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From the archives #8

Posted on February 21, 2018 by

It’s still thin, thin gruel for Scottish politics in the press – everyone’s desperately trying to pretend income tax is a story again today – so while we do some research it’s back to the vaults for more ironic historical chuckles we go.

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    156 to “From the archives #8”

    1. Dan Huil says:

      I’m sure we can expect similar anti-Scottish comment during Indyref2. And probably another dozen or so new Winston Churchill movies released.

    2. Proud Cybernat says:

      ScotTories – havenae changed much, have they? Still lying fucknuts.

    3. yesindyref2 says:

      Yes, it’s always worth remembering how the Tories campaigned against Devolution, not just once in 1997, but also in 1979, and still seem to be against Devolution by voting through the EU Withdrawal Bill which takes back 111 powers to Westminster.

      Scottish Tories – the anti-Devolution party.

    4. mogabee says:

      I’m seriously wondering when were the Tories EVER on the rails?

      Don’t think I read much political stuff back in the day, so these archive articles are quite the revelation..

      God bless social media for giving us a view of the Westminster incompetence, it’s been a welcome tool!

    5. Yerkitbreeks says:

      If it had been a Blut und Boden Scottish Referendum the half million or so voters from elsewhere in the UK would have been excluded with a very different outcome.

      Compare who was allowed to vote for Brexit – if the European tax payers had been allowed ?

    6. Bob Mack says:

      Giving Scots control was a disaster in the sense that eventually Scotland learned that with A GOOD GOVERNMENT,their lives could be so much better. Some Scots have still to learn that fact, but Brexit will help.

    7. Craig P says:

      The big difference with 2014 is that by then even Labour were calling the Scots nazis.

      I guess Scotland will never again have a unionist fighting our corner. There’s too much fear of loss of control.

    8. Bill and Ben says:

      The true scots have allways known the way foreward, that has never changed, i new people who would not vote for the unionist parties in scotland, so they never voted at all, i voted every time, as i told these people years ago, a vote for the SNP at least cancels out one of the votes for unionism, and so it came to pass, that now the boot is on the other foot, and they have no chance to cancel us out, cause we are scots, and we are for our own country and freedom, and they have no answer to that message

    9. Macart says:

      Yet, there they sit. Week in, week out in a parliament they don’t believe in and would rather see abolished. Following process they abhor and voting on legislation they’d rather see handled elsewhere.

      If you were a cynical sod, you’d be forgiven for thinking that would kinda make them hypocrites, liars and somewhat untrustworthy. Not to mention they’d tend to appear more than a bit guilty of misrepresentation, and misappropriation of public funds. Y’know, accepting a wage under false pretence.

      Then there’s the whole ‘sticking up for Scotland’ thing. How’s that working out these days? What with the failure of Mr Mundell to come to a pledged agreement with Scotgov over the Brexit settlement, the absence of Tories to answer any damn thing on the whole issue and their predeliction of voting with the party whip in Commons regardless of the effects on Scotland’s population. Well. Not the best of omens is it?

      Oh, and did I mention that three of them have actively come out in support of hard Brexit? That would be a Brexit which both UK and Scotgov impact assessments consider to be catastrophic to the UKs economy. Wonder if their constituents are aware of that. Seein’ as how every Scottish voting ward returned a remain vote and all, you’d think that might upset some folk. To be fair. It really should. I understand Messrs Colin Clark, MP for Gordon, Alister Jack, MP for Dumfries and Galloway, and Stephen Kerr, MP for Stirling are the fellas in question. That right?

      Anyway. Life does come at you fast sometimes.

    10. Bob Mack says:

      No such thing as Scottish Tories. It is the Conservative and UNIONIST Party. The clue of why they will never stick up for Scotland alone,is in the name. UK yes. Scotland ,not so much.

    11. frogesque says:

      Cons will stab us in front, Slab will stab us in the back, LibDems will stab us anyway they can.

      SNP will walk on hot coals to lift us out the fire.

      SNP aren’t perfect but I know who I would prefer to walk beside me.

    12. Bill and Ben says:

      There is a beautiful little sentence and its as true today as it allways was, and here it is.

      A lie that goes unanswered becomes and accepted truth

      Now what does that mean, it means going up to a liar and in front of the whole world calling them the liar they are.
      I have done this many times, anyone tells lies about me i made sure the whole world and their dog new about it.
      Political niceties do not work, if an SNP person is being interviewed by liars, say that to them, your a bunch of lying scumbags, that’s what trump does and is that not a refreshing thing to do, instead of saying thats an untruth, no its not its a bloody lie

    13. Dr Jim says:

      The Scots can dream of Independence, the Welsh can be as partial as they please and the English will carry on as normal crushing the rebellious Scotsmen

      And I wish I could remember who said that, but I do know that’s what they believe right down to my very own English Kith and Kin who think that’s the natural order of things as they are the superior race

      Don’t start on me, that’s my own Uncles Aunts Cousins to a man/woman all from the midlands and all vote Tory and none of them what you might call well off and none of them set foot in Scotland for more than thirty years

      How sorry they feel for me “Even with all that education” I can’t see through that vile woman Sturgeon and him before her that horrible man Salmond

      We should be proud to be part of England

      Uhh huh!

    14. Movy says:

      Yes. What about the three who have broken ranks with the ‘Standing up for Scotland’ brigade and put their names to THE hard brexit letter? And that despite the latest mutterings of their ‘esteemmed’ leader, the economic assessment(s) and the fact they represent REMAIN constituencies?

    15. heedtracker says:

      On balance, nation state Scotland is a very serious threat to toryboy hegemony here in their Scotland region and England. If they lose control of Scotland, they’re twice as Brexit fcuked in England.

      Imagine the daily or hourly tory pressure to ruin Scottish democracy in Pacific Quay alone.

    16. HandandShrimp says:

      Ancram, Forsyth, Lang etc,…the only difference between the 80s and 90s and now is that the reactionary unionist warmers were a tad more intelligent and literate than the utter roasters of today.

    17. Marcia says:

      Politically, history is on our side. The future too.

    18. Welsh Sion says:

      Michael Ancram – a potted history.

      Michael Andrew Foster Jude Kerr, 13th Marquess of Lothian, Baron Kerr of Monteviot, PC, QC, DL (born 7 July 1945), formerly styled as Earl of Ancram and commonly known as Michael Ancram until he inherited the marquessate in 2004, is a British Conservative Party politician. He was formerly a Member of Parliament (MP) and a member of the Shadow Cabinet. Since 2010 a member of the House of Lords, he is the only marquess in the House of Lords. Lord Lothian is hereditary Chief of the Scottish Clan Kerr.

      He married Lady Jane Fitzalan-Howard, the fourth daughter of the 16th Duke of Norfolk, who from 7 April 2017 succeeded as the 16th Lady Herries of Terregles. They are both prominent Roman Catholics. She is a Patron of the Right to Life Trust and also a Patroness of the Royal Caledonian Ball.
      The Marquess and Marchioness of Lothian (as now formally styled) have three daughters and two grandchildren.


      Your typical Tory, methinks. Not really one who is likely to think positively of grassroots Scotland.

    19. Robert Peffers says:

      @Bob Mack says: 21 February, 2018 at 2:01 pm:

      “No such thing as Scottish Tories. It is the Conservative and UNIONIST Party.”

      Indeed that is so Bob Mack and I’ve been what seems forever telling people to never let them get away with their unremitting brainwashing of themselves and the World at large.

      An unremitting brainwashing that can be stopped in its tracks whenever and wherever it is used in a very simple manner.

      Every time anyone of them refers to the United Kingdom as Britain or as the country or a country they should be questioned and thus required to prove that point.

      As the United Kingdom is only one part of Britain they will have a very hard job escaping being forced to amend whatever it was they were about to lie about. It will, it least, interrupt their chain of thought.

      All you need do is request what part of Britain they are referring to. If they say, “All of it”, you have them by the short and curly hairs. Just ask, “Does that include the crown dependencies and the Republic of Ireland, then”? If they still say yes then remind them Westminster does NOT legislate for the Crown Dependencies.

      On the other hand if they say, “Sorry I meant the United Kingdom”, then you have begun the process of brainwashing them.

      Same thing goes if they refer to, “The Country”, for you then ask, “Which Country would that be”? Then then must choose to claim that the United Kingdom is a country, which it is not, or say the meant all four United Kingdom countries and again you have caught them out. The United Kingdom is a union of only two kingdoms, while it contains four countries it is not a union of four countries as two of those countries did not sign the Treaty of Union – how then did they get into the United Kingdom.

      If it hasn’t got through to you by mow that The Westminster Establishment has been playing upon the misuse of the English language in order to fool people it really should have occurred to you.

