibly accept.

      Only two outcomes satisfy the Irish border – NI in customs union and single market for goods and agriculture, or all of UK in the same. May’s backstop plans are nonsense.

      Either a U-turn is done to one of the above acceptable plans, or it’s a ‘Chaotic Brexit’.

      My question again is why are the media letting the Tories off with this charade of time wasting with unacceptable no hope plans?

    94. Stephen says:

      Yeeeeeeeees!!!!!! Get in! Welcome back!!!!!

    95. Luigi says:

      How I would love to hear an SNP politician casually mention:

      “of course, the british nationalist parties blah blah”

      “the british nationalist labour party…..”

      The media would go berserk, but don’t back down and keep repeating – respond by saying “why are you so upset about this – do you think “british nationalist” is a dirty word?” Unable to answer:

      Snookered. 🙂

      We have been labelled as the evil nats for too long. It’s time to turn the tables on the real villains.

    96. Ken500 says:

      Dates out – late. Better to remember them. Lead up to present situation of lack representation and conspiracy, corruption. With Westminster is at the head. Especially with Westminster unelected in (Scotland) trying to gain Scottish devolved powers to devastate the Scottish (UK) economy. Ruin the EU/world economy again. Already under threat because of Westminster illegal wars causing mass migration and ignorance. The Tories and their sychophants. Thatcher established tax havens. To imbalance the world economy. Devastated the Scottish economy from which it is still recovering. The (SNP) Gov trying to improve lives and the economy in Scotland with unelected (in Scotland) trying to hold it back.

      Scotland does not benefit from UK membership outvoted, with Scotland losing £Billions. With mismanagement of Oil, farming, fishing sector by Westminster governance for years. Scotland gains from EU membership. In grants, export trade and development. Self determination and self governance. While UK governance tries to take away these rights and good governance. The EU backs them in Scotland. The UK Gov does not.

      The UK Gov mismanagement has devastated the Oil sector. Caused deaths and loss of production. Westminster Gov has taken £Millions of CAP payments from Scottish farmers. The Westminster Gov has devasted the fishing industry with poor management. Instead of using bigger nets and improved terms and condition of employment. Allowed fishermen to overfish and throw dead fish back for years. Devastating stocks etc. Leading to the need for conservation. They could just have used bigger nets. Like Norway. Instead of landing mammoth catches and putting dead fish back Destroying stocks. Total Westminster mismanagement. Of mammoth proportions and neglect. Rotten to the core.

      Brexit will take £Billions out of Scotland (UK) £8Billion+ There is an attempt to take away powers which uphold good practice in Scotland from the Scottish Parliament by Westminster politicans not elected in Scotland. A power grab to devasted the Scottish economy. The only thing that has improved matters in Scotland and brought better governance in Scotland, a limited self determination, is the establishment of the Scottish Parliament in the year 2000, which was hard fought and majority voted. That power is now being undermined by Tories. Elected under an oath of upholding the Parliament’s values. They are now trying to destroy it. Hypocrites. Elected under a political system they illegally changed to enable It.

      Scotland exports £30Billion. £15Billion to the EU. More overseas. The rest to the UK. (Keith Brown) Without Oil exports. Belies the claim of an internal UK market benefiting Scotland. Scotland gains more from external markets. Gains from EU grants. Could gain more without Westminster interference. They try to block grants and growth to Scotland. Without Oil & Gas revenues which Westminster mismanagement has tried to destroy and devaste though sheer incompetence and too high taxation when world prices have fallen. Not upholding (international) Health & Safety rules. People have died and negligent organisations have gone without censor because if Westminster incompetence.

      Scotland exports £30Billion (without Oil & Gas ruined by U.K. Mismanagement) mainly to the EU and the rest of the world. The UK exports £320Billion. Take £30Billion away = £290Billion. Divide by 11 (11/12) = £26.5Billion. Scotland (pro rata) exports more than the rest if the UK. Without Oil & Gas. The Westminster Gov is trying to destroy trade with Scotland’s main market.

      The UK Unionists Parties just do not have a clue. What they are doing or the reason they are doing it. Just repeatedly to ruin the world economy. Financial fraud, illegal wars causing mass migration, Now Brexit another bad, mad attempt at corruption. Against the majority of the people’s wishes. To create chaos and hostility. A complete and utter farce. People in Scotland will not let them. Westminster have had their cake and eaten it. Now they are making people sick. Abuse and corruption of power. Power retained is power corrupted. Do not take powers away from Scotland or else they have lost it. They were warned but chose to go ahead. Use your vote or lose it. If Scotland losses it’s Parliament more people will be dead and there will be more hardship. Just like before. A retrograde step. After promises (made recently) all broken of more powers etc from known proven liars. Broken lies. Havoc and chaos. So much for strength or stability. The Tory/unionist wreckers. Stop them pushing the economy over the brink.

