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Everybody needs a laugh sometimes

Posted on June 20, 2017 by

Brexit is already a shambles. Everyone south of Manchester is unhappy because it’s too suffocatingly hot to move, and everyone north of Manchester is unhappy because they’ve not got the sunshine. We could all, for various reasons, do with a chuckle.

So without further ado, readers, enjoy the “clueless metropolitan hacksplaining” hit of the summer: Kezia Dugdale, Comeback Queen.

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  1. 20 06 17 10:56

    Everybody needs a laugh sometimes | speymouth

232 to “Everybody needs a laugh sometimes”

  1. Smallaxe says:

    I voted for the top one, but this is a beauty!

    “I was signing up because I believed I could do it, I wanted to do it, and I could do it.”

    I believe I can fly.y..y…y… Aaaaaaah…

    Peace always

  2. X_Sticks says:

    Haha. Do they actually believe their own spin? Hard to believe they can be so thick. Then again they have some doozies on their side like McTernan, Sarwar, Kelly, Murphy. Jeez, when you think about it you could keep going quite a while on that list.

    We are quite amused 🙂

  3. Macart says:

    Oh Jeez! 😀 LOLMAGEDDON

  4. Ian McCubbin says:

    The woman is unrelentless in her loathing of SON.
    That will not change how we deal with her must.

    Funny pice of writing. ?

  5. Sinky says:

    Kezia Dugdale in to-day’s Evening News claims that the SNP were expected to improve on their 2015 election success.
    Also makes claims about SNP slurs against Ian Murray.

    Another Girl Another Planet by The Only Ones comes to mind

  6. MajorBloodnok says:

    This is the Labour equivalent of talking up Ruth Davidson until every man and his dug is supposed to think she’s the new Wonder Woman and/or ‘Queen of Scotland’. How many over-blown quasi-monarchs can a putative independent republic tolerate?

  7. Dr Jim says:

    The lassie’s been taking what Willie Rennie’s on
    and now she’s in Willie Rennie land

    She probably doesn’t even realise the votes she did get were not even for her, those deluded fools thought they were voting for Jeremy Corbyns New Dawn party and come the Holyrood elections those folk will either not vote or switch to the SNP and she’ll call that a protest against the Tories

    Of course that’s an assumption but it seems at the moment the ranks of the nonsensical are swelling by the minute with folk who think they’re voting for something other than they actually are and coming up with the stupidly predictable thing they were warned not to vote for but ended up getting No matter how many feckin times they were warned not to be so feckin stupid

    Listen to me insulting voters I sound like a Labour politician
    See, it’s affecting me now

  8. The Dog Philosopher says:

    I plumped for the Foulkes framed photo on her desk as it provided both the best comic relief and provides more of a psychological insight. I imagine that she didn’t have a photograph of her dear old dad as he is one of those nasty Nats who bring shame on Scotland with their divisive democratic ideals. Not like good old George, parking his arse on the aristocratic benches, soaking up subsidised bottles of vino, falling asleep most afternoons, leaving a big wet patch wherever he sits.

    Now there’s a Scottish Labour Superhero for you!

  9. Breastplate says:

    Ffs, that article wouldn’t be out of place in Viz.

  10. Dan Huil says:

    The bbc believes every word of course.

  11. shug says:

    Even Fooksy would be embarrassed to know his picture was on this bams desk

  12. Stan Free says:

    Having grown up in the City and Royal Burgh of Elgin (5 miles from the sea) myself I’m particularly tickled to learn that it is now a small coastal town.
    Not only can Kez win a victory in 3rd place, it seems she can move an entire city 5 miles, or bring the sea right up to Elgin.
    I feel sorry for Lossiemouth though,mother lower lying parts will be underwater now while the higher ground will be an island. Perhaps he air base there will cater to the planes we can’t afford to out on our new aircraft carrier.

  13. Stan Free says:

    Sorry,meat sausage fingers and small iPhone keypad
    “The” lower lying parts and “the” air base

  14. Capella says:

    To date, we’ve had Ruth Davidson’s stunning victory, now Kezia Dugdale’s stunning victory.
    When will it be Willie Rennie’s turn?

    If there is another crisis election, the media will push Labour to mop up as many SNP seats as they can. Better red than dead as far as Westminster is concerned.

  15. geeo says:

    There is that phrase again…”come the next Holyrood election….”

    The next election in Scotland had better be to elect the Newly Independent Country of Scotlands first elected government.

    In such a circumstance, the current unionist parties in Scotland, will not exist in their current form.

    Kezia Dugdale will not be a politician in an indy Scotland, nor will Davidson or Rennie, or any other current uk party unionist politician, in the same way that the SNP MP’s will no longer be able to serve at WM post independence.

    This is, in my opinion, the REAL reason they oppose democracy by refusing to even hold a referendum. Good old self interest.

  16. Tartan Tory says:

    Please tell me that’s a parody piece?

    Please tell me that nobody south of the border is reading that guff as if it were actual news.

    Please tell me that the New Statesman has just become a competitor to Viz.

    Jeeeezzz, next you’ll be telling us that Boris is headed for being PM!! :-O

  17. Ken500 says:

    It is roasting in the NE. A fine cool breeze when needed. Scotland is cool.

    Dugdale gets a roasting in the election. What’s new. Dugdale telling lies par for the course. She would not tell the truth even with a truth drug enforced, Off her head. Some Unionist politicians should get drink and drug tested, Half canned going through the lobby. Foulkes. The ventriloquist dummy. Another lying journalist. Par for the course.

    Dugdale should go and get another job. Stop wasting £Billions of public money. The day job mucking up the world economy. Not nice and dim. Standing up and asking stupid questions every week. For remuneration. A few hits on the internet can give all the answers. Of the Unionist lazy, lying duplicity. They speak nonsense for a living while attacking the vulnerable people. The Unionist are rubbish. They can’t count, read a balance sheet, balance the book or properly use the internet. A complete failure. No empathy, no caring and no sense.

    Dugdale will never be ‘sweet’ to most voters. A sour taste in the mouth. Makes most folk sick. Sick at the sight of them. Starving the sick and the vulnerable. Causing £Billion of wars. Maiming and killing millions of innocent people. The Labour Party is disgusting. Corbyn will show his true colours once again. Blue/Red/Orange. Backing up the toxic Tories. All talk and no action. Talk the talk. Not walk the walk. The saviour has clay feet.

    Corbyn is a fraud. Just like most of them. Unionist criminals and crooks at Westminster. Trying to take down the world economy. Already giving the May & the toxic Tories support against any back bencher Tory rebellion against the EU policies. The Corbyn and Labour/Unionists could have taken down Cameron. Stopped the mess from happening. Instead they backed Cameron all the way. Started an internal leadership fight as a distraction. To demonstrate their over inflated egos. Corbyn believes his own publicity.

    Davis Davis doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. Just like the rest of the Unionist Westminster criminals. An absolute disgrace. Selling the majority in the UK (EU) rights down the river. The majority in the UK want to stay in the EU. The Westminster Unionists complete fools. They make the rules and break the rules with, impunity. None of them ever go to jail. They make the Law and break the Law with impunity. Never held to account. Their criminality kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Wasting £Trns of public money and starving millions of people,

    The majority of people in Scotland will not be fooled again by the Westminster criminals. Bonfire of the vanities. Fueling the flames. A damp squib. Dugdale/Labour is playing a dangerous game and will get found out. The Emperor has no clothes. Labour eating itself. Troughing parasites. Without any bite.

  18. Sandy says:

    Sometimes I think maybe I am wrong and the Right wing nuts are right… I find I question myself and I think its because the constant sound bites on repeat, they do get to you after a while, all I can say is thank gawd I can shake myself out of it, I have a brain and free will! Kezia Dudfail, Rooth the Mooth and even Wullie Rennie cannot break me with their constant bull poo.. they should be ashamed for even trying. Scotland forever!!

  19. Tinto Chiel says:

    The “sweet spot” one should be particularly sobering for BLiS______d. Mind you, if you tell people to vote Tory…..

    Hilarious, Rev, but you missed one:

    “I coulda been a contender.”

  20. Ken500 says:

    For goodness sake change to FPTP. Supported by the majority. For obvious reasons. Get rid of the lot of them. Trying people’s patience. Abusing democracy with their toxic, illegal coalitions. Ganging up against democracy. Creating and causing apathy. Wasting £Billions of resources and taxpayers money. Illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud, To fraudulently line their own pockets. Killing millions of people and the worst migration in Europe since 11WW. Fascists and racists. The Westminster inebriated. Not nice and dim.

  21. jfngw says:

    Tomorrow, the Labour electoral strategy genius James Kelly.

  22. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Foulkes on the desk.

    It’s an outright winner, surely!


  23. Street Andrew says:

    If politicians wish to pursue a career in comedy they should do stand-up in the comedy clubs not clog up and obfuscate the political process which matters to people’s lives.

    Politics is not part of the bloody entertainment industry. Well it’s not supposed to be.

    Rory Bremner gave up years ago trying to parody politicians because the bastards were using all his best lines as policy statements.

  24. Jon Drummond says:

    Aye, metropolitan-bubble double-speak.

    The article states that it’s a caricature of Foulkes on her desk. Are there any other personas this dribbler has?

    This is the one on my desk; as our Dode expresses his concern for effects of Tory austerity on vulnerable people in Scotland.

  25. Ken500 says:

    Some Edinburgh voters are easily, best pleased. As long as they get a swift e-mail reply. They don’t mind millions of innocent people being maimed and killed, £Trns of public money being wasted, The vulnerable being starved and left to die. The world economy being mucked up by the Westminster lunatics. ‘Pycho bastards’. While they feather their nest on people’s misery. The taste of some people. Chew it up and spit it out. Turning the fat. Eating themselves. Deluded. Blood curdling churning. Always gurning, The fat cats that got the cream. Going sour. Going doon the water. Going down the drain as the economy tanks. Fish out of water. Leaves a fishy smell.

