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Labour rebels launch new party

Posted on February 18, 2019 by

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    38 to “Labour rebels launch new party”

    1. Craig says:

      Have I missed something?

    2. Ken500 says:


      Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion.

      The Tories are failing. Brexit shambles. What a mess.

    3. Craig says:

      Ahhhh, I see now.

      Seriously? Was someone watching the “Life of Brian” last night and came up with a wizard wheeze to separate themselves from the other rebellious groups.

    4. cynicalHighlander says:


    5. Dr Jim says:

      Oooh! what will Scotlands branch office do then, £1 bet Kezia’s first, she likes a bit of limelight

    6. Cubby says:

      Labour Party Resignations

      Where’s Kezia in all this. Staying loyal to Corbyn. Is the branch office in Scotland always destined to be always late coming to the party – the new independent party.

      Will there be a new independent party in Scotland that is not for independence? LOL

    7. Dr Jim says:

      I knew it, Kezia makes a statement already, she says *good riddance*


    8. On The Buses! ITV3 NOW!

    9. Cassandra says:

      It will all end in tears.

    10. Ken500 says:

      Kezia prevented a UK Labour Gov. Kezia helps Tories. They caused the mess. What a shambles.

    11. manandboy says:

      “Calls on the British government to establish an independent investigation into “foreign influence, disinformation, funding, voter manipulation and the sharing of data” in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, the 2016 EU referendum and the 2017 general election.”

    12. Dr Jim says:

      Yoon tweet: Nicola Sturgeon going to France we don’t want anything to do with France stay here and sort out the racism


    13. Mogabee says:

      Used the rolling eyed emoji far too much on hearing this ‘news’.

      Great swing there ex-Labour folks!!!

      *To oblivion and beyond*

    14. jezza says:

      Ian Murray???

    15. Mogabee says:


      Dinnae be silly!

    16. Macart says:

      There really aren’t enough faces to palm in the universe. 😀

    17. galamcennalath says:

      (Hope the eejit wasn’t injured!)

      A marked difference between the English left and the right.

      Labour rebel factions quit their party. Tory rebel factions conspire to take over their party.

    18. I suspect this is going to make Labour in England even more unelectable than it is right now under Corbyn.

      And that people in Scotland come to their senses and see, and realise that Labour has not and never will protect them from the ravages of any Westminster Tory Government.

    19. jezza says:

      The only difference between these Red Tories and Jeremy Corbyn”s Red Tories us that these breakaway Red Tories support the Israeli armed forces blowing the shit out Palestinian schools and hospitals, filled with innocent Palestinian men women and children.

      Jim Murphy was a very good “Friend of Israel”.

    20. chicmac says:

      Well the leadership did edict that the members should do what it takes to impress swing voters. 🙂

    21. One_Scot says:

      Lol, can someone make sure these people are using plastic knives and forks.

    22. Breeks says:

      Can we please, please, please stop this silly nonsense now, before we get to the bit where Theresa May is in her bra and pants being chased around Westminster to the Benny Hill finale tune.

    23. Luigi says:

      No Name Party?

      So, what is this pathetic “Gang of Seven” going to call themselves?

    24. Tam the Bam. says:

      Luigi @ 11-29am

      Apparently they have collectively termed themselves as ‘ The Independent Group.’

    25. Cubby says:

      The Magnificent Seven ride again. As per the movie I doubt there will be many of them still on the go after the next GE.

    26. James Westland says:

      Breeks @ 11:26 am

      That just made my day… cant get that image or tune out my head now!

    27. Alan Mackintosh says:

      saw a tweet with “The Insignificant Seven” , that seems like an apt description

    28. geeo says:

      Treeza may wait a wee bit longer, hoping for more to follow, then bingo, call a GE she could easily get a majority and dump the DUP.

      labour will run against them , split the labour vote, hey presto, more tories sneak in.

      Now, this is one of those moments in history, which Labour in Scotland should grab and secure a positive future, by also splitting from labour and becoming the ACTUAL Scottish Labour Party then announcing for Independence.

      Why can labour politicians in Scotland not seem to understand that they cannot sit in Scottish politics as the labour party, post independence ?

      With the labour party falling apart (no way this split will stop at 7) and ZERO chance of WM power for at least another decade (this makes labour completely unelectable) this is that moment in history for them.

      “Vote labour, even our own MP’s think we are anti semitic” is probably not the best campaign slogan to go into an election in Scotland, GE, Holyrood or Local authority.

      Come on labour in Scotland, save yourselves, help save your country ffs, make a difference for once.

      Perhaps Alex Rowley (hah!) will take charge of the labour party in Scotland, while that is pretty unlikely, he appears the only one who might be persuaded to back independence, and perhaps that just shows how bad labour in Scotland has become.

      Ok, the above ain’t going to happen, but i have had 2 conversations this morning with lifelong labour voting No voting relatives, and BOTH are utterly disgusted with their party.

      I asked how they would vote if treeza called an election, and both said they would struggle to vote for labour, as, and i quote one of them, “it is obvious now, that they (labour) are anti semitic, or the 7 wouldn’t have done it”

      So i asked again who would they vote, to which they replied “definitely NOT tory” so probably SNP to stop the tories”.

      I gently reminded them they couldn’t now realistically ‘stop the tories’ winning power, especially a tory party v an actual split labour party, so good luck with having tory govs for next 10 years minimum.

      I told them that Independence is the ONLY option left for labour in Scotland, and if labour fail to support independence NOW, then labour supporters like them owe it to their children and grandchildren to back an independent Scotland.

      I left it at that, and before i left, one said that i had a point.

      Thats 2 No voters claimed as Not Sure now, and all it took was 7 resigning Labour MP’s and a wee chat.

      Now its my uncle’s turn for a wee chat, when i see him later.

      What an opportunity to sway folk to Yes “back indy or enjoy another 10 years minimum of Tory rule”.

    29. Sharey Dubs says:

      People’s front of Judia, splitters!!
      No wait we are the people’s front….

    30. ScottieDog says:

      Saw that on twitter this morning. Cornflakes all over the floor

    31. raineach says:

      They can’t be ‘The Independent Group’. Surely they are ‘The Vile Separatist Group’?

    32. Luigi says:

      Don’t hold yer breath, geeo.

      “Scottish” Labour politicians are not known for their courage.

    33. Cubby says:


      Very interesting post. It seems Labour in Scotland is nearing collapse. Only the corrupt media in Scotland and the British controlled unions are propping it up.

    34. Jack Murphy says:

      From Wikipedia:

      ” The Scottish Labour Party is registered with the UK Electoral Commission as an Accounting Unit (AU) of the UK Labour Party
      and is therefore not a registered political party under the terms of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. ……”

    35. Ghillie says:

      They kinda make our Scottish branch office look smart.

      Did I actually say that?!

    36. Ghillie says:

      geeo @ 11.43 am

      I like your take on this =)

    37. Essexexile says:

      The seven bring to mind one of those god awful teams of go getters from The Apprentice.
      Perhaps they’ll call themselves ‘Synergy’ or ‘Kinetic’.
      No doubt they’ve had their first Blue Skying session this afternoon.

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