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Down in the tuba station at midnight

Posted on August 31, 2014 by

After all the unpleasantness of recent days we thought you might enjoy a bit of lighter viewing for a Sunday afternoon, so here’s an excellent short documentary about the Wings card game, “The Last Voter In Scotland”, which is padded out with background footage of a bloke called Greg something.

We think he’s some sort of computer guy.

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    1. 03 09 14 10:13

      A Nation that can laugh | Pearltrees

    44 to “Down in the tuba station at midnight”

    1. Footsoldier says:

      O/T any chance of WBB distribution update?

    2. heedtracker says:

      Fantastic work Greg. You make the nationals look like what they are, crap. More fun, perlease!

    3. schrodinger's cat says:

      ha ha , darling is cameron’s gimp ha ha

    4. MajorBloodnok says:

      We met Greg in the Barony pub after the independence march in September last year. I gave him all of my best ideas but he didn’t use any of them, Moodie bastard.

    5. Marcia says:

      What a soothing voice he has.

    6. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “O/T any chance of WBB distribution update?”

      No. I have all the information, but for some inexplicable reason I’m keeping it secret so that nobody can get any.

    7. gerry parker says:

      @ Footsoldier. Got this from Kinivie Yesterday.


      Patience, man…..

      We have orders for over 230,000 WBB from Wingers. We cannot, physically, satisfy them all in one go. Sandra is working through the list as she receives stock…

      Please bear with us. This is a massive logistics exercise; there is only a tiny team working on it, and we are all amateurs. We are not prioritising non-wingers; in fact anyone who has not sent an order through Wings is unlikely to get delivery.

      We also have to deal with orders from people who live miles away from any hub, and keep the people putting out the WBB on ebay supplied. It’s not easy.

      So bear with us, please.

    8. handclapping says:

      Too late, Greg’s funder is closed. Still Β£10000 is not bad on Β£7000 wanted. πŸ™‚

      Do we get a copy of lady alba’s “Nuclear Love” in the book?

    9. Grouse Beater says:

      Very nice, Greg, very nice indeed. I hope we meet one day.

    10. gerry parker says:

      oops, Should have said “Spoiler Alert”


    11. handclapping says:

      I have all the information, but for some inexplicable reason I’m keeping it secret so that nobody can get any.

      Calvinist! As its Sunday

    12. YESGUY says:

      Love this .

      Brilliant work Greg.

    13. Another Union Dividend says:


      Regarding the alleged assault in Glasgow when a women was kicked in the stomach by a male No campaigner, the Britannica Party, which is a splinter group of the BNP, is an offical registered supporter for the NO campaign.

    14. gerry parker says:

      @ footsoldier,
      Probably not a good idea to go off topic as the first comment. There’s an off topic link for off topic comments.


    15. todayinscotland says:

      New post, please share

      A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall, Part 2

      todayinscotland | The Referendum Blues

    16. heedtracker says:

      Actually google “independent newspaper scottish independence satire” and the sneering malice from every UK news room is pretty spectacular.

    17. Nana Smith says:

      Wonderful Sunday afternoon watching and listening to Greg Moodie. Thanks!

    18. Thepnr says:

      That was a great wee video. Let’s you have a peek into the mind of Greg Moodie and guess what he is just like the majority of active Yes campaigners.

      A nice guy and completely open.

    19. Croompenstein says:

      I really enjoyed watching that and listening to Greg however I am gutted that big Bliar disnae play the tuba πŸ™

    20. Nana Smith says:

      @Bob Sinclair

      Where is that yes shop?

    21. Bob Sinclair says:

      Nana Smith,

      Its at Eglinton Toll, South Side of Glasgow.

    22. Murray McCallum says:

      Great listening to the back story of Greg’s creations. Really funny. Liked the music for the characters too.

    23. Susan says:

      Really enjoyed the video.
      O/T The yes hub in stornoway has run out of Yes Saltire flags. We are looking for 20-30 if anyone has any to spare please.

    24. mogabee says:

      I think Greg Moodie should have his own “handle”.

      I name you The Quiet Man Greg…An absolute clssic!