  26. Craig P says:

    The fun bit for me is when she describes herself as a sidekick. Correct. All the branch managers are sidekicks. Even if Ruth might have a better publicist than her boss.

  27. Simon says:

    If you listen to it with the Simon Bates “Our Tune” music in the background it is perfect.

  28. Ken500 says:

    James Kelly is a brut. Impossible to watch. Unless it is comedy half hour. Not funny.

  29. Jamie McEwan says:

    “But then Murphy lost his seat the following year and quickly resigned as leader.”

    Did he hen, aye? Cos I seem to remember him refusing to budge, hanging on to that job like it was all that was left of his political career. Oh wait, it was.

  30. Patrick Roden says:

    @ Ken500

    Spot on mate, we know that the Scottish Parliament was set up to ensure that Westminster could always keep their grubby hands around Scotland’s throat, so why not change to FPTP, if they complain, it will simply be a case of ‘Then change Westminster voting to PR’

    Get rid of these second rate ‘rent-a-honks’ and MSP’s chosen because they are ‘party favourites’ and replace them with people who have won the election by consequence of the voters actually voting for them.

    FPTP isn’t perfect, but it has got to be better than forcing us to put up with the 7 (or is it 8) time losers like Murdo Frazer.

  31. ScottishPsyche says:

    This is Jim Murphy, Saviour of the Union all over again.

    The writer describes herself as a ‘Scot stranded in London’ who appears to be completely out of touch with what is going on since she left. Do these people honestly believe puff pieces like this do them or their readers any favours? She is ex-Mirror though, so probably has Daily Record connections.

    Why is Dugdale still a thing? What has she got on all these hacks who still seem to think this whining, malevolent, political lightweight has anything to offer Scotland?

  32. Bob Mack says:

    Kezia is not a failure. She is the only person I know who has found 1000 ways of not succeeding.That takes talent.

  33. Cliff Uney says:

    Odd they didn’t mention her being turned down for a job with the SNP

  34. Holebender says:

    My personal favourite was a line from Daniel Johnson (an MSP, apparently) “Up here, we couldn’t have been listened to if we had not been clear about the constitution.”

  35. Morgatron says:

    More like the OOs “Language Problem”. She is a total buffoon.

  36. bobajock says:


    One of those – please let me choose all type thingys.

    Having met and debated with Kezia, I can safely say, I would be a better Labour leader by 93%, and I don’t like Labour one bit.

    But thats the problem no? You need people like me to become politicians, where failure is the new success.

  37. I voted for the second one, though all of them deserve
    would deserve to be top of any poll.

    It appears Dugdale is increasingly becoming deluded, her claim that ‘the SNP was expecting to not only hold on to its gains in 2015, but perhaps make even more progress – but Nicola Sturgeon faced a public backlash’.

    Now I may have missed it,but I don’t recall the SNP claiming at anytime, it expected to hold onto all of its 56 seats and improve on its 2015 result.

    As for pundits predicting that Murray would lose his seat, well pundits have predicted a great many things in the past which haven’t come to pass.

  38. Dr Jim says:

    The art of being a politician in the UK now is to get everything wrong then adopt the position the SNP took but ignore the fact the SNP ever took that position or even that they exist at all

    The FMs new plan about to be unveiled better be the plan to end all plans of everybody else’s plans

    Stick it to them Boss!

  39. Ravelin says:

    We really need to get a grip on this Global Warming if Elgin has become a coastal town already!

    Do journalists never cross-check their prose, do editors not exist anymore when such obvious factual errors occur. You can argue about the ridiculousness of most of the rest of the article but you can’t deny geography.

  40. Peter Farrell says:

    One of those articles that you read, then you have to read again to make sure your eyes aren’t broken. Then you think “Whaaat???”

  41. Breastplate says:

    Ken500, Patrick Roden,
    I believe in both sides using the same rules of the game, so FPTP being used by Westminster should entitle Holyrood to use it (I know that the SNP benefitted from AMS in the past) but I’m pretty sure the SNP are against it and wouldn’t advocate it as it would lead to allegations of manipulation.

    Right now Scotland has been put in a boxing ring against a cage-fighter, a ninja assassin and a crocodile and we’ve to use the Marquess of Queensberry rules.
    We seem to be doing ok though.

  42. K1 says:

    Talk about rewriting ‘post truth history’, this is just a fantasy remake of a b movie. They simply make stuff up and media platforms count on ignorant audiences to soak this shit up. The lies she has to tell herself to lend credence to her delusions of grandeur are writ large throughout that new statesman piece, this isn’t journalism, it’s ‘The Secret Diary of Kezia Dugdale, aged 13 and a Twit’.

  43. Capella says:

    @ scottieDog – just watched Prof Murphy on Scottish Independence. Excellent discussion of the financial issues. He really does set it out clearly so well worth a listen. 33 mins

  44. CameronB Brodie says:

    “But then Murphy lost his seat the following year and quickly resigned as leader.”

    And thus the land entered into what would become known as the period of “post-allotment politics” and lo, it was braw neo-liberal. 🙁

    Jeremy Bernard Corbyn ‘What Was Done’

  45. Effijy says:

    I like Kez advising people to vote Tory,
    If they want a Labour Government!!!!

    What a Whopper from the Whimpering Whippet! lol

  46. Ken500 says:

    FPTP. Desperate times mean special measures.. The Unionists corrupted the electoral system STV, Hond’t introduced to give them an advantage, without a mandate. That is exactly what it does as they combine in their illegal coalition. They are ruining the economy, manipulating, lying and killing people. Wasting £Trns of public money. To feather their nests. Cookoos in the nest. They have corrupted the electoral process without a mandate. The Unionist and no Party doesn’t exist. It has been created by manipulating lisrs. Lie after lie to gain power and muck up the majority.

    The Unionists have just lied to the electorate to increase votes in an election. Lied about a Brexit paradise. Made false promises. Lied to young folk. They will learn. The Tories will negotiate less EU rights which costs more. There is nothing surer. Wasting even more taxpayers money. Ruining the world economy. There is nothing surer. The SNP would have to put it in a Manifesto and win a majority in Holyrood. There are arguments for this not to be done at this time because of many other things being done. Indy2 approaching soon etc. To much to do. It was the Unionists cynically manipulated the electoral system.

  47. PhilM says:

    It’s dawn…the beach at St Andrews…a long slow trumpet-like synth is heard…slowly like in Schindler’s List a group of the chosen ones appears in the distance…dressed in white like seraphim or asylum inmates…they are running to the promised land of Westminster…at the head…a man clothed in the light of St. Nicholas of Stephen…a hundred new health centres…his smile is dazzling to behold…cavorting like a nymph rising from the sea…it is Willie Rennie and he is at the front…not like Donald Trump pushing his way through…but this guy can actually run…he’s not lying about kickboxing whilst having the biggest gravity-seizing butt in the kingdom…no…Rennie wins…he is a winner… but we’re all winners grins Scotland’s 21st century Eric Liddell…he glides off into the golden distance…sadly the truth is more mundane as Willie scarpers chased by dogs…surrounded by pigs getting bizzy…and haunted by the revulsion of children on the campaign trail.
    Rejection springs eternal for the LibDem leader…
    but ah still beat ees oan the beach ya bams !!!! quips William
    How the nation laughs at the village idiot…

  48. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    So many choices, so many laughs! =grin=

    But the article itself does illustrate only too well how sadly out-of-touch the southern metropolitan La-La-Labourite elite (and not just its Graun division) are with just about everything up here.

  49. PhilM says:

    Been watching too much Frankie Boyle lately…

  50. Capella says:

    Mystery. Why did voters in Ochil and South Perthshire elect a young chap from Swindon who appears to reside in a Business Park in Swindon?
    From one of Nana’s links on previous thread:

  51. call me dave says:

    Much mirth and merriment in that piece.

    My vote was well down the favourites but they are all winners.

    A&E news from Auntie: Scotland’s NHS still hanging in there. 🙂

  52. Craig P says:

    They say all political careers end in failure.

    Kezia Dugdale can go one better than that.

  53. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Capella @ 09:57,

    Ach, its primary shool sports time, isn’t it?

    “Now, children, everyone’s a winner!”


  54. John James Boyes says:

    “Finding out Dugdale has a picture of George Foulkes on her desk”
    For at least a millisecond I was tempted to ask if it was mounted.

  55. Achnababan says:

    Correction demanded …. It is very sunny in Aberdeenshire today and last time I looked we are north of Manchester

  56. Capella says:

    @ PhilM – look out! You’ll be recruited as his speech writer with that “vision”.

  57. galamcennalath says:

    Enough to make you feel sorry for the BBC. Nah, not really!

    But imagine if your life mission is to promote Kezia and her chums in a favourable light in the hope Scottish voters choose them. Mission impossible.

  58. Breeks says:

    So what powers does a Labour Party Superhero actually have?

    Are these real powers? Or just empty vows and vague promises of powers to come, from some random opportunist wearing their underpants on the outside and who pops up whenever there’s a crisis in the Union?

  59. TheWasp says:

    Capella @ 12.08

    Clackmannanshire has lost most of the industrial base it once had, the biggest employer now being Scottish Autism, it has become a bedroom community for people employed elsewhere, who are making good money.
    When this is mixed with the very well to do areas of Perthshire and the farming community, plus a Blis Candidate who was a total joke in every way. Three you have it..

  60. David Caledonia says:

    The only way Wee Willie ( heartburn ) Rennie would become Prime Minister is if the Monster Raving Loonie party where to win the general election and the libs go into a coalition with them
    But somehow, i don’t think even the Loonies would have wee willie eckislike join them lol

  61. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Peter McCulloch @ 11:24,

    It’s a sadly degraded politics when Kez thinks that success is merely the SNP losing some votes in one election. Even if they have gone to another party entirely! A political lightweight, still in thrall to that corrosive Labour tribalism.