      The dictionary is all the proof you need that they are carrying out the biggest confidence trick in history since people claimed there were Gods and the first such Gods claimed to exist were the Sun and the other stars.

      Greek, Roman and Norse mythology all have their astrological Gods and belief in Gods has always been used to control human beings. People are killing each other throughout the World today in defence of their Gods and all Monarchy is based upon the belief that the monarch speaks for God a.k.a. The Divine right of Kings. a.k.a. Sovereignty.

      If they want to play on words then turn their own words back upon them.

    20. PictAtRandom says:

      The 1998 referendum is evidence that there can be “a sweet spot” in political timing which will gain you a decisive victory.

      Yet others quote the likes of Peter A. Bell and say that “campaigning” will change anything.

      Which is it?

    21. Proud Cybernat says:

      Ross Thomson has become the FOURTH (Scots) Tory MP to demand a hard Brexit.

      You YES yet?

    22. PictAtRandom says:

      Robert Peffers says:
      21 February, 2018 at 2:55 pm

      @Bob Mack says: 21 February, 2018 at 2:01 pm:

      “No such thing as Scottish Tories. It is the Conservative and UNIONIST Party.”

      Indeed that is so Bob Mack and I’ve been what seems forever telling people to never let them get away with their unremitting brainwashing of themselves and the World at large.

      An unremitting brainwashing that can be stopped in its tracks whenever and wherever it is used in a very simple manner.

      Every time anyone of them refers to the United Kingdom as Britain or as the country or a country they should be questioned and thus required to prove that point.

      And so now you’ll agree that indy posters should stop promoting the “BritNat” meme and instead refer to BritStats (supporters of the British (multi-national) state)? If they’re genuine, that is.

    23. yesindyref2 says:

      @Proud Cybernat
      This is good news for Indy 🙂

      More of this.

    24. Macart says:

      @Proud Cybernat

      The animated Mr Thomson eh?

      There’s a surprise… or mibbies no? (there may have been just a soupçon of sark involved there) 🙂

    25. Fred says:

      Michael Ancrum should know all about Nazi’s, his grandfather was one, he famously described Hitler’s invasion of Czechoslovakia as no more than the German’s going into their back-garden.

    26. Robert Peffers says:

      Just on the subject of things from the archives.
      Allow me to present to you an item from those very same Wings achieves that shows Scotland has never been the United Kingdom’s, “Subsidy Junkie”, but shows statistics that prove the exact opposite:-

      And another which features that great outspoken gentleman, the late John Jappie.

      It may serve as a wee reminder that the links across the top of the Wings page in black has one tabbed, REFERENCES. It contains many, many valuable resources for which we must gratefully thank The Rev Stu Campbell.

      So if you are bored by the likes of myself posting things you have read many times then give the REFERENCES a visit.

    27. Luigi says:

      If you think 1997 was bad, just wait till the current shower of Tory UKIP Britnats get going during Indyref 2. These dopes make their daft, 1997 predecessors look like mental giants. They are even more desperate this time and its gonna get ugly, my friends.

      So many comparisons can be drawn between the Scots tories and the DUP: both fanatical, proud house celts; both would rather go down with the ship than loose their precious British status (worth a lot less than they think it is) and both very happy, in fact eager, to see an end to their devolved parliaments and a return to full cream WM rule.

      Rather pathetic, are they not?. 🙂

    28. yesindyref2 says:

      I said hours after the GE in June, that those 13 Conservative MPs were better for Indy than 13 more SNP MPs. Yes, it was a bit “Always look on the bright side of life”, but true all the same. By letting May pat them on the cheek so they meekly follow her into the lobby against Scotland, they’re handing us a YES vote on a plate.

      They’ll live in the annals of Scottish history as heroes, or is it anti-heroes, I get confused?

    29. HandandShrimp says:

      Looks like the Tory MPs are lobbing Ruth under the bus and throwing their lot in with the Moog.

    30. schrodingers cat says:

      Bob Mack says:
      21 February, 2018 at 2:01 pm

      No such thing as Scottish Tories. It is the Conservative and UNIONIST Party.

      or alternatively, like here in Fife, as the “fuckin tories”

    31. heedtracker says:

      Sit down you’re rocking the tory boat.

      “It turns out that the Scottish leader is much cheaper, because for £15,000 you’re able to hire her out of a day, at the Tory fundraising dinner.”

      Fifteen grand for a day out with the Colonel is great value.

      Wonder what she does for it though?

      Bakes cakes, while you and your tory partner get jiggy with it.

      No kissing.

    32. Big Bill says:

      “Remember it all, every insult, every tear. Tattoo it on the inside of your mind. In life, knowledge of poisons is essential.

    33. Cubby says:

      Ross Thomson = Total Bampot

      Thomson asked a question today at PMQs about electric dog collars. Sickening scene as he lapped up the praise from Treeza like a pet poodle wanting to be stroked. He looked like he wanted to lick her shoes. What a grovelling Bampot.

    34. Macart says:


      TBS, so far they’ve had a sterling record of stabbing both their direct constituents in the back and the wider Scottish electorate. Now we can see quite categorically that for at least four of them, following the party whip is no longer a convenient excuse.

      Tsk! 🙄

    35. Proud Cybernat says:

      Strong and Stable, eh Ruth?

    36. Highland Wifie says:

      I missed this at the time. Probably wasn’t paying attention.

      Proud to say I have never voted Tory but only because I always knew they were selfish, unfeeling apologies for human beings. Now I am fully discovering that Scottish Tories also have no interest in or loyalty to the land of their birth because their loyalty has always been to ‘the Union’ and their masters in London. There is a word for people who betray their country but of course they don’t see Scotland as their country so they don’t describe themselves thus.
      These people are cuckoos in the nest and it’s about time those who vote for them realise that their needs and interests will be sacrificed at the altar of Westminster.
      Tories of any ilk seem to think they can poke their nose into our affairs but Scotland doesn’t need them.

    37. schrodingers cat says:

      Cubby says:
      21 February, 2018 at 3:48 pm

      Ross Thomson = Total Bampot

      Thomson asked a question today at PMQs about electric dog collars. Sickening scene as he lapped up the praise from Treeza like a pet poodle wanting to be stroked. He looked like he wanted to lick her shoes. What a grovelling Bampot.


      Ross Thomson, the Uriah Heep of tory scotland.

      i feel a photo shop coming on

    38. heedtracker says:

      Not sure if the link works to RT Facebook. Its interesting watching tory Speaker Bercow protecting Teresa from SNP in the Commons, SNP MP can’t say out loud, is the Colonel worth 15 grand a day but its ok to call poor oooooooooold Jeremy Corbyn a commie spy, if you’re a toryboy.

      Its a toryboy world.

    39. yesindyref2 says:

      So far it’s The National that’s carrying the story aboout the 4 MPs, the Herald isn’t. No idea if any othr paper’s carrying it, and doubt if the BBC will. Still, nothing to stop us putting it about.

    40. Black Joan says:

      The Three Hard Bwrecks-it-eers revealed in all their ToryGlory on the BBC website.

      And don’t they look pleased with themselves?

    41. Robert Peffers says:

      @schrodingers cat says: 21 February, 2018 at 4:15 pm

      “Ross Thomson, the Uriah Heep of tory scotland.
      i feel a photo shop coming on.”

      Hey! You spelled heap wrongly, schrodingers cat.

      Oh! And Urinal too.

    42. Bill McDermott says:

      The nodding donkey strikes again. Ross doesn’t need any lessons on how to be sycophantic. I am sure all the stay-at-home SNP voters in Aberdeen won’t make the same mistake again.

    43. The British nationalists attitude is that democracy is what they decide it is.
      Anything such as the Scottish Parliament is seen a s a threat to Westminster sovereignty and power and that can’t be allowed.

      When they talk about the Nazis they would do well to remember Hitler was an anglophile, and many of the Nazi policies such as concentration camps, making Jewish people wear clothe on their clothes so they could be identified in public, having their wealth and assets taken from, and being expelled from England.

      History the British nationalists don’t like to mention when talking about.

    44. yesindyref2 says:

      @Black Joan
      Thanks, I put that on a thread on the Herald as well 🙂

      Perhaps Tom Gordon is waiting to get a quote from Ruth Davidson.

    45. manandboy says:

      Andrew Neil turns on the Tories. Enjoy.

      Apologies if already on the blog.

    46. galamcennalath says:

      Conservative and Unionist British Nationalist Party.

      There, sorted 🙂

    47. manandboy says:

      The writing is on the wall of the Scottish Office. It was put there as a declaration of intent by the Tory Government.