    97. Shinty says:

      Jockanese Wind Talker says:
      15 June, 2018 at 8:53 am
      So should we adopt the term:
      “Tories FROM Scotland” in place of “Scottish Tories”

      I agree. I watched footage of Peter Bell at The Gathering and he emphasised how we need to change the narrative. Kind of reverse psychology, I think!

      alistair X – thanks for that, many years since I’ve been to Bannockburn and I really needed somewhere close by to off load my stuff.

    98. Luigi says:

      Since the WM debacle this week, the union is dead (if it every really existed). Time to promote good habits:

      In every constitutional conversation henceforth, replace “unionist” with “british nationalist”, get some popcorn and watch all hell break loose.

      Try it and see. 🙂

    99. Ken500 says:

      It was Christine Jardine’s Condem liars who went in with the Tories and caused Brexit. A total lying hypocrite who campaigned to get rid of Alex Salmond. The best representative the NE ever had. Now pouncing about Edinburgh represesenting Edinburgh non Brexit voters, Total opportunist. That went well to line her pockets. Electoral betrayal does not come into it. The other Scottish LibDem voted for Wales. What planet are these people on? Mass betrayal. Lying hypocrites. Some of them were not even in Westminster parliament benches.

      Laird tells Kirsty to be quiet. While Jardine talks over. What a squad. The airless Tories havers on. Competes to ruin the farming industry. Bankrupt.

    100. jfngw says:

      BBC once again exposed in their role to undermine any idea of independence and try and negate any SNP positive comment. What we really need is a BBC fake news rebuttal unit, after all it has more penetration than any newspaper.

      It has to be emphasised during the next campaign that the BBC is financed and effectively an arm of the current UK government. Its reporting cannot be trusted to be impartial on any subject that conflicts with the wishes of the governments.

    101. Luigi says:

      “The most powerful devolved country in the world!”

      I remember getting my ears bashed by that on a daily basis by certain british nationalist politicians.

      Now, not a peep.

      How strange.

    102. jfngw says:

      Forgot to add, we really need to start referring to Mundell as Secretary of State for England, he has shown over time this is his priority. After recent speeches the department should really be The English Government in Scotlandshire, I think he would be happy with that.

    103. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Someone tell me Labour are seriously not putting Johann Lamont forward as a prospective MP.

      Labour head office are having a larf.

      She will stand out like an idiot when she takes her seat beside the present day Labour greats in the house………err …err… Hugh Gaffney and err ..okay she may fit in.

      Why do we not already have independence when this is the opposition?

      I actually understand some folk still vote Labour, amazing.

    104. Robert Louis says:

      I agree with calling these poeple British Nationalists, for that is quite clearly what they are. They themselves like the term ‘unionists’, so let’s stop indulging them.

    105. Breeks says:

      ‘Kin ‘ell.

      I need stronger Reality Pils or something.

      Ross Thomson MP tweets that the SNP walkout was orchestrated to “…simply manufacture a grievance against the UK”. Isn’t that just incredible??? Forgive the disturbing metaphor, but that’s the equivalent of aquitting a rapist because the victim wore lipstick.

      There is something very dark in all of this. (I don’t mean Thomson, I said very dark, not dim). I mean, when you take a step backwards and try to see the complete picture of what you’re dealing with, there is something that isn’t adding up.

      If Westminster, and let’s widen that to include Unionist MSP’s, honestly and sincerely wanted a strong and stable UK, how on Earth do you realistically expect to achieve that by constantly fleecing Scotland of it’s resources, it’s wealth, it’s people, it’s industry, and it’s all round prosperity? I mean, just stop and think for a moment, if you can. There is no part of Unionist philosophy which sees Scotland as anything more than a cash cow resource to be exploited.

      You would remove its assets and grind Scotland to dust before you’d even consider a structured policy for growth and regeneration. If you were true Unionists who genuinely believed in this one nation rhetoric you spout, why are you so complicit with the plundering of Scotland? What is so fundamentally objectionable about allowing Scotland to flourish? What is so insurmountable about Government by mutual agreement and consent? Europe can do it, and do it well. Why MUST Scotland always be lied to and denied a voice or veto? How long would Europe last if they were lying through their teeth the whole time and plundering each other’s resources? And don’t say they are, they are not. They cooperate, overcome their differences and work towards the collective benefit of all.