  62. bjsalba says:

    O/T I’d like to make a comment on one of Nana’s links.
    I went toone of the sessions where this committee was doing its work. As far as I am concerned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING it recommends should be considered.

    The part of the process I saw was a complete farce with the two opposition MSPs hell bent on finding something to beat SNP round the head. As for the chairman, what a total numpty!

  63. mike d says:

    Amazing here in our hotel in Spain. Scots,Spanish,French,Germans and Russians getting on like a house on fire. All we need now are some scummy Westminster politicians to come along and try and set us all against each other.

  64. mumsyhugs says:

    Didn’t read the article – jumped straight in and voted – and lo and behold chose the current ‘winner’ about the second coming of Kez and Slab – probably the only time she’ll win anything! 🙂

  65. @Robert J. Sutherland
    20 June, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    Your right, but this is the mentality of the Labour party here in Scotland.
    There are simply no depths it will not plumb to inflict as damage as it can on the SNP, and when the SNP loses votes and seats to another party, Labour then claims it as a victory.

  66. mumsyhugs says:

    Btw saw a wee poll on the telebox today – and seems 51% now want to stay in the EU – Brexit is indeed already a shambles! Bank of England now wading in and saying we will all be poorer. Happy days!

  67. Macart says:

    I see both Mr Carney and Mr Hammond have shot down ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’.

    The political omnishambles is morphing before our eyes into a tragicomic farce. It’s pretty much right out there now that UK gov never had any plan, any control, not even any say on Brexit procedure or outcomes.

    Worse! They knew this and still attempted to mislead/manipulate public perception and opinion regardless. Now that it’s coming apart at the seams? The scramble to apportion blame will be epic.

  68. Capella says:

    @ TheWasp – but Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh was pretty business friendly I thought? Maybe the Labour candidate was a paper candidate, following Kezia’s advice.

    However, the video is worth a watch just to hear the spade work Politics Scot has put in.

  69. K1 says:

    Aye Capella, but the real story is that Tory candidate Luke Graham from Swindon’s actual address for this election is the same as Liz Smith’s MSP’s address. He couldn’t use the business address as that’s not legal, Liz Smith should be asked about this?

    But she won’t be, as the Politic Scot David Hook says in his vid, this is his real point, no one gets asked about the corruption at the core of our political system…

  70. Proud Cybernat says:

    David Davis wonders why Barnier didn’t give him water wings instead of a walking stick…

  71. K1 says:

    She rents a cottage at the same address as the address he (Luke Graham) has used as his on candidate papers for 2017 GE. To be more factually clear.

  72. Bugsbunny says:

    I voted for wee Georges pic on her wee desk. I wonder if she sprays that picture of Lord George with at delightful scent from House of Frazer, whisky and pish with a hint of sick? She can always throw it at a passing Policeman as a tribute to him. And to that guy who complained about Wingers not being Socialist enough for you. Remember that Old Communist Mannie Shinwell. He ending like Foulkes, in the House of Lords like all Good Socialists. In an Independent Scotland we should have a statue of Foulkes in Cumnock. It will show him throwing up with a bottle of Grouse in his hand. It can also be automated to spout random pish, and it can be sprayed daily with pheromones to encourage dogs to cock a leg and make the statue smell of pish. Just like in real life. A lasting legacy to carpet bagger of an MP.

  73. Smallaxe says:

    bjsalba says:
    20 June, 2017 at 12:40 pm
    “O/T I’d like to make a comment on one of Nana’s links.”

    I think that link was heedtrackers @ 7:52 on the happy-brexit-day thread bjsalba. I’m a right stickler for detail me, I only know because I read it, sometimes I read a lot of writing.

    Peace Always my Friend

  74. Bugsbunny says:

    K1. Did you say Kezia rented a cottage with Luke Graham who was the Conservative Ppc for Ochil and South Perthshire and he used that address on his candidate papers? If she was SNP would that not be front page news? What the hell is going on here?

  75. Socrates MacSporran says:


    The citizens of “Scumnock” may not have many brains – Cumnock does not have a village idiot, everyone takes their turn – but, they are not totally daft.

    There is a bust of Andrew Keir Hardie outside Cumnock Town Hall, now, he was a genuine socialist.

    Any way, before the drink took hold, George was, for most of his tenure, a bloody good constituency MP. However, in the end, he became just another Low Flying Jimmy, only useful as lobby fodder. Such a shame, a genuinely nice guy when you meet him one-on-one.

  76. Chick McGregor says:

    Well, she did manage to win a vicTORY after all…

  77. Famous15 says:

    O/T Walk across the new bridge on 2nd and 3rd September. Ballot for places on Queensferry Crossing Experience web site.

  78. K1 says:

    No Bugs, Luke Graham Tory, for Perth, who unseated Tasmina, has used the same address as Liz Smith MSP, Tory, on his candidate papers for the GE17 election, look at Capella’s link, Capella is responding to wasp when mentioning Kezia, before then reposting to ‘Politics Scot’ for the story about Luke Graham.

  79. scav says:

    The idea of a “sweet spot between being pro-union and anti-austerity” implies that the union is inherently pro-austerity and independence is inherently anti-austerity.

    Which is nonsense. A UK government could run an economy along social-democratic lines as easily as Sweden or an independent Scotland could.

    But in that one phrase Kez manages to cede ideological ground to the SNP on one side and the Tories on the other.

    As usual.

  80. K1 says:

    Aye bring on another ‘devisive’ election till ye get the result you want Kezia…

  81. Proud Cybernat says:

    BREAKING: FM to reveal IndyRef2 plan before summer recess.

  82. Free Scotland says:

    “Kezia Dugdale calls for fresh general election to ‘get the Tories out of office'”

    Does that dummy know the difference between a “Snap General Election” and a game of “Snap?”

  83. crazycat says:

    @ Socrates at 1.51

    You’re entitled to your opinon of my distant relative George, but not to rename the great James Keir Hardie 🙂 !

  84. K1 says:

    At this rate it’ll no be long before Kezia joins the Libdems in calling for another EU referendum till they get the result they want too…but of course ‘no divisive referendum’ for Scotland to decide whether we want to stay in this fucked up Union. Sickening hypocrisy all round.

  85. mike cassidy says:

    There’s a link on that page to an equivalent piece on Ruth Davidson.

    Where the author describes her as Churchillian.

    What are they putting in the water cooler at the New Statesman these days?

    ps I have no control over how the archive page address lettering comes out!

  86. Proud Cybernat says:

    Theresa May is to face a legal challenge over proposed deal with DUP as it break the Good Friday Agreement. – The GUardian.

  87. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Smallaxe @ 14:13,

    It’s just occurred to me that the main reason Kez is still in her job is because the Great Leader in London no longer gives a stuff what happens in Scotland. In El Gordo’s day, SLab leaders came and went according to the Great Man’s pleasure (or displeasure, mostly): McLeish and Alexander, to name but two.

    An untimely “Bring it on” then could cost you your top job in the Northern Accounting Unit.

    Now no-one cares, Kez.

  88. Stoker says:


    Not been following the thread so i’m just going to jump right in here regarding the suspicious shared blue Tory addresses. Might the shared address’ be that of a Tory agent? During the Local Elections recently i noticed 2 or 3 Tory candidates sharing the same agents address.

    Can anyone confirm? Are we currently technically rudderless? No London Government has yet been established, has it? And if this is so, what was that EU farce we witnessed yesterday with David Davies?

  89. Jack Murphy says:

    scottieDog said at 10:32 am
    “Must warch prof murphy

    WOW! Thanks for that link,I would definitely have missed it.
    Phantom Power Films. Journey from NO to YES. Number 16. 🙂

    “Richard Murphy is a political economist, author, chartered accountant and one of the world’s leading thinkers on tax and how it can change society. He advises the Trades Union Congress on economics and taxation, and a long-standing member of the Tax Justice Network. Richard is Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at City University…….”
    “….Now Richard sees leaving the UK as the only way for Scotland to reach its full economic and human potential. In this special extended episode Richard discusses the economic forces powering the Yes movement, dismantles the case for GERS and looks at the key issues of currency, investment and taxation that must be addressed to win the independence argument.

    The prize is a better Scotland.” 🙂

    It’s a long one,and must be seen by the Shakers and Movers AND the People in Scotland.

  90. TheStrach says:

    Interesting to note the changing demographics in Clackmannanshire. The return of the railway has been a really positive step and has clearly brought lots of new people into the area.

    The smear campaign against Tasmina was also an issue which cost the SNP some votes. It was raised with me by voters who said they would not be voting SNP as a result. My pleas of innocent until proven guilty fell on deaf ears.

    Labour were happy to gift the seat to the Tories and their vote went down by over 8%.

    I hope many voters in the seat will be suffering buyers remorse as they see what they’ve inflicted on the Wee County. We’ll get the seat back next time if we’re still in this union.

  91. Brian Powell says:


    At least there will be no Unionists applying!

  92. Brian Powell says:


    I thought they were complaining about the £140million it cost!

  93. Brian Powell says:

    I think Kezia forgot Labour lost in Scotland and England, by a lot.

  94. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Brian Powell @ 15:09,

    Just once more over the top, this will be the last big push to win, Brian. Just as we shouldn’t have voted for indy, since the previous UKGE was coming along shortly after, and Scotland was needed to play its part for Labour. We have to stick together, and futile sacrifices just have to be made for The Greater Good.

  95. Marcia says:

    Our James Kelly not the Labour one has a fundraiser for his Scot Goes Pop blog on polling. You can find it here;

  96. Legerwood says:

    On the subject of addresses, candidates and elections.