      The Westminster Government is merely going through the motions in its dealings with the EU. Under Article 50 there is a timeframe which must be adhered to by law. So the Tories are killing time and at the same time keeping up the pretence of genuine engagement “to get the best possible deal”, while doing just enough to keep the media occupied and the propaganda pot simmering away.

      But if you ask, ‘what is the Westminster Government actually DOING?’, then the answer is, investing heavily in the Scottish Office by way of preparation to replace the Scottish Parliament and the reversal of devolution.

      Always follow the money for it will lead to where the action is.

    48. yesindyref2 says:

      We’re gonna need more red rags for John Bull.

    49. msean says:

      Some things never change,Tories trying to other anyone who doesn’t think like them. After the Tory claims re Mr Corbyn,you would think that they would stop working shoulder to shoulder with the Tories.

    50. jfngw says:

      Classic type of deflection, accuse the opposition of having the values you have yourself, amply exemplified by some of the current threads on WoS twitter regarding the disabled.

      The claim in the 30/40s was ‘were only obeying orders’. The modern version seems to be ‘we are only adhering to the contract’.

    51. Robert Peffers says:

      The letter says the UK must gain full “regulatory autonomy” after Brexit, and must not be stopped from negotiating trade deals with other countries.

      What part of the EU/EC statements that, “The UK cannot cherry pick from the freedoms they want from the four basic EU freedoms”, is it that these four congenital idiots don’t understand?

      “Access to the single market requires acceptance of all four EU freedoms — The movement of goods, the movement of capital, the movement of services, and the movement of, people. The European single market is predicated on the belief that these four freedoms drive prosperity. The EU is a customs union”.

      Now I may be an old clapped out Scottish Nationalist but what that says to me is that if the United Kingdom does not accept the entire package there can be no kind of deal whatsoever.

      Why would the European Union impose the four freedoms upon its own member states and upon the EFTA Member countries but allow the United Kingdom a better deal? Bear in mind two important facts. Each of the other 27 member states has a veto and it only needs one of them to use it and all deals are off.

      Not only that but as the European member states are also members of the Schengen Area agreement they will all require to renegotiate their deals. 22 EU states are also Schengen area member states. Thus if any Schengen state was to do a trade deal with the United Kingdom then any non-EU state would have an open door into the free trade area via the UK and especially so if N.I. were to have an open border with the Republic.

      Currently, the Schengen area consists of 26 European countries (of which 22 are EU states): Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland and Sweden, along with Iceland.

    52. Ottomanboi says:

      The following is an interesting insight into the mindset of the great British patriotic totem.
      The current marquess of lothian ought to have kept custody of his tongue in those dark ages.

    53. louis.b.argyll says:

      There is a certain generation, who sold out to the Tories when strikes were being blamed on Marxist elements in the Labour Party.

      Same folk now distrust even their own children and grandchildren with a future they will not see themselves.

    54. schrodingers cat says:

      was it ross thompson or douglas ross groveling at todays pmqs?

    55. schrodingers cat says:

      was it ross thompson or douglas ross grovelling at pmqs today?

      no tv

    56. Bob Mack says:

      @Scroungers Cat.

      It was Ross Uriah Thomson Heap. Ruth for short.

    57. galamcennalath says:

      manandboy says:

      replace the Scottish Parliament and the reversal of devolution

      Yes, they are preparing the ground.

      From a BritNat perspective, devolution has been a total failure if it were to lead to the dissolution of their beloved UK. The Tories always believed setting up Holyrood too big a risk to take, as did some Labour. Other Labour people believed it would appease Scots sufficiently to prevent independence,

      However, here we are three years after a close run IndyRef1 with a mandate at Holyrood to hold IndyRef2. That is the stuff of BritNat nightmares!

      They hope to win Hoyrood2021, but I fear an emboldened über nationalist Brexited UK will seek to solve ‘the Scotland problem’ robustly.

      Tories would certainly like to just cancel devolution as a ‘failed Labour experiment’ which became an existential threat to their UK.

      Right now, they can’t do it, IMO. The threat would certainly cause a Yes win in IndyRef2. If there is a No win, or a BritNat majority in Holyrood2021, then I expect calls to shut up Scotland permanently.

    58. Cubby says:

      @Schrödinger’s cat
      They were both called. Douglas Ross did his usual SNP bad re the police force/BT integration. Ross Thomson raised electric collars for dogs.
      I have noticed the speaker seems to call the Scottish Tories out of proportion to the rest of them. The speaker also closed down an SNP question about the Tories selling themselves for a lunch date to raise party funds.

    59. louis.b.argyll says:

      Good one Bob.

    60. Ian Foulds says:

      3.15pm. Robert Peffers,

      Thank you Mr. Peffers for the two links re Scotland’s contribution and the late Mr. Jappy’s article.

      A timely reminder.

      I understand there may be figures going back to the 18th century regarding our contribution. Unfortunately, to date, Ihave failed to recover the substantiation.

      Thanks as always to the Rev. for maintaining such a library of references.


    61. jfngw says:

      Rep Scot reports Davidson has been consistent with her Brexit message. I presume the clip of her willingness to support May on a hard Brexit, available on the GAPonsonby twitter feed, is a figment of my imagination.

      The did, I suppose, try and ask her a question, she must have misheard as she answered a totally different question.

    62. louis.b.argyll says:

      Less of the.. ‘clapped out’ Robert P.

      Anyway, it was a beautiful day on the West

      coast today, shame to spoil it by

      watching the news, or clicking links to

      Tory propagandists.

      Glad Wings is here to translate for me.

    63. mike cassidy says:

      From that link to the BBC reporting the tory msps letter-signing.

      When asked by BBC Scotland at Holyrood whether she supported the letter, Ms Davidson said only that her MPs and MSPs “stand right behind the prime minister in helping her negotiate the best Brexit for the country”.

      She then walked off without answering any further questions.

      That walking off was a David Cameron trick, wasn’t it.

      Has this turned up on BBC news yet?

    64. Les Wilson says:

      I came across by accident this youtube video about the BBC, it is
      an old one, but it is still very relevant today.

      It is a blinder, but also shows how little things have changed.

    65. John Thomson says:

      Love how students in Florida chanted vote them out, in relation to politicians taking money from NRA and not speaking out or voting for tougher gun laws. Gives me hope

    66. Artyhetty says:

      Excellent article and some class comments today, have yet to read them all this evening.
      Macart@2pm, spot on with your words there.

      So, what is it, that these little creeps a.k.a, tories of the Britnat Conservative and britnat party in Scotland, are playing at? They have something up their dirty, nasty, greedy, sneeky sleeves and it ain’t what’s good for Scotland, we know that for a fact!

      Either they have been promised to be knighted vermin in ermine, and, or, they will be getting zillions ££s in pensions once the London UkGov have dismantled Holyrood or at least ousted the SNP, or they have all been offered EU passports post Brexit or some other dirty dealing going on.

      Put nowt past them, something is afoote, (!) re BrexHit, and it might just be that it is all going swimmingly for them, and will be out by the new financial year, lock, stock and barrel.

      They are plotting, definitely, biggest load of corrupt gits if ever there were.

      Get out Scotland, and make it fast!!

    67. Meg merrilees says:

      Hand and Shrimp @ 3.39

      Looks like the Tory MPs are lobbing Ruth under the bus and throwing their lot in with the Moog.

      You’ve hit the nail on the head there!

      They’ve totally realised that Scotland is an irrelevance to WM; (t)Ruthless is a ‘big fish’ in a little sea but not ‘big’ enough and although she has a personal aim to be the next FM of Scotland, WM has different ideas about that.

      If our Baker’s dozen of Judas’ ( Scottish Tory MP’s) play their cards right, they can stay at WM for a long time and pocket all that lovely dosh because being an MP at WM is more important even than being Ruth Davidson and they are rubbing shoulders with Rees -Mogg, Boris and lots of rich, wealthy, upper class Masons. What’s not to like!

    68. Meg merrilees says:

      Attention all those who heard the Claire Balding TV correction about the Curling team being called Scottish.

      There is a letter in ‘The National ‘ today saying that on TV yesterday the commentator exclaimed that, ” In Olympic Curling, England has just beaten Sweden 10:3!”

      The letter writer wrly goes on to say that..” it occurred to him that perhaps Scots might also be encouraged to try this sport and seek to emulate England’s splendid achievement.”

      Was the BBC Announcer sharply pulled up ? and reminded that ‘This is the Olympics – Oh sorry, Team GB has just beaten Sweden…” NO…. funny that !

    69. jfngw says:


      I agree the Tories would love to abolish Holyrood. But unless they can achieve a majority of MSP’s at Holyrood or a take the majority of Scottish seats at WM they could only achieve this with the co-operation of Labour. I can’t see Mr SitDown co-operating for his own demise, what else would he do without the list gravy train.

