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Darren McGarvey

Posted on February 18, 2021 by

It would be improper not to note that in addition to this:

Darren McGarvey has contacted me directly by email this evening with what I take to be a sincere apology, which I’ve accepted as such.

(It was a private communication and won’t be reproduced here.)

I have no problem at all with people disliking me and saying so – I’m hardly a shrinking violet – but I can’t abide hypocrisy, which is what the massive pile-on from friends of Neil Mackay yesterday amounted to, and while I couldn’t give the slightest toss about the opinions of the people involved, even one person doing the decent thing over what was said deserves to be acknowledged. While I’m sure that we’ll continue to disagree profoundly and strongly on many or most things, what’s right is right.

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94 to “Darren McGarvey”

  1. Gavin Barrie says:

    Right and admirable. Both his apology and your acknowledgement. Well done both.

  2. Ragin says:

    Fair play to him for apologising and to you for accepting it.

  3. David says:

    Fair play to Darren McGarvey indeed, for publicly admitting his mistake.

    But to claim Rev Stu would drink something made of 100% pears is surely an even bigger error…far too healthy – 100% pear drops is much more likely. 🙂

  4. Beaker says:

    Good to see the apology and the acceptance of it in a public forum. Other people should take note.

  5. MWS says:

    The right thing to do. Stuart, can I ask. Are you still an NUJ member?

  6. ClanDonald says:

    Aww, that’s a shame, poor wee Loki’s having to undertake a massive PR damage-limitation campaign after accidentally letting his mask slip in public.

    However, any self-righteous attempts to pretend he’s in any way superior to anyone who contributes to, reads, donates to or re-tweets this website in the future and I’ll be re-posting his original tweet to remind him he’s just as vile as the rest of us.

  7. Hatuey says:

    Well, whatever, I suppose…

    Comment of the day candidate right there…

  8. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Are you still an NUJ member?”

    I am, although the answer to that question may have changed by tomorrow. I’ve seen their tweet tonight.

  9. Graham King says:

    Wow. Impressive generosity on your part, Rev.

    You are of course better placed than me to judge whether his apology is sincere, but since you have done so, on basis of his personal message to you, I’ll take that as truly commendable action on his part too.

  10. Kenny says:

    All’s good.

    When all’s said and done, you’ve factually done more to advance an independent Scotland than the Party of Independence have. For me, all’s fair in love and war and this isn’t a game. If someone’s dicking on behalf of the status quo then that person should expect crits.

    I take McGarvey’s, very acceptable, apology as a monumental justification for not only all of the hard work you do for this country, but also for the constant and outrageous flack you receive from the quasi-unionists, and, to be fair, I don’t know anyone who sweers-fur-indy better than you do, Stuart.

    Now stop slacking and get back to work, you lazy c*nt lol.

  11. Ian Mac says:

    Good, now we’ll wait for the rest of them to follow suit after their co-ordinated hatefest.

  12. Astonished says:

    How unlike the home life of our own dear (as in very expensive ) Queen Nicola….

  13. tricia young says:

    it was a mealy mouthed apology on twitter. Well done to you for accepting it. He is still a prick.

  14. MWS says:

    Stuart, re the NUJ tweet. I commented on it on Twitter. I was sure you were. I’ve never known any TU to publicly castigated one member against another member. You should ask your TU rep for advice! Unreal.

  15. carjamtic says:

    Big Respect to both,Itchy and Scratchy.


  16. Kenny says:

    As ever, I’m just here to urge that even if you despise every word Loki says, don’t attack him for being a Scottish rapper. He’s incredibly talented and it’s hard enough getting Scottish hip hop taken seriously without indy supporters, who really ought to get it, thinking it’s funny to slag our guys off for rapping in their own accents. At one point not so long ago, you couldn’t do that. You had to put on a fake American accent to get noticed.

    Guys like Loki helped blaze a trail, and Stanley Odd, Hector Bizerk, Gasp and Shogun have produced some of the most interesting and exciting music I’ve ever heard over the last 5-10 years.

    If you want to get started, go to YouTube and look for Loki’s The Name, Son I Voted Yes by Stanley Odd, Sit Doon Yer Maw’s A Binman by Gasp, Purgatory by Mog, and Party At A&E by Hector Bizerk. You won’t regret it.

  17. Hatuey says:

    But it’s not an accent, Kenny, it’s a language… stop culturally imperialising us.

