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Meanwhile in the Scottish media

Posted on January 13, 2019 by

Nicola Sturgeon attended a meeting of the SNP NEC yesterday.

Or maybe she didn’t.

One of these people/publications, inescapably, is flat-out lying to their readers about the event in question. Given the Scottish media’s ingrained habit of lying about pretty much everything almost all of the time, we honestly wouldn’t like to hazard a guess as to which one of them it was.

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    1. 13 01 19 15:56

      Meanwhile in the Scottish media | speymouth

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    1. Rob Outram says:

      Schrödinger’s Sturgeon

    2. Proud Cybernat says:

      Seems relevant:

      Kathleen Nutt
      14m14 minutes ago

      BREAKING: FM is referring herself to panel of independent advisers on Ministerial Code following Qs over meetings with AS. “I have acted appropriately and in good faith throughout…However it is also important for Parliament and the wider public to be assured of that.”

    3. Mike says:

      So whats the count of opposition inspired enquiries into manufactured complaints against an SNP government in terms of success and failure?

      Is it 7-0 or 8-0? Value for money?

    4. Cubby says:

      British Nationalists lie all the time and about almost everything. No surprise there. Now they cannot even co-ordinate their lies. They are truly desperate.

      Schrodingers Sturgeon – classic comment from Rob Outram.

      Sorry but these so called journalists cannot continue to write their propaganda in any decent society. They are a bunch of low life’s.

    5. Mike says:

      Actually its both of them. Both articles are bare faced lying.

    6. Mike says:

      Schrodingers Journalism.

    7. Muscleguy says:

      Can anyone who as at the meeting collapse the quantum waveform and reveal the position of the FM in 4D space please. Meanwhile I expect physics types to be frantically typing up research papers reporting the first successful experiment to create a quantum human being. This is the largest and warmest mass to have been cohered ever.

    8. Greannach says:

      Not sure which to believe so I’ll withhold judgement until I see who of Paula Murray or Paul Hutcheon wins the Pulitzer Prize first. Then it will obviously be that one who is the exemplary journalist telling the truth.

    9. Mike says:

      I think neither hack knew at the time of publication if Nicola Sturgeon was at a meeting or not or even if the meeting took place but having a deadline decided to publish their own version of a meeting with and without her.

    10. Macjim says:

      When you have nothing to hide or fear, then you call Richard Leonard’s bluff and refer yourself. No doubt, the unionist media will spin this at max revs to distort the story.

    11. Arbroath1320 says:

      With Feartie and co. up to their necks in utter incompetence and having no answers to ANY question put to them THIS is the Britnat media’s pathetic and futile attempt at trying the old “nothing to see here …oh look squirrels!” diversion tactic.

    12. Mike says:

      Its a wacky race between tabloid hacks to see who gets nominated as the next Tory party Communications officer.

    13. Bob Mack says:

      What rebels ? Is Nicola a shape shifter?

      Makes a good SNP bad story though. I have read papers all over the world and I can honestly say that Scotland papers are the equivalent of some of those found in the Totalitarian States.

      They are run by Unionists for Unionists. A political tool in the hands of political apparatchiks. Never impartial on political events no matter how beneficial the initiative.

      We can only hope their demise is imminent.

    14. Cubby says:

      If Jim Sillars has any friends left then they really should be a friend and tell him to just shut up. He is losing any legacy he had as an independence supporter.

    15. Clootie says:

      The amount of wins regarding referrals on code of conduct doesn’t help in the hearts and minds campaign. The accusations and propaganda are headline screams. The verdicts are concealed whispers.
      The “Scottish” media and the BBC are fighting hard to cause as much damage as possible to the SNP and we all know why.
      Every time you buy a Daily Record, The Herald, The Scotsman, the P&J etc you are helping the Union.

      We don’t have a free press and therefore we have none to defend.

    16. Sinky says:

      In response to opposition smears Salmond referred himself several times and on each case he was exonerated.

      The same goes for Nicola.

      What Yoons don’t understand is that the SNP has a vision that transcends party politics and personal gain

    17. Dr Jim says:

      The FM must be questioned, they shout, pitchforks in hand
      So the FM says OK I’ll do just that in order to show I’ve nothing to hide
      Damn!, they shout she’ll be found guilty of nothing, Aaarggh!

      It’s a whitewash, they’ll shout, pitchforks in hand

      Bring us the heads of John the Baptist or Barrabas at least, we must have the head of somebody

      Michelle Thompson what about her, eh we did her already sir, Damn!! Damn!! Damn!! Get me the editor of the Scotsman we can still salvage something out of this with the help of the SIU green ink mob, and where is Davis Clegg? what do you mean long holiday! where???

    18. ScottishPsyche says:

      @Mike 2.06pm

      The way the SNP are dealing with this the tabloid hacks could be in line to be the SNP Comms, certainly couldn’t do any worse than their current lot.

      So the FM is, at last, referring herself for scrutiny. The shady Spads and advisers will have to come clean about their advice now regarding the dithering and involved non-involvement.

      Also, how many other senior Holyrood politicians are lined up for retrospective trial by media under the new guidelines? I’ll bet none of them is Scottish Labour, Liberal or Tory because of course the way they deal with such things is the model of integrity and propriety.

    19. Craig Murray says:

      Nicola referring herself is a good move.

      Nicola cannot simply dismiss McKinnon and Evans. What she can do is ask the UK Cabinet Secretary to suspend them for a disciplinary investigation. Given what the judge said about their actions being biased and unfair, (and that the Cabinet Office had advised Evans AGAINST the retrospective acting revised ministerial code), it is almost certain the Cabinet Secretary would agree.

      Now that Sturgeon has referred herself, it is still more essential she seek disciplinary investigation against the culprits.

    20. Merkin Scot says:

      “The shady Spads and advisers will have to come clean about their advice now regarding the dithering and involved non-involvement.”
      Who are we talking about here?
      Is this from a Red Tory press release?

    21. ScottishPsyche says:

      @Merkin Scot

      You don’t think she had advice from anyone in the Scottish Government or her own Party regarding this whole debacle?

    22. Artyhetty says:

      I’m just sick of this whole stinking affair, it’s clearly an orchestrated attack, and look, the media and Britnat politicians are dining out on it and my they are getting fat on the number of courses they are devouring.

      When a British Nationalist politician is found to have broken parlimentary rules, or has been found to have dodgy photos on their computer, etc, it’s shoved under their massive plush carpet and they are almost immune to any indepth or even minor investigation. They certainly are not judged, tried and juried by the Britnats’ media.

      Just fed up of this smear to try to take down the SNP, the ONLY party who will secure independence for Scotland, when
      Scotland is in great peril due to the British Nationalist Brexit and their need to keep Scotland shackled to keep the lights on in England.

      Over and out until this is over. Grrrr!

    23. Dr Jim says:

      If I were a duplicitous kind of secrety thinking strategy intelligence person for the SNP I might be rubbing my hands with glee that my wee plan worked and that some dummy from the opposition would fall for this and call for exactly what is happening now

      But then again I’m not that arrogant to assume that the opposition in Scotland are total dummies but I have to say if you’re going fishing ask the SNP what kind of bait to use before you go, you’ll likely catch a big one

    24. TheItalianJob says:

      Yes been an orchestrated attack on Scottish democracy since the Salmond British Establishment smear campaign which they have now tagged to Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP and the wider Independence movement.

      All orchestrated for the upcoming Brexit “debacle” and what that is going to mean for support for Scottish Independence.

      They take us (the Independence movement) as fools. Not likely. We know who their true targets are and it ain’t us.

      These so called journalists are no better than the Stasi were in the former East Germany.

      And look how many of those turned when Germany was unified.

    25. Ken500 says:

      Just more nonsense and lies from a bunch of parasites. They lies change daily. No wonder they are tanking,

      ‘Nicola Sturgeon should immediately sack The two losers.’

      ‘Nicola cannot sack the two losers, immediately’.

      Tomorrow who knows.

      While the Westminster unionist destroy the whole world.

      The so called civil war within the SNP rubbish. Lies

      While the Westminster unionists destroy the world. The lying Press colluding in cloud cuckoo land. Making up as they go along and always getting it wrong.

      Go for it Alex. Sue the civil servants/police acting illegally and the lying Press. Go for it. Another fund raiser. The only way to get redress. Get back the £1/2Million+ with damages. They have mucked up the whole Scottish/world economy.

    26. David McCann says:

      Which Paula Murray are we talking about?
      Surely not this lush?

    27. Clootie says:

      However we are not talking about Corbyns Brexit or Leonard’s Brexit void – so the press did their job!

    28. Capella says:

      Tip top reporting there. I should start buying these “newspapers” so that I can keep up with what’s going on. Not.

    29. Phydaux says:

      Another stoater Stuart.

      The collective insecurity of the MSM monkeys and their organ grinders is palpable…loss of control. It’s the panic that gets you…makes it hard to trust what you’re seeing. Will they lie till they die?

      Alex and Nicola are both held in high regard and trusted by the people of Scotland. Youse can wait and hate all you like.The Indy cause is going from strength to strength.I can feel it and see it.

    30. Dr Jim says:

      One of the chief ERG Brexiters on SKY mews admits they are going for the total no deal because they insist the EU will then offer the UK the Super Canadafragelistic expialidoscious deal
      because the EU (yawn) need us more than we need them (yawn)

      Oh and they asked a football manager what he thought too

    31. Petra says:

      You’d need to be as thick as mince, blind as a bat and stone deaf not to be aware of what’s going on here. Around 50% of Scots support independence and I’d reckon they don’t believe one word of the MSM guff. As to the other 50%, I’d imagine that a large majority of them aren’t daft either. They are being told, at the very least, that the two ”incidents” took place in 2013 … around 5/6 years ago and are being dealt with now in the run up to Brexit and IndyRef2. Strange, eh?

      Ah well it won’t be too long now until we have control over our own broadcasting. I’m just hoping that someone is working on a documentary right now, with loads of material to choose from, in preparation for exposing the unionist supporting MSM liars. No doubt it’ll have to be two hour long episodes, of a 20 part series to cover the amount of propaganda trash they’ve all been spouting. The Scottish Broadcasting of a BBC expose alone could be as informative and enthralling as the 62 episodes of Breaking Bad, or in their case breaking wind that blew back in their face.

