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Labour’s long spoon

Posted on April 27, 2012 by

The following is a transcript from an interview with Scottish Labour “leader” Johann Lamont on BBC Radio Scotland’s “Good Morning Scotland” on Wednesday 25th April, concerning the relationship between Alex Salmond and Rupert Murdoch. (2h12m in.)

GARY ROBERTSON: Would you, if you were First Minister, be meeting Rupert Murdoch and others to talk about jobs in Scotland?

JOHANN LAMONT: Well, you would have to meet with people to talk about jobs and so on.

GARY ROBERTSON: So you would have had the same relationship, then?

JOHANN LAMONT: I would make this point: that we have all learned a lesson about dealing with Rupert Murdoch, and that is you sup with a long spoon.

The picture below comes from the Sun, in a 2011 feature entitled “Red Ed Is Dead“:

In the friendly interview conducted over a game of pool, the Sun asks Mr Miliband when he will announce the results of his policy review, to which he replies “You will read it first in The Sun.” (The Labour leader having continued to socialise with Rupert Murdoch long after the phone-hacking scandal erupted.)

This blog admittedly doesn’t have a great track record of success when it comes to running appeals. But should we all club together to buy Labour a longer spoon?

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4 to “Labour’s long spoon”

  1. MajorBloodnok

    Yes, I heard her being interviewed – Gary gave her a moderately hard time I thought and almost burst her bubble.  Contrast that with the appalling performance when Iain Macwhirter was on (a transcript of that might be a challenge).  I turned it off in disgust. 

    What is it with the Unionists who cannot help themselves but try to shout the SNP down and think that they are being the reasonable and civilised ones?  GA Ponsonby has a good article I thought on the real media monopoly on Newsnet (I always check that site out – after coming here first of course, he added, loyally).

  2. Kenny Campbell

    Maybe that is Johann showing her independence from London Labour………..sorry I know you’d said cut down on the schooboy jokes. 😀

  3. Dál Riata

    I see Severin Carrell has now submitted article #6 (I think? I’m starting to lose count!) to his “Obsession”!

    “Opponents scoff at Salmond’s claim he backed BSkyB for sake of jobs” 

    His articles are always of the same style: start off with a host of accusations and allegations against Alex Salmond/the SNP/independence, etc.; give substance to said accusations and allegations by quoting a Labour spokesperson, usually Johann Lamont; use a Conservative voice, mostly Ruth Davidson, as backing to the Labour assertion; finish with a short sentence or two from an SNP spokesperson repudiating the allegations to give the allusion of ‘fairness’ to the article. [Sigh. Head shake.]

    That this man and “zany comedy relief”‘s Kevin McKenna (who seems to be getting more hysterical and inzany [sic] by the week) are the Guardian’s “Scottish correspondents” lays bare the London-based media’s biased, agenda-driven fight against Scotland’s hopes for independence… Fear and loathing.

    Anyway, just to add to the fun, there’s an “accused” in the sub-heading too!:

    “Scotland first minister accused of ‘infatuation with very rich men’ over backing takeover in exchange for endorsement by the Sun” 

    (Sorry, if this should be in the “Obsession by Severin Carrell” entry then feel free to move to there if need be.)

  4. Suth

    Unionist = FUD
    Fear Uncertainty Doubt
    This is all they have and will do, it seems.

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