  18. Studhog says:

    Dunno if you got apologies from anyone else but I saw quite a few tweets today from Indy supporters basically admitting they were wrong and you were right over Sturgeons’ behaviour.

  19. Gav says:

    I know it’s not at all likely but I can’t help but wonder the benefits to yes in general of you two coming to some kind of accord. You’re not exactly natural enemies 2bf.

  20. PhilM says:

    I predict BFFF…

  21. twathater says:

    Fair play to you Stuart but the question remains what antagonised him so much that he had to resort to threats, wee lesson for the future Darren THINK before you tweet, text or pileon

  22. Hatuey says:

    Maybe what he said was intended as one of those figure of speech things. They can be quite tricky.

    I’m not a lawyer, but in his defence one might have speculated that Mr Campbell doesn’t literally have a “cunt” to “punch in”; and consequently his comment could not realistically be construed as an instruction.

    Hope that helps.

  23. Jon says:

    Nah, fuck that fake wee poverty porn loving, squeaky voiced gimp. Plus his rapping and poetry are absolute dug shite.

  24. Donny says:

    Fair play to him and gracious of you to accept and announce the apology.

  25. Mac says:

    Well you are better man than me.

    Darren has never held a real job his whole life. He is 37 according to his wikipedia page. I think this is just his self preservation instinct kicking in and he is worried that his succession of gigs (at our expense it seems) will quite rightly be jeopardized by publicly inciting acts of violence against people on social media.

    And so it should be. Most of us would have had a visit from the delightful Police Scotland had we done that I am sure.

    Sooner or later someone is going to get hurt as a result of these type of tweets. It is getting closer and closer…

  26. Biker Trash says:

    If the boot had been on the other foot he’d have nailed you to the cross, remember that when it is. You should have reported it to the police, when you’ve any kind of a following, you have to be responsible with how you so direct them. I think you’ve made a mistake and I think you know his NEED to apologize will only bring more hate and anger your way.

  27. Morgatron says:

    Well , whatever the motives for his apology, fair dubes to him and you. Good to see a spat ending positively.

  28. JBS says:

    It strikes me that, in addition to an apology, a donation to a charity of Wings’ choice would be in order.

  29. Lulu Bells says:

    He’s right about the moderate following, I’ve never heard of him. Course I have now.

  30. Achnababan says:


    See the BBC continues its snidy wee campaign smearing Alex Salmond …

    ‘The Holyrood inquiry into the botched handling of complaints against Alex Salmond is to issue a new invitation for him to give evidence’

    The use of the word ‘botched’ implies a mistake, an incompetence.

    The reality the BBC is desperate to hide is that the Inquiry is looking into the legitimacy and legality of the process.

    BBC are beyond saving.

  31. Lawrence says:

    This idiot will probably lose a few contracts due to this.

    The Beeb will almost certainly dump him.

    So I think it was more about saving his bank balance, than having any concerns about how Rev Stu felt.

    He deserves all the grief that’s coming his way.

    He’ll soon realise that the Rev was the wrong guy to try and have a cheap dig at.

    I can sum this guy up in one word,


  32. wulls says:

    Fair play to both of you………

    However this….

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    18 February, 2021 at 1:38 am
    “Are you still an NUJ member?”

    I am, although the answer to that question may have changed by tomorrow. I’ve seen their tweet tonight.

    Is intriguing……..
    I can’t find anything online…….

  33. Breeks says:

    Hmmm. Looks to me like our Darren woke up with a hangover, and the horrible dread he did something crass and life changing the night before.

    Ancient Chinese proverb says “A wise man doesn’t Tweet when he’s steaming”.

    Casting the net wider, I despair at the blinkered stupidity of the gullible travelers. If it wasn’t for Wings and Rev Stu, all of these inbound self harming torpedos would still be running below the surface undetected, and the Indy movement smashed by ambush revelations orchestrated to inflict maximum damage to the cause.

    The Wokeratti insurrection would have been accomplished, the Invasion of the Bodysnatchers complete, the conspiracy against Alex Salmond would have done it’s dirty work unchallenged, and the grotesque corruption of the SNP leadership would never have seen the light of day. A surprising number of SNP dullards would seem to prefer it that way and snuggle up tight with their fantasies and nostalgia, but I prefer truth and honestly, yes, brutal truth, warts and all.