      And of course to start us off we’ve got:

      ”LONDON CALLING: BBC bias during the 2014 Scottish independence referendum”


      ”THE BIGGER THE LIE – Media Bias in the Scottish Independence Referendum.”

    32. Hamish100 says:

      I wonder if the HR Adviser involved has any connections going back in time with Evans? Either way, both should now do the honourable thing and pay back the £300000-£500000 or step down while they are investigated. — What !!! nobody is investigating the Civil Service involvement in this debacle!! The whole situation is weird. A few weeks ago staff it was alleged that staff at Edinburgh Airport were interviewed. You know the place full of touristy type people, security people and cameras. AS Personal Security reported no issues I gather. Retrospective rules, retrospective complaints following apparent encouragement from HR run by the UK. Smells doesn’t it.

    33. Petra says:

      Stu I was just thinking that YOU’d be just the guy to put together documentaries on MSM bias / lies. You’ve got all of the evidence at your finger tips. Have accumulated masses of it over the last few years. It would also give you something to do after we win Indyref2, lol.

      Laughing, but hey I’m being serious.

    34. ALANM says:

      We currently have a situation in Scotland where anti-SNP forces are able to cite unfounded allegations from anonymous sources to destroy the reputation and career of any government minister (or ex-minister) at will. As if that’s not bad enough, we’ve also got both the present First Minister and the previous First Minister embroiled in two separate scandals as a consequence of the SNP’s own misguided actions in setting aside due process in order to pander to the siren voices of political correctness. Talk about building your own scaffolding…

    35. Dr Jim says:

      Buy now now now this product at the bargain price of £147 per year every year for the rest of your life (with annual increments for inflation) and we guarantee it will keep going wrong forever

      Now would you buy it? Of course you wouldn’t

      It’s called the TV Licence and in *Britain* you don’t get a choice

    36. Ian Brotherhood says:

      For those who may have missed this belter from Jack Collatin on previous thread:

      ‘Clearly BBC Scotland’s Ministry of Truth excelled itself today.
      Lesley Laird was sat on a couch with fluffed up beige cushions and, heavily edited by The BBC Propaganda stockade,was ‘interviewed’ by Hang On A Minute Just To Be Clear What You Are Saying Is ‘Shedload of Powers’ coming to Scotland after Brexit Labour Man Gordon Brewer.
      It was clear that his ‘questions’ were edited into the hand wringing stumbling taped bumblefest that was the Shadow SoS for Scotland’s rambling replies.
      No Yes buts, hang on a minutes from the Brewdog.
      There were no interruptions, just a waffling nervous gibbering about clarifying the process from Labour’s 2017 Conference, Keir Starmer’s ‘six tests’ which were apparently based on May’s Lancaster House speech and ‘what Jeremy said’ mince.
      This lass clearly is not cut out for speaking in public, hence the BBC ‘remastering’ her car crash interview.
      Marr had 75 year Old Vince Post Office Sell Off Cable on, and Stephen Barclay, the third and most abject Brexit minister, and old wheezing chuckling Jeremy on, who, like that Dick Leonard on GMS Radio Jordanhill,didn’t have a clue what the Rd Tories policy was going to be in the upcoming UK GE: Brexit, Revoke A 50, or Norway Plus Plus?
      This man hasn’t a clue, and is dangerous because of his quite blatant ineptitude. He’s 71 and the microphone picked up his wheeziness as he laughed in Marr’s face. Andrew Marr, proud Scot, who couldn’t find time on his wee Propaganda broadcast for a representative of the third biggest WM Party the SNP.
      Some guy called ‘Moray MacDonald PR Executive’, and Angela Haggerty ‘Journalist’, and Andrew Tickell waffled nonsense about Brexit and indulged in a bit of AleckSammon Sex Pest trivia.
      Were Tom Gordon, Paul Hutcheon, and David Clegg, regulars on Brewer’s Droop not available? He might have asked them to name their sources in the Civil Service?
      And thatwould never do; the Polis might come knocking on their doors yet.’

      🙂 🙂 🙂

    37. Gary45% says:

      Buy a TV licence or choose life, its a no brainer.

    38. Republicofscotland says:

      Knowing the unionist press in Scotland, I wouldn’t be surprised if both of them are straight up lying.

    39. Capella says:

      It does nicely illustrate the “damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t” nature of media coverage about Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP in general. Does anyone out there seriously pay any attention to the loud and persistent whining of the opposition (and that includes the MSM).

      I noticed BBC Scotland website’s top story this morning was that our prisons are bursting at the seams. This must be to counter the good news yesterday that England is copying SNP prison policy and Rory Stewart has been up to study how it’s done. So an SNPbad story had to be found. For balance.

      It’s like having a mosquito in the room. You’d get anxious if the whining stopped.

    40. jezza says:

      Gary 45%. 4.32pm

      What is a TV Licence Gary ???

      Is that something you need if you are transgender or something???

      You have completely lost me with that one mate.

    41. jezza says:

      I see the bottom strap line running across the bottom of the Sky News channel has Nicola Sturgeon link to the Alex Salmond inquiry.

      You can bet your bottom dollar that their little Unionist bastard north of the border (James Matthews) has asked for that to be inserted into the National headlines.

      He is a nasty little Yoon fucker.

    42. Gary45% says:

      I think a TV licence is something that helps the establishment to control the minds of the masses, or something like that.
      I haven’t paid for one (stopped watching live TV) since breaking free from the Matrix in 2014.
      I don’t understand why people still give the establishment the “mind tax”.

    43. Proud Cybernat says:

      “…little Unionist bastard…”, “… nasty little Yoon fucker.”

      And (soft) Unionists are the very ones we need to change from NO to YES in IndyRef2. This won’t help.

      We see you.

    44. Legerwood says:

      A way back in 2010 the press were in full cry against Ms Sturgeon scenting blood, baying for resignation. The issue was a letter she had written on behalf of a constituent who was accused of benefit fraud.

      After more than a few days of this fetid farrago Ms Sturgeon made a statement to the Scottish Parliament. I watched her make that statement. What I saw was not just a considerable politician, which she is, but a considerable person. The opposition politicians had clearly come scenting blood but were completely silenced by her eloquent response to the accusations.

      I sincerely hope that will again be the case when the Ethics investigation is concluded.

      As to Mr Salmond’s position it is inconceivable that the media if they had at any time had any hint of any sort of questionable behaviour on his part would not have screamed it from the rooftops.

      The media dislike him intensely and have throughout his career and most certainly in the past decade subjected him to the most searching scrutiny in an attempt to find something, anything, against him. Therefore the idea that they missed, or did not report, such material is not credible. Or that rumours were circulating but were not reported does not hold water either. The media would have found some way of making them public.

      There is more to come from this unfolding situation but it seems likely that it will be to the detriment of the Civil Servants and the MSM than to anyone else.

    45. Robert Kerr says:

      I note that the name Judith MacKinnon is not mentioned so much now but that Leslie Evans is highlighted almost exclusively by the MSM.

      I wonder why?

      Is Judith MacKinnon related to the BBC yoonionist cypher Donaldo MacKinnon?

    46. wull2 says:

      I would like to suggest after we break free, we crowdfund the REV to keep this site going, to inform us to what’s going on in Scotland as we wont get it from the present Media.

    47. jezza says:


      I can assure you that the little Unionist bastard who is James Matthews of Sky News is NOT for changing.

      He is and always will be a little Yoon fucker,,,IMHO.

    48. Petra says:

      STV News: Now stating that the 3 meetings and 2 phone calls related to Nicola and Alex discussing the allegations against him. Has Nicola said anything to that effect?


      Let’s all focus on Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, Holyrood, as a blind eye is being turned to what’s going on at Westminster in relation to approximately SEVENTY individuals. Oh and eh, let’s not name them as it could ruin their reputations.


      ‘Sex pests are ‘feature of the lives’ of 1 in 5 Westminster staff.’

      ”The working group surveyed 1,377 parliamentary staff and found that almost 19 per cent said they had experienced or witnessed sexual harassment or inappropriate behaviour in the past 12 months. Thirty-nine per cent reported experience of non-sexual harassment or bullying over the past year.”……

      ”Under the plans, people making complaints as well as the accused will have a right to anonymity while an investigation is taking place.”….

      ”However the working group also warned that care must be taken to ensure that MPs do not have their reputations ruined by false complaints. “It is recognised that parliamentarians are under a constant media spotlight and that, due to the nature of political discourse, there is a risk of malicious and/or vexatious complaints against those who work in the Palace of Westminster either as MPs, peers or staff.”….



      If anyone is interested.

      From Tom Arthur:

      ”Finally – one event for your diaries: I’ll be joining George Adam MSP, who is Government Chief Whip along with East Renfrewshire Council Leader Cllr Tony Buchanan and SNP Business Convener Kirsten Oswald for a special ‘Question Time’ style event for SNP members at 7 on Thursday evening (17th January) in Barrhead at the Garden Cafe (100 Lochlibo Road, Barrhead, G78 1TU). I hope you are able to make it along.”

    49. robertknight says:

      Lies, Damned Lies, and the MSM in Scotland.

    50. jfngw says:

      This seems a worrying tweet by Iain MacWhirter. He makes it sound like the police are on a fishing expedition to find some dirt.

      ‘The police are currently raking through Alex Salmond’s entire life history trying to find evidence that he has been guilty of serial sexual harassment. This may take time.’

      Either he has a record for sexual harassment or he doesn’t, If he has never been charged with anything then what exactly would the police be raking through. If there were records regarding this then I’m pretty sure the press would have outed these years ago.

      Seeing some of the tweets regarding this case I’ve no doubt there will be those who are willing to step up and claim harassment.

      Not keen on police fishing exercises, there is always people willing to come out of the woodwork if there is a smell of money.

    51. Thepnr says:

      I think maybe too many on the side of Independence are letting the Unionist narrative get to them and some might even be falling for it!

