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The voice of reason speaks

Posted on February 17, 2021 by

You give these BBC types a bit of money and fame and oh dear.

Not sure what the poor horse did, mind you.

Or whether domestic abuse defender Darren is part of the “progressive movement”.

We guess we’ll find out when the train comes in.

But either way it’s social commentary par excellence for your licence fee.

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    220 to “The voice of reason speaks”

    1. Stephen says:

      A fine opportunity to report it to Twitter and get him banned

    2. Thomas Potter says:

      Loki – scottish – crap.

    3. Karen says:

      Hate speech?

    4. Ken says:

      Wot? No horse’s head emoji??

      Missed a trick there… ?

    5. Ken says:

      Ah! WoS posts strip out emojis… ?

    6. 1971Thistle says:

      Who do you reckon despises your vile works the most, Stu?

      Is it James @ SGP?
      Mike @ Bella?
      The SNP ‘Young Generation’?
      Or the WGD collective (never seen Paul say so, but could be wrong)?

      (If you’re opening a book, my dosh is on Bella)

    7. Graeme Hampton says:

      Talking of horses, you can lead a thug to money but you can’t make it behave.

    8. Bob Mack says:

      He needs to wake up to a horses head quothe the upwardly mobile arse licker!!

      That let’s Darren out. He’s more the other end of the horse!!

    9. Andy Ellis says:

      I rather enjoyed the response to Ruth Wishart’s “To what end?” tweet from @dynamotone, who answered: “To assuage his envy.”

      Chapeau, sir! 🙂

    10. Breastplate says:

      Good grief,
      Are we all vile alt-cybernats now?

    11. James Carroll says:

      Preferred him when he was a hobo.

    12. David says:

      “Not sure what the poor horse did, mind you.”

      Mibbe it ate his pears.
      Poor Loki, not being able to give it to anybody straight.

    13. Rory Forbes says:

      His vile tweets have already been deleted, suggesting PQ have swiftly had a word on his shell-like.

    14. Charles Hodgson says:

      Kevin Williamson and Darren McGarvey are both pure bred cunts.
      Guaranteed they have both swallowed the GRA & Hate Crime Bill like the right-on cucks they are. Cannae help themselves, probably got Irvine ‘Tax Dodger’ Welsh on board too. He and KW should try spouting that shite at Easter Road, and see where it gets them.

    15. Wendy says:

      What a bunch of jealous fannies. They hate you, Stu because you are more intelligent and popular and even worse, you can generate money for a joke! That Darren guy is a big bore, I saw him on QT last year and he talked so much crap for so long, even the BBC couldn’t stand it, they cut him off mid-ramble.
      As for Bella Caledonia, they are a bit sad now. They have an ‘arts’ page that is really tragic instead of anything meaningful to say politically.
      Anyway, ignore the jealous bullies.

    16. John Martini says:

      I thought he had calmed down since he went on medication. Scary to think he is a community worker. I guess the meditation has released the dark kundalini energy from the base of his spine.

    17. Jimmy Cox says:

      You’ll be really scared of Darren.
      Another Twatter hard man.

    18. Andy Ellis says:

      @Breastplate 7.18pm

      *coughs* Some of us for longer than others……. #cybernat7.

      There should be a re-union or something. #allcybernatsnow 🙂

    19. Dorothy Devine says:

      Hey Stu , Bella Caledonia wants examples of abuse – send them the abuse visited on you , Ms Cherry and anyone else you can think of then perhaps they will start examining their own hypocrisy.

      Right enough , fat chance of that.

    20. What a disgusting, worthless scumbag. I’m not a remotely violent person but I would be tempted to say, ‘Come here and say that to my face, prick. Let’s see how hard you really are’. That usually causes pathetic tossers like him to slink away with their tail between their legs. I don’t know what the strictly legal response ought to be, but I would hope that something can be done about it.

    21. John Jones says:

      Is that not a threat of violence, perhaps even GBH?
      A wee knock on the door from plod, sorry! forgot you’re an Indy supporter,
      Though it seems the weirdos are getting really kinky now taking horses heads to bed, don’t know if it is an improvement on pigs heads!
      Seems you’re even below their painfullly middle class standards, me? I’m proud to be below it. Just a common 5/8 freedom warrier. LOL

    22. kapelmeister says:

      “Just jump a train to Bath..”

      Boxcar Silly.

    23. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Breastplate says:
      17 February, 2021 at 7:18 pm

      Good grief,
      Are we all vile alt-cybernats now?’

      No – I am a self identified SEX GODESS – nowt vile aboot me.

      Someone suggest extending an olive branch to the wokies. Trouble with them is they then self identify it as a stick to beat one with.

      Loki is a chancer on the make. I thought his efforts at Rap were particularly shit. Scurbs up well for a BBC program though. Lovely suit.

      Matt McGuinn was leagues more talented and the BEEB blacklisted him because of it. Let the Bingo Bellas weep.

    24. robertknight says:


      “a progressive movement” ! ! !

      The only “progressive movement” that eejit was ever connected to involved heavy straining whilst trying to pinch a loaf.

    25. Gman1424 says:

      Darren goes to the same gym as me, believe me Rev, you have NOTHING to worry about, he’s a fanny merchant

    26. TheMadMurph says:

      So committed to the act, he’s now deleted the tweet!

    27. holymacmoses says:

      I think someone’s put a large sum of money up to give to someone if they can get you effectively closed down. Clearly they’re scared.

    28. Chris Downie says:

      He’s gonnae gie Wings the malky, cuz he’s hip-hop gangsta, bigmanbyraway y’all. *rolleyes*

    29. John Jones says:

      Shit should be

    30. David Earl says:

      LookScottishCrap cannae sing and sh@gs horses ?

    31. Elmac says:


      They are a bad joke. Their comments are 10 times worse than what you come up with in a bad mood and always with nothing to back them up. On the other hand your language might be objectionable at times but it is never without proof that it is deserved.

      Never heard of Darren McGarve, does his mother know he is out so late?

    32. robbo says:

      If this is what you call a progressive movt Mr/Mrs Bella Caledonia then i want no part of it.

      Ms Sturgeon can go on tv and giddy up a small clique of the populous and give them special status, sanctum to views and special rights above others and who have infiltrated the SNP for ulterior motives was last straw for me. All of us has rights ,there called HUMAN RIGHTS. Well catered for and need no special caveats required.

      If you want to invade women and girls bathrooms and changing rooms for example, go home to your own house. Public spaces are not the venue .

      Darren McGarvey-shame on you. Found your tv stints interesting ,not now.

    33. Derek Rossborough says:

      Darren Poverty Safari, who makes his living out of Poverty Safari and peoples misery. He’s no better than the Channel 5 pverty porn shows.

    34. Flower of Scotland says:

      Wee Loki thinks he’s a wee rapper and funny. The Beeb love to have him on that Scottish Propaganda Channel.

      He’s a nasty wee guy!

    35. Betsy says:

      “To disassociate the toxic Alt-Nat faction from a progressive movement for change”

      I’m quite intrigued by Comrade Small’s initiative to purify the Yes movement and drive out the vile “Alt-Nat faction”. Does this mean we’re not allowed to vote Yes now? Do we need to become yoons? Who the fuck put Mike in charge?

    36. David Earl says:

      Yo yo yo!

      My name is Loki and I’m a joke eh? Ah cannae even dae the Hokey-cokey. I’m a Scottish rapper but ma singings crapper and I swagger aboot like Mr Dapper ?

    37. Patrick Roden says:

      I always wondered why anyone in the SNP hated Wings/Rev so much when all he did was bring truth to Unionist lies in the MSM and challenged the bollox spewed out by the Better Together mob.

