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Nationalism rejection of the day

Posted on July 23, 2020 by

Maybe the flag could have been a bit bigger, but a solid 8/10 for the staunch rejection of all things nationalistic in this picture and tweet.

Jamie Halcro Johnston, incidentally, secured a whopping 4.1% of the Orkney vote for the Tories in the 2016 election, losing his deposit in the party’s lowest vote share ever (the nadir of a long slide from 23% in 2003), so we’re not absolutely sure he’s qualified to speak on behalf of the whole constituency, but we’ll let that one go this time in the light of such an absolutely stunning rejection of nationalism. Trebles all round.

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141 to “Nationalism rejection of the day”

  1. Ian McLean says:

    Johnston with a T secured 4.1% but we are still stuck with him as a Regional List MSP after everyone ahead of him on the list jacked.

  2. Republicofscotland says:

    Its the age old adage, British nationalism good, Scottish nationalism bad.

  3. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    The Tories are evil.

    The people who support the Tories are evil.

    Scottish supporters of the Tories are either thick bigots and racists, or better off harruphers who do not give a damn about their fellow Scots or our country.

    You can feel the badness from them.

  4. auld highlander says:

    I wonder if he paid a visit to Twatt for a photo shot?

  5. Vivian O'Blivion says:

    Johnson is the epitome of the English caste system that we Scots just LURV to death. Perhaps another poll should be conducted in the wake of his visit. The 54% Yes polls may have been boosted by the coverage they received, the “normalisation” effect, the multiple reports of despondent Unionist and the headlines and sub-headlines putting “independence” and “inevitable” in the same sentence (no matter the nature of the proposition being made).

  6. Bob Mack says:

    I remember vaguely the 2011 census for Orkney shows there was only a white population of mostly Christian background.

    They always struck me as a “wicker man” type population

    Quite a number of incomes from down south.

  7. Wulls says:

    435 votes he got 🙂
    Stunning performance by any standards 🙂

  8. Sharny Dubs says:

    Rule Britannia


  9. meg merrilees says:

    Let’s hope the guid folks a’ Orkney let him know otherwise.

  10. On lbc today saying Scotland couldn not, survive on its own I phoned to ask if they have ever heard of the Macronereport they hid for 30years that said an independent Scotland would be the 3rd richest country in Europe ???also they were on about this once in a generation thing I would have said it was as valid as their vow but of course I never got on these people lbc presenters live in a world of lies and halfe truths they control the cut of switch and that makes them right all the time they are pathetic Obryan Foggarty Johnston Ferrari the only honest one they had they got rid ofNigel

  11. Should have said Nigel Farrage

  12. Doug says:

    English/British nationalists are hypocritical scum.

  13. Stuart MacKay says:

    I doubt he’ll get much of a welcome from fishermen if he tried to pull that “stunt with crabs” in Caithness (see photo on BBC web site). The inshore boats along the coast at Canisbay had a lucrative market with the EU. Trucks with a couple of drivers (usually Portuguese) would collect the catch and drive south, non-stop. The food would be on the table in up-market restaurants in Spain and Portugal within 24 hours or so. Now with the customs cluster-fuck that is Brexit that’s going to be over and a lot of money will no longer coming into the area.

  14. winifred mccartney says:

    Boris Johnston would not dare to come anywhere near the people of Scotland – he is doing a Theresa May and hiding in plain site.

    Imagine the tory msp WHO LOST HIS DEPOSIT but got in on the list vote trying to claim the people of Orkney love Boris and his brand of English Nationalism.

    I’m surprised he even knew where Orkney was. Lets see how many real people he meets on his day trip to Scotland – blustering fear permitting.

  15. dakk says:

    “Orkney….is the most pro-Union part of Scotland”

    Testimony to the health hazards of breeding within a small gene pool perhaps.

  16. Corrado Mella says:

    Sociopaths are blissfully unaware of their own inadequacy and deep seated stupidity.
    Donning-Kruger effect in full view.


    How this hopeless cretins can survive amongst us humans is beyond me.

  17. Doug says:

    The so-called united kingdom continues to disintegrate, thanks largely to English/British nationalist arrogance and ignorance towards Scotland. Liar and coward Johnson is the personification of English/British nationalism.

  18. Ian McCubbin says:

    His speech was so schoolboy ish that it sounded totally tragic and not even insincere.
    Pathetic that such a sociopath is PM

  19. Shug says:

    They are warming up the people of Orkney want to stay with uk

  20. CameronB Brodie says:

    It’s actually more accurate to describe Scottish nationalism as patriotism, where as English/British nationalism is nationalism of the worst kind, i.e. totalitarian.

    Remember, Scottish nationalism is supportive of multiculturalism, British /English nationalism not so much (see Brexit).

    Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 2020
    Post-Brexit nationalism: challenging the British political tradition?

    In the UK, nationalism has been gaining ground for some time, yet Brexit appears to have exacerbated these trends and given legitimation to the nationalist cause. ‘Taking back control’ from the EU was widely regarded as a means of reinforcing parliamentary sovereignty, notably over national borders, but also, importantly, of legitimising popular sovereignty, of giving a voice to those who often feel unrepresented by their political leaders.

    The idea of popular sovereignty is closely linked to that of nationalism: the rise of national populism can partly be explained by the crisis of representativity in liberal democracies and the desire for more direct, participatory forms of democracy. This article seeks to analyse the British government’s articulation of nationalism following the Brexit referendum in order to determine the impact that the rise of nationalism in this peculiar context might have on democracy in the UK.

    Will it be Westminster business as usual or may the unleashing of nationalist sentiment represent an opportunity to move beyond the current political model? The article also focuses on the Labour Party’s approach to nationalism, analysing its capacity to mark a rupture from dominant forms of nationalism and thus challenge the British political tradition.
    KEYWORDS: Democracy, Brexit, nationalism, localism, nativism, sovereignty

  21. ahundredthidiot says:

    Given a third choice, they would’ve chose Norway!

  22. kapelmeister says:

    Johnson extolled the “sheer might” of the UK. Close.

    It’s the mere shite of the UK.

  23. CameronB Brodie says:

    One for the PM to consider on his return home, perhaps?

    Full text.

    Ethnic and Racial Studies
    Volume 42, 2019 – Issue 14: Special Issue: Racial nationalisms: borders, refugees and the cultural politics of belonging

    Racial nationalisms: Brexit, borders and Little Englander contradictions

    This Introduction first proposes a definitional map applicable to the racial nationalisms currently ascendant in Britain (and Western Europe, more broadly). The paper then outlines the respective contributions to the Special Issue – with an emphasis on the politics of bordering that organizes today so much of nationalism’s claim on the state.