      How convenient for the MSM that rather than report Alex Salmond’s victory in the Court of Session the can instead report on the “Scottish Governments” defeat.

      Of course they don’t tell the whole story in that it is the Scottish governments administration arm that suffered this “defeat”. Oh no, not the highest paid civil servant in Scotland but it’s the First Minister that was “defeated”. Some might even say humiliated.

      Nicola Surgeon is doing exactly the right thing as FM while all this plays out. Think of her and AS as good cop/bad cop. Alex Salmond will throw all the bricks at the media’s windaes and Nicola Sturgeon will uphold the integrity of her Scottish government.

      As for Leslie Evans it looks likely she has to go, she is the highest paid civil servant in Scotland earning more than £3000 week. With that kind of salary also comes responsibility. As the head honcho she carries the can for the failure of this investigation to be carried out in accordance with the written procedure.

      A procedure she was largely responsible for producing. When she gave her statement back in August last year after AS had said he was taking this to court she said as part of that statement:

      “Last November, I agreed with the First Minister that, in light of wider concerns about harassment in Westminster and the Scottish Parliament, an internal review would be carried out into the Scottish Government’s procedures for handling complaints in the workplace. As part of that review, a new procedure on handling harassment complaints involving current or former ministers was introduced.”

      Of course the FM agreed that an internal review should be carried out and if necessary a new procedure introduced, what possible objection might she have? There had been a claim of harassment in late 2013 against AS that was settled informally at the time using the Scottish government’s fairness at work procedures.

      Nicola Surgeon would of course have know of this in Nov 2017 but what possible reason might she have to think this old settled claim could then become a formal complaint in 2018?

      What we shouldn’t do IMO is get on the back of AS or NS else you doing exactly as our bent media want you to do. You’ve become a soldier in the “SNP Civil War” don’t fall for their bullshit.

      This will all be cleared up and there’s going to be a lot of egg on a lot of faces at the end of it particularly our media.

      Best to keep your own clean is how I look at it.

    52. Ken500 says:

      The Police wasting time and public money. What a disgrace.

      Constantly wasting time and public money putting people in cells overnight on ‘charges’ that can never come to court. Trying to criminalise the whole society. Appalling. .

      Ignorant supposed to be journalist wittering on. Imbeciles. .

    53. sandy says:

      Why or how are the police taking so long in their investigation? Is there an ulterior motive? Will this ultimately be a case of a waste of police time? If so, what will the final cost be? Is any penalty to the perpetrators to be subjected to the time and costs involved?

      Part of that penalty should, IMHO, be “Mercat Cross Stocks” with the appropriate rotten fruit & vegetables.

    54. galamcennalath says:

      From WoS twitter ….

      This kind of tweet and attitude, about the 3 months running up to Brexit and the biggest crisis in UK history, is precisely why so many people don’t believe the Salmond allegations. Whether they’re true or not, this screams “convenient smear story”.

      Paul Hutcheon
      Difficult not to see the Salmond row dominating Holyrood until at least the spring and gradually wear down the SNP administration

      … pretty much sums it all up.

    55. Petra says:

      @ Thepnr at 6:39pm …….

      Leslie Evans – 24/08/2018: ”The First Minister has had no role in this process. I advised her of the conclusions of my investigation on Wednesday and she is of course aware that I am making this statement today.”


      @ sandy says at 6:49 pm …. ”Question:- Why or how are the police taking so long in their investigation?”…

      Strange isn’t it, Sandy? Seemingly one of the two cases had already been ”resolved” in 2013, so not a great deal of Police work required to be carried out in relation to that. That leaves one case. How long does it take for the Police to question that particular individual and make a decision as to whether to take the case forward or not?

      The Civil Service in Scotland has been left with egg on its face. Are Police Scotland going to be shown up as being totally incompetent too? If so, it’s not a good look for them, especially as one of their own (ex), Judith McKinnon, has been heavily involved in this fiasco. Then again maybe they are attempting to question Judith, lol, and being led up the garden path.

    56. Marie Clark says:

      Well said Thepnr @ 6.39. You’re quite right Alex, this is just MSM trumped up nonsense, and we shouldn’t fall for it. I just don’t believe a word any of them utter, they have a track record don’t they.

      This will be cleared up, and I wouldn’t like to be in some of the britnat shoes when it does. You won’t bring Alex or Nicola down like that, Alex especially he’s too wily an operator for any of them. I hope he sues the backside off them.

      Keep ploughing on folks, this would appear to be a big week coming if the Maybot disnae run away from the vote again. Where we go from here goodness knows, I can’t see a “people’s vote” or a GE solving anything. What happens if remain wins next time. trouble in Engerland I fear.

    57. Dr Jim says:

      Theresa May is in the process of purchasing all the man bits of the opposition to her deal with promotions and honours, 8 Scottish Tories now have government posts Sir Edward Leigh is made a Privy councillor and the list lengthens

      Meanwhile it turns out Theresa May has never liked black people, gosh that’s a surprise!from the hostile to black people environment woman

    58. heraldnomore says:

      England votes to Leave, by an even narrower margin; Scotland’s remain vote strengthens. And Scotland keeps England in. What next?

    59. Cubby says:


      I refer to the link in your post. I bet Evans wishes she hadn’t said this in her statement:

      “His statement contains significant inaccuracies which will be addressed in those court proceedings”

      “His” – being of course Salmond.

    60. Giving Goose says:

      I wonder would the police find a history of racism if they raked through Teresa May’s life?

    61. Ken500 says:

      The Police could be trying to cover up McKinnon’s role in all this. Dragging it out. Wandering about Edinburgh Airport looking for clues. Have they nothing better to do. It’s a farce.

      The staff are not telling International travellers they need to get their boarding passes stamped. So they miss their flights. They shoukd be investigating that. That causes more trouble.

      After this fiasco. No one will be reporting anything. So much for sticking up for women. A civil service muck up. Again. The British State mucks up agsin. While the criminal unionists get away with murder.

    62. Thepnr says:


      Of course it was noticed but the very next sentence is even worse for her.

      “The Scottish Government will defend its position vigorously.

      Their case collapsed before even getting through the door of the court, never mind being defended “vigorously”.

      She really should do the honourable thing and that’s resign tomorrow, if she doesn’t I believe she will be suspended before the end of the week so that a proper inquiry into the whole can be done without her influencing the outcome or the proceedings.

      Bear in mind it will have to be the Civil Service that suspend her and not the FM as she does not have that power.

    63. Legerwood says:

      On the subject of these newspaper articles has anyone found out:
      a. If the meeting took place
      b. Did Ms Sturgeon attend?

    64. Cubby says:


      Spot on comments. I noticed that other posters have referred to you as Alex. You’re not Alex Salmond are you? Now that would be funny. LOL

      A good Scottish name is Alex – short for Alexander.

    65. Arthur Thomson says:

      Isn’t it amazing how the ‘newspapers’ and the media are attacking the SNP, Nicola, Alex and the Scottish Government? It’s not like they have been doing it for years is it? How odd. Will it ever end? I am so perplexed but I think I will get over it.

      Nicola is behaving appropriately as always. Alex will have the very best legal representation – crowdfunded if necessary. It will be a truly horrible experience for them both but it is something they have had to deal with for years.

      On a happier note, I find it heartening that whatever path the Brits choose to pursue with their Brexit caper they are on a loser. Their conceit and contempt approach has ensured that they will continue to travel inexorably downwards to their rightful place of un-importance in the world. The further down they fall the safer the world will be.

    66. cynicalHighlander says:


      But she can say that the SG have lost trust in her rather than defend her.

      I suspect that NS thought that she was defending all women in her past actions without fully realising that facts come before any of that. I know she has legal mind but they make mistakes also.

    67. Thepnr says:


      Haha I think Alex Salmond might prefer a nice dram or a brandy rather than half a dozen tins of Tennent’s Lager 🙂

    68. Cubby says:

      Jfngw@ 6.15pm

      “Not keen on police fishing exercises, always people willing to come out the woodwork if there is the smell of money”

      Britnat money combined with Britnat hatred a toxic combination.

      The police best be careful or they may be on the suing list for inappropriate harassment.

    69. Colin Alexander says:

      I have written to David Martin MEP, asking him to put my formal complaint to the EU Commissioners.

      Basically it explains that the constitution situation of the UK is unique. That the UK was created by the Union of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England. That Scotland’s people continue to be legally sovereign so Art 50 required their democratic consent. Claim of Right 1689 quoted: “limited monarchy”. I pointed out the Claim of Right remains active.

      The UK does not have a constitution that is written in a single document. Claim of Right is part of our constitution.

      However, UK Parliament ignored Scotland’s constitutional sovereignty and followed English tradition that the monarch is sovereign and that sovereignty is delegated to UK Parliament. It was MPs that voted to trigger Art 50.

      I pointed out the EU ref was advisory only and treated the UK as if it were a unitary state, so Scotland’s people have never given consent for Art 50 but, Scotland in the UK-wide advisory ref voted overwhelmingly Remain.

      The EU has also ignored Scotland’s people’s sovereignty and the unlawfulness of the Art 50 process. So, has also acted unlawfully.

      Asked for the EU withdrawal process to be halted until such time as Scotland’s sovereign people’s consent has been obtained.

      So, there you go.

      Who thinks I’ve stopped Brexit by exercising Scotland’s sovereignty and exercising my fundamental rights as an EU citizen?

      If the Commission does not uphold my complaint, are we going to Crowdfund the case going to the ECJ?

      Who else is going to write to their MEP?

    70. Liz g says:

      Cubby @ 8.09
      Come to one of the Wings nights and find out!!!

    71. Thepnr says:


      But she can say that the SG have lost trust in her rather than defend her.

      This is absolutely true, but on such a sensitive subject as it is then I find it unlikely that Nicola Sturgeon would make an announcement to the general public that she has lost faith in Scotland’s most senior civil servant and Personal Secretary to the First Minister.

      This will be dealt with as and when, far too many keen to jump the gun.

