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Commonwealth Games begin

Posted on July 23, 2014 by

Scotland enjoys the opening ceremony.


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    1. 23 07 14 23:31

      Commonwealth Games begin | Scottish Independence News

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    1. heedtracker says:

      Even the vote NO Krankies wouldn’t be seen dead doing whatever the hell that was.

    2. Indy_Scot says:

      That photo says it all.

    3. Ian Brotherhood says:


      Mind you, there’s boaking, and there’s heaving

      Here’s an example of heaving a la ‘Team America’:

    4. Lesley-Anne says:

      I have absolutely no idea about what the photo is all about Stu, but there again I am the “Village Idiot.” 😉 However, having missed the first hour and three quarters of it by all accounts I haven’t missed much. 😛

    5. Eric D says:

      Spot the very political ‘Saltire/Union Jack’ flags ?
      Wouldn’t be a problem if it was any combination of the flags of the 71 competing countries/provinces – but that Saltire/UJ combination is obviously political – and the ‘message’ is shockingly obvious !
      Ad what was the ONLY flag shown during BC’s/BBC Scotland’s ‘My Glasgow’ piece ?
      Yes – another Union Jack.

    6. Derek M says:

      yea total cringe stuff from the empire ,no wonder they didnt want us politicizing it they had already planned to after telling us not to ,damn hypocrites and liars.
      Whats the bet the first Scot to win a medal will be hailed as British by the media as they try to steal all the glory as usual.

    7. Flower of Scotland says:

      I’m still sobbin with embarrassment! Thanks Glasgow Labour Controlled Council for that shite! I’m incensed! Away to have another Gin! See you all sunday at PQ! Hate them even more now! Hope that BBC Scotland presenters are pleased at missing out presenting the Games. YOU ARE TOO STUPID you see to do this epic work! We had to bus them up from England! I actually thought that the London Olympics were very good especially the opening ceremony! Facebook is going mad with negative comments! Oh well more vote to YES! Alec,s got a big smirk on his face! Wonder why!

    8. Aye – you are right!!!

      But notice the wee Duggy Dugs leading on the athletes …. our secret Yessers are there!!!

    9. Peter says:

      Curiously both the herald and scotsman have the same picture of a fat girl with a union flag on her face kissing some drip wrapped in a Saltire.

    10. Dcanmore says:

      @Flower of Scotland …

      Don’t worry SLabour will just blame on that dictactor Alicsammin.

    11. Proud Cybernat says:

      Salmond told by the Secretary of State Against Scotland, Carmichael, not to politicise the games. So can you tell me, SoSaS, what the feck David Cameron was doing on the One Show Games special? He was politicising the games with every fecking fiber of his being.

      Get yersel, Cameron!

    12. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Lesley-Anne –

      It’s a still from ‘A Clockwork Orange’, the movie, starring Malcolm McDowell. He’s being forced to watch footage of atrocities as part of a conditioning experiment (based on the real work of American ‘Behaviourist’, B.F. Skinner.)

      McDowell actually had his eyelids held open for real – that image involves no ‘special effects’.

    13. Peter says:

      At least the opening in 1986 had some real atmosphere. And actual tension wondering who was going to turn up. Massive cheer when Bermuda walked out 2nd last as they were supposedly joining the english inspired boycott.

      There were some rather loud boos when the PM turned up later on in the games. Not a popular lady.

      Canada doing understated tartan. Well done them.

    14. Dcanmore says:

      I haven’t seen the first part, I’m now watching it live on iPlayer, do you think I should ‘Restart the cueent programme’? 🙂

    15. Dcanmore says:


    16. K1 says:

      Commentator has referred to referendums now a number of times…in relation to some countries entering the stadium. I wonder if he will mention the referendum when scotland enters…

    17. heedtracker says:

      Never knew there were so many tax havens for UKOK super rich in the Common Wealth as Welsh whathisface BBC dude runs through each one like its something to fcuking teamGB proud of,”look you, this tax haven has more companies than people, boyo”

    18. Dcanmore says:

      So with all the musical talent Scotland has we’ve ended up chucking on Susan Boyle and John Barrowman? Hello world!

    19. JimnArlene says:

      What’s stood out for me, is the number of small countries that manage to survive; without Westminster.

    20. Dcanmore says:

      You can tell the entertainment was planned by old white men institutionalised by local government.

    21. Indy_Scot says:

      OMG, infinite time and space and I am subjected to this.

    22. Dcanmore says:

      Is that England just marched in or Better Togther’s ‘grassroots’ canvassers already bussed up? 🙂

    23. muttley79 says:

      Guys and gals, don’t worry too much about the opening ceremony. It was always going to be an atrocity in the making. This is Gordon Matheson’s Glasgow City Council we are talking about. Unionists will undoubtedly be crowing over this. However, opening ceremony’s are usually dismal and forgotten about by the next day. The Scottish cringers will love it, but then again they have zero ambition for Scotland.

    24. Dcanmore says:

      Go Isle of Man .. ‘not part of the United Kingdon’ and doing just fine methinks.

    25. Wee folding bike says:

      I put new Schwalbe Kojak tyres on my S2L-X SuperLight and now I’m watching Star Trek TNG.

      Sounds like I made the right choice.

    26. heedtracker says:

      Come on in Guernsey! Another ukok tax haven for all those rich teamGBer’s that don’t want to pay any tax. How come BBC man left that out?

    27. heedtracker says:

      and thats not the usual NI marching outfits we’re used to. Where’s the flutes and that bloke up front throwing the baton around?

    28. Papadox says:

      I have watched most of the opening ceremony and after five minutes couldn’t take any more there was something very irritating and annoying which was beginning to get to me.

      Then by accident discovered the root of the problem. I turned off the sound and discovered it was those EBC accents and the pish they spew incessantly that was causing my irritation.

      So have been watching the rest of it in silence and with the exception of seeing awe they f…ing
      Union flags stuck at the corner of the countries flags. Don’t listen to the BBC shit and the program is watchable for the most part. I used that system during the World Cup and only missed a couple of games. 40 years ago I used to watch a lot of football. Now I know why I stopped.

      It’s the EBC VERBAL DIARRHOEA Whot done it, I’m allergic.

    29. Brian Mchugh says:

      Peter… it is more like the opening of 1984.

    30. gillie says:

      Hew Edwards. What can one say? Prat!

    31. M4rkyboy says:

      I liked Rod Stewart.

    32. Lesley-Anne says:

      Thanks for the info there Ian, it’s one of the multitude of films that I have never watched. 😛

    33. SquareHaggis says:

      Alex: Viddy well my little droogies, viddy well…

    34. Lesley-Anne says:


      Just watching Scotland enter Celtic park and I’m certain I saw a few large Saltires in the crowd! 😛

    35. Dcanmore says:

      Fair enough I’ll go with The Shamen. 🙂

    36. Dcanmore says:

      There will be alot of bitter old unionists seething that England wasn’t booed.

    37. HandandShrimp says:

      Turned over for the end. En masse and under all those lights the blue and tartan looked way better than I thought it ever could.

    38. gillie says:

      So all the money was splashed on a big television. Nae curtains just a tv.

    39. stewartb says:

      Watching the CG opening ceremony. Wonderful to see so many independent countries of all sizes, and facing diverse challenges, enjoying a sustainable social union. So many visitors from across the world in Glasgow … but I see no ‘foreigners’.

      Looking forward to Scotland becoming another ‘normal’, democratic, independent country taking its place in the international community!

      (Real pity that The Proclaimers were not on stage!!)

    40. Ken500 says:

      The Saltires are out. Where are the Proclaimers?

    41. Lesley-Anne says:

      I have to admit HaS that I was very unsure about the uniform for the Scottish athletes but now that I’ve seen it live under the lighting at Celtic Park I too did think it looked quite good.

    42. Dcanmore says:

      @stewartb …

      ‘So many visitors from across the world in Glasgow … but I see no ‘foreigners’.

      excellent comment 🙂

    43. Brian Mchugh says:

      Gillie… at least they didn’t attempt a mass pyrotechnic demolition of Springburn. LOL

    44. K1 says:

      Naw thatcher did that demolition years ago Brian…not just to springburn either.

    45. M4rkyboy says:

      Call me cynical, but i watched a litany of people who have butchered Scottish culture,butcher Scottish culture.
      Ffs,a giant kilt?

    46. Ken500 says:

      They are bombing children in Gaza. Westminster is doing nothing.

    47. heedtracker says:

      Bet the queen’s texted a fiver to unicef

    48. Lesley-Anne says:

      Ken500 says:

      They are bombing children in Gaza. Westminster is doing nothing.

      There’s a very good reason that Westminster is doing nothing Ken… they are waiting for their instructions from Washington before doing anything.

    49. Brian Mchugh says:

      What we really need now, is to back team Scotland and ignore the blatant unionist propaganda we have just witnessed.

      We are not new to this BS… We just keep moving forward.

    50. HandandShrimp says:

      Nicola is good, I think that lassie will go far 🙂

    51. heedtracker says:

      YES! Goose bumps time, at last.

    52. Indy_Scot says:

      I’m not really sure what just happened.

    53. heedtracker says:

      Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond. Written about two captured Scottish soldiers that never came home.

    54. Croompenstein says:

      I hope there’s no ‘Blow for Salmond’ headlines tomorrow what with Barrowman being there folk might get the wrong idea!

    55. Muscleguy says:

      I liked the red tartan on the inside of the Welsh jackets. Nice touch there from our Celtic cousins.

    56. muttley79 says:

      The MSM will be heartbroken that the English team apparently got a decent reception (did not watch OC, read it on WoS Twitter).

    57. Derek M says:

      love the big freedom come all ye fucking brilliant get it right up you British empire

    58. Peter says:

      Billy Connolly telling us that freedom is for everybody?


      And why are they playing all of the songs so slowly? To stop people from singing along?

    59. tartanarse says:

      “Freedom come ye”

      Missing “s” but nevermind, nearly there.

    60. Brian Mchugh says:

      Wow… it took to 11:15pm to get some truely representative content of Scotland.

    61. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m thinking there will be a lot of fervent re-writing going on in all the MSM editorial offices as we speak muttley. If there was one thing for certain, in the minds of the MSM, it would be that the crowd at Celtic park would boo the arrival of the English team. Who’d have thunk it that the crowd would be so darned annoying as to cheer them instead. I’ve always said it those Scots are far too pesky to be permitted to do anything, they always screw it up! 😛

    62. Ken500 says:

      Aye Alex

    63. K1 says:

      Brilliant! Go ALex.

    64. Brian Mchugh says:

      Alex, Statesman and dignified as always. 🙂

    65. tartanarse says:

      Can someone please explain to that wee tube what a microphone is.

    66. TYRAN says:

      Barrowman. Enough said.

      Boyle cannot sing live. Didn’t know she was still going.

      The rest was OK bar those two. Could have showcased with better names.

      Walk ons were good with the big screen, dogs and music.

    67. Lesley-Anne says:

      Great to see Alex Salmond doing what he does best … being the ultimate statesman and at the same time putting those who put him down back in their box. 😛

      Gaun yersel Alex! 😉

      Funny I thought Alex just spoke into the mike but whatshisface seems to need to shout! 😉

    68. Brian Mchugh says:

      Matheson on the other hand!

    69. Margaret Brogan says:

      Just watching Glasgow’s Pocket Thor, Good God!

      The rest, let’s not be too cynical, YES is within our grasp.

    70. heedtracker says:

      Head of State Alex Salmond, unless the dude Mathieson and chums can stop it all,bur at least he didn’t get to fcuk George Square and blow up the flats.

    71. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’ll bet he is still seething at that one heedtracker. 😛

    72. Grouse Beater says:

      A few meanderings on sport:

      I hope there is no karate at the Commonwealth Games. People who practice it for years usually, with only their hands and feet, make the worst movies in history.

      I don’t watch the Oxford and Cambridge boat race out of Anglo admiration. I watch in the hope the useless things will capsize and sink. There is nothing funnier than a panicky cox screaming at and eight beefy bladesmen rowing for all of their lives to the bottom of the river.

      Knowing big business hijacked sport from fans and intends to squeeze every last penny out of the same loyalty, it doesn’t alleviate matters to hear most sports are corrupt, the outcome of a game only relevant to those who make the most money from it.

      When the ball crosses the line the two football players contesting it will signal to the referee the throw-in is theirs. One of them is lying. And he knows it.

      Footballers are taught to make the ‘technical’ fault when in extremis. It used to be call a damn foul. By throwing themselves at the feet of another player to trip them up clever football is lost leaving us with repetitive circus tumbles and prat falls.

      All compulsive golfers tell you golf is a great leveller and very relaxing. Soon as they play a mad competitiveness takes over their whole being and they become extremely bad tempered, hyper-stressed, and denegrate companions. No wonder a great many heart attacks happen on golf courses.