    Rev Stu isn’t just the only Scottish journalist doing his job and firing on all four cylinders, he is actually our AWACS eye in the sky Early Warning System for detecting nefarious conspiracies and malicious fallibilities which might otherwise blow up in our faces.

    I honestly don’t think I’m overstating things, but without Wings and Rev Stu’s readership, I firmly believe the Sturgeon Conspirators would have succeeded in portraying Alex Salmond’s acquittal as a miscarriage of justice, rather than their malicious conspiracy coming unstuck after running slab bang into a brick wall of cold reality. They’re the ones now living on borrowed time, and they know it.

    If it wasn’t for Wings, I personally believe we’d have found Joanna Cherry’s political career lying dead in some back alley with a knife in it’s back, and without a clue who did it and why. Thank heavens, Joanna is still with us and fighting her corner, and I firmly believe Wings has been instrumental in keeping it that way.

    The Trans extremist’s MO is to use stealth and infiltration to isolate their target then attack as a pack to overwhelm their victims capacity to speak out and defend itself. Topics are “not up for discussion” … shut up or die, fascist-style. Their scheming seems to run riot unchecked on Twitter, but they can’t silence Wings and they hate him for it, like spoiled brats suddenly denied their privileges… or fascists encountering determined and organised resistance.

    All the SNP’s careerists, charlatans and entryists with their noses in the trough would be sleeping easy at night if it wasn’t for Wings over Scotland, but because of Wings, they have to sleep with one eye open. It’s maybe not much, but it’s awareness, and that’s a start.

    Scotland doesn’t have a mainstream media loyal to Scotland with an honest agenda producing diligent journalism, and neither does it have a “Homeland Security Service” or Scottish Security Intelligence equivalent, monitoring people and events and assessing their threat potential to the realm of Scotland. And since our Nation doesn’t enjoy those statutory defences, if the Scottish “Government” does go rogue, (for what is there to prevent it?), and does start selling out Scotland’s interests, who, or what do we have to protect us and raise the alarm?

    The SNP? The SNP’s NEC or rebuttal service? WGD? James Kelly? STV? The Herald? The Scotsman? COPFS? The BBC???

    It raises a poignant question… If not Wings over Scotland, then who?

    No offence to many of the other blogs, many of which I frequent regularly, but much as I like them, they just don’t do what Wings does, and I suspect most would acknowledge that, without taking offence.

    Scotland is indebted to Wings Over Scotland more than it knows. Yes it’s abrasive, yes it bites, and yes sometimes the revelations aren’t easy to read, but it’s the only functional defence mechanism the Indy movement currently has. In dark days, with SNP having taken leave of it’s senses, it is the glue which holds us together.

  34. susanXX says:

    Well said Breeks. Wings is a light in dark places.

  35. holymacmoses says:

    You’re a great journalist Mr Wings and I have read no good reason to throw you out. I think the Yoons will be continuing a great push against you so it’s good to read that you’re in a reasonble OK place. The opposition must send you into some very dark places sometimes and your resilience is, quite frankly, remarkable. Thanks a million.
    I’m quite down about Gareth at the moment – then again I’m a self-indulgent arse-hole really.

  36. holymacmoses says:

    BTW I meant ‘throw you out of NUJ’

  37. Nally Anders says:

    Breeks @7.16
    Well said Sir, entirely concur.
    Big thanks again Stu for all you do.
    BTW credit due to Darren for being ‘man enough’ to apologise.

  38. Astonished says:

    Breeks – very well said.

    Without Wings we would not have known about kirsten oswald’s partisan, wokeratti- loving decision as chair of the NEC.

    And who else would a SNP whistleblower turn to ?

    A beacon of light in a sea of darkness.

    The truth will out and that is why the alphabetties, sturgeon, daddy bear and the wokeratti are getting shriller by the minute.

  39. Astonished says:

    P.S Where is the ring-fenced money ?

  40. AwakeNotWoke says:

    Here’s the thing. Speaking purely for myself, I don’t believe that there is an iota of sincerity in his apology. I believe it is purely for reasons of self-preservation. Darren will have been, very realistically contemplating a visit from Police Scotland and a call from the BBC terminating any relationship. Both of which would have been fully warranted.
    The uncovering of these ugly fascist bullies must continue. Ever more people are seeing them for who they are.
    All kudos to you for being a bigger and better man than I, Stu. But there’s a part of me which hopes an engine has already begun turning behind the scenes and consequences are forthcoming for him.