      Did some of the ‘cabal’ know, even back then, that he would be a thorn in their side when they introduced the ‘Gender woo woo’ stuff, so wanted to attempt to discredit him as much as they could before-hand?

      Is this latest upturn in hatred and attempts to stop Wings a sign that they feel that the message from the Rev about how Alex Salmond was being treated, as well as how women are being relegated to 2nd class citizens is finally beginning to get through so they are throwing the ‘kitchen sink’ at Wings/Rev?

      It all seems really really strange, that so many people (mostly youngsters) are simply repeating the ‘lines’ being fed from those in positions of influence within the SNP / BBC / and other MSM outlets, as well as little known and even less read blogs like Bella Caledonian.

      So strange!

    38. Bob Mack says:

      I can picture it now.

      Spaghetti western music playing. Music faces to strumming guitar. Loki emerges slowly from the station at Bath with his recently purchased fedora covering his eyes, head tilted forward.

      “I’ve come for you Stu
      You’ll be black and blue
      I give to you my word
      I’ve a horses head
      to fit your bed
      I’m a sneaky little turd”


    39. Toddy19 says:

      He’s asking everyone to block you now. Doesn’t he know you’ve been of twitter for months?

      What a fanny

    40. Charles Hodgson says:

      ‘Anon’ above can fuck himself with a levy brush.

    41. Charles Hodgson says:

      “Lavvy” obv.

    42. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Gaun Yersel Rev.

      McGarvey is another of the over-inflated, no-talents getting exposure from BBC Shortbread.

      I have him down as a tube.

      How typically Scottish, we get these useless charlatans, who really appear to have no interest in Independence, but a huge interest in being Somebody, paraded before us.

    43. McHaggis69 says:

      Tweeted Katie Hagman, pointing out that in no part, anywhere had you mocked her disability (dyslexia).

      Blocked shortly afterwards.

      They genuinely live in a world where black can equal white and up can be down.

    44. SilverDarling says:

      They are losing their minds. The amount of hate and resentment ready to explode at the first opportunity suggests they have anger issues.

      Darren, in particular, is having real identity problems, is he an Angry Weegie or is he a pearl-clutching BBC mouthpiece? Maybe he should be commissioned to make a confused and incoherent rant on the BBC about it?

      All that pretending to be polite and decent on Twitter and yet they come out with stuff like that. Deary me, it suggests all sorts of problems – they should try some mindfulness. They will turn people away from Independence if they don’t sort themselves out…

      And breathe

    45. Lekraw says:

      I am getting radicalised.

      Not by Stu…by Darren McGravytrain and his ilk. They are making me come to detest a party that I used to be a member of. They are making me question whether independence is even worth it, if it risks the future of Scotland being in the hands of these people.

    46. Charles Hodgson says:

      Have Darren McGarvey and Danni Garavelli ever been seen in the same room at the same time? Ones a fanny, the others a fudd.

    47. Republicofscotland says:

      Sounds to me as though Darren McGarvey has threatened you, I’d report it to the police if I were you. If the shoe was on the other foot he would do the same.

    48. Bob Mack says:

      Bella Caledonia going for the Moorov approach. Must have been on the same course as the SNP hierarchy.

    49. Elmac says:

      These tweets by this imbecile must be referred to the police. They are a clear incitement to violence. Perhaps he/she will have special exemption from the hate speech laws if they make it onto the statute book but there is enough there for the police to charge him under existing laws, but will they? Don’t hold your breath.

      And what of twitter, allowing this vile threatening language? If they fail to act they are simply justifying moves to have them made responsible for their contributors comments. What about it Twitter? Ban this piece of filth now.

    50. Josef Ó Luain says:

      You can’t take the BBC buck and throw that kind of abuse around; your a captive house-Jock, and that’s it. Best shut-the-fuck up.

      Sounds like he’s back on the sauce, or worse. A decent head, wasted.

    51. Charles Hodgson says:

      Forthcoming BBC Scotland series: Darren Smell My Cheese McGarvey and his Buck Rogers Toilet Mouth.

    52. Bob Mack says:

      Loki. The male Hyacinth Bucket.(Bouquet)

    53. Artur sweet says:

      I love the phrase “Newspaper Editors are frightened of him”. The only person that every newspaper editor in Scotland is frightened of in Scotland is clearly NS. Otherwise the whole corruption would have been long ago exposed. The more you rile these nonentity sycophants to the Scottish establishment up, the better job you are doing Stu.

    54. Lothianlad says:

      Stu., I’ve never known you to make any threats.
      You have them really really rattled.

      It’s easy to sound tough on twitter. That’s the best they have. Loz

    55. Indy says:

      I’m looking for facts – I don’t care how rude the writer is. If anything, the honesty is refreshing and lends to your credibility as a source for information.

      What Bella did there was express an opinion and invite his like minded followers to participate in the collation of information to represent a point of view. Wings doing similar
      Is an abusive, hateful pile on. (Loki will call his threats ironic and it’s still really funny that he can’t see how alike you both are.)

      We have Humza Yousaf wishing to police what we say in our own homes and the remnants of RISE telling us that it’s ok to have a controversial opinion and present uncomfortable truths, so long as you speak and act a certain way. Fuck right off.

      You have the guts, they want the glory.

    56. David Holden says:

      I must admit I never got the point of Loki and did not even realise he was still a thing. After JK Rowling gave him a bung he sort of vanished. These days you never can tell but I doubt Stu has the bit that Darren wants to kick in. As for Small Mike the less said the better.

    57. Charles Hodgson says:

      Freezing pensioner’s BBC licence fees are being paid to that twat. For shame.

    58. Jack Irvine says:

      Dear Stu
      If Darren believes you have a c..t does this mean he thinks you are transgender? He’s clearly missed out on a considerable part of your oeuvre. I guess that proves that he’s a c..t

    59. Southernbystander says:

      ‘Punch his c*** in’? I think you might have been mis-gendered Reverend Campbell.

      I dunno, this is all descending into farce now, but quite a worrying one. Independence? Followed by massive civil strife?

    60. Charles Hodgson says:

      Humza Lady-Bumza.

    61. Ian Brotherhood says:

      My lad was right into rap etc when he was a bit younger, still is now but not as much.

      Couple of years ago I asked him if he knew of any decent Scottish rappers and he showed me some YT clips. Not really my thing, although there was a young lad called Shogun (from Paisley perhaps?) who was very impressive. Anyway, I asked him if he’d ever heard of Loki. He had not. So it was my turn to go onto Youtube and find Darren’s alter-ego’s ‘top’ tunes and videos.

      My son looked at me as though he thought I was winding him up. He was slack-jawed. Eventually though, he laughed longer and harder than ever before or since. Even now, years later, I only have to say ‘Loki’ and he starts chuckling.

    62. robbo says:

      Rap Ian, rap?

      Get a grip. lol It’s gotta be the worst kind of whatever it is to grace the stage. Fecking detest it.

    63. Derek says:

      It’s all getting a bit People’s Front of Judea.

    64. Bob Mack says:

      Loki currently doing a programme on What is Class.

      Whatever it is I hope he finds some

    65. Kenny says:

      ‘punch cunt in’ will now be acceptable on BBC Jock.
      ‘punch cunt in’ will be acceptable to TRAs.
      Sturgeon will probs utter it during her inquiry appearance;
      “Aberdein? I’ll punch his cunt in if he repeats it”..

      Wishart to Massie;
      “If he beats me with my own logic I’ll punch his cunt in!”

      ‘punch cunt in’ – cool Jocks are now.

