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His cotton socks

Posted on October 17, 2020 by

Holiday Boy is off for the next fortnight, readers, but there’s no way he’d have come up with anything funnier than this anyway.

We’re not sure he’s got the name right. But we’ll add that one to the list.

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    62 to “His cotton socks”

    1. Name (required) says:

      Who needs labour?

      i can abstain all by myself

      ‘worse than a man doon’

    2. Sharny Dubs says:

      Just shows you having “Sir” as a title does not guarantee anything, intelligence, integrity, morals,

      I mean Savile? Aye right!!

    3. Morgatron says:

      Oh my sides!!

    4. Hugh Kirk says:

      Did he say that outloud?

    5. Betty Boop says:


    6. Mchaggis69 says:

      I think this why us Scots are now just gonna stand up ourselves and say ‘enough’.
      No campaign and no main party leading a charge but we are at 58%

      We’re just sick of the bare faced lies and pure delusion like Starmers comment there. Patently *ridiculous* but he says it with a straight face.

      He might have earned an iota of respect if he had admitted Labour in Scotland has a mountain to climb before any leader would be expected to become FM.

    7. Kangaroo says:

      There is NO Pandemic, it is just the flu.
      WHO knew, eh, who knew?

    8. Morgatron says:

      With these complete idiots in charge at Westminster I can now actually taste independance but why does it appear so far away? I am at a total loss and saddened beyond belief of whats happened to the SNP I once knew and was proud to support. Suppose it could be worse though, I could have been a blind Labour supporter!

    9. G H Graham says:

      Pilchard Lioncard can easily become Scotland’s next First Minister.

      As soon as he’s finished building a toothpaste factory on the moon.

      Any day now.


      Very soon.

      Possibly as early as tomorrow.

      Or next week.

      The polls are very fluid.

    10. kapelmeister says:

      Richard Leonard can become the leader of the 4th largest group in Holyrood.

    11. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Sir” Keith Starmer is the gold standard of licensed opposition and The Establishment’s safe pair of hands in the Perpetually Abstaining Party.

      Did he actually call his Scottish leader Richmal Leotard there? Must play it back……

    12. Ottomanboi says:

      Starmer has a bad dose of Hancockitis.

      “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’
      ’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’
      ’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

      And on Hancock the man and the load of clinical cock he hands out.

    13. Astonished says:

      I am thinking Rheinhart Leotard might the best choice for Scotland.

      If he was leading we might get indyref2 by accident.

    14. Name (required) says:

      If lionfart heiduparse was leading we might gain ‘norn iron’ as well as get indy.

    15. N. Holmes says:

      Somebody described Keir Starmer as ‘Tony Blair’s mortgage advisor’. That pretty much sums him up.

    16. Breeks says:

      Frances ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy has been charged with “membership of a criminal conspiracy”.

      How I wish that read Scotland’s Ex-First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been charged with “membership of a criminal conspiracy”…. and her Government impeached for dereliction of the Scottish Sovereign Constitution.

    17. Ottomanboi says:

      WEF and ScotGov.
      WEF and the founder’s Weltanschauung.
      An ethical and woke new world order awaits provided you sign away your personal autonomy.

    18. Robert Graham says:

      Ah well the Black Knight in Monty Python has got real competition with this guy .

      All this pish with a straight face looks like a typical Lying Lawyer

      Labour in Scotland they don’t even have the brains to realise their party is dead and the last members don’t have the sense to lie down

    19. Craig Murray says:


      As Longfellow said

      Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small;
      Though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all.

      I think Alex’s mill is working on the same principle.

    20. Effijy says:

      Blowhard Liecad couldn’t become a school prefect!
      This base on everything other than fact and evidence
      this claim reminds my of Dippy Dugdale claiming that
      Labour would add 2 seats to their 41 at the upcoming
      election as that’s what she’s hearing on the door step.

      You will recall they were just about completely wiped out!

      The moral of the story Keir is don’t listen to your accounting
      Unit leaders and door steps don’t talk.

      Knock the door and listen next time!

