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Gloom-tinted glasses

Posted on January 02, 2019 by

STV News gets the new year off to a cheery start today:

The headline, as alert readers will be accustomed to by now, is a flat-out lie. As far as the article reveals – and there’s nothing on the company’s website offering any more detail, nor in the longer quotes we found elsewhere – chartered accountants French Duncan LLP have in fact made no predictions whatsoever as to the number of Scottish insolvencies in 2019, merely recorded the number that took place in 2018.

STV’s claim that the 2018 figure of 12,000 “could be even higher by the end of 2019” appears, then, to have been entirely invented. But the depressing tone – which the Daily Express turns into a full-blown crisis, roping in Murdo Fraser for some SNP BAD rentaguff along the way – is even more inexplicable than simple fabrication.

Because while we expect frothing, swivel-eyed hysteria from an idiot comic like the Express, the uncredited STV article, written as straight and serious news reporting, also cites an “estimated 230 bankruptcies per week” in the coming year, which is slightly odd – why would it suddenly switch from annual to weekly measurements in the space of two paragraphs, making it harder to compare?

The answer, it turns out, is as simple as multiplying 230 by 52 weeks. Because if you do that you get a hypothetical 2019 figure of 11,960. And that, quite plainly, ISN’T “even higher” than the 2018 total of “approximately 12,000”. It’s the same.

So to recap: the cited analysts have NOT produced any estimated figures for 2019 bankruptcies, they HAVEN’T predicted that it’ll be a worse year than 2018, and the supposed stats claimed in the story WOULDN’T actually be worse even if they turned out to be accurate.

You’re off to a great start, Scottish media. Keep it up.

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    1. Dr Jim says:

      What about the Plague, they’ve reported on the plague being caused by people not rats which we know but why come up with totally unrelated history to anything as news

      Unless they mean we’re expecting or predicting another plague anytime soon

    2. Jim K-C says:

      Meet the new year, same as the old year ;(

    3. ScottieDog says:

      But it’s the very economic ideology encouraged by the mail, express etc that has seen private debt at record levels.
      Govt surpluses are our deficits.

    4. Bill Hume says:

      Deep sigh. If we don’t get independence soon and with it some measure of accountability over these ‘media’ types……I may have to start drinking………..even more.

    5. Millsy says:

      If the gloomy predictions are anywhere near as bad as their Hogmany fare then we are in for a pretty awful year ; if you add in the utter tripe that BBC Scotland produced then we might be in for the worst year since Noah was a boy !

    6. manandboy says:

      Happy New Year, everyone, (3rd attempt), tho’ the greeting is not the same on the decks of the Brexit Titanic.
      With Christmas and New Year now behind us, there is nothing to delay or distract attention from March 29th, hence the likelihood of a full-blown anti-Independence Campaign from the BritNat media, orchestrated by No.10 Downing Street. Stu’s chosen piece today may well prove to be just the start.

      On another note, Chris Grey sheds more light on the madness of Brexit, in an excellent piece.

    7. CyberMidgie says:

      Dr Jim: they don’t want us worrying about rats and trying to kill them, because they know we’ll need them for food after Brexit. Your caring UK media in action, always working in the best interests of their readers.

    8. Capella says:

      But apart from that … they got their own name right.

    9. Thepnr says:

      Want to see the actual figures for bankruptcies from 2007 until now? Well the Scottish government do have a department that actually measures these things.

      The unadulterated truth.

      What is it with our “news” media?

    10. Clootie says:

      STV bosses have obviously been “advised” with regard to news coverage in Scotland. This story is the latest in the general drift towards full blown Unionism from their almost neutral position in 2014.

      …anyone surprised?

    11. jfngw says:

      Start off the year how you mean to go on, they must truly hate the Rev by now.

      Notice the government is looking into how they can keep financing their daily propaganda outlets (newspapers) as the public have apparently realised they serve a daily dose of pish and stopped buying them.

      Apparently one proposal is to add a charge to broadband (even if you don’t use newspaper sites), I refer to this as the extortion charge. So not only would you forced to contribute to the Government broadcast channel (even if you never watch it), they also want to rifle your pockets to finance failing private newspapers. It’s Tory to the core a free market subsidy for their mates.

    12. CameronB Brodie says:

      The British media really needs to come with a health warning. As fake news undermines national security, should someone not be having a word with STV? What’s that, they’re actually defending national security. Ah, just not Scotland’s. Got it, now, where’s ma porridge.

      Fake news and critical literacy: new findings, new questions

      The Commission on Fake News and the Teaching of Critical Literacy Skills recently published a report on Fake news and critical literacy. LSE PhD researcher Gianfranco Polizzi summarises the key findings of the report and sets out his recommendations in response.

      If on the one hand it is difficult to define fake news – as to whether it implies, for instance, false information that is deliberate or not – on the other hand, this term is commonly understood as synonymous with misinformation. In an age which is highly mediated by digital technologies, the rate at which misinformation can spread is unprecedented. As a result, there are growing concerns about the implications of misinformation. Most problematically, the condition upon which our democracies rely – a citizenry making informed decisions – is undermined….

      The Partisan Brain: Why People Are Attracted To Fake News And What To Do About It

      The psychology of identity, policy and fake news

    13. Muscleguy says:

      Those free democratic Norwegians publicly fund their news media. I take your point that you would like to have a properly plural media to start with and as the Irish say you wouldn’t want to get there from here. But the idea of it is not actually something illiberal. The Norwegians have a thriving newspaper market from across the political spectrum.

      We could see the rise of more Nationals and the liberal takeover of the likes of the Hootsmon by those emboldened by new economic realities.

    14. msean says:

      Must have got opinion mixed up with news.

    15. Just for perspective

      `As at March 2018, there were an estimated 345,915 private sector businesses operating in Scotland.

      Between 2000 and 2018, the total number of businesses increased by an estimated 45.4% (108,020 businesses).`

    16. Capella says:

      I listened to the Radio Scotland Hogmanay show and thought it was dire with a “ceilidh” band which was actually a Sottish dance band playing mostly anything but Scottish dance tunes, and they played Abba records etc.

      I assumed the TV version must be more Scottish but no.

      “Wit the f**k has Alesha Dixon got to do wae Hogmanay?”

      One bright spot – every time Bryan Burnett mentioned that they would be joining Jackie Bird later a lot of the audience booed. He had to tell them to behave themselves.
      So there’s hope.

    17. Moonlight says:

      Not only am I going to lose my EU citizenship, which I really need, but also there will be an increase in bankrupcies.

      STV is quite right, there will be an increase based on their figures

      I’m going to be pedantic, as a former scheduler/roster constructor, I know that there are actually 52.177457 weeks in a year. Therefore at 230 bankruptcies per week we achieve an annual total of 12000.81511.

      I’m a lot more worried about my EU citizenship than an increase of 0.81511 of a bankruptcy. Strangely STV thinks this is more important.

    18. Artyhetty says:

      And all this happening while Scotland is shackled to the cesspit that is the UK. It’s always a mystery that people seem to forget that poverty, destitution, and now bankruptsy are all happening on the UK Tory and red Tory watch.

      The Westminster Britnats hold the purse strings and have nigh on all levers of power throughout the countries they are supposed to be representing, yet individual ‘debt’ is we are told, way out of hand. It’s happening under their watch. I wonder who it is that owns the debt companies, hmmm.

      300 years of Britnats plundering from Scotland, and they are still banging on about Scotland’s people being poor, yet take no responsibility for it whatsoever.

      I think the words responsible and who, need to be used a lot more in 2019.

      It’s going to take a long time yet for the SNP to repair 300 years of the Britnats’ rule and their legacy of damage to Scotland. These daily right wing rags hate that they can easily be called out for their lies these days! Tough!

    19. @Moonlight

      `as a former scheduler/roster constructor, I know that there are actually 52.177457 weeks in a year.`

      I’m going to be pedantic but every leap year you would be wrong.

    20. manandboy says:

      The new BBC Scotland Channel is apparently due to start in February. Another source of BritNat brainwashing effluent from BBC Distorting Scotland et al, under the guiding hand of Donalda MacKinnon, and what’s-his-name, Chewbeard, at the Scottish Office.

      Just in time for life after the EU.

    21. cearc says:

      STV? Is that not the thing you gets from toilet seats?

    22. Breeks says:

      Scot Finlayson says:
      2 January, 2019 at 4:16 pm
      Just for perspective

      `As at March 2018, there were an estimated 345,915 private sector businesses operating in Scotland.

      Between 2000 and 2018, the total number of businesses increased by an estimated 45.4% (108,020 businesses).`….

      Careful Scot. Just for different perspective, the number of new businesses is not a reliable indicator for a healthy economy. For example, the closure of one big building firm might fracture into twenty small business started by ex-employees who cannot find a new employer and have to start their own business. As a result, you get 20 same sector businesses in one small area and they end up cutting each other’s throat just to make ends meet. They don’t generate business the same way a larger farm can… (let me stress can, not that it always does), and lack the resources to cope with larger jobs, which brings in even more competition from outwith the area and reduces commercial viability yet further.

      And for yet more different and rather bitter perspective too, (not looking at you now Scot), but in general terms don’t be too hasty in rushing to judgement over the sequestration of a Scottish business either. Trust me, you wouldn’t believe what a sloppy and inexact process that can be as a process that masquerades as “justice” with the full complicity of the Courts who couldn’t actually care less. The whole process is rotten, built upon a presumption of guilt rather than innocence, and with a degree of casual ambivalence on some occasions that is akin to legalised theft.

      It’s very easy to pull the wings of a fly when the fly has neither the capacity nor opportunity to defend itself.

    23. mike cassidy says:

      Here’s the head propagandist, McKinnon, spouting pr guff about her broadcasting portfolio.

      There is a link to the full session.

      Not sure I’ve got the stomach for that.

    24. Dr Jim:

      Re rats getting bad publicity and the plague:

      Yes, I clocked that one !

      Jist hing own a wee minute everyone – dinnae blame the rats for the plague. It was actually people in Glasgow wot caused it, and what’s more loads of rats were exterminated unnecessarily. How could they!

      Obviously a very slow news day!!!

    25. Brian Cahill says:

      We need the ability to combat the media’s misrepresentation of the facts.

    26. heraldnomore says:

      Capella, the AlbaCeilidh, always the best live show at through the bells, is available on the iPlayer. Go on, treat yourself. And not a mention of Jackie…

    27. heraldnomore says:

      Jeezo, how do phones get from Alba to Caesar?

    28. heraldnomore says:


    29. Dr Jim says:

      @cearc 4.50pm

      Naw that’s halitosis

    30. wull2 says:

      Welcome to new Wingers, please share the true news with all your friends, and tell them to vote YES next time.

    31. Tom Busza says:

      mike cassidy 4.53 pm

      I see that the make up of the Scottish Affairs Committee is made up of 8 Unionist members to 3 SNP members. Somewhat one sided?

    32. Thepnr says:

      There is absolutely no one now that could convince me that these shite attempts of smearing the SNP are not coordinated.

      That’s right, coordinated.

      When you have a total non story reported on the STV news and then highlighted by the Express with a quote thrown in for good measure by Clown in Chief Murdo Fraser then it doesn’t take a genius to work out where this story came from.

      As for the truth? Well that doesn’t get a mention as it’s an inconvenient truth that they refuse to accept. Here’s the truth.

    33. geeo says:

      Rats were indeed responsible for a plague on society, labour rats, and the plague was decades of policy failures in Scotland.

    34. Dr Jim says:

      I see on twitter some folk reporting Jackie Bird got Booed! at the Hogmanay do and had to be asked not to by Bryan Burnett

      If that’s being reported as some folk then it’s likely up to 100.000


    35. Truth says:

      Given that the CEO is Simon Pitts, and the chairman is the very Labour baroness Ford of Cunninghame I’d suggest this is neither accidental nor a surprise.

      STV, like the BBC, is best ignored and avoided.

    36. Cubby says:

      Yet another example of the Britnats willingness to just lie and make up crap to condition Scots into believing Scots are rubbish and Scotland is rubbish.

      The headline says 30 per day. 7 x 30 = 210 per week. It’s not even the 230 per week mentioned later on in the STV article that is in turn not more than last years figure. They lie so often they do not even bother to try and lie effectively. It’s all about getting a negative headline out there about Scots/Scotland/Scotgov/SNP.

      Britnats lie and they lie all the time about almost everything.

    37. crazycat says:

      @ heraldnomore at 5.18

      It’s nothing to do with your phone; this site filters a number of words, including the one you wanted to use.

      That particular word is altered to deter people from using an expression wherein it is the second of two words, the first being an anagram of rosa. The new version is thus “Hail Caesar!”

      The filter also of course catches examples of those sequences of letters when they are part of a longer word, eg the country next to Greece.

    38. Thepnr says:

      @cearc 4:50 pm

      “STV? Is that not the thing you gets from toilet seats?”

      LOL a soon to be classic 🙂 HNY by the way.

    39. Macart says:

      Jings! 2nd January and they’ve got out the traps early with the toopoormageddon trope.

    40. heraldnomore says:

      Thanks CC, hail Caesar, as they say!

    41. Thepnr says:

      @mike cassidy

      Cheers for that link to Donalda. the responses to her message fairly brightened my day 🙂

    42. Dr Jim says:

      I heard somewhere that Bankruptcy is also an advantageous way of keeping your money rather than paying your creditors what you owe, I believe some companies do that sort of thing then change their name to some New Co mpany

      So maybe not all just poor slob Joe public

    43. wull2 says:

      Does anybody have mobile phone footage of the Bryan Burnett announcement at New Year, I would like a laugh.

    44. Republicofscotland says:

      STV, are becoming more and more akin to the BBC in Scotland. They simply can’t be trusted to report fairly anymore on political matters, or anything that shows Scotland in a capable light.

      Until we gain independence Scotland will remain in a almost surreal dimension somewhere near Ultima Thule.

    45. Tom Busza says:

      crazycat 5.27 pm

      The filter also of course catches examples of those sequences of letters when they are part of a longer word, eg the country next to Greece.

      Why should Bulgaria, Turkey or the Republic of North Macedonia (to give it its new name) be filtered?


    46. TYRAN says:

      I noticed STV had “New Year’s Eve” on their weather and trailers rather than Hogmanay. What on earth is New Year’s Eve?!

    47. John Jones says:

      Surprised they didn’t have a quote from Alex Cole-Hamilton,after all he is a leading MSP according to the Times in their piece on the Institute of Statecraft.

    48. Capella says:

      @ heraldnomore – I realised you meant BBC a.l.b.a. and I might well have a look but not on the iplayer as I don’t pay the TV tax!

      @ wull2 – I doubt whether they will have a version available that retains the boos to Jackie Bird. It’s too dire to listen through again. In spite of having a marquee at Princes Street Gardens (spelt Princess Street on the BBC website BTW) they didn’t have any of the bands playing there such as Franz Ferdinand. How bizarre they are.

      It’s almost as if there’s a fatwa against any genuine Scottish culture being broadcast.

    49. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Wee indy birdie told me earlier that the Scotland In Union’s Glasgow Burns Dinner is at the same venue this year, 29 Royal Exchange Sq, from 7-11.45. Tickets are £45.


    50. sassenach says:

      Is anyone really surprised that STV have ‘opened’ their newsyear with this garbage?

      As the Rev has pointed out time and again, things are hotting up, and we should expect the fight of our lives this time around. The Britnats are a devious crowd, even more so when they realise the ‘endgame’ is upon them!!

      STV are simply co-ordinating with the rest of the msm. My hope is that if this level of bullshit continues it will simply demonstrate to even more Scots what is afoot – and make them realise ‘Yes’ is the only sensible option to get us out of this stinking union.

    51. Albert Herring says:


      Sorry it disnae work in reverse.

    52. Andy says:

      Tom Busza says:
      2 January, 2019 at 5:50 pm

      crazycat 5.27 pm

      The filter also of course catches examples of those sequences of letters when they are part of a longer word, eg the country next to Greece.

      Why should Bulgaria, Turkey or the Republic of North Macedonia (to give it its new name) be filtered?

      I think he meant A,l.b.a.n.i.a.

    53. Thepnr says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      See you there then, only I won’t be paying the £45 of course just welcoming to Glasgow those that are stupid enough to pay £45 .

      I hope they get a bigger crowd than last year though, selfish reasons of course since they’ll be more to laugh at as they walk up the stairs in their Proud Scot But kilts 🙂

    54. Capella says:

      Also, Bryan Burnett made a big issue out of the fact they were in Edinburgh at all. Being dragged out of Pacific Quay appears to be a very painful experience.
      Thanks to wonders of communication technology, they will be joined by Jackie Bird later. BOOOOO!

      Which century are these people living in? Have we not been doing outside broadcasts for some time?

      Here’s the link to the episode but be warned – it is cringe inducing.

      @ mike cassidy – Donalda’s message from the HoC Scottish Affairs Committee is also dire. She announces a BBC Scotland channel as if this was rocket science. Reflecting Scottish culture, society and politics in a way that has not previously been “quite as possible”! Whose fault is that then?

    55. Thepnr says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      A Wings get together in the pub The Social next door to to the Exchange on Burns Night might be an idea? Just joshing wie you lol.

    56. jfngw says:

      BBC Scotland quandary today, how do you make 2.8% sound almost the same as 3.1% rather than being 10% less. Well you make it ‘almost 3%’.

      Sad news for all us teenagers from the late 60’s that Dean Ford has passed away, ‘Reflections of my Life’ was one of the first singles I bought.

    57. Capella says:

      It almost makes me nostalgic for the White Heather Club! Remember Andy Stewart belting out “A Scottish Soldier” and Duncan Macrae’s poem about the Sparra on the Barra that the wee boy shot wi his bow an arra, and the man hit him tho he wisnae his farra?
      John Grieve’s tearful “A Happy new Year.” Moira Anderson singing the Scots ballads.

      Young people nowadays won’t have a clue what a proper Hogmanay broadcast is like! Unless they go on youtube:

    58. ronnie anderson says:

      Am girding ma loins no doubt they’ll come up wie ah shrinking story some time soon .

    59. mike cassidy says:

      jfngw 6.41

      Then prepare to shed a tear.

    60. starlaw says:

      Have recently noticed that any Scotrail interviews done by the BBC are from the old dilapidated frontage of Edinburghs Haymarket Stn. and not the nice new frontage just round the side of it facing on to the Tram Stn. Also used is the equally run down looking Market Str. entrance to Edinburgh Waverly. Do they think their viewers are stupid.

    61. call me dave says:

      @mike cassidy

      Thanks for that link….Excellent. Jings! Time flies.


      2.8% = 3% STV. 🙁
      3.2% = 3% ITV 🙂

    62. Derek says:

      The figure from the headline’s lower again than the “230 per week”; 365×30 = 10,950 by my working.

    63. jfngw says:


      It’s not accidental. I remember an cameraman doing a piece about the Theatre Royal, they refused him entry. He still did the piece outside but positioned the camera next to the rubbish bins so they took prominence in the shot. He said he was intent to make it look a bit of a dump as it would teach them not to refuse.

    64. Stephen McKenzie says:

      jfngw @ 6:41pm

      Yes I wondered what the actual figure for Scotland was as during the BBC UK news they kept pumping out that figure of just under 3%.

      I kept thinking it must be just a shade under 3.0% as for England and Wales they even reported down to .1% so jings it must be less than 0.05%

      No this is BBC land they only fleeting reported the actual figure of 2.8% in the BBC Scottish News and then only once. Then back to the just under 3% line.

      Do they think we don’t spot their tricks and the lies they tell.

    65. ronnie anderson says:

      Ian Brotherhood noo there could be a wee accident when that haggis gets delivered this time round , aw depends oan a few drunkards jostling er a packet of igin crisps , efter aw its a bit of ah walk fae the road end .

    66. Tom Busza says:

      Andy 6.19 pm


    67. TJenny says:

      mike cassidy + jfngw – sad indeed and a great song as so many of the sixties songs and singers were. I remember seeing Marmalade at the Cav in Edinburgh, or it might have been The Electric Garden in Glasgow. The sixties as the say are hazy. (Purple Hazy). 😉

    68. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Thpnr (6.26) and Ronnie Anderson (7.42) –


      Methinks we should make an appeal to all those Yes folk who have proper big beards and authentic highland garb to make a night of it so that the cringing nobs in their hired kilts can get a swatch of what they’re ‘meant’ to look like.