    66. Tinto Chiel says:

      Given McGarvey’s painfully brainless poverty-porn persona (a great earner on the BBC btw), I’d expect him to end up in Barnstaple station looking confused, clutching a tepid bottle of Babycham and Mike Small’s Bumper Book of Sanctimonious, Cringe-Making Pseud’s Neologisms (aka “Crapola” Where I Am).

    67. Confused says:

      Loki is the god of mischief, not to be trusted.

      McGarvey is the tame house oik of the BBC set; he adds some pseudo edgy “working class” cred, without generating a coherent idea to progress it.

      His series on BBC – introducing a class analysis, should be a good idea, but he fumbles it all so badly, he just looks like the idiot he is. This is not an accident. The BBC does not promote intelligent opponents to the orthodoxy.

      I keep thinking he looks like some character created by Limmy.

      Loki won the Orwell Prize, which has degenerated into a kind of joke award; Aaronivitch won it, for example – a man who never heard of a war he was not in favour of and when he heard of “the boot stomping on a human face forever” he rather liked the idea.

      – if all these wankers hate you – Loki, Bella, the Bedwetter Tendency, the Byres Road Massive – you are doing the job right.

    68. Jack Murphy says:

      These Tweets have certainly opened my eyes to their true nature.

      So shocking and terribly rude I can’t even show them to my Gran,
      and Bella is coming straight out of my Bookmarks!

    69. Cath says:

      Wow, that’s worse than anything I’ve seen from the Rev, I think.

      Anyway, I do find it quite amusing that the people who most hysterically hate Wings all seem to be male. All while making a pretence of draping their coat over a puddle for the ladies to walk through to save them getting mud on their shoes.

    70. Annie 621 says:

      Oh Darren, stick to poverty porn, pretendy Irvine Welsh.
      May the people of the schemes get wise to you some day. You speak to the middle class about the working class.,
      how very bbc of you..


    71. Frank Gillougley says:

      3.10 to Yuma it is then
      Do I get to claim the prize?

    72. Michael Donnelly says:

      Imaging stu said that about Loki. Would be on his way to the cells as we type. Also folk attacking wings journalism and saying we’re blind to the facts. Fact is if stu posted pish we would tell him, not nod collectively in agreement
      like a cult.

    73. MaggieC says:

      BREAKING NEWS Re Harassment and Complaints Committee ,

      From Paul Hutcheon’s Twitter page ,

      Breaking: I understand the Salmond Inquiry has voted 5-4 against publishing the former First Minister’s submission on the ministerial code. This is the second time the Committee has reached this decision , I understand the Parliament voted 6-3 to refer this matter to Holyrood’s corporate body, which meets tomorrow .

    74. Shug says:

      Looks like a lot of new Nats might end up in jail if their hate crime bill comes in

    75. It’s hard to type when your laughing so hard, but I’ll give it a go.

      Believing they have the moral high-ground to incite violence shows how totally nuts these pathetic, attention seeking, balloons, really are.

      Jeez, the money you put Bella’s way. He’s must’ve missed Pay It Forward.

      Thanks for being a thorn in their side, and for being on mine ??

    76. osakisushi says:

      I assume there are secure backups for WoS and an alternate host exists, preferably in Iceland or similar.

    77. AberdeenPict says:

      Aye Rev, you better watch out, or else Darren might come round to your house and criticise your curtains. 🙂

    78. ScottieDog says:

      “Scottish parliament’s corporate body will tomorrow decide on whether to publish Alex Salmond’s revised submission on whether Nicola Sturgeon broke the ministerial code. Committee voted 5-4 against publishing but 6-3 in favour of passing the final decision to the SPCB”

    79. `Sometimes you need to sit a c@nt down and give it to him straight like a pear cider made from 100% pears`

      one would have hoped for better prose from a celebrated award winning author.

    80. lumilumi says:

      Are the wokies getting a bit jittery and rattled?

      Also, the way the meaning of the word “progressive” has changed, been redefined, over the years, decades.

      It used to mean something very real in the context of working class/middle class/upper class wealth and income inequality, such as progressive taxes (i.e. the lowest paid pay proportionally less income tax – they still pay the same VAT, fuel duty, electricity tax etc. as everyone else – and the “broadest shoulders” (highest earners) pay more income tax).

      After class/income equality, “progress”, became a middle class pet project, it was less about income inequality and more about goody-two-shoes causes – the real poor are so… ugly and unpleasant, but hey, we’ve got all these lovely, new, shiny, acceptable minorities to champion and feel good about ourselves.

      Don’t get me wrong. It is good to highlight issues that minorities like women (!! half the population! – But that has gone out of fashion now), ethnic, religious or sexual minorities as a demographic face. It still often boils down to income inequality, which leads to opportunity inequality and so on.

      Celebrating the “minorities”, especially in the condescending and self-congratulatory way many middle class people have, is repulsive and just another way of asserting their benevolence, their superiority – perpetuating the class divide, the comfortable middle class apart from the working class.

      The newest wheeze lets well-off middle class people also to feel hard done by, because hurty feelz. Who cares about the feelings of the feckless poor who probably exploit the food banks and dress their snotty, badly-behaved kids in ugly, cheap clothes. Hurty middle class feelz are far more important than income inequality, zero-hour contracts, the working poor, choosing whether to heat or eat.

      The state that “progressive” politics is at now, I’m glad to be old-skool lefty, “regressive” or small c “conservative”.

      What I find most distasteful is politically ambititous middle-class kids, people, hijacking the “left” and making it “right” (or “right-on”) in their own image. It’s all me me me, no bigger picture of society as a whole, no vision.

      I’m only 52 and I feel politically really old.

    81. Andy smith says:

      Loki, Angela hagerty and several others* made their names on the back of the Indy cause in 2014, but no sooner than the votes were counted they quickly moved on to better paid employment.
      Doubtless back in 1707 they would be in a cellar in the canongate asking where to sign up for the union.
      *thinking of a few “acts” who took to the stage at Auob events but disappeared after getting a few you tube hits !

    82. Ian Brotherhood says:

      If you’ve never been fortunate enough to see Loki in action, here you go…

      Guaranteed you’ll be in stitches before he even opens his gob. It’s priceless.

      We could all do with a wee bit of cheering-up, so thanks Darren!

    83. Alf Baird says:

      Suspicion should have been aroused when he got a BBC slot. The BBC has tended to portray the native working class Scots speaking Scot in a certain way (usually inferior/negative), which serves to reinforce Appropriated Racial Oppression, aka Scottish Cultural Cringe.

      I suspect Darren maybe believes our inequalities are all to do with class difference and has yet to comprehend the colonial reality behind Scotland’s longstanding Cultural Division of Labour (Hechter 1998). As is still the case with Scottish Labour, and some of the SNP elite it seems.

    84. Captain Yossarian says:

      I notice that Alex Salmond has pencilled-in a date of next Wednesday to attend the Fabiani Inquiry, but the Inquiry team have ‘deferred’ until tomorrow the decision on whether his revised evidence will be submitted to the Parliament’s Corporate Body.So, it still might not happen.

      That wee lightweight fanny Wightman wants 1) to sleep on it and 2) to consult with his Glasgow lawyer (I’ll bet his Glasgow lawyer is a lightweight fanny too).

    85. holymacmoses says:

      I’ve just had a re-read and a re-watch. I reckon Bella is simply looking to increase his readership, and knows that the mention of Wings, guarantees he multiplies views exponentially (as Loki would say)

      I reckon Loki is just jealous . He’s done well but.. He knows when he’s beat and he doesn’t like it. Working class lad does good versus working class lad does even better – and it’s not to do with class and acceptance by the BBC – it’s to do with talent, credibility and moral compass.