    21. Doreen A Milne says:

      Then there’s this!

    22. Terry says:

      @craig Murray
      Hope you are bearing up. Nice one about mills grinding slowly. Here’s hoping.
      Are you in court this Thursday?

    23. Republicofscotland says:

      I’m pretty sure the millionaire Knight of the Realm, and leader of the Red Tory party called Labour Sir Keir Starmer, doesn’t actually believe that Leonard has a snowballs chance in hell of becoming Scotland’s next or any FM, and neither do the majority of Scots for that matter.

      What next, Ed Davey coming out with a straight face saying that Willie Rennie will be the next FM of Scotland, or Boris Johnson popping up all serious like claiming that Douglas Ross will become Scotland’s next FM.

      If only we had an FM who could put an end to all this.

      Only in the surreal world of Scotland can foreign politicians make claims such as this about their branch office parties in another country.

    24. Willie B says:

      I need some of the drugs he is on, must be some really good acid, better than purple ohm double dips that were on the go back in the 90’s, because only with hallucinations caused by a good trip would you ever think Red Dick could become FM

    25. mike cassidy says:

      Is Starmer not confusing Richard The Lionheart with Willie Rennie?

    26. stuart mctavish says:

      Irony being that to give himself a half chance he’ll need to backstab the boss and get his conversion to indy in before the end of the month – together with something yuge such as exposing crimes against humanity associated with the science behind common corona herd control.

    27. Daisy Walker says:

      The recent election in Aberdeenshire is interesting (Labour are not).

      SNP won, but their vote share did not change much.

      Conservatives lost, but their vote share did not change much.

      The big change was with the Lib Dems – their vote has now split – Unionists and Remainers.

      This is something we should think about. Do Lib Dem voters want to lose Holyrood altogether? Do they realise that in addition to Brexit, they are going to lose Devolution?

      What will be the Brit Nat Establishments plan to deal with this.

      I would suggest it may stay the same. Get NS past the November conference/ AS affair, keep her in power util 31/12/20 (Brexit no Deal is delivered) once past that post, dismantle Holyrood, let lose the hounds of MSM on the AS scandal, GRA, Hate Crime Bill and make the SNP totally unelectable, while NS ensures the SNP manifesto remains ‘yet another mandate so we can ask nicely’.

      I had previously thought that not challenging the SNP for the constituency vote, but putting up candidates for the list vote, had no downsides.

      I now wonder, if some of the ‘big hitters’ within the SNP – who are driving the woke/NEC careerist agenda – I wonder how they would react if some passionate and capable Indy candidates were to stand in their area, and potentially get them ousted.

    28. Auld Rock says:

      Almost as funny as Ross, Rennie, Baillie and dare I say the Tank Cmdr??????

    29. Starmer and the kiss of death, Dick is on the way oot.

    30. kapelmeister says:

      Labour have been left with no clothes……well..apart from a cheap knightie.

    31. Daisy Walker says:

      I’m trying to find out how much it costs to stand for election at Holyrood. I see there is a £500 deposit. Does anyone know how much the remaining cost is?

      Of course, if anyone was to stand as an Indy/Indy candidate, they must register 23 days before the election.

      If they were to campaign before then, and only register at the last moment – it would limit the ability of the MSM to smear them.

      Just a thought.

      And another one, if the Yes Movement were to start prepping along these lines, it would put immense pressure on the SNP to get their house in order, while at the same time, being ready to provide the voter with a genuine democratic route to voting to save Scotland.

    32. LeggyPeggy says:

      Doreen A Milne @ 10.17 am

      It’s ridiculous the way that the vetting committee failed Caroline as a candidate compared to some of the ones that have passed vetting .

      I put up a reply about this story in the Times on the previous post and as i said there I would rather have her as an Msp than all the young * woke * who have suddenly appeared in the selection lists to be picked as the candidates for the constituencies . Caroline is worth more than all of the * wokes * put together .