      They say the Olympic Games lost its purity of spirit when Hitler hosted them. It actually happened when officials approved synchronised swimming as an aquatic activity worth endorsing. Triumph of the will it is not. Strength of a silly nose peg it is.

      American baseball is rounders with pretentions.

      My sports are tennis and chess. Both offer lots of drama, one by sitting down for hours. Since I don’t play tennis these days I sit down to watch that too. I know chess is a board game but killing pawns, knights, and bishops feels like a battle to the death.

    73. M4rkyboy says:

      Gordon Matheson looked and sounded like a angry labourite giving his victory speech at a vote count.

    74. james says:

      Possibly slightly off topic, but if I were of the NO persuation, and looking for a tee shirt to wear to the games telling people so, then ebay would probably be my first port of call. Plenty for sale, but looking on buyer history I could not find anybody that had bought one. No in the lead?

    75. westie7 says:

      Mathieson! Shit I’m deaf!
      Was like an extra from Only an Excuse

    76. Dcanmore says:

      Prince boy he broke the torch!

    77. Margaret Brogan says:

      Where does she get those hats? “I was down in the dumps, so I bought a hat!”

    78. alexicon says:

      Muscleguy says:
      23 July, 2014 at 11:12 pm
      I liked the red tartan on the inside of the Welsh jackets. Nice touch there from our Celtic cousins.

      A Harrington bomber jacket, if I’m not mistaken. They’ were a fashion icon in the 70s and were predominately worn by bovver boys of the day.
      As with doc martins the Harrington is making a bit of a comeback nowadays.

    79. Brian Mchugh says:

      …shhhhh… lets listen to the top of the elite, rich and privaliged lecture to us on how wonderful everything is under their rule.

    80. balaaargh says:

      Gordon Matheson. Whit a riddy!

      Didn’t realise he’d won an election giving a speech like that!

    81. Andy smith says:

      We’re moving on out !

    82. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Predictably I think a lot of people came on here determined to dislike anything that was on tonight. Mockjock Barrowman was pretty dire but after that it got steadily more impressive.

      I thoroughly enjoyed it and Nicola Benedetti was absolutely fabulous.The music got better and better as the programme went on

      I think we can adapt and adopt Rod Stewart’s offering to “They can’t stop US now”

      Great to hear the African lassie singing the Freedom Come A Ye. I wish they would mention that Dunoon man John McLellan (who has still got lots of relatives in Dunoon) wrote the tune as.
      Should be our national anthem.

      The Scottish uniform looked brilliant on the night. Celtic Park was a great venue

    83. JimnArlene says:

      I didn’t know Jamesey Cotter ran Glasgow council.

    84. K1 says:

      Wow…the fire works must be all over the city, sound coming doon the chimney…

    85. Croompenstein says:

      What was the big surprise they were promising the fact that they put the cone back on to coneheid?

    86. gillie says:

      Gordon “shouty, shouty” Matheson.

      No need to shout Gordon.

    87. heedtracker says:

      If Barrowman hadn’t tried to make such a fool of us, that was great. Hope he never comes back from Palm Springs.

    88. TYRAN says:

      That shouty man; what’s that all about?

    89. Castle Rock says:

      That was made in Glasgow by Unionists, what a fucking embarrassment.

    90. K1 says:

      Thank god that stopped! Doin ma heid in!

    91. Lesley-Anne says:

      Phew I’m glad to here he has got his cone heid back Croomp, I was getting rather worried that he’d maybe start getting a cold heid without it. 😛

    92. Grouse Beater says:

      McEwan Hill at the rostrum:
      Predictably I think a lot of people came on here determined to dislike anything that was on tonight.

      Are you going to make it your signatory habit to lecture other posters while taking the contrary line?

      Half-decent kilt aside, the Scottish uniform was designed by an art student trained at the Royal Blind Asylum.

    93. ronnie anderson says:

      And on the menu in the games village Beef Wellington in a Cone should go down a treat.

    94. mr thms says:

      Celtic Park looked amazing. A fantastic opening ceremony. Glasgow and Scotland give yourselves a big pat on the back. Even the much derided costumes looked great. Only sour note was some of Hugh Edwards commentary, which was inappropriate at times. Lovely touch to invite the young Jamaican girl to the games. The crowd singing along to Nicola Benedetti was my highlight

    95. JimnArlene says:

      @Peter 11:42pm, don’t be daft man.

    96. Minty says:

      Apart from all the Barrowman mince at the start, I enjoyed it. Salmond did brilliantly, very dignified and the crowd did us proud.

    97. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m sorry Peter, you have lost me there with your comment about coneheid. Are you saying that you find the almost constant view of Wellington’s statue with a traffic cone it’s heid NOT funny?

      Call me simple minded, I am this site’s village idiot after all, but I do find the idea of a statue, particularly one such as Wellington’s with a traffic cone on its heid quite funny. Let’s face it the idea of putting the cone on Wellington’s heid has been a famous landmark for central Glasgow for decades. 😛

    98. Grouse Beater says:

      Peter the Grating:
      The Wellington traffic cone shows how pathetic and unfunny glaswegians really are.

      Personally, I blame Danny Boyle.

      PS: Glaswegians.

    99. caz-m says:

      When I heard Alex Salmond speaking, i knew it was safe enougth to come out from behind the couch.

      What message about Scotland was that American, John Barrowman, trying to send out to the world.

      Utter garbage, all that was missing was deep fried mars bars and “see you jimmy” hats.

      Good old BBC fair and balanced coverage.

      There must have been about thirty “NO” supporting celebs, to one “YES” supporter, Amy MacDonald.

    100. Murray McCallum says:

      Could anyone understand a word John Barrowan was singing? Do they sing the English national anthem at all Commonwealth Games? I also didn’t get the red, white & blue colours from the Red Arrows. What was that all about?

      I really liked the sketch in George square with Amy MacDonald. The music got better as the ceremony went on. I loved the way some of the African teams came out. Seemed like a good atmosphere at Celtic Park.

    101. Roughian says:

      Thought the Billy Bunter outfit from Guernsey was spot on old chap!!!
      The rest was passible. We can fairly take the mince oot oorsells.
      Liked the frequent references to FREEDOM.
      Hope to see many of yous at PQ on Sunday. Wos there the last time, looking to see more this time.

    102. Grouse Beater says:

      Caz-M said: When I heard Alex Salmond speaking, i knew it was safe enougth to come out from behind the couch.


      Barrowman always seems he’s newly arrived from the toilet after crying his eyes out and dabbing them with tissue.

    103. Brian Mchugh says:

      Dave… I agree to a point, but the first part up to the team introductions was utter guff. 7 years in the planning should have ensured a better and more progerssive representation of a modern Scotland… I cant forgive the shortbread tin sketch just before the team introductions. A time of depressed Scottish confidence being celebrated?

    104. heedtracker says:

      After all that, Barrowman excluded, I’m even more excited about Scottish independence on the 19th Sept 2014, even if the vote No Krankies do come back from OZ to close Scotland’s Common Wealth Games:D

    105. caz-m says:

      The BBC really know how to win over the hearts of a Nation.

    106. Grouse Beater says:

      When is James Bond parachuted in?

      According to Ian Fleming he was Scottish, after all.

    107. Derek M says:

      well i was glad i kept watching as it turned out ok in the end shame about the start letting that american twat just about spoil it with his pish and gets the big thumbs down as the worst part of the opening ceremony ,my highlight was the African lassie singing freedom come all ye i thought she was brilliant worth watching again 🙂

    108. Lesley-Anne says:

      Just seen Mac cartoon in Telegraph on SKY news paper review.

      “Scottish and Commonwealth athletes get their medals for free but English athletes have to pay for theirs!” 😛

    109. glaswegian121 says:

      Should have called it Glasgows unicef opening ceremony,Going to other countries and complaining ,Wanes canny dae this and that,how about you concentrate yer efforts on yer own soil ie foodbanks,Bloody hypocrites.
      An absolute joke of an opening ceremony and to top it off did anyone here the national anthem ?

    110. Castle Rock says:

      I think the Glasgow Labour Party and the BBC have unwittingly done us a good turn.

    111. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Ho ho ho , grouseman
      I think you’ll find nearly every body thought it was smashing (John Barrowman excepted.)
      I should have mentioned the Amy MacDonald routine was when the improvement kicked in

    112. stewartb says:

      Grouse Beater at 11.40

      Half-decent kilt aside, the Scottish uniform was designed by an art student trained at the Royal Blind Asylum.’

      Good range of contributions tonight from all but (sorry to interrupt the banter), the latter part of your PS is not your best!

    113. CyberNiall says:

      The Queen said in her message that under 25’s make up half of the commonwealth…Due to Scotland’s mortality rate no doubt.

      It would also appear that guy from the City Council’s speech was in BLOCK CAPITALS!

    114. Ian Kirkwood says:

      All in all, pretty good. Susie B was dreadful, forgot her words at the start and wee Gordie would have been the perfect Spitting Image of a certain A. Hilter if he had a wee ‘tache. 7 out of 10. Now let’s win some medals!

    115. R-type Grunt says:

      For the first time ever I find myself at odds with this blog. That was a good ceremony. There were issues, yes, particularly at the start. However once it got going I was most impressed. There can be very few undecideds who think we’re incapable now.

    116. Grouse Beater says:

      StewartB: the latter part of your PS is not your best!

      With the exception of the kilt the rest of the designs and their accoutriments are way out of date, and the designer has no idea how some hues clash. And that’s a professional judgment.

    117. Indy_Scot says:

      Sorry Dave but your are full of shit.

    118. Lesley-Anne says:

      To be fair R-type I think most people on here thought the start was pretty poor but that it did improve so overall I’d say most folks are happy with the opening ceremony. That said you can’t get away from the apparently appalling opening segment but things did improve markedly after that.

    119. HandandShrimp says:

      I liked the space station thing and Ami and Nicola but I skipped a fair bit of it. I think Mull of Kintyre was not the best choice, Gordon need not have shouted plus the TV coverage a bit flat.

      As these things go it was OK. I got bored with the London and Beijing Olympics too.

    120. Murray McCallum says:

      The use of the big screen and the fundraiser were very innovative. Outward looking perspective I thought.

      Be interesting to hear the result of the fundraiser. Great idea.

    121. Jamie Arriere says:

      After Barrowman & Boyle got aff, it definitely improved. Loved :

      Putting the cone on Wellington at 1 in the countdown
      Dancers to 500 miles
      Nicola Benedetti
      The Freedom Come-All-Ye
      The UNICEF appeal (parochial are we?)
      The Glasgow crowd
      Milo on the mix
      No booing

      Off to bed, tickets for tomorrow, 6am bus. Nighty night

    122. Minty says:

      Ian Smart making a fool of himself on Twitter again. Might have slightly misjudged the mood of the nation.

    123. stewartb says:

      Dear Grouse Beater, no wish to prolong this but my comment at 12.06 has nothing to do with your view on design but as I said clearly, its about the latter part of your PS, your use specifically of the term ‘Royal Blind ASYLUM’.

    124. Grouse Beater says:

      McEwan Hill:
      I think you’ll find nearly every body thought it was smashing

      What was ‘smashing?’
      And how many did you consult?

    125. HandandShrimp says:

      I missed the tea cakes though 🙁

    126. Grouse Beater says:

      StewartB: ‘Royal Blind ASYLUM’.

      As far as I know it’s still a thriving institution.

    127. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’ve just seen a Tweet Murray that claims UNICEF have claimed they have received £2.5 Million from the U.K. alone.

    128. pete the camera says:

      Karen Dunbar did well to remember her lines I was waiting for her to do the “sniff sniff smells like” routine but no such luck

    129. geeo says:

      I completely zoned out the commentary, the african singer was absolutely fantastic as said already, the memorial silence brought a tear to my cynical eyes.

      Amy McDonald is not really my cup of tea but her section was not too bad.

      Bringing the young jamaican lass over was a nice touch as well.
      The FM speech was short sweet and made his welcome like a true statesman, unlike the buffoon that followed him.

      Loved the welcome England got, BT must have been utterly fuming.

      The struggle opening the baton was kind of funny in a way, although the Queen laughing was quite good.

      Other than all that, usual opening ceremony meh !

    130. Grouse Beater says:

      Hnad & Shrimp: Tunnock’s Teacakes.

      Tunnock – he say ‘Naw!’

      Well, it proves we’re not biased.

    131. R-type Grunt says:

      @ Lesley-Anne

      I agree. However some of the comments on here are a fucking disgrace. I went into that show totally expecting the bile to rise but, Barrowman excepted, I thought we did really well.

      There’s a great many people here I deeply respect but they’ve let themselves – and me- down tonight.

      P.S. I’ve been here forever; local circumstances forced me to change my handle.