    The second half thereupon establishes a wider conjunctural context within which such analyses can be most productively read. Drawing on Stuart Hall’s formative analysis, we argue that it is an understanding of the distinctly contradictory drives intrinsic to recent capitalism that is required.

    Through mapping the uneasy nation/market bind constitutive of the “Little Englander” political subjectivity that Thatcherism forged, this section focuses on the “disjuncture” that has emerged in the intervening period: a disjuncture, compounded by complementary forms of “postcolonial melancholia”, that has seen the various nationalist drives in the body politic obtain today a more pronounced political autonomy.

    Nationalism, racism, bordering, Thatcherism, Brexit, postcolonial melancholia

  24. Derick fae Yell says:

    The last time the Tories (Scottish Unionist – who merged with the Tories in the 1960s) won in Orkney and Shetland was 75 years ago.

    That being Basil Neven-Spence with a majority of 1.8% over Jo Grimond in 1945. He lost the seat a the next election and they’ve been no-hopers ever since.

    Neven-Spence (from a long line of thoroughly unpleasant landlords I might add) was immediately knighted. He was Lord Lieutenant of Shetland 1952–1963

  25. Confused says:

    I am looking for Air Farce One on the flightradar but cannot see it.

    The YES movement really needs an airforce, or SAMs; I read somewhere the Taliban hacked RPG-7s into being capable of taking down helicopters; improvised seeker and a fin kit, maybe?

    Something for all the McMaGuyvers out there.

    Our intelligence network is also lacking – activists should have known his itinerary in advance, then got the paintbrushes out “ITS SHITE BEING BRITISH” etc

  26. Ottomanboi says:

    Muzzling the populace.
    What the party of ‘no nannie state’ is doing splendidly.
    I believe that once things were so bad in lovely UK there was once a return to Denmark movement in the islands….global Brits nuke Copenhagen!

  27. schrodingers cat says:

    stu, due to the widespread and disparate nature of the orkneys, is it even possible to do a constituency
    opinion poll?

  28. B Griffiths says:

    That’s the good old red white and blue British Brexity end to Erasmus end to free movement nationalism = Good, decent, let’s get going, patriotic.

    The bad old white and blue and Stars of Europe join single market & customs union Scottish self-determination = Bad, separatist, vile.

  29. Effijy says:

    Boris connected with more crabs than Scots today.

    He was shown their get out claws.
    Time for the SNP to present their get out clause!

  30. Socrates MacSporran says:

    We should never forget, Johnson’s father could not afford to pay the full fees to get his son into Eton.

    Boris had to pass an examination to gain a scholarship to that school – where he was known as a “King’s Scholar.”

    This means, in effect – he was one of the cleverer ones.

    I’ll just let that sink in.

  31. auld highlander says:

    Scotland frozen out of maritime security discussions

  32. Effijy says:

    To show you the kind of people who run Eton
    A recent paper for those seeking a scholarship
    Gave them the scenario where they were Prime
    Minister and shortages has seen looters and rioters
    On the street as they were going hungry.

    Write you justification. To the UK public explaining why
    You gave the order for the Police and Army to open fire
    on those taking part.

    Can any moral human being justify killing someone who takes food because they are starving?
    Yes the Tories!

  33. callmedave says:

    A fleeting visit and all over in a morning.

    Quite a way to go for a big cheese to have a go at making some
    Orkney cheese.

    No tea or scones at Bute Hoose although invited, but he was a man in hurry. 🙂

    Corona figs today. Not getting any better darn Sarf really. 🙁

    N. Ireland……….00…….Total……556….SUN
    England………….19 sun…Total….40959….WMGov

  34. jfngw says:

    It’s been a few weeks since the BBC re-ran the 1966 world cup final so I thought it must be time for another run of it, and there we are it’s on on Saturday night again. Just surprised they didn’t have space in the schedule to slip in a couple of WWII programmes to round it off.

    It’s 54 years since this event, the only thing I can think of that is in the even more distant past is the Conservatives winning an election in Scotland, I was 10 months when this happened. 26th May 1955 I’m just surprised there wasn’t a BBC programme celebrating the event.

  35. Walter Jones says:

    BBC News,

    First ten minutes dedicated to the wearing of face masks in engerland tomorrow.

    I wonder what they were trying to avoid talking about?

  36. MadCatWumman says:

    Because ‘winners’ hide down single track side roads on rainy Scottish islands….don’t they!.

    Only thing being ‘rejected’ today was the union!

    It’s over!
    Yer yoonyin’s deid!
    Nationalists live rent free in Tory heads!
    & there is plenty of room in BawJaws.

  37. Republicofscotland says:

    Well that’s the British nationalist lies back in full flow as ex-UKIP hasbeen David Coburn (remember him?) Gave an interview on RT about an hour ago in which he said with a straight face, that we’d lose our pensions if we become independent, and our homes and we wouldn’t be able to get a mortgage.

    Coburn isn’t worried about a surge in the polls for independence he thinks George Galloway’s new Unionist Alliance party will crush our independence dreams once and for all.

    RT didn’t put anyone up to counter Coburn’s ridiculous claims, it does make you wonder where RT stands on Scottish independence.

  38. Republicofscotland says:

    Sky news showed Johnson in Orkney, but they forgot to cut the sound as multiple boos can be heard aimed in his direction, like Johnson’s visit to Orkney, the union is also just all smoke and mirrors.

  39. Republicofscotland says:

    “We should never forget, Johnson’s father could not afford to pay the full fees to get his son into Eton.

    Boris had to pass an examination to gain a scholarship to that school – where he was known as a “King’s Scholar.”

    This means, in effect – he was one of the cleverer ones.

    I’ll just let that sink in.”

    Socrates MacSporran.

    Very few at Westminster are bright, in this day and age all you need is a sharp suit and a couple of SPADS to script write for you. Yet people vote for them as though they know what they’re doing, they don’t, but its not their money or lives they’re f#cking up with their inept laws and inane policies.

  40. Gary45% says:

    Man, mainstream radio, media etc going gaga over Scotland,
    Panic, Panic, Panic, Corporal Gove cries.
    Expect the love to flow north yet again.
    Will we be mugs in buying the lies the second time around?

    A wee O/T
    RIP Michael Brooks,
    A shining light in Political Commentary, and a decent human being, one of the best.

  41. Walter Jones says:


    September 2021

    C’mon Sturgeon, do this for Scotland before you head for pastures new in the UN.

    Make next year’s election a mandate for a Referendum.