      For starters Nicola Sturgeon in making all her comments in recent days, whether at FMQ’s or not has not been “defending” Leslie Evans. Far from it, she has been defending the integrity of the Scottish government and Scottish parliament.

      That’s her job and one of the main roles is to maintain trust in government. Yes the “government” had a major failing here, but we all know which part of government failed and it wasn’t the political part.

      The truth will be told and it’ll make uncomfortable reading for many. Nicola Sturgeon nor Alex Salmond will be part of that. Richard Leonard and Annie Wells along with the rest of the loudmouths may want to start squirming right about now.

      You can put that in the bank, he who laughs last laughs loudest.

    72. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      The Wee Ginger Dugs take:

      “The Scottish media is hell bent on using the allegations against Alex Salmond as a political tool to bring down the Scottish government and the independence movement.”

      “The British state is bleeding to death from its self-inflicted wounds. Nothing that the Scottish media can say about Alex Salmond is going to alter that political and historical reality. It’s not just the Scottish media which scents blood. So do we. The difference is that our teeth have purchase.”

    73. Graeme says:

      What we are witnessing now is the death throes of the most brutal,vicious & destructive empire in world history, an empire that makes the third reich look like a teddy bears picnic an empire sadly many Scots played a part in but unlike our neighbours to the south we can put the past behind us and be the peace loving nation we once were before our enforced union with the devil.

      I believe the world awaits our return they’re on our side nobody outside the British Isles will lament the loss of the British Empire

    74. Rock says:

      Craig Murray (8 Jan, 2019 – On his blog):

      “The Salmond Stitch-Up – the Incredible Facts, and why Mackinnon and Evans Must Be Sacked”

      “Nicola Sturgeon must now move to demand the resignation of both Evans and Mackinnon. Both fully deserve to lose their jobs. If Sturgeon moves to protect them, she will attract suspicion that she is motivated by keeping them silent about the extent of her own involvement in the sorry process. To avoid this rumour she has to act swiftly and decisively and invite them to resign tomorrow morning.”

      Craig Murray says:
      13 January, 2019 at 2:44 pm

      “Nicola cannot simply dismiss McKinnon and Evans. What she can do is ask the UK Cabinet Secretary to suspend them for a disciplinary investigation.”

      Rock (22nd December 2018 – “Satan’s Little Helper”):

      “For the record, in my humble opinion, Craig Murray is a typical Liberal Democrat opportunist who was bosom pals at the height of the independence referendum campaign with the Right (Dis)Honourable Alistair Carmichael, MP.”

    75. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      The Media in Scotland are the Scottish Governments real opposition.

      Ever since the SNP formed it’s first minority Government.

      Then the Media in Scotland increased the tempo after the SNP were returned as a majority Government and have continued to ratchet it up ever since.

      A soft coup to install a British Nationalist Puppet Regime at Holyrood.

      The fact the Media in Scotland has to play the role of opposition tells you everything you need to know about the quality of the actual Political Opposition the Scottish Government faces.

      The Red, Blue and Yellow Tories would be unelectable (and rightly so) if we had a media worthy of the name, one which reported unbiasedly.

      We’d also almost certainly have gained independence last time round.

      This may be pre-emptive strike stuff against the SNP in advance of a GE (in the hope of limiting seat loss by the BritNat Parties Scottish Branches).

    76. McDuff says:

      This is serious stuff now.
      There is no doubt the British state and MSM ramping up the anti ahead of indy2 and the only voice are have is Wings.
      Unless we find a way to counter the lies ,distortions and manipulation of this filthy Union I fear we are really up against

    77. Essexexile says:

      Dipping in..
      Plenty of justified indignance on here. If this was just another sordid tale about a corrupt Tory I’d give it a few days.
      But it’s not unfortunately.
      NS Vs AS is what the MSM want and they’ve got enough to influence the undecideds. Expect this ‘story’ to run and run.
      Distraction at an absolutely crucial moment.

    78. Rock says:

      Petra says:
      13 January, 2019 at 4:08 pm

      “Stu I was just thinking that YOU’d be just the guy to put together documentaries on MSM bias / lies. You’ve got all of the evidence at your finger tips. Have accumulated masses of it over the last few years. It would also give you something to do after we win Indyref2, lol.

      Laughing, but hey I’m being serious.”

      Are you not wasting your precious time on here anymore?

      lol. Laughing, but hey I’m being serious hahahaha.

      Petra (24th February 2018 – “The makings of a deal”):

      “My last post didn’t appear on here. Maybe it was considered to be absolute rubbish?

      Meanwhile the last few posts since 11:26pm other than KOF, Robert Peffers, Brian, yesindyref2 and Hamish have basically made me decide that it’s time to move on. Made me realise that I’m wasting my precious time on here.

      If this is the calibre of posts that’s supposed to attract people to supporting Independence, I give up.”

    79. Rock says:

      For the record, I am only attacking Craig Murray’s and Petra’s utter hypocrisy.

      I don’t use the “t” word against any poster.

    80. Thepnr says:


      For the record, just fuck off. You bore me to tears and have nothing absolutely nothing to add to the Independence debate.

      You’re just a sad old bastard wie nae mates. I feel sorry for you.

    81. Rock says:

      Thepnr says:
      13 January, 2019 at 6:39 pm

      “I think maybe too many on the side of Independence are letting the Unionist narrative get to them and some might even be falling for it!”

      Noone has been duped more by the Unionist narrative than the person who squandered a once in a 1000 years golden opportunity by wasting more than a year flogging a dead horse – a separate deal for Scotland which was never going to happen.

    82. Thepnr says:


      You sad old man, seek help before your hate swallows you up.

    83. Thepnr says:


      Get some counselling Craig, it’s free in Scotland and you need it.

    84. Cubby says:


      I may well do so but not if it’s mandatory to drink 6 cans of Tennent’s lager. LOl ? I may be from Glasgow but Tennents has never been my lager of choice.

    85. Proud Cybernat says:

      I just scroll past Rock, Essexexile (and a fair number
      of others). Nothing positive to contribute.

    86. Thepnr says:

      Tora! Tora! Tora!

      Nothing all day then Rock; Essexexile; and McDuff swoop in as one LOL. Seriously c’mon yer aving a laugh 🙂

    87. Essexexile says:

      Yeah, coz telling people to f**k off and calling them a sad old bastard really advances the indy cause.
      Same old, same old, same old, same old.
      This site has the best articles but some of the most boringly predictable comments anywhere on the internet.
      Back up to the real world….

    88. Rock says:

      Thepnr says:
      13 January, 2019 at 9:19 pm


      Get some counselling Craig, it’s free in Scotland and you need it.”

      I am fine Alex, don’t you worry.

      I post my views, why don’t you give your counter views?

      If you believe Scotland will become independent before 2640 AD, when roughly do you think it will happen?

      Do you believe that the dishonest unionist civil servants Evans and Mackinnon should have been sacked by Nicola?

      All the best Alex.

    89. Liz g says:

      Cubby @ 9.20
      You can drink whit ye want my friend… but if it’s Pimms I will be judging ye…
      Jist sayin…

    90. Rock says:

      Jockanese Wind Talker says:
      13 January, 2019 at 9:03 pm

      “This may be pre-emptive strike stuff against the SNP in advance of a GE (in the hope of limiting seat loss by the BritNat Parties Scottish Branches).”

      Do you think the SNP leadership saw it coming and is prepared to deal with it?

    91. Ian Brotherhood says:

      I had a few cans of Tennent’s with Thepnr last year. Probably the first time I had tasted the stuff since, oooh, the mid-80s. Still don’t like it but the craic was good and it went down a treat.


      Aw, sorry, did I go off-topic there? I should’ve been trying to compose a witty riposte to the usual shite which is dumped here at this time of night?

      Ach well, so it goes…


    92. Cubby says:


      No chance that it’s Pimms – never tasted the stuff.

    93. Thepnr says:


      You made your bed a good while ago on Wings, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

      Me and Rock are best pals. Known him for years and I’m looking after his welfare. You can keep your nose out of it.

    94. yesindyref2 says:

      A senior SNP source said that yes she wasn’t at no meeting with no people on the non-executive committee which didn’t take place as it wasn’t cancelled and I’m ‘aving a laugh, please quote me as I’m foo as a puggy and don’t have a clue what year it is.

      And they did.

    95. Hamish100 says:

      rock 2640- I bet you 110% you are wrong.

      Do you get OT work as you appear at the same time each evening or is it down to living where the time difference is several hours out from GMT?

      You can get the National online by the way lol.

    96. Liz g says:

      Ian Brotherhood @ 9.41
      Don’t worry Ian I predict that by the year 2640AD we will have found the cure for narcissisism ?

    97. yesindyref2 says:

      @Craig Murray
      Better if the opposition demand the resignation of the PS and investigator – or perhaps a full inquiry.

    98. Mike says:

      “Difficult not to see the Salmond row dominating Holyrood until at least the spring and gradually wear down the SNP administration”

      Paul Hutcheon Impartial Ace reporter for the who gives a fuck its all the same worthless pooling and sharing horseshite from something that pretends to be a media.

      They don’t even make any effort to pretend to be impartial media anymore such is the level of corruption in the UK state that corruption has become the acceptable norm.

      So fucking sick of the fact that these cunts get away with criminal levels of corruption while going through a process of destroying somebodies whole life.

    99. Scotspatriot says:

      Just binned Sky, stopped shopping in UJ heaven ( Morrison’s), and now, utilising the substantial savings, will open an account solely for the purpose of campaigning for Independence.
      Don’t buy any Britnat Rag either ….Herald, record ,……you get the drift !

    100. Thepnr says:

      Lets imagine you’re a Scot exiled in England for X years.

      You don’t support Independence for Scotland and in the run up to 2014 follow the goings on enthusiastically and when NO wins you’re very happy and celebrate that.

      Well no decent thinking person could ever have a problem with that.

      Fast forward 4 years and things have changed, you’ve been reading a website called “Wings Over Scotland” and now believe that Independence for Scotland might have been best after all.

      So you decide to say so, Hurrah!

      In saying so you add all these conditions and criticisms of what Independence should look like, things that you REALLY know nothing about and other posters start getting on your back about that and giving you a hard time.

