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It’s the same old songs

Posted on November 02, 2018 by

…but with a different meaning since you’ve been gone.”

Labour have now been promising to abolish the Lords for around 110 years, including 37 years as the UK government. But wait! They’ve got more promises for you!

In fairness, the Lords one isn’t THAT ancient by Labour standards. After all, by their own admission it took them 111 years to finally create a Scottish Parliament, so we’re sure abolition of the Lords is right on schedule to happen any minute.

And now they’re going to end the Great Rail Rip-Off! Aren’t they?

But hang on – whose promises? Alert readers may have done some arithmetic on seeing that pic, because if the railways were privatised in 1993, that’s only four years before Labour came to power. In fact, Labour have been in power for more of the 25 years of “The Great Rail Rip-Off” than the Tories have – 13 years to the Tories’ 12.

Yet for some reason the railways didn’t get renationalised, despite what they said.

Also, we’re pretty sure the Tories have never promised to renationalise the railways, so the only people producing “countless broken promises” on the subject in the last 25 years must have been Labour. Just like the ones they made at the same time about reforming the electoral system to PR.

Pretty much all of Labour’s big-ticket pledges, in fact, are the same ones that the party has been making, but not actually delivering, for most of the last century.

But it’s okay, because the party has been adept at holding two directly opposing principles at the same time for all those years, and nothing has changed in 2018.

But, y’know, believe them this time! This time it’s different! Honest!

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    126 to “It’s the same old songs”

    1. cynicalHighlander says:

      Tomorrow never comes

    2. Brian Powell says:

      They can depend on a chunk of the Scottish electorate being thicker than two short planks.

    3. Proud Cybernat says:

      Promise, promises.

      If Labour ever delivered on its core policies then there would be little point in anyone voting Labour thereafter. Hence why they never deliver.

      One more push…

      …and over the cliff we all now go.

      Thanks Labour.

    4. defo says:

      Flipper & Foo must be laughing their cocks off at the latest pinkie promise.

    5. handclapping says:

      Ah the lovely Lesley Scottish Labour’s answer to the Tory’s Kirstene Janette Hair MP. One can’t think, the other won’t.

      What’s it with Angus and Kirkcaldy that they traded in Mike Weir and Roger Mullin for these two?

    6. GORDON FORREST says:

      You know many countries have double nagatives in their language that are in fact Positives. Scotland is the only country that has a double positive that is in fact the opposite, and that about sums it up………Aye Right!

    7. galamcennalath says:

      The Great British tag team at Westminster. One gets into power with centre-left promises they often don’t keep. Then the other gets into power with right wing promises they carry through on. A small ‘c’ conservative establishment YinYan. And so we see a cumulative shift to the right as inequality increases relentlessly and the state contracts.

    8. Frank Gillougley says:

      This conjures up a postwar image for me of a mummy and daddy holding their children’s hands walking up an Edwardian suburban street towards the sun on the horizon accompanied by the slogan, ‘Socialism in their lifetime’.


      Anyway, i’ll keep taking the medication.

    9. Merkin Scot says:

      Well said, Stu. If I thought that, after independence,the shouty guys would ever take control again I would just give up on the idea of freedom for Scotland.

    10. Bob Mack says:

      Dr Who left the Tardis with her time indicator showing the year 7005. Finding a copy of a hologram newspaper she projected the headline .” Labour to propose dissolving the House of Lords in time for the interplanetary economic meeting”

      Some things are believable. Some not.

    11. Scottish Steve says:

      Hopefully we’ll soon be independent and wont need to worry about the House of Lords or crappy voting system at Westminster.

    12. mountain shadow says:

      Another great piece by Rev, but of course, none of this is surprising to the independence supporting folk who read this blog.

      The issue as ever, is getting the message out to at least 5% of the population we need to persuade to move to independence.

      There is a pretty solid 45% support for independence and the hard core Yoonery is likely around 35%.

      That missing 20% are clearly not that interested in politics and likely have little or no interest in the goings on the independence debate, until that is, they have to make a decision in another referendum.

      I wish the SNP would stop letting Westminster lead the agenda and get on with it.

    13. Grey Dug says:

      Just like the sign behind the bar, “Free beer tomorrow”.

    14. Artyhetty says:

      Labour, living in their topsy turvy Labour world, they really have form in taking the proverbial p**s out of the voters don’t they.

      Keir Hardie would not recognise this red Tory party masquerading as left wing and even socialism. His life as child spent down the mines, he had principals and honesty in his soul. Labour are now gutless and soul less conjurors.

      Thatcher the milk snatcher did an excellent job of exterminating what once was a party of the people, for ‘the many not the few’, no more.
      Tony Blair hammered the last nail in the coffin, ever since it’s as if they are zombies, in fact I think they are. ( I know Halloween just passed).

      Sad really. Never allow them near power in Scotland, they will want revenge on Scotland, seriously.

    15. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Labour is the quack doctor who carefully keeps its patients needing its medicine.

      It’s just a shame that there is a new generation that seems troubled enough to swallow the same snake oil.

    16. orri says:

      If any combination of parties in Westminster are elected on a manifesto to reform or outright abolish the House of Lords then there’s fuck all the Lords can do about it under the Parliament Act. No need for an entirely cosmetic pledge by Labour appointees to vote for self abolition.

    17. manandboy says:

      It is not impossible that ‘abolishing The Lords’, is just Labour helping Theresa May out with this ‘squirrel’, by kicking the can down the road just a bit more, filling in the time till March 29th, which is Theresa’s ‘must get to’ mantra under the terms by which she was gifted No 10.

      It’s a red/blue story alliance thing to maintain the Union above all else. Scotland is just so unbelievably wealthy, Westminster KNOWS that England, as we know it, is finished without Scotland’s wealth, particularly in energy.

    18. manandboy says:

      Yep, it’s tory.

    19. Dr Jim says:

      We’ll support it from our lands in the north and oppose it from our lands in the south and what’s more we can when needed revolve our heads completely around to face any direction at once, exorcist styley

      Our committment to abolishing the Lords has been clear and concise for 111 years and will continue to be so as soon as we ask the Labour Lords beginning with Lord Turkey to make a decision on giving themselves the sack for Christmas

      I don’t agree with Tory party policy because of the words so I’ll abstain, or I do agree with Tory party policy but just not the words so I’ll abstain

      That’s the Labour party for you……A stain!

      missed out the B coz that stands for Bastirts

    20. Dr Jim says:

      Sorry for this O/T but Nicola Sturgeon addresses a gathering from 50 countries around the world in Edinburgh on climate change and that’s not considered news by Scotlands media

      Maybe if she’d done it jumping up and down on a pogo stick

    21. Arbroath1320 says:

      Ah … Labour the party that labour’s under the laboured misconception that Labour are the party that will labour 24/7 for the Labour supporters throughout this Labour owned country for the Labour thinking people of Labour Britain! 😀

      Hmm …

      did I mention that I think this is a Labour thingy going on here? 🙂

    22. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      mountain shadow @ 13:58,

      Can’t help but agree. We’re in serious danger of sleepwalking right past this golden opportunity to reveal to ordinary folks just how we’re continually abused, and not least by Labour serial duplicity.

      As valerie correctly observed in a recent thread, the Tories well understand – Brexiteers and unbelievers alike – that they just have to get past 29.March any old how, and the dirty deed will have been irreversably done. Fait accompli. Look forward thereafter to years decades of fruitless argy-bargy and ineffective whinging.

      And idiot Labour will likely help them get there.

