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Trusting the facts

Posted on February 18, 2021 by

The following article by Conor Matchett appears in today’s Scotsman:

It’s a pretty standard anti-Wings smear piece, except for this bit:

which is simply a flat-out lie. We can’t speak for Kenny MacAskill, but we do know for sure that Wings has NOT been contacted for comment by Mr Matchett.

We have an easily-accessible contact form and our details are known to the Scotsman from the last time we had to sue them for lying about us, but we have received no communication of any form from any representative of the newspaper in connection to this story. (We’ve checked our email Spam and Junk folders.)

We’d happily have provided a quote if we HAD been asked, to give the lazy hatchet job (perhaps “Matchett job”) at least a minimal veneer of balance and fairness as a boost to the badly-ailing paper’s “trusted, fact-checked journalism”. Since we’re banned from Twitter, perhaps someone could pass that on to Mr Matchett.

In the meantime, Wings readers should look forward to some more posts from SNP politicians, which we’ll be publishing later today.

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    88 to “Trusting the facts”

    1. kapelmeister says:

      He did try to contact Wings, but Paul McCartney and Denny Laine were unavailable for comment.

    2. Frank Gillougley says:

      Conor Matchett’s mum says he’s only 12 so leave him alone.

    3. robertknight says:

      The Hootsmon? Is that still a thing that people actually waste their money on? Hmmm…

      In other ‘news’, interesting take on the Hate Bill, just in case you’d forgotten what follows an SNP victory in May…

    4. Captain Yossarian says:

      The Scotsman could have been edited by Alex Salmond who would have continued the great tradition of quality and impartiality that paper has held over the years.

      Instead, it has lifted the SNP shilling and that has made the paper worthless to all Scots.

      Does anyone know who the editor is now? My guess he is a lightweight, easily moved around by the SPADS.

    5. And spouse says:

      Maybe it was chicken?

    6. Republicofscotland says:

      Matchett, appears to be disputing the claim that he didn’t contact you.

    7. Hatuey says:

      Fraser Nelson
      Most-read on the Spectator’s website is the Alex Salmond evidence which the Holyrood inquiry has said it cannot publish…


      So much for nobody being interested.

    8. Denise says:

      I’d say they are going to go after Joanna Cherry and Kenny McAskill. They will be trying to get Stewart Stevenson to suspend them. But SS has a poor internet connection and doesn’t always play ball. There is an NEC meeting this weekend, I expect this to be on the agenda.

    9. Fishy Wullie says:

      I think we can fairly say we’ve now reached a point in Scotland where telling the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth is considered controversial

    10. Lynn says:

      Again slightly amusing . How do you think I found your straight talking blog ! Through all their protestations . They are pointing a giant arrow straight to your blog ! Now more people can get a fuller understanding of their conduct ! Up to the reader to decide who is more credible. They rolled the dice but might not win the reader .

    11. shug says:

      Well it looks like the Union Unit is up an running. There is no shortage of fake news today from this to Nicola misleading parliament on Covid

      I have to wonder on the morals of the people that work for the BBC and the press that write this stuff. They seem to have no issue at all about producing material which is clearly misleading and untrue.

    12. Cenchos says:

      What a gossamer web these people make,
      That must be concealed
      From the light of dawn,
      Lest the morning dew makes visible
      Their interwoven lies.

    13. Lenny Hartley says:

      Snp membership hanging in balance, if Little miss blinky says one word against freedom of speech im out .

    14. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Maybe Matchett will provide the details of the email he sent to back up his claim of attempt to contact, if he is insisting he did so. Go on Conor, we’re waiting…

    15. Olive Perrins says:

      smells desperate and feels like SNP are firefighting all opposing voices, preventing other political parties from election campaigning not to mention their new aggressive blocking on social media. Perhaps SNP would prefer to re-locate to a faraday cage and block out all noise so they can listen to their own unconvincing rhetoric instead.

    16. Al Hunter says:

      They’re not liking it up ’em Reveren’, they are not liking it up ’em, not one little bit Rev.

    17. Skip_NC says:

      Alan Mackintosh, if he did it via the contact form, would he have a reliable copy of what he wrote?

    18. AwakeNotWoke says:

      Christ it gets worse. Groupthink. Wrongthink. Censorship. Criminalisation of criticism. I seriously struggle to understand how they’ve arrived at this point, and appear to be perfectly happy with it. I’m so glad I’ve stopped supporting them & their hidden, insidious agenda.