    Michael Crick, CH4 news, did an investigation on Paul Nuttall and the address he had put on his nomination form and the fact he was not living there at the time he gave that address as his residence. I think it was during a by-election just before the GE.

    Seems it is a no no under Election rules to do something like that.

    Here is a link to the story

  97. galamcennalath says:

    Proud Cybernat says:

    BREAKING: FM to reveal IndyRef2 plan before summer recess.

    She should start referring to it as BrexitDealRef.

    Firstly that ties IndyRef and Brexit together in a way the Yoons are desperate to avoid.

    Secondly, English Remainers will go spare that only Scottish voters will be getting to pass judgement on the final outcome of Brexit.

  98. Chick McGregor says:

    TBF given the momentum for Labour in England pushing for another GE is, for once, a logical move from Kezia or it would be if she were not such an anti-Corbynist.

    The danger is that they force the required no confidence vote by enlisting Sinn Fein which would be throwing a match into the NI powder keg. It must also be not at all certain that the SNP would support such a move at this moment in time.

  99. Muscleguy says:

    Oi! it has been a beautiful sunny day here in Dundee. Last I looked we were north of Manchester. I was out walking quite fast which might be why I did not notice the massive earthquake which brought that geography into being but I’m no deaf and there were no mass screaming sirens as the utterly not quake safe Scottish housing stock collapsed around me in a cloud of dust.

  100. Iain Hutchison says:

    Surely the George Foulkes photo takes the biscuit. Is this honestly true????

  101. Chick McGregor says:

    ” Last I looked we were north of Manchester.”

    Quite right, 5 miles north of Berwick on the BBC weather map.

  102. crazycat says:

    @ Chick McGregor

    I’m inclined to believe Sinn Féin when they say they will never take their seats, so I don’t think they could participate in a confidence vote.

    Do you think they might?

  103. Petra says:

    @ Capella at 1:11pm ….. “Luke Graham and Liz Smith.”

    I see that there’s a link between them and STV. Doesn’t surprise me as STV is practically on a par now with the Big Biased Charlatans.

  104. Chick McGregor says:


    No idea. I am thinking the DUP deal does represent exceptional circumstances for them to consider but what way it plays for them, no idea.

  105. Proud Cybernat says:

    “It must also be not at all certain that the SNP would support such a move at this moment in time.”

    I can see an opportunity though. The SNP can make some demands to Mayhem in return for SNP’s abstention in any No Confidence vote. Sinn Fein could do the same, perhaps ask for a Reunification Referendum.


  106. Neil says:

    All of the above

  107. Chick McGregor says:

    Proud Cybernat

    Anything is just about thinkable just now up to Brexit government of National coalition between Tory and Labour.

  108. Breeks says:

    Wait, Brexit negotiations have just started without us, and we’re all going off on holiday???

    We’re not going to work tirelessly through the night running interception on Brexit negotiations while hammering out the details of our cunning mini coup over Scottish broadcasting?

    Disappointed? Who me?

    Here Scotland, have a plan to mull over… let me know what you think about it when I get back. Don’t worry, Michel Barnier said he’d text us if anything important turned up.

    We are either very, very cool and laid back about this Brexit and Indy malarkey, or it seems to me we are in the desperate process of dropping the ball here.

  109. Robert Louis says:

    Mike Cassidy at 231pm,

    Ruth Davidson being likened to Churchill is NOT necessarily a good thing. He had what can only be described as extremely racist views, and despite having been MP for Dundee, clearly did not like Scots either. Here is a wee taste;

    “I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place.”

    “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion. The famine was their own fault for breeding like rabbits.”

    The latter quote was in relation to the Bengal famine, created purely by the actions of HIS Government in India.


    Oh and then their was the abusive attack on strikers in George Square Glasgow (he also did similar things in Wales, to striking miners), where English only troops AND tanks were sent up to Scotland to fight the strikers (Scottish troops, supposedly from the same army in Maryhill were locked in their barracks)

  110. jfngw says:

    @Chick McGregor

    Sinn Fein would either need to swear an oath or make an affirmation to the Queen, there is more chance of Ruth Davidson becoming an independence advocate than that happening.

  111. gus1940 says:

    Re replacement for May after she is defenestrated by the men in grey suits I previously tipped Amber Rudd but I now see Hammond coming up fast on the rails.

    If anybody can think of any credible other runners let’s have them.

    Boris and Gove have no chance.

  112. joannie says:

    It looks like the Tories and the DUP can’t come to any agreement. Will this government even last the summer?

  113. Robert Louis says:

    OOps, I gave the wrong link above. Even Churchill wasn’t around in 1770 (although it was the year Beethoven was born, incidentally).


  114. manandboy says:

    Breeks says:
    20 June, 2017 at 4:54 pm
    “Wait, Brexit negotiations have just started without us, and we’re all going off on holiday???

    We’re not going to work tirelessly through the night running interception on Brexit negotiations while hammering out the details of our cunning mini coup over Scottish broadcasting?

    Disappointed? Who me?

    Here Scotland, have a plan to mull over… let me know what you think about it when I get back. Don’t worry, Michel Barnier said he’d text us if anything important turned up.

    We are either very, very cool and laid back about this Brexit and Indy malarkey, or it seems to me we are in the desperate process of dropping the ball here.”

    All is well, Breeks, don’tcha know that Nicola, the SG and our SNP leaders have all that under control.

  115. jfngw says:


    The Tories are offering a real Barmecide Feast when it comes to the choice of a leader.

  116. Robert Louis says:

    Perhaps anybody who understands the English constitution can help, but how can Theresa present a Queen’s speech when she has not yet formed a Government. Indeed, even further back, how can she have gone to the Palace to see the queen in the first place. I though BOTH these things needed the necessary agreements in place, to prove a secure stable Government agreement is in place, before they could happen.

    Anybody know?

  117. manandboy says:

    Judging by the picture on the BBC’s website, it’ll be a while yet before Michelle and Arlene are hugging one another in a show of unity.

  118. heedtracker says:

    If all this yoon culture framing of Scotland’s future in teamGB does work and they do get back in, what will they do with devo?

    Anything that’s good for Scotland is bad for this farce union. Look at the fucking mess unionists have made of everything in Scotland that’s got unionists involved and its a guaranteed giant unionist catastrofuck.

    If you’re from Aberdeen say, and not a yoon, you have to sit and listen to red and blue tory yoons, blame the SNP and Holyrood, for their own really terrible mess. But this is what government by another tory country actually means.

  119. Famous15 says:


    The queen calls a person who has the confidence of the House to form a government. The monarch can make the wrong call and see the Australian experience for consequences. Australia almost became a republic.

    The Tory party are playing Russian roulette with the monarch. Irony!

  120. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Stoker @ 14:50,
    joannie @ 17:04,

    Constitutionally speaking, currently the UK still has a caretaker government, enabled to keep business in good order but not empowered to take any party policy decisions.

    Empowerment only comes with the passing of a Queen’s speech, and is only maintained over time by being able to carry a budget vote or any vote of confidence whenever any such should arise. (Hence “confidence & supply”, as we have at times seen operating here in Scotland, albeit under a supposedly less “strong & stable” electoral system. =snigger=)

    Not to discount a possible legal challenge to UKGov dependence on the DUP as being a potential violation of the Good Friday Agreement.

    If any of those votes fail, within the terms of the Fixed Term Parliament Act, Corbyn gets to have a go, I believe. Though the same would then apply ongoing to a minority Labour UKGov.

    Maybe someone else would know the details of what would happen should subsequent attempts at forming a UKGov all fail. There must be some kind of timeout after which an election would be obligatory.

    My sense though is that UK Labour (unlike restless Kez) are currently very content indeed to allow the Tories to battle on, hoping that they themselves will dodge any blame for the many (known and unknown) negative consequences. Even though they are in plain fact just as blindly committed now to Brexit and its outcomes as the Tories.

  121. jfngw says:

    @Robert Louis

    May retains the premiership until she can get the Queens speech passed through parliament, you don’t need a majority to present a Queens speech If she can’t she falls. Although her presumption to tell the Queen that she could form a government might have been premature.

    Difficult decision just now for the SNP if the Tories cannot get DUP support, although they don’t actually need the DUP support as long as they abstain. Do the SNP risk another election with probably dwindling funds or not.

  122. tatu3 says:

    I hope folks high up in the SNP have watched the Journey to Yes 16 film with Richard Murphy. He talks a lot of sense. About half the independent countries in the world are the size of Scotland ?

    Amongst other good things he says, having our own tax system, our own currency and leaving the EU and rejoining but with, and being in charge of, our own currency makes a lot of sense too. And that this needs to be all laid out before independence.

    And he said it all in a way that was understandable!

  123. The Dog Philosopher says:

    And there’s me thinking Jim Hacker and Alan B’stard were works of fiction!

  124. Breeks says:

    manandboy says:
    20 June, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    “All is well, Breeks, don’tcha know that Nicola, the SG and our SNP leaders have all that under control.”….

    It’s an off peak package holiday to Brussels? Ah, why didn’t you say so? Now I understand. Hopefully Nicola finds time to send some holiday snaps of the coastal def……err scenery.

  125. jfngw says:

    The bad news for Kezia is that it requires the co-operation of the SNP for a vote of no confidence to work, unless the Tories decide they want another election themselves. What is the advantage at this time of the SNP helping out Labour, they are offering Scotland no more then the Tories.

    Also the likelihood of the DUP bring down the Tories when they are sitting in the co-pilot seat gives the impression that Dugdale lives in some fantasy land.

  126. crazycat says:

    @ Robert J Sutherland

    This is the relevant section of the FTPA:

    (3)An early parliamentary general election is also to take place if—

    (a)the House of Commons passes a motion in the form set out in subsection (4), and

    (b)the period of 14 days after the day on which that motion is passed ends without the House passing a motion in the form set out in subsection (5).