      Think about it, please. You won’t even cast a wee vote to defend Scotland’s Devolution! DEVOLUTION! Devolution isn’t the instrument of the SNP, it is YOUR instrument of Unionist control! Devolution is one of the very few tranches of Scottish Independent thinking which actually respects a roll for Westminster! If you won’t defend that, would you defend Mr Unionist? Would you burn every Atlas that mentioned Scotland? Do you see yourself as Scottish at all or just North British? I will promise you this, with Brexit Xenophobia unleashed down South, to the “South British”, the “North British” are the Geordies and Yorkshiremen. You’re just another ungrateful Scot who should stay at home on the Reservation, living off your stipend.

      What really troubles me isn’t the pish a halfwit like Ross Thomson comes out with, but when you’re stood there, taking in the whole picture, I cannot imagine how any UK Government could have been so utterly feckless, irresponsible and careless in their management of an “asset” like Scotland. It’s like having one of Gordon Ross IndyCar’s Pit Ponies, and flogging it to death without even trying to feed it or care for its welfare. You Unionists have simply no grasp of any human capacity beyond greed and exploitation.

      Thank heavens that Scotland is finally waking up, and is going to break out of it’s death harness before it has reached the point of collapse. It has “seen” you for what you are, and it will never be unseen.

      I would actually warn people like Thomson, like Davidson, like Mundell, and I don’t mean a threatening or dark type warning of any retribution or harm post Indy, but a sincere and well meant outstretched hand kind of warning, that they are currently putting themselves in harms way. They are standing on the railway lines and there is a train coming.

      You see, I believe the ever growing hardcore of Independentists know that this story ends with Scottish Independence, and I firmly believe the fact Westminster won’t even entertain compromise or respectful negotiation with Scotland is because they too know that they have nothing to compromise with. Westminster won’t admit it, but it can read the writing on the wall, – the UK is living on borrowed time. The ONLY people who believe the UK can be healed and restored back to its days of servile, blissful ignorance are the dimwits and puppets dancing in no-man’s-land.

      I would say to all Unionists like Ross Thomson, Ruth Davidson, and the rest of their unhappy band, get off the rails, not for my benefit but for yours. There’s a train coming, and it might be travelling a lot faster than you think.

      Unionism is Theodin, King of Rohan, blinded and mesmerised under an evil spell which disorientates the strong, and keeps the Land weak and subdued. The YES movement is that wee tap on the forehead that makes all cobwebs and frailty go away,

    106. galamcennalath says:

      jfngw says:

      start referring to Mundell as Secretary of State for England

      Certainly Greater England (Northern Region).

      A single ‘country’ and single ‘nation’ on these Isles made in the image of England. A Greater England is what they are trying to achieve.

      Actually, many of them believe that is what they already have. Which is why some English Tories react so wildly when anyone suggests the UK is actually something different, like a partnership of nations.

    107. Dr Jim says:

      The power grab:

      It doesn’t matter how long the UK government say they’re going to hang on to these powers for we know they’ll keep them permanently no matter what they promise and here’s why
      Jacob Rees Mogg who although we don’t like the guy we all know he’s a constitutional expert on the House of Commons
      and this is what he says about governments “One government may not bind the next”
      That translated into English is the next government elected can change the law in respect to anything they like even if it’s the same party who’s elected

      So 3 years 5 years 7 years is all meaningless twaddle, it’s the same English speak as *not normally* and they’ll kick the can down the road in perpetuity

      You cannot ever trust an English government, that’s why the EU are crossing every T and dotting every little I and then double checking every word and when they’re done with that they’ll check it again, because the EU does NOT trust the English government

      This is a country who stole an Empire from folk and even when those countries managed to kick them out the English were still trying to steal from them and now that they’re about to get a biffing from the EU they’re on the phone to their former colonies begging to be asked back to rule them again I just hope when Indias phone rings it gets answered by a guy called Barry from Mumbai whose English is his third language when he tells them computer says Fuck off

    108. jfngw says:

      Final thought on Mundell. At this minute he is content, the ermine is almost within reach, he will see it as his greatest accolade. Only we can stop it, independence blows his future plans, can’t think of a better man who deserves to have his plans crumble. In the future people like him will be looked on as pariahs within Scotland, I feel the end of his career is nigh.

    109. Ken500 says:

      Labour/unionists must think there is GE coming. On the grapevine. Quite possible. Lamont for candidate. Anyone’s choice?

      Once again make your vote heard. Take that as an opportunity.

    110. GORDON FORREST says:

      So glad to see you again! and slightly off topic cos this is true. The subject of upskirting becoming an offence was highlighted on bbc news this am (tv not radio). It was pointed out to the person being interviewed that Scotland had already outlawed upskirting. Her reply? Well men up there wear kilts and when upskirting happens to a man they are much quicker to respond! titter titter.
      Sexist, Racist, ignorant, I reeally dont know where to start! I could not believe my ears! I hope that someone has got a copy of this, Sadly I dont but it’ll be worth several thousand new members

    111. @alistair x

      Thanks for the info,

      I remember getting taken to the Bannockburn march when i was a little un by my mum and dad (70`s),can`t remember if it was by bus from Edinburgh or car which i think was an old Ford Zodiac (bench front seat),

      both are gone now but at least my dad got his lifelong wish to get to vote for Independence.