    19. Republicofscotland says:

      Matchett hasn’t posted any form of proof on his Twitter feed yet that he did contact you, even though he persist on saying he did.

      I could be that Matchett is hoping to receive dogs abuse in order to substantiate that Wings is a hot spot of nasty activity.

    20. Skip_NC says:

      I mean something Stu can rely on as having been typed into the form, not some random collection of words typed into Word.

    21. Patsy Millar says:

      Interesting that Mr Matchett (sounds like a character in a Dickens novel) disputing your claim on Twitter when he must be well aware that you are suspended from Twitter and therefore can’t rebut. It’s very easy for wee Petey and others to criticise you on Twitter knowing as they do that in order to read any of your articles we actually have to visit the blog.
      Here is where I put in my plea, yet again, to be notified of new posts by email. Please?

    22. shug says:

      Jamie Shuttleworth in the Herald today ” Nicola Sturgeon accused of misleading Scots” then I am struggling to see the misleading.

      What a rodent to knowingly print such garbage

      Nicola thinks she has them on side “for the sake of the poor women”. They are about to roast her on an open fire

      As the election approaches our ears will be ringing with fakenews even Trump would blush

    23. Captain Yossarian says:

      ‘Scotland once had the finest legal system and possibly the finest education system in the Western hemisphere. Not to mention a reputation for journalism. Those three paradigms are now in tatters. I wonder why.’

    24. kapelmeister says:

      In the piece Matchett refers to Wings’ “infamous Wee Blue Book”.

      Eh? Maybe he’s never read it and has misinterpreted the Blue in the title.

    25. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Captain Yossarian @ 10.13am

      For clarity, Alex Salmond would not have been editing The Hootsmon. Had the take-over with which he was associated gone through, he would have been Chairman of the Board – a slightly-higher position than Editor.

      However, I would safely assume, he would have installed an Editor prepared to toe the line he laid-out. But, daily, hands-on production of the paper would not have been in Alex’s remit.

    26. Mac says:

      Aye you can see how it will work… The woke pile-ons will be used as ‘evidence’ of ‘inciting hate’. Their insane circular logic will of course not be a problem for COPFS when coming after you.

    27. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Skip, yes I see what you mean, I guess he could have taken a screenshot. Would seem like a sensible thing to do, date, time and text just in case you get called out on it…?

    28. deerhill says:

      So who, besides Mr. Matchett, is urging NS to “act”?

    29. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Re “Corporal Melchett” contacting the Rev.

      Old journalistic trick – you print the “so and so has been contacted for comment” line in the story, but, you don’t contact them until the production process is so-far underway, even if they do respond immediately, it’s too-late to insert the comment.

      That way, you get a second crack at the story and can keep it going.

    30. Kevin Anderson says:

      Given the absolute state of the SNP these days I really wouldnt put it past them to setup some sort of committee to look into ways of doing this, with Pension Pete as chair, naturally.

    31. JB says:

      “contacted” would imply that there was a response, even if only “hello” to say a phone call.

      What the bloke then writes on his twitter implies ‘attempted to contact’, not ‘contacted’.

    32. Heaver says:

      You’re living in their heads for free, Rev.

    33. Robert graham says:

      I don’t know about other people but I am sick to the back teeth of people,organisations, companies, suppliers, Government, Councils and all the rest who I interact with or have to make use of services

      Almost every sector employ or make use of TOTAL FKN LIARS there is no pretty or nice way of describing it BULL SHIT merchants shovelling shite and assuming the public are Stupid.

      Unless I can see or verify what I see or hear I don’t trust anyone or anything on anything maybe past experience has made me very cynical and it’s not a place or frame of mind I want to be .

    34. Tony Little says:

      More and more I’m reminded of the quotation, “In a time of universal deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act”.

      We appear to have arrived at an uncomfortable time and place.

    35. Dorothy Devine says:

      What did Scotland do to deserve such a sneaky , lying, self serving bunch in the media?

      The temerity of wanting an independent country?

      The temerity to want a country that was fair , honest and decent?

      The temerity of having a little pride in our country?

      The temerity to want a friendly, non aggressive face for the rest of the world?

      The temerity to handle our own money?

      What exactly?

      What makes them so intent on talking Scotland down?

      What makes them so happy to denigrate Scotland ,smearing and smirking all the while?