    132. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Just a stray thought that came to me as I watched the teams coming in. There are countries who were never in the British Empire but asked to join the Commonwealth in fairly recent times (like Cameroon for instance)and there are plenty of republics in it. Wouldn’t it be nice if Ireland rejoined

    133. heedtracker says:

      HandandShrimp, Graun loved the tunnocks bit natch. Boyle or Eddie Reader, yup the vote no crowd cooked up that kick off. London Olympics got homage to NHS, we got mocked but such is bettertogether unionism.

    134. HandandShrimp says:

      I would not worry unduly about any few trimmings of Unionism draped here and there. The Scottish team carried a saltire and we will be seeing a lot of those over the next couple of weeks. We can support our respective teams, for those who support our cause but wave a different flag, and enjoy the games.

    135. tartanarse says:

      BBC news (or the games commentator) never mentioned the crowds reaction to Wales or NI.

      Why its almost as if England IS the RUK.

      Why would we boo them after standing up to sing their footy teams national anthem?

    136. Muscleguy says:

      BTW Rev I think you are a curmudgeon who has been away from Scotland too long.

      The first part was obviously tongue in cheek. I mean the Forth Bridge propped up on cans of Irn Bru? and dancing Tunnocks? You were not supposed to take those seriously.

    137. heedtracker says:

      Wouldn’t it be nice if Ireland rejoined and the USA too making it even more fun.

    138. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Indy-scot at

    139. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Indy Scot at 12.13.

      Incisive commentary. Got to hand it to you.

      I’ll maybe need to take some lessons. I’m not very practised in cretinous invective. I usually just say stuff and post opinions.

    140. Joannie says:

      I thought it was great. I missed the first bit, but what I saw was brilliant. Well done Glasgow.

    141. mr thms says:

      Reading some of the comments. I thought the opening ceremony was the best advert for independence of the referendum campaign. Even the Better Together contingent in the cast forgot which side they supported..

    142. Castle Rock says:

      Think some of the comments on here are missing the point.

      A lot of the coverage was about red, white and blue and how ‘British’ we all are. The Glasgow Commonwealth Games are not about being ‘British’ it’s about celebrating and representing your own country but the BBC and the Glasgow Labour Party spoiled that.

      I think we’re passed the point of being excited that Scotland gets a mention, we need to focus upon the underlying messages the BBC and the Labour Party are portraying about Scotland and that ceremony was nothing more than a propaganda feast of how ‘British’ Scotland is.

      I got over how quaint Scotland is decades ago, perhaps others need to do likewise.

    143. Lesley-Anne says:

      To be fair R-type I only saw the opening from probably about half way through the teams entrances. I had been lying down… HONEST! 🙂 What I did see though was not too bad in my view. The best bits, from what I saw were the wee Scottie dugs (not enough seen of them in my view 😛 ) and Nicola Benedetti, she almost brought me to tears with her Bonnie Bonnie Banks rendition. 😉

    144. donnywho says:

      I worked at the games and though i missed barrowman i thought what i saw was good if not better than 2012. Honest couthie decent,what totally incensed me was the news after the games with a billion that is to say one thousand million viewers came as the eighth most important story on the BBC. If you don’t like the story bury it. Had salmond struggled to open the batton it would have been first.

    145. Murray McCallum says:

      Yeah Lesley-Anne £2.5 million from UK alone. What a fantastic idea.

      I get the comments about the start, but overall I thought the ceremony was enjoyable.

    146. heedtracker says:

      Guardian also puts the boot in. What a bunch. Hope Steve Bell does another Scotland votes to fcuk itself cartoon tomorrow

      “Salmond had promised to keep his mouth shut about independence for the duration of the Games, and there is just a chance that he intended to,”


    147. Grouse Beater says:

      Nicola Benedetti, she almost brought me to tears with her Bonnie Bonnie Banks

      Nicola Benedetti – ah, now there’s a talent, a real talent!

    148. Flower of Scotland says:

      Come on folks! It can’t be just ok when so and so came on!!! It was crap! Really crap! I do hope that the Athletes of all countries do well!

      I am very upset by it all and even more so that some of you actually liked it!

      Wee Eck had a big smile on his face afterwards! Wonder why!!

    149. Holebender says:

      With Barrowman and Susan Boyle opening proceedings I thought we were in for a complete UKOK up, but it did get better. I loved the wee Scottie dogs and the way so many athletes incorporated tartan into their outfits, some even wearing kilts!

      The highlight was the South African lassie singing the Freedom Come Aa Ye.

      I also loved the way they turned the mean Scots myth on its head and raised millions (I’m guessing) for UNICEF.

    150. Grouse Beater says:

      Castle Rock: that ceremony was nothing more than a propaganda feast of how ‘British’ Scotland is.

      Aye, it’s all in the words used to manufacture conformity.

    151. Lesley-Anne says:

      Aye same here Murray. I m,issed the start which from ready other’s comments about it might not have been a bad thing. 😉 As I say I only watched it from about half way through the team’s entrances and I did think it was not as bad as it could have been. There again you can’t really screw up team entrances can you, or can you? 😉

      From what I’ve read I’d advise anyone to by pass Barrowman and co. and you’ll actually enjoy the rest. 🙂

    152. Lesley-Anne says:

      Grouse Beater says:

      Nicola Benedetti, she almost brought me to tears with her Bonnie Bonnie Banks

      Nicola Benedetti – ah, now there’s a talent, a real talent!

      What I thought was really funny GB was that I had written that just after seeing an advert on SKY News for her new album! 😛

    153. TYRAN says:

      I heard boos on TV when they announced over the tannoy the signing of GSTQ. Anyone?

      The Tunnock’s heads were cool.

      Also The Forth Bridge and Irn-Bru made from girders hidden reference.

      I think I’m the only one who noticed the giant tyre reference (Dunlop), which doubled up as part of Nessie’s body arch.

      The penultimate song during the walk ons, when Wales came on, was another Scottish one; Nightcrawlers.

    154. M4rkyboy says:

      Here,this picture of Robert the Bruce should help repair your pride.

    155. Thepnr says:

      My view. It was a hijack by the BBBC for the first hour before the ceremony started. We all saw the wee freely given Saltires with Union Flags on the opposite side.

      We all saw the GIGANTIC sign hanging over Parkhead saying that “The Time Is Now” except that that all the white letters on a red background were easily visible except the last ‘w’ which being white on yellow could barely be seen.

      The fact that there were so many English presenters was also bullshit, this should have been covered by a Scottish media, BBBC Scotland though are not one of them.

      Then we had Barrowman, this was the best bit and made me laugh, it reduced the whole “subtle” propaganda exercise to a joke. Both Boyle and Stewart were crap, plenty more Scots who could have done better. What was that 500 miles song sung in a slow dirge? No it wasn’t the Proclaimers, why not? That would have got the crowd going.

      This was a politicised event on behalf of the crap that reside in Westminster.

      The second half was better, guarantee that the South African singer was invited by the SG.

      It’s over, moving on. I am looking forward to the events, would love to see Scotland exceed the medals they won in 1986, lets get behind them.

    156. R-type Grunt says:

      @ Castle Rock

      What patronising pish! There is nobody more sensitive to Unionist bile than myself but you’ve missed the point by a mile. Who could’ve watched that whole event and come out the other side thinking Scotland is either too wee, too poor or too stupid? Sure, the opening piece was a tad cringe-worthy, but overall?

      There’s only one message – YES WE FUCKING CAN!

    157. Grouse Beater says:


      I believe that’s what Castle Rock is saying.

    158. caz-m says:

      And the saddest thing about the whole night is that the world will think John Barrowman is Scottish.

    159. Lesley-Anne says:

      caz-m says:

      And the saddest thing about the whole night is that the world will think John Barrowman is Scottish.

      Please someone … anyone … tell that is so UNTRUE! 😛

    160. Lesley-Anne says:

      damn it missed out the “me.”

      Please someone … anyone … tell me that is so UNTRUE! 😛

    161. R-type Grunt says:

      @ Thepnr

      The reason it wasn’t actually The Proclaimers was because, like myself, they are die-hard republicans and wouldn’t be seen dead near this event. Sadly however, they do not own the performance rights to that particular song and so it was used by a third-party.

      Still… We’re winning.

    162. bugsbunny says:

      Barrowman is about a convincing Scot as Jeannette Krankie is as a 10 year old boy. I burned my boats with Susan Boyle after that anti independence speech earlier this year


    163. Grouse Beater says:

      Lesley-ANNE ASKS: tell that is so UNTRUE

      Born in Glasgow – song and dance man, emigrated to the USA when 10 years of age – got two passports: Brit and Yank.

    164. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond. Written about two captured Scottish soldiers that never came home.

      She played the whole thing live on Radio 3, in the studio, just about six o’clock as I was driving home. You could kind of hear every word, if you know what I mean. By the time she got to “and in sunshine the waters are sleeping” I was in tears. That woman is a hazard to road safety.

    165. Castle Rock says:

      @ Grouse Beater

      Indeed, thanks.

    166. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oh NO NO NO! I cannae believe it! I need to emigrate NOW! Oh wait a minute he disnae bide here though does he? PHEW! Cancel the emigration plans I’m staying cause I’m voting YES! 😛

    167. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      I remember being at work in England and someone in the lab started humming Loch Lomond, and they went on and on and finally I looked up and said “for goodness sake would you hum something a bit more cheerful” because it was actually beginning to get to me.

      The technician asked what on earth I was talking about. I had to explain. She had absolutely no idea what the words meant.

    168. RedStarTrout says:

      I think some people got the wrong idea at the start, including me. I changed channels and only started watching properly when Barrowman was gone. I think I was wrong to do that.

      Looking back it’s obvious they were sending up the caricature images of Scotland with Nessie, the Forth Bridge and the Tea Cakes. It was as if they were saying ‘is this all you know about us?’, then showing people the real Scotland.

      After that it was good. I wouldn’t have had Rod or SuBo, but they weren’t on too long and it had to appeal to a lot of different audiences. The ballet to 500 Miles was good and Benedetti was a big improvement on Menuhin getting lost in the Shetland Fiddle Orchestra back in 86.

      I’d give it 8/10. It could have been a lot worse with the Red Road flats being demolished.

      But what was wrong with shouty Matheson? Did he stand in something the dogs had left behind or had the Queen just told him he wasn’t getting a knighthood?

    169. Molly says:

      Must admit Nicola Benedetti made me sit up but backing her were the bairns from Big Noise , what an experience for them to play in front of that crowd! Something they will remember forever.

      Despite John Barrowman , I only hope the feel good factor continues because if it’s like this now, imagine September 18th?

    170. Grouse Beater says:

      I cannae believe it!

      “When you go wull yous send back
      A le”er froma Merica?”

    171. R-type Grunt says:

      @ Grouse Beater

      I was referring to Castle Rock’s last two paragraphs and I repeat, he (like yourself, it would seem) really need to lose the holier-than-thou attitude that seems all too prevalent these days. I’m sick & tired of listening to self-proclaiming gurus telling us all what we should fucking think.

      Considering how bad that ceremony could have been I think it turned out well. I am not a moron.

    172. Lesley-Anne says:

      Grouse Beater says:

      I cannae believe it!

      “When you go wull yous send back
      A le”er froma Merica?”

      Can do. I’m just wondering if it will be cheaper to send it back via air mail or use the Queen’s Baton … now she no longer needs it. 😛

    173. Auld Rock says:

      Best bit was South African Lassie singing Hamish Henderson’s great Anthem, “Freedom Come Aa Ye”. Wonder how that got past the ‘Bittertogether’ censors???

      Auld Rock

    174. joe kane says:

      The lyrics of the Barrowman song are epic. That is the sort of thing that went on before the French Revolution erupted. People can only take so much.

    175. Thepnr says:

      Final words on this subject.

      It could have been so much better and lets not kid ourselves.

    176. murtam says:

      Watching in from the other side of the world WITHOUT BBC commentary I thought it was like the curate’s egg good in parts!
      Glasgow and Glaswegians Great!
      Barrow whatever( my phone won’t accept his name which must mean something!) Dire!
      Violin and dancers Fantastic!
      Highlights. Freedom come all ye
      First Minister Alex Salmond’s welcome and moment of silence for victims of MH17
      Wee lass from Jamaica
      Dire. The councillor from Glasgow who seemed to think he needed to shout!
      The huge kilt not funny!
      Rod Stewart sorry fans but he needs a bit more volume to get around the world
      Respect. The idea of fundraising for UNICEF

    177. msean says:

      That wasn’t the Scottish national anthem,the games are in Scotland this time.

    178. Tackety Beets says:

      Highlight for me was the Cameroon Athlete wearing the AFC Tammy ! Did ye spot it Rev ? Nice touch !

    179. Grouse Beater says:

      R-Type: Considering how bad that ceremony could have been I think it turned out well.

      That’s fine by me … if that’s your standard.

      Personally, I studiously refuse to post an opinion, with the exception of the ceremonial dress. Often the least talented manage to convince the uneducated and the unwary.