    33. robertknight says:

      While we can giggle at their expense, the fact that Labour’s Holyrood “team” could be easily outperformed at any level by a bunch of P7 school kids not only reflects badly on Labour but also upon Holyrood and Scotland as a whole. The curse of the “low-flying Jimmies”…

    34. Effijy says:

      The Daily Hail in panic SNP bad today.
      Scots are killing people by going them Covid,
      Killing by stopping other NHS treatments, killing
      The economy by closing down bars and restaurants
      and we are just generally bad in every way.

      If I were Westminster I’d get rid of the Scots if it wasn’t for
      The fortunes they get stealing our resources.

      Apparently it’s the EU bad as they are not giving Boris everything he wants?
      If you leave the club Bojo, all the benefits go too!

      You will remember Bojo spent tax payers money and dedicated a lot of time to
      Support American blind flirt and would be business woman Jennifer Arcuri,
      Well she has come out today and admired they did have an affair.

      Of course it was obvious this serial adulterer had an ulterior motive in spend
      Our money on promoting her business venture.

      Let’s bury this horrific sexual predator and abuse of government funds
      and get back to a date in Nicola’s diary.

    35. Republicofscotland says:

      So there’s a petition going around to call the 2000 lorry park space currently under construction in Kent to deal with the post Brexit no deal fiasco, the Farage Garage, the lorry park is also being described as a diesel soaked Valhalla.

      The Lorry park is being built to try and syphon off some of the thought to be around 7000 lorries, per day, that will find themselves stuck in a huge traffic jam come next year after a post Brexit no deal is confirmed.

      Portaloo’s are to be placed at frequent intervals across the diesel soaked Valhalla lorry park to aid drivers caught short whilst waiting for ages to be processed.

      Surely an independent Scotland would look to our Eastern ports to export to Europe, missing out England completely.

    36. MaggieC says:

      Doreen @ 10.17 am
      LeggyPeggy @ 11.04 am

      Heres the latest post from Iain Lawson where he covers the story about Caroline ,

      And his previous post ,

    37. Josef Ó Luain says:

      As alluded to above:The utterances of politicians in foreign legislatures regarding Scottish politics, can carry no weight, whatsoever. On full display, in this instance, is an erroneous sense-of-entitlement—nothing more.

    38. Graeme says:

      @ Daisy
      I put this up on the previous thread so you probably missed it, I’ve gone as far as I can with the video so far I’ve only done the start sequence so along way to go, in view of that and the fact we still don’t have email contact I’m happy to put it up on dropbox for you to download and anyone else who wants to view it, are you ok with that ?

    39. FiferJP says:

      Labour. They’re all wrapped up the same.

    40. kapelmeister says:

      Maggie C @11:27

      I’ve just seen a video of SNP transgender officer Teddy Hope, mentioned in that first article. Ultra-woke would be the only way to tag Teddy.

      Caroline McAllister is just the latest in a long list of SNP folk sent to Siberia by the Supremo. Sturgeon is so horrible, she has to be ousted or else Scotland is heading to misery.

    41. Kenny says:

      Can someone explain the following to me.

      The SNP do not stand candidates outside of Scotland.

      So surely it is illegal for the SNP to then campaign on issues affecting the whole UK? Take Brexit.

      The SNP remit can only be for Scotland’s Brexit matters. This would be standing up for the fact that every constituency voted Remain. It would seem completely illegal to campaign to overturn a Leave vote in England or Wales. That would be like campaigning to overturn the decisions of, say, Estonia to leave the USSR. Something where the party simply has no jurisdiction or right at all.

      Yet this never occurred to anyone in the SNP? That the SNP was concerning itself over a vote in England and NOT in a vote in Scotland??

    42. MaggieC says:

      Me @ 11.27 am

      I forgot to post this as well from Iain Lawson’s blog re the vetting committee ,

    43. FiferJP says:

      You might not have noticed it Kenny but Scotland is part of Britain ergo the SNP have the perfect right to take stances on British issues.

      Kenny says:
      17 October, 2020 at 11:49 am
      Can someone explain the following to me.

      The SNP do not stand candidates outside of Scotland.