      Where is the honest journalist in the MSM? The one who can look at him/herself in the mirror and see someone worthwhile and honest?

      I have not purchase a newspaper for over a year – about time those who support independence do the same. Obviously the Scottish Government have exempted themselves from this action as they dish out money to these foreign and privately owned newspapers.

    36. Strathy says:

      ‘Tom Arthur, the SNP MSP for Renfrewshire South, was reacting to a post by the blog, which contained an attack on The Herald’s journalist Neil Mackay.’

      ‘Mr Arthur posted on Twitter: “What Neil has been subjected to is utterly repulsive.’

      Threats of sexual violence against an MP are absolutely fine, but to hurt the feelings of one of Nicola’s pet journalists is ‘utterly repulsive’.

    37. TNS2019 says:

      I am 59. I have a 5 month old grand child. I have recently advised the parents to emigrate.
      Never have I felt more frightened for the future nor more ashamed about my own country.
      Scotland has become a very divided nation and divided not by ideology but by hate.
      We can no longer trust our public services. Government agencies are plagued by cronyism and corruption and are merely vehicles for reinforcing government policy rather than scrutinising it.
      Our education system, which was once the envy of the world, is now a laughing stock.
      Our judiciary so swamped in scandal that it is no longer possible to separate the good guys from the bad.
      And what we fought for for so many years, a Scottish Parliament, is more akin to a parish council than a national legislature.
      For the last few years we have pointed the finger at the USA and argued that “at least we are not as bad as Trump”, when in reality, DT never tried to have a political opponent jailed for the rest of his life.
      Perhaps worst of all, the ‘free press’ that used to be the hallmark of a modern progressive democracy has become so tethered to government finance that it might as well print publicity brochures rather than hold those in power to account.
      It is, for me, the first genuine regression that I have witnessed and what is so alarming is the speed with which it has occurred.
      Unless someone gets a grip pretty soon, we will lose what we set out to fight for.
      Wings provides some light in the darkness.
      But for how much longer?

    38. Vronsky says:

      “Wings readers should look forward to some more posts from SNP politicians, which we’ll be publishing later today.”

      I hope there are still more than a few SNP politicians who are committed to independence and appalled at recent events, so I hope you can reassure me. It’s all starting to feel too much like Chesterton’s ‘Man Who Was Thursday’ – everyone on the Anarchist committee turns out to be a police spy.

    39. Daisy Walker says:

      Well done accepting his apology. I’m sure it was genuine, he has a lot to lose and a history at court for threatening behaviour.

      Wee update re personal matter – since its a Thursday I’ve decided not to self identify as Sex Goddess on Thursday’s… Friday’s not looking good either.

      Any update from Criag Murray – hope he’s doing OK.

      What an incredibly long time Lady Darrien is taking over his verdict, particularly since the hearing was only 90 minutes long, and anyone with an ounce of critical thinking could see it was a lot of rubbish, intended to politically censor.

      The longer it takes, the more people will be entitled to ask if Lady D’s been nobbled.

      Incidentally if this site should get shut down for any reason, you have my contact e-mail and fully grant permission for you to send information in that manner. Publication is not the same as personal communication is it.

    40. Bob Mack says:

      Are we getting to them? Have a look at Wisharts respone to tweets by the Twitter account under Wings above.Ghanaian tourist board. Very revealing.

    41. Robert graham says:

      Back to the point of this piece the rumblings have been going on for a few weeks , Stuart Campbell is really getting up some people’s noses especially the ones who have something to hide that is probably the majority, a wide variety of views on anything that’s going on is healthy, the ones who are actively involved in attempts to shut Wings down should think carefully, the use of any legislation or associated powers that might be used on the pretext of silencing a disruptive element that makes them uncomfortable could and will be used against them and their friends , as far as I know Wings is not Mainstream you don’t just stumble on this site but have to seek it out , it’s not compulsory to read or contribute so I can’t see the problem, does Stuart Campbell peddle or produce lies or dangerous content so must be controlled , DANGEROUS GROUND I BELIEVE

    42. Effijy says:

      Can you contact Kenny to see if he was contacted?

      Is there enough for both injured parties to sue this clown?

      He says infamous wee blue book?

      Could he be bothered, as a pretend journalist to report back on here
      and facts or statistics in the book that were not accurate?