      They are more likely to undermine the parliament and remove it’s powers, until the point it is merely talking shop, they would happily fund this.

      I suspect the Scottish Office is going to be running the retrieved EU powers under WM instruction. They will try and pull the wool over Scots eyes by claiming the decisions are being made in Scotland. This will be ably backed up by the government propaganda channel.

    70. Bob Mack says:

      Ruth has principles. It’s just that you need the Hubble telescope to find them.

    71. louis.b.argyll says:

      The Information Age seems to be bubbling along nicely, lies are out.

    72. Simon Curran says:

      Just following up Megs post above. Listening to BBC 5 Live interviewing people before the Brits. Ed Sheerin was asked whether he’d ever consider doing Eurovision. I’m not bothered in the slightest by that music event but his response was I might write something but wouldn’t perform. IRRC he added that England wouldn’t win as England wasn’t well liked at the minute. The BBC reporter, Colin Paterson, didn’t pick him up and remind him that England don’t actually take part in Eurovision. Bit of a contrast to Clare Balding and the Scots curlers.

    73. louis.b.argyll says:


      Maybe they’ll shut down

      The Scottish Government

      and restore/increase the

      number of Westminster

      seats to 72.

      Labour WOULD go for that.

    74. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Ancram, Forsyth, Lang etc,…the only difference between the 80s and 90s and now is that the reactionary unionist warmers were a tad more intelligent and literate than the utter roasters of today.”

      I have often wondered, HandandShrimp, how my otherwise normal, proletarian parents could have voted Tory. At that time they had the veneer of One Nation Toryism, of course: Harold Macmillan and Iain Macleod und so weiter, and later the populist little chancer Teddy Taylor.

      I suppose there was always the post-war Churchill effect for the hard of thinking, and once Attlee had welched on Labour’s Home Rule “Vow” in 1945, the Tories could position themselves as the party opposed to nationalisation/London centralisation, no doubt building on the Scottish Covenant Association sentiment of the Fifties.

      Memo to self: SNP every time.

    75. jfngw says:

      @loius b.argyll

      Not convinced, currently they have 23 MSP’s and only 7 MP’s. They would only go for this if they thought could they substantially increase these WM places. The likelyhood is the SNP would still grab a lot of these seats, even more if they abolish Holyrood I would suspect.

      Labour certainly would not receive my vote, certainly not before independence anyway, and they would need to become a lot more Scotland positive after it to attract me. I would probably just stop voting if there was no pro independence party (not the Greens I’m afraid).

    76. Legerwood says:

      Bob Mack says:

      21 February, 2018 at 7:48 pm

      “”Ruth has principles. It’s just that you need the Hubble telescope to find them.””

      Asking a bit much of the Hubble Telescope are you not?

    77. louis.b.argyll says:

      Mike Cassidy, (re Ruth’s poor leadership)

      ‘Has this turned up on BBC news yet?’

      I cannae look.

    78. Legerwood says:

      jfngw says:

      21 February, 2018 at 6:53 pm

      “”Rep Scot reports Davidson has been consistent with her Brexit message””

      Must have been watching a different Reporting Scotland because the one I watched showed clips of her at Wembley and her support of Remain then later after the referendum clips of her taking the opposite position.

    79. jfngw says:


      There was a remain clip and then a clip of her stating she did not support a hard Brexit, how are these the opposite views. She is always going to accept the Brexit vote as she takes the UK vote position. In the STV interview she states she could support a hard Brexit, this is not consistent.

      It was the BBC reporter who said she had consistent views (this is not a quote but the essence of the message), they did not report the STV interview in which she did take a 180 degree opposite view on hard Brexit.

    80. Calum McKay says:

      But come Indy ref 2, the labour party will share a platform with the tories, because London tell them that a self governing Scotland is more dangerous than a Scotland governed by tories!

    81. Petra says:

      Some great posts, videos and articles on here tonight between Ottomanboi’s Churchill article (5:38pm), Manandboy’s Alex Neil video (4:48pm) and Heedtracker’s Alan Brown MP / Bercow video (4:24pm).

      Corbyn should sue the Tory slanderers, take them to the cleaners, someone should ask Ruth Davidson what she discussed with her £15,000 dinner guest who has links to Putin and it might be an idea for the MSM to find out who T May broke her £50,000 bread with.

      Meanwhile I’m revelling in it all and just waiting for Westminster to put the final nail in the Union coffin when Johnston takes over from May. Then with Independence the Bakers Dozen will have to head home, out of a job, to a country where the Conservative and Unionist Party no longer exists.

      I can’t wait for the day either when our MP’s walk out of Westminster and are received in Scotland with open arms and to a Niagra Falls of happy tears. Followed by the longest, most joyful celebration, PARTY, that the World has ever seen.

      There will be dancing in the street.

      Calling out around the World are you ready for a brand new beat …

      All we need is music, sweet music. There’ll be music everywhere. They’ll be swinging, swaying, records playing. Dancing in the street……

      It’s an invitation across the Nation, a chance for folks to meet. They’ll be laughing and singing, music swinging. Dancing in the street.

      Visualise that folks because it’s coming.

    82. Michael Ancram`s real name is Michael Andrew Foster Jude Kerr, 13th Marquess of Lothian, Baron Kerr of Monteviot and related to most of the chinless wonders in Brutish Isles

      Kerr is from the old Germanic for Curr which refers to the lowest class of nameless dog or pariah dog, generally a mixed-breed dog,

      he is/was a member of Right Wing faction the Henry Jackson Society and was/is a member of `Le Cercle` a foreign policy think-tank specialising in international security funded by CIA,

      his family sold out Scotland for extra land and titles during Treaty of Union,

      his family commanded two cavalry units during the massacre at Culloden supporting the German usurper George and were great friends of butcher Cumberland,

      he and his family have been a pox on Scotland for hundreds of years.

    83. JLT says:

      To be honest, while Scottish news may have been quiet, I think a lot more went on than folk realise.

      The BBC website’s recent post states that ‘The UK has published proposals for how it wants the transition period immediately after Brexit to work.

      It says the period should last as long as it takes to “prepare and implement the new processes and new systems”.

      Number 10 denied this meant it would be longer than the planned two years.

      The document suggests the UK will abide by new EU laws and be involved in talks on future fishing quotas, but will not be able to sign trade deals without the EU’s permission”.

      Wait a minute …what?!? And how is any of that taking back control LOL! Rees Mogg must be thundering about his wee palace with a face like thunder. Half of England won’t be amused either.

      And Ruth’s rising star continues to falter as 4 Scottish Tory MP’s decide to back the Mogg and ignore the Colonel completely. Ruth must be now quietly looking at her Holyrood team and wondering how many of them are thinking of jumping ship. It’s one thing when the London MP’s do it …but what happens if just 1 from Holyrood opens his trap and declares? The ramifications for Ruth and the Scottish Tories could be huge if one Tory MSP decides to go hari-kiri and also backs the Mogg.

      Each day now …not only brings a new golden bullet for the SNP to place in their armoury, but shows just that ..that each passing day only brings more division, anger and mistrust in the United Kingdom. How does the UK ever recover any sense of unity come the 29th of March 2019 should it be a Hard Brexit?

    84. Dorothy Devine says:

      Petra , thanks for that – I needed a positive boot up the bahoochie!

    85. louis.b.argyll says:

      Aye but, with unionist hats on,
      they would be free to Gerrymander together….stymying The SNP.

    86. louis.b.argyll says:


      There’s a protest t-shirt right there.

    87. Robert Peffers says:

      And over all the other facts floating about in the ether and not being mentioned in the Westminster propaganda bubble is this little gem that has not altered a single syllable since first surfacing into the public domain:-


      The leaders of 27 EU member states have said that the UK must allow freedom of movement if it wants access to the single market.

      In a post-Brexit statement, the heads of state said: “Access to the single market requires acceptance of all four freedoms.”

      The single market makes it easy for British businesses to trade with European countries and gives then access to more than 500 million European customers.

      In an ideal world, many Brexit campaigners would like to retain access to the single market, but also getting rid of freedom of movement.

      But German chancellor Angela Merkel and EU leaders have poured cold water on this idea and refused to compromise on the key EU principle.

      She said: “Whoever wants to leave this family cannot expect to shed all of its responsible but keep the privileges.”

      European Council President Donald Tusk echoed this sentiment and said there would be “no free-trade agreement” with Britain without free movement.

      Nevertheless French foreign minister Michel Sapin said there should be no “red lines” in negotiations before Brexit talks have even begun.

      The ‘four freedoms’ of the European Union are the freedom of movement of goods, people, services and capital over borders.

      These key principles lie at the heart of the EU and underpin the single market, originally known as the common market.