      So surely it is illegal for the SNP to then campaign on issues affecting the whole UK? Take Brexit.

      The SNP remit can only be for Scotland’s Brexit matters. This would be standing up for the fact that every constituency voted Remain. It would seem completely illegal to campaign to overturn a Leave vote in England or Wales. That would be like campaigning to overturn the decisions of, say, Estonia to leave the USSR. Something where the party simply has no jurisdiction or right at all.

      Yet this never occurred to anyone in the SNP? That the SNP was concerning itself over a vote in England and NOT in a vote in Scotland??

    44. Willie Hogg says:

      Thank you Josef O Luain 11.30, for what must be the wisest analysis. And I am glad to see the interviewer giving him a hard time regarding the inconsistencies in his responses.

    45. Andy Ellis says:

      @Craig Murray

      I hope you’re right, although I wouldn’t blame Alex for not wanting to go through the inevitable shit storm that will come his way if he decided to make a political move between now and Holyrood 2021 elections.

      The current SNP leadership obviously aren’t for changing, so those of us who don’t support the current gradualist line are left with a bit of a conundrum: do we

      1) just hold our noses and vote SNP 1 & ISP 2 in hope ordinary members wrest control of the party back from the gradualists and Woke Stasi; or

      2) not vote for them in May and hope an alternative party really committed to independence emerges afterwards.

      It’s an honest question, because I’m not sure I can even bring myself vote for SNP in my constituency anymore.

      Perhaps it would actually be better if other pro-indy candidates stood in the constituencies too? The threat of that is the only thing that *might* encourage rank and file members to actually get off their arses and do something?

    46. Labour the betrayes of the working class and always have been I mean a SIR in charge of a party that claim to represent the poor sums it up for me Sir Maconnell giving millions back to Westminster because he could not think of what to spend it on while people including children in Scotland were living in poverty and Sir Kinnoch that great left winger and his wife getting plum jobs in Europe ??? They got rid of Corbyn because he was a threat to their cosy wee pretendy workers party . The SNP have given the working people in Scotland more in 10 years than labour ever have free prescriptions education care for elderly hospital car parking road tolls etc., labour to me are and always have been frauds and I am an ex Clyde shipyard shopsteward

    47. crazycat says:

      @ Graeme at 11.36

      I also posted on the last thread (and now there’s another new one to divert us!) – if you and Daisy were happy about it, I could put you in touch with each other if you both e-mail me at yeseastayrshire [at] gmail [dot] com.

      I’ve done that for people before.

    48. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Graeme 11.36 am

      I can’t work dropbox, it requires something else to be downloaded – which won’t, and having started the procedure the first part of drop box will not be deleted for love nor money.

      Did I mention computers, tech, and I do not get on?

      I’ll ask the Rev one more time if he would pass my e-mail to you, or at least provide a reason for not.

    49. Colin Alexander says:


      It has been pointed out by me and others that the SNP MPs were effectively blocking England and Wales’ Referendum vote to Leave via UK Parliament.

      I argued the SNP should respect England’s vote to Leave and Scotland’s vote to Remain and that should be their only position, non-negotiable. The will of the people.

      However, SNP MPs votes to try and stop Brexit for England gives the UK Parliament a precedent to then vote to block any Scottish independence, even if Scotland voted YES to independence.

      Also, the SNP voted to impose legislation on N.I. re abortions. Previously, the SNP held the view not to legislate for matters outside Scotland.

      The SNP must have been aware of the political implications for their actions as acting as a UK political party that it would seriously undermine any future argument’s that England’s MPs should not interfere in Scotland’s decisions regarding indyref etc.

      But, well done for highlighting this issue again.

    50. Graeme says:

      @ Daisy

      You shouldn’t have to download anything just click on the link and download the video did crazycat pass the link on to you ?

    51. Colin Alexander says:


      The other side of that (SNP British MPs) coin is that England’s British MPs and British Lords and British Govt ministers regard themselves to have every right to decide on Scottish matters via UK Parliamentary sovereignty.