      When you don’t do that it certainly seems that he can’t dispute any facts presented so
      I’ll call it infamous and maybe idiots influenced by me won’t read it and avoid the truth.

      Well that is the job of any Union journalist who has a pay packet.

      So many of these guys will be redundant when Scotland becomes independent.

      Those that survive in England will cones up with stories like “ So Scotland is debt free and has significant reserves, why are they not sharing with England their old friends”.

    43. Cudneycareless says:

      Which is better NS acting or NS doing nothing ?

    44. LaingB French says:

      Through all this rhetorical response and counter response to the constant media attack’s and MCSTURGEONITE disinformation, it would be nice and a benefit to the people of Scotland that we will still vote for independence regardless of who the leader is and once that’s achieved we can hurriedly get back to removing unwanted (allegedly official) representatives of Scotland that continue to cause damage to a cohesive mind set of an independent country from WESTMONSTER.
      SAOR ALBA.

    45. Thomas says:

      Stu I love it when you get in amongst these lying charlatan’s giving them a right good kick in the balls. They really are a shower of lying shite. Stu for two quid a month you worth ever penny, I’d pay double that. Your the only guy giving these clown a right hard time and they really hate you, keep up the good work old chap, loving it.

    46. Strathy says:

      Interestingly, Conor Matchett does not repeat his claim to have contacted Stuart, rather he asks –

      ‘Why would I not contact him knowing full well I would get called out for it if I didn’t?’

      Yes you would, Conor and you have been.

      Also, he has updated the article. He has changed the title to –

      ‘Nicola Sturgeon urged to act on social media amplification of Wings Over Scotland blog.’

    47. Ross says:

      Remember when the SNP used to feel almost familial, when you used to get press releases every time a PM came to lecture Scotland about how many new SNP members had joined?

      How SNP unity has fallen. A true intolerance of views, everyone’s a bigot/misogynist/transphobe/problematic/woke. We should non-platform. Even the language has changed. Everything can be reduced to studenty facile terms.

      Yet SNP on course to win better than ever. A truly bizarre period in Scottish history.

    48. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      I’d be very happy if you did a wee crowd funder Stu

      Just to piss them off

      😉 😉

    49. @TNS2019,

      what nirvana would you advise people to emigrate to,

      you either take the red pill and seen the true corruption and cronyism that infests all countries,

      or you take the blue pill and just get on with your own life oblivious to the machinations of the establishment,

      it doesn`t matter what country you are in you either take the red or the blue route,

      the uncomfortable truth or the comfortable lie,

      i`m sure most on Wings ,yourself included, would take the uncomfortable truth any day of the week.

      If you havn`t seen The Matrix the red and blue pill bit might not make much sense.

    50. Mighty S says:

      I too have encouraged my children to emigrate with my Gkids. There’s nothing but regression, poverty and control here in Scotland and unless we get up off our backsides and do something, the young need to escape.

      Genuinely worried that you’re going to be shut down again, Stu.

      Hope you have a Plan B in place, otherwise, we’re well fu*ked.

    51. Liz says:

      @TNS2019 I have to agree with you.
      We are at a very dangerous moment.

      We knew we’d have to fight the Brit establishment and we knew they have 100s of years of experience in suppressing freedom and stealing other countries resources.

      But I naively thought, we had the people to get it sorted.
      We did with Alex and we have a few good strong politicians but it might not be enough.

      NS is fully compromised, she promoted all the sycophants, the weak, the useless, so she can control everything.
      She has played the woke crew as well, using them as a shield.

      The big problem is Scotland does not have a mature democracy. We are at the infant stage.
      The press, the media, the House Jocks, what a bunch. Yet we still have the ultra loyalist NS lovers.

      I don’t know what the answer is.

    52. Captain Yossarian says:

      @TNS2019 – There’s no excuse for the BBC though….for letting The Spectator do the job of the organization trusted with delivery of unbiased public interest news.

      The Salmond submission to James Hamilton is currently the most read piece on The Spectator website and has been since it was posted. It looks to me as if the BBC just aren’t doing their job.

    53. Cath says:

      Again slightly amusing . How do you think I found your straight talking blog ! Through all their protestations

      Yes. Remember those banner ads on the Glasgow subway? A few commuters would have seen them but someone with power had them removed and both they and the story ended up spread far and wide.