    (4)The form of motion for the purposes of subsection (3)(a) is—
    “That this House has no confidence in Her Majesty’s Government.”

    (5)The form of motion for the purposes of subsection (3)(b) is—
    “That this House has confidence in Her Majesty’s Government.”

    So if Theresa can’t get the confidence of the House, someone – anyone, it doesn’t have to be Jeremy – can try to assemble enough votes to obtain that confidence.

    If no-one can do that within 14 days, there is another election.

    The date for that election is determined in ways described on the next page of the document I’ve linked.

  127. crazycat says:

    @ RJS

    I meant to add – 14 days isn’t very long, considering the trouble the Tories have had persuading the DUP to support them.

  128. ephemeraldeception says:

    Incase anyone missed it….1st Brexit inforos and UK already going down the toilet.

    1st brexit feedback and Carneys speech = pound tanking.

    Then standard and poors ratings stated they may review UK down again from AA, plus this interesting remark:
    “We will review the UK every six months… and if necessary more often… We will be watching the economic implications, the implications for the public finances, the constitutional implications like the whole Scotland situation…”

    Airbus is also threatening to pull out of UK if UK wont be in customs union…which apparently we wont be according to statement of EU chief negociator.

    “The United Kingdom has decided to leave the European Union, it is not the other way around.
    The United Kingdom is going to leave the European Union, single market and the customs union, not the other way around.”

  129. jfngw says:


    It’s pretty clear if the Tory Queens speech is rejected then there will another election. Labour will not gain enough support to have one passed since they also need DUP support plus almost every other party, how many promises and concessions would they need to make?

    But as pre-election Dugdale said there would be no concessions to Scotland, this would probably end up with Scotland the only Nation not getting an advantage. But SNP hatred still blinds the Dugdale vision even if it is disadvantageous to Scotland.

  130. crazycat says:

    @ jfngw

    Aye, I know. Grim, isn’t it?

  131. harry mcaye says:

    So that’s both STV and BBC Scotland News deciding not to inform the populace that Scottish A&E waiting times targets were met last month for the first time since July 2016.

    Bunch of bastards.

  132. jfngw says:


    I don’t see it that grim, the Tories limping along is fine by me. It makes no difference if it’s them or Labour negotiating Brexit, the result will be pretty much the same. Although you can never trust the LibDems, they are even less trustworthy than the Tories.

  133. JimD says:

    A picture of George Foulkes, eh? Well, we didn’t think it would be a picture of Keir Hardie. You couldn’t make it up. Kezia is her own parody.

    What Ken500 said. Unionists – No empathy, no caring and no sense.

  134. ian murray says:

    Here is one
    Kezia is preaching anti austerity (remember when such talk was SNP bad?)
    She is also pushing for another general election to kick the Tories out (and Scottish Labours irony meter goes……actually SLAB does not do irony)

  135. DaveyM says:

    It’s sunny up in Durness this evening. And warm too…

  136. COLIN ALEXANDER says:

    Herald comment:

    “Greenland has a tiny population and only one industry to speak of I believe (fishing).”

    Nevertheless, the member state, Denmark ( with Greenland) joined the EEC in 1973). Greenland left the EU in 1985.

    Scotland could be the equivalent of Denmark and the rUK the equivalent of Greenland.

    “How would Scotland decide what it wants to devolve to “Westminster” Surely Scotland would have to be an independent country and negotiate any arrangement with another country.”

    Various methods could be used to decide which powers are devolved to WM. Cross party convention or free vote in Scot parliament following debates or Scottish political parties put what they want devolved and what they want to reserve to Holyrood in their manifestos and the Scottish electorate decided by voting for whichever manifesto they prefer.

    “Surely Scotland would have to be an independent country and negotiate any arrangement with another country.”

    Westminster devolves power to Scotland. Why can’t we reverse that position, if that’s what the people of Scotland preferred and democratically chose? Perhaps legally WM could oppose and block that, but politically it would be unacceptable for WM to oppose a democratic mandate. It would be undemocratic and endanger the Union for WM to act like a dictatorship in blocking Scottish democracy within the Union.

    “Isn’t there democracy in the UK at the moment ?”

    Yes, of course there is. However, 45% voted for independence. That indicates huge dissatisfaction with the current arrangements. Even of the 55% who voted NO, I believe many of them would also prefer Scotland had greater sovereignty within the Union.

    It basically comes down to sovereignty. Or who should have the final say on matters affecting Scotland?

    I believe most people in Scotland would agree, Scotland should have the final say on matters affecting Scotland.

    A topical example is Brexit: 62% voted Remain in Scotland, but WM has decided Scotland cannot remain because England voted Leave.

    Why should we have to do the same as England in the Union?

    We currently have the situation where Scottish MPs cannot vote on English matters, but English and other non-Scottish MPs decide which areas of government the Scottish Parliament can decide on, including whether the Scottish Govt can hold a legally binding indyref.

    Clearly, that is not a democratic situation for people in Scotland.

  137. mike cassidy says:

    Robert Louis –

    Rest assured,

    I drew attention to the description of Davidson as churchillian because it was in a supposedly left-wing magazine

    and the author wanted it to be taken seriously.

    Never been a member of the Churchill fan club.

  138. ian murray says:

    Kezia’s sweet spot is tucked safely in third place in a four horse race

  139. Rock says:


    “For goodness sake change to FPTP.”

    For goodness sake, stop demanding a Westminster style undemocratic system in Scotland.

    I thought Guardian reading bleeding heart liberals like heedtracker favoured Proportional Representation.

  140. Liz g says:

    Colin Alexander @ 7.35
    One more time Colin.
    What happens when Sovereign Westminster want to bomb more Brown people…..and Sovereign Holyrood says NAW.

    Scotland votes for Trident to go England want’s to keep it so Corbin can fire it… do those two separate but equal Sovereignty’s decide?

    Why would Westminster agree to do the One thing it is forbidden to do and dilute it’s own Sovereignty over things like defence?

    A fair few in Westminster couldn’t bear to concede a we bit of power over Businesses to the EU….and your saying that they would share all power equally with Scotland?… really!!
    This is the third time I have asked this stuff.

    You keep punting this plan but won’t give details…. mibbi you should try to be a politician!

  141. Glamaig says:

    Jack Murphy says:
    20 June, 2017 at 2:52 pm
    scottieDog said at 10:32 am
    “Must warch prof murphy

    This is fantastic. This is the sort of stuff that should be in PPBs and Referendum broadcasts when the time comes.

    More of this and less soft focus kids and babies hands!

    SNP should use Phantom Power to make their PPBs!

  142. Glamaig says:

    …and fair chuffed to see myself on the credits as a backer 🙂

  143. Shinty says:

    Another excellent film from Phantom Power with Richard Murphy

    Anyone know if we can buy DVDs?

  144. COLIN ALEXANDER says:

    @Liz g

    It would be for the people of Scotland – not just me – to decide which powers at devolved to WM.

    Regarding illegal wars, let’s not forget the Scottish Parliament backed the illegal invasion of Iraq and Scotland re-elected many of those Scots Labour MPs who voted for the Iraq War in 2003. It was as recently as 2015 before they got kicked out.

    Stu knows, I wrote to him then to try and expose the corruption and lies of one of those Iraq War Labour MPs – who tried to deny his Iraq War vote. Stu ran an article about it. So, he knows I’m no a Labour stooge despite all the accusations.

    If Scotland devolves defence to WM then it’s up to WM MPs and UK Govt to decide that.

    Why would WM go along with this plan? They wouldn’t voluntarily, but if they realised blocking it will risk increasing the independence vote to over 50% they might be sensible enough to back down.

    If they won’t back down, then it can be shown that even when Scotland tries to stay in the Union and make it more democratic, and allow Scotland the chance to improve it’s economic situation by its own initiative and industry, WM domination and autocratic power prevents it.

    It could be the difference between winning and losing a future indyref.

    If independists are so sure WM will snub Scottish democracy again in such a huge and blatant manner, I thought that’s a reason to support the idea, it would prove your point completely about the anti-Scottish un-democratic way in which the Union currently operates.

    I believe independence would be the best choice for Scotland. But you need to convince the majority of that.

    As recently as three years ago we failed to do that. If we get greater power within the Union it’s a step in the right direction. If we fail to get Scottish sovereingty within the Union, it might just persuade enough people that independence is the only option, if we want democracy and greater economic prosperity for Scotland.

  145. Socrates MacSporran says:

    crazycat @ 2.26pm

    Just got back in and noticed your post.

    Mea Culpa. My pla in mitigation is, I was in Scumnock this morning and contracted a fast-acting strain of the local disease, and had a sudden rush of shite to the brain.

    Big Riddy time!

  146. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Shouty COLIN ALEXANDER @19:35:

    Westminster devolves power to Scotland. Why can’t we reverse that position, if that’s what the people of Scotland preferred and democratically chose?

    Now you really are trying a collective leg-pull!

    Your increasingly wierd constitutional contortions remind me of the kids’ game “Twister”. (Which may be descriptive of more than just the contortions.)

  147. Paula Rose says:

    Good idea Glamaig are you listening SNP?

  148. Stoker says:

    RJS (5:40 PM)

    Thanks for the clarification.

  149. jfngw says:


    The real problem is trying to condense the Murphy information into the 2:50 min that the PPB’s seem to last. It took him most of the film 33 min to clearly explain his case, could it realistically be reduced to a PPB timescale without being just a list of facts without the explanation. If it can then it’s a good idea.

  150. crazycat says:

    @ Socrates

    Now that the Clydesdale Bank has closed, I may never need to go to Cumnock again. Silver linings an’ a’ that.

    (I may have to drive through it, but I can cope.)