    180. Brian Mchugh says:

      Thepnr… Go Scotland!!!

    181. mr thms says:

      # Lesley-Anne

      From what I’ve read I’d advise anyone to by pass Barrowman and co. and you’ll actually enjoy the rest


      I wouldn’t.. I would tell them to watch it. I enjoyed it. I am not a fan of Karen Dunbar, or John Barrowman. But, I got the impression John Barrowman was so proud to be a Scot, he forgot he was in the ‘No thanks’ camp. Felt sorry for the glitch at the start of Mull of Kintyre. Looked like Susan Boyle could not hear the music in her earpiece. But she recovered well.

    182. Castle Rock says:


      That ceremony was pish, the introductions and the overall performance was nothing more than a propaganda feast of ‘Britishness’ If your happy with that then good but I’m not.

      I have no idea what a self-proclaiming guru is but I’m sure its some kind of put down. Can I stop laughing now?

    183. Grouse Beater says:

      Murtam: The councillor from Glasgow who seemed to think he needed to shout!

      When he’s told by his family, and sees the rerun snippets, he’ll not sleep for self-loathing. How to die, many times.

    184. Lesley-Anne says:

      I bow to your superior knowledge mr thms. 😉 😛

    185. Stephen McKenzie says:

      I sat down with a cuppa at 20:00 in front of BBC1 expecting a good event – instead it was drivel for almost an hour – why not say like a Formula 1 race in the Radio Times – the action starts at 21:15 but the pish starts at 20:00.

      So I went and washed a Rover 75 – it wasn’t even dirty, but it was better than the wasted time spent watching he BBC.

      Got a lot better after Liz’s first speech, mind you I was watching in the local by that time. Were the shocks gone in the RR as it was bouncing up and down, Was Phil in camera shot?

      Anyway the ceremony was all nicely polished off by Gordon Matheson who demonstrated that voice projection or the use of new technology is something he has heard about..

    186. Grouse Beater says:

      Celebrities share a cat’s nine lives.

      I recall Robbie Coltrane, (public school education) giving the midnight reading in George Square at Glasgow’s New Year’s celebrations, yabbering on and … and missing the turn of the new year by a good many seconds. He seems to have survived well.

      What was it they say a good comedian needs? Ah yes,

      perfect …

      …… timing!

    187. Tackety Beets says:

      The Highlight for me was seeing the “Cameroon Athlete ” Marching round with an AFC tammy on his head ! Did you spot it Rev ? A nice touch I thought . Amy did well too of course .

    188. Robert Peffers says:

      As to the wish for politics to be absent. Just what do you call the Barrowman kiss and male bride sequence? Now I’m not being homophobic but the fact is it was a political swipe at the laws of other countries who still criminalise homosexuality.

      I do not agree with their cruel laws but it is not for Scotland to tell them what they should do in their own independent countries. Certainly not in the context of the Commonwealth Games.

      Any more than I condone Female Genital Mutilation. However, before we attempt to be critical of other countries laws let us criminalise it here first. Not either in the context of sporting games. Especially as Scotland herself is not yet an independent nation even if she has an independent legal system.

      Damn – I was heading to bed hours ago but got caught up in this..

    189. Grouse Beater says:

      Did anybody notice the mascot wearing an SNP badge?

      Or am I indulging in wishful observation?

      Night all.

    190. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Castle REock at 1.14

      “was nothing more than a propaganda feast of ‘Britishness’

      Obviously you were watching something else . No matter what else one can say about the programme there was no Britishness in it at all (except the British National Anthem which the crowd did not sing)

    191. kendomacaroonbar says:


      If you look at the curved line on the mascots breeks, then ‘imagine’ it continues through his T shirt with the St Andrews cross… you *might* visualise the SNP Logo

    192. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      Stu thinks the same. It’s a thought, for sure. Tantalising.

    193. Michael McCabe says:

      The Red Arrows Flyover with the Red White and Blue Smoke Trails. Why. No Need. Vote Yes.

    194. Lesley-Anne says:

      I have to admit I am far more accepting of Clyde OUR games mascot than I ever was of whatevertheirnameswere from London 2012. At least Clyde looks like a mascot and is easily identifiable as being the mascot from Glasgow. 😛

    195. kendomacaroonbar says:


      Clyde is certainly not Bonnie

      ( I should win a prize for that surely ? :-))

    196. Lesley-Anne says:

      He certainly is not kendo but he IS fun. Thing is how can you NOT love him. Let’s face it did Cameron ever get a hug from whatevertheirnameswere? 😛

    197. Michael McCabe says:

      Love the Photo Lesley-Anne. But is Alex saying take your Tongue out of my ear Clyde it Tickles ?

    198. Lesley-Anne says:


      I’m not even going to think about going down that road Michael. You can if you want me I’m just going to enjoy the picture. 😛

    199. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’ve just had a thought Michael. I think Clyde is whispering in Alex’s ear the results of the *ahem* secret poll. 😛

    200. Doug Daniel says:

      Fuck it, I enjoyed it. I even laughed at some of the bits in the opening bit – and not just at Barrowman’s “Scaddish” accent. Maybe it’s because I’m from Aberdeen, but I loved the Dolly the Sheep bit. And a big thumbs up to Irn Bru on managing to get their branding on the BBC – how’s that for a bit of subversion?

      I think RedStarTrout’s called it right – the opening bit was intentionally preposterous. I mean, come on, Karen Dunbar in a leather jacket and a kilt? And maybe it was because I was watching it beside my homophobic parents, but I just about pissed myself at the gay kiss.

      If it wasn’t for that opening section, I think people would find it a lot harder to be critical. Yes, SuBo and Rod are both staunch unionists, but that didn’t come into it here, and unfortunately both are far more known throughout the world than any of the musicians I’d have preferred (and that’s generally the criteria for these things). Amy MacDonald was good, and I loved that Robbie Shepherd was there with Robert Lovie (shame about the song choice, obviously…) You can’t not have Billy Connolly for a Glasgow thingy, and it would have been ludicrous if Chris Hoy hadn’t played a significant role.

      The ballet dancers were a nice touch (better than having a Scottish country dancing cringe-fest), the potentially disastrous Andy Stewart White Heather Club bit turned out to get turned on its head quite well by Calvin Harris, and Mylo did a great job DJing while the athletes walked out. Nicola Benedetti’s performance was simply outstanding, and I loved the idea of the South African singer doing Freedom Come All Ye, even if I wasn’t completely convinced about the musical accompaniment (bit too sparse, perhaps).

      And to top it all off, you have Salmond acting all statesman-like in front of the world, followed by wee Gordy Matheson making a complete arse of himself. What’s not to love about that?

      But most importantly, the themes of equality, justice and eradicating child poverty that ran through it were excellent. Folk have moaned in various places about it not showing the modern Scotland, but isn’t this exactly what we’re telling people an independent Scotland will be all about? Looking outward, trying to do our bit to make the world a better place. The bit about Mandela. The minute’s silence for the Malaysian airliner. And the fundraiser for UNICEF – never mind a wee dance number going “yay, we love the NHS, that’s why we’re privatising it”, here was Scotland trying to actually do something, right there and then.

      That’s going to stick in folk’s minds long after they’ve forgotten that GSTQ got called the “national” anthem.

    201. Democracy Reborn says:

      I had a confirmed No text me to say he thought it was cringeworthy, albeit that was at the beginning. Funnily enough, I’d have thought the Barrowman routine & references to Tunnocks, Nessie, etc would appeal to the ‘Proud Scots But’ brigade. Just shows that everyone’s taste varies.

      Overall I enjoyed it, 7/10 & glad the weather was great. Nice condescending touch from Huw Edwards at the end that “of course” no one expected Glasgow to emulate London 2012.

      Be interesting to ask everyone though how they thought it compared with the Olympics? And casting your mind back, did you cringe at any point watching the London ceremony?

    202. kendomacaroonbar says:


      🙂 Bonnie & Clyde ? ah well never mind.

      I thought the whole event was better than I feared, however I never forget that it was broadcast for an external audience.

      When Brillo had his Edinburgh TV program few weeks ago he had the set festooned in Tartan tat. Can you imagine any London based program having pearly king and queen themed sets just because it’s in England ? Ours not to reason why etc etc

    203. Doug Daniel says:

      Tackety Beets – how did I forget to mention the Cameroonian in the Dons hat?! I hope that guy wins gold.

      And I liked the Tongan guy with the Celtic top too. He could have picked a better team, though…

    204. Castle Rock says:

      Ah Dave, what were the Red Arrows doing flying over Glasgow spraying red, white and blue?

      What’s that got to do with the blue and white of Scotland?

      Will the Red Arrows fly across Australian airspace spewing out red, white and blue in 2018?

      Did the Red Arrows fly across Indian airspace in 2010 spewing out red, white and blue?

      Why is it acceptable in Scotland?

      What were the BBC doing filming and interviewing a family holding Union Jacks when the games are about celebrating each country’s individuality and them competing as separate and distinct nations?

      Is that not political propaganda or do you see it differently?

      Why did the BBC reporting highlight time and time again what Britain (actually the UK) has achieved rather than focussing upon what each individual country has achieved?

      Why were people given double sided saltire/union jack flags to wave rather than just saltires?

      Are we so ashamed to wave our own flag without the backing of another?

      Was that not a political act?

      How many acts in the ceremony have made statements in support of the Union?

      I can go on and on and on.

    205. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Nobody mentioned the large FREEDOM text behind the young African girl during her song.?

    206. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @Castle Rock

      I agree with you, but the answer is quite simple. Any pro Scottish narrative is taken as Anti English, and we can’t have that can we ?

    207. Lesley-Anne says:

      I think overall kendo most folks seem reasonably happy with the opening ceremony. It apparently was not as bad as it could of been but then again it is easy for all of us to sit back and criticise none of us were actually involved in the planning. I think over all kudos must go to the organisers for pulling off something a lot of people thought they would not be able to do. 😛

      I never watched anything to do with the London 2012 games but I reckon Glasgow has actually managed to outdo London tonight. 😉

    208. Mealer says:

      The Red Arrows seemed to be trailing purple,white and blue.Barrowman was a bit of a prat,but you have to be for that kind of role.Rods well passed his best.Cant belt it out these days,but still not too bad.SuBo not a good choice but she did her best,bless.Nicola astonishing.Amy right in there.South African singer very moving.Scottish teams attire worked well on the night.Salmond statesmanlike.Cllr Matheson a bit weird/scarey but not unusually so.The whole thing was very colourful,very loud and OTT.Like its supposed to be.Not really my cup of tea,but still glad I watched it.

    209. Doug Daniel says:

      “How many acts in the ceremony have made statements in support of the Union?”

      During the ceremony? None. If we’re demanding that anyone who has made pro-union comments should not be allowed to be part of something like this, then I’m afraid we’re well into Willie Rennie territory:

    210. geeo says:

      My daughter (18) liked it for one main reason, she saw one of her friends who was in the opening section.

      My wife liked it at the start because we walked the forth road bridge today, had lunch and walked back.

      My son (23) wished teacakes really were that size !

      Deeply political in my house as you can tell, all voting yes mind you so i can forgive them i suppose lol

    211. Haggis says:

      I think BT/unionists won this one, sadly. Scotland marginalised, humiliated and even the added insult of the wee flags being only one sided with the saltire. It’s very much a case of it being rubbed in our faces that the games are being run *for* us, not by us and we aren’t a proper nation like the others in the games. The dedicated Yessers might get mad about it but they knew those weren’t going to be turned to their cause anyway. This seems to be all about reinforcing the Scottish Cringe and keeping a tight leash on Scottish patriotism or nationalism.

      It’s such a pity that this has all been allowed to happen. 🙁

      Maybe I’m just feeling pessimistic tonight…might look better in the morning, esp once the Yes side reacts or tries to counteract the marginalisation.

    212. bookie from hell says:

      my greyhound loved the opening ceremony,just lay on the couch staring at the tv

    213. Robert Louis says:

      I actually thought overall, it was very pro Scotland, and pro Glasgow.

      The first section with that clown John Barrowman, with his brigadoon fakey Scottishey accent, was just toe curling. Why he insists on putting on that silly accent ONLY when in Scotland, yet returns to his actual American accent elsewhere is beyond understanding. Does he think we don’t notice? Having said that the gay kiss, fitted perfectly with the Commonwealth themes of diversity, fairness and equality for all. A good point made well, considering the truly barbaric, inhuman behaviour of some commonwealth countries towards sexual minorities. Actions speak louder than words.

      The dance segment with the two Scottish ballet dancers was, I thought quite excellent.

      From that point on, I think the rest of it was quite good. I had to leave the room when they all sang god save the Queen, otherwise I may have damaged my TV, and the Red arrows was just totally inappropriate. I really object to the increasing militarisation of sporting events in the UK in recent years, and pouring out red white and blue smoke over Parkhead – well that’s a whole other story, when you think about it.