  42. Sandy says:

    What’s happening to you Orcadians, two liars. How do you put up with it? Time to put them to bed.
    You possess that distinctive accent & with some of your own words. Now you have a choice to introduce further words, ie “LIAR”, either a “Carmichael” (already used in some parts of Scotland) or a “BORIS”.
    Come to think of it, the whole of Scotland ought to embrace these words & to hell with the OED.

  43. Effijy says:

    I see that All UK Covid Deaths are in England today.
    I also see that the number of new Civid cases is increasing too
    Some 769 for today.

    Congratulations Boris!

    As yesterday’s vote by Westminster to keep the NHS open and
    Vulnerable to a take over by the Americans, I’d like to remind the
    Citizens of Orkney and Shetland that their medical bills will be higher
    Due to the remoteness and that in major emergencies patients there
    are airlifted by Air Ambulance to a mainland hospital.

    You can put the For Sale sign up in your garden if you have to pay an
    American Corporation for services like that.

    Wave your wee Union Jack and goodbye to your bank book.

  44. Effijy says:

    The BBC’s Naga Munvhetty advised Ian Blackford
    That Scotland wouldn’t get anything if it wasn’t for the Union?

    It’s absolutely true she said that.

  45. Sensibledave says:


    You wrote “Remember, Scottish nationalism is supportive of multiculturalism, British /English nationalism not so much (see Brexit).”

    I have at to deal with you on the complete b******s before Cammy.

    In terms of multi culturalism, diversity, integration and all getting along … England is so far ahead of Scotland as to make comparison absurd.

    Do you want the list again? Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, non-white population … 8%. London, the capital of England 55%. Scotland’s second city, Glasgow, non white population 12%. England’s second city, Birmingham .. 37%.

    As you well know, I can keep going like this and we can discuss say, the “non white” representation in ENgland’s major sports teams … compared to SCotland.

    You live in some baseless, warped fantasy world Cammy. You havent got a clue. You are an ill informed idiot of the first order.

  46. Clapper57 says:

    Keir Starmer said via a news report today that Johnson needs to listen to the communities in Scotland and not just lecture them……

    Keir Starmer then proceeded to lecture communities in Scotland about maintaining the Union…….

    So is this a good example to use of a time where someone accuses someone else of doing the very thing that they themselves are doing…..seems like it to me…..but perhaps Keir and his colleagues would have a different spin on why what he said, via his lecture, was distinctive from what Johnson was saying today in Scotland while lecturing the communities….

    ToMAto…ToMAYto…etc etc

  47. Robert Louis says:

    Boris’s farewell to Scotland Tour agenda.

    23/7/20, Rich, fat, pig-ignorant, Scotland-hating, racist tory git from England, comes up to Scotland, makes speeches to hand-picked ‘journalists’ in secret locations, then leaves.

  48. Confused says:

    -that comment on the dead thread is (allegedly) from “Tommy Sheridan” and was posted a couple of hours ago

    have not fully digested it, but it reads well, lot of insight and wisdom

    – if it’s some faker on the windup, it’s at least well-done, the phrasing, use of words, all very “Tommy-ian”

    links to a sputnik article by, I assume, the real TS–lets-do-it/

  49. Robert Louis says:

    Clapper 57 at 0602pm,

    Yip, noticed that. The Labour leader telling Boris not to lecture Scots, then proceeding to lecture Scots about how ‘wonderful’ this unwanted, undemocratic ‘union’ is.

    Nae wonder folk in Scotland stopped voting Labour. Red Tories, blue Tories. These days it is hard to tell them apart.

    The truth is, that in this so-called wonderful ‘union’, Scotland is getting forcibly dragged out of the EU, wholly against its wishes, by a bunch of sociopathic and psycopathic hoodlums in 10 downing street. Every single Scot is having their EU citizenship and right to work, live or study in the EU forcibly stripped from them . Our parliament is getting forcibly, and undemocratically, stripped of its powers, and our industry and health service sold to America against our wishes.

    Aye, what a fantastic ‘union’ it is. Boris, the lying, murderous, racist Tory can go to hell.

  50. msean says:

    Wants to beat Scottish Nationalism. Goes to most Liberal Democrat place. I’m sure the MP for the Orkney Islands will welcome him,he’s used to working with Tories after all.

  51. Robert Louis says:

    Just for the record, since I often refer to psycopaths in Downing Street. It comes from what they do, and how they behave. It was David Cameron, who once referred to Dominic ‘let them die’ Cummings, as a “career psycopath”.

  52. Iain More says:

    Aye another day of Scotland and the Scots evil and England and the Brits great. I am surprised the BBC and the Tories arent advocating a return of Prima Nocta. Not that they need it as they can always use holiday home owners to fiddle the postal vote count.

  53. mr thms says:

    Effijy at 5:14 pm

    After the UK leaves the EU on the 31st December, and in the not to distant future , an independent Scotland would be free to rejoin a bigger and better union if it wants, the EU. Unlike the current union, Scotland will be treated as an equal partner.

  54. Duncan Macniven says:

    Nicola Sturgeon said today that any financial support from the UK to Scotland is using borrowed money. Money that had Scotland been independent we could have borrowed our selves. That is a very powerful point that should be spread far and wide.
    We pay through the nose for this money.
    The UK Treasury is up to its nostrils in debt. It really is time.

  55. The Isolator says:

    No matter how much of a pigs ear the SNP seem to make of the push for independence it’s pleasing to see the unionistas literally “shiting”it.They are in full panic mode.

  56. Shug says:

    I do not understand the fishermen supporting leaving the eu when it will exclude them from the eu market.
    Why do they not see this am I missing something
    There is a real possibility the government will negotiate access to uk waters for European fishermen In return for something and the Scottish fishermen will be excluded from the eu market

  57. Ottomanboi says:

    Johnson’s opinion of Lib Dems.
    “The Lib Dems are not just empty. They are a void within a vacuum surrounded by a vast inanition”.
    On that at least he shows sound judgment.

  58. Bob Mack says:

    Damned civil of Westminster to borrow money for us here in Scotland to keep us going. I suspect that they don’t even want us to give it back at some point!.


  59. JayR says:

    It’s referendum media time again. BBC going into full anti-indy bias mode, that wee c@nt Chris Musson at The Sun dribbling about Scotland’s currency and dredging up crap about indy activists as terrorists, BBC Radio North Britain and LBC having phone-ins for the unionist zombies to rant and presenters to spout unionist sh@te. Auld Liz stuck her neb in yet?

  60. Clapper57 says:

    @ Robert Louis @ 6.10pm

    Well said Robert….