  151. schrodingers cat says:

    owenjones in edinburgh on 22nd trying to kick start slab..

    I wish i could be there to ask him about edinburghs slab led council who racked up 30bn in pfi debt, and the falling down schools? oh, and why this candidate didnt show up in glasgow to support corbyn 2 weeks ago? along with kez and…. owen jones

    oh, and why slab campaigned 4 the tories?

    Jeremy Corbyn has asked us all to be on a permanent general election footing. An election could happen within months. And Labour has a chance of winning it.

    But we can only win the election by spending the next few months campaigning to win over marginal seats. In the general election, Labour was only 1,625 votes behind the SNP in Edinburgh North and Leith. At the next election, Labour’s inspiring vision – and your campaigning – can win the seat.

    **MEET OUTSIDE MUIRHOUSE MEDICAL GROUP, 1 MUIRHOUSE AVENUE, on the corner of Penywell Road, opposite West Pilton View**

    Join me, Labour’s candidate Gordon Munro, a member of the Campaign for Socialism, and others knocking on doors. If you’ve never knocked on a door – then great! You’ll be paired up with experienced people, and it genuinely is really easy and fun.

    And afterwards we can hang out in the pub!

    Let’s win the next general election for Labour. Spread the word and see you on Thursday.

  152. Glamaig says:

    I wouldn’t be so complacent about SLab. They are close behind us in a lot of seats. They may not have increased their absolute number of votes in them but they are not far behind in seats that we thought were safe. What evidence is there for differential turnout between parties? It must have been a late surge, and there’s a lesson there in how quick things can change in campaigns. Hopefully we have a stronger campaign and better messaging next time.

  153. galamcennalath says:

    Glamaig says:

    I wouldn’t be so complacent about SLab

    If there is another election then I think the shine will be well and truly off the Tories with the reality of Brexit and their general incompetence. It will be the TMay fools rather than the RuthD no-referendum party. Their threat will recede.

    Labour may be a bigger problem. A lot of Scots may feel that Labour MPs contributing to a Corbyn win is their best option. This would need to be countered with convincing arguments otherwise.

  154. mike d says:

    Socrates macsporran 8.40pm. I know what you mean about scumnock,it’s like driving through a village of the living dead. Gives me the creeps when i have to go through it.

  155. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The “Corbyn bounce” only pushed the Labour vote up to just above its 2015 level.We were in a campaign that assumed they would get about 14% but the opinion polls were warning us. We did not have time to react effectively in an election we did not expect and most certainly did not want.
    One nil to the unionists
    There will be a lot of Labour supporters sitting in seats won narrowly by the Tories considering their positions and how they voted.

  156. crazycat says:

    @ mike d and Socrates

    The other day I noticed a lovely new bilingual road sign proclaiming the proximity of “Cumnag”, with the English relegated to the second line.

    That will no doubt infuriate the frequent contributor to the Chronic who asserts that Gaelic was never spoken in the area, before signing himself off at an address in Achadh nan Leac (not that he spells it like that, of course, but his road sign is probably on its way).

  157. Chick McGregor says:

    Correct DMH
    Knowing Corbyn would win GE2 PLUS the SBBC switching to its more traditional SLAB support and SLAB could well win the most SMPs. IMV.

    Now that Lab look like a Labour party again and not a Tory plan B, then who wins at Westminster once more becomes relevant to Scottish voters.

    That’s the reality.

    Holyrood/indyref2, a different kettle of fish entirely, of course.

  158. uno mas says:

    @ Dave McEwan Hill 9.53pm

    It´s not one nil to the unionists Dave.

    GE 2015 was one nil to the good guys (us) so it´s one each and looking like extra time with the posibility of penalty shoot out.

    Ah naw ma nerves man!!!!!

  159. mike d says:

    Crazycat 10.05pm. That bilingual sign will soon be vandalised by the local zombies.

  160. uno mas says:

    Just watched the latest Phantom Power vid. with the economist Richard Murphy.

    That´s the best one!

    All the arguments and information re the economy and currency that we didn´t have at our fingertips in 2014.

    Every person who reads this site should watch it repeatedly until
    the´ve memorised all the pertinent facts.

    However all of that aside my personal favorite bit of the film is at the end when my name (real name) scroles up on the screen 🙂

    I´m so proud!!!!

  161. Cactus says:

    Everybuddy needs a laugh…

    That looks like a cartoon image of Davina McCall above.

    Kezia, the million pound flop.

    Ahhhhh ha ha ha!

    Takin’ it easy.

  162. manandboy says:

    It’s not impossible that the Establishment, through it’s political wing, the Tories, are not prepared to lose power to a revived socialist Labour Party.

    If that is the case then the DUP will know it and make huge demands of May. That can only result in trouble in Ireland, north and south, as well as in the EU.

    If a GE is called and Labour win, there will still be trouble in NI as the Loyalists see the golden egg slip through their fingers.
    There might also be trouble in England as the Right and the Far Right see Brexit melt into far less than they want.

    That these are interesting times is undeniable. That the UK political institutions have become unstable is equally undeniable. That they might become dangerous times must be a real concern.

    This summer may not feel much like the holiday season.

  163. Liz g says:

    Colin Alexander @ 8.38
    I didn’t say that you were a Labour stooge Colin,but you certainly duck answers like one.

    What I am saying is that you don’t understand Sovereignty!
    And that everything that you propose has already been done.

    Sovereign Scotland voted in 2014 for a Union of two equals…there was a commission and everything.

    In 2015 we sent our Sovereignty to Westminster to participate in the Union of equals.
    Our representatives taking part in the Union voting on our behalf..

    Holyrood voted for things too Colin..
    Let’s use Trident as an example….a good one don’t ye think,after all it’s on Sovereign Scottish soil.

    Holyrood said no to it,and our MP’s said no to it.
    You see where this is going Colin.
    How much more could we have expressed what OUR Sovereign will within this Union was ?

    While Scotland agrees to hold it’s self bound by the terms and conditions of the 1707 Treaty, Westminster need pay no mind to our Sovereignty at all.
    It’s only by striking down that bloody Treaty can our Sovereignty be asserted.

    So no Colin Sovereignty within the Union can’t happen.
    If we want to actually use it…not just have it then we need to decouple it from the Westminster one,and stop agreeing to keep it in a system that can always out vote it,and therefore by default devalues it.

  164. ScottieDog says:

    @uno mas

    If you were involved in the murphy production, well done.
    I was trying to push the importance of sovereign currency in the lead up to indyref1.

    It needs to be followed up with interviews with other progressive economists such as Bill Mitchell and Steve Keen who have been rubbishing the crap spouted by neoliberal economists for years. Mitchell wrote a few blogs about indyref a few years back.

    I would add that ‘impartial’ organisations like the IFS, OECD, Fraser of Allander inst are full of neoliberal types. They may actually be impartial but their economic ideas seem to predate the end of the gold standard, such is the rubbish they came out with in 2014.

    sadly these are the ‘experts’ the mainstream media will call upon and so we need as many of our own experts to stand toe to toe with them to rubbish their flat earth economics. Its great to have Richard murphy but I noticed in the aftermath of the GERS debate he was being attacked as an ‘outlier’. His point about currency and govt solvency is spot one which is why the mainstream will attack him.

  165. heedtracker says:

    I thought Guardian reading bleeding heart liberals like heedtracker favoured Proportional Representation.

    What’s a bleeding heart liberal, I don’t want to know. Graun’s interesting in that its essentially wiped Scotland off the face of the Earth now.

    But its detailed news about Graun’s England UK like the below, that is odd to watch in its details. That’s probably what Graun’s famous for, the details, about the only the country in the UK that matters.


    “British requests for French citizenship more than triple in a year
    Figures show applications by those living in France rose from 385 to 1,363 in 2016, with surge expected to continue”


    EU referendum and Brexit
    EU citizens in Britain to be asked to register for post-Brexit status
    Ministers planning stocktake of Europeans living in the UK to gauge demand for residency applications”

    They’ve been doing this since the Brexit vote, everyone in any contact with UK gov, but Graun not saying this, cant think why.


    Labour politicians join forces to fight against Tories’ hard Brexit
    MPs, peers and MEPs form new group to block attempts to weaken UK links to single market, calling for shift by leadership
    • As Labour politicians, we reject a hard-right Brexit

    Of Kez and chums, like future Sir Ian Murray OBE? Nothing. Its like we’re a different country now, on planet toryboy. But we’re still going to have listen Graun gimps like Severin C on BBC Scotland, tell us how shite the SNP really is etc

  166. BBC Scotland Tells Lies says:

    Tomorrow’s National front page:

  167. K1 says:

    And you said ah hud patience Liz g 😉 (I’d be on a stretcher tae the pub trying tae untangle the conundrum you’ve been hard at these past couple o’ days, God love ye)

  168. jfngw says:

    The establishment down south believe they have put Scotland back in its box, some have even said so but not in such clear language. They feel the Scots in the end have no backbone and will fold under the slightest pressure and are willing to believe any propaganda aimed at them.

    To be fair they have a point, why else would Scots vote for parties that holds them in such contempt, believing that not having any say in the future direction of your country is a positive attribute.

  169. Juan P says:

    I see Owen Jones getting torn a new one on twitter trying to defend Scottish Labour.

    Makes a tit of himself and then tries to pull the anti-English race card. What a twat and it’s time we started pulling the British Nationalists up for this tt
    Ype of bleating when their arguments fall to pieces.

    I would fully expect to be put in my place by the good folk of England if I sauntereed into their country and started pontificating to them about how they should run their affairs.

    The fucking arrogance of some folk is breathtaking.

  170. heedtracker says:

    Why’s Laura Keunsberg flipped into not a torygirl anymore? That one’s for Rock if he’s pulling another all nighter troll shift?

