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Johann Lamont’s faulty hearing aid

Posted on April 11, 2012 by

We were going to write about something else today, but we have a touch of the flu and we're not quite up to a hefty post. As we bravely ploughed through some research, though, we stumbled across another example of something we've noted before on this blog – Labour's curious (some might say outright untruthful) habit of presenting the SNP's position on things as the precise opposite of what they actually are. The latest accidental misunderstanding came from Johann Lamont's speech to the Scottish Labour conference last month. Here's what Johann claims the SNP say:

"The SNP want to sell a skewed vision of where Scotland is at. They want you to believe that Scotland is somehow oppressed."

Here, on the other hand, is what the SNP actually say, from two months earlier:

"Scotland is not oppressed and we have no need to be liberated."

How odd. In the interests of fair and honest political discourse, should we all perhaps club together and offer to buy the leader of Scotland's opposition some new batteries? We'll throw in 50p to get things started. Pledge the amount of your support in the comments below and let's see if we can make the world a better place.


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    8 to “Johann Lamont’s faulty hearing aid”

    1. Andrew Haddow says:

      Ach, she's doing such a fine job as it is, so £0.00.

    2. Ross says:

      Nil from me – she'll not even have to pay for the prescription.

    3. Gary Hunter says:

      Read this first at Paris CDG airport. 10 euros/hour. Can I get my money back? Apart from that, a great site. Keep up the good work.

    4. Jim Campbell says:

      I would love to infect all labour politicians with some type of
      Pinnochio virus.  It would be fun to watch FMQs and see who's nose
      grew the most.

    5. BillDunblane says:

      I'll through in ma twa bob's worth.   Or mibey no'…

    6. Peninsual says:

      Oh dear.
      I give her 18  moths

    7. TYRAN says:

      I'd give her 14 moths and 2 beetles

    8. Shodan says:

      I'm tempted to stump up the fifty pence but she's too good for the independence movement as she is, so she can settle for a hairy boiled sweetie I found in some jeans out the washing machine. Give her something to keep her busy when she's not appearing on TV or not reading about what the SNP actually say or do.

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