  41. Breeks says:

    Minor correction to my earlier comment… I also hold Craig Murray’s journalism and foresight in equally high regard, but Wings has that ‘touch’ that’s hard to define.

  42. Robert Hughes says:

    Breeks @ 7.16 . On it 100% as per . Well said – again !

    Good man Stuart , yours is the kind of mature , generous response to an unprovoked , ill-considered attack and subsequent apology conspicuously lacking among the victim-status-seeking bedwetters and their hand-wringing apologists in the – alleged – pro-Independence media .

  43. Effijy says:

    Rev, Don’t leave the NUJ.

    If you leave there would be Zero journalists in it.

    They could change their name-
    Nonsensical Unionist Jibes

  44. Andy Ellis says:

    In truth it is probably more than McGarvey deserves. There would have been a pleasing irony in asking for a contribution (perhaps equal to the 30 pieces of silver he took from JK?) to a charity of your choice not to take him to the cleaners.

    Also, I hope you do take advice from your TU rep about the tweet from the Scottish NUJ twitter account. That’s just unacceptable on so many levels.

  45. Mac says:

    The truth was nearly dead.

    This site and Craig Murray pretty much tag-teamed the cardiopulmonary resuscitation to keep it alive during the real dark times of the last few years.

    Orwell’s genius says it best… “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    This is why they are trying to jail Craig Murray and destroy this site by any means possible.

    You both kept the truth alive and now it is threatening to burn their whole house of lies down. So I expect their attacks to intensify and intensify as they further enter their death throes.

    I believe they are already mortally wounded but they still think they can claw their way out of it by even more ad hominem attacks. It is all they have got and they crossed the point of diminishing returns on that some time ago now.

    Siding with Neil MacKay while attempting to take the moral high ground indicates just out of touch with reality they are now.

    They are just noodle armed soy-boys & gals swinging wildly with air-haymakers. Let them punch themselves out and then just lay some more icy truths on them again. Just for the lols.

  46. Captain Yossarian says:

    I think I’ve heard of Maureen Watt; she’s an SNP MSP. She was one of the 5No who voted against Alex Salmond’s evidence being admitted to the Inquiry yesterday. She voted that way not because she had read the new evidence, because she hadn’t. She had just had the new evidence described to her ny Holyrood Clerks.

    Anyway, she went on to suggest that the decision be made by a higher Holyrood authority. When it came time to vote on her proposal, she voted against it.

    Where do we get these dummies? They’re getting worse all the time. Are we content to leave our future in the hands of Maureen Watt?

  47. holymacmoses says:

    Mr Wings I think it would be good to make a downloadable very broad collection of ‘some’ of the abuse you have received over the years – something that can be uploaded to twitter:-)

  48. George says:

    A wee bit of magnanimity & rising above the dafties.
    Touch of class Rev

  49. AwakeNotWoke says:

    Has the NUJ Tweet been deleted? Had a look and can’t find anything slating WoS/Stu?

  50. Sylvia says:

    Neil Mackay posted a poll @ 6.30pm last night

    Who is most divisive for the independence movement?
    Pete Wishart or Stuart Campbell

    Results from 1,337 votes
    Pete Wishart 64.7%
    Stuart Campbell 35.3%

    9 hours left on the poll.

  51. Bill Craig says:

    Excellent post, Breeks. Thankyou.

    I’ve taken the liberty of passing it on.


  52. Captain Yossarian says:

    ‘Last night the biggest scandal in Scottish political history was buried, with no legal justification, by an Inquiry Committee loaded in the SNP’s favour.’

    Is there ever any ‘legal justification?’ Sure – we’ve been told for years that there is legal justification, but there really isn’t.

    Hence, we have the two inextricably linked in Scotland just now and both stand to be flushed down the toilet together.

    How did our legal profession get taken for fools like this? Was it money? With lawyers, it usually is.

  53. Ally says:

    Darren actually said sorry in his tweet which in my view a long way better than most of the measly mouthed apologies we see…

  54. Frank Gillougley says:

    Wow. Mega hats off to you both. The 3.10 to Yuma got held up. Yes, the truth is a revolutionary act, indeed. Ps and everything breeks says.

  55. Mac says:

    What the woke army of smearers are doing is very little different to shitting in their own hand (like a chimp does) and flinging at those they dislike.