    “Today’s events in Brussels make plain if the PM makes it through these hot days of summer, there’s nothing straightforward ahead.”

    Oh I how wish we had voted YES just a couple of years ago. Why are yoons actually far more annoying now to listen to them moaning about English rule, than they were in 2014? maybe because Brexit is the ultimate Westminster catastrofuck, in their UK islands, they have destroyed the middle east already.

  171. Liz g says:

    Colin Alexander @ 8.38
    Further to my reply to you at 10.57…
    Sorry didn’t mean to hit send…multi tasking.. and up to the ears in it….LOL

    A perfect example of how being in the 1707 Treaty stymied our Sovereignty is the Brexit vote.
    Because it (the Treaty) more or less says we (Scotland) are agreeing to run stuff from and with Westminster,and we will call that way of doing it…the united kingdom way….
    That’s the thing that allows the establishment to say “we voted as a United Kingdom”..yada yada yada….

    And they are not wrong….

    Except Scotland voted differently,so they are wrong.
    But Scotland is in an agreement that says the United Kingdom is it’s Government so they are not wrong….
    And round and round it goes….

    Even that Westminster holds for it’s self the right to have it’s way is not wrong….it just isn’t compatible with attempting to actually USE Scottish Sovereignty.
    As the Brexit vote shows Scotland wants to stay…the attempt to find a way to do that…??
    That was rejected Colin, mainly because it involves more power coming to Holyrood…and less for Westminster.
    We are also discovering that Westminster is intending to keep for itself all the returning power’s from the EU, with the intention of deciding for itself what shall be “given” to Scotland.
    Holyrood has said No…we need those power’s here, what do you think will happen Colin?

    As long as the Scots agree to leave their Sovereignty dormant then a Union will work…but if the Scots want to actually use their Sovereignty the we have a problem.
    Do we (Holyrood Westminster) really need to haggle over everything,for every wee bit of power?…And through it all Westminster cannot….. cannot….. cannot be bound by any law?
    It keeps for it’s self that right???
    How do you be equal with that kind of concept Colin?

    This is not about grownups coming to an accommodation with each other Colin… Westminster’s ONLY rule is that it cannot stop being Sovereign it is not allowed to by order of God (I know but it is what it is) that’s their whole system.
    Do we even have the right to demand they change it?
    I would say no,we only have the right to remove ourselves from it.

  172. Chick McGregor says:

    Juan P
    Good use of reverse vision.

  173. COLIN ALEXANDER says:

    @liz g

    The Smith Commission wasn’t Scottish Sovereignty within the Union. That was the Vow pish. It was an offer to give extra powers. It WAS NOT Scotland saying what we will devolve to WM. It was more of the same WM deciding what Scotland would be given.

    The sovereignty I am talking about is not about Westminster conventions and an unwritten constitution that is twisted to suit WM power.

    The sovereignty I am talking about is the sovereignty of the Calton Weavers, the Tolpuddle martyrs, the Suffragettes. The courage and determination of ordinary people to stand up for what is right.

    People power saying enough is enough. We demand democracy, we demand equal treatment, not laws made by WM to suit WM.

  174. Capella says:

    British Labour expect another election soon. They want to get as many seats from Scotland as possible, of course. The BBC and press will facilitate this. Probably the Tories have picked up as many as they are likely to get bar another 5 maybe.
    Being unionists, they will be determined to undermine Indyref2.

    Next time the Tories will be advising voters to vote Labour to keep the SNP out. Owen Jones will do his bit to get Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street. Even if it means sacrificing Scottish self-determination.
    Understandable, from a British Nationalist point of view..

    Danger is that there might be a second hung parliament with the SNP as kingmakers. Unionists’ worst nightmare. However mad the DUP are, they are at least staunch unionists.

  175. MsDidi says:

    I have just read this….and i am livid…had to post it in case others miss it. It is an article by HUFFPOST UK entitled THERESA MAY SCHMOOZES TORY DONORS The PM told them ” One place where we did see success was in Scotland and while we may not have got the overall majority in Wm that we might have wanted I think as a result of what has happened, we might have saved the United Kingdom”. DON’T BET ON IT THERESA

  176. Liz g says:

    K1 @ 11.40
    Whit makes ye think ahm dain this sober… LOL

    It’s no really for him though ….it just trying to get the concept of what Sovereignty is out there K1…
    And not letting this “we can work it out” mantra take hold on here.
    Bet Smallaxe feels a wee bit of inspiration for a song When he read this…but whit dae ah know!!!

  177. Cactus says:

    HOT in ra Glasgow city tonight!

    ‘Scottish’ Tory.
    ‘Scottish’ Labour.
    ‘Scottish’ Lib Dem.

    Gies a holiday break.

    Collectively, they’re a joke.

    Ahhhhh ha ha ha!

    Have a laugh 🙂

  178. Liz g says:

    Collin Alexander @ 12.32
    Really…well how very dare you disregard and disrespect the wonderful thing that is actually Sovereignty.
    I can only repeat that you don’t understand it at all!
    My even Reece Mogg would disabuse you of that idea pretty dam quick!!!

  179. Cactus says:

    Journey to Yes!

    Journey to yer freedom Scotland!

    Do it!


  180. Liz g says:

    Cactus @ 12.45
    You telling us yer having a HOT time in Glasgow Cactus?
    We are gonnay need details ma man,fotays even??

  181. Chick McGregor says:

    At the moment and for the forseeable future, UK stands for Utter Khaos.

  182. geeo says:

    And so begins the tory civil war…..hold on tight, its gonna be a bumpy ride..!

    “Tory Group of MP’s say “No Deal is dead in the water”…har de har har..

    Another Tory group of MP’s say dont dare water down brexit..!!

    Oh the hilarity !!!

  183. Cactus says:

    Aweright Liz g ~

    Ahm awa’ tae gamble…

  184. Liz g says:

    Cactus @ 1.17
    Best of luck my friend, give em hell.

  185. Cactus says:


    Heading back thru ra city Liz g ~

    Gave em hell.


    Currently up a back lane in ra Strathbungo..

    They do a thing here..


    It’s getting brighter!

  186. K1 says:

    Aye ah no Liz, just lettin’ ye know we aw see what’s goin’ on… 😉

  187. Cactus says:

    Back in Queens Park, ra Glasgow.

    Walking (saunterin’)

    1 hour to walk HOME.

    Talk tae ye soon Texas.

  188. Cactus says:

    Took a short cut HOME…

    How you doing Scotland..?

    You ready to vote Yes?!

    Hey Liz g.. how you doin’?

    It’s getting even brighter.

    Keep Smiling Scotland 😉

  189. Cactus says:

    Think ah played this song on off-topic over one year ago.. here.

    Check it out if you’re interested..

    Steps by Pilot:

    “Steps along the way”

    Quality song, fuckin’ A!


  190. Cactus says:

    “Big moves, in small steps”




  191. Liz g says:

    K1 @ 2.50

  192. Cactus says:

    Here’s another, brother (and sister)

    Tenacious D:

    Let’s let Scotland build loads of international bridges 🙂

  193. Cactus says:


  194. Cactus says:


  195. Cactus says:


  196. Cactus says:


  197. Alex Waugh says:

    I voted for the first one but there’s another bit of utter fuckwittery that I enjoyed : “…her organising skills were legendary.” What, as in “Believed in by gullible people but never actually proven to exist”? Kezia Dugdale, Labour superhero…oh my sides!

  198. Cactus says:

    Be bold.

  199. Smallaxe says:

    Nana: Good Morning, rain forecast today, the plants are all excited as I’ve knitted some new raincoats for them. Thank You, for Your links. Kettle’s on. Peace Always

  200. heedtracker says:

    If you were wondering why BBC gimps are so warm and welcome to the new Irish PM Leo Varadkar , he’s a toryboy, who loves all kinds of Snatcher Thatcherist stuff.

  201. Macart says:

    Many thanks Nana. 🙂

    Reading sorted.

    On her Maj’s speech? Used to be a hallmark day for journos and such. All that pomp and power on display. Today, I’m not entirely sure I give a monkey’s.

    When I look at that chamber today and knowing, that is KNOWING, how much criminality it hides and how much unecessary suffering it has caused? I realise that I owe it and its inhabitants precisely nothing and certainly not respect or deference.

    It’s pomp, power, history, tradition and all the trappings that go with it are show to keep people in their place. To tell them their place.

    My answer to that these days is, well, naw! Our job is to tell them their place. We pay their wages and the upkeep of all their stations and hooses (including Her Maj’s). Simple logic dictates that if you pay the damn bills, you’re the boss.

    So no. No I don’t do deference to a house of, at best, grafters and con artists. At worst, thieves and murderers.

  202. Smallaxe says:

    Macart, this might interest you, my Friend.

    Peace Always

  203. Nana says:


    Aye they have forgotten who pays their wages. Venal, grasping, greedy bunch of people out for themselves and to hell with the people they are meant to serve.

    Is it any wonder the world is laughing at the UK, looking upon that outdated spectacle of pomp and pageantry. Clowns harking back to the past & determined to drag us all with them.

    We must get the YES campaign up and running and soon.

  204. Macart says:


    I see on twatter that Owen Jones is apparently sending out the rallying call for Labour in Embra. Upto and including the SNP bad meme.

    I had thought better of Mr Jones, but when push comes to shove he sees himself a left Labour, which is cool and all, but I don’t think Mr Jones quite understands what Labour in Scotland stand for. For that matter neither do they, but that’s another story.

    In short party before people raises its head yet again.

    I am so fucking sick to death of ists, isms and labels of any description. Party politics and religion, absolute killer combo throughout human history and a great way of generalising and labelling demographics.

    Here is EXACTLY where I stand on this.

    You don’t need a party affiliation, you don’t need to be far left, left, centre left, centre or centre right to be a decent fucking human being. That somehow you’re only ‘right on’ if you follow this party or that individual. Personally I judge people by their action and intent and vote accordingly.