      If there’s anything the right wing understand supremely well, and their opponents all-too-regularly miss, it’s that milestones matter.

    23. galamcennalath says:

      Dr Jim says

      ” not considered news by Scotland’s media BritNat propagandists “


    24. Dan Huil says:

      @galamcennalath 2:52pm

      “BritNat propagandists” is correct. As we know these britnat media liars control the vast majority of traditional media outlets. The britnat media will never support Scotland’s government or give fair reporting concerning the independence movement. Time for us all, including the SNP, to take them on; to publicly label them as liars. We must stop playing by their britnat rules.

    25. “Fifty years on, Labour still promising ‘better next time’.”

      This was the header fot yhe late lamented Ian Bell’s piece in the Herald Britland 23/04/14.
      He was observing that in October 2014, the month after the Independence Referendum, would be the fiftieth anniversary of Labour ending ‘years of Tory misrule’.
      Like you, Stu, Ian was pointing out basically that Labour would say anything, promise anything, just to get the vote in, then break every pledge and promise they made once in office.
      There is no ‘Scottish Labour Party’, never has been one.
      They are at it again; we promise,we pledge, we vow, it will be ‘better the next time’.
      Aye right.
      Won’t be fooled again.

      I cannot imagine a Trotsky English Government.
      Five more years of Tory ‘misrule’ beckons for our Brexit ravaged neighbours to the South.
      I may send food parcels Down There.

    26. yesindyref2 says:

      Have Labour ever promised not to make Scotland Independent?

      Because if so, with their 100% record on keeping promises …

    27. geeo says:

      Labour could effectively end the HoL tomorrow by simply withdrawing EVERY labour peer from it, refuse to participate in it in any way, and declaring it unworkable.

      Yet again we see the insidious creepshow, telling us how the SNP are not doing things correctly, despite the STATED aim being, as declared by Nicola Sturgeon herself, to call a referendum AFTER the Deal (or no deal) is CONFIRMED but BEFORE actual brexit on March 29th 2019 .

      Neither of those things have happened yet, so to criticise the Scotsgov/SNP for sticking to their strategy, is a bit, well, suspicious to me.

      WM brexit stategy is nothing to do with brexit, no deal or shockingly bad desperation deal, has ALWAYS been the plan, no deal allows the worse tory excesses to flourish unhindered by EU protections.

      Desperate bad deal, allows WM to kick the can down the road as far as possible, in the hope Scotsgov feel pressured to act in haste and go too early, aided and abetted of course, by the likes of those we see calling for such a tactical error.

      Imagine being fooled by Treeza May…that is just embarrassing !

      WM are trying to get the brexit which saves their union. That has always been the motivation.

    28. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Burst out laughing in the queue at Lidl (again) when I remembered that description of Richrad Leonard as ‘a one-legged tightrope-walker’.

      (Does anyone recall who wrote that? I wish I could say it was me but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t.)


    29. yesindyref2 says:

      You get Indy supporters writing earnest articles about how we should abolish the House of Lords, because blah blah blah.

      Hello, who cares, Independence does that anyway, for Scotland!

    30. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Labour the party of no credibility.

      From the evil right wing Blairites to the mad left wing Corbanistas.

      Lies spin and more lies.

      Troughers every one.

      They rely on the less well informed to gather support.

      Labour Scotland’s enemy.

    31. Capella says:

      Listening to Tony Blair in 2005 fob off a caller on a radio phone-in, who wanted to know when they would be renationalising the railways, I realised what a liar he was. But an accomplished, silver tongued liar.

      Voted SNP ever since and will never vote Labour again. Totally untrustworthy. So too are the Liberals who have been trying to deliver Home Rule for over 100 years, even when in office.

      At least the Tories are reliable. Reliably nasty, mean and greedy and not wanted to govern in Scotland.

    32. John Wood says:

      There has been a process of Americanisation of UK politics going on since Thatcher. Blair succeeded in turning the Labour Party into a branch of the Democrats and the Tories have become the Republicans. And as in America both are bought and sold for the same corporate gold.

      Labour have become the fake ‘official opposition’, part of the stablishment whose purpose is to soak up and disperse any real opposition by being the ‘only alternative’ to the blue Tories. Which is why they cannot bear any real alternative to their Tweedledum / Tweedledee politics.

      They are all neoliberals together now.

      And people are waking up to the fact that when the choice presented is between two unacceptable alternatives, a revolution is needed.

      And why increasing numbers of people in England are starting to wish they lived in Scotland…

      I just hope this process can be completed without bloodshed. The British establishment have a bad track record on that, they will stop at nothing to hold onto power. After we get our independence ( and we will) watch them try to hold onto Shetland and the oil fields …

      No to the Ulsterisation of Scotland!

    33. Many of the promises Labour are currently making will never see the light of day, Labour will always find some excuse, as it has done in the past

      As for the shadow chancellor John McDonnell’s claim that
      Labour’s plans to bring services into public ownership would cost taxpayers “absolutely nothing”.

      Are the private sector going to willing give up their cash cows with being compensated?

      And who is going pay when those re-nationalised industries don’t make profits any profits or need large amounts of investment?
      The tooth fairy?

    34. CameronB Brodie says:

      Well, from a meta-psychologist perspective, British labour are simply outdated and a bit crap, frankly. Your man Corbyn is no friend to Scotland, as he is a British nationalist, first and foremost, his politics are a secondary concern for him. Marxists tend to be insensitive to issues that are not related directly to capital and it’s organisation. As such, Marxists tend not to accknowlege the influences that culture, gender or race have on political oppinion. Though Marxist methodologies are important to political science, Marxists have lost their political relevance in the 21st century, IMHO.

      Maxism is Victorian thinking that is ridled with positavist assumptions and logic.

      The Psychology of Socialism

    35. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      yesindyref2 @ 15:25,

      It was my realisation that the whole encrusted British English political system would never get sorted out any time soon that was the tipping point for me.

      No longer having to bother my puir wee head with all that nonsense, with a steaming dollop of Brexit on top now – what sweet relief, what heady freedom!

      And for those who can’t quite let go, please note that the one and only thing likely to instigate a complete overhaul of the corrupt self-serving WM system is the shock wave of a Scottish departure.

    36. Meg merrilees says:

      Aye Dr. Jim – if it was (t)Ruthless Davidson that was addressing the climate change conference it would be headline news on BBC Reporting North Britain and would make the National News too.

      Come on Donalda – when are you going too address this apparently non-existent bias?

    37. Clootie says:

      If anyone is an expert on broken Labour promises – then it is the people of Scotland.
      Time after time we have sent Labour MPs to Westminster for nothing. It became there right and they are resentful that we rejected them. I wonder if they ever ask themselves WHY?

    38. galamcennalath says:

      Alyn Smith …

      “… I think that the shape of the deal is basically done and we are now just waiting for Theresa May to get her cabinet in order so that she can sign it. As for getting it though the House of Commons … that will be a different challenge.”

    39. Clootie says:

      Argh! Their not there 🙁
      Calm down

    40. Dr Jim says:

      Labour might re-nationalise the railways then immediately flog them to America post Brexit for seats on the board of the shiny new Transengish express network

      best possible deal and all that, gift horse in the mouth stuff, ferries they could do ferries, Transhighland waterways shipping, bound to be seats on that board, airports yeah, Transpanscot jets

      Gosh there’s loads they could nationalise to sell off…….after they’ve done the NHS that is

      Bring back Gordy Brown and dust him off

    41. defo says:

      Shhh Jim
      If you say his name 3 times, he intervenes!