    What drives them absolutely mental in tutn is when confronted with facts and truths that contradict their mad ideologies. Jeezo, they come unglued.

    I have never seen anything like this new demographic (wokey) sub-group before. They are post-facts, post-truth and live in this strange bubble world of la-la land nonsense that I think acts as some sort of mental comforter for them, like a little blue blankie or a intellectual dummy-tit. It makes them feel better about themselves.

    What I find particular revealing is that they (over and over again) all attempt to take something and turn it into something that it is not.

    Screaming about sectarianism, or racism, or transphobia or nazis whatever smear is hot that day is fundamentally stupid when all someone has to do is go back and look and see what was said was clearly not any of those things.

    This trying to change reality by the sheer power of their collective will (I will squeam and squeam and squeam until I get what I want) is very childish.

    I am pretty sure the Hate Bill is being brought in to enable all of the above madness into Law.

    I suppose they hope that mud sticks but really then what do they see when you look in the mirror. If you abandon the truth and facts then you are completely lost. I would not want to spend 10 minutes in any of their heads. What a mess it must be.

  56. X_Sticks says:

    Achnababan says at 6:54 am


    See the BBC continues its snidy wee campaign smearing Alex Salmond …

    And the National is firing squirrels at a rate of knots to keep this off the headlines:

    Great post there from Breeks. Right on the money.

    Another wee O/T worth mentioning is that there is NIL coverage in the UK press about the protests in Barcelona over the singer Pablo Hasel, jailed for pointing out the Spanish King is a thief. Two days protests which have seen pretty violent responses from the Spanish police. Silence from the UK press.

  57. L says:

    Are you still on Twitter Stu?

  58. Bob Mack says:

    I look forward to the next “old firm” match where there will no doubt be thousands of arrests for hate crime LOL.

    New prison build anyone?

  59. Andrew F says:

    I was puzzled too about the “NUJ” twitter.

    It’s the Scottish branch: @NUJScotland

    The tweet in question is at the top at the moment. It’s NUJ highlighting a tweet from Mackay who is highlighting a piece by Leask that says Wings “endangers a journalist”.


  60. Republicofscotland says:

    So the committee, once again voted not to publish Salmond’s information, and that would appear to to be that, but maybe not.

    The committee from what I’ve read has passed the final decision to the (SPCB) the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body, for a final decision whether or not to publish.

    Interestingly there are five members of the (SPCB) one SNP MSP, one Tory MSP, one Labour MSP, one Lib/Dem MSP and the gutless Andy Wightman.

    Now gutless Wightman and the SNP MSP will undoubtably vote to shoot down Salmond’s dossier, but I’d imagine the other three BritNat members will not.

    Its a sad day when you opt for BritNat MSP’s over SNP MSP’s however we need Sturgeon out if we want to dissolve this rotten union.

  61. David Caledonia says:

    Never ever engage with these people, its like a christian having a debate with an atheist.
    One is a believer and the other is not, and with what I have seen in the past, the atheist usually mocks the believers beliefs, while the believer does not do the same to the atheist.
    Then its usually pointed out to the believer how many wars there have been over religion.
    When that is said, I always wish I had been there to point out, that there are people in this world that use the name of religion for their own ends.
    And all wars seem to be about land, for instance, Palestine, now this place was created by the romans, the turks chased the arabs out of turkey and they moved to palestine, I think at that time it was called Palistina, eventually the roman empire fell apart and what we have now grew into a religious conflict that one of the sides seems to think that the other should not exist
    One side is ethnic to the region and the other is not
    Where the turks right to chase them out, and what where their leaders doing to annoy the turks to make them do that.
    Its an interesting story, well worth a read

  62. Mac says:

    I never thought I would say it (least of all just 6 or so years after Alex Salmond handed over to Nicola Sturgeon) but I think there is now something far more important at stake here than independence (at least in the short-term).

    IMHO the current SNP regime are a genuine and significant threat to civil liberties and freedom of speech in Scotland. If they win big in May we are in deep shit. That Hate Bill… putting that power into the hands of this particular government with their ‘form’. You’d have to be crazy.

    People are are still trying to juggle how to deal with this threat and still keep independence on track. Increasingly I think the threat to civil liberties is now so significant and so near that independence is not even close to being as important right now.