    86. Hatuey says:

      These attacks are all down to the threat that Wings (and the truth of the Salmond scandal) presents to the SNP vote. They’re panicking.

      They’re right to be panicking. A growing number of people are finding out the truth and when they do they tend to recoil in rage and resentment, the sort of rage and resentment that destroyed Scottish Labour.

      Anyway, I didn’t even know Bella was still running. I’m sure I remember Wings helping them out towards raising desperately needed funds… who funds them today?

    87. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “one would have hoped for better prose from a celebrated award winning author.”

      It’s not even his, Squeaki nicked that from Stewart Lee.

    88. Sheepshagger says:

      “Byres Road Massive” is funny.
      It looks like Wings is being set up to be brushed away as Scotland’s own Qanon/Breitbart.
      There must be something nice and juicy in the offing and people are worried.

    89. AwakeNotWoke says:

      Yup. This is him. This is them. Sounds about right.

    90. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @robbo (8.04) –

      Please have a look at this, even for a minute. The guy is a serious talent.

      ‘Vulcan’, by Shogun (2016)

    91. MaggieC says:

      Me @ 8.17 pm ,

      This is from Kieran Andrews of The Times twitter page ,

      Apologies…the votes were all on Salmond’s non-revised submission. So MSPs voted on something that’s no longer on the table. I’m not sure why .

      (Quote Tweet)
      Scottish parliament’s corporate body will tomorrow decide on whether to publish Alex Salmond’s revised submission on whether Nicola Sturgeon broke the ministerial code. Committee voted 5-4 against publishing but 6-3 in favour of passing the final decision to the SPCB ,
      Going by the above the Committee doesn’t even know what they’re voting on now ? .

    92. Cenchos says:

      Who is this Derren person? Is he one of the rap singers?

    93. Robert graham says:

      Oh I remember that dick now
      I believe he was invited to speak at the sit in to save Govanhill baths , the protest went on for weeks and they occupied the building stopping demolition at the end when they knew it had been successful this fkr was invited to speak all was going well until this tosser stood up and began a dialogue with himself even laughing at his own jokes people were starting to leave in disgust that’s how bloody useless he was , he’s totally embarrassing and a real dick , not just that he thinks he’s funny talking like a bloody Ned will win him fame and fortune FFS get a grip .

    94. Robert Hughes says:

      Is this yr man’s equivalent of ” Smack My Bitch Up ” ?

      ” Punch Yr Cunt In ”

      Disappointing bandwagon-jumping from someone I thought had a handle on things and was able to see through the ” moronic inferno ” of contemporary mediated culture . Strange reaction from someone who purports to ” tell it like it is ” . You wonder if he has actually read WoS over the last year or so as it’s been exposing the hypocrisy and corruption at the heart of the SNPG , if so , does he think it better to just turn a blind eye to it all ? If not , he’s even less well-informed than he appears

    95. Wee Crabbit Bas says:

      Looks “as hard as ma first shite and that was a skitter”. Crowdfund him a one-way ticket on the GWR.

    96. Grum says:

      Amazing, how when they cannot make a decent argument for their position, that they resort to brownshirt tactics. JFC, do they not think that we’ve never paid attention to history?

    97. Bob Mack says:

      Just out of interest the Holyrood Committee have voted to send the Salmond evidence to the regulatory body to establish s if they approve it. Fine you say, but get this.

      The one they are seeking validation on is the one they already refused and not the new one drawn up after the Judges decision. That statement did not pass then and will not pass now. They have completely ignored Alex’s new statement.

      No conspiracy? Ha ha ha.

    98. John Martin says:

      Cancel culture is Self Cancelling.

    99. Sylvia says:

      Has anyone seen Pete Wishart’s tweet about Denise Findlay

    100. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Have just been looking for a Loki video of old but can’t find it. He has a remarkable number of videos on The Youtube.

      The one I was looking for was posted here years ago. It showed Loki in the depths of some unspeakable Weegie scheme, using his powers of translation to explain what the locals were saying. It was a gang of youths, all male. Loki did a fine job of communicating with them until the cameraman used some form of sign language to issue a warning.

      Loki, the perfect professional, backed away from the interview he had been conducting, then, approaching the camera, made some comment about his understanding of the community having endowed him with a form of sixth sense which alerted him to imminent danger. The fact that he was responsible for x£000s worth of video gear appeared to be uppermost in his thoughts.

      Sure enough, the cameraperson started legging it back to wherever their car was as the crowd of youths became ever-more restive.

      To this day he probably doesn’t realise that they were just winding him up. And believe me, not much winding was required.

    101. Annie 621 says:

      Would you be referring to ‘Darren Darren?’
      as in ‘Malcolm, Malcolm’?..

    102. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Wishfarty is just a wind bag on his way out. Not in the least interested in Indy. Was he a musician??

    103. Rab says:

      There are five members of the SPCB, one SNP MSP, one Tory, one Labour, one Lib Dem and Wightman.

    104. Beaker says:

      I love these keyboard warriors with their threats of violence. Shows a complete inability to construct a coherent argument.

      None of them have the balls to say that to someone’s face.

    105. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      You need to inform the police Stuart. If the ball was on the other foot??

      Does anyone know how Gareth is?

    106. A Person says:

      I just can’t see how they have the brass neck to call this site all these names and condemn it as so abusive when they CONSISTENTLY use language that is substantially more threatening and abusive.

      They are angry because they were on a cosy gravy train: pretend to like independence, get some selfies with the Queen of Scotland, get invited into the Scottish subsidies arts/ BBC gravy train (not to be confused with the actual vibrant arts scene), a tame column or two in a unionist newspaper or the house magazine The National. Nice work if you can get it.

      One guy somewhere in Somerset calls them out on it and look at this reaction. Just look at the state of these people. Absolute rage because somebody had the guts to say “hold on a minute”, to expose them for the frauds they are and the damage they were doing. Then more and more ordinary people can see what’s going on. Well fuck this lot and the donkey they rode in on.

      And McGarvey has always struck me as an Irvine Welsh wannabe, and the only people I have ever met who liked Welsh were posh kids, who are now definitely Tory voters, doing what was portrayed in the Pulp song “Common People”. Me, I was raised poverty, my brothers and I sharing one small room, and preferred the escapism of Walter Scott or Jane Austen!

    107. Hugh Jarse says:

      Annie 621
      Those people of the schemes you speak of are either oblivious to the twat, and the rest when asked to describe him are 50/50.
      50% chose Bawbag
      49% Wank
      Other 1% were his maw, julie m, and the mums network.

    108. iain mhor says:

      Stand up to what? The facts, the opinions, or the insults?
      Don’t anyone tell them about Youtube BTL, online gaming, or frankly, anywhere else on the ‘da Webz’ – they’ll have the vapours.
      As they used to say on the old Usenet BBS’s: “I see it’s your first day on the internet – welcome to the thunderdome motherfucker”

      I’m away back to hear all the latest about ‘My maw’ from 12 year olds in a game lobby somewhere… some can play really well…some just rage quit.

    109. A Person says:


      Good God that is really appalling. It’s honestly like something Trump would write, and barely coherent.

      I have never had a high opinion of politicians but you would expect an MP to at least try and behave themselves with a modicum of decorum.

      Appalling behaviour.

    110. Wee Chid says:

      This schemie thinks McGarvey is an arse. Another faux working class pseud.

    111. A Person says:

      In all honesty, it makes you wonder why Sturgeon doesn’t win a quick victory by getting rid of him. If he carries on like that he’ll lose his marginal seat in 2024. Would anybody in the party mind much? That really is unquestionably “bang out of order” as they say.

    112. Hugh Jarse says:

      Well Eck, you’ve kept your powder dry long enough mate. Lady D won’t dare.