    42. galamcennalath says:

      Are 21stC Labour on the side of ordinary people? Or on the side of themselves, the party, and the establishment?

      Just read a very entertaining user review on the IMCB site about Peterloo, a movie I want to see.

      The writer opines that is where the modern class system was born. (Scotland, of course, has its own story to tell from this period). They pose the rhetorical question … whose side would Johnson, Mogg, or Farage be on? We can have no doubt they would be demanding the rebellious plebs be sabred back into their boxes.

      But then another question… whose side would Corbyn be on?

      This, I took to be a not so rhetorical question! Whose side indeed!

    43. vlad (not that one) says:

      Proud Cybernat 13:40
      … If Labour ever delivered on its core policies then there would be little point in anyone voting Labour thereafter. Hence why they never deliver. …
      Good point. I wish I thought of it. (envy emoji)

    44. Giving Goose says:

      Personally I believe that R Leonard is an agent of the British state with a brief to break the SNP.

      He’s a no-shame British Nationalist, taking his orders from London Central.

      Corbyn is a professional socialist, a shagger (ask Diane) & little Englander – a bit like the late Tony Benn but without the pipe, the pretend accent and the trendy homeless tramp living at the bottom of the garden.

      Labour really is an alternative career path for those without posh accents and probably because the Tory career path is over subscribed with fox hunters and crooks.

    45. ronnie anderson says:

      Hud the bus there Stu , far be it fae me tae defend labour but did the FUDGE that is the Scottish voting system not come out of the Bernard Jenkins commission report 1998 .

    46. ben madigan says:

      Thanks to @galamcennalath who sent news from
      Alyn Smith …

      I’m always pleased to Mr Smith’s reports. He’s such a good, conscientious MEP.

      Pity his voice, and the voices of all the other Scottish MEPs, will be silenced in the EU Parliament from next March onwards – whether there is a deal+ 20 month transition or a No Deal Crash out.

      Scotland’s voice will be heard no more among the nations of Europe

    47. TYRAN says:

      That’s why they get Labour.

    48. Colin Alexander says:

      Like waiting for open government in Scotland. 20 years and still waiting.

    49. Robert Peffers says:

      @mountain shadow says: 2 November, 2018 at 1:58 pm:

      ” … I wish the SNP would stop letting Westminster lead the agenda and get on with it.”

      Ah! There it is – the usual punch-line.

      It’s all the BAAAD! SNP/SG’s fault for letting, “them”, get away with it.

      Do you think Wingers button up the back?

      Why, if you are genuine, do you not propose some ideas of just what you think it is that the SNP and/or the Scottish Government can do about it? It’s all to easy being critical but not so very easy to diagnose the problem and harder still to project a prognoses and write a prescription to cure the malady.

      Almost the entire broadcasting media outlets are either anti-independence, pro-Unionist or extreme pro-English/British nationalist. As are the dead tree press and lots of on-line sites too – including YouTube and Twitter.

      They lie, omit, and distort everything in favour of unionism, English/British nationalism and actively attack any Scots independence news, information or person while bigging-up even the most inept supports of unionism/English/British nationalism.

      The SNP, or any other organisation, supporting independence don’t ever get a fair hearing and the most successful tactic so far found to be effective against them are bloody big protest marches or gatherings waving banners and Saltires and playing Scottish music.

      Thing is the general movement among the populace is inexorably towards independence and even the normal Scottish death rate demographic is irrevocably carrying Scotland towards independence – and it’s driving the Westminster establishment, (and not just the parliamentary part of it), totally crazy.

      The Union is falling apart and they cannot stop it. The words of Voltaire were never more true. The great man said something that should never be forgotten:-

      “We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation”.

      Then there is Viktor Hugo’s much misquoted thoughts on political and military activity:-

      “One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas.”

      This is usually misquoted as, “Nothing succeeds like an idea whose time has come”.

      The idea of Scottish independence is certainly taking hold in Scotland and our young people are very much in the forefront in accepting that idea. If it means we old people must die before it succeeds then so be it but as Burns said, “It’s commin yet fir aa that”

    50. ronnie anderson says:

      Ian Brotherhood Wid that no make Richard Leonard ah wan leggid tightrope Hopper .

      Ok ok am am gittin oan ma space hopper , am oota here .

    51. manandboy says:

      Alyn Smith MEP says : “For what it’s worth, I think that the shape of the deal is basically done and we are now just waiting for Theresa May to get her cabinet in order so that she can sign it.”

      “What is the deal I hear you ask? Well… at this stage we don’t know. The negotiators are now in something they have named ‘the tunnel’ while they deal with the last of the nitty gritty details. Despite what some commentators seem to be implying, this has remained leak-proof so most of what is being said about it are simply conjecture. We will know soon enough what fate awaits Scotland, and then we can start to make our plans.”

      Sounds like we are in the end-game with Brexit. The EU will have made their case, and that will become the Agreement text. Now it will be a question of what Westminster, including The City, will concoct out of it.

      I remain deeply sceptical and untrusting
      of this Tory govt.. One need only cast one’s mind back to IndyRef14 and to the Vow, to be reminded that the Tories will play the treachery card right up to the end. Until the Leaving the EU Agreement is actually signed, I refuse to believe in the possibility that the British Government will act in good faith toward Europe and especially toward Scotland.

      After all that has taken place these last 6 years, since the Independence campaign started in 2012, the relentless animosity, the lies, the threats, the smears, the false promises of devo max and the Vow, the Smith Commission fiasco, and in general, the underhand and devious strategies employed by Westminster against Scotland, how could anyone even think of trusting the Westminster BritNat Alliance ever again.

      The Scottish Government will be very severely tested over these coming weeks right up to the formal signing. Some of them may well be found wanting in concentration and self-discipline as the festive season arrives in the midst of one of the most important periods in Scotland’s long and arduous relationship with the Kingdom of England.
      But we must ensure that Scotland’s key players are at their best, doing what needs to be done to restore Scotland to its rightful status as an independent country.

      Hail Caesar!

    52. Referendum1707 says:

      To those on here bemoaning the fact that a large chunk of the electorate are oblivious to what’s going on right now and to the peril that’s coming down the line for them (and us) if we don’t get out of uk and quick, what’s the point of banging on about it on here?

      You have to get physically out and about among the general public, you know those people who don’t spend half their lives posting comments on here, and put information into their hands.

      Just one example, on Rev’s Twitter timeline right now there’s a tweet from Colin Dunn which outlines clearly and succinctly events that relate to Scotland from 2014 up till now. The lies, broken promises etc etc but reading it you can see clearly what the solution for Scotland is. You can be guaranteed that at least 30-40% of previously ignorant people who saw that would have a “light bulb” moment and feel compelled to educate themselves further.

      Instead of wasting what little time there is left being a keyboard warrior on here why not be a real warrior and get that tweet printed into as many leaflets you can afford and then put them through letterboxes, hand them out in the street and so on.

      There are many other examples of things that could actually be done. Just do it

    53. Robert Peffers says:

      @Robert J. Sutherland says: 2 November, 2018 at 2:51 pm:

      ” … mountain shadow @ 13:58,
      Can’t help but agree. We’re in serious danger of sleepwalking right past this golden opportunity to reveal to ordinary folks just how we’re continually abused, and not least by Labour serial duplicity.”

      “Well you would say that wouldn’t you” – (to misquote Mandy Rice-Davis in the Profumo case who said in court when the accused denied having an affair with her, “” … Well he would, wouldn’t he?”