      The use of the big screen was clever, and the way of bringing the teams in was good.

      It was never going to be the Olympics – it hasn’t the size or the budget, so I think comparing it to the Olympics (as the BBC seem obsessed with) is just daft. It is an event in its own right. Different values, different perspective. Nicer.

      I think Scottish sporting legend Alan Wells, summed it up well at the end, when he said to Lineker (why is he here?)it makes me proud to be Scottish. Quite right.

      A great boost for Scotland and Glasgow.

      So, aside from Barrowman (who should stick to panto), I say well done Glasgow and well done Scotland. It was most definitely NOT a britNAT fest, and there were Saltires (real ones) a plenty.

      As for those silly one sided Saltires, they are an absolutely perfect physical representation of the Scottish Cringe. Any self respecting Scot would be embarrassed to be seen with one. Pathetic.

    214. macart763m says:

      @Robert Louis

      Same here RL. Once the awful opening segment was done there was a deal to like from the populace participation right through the UNICEF plea. The reception from the crowds were all you should expect of Glasgow and Scotland.

      But OMG dancing Tunnock’s? I nearly choked on ma cuppa. 😀

    215. john king says:

      StewartB says
      “‘So many visitors from across the world in Glasgow … but I see no ‘foreigners’.”

      get that on a billboard, brilliant!

      Margaret Brogan says
      “I was down in the dumps, so I bought a hat!””

      So that’s where you buy your hats?
      boom boom.

      JimnArlene says
      “I didn’t know Jamesey Cotter ran Glasgow council.”

      What gave him away?
      was it the bottle o irn bru in the jaiket pocket?

      Lesley-Anne says
      ““Scottish and Commonwealth athletes get their medals for free but English athletes have to pay for theirs!” :P”

      Aw cumon noo, huv ye seen the price o tinfoil on the world markets recently?
      an the chocolate isnae free either. 🙂

      Bgsbunny @ 12.03

      Your mother should wash your mooth oot wi carbolic.

      Dave McEwan Hill says
      “I’m not very practised in cretinous invective”

      Talking of which,
      What WAS Ian Smart saying on twitter?

      Saltire/UK flags,
      are they effing serious?
      like someone else said did they produce all the other nations flags with a UJ on the other side?

      surely the visitors will see that little ploy for what it really is,
      those idiotic flags should be pulled and a ban put on their distribution,

      For the unionists to insist that the CG should be referendum free zone then do that creates an opportunity for open season on politics to ruin the games, (which is in my opinion what they are hoping for)

      on second thoughts
      give me a few thousand of those flags
      I’ll distribute them myself 🙂

    216. Taranaich says:

      I didn’t see the first hour, looks like I didn’t miss much. I frankly had no problems with what I saw: I wasn’t expecting the world from Glasgow City Council, and I had a feeling it’d be rather quaint and twee mixed with some modern stuff.

      But what I couldn’t get over was “God Save the Queen.” Sorry, but I cannot fathom how a union of four nations can compete as separate nations, yet somehow share the same national anthem. Isn’t the entire point of national anthems to show your distinction from other countries, to assert your uniqueness and independence? Yet if Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are NOT nations, and the UK is, then why do they get to have their own national teams and – say – the ten provinces of Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan) don’t?

      Before the 2010 Commonwealth Games, the Commonwealth Games Council for England conducted a poll to decide the English team’s victory anthem, out of “God Save the Queen,” “Jerusalem” and “Land of Hope and Glory.” “Jerusalem was the winner. Scotland, on the other hand, has been using “Flower of Scotland” since the 2010 games (replacing “Scotland the Brave.”) So if England is NOT using “God Save the Queen,” why on earth is SCOTLAND?

      In international rugby and football, England uses “God Save the Queen.” Scotland uses “Flower of Scotland.” Wales has “Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau.” No idea what Northern Ireland uses (sorry). So why is it alright to have different anthems in international rugby and football, and the 2010 Commonwealth games, but not this year’s games?

      The only possibility of saving this is if “Flower of Scotland” is played at the closing ceremony, especially if there are any Scottish medal winners. Failure to do so will simply be tacit implication that Scotland’s national identity takes precedence to the Union, even in events they host in their own nation.

      Either Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales are not nations and so don’t deserve separate national anthems or teams, or they ARE nations and so deserve separate national anthems and teams.

      @Thepnr: The fact that there were so many English presenters was also bullshit, this should have been covered by a Scottish media, BBBC Scotland though are not one of them.

      Consider: would any other nation be fine with another country’s media, another country’s broadcasters, and another country’s presenters commanding their own country’s broadcasts to their own citizens? I have zero problem with English accents representing the United Kingdom, but the lack of Scottish accents on the commentary in our own country is just another example of how strange the Union is.

      Understand this isn’t about a hatred of English accents – it’s that I want the people of a country to be represented in the media designed and broadcast to their own nation.

      @Morag Graham Kerr: I remember being at work in England and someone in the lab started humming Loch Lomond, and they went on and on and finally I looked up and said “for goodness sake would you hum something a bit more cheerful” because it was actually beginning to get to me.

      The technician asked what on earth I was talking about. I had to explain. She had absolutely no idea what the words meant.

      I had to laugh cynically at everyone suggesting Flower of Scotland was replaced because they didn’t want to appear “anti-English” – aye, so instead here’s a song which used to have anti-SCOTTISH lyrics in it!

    217. Taranaich says:

      *sorry, Scottish national identity is deferential to the Union.

    218. john king says:

      Early in the morning Taranaich,
      we knew what you meant,
      mornin btw 🙂

    219. punklin says:

      FFS -it was a deliberate self-parody, a send-up and it was fine. Get over yourselves, stop taking everything so literally – think many of the negative comments here are posted by people who need to get out more.

      More vexing was this item in in Wednesday’s Guardian:

      No attempt to balance/assess Matheson’s assertions (more piss poor journalism, this one from Peter Hetherington) and it ends with this brass-necked “yes you’re being bribed” section:

      The Glasgow city deal, spread over 20 years, involves the UK government giving £500m, with the Scottish government providing a similar amount, and the eight participating authorities chipping in with £130m. Overall, it might seem a modest sum. But its significance, economically and politically, cannot be overestimated.

      Matheson seems quietly confident that Scotland will say “no” on 18 September. But just suppose it voted “yes”? He says the “city deal” would be scuppered. “The rest of the UK wouldn’t wear it if Scotland was not part of the UK … there’s a significant threat from independence.” The stakes are high.

      But, for the moment, Glasgow can afford a little self-congratulation in staging the games – the result of a cost-sharing deal between the city and a previous Scottish government. ”

      So there you have it – Greg Clark UK Govt Cities minister and Matheson cooked up the scheme as a bribe.

      Rev – did you see this?

    220. Tattie-bogle says:

      The story of how the TV survived the night
      Once upon a time the BBC had some coverage of the Commonwealth games opening ceremony. i switched the TV off
      THE END

    221. Doug D says:

      Doug Daniel – completely agree with your comments.

      Btw, I think we have a supporter in Huw Edwards, he couldn’t have mentioned the word independence more if tried….

    222. Johnny Farrell says:

      I am about half an hour into the opening ceremony (watching in Australia) and I can’t help wondering why they revived the white heather club. To say my Scottish cringe has returned would be to do the feeling an enormous injustice. It looks to me like the whole thing was conceived and directed from a wee office in London or mibbees Pacific Quay. I am hanging my head in utter, unabashed shame!

    223. caz-m says:

      Pro Union side and the BBC tell the YES campaign not to politicise the Games.

      Then, beamed into all our homes via the BBC, was the two-sided Saltire/Union Jack flags.

      Proud Scot but… flags.

      These flags are used by Better Together to show their support for remaining in this Stinkin Union.

      BBC motto, “Do as I say, not as I do”.

    224. Peter Sneddon says:

      Wow I agree so much with most comments made on here, usually! but what a load of negative shite we are having this morning. I hate these type of shows and was expecting a “cringe fest” but all in all I thought it was very uplifting, the parts with Amy Mcdonald in George square and the wonderful Freedom come Ae ye, which had me in tears. There’s a magical feeling starting to envelope Scotland let’s keep it POSITIVE and ride the wave over the line.

    225. Alastair Bishop says:

      I enjoyed it. Doug Daniel pretty much summed up all my views, although I thought the backing for Freedom Come All Ye worked well.

      I think the opening segment was deliberately sending up the “shortbread tin” image of Scotland, though I’m not sure it worked too well.

      Salmond did well, silence, fund-raising and lack of boos were admirable, and it began and ended with ChVrches. Well done, Scotland.

    226. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @caz-m says:
      all that was missing was deep fried mars bars and “see you jimmy” hats.

      I was worried I had blinked, and missed the dancing deep fried Mars bars wearing “see you Jimmy” hats.

    227. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Perhaps we’re best to keep the dancing deep fried Mars bars wearing “see you Jimmy” hats for the Independence Day celebrations in 2016.


    228. dennis mclaughlin says:

      Never watched the opening ceremony for all the reasons clearly described above, trust the British Establishment, Glasgow District Council and oor favourite broadcaster the BBC .

    229. Robert Peffers says:

      @Doug Daniel says: 24 July, 2014 at 2:01 am:

      “And I liked the Tongan guy with the Celtic top too. He could have picked a better team, though…”

      Ever thought the Tongan Guy probably thought he was just wearing a hooped jersey and didn’t know Celtic existed?

    230. Brotyboy says:

      I put new Schwalbe Kojak tyres on

      Are they not already bald?

    231. Davy says:

      Still got a little bit of the opening show to see as I have an early start in the morning and need my bed, but the start at least showed we don’t have to take ourselfs too seriously.

      Barrowman a bit of a prat, but kissing the guy was brave and kinda showed the world we don’t need prejudice in our lifes. Some of the singing and dancing was fantastic Nicola was the tops, we could have done with the proclaimers “500 miles” being repeated after the dancers had finished at top speed with everyone joining in.

      The only really stupid thing was the two sided flags (saltire/union jack), it could have been a brillent idea if it been all of the other commonwealth flags with the saltire, instead it became crap unionist propaganda, spotted by all.

      Enjoy the games and remember the next commonwealth games will have a independent Scotland in it.

    232. Robert Peffers says:

      @kendomacaroonbar says: 24 July, 2014 at 2:03 am

      “Nobody mentioned the large FREEDOM text behind the young African girl during her song.?”

      Great – Freedom for African countries = good: Freedom by Scottish Independence = Bad.

    233. cal says:

      I didn’t see a lot of the bad stuff that’s been described here. I had to switch off when I saw those little flags with saltire on one side and theUJ on the other. I switched on again while the Indian team were walking on. Most of what came after that I thought was pretty good. Again and again they talked about how this country and that got their independence in such and such a year-all good stuff for our cause. And some the countries are absolutely tiny. How do they manage to be independent? That’s all stuff I’ll be using with undecideds. I liked the fundraiser idea. I liked the showing of Scots working around the world with under privilaged kids which emphasised how we are internationalists. I loved Nicola Beneddetti’s rendition of Bonnie Banks and I can’t believe they had Hamish Henderson’s Freedom Come All Ye which contains the line “Never heed what the hoodies croak fur doom”. The perfect response to Project Fear! The minute’s silence was most effective and the First Minister came over well. Especially when followed immediately by Mr Shouty. All in all not bad at all for what I saw of it. The weather was brilliant and apart from the hitch with the baton everything went smoothly proving once again we can do it. Maybe I’ve grown immune to the display of Scottish cringe but I’m reasonably happy.

    234. Robert Peffers says:

      @geeo says: 24 July, 2014 at 2:39 am:
      “My son (23) wished teacakes really were that size”

      Tunnock’s and Barrs couldn’t buy ads like wee Matheson gave them for free. For previous services rendered no doubt.

    235. Famous15 says:

      The inspiration of the South African singer and the dignity of the First Minister compensated for a lot. Any link to the Freedom come All ye?

      Mathewson and his kipper two faced saltire/Union Jack flags were a breach of the no politicising promise. Disgusting.

      The wee shrug by the queen when the baton anti theft device “worked” was nice!

      Am I the only one to see the delightful irony of Barrowman unwittingly being the victim of the urine extraction.

      The ballet ,the brilliant violinist,Amy,Rod etc were moving or fun.

      Scotland outshone the intended stupidity! PLAY BALL!

    236. James Westland says:

      Re: the Red Arrows trailing red blue and white smoke. My son reckoned it was the Dutch flag! Mind you, if the colours were in a different order it would have been the Russian flag!

      I thought Salmond was statesman like. Kept it brief, dignified and solemn.

      As for Gordon Matheson, typical Slab cooncillor surveying his fiefdom If there was a bawbaggery event, he’d take gold silver and bronze.

    237. caz-m says:

      First impressions are everything, as the saying goes.

      So when the ceremony opened with prize pr*ck Barrowman, my heart just sank.