      The freedoms, which are enshrined in EU treaties, aim to remove trade barriers and harmonise national rules at a EU level.

      Et al. (et alia).

      You can read the whole article here:-

    88. louis.b.argyll says:

      They’ll try to hoodwink us onto the streets, they will.

      A false start,
      a polarising shock,
      a trick to keep us trapped.

      Luckily, after 300 years they can’t hide their true contempt for Scotland existing as a nation, instead of their victorious English supremacy winning all across the British mainland.

      We will not stoop so low
      As those who deny our freedom,
      Lest we lose ourselves
      In the future we create.

      Scottishness is resilience,
      Flourishing in hope,
      Knowing fear and disaster
      Must wash over us.

    89. Bobp says:

      Movy 2.16pm.these 3 tory mp’s represent remain constituencies. How the f*** do remain voter’s vote for these barstewards to “represent “them ?. Are people really so stupid?.

    90. Cubby says:

      The brass neck of BBC Misreporting Scotland is incredible. Jackie the Burd says Scots have lost confidence in the charity sector etc etc. How about reporting Scots have lost confidence in the BB C.

      The BBC is a total disgrace. Nothing but a state propaganda machine. The only good thing they ever say about Scotland is the weather report on a good day.

    91. Thepnr says:


      Too true, you might like to watch the youtube clip posted earlier today on this thread by Les Wilson.

      “I came across by accident this youtube video about the BBC, it is an old one, but it is still very relevant today.”

      It’s both very funny and sad, don’t pay the license I’d say.

    92. galamcennalath says:

      This cheered me up no end. I think it’s accurate.

      From Phantom Power via WoS twitter …

      10 Reasons Yes Can Win

      1 Franchise established, 50% threshold, EU Nationals & 16-17 votes

      2 New Scottish Media grows but BBC falters and press circulation declines

      3 The threats and promises of BT have proved to be completely hollow

      4 Fears over EU membership of iScotland is now dust

      5 Tory UK Govt will fight on two fronts, Brexit and IndyRef

      6 The next Tory PM may well be worse

      7 ScotRef would launch from a solid platform of 45%

      8 Fear of change now applies to UK, not just Indy

      9 ScotRef will be smarter, more connected & efficient

      10 Better Together 2 has to try to sell a disfunctional union

      Full version ….

    93. Cubby says:

      Thanks for the suggestion re the clip. I have seen it previously and it still is relevant today. Bunch of parasites.
      I would be happy not to pay the license fee but my wife(who does support independence) thinks it’s a bit too radical for her. I did however get her agreement not too buy any of the rubbish papers that are on sale in Scotland.

      I have always felt that The Scotgov should have held out for devolved powers over broadcasting during Smith discussions. Devomax what a joke.

    94. Thepnr says:


      My wife was exactly the same back in 2014, she needed convincing. All our lives we were used to having the TV on even in the background.

      I wasn’t so bothered as didn’t have such a thing as a favourite programme and there was no more Scottish football or boxing which I did like like.

      Anyway once I learned of the Fire TV stick that gave you the option of watching all broadcast TV legally without a licence albeit an hour or two later, we cancelled the licence.

      We also subscribed to Netflix for less than half the price, best of both worlds 🙂 haha. Then the law was changed and we could no longer watch the BBC on catch up, well so what by then we didn’t miss it.

      You see the thing is that not paying your licence hurts not just the BBC but the Government, they need their mouthpiece to be fed into every home in order to continue with their lies without any substantial backlash.

      Last figures available for as they call it licence evasion were from 2016, England 6%; Wales 6%; NI 9% and Scotland 10%. I think it is greater now in Scotland and still growing.

      I can sincerely say that I have not regretted no longer watching live TV in the last 3+ years, I’m probably happier for it not having to listen to the fawning praise of the royals or lies about Scotland.

      A small protest that can be made by any individual is not to pay the telly tax, it is perfectly legal and hurts none other than those that are hurting the most to a vast section of our society without my agreement. That is our Government.

      They will never get another bean from me for their propaganda to be beamed into my living room or bedroom. Just say NO TELLY TAX.

    95. Petra says:

      @ Dorothy at 9:26pm …..

      I’m delighted to hear (read) that the post cheered you up Dorothy. Won’t be long now X

      I’ve been telling people to visit Wings and take a look at Stu’s article and Nana’s links. I just heard earlier tonight that three individuals have been totally ‘converted’ by Nana’s links. Brilliant!

      I wonder if the locals in the areas covered by the four Brexiteers will be made aware of their hard Brexit stance, say, in the newspapers? If not, individuals living in the areas should consider letting them know by getting out there with their placards / banners.


      Don’t forget to watch Alex programme on RT tomorrow. Get the ratings up. On at 7:30am, 6:30pm and 11:30pm.

    96. Lanarkist says:

      Thanks for the video TPNR!

      Kay(with an E) Adams ( BBCScot Radio) sitting next to Terry Christian’ s revelations in the first section of the video!

      Wheels within wheels!

      Is K. a BBC employee or self employed do you think?

    97. CapnAndy says:

      Bob Mack.

      Ruth definitely has principles.
      But if you don’t like them, she has others!

    98. manandboy says:


      Some background on the DUP/UDA association with a fundamentalist protestant organisation.

      You will not read this in the Mainstream media nor hear Jackie Byrd tell you about it on the Brainwashing Corporation.

    99. Breeks says:

      Trump endorses arming teachers to address school shootings. I kid you not. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

      What a sad, sad, country the US is.

    100. Ken500 says:

      People (who support Independence?) did not come out to vote (SNP) that let the Tories in. (NE). Some people never learn. No vote you get nothing.

      The Tories could not make a bigger mess.

      If Corbyn cared he would step aside. People will not vote Labour in the rest of the UK. Corbyn supports the Tories, May could have been gone on 12th Sept 2017. The EVEL vote could have been defeated. Instead of letting the Tories continue to ruin the economy. So they can keep on tax evading.

      What a mess. Thank goodness for the SNP standing up for Scotland.

      The 3rd rate unionist rejects are just in Holyrood to cause trouble and try and ruin the economy. Useless incompetents. No one will join a unionist party, especially in Scotland. They even changed the electoral system without authority. To try and gain unfair advantage.

    101. Petra says:

      @ Breeks says at 5:56 am …. ”Trump endorses arming teachers to address school shootings. I kid you not. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. What a sad, sad, country the US is.”

      Yeah I’ve just heard it on the news Breeks. Unbelievable! On the otherhand the more this man is seen to be unstable the better it is for us at the end of the day. Mr Trump, Theresa May’s special friend FGS. In other words a bunch of loonies united.


      ‘Other countries’ don’t have egomaniacal politicians at Westminster ruling the roost over them.

      ‘Immigration can be devolved – and this is how other countries do it.’

    102. Petra says:

      @ Kangaroo says at 5:50 am …. ”Link – Hope this works.”

      Thanks for the link Kangaroo.

      Ha, ha, ha what was I just saying?!

      …”David Davis is a fool. And we don’t even have to examine the ludicrous demands he’s making of the EU in order to know this. The fact that he introduced the imagery of the ‘Mad Max’ movie franchise to already demented rhetoric of the Mad Brexiteers shows him to be a buffoon. These things stick….”


      ‘Brexit’s impact on creel fishing industry ‘catastrophic’ with no trade deal.’

      …”The Scottish Creel Fishermen’s Federation (SCFF), in a submission to Holyrood’s Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee, says the ramifications of a no-deal Brexit, with hard borders and tariffs, could make it pointless for Scotland’s fishermen to go out to sea.

      SCFF’s economist suggests the cost of fishing could jump by between 40 and 90 per cent – making it too expensive to fish for shellfish.

      “That would be a crying shame, as we have some of the world’s best shellfish,” SCFF national co-ordinator Alistair Sinclair told The National…”

    103. Petra says:

      ‘An open letter from Christian Allard to Ruth Davidson:

      ‘Don’t be fooled – the UK’s EU citizens remain in limbo.’

      ”Dear Ruth, after weeks of silence I was surprised to see you in a television interview this Sunday when you claimed “people said we were not going to get a deal on EU nationals, and we have”.

      There is no deal on EU nationals Ruth – if there were one, we would know. What we do know is that of all EU nationals who applied for permanent residence since the vote to leave the European Union in June 2016, 30 per cent had their applications rejected by the Home Office. If you had read some of their stories – one in Edinburgh, a French mother married to an ex-marine living here for 24 years and asked by the Home Office to leave after Brexit – if you were concentrating on your day job, you would know, Ruth.

      There are so many of us left in limbo that “In Limbo” is now a book of testimonies from EU citizens across the UK. If you hadn’t blocked me on Twitter, you would know, Ruth. If you had bothered to meet us, the three million EU citizens living here in the UK, you would know, Ruth.