      Wouldn’t take that many of us out front of The Social to make it a veritable gauntlet for likes of yer Murdo and yon Carmichael tosser. No physical stuff, just loud mockery, all filmed, possibly livestreamed.


    69. JLT says:

      From one perspective, it’s good to know that at least half of Scotland doesn’t believe a single word that the mainstream media says. It’s just that damned other 50% who actually believe what they hear, or just shriek ‘la la la la’ with the fingers in the ears whenever someone tries to point out the discrepancies.

      In many ways, we have made huge strides over the last few years in awakening the public to the likes of the media, and especially of the insidious nature of the BBC.

      You just hope that when a Hard Brexit finally does hammer the nation in those first few weeks after March that at least half of that 50% will be more willing to listen to what others have preached for years. Maybe when sterling plummets and the price of food, electricity, gas etc all go up in price, will the penny finally drop. When the value of wages drops and mortgages payments suddenly rise, and for some No-Voters, the possibility of redundancy is staring them in the face, will they look to the alternative.

      In the meantime, we can only hope that they will eventually become aware of what we have been telling them for years …and that they are finally willing to change.

    70. defo says:

      They had best be careful, people will start to think they’re doing it deliberately

    71. Pete Barton says:

      @ JLT: Good to see you posting again.

      HNY matey!

      I wonder who pulled the phrase ‘broken britain’?..

    72. Thepnr says:


      One can but hope right enough. I think the reality of Brexit will hit home very soon, even before we have left in fact.

      Next few weeks will be interesting I suspect. Like the rest of you I’ll have to wait and see I suppose, still can’t help feeling like a child looking forward to Xmas.

      Yes that’s right, the more massive the disruption Brexit causes then the better the prospects of Scotland becoming an Independent country.

      No pain No gain!

    73. Effijy says:

      Found the paragraph below on line from the Labour Mirror!

      RSM predicts official figures for England and Wales will show a 14% year-on-year increase in the number of people being declared bankrupt in the first quarter of this year, although the overall numbers of personal insolvencies are expected to remain broadly in line with last year.

      If only we lived in an open and transparent country like an independent Scotland could be!
      A fair and just society where liars and deceicers in politics and the media are punished.

    74. stewart Forbes says:

      If we stay in this farce of a union there is a distinct possibility that 30 in Scotland will go bankrupt and 300 per day in englandshire thanks to the Tory brexit, simple solution dissolve the union and stay in the EU

    75. geeo says:

      BT campaign will revolve around a single theme

      “Look how difficult brexit was, Indy will be that shambles on supercharged steroids”.

      And a certain crowd will happily embrace it.

      Luckily, polling already indicating more than plenty enough Scots are not buying that fantasy.

    76. Thepnr says:


      BT campaign will revolve around a single theme

      “Look how difficult brexit was, Indy will be that shambles on supercharged steroids”.

      Yes that plus “the UK single market” that will be repeated from here until doomsday.

    77. Ian Brotherhood says:

      In case you never visit OT and don’t use Twitter, here are a couple of dates you may wish to mark in yer nice new diaries:

      Jan 24th (Thursday), The Social (a pub) to greet attendees at the SIU Burns Dinner. 29 Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow. The SIU site is flogging tickets at £45 and asking guests to arrive at 7, so some of us will be there from late afternoon to sit outside The Social (which is right next door) and ask for the autographs of well-kent members of SIU as they arrive. Last year we greeted Alistair Carmichael, Murdo Fraser, Adam Ingram, Pamela Nash and a steady stream of kilted roasters we couldn’t identify. They all arrived within the space of 40 mins or so, so that’ll probably be sometime between 7 and 8 if you really want to see the big beasts in the flesh!

      March 2nd (Saturday) The Counting House, ‘George’ Square, Glasgow. A wee get-the-gither for indy folk, WOS regulars or not, from mid-afternoon onwards. No further explanation required…


    78. Terence callachan says:

      All part of England’s debasing of Scotland
      Too wee too stupid too poor
      This story is a “too stupid story”
      English people have to convince Scottish people that they are inferior ,they pay themselves more money for doing the same job just because they live in England and justify it by saying the cost of living is higher there, well of course it would be , wherever in the world you go that has lots of money the cost of living is always higher but why should Scotland subsidise this excess in England.
      We know it’s planned.
      How else could so many English people sell a wee hoose in England ,buy a big hoose in Scotland and have loads of money left over to allow them to retire ten years earlier than Scottish people that have been doing the same job here in Scotland.
      Why would English people want to change or risk losing this cosy arrangement, the answer of course is that they wouldn’t.
      So many little hotels and bed and breakfast establishments in Scotland have been bought over by English people moving to Scotland with their stash from selling the artificially created high priced house they owned in England.
      They won’t vote for Scottish independence because their Westminster government created this unfair hike up intentionally, it was no accident.
      Keep Scottish people poor surround them by English voices bombard them with English news and English history and continually tell them Scottish people ,Scotland and anything Scottish is a failure .
      If Labour Tory, Lib Dem rallied together they could stop Scottish independence but they are all greedy for power
      The labour Tory Lib Dem in Scotland is interchangeable they call it tactical voting when what they really mean is stop Scotland controlling Scotland ,stop Scottish independence from happening.
      Between the never gonna change Scottish Tory and never gonna change Scottish labour voter and the 800,000 English people living in Scotland they have about 1.8 million guaranteed NO voters.
      2.1 million is roughly where the winning line is.
      In the interest of fairness English people across the world think they should all have a vote on Scottish independence because they see the UK as their country and don’t want it broken up however they don’t need to fight for that because they have 800.000 here in Scotland waiting to tick the NO box, it’s so easy, you only have to live here for one day to get a vote ,you can return to England the following week no questions asked.

    79. Thepnr says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      I know Johann Lamont was there but you’re right we didn’t see her enter. Guess she might have sneaked in by the back door, also wasn’t Brian Wilson former Labour Minister and now anti Scotland newspaper columnist an attendee?

      I seem to remember you giving a clenched fist salute to a former member of Blair’s government. Could be wrong though as to who it was, memory is not what it used to be 🙂

    80. Dr Jim says:

      No deal Brexit means an end to freedom of movement of football players as well, so visas and paperwork will all be rquired for them too plus the under the table cash payments to players will become a problem and if the UK stick to their £30.000 a year figure, getting young players from the EU won’t be easy either because many of them are teens and don’t get paid that much, particularly in Scotland, so the clubs with less cash in Scotland will struggle

    81. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Thepnr –

      Nowt wrong with your memory man, that was Adam Ingram, the charmer who, while surrounded by his heavies, taunted Rose Gentle in a polling station in EK, calling her ‘Saddam’s Little Helper’.

      A ‘class’ act right enough. He was not at all chuffed that we were there to welcome him, perhaps because he didn’t have said minders at the time.

    82. ronnie anderson says:

      Ian Brotherhood U furgoat Mc Aveety ( who telted me tae fuck off lol. )

    83. Thepnr says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      I remember him smiling at your clenched fist and call of “solidarity brother” then he realised you were taking the piss. That was priceless. Can’t wait for the next time now LOL.

    84. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Thepnr & Ronnie –

      I totally forgot Lamont was there! That’s right, we didn’t see her going in but she was in the family snaps they issued later. Blimey! She must’ve been secreted-in, elsewise she disguised herself as a man!

      And McAveety?! FFS, another one! Aye Ronnie, I do remember that now. What a grumpy man he is! I noted he didn’t actually square up to you though, even though he fancies himself as a bit of a big man. That would’ve been priceless. It would’ve been good to get footage of his snarling coupon though, and it just shows how arrogant these fekkers are – there’s no way he could’ve known he *wasn’t* being filmed, eh?

      We’ll be ready this time though!

    85. jfngw says:


      Slightly weird the SIU celebrating someone who would consider them rogues. It’s the equivalent to the OO celebrating St Patrick’s day.

      Proud Scots..but! You can tell there’s ex-BBC people present.

      Well at least we can expect spike in knee-pads sales. Must be painful to confront them at eye level.

    86. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      There goes Terence with his “800,000” pish again.He obviously doesn’t undertand that every time he deploys that lie he further undermines anything else he posts.

    87. geeo says:

      Todays lesson is…..IRONY.

      Rabid anti english bigot, Terence Callachan announces “this is a (scots are) too stupid story”

      Then, proclaims (yet again) the hundred times busted fantasy only he peddles, of 800,000 rampaging English in Scotland (every one a NO voters apparently).

      Hilarious !

    88. galamcennalath says:

      There are those, even within Indy ranks, who deny that there is widespread pro UK/Union bias in broadcasting – STV, BBC, Sky, whoever.

      We think they are wrong. We believe the evidence is there in abundance. We see a pattern, a propaganda campaign.

      Lateral thinking. If it could all be explained as being random poor journalism, plagiarism, whatever, then the same evidence must be available to show an inverse pattern.

      Take ….

      Why can the BritNats never come up with endless lists showing where omission, fake news,false accusation, abuse of statistics, or bad journalism twists some of the news to be pro Indy/anti UK?

      The complete lack of any such ‘case’ ever being made proves conclusively where the bias lies and what agenda it serves.

    89. Essexexile says:

      Just asking if anybody knows… Does the 800k ‘English’ include Scottish ex pat’s with property (and hence a right to vote) in Scotland?
      I wouldn’t get a vote this time (and didn’t last time) but I have friends down here who would.

    90. Thepnr says:


      Not weird at all if you truly believe that you’re a Proud Scot.

      They do and so many do believe they are Proud Scots.

      I listened to Alan Cochrane the arch Unionist that happens to write newspaper articles now and again recite a complete Burns poem on his way out of a pub in Broughty Ferry about a year ago.

      Him and his pals having a swally as we all do and he let rip with a man’s a man fir aw that. He was pretty good at it too, I was most impressed and I told him that.

      Shame that he completely missed the meaning of the poem eh.

      Is there for honest Poverty
      That hings his head, an’ a’ that;
      The coward slave-we pass him by,
      We dare be poor for a’ that!
      For a’ that, an’ a’ that.
      Our toils obscure an’ a’ that,
      The rank is but the guinea’s stamp,
      The Man’s the gowd for a’ that.

    91. Rock says:

      Rock (18th February 2017 – “Spitting the dummy”):

      “Trump has called the media the enemy of the American people.

      The Scottish media, led by the BBC, is the enemy of the Scottish people, in my view.”

    92. Rock says:

      Essexexile says:
      2 January, 2019 at 10:17 pm

      “Just asking if anybody knows… Does the 800k ‘English’ include Scottish ex pat’s with property (and hence a right to vote) in Scotland?”

      Maybe it is the total of English settlers and English holiday home owners who have the right to vote in a referendum on Scottish independence from England?

      Although I have no idea how many English holiday home owners used a postal vote to vote No in 2014.

    93. Cubby says:


      Oh there is plenty of evidence. A mountain of evidence but some independence supporters still have a high level of cringe in them which prevents them seeing it. Some deny it, some see a measure of bias but not propaganda. Different levels of the cringe.

    94. Thepnr says:

      Owning property in Scotland does not give you a right to vote in all elections and indeed no right at all in a referendum.

      You may vote in local council elections for example but not a general election unless your Scottish address is you main place of residence, the same goes for referendums such as the Independence one or the EU one.

      Legally you can only vote once and it must be from your place of residence, in other words your main address.

      So Essexexile

      “I wouldn’t get a vote this time (and didn’t last time) but I have friends down here who would.”

      No they won’t get a vote and we could do without your lies.

    95. Essexexile says:

      I wouldn’t expect any self respecting media outlet to be pro anything. But, where I do think there is confusion is some folk mistaking the interrogation of an argument for plain hostility.
      It’s worth noting that every movement that becomes unable to tolerate a reasonable critique of itself is on the road to totalitarianism or failure.
      We become weaker every time we dismiss the questioning voice. If we can’t accept criticism of our flaws, they will remain unmended and glaringly obvious for our enemies to exploit.
      There is an important difference between this and piss poor journalism.

    96. Thepnr says:

      I really like this tune, up to you if you watch it or not 🙂

    97. jfngw says:

      Time to go, the night shift has turned up and I don’t need another hangover so soon.

    98. Cubby says:

      Terence Callachan@9.25pm

      A big post full of bigoted crap.

      No time to tell me where and when I threatened you or swore at you as you claimed but plenty of time to repeat the same old Britnat crap.

      You are a pompous lying Britnat prick. Now that is an insult. Happy to insult Britnat pricks but it is not a threat of violence nor have I sworn at you.

      Terence Callachan – free speech for all but not votes for all. You may or may not be a racist but you are certainly a lying Britnat.

      Britnats like you lie and they lie all the time about almost everything

    99. galamcennalath says:

      Essexexile says:

      reasonable critique

      That’s something I very rarely see from the MSM, applied to any side.

      I see them letting the Tories (red and blue) off with metaphorical murder over Brexit.

      As for due criticism of the SG/SNP/Scotland, they avoid that too. Meaningful criticism would be constructive, and that is territory they just won’t venture into. SNPBad by definition must be pure negativity.

    100. Cubby says:

      There are so many phoney Independence Britnat posters that they are obviously worried.

      How many of them are employed by Mundell ?

    101. Thepnr says:

      I really like this one as well and it’s 110% English LOL

    102. mike cassidy says:

      Galamcennalath 10.11

      I’ve pointed out before that the BBC’s fallback position when accused of bias is to say that if they are being criticized from both left and right, they must be doing ok.

      But they can’t say that re the SNP and independence. I am not aware of any unionist complaints.

      Is anybody else?

      In fact this is such an obvious Achilles heel, I’m surprised one or two suitably manufactured incidents have not been created in order that unionists could complain.

      Maybe the BBC’s hostility is so deep, they can’t bring themselves to even pretend to report something the unionists could pretend to find objectionable.

    103. Essexexile says:

      Yes, they would get a vote as they are in the armed forces and temporarily based down here but own property in Scotland.
      I fully agree with the principle that any future ref should be of a civic franchise, with exceptions like above.

    104. Cubby says:


      I promised you I would be reading your postings and I don’t like what I am reading.

    105. Thepnr says:

      It really is a brilliant tune. Brexit and gammon running through the views of every line. Try it, might bring a smile to your face 🙂

    106. Thepnr says:


      Fair enough, armed forces are the exception. Was that what you were implying though?

      I hae ma doots as the say in these parts, ken.

    107. Essexexile says:

      Truth is I don’t know! I was told by a family member in 2014 that if I registered as joint owner of an inherited property that I’d get a vote (didn’t do it, didn’t agree with it and wasn’t at all sure he was correct anyway).
      I’m guessing any exceptions to the simple rule of ‘main residence in Scotland’ don’t amount to a huge number anyway.

    108. Thepnr says:

      Ye see yon birkie, ca’d a lord,
      Wha struts, an’ stares, an’ a’ that;
      Tho’ hundreds worship at his word,
      He’s but a coof for a’ that:
      For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
      His ribband, star, an’ a’ that:
      The man o’ independent mind
      He looks an’ laughs at a’ that.

    109. Effijy says:

      Reading a money saving expert report that guides you to best value
      car fuel in your local area.

      Found it VERY strange that average costs of petrol and diesel are
      higher in Glasgow than in Leeds, Liverpool or Nottingham???

      Just as well it come from Westminster’s Extra Regio fantasy fonts
      as if it was sourced in Scottish waters I’d feel robbed.

    110. Rock says:

      Thepnr says:
      2 January, 2019 at 10:41 pm

      “Owning property in Scotland does not give you a right to vote in all elections and indeed no right at all in a referendum.”

      I am pretty sure that loads of holiday home owners voted in the 2014 referendum.

    111. Thepnr says:


      I’m sure they did too and were breaking the law in doing so. We wouldn’t advocate that now would we?

    112. mike cassidy says:

      I am pretty sure that loads of holiday home owners voted in the 2014 referendum.

      2640 of them!

    113. Lenny Hartley says:

      Ian Brotherhood, remember last year at the SIU burns supper, they called the Polis, who came wondering upthinking there was a bunch of troublemakers , Ronnie struck up a conversation with them and they wandered off again, wonder what roaster called them. For anybody who fancies meeting , its a good entertainment 🙂
      Unfortunately dont think I will make it this year.

    114. Thepnr says:

      By the way I don’t think I’ve actually wished the Rev and all that read Wings Over Scotland a Happy New Year. Well corrected now hopefully.

      I have hopes for this coming year, there is no doubt we are getting closer to winning our Independence and it is tantalisingly within reach so it is.

      I’d only say this, the tortoise did beat the hare because he was smarter than the lazy hare. Anyway here’s the last verse of Robert Burns poem a mans a man fir a that, make of it what you will and I hope you were paying attention earlier LOL.

      Then let us pray that come it may,
      (As come it will for a’ that,)
      That Sense and Worth, o’er a’ the earth,
      Shall bear the gree, an’ a’ that.
      For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
      It’s coming yet for a’ that,
      That Man to Man, the world o’er,
      Shall brothers be for a’ that.

    115. Thepnr says:

      @Lenny Hartley

      Yep two of Glasgows finest did indeed run their eye over the rabble that was us just having an innocent beer at the tables outside The Social and it just happened that loads of Unionist politicians were wandering past looking to get a drink for themselves.

      They stood opposite us on the other side of the street for maybe 15 minutes then they went and told the doorman something. I didn’t hear but then they disappeared, I guess they told the security people something like “you’re wasting police time”. Just a guess mind but that’s how it looked to me.

    116. crazycat says:

      @ Thepnr

      Things may have changed with Individual Voter Registration, but in 2014, you could register anywhere you liked, provided you didn’t vote more than once in any given election.

      It was therefore perfectly possible, and legal, for a second-home owner normally registered in Cornwall for instance, to change the registration to the holiday home for a few months, then change it back in time for the 2015 general election (which was using a later electoral roll anyway).

      In 2014, voter registration forms did ask whether the person was previously registered elsewhere, but failing to fill that in did not invalidate the application.

      Valuation boards couldn’t remove people unless given this information; the name alone is not sufficient because people share names. Now that National Insurance numbers are used, this particular problem should be sorted. In 2014, I came across a man registered at three different addresses, not because he intended to vote early and often, but because he had simply failed to include his past address(es) when registering at his new one(s).

    117. Thepnr says:


      Well if that is the case and I don’t doubt you for a moment it is not a good situation for any democracy. So the rules have to be tightened and to be fair I think the Scottish government are looking to do exactly that in this parliamentary term. There will be changes before the next referendum I would hope, put it this way other than just you and I and others on Wings the deficiencies are plain to see. It’s just that now we’re actually paying some attention.

      Here are two bills that should go through Holyrood this year.

      Electoral Franchise

      This Bill will include provisions to extend the franchise for Scottish Parliament and Local Government elections to protect the franchise for EU citizens. This Bill will be brought forward after a consultation on prisoner voting has been undertaken.

      Electoral Reform

      The Bill will implement a range of electoral reforms, some of which will use the 2016 Scotland Act powers. These include proposals included in the recent Electoral Reform Consultation to extend the powers of the Electoral Management Board, and make changes to Boundary reviews. It will also include some technical matters, for example transferring oversight of the Electoral Commission to the Scottish Parliament.

    118. Thepnr says:

      “transferring oversight of the Electoral Commission to the Scottish Parliament.”

      I think this has been missed by many pundits. Do they understand what this means?

    119. Dr Jim says:

      1;There are 9 million English people hiding in the heather waiting to pounce on any Scottish referendum to vote NO

      2; I love the SNP but I hate them, no I love them all the time but I hate them VOTE snp

      3; I predict the SNP will never ever in anybody on the planets lifetime ever call a referendum because Theresa Mays ashes will always be on display for a thousand years in my humble opinion

      OK three of them, who are they, first one to guess gets the grand prize of nothing and a fake fiver

    120. Cactus says:

      Hey re the SIU doo in Glasgow RES…

      Mibbies we could acquire the company of the guys that did that mobile “Imperial Masters” with the megaphone thing?

      They could setup outside and just do their recorded thing.

      The setting of precedents an that knaw…

      It should be standard

    121. Thepnr says:

      I have an urge to regale you all with a third tune of mine.

      Some will like it a lot and some will hate it. Isn’t that the way of the world? Who’d be a judge eh?

    122. Liz g says:

      Cactus @ 1.11
      That’d be a great idea,also we should play a version of “The Ugly Bug Ball” as in they crawl…LOL..

    123. crazycat says:

      @ Thepnr at 12.21 and 12.28

      Yes, I agree there is plenty of scope for improvement – and that the proposed changes are desirable; I hope they are implemented.