      Which is why, “‘Nicola Sturgeon urged to act on social media amplification…” of anything is so ridiculously bonkers. It’s like urging a politician to denounce and stop the Streisand effect which you’ve inadvertently kicked into action. I mean, you could remove Scotland in its entirety from the internet beyond a state sanctioned firewall like China does, I suppose.

    54. Astonished says:

      I hope nicola sturgeon, humza useless, tom arthur, somerville (who is keeping a very low profile -especially as she is the genderwoowoo goddess) and any others of their ilk do not get elected.

      I am now resigned to wanting defeat for the present SNP. I will never forgive the above. I hope in May that their political careers are over.

      Where is the ring-fenced money ?

    55. Nally Anders says:

      Stu, if you need a crowdfunder to assist with any potential legal fees, don’t hesitate.
      You’ve clearly got ’em on the run.

    56. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Scott Finlayson – I have worked overseas in several countries that we would call ‘semi-authoritarian’. I would have more trust in the application of fair law in these countries than I would have in Scotland just now and there is no doubt about that.

    57. Thomas says:

      Mr Matchett is getting dogs abuse on twitter for saying he contacted you, having a wee chuckle watching him squirm, lying bastard.

    58. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Matchett, appears to be disputing the claim that he didn’t contact you”

      You can see the screenshots of my inbox for yourself in the article.

    59. Willie says:

      How on Earth is that piece of toilet paper they call the Scotsman still trading.

      It’s paper sales ( and online editions ) have tiny sales. With I believe something like 11,000 sales across the whole of Scotland how is it viable. Who is propping it up.

      Ah well – lying, fake news, fake newspaper. Sold for relative pennies recently I believe – or at least it’s parent Johnstone Press was.

    60. iain MacGillivray says:

      I have never seen so many nails hammered into a coffin from the inside…!!

    61. Robert Graham says:

      Daisy Walker
      tut tut
      You aint taking these Train people seriously are you ?

      well shame on you ,the women’s toilet lurkers maw will be round to sort you and your kind out

      you know some days you really have to wonder if you are on the right planet or you are lost in some kind of La La Land

    62. John Martini says:

      Herbert Marcuse has finally got his way. We are witnessing the end of democracy.

    63. ScotsRenewables says:

      I am pretty sure that Stu will have a Plan B and a Plan C in place.

      There are dozens of people reading this who can provide cyberboltholes at short notice. Shutting Wings down would not be that easy, Scotland is not Myanmar (yet!)

      I would be more worried about arrest, equipment confiscation and even physical harm.

      Stu needs a doppelganger or two. Maybe some sort of ‘je suis Stu’ movement waiting in the wings.

      Looking forward to the SNP guest posts later. Time for a few more brave souls to stick honest heads above the parapet.

    64. Republicofscotland says:

      “You can see the screenshots of my inbox for yourself in the article”

      I have seen them, and I agree with you, I was merely pointing out that he disputed your claim.

    65. Graham says:

      Obergruppenführer Murrell surely must be fuming that his control of the SNP’s narrative is on the wane; undermined by a small but growing list of like minded MPs, MSPs & Councillors disgusted by the corruption at the heart of Sturgeon’s gender jihad inspired Macaliphate.

      Yet, there she is, almost a year now, since this virus found itself among us, the Great Nanny of Nannies, feet ceremoniously cemented to the podium, still flagellating a weary population with relentless, yet mostly pointless, non actionable statistics.

      It’s a near cult like devotion to embracing the pandemic for personal gain; a cynical tactic to build public loyalty as a countermeasure to the dissent among the ranks caused by her obvious involvement in destroying a man’s reputation as well as her well documented, systematic failures across her many departments of state.

      But it really would be a poor propaganda department if Murrell’s Gauleiter didn’t create diversions from these weaknesses & failures.

    66. Ebok says:

      In the unlikely event that you are asked for a comment, Rev, you could do worse than refer to: –

      Breeks says:
      18 February, 2021 at 7:16 am

      “Scotland is indebted to Wings Over Scotland more than it knows. Yes, it’s abrasive, yes it bites, and yes sometimes the revelations aren’t easy to read, but it’s the only functional defence mechanism the Indy movement currently has. In dark days, with SNP having taken leave of its senses, it is the glue which holds us together”.

      Best comment I’ve read for some time, this final paragraph sums it up superbly. It seems like a reasonable raison d’être.

    67. Erm says:

      What do you see when someone contacts you through the form on your website though?

