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New high score

Posted on June 01, 2013 by

Littered with bank and school holidays, and often with the first glimpse of summer luring people out of doors away from their TVs, newspapers and monitor screens, May is usually a pretty slow month in politics. (Except in election years, of course.) We’re human too, and the last 30 days saw fewer posts on Wings Over Scotland than any this year – 83 compared to the Jan-Apr average of 101.

So we’re extra-chuffed about this:


That’s a whopping 15% increase on last month’s all-time record, and over 8,300 more unique readers. (Number of visits was also up slightly, with total pageviews marginally down as you’d expect from the decreased post count.)

As ever, thanks to everyone who makes the site worthwhile by coming here to read it. We’re taking a research day today, but no more slacking after that. There’s work to do.

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28 to “New high score”

  1. Holebender says:

    I’m certainly unique! 😉

  2. Rod Mac says:

    Referring back to Eric Joyce’s piece yesterday let us hope a lot of these 63111 are Don’t Knows .
    Congratulations it goes to show when the material is truth and reality the people respond.
    As print papers shed readers like snow off a dyke this is brilliant news.

  3. Silverytay says:

    Well done Rev , its sites and stats like this that will ensure we get the yes vote that we all desire .
    This is now my first and last site that I visit everyday .
    As the saying goes onwards and upwards .

  4. Weedeochandorris says:

    Excellent.  Onwards and upwards!

  5. Quick the suns oot says:

    I started reading this site after that massive wtf moment when the swastika saltire was published. I waited in vain the day after the photo was printed for the expected condemnation from the rest of the media (we had texted bbc news, call Kaye, Sky news, etc). I was ignorant of the ‘situation’ back then heheh but it was the deafening silence from the mainstream media that made me look for others who felt the same as me. That was at the same time as the dodgy donor and legal letters, N/C going offline etc. What an introduction! Attacking freedom of speech, redefinition of the words fascist and racist, and an introduction of newer hate terms like separatist and cybernat. I had had no idea of what had been going on.

    So, I’ve been a regular visitor here since April although this is the first time I’ve commented. I think many more people will have their own wtf moment and then they too will also need to find something to help explain what the mainstream does not. We are fortunate this time around that we have the internet, if this was 1979…

    I am really cheered to hear there have been many more like me. People who were waiting but are now fully engaged! Its a wee bit ironic dont you think that it was the extreme position of the mainstream media that sent me here!

  6. Graham Ennis says:

    more than twice the readership of the Hootsmon then……closing on the Herlad, gosh, sounds like a success!,

  7. themadmurph says:

    2 of those would be me checking back while on holiday in internet shops, so it would only be a measly 63109.  That sort of inflation of the numbers will be jumped on by better together! 🙂

  8. David McCann says:

    I never miss it- well hardly ever! Keep them coming. I regularly copy them to the BBC. Im sure somebody must read them.

  9. Well done, Stuart. No wonder the DTP hate Cybernats! ;o)

  10. The Man in the Jar says:

    “Wings” is definitely the best source of “Cyberammo” going!

  11. Dee says:

    Congrats Rev, really enjoy the site and the mixed views that it attracts. 
    O/T   DTP ????  +.  Unique Visitor ?????  

  12. Caroline Corfield says:

    Well done and goan yersel! I don’t know what I’d do without this site, the information, the discussion and the banter are the best.

  13. Red Squirrel says:

    Congratulations and it’s well-deserved – in the absence of decent MSM reporting, I rely online forums like Wings.
    Thanks for all the articles and comments – it gives me a whole new perspective on why Yes is the only way to go.

  14. Marker Post says:

    Many congratulations, brilliant site, a haven for us cybernats!

  15. Breastplate says:

    Just to echo others, I look forward to the posts and comments each day. I’m amazed how prolific you are, so don’t burn yourself out or we’ll all not know what to do with ourselves.

  16. Dcanmore says:

    Yup, brilliant site, writing and great banter. I’m sure you’ll have an Mi5 file by now! 😉

  17. The Flamster says:

    Me too – I’m always reading on here and I tell everyone else I know to come on and read the truth.  You also learn so much reading everyone’s comments 🙂

  18. Gorbals Caley says:

    Well done Rev, excellent site – onwards to 2014!

  19. Gizzit says:

    A quality site with high calibre contributors – while I might not agree with absolutely everything posted, I am more convinced every day that Independence represents the only sane choice for the people of Scotland.
    Every vile, shabby, underhand trick from Westminster and the mainstream media only serves to strengthen my resolve.

  20. Patrick Roden says:

    Well done Rev, won’t be long until you hit that 100,000 unique visitors mark !

  21. Shinty says:

    Yup, mostly what everyone has said already.
    I have to confess to being a Wings Junkie.

  22. john king says:

    my morning begins around 5am 
    kettle on, porridge on, computer on, and check whats been said in wings over when I’ve been in bed, and never disappointed, loads to catch up on and lots of  interesting comments on great content provided by rev stu,
    its like the old days when I went to the front door and pulled the morning paper out of the letter box,
    only difference is WE make the news and noone tells us what to think

  23. Seasick Dave says:

    Quick the suns oot
    Good to hear from you!
    My WTF moment came back in 1999 when Labour ran the ‘Divorce is an Expensive Option’ campaign and the BBC played it at every opportunity, complete with the sound of creaking branches snapping off trees!

    I went from being not interested in politics to joining the SNP and eventually becoming a swivel eyed nutter!

  24. Dorothy Devine says:

    Excellent! Well done!
    Now that I’ve found you I won’t let go!

  25. themadmurph says:

    folks I need some help.  I was talking to a work colleague who is currently a NO voter.  I asked him why, he said because of his Dad’s pension from Babcocks!  He believes, and I assume his Dad does too, that after independence he would lose it all.  Are there any good links which would explain it in basic terms, to put his mind to rest?
    We could add another two to the YES vote!

  26. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “folks I need some help. I was talking to a work colleague who is currently a NO voter. I asked him why, he said because of his Dad’s pension from Babcocks! He believes, and I assume his Dad does too, that after independence he would lose it all. Are there any good links which would explain it in basic terms, to put his mind to rest?”

    Babcock is a private-sector company listed on the London Stock Exchange:

    It operates completely independently of governments. A Yes or No vote in the referendum would have no effect on its pension scheme whatsoever. He’s no more likely to lose his pension if Scotland becomes independent than he is if Labour (or come to that, the Monster Raving Loony Party) win the next election.

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