    Labour want us to forget and forgive…..everything….meanwhile come next Indy Ref Keir will endorse the same “NO to Independence” position as Boris Johnson…..via a multitude of LECTURES he will give to Scotland’s citizens…..

    I cannae wait till Keir Starmer comes up to Scotland…..sure he’ll have a hard time convincing us Scots to stay within the Union WITHOUT LECTURING us……

    Perhaps he will just decide to do it via the medium of dance…to the song by Rick Astley ” Never gonna give you up”……techno style courtesy of a Daft Limmy mix……

    Have a nice evening 😉

  61. Duncan Macniven says:

    Would that be the Sun chappie who attended A&E today to have a severely ripped arsehole stitched after he tried to best the FM? LMAO

  62. JayR says:

    @Duncan Macniven

    Aye. She didn’t rip it wide enough

  63. MaggieC says:

    A good article in the National today from Lynsey Bruce at and the archive link below

    I’m not on twitter so if Lynsey reads this , there’s a few more “ Big enough etc “ Yes stickers been put up in my local area today . Someone keeps taking them down after I’ve put them up but I’ve bought enough of them that I just keep replacing them . Every little helps to keep to get the YES message across to people .

  64. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    MaggieC 7:20 pm

    Go Maggie well done.

    It scares some folk.

    I occasionally drop the odd sticker myself.

  65. callmedave says:

    @Duncan Macniven


    She told him to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    Best bit of the update and Sky News were absent when their turn came to ask a question. Probably up in Orkney

  66. callmedave says:


    Just caught your post there.

    Same here in Glenrothes ‘YES’ stickers appearing on a few local GPO letter boxes.

    Postie removes them after a day or two. Nice to see them though.

  67. Stuart MacKay says:

    Not seeing a lot of love in some corners for the citizens of the Nordic counties of Scotland. Y’all need to realise that the area generally does not vote for Lab/Con because the central belt industrial politics of yore does not make much sense that far north. There’s general wariness of the SNP because it’s hard to tell the difference between clowns in London, clowns in Edinburgh or clowns in Inverness from that distance. For example, we all had a good laugh when Highland Regional Council wanted to change all the road signs in Caithness to Gaelic.

    It’s ignorance of the north that keeps returning Lib Dem MPs. If you want to make a case why Scotland is better of independent then keep talking up the idea of joining the Nordic Council not because it’s cool or Scandanavian but because it shows that you have ears.

    The problems of being dominated by a larger population apply just as much to Scotland’s regions as it does to the country itself.

  68. Jim Morris says:

    It’s a Spoonerism. And yer dead right!

  69. Joe says:

    Is it me or is there a serious ‘shoring up’ attempt for the SNP these days on WOS?

    Read and responded to ‘Tommy Sheridans’ (or should I say TOMMY SHERIDAN) comment on previous thread.

    Its all very well and good to talk seats, votes and tactics. One can ignore the threat to civil liberties and the security of women that the SNP seem to pose.

    But a lot of people wont ignore it. So even from a tactical point of view it makes no sense not to address the issue.

    There are worse things than living in the UK. One of those things is living in a country where you can be locked up for speaking honestly and causing offense and another is where women lose their sex-based rights.

    As for the ladies – while we are busy discussing what parts of your rights we will sacrifice to get the SNP in to head the charge for independence (no sniggering at the back) you wouldnt be a wee flower and fix us a platter of sandwiches and a wee pot of tea, eh?

  70. Rick H Johnston says:

    Did anybody else spot the two Union flags joined together–or photo shopped behind Johnson? Is one upside down. Too much nationalism as Bojo would say.

  71. MorvenM says:

    Kenny MacAskill on good form these days:

  72. Me Bungo Pony says:

    Joe seems to have his own agenda.

  73. Bob Mack says:

    Just hearng several playing staff at St Mirren have tested positive for Covi d today. Season may be delayed in that division

  74. CameronB Brodie says:

    Sensibledave @ 5:38pm
    I don’t know how much evidence I need to provide you with before you will accept realty, but Scotland voted to remain in the EU, while England voted to leave. The vote was conditioned by economic decline and austerity, but was over-driven by hostility to immigration and Euro-scepticism. I take it you’re just a little embarrassed by England’s cultural turn towards ethnic nationalism?

    I accept England is more diverse than Scotland, but claiming England is not regressing is to reject reality, contemporary Scotland is more tolerant of multiculturalism than contemporary England (see Brexit).

  75. Alf Baird says:

    The higher incidence of No voters and unionist MP/MSP supporters in the Northern Isles is likely due to fewer people there holding to a Scottish identity. Perhaps as much as a third or more of the population come from rest-UK, mainly England; on some outer isles this is over 50%. And some indigenous islanders may not necessarily consider themselves as Scottish either, despite the fact the islands have been part of Scotland for over 500 years.

  76. Ottomanboi says:

    This is interesting.
    Scotland not mentioned at all, above or below the line.
    No smoke, no fire or simply irrelevant.

  77. ahundredthidiot says:

    COVID fanatics are looking increasingly like those Board Sign wearers……….’THE END IS NIGH!’

  78. Bob Mack says:


  79. Joe says:

    @Me Bungo Pony

    Yes. It involves my country not sliding into an authoritarian hyper progressive shithole on the backs of a party that has shown zero guts or spirit for what they claim to represent so far.

    Its very easy to just be sensible and drop the issues I mention in the name of progressing with indy.

    If they wont then they aren’t serious about it (indy) in the 1st place and therefore have no reason for us to sacrifice any civil liberties to give them that big shot at indy they have been missing so far (that’s sarcasm).

    Time for the SNP to start showing some respect towards the people who vote for them. There’s only one way to make that happen. Show some balls and refuse support until they start getting real.

    Lets put it this way – if they don’t commit to dropping these issues the Unionists will use it to eviscerate them on all available media. Probably about 2 weeks before the election.

    Stop being led by the nose. Start taking charge of the assholes you vote for.

  80. CameronB Brodie says:

    Do you still have a reflexive, ideological, hostility towards the scientific investigation of culture and society, a.k.a. post-modern critical social theory? Do you still think social science is a Jewish plot to enslave mankind? Are you still a tad racist and hostile to the EU?

  81. dakk says:

    ‘Joe seems to have his own agenda’

    Unionism and bra burning?

  82. Beaker says:

    Tried to post this 4 hours ago then Three4G mobile wifi went tits up again…

    @Effijy says:
    23 July, 2020 at 5:14 pm
    “The BBC’s Naga Munvhetty advised Ian Blackford
    That Scotland wouldn’t get anything if it wasn’t for the Union?
    It’s absolutely true she said that.”