      Well if I was Brummyexile I’d give up posting here altogether because of all the flak I’m getting. Or maybe I’d listen to the flak I was getting and STOP being so NEGATIVE.

      Just saying.

    101. Cyber-Corroboree says:

      If nothing else Scots are fair minded. All this crappola may well have provided succour to the hard-line 30% NOers and allowed them to convince one another that that Essempee are a shower of chancers.

      In reality the sheer incompetence and ineptitude of the bungled attempt to smear both AS and NS has severely backfired. If anything, it has helped forewarn and educated the YESers that the game has just got seriously real and furthermore, it has helped those in the don’t know camp see how predictable the UK state is when trying to stave off their worst fear.

      In 2014, project fear and smear was relatively knew to everyone. In 2019, the population are far more savvy to their dirty, underhand tactics. Are we witnessing the UK state staggering to their eventual end? All the signs point to this. The near self-destruction of the Tory party, The Labour party unable to agree on how to approach Brexit. Talk of governmental coups, parliamentary revolts and V of NCs are all minor distractions to the main fact that Scotland has just set sail from Westminster.

      These are the beginnings of the last days of the UK. Many in the SG Scotland know it, only a small few in Westminster have realised it. This week just might be one of the biggest weeks in the whole of Scotland’s history to date.

    102. yesindyref2 says:

      You have to wonder at times though, I couldn’t even be bothered starting to comment on this article, it misses out so much of importance:

    103. Ahundredthidiot says:

      Sarah Smith on BBC, what a stooge.

      There will be no place for her in an independent Scotlands media

    104. galamcennalath says:

      Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      The Wee Ginger Dugs take:

      Thanks for highlighting that. Superb appraisal of the ‘Scottish’ media. Huge events are about to engulf us while the msm play silly buggers on the sidelines. No country on the planet can possibly have useless media like Scotland!

      Another wee quote from WGD …

      ” Throughout this entire sorry episode in the decline and fall of the British state, the Scottish media has avoided a detailed and thoughtful examination of the effects of Brexit ….. Scotland sits powerlessly on the sidelines, and that’s just fine with the vast majority of the media in Scotland. “

    105. Ken500 says:

      A second EU vote. Scotland keeps the rest of the UK in?

      Scotland gets Independence? In the EU.

      The rest of them can do what they like?

    106. Proud Cybernat says:

      Saw on Twitter today. Many officials at UN now consider the UK to be a semi-failed state.

      Seriously people – we MUST get out of this place before we’re taken down with them.


    107. Rock says:

      Hamish100 says:
      13 January, 2019 at 9:47 pm

      “rock 2640- I bet you 110% you are wrong.”

      Nick Robinson, you must absolutely make sure you get your meds before a No Deal Brexit.

      Or before a “snap” Westminster election.

      No wonder your brain is not working, you have filled it to 110% of its capacity.

      Hamish100 says:
      12 January, 2019 at 3:00 pm

      “mikey boy.

      Thanks I have a brain.”

    108. stewartb says:

      Re- Police Scotland investigation into allegations against AS. What’s to be done in terms of procedure?

      (i) In depth interviews with the complainants assuming they agree to be interviewed; (ii) interviews with any and all witnesses, identified in these interviews, to the alleged incidents; (iii) further interviews with the original complainants for further clarification/follow-up questions, if required; (iv) report to the Crown Office; (v) consideration and decision by the Crown Office.

      How many investigators to conduct the interviews; how much time to write up the evidential report; how much effort by the Crown Office to reach a decision? How much staff resource required? What elapse time is reasonable? Surely hardly huge!

      We know how long it took Police Scotland (apparently) to tell us it was not investigating Michelle Thomson. Is there no awareness of the context, or no resource, within Police Scotland to do its job regarding the AS investigation yes robustly but also in reasonable time? This needs sorted and quickly for ALL personally concerned but also for our national polity. Police Scotland needs to get on with this ASAP and do its duty to ALL of us.

    109. Capella says:

      Interesting tweet from Craig Murray via Stu RT – police trawling through Alex Salmond’s entire life history trying to find something. Craig knows of a woman who was badgered by police about a peck on the cheek at a social event years ago which somebody has reported to police. She not bothered by it.

      The thread is worth reading. Nobody appears to be buying this. But the scale of the effort to find something is amazing.

    110. Rock says:

      Ken500 says:
      13 January, 2019 at 10:23 pm

      “A second EU vote.”

      Why is the SNP supporting a second EU vote?

      Didn’t Scotland decisively vote Yes in the first one?

      Rock (27th August 2017 – “Underneath the Goodyear blimp”):

      “Scotland was on the verge of independence immediately after the Brexit vote.

      The unionist parties were without leaders and completely lost, the SNP had 56 out of 59 MPs and 50% of the vote, the EU’s eyes were (favourably) on Scotland.

      But Nicola squandered a once in a 1000 years golden opportunity by wasting more than a year flogging a dead horse – a separate deal for Scotland which was never going to happen.

      The result: Nicola outsmarted by the collusion between Saints Theresa and Ruth on one hand, and Corbyn on the other, fall in SNP support from 50% to 37%.

      It is my prediction that there will be a “snap” Brexit and the SNP will be caught napping and unable to hold a second independence referendum.

      Or another “snap” Westminster election with the SNP again losing support.

      Despite the pretendy “sovereignty” and boasting of the clueless pompous armchair pundits posting here, Scotland is again as far away from independence as ever.

      If they succeed in neutralising the Rev. Stuart Campbell and WOS, independence will be “stone dead” for at least 620 years.”


      The “snap” Brexit didn’t happen because it was in the interests of the Establishment to carry on this farce as long as possible before blaming someone else for the shambles.

      I had expected them to crash out sooner by blaming the EU, but the EU didn’t give them the opportunity.

      But Nicola DID squander a 1000 years golden opportunity and the SNP HAS been caught napping and unable to hold a second independence referendum.

      Prove me wrong when Nicola calls a referendum.

    111. Clootie says:

      Sarah Smith making a fool of herself on the 10 o’clock news with the devastating, catastrophic, nasty civil war rant.
      What an utter disgrace to journalism.

      I have never even heard the topic discussed by SNP members never mind argued about

      Why do we have to suffer this disgusting after day.

    112. Clootie says:

      Bye all -that idiot Rock has arrived.

    113. Dr Jim says:

      Nicola Sturgeon smiled at me and held my hand for 5 Mississippis
      can I accuse her of harassment or do I check with David Clegg and the Daily Record first

      We were alone in a crowd, I’m sure it was a romantic moment, don’t tell me it wisnae, right, it wiz, right, jist don’t!

    114. cynicalHighlander says:


      What I am trying to infer is that defence of all women comes first and foremost no matter to the facts of the case IMO. That is my gripe for what it is worth.

    115. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Bye all -that idiot Rock has arrived.”

      That’s precisely what s/he wants. Don’t give them the pleasure.

    116. jfngw says:

      BBC Scotland to air fishing promo documentary in the lead up to Brexit involving prominent members of the SFF, who are co-incidently avidly pro-Brexit and equally anti SNP & independence.

      Well there you go.

      Sorry, not going to swallow your propaganda. Also Monday is Outlander night. What to watch, a high cost drama made extensively in Scotland or a low budget BBC bit of crap.

    117. Legerwood says:

      Clootie says:
      13 January, 2019 at 10:44 pm
      “”Sarah Smith making a fool of herself on the 10 o’clock news…””

      On the main early evening news the reporter was a Kirsty, or Katy, Hunter. Straightforward short report – no embellishments or opinion masquerading as ‘fact’.

      I guess the BBC was caught on the hop by the FM’s announcement so it took them a wee while to get the ‘big guns’ primed and rolled out ready to fire.

    118. Dr Jim says:

      The media put everyone on trial the minute they printed leaked information all over the press then took sides to inflame the readers and they did it deliberately

      Nothing should have been in the press until guilt or innocence was established either way but the press as usual under instructions from elsewhere were told to help bring Alex Salmond down or at least keep him and the SNP from capitalising on the UKs incompetence

      The SNP are the enemy of the British state and in their minds that means the enemy of England so must be stopped any way possible

      The stupid thing is the SNP are not the enemy of England, on the contrary they’re trying to do the England people a favour by helping them wake up to the shocking state of their governance

      If your next door neighbour suffers a bereavement you weep for him whatever his creed or colour showing that we’re all neighbours together, the same

      The UK Government don’t want you to think like that, they want you to despise your neighbour because of his creed or colour and they show and prove that on a daily basis

      Divide and rule is the UK way, and they don’t weep for anyone

      An Independent Scotland will show England what life should be like, and that terrifies the UK government to their core in their corridors of power

    119. Clive Scott says:

      Although it is depressing to watch people with the ability to walk and talk and function as a sentient human actually pick up and pay for the unionist rags on the “news” stands we can surely take comfort that a) they have many fewer years ahead of them than they have behind and b) year on year circulation is declining. It will be interesting to see what comes of the Scotsman stable (Johnston Press) now that the loan sharks have taken a close hair cut. Hopefully it will be closed down before too long.

    120. Nana says:

      Goodness me

      Ian Smart: In Defence of Alex Salmond. (Yes, that Ian Smart.)

    121. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Nana –


    122. Thepnr says:


      “What I am trying to infer is that defence of all women comes first and foremost no matter to the facts of the case IMO.”

      Totally agree and I’m sure that Nicola Sturgeon would be on your side 110%. This is not about the individuals involved unfortunately.

      All of them involved have now become “victims”. The original complainants had a right to complain, of course they did. It’s the seriousness of their complaint that has yet to be decided.

      From all the stuff I’ve read in the media since this became a story the most important for me was that the most serious allegation against Alex Salmond in 2013 was already resolved back then and so that makes it appear as a witch hunt to me at least.

      Say YOU were accused yet know you were entirely innocent, doesn’t that make YOU a victim to? As for Nicola Surgeon the least she gets entangled the better because they the media would love nothing more than to keep this running.