    113. Molesworth says:

      Those at the back cried ‘Forward’. Those at the front cried ‘Back.’

    114. John Main says:

      Rev Stu

      If newspaper editors are feart of you, and newspaper editors are feart of the SNP establishment, and newspaper editors are feart of their advertisors, and newspaper editors are feart of getting on the wrong side of the Twatterati, are there any persons or groups they are not feart of?

      Of course, forgot to add above, they also are feart of the truth.

      BTW, I am feeling a bit slow on the update today. Is “soiled our movement” a euphemism for something not usually discussed in polite circles?

    115. Wee Chid says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:
      17 February, 2021 at 8:33 pm
      “If you’ve never been fortunate enough to see Loki in action, here you go…”

      WTF? Thought he was going to burst into “Vesti la giubba” from Pagliacci when I saw the clown costume. Italian would have been more understandable than the shite he was spouting.

    116. Big Jock says:

      Surely that’s threatening and abusive. It must be reported to the police. He is also making you a target for others.

    117. Bob Mack says:


      You have to do a person this Committee. It’s in its latest attempt to stall .Priceless. You couldn’t make it up. But they did.

    118. Mist001 says:

      I like to think I’m a man of the world but what the fuck is the bit about pear cider meant to mean? I don’t get that bit at all.

    119. Geoff Anderson says:

      So Darren the Dangerous arrives in Bath. What does he do next?
      Obviously just another “performance”

    120. The charge against the person that sent the Sir Tom tweet states that he “did cause to be sent by means of a public electronic communications network a post to the public using social media that was grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character, and that did utter offensive remarks about Captain Sir Tom Moore, now deceased”.

      Not a lot different from the above on every level.

    121. Beaker says:

      @iain mhor says:
      17 February, 2021 at 9:09 pm
      “Stand up to what? The facts, the opinions, or the insults?
      Don’t anyone tell them about Youtube BTL, online gaming, or frankly, anywhere else on the ‘da Webz’ – they’ll have the vapours.”

      Yahoo! used to have chat rooms years back (like 20 years ago). There were at least two Glasgow rooms, and you can imagine what most of the patter was like. Mental. Must have been a useful learning academy for Twitter.

    122. Lorna Campbell says:

      Toxic Alt-Nat’s? As opposed to what? Cringing, salivating, crawling ‘progressives’ who are so far up their own nethers, chomping on their brains, that they have forgotten that they have a face? Keep up the good work, Rev.

    123. Beaker says:

      @Geoff Anderson says:
      17 February, 2021 at 9:28 pm
      “So Darren the Dangerous arrives in Bath. What does he do next?

      Gets back on the train when he realises that he’s arrived in Bathgate by mistake…

    124. Elmac says:

      I know I am repetitive but just read this thread and the last 2 or 3 then ask yourself why on earth would any decent person want to vote for this SNP let alone support them? To abstain on the constituency vote in May is not enough, we need to be rid of this corruption from our country. Vote for whoever has the best chance of beating them and, of course, vote ISP or similar on the list. Otherwise you are acquiescing in the continuation of carrots, lies, and corruption which is the hallmark of Sturgeon’s government.

      There will be no prospect of independence until Sturgeon and her cabal are gone. To cling on to the hope that the SNP can be cleaned up from within is pie in the sky, they have gone way beyond that. The rot is total from head to toe. The only way to get us back on track is to vote them out. If that means 5 years of unionist control then so be it. At least by the end of it there will be a new independence party focussed on achieving the goal rather than this bunch of gravy swilling liars.

      Other than the obvious trolls all of us on here want to be free of the empire. Stop deluding yourselves that Sturgeon & co plan to deliver, they have no intention of doing so. Every vote you cast for them, every subscription you pay, every pound you collect for them, and every moment you canvas for them is basically kicking yourself in the teeth. We need to start again and we need to start now.

    125. Boaby says:

      Rev those tweets are a clear incitement to do violence upon you,
      I’d defo report this piece of vermin , who would do the same to you if the roles had been reversed.

    126. Sylvia says:

      A Person – Someone wrote they thot Wishart was having a manic episode ad I have to agree. I would hope/trust he will be reported to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

    127. tamson says:

      To be fair to Darren, he has now apologised on Twitter, although I suspect the realisation that he had obviously overstepped the mark and getting banned was the only motivation.

      He’s utter pish at the faux working-class voice, isn’t he?

    128. Al-Stuart says:


      Loki/Darren McGarvey,

      6 minutes ago at 21.18 hours you Tweeted a grovelling apology to Rev Stuart Campbell…

      It’s entirely up to Stuart Campbell whether he makes a bona fide complaint to Police Scotland or Avon & Somerset Police.

      But you have others here that can see the Wee Ned in you and it is legally competent for others to refer your violent incitement to the authorities. Pete Murrell just contacted me on WhatsApp and he says I should go for that Loki Ned.

      The fact that you have just incited 42,000 of your “followers” to commit acts of violence may mean you have infracted other legistlation that the general populace can action. The relevant police forces would be NEGLECTING THEIR DUTY if they failed to act.

      If you are the Wee Ned that your Twitter mugshot infers, you will know what the term “aggravated” means when you put it in front of a crime or offense at the police station charge bar.

      That’s what inciting 40,000 Twitter followers of your ilk gets you.

      It can also get you up to 5 years free porridge in a free B&B at HMP.

      But I’m sure you know that.

      Hence the squeaking sound as you pedal backwards with that Arse covering polis-avoiding apology.

      Do you think that will keep you free?

      Aye right.

      Normally as the advert goes… Wings will set you free. Maybe not so much this time.

      Bye bye Loki.

    129. Neil mckenzie says:

      A much better response than the normal bleety stuff. Respect where it’s due. I like wings, Loki has some interesting stuff to say about class (if long winded), Never thought Neil MacKay was a plant until I read the stuff here recently I’d have thought winning over a guy from a staunch background would be a good thing but there you go. What cider?

    130. Captain Yossarian says:

      From The Spectator an hour ago. Not exactly right as the comittee doesn’t have an SNP majority.

      ‘After last week’s Court ruling in the Spectator case there is no legal impediment to publishing the Salmond submission yet still the SNP-majority Inquiry won’t do it. Remarkable. And shameful.’

      Cambodia here we come. We must be more than half-way there already….surely.

    131. Republicofscotland says:

      Jacqueline McMillian.

      The National carried this story on Gareth.

      Hopefully this makes Gareth feel a bit better, knowing he has great supporters behind him.

    132. Big Jock says:

      Loki is of average intelligence, but trying really hard to be an intellectual.

      You can tell that in his use of words. He will say things like meritocracy, when he could just say government. In other words he is trying too hard. The way union shop stewards like Scargill did in the 70s. Using big words he found in the thesaurus.

      It’s not big words that make you intelligent. It’s clever use of simple words.

    133. MaggieC says:

      Rab @ 9.02 pm ,

      There’s actually six members on the SPCB , This is from the Scottish Parliament website ,

      “ The SPCB is made up of six members: “

      The Presiding Officer, Ken Macintosh MSP (Chair); Jackson Carlaw MSP; Liam McArthur MSP; David Stewart MSP; Sandra White MSP; and Andy Wightman MSP.

      Hope they’ll overturn the Committees decision and Alex Salmond can finally appear at the Committee and tell his side of this instead of all the obstruction being put in his way by the Scot Gov and the Snp .

    134. A Person says:


      Honestly, reading it I almost felt a little concerned for his well-being, I don’t mean that facetiously.

    135. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Maggie C – As I see it, if Ken MacIntosh votes in favour of releasing, then it will be done. All depends upon him.