      When IVR was introduced, most of the commentary was about the downsides of it, but it did seem to me that it reduced the scope for double registration (deliberate or otherwise).

      I’m not convinced it’s working in practice as intended, though – I was already on the electroral roll and I don’t think I’ve been asked for my NI number. So either I’ve already given it to them for reasons I now forget, or they only ask during new registrations.

    124. Cactus says:

      Hey Liz, yeah watching them crawling in along to that music… the reason is to ridicule at every available opportunity 🙂

      Try this for more comedy, start a new live cam for them, SO there could NOW be:

      – Independence LIVE (the groovy cool guys n gals)
      – BritNatDependence ‘LIVE’ (the others)

      That could be funny given a tweak or 2.

      “Take us to your dependAnt” hehe.

    125. Thepnr says:

      I’m coming over all cuddly for some reason and need to play another tune for my favourite Ladies on Wings.

      So this is for you Liz g, crazycat, Nana, Capella and K1 🙂

      You too Legerwood and Ghillie and too many others I’ve forgotten.

      This is the best performance ever that was live by two of modern histories greatest artists that are both now sadly deceased.

    126. Liz g says:

      Throne @ 1.35
      Thank you Alex… Queen is my absolute favourite band X

    127. Liz g says:

      Don’t know why it keeps changing to Throne???
      I’m definitely typing Thepnr!!

    128. Thepnr says:

      @Liz g

      You keep calling me Throne now, not that I mind lol

    129. TJenny says:

      Thepnr – thank you, x. (from one of the forgotten. 😉 )

    130. Cactus says:

      Hey, aye like it… King Thepnr, sounds good bro 🙂

      Same thing here Liz, ma moby keeps suggesting sweary words when ahm typing comment, oh the shock, awe and wonder of it all hehe.

      Oooh the very thought of it!

    131. Chick McGregor says:

      Of course, the elephant in the press room which requires such incredible bodily contortions from the Britnat media circus, is that any purportedly or actually bad thing in Scotland which has occurred has happened, did so WHILE WE ARE IN UNION WITH THE RUK.

    132. AlbertaScot says:

      Just finished my bacon, cheddar, mushroom, avocado burger on a cheesy bun (it’s been blowing a Chinook today so I can finally barbecue on the deck again.)

      A couple glugs of Bacardi in my tea to wash it down and a scoop of Caesar salad to keep the doc off my back.

      Hockey on the tube tonight.

      Life is good!!

    133. geeo says:

      @Dr Jim.




      I claim my fake fiver, or, as itcwill be known shortly, 50p

    134. K1 says:

      Thanks Alex…one of my all times favs too 😉

    135. Shinty says:

      For those of you who may have missed it.
      Excellent thread on what the UK can and cannot do before 29th March (from Wings twitter)

    136. Thepnr says:


      Oh Sugar!

      Sorry TJ really this is for YOU and only you 🙂

    137. Ghillie says:

      Aww =) Thepnr @ 1.35 am

      Thankyou ! That was for Mrs Thepnr too 🙂

      Capella @ 4.00 pm You win!!

      ‘But apart from that…they got their own name right.’

    138. Liz g says:

      Thepnr @ 1.48
      LOL sorry Alex … The kid’s got me a new tablet for my birthday and it seems to have a mind of it’s own!!!
      I think I’ve got Thepnr added now… We’ll see!

    139. TJenny says:

      Thepnr – Ha, ha, and I knew exactly what song it was going to be before I opened the link. Used to dance to that at The White Elephant – great memories. xx

    140. Liz g says:

      Cactus @ 1.56
      Well… Ah believe ye Cactus,but I might be the only wan!

    141. Ghillie says:

      Dr Jim @ 11.11 am

      HeHeHe 🙂

      We could have a bingo card each night =)

    142. Thepnr says:


      I’m nothing if not predictable 🙂

      Sending many hugs and kisses your way just in case lol.

    143. TJenny says:

      Thepnr – received and right back at ya.

    144. Ghillie says:

      Taranaigh left a very good comment at the end of the last article, ‘The one we’ve waited for’ @ 1.06 am.

      Worth a wee look =)

      Hey there everybody =)

    145. Juan says:

      Cactus says:
      3 January, 2019 at 1:11 am
      Hey re the SIU doo in Glasgow RES…
      Mibbies we could acquire the company of the guys that did that mobile “Imperial Masters” with the megaphone thing?

      My favourite bit of indyref 2014. Lucky to be there and witness it in person.

    146. Juan says:

      Clootie says:
      2 January, 2019 at 4:02 pm
      STV bosses have obviously been “advised” with regard to news coverage in Scotland. This story is the latest in the general drift towards full blown Unionism from their almost neutral position in 2014.
      …anyone surprised?

      I’m surprised anyone, especially on here, believe SHIT TV to be anything other than ANTI Scottish, shit, Colonialist propaganda outlet that they clearly are. They were less biased than the BBC in 2014, but still miles from being in the same post code as “neutral”. SHIT TV aren’t even in the same continent. Their broadcasting licence depends on them satisfying their Imperial masters in London. They’ve still got their licence as they please they’re Colonialist masters.

      For the record it’s not “Unionism” they promote. It’s subjugation, subservience, BRITISH NATIONALISM and English colonialism. Their output is perverse and abnormal. I’ve yet to see a single STV article, report or program, that seeks to highlight this unequal, undemocratic and inherently anti Scottish “Union” with England.

      If we had a free, fair and unbiased media, Scotland would already be a NOMAL, self governing county by now.
      Scotland must be the only country in the world who’s whole media were against us having DEMOCRACY! That’s not NORMAL, but extremely perverted.

      Many might not have seen this academics study into “our” media from October 2014:

    147. Thepnr says:


      Yes it was an excellent comment that I think well worth reading so good for you in highlighting it. I really do read all the posts you know LOL

    148. Shinty says:

      Juan – your link here:

      Worth sharing again if only to waken us up to what will be coming down the pipeline next time.

    149. yesindyref2 says:

      “The meaning of the name “Alex” is: “Protector of Mankind”.”

      Mmm, King Alexander IV of Mankind sounds half decent.

    150. yesindyref2 says:

      Jesus, if you need more proof the UK is fucked, read this article – and the comments. I missed it at the time (busy) probably just as well I did, It’s dire.

      The article and most comments (even the ones that don’t say “Jock”) totally miss the point the SNP MP was trying to make. UK Defence basing in Scotland is inadequate for the rising threats of the far north, as actually identified (at last – I’ve been banging on about it for years) by a RUSI analyst in a previous article.

      Yet all they care about is knocking the SNP, not considering the increasing threat level of the far north with global warming.

      Fortunately NATO and the RN itself are, there’s been increasing exercises last year. But contrary to the unusually very poor article, no changes in basing of suirface naval vessels and none planned, just the SSNs at Faslane (and MPAs at Lossie).

    151. Ken500 says:

      Just absolute lies again. The MSM is made up of complete, ignorant imbeciles. Who can’t count or read a balance sheet. No wonder they are all going bankrupt. The ignorance only surpass by their accomplice unionist positions. Every word they utter is a lie. No one believes them any more. Just a PR crew. They are so pathetic if would be laughable if they were not so dangerous.

      A dangerous combination the lying, greedy lazy unionists politicans and the sychophant ‘Press’ utterings. Not worth the paper it is written on, Anyone can google the facts is five minutes to prove their utterings wrong. They certainly have a problem with statistics. They always get it wrong and break the Law with impunity. They are so lazy and ignorant it is embarrassing. Lack of knowledge, intelligence, experience or any figment of reality. Most of them should be in jail for crimes against humanity, They are all going bankrupt and no wonder. Bankrupt of mind and reality. They are constantly self harming. The problem is they are intent in harming everyone else. Vote these imbeciles out or do not vote at all, if there is nothing or no one worth voting for. Boycott. The power is in the publics hands to use.

      The bookies and the Hedge Funds get it right every time. Then illegally use it to fleece the public. Often an illegal occupation combined. Gerrymandering of the worse, criminal kind. Roulette. Corruption and spin.

    152. Macart says:


      Ayup. The post by Taranaich is right on the money. I’ve only been in and out of thread for the past couple of weeks because… Crimbo period and minding Paul’s shop for him. How and ever, that was a comment anyone and everyone should read and absorb in my opinion.

    153. Ken500 says:

      They British Press controlled by migrant non Dom tax evaders. Illegal milking the British electoral system to destroy the world. They should not own the Press at all. The Murdoch monopoly is illegal. Allowed by criminal governance. Thatcher. Thatcher illegally gave migrant, foreign criminal Murdoch control of the Press. Then denied it. Keeping their crimes secret illegally under the Official Secrets Act. To Con the public to make money for criminals. ‘D’ notices.

      Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years. What have they got to hide? The public gave the right to be informed of these catastrophes. The unionists have absolutely no right to keep it secret. For any plausible excuse. Just to hide their criminal illegal activities. Consummate liars. Devoid of any responsibility or contrition or justification for their actions.

      Without a free and fair Press they is no democracy. The British Unionist Gov avoid their stated responsibility.. The ministerial code of conduct but behave illegally. They are supposed to ensure a free and fair Press. They do not. Breaking the Law with impunity, Then using the Official Secrets Act illegally to cover up their crimes. ‘D’ notices, The actions of a criminal Gov.

      Brexit the next catastrophe to cause a world recession. Trying to line their selfish greedy pockets again. Enough is never enough for them. They will eventually be voted out but at what cost to the public and society. Unless these liars are stopped. They are already illegally sanctioning and killing off citizens and illegally deporting others. Until it come to their door quite soon. The lying hypocrites.

      Thank goodness for the internet. The big bug in their system. They would like to control that as well. They have no chance. It can be beamed in from anywhere. No matter how they try,and they do. Major illegal surveillance of the world. Wasting Trns. Illegal wars costing £Trns. Sanctionig and starving the citizens, At home and abroad.

      Citizens of the world can inform each other of established lies. The BBC £3.7Billion for repeats and nonsense. The stuff of nonsense. They have to illegally hide their viewing and listening figure because they are so low. Sychophants. Helping each other to line their pockets on other people’s misery. Tax evading criminals. They actually report on taxation matters while evading tax. A systematic illegal method, How they can keep a straight face is laughable, will they are relaying the rubbish. They are a complete and utter joke but the joke and PR stunt are on the general public who are taken in by the lies.

      Thank you Rev Stu and Nana etc. Thanks a Billion. Worth your weight in gold.

    154. Donald Bruce says:

      The BBC news reported new year celebrations. London the largest firework show in Europe and thousands visiting the UK capital from all over the world. However in the regions Edinburgh attracted 60,000 for its party.. I read that 170,00 was expected at Edinburgh has the BBC made a mistake

    155. Ken500 says:

      What does Jeremy Corbyn stand for? Absolutely nothing. Stayed in a Party for over thirty years whose every major policy he disagreed. Instead of going away and doing something useful. Kept the troughing privileged position. Rather than keeping some principles. Reneged on every one of them. The clay feet. The emporor’s new clothes about to be exposed. Useless.

    156. Macart says:


      A good new year to you Nana. 🙂

    157. Nana says:

      Nuclear submarines threaten to sink UK defence budget

      The conviction that what the world really needs from Britain is “leadership” – indulged by a govt that can barely tie its own shoelaces

      I posted a video interview with Prof Patman a few weeks ago, if you missed it see below 2nd video.

      This is the latest
      Professor Patman – Britain Not Taking Back Control

      Analysis of consequences and implications of breaking UK’s electoral law by both LeaveEU and Vote Leave groups. Interview, Hayley Holt, Breakfast, TVNZ, 19 July 2018

    158. Nana says:

      Morning Macart, and a very happy new year to you too 🙂

      I see you’ve been busy during the festive break

      and a few more links

      Posted this some time ago, worth sharing

      At the demise of empire, City of London financial interests created a web of secrecy jurisdictions that captured wealth from across the globe and hid it in a web of offshore islands. Today, up to half of global offshore wealth is hidden in British jurisdictions and Britain and its dependencies are the largest global players in the world of international finance.

    159. Macart says:


      Y’know me. Jist keepin’ out o’ bother. 😎

    160. Capella says:

      Seems I missed a party in here in wee sma hours. Thx Thepnr for the tunes – just as good at 10.00 am!
      Nana’s back. Time to get the kettle on again and get on with the links.

      Feels like the holiday lull is over!

    161. Nana says:

      Posted four more links, check back later to see if they appear.

      Morning Capella, hols not quite done yet. I’m just having a practice run 🙂

      Happy new year to you & all wingers

      one more for today

    162. grafter says:

      Why are all those posters above still whining on about BBC bias ? We all know the establishment’s agenda for the subjugation of Scotland. Stop paying them good money for a “TV Licence”. Don’t watch them trying to turn Scotland into a marginal and insignificant outpost of their United Kingdom. Time for the SNP to be given a kick up the backside. Waiting for Brexit outcomes to reinforce our independence agenda is not going to work in my opinion. The Establishment will resurrect the old “We are all in this together” meme with yet more UK Great British flag waving propaganda and any significant support for independence will not materialise.

    163. Ken500 says:

      What on earth has swine Cameron got the right to UK Parliamentary privilege and access after trying to ruin the UK/world economy. Being allowed to lobby to waste even more of public monies. The British /Chinese consortium fronted by Cameron and his cronies to embezzle £Billions of wasted from the economy to illegally line their pockets with taxpayers money. The unelected, greedy, lying twister.

      Murdoch the 81 years old lying criminal who illegally caused death and harm of millions. To fund his compulsive greed. Lying migrant hypocrite. Off with £30Billion of illegally gained capital. He will never, ever have time to spend. You can’t take it with you.

    164. David P says:

      Nana, welcome back and happy new year.

      Your links to proper factual reporting, as well as Indy-learning opinion pieces, are invaluable to so many of us.

      Thank you for all your hard work.

    165. mike cassidy says:


      “If Jeremy Corbyn genuinely believes, as he has repeatedly claimed, that the Labour party’s policy should reflect the wishes of its members rather than just its leaders, then he arguably has a funny way of showing it – at least when it comes to Brexit,”

    166. Robert Peffers says:

      @Liz g says: 3 January, 2019 at 1:47 am:

      ” … Don’t know why it keeps changing to Throne???
      I’m definitely typing Thepnr!!”

      Turn off both the Predictive Text and the Spool Choker apps in your browser and the crazy USAsian language settings that do not understand actual English English and, even worse, do not understand either of the Scottish national languages nor Standard Scottish English.

      This is bad enough but the speech recognition apps are even worse:-

      Mind you they don’t do Scottish accented English in Westminster either.

    167. Ken500 says:

      The Lennon lie about bed blocking. Once again the reality of the figures is the numbers have sctually gone down. While Labour has sanctioned and killed people. Opposed minimum pricing for years which could have saved the Scottish economy £Billions. The unionists Parties sanctionig and supporting killing off their own families, neighbours and friend. Deplorable complete liars, always trying to blame someone for their duplicity. Low lives. How low can they go. Useless incompetent. Liars always get found out.

    168. Nana says:

      Morning David P, thank you. I may be a wee bitty slow for a while but will try my best to keep the links coming (in the mornings)

      How Scotland Being Independent will Undermine England’s Influence in the World.

      The ferry contract cutting and pasting terms and conditions from a fast food service. Oh dear!

    169. Juan says:

      Cheers Shinty for sorting that YouTube link.
      Happy New Year to you, yours and all Wingers.

    170. Maria F says:

      Thepnr says:
      3 January, 2019 at 12:28 am
      “transferring oversight of the Electoral Commission to the Scottish Parliament.”
      ‘I think this has been missed by many pundits. Do they understand what this means?’

      I think I know what it means, I just would like more clarity on the extent of the “oversight” (I don’t trust the UK state will ever give up its control over this “adjustable weapon” willingly nor its control over the civil service in Scotland, another electoral “adjustable weapon”).

      I would very much prefer to see than rather than simply “transferring oversight” of the UK electoral commission to our Scottish parliament, the UK electoral commission was completely dissolved in Scotland and new Scottish Commission, with Scottish rules appropriate for Scotland’s elections and referendums was created instead.

      I still remember bitterly how this electoral commission totally turned a blind eye to the funding coming into the Scottish Independence referendum campaigns from individuals living elsewhere in the UK, campaigns against independence with HQ in London rather than in Scotland and actually, England MPs taking an active part in our referendum, like with the vow.

      How can any of those activities not be interpreted as blatant interference from the external vested interests of another country into our exercise in self-determination? And don’t get me started on the civil service. Another blind eye by the Electoral commission?

      Elections and referendums in Scotland should be regulated by Scotland’s own commission, Scotland’s own rules and should be exclusively funded by individuals included in the electoral registry of Scotland. Only campaigns with HQ in Scotland and run by individuals included in the Scottish electoral registry should be allowed. “UK rules” should only apply in General elections. In my view, any other election in Scotland or referendum should fall out of the domain of the “UK electoral commission” and fall directly on the hands of Scotland’s own electoral commission with Scotland’s own rules.

      At this moment in time, I have no trust whatsoever left on the ability/willingness of the UK electoral commission to protect our democratic rights during plebiscites. Sadly, I do not have any trust in the civil service to be politically impartial either for as long as it is under the control of the UK state.

    171. Legerwood says:

      Nana, great to see you back and with plenty of links, and topics, for everyone to get their teeth into. Don’t think I could have taken another 24hours of UDI.

      Wishing you and yours all the best for 2019.

      PS Husband is fine. No date for OP yet but may be this month

    172. Marie Clark says:

      Welcome back Nana, happy new year. Thanks for the links, of for a cup of tea and settle down to read them

    173. Nana says:

      Morning Legerwood, right back at you and good to hear your hubby is doing well.

      Morning Marie, have you recovered from the festivities? I’m starting a diet next week, at least that’s what I’m telling myself today 🙂

      Ending this morning’s links with a feel good one. Ignore the naysayers, they are too bitter and twisted and not worth bothering with.

    174. exile says:

      Nana, Happy New Year! I share David P’s thoughts at 10.54 on your invaluable work with links.

    175. Ken500 says:

      2nd home owners. How can they change their registration to a second address for a few months and then change it back again. Who is paying the Council Tax.Open registary. Open to authorities. They would have to change ownership of the property (hardly likely – hand ownership over to someone one else for three months) There is a a property ownership registers UK wide . A land registary (both different) but easily to access publically for proof.

      They are breaking the Law pure and simple which can be easily found out and disciplined. Too risky to take the chance to obtain a criminal conviction. Not worth the risk. If anyone is aware of these offences either inform the authorities or the Police. They will probably take action or have a word. Not worth the risk for anyone to be subjected to hassle, red tape and expense. It is all documented. People could end up losing a considerable, sustantional amount of money. Just to illegally vote. Most of them could and would not be bothered. It is not worth it. To break the Law.

    176. Happy New Year Nana – welcome back on board!

      I see David Davis is now suggesting that T May postpones the next WM upcoming vote on her Brexit deal – due around 14th Jan.


      Because he thinks it’s a good idea to play at Call my Bluff with the EU, make them think we are heading for a No Deal Brexit which will cause them to lose the £39bn we are supposed to be paying them then they will ‘come up’ with a better deal. There is no better deal! Staying in the EU is a better deal than anything on the table.

      Surely Britain has more to lose than the EU and it will cost us a lot more than £39bn?

      Uproar in WM if she postpones the vote again only this time, Corbyn is not threatening to call a VONC in the gov and call a GE he is talking about sending T May back to the EU to negotiate a better deal.

      Can someone please break this loop!

    177. Ken500 says:

      The Land registry. Universal in Britain. Different but open to public access. Especially for individuals.

    178. Dr Jim says:

      Aah, todays new Yoonworld keep Scotland in the Yoonion strategy seems to be that the UK is rubbish at leaving the EU so it will be just too great a challenge to separate Scotland from the UK

      Except they don’t seem to have factored in that it will be Scotland doing the Independence with a forward plan of what’s next instead of the UK no plan no competence approach to the EU

      So the UK looks up all the words they said to the over 70 countries who have already left the British Empire and regurgitate them at Scotland hoping that’ll work


    179. Nana says:

      Morning exile & Happy new year 🙂

      Before the hols I posted a couple of links on the Integrity inniatative, this is the latest and will take a while to read.

      According to Nimmo, we are the McBots!

    180. Nana says:

      @Meg, Happy new year. I saw the EU spokesperson this morning telling them again “we will not renegotiate” but you and I know TM & Corbyn know this fine well and are just playing at wasting time.