      No excuses for not knowing, Ruth Davidson, that in your own city of Edinburgh EU citizens with other migrants were out demonstrating about how your own UK Government is busy mistreating them, separating families, filling detention centres and removing the rights of people like me.

      I was out in Aberdeen with my grandchildren celebrating the contribution migrants, all migrants, make to our city. I’m proud to be a migrant and I thank everyone who came to proudly stand with us on Saturday all across the UK in the “One Day Without Us” event.

      Ruth, I wonder if you really can claim you don’t know what is happening to us. I think you do, but you don’t want to admit that we have become an inhumane and xenophobic country. Some blame Brexit. I blame Theresa May and I blame you.”

      Christian Allard

      French citizen living in Scotland for more than 30 years, former MSP for the North East of Scotland, Aberdeen City Councillor for Torry and Ferryhill

    104. Kangaroo says:


      If he’s correct then the the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Members (SCUM) have just surpassed their treacherous behaviour

    105. Sinky says:

      I recall years ago the BBC / Scottish press made much of an SNP auction whereby for £150 or so the winner could get lunch with Alex Salmond (I think) at Holyrood.

      Now we have silence from BBC and the same press over the Tory MPs auction whereby a Russian paid £15,000 to have lunch with Ruth Davidson.

      Also zilch coverage on BBC / Brit Nat press on the non appearance of MPs at the important Scottish Affairs Committee Meeting.

    106. Ottomanboi says:

      Re. Ruth Davidson, she is a darling of the right wing, metro type. Trendily lesbian, butch, gobby and prepared to put down her country of birth.
      Note use of ‘northern accents’ in the following account of her ‘humour’. Our country needs superior representatives than this stand up comedian.

    107. Les Wilson says:

      On BBCs this morning I listened to Gary Robertson interviewing
      Mike Russell over the 111 powers that the Westminster government
      are trying to hijack from Scotland.

      Have to say I was impressed by Mike Russell, he really has a grip
      of this problem, Gary was left in no doubt about Scotland’s position. Russell will not bent to UK pressures.He was the right man to be given the job.He has grown in my estimation of him, had
      some doubts at the beginning, but certainly not now.

    108. Proud Cybernat says:

      Remember in the early days of the internet when you would come across some statement and would go away and check it with the BBC news and the situation today when you hear something said by the BBC and you now go away and check its veracity on the internet?

      Changed days. That is why the BBC is finished. It just can’t be trusted.

    109. Les Wilson says:

      The Tories really are the lowest of the low they have no shame or conscious, no place for any of them in Scotland.

      Latest outrage is at Stirling council, where the Tories have elected to spend £200m per year to mitigate policies that were introduced by hem, the Tories.

      So £200m per annum to come out of the public purse to compensate for their party’s policies?, it is totally corrupt and must effect other issues that need the money.They of course will be well aware that it will cause more deterioration in other service.

      Part of the overall Tory plan for Scotland, no doubt about that.
      You could not make it up. What other country in the world would put up with these people?
      Shame on them, I will not be unhappy at next election when none will be here at all.

    110. Legerwood says:

      Les Wilson @ 8.53 am

      The Tories are no longer in control of Stirling Council.
      It is now a SNP/Labour coalition.

      The Tory proposals put forward during the budget process were for the Council to mitigate the effects of Tory induced problems but, while a large sum, it did not amount to £200 million.

    111. Sorry my post @ 21 February, 2018 at 4:43 pm
      should have read a yellow strip of cloth on their clothes, but I ran out of time before I could make the correction.

      I see the strategy from the Tories who demand the Scottish Government mitigates Westminster’s policies, is this way they can, as we have seen, then accuse the Scottish Government of not spending enough money on the NHS by employing more nurses and doctors, local government, railways etc

    112. Anyone wanting the statistics on Gun Violence in America can got to website,

      60,000 shooting incidents each year

      averaging almost one `mass shooting` every day.

    113. Clydebuilt says:

      Those who are paid to keep the UK together are working to pile pressure on the Westmonster Tory government to pull back from a hard Brexit,even to stay in the Single market.
      Since the EU referendum the Herald has had pro Remain editorials. This week MacWhirter demonstrated how damaging any form of Brexit would would be to Scottish Fishing and Farming.
      This morning at 8.10am Gary Robertson had on Kenny Farquharson + journalist from Press & Journal. KF didn’t mince his words, supporting the SNP’s version of events, agreeing Westminster are trying for a “Power Grab” . . . “Not respecting the Devolution Settlement” , KF did say that Ruthless Davidson wants Scotland to remain in the Single Market

    114. galamcennalath says:

      Scot Finlayson says:

      Anyone wanting the statistics on Gun Violence in America can got to website,

      This figure stands out (2017) and sums it up ….

      Defensive use 2,040

      … surely that is the ONLY ‘use’ which can be justified under the Second Amendment i.e. the right of the citizen to bear arms for defence. In 2017 the USA was not invaded by foreign forces, nor was there the need to resist an oppressive government by force, so there were no other justifications.

      YET ….

      Total Number of Incidents 61,514

      >98% of gun related incidents could not be justified under the Second Amendment.

      Or, am I missing something here!

    115. Petra says:

      @ Kangaroo says at 7:29 am …. ”Link – If he’s correct then the the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Members (SCUM) have just surpassed their treacherous behaviour.

      Thanks for the link Kangaroo and what a bl**dy disgrace!!! It wasn’t so long ago they were making out that they, not the SNP, had resolved the VAT issue even although the SNP had brought the subject up on over 100 occasions previously.

      That backdated VAT money is worth around £130 million. Money that Police Scotland and our Fire Service dearly need. So much for Theresa May and her despicable cabal of Tories, including Scottish of course, saying that the Emergency services in the UK are highly valued.

      What we need to know now is who exactly voted against it?

      Stu should also think of flagging this one up. Let EVERY cop and fireman / woman in Scotland know exactly what’s going on here.

      Nicola should get right into Davidson’s face at FMQ’s on 4 of her misfits backing a hard Brexit and additionally this VAT fiasco.

      And let’s face it if they can vote this one down you can forget about them handing over the 111 powers. It’ll be a repeat of the Scotland Bill amendments farce.

    116. Robert Peffers says:

      @Bobp says: 21 February, 2018 at 10:42 pm:

      “Movy 2.16pm.these 3 tory mp’s represent remain constituencies. How the f*** do remain voter’s vote for these barstewards to “represent “them ?. Are people really so stupid?”

      It is a great mistake, Bobp. to confuse stupidity with ignorance and what happened in these constituencies is not stupidity. It is ignorance and ignorance simply means not knowing about something. This is the result of well over 311 years of Westminster misinformation and Westminster lies.

      These Establishment lies and misinformation, once the results of the lack of mass media but are now the result of deception, misinformation and deliberate government use of the Official Secrets Act and massive use of the mass medias of propaganda.

      All you need do to identify the above as true is to sit down quietly and think on the following facts.

      Even dedicated and long term supporters of Scottish will use the quite obvious wrong terms.

      The British Army; British Navy; The British Air Force.

      These are respectively The Soldiers of the Queen; The Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. Yet here is a cite to webpages about a part of the British Isles that is not part of the “United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.”

      It sure as hell looks very much like a very well equipped British Isles Navy to me.

      There is absolutely nothing in the United Kingdom media that ever does anything but male jokes about the Republic’s armed forces yet further, difficult to find, items on the internet indicate that the so called, “British Navy”, has quietly been sending some of its naval people to learn from the Irish Navy.

      Believe me the Republic’s navy is no seagoing joke.

      These voters simply do not know the true facts. That means that the main job of we grassroots activists is to inform the uninformed and misinformed people kept in ignorance by the Westminster Establishment.

      First step in doing so is to not only stop using the wrong terms burned into your brain by the Westminster deliberate misuse of the English language. We are presently suffering an example of this misuse of terms on our medias. I refer to Balding insisting upon the use of Team GB to describe the 100% Scottish Curling teams while some of her fellow BBC commentators continue to refer to other parts of that same Team GB as England.

      Thing is many Wingers still fall into the Westminster traps and use the terms wrong terms to describe what is supposedly The United Kingdom but which is in fact the unelected as such Parliament of the Country of England Parliament that still claims to be the Parliament of the United Kingdom while barring Scots, Welsh and Irish elected members of that parliament from interfering in what the Westminster Establishment call, English Only Matters and use EVEL to enforce their superiority as the boss country over the inferior devolved countries.

    117. Petra says:

      And now for some good news. Strange that the BBC, STV and 99% of newspapers seem to be oblivious of anything positive that’s going on in Scotland.