      The fact that she has voluntarily submitted herself to scrutiny under the Ministerial Code has once again completely spiked their guns.

      You can be absolutely certain that Nicola Sturgeon has behaved impeccably through this entire boorach, she has nothing to fear and will emerge smelling of roses.

      I hope there are plenty others sweating though within the civil service, the media in Scotland and the Tories of all colours.

      We are not at “Civil War” they just want us to be. Fuck them.

    123. Marie Clark says:

      @ Nana Good grief, makes a change from the usual, when he would as they say appear to be in his cups.

    124. Nana says:


      I’ve a flannel pressed to ma heid, not because of the lurgy I’ve had all week…I read that blogpost and felt light headed!
      Wondered if I was having some kind of hallucination from all the cough meds 🙂

      Marie, doesn’t it just.
      When even he can see the wrong in the hysterical malicious reporting, well as I said, goodness me!

      video here of the Sarah Smith character smearing away

    125. call me dave says:


      Jings! Ian Smart 🙂

      Good find Nana.

      The only person who has mentioned this to me is the old Daily Mail besom I meet in the cafe nearly every day.
      I about fell off my chair when she said on Saturday “It’s terrible what they have done to that man Alex Salmond”

      Good film & book: ‘In Defence of the Realm’ 🙂

    126. Nana says:

      @call me dave

      I don’t remember that film, did the bbc have a starring role?

      Bet they got an Oscar if they did 🙂

    127. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Nana, Marie et al –

      Looking forward to Rev’s response, if any, to Smart’s statement.

      The games afoot!


    128. mike cassidy says:


      Should you not be in your bed instead of hunting down quality links?

      I’m struggling to get my head round Westworld Season 2

      Never mind Salmondgate.

    129. Thepnr says:

      @Nana/Ian Brotherhood

      Yes very surprising but has he just said something more?

      I’ve no idea how well connected Ian Smart is but he is a lawyer and very much moves in Scottish political circles. So what about this then?

      “And that leads me on to my second point. No matter what a mess the Scottish Government (both political and permanent) made of the original investigatory process here, the idea that there could be a public inquiry of some sort at this time is absurd.”

      He clearly makes the distinction here between the political government in power and the permanent government we know as the civil service. The one’s that dropped a clanger. Anyway he goes on.

      “Thereafter, while only a small circle of people could have done the leaking, it is still quite a big small circle, albeit clustered around one, or possibly two, particular people. It is an open secret that Mr Salmond’s team have a principal suspect and that that suspect is not part of the permanent government.”

      He’s just said that the leak came not from the civil service but from the political branch of the government.

      I’ll take this with a pinch of salt, if the leak to Davie Clegg of the Record did come from within the SNP and that was the general consensus then I doubt Alex Salmond would be making such a big deal with the Information Commissioners office who have started a criminal enquiry.

      I’ll tell you this 🙂 it’s hard to know who to believe, makes sense though to make your own mind up based on past experience.

    130. Nana says:


      Today was the first day I’ve managed to stay upright, been a long week coughing and croaking/creaking.

      Links all done for the morn, was just finishing up when I spotted the link above.

      My youngest likes Westworld, I watched maybe 20 mins and gave up.

    131. Thepnr says:

      “He’s just said that the leak came not from the civil service but from the political branch of the government.”

      My own comment, but can’t possibly be true unless Alex Salmond told the leaker himself. as he was the only person other than the Civil service to know of the allegations.

      Plot thins!

    132. Colin Alexander says:

      “if the leak to Davie Clegg of the Record did come from within the SNP and that was the general consensus then I doubt Alex Salmond would be making such a big deal with the Information Commissioners office”

      If AS was stabbed in the back “et tu Brut” style by an SNP insider, how would he no refer that to the ICO?

      Would you no want to know who did the dirty on you, if it were you?

    133. Hamish100 says:

      I think it was James Cook (happy to be corrected) on the bbc scoop of the year when he challenged NS in George Sq over the French Ambassador issue during 2014.

      Of course we now know it was the lib dens Carmichael and the tories with the torygraph paper basically sending out a leaked story–sorry concoction of lies.

      Did the bbc apologise no. The bbc journalist ends up in North America as a correspondent. Saves asking questions to any inquiry. The lib dem assistant is moved, Carmichael ends up in court but is still an MP and willie Rennie attacks NS repeating the same allegations double quick time on radio and tele. (was Rennie tipped off.) This is Unionism in all its ugliness. They will stop at nothing.

    134. Hamish100 says:

      Rock — fair disappears when he is challenged. Rev is his posts from abroad?

      Hamish100 says:
      13 January, 2019 at 9:47 pm
      rock 2640- I bet you 110% you are wrong.
      Do you get OT work as you appear at the same time each evening or is it down to living where the time difference is several hours out from GMT?
      You can get the National online by the way lol.

    135. Thepnr says:

      @Colin Alexander

      “If AS was stabbed in the back “et tu Brut” style by an SNP insider, how would he no refer that to the ICO?”

      The thing is Colin, Alex Salmond’s compliant and the criminal investigation being undertaken is against the Scottish “government” administrative arm for which Leslie Evans is responsible.

      There is no investigation against the SNP so I guess he doesn’t believe that he was stabbed in the back “et tu Brut”

    136. sandy says:

      Rock, you’ve made your point now some 600 & odd times. Now, could you go away for 600 & odd years? Come back then & gloat (presumably that you’ve been proved correct)

      In the meantime, please, please give us all a rest. (for at least 600 & odd years)

    137. Cubby says:


      I think you should take it with a pinch of salt. He does not actually say the leak was from the SNP. He just ever so casually infers it. It’s stretching credulity to think Salmond gave someone all these details for them to publish them on purpose or to be betrayed.

      Possibility of a movie being made of this story in years to come.

      I think both civil servants will be suspended or transferred next week if they have not resigned.

    138. Colin Alexander says:


      I would have thought there is only one Data Controller DC: The Scottish Govt, which is an organisation, headed by SNP politicians and includes the civil service who work for the executive?

      Assuming there was a leak, there then comes the issue of whether the Scottish Govt instructed someone to disclose data or an individual did it without the knowledge or permission of the DC.

      Either way, the Govt, as Data Controller, could also be held guilty as well as the individual personally.

    139. cynicalHighlander says:

      @ sandy says:
      14 January, 2019 at 12:26 am

      Rock, you’ve made your point now some 600 & odd times. Now, could you go away for 600 & odd years? Come back then & gloat (presumably that you’ve been proved correct)

      In the meantime, please, please give us all a rest. (for at least 600 & odd years)

      621 to be precise.

    140. Gerry says:

      EU preparing to delay brexit until July…

      A “technical” extension until July is a probable first step to give May extra time to revise and ratify the current deal once Downing Street has a clear idea as to what will command a majority in the Commons.

      An EU official said: “Should the prime minister survive and inform us that she needs more time to win round parliament to a deal, a technical extension up to July will be offered.”


    141. boris says:

      Gained 8 “O” levels in one year. Lost focus in the years following. More interested in partying than studying. Poor “A” level results. Hard to take. Failure brought home the importance of hard work.

      Despite poor results secured a place studying music at Liverpool University. Not talented or dedicated enough to be professional performer. Used musical skills to earn cash – in orchestra pit and teaching piano. Used music degree as means to end, getting onto a post graduate course in London to get into arts administration.

      and yet she is appointed to the position of Permanent Secretary to the Scottish government

    142. Elaine S says:

      Isn’t it time we reported all the misleading and downright lying pieces in any of the British Nationalist papers. I’m sure IPSO and the TV complaints of Ofcom/BBC etc will have to investigate instead of their pathetic letting off of the media, when hundreds of Scots write in complaints about the misleading articles, quoting the breaches of codes, usually it is the “discrimination” or lack of the “Accuracy”. I’m pretty certain they would soon get pissed of at the British Nationalist media for their continued bullshit if the staff at those pretendy complaints places were run of their feet. Even if we did not get the results that we deserve if these unionist, Tory so called complaints companies did their job properly, at least we will run them ragged on hundreds of complaints on the same articles and every other lying, misleading propagandist article.

    143. twathater says:

      I commented over on one of the blogs that I seriously think the police should be investigating the leak of the information to the daily wrecker scribbler Clegg , I think his phones , emails and contacts should be examined to find out how he got so much information relating to the case

      Let’s be honest this leaking of information could have serious and dangerous implications if left uninvestigated ,who knows what the next leak to a crap scribbler could be about , it could even involve terrorists or terrorism related information , it is one thing to become a whistleblower to protect the safety and security of citizens , but to deliberately attempt to subvert and prejudice an investigation which may become a criminal case purely on the basis of demonising the accused is surely illegal and should have suitable charges of contempt levied against the perpetrators

      What is happening is trial by newspapers and the media and should be confronted by the judiciary

      It is one thing to say ( INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY ) but how could ANYONE have a fair trial with the level of speculation and misinformation being defecated by the usual suspects

    144. Gerry says:


      If there was a way of proving it, I would bet you £100 that Salmond’s team knows EXACTLY who leaked it.
      I wouldn’t bet on this, but there was an evidence folder that Salmond’s team wanted access to that was held back by the judge in court the other morning. The judge retained it and granted his team no access.

      Wouldn’t mind a wee read of that myself.

    145. Dr Jim says:

      David Clegg and the Daily Record

    146. yesindyref2 says:

      I suspect Carlaw Jackson and Richard Leonard will get their inquiry at the appropriate time, and wish they hadn’t.

    147. jezza says:

      BBC Scotland
      The Daily Record
      Scottish Labour

      Scotland’s unholy Trinity.

    148. yesindyref2 says:

      BBC Scotland
      The Daily Record
      Scottish Labour

      Scotland’s unholy Trinity.

      Anyone who puts Scottish Labour in that category but fails to put the Scottish Tories in, considering that whereas Labour in Scotland supported the EU Continuity Bill, the SG in defence against the UK Gov, the 2 Labour MEPs supported the ECJ case, and even in Dugdale’s time Labour supported the SNP on 22 out of 23 votes, and support the SNP on practically everything to do with Brexit, is not genuine, but a splitter.