      “Can someone please break this loop!”

      I’ll do my best Meg, but no promises 🙂

    181. Ken500 says:

      The EU costs £12Billion 15Billion Euros. Depending on exchange rates The lowest pro rata of all the EU members. Every penny comes back with dividends and benefits. The Tory party are just a bunch of collosal liars. Always have been and always will be. They have been at it for forty years and more trying to ruin the economy. They have succeed most of the the time. The UK the most unfair indebted society in the world. Fronted by liars. Now getting found out.

      Just ask them to analyse the £39Billion claim. A lie most of it the responsibility of the UK Gov. They try and con the EU out of money, The EU have more clout and responsibility of any of the Westminster unionist pygmies. The EU are fit for the Westminster unionist tax evaders.

      Trying to harm their families, neighbours and aquainances and succeeding.

      Now out on a loop of the deception of their own making. David Davis is a lunatic. Always was and always will be Tory/unionists never change their lunacy. Blinkered halfwits. Fast running out of options. Never ever trust them. A leapard never changes it’s spots.

    182. Capella says:

      Happy New Year to you too Nana – if this is what you call warming up then stand back everyone for the full flow of facts about to flood the firmament.
      Too many ffffs for one day 🙂

    183. Breeks says:

      Happy New Year Nana. Nice to see you back.

      85 Days left.

      I don’t see how there’s time to affect a democratic change to our Constitutional conundrum. I don’t actually know how long it takes to formally set up a referendum, but I do know the momentum YES built up in 2014 was the product of a two year campaign. What that means to me, is that diehards for democracy who retain faith in ScotRef2 are looking at a post Brexit scenario where we are already out of Europe.

      For others, like myself, that boat has already sailed, and for our salvation, which includes the salvation of our EU citizenship, the only faith left is in Constitutional litigation, where the unconstitutional subjugation of Scottish Sovereignty irremediably breaches the Treaty of Union, and exposes the UK’s Brexit as ultra vires and beyond Westminster’s Constitutional capacity to force upon Scotland.

      I very much hope that all of us Independentists can put our heads together very early in the New Year now upon us, and make absolutely sure we are all on the same page. Because otherwise, democratic Independentists who are resigned to Brexit happening, and desperate Independentists for whom EU Citizenship and respect for our Sovereignty is the definitive constitutional imperative which outranks democracy, are not much on a collision course, but a fork in the road.

      For my part, if I must forfeit my European Citizenship, and leave the definitive proof of Scotland’s untested Constitutional Sovereignty until AFTER that Citizenship is lost and our subjugation complete, then I fear to put it mildly, I might not be very charitable towards the bookish timidity of our democratic acolytes who have surrendered time sensitive benchmark principles in order to champion a democratic exercise which is technically unnecessary, and is seriously compromised by time, and by wall to wall British Establishment propaganda and indoctrination. The altered reality created by the BritNat media has unfettered access to our electorate, which technically constitutes colonial interference as defined by the UN but which our allegedly democratic instruments, that is our Legal system, Holyrood Parliament and our Westminster representation, have not been willing and/or able to moderate in any capacity whatsoever.

      If we Independentists cannot pull together finding common resolve to secure our Sovereign Independence BEFORE Brexit tears us out of Europe, then I predict a scathing anger and blistering cynicism will emerge which will seriously divide us and threaten the common resolve that currently still binds us.

      Whatever happens, “happens” before Brexit.

    184. Dorothy Devine says:

      Happy new year Nana , hope your hospital visits go well and get fewer in 2019!

    185. Robert Kerr says:

      @ breeks,

      Indeed. My European citizenship matters to me. If it is nullified I shall be very angry indeed and the persons responsible shall feel my ire.

    186. Cubby says:


      I do not care for this post one little bit.

      I also do not care for your acceptance of the 800k English figure which Britnats promote but has been debunked on Wings on numerous occasions.

      Falling back into your old ways again?

    187. Nana says:

      @Capella hahahaaaa

      @Breeks Happy new year to you & yours.
      I see on twitter a few folks suggesting the following and I wonder if that could be the plan

      *To stop Brexit in Scotland and across the rUK, Nicola only needs to announce her intention to hold a referendum this year.

      That alone will stop Brexit as the UKG could not negotiate on Scotland’s behalf and it could not negotiate Scotland’s resources!*

      @Dorothy, starting a new drug regime hopefully soon, that’s if Brexit allows! I’m placing my faith in the Scotgov to ensure patients in the SNHS receive their medicines.
      In the meantime splints on. Typing with two pinkies is not easy!

      New @YouGovpoll out today. This is how @ElectCalculus
      calculate it would translate into seats. Looking very good for

    188. wull2 says:

      First it was a squirrel who could fly a drone, then the squirrel Christmas break, and now squirrels under the cover of darkness (hence the lack of photographs) that can steer a boat.

      I thought it was 3 ghosts that came at Christmas, I am not far wrong, 2 out 3 are WM fiction.

    189. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Meg merrilees says:

      “I see David Davis is now suggesting that T May postpones the next WM upcoming vote on her Brexit deal – due around 14th Jan.


      Because he thinks it’s a good idea to play at Call my Bluff with the EU, make them think we are heading for a No Deal Brexit which will cause them to lose the £39bn we are supposed to be paying them then they will ‘come up’ with a better deal.”
      As we all know the 39bn is for current obligations, IOW a bill to be paid.

      If the Brexit loonies, incl. May think they can play bluff with the EU then that proves that they still, still haven’t understood the EU.

      The EU will simply draw up the bill for WM, incl. deadline, and should the loonies not pay up quickly then the EU will drag WM up before an EU court for failing to pay their debts.

      WM will be presented to the world as having reneged on its obligations. The rating agencies would have a field day and who would want to do an FTA with such a bad debtor..?

      They don’t come much thicker than DD…or am I underestimating the rest of the cabinett..!

    190. galamcennalath says:

      Nana says:

      New @YouGovpoll out today. This is how @ElectCalculus
      calculate it would translate into seats. Looking very good for

      SNP gain …
      6 from Lab
      4 from LibDem
      4 from Tories

      That would mean LibDem wipe out, which is long overdue. It would leave Labour with one. It would be nice to see wipeout here too. That would be highly symbolic.

      As for the Tories, the prediction is for 9 seats. If we must have a legacy BritNat presence, in a perverse way it is best to be the most ‘British’ and Unionist of the bunch – the most toxic ones who should be carrying some of the responsibility for their WM brethren.

      My own feeling is that a snap GE must have Indy at the forefront of the SNP campaign. We want the next GE to be more like a rerun on 2015, not 2017!

    191. call me dave says:

      Rail union spokesperson Mr Hogg on radio shortbread certainly had little Dick Leonard’s hand up his back as he spouted his venom about the train fare rises in a BBC / Labour tirade this morning.

      Scots Gov (SNP) getting away with murder and ripping the people off… cut the fares now…Jings!

      Pity he wasn’t so clever with the costing figures and where the money was coming from which he didn’t care about but that’s up to the Scots Gov he says.

      Mr Matheson transport minister never quite got his full tuppence worth in but managed to tell the listeners that over 50% of delays were the fault of rail track…and the contract was until 2025 and… then he was gone. 🙁

      Another day in Scotland from Auntie with a kilt so suck it up folks lots more bad stuff tomorrow.

    192. wull2 says:

      I said a few years ago, there would be a GE, Labour would win and it would go down in history that it was Labour that took UK out of the EU and lost Scotland.

      Tell everyone you know to vote YES to make it happen.

    193. boris says:

      The findings suggest that future Conservative leadership hopefuls from the moderate wing of the party, such as Ruth Davidson, will have a tough time trying to woo the membership, who ultimately crown the leader.

    194. Mr., Callachan I agree with all you say but like me you intrude on all the ones on here who think only they should be allowed to put forward their point of view and keep their nicey nicey were club intact to me they are the real trolls because it is obvious to anyone that if all Incomers and postal voting is allowed again then we will lose again Where you and me are trying to secure victory they under the banner of democracy are making it more likely we will lose again so Mr., Callachan keep posting

    195. Breeks says:

      Nana says:
      3 January, 2019 at 1:26 pm

      @Breeks Happy new year to you & yours.
      I see on twitter a few folks suggesting the following and I wonder if that could be the plan

      *To stop Brexit in Scotland and across the rUK, Nicola only needs to announce her intention to hold a referendum this year.

      I’d like to think that was true, but 29th March is the dead-mans-switch that brings down the guillotine on Brexit.

      Before the option is worth considering, there would need to be universal agreement to extend Article 50, and frankly I see no enthusiasm for doing that from either Westminster or Europe, and Scotland without constitutional recognition or legal personality is chaff blowing in the wind.

      If Scotland however unilaterally revokes Article 50 claiming Westminster’s Brexit is ultra vires, then that creates a much more potent argument to derail Brexit. Even in the worst case scenario, the Sovereignty claimed by Westminster is suddenly disputed, and that dispute would I believe have a material impact on Article 50, because if Sovereignty is disputed, then Westminster’s capacity to serve Article 50 Notice is equally disputed and cannot proceed to a conclusion without first establishing Constitutional clarity and confirmation the Westminster had appropriate authority to serve notice in the first place.

      What I would like to see is an ultimatum that May must revoke Article 50, or Scotland will seek to do it unilaterally, and immediately seek an affirmation from the ECJ that Scotland HAS Legal Personality, and should never have been excluded from Brexit Negotiations.

      Why the SNP took the Continuity Legislation to Court, but not the much more important exclusion of Scotland from Brexit negotiations is a profound and worrying mystery to me. We might have tested and established Scotland’s Legal Personality two years ago, and we could have veto’d Brexit at every turn with a Constitutional Scottish Backstop as insurmountable for Westminster as the Irish Backstop.

      We have 85 days. There is no room for complacency or indecision.

      Plan A for me is unilaterally revoke Article 50 for Scotland.

      Plan B? We desperately need to ride the subway in Ghost and have the ghost who taught Patrick Swayze how to kick a can without mass teach Scotland how to prove that it physically exists in the real world, not just in spirit.

    196. Cubby says:

      Struan Stevenson article in the Times today falls in to the following category:

      Britnats lie and they lie all the time about almost everything.

    197. Sarah says:

      @ Maria F at 11.30.

      I agree about the Electoral Commission – toothless and probably happy to be so as they are part of the Establishment and don’t want to punish the Unionist, sorry, British Nationalist, parties.

      For Scottish elections and referendums it would be good to see the English parties, funders and MPs being banned from interfering. I don’t see why the parties are allowed to have a logo on our ballot papers calling themselves “Scottish Lab/Lib/Con” – it is a lie but the Electoral C allows it.

    198. Dan Huil says:

      Boycott all britnat media. Let the Rev expose britnat lies and deceit.

    199. Hamish100 says:

      Dan Huil says:
      3 January, 2019 at 3:17 pm
      Boycott all britnat media. Let the Rev expose britnat lies and deceit.

      Problem remains that many people who need persuading to vote for Independence and non unionist parties read and watch the britnat media. A bit more savvy response required. As for SNP they are too lenient with the BBC/ Stv when being interviewed.

    200. Dr Jim says:

      The will of the people and the good of the country are very different things when it suits politics to say it’s the same thing

      A Brexit referendum won on a sliver of a majority means the minority are disregarded completely and yet..
      Take obesity for example it’s a much smaller problem than governments make it out to be yet the majority are made to pay extra in sugar taxes for the benefit of the minority, so compromises are made if there’s an opportunity to collect extra money

      There’s a lot of noise and insistance around different gendered people yet those people represent a small percentage of the overall population but nonetheless the politics of the discussion are daily and made important by the body politic and the media

      I’m not of course advocating for or against obesity or gender recognition I merely point out when it comes to certain issues all positioning of politicians representing the *majority* fall in line favouring the minority when it suits them

      So we end up in this position where the largest population of one country in the UK wants something badly enough that it’s prepared to have civil disorder, food shortages, medicine shortages and much more besides that it works tirelessly to ignore the wishes of, in the case of Brexit, almost half of the UK minority

      As I think I’ve demonstrated politicians ignore the wishes or feelings or importance of the majority in lots of cases but in the case of Brexit those politicians have chosen to ignore the minority as though it doesn’t exist at all so it begs the question, what’s in it for them, because it’s not the good of *the country* and they know it, and neither is it really *the will of the people* so again I say what’s in it for them and why aren’t they ignoring THIS result for the good of *the country* when they know that in terms of votes they will lose loads by doing this, so why oh why continue with this known folly

      Well here it is, post Brexit the UK government can exercise
      total dictatorship over the UK, Oh they’re taking back control alright, but control to the point where no deviation from their dictats can be challenged in any other court bar theirs where they make the laws and choose the judges to enforce those laws, where they can control every aspect of every citizens life within the UK including whether you can come and go at will anywhere you choose as the free person you are now, all that will end in the new and shiny UK of Englands total domination, and you better suck it up and like it because there aint going to be a damn thing you can do about it *I am the law* will be the whole of the law in the new Tory Utopia

      I like my anonymity of freedom right now, I’d like it even more in an Independent Scotland on the centre left of politics, none of that can I forecast in this new Independent dictatorship of England if we let them get their way

    201. galamcennalath says:

      Rees-Mogg says it’s Ireland’s fault. The man is a total eidjit!

    202. Paul Wilson says:

      These redundancies will be because of “Better together” then!

    203. Essexexile says:

      No, no. I wasn’t accepting it at all. Simply asking how that figure came about, which groups of people were included. Have a look back, that’s genuinely what I was questioning.
      Also, with all honesty Cubby, what is the problem with the post at 10.42? The opposing view to what I suggest is to encourage a movement which doesn’t tolerate dissent, and that’s not healthy at all. How could anybody seriously disagree with that post? Very interested to hear your view on that.

    204. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Nana @ 13:26,
      galamcennalath @ 14:00,

      New @YouGovpoll out today. This is how @ElectCalculus calculate it would translate into seats. Looking very good for @theSNP

      Which is exactly why there won’t be a UKGE any time soon, and certainly not before Bx-day (even if it is somehow postponed, which won’t be after May at the very latest).

      Even if the “Meaningful Vote” =sniff= collapses in total ignominy and May resigns. She’ll just be replaced by Boris or Gove and the jalopy will continue to career ever more madly towards the cliff edge.


      Oh, and a great guid new year te ye a. It could be a wild ride!

    205. Thepnr says:


      Rees-Mogg I think is a lot worse than just “a total eidjit”.

      “If we leave without a deal the main culprit will be the obdurate Irish Government’s threats about the phantom border issue,” he wrote on his official Twitter account on Thursday afternoon.

      He’s the type that make up the membership of Holocaust deniers and will argue that climate change is made up and is not happening.

      When they do completely fuck it all up then it wasn’t their fault, oh no. A No Deal Brexit for the UK is Ireland’s fault and absolutely nothing to do with me who opened an office in Dublin for Investments just in case the UK goes tits up.

      See I’m not completely daft, you poor sods though will just have to get on with it. It was the foreigners and the Irish that did it, get used to it.

      Where’s that Dunkirk spirit, stiff upper lip and backbone eh?

    206. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi RJS.

      Further down that John Nicholson page, Electoral Calculus post:-

      “We’d like to respectfully disassociate ourselves from this prediction, because a sample size of only 143 people is not large enough to be credible. Our official new Scottish prediction is shown here:”

      And you can see it here:-

      Still no’ bad – except for Labour!

    207. robertknight says:

      Ireland posted its first underlying budget surplus for a decade in 2018″ (Sky News)

      Bet dirt poor, oil-free zone Ireland is simply gagging to be readmitted to the United Kingdom. Not!

    208. HandandShrimp says:

      Only if the blood sucking flying zombies don’t get us first…at least I think that is the official SiU line.

    209. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Re Jacob Rees-Mogg and his blaming Ireland in advance for when everything goes tits-up.

      English exceptionalism in the extreme. Rees-Mogg and his kind are taught at Eton: if Jock, Paddy, Dai, Hank, Francois, Gunter, Luigi and everyone else does exactly what Jacob, or Nigel, or Boris and the rest of the chaps from Eton tell them, all will be well – at least for Jacob, Nigel, Boris & Co.

      If they don’t do what the Etonians and the other public school-educatd Oxbridge types tell them, then hell and damnation will fall on them. But, of course, the chaps will still be ok, because, God is an Englishman who looks after his own.

      Pip, pip; chin chin and all that old boy.

    210. Legerwood says:

      From the Courier: Alex Bell thinks Ms Sturgeon is all but washed up – aw bless.

      Sorry but could not get it to archive.

    211. Thepnr says:

      This is how your words will be twisted by the ruling classes 🙂

      Look, I’m as British as Queen Victoria! So, your Father’s German, you’re half-German and you married a German??

    212. galamcennalath says:

      Thepnr says:

      Rees-Mogg I think is a lot worse than just “a total eidjit”.

      You are of course right. They look and act like cartoon characters and say things which we find ridiculous…. but we must never underestimate their dangerous far right ideology. They are nationalist in the very nasty sense where they believe in their own superiority and that they deserve to lord over others. Mogg’s attitude to Ireland is typical.

      We’ve been hearing snippets recently. Wild ideas about military bases across the world. Modelling the UK on Singapore …. where gov spending is minimal, the system virtually totalitarian and ultra business friendly … of course the far right love those ideas!

    213. Republicofscotland says:

      The unionist STV news spouting their usual Scotland’s nae good routine. First our teachers are at their wits end, then our high streets are disappearing fast put across as unique in Scotland.

      Then Labour’s Paul Sweeney claiming that the heating in the People’s Palace (keeps the plants alive) has been switched off by the nasty SNP ran Glasgow council.

      The unionist tv news channels are at 24/7 now running scared of a now indyref

    214. Thepnr says:


      I’ve just read that Alex bell piece and I’m actually gobsmacked that any newspaper could print such totally ridiculous and partisan rubbish in their paper.

      Seriously I can’t yet quite get over what that rubbish sounded like, what the hell the Courier editor was thinking in publishing such crap cannot even be guessed at.

      I believe that you maybe did manage to archive it, at least it’s there now and was archived around the time you made your post on Wings.

    215. sassenach says:

      I think we may be seeing the whites of their eyes coming into view!!
      Gird the loins folks, it feels like the Britnats may be near self-explosion time…………

    216. robertknight

      didn’t someone seriously suggest recently that Ireland should come out of the EU too as that would solve the hard border problem.

    217. Legerwood

      I guess the editor of the Courier will be prepared for the drop in circulation following his opinion piece in ‘Yes’ Dundee…

      utter garbage!

    218. Dorothy Devine says:

      may the Courier ‘ enjoy’ the fate of the Liverpool Sun, along with several other comics calling themselves ‘newspapers’.

    219. Cubby says:

      Meg Merrilees@6.56pm

      Is that guy Alex Bell the editor? I have never even picked up a courier in my life never mind read one. It’s like he’s writing for schoolchildren. The media in Scotland just sucks. Just how low in ability can you be in Scotland and be an editor of a newspaper.

      My advice to all Independence supporters – these Britnat papers do not deserve your money – just don’t buy them.

    220. starlaw says:

      Just read the courier piece, if that was by the editor then I feel that he is off on a flight of fancy.
      I understand exactly what the SNP are doing and agree with there reasons for doing it, however a decision must soon be made but Nicola Sturgeon is not in control of when that will be, the trotting Turkeys at Westminster are in charge of the timing only after they get there act together or the EU does it for them, then Scotland United will move.

    221. Thepnr says:

      No no no, the article was by Alex Bell who at one time worked for the BBC and was also an advisor and speech-writer for Alex Salmond. I guess Alex must have had his Bat radar turned off at the time.

      The reference to the editor is because who in their right mind would believe that to be an article worthy of newsprint?

      Does it matter? Not really I suppose, both of them are arseholes.

    222. Republicofscotland says:

      Jeez, someone posted a link to this site.

      Been trying to leave a comment on a couple of articles including ant-SNP ones, they’re not having any of it.

      They’ve a cheek to have the word impartial under their name.

    223. JLT says:

      @Pete Barton
      Happy New Year to you too, matey. I’m trying to get back on this site, but the last 2 to 3 years have been crippling! OU studies hitting 30 hours a week – brutal. Need to catch up for a good auld blether, matey!

      Ohhhh! It’s going to get interesting, matey. A Hard Brexit is most definitely on the cards. Hopefully, it will provide the incentive to make Soft No’s finally sit up and look at the alternative.

    224. Iain says:

      That’s another reader that will never ever read their biased rags again.