    112. Ken500 says:

      The next Tory ploy. Putting back the money they took out of the NHS by more borrowing and putting up taxes. There is no Brexit divide in sight, There never was a Brexit dividend only negativity. A reversal of policy. More soundbites and lies. For the ignorant to fall for it. To try and hide the Brexit mess.

      The Scottish (SNP) Gov has already continued to fund the SNHS appropriately. Putting up taxes slightly for those who can afford it. More equal, fair and cohesive. St. Nicola and Co. Queen bee.

    113. stu mac says:

      @Robert Louis says:
      15 June, 2018 at 6:55 am
      I think the interview with Paul Sinclair last night told us a great deal of the mindset of unionists.

      Thing is any Scottish “journalist” including the interviewer could have given him the lie as they are not SNP and have jobs in the news media. As we know the reverse is what is true. George Orwell would be shocked that his satire is now taken for genuine logic in today’s politics.

    114. jfngw says:

      Never really understood why the words of Billy Connolly were taken as some clever comedian To me he is just another Michael McIntyre but with added swear words. He seemed to be well liked outside Scotland, I think because he confirmed their image of Scotland as a backward backwater.

    115. paul gerard mccormack says:

      The seemingly innocuous phrase that i hear more and more of and used by westminster politicians in terms of the brexit shambles is, ‘this country’.

      This is insidious and odious.

      1. insidious because it reinforces the political view that scotland is just northern britain. That scotland has just been melded and absorbed into one unified mythical political state.

      2. Odious because by inference anyone who disagrees with whatever has just been said by the person using ‘this country’ is a tractor and not patriotic. – it’s use will get a lot worse.

      3. ‘This country’does not exist. Which country? It is la-la land. It exists in the mental state of those who use such msm language.

      – ‘watch yer parkin meters’.

    116. Les Wilson says:

      We cannot forget, Westminster has been planning to thwart any possible future referendum since 2014. They got a real fright back then, and will for sure will have been scheming against another one.Example, Ruth has an ex spy master working for her,I do not understand the reason for that, unless it is something in the Unionist interest.

      We need to do something different next time, with this in mind. If possible, can we change some things at the last minute in ways that will frustrate their aims.

    117. Archbishop of Dork says:

      In October 2016 at Scottish Questions in the Commons Mundell, dealing with the subject of Brexit’s effect on Scotland said that “the UK is the only union that matters to Scotland”.

      But now Scotland is not even a partner in that union according to him.

      If you say Scotland is not a partner in the union you are saying Scotland is no longer a nation.

      The Tories just want to turn Scotland into a big enclave full of compliant unambitious people with no self-government who sell beads to the tourists.

      Before that happens the British Tory Party and the British Labour Party will be run out of all our towns.

    118. Ken500 says:

      How can people negotiate with snakes like Cameron. Unionist Parties who make promises and then renege on them. The Labour and LibDem enablers. A relatively small group of people with no morals or standards. Except to ingratiate themselves. With double standards. Breaking the Law at every convenience. One rule for them a different rule for others. It is impossible. Even to believe a word they say. A complete and utter shambles. Chaos.

    119. Fred says:

      Acting on a rumour that there’s a demo at Donald Dewar’s statue around 5 o clock this afternoon with SNP MSP’s speaking, will wash the coupon& head into the toon.

    120. galamcennalath says:

      A quote from WoS twitter, originally from Bella …

      “The idea that we have two governments: one we elect and one we don’t – and that the first has a function to ameliorate the damage of the second – is so absurd that even the most conservative commentators are beginning to realise that this is unsustainable.”

      …. hits the nail hard on its heid!

      It’s a superb argument to keep for future use.

    121. Archbishop of Dork says:

      It must be great to be Sir William Connelly and when you say or write “fuck off” it’s regarded as the acme of wit.

      What other celebrated wits said fuck off a lot? Oscar Wilde? Winston Churchill? Groucho Marx?

    122. Fred says:

      Donald Dewar statue demo this afternoon at 5 o clock is on Facebook.

    123. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      There already are a couple of “BBC fake news rebuttal sites” @jfngw says at 9:56 am

      WoS is one of them, but

      so is:


      All doing vitality important work busting BritNat Broadcasting Corporation myths.