    54. Still no word from labour about,making the rich pay their taxes all it takes is to pass a law saying no more off shore fraud and no loopholes of any kind we are all to be taxed under the same rules no get outs none the millionaire will be in the same system as the road sweeper but maybe that is to much of a solialist policy for labour ???

    55. Ken500 says:

      Does anyone still believe it. They must be delusional. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. That’s Labour unionists. Going back the winter of discontent. The three day week, no electricity, candles, rubbish piled in the street. The dead unburied.

      The Thstcher banking fraud. Lesding to the banking crash. The deregulation of the banking sector, Unemployment up to 20%. The only place unemployment was under 10% was London S/E. Inflation up to 25%. Interest rates up to 17%.

      The violence of the 1980’s. The riots and protests. The miners strike escalating. The Poll tax debarcle. The Oil revenues taken illegally. Kept secret under the Secrets Act. The Barnett Formula implemented to take Scottish resources. Still going on. Scotland voted Lablour to keep the Tories out. They were just as bad. The Westminster unionists lies. The LibDems enablers. Lie after lie after lie.

      Anyone who is in a unionist Party or votes for them and thinks it will bring Independence are totally deluded. These unionist Parties are paid from from London HQ’s to ruin the Scottish economy. Their Brexit will ruin the Scottish and UK economy. Once again the Westminster unionists will ruin the world economy. They do not know what to do next to cause trouble. They cause as much trouble as they can. Then try to blame others. Their role is totally documentated.

      Westminster Incompetents blowing the world to bits and causing the worst migration crisis since the 11WW. ‘Austerity’ totally unnecessary. The tax take revenues were rising. There was no need for cuts to NHS/Education, welfare and essential services. Or all the cutbacks. They illegally cut the Scottish Budget. Now cut £3Billion. Along with the rest of the mismanagement and misappropriation. The SNP Scottish Gov had to mitigate all the Westminster cuts. The DWP refused to give the Scottish Gov the necessary direct information.

      Westminster politicians are totally disrespectful to Scotland and try and talk down to the elected Scottish members. With their total rudeness and malicious harassment. The unionists politicians arrogance self entitlement. Totally ignorant. The VOW taking people for fools. The lies and the broken promises. An utter disgrace.

    56. Andy-B says:

      You know what to expect from the Tories, but Labour, are the real lying, duplicitious conniving Janus faced party.Never to be trusted on anything they say.

    57. Dr Jim says:

      Do we think delegates from 50 countries around the world are in Scotland today being lectured by our FM because they think we won’t be Independent
      Do we think Barclays bank is moving to Scotland because they think we won’t be Independent, big businesses like to hedge their bets they don’t take decisions they think will cost them money they do the opposite
      How about Channel four just announcing their investment

      There’s a great huge list of investments pouring into Scotland and they’re NOT doing so because they believe Scotland is staying part of the UK they’re doing it because they know we’re leaving to rejoin the EU which is where every sensible business and country in Europe wants to be

      When Barclays announced their move to Scotland I knew on that day Independence was a soon to be dead certainty because of the sheer size of their investment

      The speed of our movement may seem frustratingly glacier like at times but who ever in history stopped the movement of a glacier

      We are unstoppable

    58. Shug says:

      The bbc will never expose labours contrary positions
      SNP interviewers need to adopt Kissinger’s approach – who has the questions for my answers with the standard approach being

      That is a very interesting question but you know labour spend 2 million trying to stop equal rights for women in Glasgow so in respect of your question I expect labour to contradic anything in their manifesto, the snp will always put the interest of Scotland first

    59. Graeme McCormick says:

      Labours record on policy delivery is equivalent to a maternity hospital for the over sixties.

    60. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Robert Peffers @4.48

      Well said sir.

      Anent Tesco I appear to have forfeit my Lasagne this weekend I was asked, nae instructed, by my wife to visit the damned retailer to purchase provisions for among other things my dear Lasagne.

      I informed my wife that Tesco was no longer an approved supplier to the Smoothpiece household due to its insistence of affixing unionjackery on to Scottish produce.

      I advised that alternative probably superior retailers are available.

      The wife is not amused. Delicate negotiations are proceeding.

      I should get an award, a campaign medal perhaps on independence for the loss of my Lasagne.

    61. yesindyref2 says:

      Interesting to know what changed you to YES. Maybe some other regulars and lurkers could also post their reasons?

      It would be useful as well, to know what other arguments to use on the undecided, so Referendum1707 can go out and campaign for us 🙂

      (that was meant in a good way, by the way)

    62. msean says:

      What about a ‘pledge’,’vow’ etc from Labour,and any other party,that when they change leaders mid term,they have an election within,say,three months.

    63. ahundredthidiot says:

      A fella recently was giving me the run down on his communist country, making the point that they have only ONE Party.

      I made the point that its the same in the West, we just delude ourselves into thinking that there is two Parties.

      At least the commies are honest about it.

    64. Dorothy Devine says:

      STV /Neil Lennon News- nothing more important happening in this country???

    65. Iain says:

      Dr Jim @ 5.30 more power to your elbow, well said and we are winning bit by bit.

    66. Robert Peffers says:

      @Dan Huil says: 2 November, 2018 at 3:10 pm:

      ” … “ … Time for us all, including the SNP, to take them on; to publicly label them as liars. We must stop playing by their britnat rules.”

      Oh! For heaven’s sake give it a bloody rest and use whatever brains you have!

      In the first place this blog is at great pains to expose the lies, omissions and distortions of the British/English nationalists and their tame media that works for them but this Drip! Drip! Drip! against the SNP is absolutely soul destroying. With friends like you who needs Brit/Anglo Nationalists?

      Let’s just get a couple of facts right, shall we?

      The first is that if the SNP MPs were to call anyone in the debating chamber at Westminster a liar they would be expelled from the chamber and suspended. It is part of the standing orders of the Westminster Parliament.

      The same rule applies to Holyrood. So no one is going to call anyone a liar in the debating chamber and get themselves escorted out of the chamber.

      The SNP does indeed call out the liars but it is very seldom ever mentioned in the media. The FM calls every other party leader out during every FMQ’s session by correcting their attempted lies by use of wrong statistics or by media or Think Tank wrong claims. It just doesn’t get reported as calling then liars but that is exactly what it is.

      Think on it, Leonard holds up a sheet of paper and quotes from it and demands an answer that depends upon the stats in the paper Leonard is quoting from. Nicola reads out the correct, or more up to date official data. She has just proven Leonard a liar and she does the same with each of the other party leaders every week.

      Go watch debates in the Westminster chamber and the SNP MPs will interrupt the person speaking, (if that person gives way), and calls them out. What they will not do is accuse them of being liars or they will be thrown out of the debate.

      There was a famous episode involving Winston Churchill who, attempted to get away with calling someone a liar by claiming the other had made, “A Terminological inexactitude”, See:-

      For goodness sake the SNP were even prevented from giving their new MPs a round of applause. I joked at the time here on Wings that the unionists were frightened of getting the clap from the SNP.

      Anyway the whole point of debate in parliamentary debating chambers is precisely calling each other liars. Thing is there is either a unionist speaker or a unionist party Presiding Officer who can, and does, pick and choose who gets a chance to have the person speaking to take an intervention.

      However, if the person on their feet refuses the intervention there is nothing that can be done about it. Which gives rise to the practice of, “Talking out”, a debate. The person on their feet refuses interventions and just keeps on talking until time runs out. Alternatively, they take an intervention from a set-up member who will then keep on talking to prevent the opposition getting to speak.

      Then there is how the media just don’t report these underhand tactics.