      I think that is the problem most of us had, then Subo fluffed her rendition of Mull of Kintyre.

      The opening ten minutes really did make me cringe. And those images were projected round the world, so it was more embarrassment than anything else.

      But it did pick up, a wee bit.

      Hopefully they end the Games with our own national anthem, “Flower of Scotland”.

    238. Doug Daniel says:

      Robert Pfeffers: “Ever thought the Tongan Guy probably thought he was just wearing a hooped jersey and didn’t know Celtic existed?”

    239. Famous15 says:

      Seriously,can anyone set up a link to the Freedom Come All Ye and details of the beautiful singer.She sang in Scots better than me!

    240. DWM says:

      I thought it was ok, once you got past the Barrowman / Dunbar thing at the start. The Scottish Ballet / 500 miles bit, the Calvin Harris take on the White Heather Club, and Scotland Come All Ye to finish off was excellent.

    241. Another London Dividend says:

      Ian Smart at is his usual best.

      A leading supporter of the pro-Union Better Together campaign has caused outrage after posting an offensive tweet about the Malaysian airline tragedy during the opening ceremony of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

    242. caz-m says:

      Diehard Celtic fans must have thought they had died and went to hell last night.

      First they lowered the Tri-Colour at Parkhead and replaced it with the Union Jack. Then they had the visit of the Queen of England stroll into their patch and put her feet up as if she owned the place.

      The crowd then sang “God Save The Queen” to a flypast of the Red Arrows trailing Red, White and Blue colours.

      I have heard that the whole Stadium will be thoroughly fumigated once they get rid of all these unwelcome parasites.

    243. Free Scotland says:

      Were those crappy little flags which are half Saltire and half union jack provided by Glasgow city council or Alistair Darling’s mob?

      Plenty of small independent countries on display last night, who seem to be getting along just fine without the “help” of Westminster. If we miss our opportunity in September, they will no doubt reach the conclusion that we were either too thick or too cowardly to grasp it with both hands.

    244. SquareHaggis says:

      Thought the fireworks display at the end was a bit OTT.

      Kind of reminded me of Baghdad lit up like a christmas tree.


      Almost as scary as the lord mayor cooncillor dudes rant.

    245. Robert Peffers says:

      caz-m says: 24 July, 2014 at 8:42 am:
      “then Subo fluffed her rendition of Mull of Kintyre.”

      Subo was a victim here – The lass really can sing well but the songs have to be well chosen for her. Susam must, above all else, know she likes it and believes she can perform the number. Mull of Kintyre was, most certainly, not her own choice of number to perform.

    246. Dorothy Devine says:

      Am I the only person who was feeling sorry for the athletes hingin’ aboot waiting to get in?
      It is after all, supposed to be about the young, not so young athletes showcasing their talents. They are the best of their country and I hope they have a most wonderful ,trouble free , healthy time and Scotland does them proud.

      John Barrowman ,Rod stewart and Susan Boyle are not my choice of entertainer .

      Nicola , the young lady from South Africa and the Scottish ballet dancers will remain the show biz stars for me.

      I was amazed that the one minute silence for the loss of life on board the Malaysian flight was so complete – couldn’t hear a pin drop, well done all those present.

    247. galamcennalath says:

      Gordon Matheson, clearly from the stairheed rammy school of public speaking. I sudder to think what the world thought of his performance. Someone should have explained before hand that was not the appropriate speaking style! And, he got voted into that position!

    248. Free Scotland says:

      Somebody once referred to Bob Dylan as a young man with “a voice like sand and glue.” Rod Stewart is a shadow of his former self, and sounded like someone trying to vomit sand and glue.

    249. David S says:

      The wee saltire/UJ were being handed out by some guys with NO accreditation outside the stadium. They definitely were not official merchandise. I would hazard a guess that they were the responsibility of the same group who were handing out unofficial British Together ‘No’ leaflets outside Dalmarnock station.

    250. G H Graham says:

      Last night was a carefully coordinated program designed by a team of determined, if unskillful Unionists.

      It felt like I was watching a program broadcast by a foreign country while sitting in front of a telly in yet another foreign country.

      This is not the Scotland I am familiar with. It is the Scotland, the British want you to think you are; a pastiche of shallow cliches from Andy Stewart, tea cakes & bankrupt shipyards.

      It was one of the most blatant expressions of bonkers group think I may have witnessed in years.

    251. caz-m says:

      BBC England have hijacked OUR games.

      WE will not let those YES bastards win over any undecided voters.

      We will draw any feelings of Scottish National Identity right out of them.

      You are British not Scottish.

      We are the BBC, we can do what we like.

    252. Robert Peffers says:

      @Another London Dividend says: 24 July, 2014 at 8:45 am:

      “Ian Smart at is his usual best.”

      Just ignore that rather childish and filled with hate person. His display of crass hate and plaintive cry for attention are a waste of our time.

      Unlike the infant in the pram who constantly throws the teddy to the ground. The baby is seeking attention and will grow out of it, Smart won’t and will continue to be an immature numptie till he shuffles of this mortal coil.

    253. G H Graham says:

      I took a quick peek at the online headlines pages of English broadsheets; The Times, The Telegraph, The Observer & The Guardian.

      On the first two, The Commonwealth Games ceremony gets second billing to Russian sanctions while the Observer doesn’t think it even worth a mention. The Guardian has decided to post it under the Sport section.

      This is just another reminder folks that really, deep down, London just doesn’t care what’s going on in Scotland just so long as it continues to send money to the Treasury.

    254. desimond says:

      Get a fecking grip and take some enthusiam pills eh.

      Granted it was pure pantomine at the start and just missing Craig Hill leaping out a Tunnocks TeaCake but everything was dismissed by athletes entrance and a fantastic Loch Lomond by Nicola Bernadetti.

      The world loved it, the only people moaning are cantankerous Scots. Its time we stopped standing outside every party tent pissing in and just tried to enjoy ourselves. Reject Calvinism and embrace Calvin Harris.

      If you didnae laugh at Gordon ‘Joe Pasquale’ Mathieson shouting then nothing will put a smile on your torn face.

    255. Iain (orri) McCord says:

      Love how the Guardian managed to somehow loose it’s coverage for the bit involving Mandela and rendition of “Freedom Come All Ye”. Aye right.

    256. caz-m says:

      The BBC remind me of a bully who fails to notice that the people they are bullying are getting stringer and stronger by the day.

      Then, the BBC pushes the people of Scotland just once to too many times. And with an almighty push, the people of Scotland fought back against their oppressors and crushed them once and for all.

      And sent them homewards to think again.

      There’s a song in there somewhere.

    257. desimond says:


      Imagine how Rangers fans felt!

    258. Barrowman section was embarrassing beyond belief on several levles.

      No coincidence Glasgow Labour / Better Together insisted on his fronting. In hindsight – right choice guys ??

      How hard for Red arrows to replace red smoke ??

      If Mr Mathieson’s strange delivery did not draw the attention of the drug testing authorities – then what hope for the rest of the games ?

      What was the wee man on ??

      Agree the highlight’s were Ms Benedetti & Lady singer from South Africa with great Scots diction delivery, (Unlike Barrowman).

      Saltire’s with UJ appendage > Really ? Non political ??

      Very contrived and the most tacky kitch on display (appart from the ProudBrit / Yank)

    259. Doug Daniel says:

      Dorothy Devine: “I was amazed that the one minute silence for the loss of life on board the Malaysian flight was so complete – couldn’t hear a pin drop, well done all those present.”

      Yeah, I was very impressed by that. All I could hear was the buzzing of my TV. Usually you get at least one bampot feeling the need to make their presence known.

    260. desimond says:

      @Robert Peffers

      You dont think Tunnock and Irn Bru got that publicity for free did you?

      Oh it will have cost them, and no mistake.

    261. Doug Daniel says:

      desimond – spot on. And I think they missed a trick by not having Craig Hill jumping out of a tea cake…

    262. G H Graham says:

      For those still wondering why the Commonwealth Games ceremony felt rather “British”, it was organised by a company based in London.

    263. Robert Peffers says:

      If there is a subliminal message in the games opening ceremony, could it be in the request for cash for UNICEF? This certainly highlights that the Commonwealth is divided more by the vast wealth gap between the very rich and the very poor within that Commonwealth, than the other things that draw us together.

      As indeed it does withing the Kingdom of Scotland hosting it and the United Kingdom that Scotland is at present an integral part of.

    264. desimond says:

      @doug daniel

      It was just missing the opening riff of Simple Minds Waterfront and then Pat Kane singing Mother Glasgow but Im more than happy. If we can get Hipsway to reunite for the closing ceremony then job done.
      (Thats enough 80s music references? – Ed)

      Heres to Celtic Park hosting the Common Weal Games in 2016.

    265. Ohh No : Big shock for games athlete puts money and fame first.

      The games are doomed Mo Farah has pulled out.

      FFS big deal did they really expect this guy to turn up after all his petulant spoilt mibbes Aye / Naw guff ??

    266. desimond says:

      While watching the dire One show on BBC, I asked on Twitter who was handing out those double faced wee Union/Saltire flags. Someone replied BBC but I assume that was a joke. It was wasnt it?

    267. Robert Peffers says:

      @desimond says: 24 July, 2014 at 10:02 am

      <b"You dont think Tunnock and Irn Bru got that publicity for free did you?"

      Err! No! Desimond, what I think is what I said it was. Pay back time from Wee Matheson to them for services already rendered by Tunnocks and Barrs.

    268. Dorothy Devine says:

      Are we to get cut glass ,English accents right through the Games from the BBBC coverage?

      This morning appears to be very English are these not Scottish hosted games or is it the usual ignore them and maybe they will go away.

    269. Kev says:


      Absolutely- heres a list of all the BBC pundits who will be covering Scotland’s Games in Scotland’s largest city, feel free to add any:-

      Gary Lineker
      Huw Edwards
      Hazel Irvine
      Clare Balding
      Gabby Logan
      Ken Bruce
      John Inverdale
      Fred MacAulay
      Dougie Vipond
      Jason Mohammed
      Mark Chapman
      Mishal Hussain
      Bill Turnbull
      Dan Walker
      Manish Bhasin

      Spot all the Scots in there folks!!

    270. Robert Peffers says:

      Looks like the Scottish public’s views are that the opening was rather like the curate’s egg.

    271. desimond says:

      ‘Tunnock’s and Barrs couldn’t buy ads like wee Matheson gave them for free’

      Im sure recent hard cash passed between parties to ensure such ads. Your probably right regards the parties mind 🙂

    272. galamcennalath says:

      G H Graham says:
      … deep down, London just doesn’t care what’s going on in Scotland just so long as it continues to send money to the Treasury.

      Yes, the last umpteen decades summed up nicely.

      And, the organisation given the job of keeping us firmly in our place has been the Labour party (Scotland branch).

    273. Andy Howie says:

      Watching the swimming this morning. Not a Union Jack in sight 😀

    274. Les Wilson says:

      Well, for me the start/ Barrowman was utterly cringe worthy.

      S.Boyle were cringe worthy too, she appears now past her sell by date, fluffing her words was hardly professional.

      After Amy McDonald who was excellent then things got better, and improved from there.

      I cannot imagine that the ship building community will be happy with Unionist Connolly, he thought the demise of shipbuilding was a good thing?,including the UJ flapping in the wind at the start of his piece. That was shameful.

      Also all the subliminal UJ’s, where the BBC promoted it, and finally the red arrows, polluting the skies above Scotland with their red white and blue. It should have been blue and white, but not surprised by how it was done. The Union is good right! not!

    275. Iain (orri) McCord says:

      The norm, or so I thought, was that when Scotland and England were competing the BBC had one set of commentators for each. Still not too late for that to happen. Won’t hold my breath though.

    276. Dorothy Devine says:

      Kev you forgot Jonathon Edwards and probably a few others who pop up as pundits unbidden on any sports show.

    277. Muscleguy says:

      @Stephen McKenzie

      I knew the ceremony didn’t start until 21:00 because I read the NZ news online and they said it started at 08:00 their time, which is 21:00 BST.

      So I watched something else, on clouds on BBC4, gimmicky but interesting nevertheless.

      Oh and I didn’t watch the ceremony entirely sober. A good slug of home made liqueur saw to that.

    278. Robyn - Quine fae Torry says:

      My partner and I were at the opening ceremony last night. Agree that barrowman and subo were awful. I thought it improved with the Amy MacDonald part and the music when the competitors were coming into the stadium was good. I only discovered it was Mylo DJing this morning. Nicola Benedetti was phenomenal and I was stunned by the rendition of Freedom Come all Ye. Gordon Matheson was unintentionally hilarious. I thiughtvRod Stewart’s song was interesting and the lyrics could be construed as pro-indy. Didn’t expect that from him.