    225. Hector says:

      “So we end up in this position where the largest population of one country in the UK wants something badly enough that it’s prepared to have civil disorder, food shortages, medicine shortages and much more besides that it works tirelessly to ignore the wishes of, in the case of Brexit, almost half of the UK minority

      As I think I’ve demonstrated politicians ignore the wishes or feelings or importance of the majority in lots of cases but in the case of Brexit those politicians have chosen to ignore the minority as though it doesn’t exist at all so it begs the question, what’s in it for them, because it’s not the good of *the country* and they know it, and neither is it really *the will of the people* so again I say what’s in it for them and why aren’t they ignoring THIS result for the good of *the country* when they know that in terms of votes they will lose loads by doing this, so why oh why continue with this known folly

      Well here it is, post Brexit the UK government can exercise
      total dictatorship over the UK, Oh they’re taking back control alright, but control to the point where no deviation from their dictats can be challenged in any other court bar theirs where they make the laws and choose the judges to enforce those laws, where they can control every aspect of every citizens life within the UK including whether you can come and go at will anywhere you choose as the free person you are now, all that will end in the new and shiny UK of Englands total domination, and you better suck it up and like it because there aint going to be a damn thing you can do about it *I am the law* will be the whole of the law in the new Tory UtopiaSo we end up in this position where the largest population of one country in the UK wants something badly enough that it’s prepared to have civil disorder, food shortages, medicine shortages and much more besides that it works tirelessly to ignore the wishes of, in the case of Brexit, almost half of the UK minority

      As I think I’ve demonstrated politicians ignore the wishes or feelings or importance of the majority in lots of cases but in the case of Brexit those politicians have chosen to ignore the minority as though it doesn’t exist at all so it begs the question, what’s in it for them, because it’s not the good of *the country* and they know it, and neither is it really *the will of the people* so again I say what’s in it for them and why aren’t they ignoring THIS result for the good of *the country* when they know that in terms of votes they will lose loads by doing this, so why oh why continue with this known folly

      Well here it is, post Brexit the UK government can exercise
      total dictatorship over the UK, Oh they’re taking back control alright, but control to the point where no deviation from their dictats can be challenged in any other court bar theirs where they make the laws and choose the judges to enforce those laws, where they can control every aspect of every citizens life within the UK including whether you can come and go at will anywhere you choose as the free person you are now, all that will end in the new and shiny UK of Englands total domination, and you better suck it up and like it because there aint going to be a damn thing you can do about it *I am the law* will be the whole of the law in the new Tory Utopia”.

      Dr Jim, this sends shivers up my spine. One of the darkest, but most prescient comments on Wings. Should be printed off and sent to every household in Scotland. We are warned!

    226. Macart says:


      Not entirely shocked tbh. Has to be said of the meeja though. Their slip is showing.

      At a time when the government of the UK is going through a catastrophic failure on near every level and endangering the populations of the UK? Yer meeja, especially in Scotland, turn to the full assault of the SNP Scottish government. Spooky or wot?

      You’d have to be particularly switched off to the entirety of your surroundings not to have picked up on the collapse of politics in the UK. To be utterly ignorant of the long term economic threat of Brexit across massive demographics. And the more than disturbing societal swing toward isolationism and ethnic intolerance.

      Yet for all this? Scotland’s media… ( Pfft. I say Scotland’s 🙄 ). Well it seems the media squarely hang their hat on the peg of the source of the chaos. Backing a system and practice of politics which has demonstrably put populations directly in harms way. Hard to see it any other way really.

      Seems to me that you really get to know who your true friends are when the stanky stuff hits the fan.

    227. Legerwood says:

      Thepnr at 6:40 pm

      Thanks. When I tried to archive I got a ‘Server error’ message so I did not hang around – the dinner was coming close to ‘burnt offering’ status.

      It was certainly a gobsmacking article but is of a piece with several articles on a similar theme that have appeared in the last few days. It seemed to start on Sunday in the Sunday Herald with an article saying analysis of the past year would rate Ms Sturgeon’s performance as C-

      This was continued on Monday with another article on a similar theme and several letters.

      The below the line comments on the article in the online Sunday Herald were an interesting example of how a thread can be completely disrupted before it even gets going. The second post completely disrupted the thread so no defence of Ms Sturgeon, or serious dissection of the article emerged.

    228. Dr Jim says:

      No such thing as politically neutral in Scotland you’re either FOR or AGAINST:

      The National newspaper supports an Independent Scotland and it’s honest about saying so, all the other newspapers lie from the word go because they claim to be politically neutral which they’re clearly not, they support the Union so how can anybody believe anything they say when they won’t even admit to what they stand for

      You know what you never see in the National…Hate Headlines

    229. jfngw says:

      Paul Sweeney MP raking about in the manure at the People’s Palace Winter Garden, then takes a dump on one of the employees. Classy performance.

    230. Brian Powell says:

      Alex Bell left the SNP in a huff in 2013 and has had no relevance since that time.

      He is one of the ‘goto rent an attack on SNP’ for the BritNat press.

    231. Bobp says:

      Dr Jim 4.08pm. A chilling prospect. Shades of North Korea coming to a place near us all.

    232. Cactus says:

      Excellent observation Dr Jim.

      “You know what you never see in the National…Hate Headlines”

      That is a powerful and correct statement.

    233. mike cassidy says:

      Re the ‘booing’ of Jackie Bird at Hogmanay.

      Bryan Burnett just said on the radio that when he announced they were going over to Jackie Bird, the audience went


    234. Dr Jim says:

      Another way of looking at it:

      The EU saw the British coming when they triggered article 50 hoping for an unfankled Brexit with no responsibility to Ireland, they thought they were just going to get away with replacing the British border in NI with an EU border and make the problem somebody elses but the EU spiked their guns with the backstop and at the same time created the space for Scotland to have an Independence referendum over the UKs epic conniving stupidity over the issue (don’t ever think Scotland’s got no pals)

      The EU have been negotiating with folk around the world on deals for a long time and they’re good at it whereas the UKs forte has only ever been to threaten people

      I see a big plan coming off here in co-operation with the EU and our chance is coming lickety split and the UK know it but can’t figure out what to do about it

      So expect the big giant new VOW followed by the usual threats of mega proportions

    235. jfngw says:

      It’s pretty clear the MSM are expecting a referendum and moved into the ‘let’s try and trash Nicola Sturgeon’s reputation’ mode, it’s pretty much a repeat of the Salmond treatment by them. I suppose we have been expecting this.

      The MSM & Unionist parties are like a cartel with the aim to keep Scotland in the UK. Lies created in the unionist parties are then given oxygen by the MSM. No journalistic ability is required, just some editorial skills to massage the rough diamond output of the actual political parties.

    236. mike cassidy says:

      Thepnr 5.19

      Where’s that Dunkirk spirit, stiff upper lip and backbone eh?

      Probably in all those small boats crossing the channel.

    237. Dr Jim says:

      I’m having a surge today, didn’t take my medicine so my mind’s all flashing about, I hope I’m making sense

    238. Lenny Hartley says:

      Did anybody see the Grayling interview on channel four news last night, did he slip up and suggest it was going to be a hard Brexit end of March? Sounded like that to me, when he was defending his decision to give millions of our money to basically a shell company , he said we would need their service when we left Europe on March 29. He did not say in the event of, he said we would need those shipping services. The point is the only scenario in which we would need them is with a hard brexit. Or am I jumping to conclusions?

    239. Fionan says:

      OT: Paul Sweeney, labour mp for one of the Glasgow constituencies is commenting on FB that the snp-run council have ordered the switch off of the heating and lighting in the ‘Peoples Palace’, causing the death of all the tropical plants, and making the place useless as a place for the public to visit and enjoy. People are commenting on this very negatively.

      There has been a similar story recently about live animal exports being actively promoted by the Scotgov.

      Can anyone shed any light on the story re the peoples palace? These are obvious SNPBAD stories, and are having an adverse effect on perceptions of the scotgov held by the voting public who care about environment and animal welfare (on which the Scotgov has already a very bad reputation). I just wondered if there was any way to rebutt these stories?Or what role Labour has played in this?

    240. K1 says:

      Susan Aitken and Derek Bateman are all over twitter rebutting his lying shite about the people’s palace…he’s just blamed someone else ‘high up member of staff’ as the culprit…so there isn’t any ‘bad reputation’ but his being shown up for what it is being exposed here.

      That took me less than 30 seconds to undo the whole nonsense that Paul Sweeney has any credibility in whatever capacity as an MP for whatever constituency it is that was stupid enough to gie that rocket a seat in WM.

    241. Gerry says:


      Glasgow City Council put out a clarification in response this morning…
      “Clarity on inaccurate reports today about the Winter Gardens and a copy of the statement we’ve issued to the media.”

    242. Iain says:

      Bet Paul Sweeney canny wait for the next election, when he gets his p 45.

    243. K1 says:


      You stared your post with ‘Paul Sweeney, labour mp for one of the Glasgow constituencies’

      You ended your post with ‘Or what role Labour has played in this?’


      You answered your last question with your first statement and then verbatim took from a ‘fb’ post what ‘others’ are saying about this. Why didn’t you just check twitter as in ‘Paul Sweeney MP’ and find out for your self or better still just go on to the Rev’s twitter to find out when this sort of nonsense starts getting aired?

      Much easier than running on to Wings and referring to the ‘snp-run council’ as if that ‘is’ the ‘issue’ here. It’s Glasgow City Council, don’t recall anyone in the past before the SNP took over, referring to GCC as the ‘labour-run council’?

      Don’t do Labour’s work for them on here.

    244. Anybody needing a wee cheer up should read this.

      I have been reading about the Stone of Destiny and how it was brought out of Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1950 and returned to Scotland.

      Subsequent ‘research online revealed this sentence from Wiki

      At the time, the Scottish National Party had 0.7% of the vote, the Labour Party had withdrawn its commitment to devolution, and the Conservative Party was at the high point of its popularity in Scotland.

      How things have changed.

      Little known fact – a short while after the event, a car was borrowed from a man called John Josselyn to enable the students to drive the large part of the stone, north, back to Scotland, avoiding the border searches.

      Turns out that Mr. Josselyn discovered, much later on, that his 21st great grandfather was none other than Edward Longshanks, (King Edward lst), who originally stole it.

    245. Legerwood says:

      Clearly Mr Sweeney is no gardener otherwise he would know that the plants can be replaced like for like. The Winter Palace is not the world’s seed bank or repository of its rarest plants. The ones that are there will survive with the minimal heating provided for them. The ones needing more care and attention have been removed and rehouse probably in the Botanic Gardens.

      When I saw this on the Rev’s Twitter I could not believe anyone would try to make an issue of this.

      They are getting desperate

    246. Cubby says:

      Paul Sweeney British Labour MP.

      He’s a British Nationalist. Oh and of course Britnats lie and they lie all the time about nearly everything. To be fair to the Britnats there can’t be much left that they haven’t lied about over the years.

    247. Re the Alex Bell article in The Courier

      Not sure if he is the Editor – I picked up on previous comments.

      Just had a quick look at the DC Thomson media website and his name is not shown as part of the ‘Senior team’.

      Maybe we should only suggest that Bell might be the Editor out of respect to another, perhaps more mature, Editor.

    248. Rock says:

      Thepnr says:
      2 January, 2019 at 11:42 pm


      I’m sure they did too and were breaking the law in doing so. We wouldn’t advocate that now would we?”

      As if “we” the “plebs” would have the chance to decide.

      The unionists will make sure that even dead people use their vote to vote No – in 2640 AD.

    249. Pete Barton says:

      @ Dr.Jim:
      Your comments make more than perfect sense to me, keep the heid.

    250. Pete Barton says:

      This is Scotland’s best blog for cross referencing info very quickly, for research and news, for differing opinions too.

      Also for knowing you’re part (one small part) of a grouping that share the burden (and the hope) that comes with striving for a better way.

      Pray that it stays that way.


      Trust you have enough stamina and space in your brain to keep sookin it all up.


    251. Rock says:

      Cubby says:
      3 January, 2019 at 1:14 pm

      “I also do not care for your acceptance of the 800k English figure which Britnats promote but has been debunked on Wings on numerous occasions.”

      Why would Britnats promote the 800k English figure?

      What would they have to gain from it?

      Just asking politely.

    252. Rock says:

      Dan Huil says:
      3 January, 2019 at 3:17 pm

      “Boycott all britnat media. Let the Rev expose britnat lies and deceit.”

      Dave McEwan Hill says:
      1 January, 2019 at 12:08 pm (The one we’ve waited for)

      “With no National to enjoy this merning I made the mistake of buying a Herald.”

      If those who have been supporting independence for decades can be so easily duped, no chance – till 2640 AD.

    253. K1 says:

      Promoting a higher figure re the English voters give the strong impression that we are ‘outnumbered’ therefore ‘what’s the point.

    254. yesindyref2 says:

      @Brian Powell
      Alex Bell was apaprently involved in the white paper Scotland’s Future and got sacked by Salmond. Seems to have been a little bitter about the whole thing.

    255. yesindyref2 says:

      @K1 @9.03
      Yeah, that’s what I thought. It’s those plants again, this is going to be the year of the triffids.

    256. Legerwood says:

      Rock @ 10.06pm
      “”Why would Britnats promote the 800k English figure””

      At a guess to try to initiate an anti-English rant from people and then use that to smear independence supporters as racist, rabid anti-English zealots.

    257. defo says:

      OT, but…
      Is it ok to use Brasso to gird an old loin?

    258. Rock says:

      Cubby says:
      3 January, 2019 at 1:14 pm

      “I also do not care for your acceptance of the 800k English figure which Britnats promote but has been debunked on Wings on numerous occasions.”

      Rock says:
      3 January, 2019 at 10:06 pm

      “Why would Britnats promote the 800k English figure?

      What would they have to gain from it?”

      K1 says:
      3 January, 2019 at 10:29 pm

      “Promoting a higher figure re the English voters give the strong impression that we are ‘outnumbered’ therefore ‘what’s the point.”

      So the Britnats are promoting the 800k English figure to intimidate the Scots into believing they are “outnumbered” and there is no point in seeking independence?

      Well, if that makes sense to the likes of you and Cubby, who am I to disagree?

    259. Benhope says:

      OT to DMH.
      Did you know any of the people mentioned in my post (The Broken Telescope) on 1 Jan.2.43 am.

      With the Dunblane papers secrecy perhaps more relevant.

      Please acknowledge that you read my post.

      Thanks and good luck to all the the people of Cowal.

    260. Rock says:

      Legerwood says:
      3 January, 2019 at 11:02 pm

      “Rock @ 10.06pm
      “”Why would Britnats promote the 800k English figure””

      At a guess to try to initiate an anti-English rant from people and then use that to smear independence supporters as racist, rabid anti-English zealots.”

      Well I guess that is a perfectly reasonable conspiracy theory.

    261. Colin Alexander says:


      The unelected House of Lords blocked the Continuity Bill that was voted through the SP by MSPs democratically elected as representatives of the “sovereign people”.

      The Supreme Court ruled UK Parliament sovereign and so the Lords were able to do this. There was no appeal from the Lord Advocate about this ruling and stating that the people are sovereign.

      So, the Scot Govt accept UK Parliament as THEIR sovereign, not the people of Scotland, if there was ever any doubt about that.

      But good luck, if you and Robert Peffers want to take the case on and prove in court that Scotland’s people are sovereign, not UK Parliament, under the law in the UK.

      The people of Scotland only become sovereign at the point they get off bended knees and reject UK Parliament as their Lords and masters.

    262. Thepnr says:

      Quiet the night, you’ll like some of this but maybe not all of it. Me personally I liked all of it 🙂

      Remember every one of them is a voter.

    263. Capella says:

      mike cassidy says:
      3 January, 2019 at 8:30 pm
      Re the ‘booing’ of Jackie Bird at Hogmanay.

      Bryan Burnett just said on the radio that when he announced they were going over to Jackie Bird, the audience went “Ooh”!

      Ooh – why does he have to explainify? And why did he have to tell the audience to behave themselves?

      Sounded like Boo to me. And it sounds as if I wasn’t the only person who heard that. Well spotted.

    264. ronnie anderson says:

      JLT You’ve been away that long U should hiv a degree in Archaeology like that ither history student oan the Bbc , aye Flounce Bounce & Go thats his name .

      Tongue in cheek James .

    265. Cactus says:

      Whom is your piper and what song does ur piper play?

    266. Bill Hume says:

      Cactus. Scotland pays for the piper but Westminster calls the tune……..for now.
      Goodnight, need my bed.

    267. K1 says:

      So your question wasn’t ‘genuine’ Rock. You really are a creep. ‘Just asking politiely’

      Why? To what end.

      Both those ‘views’ which are all they are, are perfectly legitimate possible ‘reasons’.

      There are psychological motives involved in convincing others to vote or not vote, one being, for example that if a side thinks it is winning, then many people won’t go out and vote, because…’well, we’re gonnae win anyway’.

      Many techniques were used to suppress the dem vote in US16 elections etc. And as we all know now many of those same techniques were deployed during EU16 ref.

      So…why the snarky response?

      Cause you clearly couldn’t figure it out for yourself, you snide at others who offer up possible explanations?

      Nothing ‘polite’ about that. It’s two faced and sarcastic. For no reason whatsoever. Just cause ye can?

      And you wonder why no one takes you seriously on here except those strange bedfellows who lie through their teeth about ‘number’s and share a xenophobic belief that the English should not be allowed to vote in next indy ref.


    268. Cactus says:

      Hawright, Bill knows, cheers, as does Juan and Pedro & Tia cheers in advance.

      Get oota yer FACE 2019.


      32 rouge.

    269. yesindyref2 says:


    270. Thepnr says:


      I’ve telt you before, 17, 20, 22, 29 and 35 black LOL

      Apologies if I’ve upset anyone for this drunken rant in the wee sma hours. That was a little white lie by the way LOL.

      Just made me think is there such a thing as a big black lie?

    271. Cactus says:

      Hardcore Yes.

    272. Cactus says:

      Dat’s the WORD on 42.

      Learn + understand.

      Yes land.

    273. Thepnr says:


      Yes you’re way ahead of the pack as usual. 42 of course 🙂

    274. Cactus says:

      Back in da Catty King A… yesindy2 knows

      This this go sweaty.

      Aye promise U.


    275. CameronB Brodie says:

      Terence callachan
      IMHO, you’re either an ignorant, discriminatory, wrongheaded, loudmouth, or an agent provocateur. Kindly keep your divisors pish to yourself. Or at least try and keep your prejudiced more concise.

    276. Cactus says:

      Keep yer distance, one might explode…

      Aye aint tellin’

      Young night.

    277. Davie Oga says:


      “Just made me think is there such a thing as a big black lie?”

      Aye. It’s a fantastic satirical book about how the left has corrupted black political engagement in the US.

    278. Thepnr says:

      Mungo Jerry’s 1970 hit “In the Summertime”, written by Ray Dorset, has a tempo of 42 beats per minute. Exactly 42!

      Surely that’s of some significance? Some critics might have said.

    279. Gerry says:

      Very few songs with a tempo that slow, and that aint one of them.

    280. Thepnr says:


      I’m no musician, I stole that line from an article in the Independent about Douglas Adams number 42 being the meaning of life and everything.

      I liked the song and that’s why I played it, maybe you can enlighten us then as to what the tempo is, I’d appreciaite it.

      Meanwhile here’s the Guardian article with 42 reasons that 42 is the meaning of life and everything.

      You know what Adams himself said? It’s just a number, nothing more 🙂

    281. Thepnr says:

      Independent not the Guardian, I did warn you I was pished.

    282. Thepnr says:

      For your delectation 🙂

      1. Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert died aged 42; they had 42 grandchildren and their great-grandson, Edward VIII, abdicated at the age of 42.

      I just felt that everyone in Scotland really needed to know that. Well I know everyone in Scotland won’t be reading this so as a favour could you just pass it on.

    283. Cactus says:

      Ahm oota rah Catty with co, ahm gaun tae get jiggy wae it…

      Whit be and whom be next?

      3 liners.

    284. Gerry says:


      Interesting article. I love that song too. The song’s about 80-90 bpm though. See the guy’s foot tappin in the first 20s or so of the video – he’s stamping once per beat.

      Here’s a tap tempo tool for ya.

    285. CameronB Brodie says:

      Could folk also pass on that I have recently referred to myself as a Scottish resident and suggested Brexit was also a threat to the liberty of English residents. That should have be resident of Scotland and residents of England. Poor proof reading, no discrimination meant.