      It is counter productive to have this never ending barrage of so called indy supporters undermining the SNP and SG in almost every topic that Rev Stu works so hard to bring to Wings.

      There are often more anti-SNP comments here on Wings that in the Daly Fail and Daily Distress but we expect those rags to be anti-indy.

    67. yesindyref2 says:

      That thing from Lisburne 1647 sounds a bit like this:

      Away with the buff and the blue
      And away with the cap and feather
      I want to see my lass who lives in Hexhamshire

      Sounds like sound advice to me.

    68. Artyhetty says:

      re: John Wood @3.32pm

      Here here, absolutely spot on.

    69. Robert Peffers says:

      Really shocking breaking news from yesterday:-

    70. Dr Jim says:

      Our glorious FM likes to use the expression *serial misleaders* when referencing the Labour branch seatwarmers

    71. Dr Jim says:

      Yeah so the UK saying through Jeremy Hunt that they are so skint because of Brexit they have to trade with anybody now even if it means other countries impaling folk on big sticks in shop windows

    72. Corrado Mella says:

      As with Republicans and Democrats in the USA, the false alternative between Conservatives and New Labour is a continued farce, a puppet show with the same oligarchy pulling the strings.

      I despair for the poor English folks that don’t have the alternative of Plaid Cymru or SNP to hold on to.

      I have grown tired of the Red/Blue malarkey infecting anglo-saxon politicians. They’re all the same: empty vessels carrying the toxic fumes and poisons of old establishments ingrained privilege.

      They’ve become irrelevant to the goals and aspirations of common folk. We should abandon them, disregarding whatever they say, do, threaten, promise.

      They have power onto us as far as we allow them to.

    73. The Dog Philosopher says:

      Expect James Kelly MSP (Labour) to get up on his feet at the next FMQ and point his finger at the First Minister, demanding that she does something about sectarianism in Scottish football.

      As this post duly exposes, Labour do not easily embrace the concepts of irony or hypocrisy. Or at least they rely on voters not being able to notice their ‘little white lies’.

      In terms of sectarianism in football, its existence is but one nasty side effect of British colonialism.

      But don’t expect this fact to deter numpties like Kelly.

    74. galamcennalath says:

      The Tories in the WM chamber are like Stephen Dillane playing Edward I, Hammer of the Scots, who proclaims in Outlaw King, “I am so sick of Scotland”.

      There’s a simple solution. Like Edward I they could f’off and leave us to do our own thing!

      Alas, they covet what is ours.

    75. Muscleguy says:

      @Robert Peffers
      I fully expect my homemade lasagnes will be at least one thing my recently departed wife will miss. I used to push to boat out for lasagne. The meat sauce simmered ever so slightly for 2-3 hours until ver tender and delicious, the cheese sauce very cheesy and smooth and not one but two sets of freshly made pasta, his’n’hers. Durum wheat for her and buckwheat for me then assembled as only you can with fresh sheets. Now I must make it for myself only. Still doing two fresh pastas was a faff.

      The meat sauce was gluten free and the cheese sauce both gluten and lactose free (other than the hard cheeses) so no change there. I just need to find some short date mince. It will make a few dinners frozen as portions in the freezer. Very frugal I am being since I only have myself to please now. Grumbles I would get if I was too frugal with her.

      You can’t beat a freshly made lasagne, for one thing I know exactly what is in it. I have nothing intrinsic against eating horsemeat and have done so. I just don’t trust Tesco even after the scandal. Besides the gluten free lasagne is expensive for what it is and doesn’t use buckwheat pasta. Buckwheat is earthy and slightly nutty and I have developed quite a taste for it.

    76. Rock says:

      Another absolutely brilliant article.

      The fake “independence supporting” The National should be buying the rights to re-publish the Rev. Stuart Campbell’s articles as bold front page headline news every day.

      It doesn’t because it is a complete fake.

    77. Rock says:

      Robert J. Sutherland says:
      2 November, 2018 at 2:51 pm

      “We’re in serious danger of sleepwalking right past this golden opportunity to reveal to ordinary folks just how we’re continually abused, and not least by Labour serial duplicity.”

      The “golden opportunity” has already been missed:

      Rock (27th August 2017 – “Underneath the Goodyear blimp”):

      “Scotland was on the verge of independence immediately after the Brexit vote.

      The unionist parties were without leaders and completely lost, the SNP had 56 out of 59 MPs and 50% of the vote, the EU’s eyes were (favourably) on Scotland.

      But Nicola squandered a once in a 1000 years golden opportunity by wasting more than a year flogging a dead horse – a separate deal for Scotland which was never going to happen.

      The result: Nicola outsmarted by the collusion between Saints Theresa and Ruth on one hand, and Corbyn on the other, fall in SNP support from 50% to 37%.

      It is my prediction that there will be a “snap” Brexit and the SNP will be caught napping and unable to hold a second independence referendum.

      Or another “snap” Westminster election with the SNP again losing support.

      Despite the pretendy “sovereignty” and boasting of the clueless pompous armchair pundits posting here, Scotland is again as far away from independence as ever.

      If they succeed in neutralising the Rev. Stuart Campbell and WOS, independence will be “stone dead” for at least 620 years.”

      If you disagree, please give a date before 622 years when you think the next independence referendum will be held.

      That is before 2640 AD.

    78. yesindyref2 says:

      Oh Rock, you’re so boring
      with your repetitive outpouring
      I’ve fallen flat on the flooring
      And now you’ve got me snor…


    79. john dickson says:

      Reminds me of a sign in the bar at a South African yacht club I was a member at “Free Beer Tomorrow”

    80. Welsh Sion says:


      Good luck to all my Scottish friends for the rugby union international tomorrow.

      I hope you come a strong second … 😉

    81. Auld Rock says:

      Hi Welsh Sion, funny I was thinking the same thing but the other way round. Anyway here’s to a good game.

    82. Bob Mack says:

      Rock, if you are posting here to tell us the opportunity is gone and won’t return for 600 years what is the point in posting ?

      Is it your aim to convince everybody it’s gone and therefore abandon posting on Wings, or is it a case of “I told you so” and when everybody agrees you will disappear.

      What is it you want to achieve, then perhaps we can help.

    83. yesindyref2 says:

      @Bob Mack
      Maybe he knows he’ll still be around, barring the odd bit of daylight or a good stake.

    84. Pete Barton says:

      @ Welsh Sion and Auld Rock –

      Edinburgh and Glasgow take the Friday night scalps.

      Close scores though.

      May we have similar excitement tomorrow!

    85. yesindyref2 says:

      Yay! Rugby tomorrow. We’ll hammer the …

      … oh hi, Welsh Sion 🙂

    86. Shinty says:

      Welsh Sion.

      About 40 years ago, you rugby guys took over the hotel I worked in – absolute pleasure to have you all and we looked forward to it year on year. Win or lose you were a great bunch.

      Don’t pay much attention to rugby, but may the best team of the day enjoy their win.

    87. Pete Barton says:

      @ YIR2 – smiles…

      Oh to have a Bill Mata and Niko Matawalu play for us.

      I’m starting to profoundly regret taking the old giant (working) telly to the tip last week…

      Guess it’s the pub then, or perhaps watchin it on the radio…

    88. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Typing about the Scotland/Wales rugby shebang.

      Back in the 90s, I was DJ at Jaspers Rock Club in Dundee. It was part of the Tay Hotel, where some of the Welsh fans stayed over the weekend, for the match at Murrayfield on the Saturday. They travelled down to Edinburgh then ‘came home’ after the gemme.