    52. Graeme says:

      @ Daisy

      You don’t need to trouble Stu if you send an email to crazycat at

      yeseastayrshire [at] gmail [dot] com.

      he/she will make the connection I’ve already sent an email so we can exchange email addresses that way

    53. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Graeme – have sent the e-mail to cazycat.

      Am popping out for an hour. Will respond later once I have your e-mail.

    54. crazycat says:

      @ Graeme and Daisy

      I’ve now forwarded you each other’s messages.

    55. A Person says:


      That’s because blocking Brexit and legalising abortion are pristine “woke” positions to take and therefore Sturgeon couldn’t help herself.

      Must add I myself support blocking Brexit and legalising abortion but if others feel differently that is their right and Scotland should not impose that.

    56. FiferJP says:

      Colin, they already do, have done and will continue to do so. That’s a big part of independence; not having another country interfere in, make decisions for or overrule elected Scottish representatives

      Colin Alexander says:
      17 October, 2020 at 12:48 pm

      The other side of that (SNP British MPs) coin is that England’s British MPs and British Lords and British Govt ministers regard themselves to have every right to decide on Scottish matters via UK Parliamentary sovereignty.

    57. cirsium says:

      @N Holmes, 9.40

      Thank you for that LOL.

    58. cirsium says:

      @Doreen A Milne, 10.17

      I hope Ms McAllister stands as an Independent candidate.

    59. cirsium says:

      @Daisy Walker, 10.41, 11.01

      Good ideas. I initially thought that SNP 1 and other indy group 2 was the way to go but given the machinations regarding the selection and vetting of candidates, I now think that YES supporters are going to have to stand in some of the constituencies.

    60. wull says:

      Craig Murray says:
      17 October, 2020 at 10:08 am

      As Longfellow said

      Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small;
      Though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all.

      I think Alex’s mill is working on the same principle.

      I think so too. He’s just biding his time, and letting them all implode, entirely by themselves. Coming to grief – hitting the rocks – by their own internal momentum.

      Without so much as a nudge – never mind a push or a shove – from himself. And when they fragment in pieces on the floor, with a last-gasp whimper of ‘See that Alec Salmond, badd, baddd, badddd, see what he’s done to us!’, he won’t even have to say a word in self-defence. Everyone will see it as it is: ‘They done it tae themsel’s. That’s a’ there is tae it.’

      ‘You cannae really beat a canny Scot, then … can ye? Naw, ye cannae!’

    61. Oneliner says:

      All those law books behind him (see screen shot) and he still doesn’t know how to get justice for an innocent Brazilian electrician.


    62. wull says:

      And by the way, for my own part, I don’t think Keir Starmer got it all wrong in that interview. Not ALL of it, at least.

      If I heard him right, he did say Richard Leonard (or whatever his real name is) CAN become Scotland’s FM, which is fair enough. So he can. So can you! So can I!! So can anybody (if he/she stands in May – there’s still time to join the circus and put your hat in the Holyrood ring – if the same he/she gets elected, stands for FM and gets voted in to that recently tarnished.

      All that CAN happen.

      It’s a potential. Though it’s not an actuality, it is still a possibility. Sir Keir Softie (not Hardie), against whom I bear no grudge, is a lawyer. He picks his words carefully. He knows exactly what he is saying.

      And he knows how to stay (if only just) on the right side of that tiny borderline between truth and untruth. ‘Of course, Dick CAN become Scotland’s FM’ is no lie; it’s a true statement.

      And besides Dick, so CAN Tom; and so CAN Harry, and so CAN whoever you like.

      Sir Keir did not say that our (or rather his) Dick WILL become Scotland’s FM. Only that he CAN. He avoided that trap very nicely – things that are potential can indeed happen – and he made no predictions. That something CAN happen is not a prediction, or a prophecy or a foretelling of a future event. That future event MIGHT happen – but, then again, it MIGHT NOT!

      Politicians have to avoid predictions, since they make them a hostage to fortune. Predictions tend to go horribly wrong, and when they do, they entangle politicians in all kinds of horrid ways. Sir Keir avoided such future entanglement.