    124. Ken500 says:

      Cameron and Clegg the ConDem elected to protect NHS and Education. Lied. Dishonourable liars. Cut the funding. Cameron stabbed Clegg in the back. AV for EU Ref. No abolish of the Lords. They can be elected out but the damage that they do then has to be mitigated. Even years late. Thatcher.

    125. Luigi says:

      Another gem from Macart on WGD – worth posting here:

      “The irony? It took a party of independence to stand up and defend a devolution settlement the others created in order to eradicate them. They chose to defend the wishes and interests of Scotland’s electorate.”

      Irony of ironies: Devolution was designed to destroy the SNP, and we have now witnessed that the only party now willing to defend devolution is the SNP. It shows clearly what the british nationalist parties really think of devolution. If it was Labour’s baby then the baby has been thrown out with the bath water (deliberately).

      People need to understand that devolution is being destroyed. People love ironies – spread this far and wide, folks. It will resonate with Jock Public.

    126. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      On the subject of Fluffy Mundell, the use of language to highlight the democratic deficit and the way that Scotland is treated with utter contempt when engaging with non political anoraks @galamcennalath says at 10:13 am

      I prefer referring to Mundell as:

      “The Last Viceroy of Scotland.”

      The use of this title is very effective when engaging with older voters who remember Mountbatten and India.

      You can actually see the connection being made in their face as it dawns on them Scotland is being treated as a subservient Colony of Greater England’ by Westminster.

    127. Maolbeatha says:

      The way Westminster appears to operate mirrors a dying empire. All resources are drawn to the centre. Anything needed to survive is acceptable.
      Reduce costs, no matter the effect and drain all at the extremities to the core.
      Like a dying body in many ways. Sacrifice the extremities to protect the vital organs. Everything else is expendable.

      Those tied to Westminsters London controlled parties are loyal to them not to Scotland and the constituents they are meant to represent (I generalise to make a point.)

      So for example Mundell and the like probably see nothing wrong in what they are doing. He is protecting his parties interests, and in so doing , his job and his own interests. If, as he stated Scotland does not exist as a country then he is protecting the UK, in his eyes.

      What the biggest motivator for them is I couldn’t say. Personal gain? Protecting a Union that they truly believe in?

      The balance of power in Westminster has and always will be in Englands hands. It couldn’t be any other way by weight of numbers. That will never change. These MP’s represent the constituents of their country. Why wouldn’t they?

      I can understand all that it makes sense.

      I came into work on after what happened in Westminster and just asked “did anything happen last night?”
      The four people I asked knew nothing about it, or what it meant

      That has always been our biggest problem. What people understand and know. The media. That’s no surprise to anyone. But it is, still a major problem.

      Those that support the Union feel included in it, part of it, protected by it and that feeling of inclusion is what needs to be shaken.

      It is the media that perpetuates that myth. By not taking in what they are putting out and looking for different sources of information we see it differently.

      We see the disrespect, the lies and deception, the lost potential, the waste. We also see the potential harm on the horizon if we stay where we are.
      But only because we made the effort to look for it.

      I agree with the question asked on this site about who should run our country. That’s it, that’s the whole point.

      To convince no voters, to include them and make them feel included in the potential of a new country that can be better than what they have now. And to do it amidst a storm of negative information from people believing the opposite as strongly as we believe. That’s a critical battleground in the coming fight.

      They believe they are right and all that we believe in a threat to them, personally.
      Just as we believe they are harming us with no care or thought.

      It was encouraging to see some forceful action, even more encouraging to see the effect it had on membership.
      The way the press sat up and took notice, even for a little while spread the facts a little further.

      I get the impression that the yes side are restless, not breaking up, but restless. Wanting something to happen and soon. Straining at the leash to get going.

      Theories as to what the SNP are thinking, what the strategy will be, when the starting gun will be fired are widespread. Patience is being tested by the urge to just get going.

      I feel it too, perhaps that’s part of the strategy? Build up pent up energy, then focus it all one target. Rally all parts of the movement (unite all the clans of independence? Too much metaphor?)

      Anyway, I doubt I have said anything here you didn’t already know.

      That’s kind of the point though isn’t it?

      We already see, because we read, we listen we search.

      PS anybody know where to get a hold of the meme that showed the map of the UK showing the money flowing from Scotland to England then the smaller Barnett money coming back?

    128. Dr Jim says:

      Of course the Labour party didn’t want devolution either they just wanted control and they thought they’d got that in exchange for a bucket load of oil for the Brits and the threat of Scotland finding out we were being ripped off and being told about it by the SNP, and here it turns out the SNP were right then too

      I’m old enough to have known Donald Dewar and met him several times but don’t get carried away with any gratitude towards this guy he was the saviour of nothing and a thoroughly unpleasant individual, of course that might just have been towards me because even then I was SNP so knew exactly what he was up to

      So a bit like Saddams statue that’ll be the day when I’m seen around Donald Dewars grubby wee deal with Tony Blair and his monument to robbery

    129. Meg merrilees says:


      recommendation for afters –

      McQ’s bar in Bannockburn Old Town, on the Main Street. I’ll check it out with some other friends as there is a few things going on in Bannockburn itself over that weekend –
      to be advised….