    149. yesindyref2 says:

      … “whereas” the servile Scottish Tories oppose the lot, and oppose devolution itself.

    150. yesindyref2 says:

      Great brilliant fantastic letter from Dave Coull in The National, I can’t endorse it enough:

      A bit of fire in the belly.

    151. Petra says:

      Great article as usual Boris. Thanks for that (1:40am).


      Yesindyref2 (5:22am). Agreed. Let’s hold the Referendum, win it and then ….. “Some stuff can be sorted out afterwards.”


      Just thinking that Nicola must be feeling pretty down right now. Totally worn out between one thing and another. We really need her but I’d imagine that she really needs us. What about sending her a wee card of support?

    152. aldo_macb says:

      That’s some article in the BBC today. Eh, Scotland, 1979, Teresa. Remember?

    153. yesindyref2 says:

      It depends on what intelligence service the SNP has. There’s a poster for instance on the Herald (RR) who posts some well-thought out stuff, I pointed him out here maybe a year ago with a note that I didn’t really want to go near him (not just yet anyway!). Well, if I think he’s one to watch, so should the SNP hierarchy. I doubt he’s SiU by the way, I think he does his own thing and is too good for them anyway.

      Thing is the SNP as well as watching pro-indy forums and blogs above the line, should watch below the line. If some people are saying it, others may be too. That also goes for the MSM forums – there should be watchers. In the case of RR he posted all about this meetings stuff 3 or 4 months back, so the SNP have no excuse for being caught on the hop.

      Therefore I don’t think they were 🙂

    154. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Thepnr @ 00:03:

      can’t possibly be true unless Alex Salmond told the leaker himself, as he was the only person other than the Civil Service to know of the allegations.

      Errm, don’t forget the complainants and their own personal circles…

      (Oh, jeez, can’t we talk about something else now? This is just going round in ever-decreasing circles. The whole thing ceased long ago to be simply about some alleged misdemeanour, it’s become a transparent attempt by the usual suspects to undermine a thoroughly decent and well-meaning FM and divert attention from the very real complete f-up of our wellbeing by the two main English parties that’s about to plumb even greater depths in London very soon…)

    155. Dorothy Devine says:

      Nana, thanks for the Sarah Smith blurt on BBBC news.
      Incredible work of fiction from that lady.

      There must be some folk at the BBBC who wriggle with angst and embarrassment at the output of malignancy levelled at the SNP.

      Interested to read the lawyer on Mr Salmond- still wouldn’t trust a lawyer , after all as he says they defend the indefensible and sometimes they get them off the hook to re- offend.

      May the newspapers of today be viewed as the toilet paper of Brexit.

    156. Petra says:

      @ Yesindyref2 says at 7:36am …….”SNP ….. should watch below the line.”…

      I wouldn’t worry too much on that count, Yesindyref2. I’m sure that the SNP have a (large) band of little helpers, “watchers”, all reporting back to them on a regular basis.

    157. Ken500 says:

      Labour supported Devolution with as little powers as possible,

      It was the Tories that started the EU absolute shambles again. It took down Thatcher along with other matters. 18%+ unemployment.. The only place it was under 10% was London S/E. 15% interest rates, 25% inflation.. The Poll tax. Civil disorder violence in the street. £Billions of oil revenues wasted. Given to the bankers in the City of London, who donated to the Tory Party. ‘Loads of money’ banks while people starved.

      Deregulated world banking causing the world banking crash. Sold off untilities. Scotland got it worse. Kept secret under Official Secrets Act. Some people forget or do not know how violent it was in the Thatcher period. It is going back to that elsewhere. Crime rates going up etc. Going down in Scotland.

      Labour the winter of ‘discontent’. Three day weeks and candles. Rubbish piled in the street. The dead not getting buried. Illegal wars, financial fraud, banking crash, tax evasion. Corbyn reneging on all the ‘priniples’. Trident etc. Scotland paying £Billion to keep workers in Barrow in Furness spewing out poison. To accommodate Len McLuskey being kept in the manner he has become accustomed. Funding the Labour Party – illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion.

      A waste of taxpayers money killing and maiming millions. Displacing millions. So much for solidarity. The worse migration crisis since 11WW. Other European countries have to sort out. Costing £Billions. They have to deal with it. The UK Trns in debt. The most unequal place in the world. No one is happy. Because of it. People are annoyed and angry. At the mess and shambles. Chaos.

      No need for austerity. It costs more. Funding for essential services cut. The unionists sanctioning and starving vulnerable people. £13Billion a years in cuts, Education/NHS and welfare. The tax revenues are up £95Billion a year. (More in Scotland – pro rata). £Billions being wasted on HS2 and Hinkley Point. A total waste of time and money with no business case. There are better alternatives.

      The Tories going down. Labour are just as bad. They supported all the Tory cuts and mismanagement. They will be just as bad for Scotland.

      Thank goodness for the SNP standing up for Scotland. Improving the economy and standing up to Westminster cuts and lies. They have improved the Scottish economy. The only time unemployment has been less than in the rest of the UK. Keep voting for them as though your life depends on it, because it does. Especially the elderly who the Tories are killing off. Their own supporters,

      Scotland can do better that. Do the world a favour. Vote for Independence.

      Scotland needs Alex Salmond back. The Westminster M15 dirty tricks. In plain sight.

    158. Ken500 says:

      Quoting US on Independence, The loser wins? The highest debt in the world and the most unequal place in the world. Blowing the world to bits causing misery all over. Spending the most on arms and the military in the world, $611Billion. While people starve. Reported to be increasing. Some Constitution. The right to bear arms, The arms race.

      Evans introduced STV – local election reforms. 2000. To give the unionists unfair advantage. To ruin the local economy, waste public money and get into unecessary debt. No funding essential services propkerly but wasting £Million on grotesque monstrosities of no value with no business case. Shops, office sitting empty and unoccupied hotels. £200 Million+ £300Million wasted on a Conference centre sitting empty. Wasting £Millions.

      Schools are overcrowded and class sizes could be lower. There is no proper, total abstinence, one chance proper drink/drug rehabilitation. Lack of social care. The council unionists wanting to out the homeless in prison. Thanks to Evans and STV. They are a disgrace, They gang up together. To ruin local democracy. Multiple voting people do not understand. No wonder people think it is not worth voting for corruption.

    159. Petra says:

      @ Ken500 at 8:29am …… “Evans introduced STV – local election reforms. 2000.”….

      Where could I find more on that Ken?

    160. Abulhaq says:

      Do we really want to be chained to a country with this festering, megaproblem? Something which could cost our country dear? Enough, their societal mess-up is not our concern.

    161. Ken500 says:

      @ Boris 13 January 2019 at 1.40 am

      Great information. about the guilty ones, Evans and McKinnon. The British M15 agents Spies.

      The Scottish administration cannot even chose the own administration Officers. Evans is swanning about Scotland like a FM getting paid more. £140,000. There is already an elected FM. There is not need for another redundant one. They are supposed to be servants of the people. Instead trying to destroy Democracy for personal gain. Acting totally illegally. The secret service.

      Alex Salmond should sue them all. Recoup the £1/2Million+ Including the Record etc. That should shut them up for a while. Total trouble causing Liars,

      Heyward (illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion) civil servant who illegally canvassed against Scottish Independence. Later stated Scotland would be better Independent. (A bit too late). He was made a Baron plus a lot of other titles, He died in November 2018.

    162. Morgatron says:

      Comedy Gold from I Monika Lennon this morning on GMS. Nearly drove off the road , mainly spouting lies, but she came out with a total corker regarding monkeys, yip monkeys!! You need to listen to it. Off to dry my pants now.

    163. Ken500 says:

      Google it. Evans was involved in Local Gov electoral reforms. She was responsible for STV introduced 2000 Devolution (Labour unionists in control) D’Hond’t introduced by unionists (Labour) to stop one Party (SNP) getting a majority. It did not work sufficiently (SNP did get a majority) but it is still difficult and keeps the 3rd rate losers in place to cause trouble and tell lies. Misinformation and lies briefing the biased Press.

      The Press illegally owned by non Dom tax evaders, Totally illegally breaking every rules/Laws in the book. Murdoch etc criminals. Dacre was also up to criminality. Told total lies to Parliamentary committee. The Mail was involved in hacking, surveillance etc. Dacre totally denied it, He was in charge of the Committee that monitored Press standards and abuse. A criminal. He should be put in jail.

    164. Ken500 says:

      May cut Police and border control. At the Home Office. It ended up massive queues and chaos at Heathrow. They had to let people through unchecked. Imagine the Brexit chaos. Rudd who lied to Parliament now back. The Tory/unionists telling lies.

      May deported British cutizens and their families illegally. Costing £Millions. Charging children born in Britain £1000. Changed the rules illegally. Now being stopped in Court. At great trouble and expense.

      Grayling contracts to non existent ferry contractors are illegal. It is classed as ‘State Aid’. Non competitive tending. The Eurotunnel lot want some of the action. They are threatening to sue. Grayling also ruined the railways.

    165. Ken500 says:

      Too many of them go to Oxbridge, Funded 2000 to 1 of all other universities, with public money. Totally non diversity. The wealthy buying an education at public expense. Illegally. Westminster administration is the result. Not nice and dim.

    166. @jezza

      British Broadcasting Corporation in Scotland,
      British Nationalist David Clegg and The Daily Record
      British Labour in Scotland,

      Scotland’s unholy Trinity,

      these three have been in a sordid anti Scottish Independence ménage à trois for decades.

    167. jockmcx says:

      Salmond case,

      Wings = lightbulbs

      SNP = floodlights… switch on please…soon!

    168. Ahundredthidiot says:

      On fake news, real unionists smell fake blood

    169. geeo says:


      Sorry, but the Herald poster (RR) you mention is an uber SNP hating rocket.

      Every post from said RR, is full of cliche’d unionist lies.

      If you think that person is ok or in any way balanced, no offence, but i think i may have to rethink my opinion on your judgement.