    I watched it. Naga is a cold and arrogant individual, totally unsuited for breakfast tv. But of all people why did it have to be Blackford? He’s not exactly Mr Charisma and he seems to be permanently angry. Get Joanna Cherry on. She would have slapped her down far more effectively.

    @Duncan Macniven says:
    23 July, 2020 at 6:43 pm
    “Would that be the Sun chappie who attended A&E today to have a severely ripped arsehole stitched after he tried to best the FM?”

    Must have kept him quiet, since they all speak out of their arses 🙂

  83. Walter Jones says:

    Keep visiting Boris.

    You are doing a great job of increasing the Yes vote

  84. Walter Jones says:

    Totally agree about Blackford.

    Terrible uninspiring individual.

    Is he locked in that cupboard.

    Every time he is on telly, he is locked in that broom cupboard

    I do wish the Yes Movement had a strong vocal leader.

    At the moment we have an snp leader who won’t talk about Scottish Independence and we also don’t have a vocal leader of the Yes Movement.

    So even although we are ahead in the Polls, we are not reaping and enjoying the benefits of it.

  85. Joe says:


    What an interesting sneering dismissal.

    How very progressive of you.

  86. Walter Jones says:

    With england soon to become the 51st State of America, the are preparing for this by screening live nightly broadcasts of their future President.

  87. boris says:

    In its conclusion, the report demanded that the Government get tough on foreign nationals by tightening the rules of the scheme making it more secure.

    But interestingly, the one voice of dissent from his own committee was from the then Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson who suggested that “there was no real role for Government in the process”.

  88. A Person says:

    -Ottomanboi at 6.32pm-

    Johnson’s opinion of Lib Dems.
    “The Lib Dems are not just empty. They are a void within a vacuum surrounded by a vast inanition”.
    On that at least he shows sound judgment

    Even my dog could have told you that about the LibDems, but this quote shows how Johnson is “a stupid person’s idea of a clever person”. His reputation as funny and brilliant is based around his ability to say a few long words in a plummy voice.

    If some arse like that opened his mouth in any pub or cafe in Scotland he’d be treated with disdain because people here just see right through that schtick. Yet, although I was born in England (to Scottish parents, returned as a toddler), have lived there as an adult myself, visit frequently and have English friends, I honestly just don’t get how a substantial minority of English voters think he’s great. Personally I can’t actually bear to listen to or even look at him.

  89. Me Bungo Pony says:

    Really doubting that’s your agenda Joe. Could be wrong though.

  90. dakk says:

    Faux women’s rights bandwagon jumping and british unionism.

    How progressive.

  91. Ayeright says:

    @Me Bungo Pony

    No need for doubt, as you were right, he has his own agenda.

  92. Walter Jones says:

    If you don’t follow the Sturgeon line then for some strange reason only known to those Sturgeon supporters on Wings, you are a Unionist.

    If anyone has the temerity to critisize the First Minister, then you are a Unionist.

    I have been following the downfall of Nicola Sturgeon as highlighted by Rev Stu for quite a while now, and not once have I saw The Rev being called out as a Unionist.

    So if the likes of the guy Joe is labelled a Unionist, then why the hell is Rev Stu not labelled a Unionist?

    Are you too frightened to call out the Rev as a Unionist, or is it that you don’t really believe Joe is a Unionist, but that he is against Nicola Sturgeon and therefore has to be punished in some way.

    There are two distinct sides on Wings now.

    The Pro Sturgeon camp, and the Anti Sturgeon camp.

    Take your pick.

  93. Ayeright says:

    @Walter Jones

    I’ll humour you, Joe is a right wing Tory and has made that plain.

    You talk of “the downfall of Nicola Sturgeon” hahaha.

    Well, how ridiculous is that when she is +89 in terms of approval? It just tells me that YOU are a Unionist troll taht worships the ground Johnson walks on.

    Either that or you’re just another arsehole posting on Wings.

  94. schrodingers cat says:

    @walter jones

    because stu has never advocated not voting snp on the constituency vote, he promotes the idea of voting for a new indy list party on the list, as i do.

    joe argues we should not vote snp at all, ergo he is a unionist troll

  95. Walter Jones says:


    You seem as angry as the guy robbo

    He also nearly burst a blood vessel earlier on today because someone had a bad word to say about Sturgeon.

    Very touchy Sturgeon crowd on Wings

  96. Walter Jones says:

    Even if Joe is a Unionist, does it mean he has to be hounded off the site?

    What about the guy Sensible Dave?

    Does he not admit to being a Unionist?

    I don’t see you being abusive to him.

    It’s just funny how the Sturgeon supporters pick out some posters for special treatment, but not others.

  97. CameronB Brodie says:

    Walter Jones
    Joe is hostile to a scientific world view, which he links with a Jewish conspiracy to enslave mankind. He is punting right-wing populism and Euro-scepticism. Dave is an English Tory who is unable to support the principle of universal rights, and who is also punting right-wing populism. Neither can be considered supportive of liberal democracy, as right-wing populism produces inequality and authoritarian racism.

    It’s just funny how you’ve not noticed any of this but appear to consider your judgement sound and worthy of attention.

  98. Joe says:


    I DO have my own agenda. I think its something the majority will find appealing also – no GRA, no hate speech laws, a flexible plan of action for furthering the cause of independence.

    Until then they can go and fuck themselves.

    I encourage everyone to do the same. Stop being used. Stop being bullshitted. Theres plenty time between now and the election, if the SNP are worth your support they will listen and adjust as necessary. Until they do then REFUSE your support and your vote.

    Stop being used.

  99. CameronB Brodie says:

    Are you still hostile to the EU and multiculturalism?

  100. Joe says:

    Just for clarity in the face of lying SNP shills:

    What I am proposing is to get the SNP back into line. You do that by not letting them take you for granted.

    When they drop the BS and offer something solid going forward then cast your vote in their direction.

    If they dont offer anything then they were never on your side to begin with. So you do not give them anything.

    That’s all. It is after all what a political party is supposed to do.

    Dont let them take you for granted. YOU have the power.

    It could be done in 1 day – suspend GRA and hate speech until a better time to consider it (never preferably) and start working on a course of action and game plan for independence.

    Its not much to ask.

  101. CameronB Brodie says:

    Do you still think post-modern critical theory is a Jewish conspiracy, and are you still hostile to the EU and multiculturalism?

  102. Joe says:

    @Walter Jones

    People tend to dismiss me as a troll. Makes it easier than actually making a coherent point against me.