    Westminster government of ANY stripe, its practice and system of politics is wrong on just about every conceivable level. The political make up of the union is wrong. The nature and practice of party politics in the UK is beyond appalling for its treatment of the electorate at large. Dear God! Some of those who sit in chambers can barely hide their contempt for those they are supposed to represent and care for.

    As an institution it is anti democratic, oppressive and (YES) criminally societally divisive by nature.

    I believe that before politics and society across these islands can progress, the Westminster system, the Westminster parliament and the political union on which it is founded must be dissolved and a new politics based on the social union, respect and equality of nations take its place.

    IMV, the people of these islands and how they interact are not the problem. Most folk just want to cut along in peace. The institution and the establishment behind the institution are the problem and ALWAYS have been.

    That problem is beyond party politics and party politicking at this point. Its beyond ‘games’. Those games are what have brought us to where we are today and what a place that is.

    It’s time now, I reckon, to concentrate on the only union that ever meant a damn, the social union. To protect that, the political one, its chief institution and the practice of party politics UK style has to end.

  205. Breeks says:


    Quite funny, but I was thinking very much along similar lines reading the Daily Express headlines about Nicola having “no shame” to pursue Independence, civil war in the SNP ranks, and according to the Express, Michel Barnier is now on the verge of a breakdown. Then there is the cacophony of anti Muslim articles which are inflammatory and designed to agitate both fears and hatred.

    But something is different these days. Why am I not so offended these days? There is just no integrity. I mean, there never was much integrity to begin with, but these days it’s not a newspaper being undermined by propagandists, its rabid propagandists hiding behind the fig leaf pretence of being a newspaper. And that poor abused fig leaf doesn’t cover very much.

    It’s not that I loath and detest the Express, it’s that I do not want to be associated with any country, nation or populist dynamic which takes it lead from the hate speech that is so typical and ubiquitous in the Express. I don’t loath the “newspaper”, it’s a cheap nasty rag, but if I’m standing behind you as you buy your Daily Express in the Newsagents, then you probably don’t want to know what derisive thoughts I’m having, but keeping to myself.

    People often quote Orwell’s 1984 in reference to the manipulation of news, the rewriting and revision of history, and indeed the perpetual state of war and emergency, and in fairness the observations are often spot on, however for me, this hatred and bile from the Daily Express is the quite literal manifestation of the Two Minute Hate, where for two minutes, everybody has to watch a parade of images on the viewscreens of people and things you are expected to hate, and everybody has to vent a tirade of abuse and venal hatred towards the screen. In every respect, it has identical purpose and objective as the Daily Express.

    England, and the UK is not being well served by this pernicious daily drip of toxin into their psyche, but there seems to be some affliction or defect in character which renders the English and BritNattery defenceless to resist the effect.

    Independence? Yes can’t come soon enough.
    Constitution? Yes, written, bold, absolutely.
    Freedom of Speech… well yes in principle, but not the same liberty for the propagation hatred, paranoia, and inflammatory invective which the Express can deliver with apparent impunity, if not indulgence and patronage by the State and State “Establishment”.

  206. Song42 says:

    Thanks for the links everyone 🙂 n Nana.

  207. Macart says:


    Their poisonous narrative is well out of control now Breeks. I believe it’s about damage limitation at this point till the conditions exist which allow us all to move forward.

  208. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I’m getting pretty fed up with folk suggesting that we wait “till the time is right” and other such nervous reactions. The time is always right to campaign for independence and the opportunity to go for it will only come if we campaign and set targets.

    If we take indy ref off the table now we will only confirm the victory our enemy is claiming.

  209. Nana says:


    Just spotted this, looks like the DUP are wanting to skin the cat and then some

    Tally Ho!

    Dennis Skinner comments, video here

    Repeal Bill will maintain scope of devolved powers. Implies EU competences in devolved fields will not at first flow back to devolved bodies

    Did the Queen’s speech really cost a million quid, who said these were austere times

  210. Liz g says:

    Breeks @ 11.28
    A written Constitution can quite comfortably protect freedom of speech…. that’s for us….the people.

    To protect the Media and Broadcasting from corruption it’s a clause about who can own how much of it,and how the public get to produce their own that needs to be written.
    Public access Broadcasting and 60% of the printed press to be owned by Scottish residents something like that…. only smarter.
    Something like the remit the Monopolies and Mergers commission have….

  211. sensibledave says:

    Its a joke isnt it … the spinning that some people will do with election results!

    Did ya hear that over 82% of voters in the UK voted for parties that were pro Brexit and “for” leaving the single market … and yet the result is translated as our “Brexit Stance” is now very confused” and only a “soft” Brexit will do?

    North of the border, 63% of the electorate voted for “unionist” parties… and this is said, by some, to show that there is an increased appetite for indyref2.

    … some people eh. tut.

  212. Bob p says:

    Dave mcewan Hill 12.01pm. Agree,let’s tighten our hands around these unionist b*****ds throats.

  213. mike d says:

    Breeks 11.28am. My thoughts exactly,wish i could put it as eloquently as yourself.

  214. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dave McEwan Hill @ 12:01,

    Dead right there.

    With a Queen’s Speech that aims to “strengthen the Union” and drag us out of the EU against our clearly-expressed will to stay, to respond by casually forgetting about that “material change of circumstances” and descending to petty niggling over what few additional tatters of devolution we might be graciously conceded by London, would be a error of historical proportions.

    This is not merely about “Brexit”, crucial though that certainly is for our economic well-being. It’s about being able to decide our own future for ourselves whatever the issue, not passively let someone else impose it on us.

    Independence isn’t an optional extra, and to take the pressure off now would be foolishly self-defeating.

  215. sensibledave says:

    Breeks 11:28 am

    I can’t make you out Breeks. You and and almost everyone else here on Wings go on, quite rightly, about how awful the Daily Express and Daily Mail are. You decry them as being an unsavory section part of the MSM that often produce articles, or news, of a type that is outside the mainstream. Those two newspapers, together, have a circulation of about 3 million. Many of their readers buy those newspapers for the sport, the pictures or the crossword – not because of their editorial stance.

    And yet, you seem to spend a lot of your time reading them when, evidentially (i.e. based upon the evidence), the huge majority of the UK electorate do not!

    You project that these newspapers are somehow representative of typical views on life in the UK and then construct a further projection of how the UK is going to hell in a hand basket based upon the few (as percentage of the whole) nut jobs that might form their political views based upon Express and Mail editorial stances.

    Or, maybe, I am just overthinking things, and you are just being an a**e.

  216. Macart says:


    No surprises there Nana. In exchange for support…? Well, lots of cash basically.

    Sounds about right.

  217. Macart says:

    If you value democracy in Scotland, then read this and make sure others do.

  218. Clapper57 says:

    Owen Jones comes up to Jockistan to support Scottish Labour candidate with pure socialist credentials ya ken….. cause Owen has gone all corbynista now that the rebel alliance also known as #chickencoup consigned to eating humble pie and other crumbs from Corbynator table.

    However , being Labour means U turns par for the course ….I give you the following wee snippet from socialist Jones on Corbyn’s leadership….

    Owen Jones quote :

    “My passionate and sincere view is Jeremy Corbyn should stand down as soon as possible”

    Ah remember yon time he fawned over Mhairi Black in yon interview…not for one minute did I think he would ever be so opportunistic and diss the SNP , of which Mhairi is an MP, and accuse them , via a retweet , of promoting/causing austerity….just when Labour on up thanks to Owen’s new hero Corbyn…Owen came late to the Corbyn leadership party…..and would NEVER have been at the Corbyn leadership party at all if Tories had got an outright majority in GE though…eh Owen… right am ah no.

    Of course Owen being Owen does not accept criticism on Twitter re his support for yon ever so socialist labour candidate ya ken….I have seen and heard Owen in debates and my god he kens how to dae a strop does oor Owen if yae dinnae agree wae him….or worse….challenge him….und major pout if ya ignore him… a bairn he is…only worse.

    Looks as if Owen , like the Labour party , is showing hypocrisy is alive and well when they get a wee sniff o power…..wha knew ? ….wha indeed.

    Frightened tae remind red Owen that some Jocks gone over to the Empire’s side aka Ruth D’s party…..dinnae want tae burst his over inflated socialist bubble ya ken……also heard the stabbing knives used in first #chickencoup have been stored in a safe place …..and will be appearing some time soon….. that is…………. when the Corbynator’s popularity starts to wane….and it will….and we can then expect Owen to repeat the same quote as above re the Corbynator……und less of the RED FLAG spiel.

  219. Rock says:

    Dave McEwan Hill,

    “The “Corbyn bounce” only pushed the Labour vote up to just above its 2015 level.We were in a campaign that assumed they would get about 14% but the opinion polls were warning us.”


    “Unfortunately, more than 20% of the voting public in Scotland remains stupid enough to vote for Labour.”


    “Just thought I should mention I think Labour in Scotland will be lucky if they get 15% of the vote in this GE. Hopefully less.”

    Pompous, clueless armchair pundits who can’t stand a differing view.

  220. Rock says:

    Dave McEwan Hill,

    “The time is always right to campaign for independence and the opportunity to go for it will only come if we campaign and set targets.”

    Only if Nicola had been campaigning strongly for independence immediately after the Brexit vote.

    Instead of wasting months flogging a dead horse – a separate deal for Scotland which was never going to happen.

  221. HandandShrimp says:

    Hard to pick one as they are all contenders but went for coming third as a success. Jim stepped down for coming second.

  222. indy2 says:

    totally agree

  223. Davosa says:

    Who the fuck is the stupid cunt who put her name and scarier picture on this ludicrous puff piece . The New Stateman- The New Shitman more like

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