    170. Colin Alexander says:

      Alex Salmond should talk to Tommy Sheridan to find out the lengths that the UK state will go to, to destroy a threat to UK Colonial Rule and the Colonial Scottish Establishment ruling order.

      For example, Alex Salmond better make sure his wife disnae collect spirit miniatures or the political agents of the state, commonly called “the polis”, might be arresting her too and accusing her of acting like a terrorist if she exercises her legal right to remain silent.

      Speculation: Did Alex see a chance to win independence and was increasing the pressure for indyref2 amongst his allies in the SNP but, he found out the devolutionist / colonialist FM and her ruling clique were trying to prevent a winning indyref, Alex realised this and was going to speak out, so had to be discredited?

    171. Nana says:

      Five yr old with a message for TM

      Brexit and the U.S. Shutdown: Two Governments in Paralysis


    172. I tend to avoid reading articles about the allegations against Alex Salmond, as I consider the British nationalist media attacks on him to be nothing more
      than a smear campaign against him.

      Though I did read the comments from Richard Leonard and Jackson Carlaw in the Sunday nation on Nicola Sturgeon’s handling of the Alex Salmond allegations.

      I wish the party would be ore assertive in confronting both Leonard and Carlaw, on how they have handled allegations which have made against politicians in their own parties.

      As the old saying goes those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    173. Bill McLean says:

      Don’t comment much and becoming disillusioned with the reaction of some regulars on here. Don’t they know that “divide and rule” is the great British tactic which has worked so well for them for hundreds of years in many unfortunate places – we are just the latest target. I see the results of their tactic on this blog which I try to read in full every day. So much valuable time and space wasted calling people “trolls”, then arguing with them!!! Sometimes they simply have a different point of view! If you don’t want to read a different view just scroll buy – otherwise you are doing the Britnats dirty work for them.

    174. Doug_Bryce says:

      Mrs May will say: “I ask MPs to consider the consequences of their actions on the faith of the British people in our democracy. Imagine if an anti-devolution House of Commons had said to the people of Scotland or Wales that despite voting in favour of a devolved legislature, Parliament knew better and would overrule them.”

      Of course that actually happened when Westminster over-ruled the EU continuity bill which Holyrood backed…
      Tories have no shame.

    175. Nana says:

      Eight links have not appeared, I can’t see any banned words so check back later, hopefully they will be allowed.

    176. Ken500 says:

      Evans et al have cost Scotland £Billions.

    177. orri says:

      Apparently the complainants in these cases are allowed to take union reps to meetings. The fact that Evans seems happy to tweet about recent interactions with the same may not be insignificant.

      Or put it another way. There was a massive breech in confidentiality on the part of the union either directly from the rep or someone with access to the information. This isn’t a Westminster government stitch up as it’s liable to blow up in their faces. It’s more probably a desperate move from Labour.

    178. frogesque says:

      Come one, come all! Bring flags, whistles, bells and the dug!

      Indy Demo and HOOP rally, Scottish Parly, Thursday 17th. 11.00 am to 3.00 pm.

      Show support any way you can. If you can’t make it for whatever reason then please use social media to comment and share pics etc.

      We have to start getting serious.

    179. Legerwood says:

      yesindyref2 says:
      14 January, 2019 at 7:36 am
      “”It depends on what intelligence service the SNP has. There’s a poster for instance on the Herald (RR) who posts some well-thought out stuff, I pointed him out here maybe a year ago with a note that I didn’t really want to go near him (not just yet anyway!). Well, if I think he’s one to watch, so should the SNP hierarchy. I doubt he’s SiU by the way, I think he does his own thing and is too good for them anyway.””

      You are having a laugh, yesindyref2?

      RR and his numbered points, stream of assertions dressed up with pseudo statistics which are never referenced and thus cannot be checked is someone I now scroll past.

      I used to rebut some, if not all, of his wilder assertions but he just repeats the same rubbish ad nauseum and as often as not disrupts the comments which then degenerate into name calling. That is his job done.

      The below the line comments in the likes of the Herald present an opportunity to debunk the article by pointing out its shortcomings as well as presenting an opportunity to get actual information about what the SG is doing out to the general public. Like this site, more people read the posts than comment.

      Thus the btl in the likes of the Herald present an opportunity to reach the public but as often as not nowadays the comments are disrupted by the likes of RR and others which just puts people off.

    180. Nana says:

      The point of the Steve Peers thread is TM has already been caught telling lies [when has she not]

      As this thread shows, it’s unfortunate for Theresa May to have been caught in one of her many lies before she’s even made her speech today. But I expect she’ll make it anyway. Nothing has ch- well, you know the rest.

    181. Ken500 says:

      What a total load of rubbish about Trump. Wanting peace in the world is now a crime in the US. A military State. Wanting peace is now a criminal offence of alleged betrayal. Speaking to the Russian is now a criminal offence. The world military conglomerates threatened. Mass murdering, illegal sychophants. Offensive and malicious. They can go to hell.

      Russia saved the West in the 11WW. 26Millions Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin have realised democracy, self determination and self determinstion for 150Million people. The highest is the world ever. Since the 1990’s the Russian population has halved. (USSR). It once was 300Million+ people. Pre 1990’s. Now 150Million, Half.

      Putin et al have helped more people to Democracy than any other administration. Putin does not let the world criminals take over the Rusxian State but tries to increase prosieritynabd peace for the Russian people. Hampered by the West.

      The Western ‘democracy’ absolute criminality and lies. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evadion causing poverty all over the world. Then they have the total cheek to point the finger at Russia. Russia had had enougn of war and destruction. It protects its own borders which it has a right to do. Eternal wars from the West on it’s borders.

      The 11WW mapped out Europe and the world. EU formed to stop war and starvation has been successful. One of the most successful organisation/administration in the world.

      The British State just wants illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud causing inequality and destitution. Impoverishing people. The highest debt and inequality in the world. Now collapsing at the seams. An abject failure.

      US spend on the military (320Million pop) €611Billion. The most in the world (pro rata)
      Saudi Arabia (40Million pop) €69Billion.

      Russia (150Million pop) €67Billion
      China (1.3Billion pop) €228Billion

      They try improve their economies and make the people more prosperous.

    182. Cubby says:

      Sky News this morning

      John Mann, Labour MP British Nationalist and Brexiteer. “people want to have a referendum (EU) have it in 5 years time when people have actually had the chance to see what’s happened”

      Well it is 5 years since indyref1 and we have had the time to see what has happened and we don’t like what we see. Broken promises galore and power grab to name but two. Time for independence – end the Treaty of Union.

    183. Ken500 says:

      Who is RR? Herald. Groundhog Day. No wonder no one bothers with it. Pathetic in every way. Just churned out rubbish. Am affront to Democracy. The total bias and lies. Truly shocking.

    184. Cubby says:

      Doug Bryce

      “Tories have no shame” Tories are Britnats and Britnats lie all the time and they lie about nearly everything.

      1979 Scottish referendum 52/48 vote for devolution. Westminster says no.

      2016 EU referendum 52/48 vote to leave. The will of the people MUST be adhered to.

      Westminster style democracy for Scotland. DO AS WE SAY NOT AS WE DO.

    185. Cubby says:


      If it is British Labour in Scotland and the unions then they are still British Nationalists. Also the unions have shown in other instances they care not a jot about the people they are supposed to represent. They are Labour politicians masquerading as something else.

    186. Capella says:

      It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic to read the thread Nana posted above.

      English people waking up to the knowledge that the Westminster government is just a cesspit of lies and mendacity. They’ve been hoodwinked and fleeced for years, as much as Scotland has, but only now realise that we are not “all in it together”.


    187. Capella says:

      Also, the Iain Macwhirter tweet from Stu’s twitter is worth a read. Says Salmond is the most investigated politician in Britain.
      The BBC set up a unit into his “gambling debts” in the late 90s.

    188. Jack Murphy says:

      Meanwhile back in the real world of Brexit, as reported on the Front Pages of the newspapers in England [not for nervous Scotland’s readers] eight of the ten scream Brexit headlines, for example:

      Daily Express England:

      England’s Brexit is in meltdown.

      The subliminal message is clear,”Swallow your porridge Scotland.”

    189. yesindyref2 says:

      @geeo / @Legerwood
      I certainly didn’t say he was balanced or neutral!

      He’s effective precisely because of his numbered points and persistence, and quite naturally hits a target at times. Yes, refuting him isn’t easy, which is why I too leave him be until it’s important. There’s 2 or 3 others do a good job anyway.

      The point I’m making, to make it again, is that he’s a prime example of what the SNP “intelligence / counter-intelligence” should be reading. And in this case he was posting about the mettings months ago.

    190. Legerwood says:

      14 January, 2019 at 11:56

      If by meeting you mean the meetings between Ms Sturgeon and Mr Salmond they were first reported away back in August about the time when the story first broke.

      If RR has been mentioning them then he is not telling anyone anything that was not already known about.

    191. Gary says:

      Sturgeon is simultaneously: helping Salmond, at the root of the complaints against Salmond, running the investigation, not paying enough attention to the investigation, being too friendly with Salmond and in a ‘civil-war with Salmond’

      Personally, I don’t think any of that is true. I read Craig Murray’s piece on this and tend to think this was a cock-up entirely of the making of the civil servants involved in rewriting the procedures, encouraging the complainants and then leaving a paper trail proving they had breached every aspect of the Civil Service Code (something Civil Servants take REALLY seriously – I’d know, I used to be one)

      I think she has done her best to be as ‘arm’s length’ as it’s possible to be. Luckily for her opponents that the TV news are ‘on the case’ and will mis-report this ad nauseum. You couldn’t think they were biased, I mean, it’s not like the BBC’s reporter on The Six O’clock News is the daughter of the late leader of the Labour Party who opposed him and the SNP in every way and reviled him – oh no, wait, that IS true..

      Could you imagine the uproar if Carole Thatcher was a political reporter making accusations against Jeremy Corbyn?? The BBC DID run the ‘day of rage’ reports on the British Board of Deputies against him, but even THEY would think the public wouldn’t swallow THAT.

      For some reason, we here in Scotland, are supposed to think this is okay – it isn’t…

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