      This is the track I played for them when they turned up in Jaspers – from Argent’s live album, “Encore”… It’s the middle 8 that worked, particularly from 5mins 5 secs in…

      Always found the Welsh who found themselves in Dundee over that weekend a bunch of ‘good bods’.

      Ah, the memories…

    89. Robert Peffers says:

      @Muscleguy says: 2 November, 2018 at 7:40 pm:

      ” … I fully expect my homemade lasagnes will be at least one thing my recently departed wife will miss. I used to push to boat out for lasagne. The meat sauce simmered ever so slightly for 2-3 hours until ver tender and delicious,”

      Well, Muscleguy, I was a fairly good cook before I got married and with the first wife dying young and leaving me with an adopted schoolboy son and a male boy still in the early infant stage. I soon learned a lot more about cooking. Boys are great food critics.

      My second wife came with a step-son but she was a professional cook and had run the kitchens in several well known hotels.

      Then after divorcing her first husband had run a guest house in Edinburgh. I learned a lot of cooking from her.

      Then we were hit head on by a drunk driver and she became wheelchair bound and I retired very slightly early to care for her full time. By this time all three boys were either married or well set up on their own.

      The emergency services were on the scene of the crash in minutes. We weren’t far from their base, but it took from just before 5PM until 09:30PM to get us cut out of the car and into Accident & Emergency, so it wasn’t a wee bump.

      I had to learn to cook for a invalided with liver, kidney, stomach, bowl and heart troubles and her liver trouble led to diabetes. She had ended up with the combined engine, gearbox and diff of our transverse engined saloon lying on her lap and still restrained in the pushed back seat by the seat belts.

      You could say I had to become very good at diet cooking … fast … and I had spinal and neck injuries myself.

      Now you probably think I’m laying it on thick. Unfortunately I’m not.

      That’s life and you have two choices. You either feel sorry for yourself and curl up and slowly die – or you get up, dust yourself down and get on with it as best you can. However, the good Lady died in mid 2001 and my own disabilities got worse due to arthritis setting in to the broken bones.

      I fall into the second bracket and make the best of what I have, but it sure as hell made a great cook out of me.

      I’ll cook just about anything and very rarely ever need to work to a recipe.

      I do have to sometimes rely on pre-frozen meals. Either, like yourself, made in a batch when cooking another meal and then frozen or sometimes I stock up a few choice shop bought ready made meals for those days I’m unable to do too much.

    90. Tatu3 says:

      Mr Peffers @ 10.14. Back in the 70s I was a passenger in a car and involved in an accident and I too ended up with the engine and gearbox trapping me in the car. It was before seatbelts were law and I was flung out through the windscreen, but because my lower half was trapped I was “whiplashed” back. I too was cut out of the car by some wonderful firemen. I broke many bones and had lots of stitches, but I was young and looking back very lucky, and recovered fairly quickly. The Scottish NHS even back then were really very good.

    91. Robert Peffers says:

      Now I really liked this one from a few hours ago: The supply of Guinness, Baileys, whisky & whiskey may dry up after BREXIT:-

      Here’s wee sample from the pages:-

      ” … There are some specific issues, the supply chains in Ireland, for example, go across the Irish frontier – you’ve got whisky going one way and cream going the other to make Baileys.”

    92. manandboy says:

      “The European Parliament set up an office in London years ago to rebut the many Euromyths (“lies” in other words) published by British anti-EU newspapers. I do not know if they set up an office in any other EU country.”

      A comment in

    93. doug_bryce says:

      @Robert Peffers : I like your writing and historic perspective. you should seriously start a more general blog! i would read it

    94. mike cassidy says:

      Re The First Minister speaking today about climate change.

      I was standing at a bus stop this morning.

      And flying acrobatically about were two swallows.

      In November. In Fife.


      And to be here alive they must be feeding on flying insects.

      In November. In Fife.


      Climate change deniers, I laugh at you!

    95. Robert Peffers says:

      @mike cassidy says: 2 November, 2018 at 11:23 pm:

      ” … And to be here alive they must be feeding on flying insects.

      In November. In Fife.
      Climate change deniers, I laugh at you!”

      Well!, Mike, I don’t know about that but I’ve been living here in Kelty since 1962 and then there were no swallows around Fife.

      Then they were first reported as arriving on the RSPB farm, not too long established, at Vane Farm on the most northern side of Benarty Hill. They never said so but I always thought how convenient they just happened to suddenly appear in a barn on Vane Farm.

      Anyway, a few years later I bought an old ex-miners cottage on the outskirts of Kelty and began to renovate it. Apparently the swallows always return to the same place each year. Another reason I suspect Vane farm had imported them.

      Now the design of our cottage had the roof beams and joists overhanging the walls and this made areas of sheltered space formed by the projecting roof beams, right round the cottage.

      We noticed that even in mid Winter there were midges in those sheltered spaces. Anyway I painted the exposed beams with blach bitumen paint and then painted the walls white with masonry paint and did the window sills black after installing new white framed windows.

      Only to have swallows start building nests up under the overhang of the roof. These nests are made with mud and between the mud and the bird droppings in stained my nice new paintwork. No matter how many times I blasted the nests down with a high pressure water jet the bloody bird just built them back again and I gave up.

      In any case after the first season it turner out once the nests were established they didn’t run down the walls for the birds came back next year and used the same nests and just renovated the old nests.

      The thing is that they provided a wonderful flying display when they were feeding. Flying at great speed they swoop down, flip sideways up under the overhang while turning round and heading out again.

      By the way I had to then build an artificial environment for Venus Flytraps and other insect eating swamp plants into a little fish tank.

      It has an ultraviolet light, a time switch and an auto-light switch for dawn to dusk control. Those bloody midges were invading the house even in mid Winter so the swallows were very welcome lodgers.

      So every midge breeding season the plants earn their keep and the plants get well fed. Don’t know if you know this but the only midges that bite are all females as they need a blood meal in order to reproduce.

      However, I have not noticed if there are swallows still about this weather. I’ll have to keep a look out. Another little known fact is swallows fly 24/7/365 and the only time they come to rest is when they nest. So outside of nesting time you really have to pay attention or you never notice them.

    96. Gary45% says:

      The Labour Party “Stuck in the U-Bend of the Universe” for decades.
      A bit like Grimsby.

    97. Meg merrilees says:

      mike cassidy

      I got midgie bites on Wednesday in Bannockburn and we have had a couple of -3.5 degree night time temperatures so they are obviously finding a warm place to roost overnight.

      There are still lots of little clouds of some kind of tiny insect flying around specific patches on my lawn- did wonder if I have truffles or something growing in the soil there!!!
      haven’t noticed any Swallows but did see a honeybee out earlier today.

    98. Meg merrilees says:

      mike cassidy

      I got midgie bites on Wednesday in Bannockburn and we have had a couple of -3.5 degree night time temperatures so they are obviously finding a warm place to roost overnight.

      There are still lots of little clouds of some kind of tiny insect flying around specific patches on my lawn- did wonder if I have truffles or something growing in the soil there!!!
      haven’t noticed any Swallows but did see a honeybee out earlier today.


      Interesting article in the Guardian re the Irish border deal- however if you read to the end it implies that the Tories might be about to stitch up the DUP…

    99. yesindyref2 says:

      So, the rugby world rankings are:

      1 New Zealand 92.96
      2 Ireland 90.12
      3 Wales 85.94
      4 England 85.68
      5 South Africa 83.52
      6 Scotland 83.02
      7 Australia 82.86
      8 France 79.10

      With Scotland away to Wales, there’s some good points to pick up, and Scotland could go up the table, whereas Wales will want to stay ahead of England. It’s all to play for! 8 matches today, and 5 of them affect top 8 teams.