    286. Cactus says:

      Ahm in the Glasgow’s Gorbals constituency…

      Playing RED ALERT on da PS1.

      Capture Flag off.


    287. Thepnr says:


      Cheers, you’re the one that’s right and the papers it seems sometimes make it up then. Who’d have thunk it 🙂

    288. Cactus says:

      Hey you whisky Nancy ho, hey haul, ahm fae fucking Glasgow.

      Most Scottish people return to work THIS following Monday weekday.

      Till then… enjoy ur break.

      Love the naughty 😉

    289. Cactus says:

      Command et Conquer, THIS is mons 2nd time playing it.

      PSOne nostalgia like.

      Love something.

      Ye GAME?!

    290. Cactus says:

      We have a bucket of poulet of the Captain’s finest food a happening, call it a Kentucky Fried Cactus, one might go verasiously vegan.

      Ahm prickly but very tasty when understood.

      Very very.

    291. Cactus says:

      Just had a hoose request there furra little bit of Kunt:

      This is right up your street Petra.

      FREE Parking.

    292. Cactus says:

      Ah would give you the sky… but it’s SO far away.

      That last song ah played was shit.

      Mon heart belong tae You.

    293. Cactus says:

      Ahm back oot on da ran dan ahm ah kinda crazy city guy…

      Sauntering & sitting over and on Glasgow’s Glasgow Bridge, can U diggit, don’t fall back dude like, the water is cold.

      We need more fried chicken, frae anywheres.

      Ahm a gaun tae reclaim what is mine.

    294. Cactus says:

      All has been reclaimed of the maintenant and NOW.

      Be it Candy Crush or Cooking Fever…

      You have WON 10 crystals!

      Try tomorrow.

    295. Cactus says:

      Heading back over Glasgow’s Red Suspension Bridge…

      The Clyde is high but still.

      Same as moi.

    296. Breeks says:

      Hector says:
      3 January, 2019 at 7:58 pm

      ….Well here it is, post Brexit the UK government can exercise
      total dictatorship over the UK, Oh they’re taking back control alright, but control to the point where no deviation from their dictats can be challenged in any other court bar theirs where they make the laws and choose the judges to enforce those laws, where they can control every aspect of every citizens life within the UK….

      Hector I know where you’re coming from, and the “what do they get out of it” perspective is entirely logical, but I think you are giving them more credit than they deserve.

      I think we maybe underestimate just how much of screw-up Brexit is for the Tories. I don’t think they have a master plan at all, but are instead riding their luck and spraffing their case.

      There is most definitely a UK Establishment in the background, but it too is out of control, struggling for intellectual leadership, and presiding over an incompetent cross party Government, where Labour and Tory factions tear themselves apart trying to outdo each other’s breathtaking incompetence.

      The danger I am picking up with my Spidey senses is not from the evil Conservatives or the dumbf__ks in Labour, because frankly, none of them seem to have any grasp of what’s going on, no concept of the trajectory which their incompetence has set for the UK economy. They do not have the basic human intellect to plan any overall strategy or devise any innovative doctrine to regain control.

      The Tories and Labour are squabbling like imbeciles on the footplate of a runaway steam engine that just gets faster and faster and none of them have any idea how to defuse the impending catastrophe. Everybody knows disaster is imminent. The pipes are venting, the needles are trembling over red warning levels, and every surface is scalding hot to touch. Disaster can arrive any moment but nobody can be sure whether the rails will buckle, the rivets on the boiler will pop, the whole engine blows up, or the whole train runs headlong into an immovable obstruction on the line.

      The danger is, the incompetence of government, not by design but accident, has brought the UK to a position which very much resembles a proto-fascist State, where fascism, intolerance, and xenophobic paranoia are beginning to fester in the public psyche. At present, there is no central focus or direction for these dangerous dynamics. There is madness, but so far no “Hitler” figure to steer that madness. Let me stress the words, …so far.

      The abject failure of UK Government is still, even now, engineering a seismic economic calamity for the UK population, and where strong coordinated government is required to manage or better still avert that crisis, what they are actually doing is creating a vacuum of despair about political leadership which will leave the people desolate and abandoned.

      Who would you look to in a crisis? Boris Johnson? May? Corbyn? Rees-Mogg? Cast the net wider and even Ruth Davison as a ludicrously credible option. I’d sooner trust Sooty and Sweep to run the country. The UK Government has created a vicious circle whereby the country is absolutely desperate for inspired leadership, but between them they have brought the reputation of politics into such disrepute these past few decades that nobody with any leadership caliber would touch Westminster with a barge pole.

      The United Kingdom I very much fear is now floundering like a business enterprise which has run its course, the brand is tainted, the boardroom is sterile but oh so greedy for dividends, research and development was ignored, the investments weren’t made, and when the staff that built the empire retire they’re not being replaced because recruitment is such an uphill struggle. Death by incompetent complacency.

      What happens next? That is the point where my crystal ball becomes unclear, but for the life of me, I can’t tell whether it’s becomming cloudy with mist,… or smoke.

      Get out of this mess Scotland. Get out now and keep running. We are one of the last vibrant UK resources which still made money despite the brain-dead leadership decisions of the Westminster Boardroom. They’ve always resented us anyway.

      It’s time for a Company buy-out by the workforce. We can thrive once we rid ourselves of this stifling, oppressive, governmental depression. Man the lifeboats. Save ourselves.

    297. cearc says:


      Keep on rambling, laddie.

    298. Cactus says:

      You called it baby…

      Dem leaves are falling cearc?

      Is it time yet?

    299. Cactus says:

      Tis less than 3 months in leaving days tae go now iScotland.

      What you gonnae do about UR country & Europe?

      There be only one option to WIN.

      You are whom U are.

    300. mac says:

      Cactus 2.24am

      That song would bring a tear to Petra’s eyes.

      Lol poor auld Petra.

    301. mac says:

      Cactus song to Petra was actually at 2.14 am.

      And still funny

    302. Cactus says:

      Wur back on PlayStation1 Red Alert like.

      Capture Westminster Flag on.

      Construction complete.

      Crates on 2.


    303. Cactus says:

      Hey Petra, ah ken ye ken me fur mah naughtiness.

      Get up get up get busy do it…

      Get up n shake that body.

      Minimal fucks tonight.

      Cheers ma’am x.

    304. Essexexile says:

      I love you Breeks.
      @3.04. Just about the perfect summary of the situation. Beautifully worded too.

    305. Robert Peffers says:

      @Colin Alexander says: 3 January, 2019 at 11:29 pm:

      ” … if you and Robert Peffers want to take the case on and prove in court that Scotland’s people are sovereign, not UK Parliament, under the law in the UK.”

      Strange turn of phrase there, Colin, which exposes your personal excessive Scottish Cringe.

      In the first place there is absolutely no doubt that the people of Scotland are legally sovereign under the independent Rule of Law of the Kingdom of Scotland.

      It is the basic tenet of all Scots Law. It also ratifies that claim in the Treaty of Union that is, “The Birth Certificate”, of the United Kingdom Parliament. A Birth Certificate that is the only Written Constitution of the United Kingdom and its parliament.

      No one can deny the Treaty of Union, “Constituted”, the United Kingdom Government and no one can deny that what it, “Constituted”, was a united kingdom of only two, equally Sovereign, signatory Kingdoms. It thus created a United Kingdom Government – it did not create a unified country.

      Furthermore, there is no doubt the United Kingdom parliament now actually runs as the de facto parliament of the country of England for there is no other, elected as such, Parliament of the country of England.

      ” … The people of Scotland only become sovereign at the point they get off bended knees and reject UK Parliament as their Lords and masters.”

      Now here is the final open proof of your excessive Scottish Cringe, Colin.

      The People of Scotland do not, factually only become legally sovereign at any other point in history for under Scots law, and internationally accepted as going back before the actual Declaration of Arbroath of 1320, Scots law proved to the head of the then international authority who accepted The Declaration of Arbroath in 1320, that under Scots Law the people of Scotland are legally sovereign and thus they do not suddenly only become legally sovereign by asserting their sovereign right.

      Here’s the facts – In 1688 English law ruled that once becoming sovereign a person, or body of persons, simply by becoming sovereign, could not become not sovereign. They could however, abdicate their legal sovereignty or delegate it to a parliament.

      Which is why the Monarch of the Kingdom of England remains legally sovereign while being compelled to legally delegate their royal sovereignty to the Parliament of the Kingdom of England. Their perception was that as the Sovereign was chosen by God no Earthly power could remove it. This in 1688 is in accordance with Scots law that ruled in 1320 the sovereign people of Scotland could not give up their legal sovereignty but could delegate their chosen monarch to exercise it for them while reserving their powers to, “Drive out”, a monarch they deemed to not be up to the job.

      So there you go – The People of Scotland are legally sovereign but, by the Treaty of Union, delegated the United Kingdom Parliament to exercise their legal sovereignty.

      Thing is that the current parliament at Westminster is not operating as a United Kingdom Parliament but as the de facto Parliament of the Country of England. How else can you explain that as a fact when there has not been an elected Parliament of England since 1 May 1707 – yet Westminster runs England via Westminster Ministries while setting up devolved parliaments in only Scotland, Wales and N.I.

      Thing is there is no such thing, (as you claimed above), as an United Kingdom Rule of Law. There is only English Law and Scottish Law so factually Westminster uses English Law and has thus illegally applied, (a.k.a. devolved), English Law to Wales, N.I. and Scotland. Yet English law only applies to the three English Kingdom countries while Scots law is forever upheld by the very Treaty of Union that gave birth to the United Kingdom.

      And here we have Colin Alexander upholding English Law as being sovereign over Scots law that has been in place since before the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320.

      But then you already knew all that – didn’t you, Colin?

    306. Hamish100 says:

      Ultimately the people will dictate. Maybe our Lord Advocate could reinforce your point Robert with a formal statement?

    307. Ken500 says:

      People are having to wait for NHS treatment because the Westminster unionists blew the world to bit. They decided to use Scottish funds to fund a bankers crash, illegal wars and tax evasion. Westminster unionists are using Scottish funds to rebuild Westminster, fund the HoL. Use Scottish funds to fund London S/E. Fund Hinkley Point and HS2. The biggest waste of money on the planet while cutting funding for eseential public services.

      Taking Scottish funds to fund every appalling project on the planet. Brexit. Scottish funds used to fund that catasphere. Scottish funds are being misused by Westminster liars. £Billions because people voted NO. The Westminster unionists cut NHS and Education funding £Billions year that is why people are having to wait for treatment for mild aliments which have no immediate cure. If there are any immediate life threatening situations. They are dealt with immediately, The Scottish SNP Gov has to mitigate for all the Westminster unionist appalling policies which they have imposed on Scotland illegallly because people in Scotland voted unionist/NO. Vote NO you get nothing. Let’s hope some if them have changed their mind.

      Nicola can’t be bribed by May. May and her mates complete and utter lunatics who want to cause maximum damage on the Scottish/UKworld.economy. Nicola et al have to mitigate all these cuts and the catastrophere of Brexit. Without enough powers. The unionist politicans perpetual lying criminials. Getting away with murder.

      Brexit has nothing to do with migration and population. It has nothing to do with population size, migration or taking back control. It has to do with Westminster/Tory/unionist criminality and lies. The Tory were at this Exit nonsense 40 years ago. Forty years ago the same lying dangerous liars. Rees Mogg, Redwood (now honoured for lies) Davis, Duncan Smith etc were trying to take the UK out of EU membership. When the population was smaller with higher unemployment. 20% (NI) 15% Scotland. The only place where unemployment was under 10% was London S/E. interest rates were 15% + and inflation reached 25%.

      The Tories (Thatcher) complete and utter mismanage of the economy. Causing havoc, riots and civil unrest. Deliberately starving people. EU matters brought Thatcher down. An appalling creature with appalling policies. Compulsive lying criminals. Keeping their crime secret under the Official Secrets Act. Labour/unionist came in and were just a bad, if not worse. Ditto LibDems.etc. Not a cigarette paper between them. Knowingly appalling policies. Wasting public money, borrowing and spending like there was no tomorrow. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Now £Trns in debt with the biggest unequal wealth gap in the world. A dangerous combination. Appalling mismanagement for years. Since 1928 and before.

      Just wait the SNP will hold the balance of power at Westminster. That is when the Westminster lunatics will have to let the people go. Just get out and vote for it. The power is in the people’s hands. Use it.

      The NE unionist political regime is criminal. Policies imposed by lunatic criminals breaking every political rule/Law in the land. A basketcase of losers. The political system imposed to give them unfair advantage. Gerrymandering, illegal donations. Sheer criminality without a mandate. The voters being betrayed at every turn. Appalling administration of mismanagement, A dangerous laughing stock for all to see.

      The SNP Gov (Alex Salmond) funded and built the AWPR, the best thing to happen for the NE (Scotland) ever. The wind turbines in the bay (an eye sore) but churning out revenues and safe fuel. (Alex Salmond) and the Golf Deveopment projects doing everything possible to help the NE economy.

      The unionists politicans are intent on destroy it politically, socially and economically. Habitual liars. They are a complete and utter disgrace. The power is in the public’s hand to vote them out.

      SNP the Scottish saviours trying to end the duplicity. Just wait a little bit longer. The end game is in sight for the people to take back control of Scotland and unite with the rest of the world.

      The GSA administration board of governors should go. The lot of them. To bring in people of some ability and talent to try and run the show. The inadequacy of the present mob is a complete disgrace. Burning down the building continually because of their complete incompetence. Borrowing and spending money like their is no tomorrow on their inadequacy. They are an insult to Scottish society.

    308. Nana says:

      Macintosh announces year long programme to mark 20yrs of the Scottish parliament. This man would happily see our parliament shut down.


    309. Nana says:

      The arbitrary cruelty of the ‘hostile environment’ stretches beyond any one community. Brexit will only make it worse

      The corruption behind the Tory freight deal with a shipping company that has no ships

      Vote for her deal or else!

    310. Nana says:

      NEW: Theresa May’s allies privately concede they are on course to lose the meaningful vote due 12 days from now. Senior Tories are gaming a second vote or another delay. Downing Street insider: “If we have to have the vote 30 times, we will”
      Link to Buzzfeed article here

      A range of British companies could simply collapse if the UK crashes out of the European Union in late March with no Brexit deal

    311. Nana says:

      Some good detail here on the #Seaborne farce, including the chequered trading history of some of the directors, encompassing a fair bit of insolvency but not many ferries

      Most of May’s Conservative Party members oppose her Brexit deal – survey

      DUP’s Dodds says party’s objections to PM May’s Brexit deal remain, talks continue

      This is the untold story of the Vote Leave, Cambridge Analytica whistleblowers. They went to the BBC who promised a programme for three months. They told them everything. Then the BBC dropped the programmes, and campaigned against the whistleblowers

    312. Nana says:

      Axing UK government departments ‘would save taxpayer billions’, says Treasury insiders

      After six years of phone hacking denials, damaging emails cast serious doubt on the Mail on Sunday’s claims of innocence…

      Tufton Street and nearby Westminster addresses are home to a network of policy ‘think tanks’, lobbyists, pressure groups, PR and media organisations. They offer a range of services, among them offering access to politicians, promoting right-wing agendas, and providing a revolving door to government and media.

    313. Tom Busza says:

      Nana 8.16 am

      Thanks for your lin ks.

      However, 3rd item:
      The corruption behind the Tory freight deal with a shipping company that has no ships

      showing as “not found”. I wonder if it’s been taken down!

    314. Robert Kerr says:

      Here is another one Nana. And thank you for all yor linjs. Much appreciated.

      During indiref1 I posted on the re-emergence of the Hanseatic League for the North of the EU and more.

      This seems not to be a flight of fantasy.

      There would be a place for iScotland therein. And as part of a reformed EU.

      A real “Arc of Prosperity”. Cork, Dublin, Derry, Belfast, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Leith, all the way through Lubeck

      Remember the letter! link

      through Eastwards to Gdansk,Tallin, …….

      Google “New Hanseatic League” Lots there. I wonder what informal approaches Edinburgh has made already!

    315. Dorothy Devine says:

      Thanks for the links Nana – I just noticed that the company sans ferries has paid a Dutch company to dredge Ramsgate , I’m assuming that all UK companies were engaged elsewhere.

    316. Davie Oga says:

      Why are Scottish police training for deployment in Northern Ireland in the event of a no deal/ hard border scenario?

      Surely Police Scotland is under the control of The Scottish Government?

    317. Ken500 says:

      Ken McIntosh and his associates support policies which could destroy the authority of the Scottish Parliament. They are malicious hypocrites. Lining their pockets with Scottish taxpayers money without any principles in any way shape or form.

      Ken McIntosh – ‘there are too many Scottish accents on BBC Scotland. People do not want that’ ??

      The absolutely duplicity of that idiotic statement. The absolute bloody cheek of it. Not fit for public office.

      Now announcing the twenty years Holyrood celebrations. When the proposals of his Party could destroy it and the British/world economy.

      The only time the population of Scotland has grown has been since Devolution. The Westminster governance deliberately depopulated Scotland. Took Scottish resources to fund London S/E for centuries and lied about it. The only time in history that the Scottish unemployment rate has ever been lower than the rest of the UK was since Devolution. (2000). Under the governance of the SNP Scottish government.

    318. galamcennalath says:

      Sending English and Scottish police to Northern Ireland is an act of provocation!

      Police Scotland should not be cooperating with this lunacy.

    319. Petra says:

      @ Cactus says at 2:14 am …. ”Just had a hoose request there furra little bit of Kunt: This is right up your street Petra. FREE Parking.”


      @ mac says at 3:37 am …. ”Cactus (2.24am). That song would bring a tear to Petra’s eyes. Lol poor auld Petra.”

      @ mac says at 3:41 am …. ”Cactus song to Petra was actually at 2.14 am. And still funny.”

      Lol? What’s funny about that? Oh right you liked it mac. You seem to think that this kind of behaviour is acceptable on this site?

      You also seem to have made a number of false assumptions about me in your very short post from being ”auld” to being upset by a despicable, utterly disgusting, vindictive wee bully-boy who’s seemingly managed to dupe a number of people on here.

      I’ve worked with psychopaths, schitzophrenics, paedophiles, et al, over time and what I’ve witnessed, read and heard would make your hair stand on end. His ”pathetic contribution” pales into insignificance barring the fact that it’s not exactly what people, in particular youngsters, expect to find on this site. You know the site, Wings over Scotland, that has an objective of converting individuals to supporting Independence …. some of whom are women of course.

      @ Cactus says at 3:47 am …. ”Hey Petra, ah ken ye ken me fur mah naughtiness. Get up get up get busy do it… Get up n shake that body. Minimal fucks tonight. Cheers ma’am x.”

      I’ve also got a great deal more to get ‘teary’ about right now with 2 close relatives really ill in hospital, a daughter who has been involved in a serious car accident and a family dog that was knocked down and killed on Monday.

      Time for some on here, as I’ve said before, to start cleaning up their act.

    320. Ken500 says:

      The Scottish police initially decide their own policies. Until they are ratified. The separation of the legislation and the judiciary. Supposedly for fairness and lack of bias. The Police spent too much time illegally putting folk in cells on ‘charges’ that can never come to court. Wasting time and £Millions of public money. Criminalising people.

      The Irish Border will affect Scotland. Ultimately Scotland borders parts of (NI) Ireland. Scottish Police could be involved with controlling Irish border matters. Against the Scottish/Irish people’s wishes. Costing Scottish taxpayers even more money because Scotland voted NO. IndyRef. ie Westminster unionists wishes.

      Scotland borders parts of Ireland (NI).

    321. Ken500 says:

      @ best wishes Petra. You certainly do not deserve any abuse. Especially with what you are enduring. Peace, love and respect.

    322. Ken500 says:

      Drink abuse is party to it. x Ignore it. ‘Drink’s in the wit’s oot’.

    323. Petra says:

      Nana thanks for the great links X

      In particular:

      I see it includes the following ..”A Forbes article actually concluded that the British Government have been deliberately misleading the people of Scotland for decades in order to keep Scotland under control.”

      Does anyone know anything about this article?

    324. Nana says:

      @Tom Busza

      Try this one Tom

      @Robert Kerr, thanks for the links Robert and sorry for delay replying to you.I’m getting ready to leave for Aberdeen shortly. Good link there re the Lubeck letter. I’m sure the Scotgov have been planning for our arc of prosperity 🙂

    325. Tom Busza says:

      Thanks Nana

    326. Nana says:

      @ Petra

      I have recollections of a couple of articles from Forbes during the run up to indyref. When my old computer ‘died’ I lost a lot of articles which I’d kept for future use.

