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Claimed in full

Posted on January 20, 2014 by

Much gratitude tonight to alert reader “Albamac”, who’s not only compiled the whole of “The Claim Of Scotland” into a single very small (1MB), easy-download PDF file but has converted it in the process into one with cut-and-pasteable text for quotability. We’ve uploaded it to the Repository, and you can also download it from this direct link.


Big love once again too to Wilma Watts who made our serialisation possible in the first place, and to the sadly-deceased Herbert James Paton for writing a book that for the most part could have been released yesterday. We highly recommend it as a starting point for any undecideds you know who might not want to jump straight into the debate with something as openly partisan as this site. Having read it, we suspect they’ll be hungry for more truth, and then you can send them our way.

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54 to “Claimed in full”

  1. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    We must get this back into print and readily available. I’d contribute (not an awful lot out of my wee pension)and I’m sure many others would too.

  2. Luigi says:

    Could you include the Foreword please?

  3. Murray McCallum says:

    Thank you Wilma. What a find.

    Downloaded the full version in a few seconds (replacing my valve sets has improved my computing machine’s performance).

  4. Andrew Parrott says:

    Scotland Resurgent by Andrew Dewar Gibb published by Eneas Mackay in Stirling in 1950 is also very interesting. The last sentence of the introduction reads “It is from now on with the case for and against the resumption of nationhood by Scotland that this book is concerned” I think it is a reflection of the middle of the last century that he speaks of nation and not state.

  5. Would it be possible to get the whole book as a single .mobi file for Kindle?

  6. Thepnr says:

    Well done Albamac, I’ve emailed this to family members already. Cheers.

  7. Creag an Tuirc says:

    Dave McEwan Hill and Rev, you may find this site interesting. You can print books on demand.

  8. Albamac says:


    That’s the only ‘F’ word that’s been neglected during the process. 🙂

    I’ll add it as soon as I can, Luigi. I think that’s about as far as it needs to go, unless anyone has a bright idea.

    Having some trouble with mobi conversions. Single chapters were okay but later attempts not quite up to scratch.

  9. Albamac says:

    @Rev. Stu

    Glad it’s in the repository. That’s where it belongs.

  10. Albamac says:

    @Scots Renewables

    Working on it but, after numerous attempts, still not quite right.

  11. Martyman says:

    I’ve managed to convert it into a semi-readable Mobi format (for kindle) using Calibre. Just give me a heads-up on how to send it on …..

  12. Luigi says:

    You’ve done a great job, Albamac.

    It is very much appreciated.

    Cheers L.

  13. Archie [not Erchie] says:

    @ Albamac – Thankyou and to Rev Stu for teasing us with a chapter a day. I have had comments from expats in NZ who want it all. I would say its had a global impact.

  14. Albamac says:


    How well is the formatting preserved? Does it look right and read well or is it messy?

    The latest conversion I have has unexpected line feeds and some of the rest (headings and quotes) is pretty untidy.

  15. Morag says:

    That’s great, muchos grazias. Am I the only one seeing a lot of random bold letters? Is it my Acrobat reader?

  16. Martyman says:

    Managed to upload a copy to my skydrive in mobi format – seems ok.

  17. Albamac says:


    Forgot to say that you can fling it over on albamac at

  18. Martyman says:


    I played around with the settings in Calibre. Something to do with the ‘Heuristic processing’ option.

    Don’t get me wrong – it’s pretty basic formatting, but there doesn’t appear to be any formatting errors or bad line breaks etc

  19. Martyman says:


    Don’t know if you caught the link above, but I have emailed you a copy.

    As I said, no fancy formatting, but no errors either. For Kindle, it should be fine.

  20. Albamac says:


    Hey, that looks fine! I think I ran into problems when I used an MS Word file as source – neither surprised nor deeply disappointed. 🙂

  21. Cindie aka CR says:

    Thanks so much Albaman, Martyman, Rev Stu and Wilma. Have downloaded my copy to Kindle and am off to read

  22. msean says:

    I now have it on my kindle,it’s came out very well,better than some other attempts at conversion I’d done.Thanks to all.

  23. SquareHaggis says:

    Many thanks to everyone involved in bringing this very important works up into the public domain.

    Interesting images from Ukraine

    Slide show – image 7

    Could be useful in an article.

  24. SquareHaggis says:

    @Albamac – try a basic font, one style, ariel would do it, should spread across the formats easily that away.

  25. SquareHaggis says:

    Tickets to hear Alan Bissett plus others @ Celebrate Burns Night – Royal Mile, Edinburgh 24th

  26. Patrician says:

    Converted quite nicely to epub. Thanks Wilma Watts and albamac and for the original conversion. I agree with DMH, this needs a hard copy version printed for distribution.

  27. Truth says:

    Thanks for all the conversion efforts. I now have it downloaded to my kindle app.

    Of course, I’ve now had to find out as much as I can about Herbert James Paton. Remarkable that he wrote this book in his 80s.