    68. stuart mctavish says:

      Fishy Willie @10:19

      Or a question of timing.
      eg Now that the oldies have been vaccinated against covid, the average age at death within 28 days of a positive test for same should drop well below 80 during the next month or so.

    69. David Earl says:

      Hey Stu. I dunno how you honestly do it. You continually take severe beatings from individuals and the establishment for the team. You tell the truth. You share facts. You expose and shine a light on the dirty cockroaches under their rocks. It goes without saying that I and many, many like minded individuals respect what you do, how you do it and will continue to support you doing it. Please take care and look after your health too

    70. Mia says:

      We should never judge an event in isolation without taking into account the circumstances surrounding it nor the immediate “environmental” changes and threats that may have motivated the event.

      Q. What is the Event?
      A. A sudden pile on attacks against Wings by an increasing number of journos, SnP actors and linked entities.

      Q. What are the circumstances surrounding this event?

      a. Sturgeon’s imminent questioning by the committee
      b. sustained majority in Scotland supporting independence
      c. Increasing suspicion among the public of criminality linked to a political conspiracy involving ministers, SNP actors and civil servants among others
      d. Increasing suspicion among the public that Sturgeon breached the ministerial code more than once
      e. Polls that show a majority of voters would wish to see Sturgeon resigning if she is found out to have breached the ministerial code
      f. Increasing distrust and uneasiness among voters regarding the handling of the inquiry because of perceived evidence suppression by the Sgov, COPFS and Fabiani’s Farce
      g. The heavy reliance for successful evidence suppression on what looked like deliberate misinterpretation of the initial ruling on anonymity of accusers
      h. Increasing prevalence among the public of the perception that this whole process is being deliberately delayed in order to keep Sturgeon in power to stop independence.

      Q. What is the converging point and common purpose of other recent events under the same circumstances?
      A. The fight to maintain the status quo – examples: prosecutions of Craig Murray or Mark Hirst, suppression of evidence by Fabiani’s Farce, the unbelievable slow pace progression of the inquiry, hijacking of the SNP by a trojan horse that is weakening it as a pro-indy vehicle.

      Q. What are the main threats to the status quo?

      a) A real pro independence leader takes control of the SNP and effects a plebiscitary election or ends the union on the basis of a majority of SNP MSPs or MPs
      b)if the electorate in Scotland finds out the British state has had any hand in this conspiracy against Mr Salmond, independence support will increase in a way that preservation of the status quo will no longer be possible.
      c) if Sturgeon loses control of the SNP prior to the election, the puppet in waiting may not be able to get in on time.
      d) if Sturgeon or the puppet in waiting lose control of the SNP before the election, this may become a plebiscite
      e) if Fabiani’s Farce succeeds in suppressing the evidence for the inquiry, the public will access that evidence, uncontrolled, from somewhere else.
      f) The publication of Mr Salmond and Aberdein’s evidence prior Sturgeon’s attendance to the Fabiani’s Farce questioning, kiboshing her credibility.
      g)a new, non compliant and uncontrolled, pro-independence party threating the SNP and gaining traction among the electorate.

      Q. What are the identifiable recent environment changes surrounding the event?

      1. An increasing number of yes voters seeking a plebiscitary election due to disillusionment about indyref
      2. The SNP losing support within certain sectors of the electorate that is not being picked up by the unionist parties
      3. Mr Salmond’s clearance from the criminal court opening the door for his coming back to politics
      4.lady Dorrian’s recent ruling that will open the door to the publication of Mr Salmond and Aberdein’s (?) evidence if not other evidence as well
      5. The backlash from an increasing number of voters determined to learn the whole truth because they are fed up of being deliberately kept in the dark
      6. The recent embarrassing votes from Fabiani’s Farce to still trying to suppress that evidence from the public despite Lady Dorian’s recent ruling.
      7. An increased risk of imminent uncontrolled publication of evidence before Sturgeon’s attendance to the committee

      Q. What are the risks?

      1. Mr Salmond spilling the beans on a press release instead of attending the committee
      2. The public accessing that uncontrolled evidence
      3. An stampede of voters joining a new, not compliant, pro independence party

      Potential solution:
      To regain control of the narrative.