      Re political elements of the night. We got off the train at Dalmarnock, with hundreds of others, only to be met at the exit by a handful of folk handing out No leaflets – so much for not politicising the games. I politely challenged a couple of them who were stood next to the esso garage and got the reply “we’re no here for the games, we’re nothing to do with the games”. Aye right! Unfortunately for them most of their leaflets were crumpled up and littering the pavements.

      The little saltire/uj flags were being handed out by help for heroes. We had a large saltire and there were loads of others to. We saw someone with a saltire with Yes on it when were leaving. Not sure how they got that past security.

    279. desimond says:

      For everyone thats complaining, theres hundreds nae probably thousands of Scots waking up with a rejuvenated feeling of national pride and encouragement. No one experienced that ceremony and awoke this morning thinking “We must retain the Union!”

      To sum it up, Blair MacDougall had to resort to praising “Barrowman and Dunbar, a great example of how we’re better together”…that folk says it all.

    280. Dan Huil says:

      The Republic of Ireland has the right idea about England’s commonwealth.

    281. Doug Daniel says:

      Everyone was similarly appalled when the BBC used its normal pundits instead of Indian broadcasters during the Delhi games, of course. And how surprising it was that the Melbourne games weren’t covered exclusively by Australians.

    282. heedtracker says:

      Union jacks provided by the BBC, absolutely no mention of Scotland’s big industry, oil and gas. Scots oil employs around a quarter of a million people yet never got mentioned. We’ll allow them Shortbread, Scotty dugs, Rod Stewart, a flamer from Palm Springs but no Scottish energy, got that Scotland.

    283. Dan Huil says:

      Didn’t watch it. Did they have a statue of Wellington with a traffic cone on his heid?

    284. Cath says:

      I think the opening segment was deliberately sending up the “shortbread tin” image of Scotland, though I’m not sure it worked too well.

      Think that was my issue. I was at the Green and admittedly the sound was bad, but I found that first 10 minutes so cringy and horrible I couldn’t bear watching anymore. Barrowman, dancing tea-cakes, Su-Bo then the White Heather Club. I genuinely felt at that point it was a succession of unionists deliberately out to make Scotland look bad and re-inforce the cringe at worst, or just a Victorian-London view of Scotland at best. And I couldn’t hear any of the BBC commentary, which I imagine would have made that worse.

      So I didn’t watch anymore, which is a shame. I gather from social media and reports it did get better and I imagine overall it probably worked as well as these things ever do and and most people probably enjoyed it.

      I think I’d have taken the first part as tongue in cheek if it hadn’t been Barrowman, and I hadn’t seen his Burns Address for Better Together which gave away that’s how he really does see Scotland. Obviously most people watching won’t have seen that and will just have taken it as camp and tongue in cheek.

      Overall lesson from it is probably that being too involved in politics ruins your enjoyment of things!

    285. An observation from Brisbane says:

      I live in Brisbane, Australia and have been trying with difficulty to see any decent coverage of the Games over here. I just watched the BBC World News. Of the 30min news review program, it took until the 24th minute to mention the start of Glasgow 2014 and the story lasted just 1 minute. The story focussed on the Queen’s arrival, the struggle to open the torch and the Queen’s speech, with a few token still images of the cliche’d bits at the start of the ceremony.

      I recall that the Delhi 2010 coverage over here and on BBC world news was much more intense and the London 2012 coverage was through the roof. The 2018 Commonwealth Games – the next CG – are on the Gold Coast over here with regular media coverage of the infrastructure projects which are underway to prepare for that, so it’s strange that there should be so little media interest in Glasgow 2014.

      Just an observation.

    286. Macandroid says:

      Now Gordon this is a microphone – no need to shout.


      No really. It works a bit like a telephone except everyone will hear you.


      No really – don’t shout.


      Don’t shout.

      DON’T WHIT?



      Apologies to Spike

    287. Edinburgh Dave says:

      “Spot all the Scots in there folks!!”

      There’s at least 4 or 5, what’s the problem?

    288. Morag says:

      Didn’t watch it. Did they have a statue of Wellington with a traffic cone on his heid?


    289. Edinburgh Dave says:

      “No one experienced that ceremony and awoke this morning thinking “We must retain the Union!””

      And likewise, surely no one would be stupid enough to decide to vote yes based on their experioence of the ceremony?

    290. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      A serouis question here.

      Has Billy Connolly not been displaying signs of memory loss, apart from Parkinson’s?

    291. Kev says:

      @Edinburgh Dave

      “There’s at least 4 or 5, what’s the problem?”

      Aye, 4 or 5 out of 15!!!! Scottish pundits are a minority in the coverage of their own country’s games, thats the very obvious problem, I doubt you’ll find Aussie pundits in the minority when covering their own games in 4 years time.

      btw were you “Duggie” five days ago “Dave”??

    292. Auld Rock says:

      Barrowman, who he??? Never heard of him to last night, must be someone of note!!!!!LOL.

      Auld Rock

      PS I’m serious I’ve never heard of him.

    293. FFS – if some of the comments on here are typical of what we will get after Independence, I might have to change my mind and vote No.

      God Save The Queen isn’t a great anthem, but, it is the national anthem of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

      The Queen was crowned as such, she was crowned such at Westminster Abbey – before, a few weeks later, (shamefully) popping into the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland to accept the Scottish crown.

      That will not happen with Charles or William. However, I digress. I have no problem with GSTQ being played to honour the Queen, as in the USA, they play Hail to the Chief to honour their president.

      Yes, we should have had the National Anthem of the host nation – Scotland. Except, 15-years in from the re-convening of the Scottish Parliament – that body still has not deisgnated an official anthem.

      Flower of Scotland is, for the moment, our tune of national identity at major sporting occasions, but, with no official SCOTTISH anthem, I am afraid we are stuck with GSTQ in protocol terms.

      Aye, tartan kitsch can be cringe-making, but, hey it’s our single USP – you see a kilt, it says Scottish.

      Another wee aside, Huw Edwards, but no commenters on here, mentioned the tartan hats worn by the Isle of Man team. That’s the Isle of Man tartan and I met the guy who designed it last year.

      OK – maybe Barrowman was mince, but, he’s a gay man in the entertainment business – mincing is what he does. He has still, for me, never again been as good as he was as the third SS stormtrooper from the left in the front row of “Springtime for Hitler” in “The Producers” film.

      I thought, by and large, the OC worked – hell, even the much-maligned kilts worked under the TV lights.

      But, as Alex Norton suggests in the latest brilliant Irn-Bru advert on TV, the best comment you are going to get in Scotland is: “Aye – no bad”.

    294. GP Walrus says:

      What Doug Daniel said. I thought it was excellent.

    295. galamcennalath says:

      Just a wee after thought. The Unionist thought police obviously let Freedom Come All Ye sliip through the net. Although a 60s protest song, I would now class it more as an Independence Anthem …

    296. Callum says:

      I was there! A uniformed Army officer clocked me and my boy playing with a massive saltire outside and advised us to “hide it” on our way in as flags weren’t allowed. Actually, after an hour, there were literally thousands of saltires in the crowd which looked amazing and the Jersey Government had their red and white flag hanging from the royal box. Good on them! (but imagine if Alex Salmond did that!!!).

      Not sure if you heard the laughter on the TV when Gordon Mathieson speech was on. #BringItOn was a bit political but actually was just laughed at.

      No one has talked about the pre-TV section. Des Clarke tried his best to rally the crowd and try and train us to catch fish and balance balls on our noses for when the TV camera’s were on. Of course, the Glasgow audience spotted that and took the total piss. They were trying to train us to say “Come on in ” but after about 5 attempts at practicing this and totally cocking up each time; Des Clarke eventually had a minor breakdown and then walked out claiming his career was finished. Difficult to see if it was faux or not!!!

      My favourite bit was the wee wifey reading out the countryname we were to practice welcoming as “Brunei Jerusalem” – I’ve never experienced 39,999 people have a collective WTF? before.

      There was quite a good rap feature as well, reminded me of Stanley Odd – they didn’t feature it in the main show.

    297. Iain (orri) McCord says:

      Used at a Mandela tribute in Glasgow, then by National Collective and it’s on the wifey who sung it’s new album. Really good Moira Anderson accent. Guess she may have heard it on or before that first event.

      Wonder what’d happen if that made it to number 1, or if it’s too short. Would it be banned?

    298. Chris says:

      Apart from the start, I thought it was a brilliant opening ceremony. Celtic Park was almost custom made for it. Only thing I did like later on was calling “God save the Queen” the national anthem, there are 71 nations attending after all. I would have been happy if they said please be upstanding etc and then just sang it, after all it is a tune about the Soveriegn rather than a country.

    299. Doug Daniel says:

      Kev: “Scottish pundits are a minority in the coverage of their own country’s games, thats the very obvious problem, I doubt you’ll find Aussie pundits in the minority when covering their own games in 4 years time.”

      As much as I hate to be on the side of Dickhead Dave, you’ve got the logic wrong here, as do all the other folk complaining about the BBC using Gary Linekar instead of a Scottish anchor etc.

      When the games are in Australia, Australians will indeed see mainly Aussie pundits. But they’ll also be seeing mainly Aussie pundits now, because they’re watching Australian TV.

      The games may be in Scotland, but we’re watching them on British TV, not Scottish TV. Therefore, we get the same pundits the BBC use for any other major sporting event. They didn’t bombard us with Indian pundits in 2010, and they won’t bombard us with Australian pundits in 2018 (partly because we’ll have the SBC by then, of course…)

    300. bookie from hell says:

      how petty is this

      Michael Fallon, new Defence Sec, personally blocked request for Red Arrows to stream blue & white smoke at # commonwealthgames
      1:07pm – 24 Jul 14

    301. Sinky says:

      The BBC refused to put on a Scottish highlights evening round up programme as we have to see everything through the metropolitan London centric prism.

    302. Sinky says:


      Very few of the audience sang England’s Commonwealth Game’s National Anthem.

    303. Sinky says:


      Very few of the audience sang England’s Commonwealth Game’s National Anthem.

      Once canvassed Hamish Henderson who said he was voting SNP.

    304. Edward says:

      bookie from hell
      Do you have any links on that?

      I was surprised that they didn’t have Blue White Blue
      so did wonder why the Red smoke was included

    305. Kev says:

      @ Doug Daniel

      Fair point, but the coverage is meant to be under the control of BBC Scotland who could , if they wanted to, up the number of Scottish faces/voices welcoming Scottish viewers on their TV screens. This is a different competition to the Olympics – there is no TeamGB instead the teams involved represent the constituent nations of GB competing against each other, and the coverage should reflect that.

      A decision has clearly been made at the BBC to diminish the Scottish identity in favour of a more British one and I sincerely hope it comes back to bite them on the 18th of September.

    306. galamcennalath says:

      Iain (orri) McCord says
      Wonder what’d happen if that made it to number 1, or if it’s too short. Would it be banned?

      It would be an excellent song to make a No1 for Yes. Publicity etc..

      However, the Unionists would just say it got No1 because it was shown UK wide, rather being boosted by Yes supporters.

      It would need to be clear it is a (un)official Yes Anthem.

    307. desimond says:

      I like how you can select SCOTLAND as country of birth at

    308. Iain (orri) McCord says:

      The three plumes of smoke should have been red, gold and blue to represent the Commonwealth Games flag. The might also have managed the black bits if they’d put a bit more effort into it.

    309. Doug Daniel says:

      Kev – “This is a different competition to the Olympics – there is no TeamGB instead the teams involved represent the constituent nations of GB competing against each other, and the coverage should reflect that.”

      In that case it’s irrelevant that the games are in Scotland rather than elsewhere, as that should be true whenever all four nations are competing separately. Although that would then mean equal or proportional numbers of Scots, Welsh, English and Northern Irish folk, not a majority of Scots.

      That would actually be a fair enough criticism, but an awful lot of folk have got it in their heads that the games being in Scotland automatically means we should see nothing but Scottish presenters and pundits – which is a logical fail for the reasons I’ve outlined.

    310. Lesley-Anne says:

      O.K folks for those who thought the BBC caught the best bits of the Scottish team’s entry try this for size. 😉

      Oh and the news gets better as well.

      Scotland is too wewe, too poor and too stupid! Oh we are are we? Well stick this news where the sun don’t shine Bubba! 😛

    311. Taranaich says:

      @Socrates MacSporran: God Save The Queen isn’t a great anthem, but, it is the national anthem of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

      Then why was “Flower of Scotland” used as the Scottish anthem in the 2010 Commonwealth Games, and “Scotland the Brave” before that? If “Flower of Scotland” is “our tune of national identity at major sporting occassions,” then what is stopping it from being used at THIS major sporting occasion?

    312. Taranaich says:

      @Doug Daniel: That would actually be a fair enough criticism, but an awful lot of folk have got it in their heads that the games being in Scotland automatically means we should see nothing but Scottish presenters and pundits – which is a logical fail for the reasons I’ve outlined.