      ‘Misery for Herald readers as they imagine ‘misery for passengers’ on ScotRail, the 4th best out of 26 UK rail companies in terms of overall satisfaction, with a score of 96%.’


      ‘Nearly 100 Scottish contracts awarded by Swedish wind-farm owners.’


      Forget about the BBC, STV and 99% of newspapers in Scotland. Get all the latest news on Professor John Robertson’s site. That’s the Professor that the BBC targeted, hounded, for pointing out how biased they are: proof of bias backed up with valid research data. And when they couldn’t get him to shut his mouth or back down they did everything in their power to get him sacked from his University workplace.


      This is for anyone new to the site who may be unaware of the background to this.

      ‘THE BIGGER THE LIE – Media Bias in the Scottish Independence Referendum.’

      ‘Professor John Robertson giving a intrepid assessment about the MSM coverage of Independence.’

    118. Thepnr says:


      You won’t be surprised to find out that all 13 Tory MP’s voted against Clause 10:

      Review of retrospective VAT refunds for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and the Scottish Police Authority

      28 SNP Mp’s voted for it and none against. 7 not present

    119. Abulhaq says:

      In a biography of King Faisal I of Iraq by Alla Allawi there is the following line regarding the British and their negotiating abilities.
      ……Britain was caught in increasingly contorted twists between its own ambitions and its conflicting commitments….
      Sums up the anal retentive Ukanian mindset, duplicitous and perfidious.

    120. galamcennalath says:

      Cherry picking, cake and eat it, and it’s new name ‘three baskets’, all amount to the same. The Tories’ preferred Brexit deal will be full regulatory alignment on some sectors, while others will deviate a little or fully.

      The answer from the EU27 is a consistent “nae chance”.

      And today TMay gets her inner cabinet together to get them to agree to … yes, almost certainly … cherry picking.

      It’s like flipping a double headed coin over and over expecting tails.

      Just to make reality crystal clear, the EU today with precision timing … “rules out UK’s preferred approach to future trade deal” … AGAIN!

      So what is it with the Tories? Who is this ‘stuck in a loop’ fiasco aimed at? The EU27 aren’t being influenced.

    121. Petra says:

      @ Thepnr at 11:10am ….”You won’t be surprised to find out that all 13 Tory MP’s voted against Clause 10..”

      Thanks for that Thepnr. Yeah I see their names in particular DAVID MUNDELL’S and, his wee Scotland Office lackey, Alberto Costa. How these people can live with themselves I’ll never know.

      They’re a strange crowd altogether. They’re doing their ”now is not the time” utmost to keep Scotland in the Union and then dump on us from a great height on a regular basis. Don’t they realise that they are p*ssing more and more Scots off? You know the people who will vote at the next referendum.

      I believe that Ruth Davidson is one Tory who knows exactly how all of this will go down, how the Scots think, hence her habitual disappearing act. It must be cracking her right up having to kowtow to a bunch of blinkered morons and that includes her own Scottish come Westminster toadies now: It must crack her up having no control over any of them, north or south of the border.

      Oh well too bad. Hell mend them. It won’t be long before their chickens come home to roost.

    122. Proud Cybernat says:

      BREAKING from Pravda Quay
      with Union Jackie Kim Ono:

    123. Robert Peffers says:

      Here is the news from where they are. specially held back until the weekend so as to minimise the news impact upon Scotland.

      Donald Trump advocates arming all teachers to avoid such school shootings as last weeks 17 victims killed.

      We must now wait until a psychotically deranged teacher snaps and runs amok killing their entire class before turning the gun upon themselves. Stop Press – Trump advises they arm all pupils to avoid armed teachers running amok.

      Centrica, that owns British Gas, is to cut 4,000 jobs. British Gas lost 750,000 domestic customers in 2017 and the groups profits dropped by 17%.

      Record Numbers of EU Nationals are leaving the United Kingdom. 130,000 EU Nationals left the UK in the year to September. While 47,000 EU nationals arrived to live in the UK thus net immigration to the UK was 90,000 the lowest figure for five years.

      UK economic growth expanded by less than though in the last three months of 2017. GDP grew by 0.4% down from the ONS estimate of 0.5%. The slow down was due to slower growth in production.

      In 2017 as a whole the economy grew by 1.7% slightly lower than previously thought and the weakest growth since 2012.

      Meanwhile Theresa May and her senior ministers are heading to Chequers to, “hammer out”, a deal over the government’s approach to BRUKEXIT.

      The UK says, “it wants a deep and special partnership with the EU”. The EU says that the UK must accept all four freedoms of the EU and cannot cherry pick the ones it wants while rejecting those it doesn’t like. That is the UK cannot choose to agree the good bits and reject the bad bits.

      Watch this space.

    124. Bob Mack says:

      I remember the Zambian Foreign Minister was visiting London in 1960’s, and he was asked if he expected British help in some matter or other.

      ” Britain is a toothless old bulldog” he replied . to the consternation of the Brit media and public.
      They remain so today,but just don’t accept it.

    125. Petra says:

      All you get from T May, et al, constantly is how the UK is going to get all of these fabulous trade deals worldwide, with the US looking to be the main player.

      I don’t really get it as England doesn’t seem to have a great deal to export and anything that they do have the US will most definitely have it too (times a million) and that includes Arms.

      Does anyone have any idea what England could trade with a country like the US (excluding our gear, lol)?

    126. sensibledave says:

      Peffers 10.05

      You wrote (quoted) …

      “The leaders of 27 EU member states have said that the UK must allow freedom of movement if it wants access to the single market.

      In a post-Brexit statement, the heads of state said: “Access to the single market requires acceptance of all four freedoms.”

      … that is just poppycock Mr Peffers!

      Lots of countries currently have “access” to the single market and do not accept the “four freedoms”. Perhaps you, or the person quoted, meant “membership” of the single market rather than “access” to?

      Given the degree of pedantry you normally bring to your comments, it would be helpful to you to base your comments on actual facts rather than propaganda.

    127. galamcennalath says:

      Petra says:

      any idea what England could trade

      I find it very hard to suss out how future trade with India and the USA will be better than EU plus all the existing trade deals that brings.

      Two things, though …

      Firstly the UK economy is 75% services and just over half of exports are in services. So the Brexiteers probably aren’t thinking of exporting UK manufactured good. I note that the area where Brexiteers want complete regulatory autonomy is the financial sector. And, they are willing to maintain regulatory alignment with the EU on cars. So would all imply they think deregulated financial services will expand with a worldwide marketplace,

      Secondly, the Brextremists who advocate total free trade and zero tariffs believe that having lots of cheap (and nasty) imports will lower prices (food for instance) and boost the economy.

      It all seems like moving down market to make a fast buck. Of course the fast buck won’t be made by ordinary folks.

    128. Bill not Ben says:

      I hate guns, and people who use them to kill others, i love Knives cause i need one to butter my toast, but others use them to kill others.
      A teacher in american can have a gun if the teacher is licensed to do so, just like a cop, but a teacher that is not licensed to carry a gun can take one into a school just like anyone else can do, now if i was a parent i would feel a lot better if every classroon was locked from the inside, and every classroom had a gun locked safely away that only the teacher had access to through a digital code, and if anything happened someone like the headmaster or the police could call the teacher and give them the code to the firearm safe to unlock it

    129. Sinky says:

      At FMQs Scottish Parliament presiding officer Ken McIntosh refused to allow a question about conduct of Westminster Tory MPs but Westminster Speaker allows Tory MPs to regularly attack the Scottish government in their questions. Britannia waves the rules again.

    130. Proud Cybernat says:


      Dick Leonard asks FM for more money for councils. FM tells him that this was included in ScotGov budget which Leonard and SLabour voted against.


    131. Fred says:

      @ Petra, they’ve got Kendal Mint Cake!

      @ Kangaroo, SCUM, like it kid!

    132. This is the interview with Trump about protecting schools from mass murderers,

    133. heedtracker says:

      Lots of countries currently have “access” to the single market and do not accept the “four freedoms”. Perhaps you, or the person quoted, meant “membership” of the single market rather than “access” to?

      “Lots” is a strong tory creep word sensible d.

      What “lots” of countries are you talking about sensible d?

      I know, tory and fact is the classic oxymoron sensible d.

      Voting tory is a deeply immoral act anyway sensible d, so why should facts n shit trouble you.

    134. Proud Cybernat says:

      Nick Eardley
      Verified account

      22m22 minutes ago


      So as expected no breakthrough in talks between UK and Scottish Governments on Withdrawal Bill. @scotgov to introduce its own continuity bill next week.

    135. Bob Mack says:

      You have to laugh or you would cry. American teachers with guns no matter how they access them is a NO NO.