      Available Methodology?
      1. by continuing to suppress the evidence or at worse by
      2. watering it down via a compliant outlet
      b) blocking publication of the evidence in non compliant information outlets

      So, in light of the above:

      Are these “journalists” the next line of attack dogs unleashed by the powers that be to shut this site down because they fear Wings will publish the evidence with warts and all?

      The Spectator is a unionist rag that can be put on a leash to control the narrative. But Wings is not.

      Watch your back, Rev. They are clearly pretty desperate now.

    71. Patrick Roden says:

      Just sent a tweet to him in response to his claims that he did contact the Rev and Kenny McKaskill:

      He said:
      This is just flat out false. I contacted them using the ‘easily accessible contact form’ yesterday, and heard nothing. Wouldn’t have printed it otherwise.

      I responded:
      Then send a screenshot of your contact to them and it will be cleared up.
      Also, how did you contact Kenny McKaskill? he won’t have an ‘easily accessible contact form’ so, did you use email? text? and can you just show us a copy and no one will have any reason to doubt you?

    72. ClanDonald says:

      Why is no-one contacting Neil MacKay to ask why he thought it appropriate to broadcast an attack against his daughter in a newspaper co-incidentally around the same time as he was printing revolting and misleading (and possibly contempt of court) articles about Alex Salmond in the run up to his court case for sexual offences?

      There’s no way IN A MILLION YEARS that I’d print anything like that about my daughter’s experiences, I’d be the opposite, I’d be doing my best to persuade her not to go public. I’d at least propose she spoke out anonymously about it, (which we know can be very effective journalism and still have a huge impact) but I’d never deliberately identify her even if she wanted her name out there, no chance. She’d have to submit her own article to a newspaper if she wanted that, I wouldn’t be part of it.

      So Stu calling him out on this was perfectly legitimate as far as I’m concerned. There’s no doubt in my mind the media and wokies are using this as an excuse to attack this website. Ironically this is from the same folk who are screaming about the huge importance of anonymity for women who are victims, even the ones who just get their hair pinged or arm touched.

    73. HC says:

      Yet, I make a comment here regarding your own dreadful antipathy to the Welsh language, and you censor it, Rev. You want your views heard everywhere, except your own backyard. You were held in some esteem for some time in Wales until you showed your true colours.

    74. Liz says:

      I see the Scotgov have u turned on stopping the support to the papers. It will continue for the whole year now.

    75. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “What do you see when someone contacts you through the form on your website though?”

      A normal email indistinguishable from any other.

    76. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Yet, I make a comment here regarding your own dreadful antipathy to the Welsh language, and you censor it, Rev. You want your views heard everywhere, except your own backyard. You were held in some esteem for some time in Wales until you showed your true colours.”

      I see no comments by you, under either of your email addresses, in the Trash folder at all. I delete things that are abusive.

    77. Patrick Roden says:

      He’s now tweeted a screenshot of the Wings contact page and claimed this as evidence he has contacted Rev and says he will say no more on the subject, I added this to a retweet of his message:

      Conor’s defaming Rev Stu here, as you are making false claims that will impact his reputation.
      You say you won’t say any more about it, after tweeting a blank copy of wings contact page, but I get the feeling you will need to say more (or pay more) once his legal team calls you.

    78. HC says:

      Thank you. I’m not IT conversant, generally.

    79. JeSuisStuartCampbell says:

      ‘Lenny Hartley says:
      18 February, 2021 at 10:23 am
      Snp membership hanging in balance, if Little miss blinky says one word against freedom of speech im out.’

      Me too#

    80. Daisy Walker says:

      I now self identify as Welsh, and on behalf of all us Welsh folk and the Welsh language, can I just say how much I appreciate your work, your principled stance for Independence for Scotland and your dedication to same.

      As a self identifying Welsh person, who loves the Welsh language, can I also say, that having considered it from every angle, your decision not to translate your work into Welsh, or Scots Gaelic, or Irish Gaelic, or broad Scots, but just to do it in English – is fine by me.

      Indeed, I’m struggling to see why the Welsh language would be pertinent to your cause, any more than Flemish.

      Hey ho. Anyone know how you spell Yackie Dhah?

    81. Daisy Walker says:

      I’m now Self Identifying as a Therapist

      Do you have a ‘dreadful antipathy to the Welsh language’? is it verging at Phobia levels?

      Pay me lots of money, and together we’ll cure it.