    25. mogabee says:

      Lordy. *Should not eat ice-cream and type* classic…

    26. David Hind says:

      Good stuff Greg.Keep it going with the opposition during the independence negotiations.

    27. Darn – he is funny, cute and has a voice that would soothe all your troubles away.

      Think I have a wee crush!!

    28. highseastim says:

      Was at the YES Moray get together in Elgin this afternoon, massive turnout and many more canvassers/distributors came forward, things are looking very rosy at the moment, let’s keep it going for the next 18 days!,

    29. Capella says:

      Great video and cartoons. Hope the book isn’t TOO limited an edition. Just looked on Amazon and they don’t have it yet.

    30. Ken500 says:

      Ace. Publish the book. Give some money to the food banks.

    31. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Greg Moodie, You’ve brightened our days many many times, a BIG Tammy Doff tae You.

    32. john king says:

      Major Bloodnok says
      “We met Greg in the Barony pub after the independence march in September last year. I gave him all of my best ideas but he didn’t use any of them, Moodie bastard.”

      Thats because he wasnt listening to you, he was too busy thinking about how he was going to nick my hat. πŸ™‚

    33. Clydebuilt says:

      Rev. Stu

      The YES Inverclyde Shop need copies of the WBB.
      Please Contact them through their Face book page Yes Inverclyde Shop

    34. Shadow says:

      Having watched this, I went over to Greg’s website, where i was distressed to see that his indiegogo campaign for his book closed yesterday. Could it be re-opened for us latecomers?

    35. Jim Thomson says:

      @Greg Moodie wrt @Ronnie’s post at 8:18pm – I’ve seen his Tammy, and it IS big πŸ˜‰

      Excellent work all the way through Greg. I missed the fund-raiser somehow. Hope it’s possible to get a copy in any event.

    36. MajorBloodnok says:

      john king says:
      Thats because he wasn’t listening to you, he was too busy thinking about how he was going to nick my hat.

      Not the first time I’ve been duped into being a diversionary tactic. Bascially he thought your hat was better than my ideas. Says it all.

      Anyway, Rose Garnett was really the one we all wanted to talk to… πŸ™‚

    37. HandandShrimp says:

      I do like Gregg’s work


    38. BB says:

      Gregg does a nice custard doughnut too, I hear.

      May be mistaken on that though…

    39. Muscleguy says:

      @Bob Sinclair

      Meanwhile in Dundee city centre the council apparatchiks tried to move our RIC stall, with pandas, from an unobtrusive spot. We quizzed them about the bylaw or specific legal instrument they intended to apply to us during the regulated period of an official election campaign stood on a public street and they could not, or would not reply. They said they would call the polis and went away.

      About half an hour later two polis duly turn up. They also could not give us a legal reason why we should leave. I suggested they go ask the council bods for it since they could not supply it to us.

      The photos are here:

      I’m the guy in the red shirt remonstrating with a bemused and not unsympathetic police constable. Note the panda in attendance. We were joking after they left about what good propaganda pictures of the pandas in a panda car would be.

      Before they could return it was time for us to move for the Flashmob where we continued to hand out leaflets (oh, the sedition!), register voters (what a rebellious act!) and I helped pick up an old woman who had gone sprawling in the roadway, mercifully unhurt, though shaken (Injuries during Yes campaigning!).

      Oh yes, the army were also out in force, recruiting and forcing young children to abseil down a temporarily erected tower.

      I nearly forgot, I got to meet Craig Murray who dropped by our stall apropos of nothing. I turned to get more leaflets and there he was.

      An eventful day of street politics, pandas and polis.

    40. gerry parker says:

      @ muscleguy.

      Well done you. I actually pulled over a police van on Saturday and advised the constable that he was driving a vehicle with defective stop lights (one of them was not working).
      They said they would take it to the garage to be replaced.

      We need to remind the police that in this country we police by consent, and laws that apply to us, also apply to them. And if they can’t find and quote a law that says we can’t do something, then we are perfectly entitled to do it.

      Great Photo btw.

    41. Greg’s got a picture in the attic that must be suffering. He looks exactly like he did 30 years ago.

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