    136. Sylvia says:

      Alex Salmond’s lawyers have written to the parliament’s corporate body tonight urging them to ‘consider matters properly’ (paraphrased). MSP’s on the harassment committee weren’t shown the reworked submission – only advised of legal difficulty by parliamentary clerks

    137. Tannadice Boy says:

      I am a Alex Salmond man. But he has missed his chance. Unusual for him. The SG will not allow his evidence to be heard. That’s my prediction. More obstruction and delaying. A pattern, don’t release the OECD report on education before the election etc. We are living in hard times. The least open and transparent Government in my living memory. So I won’t vote this May because it is beyond the pale. Scotland will get the Government it deserves and it is looking like …

    138. PhilM says:

      Darren McGarvey’s face looks much worse now than
      W. H. Auden’s scrotum.
      I’m afraid I can’t divulge right now why I know this fact.

    139. Hugh Jarse says:

      I doubt that someone who survived the unforgiving streets of Boghall and Bathgate in the late 70’s/early 80’s has much to fear from the Don Corleone of Scottish schemies.

      Leave him Dave, he’s not worth it.

    140. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @PhilM (9.46) –

      Well, at least Auden had balls.

    141. Sarah says:

      @ John Main at 9.21 is “soiled our movement” a euphemism..?

      Still wiping the tears from my eyes, John M – my ribs are aching. Many thanks for the biggest laugh I’ve had since the Rev’s sweeties fundraiser donor comments.

    142. Essed says:

      @Elmac – I think you’re right. If this isn’t sorted out I think I might vote labour. It’s very sad but this debacle has rendered our chances of winning a referendum in the near future almost impossible. Maybe we’d be better to get rid of this cult by voting for whoever has the best chance of beating them, then, when they are gone, we can try again. It could turn out to be a blessing in the long run.
      Loki couldn’t cut it in Pollok. That’s why he’s a BBC lickspittle now. Everyone has to earn a crust.

    143. Denise says:

      Apparently the word ‘Storm’ is very triggering to Comfy and the Wheeshts
      Hence Comfy’s sneers from behind a block (coward)
      But if you want to piss off the Wheeshts just include the word ‘Storm’ in your tweet.

      I don’t know why they are scared of the word Storm it seems to be something to do with Trump and Lizards taking over the world …… anyway now you know don’t or do mention the ‘Storm‘.

    144. Sylvia says:

      In case I am losing my marbles – can someone read this

      “Apologies…the votes were all on Salmond’s non-revised submission. So MSPs voted on something that’s no longer on the table. I’m not sure why”

    145. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Denise –

      I am now away to search Twitter for Wishart and ‘Storm’.


      PS For anyone who hasn’t yet seen them, please check the replies to Loki’s tweets earlier. Some quality insults there.

    146. Brian says:

      Pretty sure what he vwrote is against Twitters terms and conditions.

    147. Papko says:

      Love the “Horses heid bit”.
      It reminds me that the said scene in “Godfather” is justifiably famous.
      Its only when I watched the film last year (first time in 20years) that I realized how quick it was, Tom Hagen sent to LAs Vegas, meets the Director, is rebuffed, then has dinner with him, then refused, then…

      Just shows you Coppola wasted no time in that 3 hours, every scene was packed with multiple-relevance.

    148. BrianW says:

      Jeezo. Just read the linked article: “He then posted images which suggested feminists harbour rape fantasies and harbour “daddy issues”.. ”

      He’s a real scoop talent wise for BBC Scotland [shocked face emoji]. A good fit for the gene pool of talent at Pacific Quay? I do hope such alledged views are not a prerequisite for employment on screen at BBC Scotland.

    149. Al-Stuart says:

      Aaaahhh Darren!

      You know that point when you realise the person you are dealing with is a wee bit special.

      Loki self-identifies as a pubic (sic) figure.

      His pubic are following him in droves. All 374 of them in this major Loki broadcast….



      So that what Scottish rap sounds like?

      I got YouTube
      But ma bint at da back
      Can’t work a mike jack.
      Dat make be feel rude.
      Like a big bad tube.

      Am here in ma crib,
      Wid ma gran’s mirror on da wall
      She ain’t like ma groovin
      Cos her bad hip ain’t movin.

      Am in a race for ma pubic
      Ta big me up and get lubed up,
      Got a face like a plookit
      An a sound like am squeakin.

      Stuart, either Darren is a bit burnt out from too much illicit chemicals to the brain, or the two synapses he has left are trying to get his pubic following to have a bounce from your 947,632 site visitors to this page.


    150. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Al-Stuart (10.04) –


    151. Hugh Jarse says:

      Maybe RT could independently decide to do a documentary on the whole affair.
      Plenty source material here and there to work with.

      All the ‘Russian Bad’ stuff is way enough motive for a ‘truthful’ stab back at London, with the side effects from the exposed conspiracy hatched in Holyrood posing an existential threat to the UK.

      Netflix could be offered the rights
      (Post trials obvs)

    152. Papko says:

      “The least open and transparent Government in my living memory. So I won’t vote this May because it is beyond the pale. Scotland will get the Government it deserves and it is looking like …”

      SNP will continue as they have started.

      I don’t actually know any SNP voters that are bothered about the treatment of their former leader.

      Which is amazing in itself I think at the time he was arraigned many thought it was a MI5 plot, (But they think that about everything).

    153. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      I cancelled my Bella tonight and told them exactly why 🙂

      Things are coming to a head all over but I still think wee fucking bastard nicla will remain unscathed for a bit. Stinking rotten fucking fishy faced bastard.

      Soz. Angry. And fuck the fucking duke……who gives a fuck

    154. Something stinks in Holyrood says:

      I used to chat to that moron on the bus. Just shows you one sniff of £££££ and he is in team middle class bellacaladonia’s group of entitled brats. What a tit!!!

    155. crisiscult says:

      Darren has a monopoly on what it means to be working class. His working-classness is more working class than anyone else’s. Not surprisingly, he’s a guy who seems to have got stuck in Piaget’s Preoperational Stage of development.

    156. Tannadice Boy says:

      Papko 10 06pm
      I respect your comment. But I have heard the MI5 plot so many times it lacks credibility. This was made in Scotland from girders. A psychologically flawed leader *(I speak from experience) was there for all to see early on. The people of Scotland chose to nothing about it. Another tenner dished out this week. Meanwhile the rest of Scotland are working out their future.

    157. Mike Small was repeatedly, intentionally, disablist to me.

      He and the digital world will remember, I’ll certainly never forget.

      Is he really wanting to go down this route?

    158. Not for me to say says:

      Tannadice Boy
      You might be wrong.

    159. Boaby says:

      Charles Hodgson 7.57pm. “Freezing pensioner’s bbc licence fees are being paid to that twat.for shame”
      I dont pay those lying ebc bar stewards a licence fee Charles, that money goes instead, along with my winter heating allowance to keep me and my good lady wife, nice and toasty in this cold weather.

    160. holymacmoses says:

      I hope Bella uses disposable nappies – the terry ones stink the place out

    161. Morgatron says:

      That wanker couldn’t batter a sausage supper. His use of the cunt word must have came along with spare buttons of his three pocketed tweed jacket. Social commentator for what the BBC still perceives what the schemes churn out, just So 1970’s…..