      A survey of American teachers last year found that 61% were suffering acute stress whilst 58% reported what was described as serious mental Health problems. Let’s just add to that mix shall we ?.

      The mindset of people who think the answer is more guns baffles me, but then again I consider myself as being just normal.

      Less guns mean fewer deaths. More guns mean more deaths.

    136. sensibledave says:


      You wrote “What “lots” of countries are you talking about sensible d?”

      … there are 36 countries that have trade agreements with the EU Heedy – that are not members of the single market.

      Please do some research before you continue to embarrass yourself.

      Also, if you want to see what a virtually tariff free trade deal between the EU and a third party country looks like, may I recommend you look up the CETA deal.

      Not wanting to leave the EU is a valid and honourable position to take (its the position I took in the referendum). However, being ignorant of, or denying the existence of, viable alternatives – is not.

    137. Bill not Ben says:

      Less rain in scotland would be great but we all know its not going to happen, so everybody buys a brolly, anyone who thinks america is going to get rid of all the illegal guns is quite franky the kind of person that goes out without a brolly when it threatens to rain

    138. sensibledave says:

      Bob Mack 1:16

      A red letter day Bob. We totally agree!

    139. sensibledave says:

      galamcennalath 12:39 pm

      You wrote “I find it very hard to suss out how future trade with India and the USA will be better than EU plus all the existing trade deals that brings.”

      You misunderstand. It isn’t a question of either/or. The objective is to have both. They are not mutually exclusive.

      As has been discussed here many times, the UK and the EU will agree a trade deal for post Brexit. The alternative is economic depression for both the EU and the UK. Even the extremist EU muppets know that. The trade agreement we agree will also allow us to to do trade deals independently with other countries – so we will have a trade deal with the EU … and will also be able to do deals with the likes of the USA and India. That is the point.

    140. Bill not Ben says:

      Youtube is full of videos of guys going into places like shops and petrol stations to rob them with guns, have you any idea the huge amount of time these people get if they are caught.
      Would you face one of these whackos without a gun, 30 years in prison if they get caught, or possibly no time in prison if they kill you and get away, these kind of people would put a bullet in your head without even thinking about it.
      If i lived in america i would not carry a gun, but i can assure anyone that i would have a gun in each room of my house, and if anyone enters my house to rob me, well you know the rest as they say, its me or them, and it ain’t going to be me

    141. sensibledave says:

      Bob Mack 12:06 pm

      I don’t agree with the sentiments you are trying to express with this quote though Bob …. “I remember the Zambian Foreign Minister was visiting London in 1960’s, and he was asked if he expected British help in some matter or other.

      ” Britain is a toothless old bulldog” he replied . to the consternation of the Brit media and public.
      They remain so today,but just don’t accept it.”

      The truth is though Bob ….

      1. The UK has the 5th biggest economy in the world … bigger than India, France, Germany, Brazil, etc.

      2. The UK has the 5th most powerful armed forces in the world.

      3. The UK has the 2nd most Nobel Prize winners.

      4. The UK has the 3rd largest film industry in the world.

      5. The UK has the most valuable football league

      6. GB came 2nd in the Olympic gold medal table at Rio

      7. GB came 2nd in the Paralympic medal table in Rio

      8.. The UK has the 3rd largest music market in the world

      9. The UK has 79 of the world’s top 1000 universities (only the USA has more).

      … as stated by the magificent Hugh Grant in “Love Actually”

      … “We may be a small country but we’re a great one, too”!

    142. sensibledave says:

      .. scrub “Germany”

    143. yesindyref2 says:

      We’d be better off with Hugh Grant at Number 10, actually.

    144. yesindyref2 says:

      @Les Wilson
      Yeah, come the hour, cometh the man, and that’s Mike Russell.

    145. sensibledave says:

      yesindyref2 2:56 pm

      “We’d be better off with Hugh Grant at Number 10, actually”

      Haha… could well be true!

    146. twathater says:

      As much as it pains me to respond to twats ( Hugh Grant ) the UK is not a COUNTRY . RP couldnae be bothered wi the rest over to you

    147. Robert Peffers says:

      @PictAtRandom says: 21 February, 2018 at 3:05 pm:

      “And so now you’ll agree that indy posters should stop promoting the “BritNat” meme and instead refer to BritStats (supporters of the British (multi-national) state)? If they’re genuine, that is.”

      Me! Nah! I’d call them Mary Magdalene if I thought it would annoy them. Annoyed people make bad decisions. All you needs do is read some of the English, blood and soil, Nationalists twits that tweet on twitter and you will find a certain percentage of them who bitterly, and usually illiterately, tell Scots and Scotland to go away from England and leave it, and the Englanders alone.

      Now if we could just persuade enough of them to believe that mantra Scotland would have been free 311 years ago. It’s those snivelling, self opinionated and sleekit, ones that insult us, and our intelligence, but do their damndest to hang on to us we need to give a bit of grief to.

      These are the real enemy – and they do not like being called nationalists never mind Blut und Boden nationalists. That slogan expressing the nineteenth-century German idealisation of a racially defined national body (“blood”) united with a settlement area (“soil”).

      The Nazi doctrine idolised farm life forms as a counterweight to urban ones but they combined it with racism and anti-Semitism ideas of a sedentary Germanic-Nordic peasantry as opposed to the Jewish) nomadism.

      The contemporary German idealism that complemented Blut und Boden nationalism was the concept of, “Lebensraum. The belief that the German people needed to reclaim what was historically the German areas of Eastern Europe into which Germany could expand.

      Now do you see the logic of why calling those who would wish to re-expand, “England”, once more as, “The British”, Empire as nationalists gets right up their noses? They even tell us they are not nationalists but are instead British patriots.

    148. Andy-B says:

      Sensible Dave.

      India and Brazil have overtaken the UK, just recently infact, the UK is the 7th largest economy.

    149. Andy-B says:

      Sensible Dave according to this, the US then Canada, then China are, one, two and three of countries with the largest film industries.

      The UK is 4th.

    150. Bob Mack says:

      @ Sensible dave,

      Wooph wooph

    151. Robert Peffers says:

      @sensibledave says: 22 February, 2018 at 12:35 pm:

      “Perhaps you, or the person quoted, meant “membership” of the single market rather than “access” to?

      @’Fraid not, sensibledave, They, and I, simply meant, “Free Access”, which is the accepted difference that sees the Eastern bloc car manufacturers establish themselves in the United Kingdom because that gave them, “free”, access to the markets they already had access to.

      Almost anyone can get access anywhere in the World … but at a cost. A cost not only in cash. Time is money and perishable foodstuffs make up a large proportion of cross-border trade.

      People can even get access to North Korea at a cost and not just a cost of money.

      Here, just for you, is a wee prediction that will come about when the UK, (hopefully only the Kingdom of England), leaves the common market.

      While each of the other EU member states exporters drives up to an EU border and just drives on through those from, (hopefully), only England will join the long, long queue waiting to have their documentation checked. They will also be required to open up their cargo for inspection.

      Inspection not only for illegal immigrants but to check if the goods conform to EU rules and standards agreed by all member states. Not to mention they will need to hold appropriate driving licences and their vehicles must meet EU standards.

      And they will face that delay at every border between EU countries they pass through. Tell me sensibledave – where does the UK’s supermarkets get most of their fresh foodstuffs from? Imagine that food after it had waited for checks at every border it crossed? Are you old enough to remember how you looked forward to a nice spring salad after a long dreary Winter when such salad was expensive or impossible to grow locally?

      Supermarket shelves are now full of foods we had never heard of before the free market. Just by chance I shopped today and spoke of that fact to shoppers and staff members.

    152. Andy-B says:

      Sensible Dave.

      The Credit Suisse military index puts the UK at number 9.

    153. heedtracker says:

      The truth is though Bob ….

      1. The UK has the 5th biggest economy in the world … bigger than India, France, Germany, Brazil, etc.

      2. The UK has the 5th most powerful armed forces in the world.

      What is the UK economy sensible d, in reality? Its been a miracle of investment throughout our lifetime, investing not Scots oil and gas revenues in England but what is the No.5 slot based on?

      City finance industry, Scots oil revenue, EU single market membership?

      We all know you mean England sensible d. And good for you, its what having a colony like Scotland is all about isn’t it. And to be fair, there’s never been anything preventing colonial Scots moving down to England and sharing the success is there.

      Most of the UK military is all in England now sensible d, barring Trident weapons of mass destruction. Another great use for a colony, a store for nuke WMD’s that are too deadly to store near you in England.

    154. heedtracker says:

      You lot should just call it Great England sensible d.

      National Museum Wales head accused of ‘rant against Britishness’
      By Huw Thomas
      BBC Wales arts and media correspondent

      Beeb gimps in Wales not amused.

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