      Once I get to Aberdeen I’ll search and get back to you.

    327. Tam the Bam. says:

      A belated Happy New Year to all fellow Wingers and you Rev.

    328. Cactus says:

      Good morning Petra & Ken, there was no direct abuse, merely an after observation that some people get triggered very easily by sweary words, ye can try tae turn it in tae something else but it is what it is. Sorry to hear about your bad news Petra, best wishes.

      Aweright mac, fellow Glaswegian.

      Time 2 pass the gloom.

    329. Fireproofjim says:

      Petra, I sympathise. Cactus ramblings are going from eccentric, witless drunk to the frankly disgusting.
      Do readers of this site really need such stuff.
      This is a site to attract people who seek information on our road to independence. Not self indulgent crudity, especially when the comments are directed at a long standing winger. There are those who find him funny. No doubt those people find scribblings on lavatory walls the height of wit.

    330. Nana says:


      Check out Brett Arends articles Forbes Scottish Independence on google.

      There are quite a few so perhaps you may have time to go through them.

      Bye for now!

    331. Cactus says:

      Hi Fireproofjim, please refer to above for clarity.

      If ye think the swearing is bad now, wait till we get closer to the end of March, you ain’t seen nothing yet, it might not even be me doing it but others certainly will.

      Once again, nothing was directed directly, cheers all.

    332. Jack Murphy says:

      The Tories—here and down there.


      The Daily Telegraph Front Page today:

      “The Daily Telegraph carries news of a poll of Conservative Party members which suggests more than half would prefer to leave the EU without a deal.” [!!!!!]

      Ditch the Tories ASAP.

    333. Macart says:


      Mornin’ Nana. Good crop.

      Huh! Apparently when folk see how leaving one close political union is so difficult, (see under Brexit), folk should avoid the thought of breaking up the treaty of union. I see this is going to be Britnats go to meme then.

      ‘Course that is NOT the lesson of Brexit that the peoples of Scotland should focus on. The lesson is that Westminster’s cack handed management of the EU ref, the result and the two and a half year negotiation period is how NOT to handle the dissolution of agreements.

      Still, its nice of the dears to point out what an utter clusterfudge looks like and hold their hands up to THEIR culpability.

      That is the main and inescapable conclusion to draw from their meme, right? That the system and practice of politics they sold to our population is solely responsible for the misery we’re currently experiencing. Just in case they hadn’t thought their reasoning through like. 😎

      You don’t hold a referendum without the ability to deliver on the outcomes. Leave NEVER had the ability to deliver their best of both worlds scenario. They had NO agreements from and NO POWER or AUTHORITY to ask such agreements from the other twenty seven nations of the EU. There was no plan in place to maintain the economy, mend any division within society, ensure security or parity with existing legislation… nothing. Just a slogan or two and a shit load of darkly emotive marketing.

      Neither did Mr Cameron’s government make preparations in the event of such a loss tbf. He didn’t think he needed to I’d imagine. NOTHING was put in place by anyone to follow through on a Brexit result. Cameron gambled a population’s lives and life chances and the Eurosceptics and disaster capitalists behind the leave vote had neither the political wherewithal or the intent to deliver on their pledges is the long and short of it.

      Bit like indyref and BT’s VOW. Empty rhetoric and sloganeering. No attempt at delivery. No real intent behind their pledges and assurances. HMG’s and pro Westminster parties focus since 2014 has been a punishment exercise for Scotland’s population.

      Unless of course, in the midst of ongoing austerity legislation and the Brexit omnishambles, we’ve blinked and missed the constitutional and economic stability, olive branches, zooper cuddly respect and better togetherness. Oh, and all the teeming benefits of the bestest onion in the history of onions. Lost count of all the bullshi… (cough).

      No. No, I don’t think we’ve missed anything either. Aaand I think I know what a government looks like that actually does have a negotiating plan and the power to deliver on its outcomes looks like by this point.

    334. Macart says:

      Huh! Double pasted on my last line. (Dang it!) Should read ‘Aaand I think I know what a government looks like that actually does have a negotiating plan and the power to deliver on its outcomes by this point.’

    335. Phronesis says:

      Much to learn from history. This is the end of days for the remnants of a delusional imperial power, its fading influence and exploitative ways. Scotland’s place in Europe will be entirely Scotland’s business. The main culprit, the obturate WM cabal, has concocted its own demise.

      ‘Major labour protests and rebellions swept across the Caribbean between 1934 and 1938, demanding economic investment, better wages, land reform and political independence. The British government called for an investigation into the causes of the rebellions. The report, known as The Moyne Report after Lord Moyne who headed the commission, was written in 1938. However, due to its portrayal of desperate living and working conditions it was not published until 1945. Though considered controversial in Britain, many Caribbeans felt the recommendations of the commission did not go far enough. In particular, the report did not advocate for political independence’

      ‘There has no doubt been during, roughly speaking, the last half century, a considerable change in the opinion of England as to the value of her dependencies, and the consideration of the reasons for the unfavourable theories which used to be largely held, and of the causes which have led to a wider view and a warmer sympathy, opens up an interesting chapter of political thought…India in particular he denounced as a calamity and a curse to England. Sir Cornwall Lewis, in his treatise on the ” Government of Dependencies,” published in 1841, gave greater weight to the disadvantages than to the advantages. Mr. Disraeli, when leader of the Tory party, declared in a private letter that the colonies were millstones round our necks, and Lord John Russell, the leader of the Whigs, publicly stated that separation would soon follow the grant of responsible government’

      Ref ;A handbook of the British colonial empire : based upon the Colonial office list 1906.

      ‘The Labour government was committed to preserving Britain’s role as a world power; as the relative weakness of Britain, with its grossly overextended commitments, became an increasing source of anxiety, it became tempting to view the colonies as a long term resource. As we shall see there were grandiose dreams of forging the Commonwealth into a third world power’

      Ref; A.W. Simpson ‘Human Rights and the End of Empire’

    336. Daisy Walker says:

      Happy New Year folks.

      O/t – been having a wee look at Kirsty Hughes Twitter and following some threads. Found this info.

      If Labour hold and win a No Confidence Vote, Parliament has 14 days to try and form a new gov. If they can’t and it goes to a GE, it takes 25 ‘working’ days to campaign which equals 7 weeks.

      So, last possible date for a No Confidence vote is 24th January 2019.

      For info.

    337. Daisy Walker says:

      Re 1000 extra Police drafted in from rUK to Police the border in NI.

      Will this be proportionate. That is, will 10% be from Police Scotland…. or since the English Gov has run down their Police numbers to almost zilch and the Scot Gov has made concerted efforts to keep their Police numbers up…. is Scotland going to be subsidising rUK yet again.

      I have heard the number 600 officers to be supplied from Police Scotland. Sorry can’t confirm source.

      Westminster wouldn’t be playing divide and conquer yet again would it. There is no way to ‘police’ the NI border in times of troubles, without becoming like the squaddies of the ’70’s. If the majority are Scottish… sow the seeds of bad feeling between Ireland and Scotland.

    338. mike cassidy says:

      Just in case we all get sidetracked by trivial issues like independence

      Remember these are the end times!

    339. Daisy Walker

      … and leave Scotland with fewer police to protect the Scots when WM or some other named clone kicks off the ‘civil war’ here in Scotland to try and prevent Indy

    340. mike cassidy says:

      The ‘pledge’ to provide police support to Northern Ireland was made by Police Scotland in September last year.

    341. John Thomson says:

      Meg and Daisy don’t worry HM Forces is busy recruiting snowflakes

    342. Capella, Mike Cassidy @11.32pm

      Was it ‘Ooh’ or was it ‘Boo’???

      Easy way to tell –

      If it was ‘ooh’ the sound will go up and then down, a bit like a sin wave.

      If it was ‘Boo’ the sound will start level then fall slightly and not rise again, like cow moo-ing.


    343. Breeks says:

      Maybe we can lobby our friends in Europe for a “dry run” No Deal Brexit scenario.

      Keep the 29th March as guillotine day, but have a full dress rehearsal a month early on 28th February, safe in the knowledge the ensuing chaos and deafening clatter of so many pennies dropping will only last 24 hours.

      I’ve run some scenarios through the supercomputer, and all we need are four drones, one at Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton and Birmingham, a strategically placed lorry with a puncture, and a smoke pellet let off in the Chunnel, and the Country will be on 24 hour lockdown. Just keep your eyes peeled for Steed, Purdey and Gambit trying to throw a spanner in the works.

      Let me address idea to Westminster, because by February 28th, I hope and pray with every fibre that if we’re not already out of this mess, then Scotland’s Constitutional Escape tunnel has already reached the perimeter fence and the safety of the woods is just a few more feet away. Brexit will not be our problem… at least not directly.

      But if we reach 28th February and still have no Legal Personality, no Constitutional Backstop, but we are still scratching our heads aimlessly, mumbling on about a Section 30 for IndyRef2 and the latest beastliness of the beastly BBC, then fk it. We’ve been kicking the same burst fitba since before 2014. Our timidity kills me. It’s Scotland, not Slothland, but the way we’re going it will be neither. You’ll be on your own. It’s every man for themselves. I’ll be bobbing about the North Sea on a wee wind surfer heading for political asylum in France, Denmark, or Norway. (No very good with currents, bit of a lottery, but wind surfing gets you over the loch – it’s just getting back again against the wind which defeats my grasp of elementary physics).

      84 Days…..

      I won’t really by the way. For as long as there remains but a hundred of us left alive, count on me to be one of them. Grumpy, impatient and ill-nittered, but I’m here to the bitter end.

    344. mac says:

      Cactus gives you that little chuckle you need during these dark days of the ending of the Union.

      Don’t take it personally Petra.

      As I have said before,,,being a fellow Glaswegian I can relate to the streets and bridges Cactus travels down on his merry way home,,,so maybe I am a bit biased and don’t see the bad side that others obviously do.

      It’s all about balance and learning to accommodate all opinions on Wings..

      So my advise is not to take Cactus too seriously and the other obvious option is to ignore him all together..

      Lighten up guys,,,we are nearly there.

    345. John Thomson

      I’m not worried – we shall win

      2019 – The Year of Freedom

    346. Bobp says:

      Mike cassidy 12.16pm. Cant see to many of Scotlands finest volunteering to be sniper targets on the Armagh/monaghan border

    347. Breeks says:

      mike cassidy says:
      4 January, 2019 at 12:16 pm
      The ‘pledge’ to provide police support to Northern Ireland was made by Police Scotland in September last year.

      Isn’t a pledge the same thing as a vow?

      Relax. I think we’re good. 😉

    348. galamcennalath says:

      Police Scotland and Northern Ireland.

      I must say, I am very uneasy about this.

      Of course emergency services should be willing to come to the aim of neighbours in situations like major accidents or natural disaster. That’s the humanitarian response we expect. However Brexit and any effects are purely political. It’s all about ideaology and nationalism.

      We should be wary of comparisons between Scotland and Northern Ireland but parallels exits. Both didn’t chose Brexit, it is being forced on them. Both communities are split about allegiance to WM and around half of each would chose a different future altogether. Both have far tight political minority parties which wield far too much power by being associated with London Conservatives.

      Both the DUP and the right wing cabal in Scotland are born troublemakers. They would certainly draw their own parallels between Scotland and NI where none should logically exist!

      Remember, the DUP opposed the GFA. They want NI to be as different as possible from the rest of the island. Brexit suits their agenda and the harder the better.

      Scotland should be busy frying other fish.

    349. Galamcennalath

      You make a strong point there. Both N. Ireland and Scotland voted Remain.
      Why should an extra police be needed anyway.

      Surely a government enacting the will of the people should not need a police force to help them enforce that sentiment – unless, of course, they are knowingly enforcing a policy that those people do not want!!!

      By my understanding, the majority of N. Ireland want T May’s Brexit deal as it leaves them in the SM and CU with a soft border. Only the DUP and their ‘marching bands’ want a No Deal

      This reminds me of Chris’ cartoon the other day – if T May had done something about ensuring the return of the Stormont administration, then perhaps there would be a more representative voice in N. Ireland , – so that chicken has come home to roost.

      Meanwhile, she did the worst thing possible and tied herself into a deal with the hardline DUP who are now The ‘kingmakers’ – so that chicken has also come home to roost.

      etc etc.

      and if Scottish police have to discipline N. Ireland Remainers what will that lead to.

      Meanwhile, what will fill the vacuum in Scotland?

      Are we really and truly witnessing, in 2019, a British government that is consciously training the Police to be used in a democratic country, when said government tries to force its crazy decision onto the people?


      Beam me up, Nicola.

    350. Petra

      2019 has not got off to a good start for you. Stay well and hopefully all your family members will soon be fit and well.

      Try to ignore Cactus – I appreciate it is hard when specific posts are addressed personally but the man is drunk and rambling.

      I totally get where you are coming from about the website and swearing and for the most part people are respectful and civil. It’s up to the Rev to decide who posts on the site but you are right to post your feelings about Cactus’ nocturnal comments and the possible effects on other, new posters and regulars.

      Personally I tend to scroll by his monologues but I do sometimes worry about his liver and whether he will get home safely.

      Cactus will read your remarks, and those of other Wingers and perhaps 2019 will mark a change for the better for everyone.

    351. Packhorse Pete says:

      “Cactus gives you that little chuckle you need during these dark days of the ending of the Union.

      Don’t take it personally Petra.

      As I have said before,,,being a fellow Glaswegian I can relate to the streets and bridges Cactus travels down on his merry way home,,,so maybe I am a bit biased and don’t see the bad side that others obviously do.”

      I come to this site to find out opinions on Scottish independence-NOT to hear the drunken ramblings of some itinerant bore. Yes, I can, and do, scroll past, but he takes up far too much space. How this helps the cause of independence I really don’t know.

    352. Mac @ 12.40pm

      There will always be controversy.

      How many people remember the furore when James Kelman, the first Scots writer to win, won the Booker prize for Literature in 1994. The decision split the judging panel.

      His book, “…How Late it Was, How Late” was praised for its ‘ mesmerising, stream-of-consciousness depiction of a Glaswegian blind man

      Julia Neuberger , one of the judges, volubly expressed her disgust that a book she couldn’t understand had taken the prize. It was considered literary vandalism.

      In his defence Kalman said,
      “My culture and my language have the right to exist and no one has the authority to dismiss that” .
      He received the accolade of “genius” from the chairman of the judges, John Bayley, formerly Warton Professor of English Literature at Oxford.

      The book describes the ramblings of a blind, Glaswegian drunk.

      “…This was the dregs; he was at it. He had fg reached it now man the fg dregs man the pits, the fg black limboland, purgatory, where all you can do is think. Think. That’s all you can do. Ye just fg think about what ye’ve done and what ye’ve no fg done; ye cannay look at nothing, ye cannay see nothing it’s just a fg total disaster area, yer mind, yer fg memories,a disaster area….he wasnay ordinary, cause if he was fg ordinary it wouldnay be fg happening.

      Maybe Cactus is James Kelman…

    353. J T McLean says:

      As policing devolved matter then the deployment , and to where , of Police Scotland personnel is surely a matter for the Chief Constable of Police Scotland and the Scottish Parliament.
      Imagine the mayhem and turmoil that could be caused if a catastrophic outcome occurred.
      Let Westminster sort this problem….after all they’ve caused it.
      So….reply to this is short…..Name Chance

    354. starlaw says:

      Seems to me that Police Scotland members will be going to N Ireland to enforce a system the majority of the people don’t want. This will not end well for the UK.

    355. ronnie anderson says:

      Im applying for for funding for a start up buisness Con – Tiki ferries , noo as its ah start up company ah need ah workforce that kin build boats ie those people that can weave , basket weavers would be ideal for ah basket case company .

      There will also spinoff company Coracle Capers that will be the passenger carrier , am also looking for Investors for a successful enterprise C mon Wingers tak ah Punt an get in at the start , dont wait tae we’re midstream .

    356. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @ronnie anderson –

      That’s punbelievable!


    357. Calum McKay says:


      Guardian are running with a story of Scottish Police in training to help out with troubles rising from a No Deal Brexit and Northern Ireland.

      Beggars the questions,why, who agreed to this and why are Scots helping out an English right wing tory government?

      ‘We’ should have no part in this under any circumstances, it’s a tory owned mess!

    358. mike cassidy says:

      Calum McKay

      As at 12.16

    359. Cactus says:

      Jeez, misunderstood again, perception peeps, all is not as it seems. If people are (indirectly) offended by a YT video, ye’d better prepare yerselves for what’s coming by the end of March. Maybe it’s a generational thing!

      Think of a popular song by hiphop group Salt n Pepa recently played.

      Return to topic.

    360. Dr Jim says:

      Leaving the EU is tremendously complicated says the UK government and proves conclusively that Scotland can’t possibly leave the UK

      Or put more simply, England cannae go a bike and keep falling off so Scotland won’t be able to go a bike either

      I wrote that in infant so the infants who think like this would understand it, you’d think some of them would try to read some of the letters tattoed on their knuckles and come up with some better more sensible words at least occasionally

    361. george wood says:

      @Cactus 2.42pm

      You seem to be blissfully unaware of what a bore you are when you are drunk.

      I look at this website for information about Indepedence, not to read the incoherent ramblings of the resident drunk.

    362. galamcennalath says:

      Most Tory party members want a crash and burn Brexit, though might not be quite they way they see it. However it seems they are are willing to take huge risks with everyone else’s lives and livelihoods in the quest for far right ideology and English nationalism.

      Perhaps no one should be surprised. We all know the kind of individuals they are!

      So, why is May attempting to achieve something a little softer? Softer in the short term and ‘blindfold’ in the longer, but still somewhat above open carnage.

      Either, there is a saner, more worldly and pragmatic faction within the Tories, OR, all along they all just wanted an excuse and blame-fodder for ‘no deal’.

      We will soon find out!

      The acid test will not be what happens to the meaningless vote on the ‘deal’ but how they respond to the aftermath. They do have the power to pull us all back from the cliff edge anytime.

      Labour? Who knows, who cares?

    363. Effijy says:

      Listening to various radio shows in the car today.
      Checking up on Radio Westminster Propaganda form Quay.
      The MD of Healthcare Environmental Services, who recently went into administration seemed to be doing the decent thing and working toward finding a buyer for the Shotts Plant and save the jobs.

      His claim is that the government won’t pay out on redundancies while they try to sell the plant and save jobs.

      He also claims that a Senior Government Civil Servant demanded that he closes down the situation and gives up on saving the jobs

      The threat from the uncivil servant was that he better play ball or Theresa May will know his name?

      Sounds very much to me that a Tory Funder is ready to buy the plant for less than value, have no obligations to any established workforce and therefore be able to pay the minimum wage or employ Zero Hours contracts.

      His Tory Pals will ensure that their supporter gets any new contracts going.

      New Radio show had a caller discussing the out and out farce of the Tory Brexit Seaborne Con – tract.

      No ships to operate, no tender opportunity to deliver best value
      and according to one caller, the people behind the company are indeed Tory backers.

      The Tories are as corrupt as the Mafia.
      They don’t even need to hide the fact or get embarrassed about it

      The UK Media is in Westminster’s pocket, the gap between the UK
      Rich and the average worker continues into its 56 year and accelerating fast.

      What are the opposition parties doing?
      Is it called abstaining?
      Grumbling on the side lines?
      Wishing it was Labour Supporters Companies they were awarding these corrupt contracts to?

      For Pity sake Scotland remove yourself from these immoral confidence tricksters and claim what is rightfully yours.

    364. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Nana @ 08:16,

      Thanks for another bunch of interesting links to start the year. This one was especially curious, since it seems that May’s Great Wheeze for her Brexit deal is to keep putting a vote to the HoC until it votes the way she wants.

      This from the Great Defender of Democracy who can’t possibly contemplate a second referendum on Brexit or on Independence.

      Go figure.

      I also had a laugh at one of the reactions to the “company with no ships” mentioned in another link:


      — Chris Rand (@ChrisRandWrites) December 30, 2018

      I’m thinking we need a lot more caustic wit like that. It gets through to ordinary folk much more effectively than screeds of earnest analysis.

    365. Clapper57 says:

      @ Petra

      So sorry to hear you are having such a terrible time.

      Take care .