      Not in an independent Scotland! 😉

    313. Auld Rock says:

      On Anthems – what’s the betting that if England win a gold medal we’ll have to suffer ‘The Dirge’ which in its last verse is insulting to Scotland. I’m not taking bets as I believe it’s a certainty.

      Auld Rock

    314. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      “At the Commonwealth Games between 1962 and 2006 Team Scotland used ‘Scotland the Brave’, whose lyrics were written by the Glasgow journalist Cliff Hanley (1922-1999).

      Recent research has established that they were a product of Hanley’s writing for the variety stage in Glasgow, and were originally performed as a rousing patriotic finale to the first act of a pantomime during the winter of 1952-3.

      Both the words and music of ‘Flower of Scotland’, the current anthem of Team Scotland, and a leading contender for an official national anthem, were written in about 1964 by Roy Williamson (1936-1990), a former art student in Edinburgh, and a leading figure in the city’s folk music revival.

      By 1990 hostility to the playing of ‘God Save the Queen’ at rugby internationals when England played Scotland at Murrayfield, Edinburgh, prompted the Scottish Rugby Football Union to seek a more acceptable sporting anthem.

      The choice of ‘Flower of Scotland’, with its echoes of Bannockburn, heralded a memorable Scottish rugby victory over England that year.”

      That’s from:-

    315. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      England will be playing ‘Jerusalem’ for their gold winners.

    316. Morag says:

      We were all looking forward to the Games, to see our own country represented as ourselves, not swallowed up in unionjackery and another country’s identity. We were looking forward to it simply for the pleasure. I think a lot of people who aren’t especially political would have been looking forward to it for the same reasons.

      They’re hell-bent on ruining it.

      Red white and blue smoke. Union flags. GSTQ. “Othering” language from presenters. The joy has gone out of it. Success?

      The thing is, they’re ruining it for a good 70% of the population. In their petty spite to spoil our enjoyment, they’re probably putting up quite a few backs. People who would just have smiled benignly if the Games had been as they would have been in a normal year, with normal Scottish representation, will quite probably be fizzing by now.

    317. galamcennalath says:

      Red, white and blue smoke. Which competing nation was that for? Australia, Samoa, New Zealand have RW&B flags, right enough. Possibly others.

      So why honour a few Pacific countries? Very odd.

      Perhaps they will explain the apparent illogical choice of RW&B sometime soon.

    318. Harry McAye says:

      Just read half way down this thread. What a lot of moaners. Don’t get me wrong, I was cringing too watching Barrowman and Dunbar but it got steadily better, culminating in the wonderful performance by Nicola Benedetti. Loved her smiles when she could hear the crowd singling along. And the Freedom song must have put a few gasses to peep on here. Plenty of Saltires on show although I share the disgust over the two sided flags. But some folk on here… Grouse Beater does not respond well to criticism and before anyone says, I’m just back from delivering Yes leaflets in stifling heat so no one can doubt my commitment to the cause. Just lighten up folks at times, the world doesn’t dance to our tune.

      Have to say, totally agree about the lack of Scottish presenters. Mishal Hussein? If we’re getting a newswoman why not Jackie Bird? Bags of personality. We could have wee Rhona reporting from the events and David Currie annoying the hell out of some English athletes. Would draw the line at Chick Young though!

    319. alastair seago says:

      Like Auld Rock ,I had never heard of John Barrowman and after last night’s performance I hope i never hear of him again, and I’m not talking about his sexual orientation. I nearly turned off watching him and Karen Dunbar, but it did get better.

    320. Harry McAye says:

      Forgot to mention shouty Mathieson. His face was contorted, he was shouting so much. Poor wee man, way out of his depth. Alex Salmond statesman like as ever and came across brilliantly earlier on the One Show in the face of some pathetic questioning.

    321. Kev says:

      @Doug Daniel

      “games being in Scotland automatically means we should see nothing but Scottish presenters and pundits”

      I didn’t say that, I have absolutely no problem with the BBC utilising pundits from other nations, I just don’t want to be coming home from work to Gary Lineker telling us how the England team got on in the triathlon.

      My point is that even if the games weren’t based in Scotland I would still want coverage and commentary that is relevant to me. If BBC Scotland are capable of using Scottish presenters/pundits when the Scottish Football team are in action I don’t see why they should act differently when its a different sport(s).

      I’m obv not saying I don’t want to see/hear about other teams, but I would like to see more priority given to my team, as happens with all home coverage of all sports (where nations are involved). Otherwise, whats the point in getting all excited?

    322. Jeannie says:

      I see Gordon Mathieson’s speech is now available on youtube – just crying out for the Downfall treatment 🙂

    323. TJenny says:

      galamcennalath – according to the London Evening Standard, the decision not to allow only B + W smoke was taken by Michael Fallon, new Def Sec. Hope at least one of these links to article works.



    324. TJenny says:

      Oops, well the second link takes you to the Google page with link to the article.

    325. westie7 says:

      REF: Red Arrows
      Should have been 7 planes streaming blue with a crossing pair streaming white at lower altitude.

    326. Dorothy Devine says:

      I have had enough of all the BBBC commentators and their profiles of judo and triathlon competitors from England.
      And to add insult to injury “lock” – the buggers can’t even speak properly.
      There are others in the men’s triathlon but hey – there’s really only two and they are from Yorkshire.

    327. galamcennalath says:


      Ah that explains! A state which isn’t actually taking part in the Games. I’d never have guessed that 😉

    328. Andy-B says:

      Could someone please remind me where these Commonwealth Games are being held, surely not Glasgow, why you might wonder, thinking I’ve been living on another planet. Well so far this morning regarding the games,I’ve seen coverage on BBC Scotland of an English, hockey game, badminton game, and now a squash game.

      It seems the BBC can’t help themselves, when it comes to self interest.

    329. TJenny says:

      galamcennalath – maybe the closing ceremony will have 2 planes flying across the sky above Glasgow to leave a HUGE Saltire in the sky. 🙂

    330. Iain (orri) McCord says:

      The answer from the MoD seems to be verging on the Spinal Tap “but these go to 11” kind of conversation. As I said earlier Red/Gold/Blue would have worked.

    331. Iain (orri) McCord says:

      The BBC are perfectly capable of having different commentary teams for Rugby and Football when Scotland play England. If they didn’t already do that then there’d be slightly less of a fuss about what they’re doing now.

    332. ann says:

      Have to admit after the rather cringeworthy John Barrowman and Karen Dunbar and the embarrasing Susan Boyle, I thought that the ceremony was pretty good.

      I loved the Forth Bridge and it’s Irn Bru legs. Very apt.

      The young athlete who was so obviously a Celtic supporter having the time of his life.

      To me a solo violin is like a solo piper and Loch Lomond being played by Nicola Bendetti was something else and when the crowd started to sing without any promting, it put a lump in my throat.

      A very dignified and respectful Alex Salmond, followed by a prefect minutes silence for the passengers and crew killed in the Malaysian airplane over the Ukraine, only for Mr Mathieson, representative of Glasgow Council to lower the tone like something akin to an old-firm derby. A disgrace.

      ….. and finally the much aligned Scotland outfit, it look very muted and smart amongst all that colour.

    333. galamcennalath says:


      If not, we can get them back to do it on the 26th March 2016. We can have a whip round to pay the fuel and give them special dispensation to enter Scottish airspace.

    334. desimond says:

      Im honestly dumbfounded that people are being so angered.
      Its the BBC, why worry. The SBC will solve all your moans in the future remember. Ignore the last dying breath of a sick animal and just enjoy the games.

      This is a real game changer, see what i did there!

    335. Andy-B says:

      Excellent piece over on Craig Murray’s blog, 1000’s of flags are being handed out at the CG’s with Saltire’s on one side and Union Jacks on the other, considering the Union Jack doesn’t represent a country, it must be a political statement, linking Scotland with the union who authorised this political propaganda act. Who’s paying for it? and why is it being allowed.

    336. Training Day says:

      I don’t get the surprise about BBC London commandeering the Games. There is no such thing as BBC Scotland, and I speak as someone who has attended two protests outside Pacific Quay. There is, ultimately, only BBC London. Scotland has no broadcaster of its own, and won’t until we regain independence. The Lineker and England-fest we are about to endure may well backfire though.

      O/T a big shout out to the folk at the Yes shop in Oban whom I met on Tuesday night. Doing a great job and good to swap stories of what is happening in Glasgow – the real Glasgow, not Councillor Matheson’s Glasgow.

    337. TYRAN says:

      Who has ever seen a double sided flag in their life?! So blatant.

      I would suggest those bringing in the saltire to the games – to cover the bottom right white line. It will create a Y.

    338. Graeme Doig says:

      Double sided flag. Meet the confused psyche of the average ‘Scot.
      Better health all round when we finally decide what our identity is.

    339. Grouse Beater says:

      Harry McAye said: …culminating in the wonderful performance by Nicola Benedetti.

      You imply, reasonably in my opinion, the best standard arrived with the appearance of Bernadetti.

      If only all else before had matched it.

      On the other hand, let’s dispense with all that, and the subsequent cost, and have the athletes enter to good rousing music and cheers.

      Is all about the athletes. When did showbusiness take over the opening ceremony?

    340. geeo says:

      On a sporting note, the 2nd renicks sister is very close to gold to match her sister earlier in the judo.

      And job done, bloody tight though, england disqualified wi 3 seconds to go.

      Party at their hoose…

    341. geeo says:

      Just to show my appreciation for sport, i was pleased to see Ashley McKenzie win gold for England.

      This young man had his life changed by judo, he has ADHD and was getting out of control as a kid, he discovered judo as a way of trying to burn off his excess energy and turned out to be an absolute natural.

      His ambition is to inspire other kids to overcome their problems and be the best they can be.

      Well done Ashley !

    342. Auld Rock says:

      I’ll mention this anyway but I suspect that most of you will already know that people can buy a Saltire with ‘YES’ emblazoned across it. Anyone that wants one can buy via Newsnet Scotland, it’s the first ad on first/home page. Hope you get them in time for closing ceremony. Go for it.

      Auld Rock

    343. I understand the double-sided flags are being distrubted on behalf of Help for Heroes. Nothing wrong with that, except the timing and the occasion.

      No trick is too-low for the Westminster lot.

      But, never mind, the BBC’s blatantly Engerlund, Engerlund, Engerlund cheer-leading will surely be worth a good few Yes votes come 18 September.

      I don’t know whether they cannot help themselves, or, they are not prepared to help themselves: “Us” “We” whenever England is mentioned.

      Still, I like the new version of FoS, a better tempo for the crowd to join-in with it. I had a wee greet along with Ross Murdoch.

    344. James Westland says:

      Socrates mentioned – “on behalf of Help for Heroes”. Which means it is automatically above any criticism whatsoever. Is this some sort of cynical unionist ploy to goad nationalists into criticising it, so that they can say “Oh look, nasty separatists – dont support “our boys” ” Wouldnt surprise me in the least.

    345. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Yeah, re: medal ceremonies.

      My optics also lubricated in sympathy with Hannah and Ross.

      We MUST be on our way…

    346. geeo says:

      Another good feature for me, EVERY winner being applauded, seems those who were gabbing on about english athletes/anthems being booed and how they should”handle”it have got a massive dizzy.

      These games are going to be remembered as one of the best and most friendly ever.

    347. Ann says:

      I wanted to give Ross a cuddle.

      He really tried his best. “I’m going to be a a big boy and won’t cry”. Takes big gulp before the anthem starts. Two bars in and he’s in pieces.

      A fantastic opening day for Scotland. More of the same tomorrow please.

      As for Claire Balding and co. When a World or CG record is broken, speak to the swimmers /athletes that did it, not the English swimmers / athletes who come 2nd or 3rd.

    348. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      Last year at the Peebles Show, Yes Borders had a tent between the Conservative party and the Help for Heroes outfit. There was a constant stream of communication between them – they were more in each others pockets them we were with the SNP tent, which was the other side of the Conservative one.

      The Help for Heroes people were wearing BT badges and gladhanding Mundell and all the rest of it. They should register as participants on the No side in my opinion.

      (I nearly leafleted Mundell as he passed by our tent on one of his periodic forays to greet the brave boys.)

    349. Dorothy Devine says:

      Ann , so did I but I wanted to give Michael a cuddle too.

      When I saw his disappointed face I realised that life with a ” must win, must win” attitude would be awful hard – to find a silver medal a booby prize is a concept I can’t grasp.

      I do remember commentators at other games referring to
      ” minor medals ” – it always caused me irritation.

    350. SquareHaggis says:

      A lil burdie telt me the twa-heidit flags wur bulk excess left ower fae armed forces day. Apparently they couldnae gie them awa because there were so few in attendance.

    351. arranc says:

      AT games to-day didnt donate to Unicef told the lass donated to these countries for over 50yrs and they are still the same will donate to my own countries poverty SCOTLAND

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