    I actually am a nationalist – i just happen to have some self respect and dont have the pink hued glasses many on here have when it comes the political situation in Scotland


  103. Davie Oga says:

    People refuse to vote SNP for all sorts of reasons. There is a significant minority of independence supporters who vote Labour
    also there are SNP voters and members who do not support independence. I imagine you could include some current parliamentarians in that demographic as well.

    The troll/spook allegations are pointless as anyone can anonymously post here.
    The different opinions are good. The idea that all people who support independence are super progressive, groovey love merchants, singing from the same right on hymsheet bears no relation to reality. There are hardcore right wingers who despise immigration, the EU, and the nanny state but they support independence for their nation. There are virtual communists as well who believe in Scottish statehood.
    It takes all sorts to make a country.

    I would find it difficult to vote SNP right now, even on the constituency. A year and a half ago, I would vote for them
    despite the fact that I just don’t agree with their policies nor their legislative priorities. I would put politics aside aside and vote SNP because I believed they could possibly emancipate our nation. Even though I don’t necessarily believe that the current leadership have any intention of delivering over the next parliament, they would still be the best of an extremely bad lot. Not once in my 29 years of being able to vote have I ever voted for a unionist party. I most certainly wouldn’t do it now.

    Where the SNP lost me is with the Salmond trial. I don’t care about the “controversy” or the salaciousness. I have incredibly low expectations of our elected representatives. But a line at the following.

    A man was falsely accused of attempted rape by someone at the highest level of the party. During the course of the trial, it became apparent that perjury was committed in the attempt to convict an innocent man. Until this perjurer and their sponsor are no longer in a position of influence, I would reluctantly pass on any opportunity to “lend the SNP my vote”.

    Flabbergasting wickedness. The fact that this person still holds power says much about the lack of character and morality, in both the leadership, and the parliamentary party in general.

  104. CameronB Brodie says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but right-wing circle-jerks give me the boak.

    Remember, Brexitania rejects post-national cosmopolitanism, and denies Scots the legal right to claim legal rights. It is also incompatible with deliberative constitutional jurisprudence.

    Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy Volume 21, 2018 – Issue 1: Multiculturalism in Contemporary Britain: Policy, Law and Theory

    Liberal democracy, nationalism and culture: multiculturalism and Scottish independence

    Proponents of Scottish independence often foreground the claim that Scotland forms a democratically relevant and underrepresented community that would function better as an independent state. This argument casts the nation in cultural rather than ethnic or purely political terms, and thus implicitly draws on forms of both liberal nationalist and multicultural political theory.

    We argue that any plausible articulation of such a ‘cultural nationalism’ ultimately reduces to a series of interrelated claims about the nature and effects of culture, identity and meaning. We provide a post-foundational account of culture and identity as fluid, contested, and overlapping, which we argue renders the cultural nationalist position unsustainable.

    We argue Britain is really constituted by multiple tiers of political identities, communities, and democratic structures, which suggests traction for post-nationalisms such as political liberalism and cosmopolitanism. We then sketch a distinctive form of post-national cosmopolitanism that focuses on local rather than universal attachments, identities and practices.

    We conclude that more polycentric governance is required to help accommodate the fluid nature of culture and identity. A deeper analysis of multicultural political theory post-Brexit therefore supports a fundamental remaking of current constitutional arrangements and radical devolution across the whole of the United Kingdom.

    Multiculturalism, liberal nationalism, identity, democracy, post-foundationalism, devolved governance

  105. Davie Oga says:


    Different perspectives are good to read. The only thing we need to agree on is that we get shot of Westminster. No mean feat, and not a job for the happy clappy brigade.

  106. CameronB Brodie says:

    Davie Oga
    I agree different perspectives are healthy, so long as the views themselves are healthy. Joe is punting right-wing populism, which does not supports liberal democracy. He’s just trying to be sneaky about it.

  107. North chiel says:

    Bojo on his visit to “North Britain “ promoting the usual “ generation” rhetoric for the Britnat 24 hour propaganda channels re the 2014 No vote . That being the case then as a central plank of the Vote No “ campaign “ was based on the UK ( and thus Scotland ) REMAINING in the EU , then Shouldn’t the Sovereign People of Scotland be REMAINING in the EU for the equivalent GENERATION.?

  108. Al-Stuart says:

    The new 77th Brigade employee of the month troll who recently appeared on Wings Over Scotland with the strange moniker of…

    “Me Bungo Pony”

    …now makes sense.

    If you put the abomination of a combination of words that this British Army cyber soldier has chosen for a nom de plume through an anagram app., he she or shit comes out as…

    “Yoon Gunmen B”

    This is a little disturbing, but entirely in line with British Army humour, especially overpromoted squaddies from darn sarf.

    Or you can choose another anagram for “Me Bungo Pony”…

    “Yoon Pub Menu”

    Methinks the 77th Brigade are yanking the old chain on Wings in ways to waste the time of genuine posters and/or sow disharmony amongst the VAST MAJORITY HERE WHO WANT INDEPENDENCE, but whom have been very well crucified by the British Empires dirty tricks unit with the OLDEST TRICK IN THE YOON BOOK… DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

    You have to hand it the YOON PUB MENU poster formerly known as MeBungoPony and his 77th Bridage muppet mates, when they compromised Nicola Sturgeon and her chief civil servant along with those alphabet women into trying to jail Alex Salmond… Well credit where it is due, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson may be the buffoon of all politicians, but his spooks have completely stuffed the YES movement as we fight amongst ourselves in bitterness here on Wings and elsewhere day in day out.

    Oh, there’s a squirrel, I must chase it.

    Now what were we talking about?

    Maybe it was this joke cartoon. There was a time I would have laughed. Now both of these politicians give my the dry boke…

  109. Oneliner says:

    @Al-Stuart 3:04am

    Good morning fellow insomniac – try to get some sleep.

  110. Sensibledave says:

    CBB 9.24

    You wrote “I accept England is more diverse than Scotland, but claiming England is not regressing is to reject reality, contemporary Scotland is more tolerant of multiculturalism than contemporary England (see Brexit).

    You are a fool. You have absolutely no idea. You write stuff like “Scotland is more tolerant of multiculturalism (than England)” with no evidence whatsoever.

    You are just a nasty, snide pseudo intellectual trying to use race baiting as a means to make some ridiculous point – whilst you accept that the actual evidence totally contradicts your slurs and smears.

    The only r*****t here is you Cammy. You personify the term. You ascribe stereotypical, negative traits to folk in a particular country … because they are from that country. And the icing on the cake is that in your country there are still serious sectarian divisions … in 2020 ffs!