    130. Terence callachan says:

      Reply to jockanese wind talker..

      You say there are no Scottish Tories ,only Tories in Scotland.

      There are over 800,000 English people in Scotland nearly all of them support their country England and why not, they consider England Britain UK to be one and the same thing, they will not budge no matter what happens or what is said, they are firmly in the NO camp against Scottish independence.They fear their lives would change if Scotland were independent ,they are prepared to vote anywhich way to secure that NO vote,they will vote labour or Tory or libdem to keep England in control, sure there are a small number of English people who have joined SNP and say they will vote for Scottish independence but that’s mostly because they hate the Tory government of Westminster so much .An old labour government would see them switch back quickly.

      England controls Scotland.
      England doesn’t respect Scotland you seen that in the debacle in Westminster with the walk out by SNP.
      England doesn’t let Scotland vote on matters that affect England.
      But we let England vote on matters that affect Scotland ?
      English people should not have a vote on Scottish independence no matter where they live .
      It doesn’t matter if they live in Scotland England Ireland Wales or elsewhere in the world they should not be able to vote for their country England to continue controlling Scotland.
      They have nearly sixty million people Scotland has five million.
      Its undemocratic to allow England to vote in a Scottish independence referendum.
      There is no such thing as a Scottish Englishman or an English Scotsman it’s rediculous ,you are either English or Scottish, there are laws that describe and help you determine what you are those laws are there for a reason ,helping people determine nationality for passports residency rights working rights and rights to benefits etc, it’s not rocket science.
      Whether you are English or Scottish is easy to establish and some cases you do have a choice, it depends on your family history.
      It’s time for Scotland to take back control and stop this nonsense where England can stop Scottish independence
      A Scottish independence referendum is not an election it’s different ,you are voting for your country,s future,your country shoud mean Scotland ,yes Scotlands future .
      There are 800,000 English people living in Scotland who’s priority is their country,s future too only their country is England, they consider England Britain UK to be one and the same thing.
      In 2014 a third of the NO vote were English people
      If English people had not been allowed to vote in the Scottish independence referendum 2014 the YES side would have won hands down and Scotland would now be independent.
      It was English people living in Scotland that stopped Scottish independence and will always stop Scottish independence if you let them.

    131. Meg merrilees says:

      Apologies for the long post.

      Listened to some of QT on Radio 5 last night and then the ongoing discussion after the TV part had finished. I texted in the following point ( shorter version) but unsurprisingly, it wasn’t broadcast.

      Seems quite a few people are of the opinion that the SNP shouldn’t have walked out because there was a debate on the subject due to take place later on the Tuesday afternoon and by walking out they were unable to participate in that subsequent, emergency(?) debate therefore they behaved childishly, were an embarrassment to Scotland etc…

      I was at our branch meeting that night and Stephen Paterson, our ex SNP MP for Stirling explained the following:
      It was obvious from the schedule for the day’s debates that they would run out of time. There were 11 votes to take place – that takes 15 minutes per vote, so they would lose 3 hours out of the allocated 9 hours just for voting.

      Then the debate on the Devolution situations and the relevant amendments were scheduled to be last therefore obviously expected to be time pressured, had the Government been sympathetic, they could have scheduled the Devolution matters earlier in the day.

      The most important point, which is being totally overlooked, is this.
      On Monday evening, only the Minister spoke for the motion, there were no voices allowed to speak against it ( from Scotland N.Ireland or Wales) and then A VOTE WAS TAKEN which we know was lost by 300+ votes to 40.

      Anyone that argues that the SNP should have stayed in their seats to debate it on Tuesday must be told that WM had already voted on and finished with the subject therefore to debate it 18 hours later was utterly pointless. (And if they’re still listening, explain to them about the ‘suicide’ comment and the Speaker changing his mind)

    132. Welsh Sion says:

      alastair says:
      15 June, 2018 at 11:54 am


      Did you not mean this article, Alastair (informative though your article was, too?)

    133. The Isolator says:

      The end is in sight for the British Labour Party in Scotland.Glorious word we’re close now!

    134. Dr Jim says:

      @Terence callachan

      Take that pish you’re spewing out of your mouth and spew it elsewhere

    135. alistair x says:

      population of stirling and surrounding area, 50,60k max, our march, 100k.
      oh! what glorious chaos we shall bring!