    If we don’t stop this SNPG now in their tracks independence is wrecked anyway. Seeing what is and has been happening we have got to stop that Hate Bill.

  63. dramfineday says:

    Good for him and you.

  64. Martin McDonald says:

    Pretty sure Darren’s panic and retraction would have been when it occurred to him he could lose his gravy train.

  65. Captain Yossarian says:

    Republicofscotland – The speaker, MacIntosh, is one of the members. He always appeared gutless to me too. It all depends upon what he does.

  66. Republicofscotland says:


    So the Queen has had her tax bill slashed on her three hunting estates in Scotland the billionaire who set up a body in the 1970’s to hide her immense fortune from the public, will now pay less that your average corner shop.

  67. Tom Halliday says:

    The decent and right thing to do on both accounts, but Pear cider FFS.

  68. David Caledonia says:

    MMMM The hate bill

    Like the stop and search thing, it will never work, cause it would get abused
    I could say to someone, your a white ugly bastard and that would be a hate crime
    Trouble is, i said it to my ugly white son who’s mother I never got round to marrying lol

  69. Baxter says:

    Captain Yossarian says: @8.33am

    Maureen Watt is not standing for the upcoming election, you would think then that she would not be afraid to stand up to those in the at the top of the SNP regarding the inquiry. Sadly it would appear that she is in Sturgeon/Swinney’s pocket and trying to keep a lid on it.

  70. Republicofscotland says:

    Captain Yossarian @9.37am.

    Yes its still all a bit unclear on how it will pan out.

  71. Mac says:

    The Hate Bill is to stifle free speech in Scotland. To make people afraid to say what they really think.

    And that is exactly the effect it will have. Who will be sticking their head above the parapet if they think Police Scotland will be targeting them for malicious prosecution.

    It is such a sinister piece of legislation just by itself. But given the backdrop to it that we have in Scotland. The current SNPG, the COPFS, Police Scotland, their recent form, and the way they attempted to stitch up Salmond, Hirst and now Murray (fingers crossed for him).

    This bill is no accident, it is not a case of good intentions gone awry, it has been drafted with all the wrong intentions in mind.

    I think some may be under estimating just how bad it is. It is carte blanche to target who you want, deliberately twist what they say, and basically just make it up as you go along.

    Basically it will enshrine in law all the evil shit they have been caught doing anyway this last 6 years.

  72. kapelmeister says:

    “I am a public figure with a moderate following”.

    Think you mean modest following, Mr Pompous Wordsmith.

  73. Dorothy Devine says:

    Having read the journalists tweets I have to say that I had no idea that hacks were so sensitive and so easily offended.

    Wonder what Iain Bell and Jack McLean would make of these ‘snowflakes’.

  74. Bob Mack says:

    Never mind.. We can all kiss and make up at Loch Lomond Flamingoland instead of walking around an area of natural unbelievable beauty.

    By kiss and make up of course I mean a consensual interaction between two adults with defined parameters of the location of said kiss.

    Preferences of gender will of course limit such interactions so I propose a new law which makes offer and acceptance of such interaction strictly time limited as per contractual agreements of both parties.

    Yes Dear,,,,,,, I know the ambulance is here for me.

  75. Effijy says:

    I’m reading about Scot Gov getting a pasting from the Audit Office
    and wee Baroness Kim Jun Ruth.

    It seems Scot NHS should have been better prepared for a pandemic?

    If I recall it was Westminster that ignored the Cygnus Exercise.
    It was Tory Westminster that cut and cut the NHS budgets over a decade.
    It was the Tories that insisted on procuring PPE kit that failed,
    It was the Tories who instructed English PPE kit manufacturers not to sell to Scotland
    It was the Tories who haded out £10 billion of contracts to Tory supporters without tendering.

    Had wee Ruthless forgotten her humiliation in Holyrood where she read out the riot act about
    89 of 91 hospitals not meeting their targets?
    Clare Haughy, SNP pointed out that the 89 hospitals in her report that failed were all English.
    The 2 that passed were Scottish.

    Strange too she didn’t like to mention that pro rata England’s Covid death tally is 50% than Scotland’s nor that Scotland has the most advanced vaccination program in Europe.

    I presume that Audit Scotland, our Civil Service, the GERS figures are all controlled by Westminster
    and tasked with providing Scotland bad figures as often as they can.

  76. James says:

    There’s no such thing as pear cider. It’s called perry.