    366. Highland Wifie says:

      So sorry to hear you’re not having the best start to 2019. Just wanted you to know people reading Wings do care. Stay strong.
      Happy New Year to everyone. I think this is the year the dominoes start to fall and Indy will follow like night follows day. Let’s do this.

    367. Colin Alexander says:

      @ Robert Peffers

      I’m saying the highest court of the UK ruled UK Parliament sovereign.

      I’m going further, and saying unelected Lords, without any democratic process, have been ruled as legally entitled to overrule democratically elected MSP representatives of the (ultimately) sovereign people of Scotland.

      I’m not cringing at that; I’m outraged. So should all in Scotland be outraged, even if they don’t support independence.

      That the unelected Lords can not just delay but totally block legislation by the democratically elected MSPs is completely undemocratic.

      For many, democracy means more to them than sovereignty exercised by Lords or Kings, nominally on behalf of the people.

      So, it’s clear that supporting the Union is like supporting being ruled over by unelected Lords. It is an attack on democracy.


      So, the people are sovereign, the Scottish Parliament isn’t. Where does that leave us?

      UK Parliament with the delegated sovereignty of the sovereign people, overrules the SP over the Cont Bill.

      Where does that leave indyref via the subordinate SP if UK Parliament again says NO to indyref?

      It shows how vulnerable to being blocked the indyref policy has always been.

      It has always relied on UK political goodwill, respect for political convention such as democratic electoral mandate. The days of convention being respected have died with Sewel when the House of Lords killed the Continuity Bill.

      So, the SNP know now as a fact, as they’ve always known is likely, the indyref policy is based on goodwill from the UK. That’s not democracy, that’s the cringe you talk about:

      Please may we have an indyref, my Lords?

    368. galamcennalath says:

      NBC …. “Given the current political climate in the United Kingdom, it was almost inevitable that the new made-for-T.V. movie about the Brexit vote to leave the European Union … would be embroiled in bitter controversy even before it airs.”

      Channel 4, Monday 9pm. Should be interesting.

    369. JLT says:

      @Ronnie. Happy New Year, mate.

      Aye, now into the last 5 months of the degree. It’s been a lonnnnnng 5 years. Funnily enough, after 2 years of doing Scottish history, my very last year (this year) is about ‘Empire’ from the year 1400 …and the key empire we’re more or less studying …yep …the British. And a lot of what we are seeing at the moment by the Tory Government towards Scotland, is exactly the same nonsense they tried to pull with India. Scotland is basically Britain’s 21st Century concept of 19th Century India …just as we have always perceived it! The Tories see us as a colony …no longer as an ‘equal partner in the Great Britain project.

    370. geeo says:

      Coco in pish dribbling ‘shocker’…who knew huh ?

      Oh wait…everyone knew !!

      As usual, Robert Peffers completely cleans up his (coco) dribbled pish, only for coco to dribble again, almost immediately.

      Verbal incontinence is an awful affliction, poor coco, almost feel sorry for him.


    371. orri says:

      I thought I went off on one on another thread but might be worth repeating.

      To keep the illusion going these may very well be Army personel seconded to the police before being sent in but as in the Miners Strike there’s going to be a point at which allegations will be made that those aren’t real police at all.

      There’s no way a current UK Government will admit increasing army numbers in NI.

    372. cearc says:

      Nice parody (I hope) account.

    373. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      JLT @ 16:11,

      It’s interesting that we are discovering all these parallels from history that apply to us too. The other one that particularly strikes me is the civil rights movement in the US, which was not merely about legalities, crucial as they were, but also about overcoming centuries of inculcated low self-esteem.

      Despite all the evidence, believing in ourselves is the hardest thing, it seems.

    374. Bobp says:

      The Scottish government should be making the decisions on where police Scotland go and don’t go. Not police Scotland.

    375. K1 says:

      Posting without comment:

      ‘Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
      25 April, 2017 at 8:00 am
      I’m getting really, really tired of the personal spats between certain people on here.

      Wings has one moderator, and I’m it. Anyone saying anyone else has no right to post here is walking a very thin tightrope over Ban Canyon.

      Have I made myself clear?’

    376. Robert Peffers says:

      @Colin Alexander says: 4 January, 2019 at 3:43 pm:

      ” … I’m saying the highest court of the UK ruled UK Parliament sovereign.”

      Unlike you, Colin, I know exactly what you are saying – and it is utter pish.

      >i>” … I’m going further, and saying unelected Lords, without any democratic process, have been ruled as legally entitled to overrule democratically elected MSP representatives of the (ultimately) sovereign people of Scotland.”

      Indeed, Colin, but what you deduce from that is completely cringeworthy twaddle. The truth being, that by going down that road, only gets Westminster deeper and deeper into the mire they have created for themselves and that is strengthening the legal case for Scottish independence. The tactic is usually referred to as, “Giving them enough rope to hang themselves.

      So there is the point I’ve taken the trouble to highlight for you. While you preach, here on Wings, that this indicates the FM/SG/SNP are useless wastes of space and they are doing nothing while you cringe to those Westminster machinations I, and most informed indy supporters see the true state of play.

      The FM/SG/SNP are building up an ever more strengthening and unshakeable case for independence. Plainly the entire Westminster Establishment have been abusing not only their powers but have long ago passed out of the grey areas that could perhaps have been argued about in the international courts into the realms of clear and open breaches of the Treaty of Union.

      What is more those breakings of the Treaty are now plainly documented. I’ve long ago quoted here on Wings one such blatant example that an international court would find very difficult to rule against a Scots claim of breach of contract in regards to the Treaty of Union.

      How many times have I highlighted the following statement made by Westminster’s man in Scotland, David Mundell? It plainly shows that Westminster has openly broken the Treaty of Union and thus has negated it:-

      “The Treaty of Union extinguished the Kingdom of Scotland and renamed the Kingdom of England as the United Kingdom”.

      There is absolutely nothing whatsoever in the Treaty of Union that does any such thing. Factually the Treaty of Union states that the only two kingdoms that signed it are equally sovereign partners in the United Kingdom. Just how could the Westminster Establishment defend their bogus claims in an international court of law?

      Now every time Westminster goes ahead and treats the Kingdom of Scotland as anything less than an equally sovereign partner kingdom in the United Kingdom they are strengthening the Scottish case for independence.

      Just like you do here on Wings every time you claim that Westminster is within its rights to treat Scotland and Scots in such a manner.

      As we say in Scotland, “Mony Wee puckles mak muckles”, and the case for independence gets stronger with every Westminster breaking of the Treaty of Union.

      Maybe you are genuinely outraged, Colin, but you have a damned strange way of showing it for you are one of the strongest critics of the FM/SG/SNP on this forum. You don’t help matters by being over critical of the wronged party in this matter but by being critical of the offending party but that is the Westminster way of doing things and you are following their lead.

      Westminster unionists are pushing SNP BAAAD! at every opportunity in Westminster and anywhere else including in the media Westminster funds and controls. So why would any genuine seeker of Scottish Independence be here on Wings pushing FM/SG/SNP BAAAD! with every chance they get?

      You are one such person, Colin but we treat you as what you are – anti-FM/SG/SNP to the core.

    377. ronnie anderson says:

      Bobp another non story to insight sectarian hatred. Police Scotland is under the direct control of the Scottish Gov .

    378. Bobp says:

      K1 12.18am. I reckon why the figure of 800.000 english people residing in Scotland is being pushed, is because that gives westminster 300.000 ghost postal no voters.

    379. ronnie anderson says:

      Ffs wonders never cease Ken McDonald talking up the Scottish Parliament & Scottish NHS ( stv news ) , of coarse the wind is prone to change expect ah swirling pattern next week when Holyrood gets back to business .

    380. Bobp says:

      K1.12.18am. That post should have been under ” gloom tinted glasses’ apologies

    381. Bobp says:

      Ronnie anderson 6.22pm. And so they should be ronnie.

    382. mike cassidy says:


      I thought Police Scotland was controlled by the Scottish Government as well.

      Which raises the question.

      When the head of Police Scotland said back in September that his force would assist

      Was he overstepping his authority or speaking with prior Holyrood approval?

    383. Petra says:

      @ Nana says at 10:42 am …. ”Petra I have recollections of a couple of articles from Forbes during the run up to indyref. When my old computer ‘died’ I lost a lot of articles which I’d kept for future use. Once I get to Aberdeen I’ll search and get back to you.”

      Thanks for your offer of help Nana, however you sit back (or more than likely not, lol) and enjoy your well earned break in Aberdeen. I’ve taken a quick look and reckon it refers to the McCrone Report. When I get more time I’ll see if there’s anything else.

      And like you I’ve lost a load of so-called saved data between one thing and another! Really annoying.


      The situation relating to Scottish Police being prepared to relocate to Northern Ireland is more than just farcical (Scotland relies on the UK’s broad shoulders), it’s positively dangerous.

      What I’d like to know now is what do the London controlled politicians based in Scotland have to say about that, such as Dirty Money Davidson, Carlaw, Leonard and of course wee Rennie who’s never done by getting into Nicola Sturgeon’s face, complaining about the Justice system / Policing in Scotland. More to the point what will the Scots in general make of this?

      …”Mr Matheson said: “While staffing is a matter for the chief constable, I am acutely aware that the public will want to be assured that our hard working police officers are able to offer the best possible service to keep our communities safe.

      HMICS and the Scottish Police Authority must continue to oversee the implementation of the strategy to ensure the force can continue to provide an excellent service across Scotland.”

      But the Scottish Conservatives claimed the drop in officer numbers was “likely to have a negative effect on front-line policing when we should be doing all we can to keep our communities safe.”

      And Scottish Labour said: “Public confidence in the force is at rock bottom following scandal after scandal, and falling officer numbers will only make matters worse.”


      @ mac says at 12:40 pm …. ”being a fellow Glaswegian I can relate to the streets and bridges Cactus travels down on his merry way home,,,so maybe I am a bit biased and don’t see the bad side that others obviously do.”..

      It just so happens that I’m a Glaswegian too mac and don’t ”relate”.


      Thanks to everyone who responded to my earlier post / s (too many people to reply to personally) X

      Things had started to pick up by the end of December, such as my daughter was managing, in a fashion, to look after her own home and the kids again, however the dog being knocked down on New Years day has just floored us all. Nothing else for it than to get on with it and of course there are people out there that are having to deal with far worse.

      Focusing on the fact that we’ll be out of the UK h*llhole, ASAP, takes my mind off of other issues, to some extent, and keeps me going. Once again thanks for caring X

    384. yesindyref2 says:

      There are several reasons I can think of why Police Scotland (PS) would be involved in NI.

      1). Scotland voted Remain, same as NI
      2). Helping keep the peace there could head off sectarian trouble in Scotland
      3). PS would perhaps gather intelligence to head off anything similar here
      4). The EU can’t be directly involved as the UK wouldn’t be a member
      5). Scotland gets brownie points with the EU and internationally, always a good thing for a prospective Indy country
      6). The rest of the UK has a police shortage
      7). If PS supply disproportionately to the rUK then we#d hope the UK Treasury would pay via a Barnett uplift
      8). Yet again it shows ScotGov is prepareed to bed over backwards to participate in the UK while wanting out. Reasonableness is always a part of unwritten law.
      9). Probably
      10). Ver likely

    385. yesindyref2 says:

      I always forget

      11). The UK police forces very actively co-operate with each other, including in terms of anti-terrorism

    386. yesindyref2 says:

      When your life is full of troubles it often helps to take time out and totally focus on something completely outside day to day life. Letting then normal life seep in at a controllable pace, where you can handle it without going off your head.

      Take care, and hope things improve.

    387. Petra says:

      Thanks for the advice, yesindyref2. Yes one could easily go off one’s head, lol.

      I followed your story last year about your wife and was delighted to hear that you both got through it, as in she survived. I haven’t heard too much recently so hope that she’s close to 100% now. And thanks for caring X

      And on the subject of health, if Robert (Peffers) revisits this thread I’m sending you all my best wishes for improved health this year X

    388. Petra says:

      Oh and I forgot to add that I’m sending my best wishes to everyone who is dealing with problematic issues at this time, health or otherwise X

    389. yesindyref2 says:

      The EU isn’t perfect, and back a few years was particularly corrupt in terms of chemicals and natural remedies, with restrictive directives to push out smaller competition that didn’t have directors in prominent position in the EU legislative procdure “advisory councils”. I guess pharma is the same. Ironically the previous UK government – Labour – were good at trying unsuccessully to fight that. I think with the EU Parliament becoming more active and antsy, and taking more control over the Commission, that might be becoming less and less. Hope so anyway, though the “harmonisation” directives member state enacted as legislation still remain.

    390. yesindyref2 says:

      Thanks. She’s mostly recovered, but as the specialist said (one of the 2 that operated and saved her life) she wasn’t mentally prepared as it was a sudden emergency so it would take longer to recover. Still gets tired more easily than before.

    391. Rock says:

      K1 says:
      4 January, 2019 at 12:18 am

      “So your question wasn’t ‘genuine’ Rock. You really are a creep. ‘Just asking politiely’
      Why? To what end.

      Both those ‘views’ which are all they are, are perfectly legitimate possible ‘reasons’.”

      The question was genuine and there could be possible reasons which are beyond me.

      But your response that the Britnats are promoting the 800k English figure to intimidate the Scots into believing they are “outnumbered” and there is no point in seeking independence is laughable to say the least.

    392. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Robert Peffers at 6.15

      “You are one such person, Colin but we treat you as what you are – anti-FM/SG/SNP to the core.”

      Exactly and he thinks we are all daft.

      He continually quotes interpretations of bits of law that suits him and ignores other bits that don’t. He operates on a false assumption that he expects us to swallow that the “law” as he quotes it is somehow permanent and unchangeable ignoringthe fact that it is indeed continually subject to change and amendment.
      The fact is that “legal” and “legitimate” are not the same thing and a law that is not supported by the people that are governed by it may be described as legal but is most surely not legitimate.
      The United Nations Charter is the law. It supersedes all other law (“jus cogens”). It allows any people the right to choose how and by whom they are governed no matter what “legal” impediment may be used against that.

    393. Rock says:

      Bobp says:
      4 January, 2019 at 6:24 pm

      “K1 12.18am. I reckon why the figure of 800.000 english people residing in Scotland is being pushed, is because that gives westminster 300.000 ghost postal no voters.”

      That could be true – nothing is beyond the British Establishment.

    394. Rock says:

      Dave McEwan Hill says:
      4 January, 2019 at 9:08 pm

      “Exactly and he thinks we are all daft.”

      Dave McEwan Hill says:
      1 January, 2019 at 12:08 pm (The one we’ve waited for)

      “With no National to enjoy this merning I made the mistake of buying a Herald.”

      That is more than “daft”, by someone who has been an SNP activist for decades, in my humble opinion.

    395. Cubby says:


      Rock = Britnatshit = Rockshit = British Nationalist crap = phoney independence supporter.

    396. Colin Alexander says:

      @ Dave McEwan Hill

      In what part of the Charter of the United Nations or in international law does it say:

      “The SNP must be allowed their indyref policy”?

      In my lifetime, The UK state has never prevented Scotland from exercising self-determination, .

      There was a UK General Election in 2017, 2015 etc. In every one there was nothing stopping the SNP or any other party in Scotland from obtaining a democratic mandate to declare unilateral independence by winning that election.

      SNP policy used to be:

      1. The election of a majority of SNP MPs would be a mandate for independence. It was an excellent policy.

      2. The SNP opposed LABOUR’S devolution.


      Now, I am accused of somehow being anti-independence because I repeat what the SNP used to correctly point out for many years:

      Devolution is just a trap to try and prevent independence, using a pretence of democracy, whilst UK Parliament retains all the power and treats Scotland as a subservient colony.

    397. yesindyref2 says:

      Oh good grief, who took a dump in public?

    398. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Colin Alexander at 12.04

      “2. The SNP opposed LABOUR’S devolution.”

      Evidence of this complete untruth please. If you mean that the SNP refused to join the Constitutional Convention because it refused to discus independence as an option that is an entirely different thing. The SNP hugely supported the devolution campaign. Many Labour members – Brian Wilson being one – opposed it.

      The SNP never ever fought an election on the basis that a majority of SNP MPS would be a mandate for UDI. What infantile drivel. Actually it was Margaret Thatcher that suggested that in the belief that the SNP would never achieve such.
      When the SNP achieved 56 out of 59 MPs it had not contested that election on that proposal at all and it would have been foolish, anti democratic and very dodgy indeed to try to insist on that subsequently.

      It is essential that we follow correct prodcedure at the moment until we are illegitimately frustrated. Then the ball game changes. The SNP is very well aware of this.

    399. yesindyref2 says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill
      Yes, but back in 1979 or thereabouts, some in the SNP were reluctant to support Devo at first as it wasn’t Indy. In the end they fully supported it, even delivering Labour leaflets in the likes of Falkirk as some in Labour turned against Devo.

    400. K1 says:

      Thing about ‘laughable’…is, it wasn’t. Perfectly legit ‘idea’. But gaun yersel Craig…you are just proving that it isn’t about debate for you, but snide, sneer and slagging off. That is your level, foolish to think you would be able to forgo an opportunity to rise above that.

      And before you ‘respond in kind’ by attempting to ‘shame’ me for making very valid observations in terms of swearing et al. You will just be reacting from that same old level Craig. You wouldn’t say a word if the Rev came btl and swore. I’ve always noticed that about you, a big suck up to the Rev but a total coward around him too. Obsequious comes to mind in that regard.

      Try thinking for yourself and not playing to the gallery eh. 😉

    401. Rock says:

      K1 says:
      5 January, 2019 at 12:46 pm

      “You wouldn’t say a word if the Rev came btl and swore.”

      Does he ever use the “f” word?

      I am 100% sure he would never use it, but even if he did, he would be doing it on his own website, not someone else’s.

      You have an agenda of dragging this site into the gutter with your swearing FOR THE SAKE OF SWEARING, not for making any valid point.

    402. Rock says:

      K1 says:
      5 January, 2019 at 12:46 pm

      “I’ve always noticed that about you, a big suck up to the Rev but a total coward around him too.”

      I agree with most things the Rev. Stuart Campbell says.

      But if I disagree with him on something, I say it very clearly:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell (18th December – “Coming through the field”):

      “having been thrashed by more than 12,400 votes in the election but foisted on taxpayers anyway via the list system.”

      Rock (18th December – “Coming through the field”):

      “Are you against the list system in Scotland?

      Would you prefer a Westminster type “First Past The Post” system?

      I am sure that the stupidity and nastiness of the likes of Brian Whittle can be exposed without discrediting what I believe to be a democratic system.

      The first SNP government only came about because of the list system.”

      Give me an example of a comment by yourself or any other poster so clearly disagreeing with the Rev. Stuart Campbell, the owner of this website.

    403. Rock says:

      K1 says:
      9 December, 2018 at 10:40 pm (The Stoned Roses):

      “There is no ban on swearing on Wings and no one moderates this, so why the fuck do people think it’s okay for them to moderate other posters’ language on here.”

      Elizabeth Stanley says:
      9 December, 2018 at 10:47 pm (The Stoned Roses):

      “K1,What a fucking wonderful post!”

      Ian Brotherhood says:
      9 December, 2018 at 10:53 pm (The Stoned Roses):

      “@K1 –

      Hear fuckin hear.”

      Dr Jim says:
      9 December, 2018 at 11:08 pm (The Stoned Roses):

      “Scottish swearing is punctuation”

      Liz g says:
      9 December, 2018 at 11:16 pm (The Stoned Roses):

      “Well said K1… You nailed the point with class and mair tae the point with grit…
      Fuck me I’m glad ye oan oor side… LOL”

      sandy says:
      10 December, 2018 at 1:19 am (The Stoned Roses):

      “Now, if the powers that be should disapprove the “F” word, many, including a few on this blog, would be at a loss.”

      Rock says:
      9 December, 2018 at 11:05 pm (The Stoned Roses):

      “The usual suspects wanting to drag down the best blog in the country (UK) into the gutter with them.”

    404. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      See commenters that just paste quotes from others, without context? It really makes me fugger my krant.
      And that last sentence makes as much sense as all the pastes.

    405. K1 says:

      Yes he has come btl and swore.

      And did he answer you?


      “The usual suspects wanting to drag down the best blog in the country (UK) into the gutter with them.”

      You are not the moderator and the Rev has not indicated that his blog has gone ‘into the gutter’. But way to go in trashing this blog, that you apparently think is ‘the best blog in the UK (UK is not a country).

      Rocket man right enough.

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