    136. Terence callachan says:

      The NO voters

      a third are English people living in Scotland they support their country England and why shouldn’t they that’s what people across the world do they support their country even if they are not actually living there ,English people see England Britain UK as being one and the same thing and will vote Tory labour or lib dem to keep Scotland in the control of England

      A third are wealthy or satisfied people living in Scotland who vote for a party that will maintain their wealth and maintain the inequality in Scotland from which they benefit

      A third are labour voters who firmly believe that UK Great Britain is fantastic because of
      World War Two because of the Union Jack or socialism or old labour NHS BBC etc etc they do not believe that labour and Tory are pretty much the same and still think Westminster does a good and fair job and that they personally would suffer if Westminster wasn’t there to give them a safety net

      This I think is a rough guide to the NO vote
      The first two you will never change
      The third group you can change but only with the promise of an improvement in their living standards better pensions increased wages better housing

      Personally I don’t think England should have a vote so the first group should be barred from voting on Scottish independence ,that would be job done.

    137. t42 says:

      Alot of racist trolls on this thread need deleting. The end must be near, or maybe they are taking advantage because the rev is on holiday?

    138. Terence callachan says:

      To Dr Jim

      If you have a point of view say it.
      Foul mouth words have no affect on me.
      See a real doctor if you can’t speak without foul mouthing people.

    139. Shinty says:

      Maolbeatha – from memory Business For Scotland did an article on it.
      I have it somewhere on my PC but 6 years of poor filing means it’s kind of lost in the wilderness for now.

    140. admiral says:

      Dr Jim says:
      15 June, 2018 at 11:44 am
      Of course the Labour party didn’t want devolution either they just wanted control and they thought they’d got that in exchange for a bucket load of oil for the Brits and the threat of Scotland finding out we were being ripped off and being told about it by the SNP, and here it turns out the SNP were right then too

      Was it Dewar who said that Labour’s historic role in Scotland was to stir up apathy?

      I still for the life of me can’t understand his “father of the nation” myth. George Robertson let slip that Labour’s espousal of devolution was solely a Labour tactic aimed at destroying the SNP and the prospect of Scottish independence In return for the usual Establishment baubles like lordships, etc).

      The Scottish Parliament election results from 2007 onwards have, in my opinion, shifted the Scottish Labour branch office away from their already tepid support for the concept of devolution and home rule back to full-blown unionism.

    141. gus1940 says:

      How much did the Dewar statue cost and who paid for it?

    142. Confused says:

      I don’t like “gorgeous” Georgie Galloway (- a “homeland” for the Palestinians, but not for Scots?? FFS!) – nor do I like Trump very much, for a myriad of lesser reasons … but this is a good article from GG on Trump-Kim

      – in fact, it’s spot-on, with a lot of good lines in it (- GG was always pretty good with the one-liners). It’s not too long – worth reading all the way.

      The real world means, much or indeed -most- of the time, having to deal with “people we don’t like very much” – the trick is – to get something out of it that you want.

      I wish people on the forum would use paragraphs
      e its very
      -hard to

    143. Dr Jim says:

      @Meg Merrilees

      Theresa May and her little rascals have just shafted their own party using the same tricks they tried to shaft Scotland with but in news terms the Tories shafting each other is more important than populations of entire countries being shafted

      The British news and media don’t give a monkeys about the people, any people, they only care about what keeps the majority of England either buying their papers or watching their news

      As far as Scotland is concerned we only existed in the UK consciousness for a day then dismissed as the nuisance we are and anyway it could put off the English viewer from watching stuff about Scotland who all their lives they’ve been told are just pests

      The majority of England doesn’t care because the majority of England doesn’t even know
      People in Europe are more aware of politics in the UK than most of the people who actually live in the UK
      The main thing the SNP did in this debacle was they put Scotland front and centre on every TV screen and newspaper in Europe and Scotlands position in all of this was discussed analysed and digested and marked for future reference as well as displaying for the world to see the duplicitous nature of the UK government

      It’s already having the desired effect

    144. Liz g says:

      Just a thought..
      Don’t know for sure, but wouldn’t the word “ Shafted” be considered un parliamentary language?
      Well… Ha …… Normally?
      As soon as it’ was said Fluffys head swivelled round to tha Speaker, but got no response.
      Not surprised since the Speaker was about to rule on the Sucide comment….

      But I mention it because it may be the SNPs second bit of defiance and we’ve missed it?