      So, … Give credit where credit is due. In so far as the interview was an obstacle race (as all decent political interviews are), Keir played a Starmer. At least at some points. Just look at the beautiful way he body-swerved that particular booby-trap about Rik the Lion-point’s future political career. ‘Of course he CAN become Scotland’s future FM …’

      There is a world of difference between a ‘Can’ and a ‘Will’, as every QC surely knows. If Keir was a Hardie and a Scot, he would have said ‘Aye, he can’. And he would have said it With a wee – slightly mischievous – smile. he would have made a very slight pause and then, leaving it at that, he would then have moved on to the next point.

      Thereby leaving the Rik the Lion-point quite behind him, trailing it in the dust while he went on to his (not the interviewer’s) next point.

      Leaving it, indeed, for the rest of us to fill in the missing words. These being represented by the pause. ‘Aye, he CAN … (pause) … but, … he WINNA …’

      For Keir Stardie, or Start-up or Star-dust (or whatever his name is) to stay on the right side of that vital border-line between truth and falsehood, and not get himself entangled in predictions or prophecies which will bounce back to entrap him later, it’s OK if we say it … That is, it’s OK if WE fill in the missing words … so long as HE DOESN’T.

      He’s not a Scot and he’s no Keir Hardie, and he doesn’t know much about Scotland … True, but, whatever you may think of him, it would be foolish to underestimate him.

      He said enough in that interview to allow himself to change his mind, depending on future outcomes. He didn’t make himself a hostage to fortune, and gave himself enough wiggle-room to get out of his current position honestly, and honourably. Which is potentially – just potentially – very good for us.

      And, while the Starmer mustn’t allow himself to look weak, and didn’t, I am pretty sure he is not the kind of blustering bully that Boris Johnson is. If so, and if he really is rational and reasonable enough to make ‘changing his mind’ a real possibility when circumstances require it, that is excellent news. We shouldn’t begrudge him it; such a change is still on the cards.

      As for that seemingly Thick Lion-point, who seems to be completely without a point, and entirely without a roar – or even a whimper – to the contrary of what Keir Starmer seems to believe, he can hardly be under-estimated enough. I’m quite happy, and I’m sure it suits almost everyone in the independence movement, for Sir Keir to continue to go softly, … softly, ever so softly, on this duddiest of dud politicians, and dampest of damp squibs …

      Yet, isn’t it time for someone truly Scottish in the Labour Party to stand up, and tell Keir to get ‘mair Hardie’ on him? There must surely be someone, even in the Labour Party in Scotland, who is genuinely aware of the Scottish political tradition. They can’t all be damp squibs and non-firing duds – surely!

      Someone, therefore, who, you would hope, on the basis of that Scottish tradition, is not fundamentally opposed to the sovereignty of the people. And who therefore sees independence as a real possibility, and a fundamental right if that is what the people of Scotland want.

      Can such a man not stand up, and make Labour in this country Scottish once again? There must be somebody who can get ‘Keired up’ for it … or … or?

      Or is it a case of ‘Aye, maybe he CAN – maybe he or she COULD stand up – but they juist WINNA’ dae it…? They juist winna’ dae it! Nane o’ them. No’ even wan o’ them. Naw noo; naw nuvverr.’

      In that case, let the whole thing just collapse, and end with a rendition:
      ‘And there’ll be no Keir Hardies, and no real Labour tradition,
      In Scotland, no more!
      For Rik, the pointless Ard, was without a Scottish vision:
      The Lion that never roared!

      For Old Labour’s Scots tradition, true auld fouk just wailed and
      Rik killed it dead, and buried it, for ever, around his scruffy
      The auld yins had never seen a leader so unScottish, or inept,
      While New Keir, down in London town, agreed, condoned … and
      Till everything dissolved, and Labour died the death.
      What Scots had aince revolved around, true Scots now laid to
      The wildest dreams aince roved with it, but NOW – it’s for the
      best –
      These dreams have all transferred themsel’s, tae vote fur
      Scotland’s ‘Yes!’