    162. Settle it like American men! Have an epic rap battle! “So I’m a German, eh? That’s okay, you look like a worm with braids!” That shit would be epic, homes, yo! Laughing here. I am actually embarrassed that this is what Scottish political ‘discourse’ has come down to, juvenile online threats to attack people. Scottish politics is completely broken. And I have no idea whatsoever what an ‘alt-nat’ is, other than psychotic gibbering by some American fool. And yes, I know where he comes from. These people make up strange American-politics-alike references, then tar others in this country with them. It’s totally bizarre. They don’t even recognise how pathetically America-obsessed they are, and how specious their analogies are. They just think they’re being trendy. Hilariously tragic stuff. Just stick ‘alt’ in front something and it’s a pejorative now, is it? I am actually laughing out loud here, and no fucking wonder. No alting the idiocy, eh?

      PS: Stu, he did apologise, at least acknowledge that.

    163. Tannadice Boy says:

      Not for me to say @ 10:28pm
      I always willing to say I am wrong about certain aspects of political events. I will never admit to being wrong about Nicola Sturgeon. Anybody who has children or grandchildren knew she was a wrong un.I tried before to get the SG in alignment with the UK Government re looking after first time mums during Covid. Boris got it right of course he has children. He understood, oor Nicola the bairnless wonder didn’t. Meanwhile our Scottish first time mums have had a nightmare. A Scottish man speaking in defence of women. You are going to hear that a lot going forward.

    164. Caledonia says:

      I was going to buy that Guys book as i thought he fought against poverty and for independence
      But maybe he has taken the BBC shilling.

      How can you call out abuse with abuse.

    165. Al-Stuart says:

      Oh John Main at 9.21pm,

      I thought you were kidding out small Mike Small with his crowdfunding the soiled movement in his smalls.

      Butt (sic) you were correct John,

      It’s actually hilarious that Bu66er Caledonia has become so tormented by Stuart Campbell that he has in fact started a soiled movement campaign…

      Rev Stu., you are a naughty, naughty boy. You’ve given that nice-but-dim small Mike a complex. Some say Small Mike suffers from Wings high visitor number envy. Others say he has an STD… Soiled Tadger Dick.

    166. willie says:

      Who is this Darren McGarvey. His language is absolutely threatening. Absolutely outrageous.

      And whilst we are on the subject, but do we have any more detail from Police Scotland about the 30 year old man who is alleged to have threatened Jonna Cherry – or a telecommunications issue as Police Scotland have put it.

    167. PhilM says:

      That documentary about Silibil N’Brains was something else.
      Methinks Darren is trying too hard with this class thing.
      Give it a few months and we’ll find out Loki is actually
      the recognised heir of the Duke of Buccleuch.
      You heard it here first…

    168. MorvenM says:

      Some belters in the replies to Bella’s pathetic dirt-digging exercise. Haven’t laughed so much in ages.

    169. Stoker says:

      Think i’ve had about all i can take with Twatter. I get kicked off Twatter for a full week for telling Kezia Dugdale i hoped she choked on her crisps yet this shitebag “Loki” gets to continue his account for actually encouraging violence against another person.

      Releasing a half-baked apology, accompanied with a wee mocking kiss, and deleting the offending tweet is not good enough. I had to remove my tweet before my weeks sentence began so deleting a tweet means nothing. It was available long enough for most of his inbred followers to see.

      Twitter & The BBC should be binning that utter waste of oxygen.

    170. BrianW says:

      Non essential travel as per current Covid Travel Restrictions.

      I do hope he’s not encouraging people to break Covid Travel Restrictions as well as openly encouraging violence upon another human being.

      I feel obliged to point out he’s withdrawn the tweet.

    171. willie says:

      Bella Caledonia – now there’s an online journal lying in the footwell of readership numbers. I actually thought it had folded.

      Anyway, what tomfoolery is this ” Alt Nat ” handle that they’re trying to bandy.

      Ignore them Rev and they’ll go away.

    172. Not for me to say says:

      There are many issues about independence and the SNP that are very worrying at the moment.
      That said the most important at the moment, is that Craig Murray must be acquitted. If that does not happen, then we are all in an awful place. No more to be said.

    173. Caledonia says:

      Few posts up i had a go at Darren i think his name is but everyone makes mistakes and having seen his twitter he has been man enough to apologise so fair doos to him.

    174. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

      Working class ? What job did Darren ever do b4 taking the BBC coin?

      Truly interested.

    175. Martyman says:

      The dancing on the head of the pin, has already started …

    176. Confused says:

      good spot anne621 – missed that one myself (I like dee dee and falkenhoof)

      Here’s some proper rappin’ for the Loki homeboy


    177. Al-Stuart says:

      Now That’s What I Call The Loki Motion.

      This poor wee guy is beyond parody and deeply disturbing.

      YOUTUBE STARTS. Inside Loki’s House. Talks to camera.

      Loki says to camera: Heeeeelllllooooo.

      Person out of shot: Are you the missing link?

      Loki: Ahhh don’t have a link.

      Off camera: twatt (is a place on Orkney).

      Loki: Heeeeeellllooo. Welcome to yer Maw.

      Loki looks down to see if his penis is still where he left it. Mentioning his Maw triggers him to see if she is down there too, with his penis.


      SO too have his 378 other viewers.

      Rev Stu., watch out, Loki Oedipal is coming after your 978,000 site visitors.

      The offending Loki video…

    178. Stoker says:

      BTW, been thinking about this a lot recently, i hope Stu has all his archives backed up out of harms way given the apparent increase in determination of certain factions out to get the blog shut down?

      Better still, i wonder if there would be a market out there for a DVD, or similar, with a load of your best educational articles on it Stu? I would certainly be up for buying it, or them if you chose to do a series. A series after you do a one-off containing what you consider to be your best (for distribution).

      If it was a series you could even add a wee bit extra on each release to add to the WOS fighting fund. I know it might seem like a lot of work but it would be well and truly worth it. We certainly need to do something to protect and get our best pro-indy resource out among the population. Just some thoughts!

    179. Effijy says:

      Rev, Do you have a portable panic alarm linked to
      a monitored intruder alarm for Police response?

      We should be funding that for you along with CCTV.
      £2K should cover the installation cost.

      Knuckle dragging doesn’t make enough noise to alert you
      as soft tissue extends from the brain to the finger tips of men like this.

      This thug and those behind Bella obvious come here to find out what is really
      happening so I suggest they post here and present any evidence of lies or
      inaccurate information that seems to disturb them.

      Just like all the facts that SNP don’t like to read here.
      Come on in and explain or excuse yourself.

      If only they believed in transparency, truth and independence.

    180. James says:

      You don’t make cider out of pears. Cider is made out of apples.
      Make it with pears it’s called perry.

    181. Don says:

      @ Jacqueline McMillan 17 February, 2021 at 9:01 pm

      “Wishfarty is just a wind bag on his way out. Not in the least interested in Indy. Was he a musician??”

      Didn’t he win his seat by a massive majority of 6 last time ? He knows he will get wiped out at the next GE.

      “Was he a Musician ?” Well he played Keyboards for Runrig is that the same thing ?

    182. ClanDonald says:

      I know what would be fun. Lets all send Bella made up stories/graphics about Stu. Then if he prints any Stu can sue him.

    183. Morgatron says:

      I honestly must say, regarding a working class philosopher, Rab C was miles ahead in reveling in his scumness… Poor Darren is just a pale imitation minus the bandage. His head resembles that of a 2 Bob cabbage and will never, ever be truly adopted by the middle class he so yearns to be because he is a shallow, one trick pony and will be wheeled out occasionally to do his Rab C tribute act. I do hope his imperial masters remove the shilling & set him free to return to his pish stenched roots. Il tell you this boy!

    184. Glenislay says:

      Being from working class provanmill, I find the likes of that wee tadger Loki utterly offensive. He makes a living off of perpetuating the myth that working class Glaswegians are violent wee barbarians with no culture or class.

      I dealt enough with that stereotype from upper and middle class types, and pandering wee champagne socialists like him during my time at Uni. He’s a self hating wee social leper.