  111. Sensibledave says:

    Walter Jones 12.46

    … he (me) most certainly does not admit to being “a unionist”.

    You need to pay more attention Sir!

  112. Stuart MacKay says:

    Iain Lawson’s blog, Yours For Scotland, has only been going a couple of months but is always a good read. Quite a few carrots and plenty of sticks where they are needed.

    His latest post is a good assessment of Boris’ bumbling trip Up North,

  113. Effijy says:

    Scotland is more tolerant than England as we didn’t produce
    Enoch Powell and his rivers of blood.

    We never had race riots like Brixton and we don’t have daily profiling
    Of blacks like the Met Police force.

    A few days ago we watched a young female Athlete sitting in the back
    Seat of a car with a baby being threatened with a raised truncheon because
    Her husband driver was temporarily double parked.
    We seen another mature black couple being aggressively grilled by police in
    London while stand on their own driveway.
    The suspicion for questioning seemed to be why a black couple would own a car
    And have a nice house in a nice area.

    The hundreds of stabbing each year by blacks is exacerbated by them being discriminated for jobs
    Which leads to crimes to generate money.

    If this is what England calls tolerant its another difference and reason for Scotland to detach itself

  114. Just hope there is not a Covid hotspot in Orkney with all the politicians and media up from England mixing with the Orkney locals and incomers.

  115. Me Bungo Pony says:

    @Al-Stuart (3:04am)

    Wow. You merely suggest a poster who urges Indies to stop voting SNP may not have the best interests of the independence movement in mind …. and you get called a 77th Brigade soldier. It’s bonkers.

    Try googling “Me Bungo Pony Scotland” and you’ll see plenty of what I’ve written on various sites …. and also the derivation of the name. I settled on it on the way to a gig st the Renfrew Ferry. I’ve been posting under this moniker for over 15 years. Since the days of the old Scotsgait site in fact.

  116. CameronB Brodie says:

    You are a fool. You have absolutely no idea. You write stuff like “Scotland is more tolerant of multiculturalism (than England)” with no evidence whatsoever.

    It looks like dave wants to overlook Brexit. Either that, or he’s a disingenuous Tory.

  117. Sensibledave says:


    … so, in your loonie world, normal folk voting not wanting to be part of a federal Europe means that they are against multicultural …. despite every other scrap of evidence to the contrary.

    Using your flawed, warped logic then, we can assume, folk in Edinburgh are obviously more than six times more r****t than folk in London?

  118. CameronB Brodie says:

    Oi dave, GIRFUY.

    Palgrave Communications volume 5, Article number: 5 (2019)
    Prejudice and the Brexit vote: a tangled web

    The decision of the UK public in July 2016 to vote to leave the European Union was greeted with surprise within the UK and across the world. However, should we really have been surprised? Surveys of attitudes towards freedom of movement to the UK over the last 10 years have suggested an increasing negativity regarding immigration, and many debates before and after the vote have raised the issue of whether prejudice played a role in the outcome of the referendum.

    It is only within the last 12 months that a number of research study findings have started to provide a more coherent, data-informed evidence-base suggesting that voting behaviour in the referendum may have correlates to prejudice personality styles, nationalism, Islamophobia, and implicit/explicit prejudice.

    We argue that recent evidence suggests that levels of prejudice towards ‘others’ was a factor in the Brexit vote and that the attitudes underlying this vote must be explored in greater detail through cross-disciplinary scientific research, with legitimate concerns recognised and fallacies challenged.

  119. Sensibledave says:


    Your post is beyond contempt.

    Would you like me to cherry pick some events/occurrences in Scotland … and then project them as a summary of the nation? We could start with suggesting that Scotland is perhaps one of the most unenlightened western style Democracy countries because their population pursues violence in attempts to enforce their version of a god on folk who believe in a different version of the same god? Are you happy with that characterisation?

  120. CameronB Brodie says:

    Oi dave, I’m not happy of being stripped of my EU citizenship and legal rights, just to satisfy right-wing, populist, English Torydum.

  121. Bob Mack says:


    The funny thing is that by far the biggest majority who now protest in Scotland about black inhabitants are from Unionist organisations who identify as British, such as the Orange Lodge.

    Coincidence or mindset?

  122. Ottomanboi says:

    Any historian worth his or her salt will admit that there is a link between ‘unionism’ how ever defined and sectarianism ie anti Catholicism. Taking the historian Linda Colley as an exemplar she highlighted the sectarian nature of the founding myths of the United Kingdom. Catholics per se posed an existential threat to the entity, in particular from an English perception of Scotland’s less than active prosecution of its native Catholics and their subversive Jacobite continental links. The Union brought Scotland fully into England’s political and military sphere of influence. Loci of Catholic activity such as those in the North East and in the West Highlands, where there were seminaries, could be suppressed.
    Thus Catholic as the embodiment of everything ‘dodgy and weird’ was welded into the structure of the British State rationale. In secular Britain, when probed, most have an attitude vis à vis Catholicism. Just as they will have towards Jews and Muslims. “There is something not quite British about them”.
    Getting rid of the British unionist connexion and its deep cultural influences might withdraw the oxygen sustaining the sectarian mentality in Scottish life.

  123. Effijy says:

    Idiot a Dave,

    Yes I would!

    Scotland has never sunk to the depths of depravity of the English Empire.

    From using native Australians for military target practice across rabbit runs
    To tying native India’s to cannons before firing to creating the first detention camps
    In South Africa where the watched woman and children starve to death or gave them
    Diseased blankets to speed the process to starving millions to death in Ireland that later
    Progressed to turning machine guns on women and children watching a football match.

    Now we see the Chagos Islander being denied their basic human rights as identified by the
    United Nations and of course Scotland is not to be permitted to have a democratic vote.
    The history of the English lead by Westminster are an abomination.

  124. CameronB Brodie says:

    Westminster, as with most British institutions, suffers from structural racism. Brexit simply gives this cultural outlook legal form, and turns Scots into sub-English.

    United Kingdom: UN expert condemns entrenched racial discrimination and inequality

  125. CameronB Brodie says:

    Brexit must be viewed as a right-wing coupe which has undermined British ‘democracy’, by empowering racial intolerance and forcefully removing Scotland from contact with international law and order. A connection that was guaranteed under international law. So it’s a crying shame that Scotland has to rely on leadership that apparently does not understand the law.


    There are numerous interactions between the rule of law and the concept of freedom. We can see this by looking at Fuller’s eight principles of legality, the positive and negative theories of liberty, coercive and empowering laws, and the formal and substantive rules of law.