      And never more will Scots let mealy manky politicians mak’ sic a
      O’ them, their country or their folk, by crook or lie, or mad-
      eyed woke,
      For lassies, lassies aye will be; an’ a bloke, for a’ that is – a
      It’s no yer’ Pairties, nor yer NECs, decides whit’s human nature:
      For Scots ken weel it’s Scots themsel’s decides whit’s Scotlan’s

      If Labour sank and died sae swift, the same tae ithers too can
      An’ just as quick, or quicker yet, the curve that rose can
      Falter, fail, an’ doonward spiral, descend and crash, burn up in
      An’ never more can its revival ever happen, for ithers tak its
      So SNP, beware! An’ learn! Be quick aboot it, ‘fore it’s too
      Re-form yersel’s, re-find yer goal, or else – forever meet yer

      We’ll no’ be takken in again, nor takken for a ride,
      Nor ambushed by the lobby groups, that in oor Pairties hide:
      New SNP seems just the same: New Labour’s Ghost walks once again.
      A shadow of her former self: all gobbled up by pride of pelf.

      It willnae dae, we’ll stand it never:
      Fake candidates guid fowk will sever.
      If their true goal’s not independence
      We’ll vote for ithers tae defend us
      And reach oor dream, of Scotland Free,
      Which all true Scots sae lang to see.

      All for ‘Independence Now’! The chancers shove them oot:
      An’ a’ thae graftin’ entryists, let’s gi’e them a’ the boot.
      An’ as for schemers on the NEC, let’s warn them loud an’ clear:
      Their candidates oor vote won’t get if they are not sincere
      About the goal of ‘Independence First’; an’ Fast, an’ Naethin’ in
      An’ if they turf oot a’ the best, by subterfuge, or lie, or
      We’ll campaign loud an’ clear against the chancers they’ve shoed
      An’ help the hale electorate tae pit them in the bin.

      For Scotlan’ isnae theirs, it’s oors: the people are supreme:
      Whit willnae die is ‘Scotlan Free’, for that’s the people’s

      Subvert, pervert, and do your damnedest, you lobby-jobbies may;
      Ye cannae win a war ye’ve waged against the people’s say.
      A battle here, a battle there, micht mak’ ye think ye’ve gained
      the day,
      But in the end ye’ll be fun’ oot: true Scots will mak’ ye’s richt
      dear pay
      For a’ the fiddles ye hae faked, an’ a’ the fowk ye hae
      Wha’ gobbled everythin’ in sight, an’ cost pair fowk a pretty
      Whate’er yer Pairty, ye’ll be OOT, an’ on yir ear, an’ skelp’t
      an’ sakkit,
      An’ i’ the end, yon Freedom’s Charge – at last – will mak’ it.

      True Scots, staun’ up! Mak’ sure you’re counted:
      Your country’s yours! No’ ither’s bounty!

      Let Labour die, an’ a’ thae rovers, that used yer votes to fill
      their pockets;
      Send them tae graft like a’ thae Grove-rs, their eyes on gold up
      tae their sockets.
      Tell them the gowd is no’ the man, an’ blast them oot wi’ mighty
      Vote them aff their gravy-train, mak’ sure they’re ane an’ a’
      For these were scum, an’ werena’ Scots,
      Wha’ loved the haves, forgot have-nots.
      Wha’ for themsel’s, they cared a lot:
      An’ for the poor? Cared not wan jot.

      Whate’er the Pairty they come fram:
      Pit them back, whaur they belang.
      Wha’s no for us, but sucks oor blood
      Will get flushed oot, in wan big flood.
      Boils on our bodies? Meet yer lancers:
      We’ll no’ be conned by bums an’ chancers.
      With us they’ll rove, and thrive, no more,
      For aince an’ a’, they’re oot the door.
      We’ll no be scammed, an’ ever scunnered,
      E’en if true Scots are just a hunner
      We’ll staun’ an’ fight, till win we do
      For Scotlan’s cause is richt, an’ true.

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