  77. Captain Yossarian says:

    Republicofscotland – why can they not just hold a VoNC in John Swinney? The reason for the VoNC would be that he is failing to follow legal advice and to ensure honesty and democratic accountability prevails at Holyrood.

  78. Stuart MacKay says:

    Kenny @1:55am

    Took a look. The first few I found on YouTube weren’t that great but the ones you referred to are much better. Stanley Odd is pretty good.

    The impression I came away with is that they haven’t really found their feet or sound yet. Probably being unfair here but it seems a lot of it is just copied from the US minus the guns and police brutality.

    Rap is interesting as it translates into any language but you really need to find a style that makes it work where the language really shines. There’s a huge opportunity for attacking too wee, too poor, etc. but I’m not sure that would sell. Same goes for politics in general but the market is probably not there.

    To see what I mean about sound and language, take a look at Portugal’s Da Weasel, specifcally Re-Tratamento,

    Good stuff though and it will be interesting to see how it develops further.

  79. Republicofscotland says:

    Captain Yossarian

    Probably because with the backing of the Greens Swinney would survive it like he did on the failed education results, I think it was last year.

  80. Mac says:

    What they did to Alex Salmond tells its own story.

    Normal people don’t do that, it was beyond the pale. That is the actions of a psychopath.

    As much as it is possible I think that is what we have now in Scotland, a psychopathic government. They are frightening.

    And I think we should all be afraid because if they are capable of doing that to Alex Salmond, a former FM, then they are capable of coming after all of us.

    The Hate Bill strongly indicates that is exactly what they now intend to do.

    I think we are in a fight for our political lives come May. That is why they are so desperate for NS to limp on until then no matter what.

    I cant believe at times that all this is happening Scotland in 2021. It is surreal.

  81. Breastplate says:

    Breeks @7:16am
    I agree completely with your post and subsequent post regarding Craig Murray.
    Stu and Craig have been an oasis of sanity in a sea of absurdity and inanity.
    They, unlike other blogs, want to hold our politicians to account and that’s the way it should be.
    Accountability scares the shit out of politicians, probably for the reason that most of them have never had any kind of relationship with integrity.

  82. Desimond says:

    Sadly he couldnt quite let it lie….Cue The Victim Card Play

  83. Bob Maxwell says:

    Yesterday, Thor’s brothers rocking horse was taller than the Scott Monument. All these so called independence SNP elected ("Tractor" - Ed)s coming to the defence of, and agreeing with Unionist hacks like Blair Witchdougall, their true colours running wild.

    Hope AFI have a prospective candidate in my region because, at this rate, it will be zero votes SNP, never mind both!

  84. Craig Macinnes says:

    Bit of class from you Stu and to be fair from McGarvey too…

  85. Annie 621 says:

    Yes Stuart’s The Man.
    He’s had to stick his neck out to be such and tell it how it (really) is..
    “In a time of universal deceit,
    telling the truth is a revolutionary act”
    right enough.

  86. Daisy Walker says:

    If you have a wee look at the below, scroll down a bit you will see video footage of Marcaus someone being ‘photobombed by NS.

    In it she puts her arm around him – univited. Clearly does not respect his private space…. Just pointing it out. Good for the goose, as the saying goes.

    Desimond says:
    18 February, 2021 at 11:15 am

    Sadly he couldnt quite let it lie….Cue The Victim Card Play

  87. Hugh Jarse says:

    With ‘Journalists’ trying to destroy journalists, all pretence of objectivity is abandoned.
    Shilling isn’t journalism, it’s selling all that’s left.
    Yourself. Aka hooring.

  88. Davy Smith says:

    If you haven’t read McGarvey’s Poverty Safari, you should.
    That’s how everyday life is for a lot of disenfranchised and abandoned working class people in the English speaking world (which Scotland regrettably is and will remain a part of if the SNP continues to be remotely run by the CIA).

  89. FrankM says:

    @mac at 9.34am and later.
    I agree totally with your comments.
    This threat is immediate and the real danger to our society is NS and our own government.

  90. velofello says:

    Well done Rev., to accept McGarvey’s apology. Bigger issues of concern to address than the mouse that roared.

  91. Charles Hodgson says:

    McGarvey’s still a cunt. Just a frightened cunt.

  92. Graham says:

    Just so I’m up to speed; is it now wrong to say someone needs taking out and shooting?

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