    There’s a short biography of him here:

    and another on the Glasgow Uni website including a picture. A fine figure of a man he was:

  28. Norrie says:

    Works brilliant in iBooks on the iPad, thanks for everyone’s efforts.

  29. X_Sticks says:

    Many. many thanks Albamac. What a brilliant read. It should never have been allowed to go out of print.

    I doff my hat to Herbert James Paton. A true Scot in every sense of the word. Huge thanks also to Wilma Watts for allowing its reproduction.

  30. DonUnder says:

    I’ve been waiting for the completion of this serialisation before diving into it. And now we have it in Kindle i’ve no excuse 🙂

    Many thanks to everybody involved in this! Great effort.

  31. Wilma says:

    Thanks to Albamac and Reverend Stuart for finding a way of making this wonderful book accessible. Happy reading.

  32. Dave says:

    Just loaded the Mobi version on my new Kobo Touch eReader (£30 from WH Smiths). Many thanks for all concerned in the conversion. I also have the white paper ePub version on my Kobo.

  33. Taranaich says:

    Just wanted to give another big thank you to Wilma for making it possible, the Reverend for putting it up for all to read and gain inspiration, Albamac for transcribing it however you magical image-to-text wizards do it (little goblins typing on tiny computers? Is that it?), and of course to the late Herbert James Paton for writing such an amazing, remarkable book. Paton may have been an advocate for home rule rather than independence, but it’s clear he loves Scotland, and wants nothing more than to see her people thrive. Let’s make that happen.

  34. Kate says:

    Thanks so much @ Albamac, now got it in my kindle for reading again. converted easily with calibre.

  35. Hardin says:

    Just as a FYI it would cost around £2000 to print & bind 1000 of these as paperback books. Fun fundraiser to drop off around Scotland?

  36. Ken says:

    This is a great read. Many thanks.

    On a similar line, I’ve been trying to find an article written by a gentleman who worked at Westminster around the time this book was published. He gave an insight into how separate Scottish figures have been available, even though denied by Whitehall. The article outlined how well Scotland performed, even before the North Sea discoveries. Also his amazement that the truth has been successfully kept from us for decades.

    I gave my last print-out away and have forgotten his name. Can anyone help please. Thanks.

  37. Adrian B says:

    @ Ken,

    Would it be John Jappy that you were thinking of?….0…1ac.1.34.heirloom-hp..1.9.1963.hAwaHtf8leg

  38. Albamac says:

    Just got much closer to what I wanted with the mobi file. I’m like a dog with a bone but that’s the final edition.

    You can download it here, if you like, and give it a spin.

    It may be better than what you have. Worth a try.

  39. Ken says:

    Thank you Adrian. That’s the one. I was very close with my search, but not close enough. I’ll be able to sleep tonight without all the permutations I had running through my head. 🙂

  40. Dave says:

    How about submitting this to Project Gutenberg? It has a crowd-sourced proofreading feature which would let us all give a final polish to a few pages each. The ebook would then be available for free to all the world in a variety of formats.

  41. Wilma says:

    Thank you for the links, very informative.

    Hardin and Dave. Tell me how we can go about this. I was worried about copyright issues but I followed a link that Truth gave (above) and found that H J Paton’s” Gifford Lectures” are already available free online. I think that he would be delighted that his book is being appreciated.

  42. Wilma says:

    I have downloaded from the link the Reverend has given at the top of the page -which is fine- but when I took up your offer in your post it said it could not be opened, what am I doing wrong?
    I have sent the link to all my email contacts whether they want it or not. We must keep spreading the word and what you have done is fantastic, many thanks.

  43. Albamac says:

    Hi Wilma,

    I’ve just downloaded and opened it again without any trouble. I’m using Amazon’s free Kindle reader on my desktop.

  44. Albamac says:


    I think I see where the problem is. The previous link was for the pdf version. The link in my post is for the mobi version.

  45. memaw says:


    Many thanks.

  46. Wilma says:

    I have the kindle app on my PC so should it not have worked?

  47. Albamac says:


    Yes, it should. I can’t think why it wouldn’t. I only know that it’s working fine at my end.

    Has anyone else had problems after downloading it using the link in my earlier post? Wilma and I need your feedback, folks.

  48. Kenny says:


    Works fine for me, and looks rather splendid. Many thanks.

  49. Dave says:


    Check out this link for how to start the Gutenberg process.

    It does need to be copyright free but I think I read above that the copyright owner had consented.

  50. Albamac says:

    Dave & Wilma,

    Done so far for print:

    Cover, foreword, table of contents and chapters.

    Haven’t started on the index – saved the worst for last.

  51. Wilma says:


    How can I contact you privately?

  52. Albamac says:


    Email albamac at

  53. Albamac says:


    You’re welcome!

  54. Albamac says:

    Thanks to everyone who expressed their appreciation.

    It’s…em…much appreciated! 🙂

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