    100. Lenny Hartley says:

      Mike Cassidy yesterday when I was returning home from walking the dug on the pavement near my home was a wee baby bird, it stood on the pavement and never flinched when my Collie decided to have a sniff, i was wondering what do do with it, thinking it had not fledged properly and it flew up into a nearby bush. Certainly looked like a young one (at this time of year?) it was back and white with red marking .

    101. Ghillie says:

      Robert Peffers @ 4.48 pm

      Well spotted. Excellent quotes =)

      Dr Jim @ 5.43 pm

      I do like your thinking there =)

      Indeed, why would all this inward investment, interest and respect ( alot of which is not being reported!) still be happening without the belief and EXPECTATION that Scotland will soon be Independent, returning to the EU, flourishing and prospering like never before?

      Add to your list the French Consulate in Edinburgh moving to the beautiful and pretty grand building on the corner of the High Street and George IV Bridge, high visibility to all the folk who visit the Capital and probably as close as possible to the castle!

      The newly located French Consulate looks ready and appropriate to become The French Embassy when Scotland declares Independence 🙂 Forward thinking and anticipation. Vive L’Alliance =)

    102. Sharny Dubs says:

      I worry.
      While we rage and howl at the red Tory’s, the biased MSM, the blatant hypocrisy of a Scottish secretary that is plainly not, and all the rest of the shit and marginalisation that we have to endure, all pretty obvious and really no attempt made to hide.

      WM slowly consolidates it’s grip on the levers of power. Why else would Thatcher want a pipeline directly to England? To “steal” our oil, when they are already doing that! Or is it to control the “on off” switch!

      Who has their hands on the levers of water, electricity, army, police? Better yet, who are in positions of power within those systems supporting Scotland until the crunch comes ready to turn.

      WM are not stupid, never have been, how else can they treat us with such contempt? Howl and scream all you like, while they squeeze like a constrictor ever tighter till the life and breath is gone.

      Sorry to be so down, I worry for my country, my home.

      The dream shall never die.

    103. Ghillie says:

      Sharny Dubs =) Hugs pet.

      Pop upstream to Chris’s newest picture of a thousand words.

      That’ll cheer you up!

      Something very noxious and smelly lurking in the bowels of westmonster that won’t be dispersing anytime soon.

      Those poor souls have an awful lot of cleaning and scrubbing and detoxing to face and the Scots won’t be wading in their ordure anymore, not this time…We will be busy building our future =)

      In truth, we have already begun 🙂

    104. McDuff says:

      Sharny Dubs

      Your worries are well founded.

    105. Ken500 says:

      The SNP/Indepennce is still winning, The Brexit debacle will increase it. It is reported support for EU menbership has increased.

      All these so called EU ‘Deals’ have to get through Westminster and the EU. What’s the chance of that. GE coming soon.

      Scotland pays higher taxes because of Westminster misappropriation and mismanagement. The mismanagement of the Oil & Gas sector, the fishing and farming sector. Has cost jobs and lack of revenues in Scotland. Taxing Oil & Gas at 40% when the price had fallen.

      The fishing industry has been throwing dead fish back for years with poor terms and conditions. Depleting stocks. Instead of using bigger nets. People go and work elsewhere. Westminster takes CAP money intended for poorer Scottish farmers. Scotland as part of the UK received the lowest CAP in the EU.

      Scotland loses £3Billion a year from tax evasion. Tax evasion supported and colluded by the Westminster unionists and their associates. Some Whisky companies make vast profits on Scottish resources and pay no tax. Oil & Gas revenues secretly and ilegally taken for years. Scotland has a surplus in fuel and energy but pays a higher price for it. Despite being nearer the source because it is colder. The unit price should be 10% less in Scotland for parity. The Westminster unionists blocked it.

      Scotland has to spend more on the Military for the Westminster illegal wars.Trident (+£1Billion) etc.Total overall £Billions.

      Scotland can borrow very little, for investment and growth. £6Billion would be self supporting. It would pay for itself. The rest of the UK can borrow and spend what it likes. (Pro rata £10Billion).
      Scotland has to make repaymebts on debt not borrowed or spent in Scotland £4Billion a year on average.

      The well paid jobs in London for Scotland administration. Scotland has to pay the funds. Instead of being based in Scotland aiding the economy. A Scottish Navy based at Faslane would boost the economy. Scotland has to pay £Billions more for the Military than necessary. Yet lacks funds for investment in the wave and renewable energy. Cut by Westminster. Yet £Billions are totally wasted on Hinkley Point and HS2. A complete waste of public money with better less costly alternativees.

      The railways in the North of England and Scotland should have been invested in. In order to cut train journey times throughout Britain. They take nearly twice as long as long, by comparison, because of historical lack of investment. While all Scotland’s revenues went south, To fund London S/E. Building Canary Wharf and supporting fraudulent bankers. Tilbury Docks 26 miles taking jobs from docks all around Britain. Over funding in the congested South, Damaging the economy. The North empty. Stagnation. The North/South divide. The Westminster unionists centralist policies. Damaging the economy.

      Scotlabd always raises (pro rata) more taxes than the rest of the UK. ‘Austerity’ just cost more and was totally unnecessary, The tax revenues raised was increasing more than the cuts being made. £13Billion a year of cuts. Tax revenue take increased. £533Billion in 2016. £628Billion 2017. An increase of £95Billion. There were no need for £13Billions+ cuts every year. Cutting NHS £4Billion. Education £6Billion. Welfare £3Billion. (£13Billion)

      Scotland tax revenues take increased £54Billion to £60Billion. More (pro rata). It could have been even more without Westminster unionist gross mismanagement.

      Scotland could raise on par with Norway £80Billion. £60Billion + £20Billion, £20Billion mismanaged and misappropriated by Westminster unionist Gov of Scotland’s finances. If Scotland gets better off so does the rest of the UK.

      The unionists parties are trying to ruin the Scottish economy paid from their London HQ. To lline their own pockets. Illegal contributions and overspending. Financed by illegal ‘dark’ monies. Illegal funding and contributions. Some now being investigated and prosecuted but not in Scotland. It is a total scandal.

      Corbyn increased the numbers in the HoL. Unelected sychophants.

    106. Sharny Dubs says:

      @Ghillie, thanks for that, much needed

    107. Nana says:

      High noon for a sensible decision on Brexit

      Couple of threads on the latest Brexit news

      Overall picture tonight is of very cautious optimism after a week of intense diplomacy. Ireland was anxious in particular about @DominicRaab’s Sunday @telegraph & #Marr remarks about no new regulatory borders, believing this contravened Joint Report.

      Outline of the Brexit deal, assuming there is one:

    108. Thepnr says:

      Thanks again Nana 🙂

    109. CameronB Brodie says:

      Again, from a meta-psychological perspective, British nationalism articulates authoritarian colonial imperialism and opposes Scottish democracy. Here’s one for all the Davies of this world, i.e. Establishment hacks who’s oppinion articulates predudice founded on outdated scientific principles, which they then twist to suite their selfish political ends.

      The Psychology of Democracy

      Where democracy thrives, it seems far and away the best system of governance. Yet, relatively few countries have managed to transition successfully to democracy, and none of them have attained what Fathali Moghaddam calls “actualized democracy,” the ideal in which all citizens share full, informed, equal participation in decision making.