      We’ll keep a welcome in the hillsides…

    82. Jontoscots20 says:

      Graham says:
      18 February, 2021 at 11:44 am
      Obergruppenführer Murrell surely must be fuming that his control of the SNP’s narrative is on the wane; undermined by a small but growing list of like minded MPs, MSPs & Councillors disgusted by the corruption at the heart of Sturgeon’s gender jihad inspired Macaliphate.

      Yet, there she is, almost a year now, since this virus found itself among us, the Great Nanny of Nannies, feet ceremoniously cemented to the podium, still flagellating a weary population with relentless, yet mostly pointless, non actionable statistics.

      It’s a near cult like devotion to embracing the pandemic for personal gain; a cynical tactic to build public loyalty as a countermeasure to the dissent among the ranks caused by her obvious involvement in destroying a man’s reputation as well as her well documented, systematic failures across her many departments of state.

      But it really would be a poor propaganda department if Murrell’s Gauleiter didn’t create diversions from these weaknesses & failures.

      Graham totally agree. We are all being in the favoured word de jour of the icing sugar woke “gaslighted” by the pandemic panic facilitating a public health police state.Both Johnson and Sturgeon are using poorly designed models, a ludicrously unreliable testing regime, and a an abject failure to acknowledge natural immunity to screw down and scare the population. Public health panjandrums who believe in zero covid are trying to convince us that normal social interaction will kill us. No cost benefit analysis has been done. Behavioural Dark nudging, a clear and present threat to our democracy and our sovereignty has been deployed.

      Any issue or crisis from Brexit to the Salmond stitch up can be attributed to the need to focus on it. I know some of us are scared and apprehensive but please at least ask questions. This lockdown is becoming a shut in of society. By the way it’s not about Bill Gates, I am not anti- vax and I don’t think a group of shadowy politicians planned this. That said a combination of publicity hungry non medical experts and credulous, innumerate politicians and media means it’s become expedient.

    83. John Martini says:

      Ystrad Clud was practically welsh. We were all brittonic celts at one point.

    84. AndyH says:

      @ Patrick Roden

      You Sir, I salute.

    85. Hugh Jarse says:

      Never recovered from being called Speckled Jim at school then!

    86. Annie 621 says:

      There’s a line from Bukowski’s
      The Laughing Heart which says..

      “Be on the watch,
      There is light somewhere,
      There may not be much light,
      But it beats the darkness”..

      This is how I feel about Wings..also

      “You are marvellous.”

    87. Graham King says:

      That headline re urging Nicola Sturgeon to act: ‘Elected representatives of the SNP’ seems ambiguous; surely, though SNP MPs/MSPs, they are elected [to act as] representatives of constituents – not of the SNP?
      Ah, well.. maybe a mere quibble, a foible of mine.

      John Martini says:
      18 February, 2021 at 1:30 pm
      ‘Ystrad Clud was practically welsh. We were all brittonic celts at one point.’

      Surely that depends who you opt to include as ‘we’? I daresay putative readers/citizens whose forebears hail from (say) Rwanda, or Beijing, Tierra del Fuego, Kazakhstan, or Mindanao – or in fact most of the non-Western-European world – might differ.

      I hope no bigotry was meant.

    88. Robert Hughes says:

      JontoScot20 @ 12.37pm

      Brilliant comment on the self-serving twisted lunacy on display by the Sturgeon Covid Worshipping Politburo , which has just got personal in my case .

      Been living in Barcelona for the 10 years and have decided to return to Scotland as my partner and I have seen our incomes severely impacted by Covid-related restrictions , my partner had just booked her flight and arranged the mandatory test – without which you can’t board a plane – when the new regulations came in , now we have to find upwards of 2k each , money we simply don’t have , in order to return to our homeland .

      The fund the clowns in SNPG have set-up is totally useless for us as only people already in receipt of State benefits qualify !! FFS who on State benefits is likely to be in our position ? Utterly ridiculous .

      All this cost arrogantly imposed without the least consideration of the impact on people like ourselves , every penny of the little savings we have will be spent on getting my partner home , I still have no real idea what I’m going to do , as I will struggle to afford to live here and don’t have the money to return to Scotland .

      All this even with a negative test result !! It truly defies belief and is yet another indication of the total disconnect between the SNPG and the reality of people’s lives .

      Many I should identify as a Trans-Refugee and they’ll send a helicopter to rescue me .

      Beyond disgust at the hopelessness and cynicism of NS and the idiocy surrounding Covid generally

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