    185. robertknight says:

      Effijy @11:07

      “transparency, truth and independence.”

      Throw in “honesty” and you’ve got Sturgeon’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    186. P says:

      Hilarious – belladonna seeks collaboration from Ruth Wishart!

    187. Lawrence says:

      Loki, c/o BBC Scotland, comes across as a bit of a ProudScotBut…

      Does he not?

    188. Pixywine says:

      Darren McGarvey retired bag snatcher.

    189. A Person says:

      -Martyman at 10.57-

      If Mhairi Hunter did not exist, Wings readers would have to invent her. She is beyond parody.

    190. Lawrence says:

      Do the Hoki Koki with Loki…

      What’s his thoughts on this Trans mob?.

      Is he all for Dolls with Dicks? Being all showbiz n’all.

    191. John WALSH says:

      “Just jump on a train to Bath and punch his Cunt in” ?
      Isn’t that encouraging people to break lockdown. ( not for celebs)
      And why does he choose a midget to travel to Bath.
      Both having to jump on a train and the height of the anatomy to be assaulted.
      He assumes you have embraced parapsychology of morphing into some kind of Trans games blogger.
      Anyway bruv Darren has been subsumed into the the middle class bbc pond .
      He would have to fly.

    192. Lawrence says:


      Darren McGarvey, who goes by the stage name Loki, is a Scottish rapper, hip hop recording artist, and social commentator.[2] He was an activist during the Scottish independence referendum in 2014.[3] He is from a political and performance family: his aunt is the former MSP Rosie McGarvey Kane.

      So his auntie is Rosie Kane from Tommy Sheridan’s Solidarity Party.

      His auntie’s old leader wants to have a word in his ear then.

    193. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      I used to play the Trumpet

      Now I’m just a Strumpet

      Forgive me for being a Wo man

      Now I’m just an annoying arsehole

    194. Lawrence says:

      And he’s from Pollock in Glasgow.

      I know the area very well, never heard of him.

    195. Betsy says:

      “So his auntie is Rosie Kane from Tommy Sheridan’s Solidarity Party.”

      Rosie Kane was an SSP MSP. There’s no love lost between them and Solidarity.

    196. Denise says:

      I just noticed this James Mathews post. NS has to give evidence today to the Hamilton inquiry. Apparently, he had some additional ‘questions‘. I bet he did.

      Maybe the beginning of the end.

    197. willie says:

      I honestly think Mike Small does himself no favours when he tries to Crowd Source content with which to attack Stuart Campbell.

      Is this the Mike Small so full of faux principle. Indeed, with him not apparently having enjoyed the most robust emotional health over recent years why would you want to crowdsource content to attack Stuart Campbell. Can he not try and debate on policy, on reasoned logic. But no, Mike goes trawling and as sure as eggs are eggs, such behaviour will ultimately mess with his head.

      Stick to arguing logic and reason Mike and you might get your dying online mag out of the ghetto that its currently in.

    198. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Stop moderating me please

      Unless it’s for my own good

    199. Lawrence says:

      Denise 12.11

      Does it not say Sturgeon has already given evidence behind closed doors???

    200. Lawrence says:

      James Mathews,

      “Scotland’s First Minister has given evidence to the man investigating whether or not she broke the Ministerial code. James Hamilton QC had said he wanted to ask supplementary questions remotely following written submissions.”

    201. Daisy Walker says:

      If I were not so busy self identifying as a Sex Goddess, I too would be a Social Commentator, I just don’t want to spread myself too thin.

      I wouldn’t do rap though… standards.

      Plus it looks pretentious as fuck doing rap if your a weegie runt fae the scheme in outer shitty bits of Greater Glasgow.

      Matt McGuinn – now he was a great artist and a genuine social commentator.

    202. Kiwilassie says:

      How silly some of yhese Nicola fans are looking.
      I posted on Scot2 Scot last week in a reply to David Milligans post. Wheeshed for Indy. I’ve been with this site since it started back in 2015. though haven’t visited for some time.
      He doesn’t seem to like Stu either.
      In my response, I said to him I & others reading, If you can’t bring yourself to read WOS for factual information, go onto Gordon Dangerfield site. Next thing I knew I had been blocked. LOL
      No biggy! I can’t glean any worthwhile information from these Yes sites anymore. The posters are all playing the man, not the ball when they post. The verbal abuse thrown at anyone who has a different opinion to themselves.
      WOS, Craig Murray, Gordon Dangerfield & Grouse are the sites I prefer now. Keep up the good work Stuart.

    203. Ragin says:

      Who is this guy? Because he was born in Pollok, it does not automatically make him a hard man. All a big front which might impress the BBC luvvies, but it does not wash with me.

    204. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Stop moderating me please

      Unless it’s for my own good”

      It is.

    205. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      17 February, 2021 at 9:36 pm
      Jacqueline McMillian.

      The National carried this story on Gareth.

      Hopefully this makes Gareth feel a bit better, knowing he has great supporters behind him.

      Thank you. Only just saw your post

    206. twathater says:

      According to the link lollywillowes posted upthread @ 8.58pm It appears Darren has previous for threats so maybe it does need reporting to plod cause you can never be sure of what comes off trains

      IN 2015, just months before he would start work for the Violence Reduction Unit, McGarvey was sentenced to 112 hours of community service after uploading a video in which he made threats towards an individual he had fallen out with.
      McGarvey has demanded apologies from his critics, and tweeted: “I’m starting to get what that ‘Hell hath no fury’ phrase is all about”. He singled out one woman in particular, naming her and her place of work on his Twitter feed, be- fore deactivating this and his Facebook account.

      And as for SMALL Mike he is like a wee clype begging all his supporters to rally round and call the bad WOS blogger bad names ( pathetic ) in reality it is called jealousy

    207. James says:

      Darren “Low-key” McGarvey.

      “Can’t leave crap alone the game needs me”.

      I forgot Bellend Caledonia still existed.

    208. Robert Wadleigh says:

      Reverend, you really ought to file a police report. That is clearly incitement to do violence to you. Here in Asia the police would be right on that. If that fellow really had the metal to do that he would not just talk about it but someone else might do so. Best Regards from Phnom Penh.

    209. holymacmoses says:

      I, personally, think it’s one for the ‘List’ as Schwenck would have said:-)

    210. Stevie says:

      Fed up hearing about this progressive bullcrap from these clowns,I thought it was an independence movement ? last year voting for these insatiable lgbt buffoons anyway,they are enough to give ye anxiety.

    211. David Caledonia says:

      These wee cowards are always wanting to do somebody online.
      Imagine that piece of crap fighting anybody lol

    212. covidhoax says:

      Bellacaledonia has long become a propaganda rag for sturgeons swamp. They are fully in support of Hamza’s anti free speech bill. I feel ashamed to remember being a daily reader 7 years ago.
      Can barely last 2 minutes on their site now as it’s pure cringe.

    213. Big Jock says:

      I note he has apologised to you Stu. That’s good , but to think the thought in the first place , he can’t take that back. There are many people I despise in Scottish politics, but I would never write or think like that.

      Very strange indeed , and he should know better. Perhaps terrified of repercussions.

    214. Tony O'Neill says:

      Darren is the pricks prick.

    215. JP says:

      Never liked that wee poundland Russell Brand piece of shit. I think you should invite him down to Bath then punch HIS cunt in. It would be easy, he’s a limp-wristed pant-sniffer.

    216. cyril mitchell says:

      Isn’t it lucky? Seems some in the SNP don’t like evidence based reporting like Wings, too uncomfortable for some.They prefer the Dani Garavelli type of stuff

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