      The obstacles to democratization are daunting, yet there is hope. What is it about human nature that seems to work for or against democracy?

      In The Psychology of Democracy, Moghaddam explores political development through the lens of psychological science. He examines the psychological factors influencing whether and how democracy develops within a society, identifies several conditions necessary for democracy (such as freedom of speech, minority rights, and universal suffrage), and explains how psychological factors influence these conditions. He also recommends steps to promote in citizens the psychological characteristics that foster democracy.

      Written in a style that is both accessible and intellectually engaging, the book skillfully integrates research and an array of illustrative examples from psychology, political science and international relations, history, and literature.

      Field Theory and Experiment in Social Psychology: Autocratic and Democratic Group Atmospheres


      The author illustrates briefly the type of research projects which may be expected to emerge from the field-theoretical formulation of sociological and sociopsychological problems. A “total behavior” technique of observation of group and individual child behavior is briefly described which attempts to record all maningful social behavior in its proper relationship to other facts of the “total field” of coexisting phenomena influencing behavior. By the experimental manipulation of the social atmospheres of two children’s clubs, using the variable of authoritarian versus democratic leadership methods, it is indicated that quantitative and qualitative data were secured which seem to clarity in a preliminary, empirical fashion, such dynamic concepts as group locomotion, group goal, degree of group unity, group stratification, group and member space of free movement, social powerfield, degree of belongingness, and membership status. A preliminary approach to the problem of analyzing tha same material (social-behavior data) from the sociological and psychological points of view, using the same realm of discourse is attempted.

      Democratic Foundations for Spiritually Responsive Pedagogy


      Spirituality has been identified as an important component of democratic education by influential scholars such as Dewey, Freire, hooks, and Noddings. However, many teachers in the United States do not engage openly with a framework for understanding, organizing, and integrating pedagogical
      knowledge of spirituality within the context of culturally conscious social justice education. Drawing from an analysis of the works of Dewey, Noddings, Freire, and hooks and using a critical construct of spirituality that emphasizes inquiry, practical experience, meaning making, and awareness of interconnectedness, I argue that spiritually responsive pedagogy is a vital element of emancipatory, culturally responsive education in public schools.

    110. Nana says:


      Rushing about today and haven’t had time to read some of the links, but I’m sure there will be something of interest for you.

      Last one for now

      A hard-line loyalist party has British politics in its death grip, because it knows that its cause is dying.

    111. CameronB Brodie says:

      From a critical social justice perspective, British nationalism is no less harmfull to the Scottish psyche, democracy and potential for achieving social justice.

      Five Essential Components for Social Justice Education


      The question of how to teach effectively from a clear social justice perspective that empowers, encourages students to think critically, and models social change has been a consistent challenge for progressive educators. This article intends to shed light on this issue by demonstrating how educators can utilize a social justice pedagogical lens to treat their content in ways that meet their commitment to empowering education. Specifically, this article clarifies what social justice education is by introducing readers to five key components useful in teaching from a social justice perspective: tools for content mastery, tools for critical thinking, tools for action and social change, tools for personal reflection, and tools for awareness of multicultural group dynamics. While no pedagogical approach is a panacea, this approach offers readers five specific areas to focus on in their teaching and their efforts at working toward social justice in their classrooms.

      Respect Differences?
      Challenging the Common Guidelines in Social Justice Education

      Whose culture has capital? A critical race theory discussion of community cultural wealth

    112. CameronB Brodie says:

      On the maintenance of British nationalism’s chauvanistic, culturaly predjudiced, hegemony.

      Racial identity and nationalism: a theoretical view from Latin America


      The empirical intersection of ideas about race and nation are well-established, but theoretical explanations for this are less developed. Some ideas are advanced about how and why ideologies of race, nation, gender and sexuality intertwine. This leads on to a consideration of the tensions between sameness and difference that are argued to be constitutive of national identities. From here, an argument is developed about dynamics of appropriation and the maintenance of hegemony in racially diverse and multicultural nations. These theoretical ideas are illustrated with material from Latin America, particularly Colombia, with reference to Colombian popular music as an important cultural form in nationalist expression.

      Keywords: Race, Nation, Sexuality, Hegemony, Latin America, Colombia

      The politics of nationalism and white racism in the UK

      Ethnicity, Race, and Nationalism


      This article traces the contours of a comparative, global, crossdisciplinary, and multiparadigmatic field that construes ethnicity, race, and nationhood as a single integrated family of forms of cultural understanding, social organization, and political contestation. It then reviews a set of diverse yet related efforts to study the way ethnicity, race, and nation work in social, cultural, and political life without treating ethnic groups, races, or nations as substantial entities, or even taking such groups as units of analysis at all.

      Key Words
      identity, culture, classification

    113. CameronB Brodie says:

      I think this track perfectly descibes Westminster and Whitehall’s attitude towards Scotland and her people.

      Bo Diddley – Shut Up Woman

    114. yesindyref2 says:

      From that indyref link:

      Veteran BBC presenter David Dimbleby has controversially claimed the Scottish independence referendum “brutalised politics”.

      The Question Time presenter also claimed families were set against each other and people were frightened to put posters in their windows during the campaign.

      thereby showing his total unsuitability to be a broadcaster, and hence ideally suited for the BBC.

    115. Petra says:

      Thanks for the links Nana, in particular Barrheadboy’s (1:43pm) and the DUP at 2:20pm. Both well worth a read.

      Dimbleby the Master Manipulator (1:43pm): The BBC seems to be “loosing it”, loosing the ability to dupe people. Dimbleby can say what he likes but who’s he going to hoodwink? Not the Scots, who lived through Indyref1, and that’s what counts for us: their votes. Just as they lie about the SNHS, and so on, and try to cover up the English NHS crisis. Do they not realise that the people who work in hospitals, etc, know the score? Know that they’re lying.

      They’re now resorting to “courting” the Arron Banks and Steve Bannons of the world just as they did with Farage. When the Brexit sh*t, and all that’s been suppressed by the media, hits the fan the BBC will have a lot of explaining to do. And no matter what, explain or not, their credibility will take a massive hit, imo.

    116. Gary says:

      The Labour Party, particularly in Scotland, but also in English heartlands, became fat and lazy. From grassroots level to the very top. The same old cronies voting for each other at branch level ensured that the likes of Johann Lamont became leader when she was obviously not up to the task. But worse, they thought they could simply ‘weight he votes’ in Scotland, it was their ‘right’ to be voted in, they simply didn’t work at it. Have YOU ever been canvassed by Labour? I haven’t.

      They simply forgot that the voters had a choice and that THEY might be the benefactors of a tactical vote to try (although not succeed) to keep the Tories out.

      But as soon as the electorate realised that SNP were actually DOING things for them, they moved across in their droves. Doing the impossible and giving the SNP a majority in a parliament that was set up specifically to AVOID a majority for the SNP in particular.

      Karma in action…

    117. CameronB Brodie says:

      I bumped into a gaggle of Slabbers outside BLiS___d’s Edinburgh HQ, yesterday. Naturally, I had to assess whether they were slaves to the One Nation ideology, or free thinking individuals. One of them, a young lad of Indian heritage, voted Yes and agreed with me that British nationalism articulates misogynistic racism. The rest were apparently clueless. Anyway, rather than leaving BLiS___d and it’s support of English cultural imperialism, the young lad sought to change BLiS___d from within. Unfortunately, he had no response when I pointed out that Brexit would be a done deal before BLiS___d’s support of English colonial imperialism, is rooted out of Scottish politics.

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