      Was Ian Blackford daring the Speaker to censure him for it?
      Also I noticed he (the Speaker) after taking 10 miniutes to say, all he was going to do about the “Sucide” was wish very, very, very much it didn’t happen again, he also pointed out this was indeed fair because he has had complaints about Ian Blacford too!!!!
      Well …. when and what?? I’ve never known Ian Blackford to be anything other than polite?
      Which is why the “shafted” comment has such an impact…

    145. Shinty says:

      admiral – “I still for the life of me can’t understand his “father of the nation” myth”

      Me neither, British Nationalist to the core.
      Instrumental in the theft of 6,000sq miles of Scottish Sea, along with Bliar (signed off by the Queen) On the night before the Scottish Parliament reconvened FFS.
      Also in charge over the carbuncle building and massive costs. Refusing the old high school building as he said it would have been a ‘shibboleth’ to the Nationalists.

      The only thing I would say in his favour, he must be birlin’ in his grave at the incompetence and level of intelligence of the current branch office.

    146. Jack Murphy says:

      My Thought For The Day:

      Why not do a World First and allow Joe and Janet Public into the BBC Reporting Scotland studio during transmission?

      I’m certain the Newsreaders and their Political Editors would be delighted to have a live audience with off=camera feedback at 7pm 🙂

    147. Cactus says:

      Afternoon Meg, thanks for your recommendation for the Bannockburn afters, sounds groovy, hope they’ve gotta big enough garden for us 100K+ marchers!

      See ye at your HOME town soon, Alistair.

      Frogesque knows 😉

    148. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      The English is it? Terence callachan says at 12:08 pm

      They aren’t the problem.

      Just ask these folks

      No, It was the No Voting Scots those who don’t have the balls, are too selfish in case they lose a few quid, or who have had the confidence knocked out of them and suffer from Jockholm Syndrome after 300 odd years of ‘Scotland Shite’ and those who reached for the comfort blanket of “The Vow” who cost us in 2014.

      Your Blood and Soil shite is the antithesis of Civic Scottish Nationalism.

      Away and join the SDL if you’re all about ‘the evil of foreigners’ (although they wee love a Butchers Swastika and St Georges Cross).

    149. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Almost forgot @Terence callachan says at 12:08 pm

      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

      G I R F U Y

    150. Cactus says:

      Their fingers get smaller first…

      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

      Then it’s their thumbs next.

    151. Cactus says:


      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

      Evolution eh?!

    152. Cactus says:

      ET phone HOME.

      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

      Fun on a Friday 🙂

    153. Foonurt says:

      Terence callachan – eicht hunnurr thoosin. Fuck me!

      Yoan sassenachs, huv fair poort ower wurr boardurr, fae thoan 2011 Census.

    154. Cactus says:

      Evolution is expecting us.

      Devolution is as dead as a dodo.

      Revolution X is coming.

      SO hurry HOME.

      ET knows.

    155. remo says:

      Dr. Jim

      Re Donald Dewar. I agree with every word you say. I know a NO/previously Labour voter who reveres the man as a good guy and the founder of devolution. This seems to be because of an unwillingness to find out facts. I have said that devolution was forced on Westminster by the Council of Europe and that the Labour party thought devolution would put an end to talk of an independent Scotland. Did Donald Dewar not refer to the Scottish parliament as a “toytown parliament”? The Labour party was dragged kicking and screaming to devolution, then claimed it as theirs.

      I have also mentioned the theft of 6,000 square miles of Scottish seas with the oil wells included in it. I believe Dewar was instrumnetal in that. I am not sure being told these things made any difference. Can somebody tell me how to get through to people like this?

      I also agree with your statement that Europe knows more about Scottish politics that English folk do. I am living in England (for now) and the papers here don’t mention the S word in general. Only the Independent, on our local Morrison’s rack, mentioned the recent events at Westminster on the front page and had an article non page 6. I read the article without buying the paper. However when I was on holiday in Athens recently, even the waiters were keen to put in their halfpenny worth about what was going on in Scotland or England.

      I am hoping and waiting for Dewar the tractor’s statue to be pulled down and removed for scrap.

    156. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Aye @Cactus.

      They’re all fingers and thumbs.


      You’re early the night loon.

    157. Cactus says:

      Aye aye cheers JWT hehe 🙂

      Ahm a Glaswegian of all hours.

      Independence never sleeps.

      Have ye a fun evening.

      Fun is coming 😉

    158. Meg merrilees says:


      Re “Afters” next Saturday.

      Sorry, but McQ’s has a function taking place on Saturday night, ticket only.

      There are a few places nearer to the Rotunda anyway – the ‘1314 Inn’ is the nearest, about 100yds along on the right from the meeting . Pirnhall Inn is about another 10 minutes away and is a Brewer’s Fayre pub and restaurant, next to the Premier Inn.
      Alternatively, if you head back downhill from the Bannockburn Field, you’ll come to a couple of pubs at St. Ninians roundabout, The Falcon and the Borestone Bar.

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