    Adherence to the rules of formal legality promotes freedom by creating stability and predictability in the law, on which the people can then rely to plan their behaviors around the law – this is freedom under the law. Coercive laws can actually promote negative liberty by pulling people out of a
    Hobbesian state of nature, and then thereafter can be seen to decrease negative liberty by restricting the behaviors that a person can perform without receiving a sanction.

    Empowering laws promote negative freedom by creating new legal abilities, which the people can perform. The law can
    enhance positive freedom when it prohibits negative behaviors and promotes positive behaviors. Finally, the content of the law can be used to either promote or suppress individual freedom.

  126. John Jones says:

    Labour out torying the Tories.
    Keach Starmer writes to the Broadcasting Authority saying that RT should be banned.
    The SNP used to be called tartan Tories, they have morphed into yellow Tories, with Blackford wanting to bomb Syria, Wishart and Swinney at the shooting ‘n’ hunting parties, Smith on the same Russian bandwagon.
    It seems we are getting the full rainbow of right wing politicians with red, blue, yellow and orange.
    Doesn’t leave a lot to vote for come 2021.

  127. Sensibledave says:


    Oops! My mistake.

    I thought we were discussing the relative multiculturalism of England and Scotland today.

    … whilst you want to have a “sins of my father” rant.

    Non white population of Scotland’s capital … 8%. Non white population of England’s capital … 55%.

    BAME folk representation in Tory government in Westminster … FOUR times larger than the SNP Government in Scotland. English sports teams BAME representation in football, rugby and netball … often 50%. Scottish teams often 0%.

    I could keep going.. but I won’t.

    You are completely deluded and out of touch. To be honest, until I had to have a look at some of this stuff as a result of the stuff coming from you and the DumCam, I hadn’t really realised just how I behind other countries Scotland is in terms of successful integration, diversity and representation of BAME folk.

  128. jfngw says:

    Frankie Boyle joke.

    The English aren’t stupid. The voted to leave the EU because they don’t like Pakistanis.

    I’m sure there is some on this thread.

  129. Face masks are now mandatory for shoppers in England,

    did that greenink gang member and BBC shill exProf Hugh Pennington not say at the start of the Covid nightmare that wearing masks was a useless foil to catching the deadly pandemic,

    this was at the start of the pandemic when politicians were looking to the science community for help but as we have seen they/we were badly let down by lazy academics just talking nonsense trying to be relevant,

    now the whole fricken world is saying, `wear masks`,

    Hugh Pennington with help from BBC/MSM has probably cost hundreds of Scots citizens to catch Covid and some to sadly demise,

    i said right at the start that a mask would surely help stop the virus being spread by water droplets from nose and mouth.

  130. jfngw says:


    You do realise your head of state is also head of the established church in England, and as such negates the ability of any other religion to lead the country, how bigoted is that?

  131. CameronB Brodie says:

    I notice dave hasn’t come back to me. Probably because I understand the law and stuff.

    What normative facts should political theory be about? Philosophy of science meets political liberalism

    Just as different sciences deal with different facts – say, physics versus biology – so we may ask a similar question about normative theories. Is normative political theory concerned with the same normative facts as moral theory or different ones?

    By developing an analogy with the sciences, we argue that the normative facts of political theory belong to a higher – more coarse-grained – level than those of moral theory. The latter are multiply realizable by the former: competing facts at the moral level can underpin the same facts at the political one.

    Consequently, some questions that moral theories answer are indeterminate at the political level. This proposal offers a novel interpretation of John Rawls’s idea that, in public reasoning, we should abstract away from comprehensive moral doctrines. We contrast our distinction between facts at different levels with the distinction between admissible and inadmissible evidence and discuss some implications for the practice of political theory.

  132. Stuart MacKay says:

    Chris Grey’s Brexit blog, is worth a read (once more).

    The section on Russian interference in the Brexit vote is interesting if only to contrast the picture down south with the fabricated hysteria from the MSM over the potential influence on the Yes vote. If you are still buying newspapers or watching the news then clearly the joke is on you.

    The rest is worth a read as despair is clearly starting to take hold on poor Chris. He is realising but not reconciling the fact that the forecast for the UK, post Brexit, is mediocrity, more mediocrity and a chance of rain.

    Life next year is going to be more shite than it usually is but don’t worry, everyone will be convincing themselves that leaving the EU was worth it as they stand in the queue to get toilet paper and bread.

    It’s not going to be bad, just crap.

  133. CameronB Brodie says:

    It is no exaggeration to suggest Scotland is being frog-marched into an ethnically informed state of authoritarian totalitarianism.

    Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, Jul 2020

    Populism on the periphery of democracy: moralism and recognition theory

    Moralism is an often-cited feature of populist politics; yet, as a concept, it remains under-theorised in current literature. This paper posits that to understand the threat that populism poses to democracy, it is necessary to develop this key feature of populism. Essential to discerning what moralism is is the difference between moralism, or moralistic blame, and moral criticism.

    While moral criticism is a restrained and thoughtful method of holding persons accountable for their actions, moralism amounts to a distinctly punitive form of exclusion: it seeks to undermine the equal moral status of the target of criticism. As a key feature of populism, then, moralism enables a political actor to solidify a conception of the ‘morally-pure‘ while normalising hate and disrespect for particular persons and groups in society.

    Populism – shaped by the features of anti-pluralism and moralism – therefore presents a clear threat to democracy, especially if we consider pluralism and recognition-respect as two basic principles underpinning democracy itself.

    Populism, moralism, recognition, respect, democracy, exclusion

  134. Polly says:

    He’s a horror that one. But then lots of them are.

  135. Polly says:

    @Stuart MacKay

    ‘The problems of being dominated by a larger population apply just as much to Scotland’s regions as it does to the country itself.’

    Very well said and reasoned. It’s obvious Westminster should seek to divide those islands from us should we seem to be approaching independence, same with the borders. The best way to negate that is showing willingness to listen and support other options ourselves.

  136. Effijy says:

    Idiot Dave,

    If our ethnic cousins don’t come here in the same numbers it’s their choice.
    If they don’t come that can’t discover a greater welcome than they get down South.

    Because they are down there in greater numbers they will have greater political presence.

    They also have higher rates of discrimination for jobs, more stop and search more stabbing incidents

    Every time I’ve been down South with friends the BAME have commented on the difference in Scots
    As we tried to get to know them, share. a joke and some some respect and manners.

    Many BAME qualifies to come to the UK as England had robbed and killed in their homeland.

    Ask the Windiest if they think the English and Westminster have treated them welll.

    Face it!

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